New York Today: L Train Alternatives

Tuesday: Traversing the East River, Commissioner Bratton nears the end of an era, and a subway race.

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  1. The 7 train terminus is at Roosevelt Avenue (not Flushing Avenue) and Main Street. Impressive trip.

  2. But isn't that station called "Main Street-Flushing", referring to the NEIGHBORHOOD, not to the avenue?

  3. I am incensed at all the attention the closing of the L train for an 18 month period has been getting in the New York media. For starters L train riders have 3 years to figure out their options since repairs won't begin until January 2019!!! Next is the fact that Brooklyn is blessed with plenty of viable transportation alternatives, both public and private. Yet everyone along the L line is now in a premature state of panic acting as though the world was coming to an end. L train riders have no idea just what it's like to lose a subway line for an extended period of time. They've had it pretty easy up until now.

    Welcome to my world. I live in the worst of all possible public transportation worlds, the Rockaway peninsula. In the post-hurricane Sandy apocalypse the Rockaways were left to rot. Our main links out of Rockaway, the A train and the S shuttle were wiped out. The Marine Parkway Bridge and the Cross Bay Bridge were shut down. Public bus service ceased to exist. We had no way of knowing anything thanks to the massive power failure which engulfed and devoured the peninsula. It took over a year before anything looked normal again. I'll never forgive Control Freak Bloomberg for abandoning the Rockaways.

    So what's everyone complaining about?? In Rockaway we can do 18 months of public transportation inconvenience standing on our heads!!

  4. They're complaining about exactly the same thing you're complaining about. Try reading your own comment.

  5. First of all, January 2019 isn't 3 years from now; it's less than 2.5. Second, we're talking about 1/4 of a million people here, no small potatoes. Many of them will have to relocate. I'm sure Hurricane Sandy was rough for you, but that's no excuse for lacking compassion for other people.

  6. Bill I stand by my comment. At least those L-train commuters have a huge head start in planning alternative routes to get around town. The Rockaways didn't have that luxury. We were left to twist in the wind for months with no end to misery in sight. And the Brooklynites who take the L train knew that this day was coming thanks to endless town hall meetings and media saturation..

    Katie--I am not sympathetic at all. So what if people have to relocate elsewhere? Hey no one had any compassion for the Rockaway Peninsula which was all but destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. All the Rockaways could do was sit in the dark while the rest of the city was lit up with the warm glow of their restored electrical light. Now at long last it's someone else's turn to be inconvenienced when their train service is going to be suspended due to lengthy repair work.

  7. Eighteen months to finish? With the MTA’s track record, we’ll probably still be waiting for the project to finish in 2022. But is it possible people will love the alternate pleasant routes so much they won’t miss the subway?

    “We Remember the L”
    Tune of “I Remember It Well”

    (Person 1) We take the boat
    (Person 2) We take the tram
    (Person 1) We love to float
    (Person 2) The tram is glam
    (Both) Oh yes, we remember the L

    The smelly crowd
    The constant fear
    Announcements loud
    And hard to hear
    Oh yes, we remember the L

    They said the work would last
    Eighteen months or so
    Now three years have passed
    It’s been so slow

    We’ve gotten used to our new route
    And we no longer give a hoot
    But yes, we remember the hell
    Oh yes, we remember the L

  8. Yankees Jettison Astros

  9. The MTA plan: click your heels and flap your arms. You really CAN fly if you try hard enough.

  10. Isn't there a better synonym/metaphor for a tunnel than "condom"?

    Tube, hose, conduit, pipeline...

  11. It took my best friend Frank R. over two years to see every station on every line of the NYC subway system back in 1958/59. It wasn't a race or a challenge. It was a hobby he savored. He didn't zoom through a list. He got off at every stop, he passed through every entrance and exit, explored every passageway, noted every newsstand, and visited all the mom and pop food operations within a handball's throw. Frank was a cartoonist and he chronicled his adventures, made his own maps, and took extensive notes. Because he made separate excursions on both local and express lines he did the system twice. Not bad for a ten-year old, huh?

  12. Let me understand. Are you already worrying (July 16) for something that is going to happen in 30 months from now?
    See 2 ½ year to make it simple.
    I'm reading the article and I see people preoccupied now (is the L running right now?) for an event which will happen in a future. In a city where people on average doesn't care to move residence, to change city whenever a better job offer is available.
    Why all this rumors?

  13. It's helpful and farsighted of the City to provide so much notice. The shutting down of the L will be extremely disruptive.

  14. During the L Train shutdown, I propose this alternative to get across East River:

  15. That NY Post salad article is unnecessarily sensationalist. Hasn't counting calories been debunked as an effective way to sustain weight loss? What, do they expect people to get full eating nothing but 300 calories of plain lettuce? Besides, better to eat 800 calories in salad than potato chips.

  16. I remember from as far back as the 1960's about people going on a marathon subway ride, covering the entire system. But a big difference is that they stayed on the system the whole time, doing a lot of "doubling back".

  17. Subway suggestions:

    (1) Run more G and M trains (with longer G trains). The M has both passenger and headway capacity going into Manhattan, and with more service, could provide a viable alternative via transfer at Lorimer Street and Court Square. In fact, they might be able to run alternate G trains non-stop between the two stations.
    (2) Add some A service starting at Broadway Junction.
    This way you pull L passengers in two directions: to Lorimer Street and to Broadway Junction.

    A big question is whether the MTA expects new car deliveries between now and January 2019 so that there will be enough rolling stock to support the additional service needed beyond available cars from the fewer trains needed on the shortened L line.

  18. I don’t know how I missed that weather song cue link this morning! So just a warm lunchtime tribute to Matthew Ahn’s perseverance in making his Guinness record:

    Tune of “In the Summertime”

    On the subway line, where the travel is fine
    Soon I’m gonna reach station 469
    Then the record’s mine
    When I look up and I see the Main Street sign
    Then a nice cold shower
    And kick back with a nice dinner and some wine

    Since the Guinness folk want to give me a spot
    This is not a joke, it means a whole lot
    Give it all I got
    This is what I call not givin’ up my shot
    Then wash off the grime
    ‘Cause the weather was unconscionably hot

    Sing along with us, from the A to the E
    Then we’ll jump on board the G, C and 3
    When the 7 ends,
    Then the record has been set and I am free
    When the record trends,
    That’s the part that really means the most to me

  19. Um, the Williamsburg Bridge also carries the JMZ line?