Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

The president acknowledged that some Democrats are not excited about Hillary Clinton and find her inauthentic, but he played down the importance of authenticity.

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  1. If Sanders is a true democrat, he will suspend his race and join forces with Hillary. Being pragmatic and Defeating the threat of Trump must take precedence over abstract ideological struggles.

  2. Actually if Hillary was a real democrat, and not a faux one when pandering, there would have been no need for Sanders to run. Maybe the NYT could do a story about how Hillary paid herself $254,000 out of her campaign funds last year. That should make anyone question supporting her.

  3. Trump and Clinton are the same. One is just a little more bellicose. I'll leave it to you to decide who that would be in this race. The establishment wants to shut Sanders down. Too bad. He is the only one who has my vote.

  4. Yeah, all those "abstract ideological struggles" which are being used and implemented in countless other nations all over the world at this very moment. Such an abstract principle like campaign finance reform, focusing on climate change, cessation of our endless war-mongering, education and student loan reform... Geez, HRC supporters are so dismissive of all of these valid stances. I guess you would rather languish in the status quo forever and ever

  5. I'm looking forward to Mr. Sanders campaigning for Hillary very soon.

  6. So you want the status quo with the military industrial complex and Wall Street in power? Vote Hillary or Trump.

  7. That will NEVER happen, the two candidates are at opposite ends of the spectrum on too many issues, plus Sanders personhood is one of truth and honesty, whereas Hillary has no such integrity, changes her story almost daily. She cannot be trusted to follow through on any of her campaign promises.

  8. What's new? The Democratic establishment has been trying to shut down Bernie's campaign since day one, for good reason. He represents an existential threat to the forces of power and money in the party.

  9. Not true. Most polls show that Sanders stands a better chance of defeating Trump than Clinton.

  10. Bernie also represents a threat to the Democratic attempt to retake the White House.

  11. This is a paranoid fantasy. I expect it from the Bros, but it's disgraceful that Sanders encourages it.

  12. This would indicate that Obama tries to be loyal to past employees. One of the best things the two of them did was bury the hatchet after the 2008 election.

  13. What this speaks to is the fact the even Obama is wholly bought and owned by the same forces that control Hillary. I have been around too long to write it off to employee loyalty. this is a matter of what do we do to save our own interests and keep the good ol boy club together.

  14. Loyal or not, they both have a lot more sense than their opponents. Whether you find Hillary likable or not, the prospect of a McGovernite self-immolation, killing health care reform (and a bunch of my patients), increasing income inequality, and insuring an obstructive SCOTUS for another 30 years, should daunt even the most ideologically pure leftie.

  15. No. it is not loyalty. The fact is both Obama and Hillary are neoliberals snd against all progressive policies--even though Hillary parrots Bernie in her campaign speeches because she knows it is what the people want. Hillary does Not want universal health care, for example ,because the drug company middlemen insurance companies pay her big bucks.

  16. Mr. Sander's can and should keep his campaign going, but the personal criticism of Hillary Clinton (i.e., her "character) is doing him and the country no good. Stick to policy, Bernie, and we'll love you for it.

  17. It's not Sanders or his campaign people who are trashing Hillary Clinton. It's some of his more strident supporters. That's the trouble with even the most noble of crusades. They attract zealots.

  18. Bernie doesn't have to point out Hillary's personal faults. Nearly 50 already know shes a pathological liar and the other 50 suspect it.

  19. Some aspects of character can be filed under personality, and those should be off limits. However, it's almost impossible not to respond when a person is caught lying on camera over and over again, and particularly when those lies are, in fact, base attacks. Even Clinton supporters can't deny that she has a very loose relationship with the truth (remember the sniper fire?). At what point does a character flaw become something that will effect your job? Is it when people start creating youtube compilations of your on camera fibs?

  20. It is my hope that Senator Sanders stays in this race to the point of speaking with eloquence and passion on the floor of the convention.

    The American people desperately need to both hear and voice the policy direction of authentic progressivism. Our people are languishing in ignorance, fear, and lack of opportunity to grow themselves and our communities.

    We (ALL of us - regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or belief) deserve, like every other developed nation, universal access to affordable quality healthcare, living wages, safe and reasonable workplaces, and equitable opportunity to accumulate wealth. We need a leader brave enough and independent enough to publicly call for a halt to the government-facilitated robbing of the most of us to a tiny privileged minority through redistributive tax policy that subsidizes the rich on the backs of the poor.

    Nothing - NOTHING - could be worse for the American people than Mr. Sanders leaving the race while he still has a platform from which to speak truth to power.

    Mr. President, shame on you for this one.

  21. I think you can count on Sen. Sanders being a featured speaker at the convention in any event. Think of it from the point of view of Ms. Clinton as the nominee. What she will need as much as anything is that the people who supported Sanders come out and vote for her. Given that scenario he will want that as well - there's a reason he ran as a Democrat for the first time this year.

  22. NYT carried a wonderful article about "Bernie" yesterday about how he capably works to carry out his "agenda" to support those many people in America who are struggling while the wealthy get ever more wealthy. I'm happy that his voice has been heard in this campaign and I hope it will continue to be heard more and more and I'm quite happy if he remains in the "race". But having said that, the presidents comments have nothing to do with shutting down Senator Sanders. It has everything to do with uniting behind the eventual nominee to avoid the policies of Trump or worse yet Cruz.

    What is despicable about the Republicans is their outrageous denial of all that is factual from global warming to income inequality and everything in between. What I find disturbing is when Democrats, progressives, liberals, whatever name you choose, vilify the other Democratic candidate who so clearly opposes the Republicans, even if not perfectly in their opinions on all of these issues. That is really the same foolhardiness that the GOP represents.

  23. Oh yes, Sanders will definitely have a prime spot at the convention speaking with passion. And the words out of his mouth will be something to the effect of "I support out nominee, Hillary Clinton, and now is the time for all democrats (and independents) to lend their support to her too". He's already told us he would support Clinton right up front. Apparently the only people that do agree with him are his supporters.

    And after that speech he can retreat to the senate and rejoin the independent party.

  24. I have mixed feelings about this. Bernie's campaign so far has been good for progressives and may help clarify which states his or HRCs coatails could help reverse Senate and House numbers. As others have said, his presence has helped steer the Clinton campaign, much as Elizabeth Warren helped Obama steer the discussion around the consumer protection agency. Is this caused by the rather shrill tone the candidate and supporters have taken against Hillary?

  25. For a start, it is interesting to note that the DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz has been working hand in hand with Republicans to weaken the consumer protection agency and payday loan regulations.

  26. The only way "house numbers" will be changed is with the next census. Time for Bernie supporters to face reality- there will be no revolution and therefore little of the Sanders, if any of the Sanders agenda advanced. What will all the Berners, critics of Obama and Clinton, bemoan then? Will we have to endure an endless cry of foul because Sanders didn't live up to his impossible dream? Yes it would be wonderful if Bernie's agenda could happen, and yes anyone listening with half an ear knows he's genuine, but to what end? And yes he beats Trump now, before the Republican Death Star gets a shot at him. Clinton's advantage is we know the story and by late September her warts will shrink away as Trumps get bigger and bigger.... really, really huge-huge warts!

  27. I think it's caused by the fact that Hillary's numbers don't match up to how much Americans dislike her over all. She can't create a movement or get voters excited without riding the coattails of Obama.

  28. Can't think of an article that would make Bernie supporters dig in our heels more. Let's pause to acknowledge that the people paying $33,400 for the "privilege" of attending the fundraiser are likely not the same people who support Bernie Sanders and his campaign for meaningful reform.

  29. @em7282: Actually Bernie has attended similar fundraisers over the years at Martha's Vineyard hosted by the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee). At these shindigs he has rubbed elbows with those paying $30,000 plus and even given speeches to get his share of that campaign money. Bernie is not as pure as the driven snow I guess. But, oh so authentic.

  30. Digging heels may feel good but will not be enough for Sanders the win the nomination. So far, the only advantage I see of Sanders over Hillary is that some Sanders supporters are incensed that Hillary is ahead and may not vote for her out of peeve. On the other no Hillary supporter has stated that he would not support Sanders if he is the nominee.

  31. Hate the game, not the player. Until Congress changes campaign finance law and Citizens United is overturned, elections are basically fundraising exercises.

    The point is to win and then use the power for good. Clinton and Sanders both get that, and should join forces.

  32. Well, now that the leader has spoken and has decided it's time to end this, what choice do we have?

  33. I guess this means there will indeed be no indictment.

  34. Indictment? For what? You so have already convicted without looking at the laws. First change the laws, bring the facts & stop the vigilantieism.

  35. Indictment for an email server? I know that, in modern America, everything is an indictable offense, but get real.

  36. Of course not. There never was going to be one. I hate it when people just keep repeating Republican talking points.

  37. What can you expect from this empty suit pandering for the corporate cash? The last thing Obama wants is a follow-up act that has the potential to leave his legacy in the shadows. He can be assured that will never happen with Hillary stacking her administration with the same Wall St hacks and NeoLib Clintonista retreads.

  38. Sounds like an unreconstructed Naderite hoping/working for a Republican victory. Sorry, but 2000 won't repeat itself. You can bash the President or Hillary Clinton, but she will be the Democratic nominee -- and the next President. You can watch while the rest of us make history.

  39. Revolting comment. If you can't see the good this 'empty suit' has done the country, you won't appreciate your own candidate either. You'd make a good Republican.

  40. Yep, I think the people that so adore Hillary Clinton will be in for a very rude awakening. The American voter boggles the mind. While with Bernie Sanders, they finally had a candidate that was not beholden to the suits that control the purse strings and ultimately the agenda, they STILL believe Hillary Clinton , with all her influential donors and the influence that will come with that money, she is the best choice.

    I guess one can only wait that, IF, she is elected president and after awhile nothing really ever changes the same voters will turn around and start whining and complaining again about why their government is not working for THEM.

  41. Wouldn't it be great if Joe Biden ran for president? It's probably too late in the game at this point, but he would bring a refreshing perspective in the Democratic race. Biden wouldn't bring the drastic policy changes that I think challenge the viability of Sanders as the Democratic nominee, and he also doesn't represent a dynasty of politics in the same way that Clinton does. Beyond that, I trust Biden to make logical, fair, and level headed decisions, and I think that trust is a huge intangible in a general election. I can't say the same of a certain Republican candidate.

  42. Great guy, but too old. He would be skewered.

  43. Realist, what an ageist comment! Biden and Sanders are about the same age and Hillary is no spring chicken herself. My heart broke when Biden did not get in early on and then again after the death of his son. He has the authenticity Hillary appears to lack and the practicality and ability to forge compromise that Sanders needs. We could have had Biden but we might get Trump or Cruz. What a shame.

  44. Biden has run three times already. Why do you think the fourth time would be the charm?

    And in 2008, he was one of the earlier ones to drop out as not only was he losing to Obama, but also to Hillary and even John Edwards.

  45. Both of them, Clinton and Obama, Evil. I voted for Obama twice. I failed to consider who and how he must have sucked up to get where he got. Now I am ashamed. So who can I vote for, if anybody? Trump is small and mean and vulgar, but not evil, could I vote for him? I takes inteligence and cunning and lust to truly be evil. Clinton is evil. She will be, enthusiastically, our colonial administrator to the mulinational colonists. I am horrified.

  46. Gabriele, Gabriele, Trump may not be intrinsically evil but he sure as heck sows evil. Against every imaginable group. Cruz actually may be evil or come close. And if you think Trump or Cruz would free us from the destruction that multinationals have wrought and bring the jobs back home, you are drinking the same KoolAid that many at the Trump rallies are

  47. That's nuts. And I voted for Sanders in the primary.

  48. Geez, get some perspective.

    Go take a look at President Trump or Cruz and then get back to us about the face of evil.

    Someone is going to be elected president soon, and that person will be responsible for employing hardball political tactics, strategically omitting damning information in the interest of the greater good, and using weapons of war to advance America's economic interests. All of that comes with the territory.

  49. Current polls also show Clinton beating Trump, except with Clinton we've already seen the republicans throw their worst propaganda at her.

    Sanders polls are an illusion, he hasn't been hit with any dirt yet and noone is looking closely at his vacuous proposals.

  50. He can't beat Trump unless he gets the nomination! I prefer Sanders but the math is not on his side at this point.

  51. the "polls". Yikes, who is able to trust a poll these days? Where's Nate?

  52. Hillary Clinton does not need Bernie Sanders - who has had an arm and a half tied behind his back - to broadcast her personal deficiencies. Whether or not Bernie does this, these are patent. That includes not just her "credibility" or "authenticity" gap and inconsistency of her positions but her deeply mixed record, and her frankly dishonest (and pandering) campaign. Add to that Hillary's weak positions on a number of things of importance to voters, from the acceptability of taking corporate and plutocrat PAC donations to her hawkish, neocon views controverting her claims to being a person who is progressive in domestic matters.

  53. Wrong, on a daily basis, the Sanders' campaign sends out it's surrogates to spread the lies and rumors about Sec Clinton. Weak positions? Gun violence prevention? Excellent education starting in pre-school, no matter what the zip code, equal pay for equal work, immigration reform, banking reform, LGBT rights - need it go on? Her positions aren't weak, and they have papers go to www.hillaryclinton.com and it's all there. No she's not weak and she credible and she is honest. Lies go around the world in a second and last forever. The truth? It may never get out there. Stop spreading the lies.

  54. Yes, and it is not just White men who oppose H. Clinton.
    Many liberal women as well.

  55. Wow.

    What ever happened to 'let the people decide'?!

    If the establishment will assign your next overseer, then why do we even pretend to have an election process?

  56. They appear to have decided already.

  57. The people have been deciding, in state after state. Before Mar. 15, Hillary had 4.2 million votes to Bernie's 3 million, and we all know that gap widened on Mar. 15. I love Bernie; most of us Dems do. But he's not going to beat Hillary and we need to unite soon behind our nominee to do all we can to avoid ANY Republican winning in November.

  58. Well, right now 2.5 million more people have voted for Clinton than Sanders. He lost the last 5 states.

    The people are speaking.

  59. Candy on the ground that's been unwrapped.

  60. It is no secret that Obama sees Hillary as someone who will make a good President. He has worked with her and knows where she comes from. Sanders is a bit of a cipher for him, I doubt that he has spent more than ten minutes in his company.

  61. Women. Are. Not. Being. Ignored. This. Time.

  62. I'm disappointed in our top-of-the-line President. And I'm certain there are millions of other Bernie Sanders supporters who will feel the same. Whether in public or private, Pres. Obama's remarks do all voters a disservice while an active primary election is still ongoing. I am still an avid supporter of my President, but heartily agree with Sanders's campaign leaders Jeff Weaver and Tad Devine that "it would be unfair to not allow voters in all states to be able to cast their ballots for Mr. Sanders"

    As a New York resident, I want my voice to be heard loud and clear: I support Bernie Sanders because he is the only candidate who represents Justice for All.

  63. We are all so tired of this infantile berner mentality. He's not even a democrat! Wake up and smell the coffee already.

  64. Obama is entitled to speak his mind. He knows Hillary well and believes she will make a good President. He does not know Sanders well, all he has heard runs counter to the way he believes one needs to govern. He may be wrong but that does not mean he is being deceitful. Since when is it a rule that Presidents have no say in political campaigns?

  65. HRC has been a champion of Justice for All since law school. You may be too young to remember the Watergate hearings, to remember the battle for equal education in the North and the South, to know that HRC understood the need to be part of the system to effect change. Charging Wall Street $ to raise money for a foundation (their 990 tax filings are on line and very transparent) and prepare for a campaign was a smart move. She learned as a very young woman how to change the system from within. Education reform in Arkansas is exhibit #1.

  66. I can hear Bernie's army firing away from their keyboards in response to the revelations in this article.

    In 2008, Hillary Clinton's candidacy was in the same slow-arcing death spiral that Sanders' is in now-- so President Obama can empathize with what Clinton is facing.

    However, Sanders has every right to stay in the race through June, as did Ms. Clinton eight years ago. His candidacy has vociferous and progressive support, though outnumbered in the electoral system we have in place. Even if Sanders doesn't win, Democrats and the nation both win as Sanders' message continues to nourish the political soil for future progressive change to take root.

  67. @Ed Sugden
    El Segundo, CA

    The difference is that Clinton always had a chance of overtaking Obama. At the end of the contest he was only about 60 delegates ahead. Sanders has NO chance whatever of over taking Clinton therefore the only people delusionists like you with all your pieties are helping are Republicans. The RNC sends you its thanks.

  68. Eight years ago, Secretary Clinton won MORE votes than Obama did. The decision was made by the Super Delegates who went to Obama.

    It is not the same situation.

    Bernie's mountain to climb to take the nomination is very steep and he falls further and further behind with each primary. And that is WITHOUT the super delegates being counted. When you add their support of Clinton, it is impossible for him.

  69. It is not just electoral math, Hilary has more actual people votes... over one million. What's more, the caucuses are not good indicators of real strength, as so few people turn out.

  70. I'm a Sanders supporter, but also realistic. The President's comments are also realistic, and the delegate math confirms his view. However, Sen. Sanders is the one who must chart his campaign's future course, and I hope the President respects that. He, too, was a long shot when the 2008 cycle began. But, things played out differently for him, and by this point in that year he was in a far better position than Sen. Sanders is now.

    Sen. Sanders' agenda is a very important and indeed compelling one - especially on the domestic front. It is certainly in keeping with traditional Democratic party policies and values. There is nothing radical about it: the greatest possible economic security and prosperity for the greatest number of our people. I hope Sec'y. Clinton realizes that, and works to keep his supporters on board. I believe the President realizes that, too. Sen. Sanders has sounded a wake up call to the Democrats. That, in itself, is a terrific achievement.

  71. To Christie,

    Right now, I'd probably agree with you. But, if Sanders' supporters feel they've had a role to play in shaping the party's agenda, aren't alienated by Clinton and show up (especially the younger ones) "big time" in November things should be different. Even better if they help win Senate seats. In a way, Clinton will "owe them". Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part. But the alternative would probably be Trump or Cruz in the White House.

  72. To Be Honest,

    Despite how you feel now, try to keep an open mind. But, if you opt not to vote for Clinton if she is the nominee, be sure to vote in your Senate race. Tammy Duckworth has good shot at picking up a seat for the Dems.

  73. Hillary will stay "awake" as a progressive only until she is elected.

  74. I'm a big fan of Sanders' platform but there's much much bigger fish to fry as November approaches. Although I believe Bernie should stick it out, at the end if Hillary does become the nominee, anyone left of Scalia is going to have to support her and support her vigorously as there's absolutely a case that can be made where Trump wins it all if the Republicans let him take their party over. And every indication in the past few days makes it likely they will do exactly that being the complete cowards they are. I really don't believe America at heart would ever be content with Trump as he is showing himself to be a disgusting excuse for an utterly vile blob of humanity but it's all in the voting and the electoral college. He'll win the red states for sure, but how well represented the Democrats and well intentioned independents make themselves at the voting booth in the swing states in November will determine what becomes of our beautiful and blessed nation going forward.

  75. What does the FBI say about all this?

  76. Yep! Whether Sanders or Clinton wins, we all need to get behind the voters' choice, inspire the young to vote, and not only defeat Trump but make serious inroads into GOP Senate and House seats. We let the Tea Party take away many Dem and moderate GOPer seats, and that has handicapped the government from being effective, and thus frustrating voters.

  77. Hillary is worse than Trump. Hillary is a puppet to the 1% who will run this country to the ground faster than Trump. Only Bernie can beat Trump anwyays.

  78. Iraq: wrong vote.

    Libya: bad advice.

    Duplicitous and self-enriching: where to begin?...

    Finger in the air: always.

    Shame on me, I voted twice for Clinton. But we're done. I can't vote for another Clinton. They did to the Democratic Party what Blair did to Labour: diluted it to the point at which it's a shadow of what it used to be, what it used to stand for.

    Vote for the true FDR Democrat. Vote for Bernie Sanders.

  79. But... but... FDR was one of the richest men in the U.S. and from a dynastic political family! FDR represents everything Bernie is against, he couldn't possibly understand the plight of the working class!

    Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He's not raising money for any down the line congressional candidates like Hillary Clinton is, he's only concerned about himself. Yet, all of his policy plans require a super majority of Democrats to go anywhere. He can't have it both ways so he won't have it at all.

    Hillary Clinton is the true Democrat, she's worked her tail off for 30 years to get congressional Dems elected and to push a progressive agenda forward. All Bernie does is scream about how things "should be" in his perfect world. Sanders is incapable of compromise. He is not a team player. He cannot possibly lead a party he never wanted to be a part of.

    Sorry you had such an awful time during the peace and prosperity of the 1990's but Democrats need someone who can lead the party while leading the country. That person is Hillary Clinton.

  80. So FDR was anti-interventionist? That would have been news to FDR.

  81. you mean FDR the Wall Street banker and oligarch?

  82. The Sanders campaign need not come to an end but the campaign against each other should, as whoever ends up with the nomination needs to be seen in the best light by all Democratic voters as the alternatives are frightening.

  83. HiIIary is every bit as frightening as Donald. For everyone who doesn't want to go to war, who cares about the environment, who cares about the devastating effects of the TPP and her other disastrous trade deals, or the death penalty and mass incarceration, and much more.

    If HiIIary wants to stop alienating and dividing the party, great. But it's not Bernie who's done that. We must look to the source before blaming the supporters reacting in frustration to her abuse.

  84. I disagree Mr. Honest. Hillary and Bernie agree on most issues, but may have a difference in approach or timetable. Bernie supporters should not abandon the country to what could be Trump or Cruz if they are disappointed in the primary results. Both will work for the environment, neither will push for war (whereas the GOP candidates are practically already declaring it), she has come out against TPP - offshoring jobs is a side effect of trade deals, not the purpose or intention of them due to the greed of companies seeking to get their products made for next to nothing, I believe that neither are for the death penalty and she has already said the crime bill, which seemed necessary at the time, had devastating impacts on many communities especially of color-plus she was not IN politics at the time. So I think you and many others are putting things on her that do not reflect the policies that she represents.

  85. Sanders has EVERY right to state the TRUTH about her record especially when she out right distorts and LIES about his, you hrc folks are galling. Your gal lies and you support her when she does, what does that say about YOU? The bar is so low in America anymore you can't even get under it!

    He has no need to stop stating the TRUTH, his current opponent is HRC and she CLEARLY still has her dogs out, why should Bernie not stand up and speak TRUTH to Power, she IS PART OF THE PROBLEM of which he so eloquently speaks whether you blinded hrc supporters want to admit it or not.

    So grow up right HRC should be a big girl and take it, she can sure dish out the lies.

  86. More "confirmed" gossip from the New York Times. One can only wonder what this paper could produce if its considerable reporting power was devoted to shedding light on the issues that face us as a nation. On a day when they are no primaries coming up soon, we get another "above the fold" article about what people are saying about the election. Perhaps it's time for the paper to rename itself "Politics!" and begin working the Broadway adaptation of itself (no disparagement to "Hamilton" intended).

  87. Barack Obama is the leader of the Democratic Party. He got to be leader as he is the most productive and influential Democratic leader since I don't know when. In my lifetime there have been few Democrats who have emerged in a leadership role as Barack Obama has. Barack Obama has rewritten how to run a winning campaign. His playbook to win campaigns has rewritten everyone's playbook. Hillary will realize that Barack will be campaigning for her, fiercely, and her knowing that her own Bill was impotent for AlGore in the 2000 election because he was a bad boy.

    Barack Obama is the Number One Fund Raiser. No one in politics has raised more money for a campaign than Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama will become The Most Fierce Sitting President in a Presidential Campaign since I don't know when. His Influence will Be Huge! Watch Out Donald! It will be The Birther against The Kenyan! Stay Tuned!

  88. Is that why we lost the house, senate, local officials & governorships since Obama has taken over or did you forget that part. The democratic party is now the rep. party

  89. I agree except for "Bill was impotent for AlGore in the 2000 election because he was a bad boy."

    Bill Clinton was very eager to campaign for Al Gore, but Gore restricted him, believing that Clinton's "bad boy" image would hurt him. In fact, Gore lost at least three states (FL, TN, and WV) that he could have won with Clinton's help; while Clinton left office with a 60+% approval rating. Gore is a nice earnest guy with many good ideas but only Medicare skills in electoral politics.

    Clinton was a fine politician, and Obama is the most skilled since FDR. He plays a long game, a rope-a-dope with the GOP, who find themselves lying on the mat despite their short-term victories. Lying: nice pun, if I may say so.

  90. I say Al Gore lost because he ran a poor campaign. He worried about what color shirt he wore, he changed campaign headquarters, from Washington, DC to Memphis, Tenn. in the middle of the campaign, kept Bill at arms length and the very worst thing Al Gore did was give up too early in the recount fight. He gave up when he should have fought like a Badger. But he gave up. Ralph Nader didn't lose it for Al Gore, Al did that all by himself. And the real kicker is that Al Gore actually won!

  91. There is no constitutional obligation for a political party to run a fair race for nomination. The 2 parties can pretty much set their own rules. This is why there should be more support for a multi-party system.

  92. Party behavior is one thing, but you expect a president to rise above.

  93. This is also why we need Mixed Member Proportional Representation.

  94. Political parties have an obligation to themselves and their donors to put a candidate on the ballot who they believe will win. Anyone who would like to start a party with different rule should go ahead and do so. But remember: it costs money and somebody has to pay for it.

  95. Still waiting for Mr. "Change We Can Believe In" to move to eliminate the "Carried Interest" provision of the tax code that allows the uber wealthy "donor" class to pay taxes at almost half the rate of the middle class.

    As for anyone who thinks Wall Street Hill will do anything about it, I will be happy to sell you a bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. Anyone want to buy a Uranium mine?

  96. President Obama cannot unilaterally rewrite the tax code.

  97. I supported Obama but he and the DNC put their thumb on the scale in this coronation process.
    Despite all the tacit support and advantages Clinton had from the establishment, it is a great testament to Sanders for his good fight.

    I abhor that my choice will be between Clinton and Trump. 2 candidates that will only continue the moneyed interests of the rich to the detriment of the hard working.

  98. It's not over at all. We have a lot to do supporting Bernie now through July. If he isn't nominated, I cannot support the warmonger and anti-environment, pro-disastrous trade deal criminal HiIIary who discriminated against LGBT like me until (conveniently) a couple years ago.

  99. For me, Clinton is not a choice. Sanders is the only one who has a life to support the message he stands for. Voting has become a circus and this campaign has exposed the way the system works, more than ever, including the New York times.
    Democracy is but a memory. Whatever our choices, we would have to find new ways of building personally and in groups, the country we envision. We must be the change we want. But it won't be through politics or politicians. I

  100. Put their thumb on the scale? Bernie knew she would have the super delegates when he signed on for this contest. He's not even a Democrat. She is 2 million votes ahead of him. And she did that with republican propaganda getting recycled through the Bernie machine, in addition to Bernie and his Berners slinging their own special brand of vitriol! To equate her with Trump is simply vile. She is a champion for women's rights and human rights. How dare you equate her with Trump?

  101. I guess Mr. Obama is signalling that his "justice" department will not indite Hillary on her illegal use of a personal server housing highly classified information. It appears that Hillary is above the law.

  102. The mere fact that something is classified can't disguise the fact that it is obvious. The reality being denied just isn't official.

  103. It wasn't illegal for her to use the personal server -- she merely had to ensure that copies were on the state department's server, which was accomplished by copying any member of her staff on emails. None of the information sent to or from her was classified at the time, and the only question now is whether some government agencies will attempt to classify some documents to prevent them from being released to the public. But you probably already know that, don't you. But don't worry, your boys on the Benghazi committee will orchestrate an October surprise in an attempt to smear her.

  104. No one does conspiracy and hyperbole quite like a Bernie supporter, or like a Republican posing as one.

  105. My desire is that we create the possibility of a Sen. Sanders win in November using the power of our ‘write in’ vote(s). I see no other mechanism to get around establishment politics and entrenched corporate interests. The downside is we take our chances with a Donald Trump Presidency. But, at least we can vote our conscience which seems to offer the only choice left.

  106. I hope your conscience soothes you during the four years of President Trump or Cruz's occupying the White House.

  107. We should focus on getting Bernie the nomination now. Don't listen to corporate media propaganda, it is nowhere near over. If he doesn't get the nomination, we can support Jill Stein of the Greens. She is an amazing, intelligent and compassionate person with a similar platform to Bernie.

  108. Doesn't your conscience tell you that Trump could destroy so much of what we believe in?

  109. Why not just cancel the rest of the Democratic primaries? It's a done deal. The fix is in, and has been even before the primaries began.

    So now they want to mollify Democratic/Independent voters, reassuring us that Sanders has influenced Clinton's platform, she's felt our pain (anyone remember Bill Clinton's famous line?). You have to be kidding. She changes with the breeze, and if she's elected, she'll do what she's been planning to do all along: continue to further the interests of the Donor Class while squeezing the life out of the working people of this country.

    Absolutely disgusted with this campaign, the donors, the DNC, the mass media. Have never missed an election in my entire life--even the smallest local elections--but I'm beginning to think it's time to quit. There is just no point.

  110. Don't quit if you're "WayOutWest" and haven't voted! Bernie still has a chance to win. The mass media has been biased and slanted all along. How can we believe what we're reading now when it's implied, once again, it's a done deal?

  111. Really? There's no point? Try saying these words: President Trump. Now say that again a couple of times, but stop before you become sick to your stomach.

    Do you still think there isn't a point?

  112. I totally agree. We should let the red states choose our candidate. Don't let the majority of the USA have a voice. The networks get much better ratings with the two most untrustworthy candidates - Trump and Hillary, so the rest of the candidates must mean nothing.

  113. Bernie Sanders sounds "authentic" because of his passionately held beliefs, which I am quite convinced are sincere. But he has made a choice to call for a revolution that he cannot pull off by merely winning the presidential vote in 2016. His revolution would have to actually be an evolution. That doesn't sound very exciting, but it is just a fact that he will be stonewalled by the Republican Congress. It isn't very authentic to pretend to eager idealists that they can create the kind of revolution Sanders is proposing.

    It would much more authentic to say that voting for him would be the first step down the long road that his supporters want to travel. I agree with Sanders' supporters that Mrs. Clinton represents the status quo much more than Bernie, but I think that right now a bit of cynicism and defensive posture is called for. A Sanders victory is not going to overturn the influence of big money in politics. The lobbyists are not going to fold up their tents and go home. And most importantly of all, it's not going to revolutionize the beliefs and inclinations of most of the people who don't already agree with him.

    The authentic truth is that actual revolutions almost always involve demagoguery and violence. Rapid change requires suppression of the opposition. The idealists are quickly replaced by tyrants. Lenin and Trotsky first, Stalin later.

  114. I disagree. Under a Clinton administration, which btw is never going to happen. Wall Street and Corporate America will regroup, consolidate and "evolve" stronger than ever. The time is now and the solution is Sanders because he is not repulsive to democrats, independents, conservatives or millennialis. Clinton will not muster enough support to defeat Trump

  115. Of course what you suggest Sanders should say is precisely what he has been saying, over and over again. It helps to actually read what candidates say, not deal in the ad-PR world of "qualities" you picked up here and there.

  116. Of course, things aren't going to change overnight. This country didn't get into such dire straights overnight. But does that mean we bow down to the elites and let the middle class disappear? What will we be then? Do we just accept Hillary's lower expectations of what can be accomplished because the fight is just too difficult, so let's throw in the towel? This is our country, our lives, our children's and their children's future, how can people give up so easily!?! What are we teaching our kids? Don't bother to vote, it doesn't count. The rich control everything, be happy for the all the scraps you can get. Are you kidding? So basically kiss democracy goodbye, it truly doesn't exist anymore. Because how do you have democracy if the media and establishment are controlling the information given to the people? When article after article diminishes everything that Bernie Sanders has achieved. He's making history every day with rally attendance and donations. But you never hear about it.

    I will not sit by and continue to watch the lobbyists run this country. I am NOT ok with corporate media and establishment politics trying to control the outcome of elections and treating Americans like we are too stupid to figure it out! What has been happening is an outrage!

    I have total faith in Bernie Sanders. This is not going to be an easy battle, especially with so many working against us. Obviously, a lot is at stake. But one thing I will not do is give up. #BernieSanders2016

  117. Very disappointed in President Obama's comments. Surrendering to Hillary when Sanders still has a chance to win the nomination demeans the voters in the states that have yet to vote in the primaries. I'm starting to sense fear in the Clinton camp.

  118. Yes because NOTHING screams -jobs- and prosperity like Bernie...Then you wonder where your pay raise went to the ever increasing cost of living to pay for govt went tooo? ...Mayve it went to another Bernie Tax on your boss...

    Oh but you thought that stuff only effect the rich right

  119. What you're sensing is your own fear!

  120. I have observed the debates, Clinton v Sanders. I have found them to be repetitive and demonstrating nothing new. I have instead found that with each subsequent debate, the appearance of a mean meme is present. I hope that no more debates occur. All that is happening is feeding into the dirt that Trump will throw back at the eventual Democratic nominee. Enough with the disparaging comments from Bernie and Hillary. Lets get on with going after Trump and not each other.

  121. Only Bernie can beat Trump.

  122. Bernie says true things that need to be said, and is the sole Democratic candidate who has the ability to unite Independents and Dems (and is the sole democratic Democrat). HiIIary alienates with half-truths and flat out lies. We are not "each other", we are not in the same camp. HiIIary is a warmonger, anti-democratic, and disaster for the environment - she does not represent anything close to my values. With her wars, TPP, fossil fuels, death penalty etc - she's probably not even the lesser of the evils.

    If she wanted our support she should not be alienating us with her filthy tactics. Months ago I may have gotten myself to suck it up and support her in the General if it came down to it. But the more I look into her history and present reality (not just what comes out of her mouth), and the more she goes on with her dirty campaign aided by a thoroughly corrupt media, the more impossible it is for me to ever support her.

    Try to place the blame on others all you like. But she (and her corporate propaganda machine and the DNC) are the ones responsible for us not being able to support her going forward.

    In the meantime I'll do everything I can to help Bernie's campaign for the sake of the people and the planet. I truly believe it's out only hope.

  123. she is going after Trump...

  124. This is a total disaster for the Democrats to nominate Clinton on the basis of Obama's logic. She has higher negative disapproval ratings nationwide, including a young generation of Americans who firmly believe that she is dishonest and a liar. And she took money from Wall Street banks, knowingly that her donor class were the ones that destroy the middle class during the Great Recession by robbing people's homes and life savings. This woman doesn't care what is happening to this country, other than telling ordinary Americans that we're the little people living in her feudal kingdom and being treated like serfs with no respect and dignity coming from the political ruling class.

    As for the general election, Trump is position himself to not only win the nominee from the GOP even though many in the Republican establishment are fighting this tooth and nail, but win the Presidency in a calculated landslide victory against Clinton. The 99 percent are not going to be insulted and intimated by the Democratic Party, which failed to address the needs of the disappearing middle class for the past eight years under Obama.

  125. Did the Democrats fail to address those needs or were they obstructed from doing so by the GOP determine that no good should come to the country from his presidency (think of how they will block Bernie)? Is Hillary really dishonest and a liar or has she been painted as such by a party that has sought to discredit her by any means possible for 25 years? Did she take money from Wall Street banking institutions, or as has been reported, did she get hundreds of individual donations from people who work on Wall Street who are interested in social policy, or environmental concerns? Letting the banks and Wall Street actually fail after 9/11 and the Great Collapse would have taken many personal bank accounts, small investors and retirement pensions with it. There would be no capital for business startups, home loans or refinancing, or buying a car, appliances etc. Not that the Finance/Banks/Wall Street crowd are not in need of serious systemic reforms and regulations, but the Dems - BOTH candidates - are proposing to reign in the excess and dangerous practices, while the GOP wants to undo any and all regulation that might hinder the wealth class from increasing said wealth. People doubting where Hillary or Bernie stand need to see what the other side is proposing and it will do NOTHING (no matter how great Trump trumpets how "great" things will be) for the average American.

  126. "negative disapproval"=approval?

  127. Boy have you been drinking the Sanders Koolaid...

    Hillary Clinton seems to be doing pretty good actually. She's won millions of more votes and has 300 plus more delegates than Bernie. We can infer from that alone that she would be a more effective candidate...

  128. thanks, Obama.

    He's a corporatist shill I tell ya!

  129. Pretty much

  130. Corporations are bubbles of autocracy that we use to constrain and contain the natural human need to rule over uncertainty. It's a way of 'stabilizing' and regulating interactions between humans (aka business), and to allow

    These bubbles exist (by decree) because we've abstracted a clear set of rules that define and control the game. This the certainty of outcomes, and removes significant elements of chance from the game, in order to protect society itself against the overreach and rogues. Without these "controls", the inhumanity inherent in the corporate structure would undermine society itself.

    Corporations don't like those rules any more than I like the fact that I'm mortal (as they are not), but we all benefit from the immortality, and the productivity that can be achieved thought the use of the corporate bubbles that float around our society and across the globe. We're particularly happy when they are OUR corporate bubbles and not someone else's.

    Our current dilemma is more a function of the fact that Republican's have repeatedly poked holes in the corporate bubble and increasing allowed autocratic principles to leak into society as a whole. Worse yet, they believe (and their corporate donors absolutely believe) that we should replace governance with autocracy/plutocracy.

    While this does decrease the uncertainty of human diversity, its a historically catastrophic model on which to base human civilization.

  131. I'm a Clinton supporter but it's Sanders call when to quit assuming hecontinues to lag in delegates. Clinton needs to win fair and square in the vote tallies...it's the only way to go.

    That said, I don't want the Democrats to self immolate like the GOP. I hope the current ugliness between the two does not distract Democrats from the larger battle ahead. Each has different positions and these need to be outlines.

    But it does no good for so many to keep tearing Clinton down--I have never bashed Bernie's character as his supporters have her. If you consider yourself a Democrat, please for the love of God remember what this country in Donald Trump.

  132. Clinton has been dishonest about Sanders. She sent her daughter out to say Bernie would repeal Obamacare.

    From the Daily Show..
    "On Saturday, she questioned where Sanders was during her fight for health care reform in 1993 and 1994. Video surfaced to reveal that he was literally standing right behind her during a speech on the issue. "

    What has Sanders said that was not TRUE? Hillary Clinton is not worthy of being president.

  133. I'm a Sanders supporter and I agree: stage-four cancer is better than a shotgun blast through the roof of one's head.

    For exactly that kind of reason, I may have to donate to and even work for the HRC campaign, much as I'll have to hold my nose to do it. (I'm in RI, so that's going Dem no matter what; I'll vote Green.)

    But until she wins outright and Bernie drops out -- if that is indeed the case -- I'll be supporting Sanders. He can and should go all the way to the convention or when she grabs the minimum delegates. That's how you build power for the next progressive challenger/candidate.

    Which, of course, HRC, Obama, and the NYT all know perfectly well. Hence their advice to all us dumb-dumbs -- in their eyes.

    Win or lose this time, the prog wing of the Demz is back. And not going anywhere.

    But, gee, thanks for the advice.

  134. Perhaps Bernie's character is a little bit more difficult to bash.

  135. Wall Street has spoken.

    Back on your knees, proles.

  136. Happy to see the re-emergence of Thunder after a too-long hiatus. Give Trump the Sturm and Drang he deserves.

  137. The NYT has not done justice to Bernie.

  138. The NYTimes is not that all-powerful as to make or break a candidate. Please have some perspective. Actual voters have voted. You just simply don't like what they said.

  139. The president seems to imply that HRC lacks authenticity, but this small character deficit shouldn't bar her apotheosis. That only Bernie is standing in her way? Should we also, therefore, dismiss the president's appearance of authenticity as merely a pasteboard mask of liberalism? Has he been hustling us for eight years?

    HRC has so many negatives; too many to list here but well-known. She spares no effort to placate big donors and has no appeal to the energetic mass of Bernie supporters. She cannot win against Trump without their support and has done nothing to maker herself acceptable to them. They loathe and despise her pandering and triangulation, and her recent debate lies about Bernie's support for the auto bailout were egregious and unforgivable.

    Trump is despicable, HRC is deplorable. What to do?

  140. Read Gopnik's New Yorker article about the “clothespin campaign” in France, and come together — with your nose clamped shut if necessary, when you go to the ballot box — against a threat to the Republic.

  141. I regard Sanders supporters lies about her being a corporate shill (for giving a speech?) and "Inauthenticity" (when you know every move is pounced on) not to mention the repeated sexism egregious and unforgivable but I would vote for Sanders if it came down to it.

    So one has to ask oneself, are you loyal to the country and liberal ideas, or the cult of personality? For a certain segment of Sanders supporters, (like yourself) it seems it is mere personality. So no, those people can not be won over.

    One has to hope however that some of Sen. Sanders supporters actually cared about the country, and values, and they should, by the time November rolls around, come round.

  142. Well, don't vote for Ralph Nader, whatever you do...

  143. It's been a good four years with President Obama, but I think he's jealous of Sanders' appeal to young Americans. Or maybe he's been planning to head out on the speaking circuit so he can bank $100 million dollars for himself. Or perhaps there was some sort of understanding between Obama and Clinton that reaches back to 2008. Whatever the case may be, I've never seen the Democratic Party's leadership so united in favor of one candidate over another. It feels corrupt and undemocratic. I'm hanging in there with Bernie.

  144. You do realize that stalwart party members support Hillary because she is a stalwart party member as well. Bernie has been a Democrat for less than a year. He caucused with Dems, of course, but he has also spoken disparagingly of the party many times over the years and repeatedly in his career said it would be hypocritical of him to join. Hypocritical, that is, until he needed party resources to make his run. There really is no mystery why party leaders prefer HRC. We all prefer to go to bat for our colleagues who have gone to bat for us.

  145. Jealous of Bernie's appeal? Barrack vote total wipes the floor with Bernie's. Bernie is winning the youth vote, but he's not inspiring anywhere near the turnout that Obama did in 2008.

    Perhaps Obama, having worked with Clinton, genuinely thinks she's more intelligent and capable than Sanders is. Oh, it turns out almost everyone who has worked with both Sanders and Clinton, prefers Clinton. Nevermind, everyone must be corrupt and undemocratic...

  146. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. Party stalwarts do not feel they owe him much. That's what comes of not joining the party. If you want to be an Independent, then don't depend on one of the two major parties to get on the ballot.

  147. Given a choice I prefer Sanders over Clinton. To a degree like her husband I think of Clinton as a "Republican lite" in policies and Sanders has help her move from center right to center left.

    To me, we do need to focus on winning. We already have one Supreme Court vacancy and with several aging liberal members of the current court. We can expect the next president to replace 1-3 in the next term. So we better keep the white house and win back the Senate. Do we want a President Trump or Cruz to pick those justices?

  148. As it stands now, it seems the President is the last person to make those selections.

  149. Give it up, NY Times... Bernie's in it until at least June 7th. There are those of us who not only prefer authenticity, but are tired of endless wars, corporate supported politics, and great inequalities in this country. And we will stick with him all the way to the Convention if necessary. Hillary doesn't need our help.

  150. With two Democrats in the race, the Democrats and their views are in the news all the time. With one Democrat in the race, the stage is left to the Republicans until the convention. It would be truly irresponsible of either Democratic candidate to drop out at this point and lose all that free publicity for the party.

    Obama is an experienced politician, and the analysis in the previous paragraph would be second nature to him. That causes me to doubt that the Times reporter has the facts right.

  151. The President is speaking as a politician, not as the leader of the country. Hillary Clinton has as many personal and political flaws as Richard Nixon. The only way she will become president is to out-fox the dirty tricks the Republicans will make trying to shove one of their flawed candidates down our throats. As an independent, I do not support the tricks the DNC, led by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, abetted by media such as the New York Times, and hysterical negative comments by Wall St. have made to shove Hillary Clinton down our throats. Bernie IS authentic and no one has to play tricks to gain enthusiastic voter support for him. Sanders should stay in the race til the bitter end (only not bitter if he wins the nomination!) There's no reason to assume that one of Clinton's many flaws will not take her down before the convention or Nov. election. Outside of her core supporters, her support is fragile, tenuous, and unenthused. Forget that and the Dems lose in November.

  152. Do you think Hillary will send her plumbers into RNC Headquarters to bug Rience Preibus's computer too?

  153. Hillary has been slandered for decades and no investigation has shown anything more than a human lack of perfection. The Fox channel, Rush et al have seduced the American people that they speak the truth when 99% is lies repeated over and over and over. She has the capability to be an excellent president. Plus we need to take back the Senate!!

  154. Well Mr. President I'm afraid I won't be able "get behind" Hillary. First of all the DNC has unattractively catered to the Clinton campaign. Also, I think the only person disliked more than you by the republicans is Hillary. Which under different circumstances should send every democrat to the polls voting for her, but that didn't happen.
    Here's why. The Clintons, Hillary, Billy and Chelsea fanned out to spread the word that Bernie wanted to destroy The Affordable Care Act which was a lie. They got caught and the Clintons staff said golly, gee that was a mistake by us.
    Then there's Bernies proposal for tuition free public universities. After all Europe can do it why can't we? Hillary, can't be done but maybe we could lower the interest rate. Now there's a campaign promise that generates enthusiasm, no? Then there's the argument that we need to have a woman as president. If I was to vote for a woman I'd vote for someone I could trust that has the country's best interest at heart and it would be Senator Elizabeth Warren.
    So, since that isn't in the cards I'm sticking with Bernie.

  155. You are of course totally entitled to vote for whoever you like, but hopefully you will support the ultimate Democratic nominee if you truly believe in Bernie's proposals. Realism may not be the sexiest of campaign agendas, but to suggest HRC is still very liberal and want to protects the historically underrepresented (which includes women). Not to mention, what does it say about the popularity of Bernie's "revolution" that voter turnout is low and HRC has won more of the popular vote and more states obviously? Enthusiasm on social media and at individual campaign events is good and fine, but it has yet to translate to overwhelming voter support for Bernie outside of Vermont. Maybe that changes in some of the upcoming states, but I expect it will be more of the same on the whole save for a few outlier states for both candidates. I personally have no objections to Bernie staying in the race for as long as he wants so long as both candidates stick to the issues and don't directly or indirectly attack the other's character as that only aids the Republicans.

  156. Obama has been giving the Country away. If Hillary gets in she will sell what's left. This is a woman who had to return over $200,000.00 worth of "The People's" furniture when Bill left office. Nice folks.

  157. Big mistake, Mr. Obama.

    Trump will crush Hillary because the American electorate are moved by emotional manipulation, which is Trump's one and only talent.

    Bernie can turn Trump's guns back on him by identifying accurately the source of voters' misery. Clinton is in the pocket precisely that source: corporate and Wall Street power.

    The DNC believes it can continue the old I-feel-your-pain bait-and-switch, and it can't. Like it or not, the 1% are not going to run the USA anymore, and one way or another rule by money is going down.

  158. You seem to have a very poor opinion of the American voters, Obviously many are easily manipulated but not that many that a con man can find his way to the White House. After all Obama was elected twice, were all those voters manipulated by him?

  159. George Bush was elected twice, too.

  160. amen!

  161. I am not believing one word of this article! This livelong DEMOCRAT,sees this as just another attempt of Hillary Clinton and her camp to spread propaganda. The same as the Clinton's Foundation guise of helping humanity! Jimmy Carter is a man to have reverence for, not Bill, not Hillary. The only experience HILLARY HAS IN MAKING MONEY, in my book. Remember when she left her last campaign to become president and she cried she was dead broke! Just google her net worth now!

  162. No one close to Obama has repudiated this article and neither has Obama himself.

  163. Ted Cruz did it first!

  164. Why would they.The NYT has already served their purpose.

  165. First of all, Democrats should all accept the fact that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. As odious a proposition as that is, they had better start preparing for the battle because he will put up one hell of a fight. That fight is one that neither Democratic potential nominee is prepared for. I believe the country is not prepared for it. Still, it's time for the Democrats to step back and say, "who has the better chance?" Then they need to unify across the country to support that candidate. On their own, neither is a great choice, but any reasonable person is a better choice than Trump.

  166. The polls have said for many months that Bernie beats Trump by a wider margin than Hillary who is within the margin of error. She is the bigger gamble, regardless of what her campaign puts out for the NYT to print.

  167. Considering Sanders beats Trump currently by 18 compared to Clinton's 15, I'd say Sanders is the better candidate to put forth

  168. I agree that whoever is the nominee, they'd better be ready to think asymetrically. His spouted nonsense that is just one long run-on sentence, his ability to label people and make it stick ("low-energy Jeb" for example) to the delight of his fan base, uh, excuse me, voters, his completely uncensored/unfiltered mind, his thin-skin and wanting to hit back much harder than he gets will be extremely difficult for either one. But, oh, he will go after Hillary on the woman/Bill thing. How dreadful for all of us. He can call Bernie a socialist but wow, he can call Hillary a LOT of things! And how will she strike back? Will she take the high road? That has led to a lot of other Republican hopefuls to leave the race. Marco fought back - and was pretty good at it - and look what happened to him. It didn't look good on him like it looks good on Trump. Trump's the only one that can get away with it. So how does one fight his nonsense and pin him down to a policy discussion? Who knows.

  169. Reading the comments by Bernie's supporters here, I can understand why President Obama wants to get involved and hint that Bernie tone it down at least. Hillary has been demonized by the Republican party for 30 years, mostly unfairly, and now Bernie and his supporters are piling on almost as badly. Their constant refrain is that she's disliked and can't win-is that why she had 1.8 million more actual votes than Bernie even before her sweep on March 15? Many of us like and admire her a great deal. I would say that the hard evidence says that she's the best liked and admired candidate in the race on either side.

  170. I don't know if she is the best liked. I can believe she isn't, but I think she is the most respected on either side. And considering the office she is running for, and the huge challenges ahead, that is the personal factor that truly matters.

    I suspect that when it comes to large crowds of people that is the image she wants to project. She'll save the likability for the one on one interactions (where I keep hearing she does very well).

    In writing this it occurs to me that it is very odd of journalists to ask the likability question and never who do you respect more. We don't like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, we respect them. So when did it switch?

  171. Evidence suggests no such thing. A March NBC/WSJ poll of the net favorability of our current president and all those who wish to replace him reads thusly:
    John Kasich: +19%
    Bernie Sanders: +7%
    Barack Obama: +4%
    Marco Rubio: -11%
    Hillary Clinton: -13%
    Ted Cruz: -18%
    Donald Trump: -39%

    Hard to believe, but favorability is in inverse proportion to delegates awarded. Weird.

  172. Then you haven't read any of the polls. Her trustworthy rating is way down in the dregs. Sanders is way up. You may like her, but others see her with clearer eyes.

  173. I will never vote for Hillary Clinton and Obama should mind his own business.They are both corrupted by Wall Street

  174. So you are looking forward to the election of Trump?

  175. As if the GOP isn't totally infested with Wall Street interests. If you are serious, then do more research about who owns the GOP.

  176. How selfish. If you're truly that progressive then you should realize the harm a GOP administration will do to the already desperate underclass in America. Sure, you may be able to survive a Trump presidency but what about others without the means?

  177. With all respect to my very valued president, if I had paid attention to that kind of logic I would not have had the real joy of his presidency these past near-eight years.

    In any case, it's like the litany of Passover: there is reason enough to support Bernie to the end of the primary--and to support him and his policies on beyond.

    If doing so only convinces Hillary of the fragility of her support even in her own party... It would be enough.

    If it only convinces other elected Democrats of the size and anger of their progressive wing...It would be enough.

    If it only reminds all our country of the poverty-by-policy being inflicted on our citizens... It would be enough.

    If it only helps progressive thinkers network and come together to generate new ideas and new approaches to domestic policy... It would be enough.

    And so on.

    There is reason enough to support Bernie...and with the greatest respect to Mr. Obama, on this point he can shove his opinion where the sun don't shine. Sometimes he's wrong.

  178. I get the spirit of your comment, but your first paragraph is incorrect. HRC was never as decisively behind BHO as Bernie Sanders is behind HRC right now.

    Her lead is not "fragile." In the admittedly strange world of primary politics, it's virtually insurmountable, and the sooner Sanders and his supporters recognize that the better.

    I say this as someone who campaigned for BHO, and against HRC, in '08. He was the better candidate then; she is the better candidate now.

  179. Perfect response.

  180. As I think my response may not have gotten through:

    The short form is that her support is absolutely fragile. That primary magic you're talking about--I am not going to whine about "rigged game," but strong in primaries is not the same thing as strong in the general election--and is totally not the same thing as strong in office. Trump is proving insanelystrong in his primary. It is an open question whether he will be as strong in the general election. I know very few people of intelligence and integrity who think he will hold durable support within his presidency.

    Hillary's strength in the primary is tied up with her competing in her own party, against a historical independent, using a set of rules designed to help her win. Even then her greatest strength is in those states she is LEAST likely to win in the general. Come the general election her support starts looking almost as useless as Mr. Sanders' strengths are in the rigged primary--and I am terrified of what is going to happen if she tries to govern without showing more complex understanding of how to lead as an underdog than she has so far. She is despised by most Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and white men...and considered second best by a substantial portion of her party.

    Her ability to govern is going to be insanely impacted by this--her support--her real-world, un-rigged, face the music support--is fragile.

  181. Oh, no. It can't be. Could Obama have given manipulative suggestions (orders) at a high-price fundraiser? No, I just can't believe it. You know what I do believe? That when people UNITE they will take down this corrupt system.

  182. Great! And what you'll get in return is a Trump presidency. Enjoy.

    Of course people are uniting, around Hillary, but Sanders supporters won't accept that. Such hypocrisy.

  183. In many ways, it's not surprising that the Bernie Sanders supporters would keep on denying electoral reality and insisting that their candidate can win. The Democratic primary, after all, is only another facet of the entire Sanders campaign. The idea of putting Sanders in the White House, like the idea of jumping to single-payer healthcare or jumping to free college for everyone, is a pie-in-the-sky fantasy with no practical route to success. It delights the dreamers, even though it squanders time, money, and energy that might be better spent on more achievable goals.

    The groupies at the core of the Sanders campaign will keep on insisting that victory is just around the corner, right up until Inauguration Day 2017. But, for those of us who live in the real world, President Obama's advice is absolutely spot-on. The candidacy of Donald Trump present an immediate and serious threat to the stability of our nation. Those of us who care about our planet and our future need to unite behind the one Democrat who has a practical strategy for winning the presidency and defending our values: Hillary Clinton.

  184. Sanders doesn't need to win and in fact I don't expect him to. I still want all states to decide between Sanders and Clinton. This has become too much about winning. All Sanders needs to do to make his point is do well.

  185. Another sneering, condescending message from the holier-than-thou camp.

  186. While I a Bernie supporter agree with the President - you are wrong about thinking that Hillary Clinton will defend our values. She values only the rich, the strong and the powerful. She only care about winning elections.

    She is just a bit less worse than Trump. I am nauseous just having to think about voting for her. I'm bring a plastic bag with me on election day - just in case.

  187. Translation: No indictment coming.

  188. Au contraire. What's to stop the FBI from recommending an indictment? If Clinton is elected in November, Comey is out of a job anyway, indictment or no indictment. Same goes for the State Department inspector general and anyone else who dared to investigate this case and enforce the law during the past 18 months. So before he is kicked to the curb, Comey can still recommend a grand jury be empaneled. If the President tries to interfere, Comey can resign. The fallout from that would be significant (look up the "Saturday night massacre" - October 20, 1973). Then Trump can offer to hire Comey back one day after the election.

  189. I think you are right. I seriously doubt Obama would make such a statement if he wasn't sure that no indictment was forthcoming.

    That said, it is a little disconcerting (if true) that Obama is getting anywhere near the Justice Department's e-mail investigation.

  190. I thought it was foolish for the NYT to endorse and flog Clinton so fervently with the possibility of an endorsement looming. I can only assume they were assured it wouldn't happen. That's not the only thing that could trip Clinton up, though. Wikileaks is publishing Clinton emails. She's not out of the woods.

  191. One would think the Democratic party would want to have the opportunity to take the pulse of their constituency around the nation and not just in a bunch of red states. They should also be very careful here, if Sander's supporters feel like the establishment is trivializing them, they won't turn up to support HRC in the general.

  192. President Obama is hardly "the establishment." But I have to say many of us liberals/progressives are tiring of hearing about the terrible "establishment." Hope you don't work for an "establishment" company, live in an "establishment" neighborhood, shop at an "establishment" grocery store, you or your children go to "establishment" schools, or need an "establishment" doctor or dentist, and on and on. It's really silly. And he is right, Dubya was about as "authentic" as one can get and look at the mess he left. I respect Sen. Sanders but the job of the presidency is too big for him, imho.

  193. Article states that Obama did not want to alienate Sanders' supporters. Well, Sanders' supporters have already been alienated by the DNC. The shabby treatment that Wasserman-Schultz has given Sen. Sanders has been obvious. Also the DNC calendar favored Hillary's states so that she could claim delegates quicker. Then there are those super delegates. So from comments that I've seen on various social media outlets many of Sanders' supporters will not support Clinton if she is the nominee.

  194. Hillary will not trivialize the young voters, she will help them. Would they rather dig in their heel not vote and get someone like Trump? Good luck with that.

  195. Sanders has to stop because three big anonymous donors said so, and an anonymous White House official said it was true.

    Paging the Public Editor! Here's the intersection of snarky, if any, Sanders coverage with overuse of anonymous sources.

    Note, too, please, the quotes around "authenticity" when describing Sanders a few paras in. None are needed; he's authentic. What HRC is going for is "authenticity."

    Or, as the old Hollywood joke goes, "The key to this business is authenticity. Once you learn to fake that, you're set." Pretty much how the Democratic Party views its base: how best to fool/thought-lead/consent-manufacture them?

    Gee, can't understand the lack of enthusiasm. For the corporate wing that controls the Democratic Party or for the New York Times, for that matter.

  196. Good for you. So much for the public editor. She just got trashed along with Bernie. I will ask again.. Is anyone home at the NYT?

  197. The corporate wing of both parties is in full panic mode. Trump is winning and Hillary is a distant second in the only game that matters: number of votes cast. As the Huffington Post reported yesterday: "[Hillary] is doing a terrible job turning out voters, particularly in the states that will matter most in a November matchup against Donald Trump. More people voted for Trump than for Clinton in two states Tuesday night — Missouri and Ohio. In Florida, Clinton edged Trump by a nose — less than 2 percent. Clinton had only one other candidate splitting the Democratic vote in a contested election, while Trump was embroiled in a four-way contest that factionalized Republican voters. In Ohio, Trump bested Clinton by about 50,000 votes despite coming in second in the GOP contest to John Kasich, the state’s current governor. In Missouri, both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) bested Clinton’s vote total by nearly 20 percent.

    Enthusiasm for Clinton appears to have plummeted from the levels she enjoyed in 2008, when she defeated Barack Obama in both the Florida and Ohio primaries. Clinton had 44 percent fewer supporters in Ohio this time around than she did eight years ago. Combine Clinton and Sanders’ Ohio numbers from Tuesday night and they still do not eclipse Clinton’s showing in the state from 2008."

  198. The great thing about Bernie is that everything will not only be free, it will be a right.
    We won't need to worry about working, much less paying debts: let the rich pay for it all.

  199. That's a fundamental misunderstanding of his proposals.

  200. It's a matter of the working and middle classes getting something we need -- jobs, healthcare and college education -- for the taxes we pay. Now, only the poor and the rich get the benefit of our taxes.

  201. Re: "let the rich pay for it all."

    I'm afraid that if anyone is going to pay for anything significant, it's going to be the rich, because they have most of the money. The top 0.1% of Americans have almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. And the richest 1% of the world’s population now owns 50% of its total wealth, according to an October 2015 study by Credit Suisse. Hillary will exacerbate that trend. Bernie won't.

  202. Authentic? Like when George Bush said "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq or when Donald Trump said build a wall on the border with Mexico Border to solve drug and immigration problems or when the GOP refuses to hold hearings on a Supreme Court nomination.
    Well neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton is irresponsible or unpatriotic enough to be "authentic" by today's standards. We should count ourselves lucky. But unite we must. And the time if not now is very soon.

  203. Sorry but the better comparison to G. Bush IS HRC. And she already has had more than one mission accomplished moment.

  204. I am surprised that so many people "distrust" Clinton. I distrust almost all politicians. Sanders is the most decent, honest, straightforward politician that I've seen in my lifetime. I support him wholeheartedly, but I will vote for Clinton in an instant. If you are looking for someone you can trust, politics is the wrong place to look. Liars through and through; I'll bet even Sanders is guilty of telling untruths if his record is closely examined. But when compared to the Republican hopefuls, even Clinton shines for her "authenticity."

  205. Jack;
    Great campaign slogan.
    Fits on a bumper sticke.
    'I lie less than my opponent!'

  206. I can only tell you this. You can play back a speech of Sanders from 1965, 1975, or any other time, and you can see that his views are consistent over at least four decades.

    I don't think you can do that with Hillary, who was a Goldwater Republican when Bernie was protesting for civil rights.

  207. "If you are looking for someone you can trust, politics is the wrong place to look." Thank you, Jack!!

  208. Obama has been the best president in my 70 years. I admired the morality and honesty of Carter, but Obama has been both moral and unerringly correct in political decisions (with few exceptions). I was hoping to support only the third person that I truly wanted to vote for in Bernie Sanders. That probably won't happen and like most intelligent Bernie supporters [by definition that's most of us :-)] we will with a bit less enthusiasm support Clinton, flawed as she is. I do disagree with Obama's praise of Clinton as "smart, tough and experienced." That is not good enough. Her positions on the issues far outweigh any toughness or experience she possesses. Smart, tough, experienced could apply to Mitch McConnell and others. Hardly a reason to vote for them!

  209. Your not comparing Clinton to McConnell are you? Really?

  210. A Drone President and/or a Mass Surveillance President cannot be a moral and honest president.

  211. So are you comparing Clinton to McConnell? If you are just say in plain simple english. Don't dance around it like a republican ballarina. So are you comparing Clinton to McConnell? Say it in plain unmistakable english. Don't be shy,don't make hints.Just type it out.

  212. Eight years after his "clinging to their guns and religion" remarks to donors were taped and leaked -- probably emboldening conservative resistance -- Mr. Obama again voices the needlessly spoken. Time for a vow of silence as the Democrats clearly need both Clinton and Sanders supporters to vote in November for both president and senators.

    Democrats should be shaken and awakened by Clinton's shallow support outside the Old Confederacy. Ohio is so far the only state outside the Confederacy that has given her more than 51% of votes cast in a primary. Republicans will win a large majority of those southern electoral votes.

  213. The "clinging" comments by Obama only emboldened conservative resistance because they--like virtually everything else he has said for the past 8 or 10 years--were deliberately distorted. He was saying that those who opposed the Democrats had a completely natural, understandable reaction to having been left out of the conversation, and out of the economic recovery, by policies of both the Democrats and the Republicans. What he was really saying was that although the red-meat policies offered up by the GOP--the culture wars, essentially, involving guns, same-sex marriage, etc.--might act as some sort of safety valve for those frustrations, they don't offer any long-term solutions to improve things for anybody.

    Those words are as true today as the day he said them.

  214. They always have since 1964.

  215. And consider the small number of votes being cast in the Democratic primaries. Much smaller than 2008. More people voted for Trump than for Clinton in two states Tuesday night — Missouri and Ohio. In Florida, Clinton edged Trump by a nose — less than 2 percent. But Clinton had only one other candidate splitting the Democratic vote in a contested election, while Trump was embroiled in a four-way contest that factionalized Republican voters. In Ohio, Trump bested Clinton by about 50,000 votes despite coming in second in the GOP contest to John Kasich, the state’s current governor. In Missouri, both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) bested Clinton’s vote total by nearly 20 percent. That's TERRIBLE news for Clinton. This is why Mr. Obama is now giving "unusually candid remarks".

  216. The truth is, Trump would beat Clinton. He would not beat Sanders. Is this what you want NYTimes?

  217. Vermont never subjected Bernie to the car-wash Hillary has been run through. What makes you think he can out-bellow The Donald touting his own expertise at beating the system?

  218. No, I disagree. If educated citizens do not want Trump, they will vote for any Democrat because they know that Trump will bring evil back to this country.

  219. Simply not true. Trump will run TV ads calling out Sanders as a communist, with the hammer & sickle & USSR flag prominently displayed, to the soundtrack of the Russian anthem. Those ads would be as potent as the famous nuclear bomb ads that LBJ used to defeat Barry Goldwater. There is just no way to counter such an extreme characterization. Sanders has done his part to energize a part of the Democratic electorate, and has brought significant issues to the discussion. But, he would be our generation’s George McGovern if nominated, handing the presidency to a facist dictator. I agree with President Obama that Senator Sanders should bow out before he damages the party he only recently saw fit to "join."

  220. Obama always supported Hillary as she represents the mainstream Democratic party. Obama will follow the Clinton playbook making speeches and starting a foundation creating a family fortune.

  221. That playbook is what Bernies' revolt is all about! We don't need another Tammaney Hall (i.e., Clinton Foundation).

  222. I have much respect for both Sanders and Clinton. I lean toward Clinton due to her wide-ranging experience and her policies. My greatest fear is that a prolonged nomination process will give the increasingly faltering Republican Party a path to the White House via the attacks of the Democratic candidates against each other, weakening both. I have no doubt that should Mr. Trump gain the nomination that he will find plenty on his own with which to insult his opponent. But the Right's super pacs will have a hey-day. So fight on if you must, but please don't weaken each other. It may seem like an oxymoron to say that, but there it is.

  223. There isn't a thing Bernie could say about Hillary that isn't already known by the Republicans. And Trump will use all of them to his advantage. Instead of telling people to stop voting for Bernie, Obama should be telling people to start voting for Bernie. Trump is going to slice and dice Hillary. Imagine what fun he'll have with how she sacrificed to her ambition all the women Bill harassed/preyed on.

  224. It is all about keeping Hillary left! If Bernie drops out she will immediately move right.

  225. What a sad commentary. Democracy can't work if the appointed are not anoited without discussion, debate and transparency.

    There is a lot of comment about her successes and experience. Yes, she was first lady (horrific sexist title). She endured a husband whose actions on and off the playing field were neither democratic or Democratic nor of value to those whose experience during Bush II were direct results of Clinton I. Yes, she spoke in China of the need to make freedom ring for women. Meantime back home women still are paid less than men. She was for Bill's free trade but not now. So?

    Is that her fault? She is now worth $30,000,000 and hubbie $120,000,000. Where did htier kid go to school? Where do blacks, immigrants, minorities, etc. get their education if they get one at all? Is Chelsea burdened by school debt? Did she get a good paying job? How is your kid doing?

    Many Americans then say, look at what she did as Secretary of State. Well what did she do except give the homeland enemy reasons to heap abuse on her and the President. She is and was a hawk. But again, please list all her successes. She was in the room with the President when bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.She urged him on.....

    She was a Senator from New York. She did a heck of a job. Who were her contacts and friends at the time? Wall Street and the Mayor. Now she can be transparent and release the three Wall Street speeches (paid $625,000). But she does not.

    You get what you deserve. Feel the Bern.

  226. I like Bernie very much, and if he wins the nomination I'll enthusiastically support him. But: his plan requires a substantial effort from us. His supporters are certain he has the right ideas, but I don't hear them saying that they can't wait to start working and being part of the solution. Bernie's plans require some heavy lifting from us. How will that play out? I suspect his supporters will go back to their normal lives after the election. I don't trust the idea that We the People will make his plans a reality.

    Plus I've been a fan of Hillary, and have wanted her as president for some time. Listening to Bernie and Hillary in the same evening makes it even clearer: she has the wide experience and she is much more articulate on a variety of issues. Bernie just doesn't have it.

  227. You like him and support him but Hilliary's better??? Then why are you supporting him...sound like a shill to me.

  228. You are right, much better that Wall Street do the heavy lifting for us. Look how far they have carried us already!

  229. The American Empire is on the decline and we get to decide how we manage that decline. Do we want to do it by what Sanders proposes - building up our citizenry with healthcare and education and dignity for all and preparing for and mitigating Climate Change? Or do we want to go down the path that the Military Industrial Complex wants - continual endless War? Sadly Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the War Machine. As Jeffrey Sachs, the Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University wrote "Her so-called foreign policy “experience” has been to support every war demanded by the US deep security state run by the military and the CIA." No thanks, I'll continue donating and volunteering for Senator Sanders until he calls it quits. I hope he goes all the way to the Democratic Convention.

  230. Never.

    The DNC thinks it can cram Hillary down our throats by leaving no alternative but Trump.

    They tell us, "Our way or the "disaster" of the only guy who will listen to you. He's nuts, so you just can't be listened to this time. You are stuck with us."

    Well, that is a dare. They are daring American voters to stand up to the Establishment. Fine. I call you on it. And the horse you rode in on.

  231. Chad Hanson -- All Hillary would do is show us once again there is no hope without the total rejection of her and all that supports her. She is the problem. Rubbing our noses in it one more time is really unnecessary, but all that can be accomplished by letting her do it to us again.

  232. Obama is making his own people mad and splitting the party with his calls to give up before half of us can vote. Thanks, Obama!!!

  233. Now that the President has endorsed Clinton, the legacy of Bernie Sanders shall be noted as one that has impressed America that with time and patience, eventually there things that must be done without question. He will be noted as pioneer ahead of his time. Clinton will now do what must be done first by laying down the pathway for things to be done.....and she will.

  234. Bernie (a classmate of mine at Brooklyn's Madison High School) is close to the end of his official run, I believe. And that is as it should be. I agree with the President that it is time for the Senator to help coalesce Democrats into a formidable force to face a most unusual Republican onslaught.

    Bernie has brought Hillary as far center-left that he can, and must recognize that continuing in this vein will only lessen the sense of Democratic unity and purpose. The political pendulum can only be brought so far in one election cycle.

    Time to bow out of the race, Bernie. Your accomplishments have been enormous, far greater than you, or anyone else, could have imagined. Thank you for bringing forward values and principles that have enlightened us and evoked a mission of compassionate government for all. Its now time to move from the podium back to the Senate and begin the arduous task of helping enact your agenda from the floor of the House. Good luck. And Thank you!

  235. @Seth--Thank you for supporting the rights of 50% of the remaining primary voters who have not voted. Sorry--Hillary is too flawed to get behind. The only candidate with a FBI investigation ongoing. The only candidate who supported the war in Iraq. The only candidate who has made over $100 million in speaking fees from special interests since 2000.

    Is Trump horrible--of course. But Hillary's favorability and trustworthy poll ratings are in the tank. What a terrible choice.

  236. Scott, I too share the view that HRC is flawed and less than perfect. However, with no clear way for Bernie to accumulate the convention votes, he can either fight or recognize that a Democratic victory in Nov. is in the best interest of all of us. He can be Quixotic or realistic. Time for him, hopefully, to choose the latter.
    I wish you a good day.

  237. So well put.

  238. Well I guess it is a good thing he didn't take his own advice in 2008.

  239. This is Obama's 47% moment.

  240. I ask Sanders' supporters to please give President Obama a break. He is simply drawing reasonable conclusions from the number and diversity of votes that Secretary Clinton has earned in the half (or more) of the states that have now voted. I voted for Senator Sanders, but there is no use crying foul, blaming the DNC, the party establishment, or the media -- despite the legitimate criticisms one may make of all of them. Secretary Clinton's voters deserve respect too. They have made their voices heard.

  241. Goody for you. When do I get a say? May.

  242. Well, I'm a Bernie supporter -- how about my voice and the milions of others -- Bernie or Hilary or other supporters -- who haven't gotten to vote yet in the West side of this country? Don't we deserve to get to vote also? Pres. Obama, needs to stay neutral and not shut the process down so early.

  243. This is a terrible idea. Marginalizing nearly half of Democratic voters as well as Independents and new voters who support Bernie by shutting down our primary process prematurely will cause serious discord and attrition in the Democratic party hence weaken our chances in the general election all the way down the ticket.
    Let voters speak! Rigorous debate is healthy for democracy. Suppressing voters is what Republicans do.

  244. The debate has been had. There is no more rigor to be found or exerted. The candidates have already had to descend to unseemly criticism in their search for ways to keep the argument alive.

    Nate Silver tells us that Bernie would have to win *all* the rest of the states by 16% or more to win the nomination. The chances of that are way, way too small to justify another three months of these two ridiculing each other.

    Rigorous debate is healthy. An endless, negative mud match is not.

  245. Nobody is suppressing voters. Not the President, not DWS, not the super delegates of the Democratic Party. Comparing Obama expressing his opinion to the kind of voter suppression the republicans do in some states is distorted hyperbole. The primary process will go on as long as Senator Sander's wants it to.

  246. Exactly. Also makes me wonder...If she's doing so well, why does Obama need to call Bernie off?

  247. Obama's right, this is the harsh reality of the race. Nevertheless, Sanders has contributed enormously to the narrative and made Clinton a much better candidate than she was 6 months ago. Thank you Senator Sanders! Job well done!

  248. @George--hold on. Bernie's not leaving and if you really do support him vote for him in the Calif. primary. You know, a State that is actually more relevant than all of the other Southern states that were lined up to vote early on.

  249. I plan to Scott. But more as protest vote to move Clinton to the left even more.

  250. "Made Clinton a better candidate"? No one can do that. She is just mouthing the rhetoric, but her character remains highly questionable. Self-interest is her by-word and her presidency can only result in more cynicism in our society about government and the kind of people who reach the top in our broken political system.

  251. Why should President Obama's reported preference for Hillary Clinton surprise anyone? Both are moderate Repuiblicans who chose to wear Democratic livery out of convenience. Both are deeply committed to Wall Street financiers. Both are comfortable with military adventures in the Middle East, both pledge fealty to Israel, both embrace the George Bush security state. Although both nominally support social expenditures such as Social Security in practice they are willing to hollow out such spending by manipulating eligibility requirements. Both believe in addressing climate change as long as policy does not disturb existing arrangements and distributions of power with fossil fuel interests. In short the Obama-Clinton message to the power centers in the Republican Party is there is little to be concerned about should the Democrats win the election. Should Donald Trump win the Republican nomination the Obama-Clinton strategy is to persuade Republican elites their interests are safer with a Clinton presidency than with an unpredictable Trump. Trump's response will need to be selecting Kasich as his running mate, showing he appreciates experience and a steady voice. Plus that may win him Ohio and perhaps other Midwest states. Or he could go with Nikki Haley in an effort to make peace with women. In either case he uses surrogates to suggest a Cabinet position for Rubio, bringing Florida into play. Obama and Clinton will win personalñly even if the country loses while donors win.

  252. Funny: this is a statement by Obama to, I take it, big donors. None of whom, I'll bet, have given a cent to Sanders. So, one wonders, what is the point here? Why make it public?

    Yes, I'm being coy: this is a message from Obama, laundered by the NYT, to NYT-readers, including other media outlets, since the NYT is a "thought leading" outlet. Full of pro-HRC memes: Bernie's a meanie who criticized Obama, something Hillary "Stupid Stuff Ain't Enough" Clinton's never done, especially in 2008; Bernie's continued run somehow helps the GOP/Trump. Um, like, how? Never noted; statement is considered enough.

    Soon we'll see accusations of narcissism -- How dare Sanders not just drop out? (Kasich? He should stay in! Till 2084!)

    Yet because the NYT is inside the bubble, it didn't note that this kind of article only serves to further alienate needed voters, further underscore how only money talks in elections and how the NYT is literally a megaphone for power, all too often.

    Well, you've given Margaret Sullivan more to do. She's awful busy recently, both on anonymous sourcing and Sanders coverage -- now she can deal with both issues in one column.

  253. Bernie needs to ditch the FDR narrative and go with Eisenhower. Ike's Interstate system brought more money into more far flung places in still relevant ways. Small and medium sized cities throughout the country have construction companies built up during that time. Their workers will totally get Bernie. He also needs to point out that in our current economic and political state we are Karl Marx's warning of the evils of capitalism. The banksters and Pols deserve to be thought of in the terrifying way that commies, Marx and Lenin have been for 100 years!

  254. So the going rate to hear our President's thoughts on the Democratic primary contest is $34,000?

    Would anyone here be interested in pooling together enough hard cash to persuade Mr. Obama to share some of this with those outside of the smoke-filled room?

  255. There is conflict with all this. What is it? The FBI investigation. Seems, again, politics will overrule justice. Perhaps not, for if Obama gives Mx. Hillary a pass, she is doomed. Trump will run away with the election as the 'angry' will deflect given especially the young Bernie voters that its rigged, the 'fix' is in. How can anyone be excited about a criminal, a liar, a corrupt person who runs a criminal enterprise (Clinton Foundation) ?

  256. Stop watching Fox News. All the prior Republican secretaries of state had private email too. None of it was illegal. You're buying into the propaganda too much.

  257. the purpose of this report:
    "the party must soon come together to back her."

    It's just so sad, that NYT always have this tone of "I know better."
    But the more you told people to, the more people rebel.
    See, Trump is gonna win.

  258. They do know better. And I agree with them.

  259. I think it is a mistake for Obama to show a preference this soon.

  260. Let us consider that the Untied States of America has had 44 Presidents, all of them men.
    If its a choice between an obnoxious man versus an obnoxious woman.
    ll vote for the obnoxious woman.

  261. "Status Quo"

    Very disappointing...

  262. Unsurprising.

    President Obama proved to be an establishment politician long ago.

    "Yes we can" morphed into "Well, maybe we could, but nah, too risky" inside his first month as President. Disappointing to say the least.

  263. Sigh. Some people refuse to recognize that there is a complete other political party to reckon with in DC. Sanders supporters think you can just go in there and fix 'er all up. May I introduce you to Mitch McConnell? Currently throwing every wrench he can at complete odds with the US constitution in an effort to block Obama nominating an older white moderate to the SCOTUS? I guess after the last few tedious months of hearing from Sanders supporters your comment is equally unsurprising.

  264. The DNC is actively engaging in voter suppression and fraud. And you expect Sanders to drop his run and sing "Kumbaya" as long as Mrs. Clinton and her gloating supporters can have her "inevitable coronation." She sold her vote for the Iraq war in exchange for Bush giving her $$$. That's how she operates. It's disgusting. Let Mrs. Clinton's moneybag Wall Street donors fnance the ticket - it's what they do, anyway. Read our lips: Sanders is going to the convention. We would NEVER let him bow out before that. Let the chips fall where they may. And comparing W's "authenticity" to Bernie? Well, I'm feeling HIGHLY ALIENATED RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

    Of course, the best way to gain the Sanders' supporters is to release the Wall Street speeches. But we all know she won't. HRC has no chance with Bernie and Independent support. The DNC is killing its own party.

  265. Sanders supporters like you seem to live in a bubble surrounded only by like-minded people. I am a Democrat and I can assure the vast majority of people I know (all Dems) — HRC or Sanders supporters — are pledged to vote for the candidate in November, whoever it is.

  266. Over 60,000 Bernie supporters will disagree with your take. #BernieorBust.

  267. Bernie Sanders has laid out an important agenda for Democrats to cover in the years ahead, not a revolution but a steady progress toward fairness and yes, democratic socialism. His campaign has been brilliantly executed and he has run a fair and responsible race.

  268. Commenters who are Berning up their keyboards are showing their true colors by now trashing the President for, wait for it, acknowledging electoral math.

    Bernie's biggest supporters are becoming more and more like Tea Party supporters who view themselves as the "real" members of their party and believe they face conspiracies around every corner.

  269. Well, then--why don't we just go ahead and cancel the rest of the primary season. It would save time and money.

  270. Not yet, Barack! Stay out of it until it's a Democrat against Trump or whoever. I'm disappointed in the president I've found only the tiniest fault with, but this is not right.

  271. It is sad to see Obama at such a low point in a trajectory that started so well. He came to the White House as an independent thinker that could manage to become president despite not being part of the "Chicago machine". Now, eight year later he demonstrates to be subordinate to the Washington machine. He clearly owes a lot to the Clintons and he is paying the dues. So now he tells Sanders and his many supporters "No, you can't!".

  272. What exactly does he owe the Clintons? Seems everything I've ever read implied they were classic political frenemies. As for appointing her Secretary of State, he seemed to be following Michael Corleone's dictum to keep your friend close but your enemies closer.

  273. The Clintons are a powerhouse in the Democratic apparatus. It looks like Obama has obtained their active support, for example in his re-election- by offering Hillary the nomination on a silver plate. Obama has consistently betrayed the expectation of his supporters (I am one of them) by pursuing hawkish policies in the Middle East, by making deals with the banks and carrying out a half-baked health care reform that preserves the dominance of insurance profits over what was falsely portrayed as universal care. In the end the gap between the rich and the poor kept growing under his watch and now he makes a stand against the candidate that seems to be closer to the ideas that he used for gaining the support of the large progressive base that still exists in this country.

  274. Bernie voter here who supports Hillary. Too bad. Hating is not an option, and she's pretty good, despite some of her down side. The prosecution stuff is just nonsense, and in any case private servers have proven to be safer than government ones. Previous SecState used them too, she was just the one that got impaled on the Republican attack machine. Same with a lot of her other downsides, which have been exaggerated and picked up by people inclined to oversimplify.

    A woman who has fought the good fight all her life has a few scars; so does Bernie, different ones. They're both good people.

    As for foreign adventures, bear in mind this simple summary: we intervened in Iraq and that is a costly mess. We tried to help in Libya and that is a costly mess. We tried to keep out of it in Syria and that is a costly mess. There's no good option. Would you have done better?

    Yes, she should abandon fracking and the middle way with big fossil. Easier said that done.

    Please read Dark Money, or if not, the freely available articles in The New Yorker, of which here "Who Sponsored the Hate?" is useful:

    This was a more in-depth early one:

    They're laughing all the way to the bank at how vulnerable some Bernie fans are to their tactics. Stay home and elect Trump or Cruz, that's a great idea!

  275. Forgot to say, I think Bernie should stick it out for a while longer. His presence is useful, and he's a great guy. I don't think he's hurting Clinton, and I do think he's helping Democrats. Hillary would be wise to support him and continue with pointing out who the real problem are, the Republicans at all levels, and their campaign to suppress people who wish to benefit all of us, not just their chosen few, at pollution (of mind and body) central.

  276. I know that Sanders supporters believe the game was rigged by the DNC, but please rememer -- it was the DNC that gave Sanders a national platform even though he was only nominally a member. In 2008, Obama ran one of the most amazing, strategically focused campaigns ever, and it worked on getting both delegates and superdelegates, and leveraging them for maximum effect.

    Obama came from behind as a newcomer long shot, and the DNC put him over the edge with superdelegates. That's how you win. I mean no disrespect but if you want to change the DNC, join it and reform from the inside. Or start standing for local offices and campaigning there -- that's how you get the influence to make change.

    And if you want to win campaigns, you need to be REALLY REALLY tough and resourceful and committed. Complaining about how the DNC and media are against you is useless , and sounds weak and whiny. Threatening to vote for the opposition looks disloyal. Getting excited only every four years looks like lack of commitment.

    You may be right about everything, but you can't force other people to do what you want just because you want it. Please, stop the pointless blaming of voters, media, the DNC and the other candidate. Look in the mirror and ask what more you could do or how to fix a problem. The President always amazes me because he faces so much unfairness a.d resistance, but he doesn't kvetch in public. He's like a GPS and just quietly looks for a more effective route.

  277. It's not so quietly, now, eh?
    Regardless, I don't see anything wrong with his remarks. Obama chose his words carefully, and is acting as an established, moderate democrat supporting another experienced, moderate democrat. Choosing to encourage focus on the longer-term goal of the general election is pragmatic, and it does not mean that he is disparaging Sanders.

  278. I agree; he's merely acting to preserve the privileges of special interests without whom he and the rest of the DNC rollers would have much less stature in the eyes of their corporate masters.

  279. Nonsense. That's parsing a NY Times article that relies on anonymous sources; sources which clearly have an agenda. That "reporting" is of a piece with the Times dismissal then, in the face of reality, disparagement of Sanders. The Democratice Party since Bill Clinton has become a spineless version of Republican Lite. Obama's intervention in this election cycle confirms that.

  280. Obama is right of course. Sanders is doing the Democratic cause no service by continuing his campaign. The only people he and his supporters are helping are the Republicans

  281. @Ella

    Yes a vision that that a host of left wing economists and commentators have dismissed as total fantasy. And think helping Republicans is putting country before party? You think we need a Republican president?

  282. Sanders is doing the American people a service by pressing issues and putting forth a vision. Some of us put country before party.

  283. It is great to have a candidate that is political purist that stands on principles; but when comes to actually being President, when it comes to effectively executing the duties of the office - you had better elect a pragmatist.

  284. Great! Nice going Mr. President.

    Your 2008 campaign was inspiring. I voted for you wholeheartedly. You got a few useful and overdue things done before Congress went south, led by a group of racist GOP yahoos. Your 2012 campaign raised my hopes again, so I voted for you again despite having serious misgivings about your use of drones and the NSA. I never considered voting for the smarmy, elitist Romney. The GOP continued to hold the government and the people hostage, and you could accomplish nothing.

    Now I discover that you are telling Democratic representatives of the 0.1% that it is time for Bernie to get out of the race and make way for Hillary. A closed-door session for $33,000 a plate donors! Are you kidding me? You should keep your distance from those folks. They are like the orchestra on the Titanic.

    How power corrupts...

  285. Bernie has a very loyal base. I wonder where they will go after Hillary gets the nomination. He could still be the leader of a political force for reform.

  286. I agree with President Obama's point regarding authenticity (that it's not a good enough basis for choosing our next president) and he presented H.W. Bush as an example. Well...another example is Donald Dumpf himself, whose supporters like him for being "authentic," "for saying it like it is," "for not having the establishment nor super-PACs" behind him. What I'm saying is, authenticity while very appealing even to myself, should not be the superarching basis for choosing our next President.

  287. Personally, I'd vote for a dromedary before voting for a Repub, and particularly THAT one. So I don't lie awake at night agonizing over Bernie vs. Hillary. It's all quite simple.

  288. Oh, he shouldn't worry about alienating the liberal base by what he says today - - he did that a long time ago. I can't help but remember when he so contemptuously said about some of us - - and I paraphrase - - That's something that people who read The Huffington Post would say or think. When I heard him say that I marveled at his contempt for the liberal base.

  289. Just because Obama sold out when he was elected does not mean I will sell out & vote for Clinton.

  290. There has never been a President that I respected more than President Obama; however, his reasoning in support of Hillary is faulty. By saving that George W. Bush was viewed as authentic but turned out not to have been a good president, has nothing to do with electability. It is the perception of authenticity that is the crucial factor. It is unlikely someone like Hillary with consistent high unfavorable ratings, mainly due to the perception that she is dishonest and inauthentic, will get elected.

  291. @Richard Whetstone
    Atlanta, GA

    You're contradicting yourself. Bush was PERCEIVED as authentic. LOL

  292. Hmmm... guess I missed the meeting. Ohhh.....those donors, not the millions of us who made donations averaging $34 who would also like a voice in the process of selecting the next president. You haven't actually identified the 'group of Democratic donors' but I would expect these are the same ones that Sanders supporters are sick and tired of, as a function of their authoritarian approach to the process.

    Speaking very candidly, I have no interest in a candidate who only wants to 'continue the work of his administration' and who has questionable judgment on a whole range of issues. If the President was so interested in his successor, he would have put a succession plan in place long before now.

    Bernie Sanders speaks to a plethora of solutions which are sorely needed in our country and that's why his message has resonated with so many voters in the face of overwhelming party machinations and limited media coverage. He deserves the opportunity to have his voice heard throughout the primary process--in all 50 states--right up to the convention. Then and only then should the party coalesce around one candidate. Ending the Sanders campaign now is effectively suppressing the voice of the Sanders movement to the benefit of a selected few and is direct opposition to his message.

  293. Plethora of solutions? What? You can say a lot of things about Sen. Sanders but not that he has a Plethora of Solutions. He has one. Tax Wall Street. He says it again and again and again. One every issue , that's his solution.

    There is no nuance. No alternative. No plan B. No sides. Just a slab of tax the 1% and hope for a political revolution that will permit it to happen. (Never mind people don't turn out for mid-terms so very unlikely.)

    I am not going to pressure Sanders to quit but the idea that he hasn't gotten his message out there is ridiculous. He says the same thing over and over and over, and if he continues on the trail, he say it again. If Sanders supporters really wanted to get his message out there, they would stop urging him to repeat it, and start exploratory committee's for their state congressional runs, their house rep runs etc. so that the Republicans won't be in power.

  294. Saying you "have no interest" in Clinton winning in November means you don't care if the Republicans win. And what does that say about your judgment? Perhaps that you put your personal sense of moral indignation above the needs of millions of Americans who will suffer should Trump or Cruz prevail.

  295. Sounds like a false choice. If she continues to adopt more of his policy ideas and generates wider support, I'd certainly support her over one of the Republicans. Another 4 years of Obama is not a great option. It's not entirely his fault, but the ongoing stalemate between the White House and Congress doesn't do us much good. Unless you're in the 1%. Of course if you are, lucky for you!

  296. Um...Nope. Not going to surrender to the establishment, again. Not going to happen, thanks. Bern, baby, Bern!

  297. Just when you think Obama could not be more disappointing....he disappoints again.

  298. I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton no matter what President Obama. You picked the wrong horse Bernie or I vote straight-ticket Republican for the next 10 years just to get rid of every entrenched Democrat that's in office right now that's how mad I am.

  299. Good thing at this stage of the campaign in 2008...a sitting Democratic president wasn't pooh poohing a young upstart senator...

  300. The time for Sanders supporters to come together for party unity and back Hillary Clinton is after the Democratic convention nominates her as its candidate for President. To have Sanders withdraw from the primary contests would be to cede territory to the Trump campaign by showing those unhappy with the establishment that only Trump represents their views.

  301. Sanders conceding that he lost (recognizing reality) is not ceding ground to Trump. The unifying message that won in 2008 and 2012 is that everyone wants change which means none of us are happy with the way things are. That the profound left thinks the rest of us on the left do not is the silliest part of the Sanders campaign.
    But Sanders and sanders folks will search and search for reasons to believe everyone is being unfair or that we just do not understand.

  302. Oh heavens, we do still need Sanders. I can still vote either way, but this Senator is a clarion voice for principled policies that will benefit US citizens. I am amazed. Sanders fights for what is just.

  303. No. We do NOT want status quo Hillary with her support of the military industrial complex and Wall Street.

  304. The RNC send all Sanders supporters their thanks. You are doing gods work attacking the wicked witch of the west Clinton. Register your email address at the RNC site and we'll send you your free NO Clinton sticker.

  305. I think you're trying to make a joke but your statement is dead serious.

  306. Here then, a Republican who claims to know god (don't they all), demonising their opponents. So old testament.

  307. So, President Obama addressed these big donor$ last Friday, after Bernie Sanders had defeated Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, and before this weeks primaries?

    The Democrats, from Wasserman Schultz to the Clintons to Obama are as deeply entrenched to the 1% as the Republicans. Just look at their actions, from Wasserman Schultz fighting against reform of lenders to Bill Clinton repealing Glass Steagall to Obama not having his DOJ go after any of the bankers involved in the financial meltdown of 2008 with criminal prosecutions.

    I believe if Elizabeth Warren had run this time, she would be defeating Hillary Clinton. But, I also believe that Bernie Sanders has run an amazing campaign against the odds and the powers that be, including the media (look at the lack of coverage of the Sanders' campaign from the NYTimes).

    After I submit this comment, I'm going to Bernie Sanders' website to donate to his campaign. It may not be as much money as the people who gave to Obama and Hillary on Friday, but at least Bernie is representing me and not the billionaires.

  308. The sooner Sanders withdraws from this race, the sooner Drumpf can begin his barrage against Billary.

    That's not something any of us should look forward to.

    This general election campaign is likely to make Lincoln-McClellen look polite.

    The Clintons should hope that Bernie stays in this race until the bitter end...

  309. Help me out here. Has Bernie, the independent loner, ever been to a Democratic Party convention in his whole life? I'm really curious.

  310. Although Clinton will get the nomination, it is completely short-sighted to have Sanders drop out at this point. Without Sanders "in the race", visibility for the Democrats will plunge and allow Trump a free stage to say whatever he wants without any real push back. (Consider how Trump has gotten to this point) Ask the Sanders' camp to play within certain rules if you want, but to cede the stage almost entirely would be a huge mistake.

  311. It's also key to remember that Sanders' support is a protest about the current situation. Although probably not as "knee-jerk" as the Republican side, the idea that the "elders" pushed him out will not play well. Many of those whom Bernie has drawn into the Democratic camp may stay home on election day if they hamfist this.

  312. Obama is in an elitist bubble and, thus, doesn't understand the value of the Sanders' campaign. It is a safety valve, which allows anger and frustration among democratic voters to be released and/or channeled productively.

    Without this release, there might be a mutiny of democratic voters.

  313. Very smart point. Bravo!

  314. The hatred of Sanders supporters for President Obama bubbles to the surface. The RNC thanks you for your support. We knew you'd see the light.

  315. You keep calling Sanders supporters Republicans in disguise, but you realize you will need them in November if Clinton is the nominee, right? Keep it up and maybe they'll take your word for it and vote for Trump.

  316. Please look at the polls. Sanders does better than Clinton against Trump, Cruz, and Kasich.

  317. No a surprise here. Ms. Clinton is on record to continue her husband's, Mr. Bush's and Mr. Obama's policies. That is "the status quo". Great for the 1%, Wall Street, the Pentagon, etc. ; lousy fro everyone else.

    But, Mr. Obama is now taking sides in the developing campaign. Mr. Sanders has a tough road to haul. However, if something happens that further discredits Ms. Clinton, Mr. Sanders is going to be the nominee. That, unless the Democrats also have a brokered, free for all convention.

    In the end, Mr. Obama should have waited, until all the primaries were over. But, no one should be surprised.

    As fro "getting behind Ms. Clinton"; I respectfully decline.

  318. Get used to "President Trump." You will have helped him get elected.

  319. I keep reading that Trump needs to win 57% of the remaining delegates to reach the number required for nomination. Sanders needs to win 57.6% of the remaining pledgeable delegates to end up with the majority of pledged delegates. And yet Trump is considered inevitable and Sanders is supposed to give up and go home? I don't think so! Furthermore, Clinton could end up indicted and/or incriminating Goldman Sachs speeches of hers could be leaked. Anything can happen, and Sanders and his supporters should keep right on fighting!

  320. Agree with the President, and while I'm a Hillary supporter, I believe she must include Senator Sanders in any future potential cabinet. Lord knows he rightly deserves it.

  321. Dear President Obama, I really wish you had kept your counsel and kept your nose out of this race. The Democratic Party will lose me if Bernie loses the Primary. I will declare as an Independent and move to a third Party quite possibly the Green Party and I will not be back until there is a serious house cleaning and we rid the Party of the Blue Dogs and Center Right politicians who do not represent the currently disenfranchised - the so called 90-99% of the population.

  322. So you would hand the country over to a tyrant?You would take away from women their right of bodily integrity and undo the voting rights act completely. That's your idea of helping the disenfranchised?

  323. As a lifetime Dem I already left & registered Independent and I'm not alone. They lost me due to their incompetence in 2010 & 2014 & doubt I'll ever go back unless they clean house & DWS is fired. Period.

  324. It's a harsh reality for many dedicated supporters of a brave campaign launched by Senator Sanders and the realism expressed by President Obama last Friday makes it obvious that not only does Hillary Clinton have the best chance of defeating Donald Trump but that our nation is literally at stake in the outcome.

    President Obama is also gearing up to campaign mode to fight for Clinton like no other outgoing president in many decades.

    He knows what the stakes are for our country.

  325. I mean what's at stake? What is his legacy besides the Affordable Care Act and utterly ignoring those who put you in office when you otherwise would NOT have gotten elected and reelected for that matter. And yes, I am an Obama fan and an African American woman who supports Bernie!!

  326. I love how "Front page of the New York Times" is being characterized as "quietly" and "privately" in the headlines. If that's quiet and private, what qualifies as loud and public?

  327. @Dave

    It's the socially polite way of saying
    "Bernie you have to go"

  328. If this is true and Obama has basically endorsed Clinton, then he should man up and do it publicly. But also, if it is true, then there is good reason there is so much unrest in the voting public and a dislike of the "insider" politics going on--that Obama has now become this much of an insider after he was in Sanders' same position in '08 does not speak well for him. To undercut Sanders like this at this point is utterly shameful.

    And if this report is untrue, then he needs to clear it up.

    I wrote the White House to let him know how disappointed in him I now feel--I urge others to do the same:


  329. Don't be disappointed. Hillary's the fighter the Democrtats need.
    Obama recognizes that Sanders can't catch up.
    She's been able to assemble a broad coalition of African American, Hispanic and older voters. It's time to look at the general and retain the White House.

  330. Brian, I just sent a letter to Mr. Obama.

  331. Allow me to be absolutely clear: I will not for Hillary Clinton as a Democrat. If she becomes the DNC's nomination, I will switch parties and vote for Trump, Cruz, Kasich, or whoever else.

    She is not what this country is supposed to be about. Anyone who has and anyone who will vote for her is essentially trying to hand the presidency to right-wing monsters. Sadly, Hillary is worse. Lying, outright or by omission, is not what I want in a candidate. No more wars. No more Wall Street money entangling our politicians. No more legalized corruption. No more monopolies. No more taxes subsidized for the corporations and paid for by the middle and lower class.


  332. So you (and those who express similar opinions) would opt for a facist racist dictatorship rather than a Democrat who has been vetted every which way, and is still standing, since 1990? Did you join a cult when you started supporting Bernie? This is our country - a one-shot deal every 4 years to do it right.

  333. In Reply to John:
    following was my comment to the craziness and hate of the Sanders followers with the result that out of over 1,800 comments a scant 2 people agreed with me. It is obvious that the Sanders bullies have high-jacked the NY Times blog.
    Horst Vollmann
    Myrtle Beach, SC 5 hours ago
    The Bernie Sanders supporters are now pursuing a scorched earth policy, leaving nothing standing in the wake of their anger. Even Barack Obama is being assailed and maligned and exposed to ad hominem attacks. I am turning away with dismay and disgust. Mr. Sanders could put an end to this incivility by reminding his followers that this is not how he wants to win this contest.

    To read some of these NY times blogs feels like being bombarded by foul eggs. I can’t believe how low some people are willing to stoop.

  334. Obama ran as a progresive but he did not serve as a progressive domestically. He called in the big gun Wall Street CEO's financially. Hillary would do the same thing.

    "Did you know that if a given political party already has an incumbent in a particular political post, it’s standard practice in the United States for a political party to prohibit its voter-list to be purchased by anyone who’s not an incumbent office-holder in that party — including by someone who wishes to challenge or contest within that party the incumbent, in a primary election?

    "Only incumbents have access to that crucial list — crucial for any candidate in a primary election (unless there is no incumbent who is of that party).

    Bernie Sanders cannot get the lists.

    A Little-Known Way Our Political System Is Rigged to Favor the Establishment | Alternet

  335. As someone who remembers those protesting the democratic convention in 1968 laying the groundwork for Nixon's victory that fall and Ralph Nader's dismissal of Gore as too establishment laying the groundwork for the election of Bush, I sincerely hope Sanders and his followers will listen to Obama.

  336. I remember when your generation bragged about Woodstock and changing the world. Now you're blaming people who were protesting being shipped off to die in Vietnam for the rise of Richard Nixon?

  337. "Followers". Unlike Clintons "supporters".

  338. The Nader comparison is not apt here. Nader got 2.75% of the vote from pretty much exclusively blue states. His followers wanted to get funding for their party, not to get Nader elected. Plus, he was the GREEN PARTY candidate. If Sanders doesn't win the nomination, he won't be able to run.

    This is just another piece of misinformation that the Clinton campaign has been spreading around.

  339. Obama may not think authenticity is necessarily so important, but the fact is, with that perceived authenticty, George W. Bush won. Twice.

  340. Mr. Sanders offers perceived authenticity, plus a huge dose of hope for many. Whatever the eventual outcome, he has made a contribution to the Democrats by making the nomination process contested and thus legitimate so far.

  341. If Obama has won -- twice -- it means Americans are liberals at heart, and that they support him 100%, and he can do no wrong.

    If Bush wins -- ALSO twice -- it means the voting machines were hacked, and voters were suppressed, and the results cannot be legitimate.

    Conclusion: lefty liberals are hypocrites.