New York Today: A Mayor on the Move

A mayoral trip to Israel, a secretive sect and a strongly worded letter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the story of Grace Bedell Billings and Abraham Lincoln's beard. Nice note to start the day on.

  2. “Danny Meyer plans to eliminate tipping at all of his restaurants.”
    We know what this likely means: twenty percent will be built into the price, but good service will quietly get a little extra cash on top of that anyway, won’t it?

    “Tip!” – tune of ZIP

    We’ve been inconsistent diners
    So forgive us if we sound like whiners
    We’ve sensed that service may be slipping
    And the only change in cost we have seen
    Is the changing way of tipping

    When we broke fasting on Yom Kipper
    We didn’t spot even one tipper
    We said to the waiters “Aren’t people awful
    Leaving nothing isn’t nice.
    What are they thinking when they pay”
    And they said: “They all think, the top tip's now in the price

    Tip! That new server wasn’t brilliant today!
    Tip! But we liked the wit of our sommelier
    Tip! We would like to give for service done well
    Tip! But we think the owner might give us hell

    We’d prefer to keep tradition
    With financial exhibition
    Tip! But we have no choice now
    Everybody gets top dollar
    Makes us want to stamp and holler
    “Tip!” Have we lost that voice now?

    Tip! In a year, great service might be passé
    Tip! Where the hell’s our cabernet?”

  3. You won't actually be paying more for your food, it's what you probably would have tipped your server anyway. At most it'll be 5% higher, they've done this in Europe for years. Known fact, I've worked many a job in the food service industry most foreigners DO NOT TIP as they are used to having that cost built into the bill. It's a plus for the server.

  4. The ump has called a foul tip.

  5. LOL - Loving your puns, lazysusan!

  6. I don't really quite get what DeBlasio's agenda is considering how frequently he is away from NYC. He is the mayor of NYC, however he seams to have "forgotten"that, it appears that being mayor is not his first priority. So, what's going on?

  7. Bloomberg traveled all the time when he was mayor. Hell, he spent almost every weekend in the winter out of the city. Yet I don't remember this amount of whining. This reminds of the Republicans who complained about President Obama taking vacations and when the calculations were done, it turned out that W. Bush spent most of his Presidency on vacation.

  8. (I can't believe I am defending Michael Bloomberg). When he was mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled to his own home out of town at his own expense (but probably the security detail was paid for by the tax payers, as with Mr. DeBlasio). And there was PLENTY of whining! At least be accurate.

  9. “De Blasio prides himself on doing things differently from mayors before him,” The Times’s City Hall bureau chief Michael M. Grynbaum told us. “This trip will be no different.”

    Like mayoring.

  10. The tale of two cities Mayor packed the room with his supporters. Yet, he continues to not address the corruption at HPD & the Buildings Dept. Too bad he didn't walk around the area and Harlem where he could witness first hand buildings built by HIS donor developers where residents are left with construction defects.

  11. Perhaps he only wanted the perks that go along with the job, the man is a complete waste of time. And now naming a municipal building in David Dinkins name? Good grief, Dinkins was one of THE worst mayors to run NYC in a long time, though de Blasio is running a close second.

  12. Unbelievable...

  13. Is New York better off today than the recent past? I think it has gotten worse and still on the decline with this socialist Mayor. Trip a waste of time and money. Does nothing for the city.