Questions Over Melania Trump’s Speech Set Off Finger-Pointing

Ms. Trump’s remarks at the convention came under scrutiny over similarities to those delivered by Michelle Obama at the Democratic convention in 2008.

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  1. Unbelievable. These people have no shame.

  2. They have no originality either!

  3. How is this not outright plagiarism?

  4. As an academician, I would deem these passages to be indeed outright plagiarism and would fail Melania Trump instantaneously for such intellectual thievery. Either they do not teach such principles in Slovenia, or Mrs Trump's handlers here have proven the U.S. has become of a nation of cheaters (not that this bad behavior hasn't existed on "both sides of the aisle" since, oh, Richard Nixon). Dis-grace-ful.

  5. Yes, forget the candidates for President, let's impeach her.

  6. I'm not the first person to point out that had Michelle Obama lifted parts of her speech like this, she would have been eviscerated.

  7. Nah it's all a conspiracy of MSM: actually, Michelle plagiarized Melania, whose speech has been 8 yrs in the making

  8. I’m truly sorry for her.
    Whatever the specifics, however, the root cause is that incredible disarray, confusion and “off-the-cuffedness” which rules the Trump organization.
    And the reason for that? Trump has to have every short finger of his knuckle-deep in every decision “pie” all while he’s busy listening to no one else but himself.
    My bet?
    She did, in fact, write it by herself, and she probably spend days working on it, doing her best, too. Why, I’m sure she meant every word of it.
    THEN Trump called her into his dressing room and she proudly read it to him, and he, not having heard a word, said he absolutely loved it (probably didn’t even listen to, if you want to know the truth).
    Then the two of them left the dressing room and he told his staff (they were hoping they’d get a chance to hear it before the rest of the world did) it was “perfect. Now, let’s get our [bleeps] in gear and get on with things.
    God help us if the man becomes President.

  9. Look, people devoid of ideas have to copy them from SOMEONE, don't they? She looked around her home and surely wasn't going to ask her husband, knowing that "ideas" are not his strong suit. So what did she do? She went to Michelle Obama for her "inspiration". Hey, at least she's smart enough to know that if one wants to get some good ideas about issues and so forth that Michelle Obama is the perfect source. I always thought she was vulgar and devoid of good taste but Melania does have good taste when it comes to picking the right person to plagiarize at least. Pity Trump doesn't go to Michelle's husband for HIS source of inspiration and ideas rather than Mussolini, Franco etc.

  10. "Striking resemblance"? How about calling plagiarism for what it is. This is even worse given that her website claims that she received a university degree, when that never happened. Nice as she may appear, we have a recidivist fraud going on here. In 2000 The Times and other media repeatedly gave W a break because he was viewed as more personable. The country was nearly ruined as a result. Stop. Just stop. Pulling punches on a fraud whose campaign has repeatedly shown he is a racist grafter is a crime against humanity, and The Times is repeatedly enabling this nightmare.

  11. Thank you. That, along with the ridiculous standard of false equivalence, needs to be constantly identified and challenged.

  12. David, I'm pretty sure that she earned her degree from Trump University.

  13. Was that a Trump University degree? She probably was told by Little Donnie that he was giving her an honorary degree from Trump U (when it isn't even a university, and has no authority to confer any degrees at all.)

    Oh, wait ... She said she has a degree? Maybe she meant 98 degrees? Probably not. More like 37 degrees. Europeans use Centigrade.

  14. What a shock. Ms. Trump is cut from the same cloth as her husband, to whom lying and cheating come as naturally as breathing. And when confronted with their errors, they double down.

  15. Trump and his staff are so intellectually lazy to plagiarize a speech written for Michelle Obama? And some people are actually considering voting for this guy. Apparently Republicans have no shame.

  16. And no brains.

  17. Somehow, those words coming from Michelle Obama sounded heartfelt and genuine. Coming from Melania Trump, they sounded inauthentic - like sound bites. Guess that was because they weren't Mrs. Trump's words or thoughts.

  18. Obviously, this speech is copied from Michelle Obama.
    Melania would have saved herself a great deal of criticism by owning up to that.
    Instead, she'll try to lie her way out of it.
    Sound familiar?
    And I thought she just married the Donald for his "money."
    Two peas in a pod.

  19. "Accusations of plagiarism are not unheard-of in political speeches, although the consequences have varied."

    After mentioning Obama and Biden, you seem to have forgotten that king of plagiarism, Rand Paul.

  20. For all we know, Trump wrote it for her. Or one of his staffers. ALL politicians have speechwriters -- ALL OF THEM. This is not 1860! They are on TV, heard by millions and they have to sound professional and slick.

    Melania is Slovenian, and English is not her first language. She may speak it well enough, but to actually WRITE A SPEECH in a foreign language -- let alone for such a tough crowd and in front of the WORLD -- is a pretty big deal.

    I was an English and creative writing major, and I'd choke at doing it, I'm sure. And English is my first language.

    So she had help, and coaching for certain and it is likely that she -- or they -- looked at former First Lady's convention speeches, and either they unconsciously picked up some phrases OR they intentionally picked some that sounded good -- naive about how easy it would be to check.

  21. @ Concerned Citizen - Trump wrote it for her? Seriously? The guy can't put together a cogent sentence most of the time, let alone an entire speech. Someone on staff did it, but they won't be fired because then Melania will look like a liar for saying in an interview that she wrote the entire speech.

  22. Not surprised. Par for the course. Won't matter.

    Plagiarism is the least offensive thing about the campaign so far.

  23. You've got to be kidding me. The defensive attitude from the republicans is shameful. I don't think this was a mistake, they just didn't think anyone would notice.

  24. It's a safe bet that Trump supporters skipped Mrs. Obama's speech in the first place. And since the president isn't really legitimate in Trump universe anyway, the 2008 speech doesn't count. I wonder why they didn't use that as a defense in the first place.

  25. I'm not defensive, I just don't consider "First Lady" to be a legitimate job, and I doubt anyone really cares about their speeches.

    No, it is not right to copy someone else's speech and pretty lame to copy the LAST First Lady from the OTHER Party -- so lame, I cannot believe anyone did it intentionally.

    It is likely a combination of naivete, lack of English as a first language and jitters -- probably Melania never dreamed she would be called on to do anything this public or important. How many of us could come up with a speech like that, in a language that is not native to them? and deliver it decently? I know I couldn't.

  26. @Concerned Citizen - It has to be intentional. Entire sections are close to word for word. The written comparisons side-by-side are everywhere, you only need google it. Maybe Melania didn't do it, but someone from Trump-land did.

  27. The double standard here is shocking. If anyone loosely associated with Hillary ever plagiarized a speech she would be castigated and Congress would launch an investigation. She would be branded a serial liar and perhaps be forced to drop out.

    But because the Trumps lie so brazenly, and because we have come to expect it, and because the media loves to indulge (and not stop) scandals, Melania gets a free pass.

    For someone who talks about the value of hard work, she should be absolutely ashamed.

  28. This also seems to be because Ms. Trump is "pretty." A bit surprised how many comments here remark on her looks/body/former model status; and how she'd make "a good Bond girl." Sad but true that pretty women can get away with more lying, cheating, air-headishness than "regular" women or god forbid a middle-aged woman like Hilary, who, whatever about her dubious emails, is often attacked just for "looking" tired, grumpy, fierce, etc.

  29. If Donald Trump plagiarized a speech -- yes. But Melania is not running for any office. She's a trophy housewife, who has no background in politics or public speaking. She's never been in the public eye like this before. English is not her first language -- people who can SPEAK a foreign language, cannot necessarily WRITE in a foreign language.

    I do recall that Mrs. Romney presented a completely original and harmless speech -- and was roundly mocked for it in the liberal press.

    So you can't really win with this crowd.

  30. So why put her up there, if you have so little respect for her intelligence?

  31. The kids wrote it!! Thats what kids do in school. They find earlier essays, book reports etc and they look for the most admired and then use themes, words and
    passages. I would have guessed that even if I didn't know that Donald's
    children are "extremely" involved in the entire campaign. They were involved in the vetting process of VP, according to many reports. Hilarious.

  32. @jdoe212 - Good observation. Maybe that's why they don't have to fire a staffer, because the Trump kids did it. Word is that it was DT's kids who leaked the information about Pence because that's who they wanted on the ticket for VP.

  33. Yes, people may use material previously printed, but this was touted as her personal innermost feelings, not a policy speech. Either she stole it because she herself has no innermost feelings or she just read the script she was handed. Either way, not so classy, in fact truly shabby, but what else have we come to expect from the Frumps.

  34. Trump winds her up and she goes. That's her job- to look good on his arm and be a trophy wife.
    It creeps me out that when you see Trump's wife on one side of him and his daughter on the other side- I have a difficult time telling them apart. Creepy.

  35. My own guess is someone else wrote it. I can't see Melania having any great talent. Notice it is IVANKA always at The Donald's side -- not his wife. Melania is often absent on the campaign trails, and after this, you won't see her until the inauguration!

    Not every First Lady is a polished speaker, or happy to be a visible public figure.

    I imagine whatever staffer wrote this, is being called out on the carpet and fired as we speak.

  36. Actually the most troubling aspect of this is that nobody is gong to be fired, because Donnie never accepts that he has made a mistake, and thus never apologizes. And God help his wife if she tries! That is the problem with Donnie, he will never accept that he has made a mistake. And you belt;ing his wife is pretty much par for the course for Trump supporters - all women are idiots and only suitable to be arm candy if they are "hot" enough.

  37. Former model Melania - who got too old to model in Europe - is as phony as her husband. A match made in heaven.

  38. Well, if you can't beat them - then copy them, I guess.

  39. I do not think it would be inappropriate to revise the headline of this article to read: "Melania Trump Plagiarizes 2008 Michelle Obama Speech."

  40. You can bet that if the shoe were on the other foot, FOX news would be running the word PLAGERISM in a crawl at the bottom of the screen 24/7 until the election.

  41. If she can't find the words to praise her own husband then I'm not even gonna try.

  42. Spot on.

  43. It's fairly likely that she doesn't actually know him all that well. I'm sure in about Feb-Mar, when it became clear Trump's publicity stunt gambit was, er, gonna pan out, she got her lawyers into high gear renegotiating contracts and cutting deals based on various scenarios. Agreeing to give the speech last night was a huge bargaining chip.

  44. If she can't find the words to praise her own husband then I'm not even gonna try.

  45. What is most striking about this episode is that many of the defenders of Melania Trump, such as Chris Christie, claim they "don't see" the plagiarism. This is a "damn your eyes" approach to the world they ask everyone to share; it is as if when presented with a detailed photograph that a 6-year-old could recognize, they declare it to be complicated puzzle that only their secret knowledge or bizarre outlook on the world can decipher.

  46. Who you gonna believe? Me or your lyin' eyes?

  47. @El Cid - speaking of Chris Christie, he looked a bit depressed at the convention, don't you think? All that grovelling to the Donald and no pay-off.

  48. Of course, Christie is in competition with Guliani for the AG job now. Let's see what "America's Mayor" has to say about the incident.

  49. At the community college where I teach developmental English, we are required to give an "F" and have the student re-write with citation of sources for this type of "leveraging."

  50. Ms. Trump's faux pas was ''no big deal'' to her apologists, but would it have been ''no big deal'' had Mrs. Obama stole from Mrs. Laura Bush's prior speech? That's the biggest problem I have with it. (Other than Melania didn't show much ingenuity, warmth or sincerity). That said, I'm giving her a mulligan. I bet shes probably a very nice woman when allowed to be herself.

  51. "I bet shes probably a very nice woman when allowed to be herself."

    On what basis? The fact that she's good looking.

  52. But Mrs. Obama is an American citizen, for whom English is her first language -- and she is an Ivy League grad.

    Melania went to fashion school in Slovenia. She didn't learn English until she was an adult. She may speak it well enough, but writing a SPEECH and delivering it to the entire NATION is a pretty big demand for someone who did not grow up speaking English!

    I am sure she had a speechwriter and coaching --- I am sure they looked to other conventions and other First Lady's to get ideas -- and someone screwed up.

    Keep some perspective. She was a housewife until recently, with no political aspirations -- she has no public speaking experience -- and she is not running for any office.

  53. She is NOT a housewife. Just stop with this 'excuse'.

  54. This is not the merely case of Melania Trump's speech echoing the themes of Michelle Obama's 2008 speech; themes that all first ladies routinely hit in a national convention speech. Trump, and or her speechwriters, lifted entire paragraphs from Obama's speech, retaining the overall organization of ideas and original phrasing. That is plagiarism and was really lazy for such a high-profile speech that should have been easy to draft and that the Trump campaign had weeks to work on.

    This won't sway the public, which didn't mind George W. Bush's near incoherence when speaking publicly, or Donald Trump's elementary school-level public speaking abilities. But the inability to perform simply tasks, like drafting a speech, during a presidential campaign is a red flag for anyone contemplating the contours of a Trump Administration.

  55. Plagiarism is bad, but nothing compared to stuff like putting up speakers who had loved ones murdered by "illegal immigrants".

    Now that IS UGLY.

  56. So much for his claim that he will hire "the best."

  57. I know! Did you see the mesmerized looks on the faces in the audience. The sheeple were in a trance.

  58. I don't understand your hesitant headline. It's a clear case of plagiarism. Why don't you call a textual expert and have her or him calculate the odds of those words occurring together in the absence of copying?

  59. @Lifelong Reader: "Why don't you call a textual expert and have her or him calculate the odds of those words occurring together in the absence of copying?"

    And what is the joint probability of this occurring with the sitting first lady's introductory convention speech?

    If this were religion, we would be witnessing a Divine Miracle. And if that's the explanation, what is God telling us?

  60. As a computational lexicographer, you can estimate this within a few orders of magnitude very easily yourself.

    Just put the word or phrases in quotes and use Google to see how many phrases are a substantial match. Google indexes more than 100,000,000 gigabytes, so a handful of hits show a strong likelihood of a common source. Strong, as in not hitting the Powerball jackpot strong.

  61. Try the relatively simple phrase √"of your dreams and your willingness to work for them." and use Google, but select "book" in the menu under the search box. (This will eliminate the scrum from the last few days.) Lots of hits. ALL Michelle Obama. Chance not cribbed? On the order of hitting Powerball jackpot twice in row.

  62. My spidey sense was tingling the minute Melania Trump started speaking. It was crystal clear that she not only didn't write her speech but she didn't understand parts of it either. Phrases like 'word is his bond' set off the alarm bells for me.

    The side-by-side comparisons of First Lady Obama and Melania Trump are cruel. On one side we have the most intelligent and accomplished First Lady in history, who was actually President Obama's boss when they met. On the other we have a woman who posed and dated a series of rich men to get where she is.

    Mrs. Trump didn't just plagiarize the First Lady's speech, she flat out lied. She called her husband an 'honest' and 'honourable' man. English isn't her first language so it's possible she doesn't know what those words mean.

  63. I'd point out that Eleanor Roosevelt was a rather accomplished First Lady, and I that this Hillary Clinton figure is also rather impressive.

  64. I place responsibility for the lifted phrases squarely with the speech writer(s) rather than with Ms. Trump. Very unprofessional indeed. However, I'd rather avoid reducing her to a someone of little substance. That seems wrong.

  65. Although Trump is an abomination, I have no problem with Melania, she is simply an opportunist who found her "luxury meal ticket" came with an unknown surcharge.

    The comparison between the two women is hardly cruel however. Trump and Melania CHOSE to be front and center of one of the most public stages on the planet currently, and to commit such blatant disregard for propriety—and just good sense—is inexcusable.

    BTW: It was a fine speech Michele. Imitation is the height of flattery I am told.

  66. 'Plagiarism' is just a three-dollar word for lying.

    You are purported to be using your own, original words when, in fact, you are stealing from someone else.

    Mrs. Trump, like her husband, is a liar.

  67. Unbelievable. They have crossed a boundary where you can't keep up with all the insane things they say and do. That seems to the only strategy they have, besides trying to stir up the worst impulses in people and set them against each other. A national disgrace if there ever was one. Thanks, Republicans.

  68. Do Whitewater, Bengazi, Travel gate also stir up some bad impulses for you, or are the words in a nominee's wife's speech far more incriminating. What hypocrisy

  69. Unbelievable? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  70. Minot - All of which cost taxpayers millions, with no wrongdoing found whatsoever. And your comment has nothing to do with Melania's speech containing plagiarized content.

  71. Yeah, and when we hear Trump saying "I am not a crook" or start talking about his "little dog Checkers", there's nothing but coincidence there, too

  72. There's no need to start insulting Nixon.

  73. Perhaps healy can do something besides attack Hillary now.

  74. A tribute to Michelle Obama- having a chunk of her speech lifted by Trump's wife! There is a delicious irony in all of this!

  75. What do you expect from a empty dress? Although I think she'd make a great Bond girl!

  76. Up until now, we didn't hear much negative about Ms. Melania but now in addition to plagarizing Mrs. Obama's 2008 speech, now we see that Melania is as much of a fraud and a liar as her husband. In an interview with Matt Lauer she claimed to have written the speech herself. We now learn that that isn't true. Keep right on lying to the public and coming off like a cheat. That's the way to bolster your husband's image.

  77. She has also passes herself off as a college grad when, according to Slovenian journalists she never attended college for more than a year and has no degree.

  78. Well, apparently the 'Art of the Deal' was as the ghostwriter says "a fiction" written by Tony Shwartz, but it seems that Trump has always claimed he wrote it. Melania said as the Times reported "..she had written the speech by herself." Maybe birds of a feather do flock together.

  79. "Art of The Deal" clearly says on the cover that it was written by both Trump and Schwartz.

  80. This is a great, pedestrian, simple example of how far the Republican party has come in fact-denying and reality-obfuscation. After reading the GOP's and Trump campaign's responses on this matter, I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.

    Folks - even after highlighting word-for-word the plagiarism, key republicans are literally looking at the speeches side by side and saying "I don't see it". (Chris Christie's quote on the CNN article). Either they have become physically blind in an instant (in which case I hope they have good vision insurance *cough*) or now it's just literally accepted that facts really don't matter anymore.

    Unlike climate science, vaccinations, or evolution (which are all real but understandably complicated) - this is just a matter of a piece of paper with words on it being compared to another piece of paper with words on it. You know - like those word searches we did in kindergarten.

    But enough of that: time to go sit outside in the blue grass and gaze up at the green sky. Maybe doing so will help me understand how the republican mind works? Or maybe I'll just feel high. Same difference, no?

  81. Thanks for the cheer! Oh, don't be surprised if you see a unicorn. I'm told it bears a close resemblance to the republican mind.

  82. Love how this dovetails with another article in the NY Times written previously about how Donald Trump did nothing to write "Art Of The Deal" and yet took full credit for it. I hope this reinforces the narrative of how all Trump does is lend his name and take credit while not actually doing anything. It looks like Donald found his perfect match in Melania!

  83. We've seen that move before: "Profiles in courage"

  84. I was going to make the same point. Neither Trump nor his wife have an original idea in their heads, so they try to sound like they do by taking credit from others who do. Disgusting!

  85. The cover of "Art of The Deal" clearly says it is written by Trump and Schwartz.

  86. As an academic librarian, I can say that this speech would have been flagged as plagiarism & a violation of my college's honor code, & a student doing this would have faced disciplinary measures.

  87. The standards at the University of Slovenia were a little less stringent.

  88. So most of the NY Times faithful are more appalled by similarities of a candidate's wife speech than of the national security breeches committed by the other candidate, that was verified by the FBI but not recommended for legal prosecution for reasons parsed by political ......

  89. i.e., Joe Biden.

  90. And Congressional Republicans start an investigation into Michelle Obama plagiarizing Melania Trump's speech from the future in 3...2...1...

  91. Ms. Trump, speaking or silent, gives new meaning to the phrase "the lights are on but nobody's home."

  92. Ratna, I don't think that's fair. I am no Trump supporter, but I listened to her remarks and she impressed me as intelligent. English is not her first language. She seemed sincere. I didn't assume she wrote her speech.

  93. Trump, personally and in his entire campaign, is giving new meaning to the phrase "Potemkin Village."

  94. Why is the NYT hesitating to call this plagiarism? The headline is vague enough to give the appearance that Melania gave a speech similar in effectiveness to Michelle in 2008. That is clearly not the substance of the article. I fail to see the justification for the ambiguous charge of plagiarism.

  95. Yes! The NY Times knows what is and is not plagiarism. I think the NY Times would fire the writer of this speech for plagiarism.

  96. Michele Obama was not a poitician, or a writer, and she was not running for anything, no one cared what she said, they just wanted to see her and get to know her, the same for Milania, she is not running for anything. If you have ever watched kids do high school debate, you will see the cliches pick up easily, until everyone needs a coffee break! Quite the same, here, her speech was not a test, it was an interlude to get to nomination night.

  97. I think it's entirely possible that Melania wrote the whole thing herself and it just happens to be the same as Michelle's speech by accident. But I doubt it.

    No way would anyone speaking in front of 40 million people write a speech with 'as little help as possible'. Especially when she has a team of dedicated writers at her call in the back room. This looks like a classic example of some hurried writer just copying down and rearranging what worked in a previous speech, hoping no one would notice. How these people got to be on the speech writing team of a major political candidate is beyond me. They should not have even been allowed to graduate college.

  98. I really don't think "your word is your bond" is a common Slovenian expression.

  99. Shameless, like her husband. My wife's grandfather used to say "they spit in your face and tell you it's raining".

  100. Apparently you can't get thrown out of Trump University for plagiarism.

  101. Of course not. They teach a course called Plagiarism 101. It is a required basic course. I hear she got an A in that course.

  102. Of course not. At Trump University it's encouraged. Trump University's message to its students :"If you can't earn it, steal it. We just did. (all your money)"

  103. I'm simply enjoying the delicious irony of right-wingers applauding Ms. Obama's speech. Priceless!

  104. Prediction: Michelle Obama, in a speech to be delivered at next week's Democratic National Convention, quotes herself as quoted in Melania Trump's speech.

  105. Yes , Marilyn, and she is then accused by the Republicans of plagiarizing Melania's speech.

  106. I haven't even dressed today.... this plagiarism disaster is RIVETING.... On a serious note, isn't this indicative of how Trump's campaign is a sham?

  107. "Strikingly similar."-- C'mon NYT. Try word for word.

  108. Um,… embarrassing. Without doubt, both Mrs. Trump’s and Mrs. Obama’s words are sincere. Both families are role models. Clearly, Mrs. Trump did not use Peggy Noonan, or this would not have happened. Ms. Noonan, your words made America great during the Reagan era, please help the Trump Train with their speeches!

  109. Anything the Hillary campaign tries to add to this will just take away. Don't touch it. It's perfect just as God made it.

  110. @Jack M: I agree. Leave it to President Obama--boy is he going to have fun with this one while stumping for the Hillary and the down-balloters!

  111. I was more appalled by the robotic delivery and lack of facial expression or physical gesture. Sad, empty woman.

  112. Botox is said to have that effect on faces.

  113. These vile people who have nothing but nasty things to say about the Obamas – they go and copy Michelle Obama word for word. It is an insight into their character, their emptiness and their dishonesty.

  114. I took a rare delight in this as I spent the day reading/hearing about how Melania was the "antidote" to Michelle Obama--a woman who has served her country well these past 8 years, while caring for her children, household, and generally representing this country with great dignity and class. I can't help but wonder about the latent racism in those choice of words. Antidote being the solution to a poison or other toxic substance.

  115. Another apprentice speechwriter was just fired.

  116. That may be the case. However, as much fun as I am having reading the comments I doubt that the Trump supporters care at all about this and it won't hurt much or at all. Wonder when Ms. Dowd will start writing about the third Mrs. Trump. She had better hurry if she plans any columns as Melania's sell by date is approaching

  117. Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery? I would thing that anyone of Michelle Obama's depth and capacity to be empathetic and understand would see it that way. Also, I must be missing something because on a scale that includes serious world events or campaign missteps, this seems to me to be much ado about nothing. Besides Melania Trump's delivery was warm and appeared authentically felt.

  118. I think the point is the lack of authenticity.

  119. Lies are fine if you do them with a smile? Veracity and principles matter. She is a n adult who claimed authorship. Probably speech writers at fault as well but she bears some responsibility.

  120. Please. The GOP does not care about serious issues. Look at who their speakers were last night. The Duck Dynasty guy? Scott Baio? And the "pressing issues" in their platform cover such things as transgender people in bathrooms, but not poverty, income inequality, climate change or any thoughtful perspective on foreign policy.

  121. She sounded like a beauty queen reciting a generic pageant speech. Clearly it was ripped off from Michelle Obama's speech, which was itself written for her. She just came off more sincere. Probably she is, but who knows. It's all the typical American brand pablum. When you can fake authenticity, you've got it made, as they say.

  122. Hmmm, but the classic beauty queen speech advocates "World Peace." Notably absent from the address. Clearly not a topic that Trump is interested in.

  123. I would think it unfair to suggest that Mrs Trump actually plagiarized anything. It is highly unlikely that she wrote her speech. She may have "edited" her speech by asking that certain parts be amended or enhanced, but she is not a writer and English is not her first language, and one assumes she spent her time "working" on the speech using a diction coach not a thesaurus. Somebody plagiarized Michelle Obama. Probably the rest of the speech too from other sources. There were probably open versions of First Lady speeches and this one was cobbled together by an intern someplace.

  124. Nancy writes: "It is highly unlikely that she wrote her speech."
    Then she probably shouldn't have "told NBC News earlier on Monday that she had written her speech herself."

    That makes her a liar.

  125. Lies are OK as long as they are given by Republicans. Never forget this basic.

  126. She may have a variable notion of "wrote." As in, "I said I wanted to say those words." Or, "I looked over all these materials and chose what I wanted." The notion that she can write speeches in English is beyond far-fetched, her English is like a Saturday night live skit when unscripted. Her two weeks of rehearsal was spent on elocution not writing. She has skill sets. Speech writing isn't one of them. She probably doesn't even think she is lying. I am not a fan, believe me. But some intern probably forgot to label research on speeches and nobody double checked later on source materials. It's an IP failure of some magnitude. WHo owns Michelle's speech? Assuming Sara Hurwitz, the author, was working for hire for the DNC, they are the legal victim.

  127. Not only are Michelle Obama's words in there, but Rick Astley's song, "Never Gonna Give You Up," also makes an appearance! From his song:
    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down

    From her speech:
    "He will never, ever give up,
    And most importantly he will never ever let you down."

    We've been "Rickrolled!!" LOL! Makes you wonder who else's words might be in there as well?

  128. Note she didn't say:

    Never gonna run around and desert you.

    That would have been too much even for the Republicans to swallow.

  129. "Striking resemblance"? How about calling plagiarism for what it is. This is even worse given that her website claims that she received a university degree, when that never happened. Nice as she may appear, we have a recidivist fraud going on here. In 2000 The Times and other media repeatedly gave W a break because he was viewed as more personable. The country was nearly ruined as a result. Stop. Just stop. Pulling punches on a fraud whose campaign has repeatedly shown he is a racist grafter is a crime against humanity, and The Times is repeatedly enabling this nightmare.

    That's all I have to say.

  130. These were not 'striking similarities.' This is straight up plagiarism.

  131. "Mr. Trump's main speechwriter is Stephen Miller ..."

    Any relation to John Miller?

  132. The biggest headline and most of the coverage from last night’s GOP Convention relates to a few sentences from a 10 minute speech given by Trump’s wife Melania. I think it had something to do with a video and a terrorist attack in Libya and some top secret e-mails. Oh wait, that was Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s supporters dismiss the fact that Hillary is guilty of certain crimes and lying using the “extremely careless” explanation as a defense as to why she should not get into trouble or be prosecuted for what she intentionally did and said at least she is not guilty of giving any speeches that had a few sentences in it that were similar to someone else’s speech. Regardless, Loretta Lynch and the James Comey have agreed to investigate whether or not Melania Trump is guilty of plagiarism because it appears that a couple of sentences in Melania’s 10 minute speech last night resembled or were similar to a couple of sentences in a speech given by Michelle Obama back in 2008. The DOJ and FBI said that plagiarism is not a crime, but since they both don’t like Trump because they are extremely intolerant of anyone who has views that differ from theirs they would be happy to jump on the band wagon that tries to tarnish everything Trump and his family does or says. They agree with the press that Melania’s parents could not have given her the advice she professed they gave her in her speech, because everyone knows Melania is stupid, because she is beautiful, and so were parents.

  133. Well done! Perfect pivot to Hillary! Trump would be proud.

  134. Hmmmm..... Interesting that the so called "lies" and "crimes" have been investigated ad nauseum by congress and other official government bodies, and found not to be lies or crimes. What you right-wingers claim as facts are simply made up. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

  135. You deserve what you get. Keep on defending the "Trumpet Family".

  136. "Striking similarities"?!?! Do you call that reporting?

  137. Wow, for a party that has no shortage of insults for President Obama, no matter how dubious, they realized he knows how to give a compelling speech!
    We just need Obama's positive tone from a credible person, like himself.

  138. Despite being clearly caught lifting words, it is unlikely that any of this will dent the GOP's voter base. We will now, again, enter a Donald Trump gaffe cycle where the American public will be lobbed an assorted mix of oversimplification, deflection, and revisionist history, all easily digestible at the 5th grade reading level.

    Mr. Trump's campaign has become gaffe proof. So convinced are his supporters that the media, federal institutions, and academia are out to "get" them, a dialogue (at any level) seems like a pipe dream.

  139. My, she's a lovely looking plagiarist, and he's an bigoted ugly liar.

    What a great pair!

  140. Republicans don't do irony well. They vilify the Obama's for 8 years - yet they have to rely on Michelle's 2008 speech because of the tremendous challenge in offering an original positive personalized account of Donald Trump.

    I'm feeling especially glib this morning because of the subconscious internal conflict this must create in the racists that endorse Trump. Here we see his campaign patently ripping off of the black first family because of a lack of intellect and creativity. The racists will just explain away the contradiction as they do with everything else, but it's funny to see them squirm for now.

    On a serious note this is political malpractice and an indictment of Donald's ability to create an effective team. Of all the speeches to plagiarize. They chose to plagiarize the people they have scorned most harshly. They chose to plagiarize a speech originally watched by 30M+ people, to create a speech seen only 8 years later by another 30M+ people. Donald is a buffoon who surrounds himself with similarly unskilled people.

  141. A small correction--racists have no qualms about ripping non-whites off. To them, non-whites can never come up with anything intelligent--and said folks had to have stolen it from some white person anyway.

  142. Really strange. You would think if somebody wants to copy something - that something would be original, irregular. But why copy pretty common and standard words and thoughts?
    My first thought was that somebody wanted it to be found. There's a lot of writings around with similar words and thoughts, pretty regular words and thoughts. Why it was needed to use SPECIFICALLY Michelle's lines?

  143. Considering that Trump's business dealings consist of duping and defrauding, it's little wonder that his wife would be duplicitous, too.

  144. Striking similarities? Why are you so afraid of the "P" word? It's plagiarism, plain and simple. The Art of the Steal.

  145. Did Melania get a degree in Ethics from Trump University?

  146. Probably not. Ethics would not have been a course offered at TU because it is a subject no one would have any familiarity with. You need at least a little bit of knowledge about something before you can lie about it.

  147. I think the whole Trump clan was "educated" at Trump U.

  148. Jose

    Sorry, she FLUNKED that course.

  149. She claims to have a university degree, but turns out to have dropped out after one year.

    She gave an important speech and didn't even think to, maybe, google videos of similar speeches by the sitting first lady?

    She is credited with speaking five languages--is anyone going to fact-check that one?

  150. Even as they promote blatant racism, this is evidence that Trump and his handlers secretly envy Michelle's intelligence.

  151. From Tom Lehrer:


    Let no one else's work evade your eyes!
    Just plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize!

    (but remember please, always to call it "research").

  152. What if Donald Trump assisted Melania with her speech, and was the one who borrowed heavily from Michelle Obama's speech? Is this why Paul Manafort doubled down on denying plagiarism and saying these were words from Melania's heart? When mistakes and mistruths come up, Trump and the Republicans tend to double down and refuse to apologize or make corrections: they'd rather win by fooling the people, than lose honorably.

  153. DT assisting Melania? Peals of laughter!!!

  154. And "what if" there really were a tooth fairy. Please, can we discuss issues

  155. Donald Trump does not write. Not even his own speeches. Not even his own book. What on earth would lead anyone to think he'd write a speech for someone else? They have people to do that.

  156. It's now easy to see why Melanija Knavs Trump never graduated college. Plagiarism on this level would never have been tolerated in academia. The Trump campaign and the RNC are spending the morning trying to explain this away. A phrase or two might be coincidence, but not whole paragraphs. Like everything else that comes from the Trump campaign, when you get caught, you don't admit your mistakes, you double down.

  157. Just about everyone in politics reads a speech someone else wrote; few are capable of writing their own (and she's not even a candidate for anything). It was the speechwriter who plagarized, not the candidate's wife. As a non-native English speaker she should be forgiven blindly reading a ghost-written speech.

  158. “Ninety-three percent of the speech is completely different than Michelle Obama’s speech,” Mr. Christie said.."
    Curious formula you used to decode, Chris, but even if it was that small, try 7% plagiarizing anywhere and see if you get 7% consequences.

  159. If Hilary talks about being raised with values - which she has in the past - will the media then accuse her of plagiarizing Melania?
    This is such a non-started that perhaps a vote for Trump would be a vote against non-thinking hogwash media outlets ..

  160. The best bit for me is that Hillary Clinton's former speechwriter is the person who wrote Michelle Obama's '08 speech. Ergo, Trump's campaign is using Hillary's speechwriter!

  161. Okay, last night I watched the mother of an American killed in Benghazi standing before the world shameless, a sobbing mess pleading for justice and the truth about what happened to her son.

    And the NYT walked away from the first night of the GOP convention muttering nonsense about bogus claims of plagiarism by the wife of a presidential candidate who was there supporting her husband.

    This is why I never wonder how America got as far off track as we have during the Obama presidency.

  162. "shameless"? That means someone has something to be ashamed of, but does not feel or express shame. It is not the word to describe a bereaved mother, much less one whose son died, probably unnecessarily, in the service of our country.

  163. DCB,

    That comment is weak, even from you.

    Do you really think that had the speaker been at the DNC convention, plagiarizing the words of Reagan, that you'd be so cavalier?

  164. Except Donald Trump did not have enough respect for this mother's grief to refrain from calling Fox News in the middle of it on the first night of the GOP convention muttering nonsense about bogus claims about the Governor of Ohio. So no one watching that channel saw it. Oops. Did I just plagiarize you?

  165. Wow, what a dust up for the lefties. Because everyone knows that Michelle's speech was ground breaking with all sorts of uncovered territory. Please.

    These are puffery speeches that have become obligatory but add nothing. Bottom line, Melania did a nice job speaking to thousands of people in her 4th or 5th language. Generally this is a big deal for the liberal elite.

    All of the 1st lady speeches are written by others and have been as long as they started forcing the wives to speak. Her efforts are to be applauded, not dissected. Such sexism.

  166. Except Melania claimed she wrote most of the speech herself and she said Michelle's lines word-for-word.

    How about just admitting it so we can move on.

  167. It was plagiarized, plain and simple. End of discussion. Sophistry cannot elude the truth in this case.

  168. Sexism is bizarrely trying to blame Hillary for this, claiming it's being politicized because Hillary is afraid of strong women.

  169. I often think that four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. I often have thoughts like that. I credit the Ovaltine.

    But I'm sure if I gave a speech that included those words and then claimed they were entirely my own, no one would let me blame Hillary Clinton for my stupid plagiarism.

  170. "I have a dream..." and "ask not what your country can do for you..." were copied by King & Kennedy.

  171. So, who said it first?

  172. Aside from the ethical lapses this incident represents the Trump campaign is backhandedly paying tribute to Michelle Obama by showcasing her thoughts and her language. Maybe those Obamas actually know what they're doing.

    On top of that as many commentators are stating, this speaks to the incompetence of the Trump campaign. Ultimately this reflects on the capabilities of the candidate.

  173. Perhaps she will be too embarrassed to speak again. Let's hope so. On the other hand, the GOP base will love her for it.

  174. Somehow I sense that if the roles were reversed the headline would not be quite so soft. "strikingly similar"??? there were passages that were verbatim. If Ms. Obama had done the same, somehow I suspect the word "Plagiarism" would be in the headline.

    Sec. Clinton is called a "liar" and that appears in headlines. Mr. Trump lies repeatedly and the NYT calls it an accuracy issue...fact check and all that.

    You want to know why we are at this point...look at the headlines and look at a false fairness.

  175. Why not just copy and paste, right?

  176. Melania Trump is no Michelle Obama. Melania is a social climber with several lucky breaks on the way, but Michelle's fortitude, grit and smarts outshine hers. Beginning with Michelle not lifting someone else's speech.

  177. Michelle Obama graduated from Harvard Law in 1988.

    Melania Trump graduated? From which school? High school? She dropped out of "University in Slovenia" (University of Ljubljana) after her freshman year, because she was making money as a model. In Italy, apparently. Makes for a heck of a commute, right?

  178. Michelle Obama's speech was also written by a speechwriter. Obviously a much better one than Ms. Trump had access to.

  179. I don't think the Trump campaign has any money to hire a professional speech writer. The speech was probably written by the Trump's children who viewed previous speeches done by other nominees' wives and figured Michelle Obama's speech was excellent and just copied it. Whether was it intentional to sabotage their step mother remained to be seen.

  180. Couldn't she have at least copied a speech by Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan?

  181. That is what makes this so delicious.

  182. Come on, New York Times, "striking similarities"? Not "plagiarism"? Who are you protecting and to what end? Is this really the time for subtle innuendo?

    Maybe you're soft pedaling so that Stephen Colbert can get the laughs later. I can just picture him, playing soundbites of the two speeches side by side with a bemused look on his face.

    Except this isn't a joke. The headline should have been "Melania Trump Plagiarizes Michelle Obama's Speech."

  183. It was on CNN

  184. Hillary made her do it.

  185. Could it be that Melania was raised by parents who instilled those values in her from an early age. Many people of my age were brought up with similar if not identical values: treat others as you wish to be treated, your word is your bond, be honest with others and expect honesty back, keep your promises, treat others with respect. I don't know if the speech was copied, but it is possible that it may be coincidence. I do find it funny that the NT Times finds so much fault with Trump, but cannot find any fault with the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

  186. Is this comment a joke? It was pretty much word for word.

    This isn't about a newspaper's treatment of Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton, this is about plagiarism (which the NYT was too squeamish to call it for some reason)

  187. That would be a hilarious thing, if the NYT hasn't been more than critical of Hillary Clinton throughout this entire primary season. Reporting a long form piece on Libya the weekend before Super Tuesday, to hyping up a non-existent race between her and Bernie Sanders the whole way through (going as far as to put some sort of significance that West Virginia voted for the guy ideologically opposed to fracking), through the email scandal labeling her a damaged candidate, all the way up to declaring her out shadowed by Barack Obama at their joint speaking engagement.

    But that's fine, you and 37% of the country will continue to interpret information only in ways that supports your preconceived notion.

  188. Her father was a communist party hack who just "loved" his Mercedes and Maserati automobiles. Some values, there.

  189. As a high school English teacher, I instruct my students that it does not matter the percent of a piece that is plagiarized; any plagiarism is unacceptable.

  190. After i quick check I found 17 educator examples of the use of the phrase "Plagiarism is unacceptable", including The Buttry Diary, LSU, Manship School of Mass Communications. Just pointing out with irony my thoughts of Janey's absurd comment, but not as absurd as a front-page story in any newspaper about what Mrs. Trump said, only slightly more irrelevant than anything Mrs. Obama could have ever said.

  191. Agree. If i saw this much plagiarizing on a student paper, the parents would be called and the student would earn an "F."

  192. Joe Biden obviously disagrees with you.

  193. More evidence that the GOP, and especially the Trumps, are America's Id. And upwards of 40% of our neighbors believe the Id is what's needed to lead us.

  194. She graduated from Trump University

  195. Yeah and just about the only student not suing Trump....she doesnt need the money..

  196. Trump's wife delivers Michelle Obama's speech to the GOP convention?

    You can't make this up!

  197. The really depressing part of this is not that it happened in the first place. We are all accustomed to the endless stream of lies that come from the RNC. It's the fact that the people who will vote for Trump do not care that he (and his entire entourage) is a liar, cheat and fraudster. They are so caught up in their hatred, fear and self-righteousness that they cannot see things plainly for what they are. These are disturbing times for our country.

  198. Here, here. You are so right and frighteningly so.

  199. "It's the fact that the people who will vote for Trump do not care that he (and his entire entourage) is a liar, cheat and fraudster. They are so caught up in their hatred, fear and self-righteousness that they cannot see things plainly..."

    Showing what a contradictory view his voters have. They willingly accept that he and his entourage tell lies because they're caught up in hatred and fear. But where does that hatred come from? They don't realize it, but it mostly comes from lies told about Clinton, Obama, Benghazi, etc., to them They never realize that if it's okay for Republicans to lie, then maybe the fear-inducing ideas they hold are the result of lies as well. Bizarre.

  200. His supporters will continue to belief that Clinton is more of liar than he is. Sad.

  201. According to a comment on the public radio program "Marketplace" this week, Trump has been reading Nixon's convention speeches for ideas about presenting himself as the "law and order candidate." Could be worth comparing them, too!
    Ironic that Ms. Trump is an immigrant whose first language isn't English and who is the 3rd wife of a man whom she says is loyal. (To whom?) Just the thing for a xenophobic, anti-immigrant party that claims the moral high ground...

  202. That theme is recurrent if one cares to note further. Another speaker mentioned not having much but mom told us to work hard and anything is possible. That's been coming around for decades from all sides. Actually, if I were Michelle, I'd want this to go away fast. The comparison to her, pictures and audio side by side, are not favorable to her. Some are likening Melania to Jackie Kennedy and that is definitely there. I think that will be the lasting takeaway

  203. Another note from bizarro-world. Backwards is forwards.

  204. The phrases that are similar are cliches that are repeated all the time by parents, teachers and leaders: work hard, do your best, keep your promises, treat people with respect, work for your dreams. What is the big deal here?

  205. Words that comprise extended sentences in exactly the same order are not cliches. Nice try.

  206. Two things are wrong here: 1. You should say those things in your own words. 2. The concept of treating people with respect and keeping your promises are alien to Donald J Trump.

  207. A "striking similarity?" At some point the NYT has to stop trying to be impartial about this whole show and call it for what it is.

  208. Who you gonna believe, Paul Manafort or your lying eyes?

  209. And Trump dares to call Hillary Clinton an untrustworthy liar. Trump and his campaign are liars and thieves - and not very clever at that, since they overlooked public records of political speeches!

  210. Melanie Trump's bio claims that she obtained a degree in architecture. Let's see her diploma.

  211. Melania must have gotten her architecture degree from Trump University.

  212. She dropped out after one year, according to the book about her. No college degree.

  213. She didn't graduate from college. Sigh. I honestly don't get the pathological lying with these two. I just don't get it.

  214. The Trump campaign just took a political torpedo amidship.The plagiarism controversy underscores the incompetence of Donald Trump and his campaign staff. Just as James Comey's testimony validated the perception of Hillary Clinton's dishonesty, the plagiarism controversy legitimizes assertions about Trump's unfitness for the presidency. This was their show, they had no opposition, they could choreograph every second,and so far it's been a debacle. Compared to the nuanced awareness and strategic thinking necessary to manage the U.S...this inexcusable error may have ended Donald Trumps presidential campaign,for all intents and purposes,before it really started.

  215. Of course Mrs. Trump would steal from the incomparably accomplished and elegant Michelle Obama. That is what Donald has taught her. Take what you want. Use who you want. If you see something you covet, grab it and then lie when people accuse you of stealing, cheating and lying. Turn the tables on your accusers. Scream that THEY are lying. Pout and rage and bluff and lie. This is the Donald Way. Learn quickly, Melania, you are going to be required to do a lot of it.

  216. Is it possible the writers did it on purpose?

  217. Pretty funny. A speech by Michelle and about Barack given at RNC.

  218. can't make this stuff up...

  219. One speechwriter copied 8 lines from another.
    A really interesting question is - WHY? There's a lot of writings around with the same simple words and thoughts - pretty regular words and thoughts. Why it was necessary to use SPECIFICALLY Michelle's words?
    Looks like somebody wanted it to be discovered.

  220. Go ahead, RACK your brain over that. But while you're at it, ponder why Melania volunteered she wrote it all herself with "as little help as possible". Warning: it may sting a bit.

  221. @Hinckley51,
    Obviously because she didn't want people to think that she is just reading it from teleprompter - which is permitted for anyone like Michelle and others. That little help was a team of speechwriters. Probably not much smaller than a team of speechwriters who wrote Michelle's speech.

  222. @Hinckley51,
    BTW, why you anti-Trump folks cannot have a normal, civil discourse? You are supposed to be cultured ones.

  223. As Franklin Marcus wrote on HuffPost:" The thing I love most about this is realizing the people in that auditorium were unknowingly cheering and clapping for things Michelle Obama said. Awkward"

  224. Actually, it's delicious.

  225. Maybe these are words that go together well - and that's why Michelle used them, and and Melania too. You know what I mean? Not everything vaguely familiar is plagiarism! That's all I have to say.

  226. Jack M: I'm a scientist by profession and my wife's a college-level English and writing instructor. We both are very familiar, professionally familiar, with plagiarism. What Ms. Trump did was clear-cut plagiarism. It's an actionable offense both in science and in the classroom. Do you understand? Scientists who commit plagiarism are guilty of fraud. Student's who commit plagiarism may fail the exam, flunk the class and otherwise get in a whole lot of trouble. That's all I have to say.

  227. She wrote it in her native language and used Google translate!
    The understaffed Trump's offshore team did not have time to fact check!

  228. English is not her first language, and she seems also unfamiliar with intelligence, ingenuity and honesty. Her presence and appeal is further hampered by the fact that she cannot move parts of her face.

  229. English is not my first language either (nor my second and third, those being after Dutch, German and French) and I do not live in the USA or any other English speaking country. Still, when I come to your country everyone thinks I am a native speaker. Hearing her, after 20 years still struggling with the relative easy language that English is I wonder if her brains are the size of Donalds hands.

  230. So this puts Trump in an unenviable position. He has staked his campaign on calling Clinton a liar. Now his wife has said, in an interview with Matt Lauer, that she wrote the speech. If she did write the speech then she plagiarized Mrs. Obama, making her a liar. If she didn't write the speech, and they throw a staff member under the bus, then she lied to Mr. Lauer. So anyway you slice it Donald Trump's wife is a liar. Tsk. Tsk.

  231. Big leap there.... Don't we all feel that way about our children? about our country? Wouldn't you choose similar words? Choosing similar adjectives doesn't mean someone copied someone. There are limited words to choose and English isn't her first language. I ask you, lets say that Michelle's 2008 speech had a few similar words to Laura Bush(and I'll wager if you look it up, they did), and someone accused Michelle of plagiarism, and called her a liar, you would call them a nutjob. I know you hate Trump and his wife, I'm not fan either... but at least I'm honest with myself. You're no better than those who hate the Obama's irrationally. Give Melania a chance and the benefit of the doubt.

  232. Good thing his wife isn't running for president, then.

  233. I'm shocked.

  234. Obviously, Michelle Obama knew or should have known that Melania would utter those very words when Donald was nominated and therefore Mrs. Obama is a plagiarist. Any other explanation is liberal lying media in action.

  235. Trump consistently portrays President Obama as a foreign-born Muslim devil and Mrs. Trump's ghostwriting team (that they both deny exists) plagiarizes Michele Obama's 2008 speech? From the Democratic convention? You just cannot make this stuff up.

    I guess the "recycling" does make sense on some level. The Republican party, regardless of its backing of Trump or some other form of right-wing craziness, is obsessed with the past (a past that is much more imagined than real) and has no clue about how to adapt to the very real future in our quickly changing world. Just look at the party platform. It is breathtakingly regressive, contains zero new ideas, and reflects a complete inability to move past their loss on culture war issues that have been definitively settled.

    We are trapped in Karl Marx's predicted farce.

  236. I don't blame Melania - she's just following orders.

  237. Trump: "Don't believe your lying eyes."

  238. Recall the pubs and the media trashed Michelle Obama for her terrorist fist bump and for saying she was proud to be American. Now, turn your gaze to the sympathetic figure of Melania Trump. The poor child was ill-served. It wasn't plagiarism, it was "striking similarities."

  239. Can't wait to read Gail Collins' commentary! C'mon Gail!!!

  240. "Mr. Lord speculated that a staff member on Mr. Trump’s campaign was responsible and added that whoever it was should be let go."
    How is Melania absolved of responsibility for passing off someone else's speech as her own? For heaven's sake, this was supposed to be autobiographical!

  241. The Trumps' theft is evidence of their subconscious belief in the Obamas' superiority.

  242. The level of plagiarism is breathtaking- but not surprising. Trump and his entire campaign-including his family/entourage is a train wreck.

  243. While many of them are quite intelligent and visually and conversationally pleasant, those whose career choice was modeling -- requiring only the correct DNA and the ability to follow simple instructions ('walk this way, turn around, walk back') -- are not overly taxed by the process of earning a living as long as the DNA holds up. It is therefore important that they be foresightful enough to make arrangements for their 'post-career' years. To truly understand and appreciate Melania, her values and ambitions, those preoccupied with Mr. Trump's tax returns should pay more attention to Ms. Trump's prenuptial agreement.

  244. I'd like to hear a speech written by the person themselves. I know, I know, this is how politics works, but we're all just being fed slick marketing. Very sad when a person can't write a simple speech. Who do they hire to think for them?

  245. She said she wrote the speech herself and Trump agreed. So someone is lying.

  246. Egg on the faces of Donald, Melania, and campaign staff of course, but also the TV pundits who were falling all over themselves with praise for Melania afterward. "She did such a good job!" they gushed. "What a great speech!"

    Yeah, it was a great speech -- when Michelle Obama delivered it back in 2008.

  247. I thought the speech was lovely, if a bit wooden and impersonal. It was easily the highlight of the night. Then I saw the clear evidence of plagiarism and was devastated. Then I thought about the part that was stolen -- her father's advice to work hard and play fair and realized her father was a communist party member in a corrupt Tito regime where he advanced by lacking morals, not hard work. She was spinning a free enterprise fairy tale that was Michelle Obama's life. In other words, the whole tale was a fraud, not ONLY the words. What underlay it was untrue. The crisis mismanagement since emphasizes how inept Trump and his campaign are. It saddens me and should be a massive red flag to anyone who thinks of supporting what this all represents.

  248. This comment is spot on and should be reprinted as one of the best of the week.

  249. I sincerely hope that all Sander's supporters (I mean those who are going to vote for Trump) read this and realize that exercising their right to vote will have an irreversible effect on their future and everybody else around the world. Please support Hillary even if you don't like her.

  250. What a fascinating insight!

  251. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Amidst all of the anti-Clinton and anti-Obama rhetoric, Melania Trump copies Michelle Obama's speech, presumably because it captured her sentiments so well.

    Oh, the irony.