Tuesdays with Reince, Episode 2: The San Francisco Affair

The R.N.C. chairman weighs in on Anthony Weiner, Donald Trump’s new immigration message and his own future ambassadorship.

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  1. Re the Wall: If Trump is getting any decent advice on immigration policy, he will promise to implement a national, mandatory E-Verify. That's simply a system which enables employers to very easily, inexpensively check prespective employees' immigration status. Thousands of companies already use it, but if it were made mandatory, it would stanch illegal immigration, because if they can't get jobs, most of them will cease coming, and many here will leave.

    Neither party has tried to pass E-Verify. Big biz GOPers, people like McCain, Bush2, and the Koch brothers, like the cheap, easily exploitable labor. Democrats (probably correctly) think that if they can legalize illegal immigrants, the latter will ultimately become Democratic voters.

    That vaunted long-defunct Senate "immigration reform" bill, S744, contained E-Verify. But under the bill, E-verify would not have been implemented for five years after the rest of the bill. Further, the way the bill was worded, E-Verify would have been suspended if legally challenged. And you KNOW the ACLU and La Raza would have challenged it. By the time it would have been operative, there would have been millions more illegal immigrants clamoring for amnesty.

  2. It seems to me that requiring employers to only hire legals, would be bad for the economy. Who is going to do the jobs of several million people working black? (in the black economy).
    Many industries love illegals, fruit/vegetable growers, construction etc. Although for all that to happen, The Donald must win an election, his first, and then implement his own polices. So, nothing to worry about.

  3. Poor Reince. Sometimes I even start to feel sorry for him.

  4. finally, someone remembers The Candidates' Pledge to Support the Eventual GOP Nominee (the only holdout? The Donald). The Chairman of the GOP says, "I think they should honor their word?" How about he says, "The GOP National Committee will not contribute one penny to the future campaigns of those individuals who broke their word, since we cannot trust them?"

  5. Rancid will always be tarred with being Trump's chief apologist outside those white supremacists in the candidate's campaign "organization."

    The head of the Vichy Republicans.

  6. Mr Priebus calling anyone a scoundrel is laughable.

  7. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus have decided they have to stand with tRUMP — even as he destroys their party.

    You know, I really don't feel sorry for them.

  8. What I would like to learn from Mr. Priebus is -- if parts of the wall Trump promises will only be metaphorical, how are we going to prove that Mexico has metaphorically paid for those parts?

  9. Trump will take money out of something Mexico-related and then claim he made them pay for the wall. Ta-da!

  10. ...the taco bowl salads at trump tower...?

  11. If one removes all the vowels from REINCE PRIEBUS, one is left with RNC PRBS.

  12. I vaguely recall this man presiding over a republican party autopsy of its shortcomings and coming to agreement that it would reach out more to blacks and Latino's. The results were that there were no results. Republicans have nearly always been primarily the party of the affluent, the oligarchs, the plutocrats, the corporations, Wall Street and the neo (no change) conservatives. Their money and their rigid ideology has always been in lockstep with selfishness and greed.

  13. Did I miss something? Why is this an article/column? Will there be Wednesdays with Mook? Friday's with Jill Stein or her counterpart? Sunday's with Gary Johnson?

    Poor beleaguered Reince, one could almost feel sorry for him (as one of the commenters mentioned) but giving credence to Trump trumps that (pun intended). No longer do I have respect for McCain, never had an for Ryan and McConnell ('throw the ....out' as Trump said of a protester) as these men have still not repudiated DT.

    He has to follow party line but what is party line (almost sounds like the old commies) since DT has changed it so many times? I say get a backbone and man-up. I never thought I would say this but I now have grudging respect for Kasich. Cruz(!) and W.