New York Today: Bear Necessities

Thursday: Pandalternatives, cloudy weather, and a streetcar named possibility.

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  1. We'll miss your voice! But no doubt the column will be in good hands. Best of luck to you - I'll look for your byline on other stories.

  2. Thank you Karen! Much appreciated.

  3. Wishing you well on the science beat, Tatiana!!! The loyal readership should have seen the interest in issues like climate and science from this column's cleverly done features like the "Winter Cpat Watch," which I hope the Times has trademarked before someone steals it!

    Also - regarding "Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said officers would wake up dozing subway riders to help prevent crime."
    OMG, totally by coincidence, I'd done a parody of "Don't Sleep in the Subway" yesterday early morning. I swear I didn't know this report from Commissioner Bratton was coming! (Anyone recall the routine of great comedienne Carol Leifer where she said that "not sleeping in the subway" is such great advice, they should add similarly sage advice like "Don't wash your face with Clorox, don't shave with a Ginsu knife.")

  4. Freddie! Thank you for all of your songs and your very close and attentive readership. The mornings would not have been the same without you. (And as a huge Sound of Music fan, I love my own personal Freddie song!)

  5. I think zoos as an institution are bad. I don't believe we should be removing animals from their native habitat and put them in a box so people can stare at them.
    I think we need more black bears in NYC parks. It would help cut down on graffiti by attacking the artists, and also help with garbage left by rude and selfish people.
    I think is Ms. Maloney has nothing better to talk about she should resign. There are more important issues at hand.

  6. Noah's gone and now you? Whassssup? Early birds in the Lone Star State who truly do wake up to you to see what the day may hold - will really miss your reportage - concise, humorous and succinct - I for will miss your "voice". Vaya con Dios!

  7. Thank you so much for writing in, and I am so happy to hear that the column is enjoyed in Texas! I will miss the column, but I hope you keep reading.

  8. Tatiana,
    I wish you great success in your next assignment - not that you need my luck!!!


  9. I never say no to luck! Thank you so much, Anita. Much appreciated!

  10. “So Long, Be Well” - to tune of “So Long Farewell” – thanks to my pal Matthew Donoghue for suggesting this parody lyric title today

    There’s a warm round of welcomes from us out on the net
    For the folks in the brand new crew
    But still at this moment, there is sadness, you bet
    We’re stopping just to say “Boo hoo.” (Boo-hoo, Boo-hoo, boo-hoo)
    With sadness, we are saying
    And tearfully conveying
    A warm “goodbye” – to you

    So long, be well
    We give the thanks that’s due
    (We’ll still be reading you and you and you)

    So long, be well
    Tatiana, Noah, Ben
    (It feels like you’ve been guides from way back when)

    Be well, be well, be well!

  11. Thanks for all of the early morning smiles - a job well done.

  12. Thank you Tom! Glad I could help brighten the day.

  13. Sorry to see you go. You did a great job, Tatiana. Good luck on your new venture

  14. I'm sorry to see me go too, but thank you so much for the kind words!

  15. Oh, no! Will miss your distinctive "voice" in the morning column - I can always tell your style immediately!

    Wishing you the best in the future & thanks for so many great columns to wake up to!

  16. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the column and my voice, which is much more nasal in person.

  17. $50 million for pandas. $25 million for a new barn in Central Park for carriage horses. Leave things as they are and give that money to the public schools.

  18. Thanks for giving the NYT's a more local feel and making this a part of my morning read. All the best to you

  19. So glad to have become part of your morning routine, and thank you for the good wishes!

  20. Love you, Tatiana! Next stop -- Science -- will be enlivening too, because that's the way you see the world. And we, your fans, will be right there with you...Best wishes!

  21. You're so nice! I hope I can continue to entertain and enliven. See you in the Science section!

  22. Oh no! You're leaving?! Hope your byline turns up soon somewhere else. You have a unique voice that I've enjoyed reading these past months. Best of luck.

  23. Thank you Megan! I'm moving to the Science section, so you'll still see me around. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the column.

  24. The NYT made a good decision hiring Tatiana and her cohorts. With all the articles which are usually 'bad news', especially politics, New York Today is refreshing. Although I usually don't read about Science, I will search out T's column and learn something. Best of luck to all three.

  25. Thank you Margaret! What a nice note. I hope to see you in the Science section, and thank you again for the good wishes.

  26. Thanks for making my mornings brighter Tatiana.

  27. It was my absolute pleasure.

  28. Sorry to see you of luck. Before you go can you see if you can arrange to have a hippo brought to one if the New York zoos? A real-life Gloria (from Madagascar).

  29. No promises, but I'll see what I can do!

  30. Thank you Tatiana! It was a pleasure waking up to you every morning. I hope the sport team puns will continue. Best of luck on your next assignment!!

  31. Sports puns forever and always! It was my absolute pleasure to write the column and help you start your day!

  32. So sad you and Noah are leaving New York Today. I have enjoyed your witty, charming voices. I live in Atlanta, but feel like every day I'm experiencing a sliver of the eccentric, vibrant, beautiful New York I admire and love to visit.

  33. Judy! What a nice note. I'm so glad we could help make New York come alive for you. We will miss you and all of our engaged and loyal readers!

  34. Nooooo! How will we begin our days without you? In a world of such uncertainty and despair, you were reason to wake. It is a sad day for times readers.

  35. Don't despair! The new columnists will do an excellent job, but I'm so happy I gave you a good reason to start your day. Thank you so much for reading!

  36. Thank you Tatiana! Reading New York Today is one of my favorite ways to start each day. I appreciate the fresh perspective you and your colleagues bring to living in this city and the stories you tell of things happening all around us that we normally don't see as we rush around. This is a great column! Most days it brings a smile! Good luck in your new assignment!

  37. Thank you so much -- what a nice note. I'm so glad we could help you see more of New York, and in a different way. It's been an absolute pleasure to write the column.

  38. "Almost a year"???? What a short time for you to become such an important part of my morning! I will certainly miss you, and wish you well on your new venture. NY Today is a great feature, and though I'm sure the new crew will do a great job, you've set the bar very high. Many thanks, and goodbye.

    By the way, I seem to have missed a reference. What's the "Science" assignment?

  39. Thank you so much for such a kind note! Writing the column has been such a pleasure, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed it. I'm moving to the Science desk to cover climate change, which is very exciting.

  40. I hope your next assignment is as fun as this one. Kudos!

  41. Impossible!

  42. Good luck, we'll miss ya'...

  43. Thanks so much! I'll miss you all too.

  44. So sad to hear you're leaving too!! When I read Noah was leaving I was sad but thought "At least Tatiana is still there!" Bummer...

    Good luck in your new assignment to you and the rest of the team, you definitely got yourselves a lot of fans here!

  45. Thank you Rose! I'm so sad to be leaving such a fun and engaged group of readers, but excited for a new challenge!

  46. I will miss your pithy style and upbeat light shining into the day. Where is your byline headed??

  47. Thank you so much! I'm taking my pithy style and upbeat light to the Times's Science section! See you there!

  48. Good luck, Ms. Schlossberg. Let's hope you also develop your evident interest in historic preservation. Remembering the past, that is, having tangible reminders of what has come before, is what keeps us civilized and gentle -- and thoughtful.

  49. Thank you so much. As a history fan and devotee, I hope I can keep the interest alive. I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

  50. I love NY Today. Its fresh, easy to read, and fun. Thank you for your great work and for keeping us relocated New Yorkers up to speed.

  51. I'm so glad you love New York Today, and even happier to hear that you love it from all the way in South Carolina!

  52. Oh my goodness this is entirely too much change for one week! Always enjoyed your early morning insight and perspective. Best of luck and good wishes on your next assignment!

  53. I agree, Neil. Too much change for one week. We already have to deal with the vicissitudes of weather. Who else will tell us which coat to wear?

  54. Change is good! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the column and I hope you keep reading. Thank you so much for the good wishes.

  55. Winter coat watch will live on! Don't worry -- your fashion choices are in good hands.

  56. Bye Tatiana. Look forward to reading your pieces in Science, my favorite subject. Enjoyed your voice every morning.

    Zoos! Get rid of them in their present form--sanctuaries for endangered species; rehab facilities/hospitals for injured animals. Animals are not for entertainment.

  57. I'm so glad to hear that, and even happier to hear you'll be coming to Science with me.

  58. I enjoy your column every morning - especially the "Coming Up Today" section. Excellent highlights! Good luck to you, Tatiana!

  59. I'm so glad to hear that, and even happier to hear you've enjoyed the column! Thanks so much!

  60. Dear Tatiana:
    Thank you for your hard work. This column has become part of my daily reading, and you and your partners have done a fine job. Best of luck with your new assignment.

  61. Agreed. I hope the Rangers will still 'tame' the Wild in the future.

  62. Thank you so much! I'm so glad we've become part of your daily routine, and thank you again for the good wishes.

  63. Tatiana,

    Always enjoy your "Voice" and take on the days news! Best of everything to you in your new gig! Will look forward to your take on Science if that is where you are headed! The Times is lucky to have you and so are all of us readers! Have enjoyed your column and always get a smile when I see you have written it! All the best to you 3 and am looking forward to reading the new "Voices" of the morning!

  64. cmaguire, I agree. However, I was upset when the last duo, Andy Newman and Annie Correal (I believe) left, and was thus pleasantly surprised by what Tatiana and Noah and sometimes Ben brought to the column. They continued some of what the Correal/Newman duo created, but added such sweet motifs that some of us just rushed to get our next fix of smiles. It's been a nice trip, you all, and I wish you well. I realize that the column is a stepping stone only, yet for some of us you've been a cheerful opening to even the gloomiest of days and a kind of personal and friendly connection to what passes for royalty in NYC.

  65. Same here!! So sad when Andy left but happy to have discovered Tatiana. Wish them all the best!

  66. What a lovely note! Thank you so much. I'm so glad you've enjoyed New York Today, and I hope to keep you informed and entertained from the Science desk.

  67. Pandas in NYC? Seriously? Is this an election year for Rep. Maloney? Looks like she has a large Asian constituency whom she’s trying to win.

  68. She's got a Panda Fashion line coming out very soon. Pandas and dockeys' pants, Pandas and Elephants sweat suits!

  69. This makes me anxious. Your replacements better know how to ease me into the day's news. Will miss your style and humor and attention to Gothamist and dna info.

  70. Take a deep breath, because the column is in good hands! I'm so glad you've enjoyed my take on the news and the sources I include! They are excellent.

  71. Don't laugh, but all the bear talk has me thinking of Winnie the Pooh (the original, stuffed version that inspired the books). He used to sit in the New York Public Library branch across from MoMA but I think that he's long gone.

    And all the best Tatiana. The weather just won't be as much fun without you!

  72. Winnie the Pooh and friends are still at the NY Public Library on display in the Children's Room in the central building on 5th Ave. Do go and see them!

  73. Don't worry -- my successors know just how much fun the weather can be!

  74. "But the cost of leasing pandas from China, feeding them and building a suitable habitat would run to the tens of millions of dollars...".
    I love the idea of the cricket frog.
    Less is more.

  75. .Wow, Tatiana, you will surely be of luck in your new assignment to my absolute favorite science section. Thanks for bringing morning smiles to us.

  76. It's been an absolute pleasure to write the column, and I'm so happy to hear you'll be coming to Science with me!

  77. Tatiana, I wish you the best in your new assignment. You have brought many smiles to my mornings, thanks you!

  78. I'm so happy to hear that, and thanks for the good wishes!

  79. Tatiana! First Noah, now you. Thank you for getting me out of bed every day for nearly a year. Thank you for telling me what I need to know, wear and see in the city. I've grown dependent, but now must let go for the new guard, and hope they can live up to what you and Noah have done.

    Best wishes and godspeed!

  80. I'm so glad we've been able to help you get your day started and how to get the most out of New York. It's been an absolute pleasure to serve you!

  81. Bye, Tatiana. Breakfast won't be the same without you!

  82. I'm so glad I've become part of your breakfast routine! I'll miss our early mornings, too.

  83. Instead of a panda, how about pizza rat?

  84. JD-
    This is the funniest, the best idea.
    NYC wouldn't have to lease it, feed it or build it a suitable habitat.
    And more, it would work for its keep by cleaning up the city.
    Or as an actor as that other on the Broadway stage,

  85. Tatiana:

    The very best to you. Tnx for your responses to my queries.

    -- Arnold Jay Smith, Prof. Jazz History New Jersey City University

  86. Thank you so much Arnold! It's always so fun to interact with readers.

  87. One of saddest things I've ever seen was the polar bear in the Bronx Zoo swimming in circles. Stressed out by being in captivity. Let's do what is good for the animals and not the tourists that want animal entertainment.

  88. I've read that, in nature, polar bears have a habitat of 600 square miles. What a burden it must be to be confined to a display in Central Park.

  89. I believe that the thing to remember as far as zoo acquisitions go is that it's better not to remove ANY animal from the wild for an exhibition in a zoo unless it's for the animal's own protection: i.e., the animal is injured, the animal is orphaned, the animal's habitat is lost or in danger, etc. I say let New York City become the first city to enact such a policy, and that includes piglets, lambs, and goat kids!!!

  90. Yes pandas are adorable, but not adorable enough to spend "tens of millions of dollars" to acquire, house and feed one or two. What would be really cute is if our city's politicians focusing on our city issues homeless, affordable housing and the significant increase in the number of rats I am seeing every day in the subways, rather than wasting our time and money on these personal vanity projects.

  91. Thanks for all the smiles...hopefully now you won't have to get up so early.

  92. Yes, I am very excited to sleep, but I'll miss making you all smile! It's been a pleasure.

  93. Here's bidding you a fond Adieu, Ms. Schlossberg. And best of Luck to you in your new ventures. It has been great fun! --

  94. Thank you so much! It's been really fun, and a true pleasure. I'm glad you've enjoyed it too.

  95. Tatiana,

    Thanks for your personal responses, and wishing you the best!

  96. Of course! Thank you for the good wishes.

  97. The idea of zoos should be abandoned. Wild animals don't deserve to spend their lives in a cage for the amusement of humans. We are not so omnipotent we can decide the lives of captured animals that have no business being behind bars.

  98. I love the content, tone and wit (especially the wit during these very difficult times) of your writing, Tatiana. I look forward to reading more of your work soon. Thank you and absolute best wishes to you.

  99. Jane -- thank you so much for your lovely note. I'm so glad to have been able to bring some wit and joy to your day. It's been a pleasure.

  100. Tatiana--
    You have done a wonderful job of cheering us up every weekday morning. Thank you very, very much for all that you have done.

    And good luck on your new assignments. We look forward to reading your work.

  101. Billy! Thank you for your dedicated readership, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed the column. It's been a pleasure.

  102. You will be missed, Tatiana! I look forward to New York Today every weekday morning. Thank you for cheerfully ushering us into each day!

  103. It was an absolute pleasure. I will miss you all too!

  104. Thanks Tatiana, and congratulations on the new assignment! I must admit that when you took over this section, I thought to myself, "How is anyone going to be as funny as Andy?!" (Andy Newman is a friend of mine, and he's just as funny in person as he is in print.) But girl, YOU DID IT! Thanks for helping us wake up with a laugh, and for your helpful and informative pieces. Cheers!

  105. This may be the highest compliment I have ever received. I'm so glad I could make you laugh, and thank you for giving me a chance!

  106. My first thought when I went to my usual starting point-New York Today- was to check the byline after yesterday's departure. Phew! Tatiana is still here!!!
    I'm happily reading along then Not Phew!!! Those that follow you have big and funny and informative shoes to fill. Good Luck to you and know that we have appreciated you and will miss you.

  107. Sorry for lulling you into a false sense of security, but the new columnists are great! Thank you so much for reading and for being part of such a generous and engaged community of readers! So much appreciated.

  108. New York City is now home to breeding populations of both subspecies of the endangered red panda. Judging by the number of cameras and kids atop shoulders in the vicinity of their habitats, the red panda is already delighting the public and maybe this species should be christened NYC's "panda". I'd suggest Rep. Maloney seek another vanity project and leave the stewardship of endangered species to the Wildlife Conservation Society and Staten Island Zoo.

  109. I'm actually puzzled as to why the WCS was resistant to have pandas. They would certainly vastly increase attendance and membership at the Bronx Zoo. Based upon the mailings I receive, they certainly seem desperate for members and based upon the non-member prices they charge at the zoo (which when I was a child, was free at least two days a week), they also seem desperate for cash.

    And while I understand why some wouldn't want to use either City or WCS funds for the pandas, I wonder why we're so accepting of the City/State supporting the building of new baseball stadiums and the like, but not of bringing pandas to New York.

    Personally, I think this would be fantastic as long as a very, very large suitable habitat could be built. According to the 2012 census estimates, there are over 486,000 people of Chinese descent living in NYC - far more than any other city (although San Francisco has a higher percentage of Chinese people in the population). Seems to me that NYC would be a very suitable place for pandas.

  110. wild animals should not be on display for our amusement....

  111. Good luck, Tatiana!! Thanks for your work on this great column!

  112. Thank you! And thank you for reading!

  113. Sure, priorities on spending taxpayers monet in this zero sum atmosphere. But should we close all zoos, all museums , defund all orcestras etc. Or should we only show ny artists in ny museums because the author wants to only exhibit species native to ny in a ny zoo? Part of what makes life bearable is the pleasure one gets from the exotic. Btavo Ms Maloney! Bring on the future Abyssinian Picasso, the lemur from Madagascar or the music from Peruvian musicians.

  114. I suggest exchanging two Kadashians for the two pandas.

  115. I am a jewelry maker and have been swamped for days now, gearing up for Valentine's Day. However I finally caught up last night and was back to reading this beloved column today. But the names were all wrong - or at least different. I had to flip through recent columns until I saw this one of 2/4 with news of your new assignment.

    When my husband and I moved back to NYC almost 3 years ago, we went to CP one beautiful weekend. A gorgeous day; we were walking our dog and the park was packed. All of a sudden, two people walking past us caught my eye. They were obviously on their way for a run around the reservoir. I leaned over to my husband and said "That's whisper whisper and must be her daughter!"

    Honestly, the memory is fuzzy now, so can't really say if it was you or your sister.
    But either way, when you started this column, I felt a personal connection and was rooting for you - even though the connection was very tenuous at best!

    You and your cohorts have done a great job with this column, making me laugh and teaching me interesting bits of history and trivia. I wish all of you the best in your new assignments!