Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Win Easily in New York Primary

Mr. Trump’s win reclaimed control of the Republican race; Mrs. Clinton fought off another challenge from Bernie Sanders.

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  1. All the way to November!

  2. @Said Ordaz (Manhattan): According to the boro-by-boro breakdown, at this point your guy is losing in every Manhattan congressional district.

  3. New York can be proud. s/

  4. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that they named Trump the winner after only 18,000 votes were counted??

  5. Jake: A resounding yes. At least Washington Post ran a headline with the words "Projected Winner". How and why the Associated Press has this type of power and "authority" to call a race a couple minutes after poll closing- is beyond my comprehension.

  6. Jake....exit polls and probability and statistics made the New York GOP primary result highly predictable by the time the polls closed.

    It's not necessarily rigged.

  7. A three-way race in which Trump led by at least 25 points (and often 35+) in every single the state where he was born and made famous...also a staunchly Blue state in which the GOP primary is decided largely by white, rural/suburban northerners (as in not southern evangelicals)...This was one of the easiest calls the AP has ever had to make.

  8. Also worth noting: Cruz crushed....

  9. Looks like trump may win. On a trump Clinton matchup I do not see Clinton winning. Oh well there goes the country. But I guess it is better then a Clinton presidency. Maybe there is hope Bernie will win yet! Go Bernie!

  10. Good luck with that. If the Dems get out the vote--granted, a big if--Clinton will win in a landslide...

  11. right.... Bernie can't beat Hillary but only he can defeat Trump great logic

  12. I have not seen a poll yet that predicts a Trump win versus Clinton in the general election.

    I do remember 2012, when virtually all the polls predicted Obama would beat Romney, yet most of my conservative friends said that Romney would win in a landslide.

  13. President Trump?
    Only in America

  14. Fox: "President Trump? ... Only in America"


  15. Not only in America, Berlusconi in Italy...

  16. Take that, Ted Cruz! Turns out that it's not only "the liberal New Yorkers" who can't stand you or your supposed "values."

  17. New Yorkers can smell a phony a mile away!

  18. Surprising then, rjd, that so many voted for Trump whose phoniness is yuge.

  19. A large percentage of voters said their vote was an "against a candidate" vote. But does that mean they are in the "neverTrump" crowd or is their vote against Cruz's "New York Values" sentiment.

  20. I'm a Trump voter. I expected a strong NYS win, b/c Pubs are so few in NYS that they form a subset, teeny , not even a minority, and as such, national trends would not apply. Cruz is nowhere in NYS and Kasich is irrelevant in NYS, we have enough RINOS here.

    And Mr T had 'home court' advantage

    The size though, of T's margin, is breathtaking and spectacular.

    Finally, the number of people voting in the Pub primary is very small, and does NOT by itself say that Mr T will win the general in NYS

    Mr T has serious cross-over/ outreach issues/ needs, if he (or his deal-maker persona) can 'close the deal' - I have faith in him but as Saint Ronald said, in different context - 'trust but verify

    It will be a good show, towards November, bring popcorn, get an early seat, bring a porta-potty and don't miss a minute

  21. ~Finally, the number of people voting in the Pub primary is very small, and does NOT by itself say that Mr T will win the general in NYS`

    That`s right, because he is going to lose.

  22. Finally, the fascists can come out the closet. Man in the High Castle is the future they want.

  23. Interesting.

    Name me a state that Cruz would carry, that Trump would not.

    I'll name you five that Trump would carry, that Cruz would not.

    What makes it doubly interesting is that one of the business magazines just named the richest person in each US city.

    Go see who they named in NYC (hint - it isn't Trump).

  24. In my state you'll have a group vote for Cruz (mostly Steve King's district), a smaller group vote for Trump, and the rest of us take our pencils into the booth and write in someone presidential.

  25. Name a state that Trump could carry that Hillary, based on 2012 Obama math, would not.

  26. That was worth a google search. Very funny to see the richest person in NYC.

  27. New Yorkers choose the despised candidates, Trump and Clinton. No one to vote for in November. Tiny turnout predicted. Independents lose.

  28. that's great news

  29. Independents should have no say in who the parties select as their candidates. If they can't be bothered to join a party, they should have no say.

  30. C.C
    NYers choose their native sons!
    Trump is a native. His margin is overwhelming indeed.
    I hope the other native, Sen Sanders, win as well.
    I submit your label describe the carpetbagger wannabe from ARK
    She is not and never will be a NYer.

  31. No surprise here. Trump was always expected to win. The only question was by how much.
    But the real story is how poorly Mr. Cruz performed in a State as large and as important as New York.
    Yes, it is true that Cruz also won his own home State of Texas... but not by so wide a margin. And Trump came in 2nd place in Texas in a much larger field of candidates. Cruz is finishing well behind in last place out of 3 candidates.
    And so, once again when the voters have a direct voice Trump wins and Cruz loses. Apparently, Cruz only wins when the System can be worked for all it's worth between the caucus process and the delegate buy off.
    For a guy who purportedly decries the Establishment, Mr. Cruz is certainly enamored of the System and consistently uses it to the fullest extent.

  32. Good news re Cruz's abysmal failure in New York. New Yorkers can recognize a phony candidate, and Cruz squarely fits the bill. He is a horrendous politician, disliked by virtually everyone in the Senate, and for good reason. He is a lost soul, with nothing to offer the electorate at large. He is an ultra-right wing phony militaristic, a person who would never put himself on the front lines but happily would promote others to "fight" in the name of the United States. He is another Republican, too, who would continue the onslaught against everyone except the .1 percenters with his tax cuts and would, furher, seek to promote justices along the lines of his heroes William Renhquist and Antonin Scalia. Good riddance to bad news.

  33. Lesson still not learned: Don't dis NY values.

  34. The vampire returns to his crypt.

  35. This morning I endorsed Trump and I think the Trumping that Cruz and Kasich have received should put an end to the speculation that the Republican nomination will be decided at the convention. The number of delegates that Cruz and Kasich need far exceed the remaining delegates up for grab and therefore they should withdraw with honor and let the majority of the registered voters prevail. To the NY times editorial board I would say I told you so. Endorsement of Kasich was futile. Kasich has won just his home state and that is all he is going to win. No comment on the democratic side as there is no winner yet.

  36. Voting trump is voting against America. But so is voting cruz.

  37. Now I know who gets my vote. Been waiting on that Kotwal endorsement.

  38. I think you misunderstand the nature of an editorial endorsement. Newspapers don't endorse who they think will win, they endorse who they think will be the best president. The public is free to disagree.

  39. Let's get that four-way general election ticket going.

  40. I really hope Bernie and his supporters don't compound his Yuge loss tonight with another round of excuses as to why he can not attract Democratic voters.

    Tonight Bernie the Democrats sent you a message, and it was a loud and clear rejection of your attempt to hijack the Democratic party.
    They sent you a message Bernie, and that message was that if you can not win in April we can't take the chance on you in November.

    We tried the McGovern approach back in 72 it didn't work then and it won't work now.

  41. The Bernie supporters do not like Hillary so are you suggesting they vote for Trump in the general election?

  42. A less than 60/40 win in her home Senate state {...and the votes are still coming in} is not a Yuge loss. Wait til all the provisional ballots are counted to see what the final percentage will be. It would also be nice if all the people that got on board the Bernie train since October could have actually voted today.

  43. Yes, JavaJunkie, never challenge or question the establishment, always go along with the predictable, safe status quo. Don't risk any new ideas, don't make waves. That's heresy! And I guess running for the Democratic nomination (and winning primaries and receiving significant numbers of votes and monetary contributions) but not being Hilary Clinton means you're an interloper "hijacking" the party? Oh, and by the mean Eugene McCarthy in 1968, not standard-issue George McGovern in 1972.

  44. Well, Trump gets another victory while Democrats have allowed themselves to be distracted by internal fractures. If we keep this up, we will have a billionaire president. We all lose, yugely.

  45. Second part to this comment - If Sanders supporters are really against the Big Money, then they should immediately turn their focus toward preventing a Trump presidency.

  46. I agree: Stein.

  47. New York to US: How do you like us now?

  48. I am not surprised - look at the do-nothing's in the house and senate GOP. The question is: do THEY get it?

  49. Well, I knew the Republicans would vote for a Republican, and Trump was favored in his home state, so this wasn't shocking. I would take Trump over Cruz really any day any way. I do applaud Republican voters to not fall in line with what the Republican establishment wants.

    Though if I allow myself some unbounded thinking, I see a contested convention, and a Paul Ryan candidacy. Mr. Ryan just wanted to continue saying he would not run so he can swoop in at the very last moment and appear all the more the hero for the GOP.

  50. Republican voters are sick of the Republican leadership.

  51. To all the Democratic-leaning NY independents. Remember the Democratic establishment did not want your participation in the primary, but I'm sure they'll be begging for your support in November. Uniting the party is not Sec. Clinton's strong suit, so we should all get accustomed to a President Trump. The odd thing is he's to the left of Sec. Clinton on two main issues - trade and using war for regime change.

  52. Hillary will win NY in November, whether you stay home or vote for Trump.

  53. Wow the Democratic party feels that the Democratic Standard Bearer should be chosen by members of the Democratic party.

    Seems logical if you think about it!

  54. Thanks, SC. It shows what Bernie and his bros are up to. Elect President Trump.

  55. Happy to see that New York chose a candidate who is supporting a broad democratic progressive push including down-ticket progressives over the ideologically-pure, one-note, solo, pop-star. If Sanders supporters are afraid that Clinton isn't revolutionary enough, I hope they will vote in the coming mid-term elections to continue building on a progressive groundswell that will make change possible.

  56. Sanders was (is) by no means a one-note candidate. He has spoken (and voted) on a large range of issues. I suppose Clinton is "supporting a broad democratic progressive push". But she herself is not progressive. She is a hawk, pro-military, interventionist, who supported the American policy of assassination (mainly by drone), who voted for the Patriot Act, and who, starting maybe when she was a Director of Wal-Mart, is a corporate/financial shill. I'll vote for in November -- but I am a long way from happy about it.

  57. Harrumph. You can win without gloating: not nice or necessary. But congratulations to you for tonight's victory.

  58. Hillary is no paragon of progressivism (nor is Trump is a true conservative). The difference between the two of them is that Clinton is establishment and Trump is anti-establishment. This is the stage on which the general election will play-out, and it does not favor Clinton.

  59. President Trump, courtesy of oh-so-enlightened New York voters? How ironic.

  60. Sanders advisers had said that beating Mrs. Clinton in her adopted home state represented one of their campaign’s best opportunities to damage her candidacy and sew (sow, not sew) doubts about her strength as a general-election nominee

  61. Kim: Sanders and his bros did damage Clinton with their dirty campaign in NY, even though she won an easy victory. All the Bernie quotes will turn up in Republican commercials against her in the general election. Bernie will keep dong it. If he can't do it, he will do everything he can to keep her from winning. He may make a lukewarm endorsement in the end, the same way Gene McCarty did, but he will make sure his followers don't support her to the extent he can.

  62. Bernie is a fake Democrat who will do and say anything to get himself elected, the party and down ticket elections be darned. That new valley that just formed in the Appalachians is the scorched earth Bernie left behind as he trudged, tail between his legs, back to Vermont last night.

  63. Congrats to Secretary Clinton

    I hope The liberal white young voters for Bernie realize he has no path to victory and reject his viciously attacking campaign tactics against Clinton

    Or else they end up sending trump to wh

  64. We recognize that Clinton is the real Republican. All the rightist war and economic policies with none of the protests. This country cannot survive 8 more years of Corporate narcolepsy. There is good reason why Wall Street prefers Clinton over the Republicans. Deeper pacification.

  65. Please stop stereotyping Bernie voters - we come in ALL ages, types, etc.

  66. ...nor anyone advised by Henry Kissinger nor anyone who goes along with Netanyahu and AIPAC, does nothing about the coup in Honduras, etc.

  67. The best news is that Cruz only got ~ 14% of the Republican vote, which probably translates into < 6% of the total vote in NY. Don't get me wrong, I would never vote for Trump in a million years, but Cruz is just way too extreme, and it's important that he be opposed strongly.

  68. Cruz is anti:
    birth control,
    New York.

    The questions is why would anyone in New York vote for Cruz?

  69. Thank you. This is what I've been saying all along.

  70. Humiliations galore, I'm hoping.

  71. So Hillary wins on the Democratic side, and Cruz gets soundly trounced by the Republicans. So what's the problem with New York Values?

  72. Latest poll of general election in NY: Clinton 50% to Trump: 39%. But maybe Bernie will burn down the Democratic Party and then Trump will have a chance.

  73. No media, no reporter no talk show will say this: With this emphatic Trump victory, Democrats and Hillary can no longer count on NY in November.

    Without NY, the Democrats have no electoral map for 2016 Nov

  74. Not sure that's true.

    Total votes right now with 60% reporting is only 425,000 for the GOP and almost 1.2 million for the Democrats.

    That's a rather large gap between GOP and Democratic votes. This does not speak well to a GOP victory in November, even with Trump on the ticket.

  75. People voting in any particular state don't tell the national story. People in the south have been saying the same thing about lopsided republican showings.

  76. I'm not fond of Trump, but a big thank youse to you New Yawkers who put Cruz in the basement where he belongs.

    America responds best when “when she is lying down with her back on the mat"-?? Surely I can't be the only one who hears Rafael's creepy view of women here?

  77. Time to go home now, Burnie ... at this point, you're just another Nader or Perot or Pat Buchanan ... go back to Burnlington now, BURNie ... before you become just another Pat Paulsen ... a joke.

    If you get out now, you may still have some marginal value as a champion of the American left you claim to honor. Stay in, and you become a self-serving joke.

  78. Taunting Bernie's supporters is not going to help Clinton in the general election.

  79. Not nice or necessary. But congrats on your win tonight.

  80. No. We will not give up.

    Bernie in the race is not just for himself but for people who support him and for a movement that can teach the nation a lesson.

    Most importantly, we do not want to bow to an establishment candidacy, which represents business as usual.

  81. Please keep in mind 1237 delegates are half of the delegates plus one We are a majority rule democracy. Trump can go tell his tale of woe to Al Gore. The number 1237 is not fuzzy math. Its half plus one, which equals the majority of delegates. Anything else is one number away from the winning lotto ticket, no banana.

  82. To all the independents excluded from the polls. You don't need to stay home in November. Jill Stein is running a fantastic campaign and deserves your support.

    Don't stay at home, don't waste your vote on more of the same, vote Green.

  83. A vote for the Greens is in effect a vote for Trump.

  84. Sorry. Dream on. As it now stands, an 'Independent' vote is considered the same as a 'Green' vote.
    As long as the two-party system doesn't change in the U.S., you will need to find another way to get your platform across.
    I didn't make the rules. It is what it is.

  85. Dan: I suggest all you Bernie supporters vote for Jill Stein or someone else other than Hillary, so Trump or Cruz is elected. They'll really support Bernie's ideals. It will only take another generation to get back to the gains of the last 7 years, and the Supreme Court may never change.

  86. Almost all the commentary from the Tines staff tonight concerns Trump. The media romance with the Donald continues. What a farce.

  87. Which is why he will win in November.

    TRUMP 2016!

  88. This is actually the first contest in which Trump has gotten over 50% of the vote.

  89. And what does that tell you ?? -- Anger and 'Reality Show' mentality sells.

  90. Who are these people voting for HRC?

    Everyone I know here in upstate is either voting for Trump or Bernie. Everyone in this part of the state is agreed that the status quo is not working.

    What a disaster tonight for the democrats.

  91. I could be wrong, but I think there are more voters in Brooklyn alone than there are in all of upstate New York. I don't mean to suggest that your vote doesn't matter, and I have no idea where you actually live, but "everyone I know" might not be the most representative sampling of the overall Democratic electorate.

  92. Have you never heard of New York City?

    Those people are the ones voting for Hillary. You know, the minorities and people of color and, presumably, a decent number of white people as well.

    Your small sample size of 'everyone you know' is certainly not indicative of the entire state.

  93. Everyone I know is voting Bernie as well. Both in Manhattan and by weekend house Upstate on the Delaware.

  94. So it looks like it will be Clinton vs. Trump in the fall. I had been supporting Bernie Sanders, but it is a big assumption that I will slide easily to Clinton. I remember the Iraq War and the job destroying free trade deals of the past 20 years. On foreign policy and trade (the two issues that are the most important to me), Trump is closer to my positions than Clinton. I can go either way about guns or illegal immigration. Trump is a detestable personality and Clinton better hope he says even stupider things.

  95. Vote for Jill Stein and ignore the rest of the extravaganza. It will save you much time.

  96. Right. I really do not think I can slide into the Clinton camp for the same reasons--Iraq, foreign policy, trade, etc. And, then there is Bill. Why don't people really remember 1994 and the policies that were disasters for low income poor and minorities?
    Let's hope Bernie does better in the next primaries. What an election--Trump and Clinton.

  97. TED CRUZ: You would of had a better chance of winning the nomination, had you not made your hateful comment about New York's values.

  98. HRC just won. Was hoping Bernie could pull off an upset. Guess I'll be voting for the non establishment candidate after all. Just not the one I preferred.

  99. Really??? You would vote for Trump? What a strange road you travel!

  100. Trump and Sanders both represent a rejection of Establishment politicians and the status quo.

    I would have preferred to vote for Sanders in the general, but will vote for Trump if that's what it takes to wrench this country away from the status quo.

  101. You will simply have voted for the loser.

  102. Notice hot nice, how civil Trump's thank you speech went tonight?
    The new additions to his staff must be suggesting shut-up meds.
    Or maybe writing a thousand times, I will be kind, I will not be nasty, I will act like I'm a humble grateful person.

    But besides that, hoping Ted Cruz learned a lesson. You want to insult New York values, Ted? Eat your heart out deep in the heart of Texas and stay out of New York. Not wanted! Ever!

  103. This may be a sad day for Bernie in NY versus Hilary, the chameleon shape shifter who is disingenuous, dishonest and who will say anything to win votes.

    You lose in NYC but then you win in the west and the north of NY !!!

    But then there is Pennsylvania, California and the other primaries.

    Don’t give up Bernie !!!

  104. Said like a true Bernie bros.

  105. Hate to break it to you. Clinton's projected to win big in California, too.

  106. Bernie will certainly not give up. But, we learned one very important thing this past week. Mr. Sanders has most likely failed to file timely tax returns and has sat on this information and is now trying to spin it. It will not spin. Worse - why didn't he disclose this (because he knew it would end his candidacy, obviously)? So he knew he would never win the presidential election. He has come this far with polls showing he 'wins' in match ups based on fantasy projections. He knows this. His gullible followers don't. Sooner or later they will be figuring it out. But, it explains his erratic behavior.

  107. Time for Bernie to drop out

    At least stop his vicious personal attacks on Clinton

    He has no mathematical path and possibility of winning enough delegates

    He can badger super delegates - but since he will not win the pledged delegates, asking super delegates to nominate him is asking a reversal of voter will

    And if he keeps up the extreme personal attacks, and of course as his fans do right here every day, then they end up putting Trump in WH, which means extreme racism, extreme bigotry, ostracism of the US in all civilized world, and so on. And Scalia II on the court.

  108. As a Hillary supporter, I personally want Sanders to stay in the race. He has forced Clinton to make real commitments on issues she would otherwise have film-flammed her way through, and his presence intensifies - for me - her significant strength in foreign policy. It has always been my opinion that a Sanders-led political revolution was a fantasy, but we all lose should its ideals die with his candidacy.

  109. No question, but there comes a time when too much of a good thing is no longer so good.

    His attacks on issues morphed into questioning her honesty, qualifications, and calling her a shill - there is no place for this

  110. Mainstream media's evident preference for Clinton is the reason she has the inherent edge against Bernie.

    Thus, Bernie’s candidacy, going this far, is all the more remarkable because in order for him to prevail he has to overcome much more odds than Clinton.

    So Bernie, as your supporter, I will be with you all the way.

  111. The majority of Republicans want Trump. We should let them speak and stop talking about contested conventions!

  112. Um, the majority of voters in all GOP primaries to date -- majority being defined (in the dictionary and in real life) as 1 more than 50%-- have voted for someone other than Trump. He has less than 40% of all GOP primary voters.
    So no,he is NOT (so far) the choice of the majority.
    Look up plurality --- that means more than anyone else. But it is not the same as majority.
    Why do so many Trump and Sanders voters seem to not know how U.S. elections work?

  113. Not really. Trump got only 35% of Republican primary election voters and 65% of the Republicans voted against him. The is 1237 delegates which is majority, he has to get .

  114. I agree. Let Trump take the Republican nomination and the party down with him.

  115. Were they voting FOR Trump, or simply AGAINST Cruz?

  116. I would think that if it was just against Cruz, more people would have voted for Kasich, but I could be wrong.

  117. Republicans are not voting for Trump because they love him or even like him; they are voting for him to rid their party of the JEB!'s and the Christie's that have distorted and corrupted this country.

    Too bad Democrats won't rid us of the Hillary's.

  118. The honchos at the Republican party can only blame themselves, too little too late. It' all good because at the end of the day, Hillary will prove to the American public how dumb Trump really is when it comes to politics. Trump is like a Macy's Day Parade balloon float. He's riding high now but will come crashing down to earth at the end. He's all hot air, and no substance.

  119. I never understand how Bernie says he is all about issues, and on the other hand, attack Clinton so personally, so viciously, and in a sexist gender way.

    And how do his fans, who are supposed to be young, idealistic, liberal tolerate such gender and sexist based attacks?

    What happened to the issues campaign? The last debate was about anything but issues

  120. What gender-based attacks, pray tell? Citations (sorely) needed.

  121. What sexist attacks? Being the Senator from Wall St? Being a hawk? Promoting regime change in Libya? Promoting trade policy that hollowed out the economy? Being the Establishment candidate? Those are all issues and have nothing to do with sex. The only personal, ugly exchange was over "being qualified" but HRC started it, check it out.

  122. I don't understand this talking point. What did he do but ask her to release her speeches and to point out that she seems compelled to prove she's a hawk even if she's a woman.

    I saw no viciousness. I saw her deliberately and repeatedly talk over her time limit so she might accuse everyone of interrupting her because she is female.

    Hill supporters need to grow a thick skin for the general if they think she's been attacked.

  123. So disappointing. I see that my area, East End of LI, voted for Clinton. Everyone I know voted for Sanders, so I was holding out hope - and still am for future states. The delegate distribution was proportional, after all, so we've still got a chance.

  124. To win? Yes, a snowball's chance.

  125. I'm proud and delighted and hopeful that I don't know any Sanders' supporters - they seem to be a very disgruntled, unhappy, and childish bunch. The grownups have decided - too bad, you will have to pay back your student loans - get over it, we did it - it means HARD WORK. Get on board with the Democrats, the party that grows the economy in this country time and time again. Don't forget the depression that Obama inherited, and despite Republicans in Congress who vowed to stop him, he rebuilt this nation, and got bin Laden, and KEPT US SAFE. No Republican can claim any of that - put your fantasies about a free ride in college away, and get on board with the Democrats, who will deliver an economy that will provide the jobs and opportunities and will allow you to pay back your college debts - like all the rest of us did/are doing.

  126. Mathematically, sure maybe you have a chance. Statistically, not so much.

  127. While living in the Seattle area, I will always be proud to have spent my first 23 years in Beautiful New York. And yes, I do have NY values, which in today's contest translates into "not an evangelical".

    I don't see Trump winning the general election, but if he does, I think he could muster the discipline to be reasonably effective. I suspect he is really a closet liberal.

  128. He might be a liberal, but he has little discipline.

  129. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,

    You are 74, shake your finger at people, and had a fun run !!!

    Please do not harm the United States of America.

    Dial the hate of the Establishment back

    The Establishment is a part of the United States of America

  130. I'll dial nothing back, thank you, and given the level of fraud and disenfranchisement we've witnessed throughout this entire primary season, I'm ready to sit this general election out entirely. What difference does it make, when my vote is worthless to begin with?

  131. Steve, Steve, Steve.

    I am 60, shaking my head, and still managing to see positives in Sanders's campaign.

    He will not harm the United States of America.

    But he might inspire my kid's generation to question the motives of those politicians who represent the establishment and the misuses of power it can represent.

    Don't worry. Your candidate will indeed be coronated and ascend to the position that is rightfully hers.

    And I'm sure she'll know what's best for the commoners.

  132. Please write in Bernie!

  133. Ted Cruz is literally married to Goldman Sachs. How will his criticism of "New York Values" play out with his wife and the bank?

  134. New York's voting laws are a disaster (changing parties in October? nobody thinks that far ahead) and were executed incredibly poorly tonight. These are not accurate results, and I'm a Hillary supporter all the way. Open primaries and same-day registration would have helped some of the thousands who were turned away from the polls tonight, to say nothing of the terrible and confusing ballots which ask you to vote for delegates and don't make explicit that you don't have to vote for delegates who don't support your candidate.

    The goal of a democracy is to maximize the number of eligible voters and allow them to vote on those who represent them. It's that easy. It should be that easy.

  135. Why would you want to vote for delegates who don't support your candidate?

  136. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a democratic republic, and political parties in each state within the republic are entitled to make some of their own rules. This is primary season, which in the past was mostly an exercise for what pollsters call "likely" voters and others call "activists."

    Now, judging by events of the past decade, we may be entering a new era in which primaries become more like general elections in the mind of the electorate. In that case, we had better hurry up and invite the formation of more parties, although that will inevitably lead to a far more complicated presidential election in which 270 electoral votes might not be attainable...

  137. You don't know 6 months in advance that you might want to vote in the primary?

  138. If democrats come together, focus on issues, and point to the extreme racism, venom, crudeness, and divisiveness and polarization of Trump, We can win.

    However, it will be Hillary. Bernie fought a good fight, made some good points, but he has no mathematical chance.

    If he and his fans persist in these highly personal attacks, done so viciously against Clinton, then we end up sending Trump to the WH.

    Just take a look at that man Trump, listen to what he says. Is that what you want in the next prez?

    He will be, if you don't wake up and smell the coffee. Keep up the extreme vicious personal attacks on Clinton and make no mistake, we will have Prsident Trump in WH next year.

  139. What, so we're supposed to get behind Clinton no matter what she has said or voted for or done?

    War, anti-American trade deals, bought and paid for by Wall Street--but we should just ignore all that because Trump is somehow worse?

    I don't see how Trump is worse than Hillary.
    We see who she served once she was elected in the past--and it wasn't the average American.

  140. This is preposterous. If personal attacks can sink the Clinton campaign, then it's sunk already -- the opponent in the general is going to be the coarsest, least principled candidate in living memory. If you think what the Sanders supporters have been saying is "extreme and vicious," what are you expecting from the Donald? If Hillary can't withstand what Bernie's dishing out, she should quit today.

  141. Absurd, downstate. Hillary has been through the mill of everything nasty men (and women) could throw at her, and for decades now. If I were subjected to the gauntlet she runs, I'd never leave my house, or maybe my bed in the morning. Bernie's "dishing out" is not going to stop her, and neither will you.

  142. Trump's at 60.5, Hilary's at 58.8, yet Trump "trounces" rivals, while Hilary only "wins." Sorry, Hilary "trounced" Sanders also, like it or not.

  143. because Trump's lead over his closest rival is twice as large as Clinton's over Sanders.

  144. Linda,

    For goodness sakes, do you understand the difference between winning 60.5% against two other candidates while winning 58.8% against one? This is pretty simple stuff. As a fellow liberal, you are not doing us any favors with posts like that.

  145. Well, no. Trump's margin over his nearest rival was about twice what Hillary's was. Trump also won virtually every county in New York, while Hillary's victories were focused almost entirely in a few urban centers. If you look at the state map on the Democratic side, it's a few dense Hillary spots and a whole lot of Bernie. On the Republican side, it's solid Trump.

    Not that this is a good thing -- the fact that so many New Yorkers want to put a buffoon like Trump in the White House is appalling. But he did indeed trounce his opponents, while Hillary merely won.

  146. Time for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race or risk damaging the Democratic Party in the general election. Mrs. Clinton is clearly the most qualified candidate in either party. Donald Trump is just an embarrassment to America and the entire world.

  147. If not for Bernie, Mrs Clinton would have been the ONLY candidate offered by your Party!

    That is very democratic ....NOT.

    It is not a choice when you have a single candidate as was originally planned. Does that not bother you at all?

  148. Bernie's challenging Hillary has injected life and Democrat values into the Democrat Party, which has moved rightward since the 1990s and is sometimes indistinguishable from the corporate Republicans.

    By the way, being "most experienced" does not necessarily mean "most qualified."

  149. Only Hillary can hurt the Democratic party is she does not adopt a robust support for Obama's Clean Power Plan. Her support for solar cells has fudged math and is not enough.

    Wind energy is by far the big brother to solar. In 2014, wind generated 4.4% of the country’s electricity compared with 0.4% from the sun. In Iowa, where Clinton made her solar cell announcement, wind’s share is more than a quarter. It’s still much cheaper than solar, and the nation’s first offshore wind farm has began construction.

    It is in Hillary's power to win our trust. As of now she has danced around the Keynote pipeline and offshore drilling.

    Above all it is up to her to commit to no more wars, no more blood for oil.

  150. Why does Trump "trounce" and Clinton "win" if they both have the same percentage of the electorate?

  151. Perhaps you are splitting hairs, but then again perhaps the fact that Trump beat 2 opponents to Clinton's 1 justifies the fancier verb.

  152. Because he's going to Trounce her......

  153. Because there is a pretty huge difference between winning 60% of the vote against two other candidates and winning 58% against one other candidate. Do you understand now?

  154. New York has many, many more registered Democrats than Republicans. As of 10:21PM, 479,231 votes for Clinton have been registered, and 281,514 for Sanders. By contrast, 60,528 people have voted for Trump, with Kasich and Cruz well behind that. So why is the TOP story and headline about Trump????

  155.'s a primary election? And Hillary's win here was a foregone conclusion.

  156. Because the networks called the Republican primary for Trump at 9:05PM, right after the polls closed at 9PM. That's all - calm down.

  157. For sure, Bernie supporters need to repudiate the extreme hate mongers among themselves like that Paul Song guy, using unspeakable epithets to talk about Hillary.

    You can't seriously claim to be liberal and use such a language against women.

    Even Trump would be ashamed of such language

  158. I could care less if Hillary is a male or a female. That she is not in prison for supporting a war of aggression based exclusively on lies that shattered a country of 26 million people and turned the region over to ISIS before going on to demolish Libya is a sickening outrage to any decent human being.

  159. Midtown2015: Do you realize how many millions of voters there are registered as Democrats and Sander's supporters? Do we bow down and rend our clothing to show penance? Will you vow to compel "yours" to do the same?

  160. I am sure you are calling for Biden, Kerry, Harry Reid, Tom Daschle, Max Cleland, Chris Dodd, Diane Feinstein, Harkin, Schurmer and others to be sent to the same prison. They all voted for the same resolution.

  161. According to this moment's count, Trump lost to Kasich in Manhattan, where vast numbers of people are forced to live in buildings with his name emblazoned on them.

  162. "Forced to live" in luxury highrises? With river views, white gloved doormen and working elevators? Geez, we should all be so "forced" - what you are seeing in Manhattan are the few people who live there and vote Republican - and who follow the RNC like sheep. The rest of NY state is alive and awake - and kicking it to the RNC!

  163. Forced? Really? People have freewill in America dear. Perhaps you were thinking of somewhere else. If you don't like the name Trump you can move.

  164. It's too bad Hillary won.

    My husband I, both seldom vote in primary race, voted for Bernie today.

    Anyway we did our duty because we prefer a public servant (Bernie) to a politician (Clinton).

  165. Where was the bernster in 2004 when we needed him to go up against Bush instead of that lackluster Kerry? If he's always been around then he should have been doing a revolution then. What's that you say? No one knew about him then because the facebook and twitter hype machines weren't created yet? Yes he's not serving anyone except himself. If he could just get past his giant ego he'd see what he's doing wrong and bow out gracefully. He'd NEVER win in the general election. You can pull out any poll you can create to try to say he's beat Trump but people would come out of the woodwork to vote against the bern in November. If you think I'm wrong you're not paying attention.

  166. For all his years in Congress, just what has Bernie accomplished? And you expect him to lead a revolution--and succeed--in a Republican obstructionist Congress?

  167. He's been in Congress for 25 years. How does that make him NOT a politician?

  168. Congrats NY Democratic voters. You voted the way you were foretold. Now I will have to vote for Trump in the general, because I cannot vote for slimey Clinton, even though she shares my gender. Sanders, Warren, Trump. That is my order. I am a 63 year old white female.

  169. It doesn't matter what you do.
    Hillary will win NY easily in November, whether you stay home or vote for Trump.

  170. Casting a vote for the candidate of your choice always matters, whether that candidate wins or loses. It's an expression of support, and it is counted.

  171. oh, so we are all dupes but you really know what's right for us. aren't you special!

  172. Oh to have put an each way bet back in August for Donald to win the Republican nomination and Leicester to win the EPL title. It would have been the winningest payout in betting history.

  173. You'd be a lot richer, but the end of the world would be considerably closer. (I mean, Leicester City, c'mon! If that's not a sign of the end times, I don't know what is.)

  174. Trump wins New York. Big deal He's a native New Yorker. How a candidate looks in the swing state primaries is much more vital.

    Any Republican presidential candidate will lose the Northeast in the general election. Hillary won the the Southern primaries and gets around 40% in November.

  175. Trump will win most if not all the swing states in the general election. Record turn out in the Republican primaries for a non establishment candidate. The swing states are all that matter but Trump will win some traditional blue states as well. Trump will trounce Hillary in November.

  176. Its a big deal when you look at the number of delegates won for a given state. In the case of NY, it bumps Trump closer to the finish line by quite a margin -- this coming from a non-Trump supporter.

  177. Highly doubt Trump will trounce. He has yet to win support from minorities -- and that can likely be his overall downfall. I suspect a good win from him in CA, sure. But, I think Hillary will beat him.

  178. Even though I grew up in Texas and now live in Oklahoma, I was born in New York and I still have New York values. Very happy to see Ted Cruz dragging in only 14% of the votes. Long live New York values!

  179. Good luck with your fracking induced earthquakes out there. When do you suppose Hillary will address this issue.

  180. These results don't surprise me too much, although I think NY needs to rethink its rules wherein a voter has to declare party affiliation 6 months before he or she gets to cast a ballot. So much can happen in 6 months to change someone's mind. I think a 2-3 month lead time is enough to allow the state to adjust its voter registration rolls as well as allow people some flexibility to change their affiliation if they so choose.

    Btw, you mentioned that Sanders wanted to "damage her candidacy and sew doubts about her strength". I believe "sow" is the proper word here, not "sew"

  181. Although my candidate Bernie Sanders did not win tonight, I am truly heartened by the competitiveness of this race. I am also glad to hear that there will be an official inquiry into the disenfranchisement of maybe 60,000 Democrats in Brooklyn, Bernie's home turf. Even if it does not change the outcome, the issue bears closer inspection.

    Bernie will likely win in California and elsewhere in the coming primaries and the differences between him and Secretary Clinton will once more come to the forefront. Congratulations to the Hillary supporters for tonight's victory and may we all wait patiently until the 12th round of this epic fight has concluded.

  182. This reminds me of the Monty Python Knight in The Search for the Holy Grail...It's just a flesh wound...

  183. Bernie won't win in California. I lived in Vermont and my two children were born there, but I was born and raised in California. I "get" a Senator from a state of 600,000 residents, but Californians do not understand Bernie Sanders. Yes, the young people, college students will vote for him because they hope to have their college debt erased, but many Californians are conservative. And the large African-American population and Hispanic population would prefer a woman with experience rather than another old white guy who looks like every other white male politician. He does not represent them. We will to continue the change President Obama promised, and that is a woman in the White House.

  184. I like your attitude, but why say Bernie will likely win in California? He is losing in the polls there by as much as he was losing in NY. The math just isn't there for Bernie and I hope more of his supporters decide to adopt your approach.

    I can understand why people are turned off by Hillary personally, like maybe she's not the coworker you would invite out for drinks every Friday, but why so many supposed Dem voters think she is the epitome of evil is way beyond me. Obama chose her for one of the most important jobs in the world and she is eminently qualified to be CEO of our federal government.

  185. I heard on tv that in Brooklyn there were 120,000 potential voters who were "disenfranchised" what has anyone else heard? It was said that most of those disenfranchised were young, new voters. I am very interested.

    Hopefully Bernie has luck in other states. It might be best if he emphasizes his leadership of a needed movement.

    Good luck Bernie! The country really needs you.

  186. Luck - we the people need a candidate with experience at home and abroad, with gravitas in foreign policies and domestic needs. We the people of NY selected the RIGHT DEMOCRAT - and as NY goes, so does the nation. Luck is for children, lottery ticket holders and dreamers.

  187. thath might not be fair.

    But even an extra 120,000 votes would not be enough to flip NY for Bernie.

    Thank the DNC for putting their thumb on the scale from Day 1.

  188. HE won in a landslide, and SHE managed a win very marginally in much of the state.

    Too bad that we are saddled with these two!

  189. Mrs. Clinton's 20-point win over Mr. Sanders is hardly "marginal" - she TRUMPED him. Amen, sister, and we look forward to November with great excitement!

  190. In the big cities - it seems the rest of the state didn't really like her very much.

    I don't like her, or Trump.

  191. I wish people would stop seeing this as some sort of popularity contest. Yes, Bernie was likable (past tense after all the negative campaigning), but really, is that what we're looking for exclusively? Someone who's popular,harmless, anti-establishment, and dispenses candy in the form of highly-improbable promises? When our company hires people, we look at experience. You'd think that we'd be subjecting the person who's vying for the most important job in the country to the same standards.

  192. As a former neighbor(CT) of NY I am amazed at Trump's win.
    As amazed as if it was Bozo the Clown who had won.I guess Im displaying some insularity but I really at one time believed that people from the Northeast were above such things.

  193. We get what we deserve. It couldn't be truer than today.

  194. Everyone with any sense agrees that Nader's egoism gave Bush a chance to steal Florida by siphoning off 40k or so voters that ostensibly would have gone to Gore. That is his legacy and far outshines the work he did in exposing defective Corvairs.

    But for Nader no one would have ever heard of hanging chads or given the Republican majority on SCOTUS the opportunity to steal the election for Dubya, which they took.

    Think what a different world we would now have but for Nader's narcissism.

    Sanders should take a hard look in the mirror to see if he sees Ralph's face.

  195. Thank you for that comment. I've been reminding people of that one since 2001. (I also drove Corvairs for years, but that's another issue.)

  196. But for Nader's siphoning off Gore votes in Florida in 2000, there would have been no Bush v. Gore, no Iraq War, no Chief Justice Roberts, no Citizens United, no ... and it goes on and on. Those who do not know history are consigned to repeat it. This is history, it's time for Senator Sanders to recall a little history and bow out. It's time, it's time.

  197. well, considering that Gore still had more votes in Florida than Bush did, blaming Nader is utter codswallop. The whole thing was the result of Bush family collusion and corruption in Florida and with Fox News. And the indifference of the pre-9/11 general public let it happen.

  198. I hope the FeeltheBerners and Hillary crowd get together soon and focus on November. The stakes are too high for the two candidates to continue to go at each other like they have.

  199. I think you should talk to Bernie about that. His sanctimonious attacks on Hillary are based more on innuendo than fact.

  200. Given the way this campaign is shaping up, and given that Democrats are WAY underestimating Trump, I pray that if Hillary gets the nod that she pciks Sanders as VP, or Sanders agrees to campaign heavily for her. the last thing we need is a Republican in the White House at this crucial moment in history! Women's rights; worker's rights; health care, telecommunications transparency; SCOTUS judge appointments are all on the table!

  201. I completely agree Jim in Tucson. I have said from the beginning I am happy to have two choices who far outshine the Republicans. But the baloney being hurled at Secretary Clinton is infuriating. But despite my best efforts to persuade them they are wrong, my Berner friends feel the same way about Hillary. All of it, real or perceived, needs to stop.

  202. Look at the returns upstate NY. Trump had the widest margins in his favor in the counties that went solidly for Sanders. (So much for the touted fond memories from Clinton's listening tour days.) This doesn't bode well for Democrats in November, especially as these counties are more representative of Rust Belt areas yet to hold their primaries. Also Clinton's highest margins are in the high income/high property value areas. Then again, with a party chair who's in league with payday lenders and an apparent nominee who favors creditors over bankrupt families, the DNC has picked sides loud and clear.

  203. She also runs high amongst minorities...not necessarily the most privileged or wealthy people...

  204. Catherine - The issue is among voters likely to switch to Trump in the general election if Sanders is not on the ballot and Clinton is. The concern about voters reliably in your corner is about getting out their vote, not about convincing them that your message is the one they want. If non-minority swing voters outnumber minority loyal voters, then Clinton's strength among minority voters is moot.

  205. NY will be democrats in November. don't you worry to much.
    The state as a whole will vote for whoever the democrat candidate is (HRC)

  206. "Madame President."

    Thank you, New York.

  207. I'm waiting to see the spin the Republican establishment, RNC and Ted Cruz put on this one! I know - all New Yorkers are liberals, so Trump has shown he's a liberal.
    If they steal this from him at the Convention, I'm voting Democrat.

  208. Chris, we Democrats welcome you aboard. But probably the Republicans will nominate Trump - I don't see how they can avoid it - and you'll have your candidate. But, as I said, we'd be happy to see you vote Democrat.

  209. If you moved to a State that had any hope of Republican winning I'd be enthusiastic, but you live in California and whether or not you vote Republican or Democrat as an established Republican, California will be deep "Blue" in November.

  210. And if they give it to him at the convention or anytime, I'm voting Democratic.

  211. It's just sooooo depressive to consider this election's choices. This two-party system has failed miserably and it looks like business as usual. The tragedy is the lack of integrity of the media and the influence of money!

  212. But all the new voters who have turned out can only be a good thing, as in "participatory democracy."

  213. You have an opportunity to elect someone who will be a great force for our country, Hillary Clinton. Don't be misled by all the right-wing, talk radio garbage. Bill was a good president, and Hillary will be better.

  214. It would be interesting how many delegates Donald Trump will win in New York once the tallying is over. If he receives at least 76 delegates, his chances to clinch the nomination becomes less narrow.

  215. Big mistake NY Republicans.

    Trump is officially unstoppable now. Russians ordering planes to flyby US warships at a lateral distance of 30 feet - Kerry says that according to the rules of engagement we could have shot them down. And then what?

    What would Trump do in that situation?


  216. Maybe Trump would make friends with the Russians. After all, there is no reason for us to be enemies. Look around the world. We can find many more nations who have done far more harm to us than Russia ever has, yet we persist in this madness of "Russia baiting." The one strength that Trump might have is that he might be reasonable on the question of friendliness toward Russia.

  217. These two candidates are so rich and corrupt. No one to vote for in November, why bother.

  218. That's the spirit. I hope you're a Republican.

  219. If you don't know that, you don't know enough to vote.

  220. Look at your own map, NYT! Clinton did not win New York "easily." Bernie is actually doing quite well in most of the state.

  221. Exactly what I was thinking. Clinton's win came from the cities, not from the rest of the state. I thought she would have done better throughout the state of NY.

  222. This is not a board game. You don't win by claiming the most amount of surface area.

  223. Trees, rivers and grass don't vote, people do.

  224. Feel the real BURN!
    Go Hillary. You have been knocked down and you get up time and time again.
    Bless you.

  225. What? Is Hillary now going to make her slogan "Feel the Bern"?

  226. No, it's that he will be "feeling the Bern" while trying to "run up the Hill."

  227. It seems over 160,000 Registered Democrats were purged and Comptroller Scott Stringer is calling for an audit of the Board of Elections, as of today.
    We met several people on the street who had to get an emergency judicial hearing in order to vote in the Democratic primary.

  228. Let the revisionism begin.

  229. It is time for all people from every political party to unite behind Secretary Clinton to fight the greatest threat to American values since WWII.

    Trump wants to end religious liberty in America, bring back torture, bankrupt Social Security and Medicare by returning trillions to the wealthy, and destabilize decades of post War alliances and nuclear agreements.

    Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders both want to fight climate change, diminish wealth inequality, shore up Social Security and public health care, increase access to higher education and vocational training, and grow jobs and the economy by increasing disposable income for the middle class.

    We need to rebuild our failing infrastructure and invest in science, technology and basic research to increase productivity and with it standards of living, clean renewable energy and clean water, land and air.

    We need to bring back the enforcement power of the Voting Rights Act, stop disenfranchising poor and minority voters through voter ID laws and gerrymandering, and focus on criminal and drug reform.

    God bless President Obama for bringing the country back from the brink of disaster while confronting an obstructionist Congress. Now let Secretary Clinton build on the extraordinary work of one of America's greatest Presidents.

    Immigrants and freedom made this country great.

    Let Clinton and Sanders unite to fight Trump, Cruz and a Republican party that has tried to undermine the basic principles of our great nation.

  230. Do you Really Think Madame Clinton cares about the working class? Follow the money.

  231. Goldman Sachs will certainly unite behind her.

  232. All Republican Presidential hopefuls want to cut trillions in taxes that go primarily to the wealthy and corporations, since this is the only way they can bankrupt Social Security, Medicare and the safety net that protects veterans, the poor, sick and the aged.

    Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders have the same objectives, but have different ways of getting there.

    Now that the Democratic nomination is finally clear, Democrats and Progressive independents need to pull together to fight against the disastrous announced policies of Trump/Cruz.

    We have to start by shifting the political dynamic of the Supreme Court after more than three decades of taking rights away from women, minorities and people in favor of corporations and religious zealots.

    We have little time to fight climate change. Secretary Clinton has made the sensible step of using technology to achieve American energy independence after 40 years, shifting from coal and oil to natural gas and liquids.

    Under Bush-Cheney, inflation adjusted oil prices were higher at any time in history, including the oil embargoes of the 70s.

    Obama-Clinton efforts to expand natural gas and liquids supply, and increase energy efficiency standards, crushed the price of oil by over 80% and increased disposable income for the middle class.

    This is the essential transition in supply and demand to shift to clean and renewable energy.

    Democrats are for the reinvigorating the middle class and trickle up policies and sustainability.

  233. `Trump and Clinton Win New York Easily'

    And now the good news ....

  234. ......."Hillary wins the Presidential election"

  235. Please put up the vote tallies as well as the percentages. They are vital to understanding future voter turnout as well as preference.

  236. The margin (thus far) between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders, isn't considered a blow-out. The graphic shows about 67% reporting. It is pretty safe to conclude that Mrs. Clinton will be tonight's winner. What the numbers also conclude is; "it ain't an easy win".

    Consider the numbers if this was an open primary- I have to surmise Sanders would be the beneficiary and winner tonight. All to say that going in to the Democratic Convention, there is no crowning of anyone.

    This really is an exciting time in American Politics from both the voter's vantage and the two-party political machines; I don't believe either can take the other for granted after 2016

  237. What on earth are you talking about? With this win, it's that much closer to certain that Clinton coasts to the nomination.

  238. Dear Joe: I am talking about much more than just the Democratic Nomination. I am talking about American Politics and the proverbial turning of the tides and how this year's Presidential Election will bode for the political process in the future; I am looking at the big picture of what tonight is about.

  239. hillary took th city folk

    trump took almost everybody

    well, he usually does

  240. Very cute. I love a good wordsmith.

  241. This slow motion coronation of HRC is painful. Every time I read about how her delegate count is unstoppable and about how Bernie never had a chance, I cringe. It's getting so tiring. By the time HRC is crowned empress of Democrats, I just don't think I'll care anymore. I'm waiting for a third party.

  242. we've had 3rd parties all along, it's just that everyone ignores them time and again. remember Ralph Nader? He campaigned with Bernie's message for decades - and no one cared to listen to him. so here we are.

  243. If you support Senator Sanders as a third party candidate you are supporting a Trump presidency. Now that's progressive.

  244. I finally figured out what it means when I hear people whining about Hillary's "coronation." It means she wins more votes than her opponent.

  245. Expected outcome in a closed primary with ridiculous 6-months rule. If it has been an open primary, or a closed one where you can register as a democrat a day earlier, then Bernie would have won.

  246. There are about 150,000 registered Independent voters in NYS. If Senator Sanders received all of those votes, he would, still, have lost by a substantial margin.

  247. I disagree. There is a reason for political parties, and I think the decline of party affiliation is a bad thing for democracy. Parties are mostly private entities. If you are a member of any other organization, do you allow outsiders to vote on your board of directors? Argue that the two parties have too much sway--that's fine, and there are good arguments for that position. But if you don't want to join our party, start a new one.

  248. As my dad used to say, "If my grandma had wheels, she'd have been a wagon." What is ridiculous about the 6 month rule? It has been that ways for many years. It was not exactly a secret, and you did not need a "secret decoder ring" to register as a Democrat.

  249. I sure won't laugh at Sanders, or count him out. What a great showing across the upstate in Clintons' home turf.

    I have no dog in this fight on either side. I just rely on the wisdom of the masses to provide the best decision.

  250. "I just rely on the wisdom of the masses to provide the best decision."
    I would strongly urge that you examine that notion. Jeez. That's scary.

  251. Watching Hillary's victory speech ,I must say I am sick; my ears are assaulted by her pitchy voice, by her prerehearsed, precalculated and prefabricated campaign. I cannot and will not support her election bid as I find her contemptable and disagreeable. She is flawed candidate who has lied , manipulated facts to coincide with her perceptual reality and as such I cannot hold my nose and vote for her. Specifically, how can Bernie supporters align with the Clinton camp as Bernie's ideals are polar opposites!

  252. Where did this concept of "flawed candidate" emerge? Talking points from talk radio, undoubtedly. If you listened to what she said, and where her priorities really are instead of what you describe as her "pitchy" voice, perhaps you would alter your view of who she is and what she has to offer.
    Further, Bernie's ideals are largely in line with Clinton and the democratic party at large, although he is perhaps more idealistic than more seasoned politicians.

  253. Just like there was no difference between Gore and Bush to the Florida Nader voters in 2000. Didn't matter, did it?

  254. @ Peter, she had absorbed and made Bernie's ideals her own....There is a reason First Lady Obama dislikes her; there is a reason why the President has not endorsed her and there is a reason Senator Warren has not endorsed her... Why? She is disingenuous and will take up any position to win popular support... She is a political weather vane!

  255. Bernie and Bernie supporters, take a deep breath and look at the results. Then think carefully about the next move: do you want to sink deeper into arrogant, self-righteous, holier-than-thou posturing? Or do you want the democrats to win the white house?

  256. Ron Paul Redux. Or should I say, Ralph Nader Redux? Children of the corn, in any event, rooting for the AARP candidate anomalously.

  257. Interesting. I've seen a whole lot of arrogant, self-righteous and holier-than-thou posturing over the past few months, but it hasn't been coming from Bernie supporters.

    The more you tighten your grip, Clintonites, the more independent voters will slip through your fingers.

  258. Penguin, here is what I, and many others, want. A change from business as usual. And Mrs. Clinton does not offer that. The possible choice of either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump in November offers only one who will not continue business as usual. Therefore, the choice of whom to vote for is made.

    You can characterize us in your mind as arrogant, self-righteous, or whatever else you please. Hope that makes you feel superior. But I'm sick of the way things are, and will do whatever my one vote can do to change things.

  259. Big win for the republicans tonight. It's going to be hard to choose one of them in November.

  260. Hillary Clinton's "win" was based only on her dirty tricks: the old politician's trick of "getting more votes than your opponent" and "appealing to non-whites." The New York primary was obviously unfair. Delegates should be apportioned by the number of enthusiastic Facebook posts.

  261. Brilliant - hoping Senator Sanders delivers a similar dose of reality when he concedes to Secretary Clinton. Hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

  262. Outstanding.

  263. @Richard Grayson, "Sarcasm, right?" (A la The Big Bang Theory)

    Sign me,
    "I'm with HER."

  264. Now the republicans are truly tied to the smokestacks of the HMS Donald on a cold april night. Just what they deserve for creating this monster, intentionally or not. Bon Voyage!

  265. The best of New York remains the worst for the rest of us

  266. From Reuters - it seems that quite a few names had been removed from New York voter rolls:

    "New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer ordered an audit of the city elections board after it confirmed the names had been removed from voter rolls. He told the board in a letter it was "consistently disorganized, chaotic and inefficient."

    "It is absurd that in Brooklyn, New York, where I was born actually, tens of thousands of people as I understand it have been purged from the voting rolls," Sanders told supporters at a rally in State College, Pennsylvania."

  267. Kaari: And we thought this only occurred in Southern States.

  268. This happens every year. The people who were removed either died, moved out of state, or simply showed no interest in voting for several election cycles. Senator Sanders is, once again, shooting from the hip to score points with his "fans."

  269. I have always voted democrat and this time I voted for bernie. If there is much more trashing of bernie supporters from the Clinton camp, I will sit the general out (and it'll be a first time sitting out any election) _ trump or no trump.

  270. I've heard no trashing of either Bernie or Hillary supporters by their opposites. must be rougher where you are.

  271. I think Sanders has trashed quite a bit himself, thank you. All this "hold your nose and vote for Hillary" nonsense really gets me steamed. Hillary Clinton is a great candidate and would make a great president. Her flip-flops and truth shading are not unusual for politician, and she has many good traits Sanders can only dream of having.

  272. No; please write in instead.

  273. Even if Bernie loses the nomination, he has proved to millions of people the need for either a dramatic realignment of the Democratic party, or the establishment of a Third Party. I'm hoping for a Third Party. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are bloated, corrupt, and no longer work for the interests of the people. I might vote for HRC if it really looks like Trump is going to take it or if she actually takes on some of Bernies platform, but otherwise I think I'm voting for the Socialists.

  274. Yeah, a third party is the way to go, right. If you're a Bernie Sanders fan, a third party would merely open the door for a Republican to sneak into the White House. Let's get another Ralph Nader type into the picture, or did you forget about his impact on the Bush-Gore debacle.

  275. Still with this? Al Gore should've won his home state. It's the least you should expect of a candidate running for President.

  276. Enough of this "least of two evils" strategy. Vote for someone who stands for progressive ideals. The only reason Trump can come as far as he has is because people like the Clintons have pushed the Democratic Party far into neoliberal Republican territory. Why would anyone vote for more movement to the right?

  277. It's really scary you rejected my other comments about Trump. It is our duty to warn Americans what a Trump Presidency would mean.

    History repeats because people repeat their knowledge of history.

  278. I'm surrounded by Dems and almost all of them have quietly, apologetically and almost fearfully (around Bernie supporters) supported HRC. The outcome is no surprise, if still a bit of a relief.

  279. That is a shame, mwr. WE should be celebrating openly that a woman of courage, intelligence, action, compassion and experience has stepped up to become the first FEMALE President in the 240 year HIS story of America. Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton gets my grateful vote.

  280. Hi mwr,
    Your post answers the surprise which some commenters have expressed that everyone they know was voting for Sanders. I bet some of them were for Hillary but were wary of having their ears berned-off (so to speak).
    Thanks for what you wrote.

  281. I agree. She is the best candidate by far.

  282. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are actually a pretty accurate reflection of this city at present.

  283. Wealthy & educated white, Jews, Asian vs poor & uneducated minorities? That's actually about right. You can easily tell who is at what neighborhood because of the housing prices in the city.

  284. Here's an interesting notion I've been contemplating for a while that I haven't seen anyone talk about: A Four Way Race

    Let's say Bernie gets to the convention with a very sizable amount of delegates, but not enough to defeat Hillary's super-delegate group. At the same time, Trump arrives to the RNC with the most delegates, but not the 1237 necessary to win in the first round. The next step would seem to be that Hillary wins despite Bernie's close delegate count and Trump loses despite his high delegate count - however, this is where things get fun. What happens if Bernie and Trump both decide to run independently, resulting in a four way race for the presidency?

    To be specific, it starts with Trump deciding to run independently because he feels "cheated" out of his nomination. That gives Bernie the license to say that running independently will not hand the election to the Republicans who are split between their "establishment" nominee and Trump. His justification will be that Hillary's "lead" is mostly a result of super-delegates who do not represent the people, and that the unique situation of the Republican party split gives him a right to represent the millions of voters who backed him. The result will be a very interesting four way race for president.

  285. Sanders is not losing just super delegates but also pledged delegates, and is millions of votes behind Hillary

    And many of the super delegates are also elected democrats in their own way. And democrats had this system for several elections, not just this one.

    And your point is that Sanders, who could not win Hillary in a democratic primary, somehow would win a general election? How? By getting a slice of extreme right wing vote?

  286. These "millions of votes" are irrelevant in a national election because ... yes, because these are from Republican states.

    Case closed.

  287. Right. There is a very high probability of this scenario occurring. All columnists and editorial writers are too stuck in their ruts to see that this might happen. And it could get even more surprising if all four candidates won electoral votes, but none won a majority. Then the choice of President would be decided by the House. This is not idle speculation. The probability of this occurring is pretty high.

  288. not a republican fan at all, but I'm thrilled Kasich beat obnoxious Ted

  289. Between Hillary and Trump, as a liberal, I'd vote for Trump. At least you'd know where you're candidate stands.
    sad day.

  290. If you want to vote for Trump, it is your right. But if you vote for Trump, you ain't no liberal.

  291. You're doing better than the pundits I've read who don't know where Trump stands because he contradicts himself time and again. Hillary's flipflops too. But she's been in public life long enough that we have a good idea of her real views: her votes, her speeches explaining her positions before her campaign for POTUS began.

  292. New Yorkers showed wisdom in its selection of Hillary Clinton, one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified (ready to take over from President Obama on day one) presidential candidates ever.

  293. I don't doubt her experience, knowledge and qualifications.
    But I do question what she will do with them.
    Not all people with those qualities are Ghandis, many are fascists, dictators, Mafia dons and the like.

  294. Ready to take over on day one makes me afraid she's knowledgeable about what to do to shield her big donors, big banks, big pharma, military arms, etc. from what could benefit us 99 percenters.

  295. I understand that people haven't agreed with all of Hillary's actions, but the vitriol, largely fed by the GOP smear machine for over two decades, expressed by so-called "progressives" is astonishing. All of the attacks questioning her ethics is based 100% on pure speculation and tin foil hat-style conspiracy rumors. Yes, she has taken money from Wall Street, but where is the proof that it has translated into policy that harms the poor and the middle class? Does that tenuous association automatically negate all of the positive things she accomplished as a senator and Secretary of State?

  296. Nothing succeeds like success. America loves a winner. I knew Jay Gatsby and Donald is no Jay Gatsby! Rather he is the real McCoy, a Truman-style plain talker and get-it-done guy. Does his daughter play piano? Donald vs. HRH Hillary will be like Lon Chaney Jr. vs. Vampira. If Hillary wins it will be history's biggest Pyrrhic victory.

  297. Comparing Trump to Truman is disgraceful.

  298. But Charlie that leaves me no choice but to compare Donald to Lincoln. Truman seemed commensurate.

  299. Compare Trump to Mussolini. From the jutted out chin and pout, he patterns himself after 'Il Duce.

  300. I came to stay a while/
    I thought the summer through/
    but I am telling you/ I must be going

    far from the Dems-- no longer a voter, after all these years.

    My civic life increases now in activist educational and environmental groups,in my retirement.

  301. Okay. And if Donald Trump wins the presidency, you can take pride in that stance I guess.

    Personally, I'd rather have a compromise candidate than Donald Trump.

  302. You should not have to be a registered Democrat or Republican to vote.
    Elections should be popular majority.
    Whoever earns---not steals, blocks, or otherwise manipulates--the most votes wins.

  303. These are primaries for the political parties to select who they want to run.

    The parties can chose whoever they want, however they want.

    Any registered voter can vote in the general election but it's up to the parties to decide who they put forth on the ticket and up to the parties to make the rules on how that is done.

  304. This isn't an election, it's a primary. The election isn't for another 6 months for crying out loud!

  305. You do not have to be to vote---in the general election. The primaries are to choose the leader of the respective party. And the parties are not governmental agencies. It makes sense to me that you have to be a member of the party to vote for the standard bearer. If you are not invested in a party, go start your own party. There is no law against that.

  306. "New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer ordered an audit of the city elections board after it confirmed the names had been removed from voter rolls. He told the board in a letter it was "consistently disorganized, chaotic and inefficient."

    The board was out of coins to flip

  307. Did Brooklyn officials do something stupid or careless? Possibly. It wouldn't surprise me, mainly because electoral boards are managed by human beings, but the fact remains that it doesn't change a thing. Even if Brooklyn electoral officials somehow engineered a way to remove thousands of Bernie voters (how they would do that I have no idea since name, birthday, address, and last time voted is about the only info they can see), it won't change the outcome...not in Brooklyn and not in the state as a whole.

    That being said, I think Bernie looks like a real irresponsible grouch to suggest publicly, as he has, that some conspiracy is afoot to disenfranchise his supporters. Enough already.

  308. Never heard of a conspiracy, mford, you must know more than I do.

  309. Yes, Pepe, I have heard of conspiracies, and very few of them ever turn out to be true. The notion of public officials risking their reputations and careers for some wholesale fudging of voter rolls in a NY state primary election seems pretty absurd to me.

  310. Congratulations to Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, OUR next President of the United States of America!

  311. With this win I thought of you njglea.

  312. "[S]he's not the president of me."

  313. We are getting ourselves a trustworthy and honest leader such as Dilma Roussef or Cristina Kirchner. Bravo.

  314. Look at the map on the front page for Dems! Clinton won in only 9 New York State counties and 3 of those were very close. So many Sanders voters and many will not vote for her in the general election. Trump is licking is chops.

  315. Ay Bernie voters who do not go for Hillary in the end are virtually voting for Trump (or whoever it is). That is shooting yourself in the foot.

  316. I would certainly hope that the Sanders voters would show the same intelligence and maturity and vote for Hillary in 2016 like Hillary voters voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

  317. Clinton and Sanders are very different unlike Obama and Clinton. And we're in a different era. We need to move faster in a more progressive direction. Who knows? Maybe Trump will be the best President ever.

  318. April 19, 2016. The day the US -- and the world -- counted on NYC democrats to make the right choice, only to end in tragedy as they chose the candidate thrust on them by their corporate masters and the DNC kingmakers. The candidate who is a member of the one percent herself.

    America well and truly deserves Trump.

  319. You have backwards. Clinton can beat Trump. Bernie, no.

  320. Trump might shakes things up. Clinton will just continue America's downward spiral that started at least during the last three presidency. More money in politics, more foreign military adventures, more spying at home.

  321. As a totally committed Sanders supporter, I beg to differ.
    America deserves Trump only if he is elected by the majority in November.

  322. Bernie Fans,

    What a great contribution you have made to this election and to the Democratic party! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I *really, really, really* appreciate Bernie's stand on Israel in particular! While I think it is likely that Clinton will be our next president, I believe you, Bernie fans, and Bernie in particular, have brought so much energy and examination and accountability to the Democratic party. I feel grateful.

    Even if Clinton becomes president, you Bernie fans, pls keep up the good and passionate work of being who you are and pursuing your ideals no matter who wins!!!

    Bernie supporters -- again, thank you and keep up the good work; America needs you!

  323. I feel like this is genuine, and not sarcasm, and so I will add: I agree completely. And you're welcome.

  324. Trump won NY, but lost Manhattan...very interesting...would love to see him explain that to the press.

  325. New York values. What other reason could it be?

  326. Here is an explanation: Manhattan Republicans are dumb, but not quite as dumb as the Republicans upstate.

  327. Take a look at the map of NY counties won by Clinton - a handful. Here is our "beloved" carpetbagger Senator, who did so much for Upstate NY during her tenure that they completely repudiated her. It should be an absolute embarrassment, though of course, will not be reported that way and does not bode well for November when there will a lot more people typical of Sullivan County voting than Manhattan hedge fund managers.

  328. Probably fewer than 1 percent of people living in Manhattan are hedge fund managers. The whole Brooklyn holier-than-thou thing is pretty insufferable. How can the rest of us keep up with all that cool-ness?

  329. How did they "repudiate" her. That is exactly the opposite of everything I have read. Sources please.

  330. Sorry Ellen, but there's more to Brooklyn than hipsters. Where I grew up, and where my parents still live, everyone is rooting for Trump. Most curious are the immigrants from all over who, having attained citizenship, prefer him to Hillary. Cool-ness has nothing to do with it.

  331. Well a poster on here a couple weeks ago referred to Hillary's supporters as The Silent Majority. Man was he right.
    We don't threaten to end our NYT subscription nor do we jump up and down and scream bias for every article that is written. We take our lumps and try to put our two cents in in spite of the overwhelming bullying and condescension from BS supporters.
    And oh we don't go out and have massive rallies we stay home and take action and make sure we are registered to vote and/or have changed our registration when we needed to. We don't sit back and dream - like our candidate we act.
    So happy Hillary won so big with women. Yuuge!
    For those who absolutely won't vote for Hillary in November we would rather you do, but that is your choice. I believe she will win anyway.
    Madam President - how sweet the sound. (fingers and toes crossed)

  332. Out in California and I'm with you, sister.

  333. I thought only Sanders supporters were sanctimonious...

  334. Right on, Elizabeth!

  335. Results are in. And the people of the Great State of New York have spoken.
    To Sanders' supporters: Let this serve as a lesson in the 'Cause and Effect' of negative campaigning.
    Another thing.
    It's not possible to proclaim a Candidate above negative campaigning, while actively participating in it.
    Want a "Revolution?-- Don't forget it takes the unity of an entire Nation to bring it about -- And that doesn't happen at rallies, immediately, or overnight.

  336. Negative campaigning had nothing to do with Bernie losing - a closed primary that didn't allow Independents to switch parties since October, and which discourages new involvement, is.

  337. He won the last seven of nine states. Both candidates to a degree included some negativity in their campaigns but it's a big stretch to say Bernie negatively campaigned leading up to NY. You need to get your facts straight

  338. what negative campaigning?
    and did the entire nation bring about the end of slavery?

  339. I plan to vote for Bernie in the Calif primary, and then hold my nose and vote for Hillary in Nov. Not because I like or trust her, but only because a Trump/Cruz will mean another Scalia on the SC.

    Hilary is the lesser evil and a liar from the word go, especially when she says, "I've always been a progressive." Sure. . .like when you were a corporate lawyer or on the board of Walmart. I must have missed the part when you agitated for the workers at that sweatshop.

    "Bad judgement" when you used your private server for State Department emails? No. . it was to conceal your tracks and keep us from knowing what your were actually doing. Hillary is a fraud and I'm ashamed that I have to vote for her to keep Trump/Cruz from the WH.

  340. I disagree. I think Hillary would be a great president, and a lot of the people calling her a liar and without values, etc., are just repeating what they have read in the media. Is she flawed? Yes. Is Bernie, yes, in many ways. He just hasn't been examined with a microscope for years the way she has.

  341. It aint over, Bernie is still in the race, and Hillary is still quite weak, in particular with independent voters, about 33% of the electorate. These "king makers" did not vote in this most undemocratic state primary.

  342. Guess what? More closed primaries: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey... Sorry, but indies are not making a difference. Maybe it's time for indies to put out their own candidates and nominating contests rather than siphoning onto the backs of Dems or Repubs.

  343. if the delegates assignment is proportional to the vote. Hillary and her pals in the media establishment , minus FOX news, will net about 41 delegates , Millions of votes are not counted yet. Is not a big deal.

  344. How do you like those New York values now Ted Cruz!!!

  345. Go New York! The right people won. It's time for the other candidates to throw in the towel. Let's see Trump and Clinton go head to head.

  346. Tad Divine:
    “Bernie is in good shape going forward no matter who wins New York... We could win enough delegates in Pennsylvania and Indiana to catch up further to her, and we have good opportunities all the way through California”

    Utter nonsense. Don't be the Ralph Nader of 2016, Bernie. Get behind Hillary and stop the crazy Republicans in November. And get behind the Democratic party, for heaven's sake. It's our only chance.

  347. You're not very persuasive. We simply don't agree on what is "utter nonsense."

  348. For shame trying to equate Senator Sanders running in the Democratic primary to Ralph Nader who was on a third party ticket. For shame! Those voting democratic deserve to have a CHOICE of candidates throughout the primaries. Choosing one candidate to represent us all is what the Convention is for.

  349. It's laughable to say that he can "catch up to her" when he is expected to lose most of the remaining contests. One only catches up by winning.

  350. Looks like the Demos made the choice for me. It is always down to Sanders or Trump because I will never vote for a candidate that take money from big money and then tell me she is going to look out for my interest.

  351. The reason Bernie never made speeches is that no one offered him the opportunity.....i.e. not marketable; not a leader.

  352. I've voted in every election I was eligible to vote in
    since I became eligible to vote
    after 18 year olds got the vote.

    This is the very first time I've been scared for my country.

    I actually yearn for the departed days when we thought the very worst thing that could happen to the nation was a dynastic battle between yet another Bush and another Clinton.

  353. Get over yourself.
    Hillary's the wife of a former President, NOT the brother of one and the son of the other.
    Besides, JEB! has been out of the picture for some time.

  354. I don't buy this idea that the Clintons are a dynasty in the same way as the Bushes. A dynasty suggests multiple generations of political leaders, and this is not true of Bill or Hillary's family.

  355. Take a look at current writing on the subject of "revolution" and you may be disabused of your fond understanding that what Sanders is attempting is either inclusive or democratic; you may also find that his efforts do not truly deserve the use of the term "revolution." Sanders advocates are strident, threatening and harshly spoken, and they tend to operate in packs, but I doubt that they are prone to giving their lives or their liberty for their desired form of government, and that is a fundamental aspect of true revolutionary fervor.

  356. Ah, the Clinton supporters are now trashing Sanders supporters ab nauseum here. But, at the end of the day, Ms. Clinton only gained 19 delegates At the time, I wrote this, she is up less than 14%. In her so called "home state" in which she at one time has over a 25% - 30% lead.

    Yes, Ms. Clinton "won" tonight. But, she only won the New York metropolitan area. She barely won Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester. Lost everywhere else. This is far from a mandate. She lost the rural, vote. She lost the student vote. She lost the rust belt vote. She won the black vote. She won the Hispanic vote. and she won the rich suburban and urban vote around New York City.

    So, celebrate the "victory". But, Ms. Clinton still has problems with voters she needs to put her in the White House. And the more arrogant she, and her supporters become, the less they will vote for her. As she has alienated them completely. Not to mention a number of independent voters, which I am part.

    So, enjoy your night. But, you may not be celebrating come November, unless MS. Clinton does a complete "remake" of herself from top to bottom. But, at this point, no one would accept another Clinton "reboot".

  357. She is winning by more than 200,000 votes as we speak. And the count is still going on.

    Minimizing her votes, people who vote for her, whether blacks, Hispanics, older people, women, whoever, living in Brooklyn and Bronx, or in Arkansas and Louisiana poor hoods, will not bring glory to Sanders. Just makes you look small.

  358. By the many trash-talking Clinton supporters; it sounds like they really don't care one wit if Sander's supporters support her [ or not ] come November.
    Word to the loose-lips; They have been known to sink ships.

  359. Why is it that Bernie supporters continually imply that certain segments of the population -- like blacks, Hispanics, urban dwellers, and yes, even affluent suburban folks -- don't matter?

  360. While I've been a supporter of Hillary Clinton for many years and admire her greatly, I was initially understanding of Sanders as a man and candidate as he not only has made Clinton stronger but brought many progressive issues to the forefront as well as energized young people who are "finding politics" for the first time. Having said all this, I have not appreciated the campaign Sanders ran in NY His rather gruff manner and finger pointing and impatience has gotten worse and rather than outline his policies he lectures his audience with the same speech all the time, full of ideas and very little substance. Moreover, what was up with his flying to Rome for a day in lustful pursuit of an audience with Pope Francis (that never actually happened)? Knowing he was going to get his clock cleaned, off he went to Pennsylvania as though he couldn't wait to leave the state of his birth that, all week long, we've been told is REALLY "where his heart is". Nonsense. The best candidate won, DEMOCRATS are UNITED behind Clinton. Is Sanders really a Democrat? He says so but I don't buy it for a minute and this is really a major reason for his poor showing tonight. Independents are NOT entitled to choose the Democratic nomination nor should they be so next time REGISTER if you want a say in choosing the PARTY'S nominee.

  361. Independents are the ones who decide general elections. You might want to think twice about belittling them.

  362. The Clintons' adopted county of Chautauqua seems pretty ambivalent about her, as are most of the other counties. As for the rest, yes, it is unfortunate that people do vote according to personality issues and not according to the issues, partly because there is a partial blackout on information. SOME party's nominee is supposed to be the president of ALL the people; and the problem is more the two-party system than the 'disloyalty' of independents.
    As has been noted before, Sanders is a Democrat in thought, not just in name; the Democratic machine is largely no longer what the Democratic party is meant to stand for (and I say that partly because I've read and returned several DNC surveys, which include their lip-service to the people).

  363. If Sanders is a "Democrat in thought" , why doesn't he have the courage to proudly call himself a Democrat??