Imagining America on Nov. 9

Averting the worst effects of this year’s political storm means electing Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Donald Trump is unique in our history. He represents a discontinuity, a pause in our regular politics to provide the opportunity, should he be elected, to attend to matters our normal politics can’t manage, particularly in as polarized and paralyzed a time as now and as big a failure our generations have become at producing leaders who can effectively bridge differences and ACT. The last time we had a discontinuity this profound was our civil war.

    The question that might be asked by our posterity isn’t “what did you do to stop Trump?”, but “What did you do in 2016 to halt the political paralysis that rendered government useless for six of the last eight years?” Certainly, voting for Mrs. Clinton appears the safe move, but it certainly won’t halt that political paralysis, and the answer that today’s voters will need to give that posterity in the event of her election is “nothing”.

    Simply containing the argument to the economy, our labor is being obsolesced by microchips. To the extent that we can push the sun back in the sky for a few more days of prosperity while we figure out how we must transform ourselves to avoid economic collapse and blood in our streets, we MUST re-energize our industry. Mrs. Clinton’s new taxes and doubled-down regulation will not do that, even if she could get them past congressional rejection, which she can’t. Four MORE years of paralysis when we MUST act.

    Trump/Pence 2016: Embrace the Horror. Because survival is worth the risk and a mass.

  2. I am so consoled by this posting, Mr. Luettigan.

    President Trump will step right up, supported by majorities in both the House and Senate, and get the GOP House "Freedom" Caucus to abandon their Tea-Party ways and embrace the plutocratic, Ayn Randian programs of Speaker Ryan. All will be privatized and deregulated without dissent from Republican "moderates" or Democrats. He will then scurry over to the Senate and get the establishment's leading opportunist, Majority Leader McConnell, and "Freedom" Caucus populist darling, senator Cruz, to play kissy-face. Then he will introduce his Scalia clone to both the Senate and to the Justices of the Supreme Court.

    All will go so perfectly swimmingly! We will enter the peaceable kingdom!
    The lamb will use the lion's paw for a pillow and always enjoy a solid 8-9 hours of dreamless sleep.

    All of this will follow in the wake of The Donald's ascendancy--and our entire nation will in no way come resemble Governor Brownbach's fiscally irresponsible, regressive and down-the-tubes Kansas.

    Trump indeed will be the great persuader.

    I am ever so reassured and consoled.

    For a long time, I had thought that with Trump we were being asked to buy a loose Cannon in a poke!

  3. My apologies, Mr. Luettgen, for misspelling your name.

  4. "Embrace the horror?"

    Brilliant. It's not possible to discredit yourself more.

  5. Thank You, New York Times, for a very strong editorial putting the failures, and dangers, of the republican candidate out for all to see. I feel certain our next President will be Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton and agree with this, "The rejection of Trump is the simple part. Win or lose, the harder job will be confronting the conditions that spawned him."

    We all need to start with finding and spreading the positive news that will come from electing our first female President in America's story. One of the things that must come is strong progressive voices on the airwaves of America, and the world, to replace the hate-anger-fear-violence-war-lies hate radio and television that has consumed so many. The next thing is to try to understand each other better.

    The article linked below is from today's Huffing Post and shows how one young woman who was a participant on "The Apprentice" used what she learned to do something positive. She recently formed a focus group with supporters of Mr. Trump and undocumented people and the results are very surprising. It is well worth reading the article and watching the video. I believe she is going to hold other focus groups for understanding and am looking forward to the results. We CAN and MUST move ahead from this division because we ARE Stronger Together.

  6. "The United States has seen worse than Donald Trump."

    Yes, but not in my lifetime. Let's face it, all politics is personal, as well as local. And for me, the damage Trump's done all by himself, aided and abetted by the feckless former mayor of NYC, is unlike anything I could have imagined even 17 months ago.

    If elected, Trump won't "make America great" because he shot his chance the moment he launched his campaign yelling about Mexican rapists. Moreover, as this endless campaign wore on, his threats against the fabric of our society have grown more strident, more antisocial, more criminal.

    And seditious. Egging on a crowd of supporters to take a gun to Hillary is seditious. Refusing in advance to concede an election should he lose is seditious. Having your chief surrogate smugly cackle in describing an FBI bombshell due to hit in two days, less than two weeks before an election is seditious, if it means you're conspiring with a law enforcement agency to rig the election for your candidate.

    It's hard to know which of Trump's many offenses against our social fabric is the worst. There have been so many, from foul language, misogynistic comments, racial slurs, easily fact-checked lies, to tearing down the country's president while praising one of the country's main adversaries--it's impossible to catalogue them all.

    And yet, fantastically, Mr. Trump hasn't had to pay a price for any of this. Which may be the most abhorrent fact of his totally insulting campaign.

  7. Christine, thank You for such a clear headed comment.

  8. The price he pays will be at the polls Tuesday.

  9. Trump is the result of the economic lie that the Republican party has told its base for these last four decades, that tax cuts will result in a roaring economy when the reality is they have resulted in a 20 trillion dollar debt. The base could only buy the fiction until they figured out their lying eyes weren't actually lying to them.

  10. What scares me most are the masses of people that support Trump. He is a reflection of the decline of America. Not economic decline, or military decline, but moral decline. He represents the rise of "as long as I get mine, I don't care what happens to you. If you lose, that's your problem, don't make it mine." That's not my America.

    When I see Trump at his rallies and the thousands that scream these horrible, hateful chants, I can't help but think of my father and uncle.

    They both fought in WWII. My uncle fought in Germany in many great battles. Never said a word about it. My father fought in the Philippines. Never said a word about it. I cannot imagine what they endured, what horrors they saw. They along with millions of others went through sheer hell to protect our nation and the entire world from the scourge of hate that threatened to enslave the planet. If there is a God, he was surely on their side. Their battle was just and honorable.

    They were not fighting for Trump. They were not fighting so bigots could condemn others with the excuse of free speech. They fought for something much higher, something sacred. They fought for human decency, for the right to live without fear or threat from others. They fought against pure evil.

    Our nation has lost that purpose and has fallen under the spell of those who don't understand what America is all about. It's about respecting and caring for each other. Thank you father and uncle for teaching me that.

  11. Yes, Mr. Rosenblit, but do not forget that shortly after the war the republicans gave us Joseph McCarthy - the communist hate-fear-anger monger - who destroyed the lives of many with his lies. We will always have those who try to destroy democracy in America and we must pay attention and stop them before they gain traction. The majority of people do not want to live that way.

  12. Who ran as "Tail-Gunner Joe" - a name invented by shooting off a plane's machine gun while it was sitting on the ground...

  13. They went to war because they thought it would be exciting and it was their duty, "never liked that word". All of these righteous causes that you apply to that war you have decided are the ones that took them from the farms and cities. There is no question that the Nazis and Japanese Imperialist were brutal in the treatment of others and was a good thing that they were defeated. But romanticizing the reasons for us entering the war and for our people to devote themselves to the effort only serves to distort history. Young men have always been eager to go to war. It is only after they have been there that they regret it. Many of us tried to speak out against invading Iraq but were intimidated and scorned for doing so. It is the Industrialists who profit from war that are behind the war effort and the gullible population feeling themselves patriotic and proud to do their duty that supply the human gun fodder, and the complicit media that builds the case for going.

  14. Thank you NYT for stating the stark truth and the danger we all face. It's been said so many times, the detail of the sick unchristian hatred that has possessed those who regard themselves as dispossessed. Hillary offers solutions, if only people had ears to hear. If you don't want to watch a world market crash, the choice is clear. Trump is a dangerous man who lacks conscience or maturity, unable to think or count consequences in his selfish quest for his gold throne.

    Meanwhile, it's been said so many times I'm going to offer something completely (but not exactly) off topic, some food for thought:

    "Humanity is not an aggregate of individuals, a community of thinkers, each of whom is guaranteed from the outset to be able to reach agreement with the others because all participate in the same thinking essence. Nor, of course, is it a single Being in which the multiplicity of individuals are dissolved and into which these individuals are destined to be reabsorbed. As a matter of principle, humanity is precarious: each person can only believe what he recognizes to be true internally and, at the same time, nobody thinks or makes up his mind without already being caught up in certain relationships with others, which leads him to opt for a particular set of opinions. Everyone is alone and yet nobody can do without other people, not just because they are useful (which is not in dispute here) but also when it comes to happiness.”

    ― Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The World of Perception

  15. Trump would indeed be a disappointment to his fans if he got to the White House. For whatever reason, they seem to believe that he and he alone (Congress can take a long vacation) can fix all that they don't like.

    That said, I'm not sure how anyone can fix what ails them for many of them seem to want to drive the country back about 50 years - lots of good paying factory jobs aren't coming back unless we undo automation and computerization. The desire expressed in a front page article today to have Christianity taught in the public schools would never pass SCOTUS muster, no matter how much those folks proclaim that this is "a Christian country." Nor are women going to return to playing second fiddle in the work place. The clock cannot be turned back.

  16. And those supporters will be just a little bit surprised that, like Clinton's backside, Trump is not really impressed with them. Nothing that would have any positive effect on their lives is of the slightest interest to him and would be manifestly counter to his slimy business practices.

  17. Is there a way to bring the concepts of the 18th century Enlightenment to the aattention and respect of the American people? The "Christianity" of Mike Pence, for example, would likely have been anathema to the Founding Fathers, who were very strict about no established religion.

  18. I think we could have good factory jobs again; we still make some things in the United States. I wish we could buy again American-made clothing, sheets, towels. I remember buying Wamsutta towels, thick and soft, sheets that were cool and smooth and lasted a long time. Why couldn't we do that again? We could; we should. There could be a lot of satisfaction in making our own again.

  19. Brilliant! The Editorial Board has explained the realities and consequences of the 2016 election and Donald Trump succinctly. I proudly cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. I hope for civility in the public discourse, the spirit of compromise in every level of politics and government. Perhaps we will learn from this terrible, abusive, and divisive spectacle forced upon us by Donald Trump. Yes we can? Yes we must!

  20. @Henry
    I disagree. Once Trump is elected, marginalized by BOTH parties and left to rot out his term or possibly impeached- then we can say we have won and actually learned something from the experience. If Hillary wins- get ready for 4 years of intransigent politics and the preparation of somebody more emboldened [worse] than Donald. That is a battle we may not win. Better to get a low level clown in now and prove to the American people it doesn't work.

  21. Henry Schissler, I share your hope fundamental as it is to the working of our republic. But if the President has to work with the sniveling likes of McConnell and Ryan, little positive can result.

  22. I don't see it that way. I think a Trump Presidency is exactly what this country needs to finally unite us. Our inept and defunct two party system has failed- so much so- a lunatic outsider was able to exploit gaps in both sides and assemble a formidable opposition party- SUCH AS OUR CONSTITUTION ALLOWS! Trump can be elected- but it is now up to ALL of us to ensure his role and power falls within the parameters of our Democracy. This may in fact be the very cause needed to inspire both Republican and Democrats to work together and stave off this potentially rogue Presidency. In simple terms, it's high time Congress in both houses get off their behinds and start working together instead of wasting their time in office with useless partisan bickering. Trump couldn't have come at a better time and his Presidency will be the true test of "checks and balances" in our Democracy. Let him win- I'm not afraid. In fact, I relish the challenges ahead- BIGLY

  23. Surely you are joking. Trump might be the proverbial Molotov cocktail to throw into the system, but instead of burning the house down he will take out a whole neighborhood. It will take a generation to recover from the wreckage. Is it worth it?

  24. whistling past the graveyard, son.

  25. Aaron-- it will not turn out as you expect--look at history.

  26. +++++>

    I'm not the biggest HRC fan. She's a little too center-right for me, but she has been treated extremely unfairly by the press/media with its inane false balance theorem.

    Hillary by all accounts of both Republican and Dem Senate colleagues, all say she is nice, smart, prepared for whatever task is at hand etc..., yet she has been falsely betrayed has satan reincarnated. Now, I expect this from the GOP, but the press is almost just as guilty. The press repeatedly says she not trusted etc....which becomes self fulfilling rhetoric. She has been ahead in all the polls from the start, somebody must trust her.

    And if it wasn't emails they'd have found something else. The false balance theorem demands it. If you say something critical of A you must say something critical of B... Just a bunch of nonsense.

    The media with their quest for ratings and $$$ has been shameful with this election.

    Thank the Gods I have no kids to leave this mess to.

  27. The distrust issue is just the cover. It is the "she is the status quo candidate" that prevents her from having more support from her own party. "She's corrupt" is the condemnation from the other party. Lets be truthful here. The Obama administration has been the least transparent in current times, more so than even Bush 43. And Clinton is just as secretive, which only provides more reason to suspect that she is hiding something. We needed an inspirational candidate that was not afraid to be closely examined and was not afraid to be transparent, and we almost had one.

  28. @ Ed

    "Almost" is only good in hand-grenades and atom bombs.

    Oh boy! I assume you mean Bernie. I'd rather have Bernie too, but Trump and the GOP would have wiped the floor with him. HRC couldn't attack him because she did not want to alienate his supporters. Bernie was treated with kid gloves by HRC, the press, and the GOP. As to the GOP that would have ended the second he became the nominee. You live in the US not NW Europe.

    There is a choice to be made, a quite easy one for rational minds, and Bernie is not part of that choice. This is the world that came to be; the past is gone.

    “Did you perhaps imagine that the world was made for your benefit?”


  29. Saw a Norwegian movie last night, a true story, where a scientist and small group of resistance joined British forces to stop Nazi attempt to create a atomic bomb in Norway during the German invasion. Said to my friend, we may wake up on Nov. 9th and have to make some of the same decisions. Those, especially intelligent voters, who think they should write in other names, or think their vote does not matter - please think carefully. Think beyond your comfortable lifestyle and see those who have already suffered because of previous administrations uncaring rulings. Think about President Obama who had to endure 8 years of being demeaned by Republicans, daily, just because he had an African family, and without being able to see his many assets. Think about women who have been 2nd class citizens in this country in many ways including unequal salaries. Think about Latinos who have lived in fear of being deported while most work and pay their taxes. Think about Native Americans who formerly were 500 nations now reduced in many cases to living on reservations. Think about years after Selma African Americans are again being the simple right to vote as the lady, 100 yrs old in NC, until a judge stopped it. Think about Bernie's truth that many billionaires, and millionaires, especially in the Republican Party, are deliberately attempting to decimate the Middle Class by enacting laws that are harmful.

    If you think about all of this, you will vote for the Democratic candidate Tuesday.

  30. The main plan should be to address the wealth disparity in this country which is now worse than it was in the gilded age. Everyday people have been left behind by the politicians who have been bought by the investor class for the pittance of campaign cash. Money out of politics and a return to the taxation rates of the day Ronald Reagan entered office would do wonders.

  31. Great comment. Addressing income inequality, underemployment and wage stagnation would be the best medicine for moving America forward.

  32. Shelter from the storm ... yes, DT is a danger, bully, buffoon, con man. But after a billion dollar campaign, celebs galore, endless events, HRC is only 1% ahead. Go figure.

    We Dems picked the wrong candidate.

  33. Darn right that the Dems picked the wrong candidate. With substantial direction from party elites, the Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media.

    I've voted for HRC, and ardently hope that she is elected to prevent the disaster that is Trump. But she's widely distrusted and disliked. Another Democratic candidate would likely be cruising to victory.

  34. Sorry, Berner. You're looking at the wrong side of the equation. Drumpf and what the Republicans have spawned are the problem, not Hillary.

  35. Like the song goes, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you may find, you get what you need."

  36. Thank you so much, NY Times. Somehow, amidst all the countless writings, this editorial really said it all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, as an American.

  37. I am trying to imagine life after the election
    Of course I will be elated when and if Hillary wins. If for some reason Trump wins, the economy will plummet quickly. I along with many others will cringe seeing Trump in the,White House, waiting for God knows what to come out of his mouth. If Hillary is our first female President, we can all relax, sit back and know America is safe for now.

  38. If Hillary is our first female president--and I sincerely hope she trounces the orange one so thoroughly he never recovers--there won't be any relaxing. We can all sit back and watch another 4--8 years of republican hysteria and obstructionism. I'm sure it will be even worse than it has been with President Obama, since they have had a 25 year head start in demonizing Mrs. Clinton for absolutely everything she does.

  39. Somehow the New York Times, and the rest of educated, nice, freaked-out America, is still caught in the grips of the notion that if only Trump is rejected and Hillary is elected, everybody will sigh with relief and go back to telling the rest of the world that American Democracy is the absolute best model of governance, and to feeding cookies to nice Ukrainian protesters.

    No, only rejecting Trump will not have the salutary effect of restoring America to the nation of who you are and the good you can do, anymore than only not drinking this next shot of bourbon will not have the salutary effect of propelling an alcoholic back to good health and civic status. At a bare minimum, admit that the so-called "democrats" should abandon wishing that everybody outside Greenwich Village and The Marina should simply turn into a version of theme park for college students' safari-style volunteering missions. And that if tomorrow the Republican party collectively drowned itself in the Missouri River, the liberated Democrats would make America Great Again overnight.

    This is no business as usual and a Hillary win itself will not be the painfully-desired catharsis.

  40. True - and a Trump win would not be the necessary cleansing catastrophe... These two candidates and the campaigns they have run are the personification of the pointless nation we have all agreed - actively or tacitly - to become.

  41. No, but it is a darned good start.

  42. HILLARY Will be a highly qualified, effective president, given her long years of public service. Her record in the Senate is the most direct indicator of her ability to work hard and across the aisle. She was very well regarded by her colleagues there, as she worked very well with GOP members. Her achievements as Secretary of State were outstanding, as she helped to rebuild the status of the US among the community of nations. Chainy Dubya had wrecked our credibility globally. Hillary worked to rebuild the US based on her 8 years as a First Lady popular with world leaders. She has always been very well connected. Hillary has a formidable command of the levers of power, especially since she service as attorney on the Watergate Committee, where her work was most likely instrumental in laying the legal groundwork for moving Nixon toward resignation. I believe that when Bill was elected, those who bore grudges against Hillary though, Now let's see how you like it when we go after Bill. Indeed there has been a great conspiracy by the minions of a right wing cabal against her. We just have to survive the bedlam of the last few days before the election--no mean feat. Though underneath it all, I know that Hillary will be elected, the cacophony in the media is terrifying as well as deafening. A final word: GIVE TRUMP PRECISELY WHAT HE ASKED FOR! VOTE FOR HIM ON 11/28! Meanwhile, let us get on with the business of resolving the problems that face the nation. GO HILLARY!

  43. She works well with Gop senate members? Is that good or bad for the public interest? Yes, she's smart, yes, long experienced, and and long a target of rw cabals. But I still haven't seen a list of her actual, concrete achievements. Really. And as a young staff member on the Water gate committee, was she really instrumental in bringing down NIxon?
    Btw, how's your health insurance? Quite affordable for you, I'd imagine.

  44. This election has revealed a lot of ugliness about our country that has been hidden. Sadly as a result we've lost our credibility and standing in the world. One of the beautiful things about America is the ability to rebuild after our failures.

    We always seem to produce the leadership we need just when we need them to keep us moving forward. Obama gave us hope when we needed it. Now we need someone who is capable of working with those who have opposing views even in the face of failure.

    I came of age just as the Clintons were pushing for universal health care. I remember hillarycare as the health security act was nicknamed. When it failed she didn't give up, she came up with plan B. Now thanks to the children's health insurance program low income children are able to get health insurance which benefits millions of children even today.

    We can choose to focus on our problems or we can choose to view the issues that this election has revealed as opportunities. If you look at Hillary's campaign page she has that mindset and solutions to our most pressing issues.

  45. "We always seem to produce the leadership we need just when we need them to keep us moving forward."

    True. That is the hope for next time.

  46. Thank God for the young,the women, and the minorities of the United States of America. If the the white men have their way on Nov 8th, we are all doomed

  47. Hey, I'm a white man, and I've already voted against Trump (as has my wife). I know plenty of white men, and they are all horrified by the prospect of Trump getting anywhere near the White House.

    Lots of white men are stupid and bigoted, but not all. And there are "Trump Women." How do you explain that?

    Let's not make this about gender and ethnicity. That's what Trump is trying to do.

  48. Mark, it was the white men who invented the telephone, the airplane, and the internet. And, it was white men who wrote our constitution.

    And no, I am not a white man but fair is fair.

    I fully understand their anger and their frustration.

  49. I'm a white man, and I voted Hillary. Don't generalize.

  50. Trump is an anomaly in one sense--a media-savvy but politically naive huckster--but he is also the logical culmination of the GOP's decades-long cultivation of the worst human instincts. Would that Republican politicians could see themselves at last in their creation and resolve to remake themselves in another image. But as you say, there's little chance of that, at least during a Clinton administration.

  51. The sickening stench of this election was created solely by Mr. Trump.

    Let's be absolutely perfectly clear.

  52. Wrong. The sickening stench is far more pervasive.

  53. I agree that Trump's intemperate tone, his brazen lies and his willingness to treat his opponents as enemies has created a stench that rivals that of the George Wallace campaign. But that campaign was the last gasp of blatant de lure segregation and racism, soon to be replaced by "the Southern strategy." This campaign seems to be breathing new life into a more overtly racist and xenophobic view of the world.

  54. David Henry, Trump had plenty of help with the stench, from Republican office-holders, from the relentless badgering in Congress, from the bumbling (or was it?) FBI Director, and from the Press and Media, who permitted themselves to be manipulated.

  55. Beautiful editorial. This election cycle has been a true Profiles in Cowardice among GOP leaders. The only way they can justify their support of the orange menace is to falsely demonize Ms Clinton in the most crazy, caricature-like manner. I have to admit feeling sad as i write this - sad that there are so many millions of terribly frightening people in this great country who are filled with racist and sexist venom that spews out at any Trump rally they attend. I'm scared for myself and my daughters for being women, I'm scared for people of color, for religious minorities. I'm scared for all of us "others" that we will end up at the wrong place at the wrong time with one of these gun loving, angry trump supporters. And most of all - I'm angry, too! White men don't have the monopoly on getting to be angry. I'm angry that mainstream media has deemed male Christian voters the most significant group that the candidates must speak to. What about my anger? im angry I earn less for the same work than my male colleagues. I'm angry 30% of my salary goes to childcare. I'm angry that school shootings are a semi-annual occurrence. I'm angry too. On Tuesday hear me and the millions of women and the men who love us ROAR!!

  56. I dread imagining beyond Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

    I find everything about this entire nearly two-year presidential election cycle to be deeply troubling.

    How could it be otherwise within a "democracy" wherein, thanks to the Citizens United decision, the influence of money in politics is virtually unregulated? How could it be otherwise: When "corporations are legal persons" and money is just another mode of free speech? When any attempt to limit the length of the campaign season is deemed a threat to the aforementioned freedom? When politicians must devote at least one-third of their time begging donors to fund their next campaign and must start doing so before the exhilaration of their latest electoral victories has scarcely subsided? When so many politicians rely heavily upon gerrymandering and voter suppression to keep themselves in office? When reform efforts within the Federal Election Commission, like so much else within our political system, are stymied by partisan obstructionism?

    Our mode of "democratic" electioneering, by all reflective devotees of the democratic spirit and its promise, must be viewed with dismay.

    What I really dread is that, in a little more than 2 years, this ludicrous, costly, thoughtless and protracted "entertainment" will once again be foisted upon us.

    We are indeed amusing ourselves to death.

    We have become, in the world's eyes, a laughingstock "dimocracy", not a model democracy.

  57. "How could it be otherwise within a "democracy" wherein, thanks to the Citizens United decision, the influence of money in politics is virtually unregulated? "

    It is Hillary who has garnered most of the unregulated money.

  58. Sadly, I agree with you. We are a laughingstock, indeed.

    I hope John Roberts and his treasonous co-horts, Alito, Kennedy and Thomas, are proud of what their ignorant decisions in Citizen's United, McCutcheon, and the gutting of the VRA have accomplished.

  59. Its the Republicans who have created and set the rules of our big money politics--Democrats have to play to win office.

  60. "Save the foundations, clear the mess," but I wonder if the foundations of our democracy—the presidency, the congress, supreme court, political parties, free press, law enforcement and more—have been irreparably damaged by the lies and half truths, the deluge of dark money, and incivility of this ruthless campaign? If so, how do we build new institutions for a 21st century global community and perhaps resuscitate the embers of humanism that sparked the Enlightenment's project of the United States. As a very young black girl watching the fights equal rights, civil rights, and anti-war efforts to forge a new equitable society in the 60s, I am stunned that this is the world that optimism made.

  61. To 'resuscitate the embers of humanism' we need to start with obvious antidote of public financing of our elections, with sharp limits on private donations---like most other nations do.

    Other democracies keep their corruption illegal, while our Court has legalized it, pretending money is 'free speech'.

    Contradicting this is the 1st basis for any reform to progress. Our branches and foundations are all infected, because once elite mega donors sponsor and set the standards for elections financing, nobody can be quarantined.

  62. I grew up during the Cold War. And the scariest time that I recall in world events was the Cuban Missile Crisis some 54 years ago. My frequent thought at the time was how could it possibly come to this, in a world populated by an overwhelming majority of sane people? I do not exaggerate in saying that this
    election has me thinking the same thoughts.

  63. This is an appropriate analogy for those who lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. The thought of nuclear missiles at the ready and 90 miles from our shore. The thought send shudders.

    And so does even the remote possibility of a Trump presidency.

  64. I think the answer rests in a possibly faulty premise in your question...

  65. That solution required thought and compromise; the USA removed nuclear missiles from Turkey in return for removal of missiles from Cuba. The bargain worked and a lot of ashes were avoided. Could Trump think and compromise? His own words leave me with a taste of ashes.

  66. Trump supporters will not be rioting in the streets next week when he is soundly defeated by Mrs. Clinton. They will be at home watching Fox News, searching hard for signs that someone else, somewhere is rioting in the streets.

    Sean Hannity and Mayor Giuliani will hint broadly that large numbers of deceased black people and Mexicans voted for Hillary.

    The Clintons and Obamas will be excoriated. The N-word and the B-word will be heard everywhere with the possible exception of the Weather Channel.

    Ammunition sales will skyrocket. The NRA will announce a massive fundraising campaign to protect the Second Amendment.

    The Trump children will say that they are proud of their father for saying what needed to be said.

    Kellyanne Conway will be asked whether she is proud of her guy and, of course, she will answer, “Of course.”

    Breitbart News will feature stories suggesting that the voting machines were hacked by agents of the Mossad.

    Drudge will report that Martians strongly resembling Hillary have been spotted in the Mojave Desert.

    Trump will appear at a rally next week looking strangely serene. Asked whether he will run again, all he will say is that he is “considering his options.” A few months from now he will announce the formation of a new political party to be called Trump For President In 2020 Or Before.

    Putin will invite Trump to Moscow for "consultations." A tentative meeting date will be set for January.

    Life will go on pretty much as usual. It will rain.

  67. Great commentary

  68. Hoping it will rain in Southern California and looking forward to the inauguration in January!! I'm with her!

  69. Let's not forget that the New York FBI office is out of control in their attempt to undermine our democracy by picking our next president. They think they are the Roman Praetorean Guard picking the next emperor, in this case the American Nero, Trump.

  70. Apparently, our wondering whether the election is rigged is now known. It isn't the voting that's rigged at the polls. The F.B.I. feeds the public fuel to generate scandal that sways millions of voters in their minds.

  71. Do you have any evidence, Mr. Boyajian that would be admissible in court to substantiate your accusation of treason?

    If not, sir, you are guilty of gross hyperbole with your rant.

  72. The entire FBI is out of control its Chairman Comey working hand and hand with Assange hiding in Russia to undermine the voting process however insufficient the candidates are.

  73. Trump and his supporters broke through the Republican establishment and they are in the process of breaking through the Democratic establishment, which is even larger now. We will need to 'confront the conditions that spawned' this immense, political-corporate-media complex. After the smoke clears and justice has taken its course, many people writing here, especially at this paper, may have an opportunity for personal growth. Please pardon my immodesty, but most of us who had predicted the rise of Bernie and Trump more than a year ago now believe that Hillary had engaged in genuinely criminal activity and will be indicted (despite the considerable forces supporting her now). EVERYONE should review their written comments from last year, here and elsewhere, before they make a final decision and vote.

  74. And what would be this "criminal behavior"? You can't even name it because it doesn't exist. Don't congratulate yourself for predictions that have come true only in your mind.

  75. Whatever you might believe, there is zero evidence to support it. In case I'm unclear that's zero as in none, zed, nil, nada.

  76. Speak for yourself.

    I supported Bernie, but now support Hillary without reservation.

    Republicans Chaffetz, Gowdy, Issa and others have been abusing their offices, waging outright war against the Democratic Party in general and Hillary Clinton in particular -- war including propaganda and star-chamber hearings.

    Hillary Clinton's use of emails began when there were little-to-no State Department rules regarding email, State Department support for email was primitive and government-employee use of commercial email was rife. Commercial email servers like those used by SOS Colin Powell were private (nongovernmental).

    Trump has mastered the art of purposefully breaking ethics and the law and getting away with it.

  77. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, but does not get a Democratic Senate, there will be slow motion undoing of her administration with the impeachment as the main focus of congress. The federal government will grind to a halt. the republicans will refuse to seat SCOTUS justices and we will see continued threats and brinksmenship over the debt ceiling debt ceiling by the republicans.
    If Trump becomes president.It will mean a republican congress who's main focus is tax cuts and deregulation. With no one to rein in their worst impulses the economy will crash sooner or later. Climate changes will continue unchecked and the droughts and crop failures will become more frequent. Our allies will begin to go their own ways,because a Trump administration will be too unpredictable. Should this country find itself in a conflict, we will not be able to count on our allies.
    When all this occurs, we will look for more scapegoats foreign and domestic. Nothing will be sacred or safe.
    That's the best case senario.

  78. "That's the best case senario." No, it is not. It may be the best you can imagine...

  79. As Garry Kasparov wrote in last Sunday's NY Times Op-Ed, "America, Your Election Is Not Rigged":

    "A democracy is as strong as its people believe it to be. It cannot be destroyed from the outside, only from within."

    A vote for a naked authoritarian like Trump is a vote to destroy our democracy.

    America doesn't need a strongman or a dictator, but rather an educated, informed electorate.

    Every problem we face can be easily solved once our electorate becomes more capable of rising to meeting the intellectual challenges of their times. We have met the enemy, and it is us - or at least some of us.

    The people of a democracy are either the tie that binds or its weakest link. Donald Trump is counting on you to be that weakest link.

    Break his oligarchic heart!

  80. After the current electoral travesty, I have one major concern: Will our two-party system survive?

    Whatever the outcome, the GOP will be a basket case. It will be largely up to Dr. Ryanstein to suture this self-dismembered monster back together again.

    Speaker Ryan, of course, will be the head of the GOP establishment--a leader whom Mr. Trump and his supporters will continue to revile nearly as much as they currently revile Trump's Democratic opponent.

    The GOP House "Freedom" Caucus, a group of radical right-wing Republican-Know-Nothings and quasi-nihilists, will still be inclined to destroy their own party rather than to compromise with GOP "moderates"--much less with Democrats.

    Is the GOP's condition all that much better in the Senate where current Majority Leader McConnell so often confronts obstructive opposition from House "Freedom" Caucus ally, Ted Cruz.

    The establishment vs. the troglodyte base, Ryan vs. the Luddite Freedom Caucus, McConnel vs. Cruz, Trump and his followers vs. factual reality--can a party in such shambles re-collect itself and continue to shamble on?

    Can gerrymandering, voter suppression, the ministrations of Dr. Ryanstein, the donations of billionaire oligarchs, one-or-two issue white fundamentalist Christian voters, uninformed white working-class voters, and thwarted Trump supporters--can all of these forces converge to re-build anything resembling a major American political party?

  81. Two parties is structural. These two parties is not. In fact these two have both failed, and two new ones are likely, as in 1856, when all of the factions reorganized into two new alignments.

  82. The likeness, in every respect, between D.J. Trump and Benito Mussolini would be (sort-of) amusing, if it weren't so depressing. Two preposterous buffoons, unfathomably egotistical, abysmally ignorant, utterly vulgar, intellectually vacuous, a century or so appart, seeking glory by exploiting the poor and the despondent for whom they could not care less. History has taught us nothing. As Andrew Sullivan described it: "We are living a fascist moment".
    "SAD!" as you-know-who would say...

  83. Imagining an America with a President Trump is very hard to do. Let’s hope this nightmare comes to an end on November 9th. We deserve better and the world expects us to do better than “electing an ignorant and reckless tyrant.”

  84. This Tuesday, we will witness not only an election, but an allegory. The race between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump is not a competition of platforms, but of decency vs. indecency. There is no middle ground here for those feckless Republicans who have neither the political nor the personal courage to sever ties with Trump. Either one endorses Trump with his bigotry, sexism, greed, dictatorial ways, lies and fear-mongering, or one disavows him completely.
    And, as in the ages-old parables, immorality will live on with morality after Nov. 09th. But a Clinton win will demonstrate a victory for respect, responsibility, decency, inclusiveness and hope.

  85. That was probably the most powerful, no holds barred editorial I've read in the New York Times. Kudos ladies and gentlemen.

    And I am so glad you named names. "Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio — weaklings all."

  86. Bill as the first, first husband, epic.

  87. Bill as "First Dude". Has a good ring to it.

  88. My daughter and I have agreed that we should call Bill the First Dude or the First Guy. I suspect he will be called the First Gentleman. Either way, we have a problem.

    We call the President POTUS and the First Lady FLOTUS. Where does that leave us with Bill???

  89. I wish this had been on the front page a year ago.

  90. Thanks NYT! Hopefully we can raise above partisanship and do what is right for the nation and national fabric. As one of your readers indicates, the fact that close to 50% of people support the Republican politics demonstrates the decline in American politics; when partisan politics is put ahead of the nation. Agreed, the choices in this race are not the greatest, but its time to put the nation ahead of politics. The Republican nominee has made this election an x-rated discourse and its surprising the the party of "holy than thou" and Jesus and its leaders are standing by him!! Time to get ride of the hypocrites!

  91. Let's just defeat this egotistical buffoon and never have to hear the name Trump again.

    He is such a dispicable excuse for a human being. He should never be in any position of public trust.

    I voted for Hillary Clinton. Please join me and let's get on with our lives.

  92. "I voted for Hillary Clinton."

    What a paragon of virtue she is, right?

  93. Many in the military died defending my freedom and my rights including the right to vote. I will vote because voting is easier than dying.

    This thing called Trump must be voted against and Congress changed back to a majority of Democrats.

    There was once Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin.................

    Now there is Trump and his numerous "Trumped-up" accusations and claims.

    I'm heartened by the Hispanic turnout written about tonight. It is only right that those vilified by an evil man be a last minute savior of Americans. How fitting that the Hispanics should be responsible for vanquishing Trump.

    Hispanics are His-panics. It was destiny that good should conquer evil.

  94. I hope you are right.. and I hope your irony of the Hispanic vote is also correct. It would be an excellent lesson on so many levels.
    We surely do not need a sub-human thing in the White House.

  95. When you think of Voting, consider the good Democrats have done for our nation..............

    1. Franklin Roosevelt saved the nation from the Depression with his public works program after the financial gamblers destroyed our economy in 1929.

    2. Roosevelt started the Social Security program that saved the nation's aged from poverty in older years. It is not a handout as Republicans fool you to believe.

    3. President Lyndon Johnson brought us the civil rights act that promised equality and opportunity for all and saved the oppressed black population from social slavery.

    4. President Clinton oversaw a remarkable rise in our economy that raised the standard of living for all, democrats as well as Republicans, and enriched the nation with greater wealth and low oil prices.

    5. President Obama saved the nation from a full blown depression by saving the banks and creating economic stimulus before the Republicans won control of Congress in 2010. Since the great recession, 15.9 new jobs have been created, even better than Bill Clinton's 12 million jobs.

    6. The Democrat Congress and President Obama put forth the controversial Affordable Care Act that has undoubtedly saved countless lives that would otherwise have been lost for lack of care. Health care is assured for both Democrats and Republicans.

    7. A new Democrat President and Congress will unleash the resources necessary to leverage a new growth of the American economy and all people will prosper irregardless of party.


  96. And the Clintons are not greedy! "Earning " a quarter billion dollars by selling access. They are emblematic of the legalized corruption in the political class.

  97. So what? Hillary will still try to get through raising the minimum wage, getting healthcare for all, affordable child care, and do on to help the least fortunate in society.
    You don't get extra points for not being greedy but having horrific policy positions.

  98. But we can hope Sanders will have some clout with her.

    He predicted all this.

    "Democracy" USA is Moneyball. He aimed at something higher.

  99. Probably they didn't. And even if they did, no harm, no foul.

  100. The Republican party as it exists today is a disgrace and needs to be eradicated. They have disqualified themselves from participation in democracy through their anti democratic moves. I anxiously await the formation of a genuine conservative party with real leaders with strength of their convictions, knowing Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Reince Priebus will not be among them

  101. Yes, we need a new party. It is not one off on the right to represent only a few of those Republicans. It is one on the left, to represent the Americans left out by the choices of center right vs far right.

  102. "The Republican party as it exists today is a disgrace and needs to be eradicated."

    What will you do? Declare them illegal and arrest them? Firing squad at dawn? Would you mind telling me where the angels are in the Democratic Party? You certainly can't point to Hillary, can you?

  103. It's not new; it's called the Democratic Party. Have you taken a wrong turn and got lost?? There's another term you seem to be unfamiliar with; it's called compromise, wherein one learns to work with others toward a common goal. It's also called Adulthood.

  104. It is like some stage set where all the demons from America's past surged forward together -- the white supremacists, the immigrant haters, those suspicious of other religions and especially of Islam, the misogynists, and others -- wearing their costumes and ranting together, Lock her up! They were jubilant at their moment. They felt that they had common cause, and a shared hatred rising to the levels of hysteria. Fact free, delusional.

    I don't know what will happen to the country now that so many people have revealed their inner bigots. How can we look at our neighbors the same way, knowing that they really are racists, xenophobes, sexists, and so forth? In the scandal about Paula Deen, one commenter said, "Everyone uses the n word sometime." But we don't. For many of us, it would never be part of our vocabulary. But Trump supporters have a different vocabulary and a different inner identity drawn from a dark past. It does not represent any American values or any 21st century values.

    The other revelation was how much trusted institutions could subvert an election and destroy trust - the FBI, the Supreme Court, a major party - to actually support a know-nothing bigoted fascist like Trump with all his antipathy to minorities and women and his absolute lack of qualifications or temperament. Some deep soul searching and house cleaning is in order.

  105. "The other revelation was how much trusted institutions could subvert an election and destroy trust - the FBI, the Supreme Court, a major party..."

    With a candidate like Hillary, the best the Democrats can do is to keep the attention focused on Trump.

  106. I wish I could post a photo in this comment section. I have a good one. It's of an American Nazi Party rally in Madison Square Garden in 1940 or '41, just before the U.S. entered WWII. The Garden is packed, and there is a huge banner of George Washington behind the speaker's podium.

    It is estimated that in the pre-WWII days about 15 million people, out of a population of about 110(?) million, supported the Nazi cause. There were many groups, including militias. One group plotted to blow up the bridges into Manhattan, and their plot was exposed just in time.

    Then, in terms of divisiveness, we should remember a little squabble called the Civil War that took place after the election of 1860.

    As a country, we've got a lot of work to do. The people who have been shafted by globalization must be helped. (Ironically, it is the Republicans who are standing in the way of jobs programs, infrastructure repair and so on.)

    Fortunately, our history shows that America is up to the task.

  107. Donald Trump is a demagogue that was 35 years in the making. This time you better "hope" America is up to the task.

  108. A good book to read on American just before WW2 is "In the Garden of Beasts" by Erik Larson. I think support for German first came about in the 1930s because Germany owned the US a huge of money. Those in charge at that time wanted to do all kind of things to ensure that Germany would pay their debt. This book was a real eye opener for me.

  109. a comparison between th america of 1941 and th america of today is facile

    might as well try to compare current day americans to th founders

  110. The election of Trump would be a disaster for the whole world, World leaders are worried and scared. They cannot believe that the same nation that elected its first black president just eight years ago would now rush to embrace a man who has offended Mexicans, Muslims and others. The possibility that Trump might actually win fills great swaths of the planet with dread – with the apparent and notable exception of Vladimir Putin’s Russia – with concerns over everything from trade to the nuclear trigger. Donald trump is not going to win, that is a nightmare.

  111. You should not care about what the world thinks We are Americans and most of us are damned proud of it.

  112. You can thank the democrats and their stupidity for even giving Trump a chance.

  113. It shouldn't be such a surprise, the world has watched as the Republican Parties elected Congress has treated our first black president with disrespect and obstruction for 6 years now. It is the same voters that elected them as the voters for Trump.

  114. "This surreal, miserable presidential campaign exposed a lot of rot in our democracy’s infrastructure, and anger in the populace. Those conditions are related."


    "It has exposed a sick Republican Party."

    That is only half of it. Rot in our democracy’s infrastructure, and anger in the populace is more than rejecting one choice. We did not say that when we rejected Hoover and elected FDR in a landslide. We did not say that when we rejected Goldwater in a landslide.

    No, we have rot in our democracy’s infrastructure, and anger in the populace because of both parties failing us at the same time.

    So what? We still must pick one or the other. It makes a big difference to acknowledge even as we do our disgust with the lack of choice, our sense of failure, the rot in our democracy and our anger.

    Why? Because it will shape what follows.

    We do not want more of the same from a President.

    Nor do we want more of the same from a Congress set to destroy that President even if it means harming us in the process just to defy our election.

    We must make clear that we are not happy with the choices forced upon us by money and a broken system. No honeymoon, no matter who is elected. Whoever takes office will do so entering upon a need to win over, to prove, in the face of intense and very well founded distrust.

  115. Yes! A powerful editorial worthy of the New York Times of yore - and my hometown paper. Thank you.

    The feckless leaders of the Republican congress believe that they could 'control 'their candidate, should he win the presidency, by the process of checks and balances and - obviously- their guidance. That's their excuse for voting for him and supporting him. It's a laugh - they can barely control their members (the House), and absurdly threaten bombastic acts, viz, SCOTUS (the Senate). They are a complete embarrassment.

    The sky is not likely to fall on our nation - we are stronger than that. But the worst would be averted - as you say -should Mrs. Clinton be elected, She has gone through tests of fire and remains cool, in charge, and tireless and I trust she will do her best for all Americans. This unprecedented election has been stressful but has exposed much that needs to be done. I fear a hard road ahead and hope there will be enough Democratic gains in congress to help ease the way. As well, our foreign allies and partners will also rest easier with her in the White House. The sky may not fall, but the markets have in the last 8 days with the uncertainty of a Trump win. November 9th can't come soon enough - just as long as it gives us the right answer!

    (BTW, It finally came in the sixth paragraph - a mention of Rudy Giuliani - our former mayor who more than many deserves your shout-out.)

  116. I agree with much of this editorial. Donald Trump has fueled his campaign with demagoguery and xenophobia. Trump's election to the presidency would be dangerous for America and the world; Hillary Clinton, while flawed is therefore far the preferable presidential choice. The Times is also correct that many leaders in the Republican Party have facilitated Trump's progress in the general election, if only by their silence.

    At the same time, the debasement of American democracy over the course of the 2015-2016 presidential campaign is not solely attributable to Republicans.
    -The Democratic National Committee sullied the primary process by favoring Clinton in the Clinton-Sanders primary process by failing to serve as an honest broker.
    -The New York Times and many other media outlets facilitated Trump's nomination by according him largely uncritical front page coverage during the primaries, while limiting coverage of his challengers. The media, including the Times, also influenced the Democratic primary race by covering Clinton extensively, while neglecting the Sanders campaign. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we're stuck with Clinton and Trump, both widely distrusted and disliked by the public.

    Both major parties and the mainstream media have a lot to answer for this election season. There's plenty of blame to go around, and the American people have good reason to be dissatisfied and disillusioned.

  117. Did you forget that but for the last 16 months or so that Col. Sanders is not a democrat? You think that may be why the DNC tilted to HRC? And this stupidity about the media is just conservative nonsense.

  118. I don't think the fault lies with Donald Trump. We don't have to vote for him if we disagree with his policies and rhetoric. The fault lies with the citizens who condone and agree with Trump. If in fact Trump is a monster, then what does it say about an America that would elect such a person as its president?

  119. I can say the same about Hillary. Who would vote for a criminal who has stolen from Haiti, received foreign cash, sold her office to the highest bidder, disclosed state secrets, sold 20% of our uranium to Putin for $145m, pay-for-play , cronyism, etc et. ?

  120. Good point, certainly, but some faults obviously do lie with Trump.
    Whether purposely--it's hard to imagine otherwise--or from mere verbal diarrhea, Trump has given voice and almost, in some eyes, a legitimacy, to his worst viciousness and hatred. Maybe it is better to know how much of those horrible thoughts are in our citizens, but now what? Bells are notoriously difficult to unring.

  121. Waking up in America on Nov. 9 without Donald as POTUS will be a dream come true for the USA. The alternative is a nightmare that can't be imagined. Anyone with a blind faith that the Donald will wield a magic wand and make all the problems disappear will soon (in a few months) be disillusioned. End of Story.

  122. It strikes me that something is wrong with your candidate when she constantly must hide behind celebrities to get her vote out. JZ, Katy Perry, and a bevy of other ultrarich cultural elites are coming out of the woodwork to act as Pied Pipers to rally the rats for Hillary. And it makes some sense. This election has become part of a larger, world-wide referendum of working class people against societal elites. Wall St. backs Hillary. Hollywood backs Hillary. DC’s lobbyists back Hillary. Globalists from the UN and the European Parliament back Hillary.
    These are the same groups of people who assured us England would sink into the sea if BREXIT happened. As near as I can tell, London is still above water and doesn’t have a migrant crisis to worry about anymore; meanwhile, refugees destroy the streets of Paris and raise hell in Germany. These are the same people who now assure us we cannot live without NAFTA and TPP. We must be part of the Global Order. We have so many cultural and socioeconomic problems in America, it should be obvious it is time to turn inward. We can no longer be the world’s police man, and it’s debatable as to whether we were any good at it to begin with. We can no longer flood our market with cheap consumer products in the name of free trade. The people of England recognized these truths when they voted to leave the EU, and the elites of that nation have turned to the courts to try and overthrow that referendum. Why?

  123. Trump is nothing but a reality TV actor.

  124. The tragedy is that your points are all genuinely needing addressing, and the Republican party has picked as its nominee one of the worst possible candidates to address them. Trump will, if he should win the election, probably hand it all over to Theocrat Mike Pence, Ayn Rand devotee Paul Ryan,
    and Old Time Racist Mitch McConnell. While Trump is playing golf and groping women at what will be called the "Florida White House", those three will be doing what they planned to in the first place. There will be no miracle, no relief from those issues--in fact, they'll be made worse--and the never-ended goal of the Republican Party will be achieved. The end of the New Deal, and the return of Gilded Age feudalism, which has been their plan since 1936, will be accompanied by a racist, misogynistic, slimy coating of pseudo-Christian talk, to attempt a cover for the crimes. We will NOT be "made great again".

  125. This summer I had a strong day of foreboding when a friend in MD asked for a sense of direction for these presidential elections, the most important perhaps in our History. 'Hillary, or is it Trump'? Most likely because I am surrounded by his supporters, but I hedged and told my interrogator, it would be the former. Because it had to be, because Trump is not 'real', not anymore as a symbolic person even, he is made of plastic.

    If America decides to elect Trump, it will be like voting for a tower, or an institute. We could very well find ourselves in a vacuum. Would Americans unite? Would the Republicans and Democrats work together? Would there be undercover operations for damage control?

    It could be the beginning of a Revolution, one that we cannot afford, not now when we are heading towards 2020 and still trying to recover from The Great Recession.

    But it could happen, and for some reason the sentence 'Esse Quam Videri' come to mind. God Bless the People of America.

  126. The notion that this country is blessed by an imaginary divinity is one of its worst delusions. It was founded on an entirely different understanding: that there is no personality of nature at all: nature functions automatically and entirely indifferently to humans.

  127. On November 9 I plan get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to work. Life will go on regardless of who the president elect is.

  128. There is a substantial proportion of the American public that has exposed itself as unable to discern what is true. Overridden and overburdened by its awareness of how difficult it is in middle-America to attain a sense of existential security for oneself and one's family, such individuals are willing to follow anyone able to create hope and alleviate their fears no matter how opprobrious his message. When we are willing to sacrifice the welfare of women and racial and religious minorities because of the false but temporarily comforting assurances of demagoguery, we diminish ourselves, most importantly in our own eyes. No matter what we want to believe, reality will ultimately intrude on our reveries and awaken us, revealing us to ourselves.

  129. Many Americans have been brought up to believe in fantasy for fantastic benefits. Reality isn't magical.

  130. I am more optimistic. I believe that with our first women president we will see a rising economy. Hillary Clinton will encourage more women and men to rise up in the workplace.

    I believe that economic growth will happen rapidly and this will bring more optimism and more spending, and more jobs. The economic numbers will speak louder than words.


    Go Hillary Go. One giant step for (H)umankind!

  131. Absolutely. We need to avert the worst effects of our political Tsunami that’s left wreckage in its wake. So I just can’t wait to stand in a long, long line to elect Clinton, with all her faults. I’m planning my reading material and snacks to give me strength on Tuesday.

    The problem is this storm stalled for years in an overlong campaign, causing worse wreckage than usual. How to prevent this? We need a political meteorologist for 2020.

    Reverse Citizens United, limit donations, use public funding, and SHORTEN the campaign drastically---like most nations. So what if it cuts media profits? What’s the public interest?

    Our most authoritative paper could set a positive example for the rest of the media---less free publicity for the Trumpf types, and more issue talk for all candidates, pro/con, and their effect on our lives. Columnists, that means you.

    We need constant editorials tracing the poisonous effects of big money on lawmaking. See Princeton’s Gilens and Page proving our lawmakers listen to the elites, not to the majority’s wishes. Could you mention that?

    Issue talk and public financing will eventually help prevent a reality TV star/megalomaniac from getting so far. Instead he would stay the joke that many thought he was.

    This focus on campaign finance by the media would at least push lawmakers, and create a norm for reform to occur, thus bring our elections out of their diseased condition toward democratic health. An impossible dream?

  132. Meredith: How do you think Campaign finance reform, and the other things you speak of are going to happen if people like you aren't even willing to take the time to vote?

  133. No other nation has ever directly copied the US Constitution because it is dysfunctional.

  134. Hey, NYT Editorial Board: Just who worse than Donald Trump have we seen? Goldwater maybe -- but he didn't come nearly as close as Trump. Not Nixon -- as paranoid as he appears to have been, he had real accomplishments (opening to China, creation of the EPA) to go along with the horrors (COINTELPRO, carpet bombing Cambodia). With Trump I see deep personality disorder manifesting in all kinds of anti-social behavior. Let's hope we've hit bottom and will now start to climb out of the sewer the Republican Party has led us into.

  135. Trump is the biggest liar but somehow Hillary Clinton is the "dishonest" one. When Clinton told those coalminers in Appalachia that those jobs aren't coming back it was brutally honest and more truthful, forthcoming, and politically incorrect than any candidate running for any office in recent history. No one else has the guts to say something like that. Yet I didn't see any of Trump's supporters or Trump himself coming to her defense. Funny how that works.

  136. A classic Times editorial. Many thanks for it.

  137. My prediction is that Clinton will win, but she will receive less than 50% of the vote. (Of course, Bill Clinton won in 1992 with only 43% of the vote.) Half of the country, including quite a few of those who will vote for her, think she is a corrupt liar. (But that's better than an incompetent corrupt liar.)

    Her only saving grace will be that Justice and the FBI will now work for her.

    If she is willing to work with the Republicans as her husband did, we might avoid gridlock. If her response to Republicans is Obama's "I won" with no further negotiation, we'll have the same gridlock we've had for 8 years.

  138. When she was in the Senate, Ms. Clinton had a track record of reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans with notable results. For example, Rep. Peter King (R. NY) stated on NPR last April that he had "an excellent relationship with her. ... She was very, very good." Other Republicans have echoed that sentiment. Clinton is pragmatic, something Trump and the party of obstructionism are not. If the Republican Party could cease its drumbeat of fact-free hatred for her and actually talk with her, we might all get somewhere.

  139. In order words, if Ms. Clinton does exactly what Republicans want her to do, including nominating an anti-abortion justice or two to the Supreme Court, then everything might be fine. Otherwise, prepare for four more years of mindless obstructionism.

  140. Sounds like someone is living in the proverbial GOP Bubble.

    The gridlock during the past eight years was almost entirely the fault of Republicans that vowed to make Barack Obama a one-term president from the day he took office. This is a party that spoke of impeaching and suing him, and regularly spoke of his "executive overreach". This is a party that wouldn't be caught dead working with him, lest their constituents see that and vote for a more right wing (i.e., Tea Party) candidate.

    President Hillary Clinton will do what she can to work with the GOP - as did President Obama - but remember that this is a party whose members (e.g., besides Trump, people like Rep. Chaffetz) want to impeach or jail her even before she's won the election.

    It's never too late to try and escape The Bubble.

  141. How much convincing does it take? If we don’t remove our politics from rw Gop dominance, plus reform our campaign finance totally captive of big money, and stop this gross political media circus every 4 years, it will get even worse.

    Surely some out there are seeing Trumpf as an inspirational role model, after he’s attracted such a large % of voters--- totally unpredicted. They may see a path that he’s cleared, even as most hope we block that path to disaster.

    Per Yeats' poem---In 2020, what political beast, its hour come round at last, will slouch toward Washington DC to be born?

  142. Thanks...I mentioned that beast slouching toward D.C. more than two months in one of these comments sections.

  143. I could go back into equities, or not. You never know, but Trump could actually go back to being a Democrat.

  144. But he knows nothing, is not is interested in the things he speaks of, including you and me, and the earth's climate.

  145. There was an expose of Trump on CNN last night, much concerning his business dealings in the 1990's.I think he came off as fairly logical, coherent and honest. Perhaps this is a ruse after all.

  146. Not a word about Clinton's obsessive hungering for office since 2007. Not a word on her belligerence in foreign policy, a pathological obsession with Putin and Russia, which could lead to nuclear conflagration. Not a word on how she and her husband "earned" $100 million in Wall Street speaking engagements. To oppose Clinton as unworthy of the highest position does not mean one favors Trump.

    Both are undesirable. Both exhibit crypto-fascist tendencies. Perhaps it is time to get back to Emerson and Thoreau and say, NO to compromising the nation's moral integrity. I advise, and will follow my own, don't vote. Don't legitimate evil. Don't assent to mediocrity, opportunism, lies. America can best handle this obscene political context and situation by rejecting both horns of the dilemma, and somehow force a renaissance in political consciousness and understanding.

    The Times's editorial is pitiful; no attempt at argument or analysis, merely vituperative uttrrings far worse than tabloid standards. Black-and-white, cut-and-dried, a thorough whitewash of one, a condemnation of the other. I grew up under the storm clouds of McCarthyism. The editorial exceeds even Joe in its infantile spewing of hatred.

  147. So if nobody votes, then what?

  148. All things said Hilliary Clinton has spent a lifetime working to help others. Has she benefited, yes, why shouldn't she. She is neither hateful, homophobic, racist, or out to put America in danger. She is the most prepared candidate to take on the challenges of this country and the world. Her opponent has in his life been out for himself. He will insult, bully, frighten and brag about himself. He is dangerous and unqualified to be President.

    For those who don't like their choices work hard in the grass roots movements in your states to promote those with your ideals. But for this election voting 3rd party or even not voting shows a lack of understanding of what American Democracy is. It is as unpatriotic as the obstructionists in congress. Donald Trump is deplorable don't let this movement set our country back to the 1950's.

  149. Shame on you, Norm! In the future all you'll be able to say you did to stop Trump is...nothing! While I, too, think that HRC isn't the person I'd most like to have as president, not voting at all is an abdication of your responsibility as a citizen. This is not the time to vote third-party or to sit on your hands, Norm. At the very, very least, you could vote for down-ticket candidates! It's not too late, Norm. I'm a fellow EL resident and know you can still vote absentee. Go to city hall on Monday, get a ballot, and VOTE.

  150. Great editorial, however the folks who would most benefit from reading and heading it, will never see it. The president's power to fix what ails our governing processes is limited. Using powerful analytics to carefully craft congressional districts that protect one party's grasp on elections in many areas, the Republicans sowed the wind and now reap the whirlwind. Until the majority of states create districts that are more balanced, where the competition for political thought drives toward the center, rather than the extreme fringes of one party's ideology, we are stuck. California provides a template - the state seemed ungovernable a decade ago - much like what we have on the national level. A voter initiative was passed in 2008 that created a non-partisan panel to draw districts - this has now been in effect for 3 elections. The state has completely turned around and is now a model of strong governance through executive and legislative cooperation. Yes, the republican party has seen it share of political office holder shrink, but the democrats currently in the majority govern from the center left, rather than from the extreme left. Until we do this as a nation, I don't see how we move beyond the current obstructionism in congress and/or avoid more Donald Trump's in the future.

  151. One earlier comment suggests Republicans will continue to
    obstruct and try to make another elected president "fail", replacing "birther"
    nonsense with impeachment agitation. Another reminds that elements in the FBI seem to have an anti-Clinton agenda and have been effective even before the election. What could a besieged Democratic president do? A lot.
    The opposition has gotten away with flying in the face of important traditions (Supreme Court, the whole Trump campaign--no tax statement, no government experience of any kind!--). They won't stop or compromise ( zero Republican votes for Obamacare, 60 votes to repeal) until the Democrats stop complaining
    to the bribed or weak-kneed referees and fight back. Perhaps our first female president could take a page from a Chicago woman who unexpectedly won the mayor's race in 1979.
    The Democratic machine and the police hierarchy that was an essential part of it had given her some rough and rude treatment. Should she fire them in revenge? No, but shortly after taking over she moved the mayor's office to the most crime-ridden and social services denied housing project: Cabrini-Green. The plush police department bosses' offices had been near the mayor's, in City Hall. Now where did they have to go to "serve and protect" the mayor? And how did that affect the lives of the impoverished who lived there?
    The President working out of the Oval Office, now there's a tradition.

  152. If Clinton wins on Tuesday, and if by some miracle, the Democrats regain the Senate, I will be looking for an immediate move to right the wrongs of the last 8 years: increasing taxes on those who have the ability to pay more, a strong move to a single payer health care system similar to those employed by every sane nation on the planet, infrastructure spending to rival a Marshall plan, a shake up of the FBI, pulling back of military forces where possible, increased spending on veterans needs, an end to gerrymandering from either party, a recognition that workers have justified complaints, an end to anti-Union legislation, tuition free education for those who qualify, environmental protection laws with teeth; my list could go on for a thousand lines, but to finalize, I would like to see a repeal of the Citizen United decision. It is perhaps the single biggest cause of the moral decline of the U.S.A.

  153. I couldn't agree more with you.

  154. The essence of our national nightmare is very direct:

    20% of Americans believe that the sun revolves around the earth (Gallup Poll). These people vote.

    41% of Americans believe (Pew Research) that the Second Coming of Jesus to earth in the flesh will occur within our lifetimes, a percentage that fits rather neatly with Trump's polling numbers this past month. These people also vote.

    We owe it to our fellow citizens to inform them that the planet has a spherical form, that gravity makes apples fall downward from trees, and that epilepsy is not a manifestation of demon-possession. They will not know unless we sweetly tell them.

    Once we have charmed, coaxed, or dragged our simple-minded compatriots into the 21st century perhaps we can move on to discussing with them the complexities of health care, infrastructure development, or foreign policy, because a rational discussion will never take place before that happens.

  155. They are locked into a juvenile tautology asserting that magic works only by having no connection between cause and effect, and magic is more powerful.

    "Doctor Strange" (the movie) inhabits the universe of American brains.

  156. As I keep reminding myself: by definition, half of the population is below the median in intelligence, but they too get to vote. And if this election cycle is any indication, even the median is declining!

  157. A lot of opprobrium has been deservedly heaped on the Republican nominee. But if we are looking for a way forward, the solution will likely fail if it does not address the failings of the Republican party and the Republican voter. The party must recognize that Trump has merely declared overtly what it has been covertly advocating for decades. If Trump is to be rejected, then covert Trumpism has be repudiated as well. And the Republican voter has to recognize that he has been misled for decades by his party promising solutions that are undeliverable.

  158. Oh is are the hyper-partisans on the board fear mongering again? Revolting.

    The hypocrisy of the NYT Editorial Board is truly astounding. It is the NYT and their peers at Fox that are the true cancer on this country. Hillary and Trump will move on, but we will be stuck with the disgusting partisans who have hijacked our media forever.

  159. No idea what you're going on about and what is the "hypocricy" and the cancer, but if you're faulting the media for something, why not start your own newspaper or talk show.

  160. The Ugly American
    A racist misogynist, a deadbeat and con,
    bombastic narcissist - what is he on?

    An immoral predator traitor and twit,
    homophobe, xenophobe - is that yet it?

    Oh, I forgot - how can anyone trust him?
    He babbles and twitters - his life is a whim!

    But what of his followers, what can be said?
    He has them bamboozled and filled them with dread.

    There are very real issues, and serious concerns -
    but that the election is rigged? That gives me heartburn.

    And that Once Great Party of Reagan and Lincoln?
    Now just Bottom Line shills - may they twist in his wind.

    He eggs them to violence with sly innuendo
    Alien. Jail her. Well, there's one thing I do know.

    Just listen, and look at him - I don't think so.

  161. Thanks KEF.
    Your post reminds me of the NYT's "resident" Limerick writer, Larry Eisenberg.
    Haven't seen your wit lately, Larry. Hang in there- next month you'll be able to celebrate not only Trump's defeat, but also your 97th birthday!

  162. Trump would make a horrible President, in line with the horrible human being he is. But defeated he may lick his wounds and return to his toys, because his business may end up bleeding.
    I can hardly see a post-election Trump getting involved for a lengthy period in the expected fratricide war within the GOP. He is not made for that, plus he will get there without the respect and fear he produces as "the people's choice", thus an easy prey to the astute politicians of the GOP elite.

  163. I suspect the Trump supporters will propose insurrection at some point after the election if Trump loses. All the calls for a change will not stop Trump supporters from reelecting the same people and the gridlock will continue. Their anger is misdirected and they apparently can see no further than the top of the ballot. Where are the Trump people on the rest of the ballot?

  164. Of course, this comment is just the result of the fear mongering liberal media. It is Trump's opponents that have demonstrated themselves to be violent towards people and property, but don't let facts get in the way of "verified" partisanship.

  165. Another commenter used the Cuban Missile Crisis as an analogy for the possibility of a Trump presidency. Very apt.

    The thought of Russian nuclear missiles at the ready and 90 miles from our shore. The thought still send shudders, 50 years on.

    And so does even the remote possibility of a Trump presidency.

    What Trump has done for America is expose the deep divides in this nation. Civil rights and women voters was fine as long as white men made up a comfortable majority of the population, and most Hispanics were here illegally. That has all changed, and trends show that the white majority will disappear in the next few years.

    Maybe those in the soon to be minority understand how American Indians felt as their country was taken from them. Well, except that they won't be out on reservations, or worse.

  166. Even the slightest chance that Trump may win the Presidency means we need maximum effort devoted to defeating Republicans running for the US Senate and House of Representatives.

  167. Nicely done. Thank you. As I have written before, though, I wish the media (print and electronic) had made more of an effort to shine a light on all of the candidates from the beginning, particularly Trump. He has a long and fully reported record of vile behavior and language, much learned at the knee of Roy Cohn of all people. Television, primarily cable but all of it, found Trump good for ratings and encouraged his candidacy without critical analysis. It was good for rating to provide free air time on the morning shows and Trump thrived. Now the pundits, wringing their hands, are (sometimes) critical of Trump and often force themselves to find an equivalency between Hillary Clinton's email troubles and all of the many truly outrageous, immoral and illegal things Trump has said and done. There is no equivalency. I am counting on Mrs. Clinton to rise above all of this after the election and work with Congress for a better America. I think she can do it. I am with her.

  168. They went soft on him in the primaries since they wanted him to win since he was the only candidate that HRC could beat. Once he locked up the nomination, they took the gloves off and coordinated with the MSM to defeat him. They NYT has helped us become a Bananna a Republic. It seems that the shadow of totalitarianism is always on the right but somehow descends on the left.

  169. No matter the result on Tuesday, we can no longer say, with a hint of both pride and relief, "That could never happen here."

    The thriving of Trumpism has laid bare the decaying commitment in the country and the political class to responsible democratic rule, a republican form of government, and the basic rule of law.

  170. Mr.Trump and the Republicans will be the losers on Nov. 9. American democracy will have demonstrated its resilience and core American values of decency and tolerance will have won. But, an enormous price has been paid in this ugly campaign. If the Democrats regain the Senate and the House Republicans are returned with a reduced majority it would be a further vindication of the popular will to discredit the Republicans. The Trump campaign with the tacit connivance of the Republicans has sown the dangerous seeds of racial discontent. Only a handful of them such as Mitt Rimney, John Kasich, Colin Powell, Susan Collins and Jeb Bush showed the courage of their conviction. If Mrs.Clinton wins but narrowly, it will be a Pyrrhic victory whose gains will be hard to consolidate.

  171. We have to get to a point where the general election if fought between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. One of the parties in the two party system has become dysfunctional, and it is not entertaining anymore. I worry that even if Trump is defeated, there will be a redux in 2020. Who knows who's gotten emboldened in the Republican Party, and who knows what thug will show up in 2020. All right thinking democrats must figure out how to get this right long term.

  172. @ TK Look across the country to Maine's Ranked Choice Voting.

  173. There will be no reconciliation if Hillary wins. Democrats have called every Republican voter for Trump racist xenophobes. Hillary has called Republicans deplorables. The NY Times denigrates our candidate and his supporters at every term with gratuitous hyperbole. They snicker at people of faith and dismiss issues of importance to white males as inconsequential. Hillary has zero mandate, and couldn't even win her own party's nomination without inside help (see Brazile and Wasserman-Schultz).

    I've got my popcorn ready for the Clinton Global Initiative investigations. Can a President-Elect be impeached before taking office?

  174. Republicans are where they are through the use of language. For example, the taxes that accrue to the 0.2% of the population upon their demise are not estate taxes, they are a "death tax" implying that they apply to everybody.

    The Democrats need to learn to use language as a weapon like the R's have for years.

    They should start with using the word obstructionists following the word Republican at every turn. "Republican obstructionist" needs to be connected like "fish and chips" until it gets drilled into the psyche of the American voter.

    Only then do we have a chance to get people to quit voting for people who make up pity slogans and instead vote for people who will are America function again.

  175. Is this the result of 50 years of increasing income and asset inequality, poor education, poor healthcare access, 50% of the budget spent on the military, rotting infrastructure, ineffective regulation of immigration, ineffective regulation of banking and finance, and ineffective leadership in almost all areas that concern the 99%?

    I think so. In which case both major parties are guilty. The Democrats have supported the wealthy status quo as much as the Republicans have used divisive 'values' issues and race to secure themselves in office.

    You folks have a lot of work to do. I hope Ms. Clinton can accomplish some of it. Best wishes.

  176. The Clinton scandals have drowned Watergate like a tsunami. The Clintons' earnings of a quarter of a billion dollars for nothing but speeches to special interests whose positions are injurious to the public interest gets no respect or mention from the Times editorial board. Where is the serious analysis of the disclosed emails? Where is the detailed analysis of pay for play with the Clinton Foundation being conducted by other responsible organizations? There is no basis or merit in this editorial for warranting serious consideration, in my opinion.

  177. Congratulations...I think you were able to sum up every right-wing conspiracy theory that has dominated this election. If only you could get it down to 140 characters I think you would have something.

  178. Electing the crypto-fascist Trump would constitute a phase change in the character of our republic. The deficiencies in Hillary Clinton's past can be addressed via impeachment or forced resignation if necessary, just as the revelation of past corruption that brought down Vice President Spiro Agnew.
    Even that unpleasant scenario is preferable to the catastrophe, both economic and political, that awaits the nation with a Trump victory.

  179. This is a great GOP victory. For years, they have tried to make Americans cynical and distrustful of the federal government. They have succeeded to an extraordinary degree.

  180. What a contrast with the bizarrely strange, twisted rationale for Trump offered up on today's editorial page of The Wall Street of the saddest examples of muddled thinking I have ever seen in any newspaper anywhere. It was so strange that it is impossible to sum up, but I'll try: Trump's not so bad and maybe he'll stumble into doing something good. Beyond pathetic. In the end, the Journal editorial makes almost as good a case for Clinton as the Times because of its sheer stupidity.

  181. Is it certain that America has seen worse than Trump? No doubt Kent State and the shootings there shook most Americans, as the DNC in Chicago must have done. But was there ever an actual nominee who threatened the constitution, the rule of law, foreign alliances, and security as much as Trump has done? Not in the last 30 years. Trump has no command of diplomatic language or behavior. He even managed to besmirch the Al Smith dinner.

    There are dread predictions about America during a possible Clinton presidency. But we know she can work across party lines, and I expect that some sane Republicans will emerge who can agree to work with Democrats. Otherwise, we cannot allow the Neanderthal wing of the GOP to get beyond a few months of deadlock. We must learn from Gandhi and bring our complaints home to the Districts of the offenders. I respect the will of the people of Trey Gowdy’s District, and the people of Paul Ryan’s District, but I have no wish to have them dictate to me what is or is not good for New Yorkers. None of their people will be forced to have an abortion, but if they have their way, my neighbors will be denied that choice. That is medieval.

  182. No one can work across party lines if the GOP decides to stonewall for another four years. Government cannot work under these circumstances.

  183. Not since Nixon. over 40 years ago.

  184. The Bush/Cheney years were terrible, and we don't even know the half of it.

  185. The critical thinking skills of Trump voters will remain the same as now after Nov. 8. Do they really believe that Trump is qualified and that he can deliver on his promises like a wall, deporting millions of immigrants, creating jobs even while cutting taxes for the rich, etc? Given that HRC is an excellent candidate, how could millions of women vote for Trump? Also, why is the expected voter turn out among Blacks lower? Educating voters will remain a big task.

  186. Perhaps the voters are already educated, albeit not in your chosen way. I am not voting, primarily because of the condescending nature of comments like this. HRC may be the better candidate because Trump is so, so bad, but to call her an excellent candidate is a myopia beyond belief.

  187. • The United States has seen worse than Donald Trump.

    Really? Hillary Clinton?

    ~ RC, No Trump Fan!

    “Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”

  188. It's time to convict the Republican party of treason.

  189. I agree 100%. The Republican conspiracy against the office of the President of the United States began in 2008, the day after Barack Obama was elected President. Obstructing government under President Obama, and threatening to continue do so under a Hillary Clinton administration, is evidence of their contempt and utter disdain for America and her citizenry. Just imagine where our great nation would be today if there had been cooperation between Congress and the White House. Their actions, past and future, have the potential to destroy the very foundations of our Republic.

  190. We survived the Civil War and maybe we survived the Bush/Cheney reign - though that one is still too early to tell because the wars they started are still raging on - so what's all this talk of final doom. Even after eight years of a different Democratic administration some have argued that it's only gotten worse. This election may be too late regardless of its outcome such that maybe nothing can ever be changed for the better. And no one even mentions climate change anymore. November 9 unfortunately promises to be just another day, I'm afraid, one way or the other.

  191. the last six years have been a republican administration. The GOP has taken this country backwards to the 1890's. And if Hillary wins but the GOP still controls congress, it will be 4 more years of the same obstruction

  192. Yes, we "survived" Bush/Cheney but their 8 years was 8 years wasted that we could not afford. No progress on climate change, no progress on energy policy, absolutely terrible tax policies, especially during war time that left us unable to deal with future challenges. We went in reverse on so many things that required careful thought and progress. While Trump may not cause a near term collapse (but he might) another 4 or 8 years of going backwards will be devastating in the long term.

  193. While not a fan of Trump, Ms. Clinton is a liar and two timing politician. She tells one group one thing and a different group another. Benghazi? A result of the video, remember that lie. Unfortunately she will be elected and the count down to ruin for our country will begin immediately. Unfortunate but true.

  194. Hardly.

  195. With a Clinton presidency the "countdown to ruin" will only continue if the republican party keeps obstructing government keeps corrupting our institutions, like the FBI for their partisan purposes.

  196. Are you really still stuck on Benghazi as evidence of two-facedness? The right's obsession with discerning villainy in the fog of that moment is rooted entirely in the preposterous premise that if the attack had been immediately affirmed by the Administration as launched by Al-Queda affiliates it alone would have swung the election against President Obama, somehow entirely undoing his credit with the American people for killing Osama bin Laden. Get over it. You are just going to have to forgive President Obama for getting done what President Bush couldn't and, according to him, "really just don’t spend that much time on, to be honest with you."

  197. A majority of the readers of this editorial will agree with it. But I really don't think that is important. What will become important if Ms. Clinton wins is the influence of her husband and if she is able to create legislation that reflects Senator Sanders and his cohort. The latter is unknowable and always will be, the latter is unlikely. Too much is at stake to be summarized by this essay. Though it is obvious that the NY Times should write this more should have been said other than vote for her because she's not Trump.

  198. If Trump loses, at least the USA has a chance to address the issues of the day, and the revelations of the election. Change is slow - always - but America would have a fighting chance. If Trump wins: chaos ensues and who knows?

  199. Tuesday isn't as much a choice between leaders as it is a choice, as Michelle Obama has suggested, between going high and going low. May the United States avoid the unparalleled misery entailed, as human history has shown us again and again and again, in choosing the latter.

  200. I'm not a religious person, but still...let us pray.

  201. I have recently read The Coming Fury by Bruce Caton . The book recounts the disintegration of the political process in 1860 /61 that led to Civil War.The bitter and growing partisanship we experience today seems reminiscent of those days. I am worried about what comes next. I pray that the basic decency and good sense of the electorate will prevail and we will wake one morning and say we'll it was only a nightmare! The Republic abides!!

  202. We could have changed the future we woke up to on Nov. 10 : by running Bernie for Presidency.

    But we, the people, were given little chance to choose our own future because of the rigged democracy.

    We are now left with only one choice -- Trump.
    I am with her -- Susan Sarandon.

  203. This is nonsense. I voted for Bernie and don't know of anyone who was prevented from voting for him. He wasn't excluded from any primaries or debates. He lost! And let's not forget his baggage. The Republicans cried rivers over Hillary's relationship with Wall St. Can you image what they would have done with the Communist?They managed to smear Kerry, a Vietnam war hero. Bernie would have been decimated in short order.

  204. @Dougl1000
    History has already been written, whether you choose to live in denial or call it nonsense.
    Wikileaks has shown that DNC and Hillary won over Bernie with crooked ways.
    The final chapter of that history book will be written when the FBI investigations conclude.

  205. let's await the Vote of the American People
    it's only sixty hours away and all else is useless guessing
    the World will watch the decision not only Americans
    nothing else can be said of these Two
    BUT in the end Democracy needs Voters not hearsay
    yours is only one vote
    more than 130 million Votes will be cast and we'll need to get over the consequences

  206. You said this all before. I keep logging in, rereading the same endorsement for Hillary Clinton, on different days, with different headlines and ledes. We get it. You think Trump is a threat to the republic and she is, you know, kind of, well, okay, so we have to apologize and make excuses for her and overlook a lot of suspicious behavior, but she isn't him at least--right? Right. But that does not help the USA or the world. He is unacceptable. And so is she. That is why we all keep writing back and forth to each other, solving nothing.

  207. And what about México? In 1995 " The tequila effect " was our fault .(I am mexican). The world economic sistem trembled. Bill Clinton acted quikly and all was ok. But is unthinkable what would whappened if our neighbor bitten us. Sorry for my english.

  208. As we all are well aware of at this point, we have serious political and cultural divisions in this country. If these divides were old fashioned policy difference on taxes, entitlements, regulation and the like, then one could have a little hope that at least some compromises could be constructed between a President Hillary Clinton and a GOP controlled House. While Democrats are not blameless, it must be acknowledged that the level of obstruction and yes, hatred, promoted by the GOP and their surrogates has reached levels not seen for decades. When you have sitting Senators declaring they will not consider ANY Supreme Court nominations sent by a President Clinton, when you have sitting members of Congress stating they plan to impeach her if she is elected (despite the fact she hasn't been indicted of anything), when you have people at GOP candidate rallies shouting "execute her", it demonstrates the depths to which the Republican Party has fallen -demonstrated also by the crass pandering to an angry, misogynistic and racist segment of their base. The leaders of the GOP should have a duty to step forward after the election if Mrs. Clinton wins and unequivocally state they recognize her election as valid, that it is up to the DOJ to determine if any laws have been broken by Mrs. Clinton, not Congress, and they repudiate the violent, racist, and sexist rhetoric of the GOP base. The long term legitimacy of their party depends upon it.

  209. Beautiful writing. Thank you.

  210. What kind of people support, endorse, and will vote for such a man as you describe? Surrounded by people with Trump/Pence bumper stickers, I wonder - are they Americans? Christians or religious? Moral and decent? Educated and intelligent? Compassionate? What would a Thanksgiving dinner be like with them? Are they what it means to be American?

    "- what did you do to stop him?" Good question. I hope fear of Trump's supporters and GOP voter suppression efforts does not diminish the valiant efforts of many of us to stop this terrifying man.

    As with climate change - it will be impossible to fix if we do nothing or after the damage has been done. We will only be able to look back and ask "why did you support him?" of his ilk.

  211. i am sick of the false equivalence stuff. hey the fairness doctrine was gotten rid of by ronnie reagun. to invent false equivalence for this election tells me the system is rigged. where is that network anchor working now. just saying.

  212. In this moment, I fear, we may be witness to history. I believe that should Trump win on Tuesday, it will be as pivotal a moment in our 240 years as any in history books. We will have elected a man who's given every indication he will rule autocratically, with the support of a party bent on neutralizing or even eliminating its rival. And with his stated abhorrence for Mexicans, Muslims, women, and even the disabled and overweight, who's to say that a couple of years down the road, emboldened by his unfettered and unchecked power, Donald Trump wouldn't endeavor to do something about his problems; "correct them" as Grady instructs Jack Torrance to do in "The Shining?"

    Maybe I'm being melodramatic, but maybe not. Never in history have we had as uninformed, uneducated, immoral, insecure, and obstinate a person so close to being the leader of the free world. Never. All bets are off should he win.

    The other day someone who likes neither candidate compared them to a left to the jaw vs a right to the jaw. I corrected him ;) by saying that while Hillary may end up being a left to the jaw, Trump would be a shotgun to the face.

  213. Your editorial should have read: In 2016 we were closer than ever to electing a well-documented criminal who would have run her crime syndicate out of the White House without compunction — what did you do to stop her?

    Good question, Editorial Board--what will you have to say to justify your relentless amoral propaganda that nearly destroyed a nation in a willfully concerted effort to place her criminal mind and behavior at the center of power? Guilty as charged?

  214. obviously, you are one of those people who just can't get their brain to function properly, to see reality without the blur of bias and delusion. Whereas there is proof of misconduct on the part of Trump with little to no investigations, there is nothing but accusations and assumptions about Hillary with endless investigations, and nothing has been proven, nothing !

  215. Eleven good reasons to vote for Hillary:

    1. He is an odious man.

    2. Hillary will implement whatever parts of the Sanders' agenda are practical and affordable.

    3. Hillary will succeed in finding ways to collaborate with Republicans and begin breaking down the paralysis in Washington.

    4. Hillary will pursue ISIS and other radical groups in the Middle East in ways so relentless and scary that even battle-scarred veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan will be aghast at the ruthlessness of them.

    5. Hillary will be a good partner to Israel without repeating the Obama mistake of making no demands on the Palestinians.

    6. Hillary will seek out advisers who favor projecting American strength and values throughout the world.

    7. Hillary will cut back on federal regulations and eliminate major parts of the federal bureaucracy in ways that will encourage average Americans to believe in the future of their country again.

    8. Hillary will lower, yes lower, our taxes.

    9. Her fundamental program for America will be jobs, jobs and more jobs.

    10. Hillary will boss men around -- including her husband -- in ways that will be very delightful for young girls and their mothers to witness.

    11. He is an odious man.

  216. #10 is my favorite!!!

  217. The assumption here is that Clinton is capable of governing honestly. Obviously the editorial board is hostage to its own echo chamber and immune to plain facts. This should be re-branded the humor column.

  218. So Clinton can't govern "honestly", what ever that means, but the candidate whose own statements can be easily fact-checked as lying or mostly lying 70% of the time, including contradicting HIS OWN PREVIOUS REMARKS that are documented in news footage, will govern "honestly"? Really?

  219. The editorial board sounds like an establishment diehard. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to it would be for Trump to win and shake up its complacency. How could Hillary and her crew of hangers on be good for the country unless one loved being in a slowly deepening political rut?

  220. Reality will allow us no ruts, we should be so lucky.

  221. If Hillary is elected, probably nothing will get done. If Trump is elected.
    1.) the stock market will take a dive
    2.) an immigration gestapo will be formed
    3.) the earth will heat up at a faster rate
    4.) 1$ items in the dollar store will cost at least $2
    5.) unemployment will rise
    6.) tax breaks for the .1%
    7.) Obamacare history with 20M with no health insurance
    8.) Iran spins up their centrifuges
    9.) terrorism increases
    10.) death by gun increases
    11.) civil liberties compromised
    12.) potential for WWIII with nuclear weapons

    what have I left out ??

  222. 3 million died and 13 million displaced in Syria, 4 American embassy staff in Libya - a resume that has these should be in trash can, not in as a Presidential candidate.

  223. Seeming to make the Executive solely responsible for decades of GOP boostering of the military-industrial complex and trashing of the Middle East is a triumph of propaganda.

  224. Trump even made "good businessman" ring like "good hitman"--personal profit by bilking, consumers, suppliers, contractors, investors maybe the government itself..

    As Mark Cuban put it, businessman Trump will just use the Office of President for his own profit--in keeping with his "businessman" ethos.

    It's an obvious fallacy to infer that since he is good at bilking others to make money for himself, as president; he will bilk foreigners to make money for US voters.

    Sorry folks--there is no invisible hand to turn an egomaniac into an altruistic saint once elected.

    Besides, foreigners are not stupid, ill informed and eager to defer to him.

    He will do irreparable damage to brand USA--once a voice for truth, justice and compassion.

  225. Shame on Trump supporters who are so consumed with their hatred for Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims that they will vote anybody who will say in public what is in their hearts. This man is the promised Messiah for all racists. Decent Republicans choose to be decent no more. They will vote for this guy but don't endorse him or his destructive and divisive plans? What a joke!

  226. When the nominee of the GOP openly threatens to jail his opponent, without any mention of due process or trial, and not many--including, but especially, from his own party--demur, it is hard to imagine *that* America which may emerge in a Trump presidency.

    So, if one cares at all about the country turning into a banana republic under Trump, it is time to ensure that it doesn't happen by turning to Mrs. Clinton to lead the country and to stop the madness that is consuming the country.

    Vote not for the party, but for what is good for the country.

  227. Thank you NYT editorial board for you stirring courageous words. Now the real work begins as the McCarthy Jihadists begin their attack on our electoral process using the shield of a corrupt power hungry Congress. Every ounce of the courage you display here must be used consistently until this cancer that has leaked into our government over the past decades is displayed and over come for what it is, an attempt to destroy the very structure of our democracy.

  228. The world thinks less of America because of this campaign but the strength of America is that we usually overcome the least among us, such as Donald Trump. After the vote is counted, the world will see the strength of our political system is that we can allow free speech to frauds and charlatans like Mr, Trump, and in the end, we exercise good judgment at the ballot box to reject them. But if the world were also to conclude from the sizable vote that Trump receives that America is a huge country that has a large number of people of limited knowledge about government, poor judgment and narrow minded bigotry, they would be right.

  229. You cannot be serious.

  230. You folks really are overdoing it. You've published editorial after editorial all saying the exactly same thing. Many of us feel the same way. But turning your opinion pages into a loud, repetitive echo chamber accomplishes little other than making yourselves seem silly. It is unlikely you are going to persuade anyone who is not already persuaded to vote for Mrs. Clinton. And you may even anger some undecideds to the point where they go out and vote Trump.

    And make no mistake: the polls show Mrs. Clinton as the likely winner, but the reason there is still some doubt is that in Mrs. Clinton the Democrats also came up with a very flawed candidate. Not as bad as the Donald, but a poor choice nonetheless. And the process by which she won the nomination was hardly a level playing field.

    It's been a very bad year for American democracy on both sides of the aisle.

    And by the way, it's extraordinarily hard to understand how you can print all these editorials, at the same time you so vehemently oppose the SCOTUS decision in Citizens United. Do you truly feel that freedom of the press applies to only one point of view - yours? How can you ignore Mrs. Clinton's promise to try to amend the Bill of Rights to overturn the decision, eviscerating freedom of the press?

    Tuesday's election is indeed important, but your repetitive editorials, with their overwrought Republican bashing, are counterproductive, and contribute to the same divisiveness that Mr. Trump is guilty of.

  231. A balanced assessment.

  232. Citizens United has handed our electoral process the wealthy. Single candidates are almost solely funded by single billionaires. Whatever the theory behind CU, it failed and must go. It was better before- the wealthy king-makers pay themselves to choose a ( they hope) puppet. What could go wrong?

  233. just watch th movie -- th road --

    that will give you a rough idea

    you might also want o buy a commercial grade shopping cart while youre at it

  234. Within our Constitutional system, there is only so much harm Trump can do. He certainly can't be a tyrant. He can't disregard the rights of women and minorities that have been established by law and the Constitution. He cannot renegotiate treaties without approval of the Senate. And he cannot violate due process rights of illegal immigrants. The Board appears to be fearful that Trump will govern in a lawless manner and that the Republicans in Congress wiill go along. There are 202 lawyers in Congress, many of them Republican. All would stand to lose their licenses if they joined with Trump in breaking the law. Those who speak of an American dictatorship under Trump believe that the Constitution and the law can be ignored in favor of dictatorial rule. I think anyone who suspects that is paranoid, neurotically pessimistic and stupid. This comment may well generate reference to Nazi Germany. Ask yourself if you think Nazism is coming to a nearby theater beginning Nov. 9.

  235. We know what he can't do. The point is what he says he is going to do believed by the gullible and falling short of, " I'll fire Congress!"

  236. You really don't think Trump can't become a tyrant or disregard the Constitution, which he has obviously never read? The Republicans currently in office have already shown their complete disrespect for that treasured document. They refuse to hold hearings for judicial appointments, including a replacement justice for the United States Supreme Court. They are already refusing to accept the outcome of the election should Hillary Clinton win, and promising to dismantle the Supreme Court by attrition. As for the lawyers, do you really think they are afraid of losing their licences? I think for many law school was simply the first step towards political office, and they have or had no intention of actually making it a career. Which is fortunate for our country, as they also apparently have not read the Constitution.

  237. When you see what Republicans are doing to suppress the vote - just check North Carolina if you think I'm making this up - it makes those of us who are looking at Donald Trump's plans look much less "paranoid, pessimistic, and stupid."

    And that is only the beginning. His tax plan, already in favor with congressional Republicans, would give even more to the .01%, thus further making the lives of the 99% more desperate.

    Trump has shown the Republican Party for what it is: racist, greedy, and stupid. The last because to kill our democracy, or rather finish it off as Republicans since Nixon have been trying to do, is ultimately self-destructive.

    And finally, think of the Republican stance on climate change! The Party, led by its quintessential candidate, wants to take the world down with them.

  238. I think she's up to 'managing' the jihadis- she's a formidable woman

  239. Finally NYT. This is the toughest and most honest editorial assessment of what Donald Trump is; what his enablers are and what Trump voters must ask themselves. What-took-you-so long?

  240. Social media, the republican party and Donald Trump have managed to raise those nasty little junior high school clique fights to the level of a national election. It took NYT awhile to get off of the false equivalency track, Maureen Dowd being the notable exception. Much of the rest of media can’t seem to jump the rails that they think lead to better ratings due to a close race. Maybe there is some alternate universe, anti-Pulitzer we could give them in the event of a Trump victory.

  241. Trump will not be elected but a very alarming warning has already rang all around. Eric Fromm thoroughly described what it may happened with millions of American citizens in his "Fear of Freedom". Ironically, millions of Hispanic may help USA get rid of the threat of authoritharism (just watch Florida), at least for now. That demographic bubble grew just in time. Just in time.

  242. Perfect Editorial. I was inspired to imagine an outcome of the November 8 election that would serve the long-term interests of our society.

    It seems to me that the best outcome would be to wake up on November 9, with a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate. This would allow the new majority to demonstrate to the American people that government works and that the last 6 years of the GOP majority was not in the interests of Americans.

    I envision the new majority would build a stronger foundation for the nation to address the problems that were not addressed or solved over the past 6 years. There are priorities that should be immediately solved such as filling out the bench of the Supreme Court and taking steps to reform campaign finance law prior to 2018. I also think we could lead the World in launching R&D, testing, and competition of technologies to reduce the risk for shifting capital investment to technologies that would allow the World to evolve away from fossil fuels and improve the quality of living for the World by creating jobs and economic returns to people who earn their livelihoods from fossil fuels. The need to address global warming is urgent and it will require a mobilization rivaling the successful outcome of WWII, in full socioeconomic terms.

    We must create a means to provide affordable access to post secondary education and healthcare. Finally, nearly 40 years of growing income inequality must be addressed.

    Mrs. C is perfect.

  243. Anyone who believes that "Mrs. C is perfect" is fooling themselves or in for a very rude awakening. I've never met a "perfect" person yet, and she (while still better than Mr. Trump) is far, far from it

  244. Go Hillary, and may you have a Senate to go with you! The Davenport Iowans, on some of whose doors we knocked on today, had a good take on Donald Trump - obvious revulsion for reasons they considered obvious, namely the person they perceive him to be. For this terrified voter, it was a heartwarming experience.