No, Birth Control Coverage Won’t Go Away

The new administration could make it harder to get low-cost contraception. But there’s no need to panic about the short term.

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  1. Would the same kind of time line be true of Paul Ryan's plan to privatize Medicare?

  2. Birth Control Coverage will go away. If it was going to still be covered then it would have been covered by insurers before the ACA...... which it often was not. While birth control will remain available it won' the necessarily be affordable.

  3. Why do taxpayers have to pay for their birth control? If they need to prevent pregnancies or kill inconvenient pre-born babies, let them pay for it themselves. It's called "personal responsibility."

  4. It is good social policy and the right thing to do. The majority of women do not want to have eight children. This in itself is damaging to our health and should be prevented unless it is your choice. Birth control ( pills, iud) are also used for effectively treating significant medical problems, such as very heavy bleeding I suffered from. The same people that don't like contraception are also against abortion, and also the same people that would criticize a person for having too many children. From a purely pragmatic financial standpoint it is cost-effective from both the healthcare perspective and the societal perspective . Babies are expensive.

  5. It's also called family chaos, suffering children, abuse and neglect, and the end result is often mental illness and/or addiction. We pay over and over for damaged children and adults whose families were unable to properly care for them The savings are huge: an unplanned pregnancy can cost a lot of money for our nation.

  6. There's a massive difference between no cost and cost-sharing (the model for most other prescriptions). The expense is not insignificant unless you have amazing coverage (in which case you're paying for it in premiums). Birth control itself will not be outlawed but access is everything. So yes, do Schedule your IUD appointments now, get 90 day supplies of the Pill or other contraceptives (Nuvaring, etc.) whenever possible and donate if you can to the tireless community health clinics (including Planned Parenthood) that provide vital reproductive healthcare.

    Bottom line, there are few worse bets for your reproductive health than Pence or Trump. But by all means, please forward your Periods for Pence messages to the VP's office come January.

  7. I don't really see what sense it makes to cover birth control by insurance. It's not a treatment for an illness. It's also not a treatment to prevent an illness. This is the sort of thing that contributes to making health care coverage extremely expensive.

  8. There are so many reasons we need to pay for anyone's birth control. Too many people on the earth. Too many people burning fossil fuels. Too many unwanted children. Too many born into a life of poverty. Too many abortions. We need more birth control, not less. Even Republicans should see this need and the tremendous cost savings involved.

  9. Birth control pills are not used solely to prevent pregnancies. They are essential for other health issues--one of the reasons allowing religious organizations to opt out of paying for birth control is unfair to employees with very legitimate health needs.

  10. No. Birth control saves money over only a short time: A woman or a family who faces an unplanned pregnancy is not ready, may never be ready, and the baby is at greater risk of abuse and neglect and family chaos. Our economy punishes individuals and families with unplanned pregnancies.
    Nine months after providing birth control, women, families, insurers, and our whole nation start to save money on prenatal care, obstetrical care and post natal care. Then we all continue to save money on pediatric care, child protective services, special education services, mental health services, and juvenile justice services. An unplanned child often suffers horrendously from a chaotic unprepared mother and family. Many of our mentally ill faced childhood abuse and neglect and will never be able to be contributive members of our nation. So pay up front for birth control and save money forever.

  11. But don't worry - the men will still be able to get their Viagra no problem!

  12. If Trump wants to start to gain any respect from me, he will immediately enroll all congress persons in ACA.

  13. They already are actually. I was a last minute change.

  14. "Mr. Trump told The Wall Street Journal on Friday that he hoped to amend the health law rather than eliminate it entirely."

    "Speaking with Trump National Doral Miami resort employees behind him, the GOP nominee pledged to “repeal and replace” Obamacare

    "“He’ll spend a lot of time controlling the border. He may not spend very much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it, but it was a great campaign device,” Trump adviser Newt Gingrich

    "“He’s been misquoted about the 45 percent on China. Everybody says, ‘Oh, he’s going to slap 45 percent tariff on everything out of China.’ That’s not what he said, and it’s not what he intends,”

    “The tax should be 45 percent,” Trump told the New York Times in January, a figure he used on several occasions.

    "But former House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said this week that Trump’s waterboarding remarks were just “campaign talk,” according to CNN.'

    . “My number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran,”
    'In October, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said a Trump administration would “rip up the Iran deal.”

    “ ‘Ripping up’ is maybe a too strong of word. He’s gonna take that agreement, it’s been done before in international context, and then review it,” Trump adviser Walid Phares told the BBC Thursday.

    "He’s not going to break a campaign promise.” Trump adviser Rudolph Giuliani

  15. I will never understand why the whole birth control controversy of the ACA wasn't side-stepped by requiring insurance companies to charge higher premiums for policies without birth control coverage. Since birth control has a high ROI, it seems obvious.

    I suspect a lot of the employers who bristled at having "their money" (i.e. their employees' compensation) used to pay for birth control would have instantly chosen reduced costs and found they could easily suffer through their employees' freedom of choice for a little cost cutting.

  16. I really support women who choose to have an abortion because of severe fetal abnormalities not recognized until 18 -20 weeks into pregnancy. I wouldn't want to be born with these abnormalities so "do unto others rule" applies. Instead of groupy protests and constant email messages urging people to write their congressmen, I would hope people try to get substantial funds amassed to support women who live in abortion-unfriendly states for immediate transportation and other needs to clinics in other state where they can be provided appropriate medical abortion for their difficult personal situation.

  17. This piece relies on how long it takes for Federal law and Federal administration to change or reverse. It ignores the speed at which the states can act, individually, to limit contraception coverage, banking on a sympathetic Court being in place by the time the lawsuits are prepared.

    Most of the more egregious moves of the religious right have happened at the state level.

  18. This is de ja vu and distressing. I remember having this discussion with my girlfriends in the 1980s, when we had health insurance which did not cover birth control, so we all went to Planned Parenthood to pay $10/month instead of $50/month for the Pill. Back then, we knew that pregnancy and giving birth was much more expensive than birth control, so we never understood why health insurance would not cover birth control. It was in their own best interest to provide coverage. Other than for religious reasons, and Mike Pence may have them, to not cover birth control is either absurdly short-sighted or paternalistic or worse. So now my daughter may face the same struggle? My how far we've come.

  19. Girls!, if it goes away... We can totally control the situation.
    Let's the boys to pay for the condoms... No condom! No sex!
    We still can be in power...

  20. C'mon girls! Let's make America great again! Let's have the boys pay for it!