Obama and Netanyahu Seek to Move Past Rift Over Iran Nuclear Deal

In their first encounter since their feud over the Iran nuclear deal, President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel spoke of their shared goals.

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  1. How can a state be sovereign and and be demilitarized. You have to understand that " demilitarized " implies the presence of Israeli troops and settlers especially in area C.

  2. there are sovereign sates that are not military, i.e.. Cost Rica.

  3. Costa Rica has no military by choice not imposed by a neighbor [ or should I say occupier ] .

  4. Here's a suggestion with regard to future US military aid to Israel: Cut $1 million in annual appropriations for each additional settler Israel puts in Palestinian territory between now and the time the agreement is renewed in 2017.

  5. I think that is a great idea--but think the price has to be much higher. We will be giving, what--$30 billion?
    ("Giving." What a joke.)

  6. knock yourself out. The fundraising done in the USA and overseas for Israel will make that up, 100 times over.

  7. You are a genius!

  8. I get it. I get no Social Security increase but Israel gets a massive increase in military aid despite the fact that Netanyahu has done everything in his power to thwart American efforts to make it less necessary by undermining Oslo and continuing expand settlements and preclude a just outcome. Hillary and all the other candidates agree: unqualified support for Israel is good politics. Protecting American interests: not so much!

  9. It is a waste of our tax dollars to continually bankroll this ungrateful "ally"

  10. What will Israel give up for the increase of $2 billion per year? If it is just a plain give away, then what is the purpose for such a giveaway?

    Netanyahu, after the public scolding and disrespecting our President, can then claim..."we can embarrass the US President as much as we want and then he'll give us more money for our transgressions".

    I hope we get something in return.

  11. We Will get disrespect and mockery which in turn will feed further demands On the US taxpayer.

  12. We'll get nothing in return from the junta of stolen lands

  13. It's depressing that the one thing that will forever go unquestioned in Washington is the $3B we give Israel every year in order to buy weapons from us. The relationship may strain, but those 3B will go untouched. We may slash the military, social security, infrastructure, whatever - what will never, ever be questioned is the $3B that we give every year to a developed, prosperous country to buy weapons from us. An annual giveaway to Israel and to domestic weapons manufacturers. And it shall never, ever be questioned. It's depressing.

  14. It will never change until the American taxpayers stand up to Congress.

  15. Tell me what we get for the $600 billion that goes to Europe each year.

  16. There is a saying that words spoken once can never be retracted. Mr. Netenyahu's homilies to Obama sound hollow because of the acrid words he spoke about him. He is here to squeeze more money out of the US and he will say all the right things and meets all the right people to achieve his objective, all the while sneering at Obama by appointing Obama haters in his cabinet.

  17. Spot on

  18. Good that they are working together as they should.

    Israel is an important ally and an American President must look after American interests and the interests of his constituents (many of whom care deeply about Israel).

    Perhaps Netanyahu will begin to see that Obama cares deeply about Israel but more so about America and its interests and principles, and while partners, each must respect the other.

  19. what does Israel bring to the relationship?

  20. How about the interest of the constituents who are sick and tired of being drawn into the never ending conflict in the Middle East? Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly thinks that he can thumb his nose at the President and the American public with impunity. Why does Israel deserve this level of support?

  21. Many Americans care deeply about the Palestinian people and the brutal sub-human treatment they receive at the hands of the Israeli government. Many Americans do not want billions of dollars going to support Israel's killing machine.

  22. Yes eventually there should be two states. Words. In the mean time the two state outcome disappears. But both Obama and Netanyahu can agree on that and Obama can leave office with that cover. In the meantime the two state solution grows ever more an illusion and the one state reality takes over. Who are these leaders fooling? Obama in the meantime is giving Israel all kinds of military aid and looking away from the brutal military occupation that this goes to support.

  23. Have you ever been to Israel? Your brutal military occupation describes he ISIS Muslims, not Israel? If the Arabs living in Israel want peace and RECOGNIZE Israel's right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people, they could get it. It's up to them.

  24. Yes I have been to Israel. I don't know what you have seen or not seen if you have been. But you do not need to go to Israel to read. Most Israeli's and supporters perhaps as yourself do not wish to know. Arabs have long ago recognized Israel's right to exist both in word and deed formally and informally. You should familiarize yourself with Abbas's objections to state it as you do as a condition for talks.

  25. I always trust President Obama to support the well-being of Israel, but I have learned the Prime Minister Netanyahu is always provoking and cannot ever be trusted to keep to promises made to Obama.

  26. Sure, friends again: Bibi wants money

  27. So we're are going to allow Netanyahu insult the President and the at least half of the citizens of the U.S. And then hand him the billions he is requesting with a smile on our face. Pathetic.

  28. Price tag complicity.

  29. So I guess there is no rift over settlements, including today the approval of 2200 new units and granting legal immunity for two illegal outposts? Why does that sort of behavior deserve to be rewarded by upping the $3 billion in annual aid that Israel received to $5 billion, while American citizens make due with no cost of living increase on Social Security?

  30. Timing. "settlements, including today the approval of 2200 new units and granting legal immunity for two illegal outposts" are carefully timed to rub our noses in it.

    We pretend it does not happen, as our noses are rubbed in it. Shameful.

  31. Netanyahu is up to his old deceptive tricks to evade a settlement with the Palestinians. He states: "... I remain committed to a vision of peace of two states for two peoples, a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state.”

    Not only has he committed to the Israel people that there will be no two states on his watch, but Netanyahu knows that no world leader is going to formally recognize the "Jewish State of Israel" and certainly not any Palestinian leader. To do so would endanger the rights of all Arab-Israelis and would compromise the long established Palestinian right of return.

  32. There is no right of return for the descendants of Palestinians in international law any more than there is for any other group's descendants that were removed. That would encompass probably half the people in the world today if there were.

    Restating over and over this fiction won't make it a reality.

    Secondly, a Jewish state no more endangers the rights of minority Arabs than a French state does. The Jews are a people. Israel is their state. Now not allowing freedom of religion by refusing to allow people to wear the clothes they believe are required by their religion like the burka or having a jail population 60% Muslim but refusing to respect halal or denying school children a halal lunch and feeding them pork knowing it will mean they go hungry - that is disrespect of minority rights.

    But none of that happens in Israel. Just in France.

  33. Judith
    Where were you when extremist members of the Knesset were advocating laws that would change the current rights of Arab-Israelis?

  34. He can say that freely, because it is already impossible.

    Obama can listen without comment, because he knows it is now impossible anyway.

    Obama does not have time or inclination to deal with whatever will come next. Netanyahu has not desire to discuss it either. So they pretend, just avoid anything that matters.

  35. Bibi gets billions, gets Pollard. We get ......well.....?

  36. So after insulting OUR President in a speech in OUR Congress he expects our donation to HIS country to go from a trifling 3 Billion to 5 Billion.
    The man has no shame.

  37. he will get it. The USA senators and congressmen have no shame.

  38. He's not expecting, he's getting it! You're right the man has no shame.

  39. You're right. But he'll probably het what he wants.

  40. Last year, As Israel attacked Gaza, killing thousands of civilians, Obama ordered increased military aid to Israel. Earlier this year, Obama vetoed a UN resolution that would have called on Israel to cease the construction of illegal settlements.

    Apparently, Obama is also supposed to fetch Netanyahu's slippers every evening, too.

  41. "As Israel attacked Gaza, killing thousands of civilians,… "


    Hamas launched 10,000 rockets into Israel civilian populated areas.

    Nancy Pelosi comforted us when she told us Hamas is just a Humanitarian Organization.

    We let down our guard.

    Hamas = Fatah. That’s why they signed their unity agreement even though they double-crossed each other. There is no honor among thieves.

    Why was there no criminal charge and outcries of Hamas using men, women, and children, as "human shields."

    Where was the outcry when Hamas admitted that in 2012 alone in the construction of Gaza tunnels it cost the lives of 160 Palestinian children who ended up buried alive?

    Hamas forced Fatah out of Gaza in six days of brutal street fighting with at least 118 people dead (report by the International Committee for the Red Cross).

    Where was the outcry when Hamas blindfolded then threw captured Fatah members off roofs when they warred with them.

    Where was the outcry when Hamas also tied Fatah members to the back of cars dragging them through the streets until they turned into bloody carcasses.

    Hamas-Fatah have become a Culture of Death.

  42. The Israeli-Palestinian challenge with same waltz over-and-over again. Obama will fade out and the next president will be stuck with the same problem. If left intact, 40 years from now, Israel will find itself a minority in its own country.

  43. Prime Minister Netanyahu is a fraud and a liar. He is not to be trusted. Right now he will say anything to make himself look better, since recently he's made so many missteps, that it had caused him loss of support by those, like me, who have had enough of his antics.

    As usual, our President is the adult in the room. I don't know if I could have been in the same room after the Prime Minister's irrational speech before Congress. That said, it is best right now to temper our anger and try to smooth the waters. I wouldn't give him ANY more money than we've given him already. That's really what he wants. If he want conflict, let him do it on his own...see where that takes him. Israel, get a new guy, or you'll lose many more loyal supporters like me.

  44. Those who can think analytically and know their history are aware that Israel is the only true friend the US has in a region long hostile to our country. It would behoove President Obama to himself repair fences with a genuine ally we can count upon, a nation he has foolishly endangered by removing sanctions from Iran, a theocracy pledged to destroy the Jewish State.

  45. We had no enemies in the region prior to 1948, not that it matters. There is nothing in Israel's behavior to indicate they are genuine ally.

    Iran intends to destroy Israel is a lie used to advance the Greater Israel agenda. Iranians are not fools to face the only nuclear power in ME backed by US.

  46. Wake up!

    It’s not just about Israel.

    To judge and know the Iranian intentions one must know Arabic.

    Listen what their media propagandizes in Arabic about America ("The Great Satan"), the militancy of their leaders and in their educational system, the daily barrage of anti-Semitism.

    While we make nuclear deals Iran continues to develop ICBMs.

    Why would Iran need ICBMs since Israel is just 1000 miles away?

    You need them for the U.S. about 7000 miles away.

    They are called "Intercontinental" because they can be launched at other continents (like the U.S.).

    We were worried about the more limited ICRM missiles from Cuba just 90 miles away from us.

    And they weren't ICBMs.

    The deal Obama said is "a sure bet" does not cover ICBM development.

    Obama is betting the lives of us and our families.

    Would you?

  47. What exactly is it that we can count on Israel for? Israel is only an ally in the sense that it says it is an ally. Like they say, with allies like Israel, who needs enemies.

  48. Obama thinks Netanyahu is a racist. Netanyahu's statements on election day were racist. Obama is a black man. He knows the racist acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

    They will never like one another, but relations between sponsor and client state will continue.

  49. There's no rift.

    Netanyahu was right. The Iran deal leaves Iran the right to develop a nuke and obliterate Israel.

    Thanks, Democrats. Don't you care at ALL about Israel?

  50. Iran will do nothing of the sort. It will simply sit back and watch Netanyahu & Co. lead Israel down the path of self-destruction.

  51. I care more about Americans who struggle everyday with low wages, astounding healthcare costs and major income inequality!
    Israelis made their bed now let then find a way to lie in it without loss of American lives and treasure!

  52. @Calfornia man

    Not really. I care much more about the 34 American sailors on the USS Liberty that were murdered by Israel in June 1967.

  53. Was there any discussion of what the US stands to gain from this relationship?

  54. To the American taxpayer;
    Netanyahu Wants YOU!

    He wants you to fund the weaponry which the IDF will use to commit atrocities against Palestinian people and to continue his illegal occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands.

  55. Let's hope the unlikely -- that the US will not continue to pay its annual tribute to Israel. Bibi seems to be demanding we increase our yearly "aid" (i.e. weapons gifts) to Israel from $3 billion to $5 billion and that we lock that sum in for the next 10 years. So we persuade Iran to quit pursuing their best defense against the world's fourth largest military (Israel) and then proceed to add vastly to Israel's store of advanced weaponry? Is it possible Iran will feel it was taken for a ride? Dear President Obama, Just say no.

  56. I think Mr. Netanyahu should be at the Republican debate tomorrow night. The moderator can ask each candidate to demonstrate in 2 minutes what their plans are for Israel/American relations. The TV feed would have to be cut off after 1 minute as it would be so obscene.

  57. That's a pretty, pretty pretty tough thing to move past.

  58. "“Israel has shouldered a tremendous defense burden over the years, ..."

    Because you have been insisting on the convenient 48 year old "eventually" instead of now.

  59. Thomas Jefferson warned us against "entangling alliances". The benefits from this "alliance" seem to flow in one direction only.
    Netanyahu has been disrespectful to our President and to America.

  60. "Thomas Jefferson warned us against "entangling alliances."

    George Washington's Farewell Address to us was first:

    "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world."

  61. A demilitarized state is not an independent state. When other countries control your army and security, there is no state.

    Israel does not care about the US because it spies on the US, sells its secrets to American enemies, and interferes in American domestic affairs when it serves Israel. Netanyahu just wants to cosy up with the US admin to ensure continued, unconditional support from the USA at the UN in Israel's long crusade to destroy the Jewish people by means of slow, psychological torture of the Palestinian people: the two state solution is dead and the one state solution is a Palestinian state with a Jewish minority.

    The US would be much better off it if it just cut its losses with Israel, maintained its strong diplomatic support while distancing itself from the "peace" process that is a complete farce.

  62. And President Obama, demand that Israel sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation agreement in exchange for giving Israel money that should instead be used for our veterans and our senior citizens next January.

  63. In my opinion Benjamin Netanyahu is himself one of the major obstacles to a successful resolution of the morass in the Middle East.
    Given his example, there is no reason America political and social leaders shouldn't be appearing before the Knesset and writing editorials for the Israeli press criticizing Bib's ham handed sabotage of efforts to walk back the flash points in the region.
    Obama is behaving like a statesman...far better than Bibi deserves.

  64. "Obama and Netanyahu Seek to Move Past Rift Over Iran Nuclear Deal" reads this headline. More like "Netanyahu Seeks to Move Past Rift Over Iran Nuclear Deal". Obama does not need to "move" past anything as he was right all along. It's GOP wannabe Netanyahu that needs an attitude adjustment.

  65. I'm for a two-state solution: America and Israel. "No daylight, no progress." Let there be lots of daylight and no $2 Billion increase (although that's a done deal apparently).

  66. The center of gravity that historically created the deepest relationship between an Israeli Prime Minister and the U.S. was via its Jewish support. That dynamic has shifted. Netanyahu and Israel's ultra right hawks have effectuated another fundamental force of attraction based a quasi-religious/political expediency with the American extreme right. Israel was not founded on nor has it reached its great achievements using this convenient but unsavory alignment of ends.

  67. How can I get in on a piece of that action? Somewhere in all those Billions I think there must be a trickle, or a tinkle, for me, and my family. $1500.00 a month for healthcare?

  68. Does anyone believe anything Netanyahu says about his "hopes." I keep watching his actions. Hateful, inciting, abusive. He is just an opportunistic, unscrupulous human being. The idea that he comes seeking aid and that Obama is hosting him after the way he tried to buy the US government and thwart the will of The People of the US is disheartening.

  69. Israelis brag about their wealthy "democracy" (their word, not mine), then Israel hits U.S. taxpayers up for more than $5.0 billion/year in direct aid, trade perks, loan guarantees, giveaways, etc..

    $5 billion per year for only 6 million Jewish Israelis. Is Israel really a sustainable nation or a welfare client-state? By the way Netanyahu was bullying this nation and its president for the last 8 years, you'd think he was giving us the money.

  70. Israel—our front line troops in the Middle East.

    1. According to the late Senator Inoye (D-Hawaii), Israel is the CIA's eyes and ears on the ground in Arab countries (where the CIA does not tread);

    2. Aesigned the first MRAPS anti-IED vehicles used widely by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan;

    3. Designed a battlefield bandage that has saved hundreds of US troops lives, and that of Congresswoman Cathy Giffords (shot in Colorado during campaigning two years ago).

    4. Invented an anti-aircraft missile system that protects Israeli planes from hand-held missiles and also protects UPS and FedEx cargo planes. If the Malaysian plane (MH-17) was equipped it would likely not have been shot down over Ukraine…

    Etc., etc., etc.

    How much was that worth to our armed forces?

  71. pure fantasy and propaganda. Israel gets everything from us and gives a net negative return, or as Gen. Petraeus said, makes U.S. troops "less safe".

  72. Thom McCann
    If the Israel is your "frontline troops" then I would say you are implicated in war crimes.

  73. both the US and israel need iran to eventually build a stable middle east. saudi arabia, turkey, UAE, bahrain, yemen, iraq, jordan, egypt,... can not do it or will not do it. it's time to face the realities of the 21st century.

    to show the world that it really is a leader in the middle east, mabye iran can address the kurdish question, something that turkey, iraq and the remnants of syria are ill-prepared to do. the kurds, like the palestinians and israelis, also need a nation to call their own.

  74. Let's cut to the chase: neither of these two leaders have much in the way of difference - they both support the occupation and the taking of Palestinian lands , The giving of billions of dollars for military aide and the endless talking of the peace process. Note that Isreal grows larger every year with more and more palistinian land. The land grabbing causes massive troubles for the Palestinians and ends with the massive violence that we now see. The US gives the Isrealis planes and tanks to attack the Palestinians. Peace would be welcome but neither Obams or Netanyahu want it. They want , instead, the removal of the Palestinians.

  75. Vision of peace. Great. 2 states side by side. Lovely. When do we get a settlements freeze? ThAts how the talks get started, if we're serious about it.

  76. Bibi lies through his teeth and always will.

  77. Even this title indicates an equivalency between the two leaders, which is a false premise. It was Netanyahu who snubbed President Obama this year by coming to America and addressing the Congress to discredit a deal which was the purview of Obama and his Cabinet. Bibi can pretend to lick his wounds, but it's just a facade from a manipulator.

  78. Interfering wth a nation’s elections?

    Who interfered with whom?

    When running in the Israeli election Netanyahu was fighting against the treachery of Obama's paid minions in Israel who tried to undermine and defeat him.

    He pulled the rug from under them by this tactic.

    Obama was upset when Netanyahu spoke to congress—who invited him.

    No one invited Obama's Political Swat Team with their loads of money to Israel to interfere in the Israeli election.

    Treachery was dealt with.

    Netanyahu won.

  79. Obama's barely concealed loathing of Bibi was evident during there 9 minute photo op. The priceless expression on Obama's face as he shook hands with Bibi underscored his repugnance. Netanyahu's impertinent co-operation with Republicans in an attempt to defeat the Iran nuclear deal will never be forgotten or forgiven by Obama. The supposed appointment of Ran Baratz to the Israeli government comes after his denigration of Obama and John Kerry is also problematic. Tonight he will except the Irving Kristol award,at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. It was given previously to chicken hawk Dick Cheney and well known homophobe (read his dissenting opinion in Lawrence v. Texas) Anton Scalia. One pundit said by accepting the award Netanyahu was "trolling" Obama.Bibi's serial arrogance knows no bounds.

  80. He was trolling all of us, not just Obama.

  81. It is great news that two allies are moving forward and hopefully will lead to some progress on Palestinian issue. The strained relationship was a self-inflicted wound by the misguided Israeli leadership and unconditional backers of Israel in USA who did not has the foresight to realize that unconditional support is not necessarily in the best interests of Israel. The Israel has to realize that the many members of congress who support Israel as a knee jerk reaction are doing so to get themselves re-elected, and that may not be always better for the future of Israel.

  82. Why doesn't the article mention that aid to Israel could rise to $5 billion?
    This is the most aid any country in the world receives from the USA. We borrow money from China to send it to Israel while many Americans struggle due to lack of governmental support and the average Israeli lives a more comfortable life than millions of Americans.

  83. The U.S. gives about $1.6 billion to our "ally" Pakistan.

    They hid Bin Laden a short distance away from their army headquarters while Bin Laden was damaging and killing U.S. citizens worldwide until our swat team killed him.

    Egypt gets $1.5 billion while we get nothing in return.

    Iraq gets $2.5 billion while we get nothing in return.

    The US has supported the Palestinians with $5 Billion (1990 through 2007).

    Since 2008 the US spends taxpayers dollars at the rate of $500,000,000 per year on the Palestinians, moderating to $440,000,000 recently (April 2014)

    Germany is still defended by 50,000 American troops stationed there at an annual cost of some $8 billion.

    Yes, Israel get $3 billion but with more than reciprocal benefits to the U.S. of health. agriculture, military, intelligence, medical, technology plus a lot more.

    If Israel was a Wall Street stock it would return the highest dividend for the U.S. than any other investment.

  84. Israelis have universal health care which their supporters in the US Congress are loathe to extend to citizens off the US!
    Americans are dupes and stooges!

  85. Well yeah. They have universal health care.

  86. Netanyahu is lying through his teeth when he says that he shares President Obama's goal of a peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Earlier this year, in his own campaign, the Prime Minister had rare moments of honesty in which he admitted (a) that there would be no Palestinian state under his watch; (b) that his settlement building was strategic to keep Jerusalem Jewish and preclude a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem; (c) that he sees Arabs as lesser citizens (which he had already codified). His later retractions notwithstanding, Bibi spelled out what we all know is true.

  87. The rift is not about the Iran deal. The two leaders despise each other. But they are both cynical politicians. Netanyahu seeks to squeeze the maximum in American arms and support. Obama feels he is forced to submit for reasons of domestic politics that everyone understands. He has to do so to protect the Democratic Party and its funding and to protect his own post-presidential future. He will get no thanks for this from Bibi, no real thanks anyhow, only more contempt for yielding. If the two sides were reversed, Bibi would have treated his opposite to a kick in the teeth.

  88. Yeah, well, that "domestic politics" was created intentionally by Likudniks to control our destiny. But the money barons of a tiny minority controlling the destiny of majority pretty much always ends in disaster.

  89. It has now been almost two decades since Netanyahu first warned that Iran was "months away from the bomb." His alarmist words have been discredited by time, and his stewardship of a nuclear-armed country discredits his alleged vulnerability.

  90. It's tough not to be cynical about all of this. I'm guessing this is an awards and fund-raising trip with a bit of make-nice Kabuki theater with Barack thrown in for good measure. I think the two-state solution Bibi says he believes in is the one about his moods: one state is where he is enraged at Obama, and the other state is where he is attempting to be reasonable.

  91. Mend fences?

    The NYT has to ignore facts that merit reporting to make this sale.

    But, it is justified. Israel first!

  92. Never mind how many unemployed and disabled Americans could have their lives turned around by $5 billion...

  93. What facts did they ignore?

  94. 5 BILLION x10!

  95. "Israel is a great nation, its people are righteous and its leaders are wise and just. But, um, may I suggest that those settlements aren't really helping matters-"/"That tears it! You're an anti-Semite and no friend of Israel! Just give me the check so I can get out of here!!"

  96. It's quite simple: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Most of the other countries murder gays and lesbians, persecute women, don’t allow dissent, and don’t produce technology, ideas, etc.

    If you want to play the "why does Israel get billions of dollars game?" then why don't you ask how many billions of dollars those OTHER Middle Eastern countries receive from the U.S.? Where's the money that the Palestinians receive? Why are so many of their people living in squalor and are full of hatred? Israel gets a lot of money from the U.S., but at least they produce things that are life-changing - e.g., medication, technology, etc.

    A better question would be why don't the other countries practice birth control, worry about educating the children they already have, and focus on making better lives for themselves? The answer is simple: those who cannot compete serve their base instinct: they destroy.

    FYI: the Palestinians did not even exist until the last ~150 years yet they are seen as innocent victims who have a legitimate stake in the land. Countries like the U.S. and Great Britain invaded lands, claimed them, and remained in control over most of them while Israel has been fighting since 1948 and its people have been murdered because of the propaganda perpetuated by anti-Zionists.

    So anti-Zionists, please keep drinking the Kool-Aid and live with your hatred and ignorance. But I assure you, there is a better way to live: in reality.

  97. Speaking of reality, we live in a world where democracies strive to not have second-class citizens. Speaking of reality, let's not forget that Zionism unto itself was laid out by Theodor Herzl less than 150 years ago. Speaking of reality, let's not equate anti-Zionism with being against the Israeli people or with anti-Semitism.

  98. Bibi is the very personification of that useful Yiddish word Chutzpah. He's got some nerve coming to visit the President in the WH--as usual, with tin cup in hand--making oh-so-nice, now, after cravenly insulting Mr. Obama and his office, and in a manner unprecedented in the history of the U.S. or Israel, "thanks" to the unpatriotic, even treasonous GOP, who invited him to obstruct U.S. foreign policy, in the Capitol itself, in a joint session of the Congress. That aside, Netanyahu is a pathological liar and little better than a war criminal.

  99. "Bibi is the very personification of that useful Yiddish word Chutzpah."

    He is very proud of that. He presents it as a virtue.

  100. "Rift"?? .... ya gotta be kiddin me !!

    When your so-call ally repeatedly lies to you, embarrasses you and your associates on the world stage, and actively tries to undermine your domestic and foreign policies, then this is far more than a "rift". It qualifies for a divorce!

  101. Israel is a country with a population about the size of Los Angeles. That it looms so large in the political world of the U.S. is testament to the dysfunction of the relationship. It's absurd that the president of the United States should in any way have to accommodate himself -- or the interests of the country -- to this client state.

  102. John, now imagine a Los Angeles surrounded by three Americas full of kids being trained to want to murder Los Angelinos, and you're a step closer the getting an idea of how things really are.

  103. @Steve Austin,

    Many of Israel's neighbors feel much the same, with more justification. Israel was plunked down in their midst by Western powers, without their approval. Since then, Israel has conquered territory held by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and the Palestinians. Not one of those "conquered" countries has taken any Israeli territory. Is it any wonder those people don't like Israel?

  104. From Bob: didn't Bibi's accusation about Plaestinian complacency with Hitler say at least SOMETHING about his feelings towards an entire people? What about " Arabs flocking to the polls" as a concern during elections? Assignment of extreme right wingers to cabinet positions even after their insulting our leaders? What about new settlement announcements at times sensitive in 'peace iniatives? Collective punishments as a policy of state? A so called 'war' against a people with no army, navy, Air Force, tanks, artillery ect. with scores of deaths and destruction in Gaza as opposed to little or no casualties on Israeli-civilians?
    How long do we besmirch our own inertests and honor, by supporting the longest occupation in modern history of so many considered an obviously 'lesser people' by Bibi and his ilk???

  105. Obama should make like the Pope and the Europeans, and END HIS VETO of the Palestinian state. Obama is currently the final holdout at the United Nations. The final holdout, a chagrining position for a Nobel Peace Laureate.

    Does Obama want his lone global veto to be his legacy? This presumptive bold move, a move that Obama surely prefers by his conscience, will require that Obama quit worrying about Hillary's 2016 fundraisers and the DNC. These two organizations are big enough to take care of themselves. They will survive a bold move by Obama.

    Obama's legacy will be measured in large part by how he deals with matters left purely to the executive branch. Obama has tried executive action for all sorts of matters, including immigration, yet a two-state solution is wholly and legally his prerogative.

  106. What if Obama is the only world leader who's got it right?

  107. So Netanyahu tells AIPAC to have the American Enterprise Institute give him an award.
    This should help convince the American taxpayers to hand over their hard-earned money.

  108. "JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS" why is it not mentioned that Bibi is a first class liar and he is lying and you are buying hook line and sinker from this pathological meniac from Israel. As he met with our President Israel announced 2000 more home permits in the occupied territories - Times of Israel reported http://bit.ly/1SEFZJq

    We cannot trust this guy.

  109. 1. The military aid us for the new treats commung frrom IRAN and ISIS, not for support occupation.

    2.The Palestinians could have their state long time ago if they woul accept our ootu generous offers at least twice before.

    . I agree that the current goverment of Israel is brunging us toward a reality of one country which is a disaster for the Israely people(or at least don't do anything to avoid it)

  110. All these comments and hatred of Netanyahu yet not a word about his supposed partner for peace Abbas. Here's a man who embraced Hamas, a terrorist organization whose charter still calls for the destruction of Israel as his partner in governance. A man who did nothing to rein in Hamas as they kidnapped and killed three innocent teenagers, the spark that started the last Gaza war. A man who has also disrespected the US and Obama by trying to illegitimately claim Palestinian statehood by going to the UN, something that obviously does not forward the peace process. A man who just rejected the Oslo accords, the basis for peace negotiations for many years and then tried to start another infitada by spreading lies to his people that Israel was going to take over the Temple Mount. He then called Palestinians that murdered innocent Israelis with a knife "Heros". Yet this man does not even get a word of mention in the diatribes about Israel and Netanyahu. Everyone knows that no Palestinian leader has ever wanted peace, nor are any of them capable of leading a state. Arafat received everything he asked for in the negotiations according to Clinton, yet at the last minute turned the deal down, and started an uprising. He realized his power only existed as a revolutionary. As a leader of a peaceful state that recognized the State of Israel he would have been considered a disgrace and probably murdered just like Sadat.

  111. "yet not a word about his supposed partner for peace Abbas"

    Abbas is not visiting, is not thumbing his nose at us in the White House, and is not being rewarded with twenty billion more in aid for it.

  112. "So likewise, a passionate attachment of one nation [America] for another [Israel] produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation [Israel], facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one [America] the enmities of the other [Israel], betrays the former [America] into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter [Israel] without adequate inducement or justification. It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation [Israel] of privileges denied to others which is apt doubly to injure the nation making the concessions [America]; by unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained [$3B annually + loan guarantees], and by exciting jealousy, ill-will, and a disposition to retaliate, in the parties from whom equal privileges are withheld [the rest of the Middle East]. And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens [AIPAC] (who devote themselves to the favorite nation [Israel]), facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country [presumably, America], without odium, sometimes even with popularity; gilding, with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation [unconditional support for Israel]."

    A portion of George Washington's Farewell Address annotated for the occasion.

  113. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Bravo!

  114. Oh, and Obama also clearly stated that he “condemn[s] in the strongest terms Palestinian violence against innocent Israeli citizens” and said that he would “discuss with the prime minister his thoughts on how we can lower the temperature between Israelis and Palestinians.”

    Naturally, the NY Times managed to "miss" this quote. But it is after all the NY Times. And the Gray Lady never misses a chance to harp on Israel's flaws while soft-peddling if not whitewashing or blatantly ignoring Palestinian incitement, terror and dysfunctionality.

  115. While the infrastructure of our country crumbles, Israel provides socialized medicine and almost free college tuition for its citizens, and yet Netanyahu comes here and expects us to give him 3 billion, make that 5 billion a year. Other than having our president insulted by Netanyahu, who feels free to try to influence our foreign policy and elections, just what is it that we get back in return?

  116. What about one of the only stable democracies in the Middle East? And if you want to judge US aid by what we get back in return, maybe explore all the other countries the US donates aid towards?

  117. You must mean Iran, before we backed a coup and installed a dictator...

  118. It would serve the U.S. well to follow the Israeli examples and replace the rapidly crumbling "Obamacare" with a "single-payer" health system, as well as free college tuition, as proposed by Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. It is such investments that make Israel, our primary ally in the region, an upcoming technology powerhouse, which one technology author characterized as the "Start-Up" nation. The current investment in Israel's national security, about $10.00 per each American per year, is money well spent in terms of return. The post Iran deal disputes will soon become history, if not in the coming days, then on January 21, 2017.

  119. Compare the status of today's Palestinians with the 1175 colonists. no taxation without representation, etc, What has happened to our tradition of supporting independence? Yes, the violence by individual Palestinians is disgusting, so is continued settlement building and confiscation of Palestinian land, with more settlements announced on the day of this meeting......

  120. Be patient with the klutz, Bibi. He's never really felt like he had a peer before.

  121. What seems to get by the roadside is that US pays a steep price for its support for Israel. Our security is more fragile because we are allied with Israel during a time of illegal occupation of the West Bank. In consequence around the world our identification as a nation of law is weakened, even before we get to how this alliance inflames many many Muslims. Nonetheless it is by choice. However it galls me no end that people like Bibi - It is everyone else's fault - Netanyahu never acknowledges the price we pay, instead we are challenged repeated to prove our love for Israel. And yet for Israel to repay our support by suspending the settlements is a bridge too far? It is time to rethink our relationship in light of recent developments. Ever since the Likud decided they could act like an enemy of the Democratic Party I lost hope. Let them prove the friendship through actions, otherwise cast the Likud out and seek common cause with those we can trust.

  122. I'm not sure if Pres. Obama has the authority to do it, but nothing would justify my voting twice for this President more than him pulling all aid to Israel after the blatant disrespect Netanyahu has exhibited towards Obama and our country. And only when the settlers are out of the disputed territories should any thought be given to resuming such aid.

  123. If Israel has to leave territories simply because they are "disputed," then the other party to the dispute must leave also. If I dispute the ownership of your house, is that alone enough to justify your removal from it?
    And now for the real question: Do you live in the U.S.A.? If so, the "territory" upon which you dwell is "disputed" by Native Americans. Are you ready to leave?

  124. Hey, sounds like you learned WW-II and Churchill's disrespect of the US
    Go open a history book and learn about the deals that led to WW-II

  125. @jmj616

    There is a difference between a disputed territory such as Kashmir between India and Pakistan and illegally occupied territory as the case is with Palestine. Israel illegally occupied the territories of Palestine. Please keep the nomenclature clear.

    BTW, If you illegally occupy my house, you could be evicted by the law of land. Israel does not believe in the international laws nor is a signatory to ICC etc. UN has repeatedly called for end of illegal occupation by Israel.

  126. Bibi can say whatever he wishes as no one believes a word. He has been crying wolf for couple of decades re Iran and the bomb; he has though gotten an increase in US Military assistance through his buddies in US Congress. He is here looking for more and probably he would get some more through his buddies in US Congress who are Israel Firsters. These members of Congress are not concerned about our Infra-structure, Roads and Bridges, nor the dilapidated condition of our Mass transit system. Our Veterans need the $5-7 billion that they want to give to this brat. Our Veterans need quality healthcare and support so that they do not commit suicides at an alarming rate.
    Where is this extra money going to come from? By cutting Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, and our school lunch programs?

    As the Prime minister was speaking with our President the Times of Israel (http://bit.ly/1SEFZJq) reported that the Israeli government is planning on building another 2200 settler homes in the occupied territories. As Bibi mentioned, “I want to make it clear that we have not given up our hope for peace — we’ll never give up our hope for peace,” Mr. Netanyahu added. “And I remain committed to a vision of peace of two states for two peoples, a demilitarizedPalestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state.” (Theocracy?)

    The statement speaks not of peace but of a subjugated 2nd class citizenry for the Palestinians with all the problems and none of the benefit that free people deserve.

  127. The American commentators ask here what does Israel provide America that justifies aid. It is a very good question and one that groups like AIPAC and JSTREET who say they are pro-Israel should do a lot better at explaining.

    The Middle East is an important part of the American empire (yes, you are an imperial power) Israel provides intelligence, reliable military basing if needed and support if needed. Israel also provides a lot of innovation. Stutnex was basically an Israeli development shared with the US. As well, America provided financial support but Israel developed the Iron Dome and a similar device for use on tanks to prevent RPG attacks. Now Iron Dome will be sold to the Gulf Nations via the US, who will earn profit from it.

    Israel was an especially useful ally in the cold war, testing American weaponry against the Soviets and even flying against Soviet pilots, providing tremendous feedback.

    Israel is also a lynch pin in the Sunni alliance Kissinger put together in the Mideast. Arab nations like Jordan and Saudi Arabia recognize the importance of Israel in countering similar rivals. These relations continue notwithstanding the US being regarded by these Sunni nations as a less reliable ally.

    Many commentators will dismiss all of this because they do not believe American power in the Middle East has any impact on them. Because most Americans do not understand how their use of imperial power throughout the world is a cornerstone of their wealth and security

  128. "Many commentators will dismiss all of this because they do not believe American power in the Middle East has any impact on them. Because most Americans do not understand how their use of imperial power throughout the world is a cornerstone of their wealth and security."

    You mean the wealth of your oligarchs. In case you haven't been listening, we are sick of our Empire costing us our Tax Dollars and making YOU rich, while the rest of American, you know, the 99.99% hasn't added a dime to their wealth in the last 40 years.

    Now I won't bother with the rest of your nonsense. Israeli 'contributions' can disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow without any nation noticing.

  129. Truly a bizarre "meeting" absent of any essential, meaningful context. No mention whatsoever of Israel's nuclear arsenal of upwards of 200 hydrogen, neutron and atom bombs/warheads amassed over the past 30 years at Dimona, with Israel refusing to sign on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and submitting to U.N. inspection. No mention whatsoever of Israel's brutal five-decade forced military occupation of Palestine's Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West bank and the eight-year blockade of Gaza from the rest of the world. No mention whatsoever of Israel's expanding and multiplying "settlements" in Palestine's East Jerusalem and the West Bank in continuing violation of international law and the 4th Geneva Convention. No mention whatsoever of Israeli law discriminating against Palestinians, including the jailing of thousands of political prisoners without the filing of charges or any form of adjudication and due process of law. All of these longstanding stark injustices against Palestinians apparently dismissed by President Obama in his statement that "Israel has not just the right, but the obligation to protect itself." Yet again, President Obama chose to falsely characterize Israel, the heavily armed unlawful occupying force, as the "victim" and characterize the true victims of Israel's brutal occupation, the unarmed Palestinians, as the "perpetrators of the violence."

  130. In the 2014 Israel–Gaza war, the "unarmed Palestinians" attacked Israel with thousands of rockets and mortar shells.

  131. A. Stanton
    The vast majority of those Palestinians murdered in Israel's 2014 "mowing of the lawn" were civilians with no responsibility for the rockets and mortars. It was Israeli terrorism and collective punishment of a civilian population. It was Israel's application of the Dahiyya Doctrine (as earlier exposed in the Haaretz paper in October 2008), which according to the former chief of the Israeli army’s general staff said the concept is "maximum civilian death and destruction to brand in the Palestinian consciousness the fearsome might of the Israeli Army".

  132. Please remind us again of the comparative number of Israeli and Palestinian children killed in the 2014 Israel-Gaza war.

  133. As a Jew, I believe that the existance of Israel as an independent state able to defend itself is important. At the very least, a place to run to when the Christian world decides to close its doors. On the other hand, the Palestinians deserve a place to call their own. How to resolve this conundrum?
    Previous Israeli administrations recognized this problem and honestly tried to solve the issue by allowing the possibility of an independent Palestiian state. Netanyahu does not agree, mostly because of internal politics and a changed Israeli electorate. It is time for the US to hold Netanyahu's feet to the fire. If he wants $5 billion, an increase of 67%, he has to earn it, and the only way he can earn it is really agree to a two-state solution. Stop building settlements in the West Bank; make serious proposals for land swaps; hold serious discussions about Jerusalem. This won't be easy for him, and may cost him his position, since Israel is a truly democratic country.
    That should be the price Israel pays for increased military aid. For Obama or the next US president to make it stick in the face of horrific Israeli lobbying will be a true test of political savvy and diplomatic courage.

  134. Ever wondered why Arab countries refuse to take Syrians or Palestinians and make them citizens? Ever wondered why Palestinians have been refugees for 60 years and counting? Ever wondered why Arafat refused to take the deal offered by Barak in 2000? Finally, ever wondered why many American Jews feel a need to give advise to Israelis but are not willing to send their kids to fight in the US or Israeli army?

  135. Mike, why would Arab countries take Palestinians? For you to end up with ALL of their homeland as if enough wasn't stolen?

  136. How about Palestinian rights? Do they not have equal parallel rights as well?

  137. Prime Minister Netanyahu was outmaneuvered by the American president earlier this year. He's smarting from the rebuke of Congress which, exercising common sense, refused to let a foreign government throw sand in the wheels of American foreign policy, an outrage he would never stoop to countenance from any other nation. Bibi cannot be trusted; he is a schemer of the first water. We will see and hear more from him and of him as the 2016 death march to Election Day unfolds. Bibi will make every attempt to ingratiate himself with the candidates with the highest poll numbers, shifting chameleon-like, when the tide goes out or comes in. President Obama is wise not to leave the front door unlocked if Bibi is in the neighborhood. One shudders at the aggressiveness of the Israeli prime minister if one of the GOP/TO hawks

  138. He was voted back into power. The problem is not Netanyahu, it is the spoiled Israelis who get everything and deserve much less.

  139. Since I don't have much knowledge about the history of Israel and USA relationship, here is my question. What is the underlying reason USA's support for Israel? I know it's not humanitarian concern for sure since human nature is not there yet. I believe USA doesn't give away serious money without more return. Is Israel a proxy outpost for American empire? And then I can understand... Are there other things I'm missing?

  140. When you find out, let the rest of us know.

  141. Not a "proxy outpost for American empire," but an important and loyal ally that shares with the United States the central value of democracy, in a region where this is as scarce as water in a desert.

  142. Everyone says Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, but it has become merely another religious state. It is not a democracy the way we know it. We should no longer support them.

  143. When will the American public finally stand up and say enough. It is time to dump Israel and let them go their own way. We have given them billions and billions of dollars, at the expense of our own people and what do we get? Belittled in front of the entire world.... Now Netanyahu is back again to beg for cash, because we made the right policy decision and did not go down the road of another Middle East war... If Adelson and AIPAC believe that Israel is such a great place and Netanyahu is such a great leader, maybe it is time to pack their bags and move there.... I would not loose any sleep over it. Israel treats our country like an ATM, but they are using the American peoples card to withdraw. Every time the take money out, we suffer the consequences. Our money do not go to help their people, it goes to arm their military and support their reprehensible policies. Enough is enough.....

  144. Israel may always be surrounded by people who hate them and
    there is very little they can do to change the situation.

    However, it is 2015 and Israel does not need billions to ensure its
    survival. Too bad that this appears to be a decision based upon the
    funding needs of various candidates rather than security requirements.

  145. Jay, I suggest that you go to Raytheon site and learn how these billions


    In September 2014, Raytheon received a contract award from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. valued at $149.3 million to provide products for the Tamir interceptor used in the defensive Iron Dome Weapon System.

    Ever wondered what might happened if China supported the development of these systems?

  146. There is no valid US reason to give Israel anything more.

    Our generosity is beyond enough.

    Actually, it should go to zero.

  147. Joe, say it ain't so. Israel may be a thorn in the side of Assad, Hezbollah, and the lovely Iranian government. That is exactly the point; if not for them, ISIS would have long taken over the Palestinians, Jordan, and possibly Lebanon. Israel serves a major security and intelligence purpose for the west, and you know it, too. Why do so many wish for Israel to disappear? What's the motive?

  148. This public meeting ended with a private one in which the two leaders spent considerable time working on the details of how the Jewish State and the USA may work together.

    Israel will receive upwards of $4-5 billion dollars in aid over a ten year period. In addition, Mr. Obama did not in any way mention any opposition to the continued growth of Israeli settlements in the ancestral territories of Judea and Samaria, the real historic Israel.

    He has abandoned any attempt to fashion a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians during the remainder of his term which will end in early, 2017.

    Israel and the US will continue to share intel and work in tandem against our common enemies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    The next administration, whether led by Hillary or a Republican, as well as the Congress, will continue to represent the American people in its support of Israel.

    Thus, did this visit end.

  149. President Obama is going through with this farce in order to protect Hillary"s access to Jewish donors. He still deserves his Nobel, but he's no profile in courage, sad to say.

  150. You got it. And they have managed to convince all hopefuls that going to school on parroting their talking points is the only way to shine through. Here's the kind of informative piece on all the machinations that go into it.

    "No matter how they make the trip, presidential candidates have long understood that a pilgrimage to Israel is a must on their way to the Iowa caucuses, the New Hampshire primaries and, hopefully, their party’s nominating conventions. And most have no difficulty finding sponsors of their liking to pick up the tab and show them the Jewish state through their own prism.


  151. Obama deserves his Nobel? Tell that to the Afghans, Pakistanis, Yemenis, inter alia.

  152. @Westsider

    That is not saying much for our Democracy?

    Money buys everything?

  153. Who exactly is this little show for?
    Gee Bibi's really changed and wants peace, and 2 states! Let's give him more money!, says no one.

  154. This “rift” was simply generated by Israel to gain sympathy for generous US weapons aid. Israel’s current Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreement doesn’t expire until 2018, so why the rush? Political capital has a limited shelf life.

    In August, former Israeli Defense Minister Barak revealed that in 2010, Israel didn’t possess the military capability to successfully execute, much less sustain an air offensive against Iran. From 2010-2012, Israel’s saber rattling didn't match reality, and Iran knew it as well.


    The Iran hysteria generated by Prime Minister Netanyahu smoothly cleared the path for Israel to gain access to the F-35 (stealth technologies) and the V-22 (tilt-rotor technologies). America will also nearly double Israel’s weapons aid from $3 billion to $5 billion. Unfortunately, President Obama will not leverage that aid for concessions on Israel’s deplorable policies against the Palestinians.

    Since weapons sales are about Israel’s security it’s fair to query in turn, how Israel’s weapons sales to their number one customer, China is in America’s security interests. Can we actually expect Israel to not harvest US weapons technology for their own weapons industry? America's national security interests should always have priority. More transparency and safeguards are needed on Israel's cooperation with China's military.

  155. No more money for Israel.

    No US fighting Iran for Israel.

  156. The US has 100,000 soldiers in Europe 70 years after it fought and won the European war over Hitler. It wasn't the first time, nor will it be the last time, that Americans fight and die protecting Europe from it adversaries. There are more than 30,000 troops in Japan and another 30,000 on the front lines of South Korea ready to defend these countries. America pays for and fights for it purported allies against aggressors who threaten the US and it allies. Has any American died fighting for Israel? Over the last 60 years, has not Israel given enormous military, political, and economic to America when it defends its interests in the Middle-East? Your comments are contemptuous and despicable

  157. @Blasto

    Israel has never supported our policies in Middle East otherwise Israel would not be occupying the Palestinian land since 1967. On the contrary we have always supported Israel's illegal occupation and suffered because of it. The money that is doled out to Israel to keep it solvent because of Israeli Firsters in the Congress comes from the mouth of our children here in the form of cuts in their school lunch programs, substandard care of our Veterans, our poor infra structures etc.

    It is time that we take care of our country before any foreign country be it Israel.

    I wonder where your loyalties are? with US or some foreign country.

  158. Wizarat -- I certainly hope you aren't using the dual-loyalty card to support your argument. You know that can be deemed rather offensive, right?

  159. The aid to Israel is not “aid” that is not shared by the US. It is an investment as our secretary of defense said …"This is one of the most trusted relationships we have in the world and so when we discover something that is critical to both of us, we share it, and we do that from electronic warfare to cyber to all kinds of tremendous intelligence sharing."
    Investing $5 Billion today for the shared development of defensive weaponry and securing the boundaries against ISIS advances is much cheaper than spending billions more in the future and saving many American lives.

  160. You overlook the fact that Al Qaida and ISIL are direct results of USraeli policies and activities in the ME.

  161. 'This is one of the most trusted relationships we have in the world...'

    So trusted that Israel used Jonathan Pollard to spy on us?

  162. And bombed the USS Liberty.

  163. This is a blatant calculation. Mr. B.N., who openly supported Mitt Romney against President Obama - is trying to act act nice when he is on a White House visit to our American president, a person whom he obviously despises and crudely disrespects once he's back home on his own turf. B.N., who has contempt for any possible two-state agreement, is simply here to collect Zillion-Dollar military goodies - and cash. He wants to have it both ways: Billions of Big Bucks (again) from the U.S. taxpayers (who, by contrast, don't get any real fair shake for their own lives in the USA), and MORE military hardware. I hope the U.S. government - and public don't fall for it. It's a nasty, vicious played trick against the American people - for "Loans" that will NEVER be repaid. And all this for Israel's "Security Zone", a country that is armed to the teeth, - thanks to their much-scorned (by them) U.S patron? Where's the "loan assistance" for the millions of decent Palestinians? When was the last time they received help for their "Security Zone"?

  164. Americans to Netanyahu: You don't get to use the word "must" with United States. Syria is burning and you are out to advance your agenda.

    "Netanyahu to Obama: Any Syria Agreement Must Take Israel's Interests Into Account

    At a press briefing after the meeting, Netanyahu said that he conveyed to Obama Israel's expectations that any international agreement in Syria between will have to "take into account Israel's interests."

    Netanyahu added he stressed to Obama Israel's red lines: that it would not stand for attacks from Syrian territory, nor would it accept a second Iranian front opening on the Golan Heights. Israel, he said, would act to intercept weapons transfers from Syria to Lebanon.

    "We cannot accept an accord in Syria that [allows it to remain] a site from which Iran and its proxies launch attacks on Israel," Netanyahu said. "We will not accept that. If we're is talking about an agreement in Syria, it must include stopping the use of Syrian territory … to carry out direct or indirect attacks on Israel."

    source: Haaretz

  165. I would declare Netanyahu persona non grata and tell him the days of aid are over.

  166. How is it USA can guarantee billions of dollars, which we are borrowing daily to give for ten years to a (prosperous) country? We in USA would be more in control if Israel became the 51st state; they would only have two Senators and proportionate number of Representatives.

    However, even you who are blue and white to the core would not accept this kind of arrangement, with a smiley face to: South Africa, Italy, Spain, Ireland, etc?

    There are friends of Israel with deep pockets who can "offer' or threaten to deny campaign funds to Congressmen to do Israel's bidding. And after even to place pressure on Obama or Any president to follow suit. In this changed nation or less and more, more that is a recipe for disaster.

    Oh, do not misunderstand me, I am no saint, if I had the bucks and favored something, that my money could effect for my satisfaction, I would do just what "friends of Israel" are and have done. Just don't tell me its because of a "special relationship" etc.

    However, what has gotten me really pizzed is media casually dismissing Netanyahu's treatment of this black president and by extension USA's sovereignty. Just by his actions, one has to think he believes he is entitled to have USA as an 'accounts receivable'.

    Call me what you will, but I became a fan of Israel's watching movies, even USS Liberty incident, which Honorable Yitzhak Rabin made easier to overcome. But after November 4, 1995, removal of his giant shadow begs us to ask - is this Israel?

  167. Perhaps you should be asking how the United States can give NATO $600 billion in military aid this year.

  168. military budget of US is about 600Bill. You mean they give it ALL to Nato?

  169. NATO is not aid to Europe it was set up to make sure a war with the USSR was fought in Europe not the U.S. It is self defence. Where these figures plucked out of the air and called aid come from? it is part of the bloated U.S. military spending the cold war never ended as far as the Pentagon is concerned.

  170. Unbelievable!

    According to the NYTimes, President Obama says that "the two sides should push forward to renegotiate a 10-year, multibillion-dollar package of military aid for Israel."

    President Obama is President of the United States. I think that Miriam, who wrote a "NYTimes pick" for this story would make a much better President of the United States. She wrote:

    "While the infrastructure of our country crumbles, Israel provides socialized medicine and almost free college tuition for its citizens, and yet Netanyahu comes here and expects us to give him 3 billion, make that 5 billion a year. Other than having our president insulted by Netanyahu, who feels free to try to influence our foreign policy and elections, just what is it that we get back in return?"

    I think that President Obama has been drinking too much Israeli Kool-Aid.

  171. Progressive democrats hate Israel so much they can't stomach military aid to them (an ally), but have no problem gifting a terrorist rogue nation like Iran with billions in sanctions relief. And what did we get in return from the Iranians? More Americans taken hostage and "Death to America!"

  172. In Israel's case it is our money. In Iran's case it is THEIR money.

  173. It's Iran's money illegally frozen by the US administration. On the other hand, Netanyahu is asking the American taxpayer to provide more dollars-meaning more arms- to suppress the Palestinians and steal more of their land.

  174. The NYTimes reporting reads: "[Netanyahu] said he shared Mr. Obama’s goal of eventually resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians with a two-state solution."

    How long ago was that Netanyahu told the Israeli electorate on the eve of the election for the next Prime Minister of Israel that if he were to be re-elected that there would be no Palestinian state during the term of his new administration?

    And, thereafter, in Netanyahu-speak, he publicly calls Palestinian President Abbas a liar. What does he call himself?

    Netanyahu is a liar. He tells the Israeli electorate that there will NOT be a two-state solution in order to gain re-election. Then, a few months later, he now tells Obama that "he shared Mr. Obama’s goal of eventually resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians with a two-state solution" because he wants $5 billion of free military aid from U. S. taxpayers and he knows that these are the pretty words that Obama wants to hear.

    Obama and Netanyahu deserve one another.

  175. He called Abbas a liar because that's what he was. He lied openly and publicly, claiming that a 13 year old terrorist who stabbed a Jewish boy his own age and then tried to stab a Jewish man had been killed when he knew full well that the boy was alive and well and being treated in an Israeli hospital. It was incitement of the most vulgar kind and Bibi was right to call him on it just as Bibi was called out on his comments about the Mufti of Jerusalem.

  176. “It’s no secret that the prime minister and I have had a strong disagreement on this narrow issue,” Mr. Obama said"

    Really. So they don't have a strong disagreement on settlement expansion? They don't have a serious problem when Netanyahu clearly states during his campaign that as long as he is Prime Minister there will be no two state solution? Obama and Kerry had no issue with the indiscriminate bombing and slaughter of over 500 children during Israel's latest incursion into Gaza? Obama has no problem with Netanyahu perhaps naming as head of his public relations a man who states that Obama is an anti Semite?

    The silliness and fraudulence of diplomatic speak never ceases to amaze.

    "there was no commitment to bolstering American aid. Israel is said to be seeking $5 billion, a substantial increase from the roughly $3 billion agreement that expires in 2017."

    Isn't that what Netanyahu was looking for? Let's see if Obama ends up rewarding Netanyahu's bad behavior. If he does he will validate the hard liners position of the Likud Party. There will be no price they have to pay for their intransigence. It is not a message the U.S. should be sending to Israel.

  177. Israel is like a drug-addicted brother-in-law. we don't need them but enough americans are in love with "holy land" myths. the essence of ethical religion is not dependent upon ruins in the desert. let's leave the region.

  178. Anti-Israel posters decry the fact that the U.S. gives Israel, an ally, approximately $3 billion in military support a year. Funny you don't hear them whine about the $582 billion the U.S. provided to Western Europe for military support last year (see NATO). What exactly is it that bothers them about the small amount Israel gets that doesn't bother them about the obscene amount provided to Europe? Something about a Jewish state?

  179. Dr. M

    Great. It is a small amount, so Israel doesn't need it.

    But dishonesty is in your premise, so, what does it matter?

  180. isn't that what the USA spends in Europe on its own army? I doubt it that the USA finances European armies.
    If it uses that money to finance its army, the USA is free, indeed, encouraged, to leave us Europeans, close down its bases and get back to its own territory. WWII ended 70 years ago, and Russia is no threat to Europe, indeed, it is one of us. We do not need American troops in Europe.

  181. Western Europe does not receive any money as grants unlike Israel. The money you are stating if correct is to support US bases and personnel based in Europe. Is anything the US controls its European based which is not the case with Israel who continually chise to do what they want insulting its patron along the way.

  182. Netanyahu’s White House visiting President Obama is out of desperation. East Jerusalem knife and shooting attacks made Netanyahu uneasy. The renewal need of soon 2017 expired ten-year $3.1 billion US assistance pushes Netanyahu hiding his real character of scratching the two-state solution, which is dated back to November 29, 1847, during his last campaign of the prior election.

    President Obama’s conciliatory gesture fails to warn Netanyahu’s heavy-handed approach toward Palestinians over the past few years, in the particular, the 2014 war, which killed 2,300 Palestinians and injured more than 17,000. Even a UN shelter was bombed by the Israeli army. Parts of fire power were assisted by the US.

    While US national budget is tight, Netanyahu is asking increasing the assistance from $3.1 billion to $5 billion is outrageous. We need spend our precious resources to build our infrastructure and increasing our social security benefit.

    On top of that we have little sway to Netanyahu’s austere attitude to Palestinians. He just asks with no paybacks.

  183. First, ask yourself why is it that the Palestinians after receiving billions of Euros from the EU and hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. have not built their own country. Israel does not block shipments of cement, cinder blocks, bricks, wood and other construction equipment for building housing, etc., to either the West Bank or to Gaza. It only blocks cement, etc. to Gaza for the construction of tunnels. ALso, Israel supplies electricity to both Gaza and the West Bank - got that to Gaza, with whom we are at war. If Hamas would be in the building of A COUNTRY BUSINESS RATHER THAN IN THE FEABLE ATTEMPT AT DESTROYING ISRAEL, there would be no unfortunate loss of life on either side because there would be no hostilities. But Hamas and the PLO/PNA are under the delusion that they will one day win a war against Israel and have the land from the river (the Jordan) to the sea (the Mediterranean).

    Also, what is the source of your 1847 two-state solution source? The idea of an Israel was not conjured up until the 1870s.

  184. How sincere is Netanyahu's efforts to "mend fences"? How long will his "hope for peace" last? He said his meeting with Obama has been "devoid of tension", because he is trying to play nice with the American public, as he is seeking a $5 billion aid, "a substantial increase from the roughly $3 billion agreement that expires in 2017".
    Once back home, Netanyahu will go about his business and pander to the extremists and settlers who want to grab more land from the Palestinians.

  185. How sickening. Israel meddles in our domestic affairs, disrespects our President, gets 20 times the aid per capita than any other country, has the top lobby that corrupts our politics, and is negotiating an increase in aid!

    Netanyahu was democratically elected....but so was Hamas. Israel deserves regime change.

  186. Hamas was not "democratically" elected. They murdered many of their opponents in Gaza before being "elected". And they have not held free elections since 2005.

  187. Netanyahu is part of the problems in the Middle East and no part of any solution.Much of the Bush administrations idiotic acting in Iraq was inspired by israeli fake intelligence directed under Netanyahu.Obama is wrong in behaving civilized toward an uncivilized and totally lawless israeli premier.

  188. Ah, a drop in the bucket compared to Iraq War he pushed for, and Afghanistan. The man has some nerve.

    "Netanyahu gave red line to Putin on Syria intervention

    Speaking to the conservative American Enterprise Institute, which honored him at a black tie gala with its highest award, Netanyahu said that Israel's primary goal is to prioritize its defense threats, and to defeat or mitigate them accordingly

    Those begin with Iran, which— according to the premier, in conversation with the institute's Danielle Pletka— is creating new proxies in both hemispheres on a bimonthly basis.

    "Giving Israel the tools" to defend itself, Netanyahu told the gala of two thousand at the city's National Building Museum, requires a drop in the bucket in US aid compared to the cost of Washington's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Netanyahu met with Obama earlier on Monday and asked for an increase in US defense aid to Israel from $3 billion to $5 billion a year between 2017 and 2027.

    "I bet on this alliance," Netanyahu told AEI. "I think it's pivotal for the future of our world.""

  189. It's easy to have a successful meeting with Netanyahu; just give him everything he wants. The US/Israel partnership is a moral embarrassment to the world. The rest of the world considers the US to be the biggest risk to world peace and Israel is rated fourth; a perfect marriage.
    Until we have publicly funded elections in the US, US politicians will kowtow to AIPAC and any other lobby that aids their reelection. Five billion dollars would pay for a lot of social services here in the US.

  190. By, for eight years, mixing White House murmurs of “personal non-compatibility” accompanied by pouting facial expressions with a hand full of billions of dollars, strategic weapons and unwavering political support in international arenas, President Obama virtually ensured Prime Minister Netanyahu rule over Israel will last to the third decade of the second millennium – that achievement will be remembered as the most substantive and enduring of Obama’s historical legacy.

  191. But will it be a legacy of death, disease, and destruction, or peace and rebirth? There is presently no U.S. strategy for peace and rebirth, except for the total eradication of "the enemy" and as in Viet Nam.

    And like in Southeast Asia, we rarely know (but say we know) who the enemy is, but rarely do we know who the enemy is, both on the ground and in geostrategic terms.

  192. So much criticism of Mr. Netanyahu! And all the while, his preference for Mr. Romney in the last election is looking better and better to anyone with honest eyes in their head to see the Middle East with.

  193. Netanyahu and Israel behave far more responsibly and with more restraint than our country has in similar situations. Do we blame ourselves for the civilians and children killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, or Syria in conflicts that we created? How much more money than Israel's aid package have we spent in over a decade of war there? (Hundreds of billions). Anybody remember the hospital full of international aid workers we just bombed? I think all those commenters on their high horse about Israel should take a long look in the mirror and stop pointing fingers. If it were easy, there would have been peace in the Middle East long ago. Israel has done a remarkable job overall. Disagreements aside, they deserve our help and loyalty.

  194. I dare to say that if you went to the West Bank or the Gaza Strip and asked the local people there they would give you a different opinion. Neither side has clean hands and to think or say differently is to deny facts and reality.

  195. Obama should be thankful--at least there is one leader in the world who wants to be his friend.

  196. When will it finally be time for America to point out to our "partner" that anywhere in the world we find first and second class citizens there is war--War in the East, war in the West, war up North and war down South?

    As long as we have a partner who occupies and de-humanizes a people there will be war...Our participation as a partner does not raise the level of humanity here. It simply guarantees that partner's ability to wage war...

  197. Netanyahu will eventually self-destruct, and so will Israel, as long as it continues to elect warmongers like Netanyahu, who is determined to make life for the Palestinian people impossible, in an effort to dislodge them from their lands and homes, no matter how many billions of dollars our misguided government pours into Israel, at the expense of our poor, our elderly and our infrastructure.

  198. Netanyahu talks and talks but does not do much other than protect his own agenda. To stay in power at any price is the point . That does not mean he will keep any of his promises ,either to Obama or to his allies at home . The Prime Minister has no scruples whatsoever ....

  199. Thanks for having the courage to say that where you live.

  200. A sad meeting that can only hurt US.

    Once again, being put on a defensive by an overly critical, shamelessly self-centered, opportunistic Bibi, who, like a chameleon, returns with a change in color of feigned peace seeking more money.

    Mr Obama runs a risk of losing respect from citizens like me if he now plays into the hands of the Bibi et al, and gives in to win the votes of those jews who disagreed with him.

    At the AEI award ceremony, it was painful to see such an organization making adoring remarks about Bibi and putting him on a pedestal for being one of the most popular dignitaries in US. Really?

    US will always protect Jews and Israel -- as it must. However, Obama does not need to stoop to the level of Bibi and falsely appease to the Jewish Lobby that will throw him under the bus in a heart beat to protect Jews and Israel. The message should be clear this time--the elected leader of Israel went too far this time. Israelis' cannot have it both ways. Their alliance with US should be such that anyone who insults sitting US president insults them--no ifs ands or buts. If Israelis do not see it that way, there is no need to send our Tax dollars to them.

  201. "US will always protect Jews and Israel -- as it must."

    That is an absolutely delusional and preposterous statement. America has no obligation to do so and, thanks solely to the behavior of Israel, less inclination every day.

  202. Mr. Obama no longer needs to worry about winning the votes of Jews or anybody else. If you believed that his actions and policies in the past were motivated by vote pandering, you can now let go of that baggage. As a second-term president there's nothing else left for him to run for.

  203. Having asserted American interests with the Iran deal, in spite of Israeli opposition, Obama has no need to placate. Rather, he demonstrates once again his pragmatic understanding of the long and important relationship with Israel for American and world diplomacy. Whether or not Netanyahu shares the same wisdom with Obama remains to be seen. His double-speak on so many issues has cast doubts on his reliability as a partner in diplomacy.

  204. Pragmatic understanding?
    He understands nothing. Every one of his policies, if you can call them that, has been a failure.

  205. A failure to get us into another war, a failure to keep unemployment high and the stock market low. A failure to keep gas prices high, a failure to keep my daughter from health insurance and save her kidney. Yes, every policy an utter failure!

  206. Netanyahu is our best weapon in that part of he world. Whatever he needs is a small price to pay to keep the desert threat at bay, since they are out to destroy the free world.

  207. Netanyahu has no class!

  208. Netanyahu and Obama do not have too many choices with Russia increasing its military presence in the region. That is changing the equation, and they both know it. That is why Netanyahu wants $5 billion and why Obama will give it to him.

  209. "...with Russia increasing its military presence in the region. That is changing the equation..."

    Hey! Great! The US can cease sending free money to contemptuous Israel, exit the Middle East, and hand the whole bag of rabid cats to Russia!

  210. Purely speculative. The shopping list was well established even before Russia even talked about deploying to Syria. Moreover, Russia has operated naval ships out of Syria for decades. Israel's weapons shopping list has the pricey F-35 & V-22---more than $175 million and $145 million respectively per aircraft. Apparently $3 billion doesn't go as far as it used to. The cool thing is Israel won't incorporate that advanced technology into its weapons sales to China, their number one customer. How cool is that?

  211. Remarkable progress! Netanyahu has HOPE for peace with the Palestinians. He also has HOPE for 5 BILLION dollars a year for another 10 year deal. WOW! The meeting with Obama was a success! SHAME!!!

  212. We need to protect Israel. Fine. But, as a pre-condition, the extremist Netanyahu has to go--NOW..

  213. I just want to point out to you, James, that EVERY Prime Minister before Netanyahu has made generous offers to the "Palestinians" that have been rejected.
    The problem is NOT Netanyahu.

  214. MGreenberg
    I would like to point out to you that it is well-recognized in the international community that those offers you talk about were not considered "generous". Rather they were viewed as offers by a thief to return only parts of the stolen property.

  215. The Israelis have a rich diaspora. Let them support Israel. Adelson, Braman &
    Singer to mention a few should send money to Israel instead of buying our

  216. Barack Obama is not respected by Binyamin Netanyahu. The main reason is the US president refused to go to war against Iran, Israel's main foe in the Middle East.

    Nonetheless, Bibi and Israel are not doing too bad in the unbreakable alliance. Netanyahu is the only foreign leader capable of humiliating the US president, be acclaimed in the US Congress and still be received at the White House.

    Besides getting more military and financial aid, what else Bibi can expect from his visit to DC?

  217. "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" are popular rants from the
    crowds in Iran. The Middle East is a ticking time bomb, and we need
    Israel as the only dependable ally in the region. Obama will be gone in
    about 15 months, but he can leave the U.S. in secure position with Israel
    by repairing the relations with the only democracy in the area. The
    threat of ISIS looms over all the countries in the area and Obama can not
    ignore these killers. We do not need another 9/11.

  218. The underlying problem is that no one in his right mind would trust or rely on Obama in international affairs, political or military. Netanyahu knows it, as does Putin, as does Assad, as does Xi Ping, as does Kim in North Korea, ISIS and the Talibans. So I would discount heavily the value of any promises on increased security Obama offers Israel.

  219. Please, oh please President Obama, NO MORE OF MY HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS to this small, rouge nation whose PM loves to insult you, & thru you, me & all of us.

    Israel, scarcely an impoverished country, has been the largest recipient of US foreign aid over the last 5 decades & it continues to the tune of around $500 per year for each man, woman & child resident in the country. (for comparison we donate roughly $1 per person in Africa). We also tolerate the not-too-hidden check-book lobbying activities of one of the largest & most effective lobbying organizations in Washington, the AIPAC.

    Haven’t we had about enough of Netanyahu snubbing his nose at us? Let’s start by cutting the over $3.5 billion we give them every year; we could build a lot of highways & bridges, even a half way fast train, with those funds

  220. The Prime Minster's nominee to head the office of Public Diplomacy, who is of course a settler, called the President of the United Sates an anti-Semite, despite said President having provided a plethora of arms to Israel and consistently voted, practically alone among nations at the UN, not to censure Israel for the settlements. All of which poses the question "what would President Obama have to do to join the ranks of the non-anti-Semites": go to war with Iran, or blame the Palestinians for the Holocaust?

  221. Dear Mr. President. You are almost at the end of your term so it's time to cut to the chase. Is it in America's national interests to continue to support Israeli occupation and annexation of the West bank? <br/><br/>It's a simple question that most of our politicians rephrase as whether we continue to "support Israel." Of course we support Israel, but do we support Netanyahu's policies? He certainly had no problem criticizing you over the Iran treaty, or putting you in check when you offer even tepid criticism of his policies. Yet we act as if annexation and an illegal blockade of Gaza are simply inevitable and that Palestinians are mere throwaways destined to be refugees forever. <br/><br/>Netanyahu says he has “not given up our hope for peace,” and he "remains committed to a vision of peace of two states for two peoples, a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state.”<br/><br/>So his policy is to proclaim hope and vision, while annexing land, building settlements, diverting water, blockading Gaza and keeping 10k Palestinians in jail, most for violating military rules of occupation. <br/><br/>Mr. President, if that's what you believe in and that's what our policy is, then say so. Let's stop fooling around with obfuscations. As we go into the new election cycle American voters can at least know where we really stand and what we're getting for our 6 billion dollars a year. It's time for you to be as resolute and clear about Netanyahu as he has been about you and your fellow citizens.

  222. "Still, Mr. Obama did raise the issue of Israeli settlement activity..."

    He raised the issue!!

    So proud to be an American.

    What a man we have in the White House.

  223. There will be no peace in the Middle East as long as Netanyahu is in power. Full stop!

  224. Let's acknowledge that a 2-state solution is silly. A bifurcated Palestine consisting of Palestine on the West Bank plus Gaza is not likely to be viable. What they need is a 3-state solution, Israel, Palestine on the West Bank, and Gaza.

    It's been 67 years, let's try something different. Obama, as the world's per-eminant leader, should urge the UN to step up and IMPOSE a solution on the parties. The UN caused this dilemma by giving Jews a state, largely at Palestinian expense, to make recompense for what the Germans did. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, impose one and enforce it with an armed UN multi-national force. Ignore history, draw borders which coincide with where people actually live today, not in 1948, 1967 or 2,000 years ago.

    The settlers, if they legally acquired their land, should be allowed to stay where they are. If they find themselves on the Palestinian side of the border they can leave or stay and become Palestinians, Jewish Palestinians who will enjoy all of the rights and privileges accorded to all citizens of the State of Palestine. Israel has Arabs, Palestine can have Jews!

    Invoke the legal Doctrine of Eminent Domain and pay Just Compensation to all, Jews included, who lost property as a result of the UN's creation of Israel. Visit a UN Middle East Compensation Commission office, present your claim, sign a Release and walk out with a check. That's fair.

    You know what you get when you take peoples' property for no money? 67 years of war.

  225. Any settler subsidized, in any way, or protected by the State of Israel will have to leave unless the State of Palestine says otherwise.

  226. Netanyahu is looking for an increase in funding. What nerve!

    We need to stop giving money to Israel. It was appropriate when Israel was a newly established, needy, developing, backwater country. But now Israel is an economic powerhouse with a strong currency. They weathered the recent global, economic downturn turn well. They are at the forefront of medical science, armaments, computers, software, and other fields. Forbes has reported that there are quite a few billionaires and many millionaires in Israel. If Israel needs money get it from them, not US.

    Instead of putting out hand and asking for more they should put up their hand and say "thanks, but no thanks, we appreciate everything you've done for us up until now".

    We don't give money to France, do we?

  227. We get nothing from France. Israel gives us military and other intelligence. Israel is keeping ISIS away from US.
    For now.

  228. This article suggestes that President Obama chided PM Netanyahu for not sharing America'objective of a Palestinian state in Palestine within the framework of a Two States resolution of the conflict.
    Mr Netanyahu has been forthright about not wanting it and working against it throughout his watch.
    The real question is how seriously does the USA want and works for it.
    In practical terms the inevitable answer is that the USA never wanted a Palestinian state, neither in the 1948/9s when it acquiesced to Israeli conquest and expansion into lands earmarked for the Palestinians state but actually supported it NOR now with the USA doing absolutely nothing about Israel's interminable land grab by the construction of new settlements, expansion of existing settlements and the relentless progressive Judaization of Jerusalem.
    The USA never wanted nor ever seriously worked for a Palestinian state .
    if any thing at all it is and has always been feverishly working against it at the UNSC by brandishing its veto power and by freeing Israeli resources for use in more and more intensive construction of Settlements through interminable economic and military aid , insisting on direct negotiations as the only venue to peace while in the full knowledge , and possible agreement with Israel, that it will never lead any where. Thus allowing Israel the time and granting it directly the economic aid and political coverage to go on with its complete Zionization of ALL Palestine plans