How I’ll Watch Election Night

All night, I’ll be looking for (and worried about) signs that the polls are wrong.

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  1. Watching the polls, Mr. Leonhardt, is like watching the stock exchange BIG board every minute. All is does is take one up and down. Relax. Tomorrow we will salute Madame President Elect - Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    My bet is also that democrats will take back the Senate - for years to come.

  2. agreed....

    and the dems will-likely reduce the republican't party's majority in the House to less-than 20-members ...

    forcing the Speaker into one of two holes:
    outright losing the position,
    or needing a bipartisan-coalition to enact any meaningful legislation,
    as his unmovable Tea-Party-cohort will reduce the governing-level
    of the republican'ts to less than a majority ...

    in addition:
    caution should be the keyword for the Senate ...
    quite correctly,
    Senator Schumer will be the happiest person on Capitol Hill in the days immediately ahead ...
    in the 2018 Mid-Terms,
    upwards of 24 Dems will be up for re-election/replacement;
    and the National Democratic Party will need to immediately begin the processes necessary to prevail and continue a Dam majority...

    all in all:
    this is a shaping up-to-be a great day for the country as a whole.

    Madam POYUS, indeed:

    CHEERS !!

  3. Hope you are right. Wish I could relax but won't be able to until I know Clinton has it in the bag and the Senate has picked up the seats it needs to actually accomplish some of the really great ideas she's put forward. President Obama had many great ideas which would have helped many and helped the economy grow faster but the Republicans kept him from accomplishing them. GOOD LUCK HILLARY AND DEMOCRATS for the sake of the USA!

  4. Here's to your prediction!

  5. I'll probably watch my favorite news outlet, MSNBC (did I give away my political bias?) while keeping a window on open. I'll watch till the Presidential has been called and I have an idea about Senate control, the CA and my local stuff.

    Did I mention the fifth of Irish Whisky?

  6. Gee and I was just going to watch Election Night with the help of a lot of alcohol.

  7. it is a little past noon here in california and i have started my blender for mojitos... just do not have the stamina this year!!

  8. Torture yourself if you really want to, but watching fearfully will not change the outcome. I'll be curled up with a good book until lights out at 11. I can wait until morning to see what happened. If the worst happens, I already have a tentative plan in place to look at condos in London, Ontario.

  9. London is a very nice city. So is Kingston. And Barrie. Welcome.

  10. The biggest surprised may come from South Carolina, which has high concentration of military personal and veterans who are normally vote for GOP. But in my county, most Republicans did not vote this time.
    Hillary Clinton leads in every local poll since early October.
    I am not sure it’s the result of Trump’s disrespect for our generals and or Senator Graham’s personal network effects.
    Hillary is very likely to turn SC blue this time.

  11. The most important stat was always " How many Gary Johnson voters are being siphoned from the Dems " ?

  12. I didn't stay up to watch the returns. I was afraid.
    Now, I'm sickened and even more afraid.
    I'm sure Donald Trump is not as bad as he has been depicted, but that's not because he did anything to dispel the notion that he's a liar, a hater and a cheat. The people he has promised to bring into his administration don't provide any hope for a future of reconciliation. People voted to shake things up, but that usually goes badly with many unexpected consequences.
    Trump talked about immigration, opportunity and trade, but he did it in a context that said "Trust me." What will actually happen when those around him have to tell him that he can't do this or that? What will happen when his supporters realize that he can't change the global economy and do impossible things like bringing back coal. What will happen when they begin to realize that it's not possible for the US to impose its will on the rest of the world? What will happen when they see no new opportunities and a weaker safety net?

  13. As you end your election night, perhaps you can offer some sage advice to your fellow NYT watcher whose column was pulled so quickly after last evening's results

    It ain't over until it is over.

  14. How did that work out for you? I had a different plan because the liberal media (i.e., almost all media) was convinced of a Clinton win. I watched nothing but Netflix last night, took a big dose of Nyquil and went to bed. This morning I woke up to an alternate universe, one where Beyonce wasn't performing, fireworks for Hillary weren't firing, and the rich and famous were not bleating Happy Days Are Here Again.

    Now I get to watch the heads of the chattering classes explode in slow motion. Fun!