‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 10: Rick Finds Love, Jesus

Things calmed down in a rebuilding Alexandria but heated up in other ways.

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  1. Nice episode. I usually get a little antsy when they slow things down, but it worked well this week. I liked the humor in the encounter between Rick, Daryl, and Jesus. Of course, the highlight was the encounter between Rick and Michonne. What the heck took so long?

  2. Rick and Michonne seemed to be together since the beginning of the episode with her coming out of the shower in the robe. It feels more like a business decision to me for Rick. He owes Michonnne and knows she's 100% dependable.
    I don't understand why they didn't take the car back with then after they found the truck. The walker at the gate seems to be some type of early warning system. The new character Jesus is like Houdini and seems destined to have an "Enter the Dragon" moment with Morgan. Carl is too good and Enid is obviously a problem

  3. They weren't together. According to the actress, Michonne was living downstairs in her own place.

  4. It was more like Bill and Ted's excellent adventure! Losing the food would have been taking seriously in any other episode. Okay we needed a bit of a break, but comedy is so much better on the X Files. At least the hook-up was good. I just hope Rick actually cares.

  5. What Rick should have played: "Lighten up while you still can. Don't even try to understand..."

  6. Well, that's two reasonably good episodes they've managed to pull off. I'm not holding my breath, but let's see if they can make it to a third, effectively suggesting someone is finally enforcing some quality control in the Writers' room. To that end, one thing they can do: either take meaningful steps to develop Enid's character, or drop her. Each time she appears, the character hits the same tiresome notes of snark, pout and whine. But to what end? Fine for introductions - I'd expect it from a teenage girl living in a post apocalypse world, or for that matter, living in the regular world - but this has been going on for two seasons now. Something has to happen that causes Enid to engage the world with some new understanding of her role in it. Contrast Enid with the teenage daughter on Fear the Walking Dead - a vastly more dynamic character.

  7. She didn't want to hang out in the woods anymore and she wanted to join in to save people rather than stay behind in the church in the last episode. Maybe this is the beginning of an evolution.

  8. Two good episodes - really?

  9. Enid is younger than the teenagers on FTWD, saw her parents eaten by walkers, & she's been living in the crux of the zombie apocalypse for several years, something the characters on the second show are just beginning to face. She may be whiny at times, but remember, Carl went through that phase too. They're also tough as nails. These kids are only middle school age, even though they don't get a real childhood anymore.

  10. The Rick-Michonne intimate moment was a pleasant surprise, the highlight of the episode for me. It's nice to see the soft, playful, sensual, human side of both characters. It's been a long time coming. Rick, Carl, Judith and Michonne have always seemed like a family unit with a deep bond in the last few seasons so this is a welcome development. I just hope Michonne will have a better future than Rick's two previous love interests in the show who both died brutally.

    I sincerely hope the last few episodes of this season will be much better than some of the puzzling, head-scratching episodes last year. I haven't forgotten the producers' cheap stunt on Glenn's non-death, the stilted dialogue and hard-to-watch scenes in some episodes this season that I attribute to poor and lazy writing. it made me regret the many hours I've wasted watching and re-watching all TWD episodes. The producers have a few more episodes to redeem themselves and salvage this very uneven season.

  11. Whether it's Mad Men, Downton Abbey or The Walking Dead, if these show runners/networks don't start a show with a specific end and end date in mind, they all start dragging out the story or going off on crazy tangents to keep the money flowing.
    Breaking Bad was the only one of these 21st century serial TV shows that came close to knowing when to bring it to an end - for the sake of the story. These serial shows are like novels and need a beginning, middle and end to be really successful in their execution.

  12. Notice the homage to Mrs. Niedermeyer? There was a pasta maker in the back of the truck!

  13. Was there ever a Mr. Niedermeyer? He must be relieved. No need to boil up those awful soba noodles.

  14. Please do not print images with guns pointing at the viewer. You are merely adding to the dulling of our collective senses to the scourge of gun violence.

  15. What are you talking about, sir?

  16. I can't imagine why your comment got approved unless it was for shock value, as in shockingly stupid.

  17. Seriously?

  18. I had trouble enjoying 610; too many things that strain credulity: 1. Why go on a run with only two people?, 2. Both the barn, AND the truck are not locked, yet the truck is STILL pantry-stocked?, 3. Why not drive immediately back to Alexandria?, 4. After not killing Jesus numerous times, why not lock him in the stockade? not to mention scarely a half dozen walkers left after millions shown...? Moderate disappointment and kind of wish I hadn’t stayed up for it.

  19. Lol at scarecrow for Eugene's future soughum patch. And am so pleased about inclusion of the Old 97s snippet--the Hitchhike to Rhome album is so worth having, nary a dud on the whole thing.

  20. How the heck did Jesus untie himself and get on top of the truck in the few minutes it took Rick and Daryl to turn the ignition key? Seems he is living up to his name. More miracles ahead?

  21. He's got to be magic. Have we moved into magical realism? Really, how else could he do all he's done?

  22. Seems to be some kind of special ops whiz-kid.

  23. If you watch again, you realize they don't drive off immediately. If he's really good at being a Houdini, then he bunched his muscles when they tied him giving him slack and was out in a flash, maybe even before they shut the doors. Then just clung to the back doors while standing on the bumper. Gradually and quietly, under the noise of the truck, made it to the top. He was kicking both Daryl and Rick's butts, so I'm assuming he's a pretty strong guy. Then add a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief.

  24. The Walking Dead is coming completely off the rails. It’s like they don't even bother considering the story anymore. Like dominoes falling, senseless storylines and unlikely events pile up one after another. Someone please tell me how a kid's father literally runs him back to an undersupplied make shift field hospital after gets shot in the eye socket by a hand canon, AND LIVES???

    And why would Rick and Daryl leave the black Chrysler 300 behind to go back up and pick up later when there were two of them? Wouldn't it have made more sense for one guy to drive the truck while the other guy followed behind (or led the way) in the 300?

    TWD has probably 2 more weeks TOPS, to get it together or I AM OUT.


  25. There have been a lot of absurdities of late. The biggest one for me prior to your comment wa that after Jesus flew off the roof, why was it necessary to chase after him, and then why only one of them did the chasing?

    But now that I've reconsidered, your "leave the car" absurdity does indeed seem more preposterous. If the came back later, would they have brought more peole so that each vehicle had someone riding shotgun?

  26. If that bothers you, not sure how you've lasted 6 seasons. You have to suspend certain physical and rational logic to enjoy this completely imagined universe.

    PS - the bullet only nicks/grazes his eye, the bullet isn't lodged in his skull. This detail isn't quite revealed in the tv show, but it's very clear in the comics.

  27. That's loyalty for ya. You'll be sorely missed,Ferd

  28. Oh dear. I haven't yet watched this episode. Has Carl's hat made a return? I hate the hat.

  29. In a word, yes.

  30. This was the Real Valentine's Day episode: Richonne, the Butch + Sundance bromance, Enid as Good Girl Sandy putting her foot down on Carl Zuko in Zombie Grease. I thought it was right up there with "Clear" which, if we recall, is really when the Grimes boys decided that Michonne was a keeper. And speaking of keepers, I'm noting a direct correlation between Daryl Dixon's screen time and how much I enjoy an episode. So Happy Real Valentine's Day, Norman Reedus.

  31. Richonne! Yessss.

  32. Unfortunately for Michonne and TWD viewers, I think this spells the end for her character. I have not read the comics so this isn't a fact-based spoiler, but my senses were tingling after Carl told her, "I'd do the same for you" referring to his humanitarian effort of luring Zombie Deanna to her son for him to put her down. Hopefully I'm wrong but every season so far has seen a major character bite the dust. Rick seems to have found his moral compass again and that may lead to him losing it over, you guessed it, the lose someone close him.

  33. I'd rather see Rick die than Richonne.

  34. Even on TWD there are limits, and I hope one of them is that killing off a Rick love interest is limited to one a season, tops.

  35. Maybe the walker at the gate is there as a repellent to keep other walkers away from the entrance? Kind of like rubbing walker blood on yourself so they will ignore you when you walk past them.

  36. What a messy episode, poorly written, inconsistent character behaviour. Why did Rick and Daryl not drive both the truck and the car back home ? They can both drive right ? Rookie mistakes everywhere. Why would you not drive straight back home one u got the motherload but instead go around taking more detours. These guys are supposed to be seasoned survivors , why would they be acting so dumb ??

  37. This whole season is a mess, the only good parts are the ones straight from the comics...I gave up on over thinking and just watching brainless for the fun of it

  38. After reading a lot of the comments I agree that the story is really lacking but let's remember this is adapted from a comic book. The comic book is exciting and fast paced to read and enjoy. Stretching it out might be the problem. I'm still hooked and will hang on as long as I can.

  39. They don't exactly follow the comics. In fact, it's not even close.
    In the comics Daryl doesn't exist, Sophia doesn't die (season 2), Glenn was supposed to die in the previous episode, etc.

  40. Not starting a fight by any means, but regardless of how you feel about the story your comic facts are off (I think). Glen is killed by Negan, and does not die until after they meet Jesus. Aside from that, I'm glad they don't follow the comics. Shane was one of the best parts of the show, yet in the comics he dies almost the day after Rick joins the group. I have no problem with the story, I still find the show appealing with the knowledge that Negan is right around the corner.

  41. Quite a mediocre season.
    The whole thing seems so pointless now.

  42. So where did this season start? I know these series have gone in for splitting up seasons into two parts, but as far as I'm concerned, this is only episode 2 of the season!

  43. Just enjoy it , for Christ sakes. (Or Jesus sakes). I can see you all sitting there with your arms crossed and your big ol scowls. Relax. It's a zombie show

  44. Yes, zombie show which has built a world and characters we love to follow. So when they start acting stupid within the confines of their own virtual world for no rhyme or reason... It's annoying.

  45. I am not familiar with the TWD comics though I like the show. As a made for TV show or a film, there are artistic licenses taken when a story is adapted from a novel, or in this case, a comic book. Never expect things to be as you have read them.

    I wanted to make a few points. Rick and Michonne are not the only inter-cultured couple. Tyreese was also in a relationship. Remember, Carol killed his mate and another person by burning them while there was an outburst of some kind of flu at the prison. Rick's wife, Lori, died during childbirth. Carl had to cut Judith out of her and killed her before she turned into a Walker. Jessie and Rick did not have a relationship, only a kiss. She and Alexandria were reminders of the life Rick had and wanted. She did not die because of Rick, but because of her younger son, Sam, who lost his nerve to go on (due to father's abuse and Carol's previous mind manipulation) and who would have cost the life of the others. Imagine what would have happened if Sam had gone with Gabriel and Judith. Rick could not have controlled Jessie's reaction to a mother losing her son any more than he could her inability to move due to being in complete shock and losing her will to live. She killed herself.

    Michonne and Rick are a perfect match. They share great qualities and great will for life and family. Things a lot of us have lost in this crazy world we live in now.

    I enjoy the calm in episode 10 after the storm of episode 9. The Jesus intro was perfect.:)

  46. Very good season, and you will be back next time. You will.

  47. Episode by episode reviews of TV shows? The New York Times or the Huffington Post? Sadly, it's the NYT...

  48. Aw, c'mon!

    I'm a daily reader and a print subscriber for decades, and I think it's (1) a hoot and 2) a public service and (3) okay by me if it helps keep the NYT afloat!

  49. For those complaining, with some justification, of weak plotting that tests the limits of suspension of disbelief, I direct your attention over to "Downton Abbey"...

  50. Frankly I don't think Rick deserves Michonne, but she's probably the only one who can put up with his ish. Been waiting for this to happen for a few seasons. Good cliff-hanger, too - I'm definitely more excited about the next episode now than I was about this one before it aired.

  51. A few years ago, Lindeloff/Cuse said Evangeline Lilly's character in Lost ws the original lead hero, but TPTB decide to go with a male hero. Lilly's Kate would eventually take a back set to other characters on Lost. I found that a shame and thought "Jack" as about the most bland a hero one could ever be.

    I see no reason why Michonne can't take over from Rick as the lead hero, the main protagonist.

    Oh well, at least the millennials have Supergirl.

  52. 610 was the closest comic episode TWD has had,always enjoy the road trip episodes . 610 had a ray of hope in it, interaction between Darryl and Denise was hilarious, I think Norman Reedus should be awarded a Emmy,Darryl is the best character on television since Leonard Nimoy's Spock.
    Unfortunately TWD is ruined with Grimes Michonne tryst, not unlike X-files Maulder and Scully sex alters what was a really solid alliance.