Scott M. Gimple on ‘The Walking Dead’ and What Those Zombies Are Really Eating

The “Walking Dead” show runner discusses fan service versus storytelling, diverging from the comics and his favorite show on TV.

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  1. How does everyone keep their teeth so white?

  2. And their hair so iconically character defining

  3. This must come up all the time and I suppose it must be part of the "mystery" you referred to, but it's always been hard for me, I REALLY have to suspend disbelief, that one bite from a walker spells doom, and yet all the live characters are going around up to their ears in zombie blood and guts most of the time. How can it be?

  4. Everybody's already been infected. When anyone dies (with their head intact) they turn. A walker bite doesn't infect, it just kills you and then (just like any other death) you start jonesing for a warm meal.

  5. How does this trash get on TV?

  6. I used to ask that, particularly in regard to things like "reality" TV (Kardashians, especially), but now I ask, and truly wonder, why do people watch such trash? That's the truly scary thing.

  7. Hardly "trash" at all.

    While it may be a "zombie show" - it is much more about human nature and relationships than actual zombies.

    While not all episodes/seasons have had equal quality - there have been episodes/scenes which have had writing and acting equal to that of well-regarded shows like "Breaking Bad", "The Sopranos", "Mad Men", etc.

    In particular, there was a scene in season 2 set in a bar which was equal to those in the best Westerns.

  8. Does your TV receiver get stuck on AMC Sunday nights? No? Then stop trolling the NY Freaking Times

  9. Why are there no fat zombies?

  10. Or zombies wearing shorts and T shirts? It's the South, for gods sake.

    I know it's a makeup issue but this show makes enough money they could spring for some more authentic looking Dead.

  11. Heads bashed in on AMC...fine. Bare breasts or a penis on Mad Men? Heavens no.

    What a nation of jittery puritans, though I do agree with the interviewee that smart-phone zombies must find a world of focus and simplicity appealing. I could not take the series' gore in season 1, and some of my friends just stopped watching because of escalating gore on the show. Good story or not, even in season 1 the series wallowed in gore-nography.

  12. TWD is not some sort of documentary. All gore is by talented make up artist. All weapons are fake. Unlike breast or a penis that are real. Bringing on feelings of lust for viewers and actors/actresses a lot of times. So, more reality than fiction in your comparison. If too much gore, I agree, change that channel. But steer clear of that lust as well. You may find yourself in a place that you wished you watched TWD or kept the TV off.

  13. I had to be convinced by my son to watch the show. While the zombie premise sounds unbelievably dumb, the show is more so about people building relationships, character development and how they hold on to hope for survival during an apocalypse... this is pretty much one of the very few TV shows I watch, and it beats watching all the dumb reality shows that pervades TV now. It's actually a very good show and Season 6 has been the best season yet. Last night's episode had me VERY upset!
    Side thought: The whole zombie issue could be solved if someone tied the dead's shoelaces together upon their demise.

  14. Yeah--even when the shoes wore off you could hear their foot bones rattling in time to warn you.

  15. "It beats watching all the dumb reality shows that pervades TV now." I agree. The walkers represent more than the gory mess we see. At least we know TWD is fictional. Some reality shows, I'm not always sure.

  16. Dammit, Egner--where's your TWD blog? Now that we know you're not in some ditch on an alien planet, we are anxiously tapping our feet for the blogs on #s 2 & especially 3. Please come back to the 5 & dime, Jimmy Dean!

  17. Hmmm.... tastes like chicken. We are, admittedly, addicted to The Walking Dead. It does get a little repetitive but the show is well written and directed enough to keep our attention and the acting is on a very high level. We find it a little scandalous that Andrew Lincoln has not been nominated for an Emmy. Jon Bernthal was also superb when he was still in it, of course, as is Melissa McBride. I do think they need to find a new story arc that lasts more than one season. I was disappointed when the mission to Washington DC turned out to be a red herring. To my mind the show needs that. At the moment it feels a little directionless.