Bernie Sanders Seeks to Win Over New York by Stressing Brooklyn Roots

The Vermont senator will try to persuade voters he is a better choice than Hillary Clinton, who is highlighting her years in the Senate for New York.

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  1. Senator Bernie Sanders is a compassionate man who has devoted his life to public service. I strongly support Bernie's platform of universal health care, his sane approach to higher education for our kids, his support of unions and apprenticeships, his advocacy for rebuilding infrastructure and for green energy jobs, legislation against corporate tax avoidance, ending Citizens United, restoring banking regulations, and his unending appeals to our better nature.

  2. How about his vote of "yea" on the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which mandated a life sentence for anyone convicted of three drug crimes; expanded the list of death penalty crimes; lowered the age at which a juvenile could be tried as an adult to just 13; and appropriated billions to expand the prison system and hire 100,000 new police officers?

    Or voting against a measure which would have prohibited police acquisition of tanks and armored vehicles, things that he criticized in Ferguson? Or that he's intending to keep Obama's drone program if he's elected? What about his several votes in favor of keeping the war in Iraq going?

    Sanders talks a good talk, but his record seems to contradict him a lot of the time.

  3. Devoted his life to public service because it seemed he couldn't hold down a job anywhere else. Never had a stable job before going the safe mode - government.
    Unlike many Hillary haters I will vote for him if he is the nominee because I will not vote Republican, but I feel Bernie is a suited hippie stuck in the 60's

  4. And what about his siding with the NRA by voting against the Brady Bill over and over again?

    Much of his constituency are gun owners, so to get elected, over and over again, he had to pick out a bone to throw their way, and he chose the Brady Bill. A win. win, win for himself, his gun loving constituents, and the NRA.

    Admirable? No.

  5. Just once - as a lifelong Brooklynite I'm ashamed we produced this egotist, this fantasist, this pointless distraction from serious life-or-death political combat.
    Get Lost Bernie.

  6. In case you are considering changing careers you may want to try taking a stab at writing fiction. You seem to be very good at it.

  7. "serious life-or-death political combat"

    Time to unplug the Xbox.

  8. Yeah, get lost Bernie, as soon as I bundle $35300, I'll go to a Hillary fundraiser and have my picture taken with her. She is truly the best.

  9. In New York City Bernie Sanders will do stellar in the gentrified parts of Brooklyn and poorly every else. Make what you will of that

  10. Wrong. The "TRUTH" is heard...EVERYWHERE.

  11. HRC & her husband have used NY to become multimillionaires. That's the extent of their real interest in us, their own self-enrichment. Bernie Sanders has never had any interest in using elective office for amassing wealth for himself. He's served over 30 years in elective office, serving people, not himself.

    Vote for Bernie, avoid GOP-lite HRC.

  12. How admirable. He high-tailed it to a remote state of 600,000. Gave speeches at the Annual Maple Syrup Conventions. He'll never hit the ground running, that's for sure. He'll get so bogged down by the Republican Congress, he's get voted out after one failed term.

    And how did the Clintons use New York State, oh wiseman? You're spinning things to make a point. Tell us how they decided to make their millions. If you can match in your lifetime what the Clintons do in a year to better mankind, you's have something to be proud of. You know not of what you, and the rest of your Millennial types, speak. Spin and false innuendo is all you have.

  13. And what has Bernie Sanders used NYC for other than an Exodus point to Lily White Vermont for over three decades?

    Vote Hillary, avoid the non-entity, bloviating Senator with no real influence.

  14. I don't know- Merc, the Clinton foundation taking over 20 mill from Saudi Arabia/ UAE just doesn't sound too pc-

  15. "We are coming after you!" screams Sanders to the one percent.

    So just being wealthy is a crime? Will the guillotine be the instrument of choice? Isn't one candidate hinting at mob violence violence enough?

    Trump and Sanders are playing the same game, promising the impossible and stoking the class hatred of their supporters. Trump's limited intelligence gives him little choice, but Sanders should know better.

  16. No, that's not what Sanders is saying. He is saying that he and his supporters will work to design a government that works for the people, by the people, and of the people. It's not just being wealthy, but using that wealth to influence politics so you gain more wealthy that is unethical. This is what has led to the problems in this country and Sanders is right about that. Sanders is not promising anything other than saying he'll be responsive to the will of the people, not just an elite.

  17. Yeah, he should go after the dime bag dealer "super-predators" and "bring them to their heels" or maybe he should deport the Mexican mom who stole a box of pasta to feed her kids. It's definitely more meaningful then giving the rich all the breaks they need: tax breaks, property zoning breaks, tax holidays to bring the monies stashed abroad... Go Bernie. Bring he poor to their heels. Then, and only then, the rich will love you.

  18. Don't be stupid - all he is saying is the wealthy need to start paying their fair share of taxes instead of relying on tax inversions and loopholes - he is not against the wealthy.

    Even Warren Buffet says it is unfair he is paying less taxes than his secretary. And believe it or not income inequality if left uncontrolled is one of the biggest threats to a stable society.

  19. I support Senator Sanders because he seems to be calling all the elephants in the room:

    global climate change
    disgusting inequality
    international trade agreements written behind closed doors
    representative government that has been hijacked by moneyed interests

    The current state of our democracy will not enable us to address the problems facing the US in the 21st century.

    We need better government now.

    This is why I support Senator Sanders.

  20. Running as a Brooklynite who fled to the whitest state in the country as soon as "those people" started moving into his neighborhood?

  21. Please check it out. I think you may have it wrong.

  22. That might be true of some but Bernie got arrested in Chicago for fighting for racial justice Hillary at the same time was a Goldwater girl Bill is responsible for tough welfare reform
    and drug laws and racial attacks on Obama 8 years ago

  23. Actually, he has it absolutely right. You are the one who needs to do some homework.

  24. Could it be, Michael, from "Denver" because the Clinton Foundation is transparent and does great things? What a smug, and vacant smile your avatar has. Who do you work for exactly? GOP perhaps?

  25. He's busted, thank you. I have read Michael from Denvers posts for some time. He is definitely GOP cruiser.

  26. Well, Alice, I guess Charity Navigator gave up on trying to entangle the finances of the Clinton Foundation because their workings are so "transparent." Although it was documented in an article in this very paper last year that a whole 15% of what the Foundation rakes in might actually go to some sort of charitable activities. There's real transparency for you.

  27. I read somewhere that the last person who visited the Bronx while seeking a presidential nomination was Bobby Kennedy. It may well be that a similar kind of determination - sparking a somewhat similar appeal to idealism - is in front of us now. The first time such energy has come along since 1968.

  28. Actually, funny you should mention Bobby, who asked me to help him with his wifey problem when I was a Dem. volunteer. What a pathetic person he was though conflicted. Failed Catholic hypocrite through and through. He helped torpedo Gene's campaign. What's your point again?

  29. Actually, it was Jimmy Carter - in 1977.

  30. Not an accurate statement. Jesse Jackson.

  31. that's an insane amount of people and yet the media hardly acknowledge that. sanders will surprise them yet again on the 19th!

  32. Hey NY! Only one candidate has spoken out in support of CUNY, the greatest public university system in the country. Some candidates claim to believe in equality and justice. And some live it.

    To the finish line, sir!

  33. Went CCNY on the taxpayers dime relayed many times over Bernie gets it

  34. Too bad for the facts - Hillary bailed out CUNY while Bernie was eating Oreo Cookie Monster in Vermont.

  35. New York City will very likely be under water by the end of this century. If that scares you (and how can it not?), then don't elect the woman who has already taken in 4.5 million dollars from the fossil fuel industry. Bernie knows that climate change is the greatest threat to our country and our planet, and his donors support him with $27 donations. Come on, New York. Do us proud!

  36. Yay for saying that, Susan Smith from PA. Climate change is the biggest threat of all and Bernie is talking about it and corporate greed and all those important things that Hillary is not talking about.

  37. "WHY do all you berniebros hate women? WHY do you want to deny Hillary the THRONE that is hers by birthright??"

    Can I have a job now, Mrs. Clinton?

    Also, her website says the Hillary Victory Fund is being partly funded by the DNC and state Dem parties. How is that not totally illegal? 1) aren't they non-profits? 2) the DNC is run by her last campaign manager, who has said many times the DNC is "neutral".

  38. That is a Republican smear from the Republican super PAC America Rising and it's lamentable that Bernie is so smug about twisting the truth. $160,000 small donations from employees of the industry went to her campaign and she supports a stimulus for communities affected by the transition from fossil fuels. The remaining amount is donations from the industry to the Clinton Foundation. It has nothing to do with her campaign. She has a detailed plan for transitioning to clean energy, and she is the only one with the executive skills to make it happen.

  39. It is beyond my comprehension that the Hillary Clinton campaign has the arrogance to call New York her home state, particularly when she is campaigning against an actual New Yorker. From Brooklyn to Buffalo, most New Yorkers oppose fracking, Wall Street Bailouts and reckless regime change. Many actual New Yorkers remember when CUNY had free tuition, and single-payer health care was a core of the Democratic party platform. Nearly every New Yorker South of Yonkers is seriously and legitimately concerned about rising sea levels. Contrast Bernie's historic visit to the Bronx with Hillary shouting at a protestor for voicing concerns about Hillary Clinton's ties to the fossil fuel industry. Clinton promises more of the same under the guise of incremental change, when millions understand that we needed substantial change yesterday. Sorry, Hillary, but real New Yorkers don't settle for less when we see an opportunity for more.

  40. In what imaginary universe is Bernie Sanders a "New Yorker"? He's a Vermonter. Don't take my word for it, just look at his bio. How could he be a U. S. Senator from Vermont if he is a New Yorker? You aren't making sense.

  41. And if Bernie loves New York SO MUCH, why is he a Senator in Vermont?

    He took the easy way out, is why.

  42. There was a time when NY actually had some senators who didn't accept the status quo. In fact, in was a senator from NY, Robert Wagner, who back in the 1930s proposed a single payer health care system. That was during the height of the great depression. It seems that no matter how well our country does economically we never can afford what's taken as a basic right in all the other industrialized countries. Wagner also fathered the legislation allowing for workers to unionize.
    And as to Clinton's criticizing Sanders' as aspiring to the unreachable, let us not forget that another NY senator, Robert Kennedy, used to end speeches by saying "Some men see things as they are and say why. I see things that never were and say why not."
    Think about who fits more closely to those two great men: Clinton and Sanders?

  43. Joel Benenson made the comment about campaigning like a Brooklynite etc., not Tad Devine so please correct. A rather cryptic comment anyway.
    It may be a challenge for Bernie in NY but as more voters, especially the diverse communities of NY, get to know him, his message resonates. Time has always been his greatest obstacle given name recognition, familiarity with his platform and the media blackout for much of the first part of his campaign. Given all that, he's still done astonishing well.

  44. His message is starting to mould in my book. Samo, samo, samo.

  45. While Bernie Sanders’ call for a political revolution resonates with voters in general, the Wall-Street-supported former Senator Hillary Clinton relies on voters’ old memory of the bygone days. Starting from this year, any candidate who is a part of the establishment will be scorned. Electorate’s choice will no longer be between the pro-establishment and the pro-revolution but about whose revolution plan is more effective in making the necessary changes toward a new democratic society.

  46. Hey NY!

    Just remember: only one candidate spoke out in support of CUNY, the greatest public university system in the country. Some candidates claim to believe in equality and justice. And others live it.

    To the finish line!

  47. Thank you for mentioning CUNY. I got my MA in Music from CUNY after years in London, including music college, and a grant for being UK resident in terms of education (rent = borough tax). Hunter's financial aid wasn't as generous, and I was initially out-of-state; but how soon we forget. State and city colleges did have reasonable fees; there are pragmatic tax measures that could make them reasonable again. Bernie 2016

  48. "Mr. Sanders spoke to an estimated 18,500 supporters at St. Mary’s Park, "

    Its this kind of enthusiasm that will allow the Senate and House to change hands.

  49. You do know that 18,500 is just a good basketball game crowd - hardly an earth-shaking revolution.

  50. When I see Bernie's supporters I feel they are supporters of the new ruling class.Their Apple laptops and Facebook obsession is the new corporate face and wealth of America.People in glass houses.......

  51. Yes, Bernie and the Midterms! And, of course, this should be obvious. The issue of getting things through Congress is ridiculous when you think that the odds are (or were) more in favor of Congress becoming Democrat again than Sanders winning. If--when--he does win, the midterms should follow, if we all do our homework.

  52. Her comment that Mr. Sanders grew up in a home with black and white TV indicating he came from a somewhat impoverished background indicates that Ms. Alcindor must be quite young.
    For at least the first half of his childhood, even many affluent families didn't have TVs as it wasn't until the late 1940s that there was anything on to watch. And few owned color TVs until the mid 60s as there were few programs in color until then.
    If Mr. Sanders' family had a black and white TV before he was age 10 they were probably doing better financially than we have been led to believe.

  53. Indeed. In fact, color TVs only made up 3.1% of television households in 1964, when Sanders was 23.

    It's a strange thing to say.

  54. Good point. The first season all three networks broadcast all prime-time shows in color was 1966-67. In 1968, NBC estimated that only 25 percent of American households owned color TVs.

  55. Oh, but I bet it was a TV he had to hand-crank.

    And that was after he had to visit churches and synagogues and scrape the bottoms of candle holders to get the leftover wax so he could make his own candles, using bits of his own shoe laces for wicks, so he could study at night, to save on the electric bill for mom and dad. Oh, my little Bernie!

  56. If he loves New York so much, then why did he leave? End up in a backwater state like Vermont? Population 600,000. Why, because it was the easy. A political career in a state with 600,000 while Hillary was a senator from New York State, population 20 million. So who's going to hit the ground running? Hillary Clinton.

    She's been on the world stage for the past 25 years-First Lady in the White House, helped write her husband's Health Care Policy, what the Republicans labeled HillaryCare. Served two terms as Senator of New York State. Then as President Obama's Secretary of State during four of the moist tumultuous years in our recent history.

    Her experience will allow her to transition into the presidency seamlessly. She's the right WOMAN at the right time for our country.
    Sanders will not hit the ground running, instead he'll stumble along and get the boot after four years. You just can't expect to have the mundane political career he did in a state like Vermont, and mind you, being a senator since just 2006 in such a small state like that. And then tackle being President of the United States? I don't think so, Mr. Sanders.

    That's why he deals in platitudes and spin when he does give his canned speeches. Wall Street, Trade Policies, Promises Free College Educations-boy if that isn't a way to get votes! Lure those burdened with Student Debt to vote for you. And listen up, he continually votes against the Brady Bill to appease the NRA and his gun owning constituents.

  57. For all of Hillary’s talk about gun control, an NRA lobbyist was a co-host for one of her fundraisers. The Clintons are corrupt…the Clinton Foundation has had shady dealings…they have received $153 million in speaking fees. According to the Times, Clinton is the “TOP RECIPIENT of lobbying money” in this campaign.

    NRA Lobbyist Will Co-Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

    Hillary Clinton 2016: DC Lobbyists Set To Raise Cash For Hillary Victory Fund

  58. Clinton has been on the world stage - enriching herself and her foundation, and making disastrous foreign policy decisions. Sorry - just showing up, ain't enough.

  59. Sanders has been in Congress for 25 years and was in municipal government long before that. He has had a much lengthier political career than Clinton.

    In 2008 we elected a first-term senator with almost NO national experience, whom we chose over Clinton for very good reason. Those reasons still exist, and this time the alternative to her is a very seasoned veteran who will bring about *real* change--not just corporatism in sheep's clothing. And regarding your specious "qualifications" argument: do you know who else is eminently qualified for the office of president? Dick Cheney. And we're not voting for him either.

    Clinton is experienced and "qualified," yes; but that has never been the sole (or even most important) determining factor. What matters more are character, integrity, values, conscience, heart, and soul. None of those words is ever used when discussing Hillary Clinton. But they are the things that drove us to choose Obama, and they are the things that will drive us to choose Sanders.

  60. I am a person born and raised in Brooklyn and believe with all my heart that the core values I share with Bernie Sanders in accepting that health care is a right of all people, that college students should not be saddled with massive debt for working hard and gaining an education, that senior citizens have a right to live a dignified life in their golden years and should receive more, not less, from social security and that the wealthy 1% in this country who own more than 50% of the entire wealth of this country should pay higher tax rates are also embraced and supported by my fellow New Yorkers.

    We need a BIG win in New York and the mainstream narrative will fundamentally change. New Yorkers, the future of our country is in your hands.

  61. Love trumps hate.

    I recommend people watch the video of this rally on C-SPAN; with stellar introductions by Rosario Dawson, Spike Lee, and Residente. Beautiful to witness people speaking from the heart and coming together.

  62. The Times and most other media continue to describe Sanders' support as centering on areas like the Upper West Side and similar fairly upscale liberal strongholds. But the truth is that his support is generally negatively correlated to income; at least among white voters, he should do better in Queens than in brownstone Brooklyn.

  63. This drives me nuts, too. He does very well with working class people, which is why he is performing as strongly as he is.

  64. Democrats need to understand that they are being given a rare chance in Bernie Sanders to revitalize the Democratic Party, to bring it back to the philosophy that underpinned the FDR administration. If they reject this opportunity it could well be the ruin of the Democratic Party.

    Realize that vast numbers of young progressives embrace Bernie's ideology and his campaign. If they are turned away by the party through its nomination of a status quo candidate like Hillary Clinton, they may well never come back. There are alternatives for progressives. I could foresee a mass exodus of young people, the future for the party, to the Green Party. It would be interesting to see the Green Party, a truly progressive party, take the place of the Democratic Party.

    I have vowed to myself I will never again vote for any Democrat if they nominate Mrs. Clinton. I will join the Greens and work for them, whether they have millions of members or just thousands. As a Vietnam veteran, I have seen enough of the status quo militarism embraced by both the Republican and Democratic Parties and especially by Mrs. Clinton. I could never vote for her.

  65. Thank you for your service to our country. I appreciate your response and agree that I will never vote for Clinton and that so much will be lost if she is the nominee.

  66. So, in the end, everything about you is not voting for Hillary. But, reading your screed, I am reminded of the cynical remark by a psychiatrist who confided, "when the patient is male and doesn't want to really talk about what's eating them, I ask them about Hillary. Direct path to mommy."

  67. Don't be stupid. If all the votes for Ralph Nader had gone for Al Gore, we would never have had George W. Bush as President and the horror of the Iraq invasion - the worst foreign mistake the US has ever made - it haunts us to this day.

    Seeing the world as black and white - my way or the highway - in undemocratic and a race to disaster.

    Swallow your ego and start working to elect another Bernie Sanders in 2020 if he doesn't win the 2016 Democratic Primary!

  68. In all the editorials and columns the nyt has scribed about hillary, the extreme majority of which are biased in her favor, new york is always termed her "adoptive" state. That says it all.

  69. No, Armo, it doesn't, because I know scores of families and individuals who are ardent Hillary fans who have received her help. They're not rich and they're not 'connected.' She is a great person, and maybe better than some, like you, deserve. But she's nuts and dedicated enough to be less vindictive than me. She is running and taking your abuse and worse. That should tell you something, really a lot more than seems to be in your repertoire.

  70. Sanders has been fighting for a $15 minimum wage from the start.

    Hillary has been giving her generous "pragmatism" and "incrementalism" to us for years. While a millionaire herself, she does not believe the min wage should be $15 rather $11&pennies.

    Bernie is one of us; Hillary is not.

  71. I don't believe that Hillary will fight for a $12 minimum wage if she becomes president. It's campaign talk. Not so for Bernie. When he says that he supports a $15 minimum wage he means it. Bernie has walked picket lines with minimum wage workers. Hillary hasn't.

  72. Bernie is not from DC American Unity. And for the past 30 years he's been from Vermont. As an affluent (for a rural backwater) senator, enjoying babe #3. He doesn't ring my bell and he panders to the people who are ripe for victimization. I look at how he's spent all the millions he's raised. It's all been spent on ads defaming Clinton, not the Republicans He's spent it all. What's his plan B? He's a fraud.

  73. Oh just stop with the incrementalism. It is the ONLY way things get done unless Sanders knows something we don't. The $15 minimum wage is being PHASED in even in liberal states such as California and Washington State. That is called INCREMENTALISM!!!!
    Just stop.

  74. Mrs. Clinton is a New Yorker ONLY because, when the 1% decided she would be allowed to become a senator, the state provided the safest venue for her election. If, say, Oklahoma had provided the safest venue, she would be crowing now that she was a Sooner.

  75. Spin, spin, spin. Just like Sanders. You have to make it up as you go along. Spin and innuendo.

  76. If you read The Times story about Bill Clinton campaigning yesterday, all you need to know is his spending all that summer time out in the Hamptons with his wealthy friends.

  77. Well Hilary chose to come to NYC. . .and Bernie chose to leave it. What's his excuse?

  78. Sanders ONLY path to the nomination is to portray Hillary to his followers, as evil. And he's working hard and spending tens of millions of dollars to do just that. New Yorkers who know Hillary, however, will come out and help her to win the NY Primary. I look at the photos included in this article and I see a bunch of young folks who have likely never even bothered to read the proposals or bios of the two candidates. They are the shiftless crowd, down on their luck, and united in their hatred for rich people. I get that. And so, of course, does Bernie. He doesn't even have to get into the nuts and bolts of his proposals. He doesn't have to explain anything. Just repeat the same stump speech over and over and over, yelling out AT the crowd, and taking no questions. An old man selling the impossible to keep those donations coming in; when he knows, and everyone on his team knows, he cannot win the nomination. Free education, as promised by Bernie, will be metered out to the States for implementation. One look at the States Legislative map and it's one big sea of red. Good luck with that Bernie. He hasn't been confronted hard enough or often enough to explain the impossible junk he is promising to so many "revolutionaries" with glazed-over eyes.

  79. You are doing what you accuse the Sanders camp of doing.

  80. Yes, another Clintonite "No, we can't" response to a true visionary. Inspiring.

  81. "Shiftless?"
    Great adjective!
    Worked well down South for a hundred years.

  82. If there were two Bernie Sanders running, one male and the other female, I'd vote for the woman. But there isn't. There's only one Bernie Sanders and the other, the more of the same (MOTS).

  83. If there were a female Sanders running, I'm sure you'd manage to find some sort of fault with her. Consistency does not seem to matter much to Sanders supporters. They'll use an argument against Hillary, then turn around and use the exact same argument in favor of Sanders. (Example: the superdelegates, who almost overnight went from being anti-democratic to being the best hope for Sanders.)

  84. Bernie Sanders has propsed free tuition at PUBlIC (but not PRIVATE) colleges and universities. The naysayers say this is a phantasy.

    What the naysayers ignore is history. The history of the GI Bill tells us that the economy grwos by about $7 for every $1 spent on tuition.

    Furthermore, we know from statistical analyses that a person with a college degree earns signoficantly more over a lifetime than a person with just a high school diploma. One estimate of the INCREASE in earnings is ONE MILLION dollars over a lifetime ($1,000,000).

    In Massachusetts, a years tuition at UMass is about $15,000. A 4 year degree would cost $60,000.

    In Massachusetts, the state income tax is a 5.3% tax. Applying 5.3% to the increase of $1,000,000 yields $53,000 in additional tax to the state. Add to that the FICA taxes (Social Security) and US income taxes at a minimum rate and the INCREASE in income yields significantly MORE tax revenue than the college tuition.

    What this really means is that "free tuition" for public colleges is effectively "We will front the tuition money and you will pay it all back and more out of the INCREASE in income that the college degree will allow you to earn."

    If that is understood, it is clear that EVERYBODY wins.

    The student earns more money.

    The student pays back the cost of tuition in taxes due on the INCREASE in income that the college degree provides.

    Society has more well educated citizens.

  85. I'm fine with this as long as the student candidates for free tuition pass some academic tests that show that they actually merit the tuition.

  86. The naysayers also ignore Europe.

    The NYT asked a German mayor why they gave free college education (with living expenses) to *Americans*. He said that if they got a local job and stayed in the town for 3 years, the Americans would pay their tuition back in taxes.

    Note that in Germany, college graduates actually get high-paid jobs.

  87. That is what is happening in Europe where tuition is free, and I have taught both at European and American universities.

  88. Sounds like Bernie is running for mayor of NYC rather than president. It's disheartening to see a career politician who chose to leave NY and has done nothing for NYC let alone NY state promise a bunch of young people that he will bring them affordable housing and good jobs to Queens. Bernie Sanders knows better and is playing loose and fast with what his presidency can accomplish.

  89. NYTimes readers know, Senator Sanders has an incredible track record of working within the system to get practical stuff done. He is a servant leader but a hustler. As the long-shot underdog running against the most established establishment candidate in recent memory, he's had to say some things to get people fired up. That's politics, and that's his hustle. The things he wants to invest our tax dollars in are no more expensive (and certainly much more ROI positive) than the multi-trillion dollar Iraq war and 700 billion dollar bank bailout, both of which of course he voted against. He is a reasonable and compassionate man who will bring dignity and fairness to the office. Hillary is a total badass and extremely qualified, but as NYTimes readers know the ongoing FBI investigation and her record of (mostly if not completely imaginary) scandals makes her a sub-optimal candidate to run against Trump. That's politics and that's why I'm voting for Bernie.

  90. I am a one-percenter. Sanders speaks to everything I care most about: the environment, college education debt relief, health care as a right. He isn't bought and sold like HRC is. He has a lifelong commitment to public service, not public service "lite" as an express train to enriching himself through $225K speaking engagements to Goldman Sachs. He is a true public servant and has run a classy, gracious campaign (some of his supporters notwithstanding). He has my vote.

  91. Nice regurgitation of the shortlist talking points. Is that 'bulimia Brooklyn lite?'

  92. I am a ex-New Yorker for Bernie!

    Come on, New York. Bernie is the real deal, authentic. For old-fashioned American values. For people before greed. And he will generate the excitement that will vote out the congressional trash.

    Take the trash out with Bernie!

  93. I would love to vote for Bernie, but as an independent cannot vote in the NY primaries. I tried to switch to Democratic, but would have to have done the change 12 months before the primary under NY law (or maybe it's just Democratic law).

  94. Not 12 months. You just needed to have planned ahead. From the NY State Board of Elections home page: "To vote in the upcoming Presidential Primary, you must be a registered Republican or Democrat. For already registered voters, any change to party enrollment was to have been requested by October 9th, 2015 in order for it to have gone into effect and be applicable for any primary election occurring in 2016 or beyond. The deadline for new voter registrations is March 25th."

  95. Actually, the deadline was October 9, 2015-- last Fall. I looked it up after the debates and registered in time-- online.

  96. How refreshing to read an article about Bernie Sanders in the pages of the NY Times! The Democratic primary in New York seems shaping up to be very consequential, so even-handed coverage from the Times would benefit everyone. Since I am registered as an independent I am not allowed to vote, but I will watch Bernie's progress with considerable interest.

  97. Isn't funny how the Hillary bashers talk about her incrementalism? That her changes (many of which are the same as Sanders) will be a crawl implying that somehow he will come in and swoosh there will be free college, universal health care, etc. etc.
    Truth is Sanders nor anyone else will have no choice but to bring about change in an incremental way.
    The minimum wage hike to $15.00 in Washington State, California and New York will be implemented INCREMENTALLY. It is not happening in a month, or two months or three months. INCREMENTALLY.
    If Sanders has another way to bring about the changes his followers seem to think will happen overnight I want to hear it. Unless of course he plans on nationalizing banks and other industries. Oh wait that might sound too much like what? Hmmmmm - communism.

  98. No one thinks they'll happen over night. But if you want to get something good for yourself, you don't start negotiations in the middle. Go for the whole loaf, you may get half. Go for half? Crumbs.

    Ha ha, communism.

  99. When I studied engineering, they taught me that incremental changes will give you very tiny electron tubes -- but they will never give you a transistor.

  100. @Norman - you are so pre-solid-state. More prone to failure and sentimental about it. Like your candidate. Bernie.

  101. Sounds like Bernie is running for mayor of NYC rather than president. It's disheartening to see a career politician who chose to leave NY and has done nothing for NYC let alone NY state promise a bunch of young people that he will bring them affordable housing and good jobs to Queens and the other Burroughs. Bernie Sanders knows better and is playing loose and fast with what his presidency can accomplish. Where has Bernie Sanders been for the last 40 years? Not anywhere NY that's for sure.

  102. That's right, he's been in Vermont because he lives there and represents them. But he was born in Brooklyn and identifies with the New York experience, that's all. And it's probably not fair to say nothing he's done has benefited New Yorkers. Perhaps not specifically, as that was never his job, but broadly, he certainly has.

  103. Please. Get over yourself. Where was Bernie? He was in the Senate, fighting for the problems that plague NYers without even representing them.

  104. Bernie Sanders did a lot for New York when he was in congress.

    First, he voted against the Iraq war.

    I wish our own Senators had done as much.

  105. Sanders is far from perfect, but there are two places where he really stands out.
    First, he refused to go along with the Washington crowd and vote to authorize George Bush's terrible, and hugely counterproductive, war in Iraq. This was perhaps the biggest foreign policy blunder in American history, and he showed real judgement in not going along with it.
    Second, he has refused to take money from wealthy interests to finance his campaign, and this is really basic to American politics in the Citizens United era.

  106. Whether it is Hillary or Bernie it will be of particular importance whom the VP choice is. Both have age or health issues to consider. Has anyone noticed Bernie leans on the podium throughout most of the debates?

  107. Ha ha! That's the Sanders lean! Google him giving a speech in the 80's, it's the same. Personally I'm 31 and am tired just keeping up with him online. He hosts three rallies per day, generally, and many media appearances. Pretty incredible stamina.

  108. Everytime I see him give a speech I can't help but wonder if he would even make it through the stress of 4 years as president.

  109. Harriet,
    It's not about age, it's about attitude.

    Say that to yourself every morning when you get out of bed.

  110. Look, New Yorkers are not stupid. They know the difference between someone born and raised in Brooklyn, and someone from Chicago. This is one reason people can't stand Hillary, the way she tries to be all things to all people. Yes, she was senator from New York, let her stand on her record, but she should knock off the "I'm a New Yorker" bit.

    Second, Ms. Alcindor says here that this rally was his most diverse in months. I beg to differ. Here in Chicago just a few weeks ago I was at a Sanders rally at Roosevelt University and stood in line to get in for 2 hours along with several thousand people—African-Americans young and old, Latinos and Latinas, young Asian men and women, Middle Eastern men and women, old and young white people—the ethnic diversity was the main characteristic of the crowd. So please stop peddling this Bernie has no support among minorities canard. It just isn't so.

  111. I was gonna say, there were some pretty diverse crowds in Illinois and Michigan, as well as recently in LA. This narrative is so frustrating.

  112. New Yorkers also know what a "former" New Yorker is. That would be someone who hasn't lived here for decades.

  113. Born and raised and ran. Fifty plus years ago.

  114. I don't share all of Bernie's liberal mantras and beliefs, but as an overall candidate he is much better for the average American than Hillary or Trump would ever be. Finally a candidate who takes the issues of income distribution, climate change, campaign finance reform, and universal healthcare seriously. America is way behind the rest of the developed world in delivering good services to its citizens despite its extraordinary wealth and noble ideals. Citizens are forced to rely on a piecemeal and inefficient "healthcare" system that values the status quo and industry income above human health, send their children to poor quality public schools, and elect representatives who receive the majority of their campaign funding from wealthy special interests.

    It's time for a systemic change in the way we do things in America, not more of the same crawling Democratic incrementalism or faith-based GOP neoliberalism. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who stands for that change and I for one will be turning out to vote for him at New York's April 19th primary.

  115. Thank you!

  116. "Stressing his BROOKLYN roots?" That's hysterical. I'm a native of this city and consider myself fairly well-informed especially with regards to national politics and the ONLY time I ever heard about Sanders was when he was FIRST elected to the Senate from Vermont. Since then, let's be honest, he hasn't accomplished much and only became a name when he announced he was running for president. THAT"S why I'd never vote for him even though he's a decent man with some good ideas. Still, he's never ACCOMPLISHED anything because he never gets enough support to enact his ideas. As to "stress being a New Yorker", well I've NEVER heard the words "Sanders and New York" combined in any way at all so THAT'S a stretch for sure! Clinton? How about living here since 2001 and representing us for TWO terms in the Senate and then as our Secretary of State? THOSE are accomplishments to be proud of, I'd say and SHE is the New Yorker, not Sanders.

  117. He's accomplished a lot, he just doesn't tout his personal record. He's more interested in a vision, but you're free to Google it. For specific insights into his executive style and abilities, look into his tenure as mayor of Burlington. Bernie gets it done.

  118. Burlington? BURLINGTON? You can't be serious. Burlington, Vermont is a small town. It is also an extremely non-diverse small town - hardly preparation for being President of the United States and leader of the free world. Sanders would be in so far over his head he would drown.

  119. This comment confuses me because as senator and secretary she was decidedly not in NY.

  120. One day Democrats will be able to look back at this primary and say "I voted for the person that I really believed in and they won."

    Life is too short to vote for someone because you think they're going to win. Clinton has no agenda, vision, passion, or skills. Her whole life has been one resume-building experience. Vote for someone that's actually lived, and does things because he cares, not because it'll further their career.

  121. And in this chaotic, Trump- focussed primary season there has been little disccussion of the issues you raise. Maybe they will come up in the course of the general election. I hope the Democratic bigwigs are prepared to have people turn their backs on her once such a discussion/vetting happens.

  122. Does Sanders really believe that he is going to win the nomination? Has he done the math? Does he really believe that he can just hand out free college tuition and healthcare? has he done the math? He keeps knocking Hillary down, and all he is doing is helping Drumpf waltz into the White House.

  123. No, he doesn't believe he can hand these things out, he believes policy can be implemented to make these things happen. Like when we enacted K-12 public schools, Social Security, and Medicare. No president simply "handed" these things out. The public wanted them and people fought for them and eventually they were legislated, and now we take them for granted. Well. Now there's more to do.

    And if Hillary Clinton is weak enough of a candidate that Donald Trump could beat her, you can't blame Bernie Sanders for pointing out her record for that. Trump will do the same, and then some.

  124. Julia:

    Are you aware that Vermont could not implement single payer because it turned out to be much more expensive than initially estimated?

    Think about it. He couldn't even get it done in his own state. Somehow it is going to be affordable nationally? I have my doubts.

  125. Bernie Sanders is saying the same thing his inspiration, Eugene Debbs said:

    "I am not a Labor Leader; I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourself out of your present condition; as it is now the capitalists use your heads and your hands."

    If Sanders is president, it will be up to us to demand free college education and health care.

    When a million of us appear outside Mitch McConnell's window and demand free college education and health care, we'll get it. Although we may have to vote McConnell out of office first (which the Democrats should have been doing).

  126. A New Yorker? As soon as Bernie's neighborhood started trending minority, he emigrated to one of the whitest states in the U. S. And there he has stayed. Senator Clinton chose to live in New York and visited every part of the state in her successful campaign for the Senate. Sanders still hasn't been in the parts of New York that Clinton knows well. Considering the fact that it has been fifty years since Sanders lived in Brooklyn, it's unlikely that, accent notwithstanding, he can legitimately claim current New Yorker status.

  127. the only place whiter than Vermont is Chappaqua, where the Clinton own property.

  128. You are right!! Obama at his first chance raced to one of the blackest city's in the US. Washington!!

  129. LOL, have you been to Chappaqua? You might have had a point if the Clintons bought in Spanish Harlem, but Chappaqua?

  130. "we are coming after you"

    Sounds downright menacing. I'm sure the media will be all over him for this threatening speech. Oh, wait...he's not a republican.

  131. If being a New Yorker is the litmus test, neither passes. One bailed out for lily-white Vermont 50 years ago (when the majority of TVs were still B&W). The other did a drop-in, for just long enough to grab a Senate seat. The only true New Yorker in the race is Donald Trump. You may not like his politics, but his bonafides are pure NYC.

  132. Good catch, Ray. Trump is the only real New Yorker as evidenced by his being unafraid to speak his mind regardless of how nuts he makes everyone. Bernie, on the other hand, is always politically correct, a real politician whether people want to acknowledge it or not.

  133. He was not that "politically correct" when he spoke regarding the AIPAC meeting, there Trump was "politically correct".

  134. Being a true New Yorker myself I concede your point. Still going for Bernie though

  135. Hillary was a carpetbagger who used NY State as a political springboard. Stop implying that she is in any way a New Yorker. They bought a house in Chappaqua to establish residency, but she lived in Georgetown as a senator.

  136. The Clintons now live in their 5 bedroom house on Embassy Row in Washington. They bought it when they left the White House, staying in town because she was planning to run for the Senate. They bought the house in Chappaqua so she could establish NY residency to run for the Senate. Basically, the Clintons have lived in Washington D.C. since moving here in 1992. Worth over 100$ million, they're able to own homes in a lot of places. But they've never moved out of Washington D.C.

  137. "Hillary used NY as a springboard", kind of like Sanders used Vermont? Rational thought is flying out the window as the white guys realize their new dream date is not going to land on the aircraft carrier after all.

  138. wow. getting really silly now.

  139. Hillary is being ushered around by Chuck Schumer. I hope the two puppets are careful not to get their Wall Street strings tangled.

  140. Schumer makes me puke. But, Hillary is my gal. The fact that Wall Street needs her too doesn't keep me up and night, Stan. They need her, much more than she needs them. They are scared of her, it's obvious to those of us who know. Those who are hung up on hating mommy, not so obvious.

  141. As far as I'm concerned, he's no incentive to get me to support HIllary instead of Sanders. I think he's one of the most shameless and narcissistic self promoters around.

  142. I like Schumer. Hopefully he keeps his position (or gets upgraded to Sen majority leader). He has introduced some good legislation. Imagine what he can do with either one in the W.H.

  143. It will be very hard for Bernie Sanders to win. He is a long shot. But we have to try as hard as possible to elect him as the Democratic candidate.

    But whoever wins the Democratic primary, it is essential for us to elect as President. Remember when the Green Party took only 2 or 4 million voters in the 2000 election and it gave us George W. Bush instead of Al Gore as President. It also gave us the Iraq invasion and ISIS. I don't like Hillary Clinton either. I see all of her faults. But she is far less worse for the country than any Republican because she will make better appointments to the Supreme Court than any Republican. So vote Democratic. We may get the Bernie revolution now or we may get it while Hillary is President. Either way, she'll go with the flow - that's her modus operandi.

  144. This sister ain't bending over to wash Bernie's dishes. That's a promise. Hillary has my back and I have hers.

  145. No matter who ultimately becomes the Democratic nominee, we need to work to give them a Democratic Senate and House.

  146. @Jenny- who cares, you're obviously misinformed and refuse to admitt Hillary has more skeletons in her closet than the Addams Family.

  147. Live in Jersey City. Teach in New York City. Sometimes trek to Brooklyn looking for a new soul food restaurant. Could care less where Bernie was born or hangs his hat. He has my vote.

  148. Bernie is pure New Yorker. "New Yorker" is an ethos and outlook of dynamic creativity and questing for justice, a larger than life sense and imagination of what America can and should be about, true crucible of the Anerican dream. He is in the tradition of Jacob Riis and those pioneers for greater equality and inclusion. All this is in his blood and it shines in his every speech. He is classic New York.

  149. Bernie Sanders was born and raised in New York, but left for the University of Chicago, then decamped to Vermont in 1964. He has not lived in New York for 56 years.
    The Clintons moved to New York from the White House, 16 years ago.
    Traditionally New Yorkers welcome newcomers from all over the country and the globe, and moving here isn't considered an illegitimate maneuver, despite the ridiculous condemnation we're reading here from BernieBros.
    18 years vs 16 years. Pretty equal.

  150. You lost serious people when you used the derogatory and false narrative term, "BernieBros". If you want to be taken seriously, speak out on the issues.

  151. To Chet T,

    But, might the difference be that Sanders was seeking opportunity in Vermont, while Clinton was operating from opportunism? And, although a BernieBro, I voted for Clinton in both her Senate races, and will do so again in November if she wins the Democratic nomination.

  152. The "Bernie Bro" tag is meant to insult Senator Sanders supporters? Not a good way to won over votes for Hillary. Hillary supporters are so insulting, I would never vote with that crowd.

  153. This story thankfully holds open the possibility that Mr Sanders could win the NY primary. If he does, it will goad media, commentators, Democratic officials and voters generally to look afresh at the accepted narrative that Hillary Clinton is the only one who can win beat the Republican nominee in November.
    That questioning should have begun last weekend, when Sanders won all three primaries with astounding 82, 75 and 70 percent of the vote, having a few days earlier won two of three primaries by huge margins, Mrs Clinton taking the third, Arizona, by 18 points. If a self-declared socialist, and one who has been scorned by the media, can inflict such heavy defeats on her, her November electability must be interrogated.
    Outside the South, Bernie has in fact decisively won 14 primaries, while she has decisively won only three, Nevada, Ohio and Arizona. In 4 others, she has won only by razor-thin margins of 0, 1, 2 and 3 delegates in Missouri, Massachusetts, Iowa and Illinois. So outside the conservative South, which will go mostly Republican, Sanders has won 14 primaries and to her 7.

    This must give voters not firmly committed to her some pause about their choice in the next month.

  154. Please try to get at least one fact straight. All five "primaries" that you mention were not primaries at all - they were caucuses. The caucus that he won by "85 percent" was Alaska. He got a grand total of 440 votes for the entire state. As you point out, the only real primary was won by Secretary Clinton by 18 per cent.

  155. Glenn, I get your point but I think you missed mine over a technicality. Caucuses are immensely important and are integral partf of the primary process. Why is Iowa so terribly important? Why was Hillary so invested in winning the Nevada caucus?

  156. Glenn, please educate yourself with regards to how caucuses work. The numbers shown are not vote totals, but precinct delgate equivalents won at each caucus site. For example washington state had record turnout aka much higher turnout than Utah, which we know had 81000 participants, yet if yiu do what you did you would think only 19000 participated. Werr you seriously laboring under the delusion that only 400 people caucused in alaska? There were more than that in a single one of the 400 plus precincts... seriously...

  157. Whatever became of the term "Carpetbagger"? It used to be applied to Hillary all the time -- because it was true.

  158. Unlike Phoenix, NYC is a place where the best and brightest in politics, the arts and business go to make their mark. NY C is the capital of the world and sophisticated New Yorkers don't begrudge anybody who decides to move to NY to make their mark as long as they have meaningful contributions to make. NYC is a city of immigrants and dreamers.

  159. Yup. Bobby Kennedy was called a carpetbagger when he ran for the Senate from NY, and so was Senator Buckley.

  160. RJS, really well said.

  161. My daughter lives in Brooklyn and a very diverse neighborhood, where I've visited recently. If her neighbors are anything like her, they work very hard and pay what I consider outrageous rents for decent but tiny apartments. The area is being "gentrified" so no doubt her rent will be going up, if she is not forced out in the process. I doubt that Bernie Sanders has a solution to that problem but at least he is on the side of hard-working city people living in the shadows of Wall Street and Manhattan opulence and if he can do anything at all to increase the rewards they get for their labor, lighten their loads just a bit, that "promise" is worth my vote.

  162. Really Annie? You think? Because Hillary actually has suggestions that would change the game. You people knock me out. The cliches in your post just tell me that you are way out of touch with reality.

  163. Teddy Roosevelt did exactly what Bernie is trying to do. He took on the major corporations and broke up the trusts of JP Morgan and Vanderbilt that had a stranglehold on American markets. People who cheer for Teddy Roosevelt should also be cheering for Bernie Sanders because they are very similar. Bill O'reilly on his show actually compared Bernie Sanders to Roosevelt, it was the first smart thing I had ever heard him say haha :)

    Bernie is winning support across parties even reaching out to disenfranchised republicans who know and understand that putting too much power in the hands of corporations is bad for capitalism. Hillary barely can muster the support of her own party and would never be able to survive a general election. She has way too many skeletons in the closet and all of the "experience" people speak of. If she had to face a tough hitting challenger, that supposed experience would be shredded and the truth of her failures realized. Hillary can't win plain and simple but you can't convince the party establishment of that because they are blinded by the $$$$.

  164. Mark- that's all she is good for "suggestions" many borrowed from Sanders. she won't get anything done either if the Republicans keep Congressional control.

  165. Of course I will support Senator Sanders if he is to be the nominee. However, I will continue for now to promote Secretary Clinton. She is experienced, smart, tough when needed, and running a fairer campaign than Sanders. I am frankly tired of his portraying her as not representing the 99%. She is and has been doing that rather successfully, and she will fight just as hard for fair pay, better wages, affordable health care and education. Let us not forget also her focus on Immigration Reform. As a final thought, and I am not embarrassed to admit this: It is time we have a woman as the POTUS. She has the makings of a president. I need not look any further.

  166. Wrong. She is by no means running a fairer campaign - push polls, negative attacks, and getting money from the fossil fuel lobbyists. Not fair.

    She doesn't fight as hard for fair pay, only supporting $12 an hour. She doesn't support affordable education for the poorest families (making it a right for all Americans). And voting for a woman because she's a woman is sexist.

  167. Negative, negative, negative. People are getting sick of the constant attacks on Hillary. What do you think about TRUMP?

  168. Lies, distortion, and undocumented assertions, all. Eric, from "Scotland" - and wearing a kilt does not excuse sexism one bit, ask ask of the Forbes porcine boors.

  169. I really don't respect Sanders anymore for his smear of Hillary. She is not corrupt. She is more truthful than him. She tells people about reality and what will really work. She isn't leading people astray. Sanders is being less than honest about his plans. They won't work. They won't ever get implemented. He is promising the moon, and taking advantage of people's hopes with ideas like free college. Is he telling people how much he wants to raise their taxes? No. He paints Hillary with that horrible smear of corruption and claims he is holier than thou. I don't like that kind of person.

  170. Sanders says over and over that he cannot, no one can, do it alone. He doesn't lie or promise things he can't deliver. He states principles and goals, and you know that he believes them in his heart because he's been almost supernaturally consistent in his message and actions for decades. He does tell people what the costs will be. He's completely up front about everything he wants to do. Clinton on the other hand shifts like the wind. You really have no idea what she'll do if she gets into office, because she's been on every side of every issue according to what polls tell her. Ultimately she'll do what her financial supporters want, while telling the electorate what she thinks they want to hear. I fully expect her to support TTP if she gets into office, for example. Do you dispute that she's receives hundreds of thousands of dollars for a "speech"? You don't think that's anything else but legal bribery? That it won't affect her actions in office? Her corruption is completely out in the open, plain as day, and it is baffling that you cannot see it.

  171. Could not agree more. The sexism of the Bernie Bros are wearing more than thin too. No more free room and board in the extra bedroom kid.

  172. What? Bernie says that his plans will raise taxes, even taxes on the middle class.

  173. Bernie is holding a street rally in the Bronx with an overflow crowd of 18,500 supporters feelin' the Bern, while Hillary is hosting her "Millionaires and Billionaires" at two high-dollar fundraisers. Greenpeace reports today that Hillary's campaign and her SuperPAC have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry, and 57 oil, gas and coal industry lobbyists have directly contributed to Clinton's campaign; 43 of them giving the maximum allowed for the primary. Speaks volumes.

  174. Reality man- feel the Burn- it's called flaming lies. Documentation please? Oh we're supposed to take you at your word?

  175. People who work for oil companies have also given to Bernie Sanders campaign. Has he sent the money back? No. That is because he is being deceptive with his smears. You are falling for the smear. Obama took money from everyone. He was not corrupt either. It is a terribly negative thing for Bernie to do with these lies, but he has been doing it all along. That is why I have never supported him.

  176. Her years in the Senate? Which was a gift to her and she accomplished nothing for the state so what is she trying to tout here?

  177. She accomplished plenty for the state. Your statement, Anthony is vapid, faceless, and simply malicious.

  178. Please define "nothing."

  179. I'm not a Hillary supporter in any way, shape, or form. Your comment, however, was uncalled for and blatantly sexist. You wouldn't claim a senate seat to be "gifted" to man, would you? No, you would say he worked hard for that seat.

  180. As the Bernie crowd feeds the frenzy, Bernie gets more confident, and criticizes Hillary even more, which only cheapens his message. How does an old guy from Vermont get such adoration? Because he promises free college tuition? Probably . And if the Bernie supporters don't win and vote a "protest vote" for Trump just to deny Hillary the presidency? It's Ralph Nader supporters denying the presidency to Al Gore all over again. Imagine what 8 years with Al Gore would have meant? We would be farther ahead on climate change, and would have saved $2.7 trillion in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. If Trump is in the White House in November, Sanders supporters only have themselves to blame.

  181. So let me get this right: Hillary lost to Trump (who's got the highest unfavorability rating of'em all) and it's Bernie's fault?

  182. So, Hillary has no room for criticism? There is this thin-skinned attitudes in politics that seems to think that Bernie should be soft. How many times has Clinton's campaign adviser, her husband, and Hillary herself punched at Sanders as if they were punching down? The Clinton's are so afraid that they won't be able to steal this election with promises of money and positions to those willing to be cronies. The only reason the superdelegates are backing Hillary is because they are local and state level officials that are afraid of the Clinton Foundations ability to defund or otherwise harm their careers. It is that plain and simple.

    With that type of campaign in mind, it should have been Bernie's immediate strategy to criticize both Clinton's for making democrats into spineless and trough-loving corporatists piggies.

  183. "How does an old guy from Vermont get such adoration?"
    Because he's trying to get bribery out of politics

  184. I can't wait to cast my ballot for Bernie Sanders, and thinking about NY just makes it feel closer. Obviously he's not a panacea that will cure everything, but in my several decades of voting, he is the candidate I feel most hopeful and excited about - a once in my lifetime type of candidate, is my impression, and nothing short of a disaster will stop me from getting to the polls.

    Get a friend to vote, NY. If everyone chips in a little, the journey will be as good as the destination.

  185. Yes, he is a very flawed candidate, but vastly less so than the others, and this is a once in a generation opportunity to vote for a truly more democratic America, and to take a stand against the oligarchy we have been becoming since 1980, when neoconservatism began to institutionalize a worship of money and idolatrous social Darwinism that would make virtual kings of the likes of Gordon Gecko and Donald Trump. And it would be a vote against the lady who takes $675000 from the high priests of this new oligarchy religion for 3 speeches she won't disclose.

  186. As someone who voted for Eugene McCarthy and John Anderson all I can sat is good luck with Sanders. I don't think it can happen.

  187. Ka Ching, Ka Ching, Ka Ching. We met our goal. Reading the NYT does so inspire me too!

  188. Media loves emphasizing this story about how Bernie's supporters are only white young folks, to spin how he's not appealing to a broad group of people. Truth is, he wins amongst ALL ethnic groups of young people. Unfortunately, only NPR has reported on this:

    (Edison conducts entrance and exit polling for American elections and has conducted polls on primary voters and caucusgoers in 20 states so far this election.)
    "Among African-Americans, who are 17 through 29, Bernie Sanders is actually leading that group, 51 to 48 [percent]," he said. "Among 17- to 29-year-old Hispanics, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton 66-34."

    "I think the big takeaway," Brown said, "is that whether it's among whites or African-Americans, Bernie Sanders does significantly better among the youngest voters in the Democratic primary."

    Please people, when you hear this, please try to spread the truth.

  189. Yes, it is a tactic. Statistics tell us that the media is pushing a narrative is not the truth.

  190. You have to be young enough to know absolutely nothing about world history and the effects of socialism on people to support the @VermontYoda.

  191. For what it's worth, my husband wears a Bernie cap and nine times out of ten, when somebody comments on it favorably, it is a young black man such as the appliance delivery man who delivered us a new stove today. We live in the South. Maybe if he was wearing a Hillary hat, he would have gotten older black men approving. Still, it has surprised us.

  192. Bernie Sanders has taken money for people who work for oil. He should send every cent of it back... unless he is corrupt too. Of course his supporters will explain it away. There are always exceptions for your candidate aren't there?

  193. Where is your evidence for this?

  194. Dear Lynn from Nevada. Yes, "Bernie Sanders has taken money for [sic] people who work for oil." He has also taken money from people who work for steel, for the gas guzzling auto industry, for banks. There is a word for these people. They're called "workers". There is also a word for the argument that you and Clinton make when you make these accusations. The word is "disingenuous".

  195. And what link can you provide us to verify this information?

  196. Yamiche, thank you for writing an article about Bernie Sanders.

    But we need something more: in-depth continuing reporting about America's most serious problem: the seizure of our economy from The People, by and for The Money-Insider Establishment.

    And serious continuing reporting about Bernie's mission, to restore America to The People.

    Until we make major progress on that one, we can't solve our other problems.

  197. Let me be clear. I don't hate or dislike Hillary Clinton. I respect her strength and intelligence and commitment and values and at any other time, she would be my choice. She has played and continues to play by the rules as they are and made a great career for herself. But millions of hard-working Americans have also played by the rules and are having to work longer and harder just to keep what they've earned. They lose their jobs and retirement savings, even their homes, in Wall Street-engineered crashes and can't get back what they lost. Millions of others, even our young debt-burdened college graduates, can't even get in the game. So the time is not right to vote for more of the same rules and the same game, with a "progressive" tweak here and there. It just isn't.

  198. Annie- what do you think you are getting, with Bernie? He is a life long politician, salary paid via tax dollars. I don’t get how people say he is different. And he thinks more of those tax dollars are going to somehow show up (hmm. now I’m listening) and pay for everyone’s school, just like that? It’s a bizarre arrival at a dangerous time in American history.

  199. If you think Bernie's plans come for free, get ready for a shock! If you think your paycheck is being eaten away by taxes now, just wait til you're expected to foot the bill for all that free college and socialized medicine. Yikes. Give me Hillary any day.

  200. @Annie Dooley - Annie - I have three kids. I lost my job. I have to tell you that my next job indirectly came through reaching out through the Clinton network, not "Bernie" not by a longshot. He is hot air and a phony in my book. Hillary actually cares. I know that sounds poisonous to you who have drunk from Bernie fountain. But, those are the facts.

  201. Bernie Sanders is a decent man.. But he is an avowed Socialist. Socialism is
    a weak form of communism. I was shocked to hear at a recent debate Sanders
    had endorsed Fidel Castro in the 70s. A reporter asked Sanders if he would
    disavow his support for Fidel. Sanders refused to disavow his support for Fidel, saying he had done some good in Cuba! I then found out that Fidel Castro
    has endorsed Sanders for President of the U.S saying he would bring Socialism to the U.S. To me this is shocking. We should not elect a Socialst
    when we can elect Hilary Clinton who has much more realistic plans for the U.S. I believe that Sanders would lose a national election against Donald Trump because a large portion of the country have said they would never vote
    for a Socialist.

  202. People tried to brand Obama a communst since day one, they have said it about Hillary, liberals, progressives and Democrats. Your narrative is so tedious that only those who live in Cold War phobia and have never learned a thing about the world as it is are going to buy into your ridiculous narrative.

  203. LOL!!! "Socialism is a weak form of communism?" OK, Bernie is a Democratic-Socialist~very different from (what you call Communist light). As Bernie has said, repeatedly, the ideology would give a much fairer deal to ordinary Americans; look at Sweden, Denmark and Norway, those governments are successful examples of Democratic Socialism. Remember FDR? He gave America a brand of Democratic Socialism and it worked beautifully!

  204. This is tired rhetoric that's been espoused millions of times by baby boomers and people over the age of 50 primarily who lived through the Cold War era.

    Americans were systematically programmed to dispise all forms of socialism. It takes a truly open mind to overcome that programming, so it's ok. Hopefully one of these days you'll think for yourself.

  205. Hey- I like Bernie- he is a real mensch. BUT, Bernie moved AWAY FROM New York for Vermont (where he did good things for Vermonters). Hillary moved TO New York and did good things for New Yorkers as their senator. Bernie is nice, but Hillary deserves our vote.

  206. Wait a sec. WHAT exactly did Hillary ever work to get passed through the Senate? Taking enough money from the bankers to buy two houses every time she gave a speech does NOT mean she did anything for the voters.

  207. 70% of your fellow Washingtonians disagree.

  208. Yeah, Hillary moved to New York to help us, not for the money and political influence. That's why ever since her years here as senator she has spent all of her time continuing to fight for working class New Yorkers instead of giving speeches to the financial sector for millions of dollars.

  209. This rally absolutely destroyed the Clinton and mainstream media narrative that says "only white liberals support Bernie Sanders"

    As a 35 year old white liberal who attended this event, waited several hours in line, only to end up in the overflow section (where Bernie still gave a personal speech before his main stump speech), I will tell you... White liberals were the minority this evening.

    To pull nearly 20,000 people, in the Bronx, on a Thursday, with only 48 hours advance notice? That is what a political revolution is about!

  210. Kevin - Really? Political revolutions usually involve death, upheaval, and a new boss worse than the old boss. Sorry, 35 year old white guy, but maybe it’s time to grow up about this fantasy that America will become a socialist nation. And -- where has Bernie and his “revolution” been all of this time? Why didn’t he run against Obama? Gore? The other Clinton?

    Here’s what I say to Sanders supporters in NY: I know a guy who knows somebody who is selling the Brooklyn bridge....

  211. This was amazing. I never thought that Bernie would visit my neighborhood. It felt so good to have the South Bronx as the center of American politics for a night. Bernie's vision for the future is what we have to fight for. A better America for everyone. I expected 4-5k people. Little did I know that 20k were going to show up and that I would end up watching it on a big screen instead of the main rally. but it was all worth it. Latinos for Bernie Sanders

  212. See Woody Allen's "Bananas" for more about what a political revolution is about.

  213. Well this aging boomer would love to cast a vote for Bernie in the primary. After 30 years of voting in NY State as an independent I tried a couple of weeks ago to switch my affiliation to Democrat so I could vote in the primary and was shocked to learn the Democrats require that you have been registered in their party for 12 months in order to vote in the primary if you are switching from independent status. NEW voters can register to vote up until 3 weeks before the primary, and vote as long as a they register as Democrats,, but OLD voters like me have to prove themselves over the course of a year.

    I am the exact same age as Hillary, and graduated from an eastern woman's college the same year she did. I am also a former lawyer. I wouldn't have liked her in college and I have never found a reason to like her since then.

  214. Trust me, Team Hillary is counting on stories like this in order to win NY. The deadline to switch party affiliation was actually October 9, 2015. Closed primaries are not democratic.

  215. it gives me little hope that women will achieve equality in world when I read a comment personally attacking a woman you've never met for no substantive reason accept perhaps that you fear there is only one seat at the table - so it better be yours. I hope my daughters are never judged by this standard

  216. Outrageous. As a lawyer, can you not create a collective of those who feel this is purposeful deterrent to intelligent older independents when it was useful to be one.

  217. Bernie has so much more to offer minorities than any other candidate. Healthcare and education are two major economic barriers. Bernie gets it.
    I can see why the young have coalesced around Bernie. Because they have not been involved politically they have got the shaft through much higher education costs, lack of jobs, lack of access to education due to cost, and wages that are less than they were in the 1970's. If young people want to make change in this country they need to vote. Staying home surely will not make their life better.

  218. Here, Here. That explains it, they have been shafted and are suffering economically and in their abilities to have even basic things we expect from life: marriage, affordable housing, children due to economic strain.

    Here is more of the truth about hrc:

    Stop the injustice!

  219. Greg, If young people want to make change, they need to vote now for the candidate that will do the least damage over the next 4 years, Keep the idea of revolution foremost, maintain their involvement in practical ways, and never give up.

    It is interesting to me, a young person from the 60's to see this fabulous opportunity now confronting people that mirrors my experience. The old fogies now were the activists then. Not too much has changed, except new, even more artificially constructed divisions, and a pervading sense of hate and hopelessness.

  220. HA!
    Bernie is the poster child for white flight. He went to high school in Brooklyn when it was mostly white - then moved to Vermont! There are no black people in Vermont! There are no hispanic people in Vermont! It's over 95% white! The only state with a bigger percentage of white people is Montana! He moved from the most diverse city in America to the least diverse state in America - what is the difference between Vermont and an all white, walled community in Westchester?

    And while we're at it, Vermont is 49 out of 50 states in growth rate. Housing values dropped when they were rising pretty much elsewhere. Wages declined 1.1% when they were increasing everywhere else.

    New Hampshire, right next to Vermont, was 16th in GDP Growth. Vermont was 43rd.

    Black people are 85% more likely to be pulled over in Burlington, home of the University of Vermont, than white people. African American people are about 1.2% of the population of Vermont - but make up over 10% of the prison population.

  221. The next president will be either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. Americans will not settle for more meandering status quo; they're hungry for leadership.
    I'm voting for the one who's committed to restoring our great nation's middle class.

  222. Thanks for the prognosis -- But unless your real name is Cassandra, I'll just wait for the end results.

  223. Go ahead and vote for Bernie all you want, but nothing is going to change in Washington. You'll just be massively disappointed just as we were with Obama. The only way there will be a real 'revolution' in government is if people stop re-electing the same members of Congress. THAT is where we will see a real revolution. The President is just a figurehead these days.

  224. That would be Hillary :)

  225. "The poll showed Mrs. Clinton doing best among women and older voters, with Mr. Sanders beating her among men and with “very liberal” voters."

    This is a "very misleading" characterization on the poll. You wrote that Sanders leads her amongst men and "very liberal" voters, but failed to mention that amongst New Yorkers 45 and under, Bernie holds a massive lead with nearly 65% of the vote.

    You can't say that Hillary leads amongst older voters without mentioning that Bernie leads commandingly amongst younger voters.

  226. First of all. DON'T BELIEVE POLLS. They are almost consistently incorrect -- And why do the Sanders people ALWAYS complain about them, anyway??

  227. The Times is part of the corporate media fix for Hillary.

  228. It's not only younger voters who are supporting Bernie. I'm a Boomer who is supporting Bernie. And there are many of us out here!

  229. Bernie's message resonates, and clarifies: We The People have the power to change our lives and our circumstances overnight, on Election Day.

    A Democratic President and a Democratic Senate and House are possible, if we all come together and #UniteBlueWhateverTheShade.

    If instead, we allow the Republicans to use the same strategy as they did in Wisconsin - #DivideAndConquer - we will have a President Trump or President Cruz backed by a Tea Party Congress.

    And if THAT prospect doesn't get you off the couch and out the door on Election Day... nothing will.

  230. Bernie's 'message' is more like: "We, some of the people..."
    Because if you don't vote for him, you're considered part of the "problem".
    That sounds pretty divisive to me.

  231. Bernie is not a democrat.. he has been very clear that he uses the Party for fundraising and press.. he promises nothing to the party with raising money for the lower house races... Mrs. Clinton is a life long Dem raising 26 million for lower races, so the Dems can carry the house and senate. . Who do you want to lead the DNC..... a democrat or a user of the democratic party....

  232. RoughAcres,

    Canadians united to in our last election to turf the ultra right. The left has been split here for decades. The left parties did not unite, but the voters got around that by closely following polls in their ridings, and voting for the left candidate that had the best chance as far as they could tell. A lot of folks held their noses, but we got rid of the hated party that had governed for a decade with less than 40% of the popular vote. It is not over yet, the work has just begun, the work for change.

    You can do it. It has to start somewhere. Don't divide, conquer. It will take time and work, but what is the alternative?

  233. Why won't Hillary agree to a debate prior to the NY presidential primary? Is she afraid that Bernie might ask her why she won't release her speeches given to Goldman Sachs or that he might bring up her corporatist track record while at State?

    For example, according to the NY Daily News, 5-14-13, Hillary's state department became Monsanto's global marketing arm notwithstanding that Hillary received a $325,000 speaking fee from Monsanto's top GMO lobby front group BIO.

  234. @eisen
    Sorry. What kind of papers do you have in Manhattan Beach??? There's been no news that she won't debate Manhattan.

    You're quoting The Daily News from 2013???

  235. Maybe in the NY debate he would bring up her record as Secty of State promoting tracking around the world!

  236. Of course she is chicken . She is afraid New York will tear her apart and we will.

  237. Bernie must say, "much has been made of the 'revolution' this campaign has sought. But the real revolution thst all this is sbout - and what distinguishes me from my opponent - is the revolution going on since about 1980, that I seek to reverse and that she and her husband have been part of:

    According to the Economic Policy Institute:
    "The CEO-to-worker compensation ratio was 20-to-1 in 1965 and 29.9-to-1 in 1978, grew to 122.6-to-1 in 1995, peaked at 383.4-to-1 in 2000, and was 295.9-to-1 in 2013."

    "From 1978-2013, CEO compensation, inflation-adjusted, increased 937 percent, a rise more than double stock market growth and substantially greater than the painfully slow 10.2 percent growth in a typical worker’s compensation over the same period."

    Since the 1980s an "invisible hand" religion (personified in film by "greed is good" Gordon Gecko) institutionalized on Wall Street and at academic institutions like the University of Chicago economics department (Milton Friedman, later Gary Becker and Richard Posner, who would legislate the doctrines from the bench), has displaced traditional arbiters of fairness. Even Adam Smith believed raw economic competition and acquisitiveness unconstrained by other values ultimately destructive. Sanders seeks a remedy for the revolution that, in a word, has given us Donald Trump.

  238. @andrew
    Yes. And Sanders' supporters who don't vote unless he's the nominee, will actually give us Trump.

  239. Actually, people who vote for Hillary will give us Trump.

  240. You want to do something new? Bernie. Or something old. Hillary. It's that easy. I don't want to pay $273/month for health insurance anymore. We got halfway there with Obama, let's finish this.

  241. With all due respect, this is supposed to be a comment section. Not a place for paid political announcements...And you might want to re-think your insurance plan.

  242. Sure let's have everything for free, why work for anything anymore?

  243. First off -- $273 is a huge bargain for health insurance. Probably the true cost is $1000 a month, so either your employer is generous OR you have a giant subsidy on the exchanges.

    Do you seriously think someone, somewhere is getting cheaper health care? You are wrong. If someone (in say, EUROPE) is seeming not to pay out of pocket at point of service....well, they paid in plenty beforehand in TAXES. As much or more than you have. Think of everything you purchased in the last month, then figure out what 25-28% of that would be (VAT).

    Obama didn't get you halfway to anything. The ACA was written by the insurance industry to benefit THEMSELVES. They were terrified of single payer or a public option or being forced to go non-profit. So they wrote a plan that ENSURED that we would never, ever, EVER have those things in OUR LIFETIMES. The ACA is not a path to single payer; the ACA ends any chance of single payer. How anyone can read the 2400 page law (*did YOU read it? NO!) and think "yeah....this will shortly become single payer health care like in Canada!" beats me.

    It is the biggest con job any President has ever pulled on anybody, bar none.

    To get single payer NOW, would require completely doing away with the know, just like the REPUBLICANS have tried to do, 40 times.

  244. Another story with no information about the financial impact Sanders' promises would have on our paychecks. Stories about Bernie's "winning streak" in 3 states with a handful of delegates is no longer cutting it. You guys and the networks have sainted him--which is very dangerous. You have dug into Hillary's record to the point that practically everyone around the world hates her. Now it's time to see what Sanders is all about.

  245. Ah, if she isn't like around the world, I don't think it has anything to do with my paycheck. Could be the bombings and displacement of millions of people.

  246. What impact do you believe establishment politics and corporate bailouts have had on the paychecks of working people? I think you are right, it is time to see what Sanders is about. We already know a lot about Hillary, and the real information (transcripts of Goldman Sachs and other speeches) is under lock and key.

  247. Not the world, just in this country, and only people that have bought into the lies that all the decades of smears have wrought. But you're right, if they turn the magnifier on Bernie even 1/100 of what Hillary's taken, he'd be toast. For one thing, his temper is well known, and he would probably storm out.

  248. All the opposition would have to do to Candidate Gramps is tell the human history of socialism and how it has never EVER worked out economically. The Soviet Union had the smartest people available and even they could never make it work.

    The only way to make everything ''free'' is for the government to own its citizens and reduce all but the top millionth of the country's elites to grinding, lifeless poverty. The guards ''help'' to remind you to shut up and get back to your 600 sq. ft. concrete apartment.

  249. Quite the leap. tp compare Sanders' proposals incorporating the tenets of Democratic Socialism with the brutal totalitarianism of the Soviet Union. If you are going to cite history, then a few actual facts that reflect reality might be in order. Instead, I suspect that you return to your dog-eared copy of Atlas Shrugged for affirmation. Meanwhile, our friends in Western Europe enjoy their robust economies, pay their fair share of taxes and rest easy knowing that they participate in and benefit from a responsible and compassionate social system that fosters the well-being off ALL its citizens.

  250. Candidate "Gramps?" A little age-related discriminatory remark, no? Wouldn't you be insulted if someone criticized Hillary as a woman? I would.
    "Shut up?" and get back to your 600sf concrete apt? "The Soviet Union had the smartest people available?"
    There are better ways to express your viewpoint than angry insults and assumptions.

  251. Rather than get caught up on a label, look at the actual policies the candidate is proposing.

  252. Bernie came from New York, Hillary moved there and became senator. Never understood why y'all immediately elected her...maybe because no one really pays attention to "those" elections. Have a feeling they will now.

  253. Just remember this. Clinton was elected as Senator of New York...not Vermont.

  254. "Y'all" is the operative word in your comment. I'd be very reluctant to insult black voters by suggesting they might not have noticed, but since no one, particularly nobody from the black community, has mentioned this, I have to assume many or most blacks in fact overlook this behavior (stratagem, really) on Hillsry's part.

    In the late 90s, at a very definite point, Hillary began lacing every public comment with "y'all" in place of "you", particularly when addressing a single individual. It was especially obvious because at the time I daily watched the PBS Newshour, and at one specific moment she did it having never used that word before, and suddenly it was practically every sentence. I thought it was a nod to multiculturalism, a principled ethnic-racial inclusiveness by publicly validating a hallmark of common black informal dialect. Jim Lehrer temporarily took up "you-all."

    I now see how this was a long term investment in the black vote, which Hillary 2 decades would see as the centerpiece of her electoral strategy, and boy did it work, I only wish more would see through it, but she already has most black voters (with Charles Blow's help) locked in-- duped, I think. If they cared about the civil rights legacy (the movement was equally "quixotic" st the time) blacks would hear its echoes in the Sanders agenda. Hillary fooled them.

  255. Her background was as the wife of the President when she moved to New York to run for the Senate. As a lifelong Democrat, I was not impressed by her background. After her husband appointed her as First Lady to lead a fight for health care "reform", she involved big Pharma and the insurance companies as key players. They came up with a totally convoluted confusing "plan" that went nowhere. I will be voting for Bernie on April 19th. AndI am one of those older women.

  256. Yes, Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn. But he abandoned NYC permanently in 1971 - having done exactly NOTHING for it. (And, by coincidence, moved from the most diverse city in the world to the second "Whitest" state in the country.) Hillary Clinton was not born in NY. However, she and her husband moved here permanently, and as Senator she did ALOT for her constituency (including me). Indeed, she was re-elected by the largest margin in the history of the State.

    I don't care that she is NOT a "born and bred" New Yorker any more than I care that Sanders IS. The fact is that he has done NOTHING for New York, while did plenty.

    Thank you, Ms. Clinton. You have my vote. (Both for that and many other reasons.)

  257. I would say it's unfair to claim Bernie "abandoned" NYC. He moved as we all do in our lives. I moved from CT to MA to NC throughout my life. Did I abandon my home or what it meant to me in those years? He is just talking about his history here, not making any claims about doing all these wonderful things for NY so I am not quite sure why you feel the need to smear him over it. I get it, your a Hillary supporter and that's cool as I am one as well! However, for the primary I didn't know of Bernie and when I got to know more of him I liked what I saw. He doesn't have lobbyist's bundling millions through coordinated SuperPacs to his campaign and I think that is just so rad and one of the reasons I switched my support from Hillary to Bernie in the primary election.

  258. Yes, she moved to "diverse" Chappaqua.

    Actually, I don't recall her doing anything for New York. I recall her being a "national issues" senator. Tried calling her office for constituent service in the day. Virtually no response.

  259. What did Clinton do for you? You say a lot, but that's not very specific. You could be a Wall Street cocaine dealer, happy about the bailout. Details would be more helpful.

  260. Funny, the NYT points out Bernie trails Hillary in the polls, but fails to note that he is rapidly closing the gap ... hmmmm ... wonder why the NYT would leave that out? Oh, yeah, because they are CORPORATE MEDIA.

    The revolution is the beginning of the end of corporate media, UNLESS corporate media stops being a corporate PRAVDA, ignoring Americans struggles and suffering ... they are a dinosaur of the past.

    This new generation is oblivous to corporate media propaganda. GO BERNIE GO!!!

  261. William, it's encouraging Bernie's appeal is crossing generational lines, because he was born not long after corporate influence and corruption brought the house of cards down in 1929.

    Maybe we are capable of learning from the lessons of history, after all.

  262. Google Challenge:
    How many of the 200,000 new jobs that Hillary promised upstate NY as Senator did she actually deliver?

  263. @Brighteyed

    Google Challenge: How meaningful is your query?

    Overwhelming answer: Zero.

  264. Less than none, if she performed the way she usually does.

  265. @Brighteyed Explorer,
    That's a fair and honest question. I'd love to read the answer.

    [email protected]:35 pm

  266. Anyone else notice the preponderance of sarcastic comments, mostly replies and mostly anti-Sanders, from a small handful of late-night readers who seem to be pouncing to get their mean-spirited words published (it's morning where I am) - ? Who screens this stuff? I used to read NYT comments to find a less biased and more articulate view of the news than available in the articles or in my other web-based sources but the conversation has taken a dive in the Trump direction.

  267. Hardly correct to classify all anti-Sanders comments with such a broad stroke.
    If you look a little closer, you might see that caustic comments are not endemic to only "late night readers".

  268. What is most interesting to me about the comments today is that it appears the Hillary people are really getting scared and lashing out because of it....

  269. Empty Years in the Senate with only three minor laws passed with one the naming of a post office! Hardly a distinguished career for a Senator. Her Senatorial focus was on lobbying for Wall Street and voting for the Iraq War.

  270. Didn't spend too much time on this one, did you? -- an extremely over-simplified and judgmental assessment lacking any depth on both accounts.

  271. Guy from the South here that knows Bernie's campaign wasn't as well known as it is now when Georgia voted. Please even up the delegate vote for this guy. All these clowns starting their comment with, "Bernie's a decent guy, but", read their response with a critical mind. We have a chance at making a huge step forward here.

  272. Wonderful crowd in my home borough. Hugely diverse crowd. I thought there were more Black and Latino/a people than anyone else. I even saw a Black elder with a walker with a Bernie button. As a young person of color I feel incredibly let down by the Black political establishment that has sold our birthright to the Democratic party and especially the Clintons without even asking for anything for the community, let alone receiving anything. They only care about their patronage and connections. The Joshua Generation has been an utter disaster for Black people and I look forward to supplanting these hacks in the coming years.

    It is time for the power to be wrested from the Power Elite: the banks, the lobbyists, the corporate media. Bernie's message is exactly what is needed after thirty five years of trickle down economics and neoliberalism. The question is do we have the courage to take the reins of our democracy instead of cast a ballot every four years and continuing to chew the cud in the interim? Whether Bernie wins or loses this primary represents a shift in the Democratic party. Hillary will be the last gasp of the warmongering, corporate shilling, and neoliberal Democratic party. The base will demand progressive candidates going forward. I refuse to vote for corporate candidates any longer.

  273. Precisely; and I believe we do have the courage, and this election will long be remembered as the time when Americans came together, for all Americans, and at last, at long last, took control of their future.

  274. @Entropic Decline,
    Good morning! Feeling the Bern! You saw a Black elder with a walker and a Bernie button? Man or woman? I was there with my mom. She's an elder (very passionate and vibrant 81), was using her walker and wore her Bernie buttons (including two in her hair)! If it was someone else, that's terrific. It helps (even more) to disprove the media's claim that Bernie's message isn't reaching older people, people of color, mature women, minorities, etc.

    Again, NYT: BUSTED! Hilary:Debate Sanders in NY!

    Actually attending a rally showed me how unfair and dishonest the media has been to and about Sanders. SO many people of: different ages, men, women, children. Latinos, Blacks, naturalized citizens, LGBT's--you name it. People with physical disabilities (handicapped?), including, a visually impaired person with a cane (I think). We got there early and were lucky with seating. Sanders shook my hand; strong grip! Jane grinned right at me when I yelled "our future first lady!" What's important, aside from what you've said is, what Rosario Dawson said: "We're better than that." I.e., we don't stoop to disrespect. The rally was dignified. Ms. Dawson stuck with the issues (and took a pic w/mom). Ditto Spike Lee (wow! Spike) The campaign is dignified.

    I learned more about the Bronx, Puerto Rico, etc. (a lot of work to be done). I felt at home. (I'm a Lehman-CUNY grad and my late sister was born in the Bronx). The crucial thing:VOTING.

    [email protected]:32 am

  275. @Entropic Decline,
    This represents a shift. It might also represent a split, just as what seems to be happening in the Republican party. Only two viable parties for a nation this size? It makes no sense.

    [email protected]:33 pm

  276. Mr. Sanders white flighted it out of NY the minute he reached adulthood - the only thing NY about him is his accent. So let's call it what it is when he returns to his place of birth and claims to be a New Yorker - pandering. It's what all politicians do. Oh yes - and same with his gun votes - pandering. Nobody is in politics for 30 years without it

  277. To Dana,

    And Hillary Clinton did the reverse with her "home" state - but "white flighted" into tony Chappaqua, not Brooklyn. Based on your reasoning, there is only one "true" New Yorker - Donald Trump.

  278. I'd rather have him pandering to the South Bronx then pandering to Goldman Sachs and Citibank and Bank of America and Chase; the pharmaceutical cartel, the prison for profit industry, credit card companies, and the military-industrial complex.
    Hillary is a faux progressive, and her sense of entitlement is appalling. She's been on the WRONG side of every issue over the last 30 years, as opposed to Bernie Sanders who has been proven right on almost every important issue from the vile Iraqi War she voted for to her support of DOMA and NAFTA. There is a much, much better choice for President, a person who actually SHOULD be president. Read and educate yourself:

  279. Dana,
    I am really disgusted with the HRC campaign using racial identity as a tool to dissuade minorities to consider Sanders. That is truly racist.

  280. [to the author]

    ... Would love to see more articles like this about the Democratic race. I just learned something about NY voting trends that I didn't realize before, as opposed to "he is doing well BUT.... "

    "Despite his local roots, Mr. Sanders may face an uphill fight in New York." This is a good way to say that it will be a challenging campaign - and instead of dwelling on that point like so many outlets (including this paper) do ad infinitum, you moved ahead to the wider discussion of NY progressives, and included an un-slanted quote from an academic.

    Thanks again and I will look out for your coverage going forward.

  281. Regarding the Sanderistas meme that Hillary is corrupt because she took money from this business or that - Bernie took money from the Democratic Senate Pac without asking any questions about the sources. One of the darlings of the Bernie supporters is Elizabeth Warren, who I was proud to vote for, faced a lot of criticism in her Senate race because of her high legal fees that she received from certain corporations. She is of course the very opposite of a bought politician. It has never been possible to move the country forward and still be as pure as the driven snow. If you are competing against the Koch's and their ilk, you might like the President, accept contributions from those who you oppose on a lot of issues. It would be great if the small donor strategy works through the ENTIRE cycle, but that remains to be seen.

  282. @Milliband

    Sorry, but your very well expressed comment is far too nuanced for the Bernie supporters to understand. Be prepared to be attacked with their naive, florid invective in the service of their never ending compulsion to malign their so-called "enemy", Hillary Clinton.

    Oh, if these childish Bernie supporters only understood that Bernie is as bought and sold as every single politician--it's the nature of the beast. But, methinks, by virtue of the vitriol of the Sanderistas commentariat that they cannot see beyond their own noses, noses which many are apparently willing to cut off to spite their faces come November.

  283. As a Clinton supporter I feel upset about this attack on Bernie. If anyone in US politics is unbought it is Bernie. How anyone can say anything bad about him is beyond me. I can't tell if Eileen is aggravated Clinton supporter or a troll.

  284. The picture accompanying this story sums up Sanders supporters perfectly - young people with the time to go to rallies, socialize with the friends who joined them and pat themselves on the back for being righteous. What isn't pictured is the 2.5 million more people who have voted for Ms. Clinton over Sanders. We skew older which means we have responsibilities like caring for aging parents, young children and working to pay all those bills. So we won't be pictured - but we will be heard. Not on facebook assaults, pep rallies or in the comments sections - but at the ballot - because we love our candidate, too - and we can be counted to show up and support her - ENTHUSIASTICALLY!

  285. @Dana

    Again, Dana, a very beautiful comment. You've made my day!

    Yes, we Hillary supporters do skew older and more mature and, as such, don't have the time for the naive, reactionary "activism" of youth nor, more importantly, the social media siege tactics and assaults of the misguided Bernie sycophants.

    However, as you say so beautifully, we make ourselves count where it counts most: the Ballot Box and millions upon millions of us will express ourselves with unfettered joy as we pull the lever for Hillary and for all Democrats down ticket as well.

  286. Eilieen -thank you for your lovely comment! I wholeheartedly agree!

  287. According to the 1970 Census, when Bernie moved from New York City to Vermont, the state of Vermont was 443/445ths white. Ben & Jerry's should name a flavor of ice cream for Bernie: White Flight Vanilla Delight.

  288. Hillary's New York supporters are freaking out, and their frenzied attacks on Senator Sanders make Trump look rational and polite. These angry Clintonites are not doing their candidate any favors. They are turning off liberals.

  289. Since HRC is not a liberal, of course liberals should be turned off by her insider, big-money campaign and career.

  290. @pat

    I'm sure I don't have to tell you that none of what you say is true. The only frenzy here and on social media is the insistent and obnoxious bullying by Bernie supporters of Democrats who support Hillary.

    From day one the nuttier end of the Bernie Brigade has mirrored the low-information invective so treasured by Trump's supporters so that it's become impossible to tell you two camps apart.

    No, we Hillary supporters are enjoying sitting back knowing that whether Hillary loses Wisconsin and/or New York, or wins both, she is going to win the nomination with or without your help.

    I hope you enjoy our first female President Hillary Rodham Clinton. I know I will.

  291. Pat, You cannot be serious. Almost all the negative comments are about Hillary. I think the Hillary supporters are real progressives who have been paying attention to politics for the past 10 years and have high praise for both Hillary and Sanders. On the other hand, Sanders supporters (or the trolls that pretend to be Sanders supporters) are blasting out an assault on Hillary that sounds very much like they are reading from a list of talking points. What progressives have to pay attention to is that they not turn off independent voters by amplifying the past years of tea party attacks on Hillary. I also see in these comments the first signs of people who identify themselves as Clinton supporters attacking Bernie. Does this mean that they are actually Clinton supporters that are getting annoyed at all the attacks or that tea party trolls have decided to start personally attacking Bernie's integrity also. I don't think progressive Democrats need a food fight, so please resist the urge to fight back against what are likely trolling comments.

  292. Why do I keep having this idea that an army of youthful Republican-machine-tweeters are flooding social media to make Sanders seem like your favorite uncle who would let you stay up late and eat ice cream for breakfast?

  293. And they have visions of Frank Luntz dancing around in their heads....

  294. Gwen - maybe, like many in today's Democratic Party, you have a hard time accepting that Hillary is incapable of providing the leadership and direction our country needs?
    Hope / Change - it will be Bernie who picks up where Obama leaves off.

  295. @Gwen Dawson

    LOL--so true. Makes one wonder if the Bernie supporters are actually Republicans plants. They make about as much sense as that which is to say, none.

  296. I was born in Brooklyn, the daughter of immigrants who never had a chance for higher education themselves. City College of New York gave me that chance, and all I paid was a registration fee and the cost of books. My sister and brother also attended the city colleges. I want that kind of opportunity for the next generation--along with a decent minimum wage, single-payer health care, and all the other proposals in Sen. Sanders' platform.

  297. Come on NYers. Bernie really needs to win you're state and he will probably win the nomination if he does. Nothing will improve if you vote for Hillary, well maybe Trump will fix a few things...

  298. Not sure that "nothing would improve if you vote for Hillary."

    Not sure that "maybe Trump will fix a few things.

    But I DO believe that Bernie is a much better candidate both for NYers and for working people everywhere.

    HRC and the Donald? Just 2 more "old white guys" on the make and on the take.

  299. Thanks for the pep talk. But NOBODY tells New Yorkers what to do -- that's just the way we're built. And we already know what Trump will fix...Don't forget, he's from here!

  300. Its hare to see where the money trail ends and the statesmanship begins.

  301. Everyone talks about the fragmentation of the GOP, but should Dems worry about the deep divisions in their own ranks? These two candidates better find a way to meet in the middle, or the party will suffer.

  302. Judging from these comments (and others in recent articles) the billionaire Koch brothers and their cronies must be having a hearty laugh at the liberal Democrats expense. The millions and millions of dollars they have spent smearing Ms. Clinton, creating fake "scandals," and assassinating her character have paid off. The target of their campaign - liberals - have bought their carefully crafted lies- and now (as in 2000) we are about to implode if Mr. Sanders continues to do his Nader impersonation and march down this destructive path. The Koch brothers must be gleeful.

  303. He left Brooklyn like the Dodgers now he wants us.
    Sorry Bernie when you left we lit a candle for you

  304. Remember when the Clintons turned tail and carpetbagged their way into NY after Bill left office under a cloud? I remember it well. A calculated move for Hillary's next perch. She's still at it.

  305. Oh. So when Sanders left Brooklyn to eventually become Senator from Vermont,
    that wasn't carpetbagging it??... Looks like we got a case of double standards here.

  306. @N. Smith

    You're exactly right. These people never met a double-standard they couldn't embrace. Jesus wept...

  307. Hardly. Take a look at Sanders' resume. He's had a long and varied career, "eventually," as you say, becoming Senator from Vermont, and is now returning to NY as a presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, pounced on NY with cold calculation to snare a Senate seat as soon as Bill's White House term was concluded. It was much remarked on at the time. She's a carpetbagger, plain and simple.

  308. The media including the NYTimes doesn't like Bernie. Guess what, Media is big business and Bernie is for workers, not big business. That is why the Times support a corporatist, Hillary. Bernie is for getting money out of campaigns, and lots of that money ends up in the hands of media, like CNN and Fox and The New York Times.
    The system is so rigged against ordinary people that ordinary people can't even see the ropes and pulleys, pulled by the rich, that run the economy.
    As for Hillary and Bill, thy name is corruption.
    What we have in this race, to see who will have their finger on the button of the most powerful military in the history of the world is, a lying corrupt egomaniacal pretend Liberal, a totally insane madman Donald Trump, or maybe he is actually working for the pretend liberal, and finally, two ultra right wing conservatives or really scary mean spirited white men, who pretty much no one likes, and finally, finally, a genuine real moderate progressive good guy who has worked his entire life for decent causes.
    But the real question is, why is it so hard for the media to sort this out?

  309. IMO our choices for president stink this year.

  310. To paraphrase what Susan Sontag once said about Camille Paglia, "Maybe Hillary Clinton, Hosni Mubarak, and Henry Kissinger should join a rock band."

  311. The NY primary will be Hillary's - and the NYT's/MSM's - Waterloo. The power brokers and the elite have been dismissing Sander's chances, claiming that his platform is "unrealistic". But what is actually unrealistic, is for the 1% and Corporate America continuing to bleed the working and middle class dry. Our economy is driven by consumption and demand, but without decent wages and dependable jobs, the majority of consumers can't sustain the economic growth we need. This is the fundamental reason that the recession drags on, despite rosy, wishful claims by the "experts". The Republicans and Hillary will only continue the "trickle down", supply-side economics that have crippled the fortunes of average Americans for almost four decades. It's long past time we roll those policies back!

    In the past, it's been the early primary states like Iowa and NH that have set the tone for America, but now NY has a chance to have a major say, not only in the upcoming election, but for the future of America. Don't miss this chance NY!

  312. I lived in Burlington, after being banished from Brooklyn. Believe me, they derided me in VT for my Brooklyn roots. Always felt the pressures of being a Jew there, which is possibly a reason for his rejection of his Semitic roots. And, when people mentioned Berine's brooklynese, it was always with derision. He like Trump will do anything to get elected. Keep in mind, he didn't deliver much to his home state and refuses to accept responsibility, blaming the poverty, height taxes and disappearing industry on State government.

  313. "Always felt the pressures of being a Jew there, which is possibly a reason for his rejection of his Semitic roots".
    Curious, are you the gatekeeper on judging Jewish individual pride?
    Was it his vote against the Iraq War Powers Act that convinced you that he had no respect for his heritage?
    Would it help if he schmoozed up to Bibi and our jihadist neocons?

  314. I was at the rally last night and what the Times failed to report is that before Bernie spoke at the rally in the main part of the park, he arrived at the area where the "overflow" - the people who were not able to get into the main field - was and spoke to us there!!!! He wasn't on a stage, he was right next to us! How many other candidates would take the time to do that?

  315. And Ralph Nader, also George McGovern also turned out huge crowds. How'd that work out for you?

  316. @Jennifer

    Well said!

  317. Let's nominate Hillary Clinton. After all, we don't need Bernie supporters voting for a Democratic president in 2016 -- nor do we need Independent voters or cross-over Republicans voting Democrat either.

  318. @Dan Stewart

    You're exactly right. Real Democrats electing the REAL Democrat in the race, not some low-level has-been who isn't even a Democrat.

  319. You ain't no New Yorker. You are a country boy from Vermont now. Don't pretend to be a New Yorker just for the election!! You don't want to be in NYC!!

  320. The differences are clear: one is a political hack; a carpetbagger; a democratic insider who feels entitled to the nomination; a chameleon who will change her beliefs and ideology to suit her political needs; she is dishonest, disingenuous and distant from ordinary citizens. She has taken up many of Sanders's positions, twisting and manipulating her rethoric to alter her perceptions of reality. Bernie's message is simple and genuine: the economic and political systems are corrupt; one benefits from the system; the other disassociates and distance himself from the system. One candidate epitomizes all that is wrong with the economic system: greed, self-aggrandizement and corruption. The other is a candidate of the people; an anti Wall Street crusader whose campaign is strictly financed by the people for the people! I do not engage in the false argument that Hillary is the only viable candidate. If it is a choice between Clinton or Trump or Cruz, I choose not to vote!

  321. “He is going to run as a Brooklynite and Hillary is going to run as a senator,” said Tad Devine, a senior strategist for Mr. Sanders’s campaign. “We are going to talk about his own story, his narrative.”
    Mr. Authentic seems to have forgotten he is a Senator currently with this very strange propaganda by his low life dirty campaign operative that makes about $800,000 a month from Senator Sanders' donors, while Senator Sanders refuses to show up for his current job of being a Senator. At least now I know Sanders is not just opportunistic with the Democratic party but with pretty much everyone he encounters, as his gig seems to be how to instantly become what polls says local voters want: he is anything but authentic.

  322. @sleeve

    "Mr. Authentic"

    That's hilarious and so true. What a charade Sanders is. I'll be so happy when this nonsense is over and finally Hillary wins the White House.

  323. Well, of the 2 Dems in the running, Bernie's accent sure sounds local to NYC!

  324. We don't vote for accents here. Accents don't write and pass legislation.

  325. I am truly sick of Mr. Sanders' phony pandering to the "lower classes." He himself is one, and it shows. I am also sick of his Brooklyn Born Bull since he left the city -- what -- 45 years ago? and carpetbagged in Vermont. And the issue that truly vexes me is his obvious denial of being a JEW. Why is he hiding it? Yes yes, he's the son of an immigrant. A Polish JEW and he's ashamed of it? OK, he doesn't practice, but why does he choke on it? He should be proud of it, yet he hides it. And for that I am particularly ashamed, since so many of us would be happy if he promoted it more.

    Mr. Sanders -- Time to leave the race to the professionals, and step aside. Please.

  326. I think the Trump rally is more your speed.

  327. You are not only rude but you are dead wrong, mr. phillips -- and I see you have a lot of time on your hands to be posting all day. A retiree in Miami and your pool is closed right now?

    I'm a Hillary supporter, I'm Jewish, and a New Yorker. Bernie is not Presidential material on any level.

  328. @Ellen

    Don't worry, you and millions of others are also tired of Sanders' nonsense and for the reasons you describe so well.

    It is past time for Bernie to leave the race. I can't wait for Hillary to win the White House!

  329. Mr. Sanders - now you want to claim you're a New Yorker. Please Sir go home to the State you represent. You don't represent NY and you never have. You now pretend because you were born in Brooklyn that you care about NY. You say you care about NY without any history of working to support New York. You will continue your delusional rhetoric of being a New Yorker until the primary results in NY are final. And then as you did in the early '70s you will abandon NY. The vast majority of NYers see through you and know you never have and do not plan to support NY. Bernie Go Home.

  330. Hillary was a Arkansas native when she sat on the board of Wall Mall. That is when they went away from the Made in America motto. She also had a hand in the business model that pays starvation wages while giving the new hires the paperwork to apply for food stamps.

  331. As Hillary Clinton has drawn away from Bernie in delegates, the Bernie supporters have gone from passionate enthusiasm for him to viscous, often personal attacks on Hillary Clinton. I have seen comments on here from a Sanders supporter calling her corrupt, untrustworthy, unethical, inauthentic, untruthful, and many more. I even saw one comment from a Sanders supporter calling her a harlot. They have also increased the whine that the media, the Democratic Party, the pollsters, and everyone who doesn't support him are against him and/or cheating him in some way. When there was an election mess caused by state officials in Arizona, they whined that Hillary had caused it to cheat Bernie and called for the DNC to not certify the delegates. Then we found out that more Clinton voters were inconvenienced than Bernie voters, and if anything, the mess cost Hillary votes.

    Unfortunately, Bernie himself has also become much more negative as well and he does nothing to rein in the personal attacks of Clinton anymore. He used to stop his supporters from booing Hillary at his rallies, but now he seems to bask in it.

    I used to comment asking Sanders supporters to argue about issues and leave the personal attacks out of it. But it's useless. Many say the will not support Clinton in the general election if she gets the nomination because there is no difference between her and the Republican crazies. It's the same thing Nader said about Bush and Gore, and it cost Gore the election.

  332. The Republicans I talk to say Hillary is the best Republican left in the race.

  333. I donated to Sanders early in the race. Then he began to use the same attacks against Hillary that the right-wing uses. I can no longer stand him or his supporters. Hillary has been getting my support for a while now, and she will continue to do so.

  334. This 63 year-old will not support her because she has absolutely no personal integrity, period. Her current policy positions are meaningless because once she sets foot in the WH she will instantly revert to type, and we will get some long-winded triangulated smoke-and-mirrors explanation about how she's "evolved" (if anyone can stay awake that long). So why should I waste my time even reading about them?

  335. "Hoodwinking Hillary" is no native daughter of NYC. Try "Carpetbagging lady" who lived everywhere where she could get ahead in her political career. "I'm not your stepping stone, Hillary.

  336. It looks like there's a new set of pejorative terminologies at work here...Is this also part of the "revolution"??

  337. N. Smith. They're really getting desperate when they start using a word like "carpetbagger" in NY.

  338. We arrived at a fork in the road with a true New Yorker and a pseudo New Yorker of political expediency. We either follow Hillary and continue down the path of corrupt and dysfunctional status quo even if it was adorned with the highly desirable first female President of the United States, or, we go with decency and a genuine person of the people who believes America can live up to its' ideals.

    Go Bernie!

  339. Sorry. The "true" New Yorker was here on 9/11, and not somewhere in the Green Mountains. The "true" New Yorker represented this state, and not Vermont in the Senate. No fork here.

  340. It's typical you should cite the one poll where Hillary leads slightly, but not the other poll where Bernie is virtually tied with her. The negative bias of the NY Times to Sanders continues to be shockingly evident in its coverage, or often non-coverage, of his campaign. You held back an entire day reporting Bernie's crushing win over her in Hawaii, long after the networks and major world newspapers highlighted his huge win for an example. He's genuine and honest, despire being relatively unknown, and the public has the public's trust, and they are flocking to him. BE FAIR.

  341. All we need is an article that mentions Bernie and all the Bernie trolls come out of the woodwork. These Hillary bashing comments are stupid and insulting to any real progressives involved in the election. Get real. Hillary was the 11th most liberal senator in the entire senate. Well left of Obama, Biden and many other stars of the progressive movement. Sanders was the most liberal senator. Now he seems to have two types of supporters. Those who attack Hillary only from the left, but for them there is no one, except maybe Elizabeth Warren who is a pure enough leftist. They and Sanders are way left of the American people and it will show in an election. Then there are the Trump-lite Sanders supporters who attack
    Hillary from both the left and the right (Bengazi, e-mail) and will stay home if Hillary wins. These characters are no benefit to progressive politics. I was earlier thrilled that someone as far left of the population as Sanders could attract huge numbers of supporters. Now I am looking for some signs that they are not all very low information voters. All I ever see is Hillary, Bill, Wasserman Schultz and Donald Trump talking points in their comments. Try getting outside the Sanders echo chamber and learn some recent history.

  342. In angrily responding yesterday to the Greenpeace questioner who asked her about her donations from the fossil fuel industry Clinton started to lie yet again. It appears that she started to say "I don't" and then quickly changed it to something like "I do take money..." to cover herself then ripped into the Sanders campaign for their purported "lies" about her. You can't change the truth to lies just by saying it is so and if the donors are in fact lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry then it's the unvarnished truth. As a 69 year old who has suffered through purely awful to the status quo all of my voting life Bernie is the best thing ever to come along and I dream of how great our country can be if he is President.

  343. The Sanders' campaign is really struggling now with all the reversals and reaches it is hard to keep up with the strategy of the week. Now Sanders thinks he can get super delegates to dump Hilary even if he doesn't have the votes (guess his campaign finally learned math).

    Sort of a COMPLETE reversal from how UNFAIR his campaign said it was that Clinton had earned all the Super delegates based on her work over the years - the NERVE of her! - and now he thinks he can run a campaign for a few months and he can part the red sea and convince her supporters to betray their own knowledge in exchange for some bumper stickers and a bleachers wave.

    cue to the cut and paste sanders' supporters.

  344. They dumped her last time. Just sayin

  345. sorry Gene, but your candidate is no Obama. He hasn't the votes from democratic voters to sway a fly. The end.

  346. Methinks someone's whistling past the graveyard....

  347. Bernie Sanders is not a war-monger. He voted against the Iraq War. Bernie Sanders does not lie and pander like his Democratic opponent. Bernie Sanders gets my vote. Feel the Bern!!!!!!!!

  348. I am both surprised and very disappointed at many of the comments that insult Mr. Sanders by making negative references to his age. There is no place for this type of rhetoric any more than there is justification for Donald Trump's highly publicized negative comments about women.

  349. I'd call New York for Sanders if not for a few things.

    1) I don't think he started his campaign early enough. His narrative will probably resonate genuinely given time but there's not much time left.

    2) The primary is closed and the dates to register Democrat have passed. Many young and independent voters are probably already locked out of the contest.

    3) The primary is a primary. Anyone with the foresight to mail-in a ballot has already voted. There's no chance to change their mind. Everyone else has to go wait in line. I expect they'll be long.

    4) I'm already hearing stories about NY voters that went to check their registration status and found their information incorrectly recorded or lost. I'm guessing that's just New York bureaucracy at it's finest but it doesn't help Sanders.

    Like all things in this contest, Sanders will probably need to overcome a significant disadvantage just to win by a narrow margin. You start going through the details and sometimes you get the feeling the system really is rigged.

    That said, if Sanders pulls this one off even narrowly, it'll be a significant. If he knocks this one out of the park, it'll truly change the math. Last I checked, he needs to average above 57% in pledged delegates in all remaining States.

    So far he's beating the average. Wisconsin is the next major test. New York's delegate significance might diminish based on the results. New York's uniquely outsized ego though is always constant.

  350. @Andy

    According to the very latest polls Sanders needs not, as you say, 57% but rather 67% of ALL votes in ALL remaining primaries. This he will never do and it doesn't do any good to fudge the numbers as you have. What is is with you people and your re-writing of facts to fit your desperate Bernie narrative?

    Face it, your guy CANNOT overcome the numbers and he will not win. Sanders will never in a million years be able to win 67% of ALL PRIMARY votes going forward. He's won only one non-caucus, LOL. But hey, don't let the facts get in your way.

  351. What planet are your really on "Eileen" or is it "debbie" in London (?)?

    Sanders just won 3 Primary Caucuses LAST WEEK by more than 60% in each. He won Washington State by 70% to Hillary's 30%

    That's a lot of folks.

    Sure, a Sanders victory is a long shot but so was Obama's after New Hampshire. You should get your facts straight.

  352. Like Bernie, I grew up in Brooklyn, lived on the upper West Side of Manhattan for 10 years in college & grad school. And like Bernie, I left for New England (Boston in my case), and subsequently, NH & NM. BUT, like Bernie,I will always be a New Yorker because the formative years, zero to 18 were spent in the city (28 for me, but that's beside the point). . One never forgets. Like the song says, NY IS a state of mind. Feel the Bern!

  353. Hey, Debbie W-S, this aging lifelong FDR NY Democrat can't wait to attend a Bernie Sanders rally, alongside my fellow New Yorkers, who, unlike you, don't divide/spin/catagorize ourselves. We are taught from our earliest age we are one, Americans all. Ignore me at your own peril.

  354. Remember...Hillary is NOT a New Yorker, though she lies about that TOO! She was an interloper who used New York to become a Senator, using New York as yet another calculation in her quest for the White House! And, Bill, calculating further, set up his office in Harlem, knowing it would be another plus when she ran for President. There is nothing, nothing these two won't do for power...and a New Yorker she will never be!! Bernie is the real deal.

  355. Right. But Bernie isn't an interloper because he left New York for another state, and even became its Senator.
    Another thing. Hands off of Harlem. We already know Sanders has a hard time getting the African-American vote

  356. Neither is Bernie Sanders! But, Donald Trump is a New Yorker, so should I vote for him?

  357. The following is from an article NYT published yesterday. It explains why Bernie Sanders will be the winner in NY.

    "Perhaps you will be pleased to know that the number of New York City households reporting incomes of more than $1 million has climbed by 47 percent, from 14,795 in 2009 to 21,764 in 2013.

    Or maybe you do not see this as good news.

    Whatever problems are associated with having too much money, a vast majority of New Yorkers do not have them: 87 percent of the city’s households reported wages under $100,000 in 2013, according to tax data released on Tuesday by the city’s Independent Budget Office.

    The average household had wage income of $51,876. Half the city’s 3.6 million households reported wages at or under the city median of $24,239. A long, luxe ladder away, 1,315 households reported incomes of $10 million or more."