Ted Cruz’s Conservatism: The Pendulum Swings Consistently Right

Mr. Cruz’s policy views over two decades suggest that he would be the most conservative presidential nominee in at least a half-century.

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  1. Maybe he'll provide a balance to the most liberal president of the last half century.

  2. A more accurate balance would be that Sen.Cruz would provide a balance to the wisest president of the last half century.

  3. The President is not a traditional liberal. He is progressive for sure, but a pragmatist. He is not an ideologue.

  4. Balance? I think you need to look up the definition of 'balance'. Having a member of the TP/GOP-Taliban Party as President would be a nightmare. And our most 'liberal' President has sure liked Wall Street, huh? Americans don't know what 'liberal' is anymore. I grew up with liberal politicians in the 50s and 60s; there is no comparison now. Bernie is FDR~that's liberal.

  5. Currently, Cruz is possibly the most dangerous man (or woman) in America.

  6. Probably so, but close behind we have Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes followed closely byTrump, Limbaugh and a host of others.

  7. You got that right!

  8. Ted Cruz has benefited from Donald Trump. The media has focused on Trump, while Cruz has flown under the radar. In other campaigns Cruz' policies would be scrutinized. Perhaps it's time to start?

  9. Cruz is a far greater demon than Donald Trump. I can't even imagine what the USA would look like as a religious state .... akin to Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  10. Not knowing the man personally I cannot fairly judge whether he is the dominating intellect that the media typically recites in any piece on him, but I think his adherence to ideology is quite clear and that's what makes him and so many in today's GOP very dangerous. In pursuit of his vision of how the world should be rather than dealing with it as it is, Cruz is inflexible and doesn't care how much damage is incurred in pursuit of his goals. This tendency was seen in the government shutdown that he provoked for no reason other than ideology. It is his desire to rule, rather than to govern with others, that leads me to declare that Cruz is a radical and an extremist and this country can afford neither.

  11. Cruz is a staunch hard-line conservative. The reality is, America does not want a true conservative.

  12. Mr. Carpet bomb them until the sand glows Cruz.

  13. "In pursuit of his vision of how the world should be rather than dealing with it as it is, Cruz is inflexible and and doesn't care how much damage is incurred in pursuit of his goals."

    Replace Cruz with Sanders and the statement is equally true.

  14. I find Cruz very intelligent and very dangerous. His attitude and delivery remind me of certain extremist of 1930-1945.

  15. I've said in essence the same thing as you in my comment.

  16. Anyone else remembers the moment during one of the debates where, answering a question on healthcare, Trump said people would not be dying on the street under his presidency and Rubio and Cruz looked at him as if he had two heads. Trump has received a disproportionate amount of press, both positive and negative, nationally and internationally, while the far more dangerous Cruz is quietly sneaking past him.

  17. It would be a breakthrough in modern journalism if reporters for the New York Times, along with those of other media outlets, would stop referring to Ted Cruz as conservative. He is not. If “conservative“ in the American political lexicon refers to someone who stands for fiscal responsibility, limited government intrusion in individual lives, adherence to the Constitution, and an embrace of those values articulated in the Preamble to the Constitution it is difficult to characterize Ted Cruz as anything other than an extremist or radical. How does one reconcile limited government with a massive extension of government control over reproductive rights? How does anyone claiming to be a conservative argue government has the right to inspect your genitals? How does one claim to be a conservative while planning military spending that explodes the deficit?
    The problem here is Matt Flegenheimer is content to let Ted Cruz define himself as he wishes, and of course Cruz will armor himself in conservative rhetoric. Apparently I could announce myself as the Second Coming of Christ and Flegenheimer would dutifully write it down and publish it. Cruz is no conservative as the term has been used by political scientists or serious thinkers. Instead he is an opportunist who dresses his extremism in conservative clothing counting on the irnorance, laziness, or obedience of the media to repeat the falsehoods. The New York Times should be embarrassed, or if Trump says he is a pauper it‘s so?

  18. In addition he's not a nice person. He has that mean edge. Also his voice sounds like Porky Pig with good grammar!

  19. “Why do people take such an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? It just saves time.” - Former Bush Staffer

  20. This is what I believe about Ted Cruz.

    His conservatism, as is his religious faith, is of the crassly cynical school of opportunism. It differs from the theologies of Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar and other "posperity gospel" purveyors only in the currency of their desires. For Osteen, Dollar, and the others it is, yes, the dollar itself. The currency Cruz desires is power. Raw and pure power. Osteen and his ilk no more believe in a capital "G" god than does a stray dog; They believe only in financial riches. Cruz is the same, only with power instead of money. He uses the fundamentalist religion of his father to that end and that end only. It is not a faith or a system of belief; it is a tool, a hammer. Which is the only tool one needs when all the problems are viewed as nails.

  21. Mr. Cruz appears to have the sort of mind that thrives in an environment where intellectual achievement is still somewhat respected, but not broadly cultivated. I found the comment on de Tocqueville illuminating: whatever views he has on the author might be, they are - must be - interpretations. And interpretation is always open to questioning and attack, which is the whole point of discourse. But as long as he's the only one in the room who's read Democracy in America, he will be unassailable. Thus, he can have the authority of Gorgias, who was never stumped; this will be based not on his own excellence, but our collective ignorance. Great books still have power, in strange ways.

  22. The smartest guy in his class at Princeton is no reason at all to vote for Ted Cruz. Senator John McCain, one of the "goats" (low class ranking at US Naval Academy) did very well for himself and his party and he calls Ted Cruz "a wacko bird" - they are brothers in the Senate and who knows more about wacko birds than Senator McCain who ran for the Presidency in 2008 with the wacko bird from Wasilla, Alaska and lost the first of two GOP Presidential attempts? Romney wasn't a wacko bird and neither was his Ayn Randian VEEP choice, but they lost, too (in 2012). No matter what prism you look through to see Ted Cruz, he is not only a remora on the Big Shark Trump, but an unelectable and unviable wacko bird whose chances of winning the RNC Presidential nomination in July are slim to none.

  23. It seems to me that the strongest lesson from our Founding Fathers was that government should not recognized any religion. They feared theocracy more than anything. How can a Ted Cruz who is so smart fail to realize that when you allow individuals to practice their religion at the expense of others that you have the government recognizing that religion.
    The Supreme Court used to get it right when it said states can't prevent mixed race marriages. Clearly many believers still think this is morally wrong but so what. Think Kim Davis. Can anyone explain this to me or is Cruz just an example of an Eric Hoffer True Believer who justifies anything if he believes it is morally right?

  24. Ted Cruz is a nativist extremist and Islamophobe. How is that considered part of conservatism?

  25. Ted Cruz is a borderline psychopath. Joe McCarthy 2.0. He wants to patrol Muslim neighborhoods, "carpet bomb" our enemies and clearly he hates women. And I hear he is well-liked in DC - PLEASE NOTE SARCASM.

  26. I don't think he's borderline. I think he's an evil, lying, narcissistic psychopath who would do irreparable harm to this country by eagerly tearing up the already frayed wall separating church and state. I detest Trump but have no words to describe my loathing for Cruz. I am furious that the GOP has brought us to the point that we have to live in fear that one of them will be elected president.

  27. He earned money performing for Rotarians. Perfect.

  28. And all this written about St Cruz without mentioning a twisted moral compass far to the right of Mr Trump. . .Cruz's 5 mistresses including a super PAC associated with him paying $500,000 in 'hush money' to one of these women.

    On the economic policies put forth by his touch stones find an over arching moral concept - the value of the individual above all else. . .that fantasy individual who through their own work; without any direct or tangential assistance from society or society's programs, rises to wealthy position. This fantasy individual then turns away from others through justification that 'I could do this and so can you. . .get a job'.

    Of course we all gain from society, we all grow from learning about others, we all benefit from schools, infra structure, security, medical advances, and keeping our commitments, especially in a marriage. . .all except the Libertarian like Cruz who did it all on his own.

  29. Wow! A NYT article that paints Cruz as something other then the devil! This goes a long way to explaining why the republican elite can perhaps accept this guy. Still it would be hard to stomach a guy who puts a fetuses right before a women's or who still thinks gay people don't have the right to legalize their commitments to each other.

  30. Billionaire Robert Mercer is perhaps Cruz's biggest single funding source. Robert Mercer wants to go onto the gold standard. Hence, Ted Cruz wants to go onto the gold standard.

  31. After reading this article I think that a majority of American
    citizen will understand that even if Cruz was the smartest guy
    in his class in Princeton he became a extreme right wing
    sectarian ideologue. This is not an achievement that deserve a A
    or a C+.

  32. The only question is whether enough republicans will hold their noses to vote for someone they loath or someone they hate, just because they couldn't stand to see a democrat win.
    You can't educate your party to give you better candidates when you vote for whoever is on the ticket.

  33. Probably half of my friends are moderate Republicans.

    To a person they have said they will vote for HRC before they will vote for either Sen Cruz or Donald Trump.

    Make of that what you will.

  34. What I make of that is that it's probably reflective of a substantial number of Americans, including Republicans. Thanks for your comment. Makes me feel better that a guy like Cruz can never be POTUS.

    HRC is actually the best Republican candidate in the race.

  35. Barry Goldwater did not lie incessantly and egregiously about basic science. A vote for Trump can be rationalized (barely) as a protest against a decrepit and dysfunctional Republican establishment. A vote for Cruz is a vote for ignorance, demagoguery, patent dishonesty, and fake conservatism.

  36. The Cruz tax reform with a too high 16% VAT and too low 10% flat income tax is as brilliant as it is extreme. No one has asked Cruz why the rich paying a 10% income tax would also need the elimination of the Estate Tax. Indeed, would Cruz help the rich before paying off the national debt and balancing the budget? The article is otherwise informative but misses the soul of Ted Cruz buried in tax reform.

  37. We don't need a rigid, knee-jerk ideologue in the White House. Texans can have him as their Senator if they want, but Cruz is dangerously narrow-minded and unsuitable for the rest of the nation.

  38. Very reassuring!
    Cruz may be no Savonarola, but his puritanical conservatism may yet lead us to our own "bonfire of the vanities".
    Had Savonarola been more successfu, we would be enjoying a burned out picture frame, where Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" hangs.
    Let's hope Cruz has the same success, if not fate, as the Renaissance Puritan.

  39. I guess if you want a country governed by "conservative" principles, whatever those may be, then Cruz is your man for this election cycle. I would then think for those who do not want to be governed by "conservative' principles, Hillary or Bernie are your other choices.

    So, you have to decide "Is the government your friend and partner, helping all and providing Defense and opportunity". or is it the enemy preventing you from achieving your goals, blocking opportunities by helping all and providing opportunity.

    I do not want to live in a "Pre-Civil War South" in 2016. There has to be middle ground.

    We have wasted the past 6+ years stonewalling a working government over these kinds of differences, hopefully some solution will present itself...

  40. He is a high-functioning sociopath.


  41. It boggles my mind. The man who could not get along with anyone in Congress, who defied his party's leader, who shut down the federal government, costing taxpayers billions of dollars in taxpayer money over some futile protest over the ACA, now wants to be elected president. Seriously? In what bizarre world, under what circumstances, could this possibly happen and why should it?

  42. This Texas resident for more than 50 years could not agree with you MORE! Seriously! Be afraid, be VERY afraid of Tex Cruz!!

  43. Read Jason Epstein's column in the WSJ
    It's not just Ted, it's how America got stuck with five turkeys--and how one of them is going to run the country for four years--probably into the ground.

  44. " In what bizarre world, under what circumstances, could this possibly happen and why should it?"

    1. Bizarre world? The US in 2016
    2. Circumstances? The USA in an election year
    3. Possibly Happen? yes, it could possibly happen , given 1 and 2 above
    4. Why should it? because the US democratic system is historically, systemically, corrupted and fundamentally utterly flawed.

  45. Senator Cruz and his resume reeks of Tomás de Torquemada.

  46. Since when did the Judeo become part of the Republican Christian religion ...

  47. The reason Cruz is more dangerous than Trump is because, as noted here, he really is a conservative and he actually believes the nonsense he spouts.

    Modern American conservatism ruins the economy, promotes discord and backwardness both domestically and internationally, impedes scientific progress, and stymies basic human rights and values.

    Conservatives, by their nature, view doctrinal purity and rigidity of the type shown by Cruz as positive attributes. In a democracy, however, they are extremely counter-productive and inflict great damage.

    We should not necessarily have "religious tests" for higher office in this country. Nevertheless, the American people must make decisions about their candidates' judgment and wisdom. Any candidate - like Cruz - who actually professes to believe in supernatural powers, superstition, and medieval notions of "right and wrong" should have those infirmities of thought taken into account when we vote.

    All in all, Cruz is a "perfect storm" of a candidate who is anathema to fundamental American interests.

  48. Ted Cruz is not a conservative; he's a radical. He's a religious fanatic. He would be a disaster as president and I don't really think our country could survive a Cruz administration. There are good reasons why he is the most unpopular senator in Washington, and if the American people vote him into office, they will soon understand.

  49. While this article displays what I already knew, that Mr. Cruz has very high academic chops and significant stops on his resume, I remain confused by something that happens consistently in journalistic discussions of the GOP's condition, in the NYT and elsewhere.

    Everybody refers to the Republicans' "conservative base," yet will then refer to "mainstream Republicans" who seem to be more moderate than the aforementioned "base."

    Wouldn't an organization's "base" be its largest group of like-minded people, Wouldn't its "mainstream" group consist of mostly like-minded people? The mainstream is where the most water flows, the primary channel, the place safest to navigate. If any of this is correct, why isn't the more moderate "mainstream" GOP its "base?"

    Perhaps, if the GOP has in fact shifted well to the right of center (as many, including me, think it has), then a better word than "mainstream" for the more moderate GOP is "moderate" or "centrist." If the Cruzes and Kasiches of the party now represent the majority view, the moderates are no longer the mainstream; they have been moved to the status of minority / opposition.

    I live in a GOP-dominated part of the country, and most of the folks I speak with don't like Mr. Cruz or Mr. Trump. Yet this district elected a Trump-like man to the Senate, and a Cruz-like man to the Congress. I have no idea what to do with that, except to say that our local GOP seems as confused about itself as I am about it from the outside looking in.

  50. Vote for Hillary...

  51. Evidently fear of post-mortem punishment by a wrathful Republican God motivates a lot of painful prophylactic idolatry in elections where placation of God is the underlying issue.

  52. There are a whole lot of people who've read Tocqueville and Madison. An A in class puts you in the top 60% at Princeton, and doesn't make you the "smartest guy in the class."

    I guess Cruz is in the Republican Party because, after all, where else can a man of average intelligence stand out as a towering genius?

  53. just like Newt.

  54. Ted Cruz may be a lot of things--religious fanatic, radical, universally disliked, self-promoter, fact-stretcher--but conservative is not among them. He seeks not to conserve, but to disrupt, overturn, harm, damage, and profit from the chaos. He is not interested in representing all Americans, but in leading a Cruzade of evangelicals.

  55. Conservatives clearly wish the Constitution to be viewed as a reactionary document. How sad. What do they make of the preamble?

  56. Tor-"Conservatives clearly wish the Constitution to be viewed as a reactionary document. How sad. What do they make of the preamble?"

    It gets discarded as does ANY provision of the Constitution that they don't agree with such as the second amendment beginning with...the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." instead of as written and with its full intent: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
    I argued with a teaparty conservative about the preamble to the Constitution. He stated that "providing for the general welfare" was only meant for in extreme circumstances and not for the actual *everyday* general welfare of the public. I would imagine living in a militaristic "police state" as so many of our minorities and LBGT's are subjected to doesn't interfere with insuring ones domestic tranquility either.
    Cafeteria Christian, Cafeteria Constitutionalist there is really no difference. Follow the ideologies that you agree with. Discard all that you don't. It's the cafeteria ideologue way.

  57. No way someone from Slitherin House takes a majority of electoral votes this go-round.

  58. Imagine the Inauguration: President Cruz and his father at his side. Creepy!

  59. This is a real fluff piece that reads like a "Mr. Cruz Runs For President". This is reporting?

  60. W got elected partly because he seemed like someone you'd want to have a beer with. Cruz? I'd rather have a root canal, thanks.

  61. Well, my analogy is that Cruz is a current rendition of George Wallace, the Tea Party that he represents simulates the Dixiecrats, and Texas has become a neo Alabama. Of course the anti-integration fervor of prior days is no longer the dominant theme, but little else has changed. Cruz, his supporters, and much of the region in which he garners support continues to be anti-government (i.e. "states rights"), ultra conservative, over-conspicuously religious, culturally regressive (e.g. anti-gay, anti-abortion), rural dominated, and somewhat insular.

    Or to put it in another way, try to imagine Cruz's views if he were taken back in time to, say, the 1950-60s. With whom and where would he find most favor?

  62. To make an analogy about Ted Cruz the Nazis said the only thing worse than a Jew was a smart Jew. So the only thing worse than a conservative is a smart conservative i.e., Ted Cruz.

  63. comparing Cruz (or any candidate) to Savoranolo, Torqemada or Hitler (that one by innuendo) in the comments is going way too far. I wouldn't vote for Cruz on a bet and some of his policies are very troubling to me, but, comparing him to any of those bogey men is going way too far. But, it was no different for some in targeting Bush and Obama. Partisanship makes everyone a little crazy.

  64. Savanarola

  65. Cruz's problem is, if he's talking then he is CRUZifying the truth. As a native Texan, I feel compelled to warn you, don't trust this guy, he is a "snake".

  66. But, as someone else pointed out, it can be hard at times to see the snake for all the oil.

  67. Cruz's Constitution must be missing many of its amendments. Maybe that is precisely what these reactionaries mean when they claim to be originalists or strict constructionists or some such. None of that pesky Bill of Rights (except to bear arms, oddly enough), none of those Civil War amendments. They want to go to the really "good old days" when only white men of means were considered fully human at all. This is why they must be defeated!

  68. I very much look forward to seeing his ideas put on display in the 2016 general election. I will relish watching him lose so that the right wing extremists can finally understand that America has heard their gibberish and rejected it.

  69. I wonder when the national media will finally get it that Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz are insane.

  70. Return to the gold standard, abolish the IRS and yet have a strong military? What does he hope to pay the military with? Better include mandatory lessons in Mandarin. The only military we will see will be the Chinese troops marching down main street.

    What is truly bothersome is how many people support such totally destructive ideas.

  71. But Gold is only one "l" away from "God". It is magic to Teddie.

  72. I cringe every time someone says that Cruz is religious. Religious people are full of charity and forgiveness. All the truly religious people I know would never tell someone else how to run their lives.

    Mr. Cruz is not religious. He is a fanatic. Does anyone else know a group of people that are fanatics? How much different would living under Sharia law be than living under Mr. Cruz?

  73. As U2 said "Well, the God I believe in isn't short of cash, mister"

  74. Two quick items: 1) " ... conservative intellectual leaders ..." Really? Who Knew? 2) Where does the Senator get his white powdered wigs?

    Ans a question for the Senator. Given that you are an originalist, what is your opinion about that little "three-fifths" bit of Constitutional text? No, really, I'm asking quite seriously.

  75. He's a religious fascist whose college roommate said he'd rather pick a name from the phone book then see him as president. Will he pay back the 24 billion he and his fellow Republicsn criminals cost the economy when they shut down the government.
    But stupid, Fox addled Americans will vote for him. Nixon. Reagan. W.

  76. He was supposed to REGISTER as a US citizen. He/ his parents didn't


  77. Imagine… a coup at the Republican convention in July, or continuing to watch the wretched antics of G.O.P. operatives. If not so desperate and unethical the tyrannical frolics and corrupt tricks of G.O.P. operatives would be considered comical if not so immoral. Talk about hypocrites; if nothing else, Mr. Trump has managed to expose the corrupt aspect of the G.O.P. and the fact that there seems less then a scintilla of difference between Republican and Democratic operatives.

    Imagine… if you didn’t know any better, you might even think our political servants were no more than charlatans in search of their own personal El Dorado a.k.a. campaign chest. There seems no end to the depths of deceit our political servants will stoop to protect their ideological turf. Talk about la, la land suffering the woes of lost principles and elitist deceit. If you didn’t know any better you might even equate our political servants and their cunning political operatives to third world despots in search of power.

    Imagine… how nauseating, while clever pundits toss around terms like ‘silent majority’ liberal elitist continue to be so enamored with their self-reflected images it is laughable, talk about… mirror… mirror on the wall who is fairest of them all. Shenanigans committed by political cultist with the left and right are so disgusting its beyond reprehensible, its egregious if not criminal. Has anyone given any thought of term limits, impeachment or imprisonment!

  78. Every time I read the Ted Cruz was the smartest guy in the class or room, I despair. My only hope is that they are being sarcastic.

  79. Cruz is smart the way a cobra is smart - using body language that hypnotizes its prey before striking.

  80. Dear David,
    Usually it's compared to a room full of fanatical Christians or neocon pro-war folks, so in those cases he really is the smartest guy in the room. Of course, you or I, or most normal folks, would also be the primary intellect in such gatherings.

  81. I seem to recall a popular magazine cover in 1980 with Ronald Reagans face on it, the caption read, "we warned you about Nixon".
    Be afraid Americans.
    Cruz, the man who lead the government shut down in 2013 at the cost of 24 billion dollars to deny health coverage under the ACA.
    You have been warned.

  82. I remember when Jeb Bush was considered the smart one in Republican circles.
    Being smart when you believe in failed policies is an oxymoron! Emphasis on MORON!

  83. No mention of his call to "patrol" Muslim neighborhoods, the most obvious manifestation of his fascistic tendencies?

  84. Cruz is a threat to over fifty percent of the population- women. He is also a threat to Separation of Church and State. More evil than Trump.

  85. To sum up, Ted Cruz is the smartest candidate for president by a country mile, possesses a constant set of libertarian conservative principles, and has a history of working to implement the policies on which he campaigned.

    That would clearly distinguish him from the current GOP and Democrat frontrunners.

  86. But Cruz's libertarianism is the anti-social, anti-Christian philosophy exemplified by the bullies in The Lord of the Flies. Many psychopaths and sociopaths are smart, rigid, self-absorbed, unwavering and blind to the damage they cause others. That Cruz possesses these traits is not a reason for glorification, but a reason for fear. The only way to to handle a bully like him is to stand up to him.

  87. What he also might work on is extracting the gold teeth from citizens in order to support his gold standard idea. Also, "overwhelming military force" costs a great deal of money. A flat tax for a population facing dwindling incomes does not add up.

    If he is the smartest, I'd really love to see the least intelligent.


  88. Cruz was elected to congress by the oh-so-educated voters of Texas on the campaign promise that he would defund Obamacare, regardless of the fact that the Republican party had NOTHING to replace it and also regardless of what would happen to the millions of people already on it. And the only thing Cruz has accomplished office was a downgrade in America's credit rating as a direct result of his misdirected and poorly informed actions.
    And you think that shows presidential material? Seriously??

  89. Ted Cruz is a perfect example of the damage done by the dozen years of Reagan-Bush41.... Just as he's becoming an obnoxious pre-teen, Reagan comes into power and Ted spends his politically formative years spent in that deluded environment graduating high school in 1988 and college in 1992. He is the Frankenstein's monster that was created by that period of time.

  90. VJR, the Reagan-Bush 41 era also did tremendous damage to the Democratic Party, which we are seeing to this very day. First, it laid the groundwork for the Republican takeover of Congress which took place in 1994. (The Democrats had the House majority for 40 consecutive years before then; the Republicans have had the House majority for all but 4 years since then.) Second, the humiliation of losing 3 straight Electoral College blowouts in the '80s caused the Democratic Party to largely abandon its policy focus on advocacy for the less fortunate and pivot toward a more corporate-friendly agenda. This did enable them to become more successful in presidential elections, but along the way caused them to embrace policies (such as free-trade and de-regulation of the financial sector) which have led to (1) increased economic hardship for a growing number of Americans and (2) a growing sense among the electorate that the Democratic Party is just as corrupt and on the take from wealthy interests as, and thus indistinguishable from, the Republican Party.

  91. "He opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest...."

    So I'm simply his own little pet forced breeder? I will breed/be bred as HE dictates? Sorry, but I don't remember standing in the Slave Market and Mr. "Condom" Cruz giving the winning bid.

    I DO remember, though, him standing on stage with some bizarre minister who was howling for the deaths of the gays. That little piece of joy should show well overseas.... say Uganda.

    Alright, he's to the right of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. Yes, we all know that. But how close, in his rightness, is he to the KKK, the Neo-nazis, and the John Birch Society? Is he a beloved of the Koch Bros? Which think tank is extolling him the most?

    .... and what about that "natural-born" Constitutional requirement?

    "Intellectual rigidity" is another word for "crazed wacko".

    Is that what you meant.....?

  92. Intellectual rigidity is another name for the Conservative Purity Test. It's also another name for any religious cult, which also defines the conservative movement.

  93. Ted Cruz is the reason why Donald Trump is successful. Cruz as president would disrupt the social fabric of the country - I expect Mrs. Cruz would be a better choice. She seems to be the power and money behind the throne.

  94. Ideologues are what they are: a representation of a thin slice of the American public. When you become President of the United States you represent all the people of this republic. Ideologues, by definition, are unable to assume that role.

  95. Where Was Ted Cruz Radicalized?

    Ted hails from the Evangelical Dominion sect that preaches taking control of the nation and taking the wealth from the “wicked.” His father, Rafael Cruz, can be seen in videos online preaching about Christian Kings that are anointed to take control. Ted Cruz believes that America is a “Christian” nation and that this must be restored.

    Rafael Cruz preaches about the Seven Mountains of Dominionism whereby Christians are meant to take dominion over seven cultural elements: family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government. The sect is based out of the belief of Isaiah 2:2: “Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains.”

    This is not a Christian nation. We are a secular nation made up of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics and other faiths and non-faiths.

    Does it scare you that Ted Cruz wants to impose his Christian sharia onto the general citizenry of the United States? It should. [H...P]

  96. And having someone who believes that it all doesn't matter because "we're all gonna die anyway" as President is even scarier. Wait, that was G.W. Bush who said that, but he did give us a nice little war that just keeps on giving. Cruz is also part of the conservative group that believes in all war all the time isolationism. Hillary with all her faults, will trounce Cruz if he's nominated, and the establishment knows it. It's so fun to watch the Republican Party implode by their own "ideology".

  97. It scares me that claiming to know what God thinks isn't taken to be a true telltale of dishonesty and insanity.

  98. Connection between Hispanics is not what you might think. I was once hanging out with some of my Hispanic friends and they were upset at how this country isn’t supporting the Spanish language enough or we’re not integrating enough of the Hispanic culture into our country considering the number of Hispanics that are a part of this country... unlike how Europe learns other languages and interacts... I listened quietly wanting to actually feel what was coming from my friends. This was my response. I said, I would like you to listen to what you are saying. You are espousing the idea that more people follow the same religions, ideals and language that was forced onto your different peoples when the Spanish came to your shores, killed and dominated hundreds of thousands of your people forcing your ancestors to give up pretty much everything of who they were. The Hispanic connection is a trauma bond. Taking that away, the different cultures within the Hispanic societies were as varied and different as the Scots, Welch, Irish and English and we know how that went. Unless Cruz can represent ALL of the different cultures that were taken over by the Spanish, which he can’t, he would really only be representing the Spanish that dominated them so many years ago.

  99. Let freedom ring! Or wait is the election process free or bought and paid for by corporations who support people like Cruze and Clinton. Profitable corporation have these people elected to insure continues subsidies. Many of these companies export our jobs. These are the top subsidies to well established profitable corporation the is paid for by the American Middle Class. Nike/2.03b, Royal Dutch Shell/2.04b, Fiat Chrysler/2.06b, Ford/2.52b, GM/3.58b, Intel/3.8b, Alcoa/5.64b, Boeing/13.8b.

    How many of these companies hold earnings abroad and pay little in there share to taxes. Candidates like Cruze or Clinton won't advocate changing this corrupt system of politics.

    Rise up people of all colors who make up the middle and lower classes of the U.S. Turn off your TV rather than listen to the false campaigns. Do your homework, get the facts and cast your vote .

    We don't need to be told what's best for our country we can take charge of the election process. DO IT.

  100. Don't forget that Trump's a born-rich, wealthy jerk who's made his pile of money sawing up neighborhoods, selling off the pieces, and going bankrupt when he gets into trouble.

  101. So how can Cruz claim to be the one to unify his party, let alone the nation? His far-far-right beliefs and obstinance make him an outlier even in the GOP.

  102. The Republicans in Washington, DC, already know it doesn't matter who their eventual nominee is, they've lost the White House. With any rational thinking at all from American voters, they'll also lose their majority in Congress, since they've never put it to any useful purpose in years. Haven't we suffered enough from the delusions of the Far Right by now?

  103. This kind of of Bible-thumping con artist makes his living undermining separation of church and state.

  104. Boo, it boggles your mind, and the minds of your fellow progressives, because you are so focused on the racism & misogyny of Trump supporters that you have taken your eye off the ball when it comes to the message of limited government, and how it resonates among people who consider themselves true conservatives. Progressives have to get out of their comfort zones, view the world in the shoes of others - which I understand liberals are supposed to be good at doing - and craft sensible public policy that does not insult the intelligence of people who consider themselves conservative.

  105. Block grants to States isn't limited government. It's transferring money taxed from the people of the United States to representatives of States where most of the people who were taxed weren't represented.

    Limited taxes coupled with a huge military build up isn't limited government either.

  106. Actually, we mostly focused on Trump's racism and misogyny, and only noticed that he attracted a lot of similar types.

    As for "sensible public policy," a) you tried to slide from "progressives," to "liberals," just as you tried to slide from Cruz' loony right-wing principles to "sensible public policy," and b) the record on such policies hardly suggests that they're sensible.

    It suggests that y'all are nuts, and uninterested in what most all Americans actually think.

  107. If you believe that taking money from the Social Security trust fund is good sensible policy, you must be independently wealthy, and have no elderly relatives who need it to survive. This kind of approach to governance is what enables much of America to dismiss conservatives as extraordinarily selfish.

  108. Cruz is Trump version 0.2 with many viruses.

  109. If nominated, Ted Cruz will become the "Barry Goldwater" of the 2016 campaign.

    "The more things change, the more they stay the same..."

    Conservatives would have learnt nothing in fifty years since 1964.

  110. Publius, compared to Cruz, Senator Goldwater exuded a definitely pinkish aura.

    It's not just being in different leagues, they are not the same species.

  111. Right-wing reactionaries use the term "constitutionalist" as a bludgeon, claiming control of interpretation of a document vital to us all, and imposing a radical individualist and anti-communitarian interpretation, ignoring the Constitution's own statement that its fundamental purpose includes "promiting the general welfare." This is parallel to various sectarian ideologues through time claiming the exclusive title of "christians", variously imposing Roman bureaucratic imperialism, money-accumulating selfishness, and various other values in disregard of the religions founders' overt statements.

    So let's be clear: Mr. Cruz has no more claim to the title "constitutionalist" than does Ms. Clinton or Mr. Sanders, or any other US citizen. And those, like Ponnuru, who slip in that word as much as possible are perfectly aware of the ideological hijacking they're trying to impose on us. We all, including the Times, should resist such efforts to imply that liberals, socialists, communists, traditionalist conservatives, moderate Republicans, or anyone else is NOT a constitutionalist. All who value the US Constitution in its messy glory are just as constitutionalist as Cruz, and should resent his effort to exclude us.

  112. These narcissists believe that the Constitution is a divine revelation that only they can truly grasp with their deep vision into fantasy.

  113. PQuincy, thank you for your most astute comment. Everyone should click the link, read it, and be reminded.

    Those claiming to be "constitutionalist" are implying that you are "anti-constitution" if your reading of it disagrees with theirs.

    Those claiming to be "Pro-Life" are implying that you are "Anti-Life" if your views are different than theirs.

    Those claiming to be "Freedom Loving Americans" are implying that somehow you "Hate Freedom" if you disagree with them on just about anything.

    And so on and on. The point is, I am grateful to have been born an American, I love my country as much as anyone. I have the same right to claim the Constitution as my own and to hold my own views regarding its meaning as any other of my fellow citizens. I mightily resent being told that I am Un-American when I disagree with the likes of Ted Cruz. It smacks of McCarthyism.

  114. Constitutionalist has become the new "the Bible said it and I believe it".. Only the constitutionalists can properly interpret the constitutionalists and the rest of us are socialist fascist , Marxist heathens, hell bent on destroying "murica.

  115. If only... democrats were afraid of a man who wants to appropriate and control $1.5bn of taxpayer earnings, of students who outlaw political speech, of a state that forces people to bake cakes and arrange flowers or be put out of business, or of criminalizing disagreement about the extent of climate change, then perhaps they would not be driving us towards totalitarianism. But reading Ayn Rand and quoting the Constitution? That's beyond the pale!

  116. Cruz claims to be against governmental encroachment, but wants to impose his will on women's' bodies.
    Cruz claims to be an intellectual, but compared the ACA with Nazi appeasement.
    Cruz claims to be a devout Christian, but spoke glibly of making the sand glow in the dark.
    Cruz claims to be anti-establishment, but his education and career have been within the usual political establishment.
    Cruz claims to be apart from Wall Street, but is married to one of its representatives.
    Cruz is a dangerous man and hypocrite, who will say anything for power.

  117. So, in addition to his legendary ego, contempt for anyone not just like him, and notorious inability to get along with anyone he has ever met...there's this. His dogmatic, ideology-first approach to politics.

    Am I the only one laughing like some evil villain when I watch the GOP scramble to orchestrate a brokered convention so they can nominate Cruz instead of Trump? They honestly believe this man can win a general election? Hilarious.

  118. Donald Trump with brains. SCARY!!

  119. Cruz is a far worse nightmare than Trump. Literally no one knows for sure how Trump would govern. He's the only wild card candidate I've ever seen, but that's undeniably what he is. The fact that his followers would support him if he shot someone on 5th Ave. has as a corollary that they would support him if, for example, he appointed his liberal sister to a chair on the Supreme Court. Cruz's totally different. His is far from a cult of personality. His is a pure cult of ideology. So his presidency would be guaranteed to be the most proto-fascist we've ever seen. A shameless McCarthyite nightmare of bigotry, catastrophe in the Middle East, and endlessly serving the narrow interests of the Big Oil money that he's been a puppet of every step of the way in his grotesque career. Worst of all, Cruz does significantly better in the polls against Clinton than Trump does, for dessert.

  120. Luckily, even though he does better than trump, he still loses handily.

  121. Cruz is nothing but an extremist and a religious zealot in a suit. He uses his considerable knowledge and debating skills to convince naive and ignorant people that he is a modern day messiah.
    Cruz makes Trump, a snake oil salesman, more sensible and desirable.

  122. Having Cruz as the GOP nominee will certainly do wonders for reviving my faith--in Hillary--as no other candidate could. Many of us who are a bit lukewarm about the Clintons these days will have renewed energy and the hounds of hell at our heels to do anything and everything to keep Cruz out of the White House.

  123. The man is a zealot. Stop sugar coating it.

  124. Cruz is a bombastic fascist...in the tradition of Mussolini. I can't wait to see how president Cruz converts the U.S. in the political equivalent of Italy, a beautiful country with lots of beautiful people, but which is run by organized crime and whose political system is the laughing stock of the entire western world. Wait, Trump is also a bombastic fascist...in the tradition of Mussolini. This is election is a win-win opportunity for Republicans!

  125. trump is more like mussolini. or even berlusconi. cruz has the personality of an elmer fudd!! with hair.

  126. Ronald Reagan had a life with real experience. He was a liberal and moved his position. On balance he was not an ideologue although he clearly formed a point of view based on his life experience. He surrounded himself with some excellent people, particularly in the State Department. He also had a Democratic Congress and worked with them, often with a smile and what looked like genuine good will.

    Ted Cruz has always been an ideologue. He has been a terrible Senator who can't work with anyone. If he wins he will go into office with a Republican majority. I think he's dangerous. Very dangerous.

  127. i thought reagan was a liberal as that was the norm in hollywood of those times. he turned conservative due to the strong willed nancy? basically reagan, as i understand, was a simpleton without any strong feelings on anything. he could be charming and sell ice to the eskimos though! however he a devil of a friend in margaret thatcher.

  128. Cruz is a rightwing conservative, not a reactionary. On the other side, both Bernie and in reaction to him, Hillary, are left wing extremists, if I were to call them that - but I do not. They simply believe in really Big Government, and that is their right.

    Cruz also believes in balancing the federal budget, which Hillary and Bernie do not. Thinking of the debt that the nation has accumulated and my children and grandchildren, I'm with Cruz.

    If the country rejects Cruz, shame on the USA; the decline of "Rome" will continue, just as with the once-great UK.

  129. James, you must never need social security or medicare, must not mind taxes skewed to the very wealthy or an exploding deficit. The Cruz fiscal plan cannot even come close to balancing the budget. Voodoo economics.

  130. Cruz is a nut case. He literally may be registered as a Canadian citizen on his birth certificate that he refused to release. He is the most hated Senator as his fellow republicans dislike him immensely.

    Cruz only won the Senate seat because the GOP Teaxas primary was on a hot summer day where the entire state assumed the Lt Governor would win the primary.

    His antics would send the US back 50 years.

  131. If you really do believe that Cruz could balance the budget with his agenda, please look at his actual plan details and figure out how much money you think the federal government can bring in as revenue. Then figure out how huge his deficit would really be. I'm sure you will be stunned.

  132. I can't stand to look at him much less listen to him. That horrible nasal whine .

  133. The most scarily conservative candidate in 50 years? Sigh. Do you guys meditate to that mantra? I've been hearing it forever. Quoting Madison, Hayek, Friedman. What horror!

  134. This man is nothing but a megalomaniac-shape-shifting-compulsive- lair. But then on the other hand, does this not truly define the entire Republican Party!

  135. This article is about consistency. I appreciate Mr. Flegenheimer's exposure of the facts, regardless of the impact such facts may have on any political opposition. From the obviously unpopular situation of fellow republicans considering Mr. Cruz as "a master of the ill-considered", to Mr. Cruz's opposition of abortion even in the cases of rape and incest, this piece paints a picture of Ted Cruz which is stable and unlikely to change, especially on social issues, republicanism, and frankly compromise. Remaining well to the right of democrats and most republican politicians does not appear to be a strategy with Mr. Cruz, but rather a conviction.

    The fact that some readers identify this article as a "puff piece" is telling. Perhaps the virtue of consistency and sticking to one's position is actually attractive, regardless of the positions taken. When we follow unwavering dedication to philosophical bearing down the path to the unpopular decisions which such adherence leads, we are left with admiration of character despite the bad taste in our mouth.

  136. It may be admirable to hold convictions and stick with them. It's not admirable to ignore the fact that change is a given and the only real constant in life. In this regard, it's easier to stick with a conviction than do the heavy lifting required to adapt to change.

  137. why do we persist in using the term "conservative?" Cruz and his policies constitute what can only be termed as "reactionary." A "conservative" is someone who who wants to maintain the status quo and perhaps tweak a bit at the edges. The Democrats are today's conservatives. Reactionaries want to turn the clock back to a status that they believe (or simply fantasize) once existed. Cruz and Islmaist jihadists fits this definition perfectly.

  138. The conservatism Cruz aspires to is the fringe conservatism that even main stream conservatives aren't interested in.
    His firebrand speeches about liberals taking away rights of conservatives are filled with hypocrisy and falsehoods. So, yes, he's conservative to a fault, but there's your problem. That may be what his demographic wants, but what mainstream american want is a moderate. Someone to lead them into the future and not take them into the past.
    We are a nation of people that need to get along and right now we're presented with demagoguery as a political choice as opposed to something we know exists and isn't spoken. So much for American progress.
    In this election cycle we are presented with poor choices all around.
    TRUMP is right however on one thing, the political process is indeed broken.

    I will vote, but this time its more likely I have to vote against, rather than for the available candidates.

  139. Good stuff and spot on. Yeah I'm going to have to hold my nose when I vote in November.

    Poor people and those living just above poverty, and what's left of the middle class (this is probably the majority of Americans) have no representation in politics, and Cruz certainly won't help. This has been the GOP's plan for years, all the while pandering and not delivering to this constituency.

    Trump and Sanders speak the truth about a rigged political system and a rigged economy, but I can't see either of them as POTUS. But I would take either of them over the reptile Cruz.

  140. Here are my favorite Cruz fiscal plan points:

    10% income tax on earned & unearned income
    16% VAT (Business transaction tax)
    Elimination of payroll taxes that support Social Security & Medicare
    Elimination of corporate income tax
    Increased military spending

    Tax cuts are skewed to the wealthy; because of the VAT, prices on all goods increase; the SS & Medicare trust funds are no longer funded; deficits explode. What's not to like?

    This isn't fiscal conservatism, this is fiscal suicide.

  141. I still want to know how taxes will be collected if he abolishes the IRS!

  142. Good points all. I'd add one to the list. "Bible Thumping" Cruz goes along with the far, far religious right in believing the Earth is only 6000 years old. Does that sound like a guy with an incredible intellect?

    And being reptilian in appearance an nature (forked tongue?), you'd think he'd know his real family tree goes back way, way farther than 6000 years.

  143. There won't be any taxes, don't ya know?

  144. I like a a lot of Cruz's Policy and would vote for him over Clinton - I am in the Anyone but Clinton category.

    I don't like the dishonest way Cruz had stolen delegates from Trump - that bothers me and I think the RNC should punish him. I think if someone wins a state those delegates should be bound to a candidate until they are released by the candidate. No other candidate should be able to walk in and "steal" them as Cruz has done.

  145. I am not a fan of here either. I could list things for you to consider in voting but please read JMWB below.

  146. Cruz isn't "Stealing" Delegates. He's working the process. We are a republic, not a democracy. Selecting the delegates is part of the process. Those delegates that are attached to Trump still have to vote for him on the first ballot regardless of who their personal preference is. If they HAD to vote for the same person ballot after ballot after ballot, in a convention that no one has the 1237, we'd never get a nominee. The winner is who has a majority, not just more delegates.

  147. Judyw So you would put an acknowledged vote rigger, by definition a man of questionable integrity and judgement, who is someone you think his own (and assume your) party should punish, into the most powerful office in the land because you are in the "Anyone but Clinton category" with no specific explanation as to why.

    I do not like Clinton and have never voted for a Clinton but if it comes down to Cruz vs Clinton I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Cruz is a walking talking look alike, think alike of Joe McCarthy, especially when it comes to foreign policy and ISIS specifically. That alone is enough to sway my vote but sadly it is only the beginning. His tax ideas and ludicrous jabber about abolishing both Obamacare and the IRS without one iota of what to do in their absence, even with a simple postcard tax return (which will never happen no matter who the President is) reflects a total lack of pragmatic reality. It is also a reflection of his strategy to go after the most willingly ignorant of the voters among us.

    I may not like Clinton, her style or her past record of hawkishness, but as a Vietnam Vet with over thirty years of business experience including dealing with both Washington and international companies I believe she is not an ideological loose cannon, which Cruz has already proved to be when he shut the government down over a single issue to the detriment of the entire nation, its economy and its relationship in the world we must live in.

  148. Sure hope he wins but doubt that he will. This country has become too liberally "politically correct" and too many of us get free things from the government. Sooner or later we will see a financial collapse of the leftist policies.

  149. I am a conservative but we don't need a religious, Jim Jones-like radical in the White House. A person's religious beliefs are personal. Religion should be kept out of the government. The job of the government is to help better the union according to the people, establish laws and consequences that are fair and reasonable, insure peace in the community, provide the GENERAL welfare for American citizens' benefit, protection from enemies foreign and domestic, and of course, secure our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People like Cruz push issues too far right. We need somebody in the middle who can see both sides and unite us again!!

  150. Ted Cruz stated that he is a Christian first, and an American, second. This statement alone should give all of us pause for concern. Radical Islam pursues the power of the state to enforce its will, Christianity seeks the same power to restore this nation to some mythical paradisiacal Christian glory. It is snake oil of the highest order, being offered with all the intellectual trappings and sophistry that Cruz can muster. With Trump we have all of the subtlety of a sledgehammer, but at least we can see what it is with our own eyes. With Cruz we have the insidious, connivance of a man smart enough to manipulate us into believing he presents no danger to the nation, when in fact he may present the greater risk to our well being.

  151. Pretty depressing read to start my Monday off with. Thanks for ruining the week. But at least I have another Media Circus SuperTuesday to try at all cost to avoid seeing or hearing about. That defensive exercise in itself keeps my mind off the unsettling potential realities if Cruz were to somehow win, as described in this story.

  152. And yet Cruz says he will be willing to "work with others". Don't see that happening. It's his way or the highway, even within his own party. Add that to his scarily theocratic bent. I can't imagine a more frightening and disheartening scenario than him as POTUS.

  153. Milton Friedman and Barry Goldwater would turn over in their graves at Mr. Cruz' social policies. They were non-interventionist libertarians who wouldn't have legislated on issues like abortion, immigration and Fundamentalist religion.
    And Friedman supported a "negative income tax, which would give a minimum income to the poor and support for poor workers, even presenting this idea to FDR, who chose instead Social Security, because it was linked entirely to work, which would be more popular.

  154. Intellectual rigidity" is not a description of a person that would make good President and is often seen in uber-religious types, i.e., his stance on abortion is a good example. He is unable to see the nuances of real life believing in an all powerful being.

  155. Let me understand this - it a politician one does not like is flexible, he's guilty of flip flopping, and if he keeps to his original positions he is guilty of "Intellectual rigidity"?

    Meanwhile, if a politician one likes is flexible, he shows appreciation of "the nuances of real life" and if he keeps his original positions he is showing his belief in the truth of his convictions.

    Good to have that cleared up.

  156. Grand Ayatollah Ted Cruz...welcome to the Christian Taliban United States.

  157. Yep. Funny how the right wingers are so (irrationally) afraid of "Sharia law" being imposed when they really appear to want to establish their very own version of the same. Maybe it's a form of projection.

  158. Sounds good,after Obama,but the chances of Cruz being elected,in a nation of government worshippers is nil.

  159. It sounds hideous, after President Obama, and while no Americans worship government, I thank God that there aren't enough fundamentalist devout to elect Cruz.

  160. Ted Cruz simply lives in the past and wants to restore it. He has gone beyond conservatism and far beyond even Regan or Barry Goldwater. Mr. Cruz's views on abortion and women's rights alone should disqualify him from participation in the race for the candidacy of the Republican Party. HIs views would set back the rights of women to a place unknown to modern, liberated women.
    There are simply no words that can describe a man who is totally oblivious to rights of women. Furthermore his views on religion, homosexuality, same-sex marriages, recognition of gay and lesbian rights, school choice, the budget, the IRS, taxes and deportation of immigrants are so far right of main stream America that it is simply unbelievable that America would vote this ultra-right wing demagogue into any office. He is indeed a "wacko bird". Senator John Mccain is right. Cruze engages in reckless pursuits.
    Cruze is a dangerous, dangerous man. He is feckless, arrogant and without a sense of modern world and the challenges that America faces. Going backwards to Civil War values and 18th century mores and customs is a prescription for disaster. Cruze is not just a fringe figure. He is a man as dangerous and forbodding as Adolph Hitler. Cruz believes that people are "mad" at him...(because) he proclaims "this is right." No Mr. Cruz. We're disgusted and fearful of you because YOU are simply "mad". Mr. Cruz, you are not an "A" student. You're less than a "C+"...and we're not kidding.

  161. Ted Cruz strikes me as the type of person to be President who would best be able to defeat ISIS (the hell with what our country and its people really need).
    ISIS are a bunch of religious ideological fanatics hellbent on restoring governance in accordance with their rigid and literal Sharia Law. Ted Cruz is likewise, only his weapon is Fundamentalist Christianity. The two swords are equally as sharp and destructively lethal, only with different handles, so it would be a pretty fair fight.

    And he can hang the Ten Commandments right over the front door of the White House, so it's clear to everyone entering how they have to behave and who's in charge.

  162. The links for Hayek and Mises go directly to the MisesInstitute. Perhaps the NYT could link to a less biased source.

  163. Smart, rigid and dangerous,
    messianic and zealous,
    rabidly ambitious,
    unholy but religious,
    arrogant and mendacious,
    paternalistic and ruthless,
    dogmatic and fallacious,
    Ted Cruz is a "theocrat",
    who'll be an autocrat
    and a belligerent fanatic.

    A Cruz presidency will be a major catastrophe for the US. Carpet bomb ISIS? First we'll see a video of a mushroom cloud rising, then we'll see formal war declared against ISIS, then we'll see our superior air power pound Syria to a pulp. We saw what happened in Iraq. Get ready folks. Super Cruz is about to break on the American landscape and bring along the likes of Ramesh Ponnuru, unapologetically conservative and intellectual. Go figure that oxymoron.

  164. Cruz is among those vestigial conservatives who think that they can bring back the past. It can't be done. There is a place for tradition, but society and culture have changed. We have collectively eaten from the tree of knowledge and no longer live in a garden of ignorance.
    At best, Cruz is an anachronism. He will never be president.

  165. I can not say he will never be President. After all there were people that thought prohibition was a good idea.

  166. I am not a US citizens, thank god, and certainly not a conservative. With a petrified fossil like Cruz as president, the US would face enormous pushback around the world and be taken down a few noches from its sense of self-importance, which the "best" (not!) country on earth really needs in order to make this a better world for all.

  167. I hold little against Mr Cruz as a fellow human being. I am of the belief that he truly believes what he is saying, and in many ways I also believe that he is expressing the very thing that many, secretly hold as the way to go, without giving further thought to the eventual consequences or the morality of , let's say, "blanket bombing!"

    He may make it to the White House . However I believe , "that which is good", works in the long run. And that which is not good , is the "Hell" many believe in and attribute to "the work of the "Devil".

  168. Trump's extreme rhetoric has made Cruz come across as a reasonable Republican (not that there is any more reason left in the GOP). President Cruz is just a frightening as President Trump

  169. His bigest acomplishment as Senator was getting the House Members to vote on a government shutdown, which he wears as a badge of honnor. Every time he talks I see former Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin.

  170. He would be a complete disaster as President, but I think he would be a very good candidate for the Dems to run against. Particularly if it means Trump's millions of supporters are furious at the Donald being pushed aside.

  171. For all the things Cruz claims to be—"Christian", conservative, constitutionalist, and so on—I have one response: "By their fruits shall you know them."

    It's particularly ludicrous, for example, to compare him to Jimmy Carter on religion; to claim that he's "the most conservative", which would presumably mean the most interested in conserving what's good; and to call him "a sort of realist school of overwhelming military force"—as if in Vietnam and Iraq we hadn't seen what was and wasn't "realistic" about "overwhelming military force".

  172. One cannot lead our country based on one's evangelical religious beliefs. Cruz can attend his church services every day of the week if he wants, but leave it out of government. His father is the puppetmaster here.
    Leave what has been declared legal, i.e., abortion, same-sex marriage, etc, alone, and move on to helping where it's needed - education, jobs, safety of all Americans.
    Rafael Edward Cruz is NOT the person to lead our country forward. He can only take us backward.

  173. Fortunately, as the demographics of the US population evolve, the relative proportion of white racist xenophobic bigots continues to decline. This would appear to doom Mr. Cruz' ultra-right conservative strategy.

  174. Interesting as his political conservatism is, I want to see a lot more about his religious affiliations and beliefs. From what sparse material I have read, he is apocalyptic, Dominionist, and dangerous. He is consciously on the Path to Armageddon.

  175. ”Many conservatives cite Madison and Tocqueville, he said, but “Ted has actually read them.” Wow. That's pretty high praise from a professor for a Princeton student. Or, is that just high praise for a "conservative"?

  176. Intelligence is seldom a good substitute for decency. Cruz has plenty of the former and literally none of the latter. Neither is intelligence a substitute for consistency. Purporting to follow both Jesus Christ and Milton Friedman is a good example. Intelligence combined with zealotry is never a good combination. Just gives you a very smart whack job.

  177. Cruz is not so much a conservative as a sociopath.

  178. It's a double wrong that conservatives preempted the word "right" to define their position on the political spectrum. Wrong is wrong and we should leave it that way.

  179. Conservative in not the word to describe this vile creature. Conservatives do not want to totally eliminate the rights of most Americans. Conservatives do not want to have the world run according to some warped notion of God. Cruz is a truly hateful person. I would call him an animal but that would be an insult to my cats, both of which have more values and a better sense of decency in the tips of their tails than Cruz has in his whole brain.

  180. In Texas, home of the Cruz family, there was a great communist movement in the years 1847 to 1856.

    In 1954, the hard core anti-communists, and right wingers had the "under God" inserted in into the Pledge in 1954, and the nation has struggled with its identity ever since

    "One nation under god"....... the "Founders" had nothing to do with putting that in the Pledge of Allegiance. They would spin in their graves if they could. The Pledge in the 1940's was worded simply "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

    The hard core anti-communists, and right wingers had the "under God" inserted in into the Pledge in 1954, and the nation has struggled with its identity ever since.

    In 1988 Ted Cruz, as a high school senior at the Second Baptist School in Houston, Texas, made a video announcing his goals in life. Cruz said he wanted to “take over the world, world domination… you know, rule everything, rich, powerful

    Today, Cruz’s family, which has history with the Communist Cuban Party, Cruz’s father preaches in support of having “ONLY” a Christian American Nation.

    Ted hails from the Evangelical Dominion sect that preaches taking control of the nation and taking the wealth from the “wicked.” His father, Rafael Cruz, can be seen in videos online preaching about Christian Kings that are anointed to take control. Ted Cruz believes that America is a “Christian” nation and that this must be restored.

  181. The level of conservatism by all of the Republican candidates is disturbing at the least. Beginning with civil rights back in the 50's the US has steadily, albeit unevenly, progressed to greater civil rights for many types of minorities ensuring they are provided the same protection afforded other, mostly white, citizens. Whites in this country are acting out of fear. Fear is an intellectual killer. Fear results in irrational thinking and that is exactly what is happening in the US during this election season. We must all, whites and others, stand against ignorance and indifference that has become so pervasive in our society recently. Vote against the Republican candidates and take a stand against fascism, bigotry, and fear.

  182. Well this is a problem easy enough to solve because Ted Cruz will not be the next President of the United States. Ever.

  183. Ted Cruz's vision of America is one that is mired in the shiny TV shows of the 1950s, when everyone had a home, a car, a white picket fence, men went out to earn the bacon and women stayed home with the children. Boys and girls dated chastely in high school, married decorously in their 20s, moved into their own houses with white picket fences and did the same things their parents did. EVERYONE goes to church on Sunday, and wives obey their husbands. The government basically concerns itself with the military and building highways, but otherwise leaves everyone alone. We all pull ourselves up by our bootstraps--(too bad if you can't, you slacker). There are no gays, no transgender, no atheists, no Muslims, the crops are picked by wishful thinking (because honestly, that's what happens if you put stringent controls on immigration legal or illegal), and everyone seems happy in a Stepford sort of way. It's like a version of the world the It-brain controls in Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time". If this is the version of America that makes people happy, I really need to move out.

  184. I find it comical that the same NYT and liberal establishment news media that spent the last 3 weeks selling Ted Cruz's snake oil to us has finally decided to turn on Ted and give readers a glimpse into the hated, avoided and disregarded Ted Cruz that all of us here in Washington DC know so well.

    I am a Black attorney in Washington DC. I work on Capitol Hill. I moved to Washington DC after graduating from law school in 2008. I have not spoken to, met or visually observed anyone on Capitol Hill that likes Ted Cruz.

    His staffers tolerate him for handsome salaries. Lobbyists pretend to like him until they get what they want. But nobody likes Ted. Ted Cruz has been in the U.S. Senate since 2013. Today is April 18, 2016.

    There has never been a social function held in Washington DC, featuring Ted Cruz. Political functions? Occasionally. Good time, fun, social get togethers? Never.

    When you are in Washington DC as a US Senator for 3 years, and no human being in this town has ever thrown you a social function, that's not exactly someone that is likeable. I need to keep trying to say this. On any given morning when Congress is in session, an estimated 2.2 million commuters are trying to get into Washington DC. When nobody in this town "likes" you as a person, and you're 1 of 100 Senators, that says it all.

    If Ted Cruz were a fish, you'd throw him back into the pond. The Cruz likability experiment 2016 has been an abysmal failure.

  185. For someone reputed to have such massive intellectual firepower, Cruz says remarkably crude, naive and simplistic things. And yet even as he keeps it simple, he still doesn't seem to have control over his mouth. "Carpet bombing" is a phrase that could come to haunt our nation: even I, no military or foreign policy expert, know what it means. This is the kind of Cruz Christianity that should frighten every one of us.

  186. Cruz's comment on "take our country back" is not about politics but his
    Dominionist Christianity. He believes this should be a Christian Nation and we should all be ruled by Christianity. Christians should control seven aspects of culture: family, religion, education, entertainment, media, businesses and government. Larry Huch, pastor of New Beginnings claims Cruz's election to the U S Senate was a sign that he is one of the kings to reside over these so call end of times.
    You can read the full story in religionnews.com, February 4, 2016.
    Scary stuff! Interesting that when JFK ran for president he was questioned about putting the pope first before the country. Here you have a person running for the highest office and he states "Christianity first, America second and no red flags appear??