Murdoch Brothers’ Challenge: What Happens Next at Fox News?

Since taking the reins of 21st Century Fox, James and Lachlan Murdoch have made changes big and small, but have largely left Fox News alone. Now they have little choice but to step in.

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  1. Maybe they'll step in and make it fair and balanced?

  2. Between Fox and the Daily Mail, Murdoch's media contributes nothing to society and has diminished the role of civility in society

  3. Agree that the Daily Mail is a trashy paper, but it is not a Murdoch property. It belongs to the Daily Mail and General Trust plc which is controlled by the Harmsworth/Rothermere family, who have published trashy newspapers for over a century, ie since long before Rupert Murdoch (or his father) came along.

  4. He owns The Sun, an equally trashy tabloid somehow trusted by English readers.

  5. But also The Times, called the "London Times," to distinguish it from the Grey Lady. Murdoch's not above putting his money where his mouth is. And don't forget HarperCollins, the better to reward his minions with book contracts and such. Gove is a
    Time's poppet. Rupert's got high class hucksters, too.

  6. Whether I agree with any of this crew or now, it's simply too much power in too few hands.

  7. Ever since the invention of the printing press and so- called "mass-dissemination" of the news the power of the press has been in the hands of the few. We are supposed to use our thinking powers to discern the facts or credibility of statements by the messengers. Dividing the powere of the press by inserting other folks into the fray is no cure for our thinking role.

  8. But in our experiment in democracy from the Revolution, slavery, voting rights, women's rights there has been hope that we can develop those qualities you mention. Powerful Fox nurtures the lack of those qualities. It takes advantage of the worse in our culture and nourishes it. We must mature as human beings. That is not in the interest of Ailes and Murdoch. His boys have a dilemma if they believe enough in human beings to not be cynical about us. They can be a force for good or evil. These 21st century princes have a real responsibility to the human race. Ultimately no one should have that power. But they do. -Rudy

  9. IN the UK , it's 40% of all media, chaps.

  10. Roger Ailes will stay until Rupert finally, really, gives up control. He still doesn't trust his sons, and they feel his shadow looming over everything they 'decide'.

  11. Clearly, the Murdoch brothers do not share their father's taste for bend-the-truth, ultra-partisan yellow journalism. Rupert Murdoch built an entertainment and media empire by combining smart, sophisticated programming (Fox TV network, the still-great news pages of the WSJ, film and cable TV channels) that stay independent of his signature - and very profitable - tabloid journalism and Fox News.
    How they handle this current erstwhile scandal will be a test as to whether they can a) still keep the investors happy with the profits rolling in, and keep their father from trying to undercut his own chosen successors, or b) make a further mess of the situation, with a potential long-term damage to the brand that is the News Corp.

  12. Whether they are good boys or bad boys. No institution no individuals should have this much power in our world. They are corporate princes. They were born to it. What was the American Revolution for? To have money Lords? -Rudy

  13. It is not clear to me at all that either son is not exactly like his father - Fox News will always be misinformed, judgemental, inciteful nonsense as long as any Murdoch has any role whatsoever. The sons may be more savvy, but not more moral.

  14. "Insightful," my learned friend.

  15. Get rid of Roger Ailes and all of the anchors who love to hate. Maybe, just maybe they can be Fair and Balanced! Hope....

  16. The Murdochs will have the best investigation money can buy. Fox News will have the best management money can buy. Next fiscal year, the majority of Fox News employees (recent college grads that they are) will say "Roger Ailes? Who?"

  17. For decades I have watched FOX news present to members of my family, along with millions of others, nothing but a demented funhouse mirror version of our country's best interests, our strengths and our challenges. Regular viewers are by now so inured to facts, and so invested in their warped narrative that many lack the will and the way to change. And, as this article lays bare, all of this is in the name of the inalienable right of the Murdoch clan to make as much money as possible. Good heavens, we certainly understand and wouldn't want to upset that, would we?
    They demonstrate no loyalty to the country, to it's ideals and to its future. Their business model may well end up having been one of the biggest contributors to our downfall. But, that's OK; as they flicker off the air, they will grant themselves absolution with the parting shot that it was all Obama's fault. And cut to a commercial.

  18. Isn't it a bit unfair to judge Roger Ailes by moral standards when he clearly has no idea what either word means? It just seems wrong at his advanced age to be forced to unlearn habits of a lifetime which have been so widely accepted by his adherents. Next you will be demanding the GOP candidate for president also adhere to common morality. Sheesh!

  19. It is very clear that Rupert Murdoch has contributed greatly to racial tensions, the 'me mentality' and rise of money over morality seen in the US. The sooner the Murdoch brothers bring Fox back to the norms of public society the better.

  20. "The sooner the Murdoch brothers bring Fox back to the norms of public society the better."

    They can't bring back what never was. Fox News was intended as a right wing megaphone from its inception. That's why they adopted that hilarious "fair and balanced" slogan, the media equivalent of "clean coal" or "compassionate conservatism."

  21. Fox News is fake news for white males, mainly targeted at brainwashing and befuddling the working class whites who have lost their wealth at the hands of the money changers. How do they do this? By pointing fingers at other victims: women, minorities, immigrants, the poor. Fox has ZERO journalistic standards and should not be called news.

  22. It's strange that Faux News does in fact attract a lot of older white women viewers, and they often like Rush Limbaugh strange is that? So go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot ladies...and gents.

  23. The Leveller,

    "Fox News is fake news for white males" creates the impression it might be for me. I am a white male, but Fox News turns my stomach. Please consider adding an adjective, "Fox News is fake news for reactionary white males." People who react to liberal ideas are, by definition, reactionary. And virtually everything Fox News does is in reaction to liberal ideas. You might even make it a little simpler by saying, "Fox News is fake news for reactionaries." By including all kinds of reactionaries, men and women of all colors, it becomes more accurate, even if Fox certainly focuses on white males.

  24. I wonder when FoxNews viewers will wake up and realize that Murdoch and Ailes have been conning them for years, resulting in Trump, the biggest con man of all

  25. Forget the so-called independent investigation by Paul Weiss.

    Engaging a big name firm to analyze "the problem" is standard crisis management. Paul Weiss will assign a bunch of under utilized lawyers who who'll gin up a bill running into the millions. It is pretty safe to predict that they will generate a huge report that acknowledges some fault and contains meaningless recommendations for improvement. Just remember that they are investigating their own client and are constrained by attorney-client ethics rules to not stab their client in the back. The only winner is the law firm.

    This is a PR stunt, nothing more. Law enforcement is in no way bound by the report and the company will be charged if laws have been broken no matter what the report says.

  26. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes will not change. They will continue to fan the flames of hatred, racism and misogyny - for fun, profit and power - as long as they are in power. We see the result of their decades of influence in a culture seething in violence. When Fox News heals itself, society will start doing better. James and Lachlan, please step up.

  27. These are two people from a substantially older generation whereby attitudes towards women, in particular, were substantially different than they are today. Like Donald Trump, Murdoch looks like he picks his wives from a catalogue. They do, however, still have immense power and influence in media, hence, until they are completely out of the picture, there will be little chance for any meaningful change.

  28. Fox News is the worst news outlet in the US. The outlet deals in tabloid journalism and form apolitical perspective has fueled the anti-Obama sentiment of their white working and middle class viewers. By pandering to white bigotry, racism, and the far right in general they have no credibility with progressive voters scubas myself. They pandered to the "Obama is a Muslim" crowd and the "birther" nuts like Trump. They have done nothing to further objective discussion on the important issues of our day. I do not and encourage all not to watch Fox News. Only a national boycott of the station may encourage the management to practice real democratic journalism where all opinions need to be aired.

  29. "...the Murdochs want to make sure impartial and thorough consideration is given to the matter"
    This is a textbook example of the problems caused by reliance on anonymous sources. How do Ms. Barnes and Ms. Steel know what the Murdochs want? They might have been told so by their two unnamed sources, but how can they take that at face value? Either it's an assertion by interested parties, or it's their own conclusion based on what they've read and heard. Either way, they should frame such an assertion as the speculation it is, not as a fact. Indeed, it's not at all unlikely that the brothers (and the writers' sources) want anything but "impartial and thorough consideration [of] the matter".

  30. Good point - unless the sources are the Murdochs themselves...

  31. The fact that James Murdoch is a supporter of environmental causes and his wife, Kathryn, is a trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund may be the best news our poor, beleaguered planet has had in years.

    If Fox News began to recognize climate change for the major threat it is to the world and convinced its viewers that Congress and the President needed to take decisive action to combat its effects, imagine what might be possible.

    In his recent book, "Unstoppable," Ralph Nader has written that if persons on the right and the left in this country would recognize that their real interests and needs are the same, they could become a force capable of dismantling the organizations and corporations whose policies are harmful to them and their children's future.

    Wouldn't it be great if James Murdoch's new role at Fox marks the very beginning of such a coalition of the two ends of the political spectrum.

  32. Corporations are enduring institutions built to outlast individual humans. You need to stop entrusting them to "apres moi le deluge" types.

  33. James does a fine job of covering for the family. Being Aussies, they have to know about climate change, it's killing them. But who he really is is a mystery. Is he the guy who claimed money is the guidance system of all good things in media, or is he capable of thinking for himself?

  34. Much good in what you say. But what is good today can be bad tomorrow. The power of these people in a democracy to too much. This power must be broken up. -Rudy

  35. The biggest question about fox should be that it promotes racism and divisiveness
    The media loves to ding trump on anything he says but gives fox a free pass.
    Fox is very popular with older whites and in the south where it has played a key role in the southern strategy. But it has high negatives in other demographics
    They go as the Republican Party goes. They would be smart to loosen that a bit

  36. For years powerful media tycoon Rupert Murdoch ran underhanded political interference in Britain resulting in a full blown parliamentary commission inquiry where he was deemed not fit to run a major international media company on ethics and moral grounds. In the US his brainchild FOX news, which is an amazing spectacle with its parade of staggering dullness, every talking-face wearing the same phony ‘taking-itself-seriously’ expression with unrelenting spewing of stupefying hypocrisy, leaves no doubt that his allegiances lie with the GOP, backed up in print by his newspapers the WSJ and NY Post. And just as his political clout poisoned British politics, doubtless Murdoch´s meddlesome ways have taken hold in the US political theatre. A first step toward reversing the degradation of our political discourse with the likes of FOX news, the WSJ, and the NYP would be to put the Rupert Murdoch Lie Machine out of business, via the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

  37. One has to admit, there is no better place to advertise quack remedies, diet plans, get rich quick schemes, and male restoratives.

  38. We nearly had NewsCorp on a stick with FCPA fines amounting to $2 billion for corrupting foreign government officials in the UK into selling secrets for profitable stories. However, the UK chose NOT to look into the quasi personal/professional server used by NewsCorp's local CEO, even after she ordered this server wiped against court orders with her grunts'. Rather, the police accepted the recovered emails of her grunts' wiped server instead resulting in 72 arrests, this negotiated by the same styled measures and standards committee that is covering for Ailes.

    I can appreciate the UK didn't want to admit Murdoch owns them lock stock and crated barrel. Better to pretend he does not control 40% of their media.

    Now, had they recovered the emails of the CEO's personal business server, we might have discovered what was in the email to Cameron that came out of same CEO's BlackBerry like a Tempora metadata file. That BB spent over a month in Terror Unit custody, and later GCHQ claimed to NSA they had cracked the BB's compression technology.

    At same inquiry you referred to, same CEO told the judge that Cameron's empty email was "compressed." She had no idea why, but I suspect Murdoch knew about Tempora and Prism by this time, since he has Sky services to rely upon for the Five Eyed tip offs.

  39. With 'it's parade of staggering dullness' why does its ratings consistently double and triple that of CNN and MSNBC?

    As an Independent whose views don't fit the arch-conservative or PC liberal template, I watch all three of those cable news networks to get a rounded view of the filtered news they disseminate. All are guilty of distorting events to fit their house ideologies. Though FoxNews is the most slanted, and at times infuriating in its partnership, it still offers news and views the other networks censor through omission, and noons who wants a full picture of the news can ignore it.

  40. SKY ProCycling is very successful, but there room for improvement; For example, why not sponsor a women team which could compete with Boels Dolmans & Rabo Liv? It's beyond me. So many Aussies, British, & American cyclists ( not to menion from elsewhere as well) w/o proper venues to showcase their skills. It's pennies on the dollar the amount of positive marketing on your otherwise much unliked media empire.

  41. Here is the bottom line from an independent voter who is interested in fact based news and was once a member of the National Geographic Society:
    I do not do business with the Murdochs, do not trust anything they say or do, and would not trust Fox So-Called News if they told me the sun rises in the east every morning.

    Maybe the New York media have accepted Fox So-Called News into the fraternity, but I view it as nothing less than propaganda. Like all propaganda, it contains elements of carefully parsed truth in a sea of disinformation, half truth and bald faced lies. Fox So-Called News is based upon a concept for GOP TV that goes back to Richard Nixon and feeds right in to the false meme of national media having a liberal bias. Here is a link to an article on GOP TV in the WaPo.

    I still want to know who expressed Rupert Murdoch's US citizenship that allowed a foreigner to buy the Metromedia TV station group. Maybe the finger should be pointed at Newt Gingrich, who had a book deal with Murdoch's company.

    The Murdochs need to go home, get out of US media and apologize for the damage their propaganda and fisinformation has done to US politics.

  42. I don't trust a network that is constantly telling me that they are fair and balanced. If they truly were, they wouldn't need to keep telling me that they are. It's a call that the viewer gets to make, not the network.

  43. Murdoch and Ailes are constantly blamed for destroying this country. I don't get it, they strictly provide the services most, if not all, of us expect. My guess is that these two brothers will cave in the moment the old man is gone - they don't have the skill or foresight.

  44. Really? You expect a constant stream of fear mongering, bigotry and sexism?

  45. The typical audience of Fox News is half conservative. The other half is made up of liberals, who watch it nightly, to stoke their hatred. Ask any progressive what they think about Bill O'Reilly and you'll get a long lecture, with details that would make a librarian feel inadequate. My liberal father-in-law can talk for an hour about whether he's really from Allentown, based on the zip code of his childhood home - most people wouldn't care where he's from. Assuming they aren't pontificating on things they haven't experienced, this denotes a perverse loyalty to the station, akin to continually ripping the scab off a sore. That is the real genius of Roger Ailes....

  46. Quick edit, I meant Levittown, not Allentown. Must have had Billy Joel on my mind...

  47. Yeh right. I turn it on to find out why people are talking such lies. When they talk spin I go to Fox News or ask others where this is coming fro? Now I don't have to watch. I know. Lies come from Fox News. It's made America a hotbed for fascism

  48. This opinion disguised as fact sounds like Fox...source please. I don't know of any liberals who could actually stomach watching these liars working their rubes...not good for the blood pressure.

  49. Without passing judgment on any of the opinions expressed in the comments so far posted here, you all did notice the line in the article saying that Fox News "continues to dominate in the ratings," right? This is not the BBC or Voice of America -- or even PBS -- the Murdochs are running. It is a profit-motivated, broadcasting enterprise created for the very purpose of making money. And within that framework, consumers are apparently quite satisfied. In any event, I suspect relatively few viewers of Fox News even read the NYT. Indeed, for them, the NYT and its readership are targets of derision. Sort of like the widespread constituency of a leading presidential candidate at the moment . . . .

  50. It dominates in the *cable news* ratings. Which by any objective measure is a backwater.

  51. "It is a profit-motivated, broadcasting enterprise created for the very purpose of making money."

    Yet Fox News lost billions in its first 10-15 years and Murdoch's New York Post continues to hemorrhage cash.

    It's not about the money. The Murdochs have other businesses to keep them rich. Their media holdings are all about the message, and the message is reactionary conservatism.

  52. Corporations were given the airwaves at no cost to them so that they could present the news. I don't think anyone foresaw the disaster that is Fox News. Networks should not be able to advertise during news shows - they need to be a public service, not a source of profit. Then maybe we could approach a "fair and balanced" media. Or, if they make some number of errors, they lose their broadcast rights. This would perhaps help the networks value truth, rather than $$. As long as news broadcasts are a source of profit, news broadcasts will be designed as entertainment.

  53. Great reply! With a great solution!

  54. Fox News doesn't use airwaves; it's a cable channel.

  55. Fox News programming appears on "the airwaves" only when it's picked up by a local Fox affiliate. Examples include "Fox News Sunday," convention coverage, State of the Union coverage, and occasional drop-ins like Bill O'Reilly's interview of President Obama on a Super Bowl day.

  56. Perhaps with the son's more moderate and liberal views FOX News will get a much needed makeover from their biased right wing reporting that often borders more on fiction than truth.

  57. Maybe Roger Ailes will go out like Nelson Rockefeller auditioning wannabe Fox News correspondents.

  58. The way to improve and professionalize Fox is to make it a real news organization in lieu of a right wing opinionated viewpoints who have only an agenda which reflects a relatively small part of the American population.

    Murdock made is name in tabloid journalism..followed by the same format on television.

  59. It is as obvious as an NY Post headline what will headline--as with the Murdoch phone hacking scandal uncovered in part by the Times, the Murdochs will cover it up and the supposed Paul Weiss inquiry will be a cover up similar to that conducted by Joel Klein of the hacking.

    All the rest will be PR lies and fluff.

  60. What's next at Fox News?

    More blondes, sitting pretty and perky in short skirts with guys sitting on either side of them, doing all the talking while the blonde giggles.

    When you have an ignorant audience, you don't really have to tell them anything, just show them something pretty.

  61. What about the short skirted blonds on ABC, CBS and NBC?

  62. Internal investigation?That rather says it all. What about an external investigation, instead?
    Odds are the Carlson matter will be a masterpiece whitewash. It's he said, she said. Documents, testimony and emails? Who's getting kidded here?
    So said, the boys may get some leverage over Ailes...'thanks. I owe you one.' Don't know what that might be.

  63. Fox News has been successful under Roger Ailes but that does not mean someone else could lead it well. Then there is the age issue Ailes is 76 and at some point replacement will be required. The sexual harassment suite may require a change now.

  64. Whatever the nature of 21st Century Fox it is too big in its power over other parts of our economy and information. This is a ruling class soap opera. Fox News is more propaganda, titillation than news. It is a major source of ignorance and stupidity in our experiment in democracy. It does not manipulates. It poisons our democracy for money. The dilemma for this soap opera of the rich and powerful is do these boys of Murdoch love truth and respect the common men and women of this country or do they love their power and money more. Can they transcend their roots? What are their values? -Rudy

  65. Yes remove this hate creating news propaganda machine. It's destroying our democracy and nation as is the Republican Party.

  66. This article gave me hope that so-called Fox News may be on the verge of change. Specifically, a change toward truth and not the promotion of omissions, innuendoes and often flat out lies (e.g. Obama was born in Africa) that have greatly contributed to broken state of our nation today.

    One of my brothers gets most of his news from the Hannity Show on the so-called Fox News Channel. The lies and vitriol he spews has my brother ready to explode, referring to Obama as the worst president ever and stating he hopes someone will kill him. My point is that the lies and hate broadcast to viewers is not simply ignored, it is believed and absorbed.

    With their media empire, the Murdoch brothers hold powerful keys to the future of Amwrica and the world. I pray they will act more responsibly than their father and establish journalist standards at what is now so-called Fox News. There is no time to waste.

  67. Don Francis quoth: "My point is that the lies and hate broadcast to viewers is not simply ignored, it is believed and absorbed."

    Why? Does this have something to do with the credulous majority of Americans who have not even a bowing acquaintance with critical thinking? It is truly amazing how people can be induced by the Usual Suspects to vote AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS -- and then complain about the outcome. But until they can be taught --from earliest childhood education -- to think issues through, nothing will change; in fact it will only get worst, thanks to the enormous power of the pop media and the Internet. Oh, yes, and the reactionary religious elements who have such a grip on people's minds.

  68. I am not encouraged as what I've seen of these kidz is not impressive. They just want to be something other than their father, but his footprint is built on massive divisiveness. Talk about your unstable social network when he finally goes out. The boss of the bosses is dead; who's the new boss? Really?

    The first son hasn't the Lion Heart for the job, and James thinks he does while he hasn't half of one. I'd go to Germany and run the Sky, myself, Richard. Elisabeth might have other ideas about Eddie's old digs. She's the one with the old man's gut instincts, but can she bend it to another time, bat channels?

  69. Yes Fox News needs to be banned from broadcasting. It causes vulnerable uneducated people to spew spin and racism. Now the republican convention is spewing the same garbage. They need to be removed from power the whole lot of them.

  70. Who do I believe Ailes or Carlson? No contest, Ailes, like Trump has a very distant relationship with truth.

  71. Do you mean this propaganda station for the first time will be hiring real journalists instead of right-wing propaganda parrots?

  72. Don't hold your breath.

  73. PUH-LEEZ! Don't insult parrots. Recent research has shown them to be much more intelligent that had been realized.

  74. I see Fox News as one of the primary sources of the division in this country and that view absolutely adversely affects my view of the entire Fox brand. I avoid Fox!

  75. But if you have it in your channel lineup, you are paying for it, watch or not.

    Only one way to get those people's fingers outta your wallet, for now anyway. Will you?

  76. Yes. It's causing distortion spin and inciting violence in this country and promoting the fascist Trump. We need them held accountable. Prosecute them. We need truth in news. They have spin.

  77. Indeed..Roger Ailes, an arrogant & mean-spirited "Nixonian" character, and his hand-picked blowhards Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, are the inspiration of Donald Trump's dangerously-divisive campaign.

    Denigrating women, immigrants, minorities is but standard daily fare on "Faux-News" under Ailes. The Murdochs must share blame as they not only employ & tolerate Ailes, but directly profit from Faux-News' hate-shows.

  78. FOX is not a news channel, it is an Entertainment channel -- much like the WWW, but set behind news desks instead of inside a ring. They have no legitimacy, no capable newspeople -- just very loud, obnoxious, uncivil bullhorns.

  79. No one is irreplaceable. Get rid of the old windbag. He is paranoid, mean-spirited and a man on the wrong side of the law when it comes to sexual harassment. What's the problem? Fire his derriere.

  80. Sure - fire him with no due process - because we know that these sexual harassment allegations - which miraculously turn up after a firing - have such a stellar history ob being proved false - Ellen Pao anone??

  81. Without reform, Fox News will eventually fade, to the loss of the entire Fox enterprise. They are in a bind.

    Their near exclusively conservative white audience is a shrinking demographic with no visible replacement. The GOP has alienated nearly all of black and brown America. Not all the rest of white America is going to step up to fill the void.

    The none-s (atheists, agnostics and religiously non-affiliated), now equal Christian Evangelicals in size. Religion is shrinking in America. These people are not listening to alarmism over the war on Christmas, the evils of abortion, the peril posed by gays.

    White poverty is increasing. The blue collar lower middle class no longer hears heart-warming cliches about the USA as the land of opportunity in the same way. The rich are seen more as the enemy than as paragons to be emulated. People think that the economy has been rigged by the rich for the rich.

    In this environment, the fearmongering and culture wars which makes up the majority of FoxNews programming, becomes more and more effective on a smaller and smaller audience. They must reform their cash cow. Personally, I hope they fail.

  82. Maybe Fox News should try exposing people who claim to know what God thinks.

  83. Eric,

    You nailed it. Great post...

  84. This would be a good time to inform readers about the political history behind the transformation of news into entertainment that is called news in MSM. At a time when people want labels on their food, maybe we should also be labeling entertainment truthfully. "Fair and balanced" is false advertising. Why is that legal?

  85. If people listened to all the side effects warnings in prescription drug ads, they'd probably skip the drug.

  86. More than any other "news" outlet in the US, Fox is responsible for the deep divisions and blatant racism on the airwaves which are granted to them by the US!
    They have pushed the uneducated and fearful into believing that all the problems in the US are the fault of the first US President of color! Many of them have armed themselves to the teeth for the coming "Armageddon"!
    Did Fox "news" not think there would be negative consequences?

  87. Cable TV isn't treated as "airwaves" because it travels down cables and/or optical fibers laid along or above public utility rights of way.

  88. I think these Murdoch brothers want fox to be more liberal than conservative in my humble opinion. I don't think they want conservatives on their network in the near future that is probably why you will see the people like Judge Jeannie, Hannity, The Judge, etc those conservative patriots will get the boot in favor of more left-leaning liberals more like the Jessica Tarlov's of the world. If I were running Fox News I fire every left-leaning guest like Tarlov and Juan Williams in favor of patriot reporters that like America and not anti-American reporters

  89. So by your reasoning, anyone who sees something wrong in America doesn't like America?

  90. I think "Not all that purports to be news really is" should be the motto of 21st Century internet journalists.

  91. This has all the makings of a very watchable film, with the interesting characters, so many twists and turns, a sexual harassment scandal, the news division an influential mouthpiece for right-wing propaganda, the generational divide and shift in power, and an opportunity for the not-so-right-wing sons to radically change a media empire. All we need is an angry misogynistic neo-fascist running for president to mix things up, battling with a news anchor, his own weird orange coif clashing with the Barbie blondes of the news show as he vies for more and more attention, all coming to a head during the GOP convention. How could we not watch such a spectacle? A little comic relief thrown in would be greatly appreciated.

  92. Go see the 1976 film "Network" Written by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Sidney Lumet. A classic exposure of Corporate greed taking over a news division at the cost of serving as a public service. "A television network cynically exploits a deranged former anchor's ravings and revelations about the news media for its own profit."

  93. Yep, as soon as they were able to get rid of the Fairness Doctrine in media and particularly news, from that point on, all bets were off.

  94. Even Chayefsky (and Rod Serling, who also had a thing or two to say about carnivorous corporate TV) would have red-pencilled Fox's story as too crazy.

  95. Anyone who would expects Paul-Weiss to deliver less than a "slap on the wrist" for Roger Ailes must be dreaming. Paul-Weiss knows where its money will come from; and the Murdochs know where their profits come from. It's that simple...!

  96. Yes, but the boys want him out of the way, have for a long time, and they now have their wedge, regardless of any legal outcome of the harassment charges.

  97. Get rid of Fox News! We need some law that says false news reporting should be prosecuted for false propagandizing and creating fear and violence in America. Take down Fox News.

  98. Fox News is a stain on democracy. But what you're suggesting is the death of democracy. So, no way.

  99. If only we could be so lucky. FYI there used to a be thing called the Fairness Doctrine that would have kept Fox somewhat honest if not driven them out of business. It was killed by Republicans I believe. The regulation required telling both sides of story or at least giving the other side the chance to defend itself on TV news. What a strange notion.

  100. It's not actually falsehoods that Fox News broadcasts - it's spin, and with editorial prerogative the spin is accelerated by the angle they choose to pursue. And while I don't watch Fox News at all - I've read the 'Sun King's' papers for years (that's a pejorative term BTW) and have come to understand how old man Murdoch kept his editors in line. The short take is: 'My way or the highway', never overt - but cunningly concealed within a veiled threat. The editorial departures from the global Murdoch Press are the stuff of legend if not fact.

    There's no shortage of non-conservative media in all the markets he publishes or broadcasts in, which raises the question - 'Why do people actually watch something as clearly biased as Fox News?' My answer to that is - 'I just dunno!'

  101. At FoxNews, Roger Ailes has built a house of mendacity, bigotry, and now, sexual harassment and possibly assault. He has lied us into war, ceaselessly celebrated programs of inequality, corruption, and ecological destruction, and promoted a popular climate of conspiracy, nullification and hyper-armament. He will go down as one of the nation’s modern monsters, right up there with Joseph McCarthy and probably exceeding him for aggregated harm caused to the Republic.

  102. When historians examine this era in human history, I suspect they will find that a major chunk of unrest in the UK and US was fomented by Rupert Murdoch.

    He had an agenda. He wanted to take over the political discourse in the United States and make sure no one said anything bad about his friend Ronald Reagan.

    His success is a tribute to the power of propaganda over reason.

  103. Actually, R Murdoch is a Machiavellian who knows how to stir up the working class and retirees for ratings. Sell them myths, lies and scapegoats for their dissatisfactions. Politics are just a means to an end to Rupert.

  104. The Fox News motto should be: "You know all this nonsense must be true because the government lets us broadcast it."

  105. "The Brainwashing of My Dad" by Jen Senko is a documentary about Fox and how it has ruined families and divided a nation by its cynical use of Nazi Germany style brainwashing
    techniques. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. It is beautifully done and will ring true to anyone who has watched a family member get swept away by the hate fueled programming that is Fox (not news). I am hopeful that the Murdoch brothers will have some moral code other than love of obscene profit and make this hate fest end.

  106. Hopefully Rupert Murdoch will be less active now that he is married to jerry Hall....and how bizarre is that? A big ick factor for sure but anything to keep him quiet.

  107. Instead of Grahame Greens The Quiet American someone needs to write the Acquired American. This man being a metaphor for the US and its love of power, however acquired as the only end in itself. The exploitation by his third wife metaphor for the selling of the US to China for 20 vital years. The fights over the inheritance by his children, representative of the upcoming fights over world supremacy. The cheating by China with the English PM opportunism with old Europe. And then the Acquired American taking up with a Texan, or a Trump, taking up with an American who was left, but is now right wing, whatever way the money blows.

  108. To the Murdcoh brothers.

    I fully understand your Fox News division generates huge profits, but at what expense? I don't know if the data has been pulled and analyzed, but I'm willing to bet that the dysfunction of the US Congress and the seemingly unending rise in vitriol, distrust and downright hate for those with different political beliefs, greatly coincides with the launch of and increase of viewership and ratings of Fox News.

    Is that the family legacy you want to leave for your next generation(s)? Do you want your family to be known as the oxygen that fanned the flames of hate that ultimately burned America down? Sometimes it seems so obvious that Fox News is willingly and knowingly peddling in dividing America, that I once had a conspiracy theory that Rupert (Being Australian) secretly hated America and this was his grand evil plan to take this country down.

    So, if you want to make an impact... and do some good for the millions of people who are suffering the most from the dysfunction. Stop The Hate. Stop it Now.

  109. I find it ironic that FOX and the GOP call for unity and respect for authority as they simultaneously call the Top Cop and AG crooked. Address THAT, James.

    This is split level reasoning, which is one of the worst anxiety disorders, but it is supported constantly by divisiveness on TV. Drives people nutzo, crazy enough to vote against their own interests, like a skinny nihilist. It's not normal to be constantly at odds with an illusion of your own faking.

    It's like having a gangster for your guidance counselor.

  110. I do find it rather strange that after appearing before a Senate investigation committee in the U.K. about his questionable methods of operation and attempted interference in government and police, along with the bad publicity, his newspaper was ultimately shut down. To the contrary, it would seem his operation in the U.S. has been allowed to get away with much the same without a comparable look in to what his operation is doing behind the scenes, especially with Republican politicians and their lackeys. After ONE questionable on-air comment, Brian Williams at NBC and before him , Dan Rather at CBS lost their jobs. The on-air personalities at Fox, especially Bill OReilly along with HIS previous sexual exploits get away with spouting off lies and innuendo almost daily and, yet, because they have relatively good cable ratings, they are fully supported by Roger Ailes and stay on the air. If that does not tell you what kind of person Ailes is, I do not know what will.

    Hopefully, this will go to court and as previous female employees start coming out of the woodwork to finally expose the sexual predator that Ailes has been it will finally bring this excuse for a cable news station to it s knees.
    They serve no purpose.

  111. Aussies saw through Rupert and quit reading his newspapers.

  112. This is a no win situation for Fox News, no matter how it comes out their brand is tarnished. There is always a tawdry underside to any corporation and with the salacious accusations of Ms Carlson's complaint, these will be sure to come out. I don't see Mr. Ailes surviving this. He reportedly is very authoritarian and many will see this as a chance to get even. Another 'Night of the Long Knives.'

  113. Most people find it more advantageous to make a settlement for an undisclosed amount and a confidentiality agreement than pursue the matter in court.

  114. Speaking as a foreign editor constantly driven to hair-pulling, red-faced sputtering rage over the blatant lies, untruths, gossip and makey-uppey nonsense that inevitably masquerades as ‘news’ on Fox News, one might hope that some pretence of an overhaul creeps in over at the single worst (by far) news outlet I’ve ever come across in Western media.

    As bad as the Murdoch brand is, and that dynasty’s brand of controlled poison is to dole out, one might hope that somehow, one day, a faint trace of journalistic ethics and integrity might resurface against the odds over at vile Fox.

    Perhaps the Murdochs might even accidentally, or intentionally, be the force to bring about such a groundbreaking change of events at Fox – in addressing the underlying rot that runs through the Fox News brand, they might accidentally force it to be the very things that it so patently isn’t, in the view of its international peers: honest, fair and impartial.

    Better late than never, right? Here’s hoping...

  115. Nicely put, Humanoid. But the painful truth is that there are no media sources -- at least that's the way it seems here -- report the "news" without giving the story a partisan spin or two... It must be more fun to do things that way... Poetic license, and all that sort of thing you see...

  116. Perhaps; news reporting, and reportage in general, often comes down to personal perspective - which doesn't remotely excuse how Fox News reports a great many matters.

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen and heard its hosts lie, lie, lie and lie again (whether about American news, or international news - it doesn't matter, as Fox just lies and lies) in ways which insult our nominally shared profession.

    To be clear, I'm not even touching on Fox's many entirely awful hosts, from the hideous Bill O'Reilly (we in Ireland haven't forgotten his outright lies about reporting from the Northern Ireland "war zone") right down to one poisonous young lady after another (such as the appalling but now seemingly ousted Andrea Tantaros), all united by their equally vitriolic bullying, bluster and deceit.

    However, Kelly, O'Reilly, Tantaros et al are just symptomatic of the underlying malaise at Fox News - the Murdochs know it's an ever more irrelevant station chasing a shrinking demographic (the classic Angry Old White Man); as such, the station needs a reboot - and new poisons to dispense - if it's to endure.

    Now is as good a time as any to set to it; to set the ship on a new course so as to continue its railing against the world, and rallying America's great hordes of fearful, unworldly, ignorant and angry people.

  117. So do people who work at Fox have no First Amendment rights? The Carlson case seems to point out stories of Ailes having to control every word his "reporters" say. Is that even legal?

    In the last election, these folks could not figure out that Mitt Romney lost, so it probably won't matter if they cover this election either. Propaganda has its limits even for Fox.

  118. "So do people who work at Fox have no First Amendment rights?"

    The short, technical answer is NO, and that has nothing to do with Fox. Most people are unaware that constitutional protections become very tenuous when you walk in your employer's door. You are perfectly free to say things contrary to your boss's desires, but the boss is perfectly free to fire you.

    That's why there's such a preponderance or right-wing talk radio, and it's why you never hear a whisper in favor of net neutrality or against the TPP in the big media, especially since Comcast-owned MSNBC fired Ed Schultz.

  119. The appalling ignorance about the US Constitution - and the Amendments - is not just confined to FAUX News and the rightwing -- to wit this comment.

    The 1st Amendment says that GOVERNMENT shall make no laws abridging the freedom of speech

    It DOES NOT APPLY to private organizations - businesses or non-profits - or to individuals as to what can be said on their own property.

    Fox News is NOT a government - it is a private entity.

    Your private employer can regulate every word you say at work and also not at work if it wants to do so. You are perfectly free to say whatever you want when not at work - and your employer is perfectly free to fire you if it doesn't like what you say on off-work time.

    A comment section on a privately owned website (not government) can regulate what it allows to be posted on its website

    And if you thin the NYT doesn't regulate and control every word of what its reporters write and say - on the job and off particularly if 'off work' comments can reflect on the employer, well....guess I have to say that you have lost the plot

  120. "So do people who work at Fox have no First Amendment rights?"
    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"

    It is very technical. it applies to congress and by extension government in general. It does not apply to non-governmental employers . there may be other laws that apply but not the first amendment.

  121. Fox News is the Lawrence Welk of TV news. Close to half their viewership is nursing home age. Virtually no one under 50 ever tunes in. The white-breadness, the sexism and racism is simply toxic to Fox's much larger entertainment businesses. To so many people, especially young people, the Fox brand is an object of scorn even though Fox News has nothing to do with movies or NFL football.

    Rupert Murdoch's beloved newspapers -- from the Sun to the WSJ -- will be sold as soon as he passes on -- that's a no-brainer. What to do with Fox News is a tough question -- like the Republican Party, it has to be made relevant to younger people, but any change enrages its already cranky elderly male base.

    Selling would be tough, though, because without the Fox brand it would be worth a lot less.

  122. I think it's self-comfort to hold that FOX is only watched by those on life support. There are plenty of young people who have had nothing but a diet of FOX for their entire lives.
    Have you noticed that some of the younger talking heads on the channel seem at times to be even more unhinged and unfiltered than the older ones? Do any of the younger ones ever offer a perspective beyond 100 proof FOX? They have never known a world without it. In that epistemically closed environment self-doubt is all but impossible, but perpetuation is relatively easy.

  123. "For the 14th consecutive year, Fox News led in total viewers and in the 25-to-54-year-old demographic crucial to advertisers. The network’s average of 1.8 million viewers in prime time placed it second among all cable channels, the highest finish for a cable news channel ever. (ESPN came in first.)"

  124. CNN sure serves up the upcoming generation of Ayn Rand's legatees of belief in the power of money to measure value perfectly.

  125. This seems to be a seminal moment for the Murdoch sons.

    Fox News has the ratings, but it lacks the credibility of a "fair & balanced operation" that it markets. True, it's profits are substantial. But income is not the sole determinant of success.

    It's made ratings on exaggerated hyperbole coming from a barrage of opinionators like O'Reilly, Hannity and Kelly all touting their personal attack-like commentary without any on-screen reference to "opinions." (Brett Baier and Shepard Smith are more balanced.)

    Many times Fox's lead anchors might have all "experts" on their side which totally eliminates all balance.

    If Fox wants to have the ratings, the revenue AND the responsibility, now is a time for it's new leadership to make a change.

  126. To illustrate Fox News hold on people, remember how in 2012 they actually had their audience think that Romney was going to pull it out in the end. They also thought that Dick Morris and Karl Rove were political gurus. Hearing Megan Kelly saying " Karl, it's over ! " ( meaning Ohio, and thus , the Election) was priceless.

  127. Fox News has done incalculable damage to this country with its one sided, biased round the clock commentary. But as this is America profits comes first, truth ... oh skip it.

  128. Roger Ailes is headed the way of Bill Cosby. More and more women will share their stories of harassment and discrimination, and he will be enough of a liability that Fox will have to get rid of him. With his new contract, he'll probably take a sack of gold with him into his long overdue retirement.

  129. Fox News makes $$ from advertising, and just the nature of its programming shows that its audience is a sheep ripe for the shearing. The advertisers are aware of this, so unless a more profitable audience can be found I don't really look for any changes there.

  130. Bill O' Riley must be replaced. He's a good man but has morphed into a petulant and "I told you so" host. The Fox New Station is doing a disservice to their credibility by retaining him.

  131. Time and again, Bill OReilly has been caught in consistent lies, innuendo and hypocrisy, the exposure of which he always blames on the left wing loonies, his default response. Brian Williams and Dan Rather lost their jobs because of only ONE on-air questionable comment. OReilly stays on the air because, despite the lies, his ratings are good. Roger Ailes loves him.

  132. What credibility?

  133. The issue is not FoxNews, the issue is that there is a consistent demand for this style of news in the marketplace. I can't see them ever changing their prime time shows to be more balanced, the only hope would be more fact checking claims and accuracy among their actual news shows during the day.

  134. What if Fox News became more like National Geographic? What if their programming highlighted the beauty of different cultures instead of reinforcing the binary "us" and "them" mentality? What if "environment" was not always followed by "regulation" and was shown as something valuable and worth protecting? What if science was something not to be distrusted, but a source of national pride? What if their reports focused on learning and understanding and fostered a sense of national unity rather than promoting fear and division? Would anyone watch it?

  135. Well, to start with, there would have to be a complete overhaul and massive increase in financing in the American educational system whereby the viewers would be able to actually understand what they were watching. Republicans and Fox viewers in general do not fall in to the category of what one would call educated. Fox preaches only to the choir, one they created themselves.

  136. As my friend Jerry Coyne pointed out in his Why Evolution is True emag, the National Geographic is no longer as you described it. It is now focusing on religious awe, promoting unsubstantiated religious myths as history, and therefore worthy of "serious" discussion.
    The advantage to the Murdoch destruction of National Geographic: we no longer have to feel compelled to save all the issues and clutter our basements and attics.

  137. Perhaps you've hit upon it. That is truly the question. But the answer is not the one which we wish for. Because facts are so boring. while hot button issue that strive to find the lowest common denominator can be so much more evocative. Someone to hate and scapegoat? Easy! Someway to ignore all the boring facts and skip to an illogical and ill conceived solution? Preferable. Some way to deride and make baseless allegations? The specialty!

  138. For anyone who has not done so already, take a look at the 2015 documentary, How Fox News Made My Dad Crazy by Jen Senko. It sums everything up quite accurately and explains, more than ever, how really dangerous this faux propaganda news stations is and why, especially, older white males are supporting someone like Trump and other Republicans of his ilk.

  139. I dumped my subscription to my once upon a time beloved newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, the minute Rupert Murdoch took it over. I figured, and to my observation rightly so, that Murdoch's Ick Factor would pretty much wreck the WSJ. The Ick Factor is reflected perfectly in Ailes. I hope the younger Murdochs see how flagrantly, monstrously off kilter Ailes is, that they bite the bullet and get rid of him.

  140. The WSJ was required reading in our household as soon as we started high school. I'm glad my Dad didn't live to see Murdoch take it over.

  141. But the WSJ editorial board and columnists were always to the extreme right. Murdoch's acquisition did little to change an historically right-wing orientation, though it's argueable if his bias contaminated its actual news coverage.

  142. Please don't change Fox news. It always pushes my outrageous buttons which is kind of fun. And then there's late night TV for which Fox commentators are great fodder for jokes. Would TV land really be a better place without Bill O'Riley? His comments are often so ridiculous that I have to laugh.

  143. You clearly have never met anyone who takes it seriously-- in fact takes it all the way to election day. If you wonder why the GOP currently has a majority in the house and in the senate, it is because of these guys who amuse you so much.

  144. Fox news is false in response to media like the NYTs. The hope is not to get rid of Fox news but to read it and the NYTs and attempt to derive some sort of truth-balance from the two totally biased news publishers. All one has to do is read an article by Charles Blow or Krugman to see that NYTs reports the opposite of what Fox does.

  145. Blow and Krugman write in the opinion section. they don't write news stories.

  146. "Old School" doesn't excuse your inability to see that you refer exclusively to opinion articles and ignore the conservative opinions appearing on the same page. Time to modernize.

  147. The NYT fares much much higher with fact checkers than Fox News. Drawing false equivalencies just makes you look ignorant. But bravo to you for using propaganda techniques that Fox uses as it's bread and butter on a daily basis.

  148. The Murdoch brothers have to ask themselves do they want to put honor and integrity ahead of profits. We know how their father has answered over the decades, from the shameful gutter press of his British tabloids to Fox News.

    They, presumably, want to be their own men.

    The way they respond will tell us all we need to know about them and the future of their company.

  149. Who are these analysts who say Ailes can't be replaced? Everyone is replaceable! What backward logic.

  150. Well, if what Murdoch said was actually true, one has to wonder how Ailes was able to convince his boss, owner and paymaster to not change and maintain the course? What has he got on Rupert Murdoch?

  151. I hope one thing that comes next for Fox "news" is the taking of some responsibility for the devolution of discourse in America.

  152. I used to check in with Fox News a few years ago to access the conservative viewpoint. I didn't agree with much I saw and heard there, but found value in the information. At some point Fox News became a media propaganda wing for the repub party. There was no longer any need to check in, since I always knew what I would find: every problem on earth past, present or future is the fault of liberals and Democrats. The hosts and commentators shifted from intelligent conservatives to shallow opportunists, toxic attack dogs, and corporate lackeys.

    A few years ago Rupert Murdoch allowed surprising access and transparency to a biographer. According to the biographer, Rupert actually likes Obama and thought that his election signified a major shift in American politics. Murdoch called for a 180 shift on Fox News. Hyper-partisan Roger Ailes dug in and was able to maintain the status quo, likely due to pointing out the cashflow made possible by ratings, in turn made possible by Fox News' aging viewers, who are eager to be pandered to by those selling them on the myth that their malaise and uneasiness with change is always the fault of -you know who. The younger Murdochs see the coming tide; the death of the repub party as it has been since the passage of the Civil Rights act over 50 years ago. Hopefully the Carlson affair will sweep Ailes -one of the most shamelessly toxic influences on modern life- out of the way. I imagine that the younger Murdochs have brooms in hand.

  153. As citizens of the world, the boys know Fox News is not, and has never been remotely fair and balanced. The question is, do they care?

  154. th checks cash, so they dont care

  155. Unfortunately, like much of the media in the U.S. nowadays, it is about ratings and money, all else is irrelevant.

  156. Fox News, the place where women are hired for their legs 9which must be shown under glass tables) and plunging necklines.

  157. Updating a sewer.

  158. I know a few cities that would kill for such a windfall. Consider investing in America instead of divesting, boys!

  159. The misogynist subculture at Fox News was so powerful that I could literally sense it on their air. So I am not at all shocked by the lawsuit. I am more surprised that the problem is finally out in the open. I don't know how they can fix it since their audience seem to like it. Also, when I watch Fox, I get distracted by all the impasto make up -- so thickly applied that you see it on the TV monitor! Yet my 93-year old mother and her friends think those Fox folks are wa-a-a-ay better looking than MSNBC hosts who let show a few wrinkles and freckles.

  160. Even weather-women have to dress for cocktails to give the forecast these days.

  161. Steve Bolger - They don't "have to." Women learn to say the word "no" before they're a year old, they just need to keep saying it, long, loud and often whenever the occasion calls for it.

  162. They can always find a compliant person when candidates are far more abundant than jobs.

  163. It is frightening that as soon as the news was out Sunday, about the killing in Baton Rouge came out, Fox started with their anti Obama and BLM rhetoric. To top it off with Hannity and Gingrich casting Obama as the outlier, forgetting Newts recent nonsense wanting Muslims to pledge allegiance to the U.S. In addition the Murdoch Bros. turning the National Geographic channel into a NY Post look alike is shameful

  164. President Obama is the perfect scapegoat. White folks take him to be Black, and Black folks take him to be White.

  165. I would like to personally thank all of the liberals for watching FOX news. Hopefully with a few more Hannity and O'Reilly sessions you will become a little more informed and smarten up. Thanks again for watching. There's a reason why it's the single most popular channel of any cable news network.

  166. Ha ha. Funny, Jerome.

  167. One can measure IQ by how fast viewers tune out.

  168. Yes, it's a terrifically entertaining version of the news. That's why we watch it, to have a good laugh.

  169. What goes around comes around. This was an interesting view of the next generation. It gave me a little hope that change is in the air.

    Meanwhile, other kinds of changes are going to obtrude themselves on our attention, and reality has a tendency to break in.

    I'm going to forego the chronic Fox bashing here, and wish the brothers Lachlan and James good luck with updating and upgrading the narrow view and being more inclusive.

  170. Is this really karmic justice for all the harm Ailes has inflicted in America? You know they will do a sealed settlement for Carlson (as well as anyone else with accusations), and force Ailes to retire by buying him off to the tune of potentially tens of millions. If that is karmic justice for all of the harm that man has done on earth, I assume I will be elected empress of the world tomorrow based on the small amount of harm I have done during my time on this earth.

  171. I suppose I deserved that. I was just trying to avoid being negative and encourage any possible progress. Not a good effort, I guess ...

  172. A Randolph Hearst by any other name.

  173. Wait until he buys the Times...

  174. In England there are people who call Rupert Murdoch "The Dirty Digger" and wish his ancestors had gone to the gallows rather than down under.

  175. Carry all our all our channels or we will take our most popular with us. Hmm. Who would be the first to call this seemingly blackmail bluff? As the cable channels soak our budgets to the point thousands stream to streaming, where they create their own channel line ups, the threat is losing credibility.

  176. Ailes, O'Reilly, Hannity, Tucker Carlson and other right wing people with one or two good left wing journalists/reporters should leave and form their own company. They should leave out those like Juan Williams, Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer

    That would be the death of fox!

  177. What is that thing that people who watch fox news and the more they watch it actually have less knowledge of news than people who watch no news at all?

  178. Because Fox News content is disinformation, not news.

  179. "Their father, Rupert Murdoch, handed them the reins of 21st Century Fox only a year ago. But since then, James and Lachlan Murdoch have been remaking the company at breakneck speed."

    Sorry, in my vocabulary the word "remaking" means "remaking" — not just maneuvering behind the scenes. This faux "news" station, when I have the misfortune of having my TV tuned to it, looks exactly as it has for many years.
    Only if and when that changes will anyone have "remade" anything.

  180. "the Murdochs want to make sure impartial and thorough consideration is given to the matter"
    Where's the evidence for that? I see none.

  181. Just as with Bill O'Reilly Fox will buy off Gretchen Carlson. The only questions are when and how much? I do not hold out much hope that Fox will resort to actually reporting the news there is just too much money to be made in appealing to the worst in us.

  182. America and the world can only hope that this means the brothers will actually bring some balance and intelligent people to fox so-called news. The very idea that they are considered an actual "news" outlet is absurd. And the man who has been running the hate, anger, fear, war show is one of the most despicable people to ever disgrace the planet - Roger Ailes. The New Yorker ran an article about the six lawsuits against him - besides the one Gretchen Carlson brought - and it shows who he truly is. We cannot be rid of him and the thought he represents too soon for my money. Read for yourself here:

  183. "Without the omnipotent Mr. Ailes in charge, Fox News could quickly lose its focus and become less of a juggernaut. " Does this mean that "Fair and Balanced" would become something other than empty sloganeering? Roger Ailes represents the archetype of Republican cronyism, he is an old-school sexist backroom dealer, right at home with Trumpian behavior. At 76, perhaps it is time for him to retire.

  184. Sex and sexism is part and parcel of the slimy Fox "News" brand. I don't see why people attracted to this kind of station will care whether Ailes sexually harasses women. Sadly any woman who chooses to work there is complicit in promoting sexism.

  185. FOX models what anyone with a psych degree would call "accumulating resentments." This behavior belongs to the cast of anxiety disorders that include image distortion, including anorexia. You only see what you want to see, and your view is made up of your own narrowed findings. Everyone else can shove off and die.

    It is really, really hard to get folks who have been thinking like this for more than a decade to reverse course and understand as much as you hate the other, that is how detached you are from humanity and your own heart. We unknowingly hate ourselves as much as those for whom we collect resentments to validate our own hatred of them.

    Otherwise, how would we allow the media to treat us so basely? I never felt better then when I was without their guidance during camp outs with bears and lions.

    Why would anyone want to be such a hater unless they feel unloved? I love you, you poor sotted FOX addicts! My sis is one of you, and I invited her in to live with me. You think I want to drive across town to hear that collection of garbage daily? All signals are welcome here as long as you don't pump them into my corner of heaven.

  186. Now that Ailes is out of Fox News, if the business model persists (ignoring facts on news, concocting juicy but false narratives, pushing stories through theatrics and histrionics to a gullible target audience) the culture will not change. New narcissistic types, believers in the power of the persona, and solely devoted to ratings will emerge. With different actors, the (Fox News) drama will continue.

  187. Fox does not report news, the report opinion. They exploit the fears of their viewers unabashedly. They incite division, promote racism, sexism, oligarchy and hate. That is, they are un-American.

    Or more aptly put, they're as American as the Klu Klux Klan.

    And Roger Ailes is their Imperial Wizard.

    They're entitled to free speech in our nation. But they are not entitled to an FCC license to broadcast. That should have been revoked long, long ago.

    Repairing the damage Fox has done could take decades.

  188. I read this article with some interest. I have banned FOX from all that I watch on TV. I almost feel a tiny bit of fresh in in what is in the article. I will only believe that there is a change in the wind if the Murdoch brothers change the direction of FOX news. What is offered on this "so-called" news channel is despicable. Our country is going through much turmoil at this time; FOX news fantasy is partly to blame for the serious venom from the far-right and the conspiracy theories they espouse. Only time will tell if the brothers can steer their news arm in a more good-natured direction!!

  189. You certainly seem to know a great deal about news programs you don't watch.

  190. Jarvis, it's easy to know what Fox News says without watching it because the outrageous lies and innuendos are frequently repeated on other news channels.

  191. Perhaps it is time to replace Mr. Ailes with Jon Stewart. Might even improve the ratings.

  192. Too bad the young ladies who auditioned on Ronald Reagan's casting couch when he was president of the Screen Actor's Guild aren't available to testify about this sainted man.

  193. Ailes is 76 years old and a little on the pudgy side. Harassment and hostile workplace claims aside, based on his probable health, the Murdochs don't have a successor in place, for what is one of their most important assets? That sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

  194. The Murdoch boys have been dancing around the edges of 21st Century Fox, now they will have to get involved in the real cash cow, Fox News. Getting rid of Roger Ailes will be a heavy lift, figuratively and literally. Do the Murdoch boys really want to kill their Golden Goose? Maybe they can get Bill O'Reilly as Ailes' successor since Bill knows how to handle sexual harassment suits.

  195. The Murdoch family, their partners and their investors have profited hugely by knowingly spreading a false political agenda and blatant lies of the most corrosive kind. They have shredded the fabric of decent and intelligent civil discourse and society — all to sate their own thirst for money. Here's a chance to see if they have any thread of basic morality and decency at all.

  196. I thought Tudors was a dead give away. And a boring one at that.

  197. They should upgrade correspondents - Sponge Bob - Patrick and Squidward would be a big big improvement.

  198. It's very rich that the Murdoch's all want to claim American citizenship and destroy our country at the same time.

  199. "Without the omnipotent Mr. Ailes in charge, Fox News could quickly lose its focus and become less of a juggernaut[!]"

    1, that's ONE BILLION DOLLARS in profit for partisan fear mongering. Our political health and existence is in the balance, and a major partisan network is counting pennies after years of jamming Mr. Ailes' propaganda down the throats of vulnerable, white, working class Americans! Please! Enough already.

    If "Fair and Balanced" is replaced by just a little, modest, sincere journalism, and the whacko fringe is ostracized to right wing talk radio, immediate improvement in the political climate should be expected.

    Mr. Ailes, a man of delicate constitution and conversly strong vendictiveness and obsequious party loyalty, completely devoid of moral compass, will only be sorely missed by shallow, talking points Republican apparatchiks and older angry white men.

    Mr. Ailes built his house on sand. If the accusations prove true (they are), let the storm and rains of truth, followed by forward thinking conservatism replace the false pugilism of party power! Such a pathetic excuse for a human being has poisoned our important democratic conversation far to long.

    May he have a comfortable retirement, and be forgotten to history except as a lesson in how to weaken and divide a great country. His methods and techniques of sustaining power, at cost to the body politic, should be avoided at all cost in the future.

  200. No institution is more responsible for the dysfunctional state of our nation today than Fox News. Their intentional lies, fear mongering and blatant racism have contributed mightily to our current state of affairs. These two brothers could do the nation a great service by cutting off the head of this monster their father has created and instituting some journalistic standards. They have my best wishes.

  201. If there still were a Fairness Doctrine, and we had an FCC that functioned like it is supposed to function, Fox News would have been warned long ago that they cannot broadcast out-and-out lies and keep doing so even after they are debunked by real news organizations. If the FCC did its job, Fox News would get their license to broadcast pulled. They abuse the First Amendment on a regular basis. You can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater (unless there really is a fire), and Fox News yells fire every single day. In the latter parts of each day, they do not practice free political speech, they broadcast hate speech for one purpose and one alone, to deflect Americans from the real problems facing this country. Fox News should be the example of oxymoron in every dictionary.

  202. Lies. Care to be specific?

  203. Well said. Would love to see them fail.

  204. Jarvis: lies?
    No fly zones when both England and France asked for an apology?
    Wayne Simmons Faux news commentator lying he was a former CIA agent- now in jail?
    Every comment regarding immigrants is about crime and hate?
    Please wake up, compare stories to other news and obvious Faux news is way off. Obama born in Africa? The lists go on and on.

  205. Roger Ailes, you will get pounded down so far you will have to roll down your socks to see. Couldn't happen to a more deserving pervert.

  206. Frankly, I don't see any news operation offering objective, balanced reporting without political bias - not one single one. It used to be that it was a matter of journalistic integrity for a reporter not to show any bias of any kind. Fat chance these days, when journalism professors are out pumping out propaganda big-time. And a decrease in opinionizing instead of reporting would be a boon. And as for Hollywood dictating news content of any kind, that would be a tragedy and the death of the news business. Hollywood should stay out of news since it has a very minor relationship to facts and real issues and spends most of its time on fiction.

  207. We wouldn't be asking any of these questions had the Republicans not eliminated the Fairness Doctrine and dismantled regulations regarding the concentration of media ownership during the Reagan Administration. Rupert Murdoch was allowed to break the old rules with impunity for years until they rewrote the laws to suit him.

    The New York Times reported on it at the time, but I guess the folks who would remember have been laid off since then.

  208. Faux Noise propaganda machine for the Republican Party.

  209. Sometimes I think these guys already own The New York Times. Come on guys, like Krugman says; have an opinion.

  210. The Murdoch Brotherhood can start by cleaning up their website comments. NYT might take several hours to approve a post, but you're not seeing the trash that finally caused CNN to stop reader comments almost entirely. I popped over to yesterday, and enough vitrol about "monkeys," "back to the jungle," black "communists," etc. came through in ten minutes to incite another shooting. Yes, the black community has family problems, but it makes you wonder about the rest of us. We all have one big Family problem right now. We can have debate without gutter garbage fanning it.

  211. I also think that unmoderated, anonymous internet commentary has contributed to the resurgent fashionability of bigotry. All serious news media outlets, and the corporations that own them, need to gatekeep hate speech and incitement on their websites.

  212. Try the comments section on Breitbart. Fox News is called liberal on that site with only a few real conservatives.

  213. How great it would be for those in the entertainment industry to unite and refuse to work for the Fox network and studios? I'm sure some of that entertainment money supports the "news" department of the network. I mean how much money is Fox news making on those commercials advertising reverse mortgages, to buy gold and catheters delivered to your door?

    Studios used to blackball actors so why not actors blackballing a studio?

    Like most people, I guess they need the work.

  214. It is no secret to social psychologists that a negative statement carries three times the influence of a positive statement. Say is three times, and it gets paid for firing someone.

    Imagine the real effort involved in uniting and organizing a civil society, and then ask yourself if FOX even gives a rat's. They thrive on dividing us with one whiners. That's the Murdoch Way. He's been working it since he gave coal miners in the UK the shove off for Maggie to make her look like a Reagan union buster, West Virginia!!

  215. The good men do is oft interred with their bones while the bad they did becomes immortal.

  216. FOX is a cancer on our republic. It lies, distortions and rancor have been deeply destructive to the fabric of our country. We need a new Fairness Doctrine to keep the poison of propaganda at bay.

  217. The original Fairness Doctrine was a rationing scheme, nothing more. It sought to make a scarce resource - TV signal - available to a somewhat diverse assortment of voices.

    Signal isn't scarce anymore, so there's no need to ration it.

    If you want an Accuracy Doctrine or Truth Doctrine, then say that. But good luck with either.

  218. Now that it looks like Fox is finally going to fire Roger Ailes, wouldn't it be nice if the sons replace him with a political moderate who will fire the neocon nuts like Hannity, Maulkin, and O'Reilly? That could turn Fox News into a legitimate news organization instead of a right wing propaganda machine similar to the old Politburo.

  219. Fox would have to hire reporters first.

    Unlike CNN and MSNBC, Fox News generates very little reporting and breaks very few stories. That's how it's able to fund operations on nothing but the "license fee" that every cable/satellite/IP subscriber pays to have the channel in her lineup.

  220. I knew they were a pack of liars at Fox when Dan Rather was caught faking that story about George Bush. Oh, wait!

  221. I still think that faked letter was a plant. It was very clever, and would be typical of Republican opposition tactics. It took the issue (and the truth) off the table.

  222. Rupert hacks phones but helps decide someone else's improprieties?
    Wish he would return to Australia, and break up this Faux news cult. Sad to think Faux news has preyed on so many Americans. Frightens me actually.

  223. I do not have much respect for Gretchen Carlson as a journalist, but I am appalled at Fox's response to her allegations. All their talking heads supporting Ailes is their response? Where are the HR procedures to professionally handle such an issue. The message is clear - Roger Ailes does not have to play by the rules (such as they may be).
    I work for a Fortune 500 company. There is no way anyone at my workplace would get away with behavior that Roger Ailes allegedly exhibited.
    I urge all sponsors advertising on Fox channels to stop using them - P&G, Pepsi, Coke, step up and support fair treatment of women at the workplace.
    I am personally boycotting all NewsCorp outlets.

  224. Good grief, change is sorely needed at Fox News, such as actual truth telling and fairness.

  225. One would think from the comments here that changing Fox News will change the opinions of the people who enjoy Fox News. They will just find some channel of support for their underlying bigotry and hatred

  226. I dislike Fox News, for its lack of integrity. What surprised me though is that a vast majority of Americans love it, otherwise, it would not be the top news outlet, and that it generates over a billion dollar worth of profit. That's insane. It shows that in the US, pandering and fluff make money. They actually understand people better than the people of themselves. That's pathetic, but that's reality. If James and Lachlan were shrewd businessmen, they would continue to let Fox News have their free reign. After all, making money for a business is all that matters.

  227. EXIT AILES Whether or not he wishes to admit it, the fact is that Ailes will be, if has not already become, a political corpse at Murdoch, with Fox news set to follow a swift downward trajectory. The political tide is shifting rapidly in the US, so Fox is going to find itself under great pressure to change with the times. The legal team assembled by James and Lachlan Murdoch is formidable. While it may prevent legal action being taken against Ailes, his presence will probably contaminate the business environment at Fox News, bringing great pressure to bear on the Murdoch brothers to send Ailes on his way, whether with a golden parachute or outright termination. I find the idea of Fox news changing from a propaganda mill for right wing extremism to hold great promise for the future of public media. The public must have access to reliable news, formulated objectively, with the high ethical standards. Fox risks being swept out to sea along with the right wing extremist bulwark (AKA Trump's wall) that is going to be sinking down to the bottom of the sea sooner rather than later. That Murdoch wishes to acquire National Geographic signals a readiness to commit to the highest standards of factual reporting along with the acceptance of scientific fact as a stringent requirement for Fox News in the near future. The political pendulum is swinging in the US. So Fox can get ahead of the curve or lose its currency; hence its advantage as a provider of news.

  228. In 1984 the Marshall Field family sold the Chicago Sun Times to Rupert Murdoch. Immediately Chicago's great columnist Mike Royko jumped from the Sun-Times to the Chicago Tribune. Asked what he didn't like about Murdoch's approach to the news, Royko said you can judge a newspaper by how well it tells you what is happening in the world, your country and town. On all counts Murdoch was not Royko's cup of journalistic tea. The same criteria can be applied to Fox News, where we are presented the world according to Roger Ailes and his agenda. Here is an egregious example. After the South Carolina church massacre of African Americans, almost all news outlets reported it as a racist crime. Not on Fox News. Starting with their early morning Fox and Friends (sometimes called news for dummies) the channel claimed they were killed because "they were people of faith"-- that is Christians. The denial of a racist crime went on through most of the afternoon on Fox. Their initial interpretation fitted into Fox's long standing propaganda of a campaign against Christianity in the U.S. and abroad. Royko is right. If you only watch Fox News, you will never know what is happening in the world.