Hillary Clinton Turns Up Heat on Bernie Sanders in a Sharp Debate

Mrs. Clinton, seeking to stem the momentum of Mr. Sanders, questioned his values and voting history.

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  1. Jonathan Martin wrote, “The most telling aspect of Tuesday night’s debate between the Democratic presidential candidates in Las Vegas may be how much they agree.”

    I disagree because politicians dance with the ones that brung them.

    Hillary Clinton is expected to raise over $2 billion in campaign money and super PAC money. Wall Street and corporate America have paid Clinton $200,000 in speaking fees. Clinton’s top donors are Wall Street banks: Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley.

    Bernie Sanders does not take big money, corporate money or super PAC money. Never has. Sanders will not appoint Wall Street cronies and corporate lobbyists to cabinet and other top positions.

    Sanders is the candidate who will represent those who have been forgotten by Washington: the 99%. He will seek the support of the American people to advance a progressive agenda, address climate change in a bold way, and if elected president he will have a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees who will say, “We are going to overturn Citizens United because that decision is undermining American democracy. I do not believe that billionaires should be able to buy politicians.”

    Despite What Corporate Media Tells You, Bernie Sanders’ Positions Are Mainstream

  2. In American politics, "he who pays the piper calls the tune."

    What that means, it matters less what a candidate says, than from whom they take money.

    When you think about it, you aren't voting for a candidate, you are voting for their donners.

    If you vote for Rubio, you are really voting for Nelson Addelson.

    If you vote for Scott Walker, you are really voting for the Kock brothers.

    If you vote for Hillary you are really voting for Wall Street.

    Obama took money from Wall Street. In 2008 they crashed the economy that ended up ruining tens of millions of lives, maybe even hundreds of millions. How much of their wrong doing was investigated? How many went behind bars?

    The candidates themselves are really just avatars for their donners.

    So, Bernie takes money from ordinary people and not from BigMoney people. So, it seems to me, it would be insane for an ordinary person to vote for anyone other than Bernie.

  3. Anyone with the integrity and intelligence to note a link to Bill Moyers has been paying attention! Congratulations on that. One up-vote from me.

  4. Until Super Pac's are disallowed in all campaigns and Citizens United is overturned, why in the world would Clinton not have a few of them on her side? To go into a general election without them while the Republican will have a multitude of them would be insane. If you are correct in the $2B figure, are you really saying that it is ok to let the Republicans have an advantage in excess of this while the Democrats simply stand on principal and allow for such an extreme disadvantage. I find that reasoning intellectually indefensible.

  5. What a relief that we actually have adults running for President.

  6. Boring debate with no substance, career politicians recyling the same old divisive agenda to win votes

  7. Francis, investing in infrastructure, investing in green energy, campaign finance reform, immigration reform, etc.... Pretty substantive to me!

    Compared to conservative gibberish it is a dose of fresh air....

  8. the entire political debate is being held within the democratic party

  9. Was this written by the Clinton camp? I got a totally different sense...her attack on Bernie was just on two issues that are relatively minor. Overall, a relatively uneventful debate.

  10. I agree with these comments. Over the last few years and mostly the last few months, the NYTimes has taken a "right" turn on news analysis. The author of this article obviously did not watch the debate or got there marching orders from someone. I no longer get my important news here. I select AP, Politico and Salon.

  11. Gun control is a minor issue? You need to get out more.

  12. Bernie didn't hurt himself and Hillary did better than expected. That's all. On issues they are quite similar with a tiny bit stronger gun control proposal from Hillary. I like both of them but will vote for the candidate who can create a better "election wave". Besides, Bernie is still untested, and not well vetted for any personal a career potential disasters. Hillary has gone through 30 years of scrutiny by conservatives and come out pretty good.

    Policy-wise it all depends on the simple fact who's in control in the House. If GOP keeps the House then Hillary will have better chance to get something done.

    Chaffey and Webb did not used their time to improve their chances.

  13. These are not "debates" -- they are televised platforms for candidates to destroy the credibility of each other.

  14. ??? Sorry, but I did not see anybody with destroyed character as the exchanges ended. Importantly, I did not see anybody even trying. Could it be that you were watching a rerun of one of the Republican celebrations of nihilism (which they call "debate".)

  15. Hillary was good. Bernie was best when he was honest - the damn email line being a case in point. (Someday, it might be right up there with "you're no Jack Kennedy.") Will be interesting to see what those who haven't seen Bernie before think of him.
    Best of all, five intelligent, thoughtful people talked the issues and Anderson lobbed decent questions and steered them back on point. They laughed, they disagreed, they passionately laid out their agendas to improve lives for Americans and others in the world.
    The Republicans should be duly embarrassed.

  16. If they could be embarrassed but not a chance.

  17. Today's Republicans are incapable of being embarrassed.

  18. GOP candidates incapable of being embarrassed.

  19. She was scripted and he was heartfelt

  20. Yes, but very well scripted. Comfortable and assertive. Just the visual of two men on each side of a woman who cooly commands the stage was impressive. Full disclosure: I won't vote; haven't for 30 years.

  21. That's it. So well said.

  22. Baloney K., Sen. Sanders has a script he's been honing for decades, and both were heartfelt in wanting to move this country forward.

  23. Were we watching the same debate? One of the big differences between this and the Republican debate is how the candidates did NOT take Anderson Cooper's bait to directly attack each other. That said, even as a Bernie Sanders supporter I'll say Hillary had a great night. This medium serves her well

  24. Democrats for their fsaults, are a real party and they live with, if not love thier fellows. The GOP ceased to be anything but a clan of cannibals after Bush lost in '92 and the Red states took a a majority of seats-then Gerrymandered even more.

  25. I've got to agree here. While I think Sen/Sec. Clinton did splendidly and outshined Sen. Sanders somewhat, she was always respectful and never "mocked" him. I think were all reasonably respectful of each other. And I think Sen. Sanders did very well. He was clearly a serious candidate.

    And much better than the the lower three looked decidedly less ready. Gov. Webb looked petulant. He spent a lot of time complaining about his lack of time to Anderson Cooper instead of just talking but starting talking and interrupting Sen/Sec Clinton after she'd been asked a direct question by Cooper (as opposed to the jostle of a debate where it might be forgiven).That did not look good to my mind. It looked sexist. It could be that he is just too used to people just doing what he tells them.

    But I would take any of them over the republicans who didn't seem to have a thought between them.

  26. Hillary was brilliant and prepared and struck a wonderful balance between seriousness and humor. She was extremely well prepared, and clearly she would bring her intelligence, experience, and work ethic to the office of President. I also thought she was very "likeable" tonight.

  27. I think they need to give the next moderator a button to turn off Hillary's mic she obviously needs to learn to share. Maybe Bernie will pick her as a running mate actually I hope note.

  28. Let the corporate-media Hillary fan fare begin. Bernie proved he has what it takes and no pundit can kill the momentum! #feelthebern

  29. So you think all those democrats supporting Mrs. Clinton are corporate shills? I have a lot of respect for Mr. Sanders, not so much for many of his followers.

  30. It is sad in that in this fawning PR job in this "news" analysis the NYT joined the Clinton campaign.

    Not a single mention of her vote on Iraq. Yes, she now calls it a "mistake", Tell that to the families of thousand of Americans who died for her "mistake", and the many thousands who will were injured and maimed and scarred for the rest of their lives.

  31. Clinton's performance was masterful and reminded me of the charm I have often seen from her in her talks and banquets. Glad to see the NYT coverage putting the "democratic socialist" candidate in his rightful place.

  32. Time to make another small donation to the "democratic socialist".

  33. OK, MacBones, I'll now make one to the GOP.

  34. Oh Obscenely Wealthy, you're too much!

  35. The conduct of the five people in this Democratic debate make me proud to call myself a Democrat tonight. Thank you candidates for your civility, intelligence, class, and respect for your country and its people.

    They have had disagreements to a point with dignity and it was notable. They also agreed with integrity. Bernie Sanders even went a step higher in putting an end to the email issue. Taking the high road could be presidential, couldn't it? And Hillary Clinton shaking his hand immediately, could be presidential, couldn't it?

    We were given forthright information and opinions.

    So different than the Republican debates and their demeanor.
    This was a debate of the people and for the people - for all people of the United States, a Democratic value.

  36. Glad the Democrats have enough foresight to resist the urge to form a circular firing squad this time.

  37. I said the same thing. They showed maturity and respect toward each other even though the are competing! that's what I look in a president!

  38. This comment sounds great rhetoric, good for a pulpit, or a podium.
    But I am not convinced. It's too easy to throw off big words to disguise the ambition here at work.
    This was a debate not of the people, but of contenders who are all highly-educated, high-income, high-achievement go-getters, a proflle far removed from the average American person's.
    This was not a debate for the people but for their own quest in striving for even higher recognition of their personal talents. Which is as it should be.

  39. The biggest nugget: it's going to take a political revolution (Sanders) to ignite the change that Obama began.

  40. Obama didn't start anything REMOTELY similar to what Sanders is proposing.

    Obama was unwilling to prosecute a single banker or a single torturer. He expanded the war in Afghanistan and bombed even more countries than Bush.

    Obama, during the '08 campaign, proved he was a tool of the corporations, first by voting for the FISA Amendments Act, which gave immunity to the companies that helped the Bush admin spy on the US public without warrants, by refusing to even PROPOSE universal single payer health care, then by dumping the public option and giving away negotiating on drug prices.

    There's so much more.

    Obama is NOT our friend.

  41. Clinton delivered a strong performance and is the clear winner. Sanders served to remind voters of the important issues we face with income inequality, the need to regulate wall street and the need to address climate change. Clinton just boosted her campaign and got past the e-mail issue with the help of Sanders. Clinton's debate skills are formidable and her grasp of policy is strong. She will be the nominee.

  42. As someone who supports Hillary Clinton I'm happy with her performance in the debate. As someone who supports the Democrats I'm happy our small cast of candidates is much better than what the Republicans have to offer. I look forward to the next debate!

  43. Ms Clinton's remark about Denmark is reminiscent of nothing as much as American insults against states in "the Old Europe" who refused Bush's demand that all the West back him in Afghanistan and Iraq-he made it a "either you're with us or against us". This was divisive and so the toboggan run of America down the ice cold slope of deteriorating international regard and superpower status began.
    Teddy Roosevelt visited the capitals of Europe before the Great war and was positively "deelighted" and impressed by German social medicine and welfare. His return to America was attended by wishes from Europeans that he'd re-enter the White House and take over-ruling with strength and intelligence. This was the reasoning behind the eventual Bull Moose party run in '12 and his attempt to wrest the nomination in '08.
    After Teddy, Franklin who'd listened carefully, saw the Great Depression hit like an anvil, in the middle of prohibition. Together he helped rid us of "original drug law" sin, then worked to make America more like Europe-with a system of law in Federal courts supported by new laws from Democrats in Congress. Not even Red State diehards dare to repeal Social Security.
    Gun contro lwill be small beer in this election, so I am happy to see Mrs Clinton drown herself in it. It is exactly like how Prohibition aimed to solve to drinking: it merely made more alcoholics, younger ones, and kept what was too shameful to be accepted in public. Republicans For Roosevelt saw this too.

  44. I just wish there were more of them, DWS is doing a horrible job and should step down for the good of the party and the country.

  45. Being better than the Republicans is an incredibly low bar.

    Just saying.

  46. Sanders accomplished exactly what he intended to do: get his name out there in front of potential supporters who haven't paid much attention yet. After tonight's debate, the substance of Bernie's positions, and his serious passion for helping the American people, will push his campaign closer to beating Hillary.

  47. The other thing Sanders handled perfectly: When asked whether "Black Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter", he was the only one that immediately gave the right answer ("Black lives matter"). And followed it up with the example of Sandra Bland, making it abundantly clear that he completely understands what the question is really about. If African-Americans had doubts about his positions on that, they probably just got a lot more comfortable with the idea of a president Sanders.

  48. So you think that independents will elect our first Socialist President?

  49. Not in this country.

  50. Anderson Cooper and his whole panel ought to be fired for gross incompetence. Hillary Clinton's emails are an important issue. The issue is that she was a major security risk with Classified and Top Secret information.

    Cooper asks a couple of softball questions. The Democrats all accuse the Republicans of partisan politics. Anderson and his crowd are too biased to ask real question about national security. They ought to be indicted for journalistic malpractice.

  51. The emails are NOT a major issue, they were NOT a security rusk, they did NOT include anything top secret when they originated with her. She is NOT being investigated by anyone except the Benghazi committee, and its reason was explained by McCarthy.

  52. No. The email "scandal", like the whole "Benghazi-gate" drama, are just the usual Republican dirty tricks – and corporate media has gone along with it.

  53. answer to you Micoz

    Enough her damn e-mails!!!
    Do you want to read it, when it become public , and if you have a time sit and read.

    E-mail is so important issue than the exposing CIA agent name to press and entering war with false intelligence and lying to nation, congress etc.

    If that issue is a criminal issue, she will get penalized, If a mishap what do you do? Benghazi issue already concluded by the congress , go read it.

  54. I didn't feel the heat. The few sharp exchanges were rather mild as these things go. What I felt was a sense of pride in the intelligence and compassion demonstrated by the adults standing on that stage, compared to the moronic circus of the Republican debates. In particular, I thought Sanders finally got a chance on a national stage to get his points across, and far from being some sort of unelectable socialist, he seemed to channel the outrage that Democrats have been feeling for years. Clinton was relaxed, and made her case as well as I've ever seen her make it. The other candidates were not of the same caliber, but they did not embarrass.

  55. Chafee embarrassed.

  56. @gemli - I agree - a fair assessment and backers of Bernie should learn a bit of grace. He did great and flailing away at the media for saying Clinton surprised is silly and counterproductive, unless you are a Republican trolling for discord of course. Compared to the Republican clown circus . . no comparison.

  57. My God, did you watch the same debate I did? Because it wasn't all about Hillary Clinton attacking Bernie Sanders, yet to read the first half of this article you'd think that was all there was to it.

    This is all too typical of the grotesquely slanted, Cliton focused, horse race focused election coverage that has lately afflicted the Times. Sanders made some pretty powerful points about income inequality and role of big money in politics, and his defense of Mrs. Clinton was the quotable event of the evening, one which strengthened her, but also strengthened him.

    I thought her performance was awful, by the way, and she suffered from more substantive attacks than Sanders -- her support of the war in Iraq, her triangulation, the phony half measures she supports. All of her bad qualities were on display and I found myself liking her less at the end of the evening than I had before. It will be interesting to see what the post-debate polls say, but to me, Sanders was the winner of the debate.

  58. Funny, I ended up liking her more, and appreciated her good qualities.

  59. Absolutely. I agree wholeheartedly!

  60. Doug, we'll have to see what the post-debate polls say. Some friends reacted as I did but but we're hardly a representative sample. I was very turned off by her glued-on phony smile -- so glued on (she's been told she has to be nicer) that she wore it even during the wrong moments. And even more turned off by her dishonest false-front triangulated positions. When she said for example that we aren't Denamark, my reaction was to hate her. How could she possibly think I'm stupid enough to think that statement meaningful? it comes out of a smarmy, manipulating liar, and so did most of her propsoals, which were like buildings on a Hollywood back lot -- big fancy facades and nothing behind them. And look at her position on marijuana legalization -- she wouldn't even take a position on that, because it isn't politically safe enough yet. While Sanders was open and honest about it.

  61. I'm surprised that the CNN and NY Times commentaries, first reactions at least, present Senator Sanders simply as doing a gracious favor to Secretary Clinton by saying we're all sick of her "damn emails". I'm sure that many listeners found it a very clever way for the Senator to express the widespread sentiment that we're sick of the Secretary, and the discussions that always swirl around her. I can't believe that sharp "subtext" was not intended. Senator Sanders showed himself to be an able and passionate debater.

  62. Sen. Sanders is a straight shooter. I don't think there was any subtext to his comment. He was speaking for all reasonable minded Americans when he said that Hillary's emails are not important. We need to focus on the issues that ARE important.

    I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter, but what he said about Hillary's emails was simply Bernie Sanders speaking from the heart, and expressing what so many of us are thinking (his specialty). We know it's just the Republicans' way of trying to win the White House. That's what they do. Anything but a legitimate election.

  63. Not sure what debate the authors watched. Senator Sanders had a strong performance in my opinion. More importantly, Hillary Clinton was exposed for her finger to the wind policy positions. In the opening minutes of the debate, Anderson Cooper stated how Mrs. Clinton had described herself in one political rally as a true progressive but, for a different audience, sold herself as a moderate. Hillary did her best to side-step this line of questioning, but to me, this revealed Clinton's true colors and was the most memorable moment of the debate.

  64. H. Clinton, like B. Clinton, is the consummate political weather vane: she will say whatever the prevailing winds dictate in order to get elected.

  65. Hillary is like tofu, pale and bland, but will take on the flavor of whatever is already in the skillet.

  66. YES.

    She was HORRIBLE in every possible way.

    I WANTED to see ANY intelligence, ANY sincerity, ANY new ideas.

    It's like she had NOT been coached for the past month!

  67. Wow you guys really drank Hillary's Koolaid. She has shown bad judgement throughout the year Bringing up her mother's memory at the end was a cheap shot. All the candidates had decent mothers, I'm sure. Hillary worked through college? ummm Her Dad wrote a check for her tuition. She failed the bar exam her first try. I'm from the barrio in south Texas and both my cousins who became lawyers passed the bar their first try and did not have anyone write a check for their schooling. Sanders was too much of a gentleman tonight But that character shows, or rather shines through.

  68. And how many YEARS did it take for Hillary to admit that her 2002 Iraq vote was a mistake? And on the Patriot Act, she never anticipated that the Bush administration would impose warrantless searches. What kind of legislator is she? Couldn't she have thought to add a sentence that says "Nothing herein will abridge, reduce or in any way lessen the responsibility to have warrants for searches of any kinds whatsoever." And, I surely hope that the main reason why her presidency would not 'just' be an extension of Obama's is that she's a woman. What's the word for that kind of argument?? It's certainly not the high road.

  69. Kool-Aid? I hate it. Never drink it. I also hate the glib, jejune reference to the mass-suicide, murder. But HRC was not being cheap about mentioning her mother who had a very hard life and has been a central figure to her daughter throughout her career. The reference, as I recall, was to her mothers advice to pick herself up after a fall. Taking the bar until she passed seems to give her more than a pass. So does running for POTUS a second time. Tuition check or not, she worked during college and expects students to work to defray the public expense of free tuition. That is indeed a reasonable expectation. BTW, Bernie Sanders will make a good VP.

  70. I have two comments on the Democratic debate:

    1. This was to the Republican debate what a graduate seminar is to playtime at preschool.

    2. After reading comments on Twitter and those by The Times reporters live-blogging, I don't think I want to read any more comments by non-professionals. Seeing the childish tweets by people of all political stripes is worse than depressing and makes me think that most of my fellow Americans (at least those on Twitter [on which I don't have an account]) are fools and blowhards.

  71. Spot on! And it surely includes Mr. Trump, who telegraphed his intent beforehand to do just that. Live tweeting of something like a sports competition or an unfolding natural disaster is one thing, but tweeting and live blogging during a debate can only mean those doing it aren't really paying attention.

  72. When CNN started to run insipid tweets (a redundancy) on the bottom of the screen I started to look for gaff tape to cover it up. God forbid CNN would want their audience to just be able to concentrate on the words of the candidates. Fools and blowhards is an apt description. If you're tweeting - or reading tweets - you're not paying attention so why would I listen to you anyway?

  73. Did I watch the same debate as the NYT writers? I saw a respectful and useful debate between the candidates, where they agreed on many issues and disagreed on a few. To say that this means that Hillary Clinton questioned Bernie Sanders' values or positions in general is looking for conflict where there wasn't any.

    For the most part, I found the debate refreshing and substantive, and came away comfortable with the idea of at least three of the candidates eventially becoming the nominee.

  74. Steve, I was thinking I missed something in the beginning, missing the first 20 minutes. They all demonstrated leadership and civility. They were polite, respectful, and pointed out policy differences, not personality differences. This is what a presidential debate should look like

  75. I'm supporting Bernie (and have sent him a small contribution, along with millions of others).... but I was very impressed with Martin O'Malley's thoughtfulness and strength. I think Jim Webb is a great American and would make a great president.... but unfortunately he doesn't do as well on TV as the others. I'd be satisfied with these 3 as President!

  76. Sanders' fans remind me of Ron Paul supporters in 2008. He just can't do no wrong in their eyes... Same delusion.

  77. What has Bernie done wrong? Elaborate, because everyone is perfect?

  78. I'd say the same of the die-hard Hillary supporters. The worst are the ones who will vote for her just because she's a woman.

  79. No personal attacks. Unity in the message with individual points of view.
    Refreshing compared to the Republican circus act of a debate.

    Real issues discussed with serious answers.

  80. The authors apparently believe that the politics of Denmark were a major issue in the debate.

  81. Denmark politics is very relevant, in fact because while democrats trying t show us good examples from the world,, Republicans trying descent us to middle eastern dictatorships level.

    I for value politics of Denmark and their engagement with Climate change, world needs to learn form them many things.

  82. To lefty liberals, this is actually a big issue. They desire to make the US identical to Scandinavia, i.e., socialist.

  83. Did you watch the same debate I did? It was not about Hillary "aggressively attacking" anyone. It was a substantive debate by reality based people. Can you please drop the obsession with political tactics and trying to gin up a horse race. The political differences in this country are life and death for millions. Not entertainment.

  84. I am gratified to see soooo many watchers disagree with this article about who won this debate. Seems a lot of us agree this was far more balanced than the article claims. GOOD POST!

  85. Amen, a million times amen! The horse race coverage in the Times is ludicrous. And it inevitably ends up being slanted as well, since it ends up revolving around the reporters' subjective opinions about who can win, who did best, etc. -- often delivered long before it's possible to make meaningful statements about that.

  86. Exactly -- the reporter basically had the tenor of the story determined before the debate began. This article does not reflect what really happened.

  87. I think Hillary Clinton stood out, in part, because she could become the first woman president. This possibility has huge potential for transforming the nation, from a male dominated to a balanced society.

    A woman gets elected, and it is a tipping point for America. We landed on the moon with one step for man, one giant leap for mankind. We elect Hillary and we have one step for women, one giant leap for humanity.

    I say, run Hillary, run. The sky is the limit...

  88. I'm sure you would vote for Farina if she were the Republican nominee, and Hillary was not the Democratic nominee.

  89. I continue to be baffled why having a woman has the slightest importance in selecting a president. Was Palin a good idea? Nor is the mendacious Hillary. I did not vote for Obama twice because he is black nor will I select a candidate based on gender. In fact this particular woman candidate has more in common with the Republican establishment that the other Democrats,
    She is owned by the banks, military contractors and Israel. In light of her views if gender is her "trump" qualification she loses. And good riddance.

  90. If gestalt counts, Hillary cornered the market. She looked, acted, and projected the confidence, experience, and intelligence one hopes for in a president. Her greatest challenge is not to get elected--witness the opposition--but to carry both houses of Congress to enable her to put her programs into effect. Unless she can do that, the best she can hope for is to expand presidential prerogatives in the way the President has discovered. If that passes for governance in our days, so be it. It is at least something. Again, to be successful, she must get out the vote in very big numbers.

  91. Surprise -- MEH casts her vote for a woman. The key word in this comment by MEH is "acted", in the 2nd sentence. We need more Wall St. genuflection like we need more Libya type war mongering.

  92. I don't feel the debate questions and format were very successful in showcasing how different Clinton and Sanders really are. Bernie is the true progressive with a true progressive agenda and a true progressive voting record. Clinton is big money, "evolving" on the issues that matter, and attempting a pivot to the left all for show. She sounded like a liberal candidate. She isn't. I am still feeling the Bern.

  93. Me, too!

  94. Doc,

    I felt it did. I came in not preferring one candidate or the other, liking many things each had to say. It was the first chance I had to really listen to Bernie's message, and I felt I got a clear understanding where he is coming from and felt he communicated it clearly forthe most part (though don't understand his gun control psosition). ANd I also got a clear understanding of Hillary...more of the same with some refinements and greater oversight.

  95. I agree. Some of Cooper's questions were not well informed. For example, he equated Sanders conscientious objection to the Vietnam War with pacifism and I'm glad Sanders effectively answered a stupid question.

  96. No one articulates the “substantive”issues facing America more clearly and forcefully than Senator Sanders. When he calls for “revolution” he is really calling for Americans to simply get off their butts and vote - not sit out the election as roughly two thirds of eligible voters did in the last midterms (along with nearly 80 percent of young people). Let’s hope we all do.

    The night was a reassuring alternative to the Republican Clown Show, which insults and trivializes the yearnings of a great majority of Americans of all political persuasions.

  97. “When [Sanders] calls for ‘revolution’ he is really calling for Americans to simply get off their butts and vote….”

    What Sanders tells the crowds at his rallies is that he will need them more after the election.

    Bernie Sanders: We need a mass grassroots movement that looks the Republicans in the eye and says, if you don’t vote to demand that wealthy people start paying their fair of taxes, if you don’t vote for creating jobs, raising the minimum wage, and expanding Social Security, we know what’s going on. We’re involved. We’re organized, you are out of here if you don’t do the right thing.

  98. I noted that even Mr. Webb tried to trivialize Mr. Sanders on the need for a majority of Americans to get involved in our national government and what direction we allow it to take-to revolutionize the right to vote-to be a part of the solution. Mr. Webb is out of the picture, in my book, because he scoffed at this very real situation we find ourselves in, the nation is sick and tired of the same old inside DC crowd telling us we have no choice - just the same way Obama has been scoffing at Mr. Sanders for the same big issue. Americans have not been involved because they have been dumbed down and feeling inconsequential by big Corporate Moneyed Interests. It is time we gave these candidates some consequences when they do not do what is right for the nation. Use our votes to vote them out. MR. SANDERS for PRESIDENT!

  99. I think we either see a revolution and elect Sanders or we see a real revolution, a bloody revolution.

  100. Hillary did not hurt herself (a good night), Bernie was Bernie, and I think O'Malley was a slightly more sincere John Edwards and, dare I say, reminded me a bit of the other Clinton.

    Anyway, I think it's a three-horse race from this point on. Webb and Chafee didn't get a fair shot, but they may as well quit at this point, in all honesty.

  101. Webb is not a 'real' Democrat - at least not a 21st century one. Honestly, Chafee is a more genuine Democrat than Webb, and he's a former [official] Republican.

  102. Why do I never see it noted that Chafee used to be a republican? Not just a registered republican, but a Republican office-holder? He was always moderate and he should have left the party sooner, but I'm not down with anyone who ever called himself a Republican as a grown up wanting to be the Democratic nominee for president.

  103. Bernie is a grumpy old man who will never be President. Hillary pointed out his checkered voting record and he is not someone who could ever accomplish a thing with a Republican controlled Congress.

  104. The debate was better than I thought it would be. Sanders was compelling as always. What he says is the truth. We must take down Citizens United, one of the malicious turns that this country has taken over the last few years, undermining everything that the US stood for throughout its history. We have created another aristocratic class--or rather, a plutocracy, because there is not even a sense of high culture or social obligations for these people, only high consumption and immoral accumulation of wealth. Still, the US is mired in cultural wars and an addiction to the media that Sanders may not be able to navigate. On the other hand, Clinton may be forced by Sanders to come back to her principles after having danced with the devil for 20 years. Who knows if the people who are after a revolution will forgive her. Therefore, if any of them is selected in the primaries, it would be good to select O'Malley as a vice-presidential partner. He did great today and looks unstained and promising.

  105. Clinton's principles are me first, she never left them. She supported senator Barry Goldwater who voted against the Civil Rights Act, which Sanders supported along with SNCC.

    What more do you need to know? Than Clinton sat for 6 years on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors?

    Flip flops on TPP and XL Pipeline?

    Thinks repeal of Glass-Steagall was a good thing? and so.

  106. I am not a Sanders supporter, but after watching the debate, I was surprised to see your headline. Clinton gave a good performance, but I don't think she overshadowed Sanders at all. He was very articulate and forceful. I can't help but suspect the NY Times is being somewhat partisan here.

  107. Somewhat?

  108. The Times has been grotesquely biased in it's reporting on Sanders: dismissive of his candidacy and ignoring his statements on issues for trivial horserace concerns.

    Since I didn't get to see the debate, all I can depend on for the moment is the comments here, which tell me that the Times' reporting is again not to be trusted.

  109. Poll results: "Bernie won the debate with 70-85% of the votes."
    Corporate media: "Hillary held fast, a steady champion of the people!"

  110. The heat was tepid at best for HRC - saw a lot of side stepping and evading where Bernie tells it like it is and tells us specifically what he wants to do when elected.This is the change America is looking for not the same old rhetoric and business as usual in Washington and with our Congress in conjunction with Wall St. and Corporate America.

    Overall an enjoyable debate from all candidates.Will continue to support Bernie Sanders President 2016

  111. Not covered in this report on the debate...is the Republican use of t.v. ads to attack Democratic positions on immigration reform and Hillary Clinton on Benghazi....

    There were also some interesting distinctions made between Sen. Sanders and Sec. Clinton on the regulation of the Banking and Financial industries.

    I am not sure Senator Sanders adequately explained his position as a Democratic Socialist. What exactly does that entail. Certainly, the Republicans will be using that label to inspire fear in electorate.

    Given the constraints of time this was a good debate...marked by civility and a discussion of issues in contrast to the reality show atmosphere of the Republican debates to date.

  112. Wow, thoughtful adults engaging in important questions! The Republicans might consider such a thing. Tonight's debate made me very glad to be a Democrat.

  113. For a bunch of Supply Siders, a thoughtful adult is a rare commodity among the Republican cast of candidates.

  114. Wow. Your reporters must have been watching a different debate than the one I saw. Though Cooper tried to generate entertainment all candidates rather calmly and respectfully made their points. The only loser for me was Cooper.

  115. Hillary did not 'mock' Bernie; she merely positioned herself differently. Do not mimic what Anderson Cooper tried to do by playing them against each other. That's not how dems roll. Bernie's 'enough with the email' was the epitome of this.

  116. The current headlines about "turning up the heat" and "clashing" are provocative and attention-grabbing, but do not do justice to the debate's high caliber. Anderson Cooper did try to encourage sparks and flesh out differences, but there was nothing personal, nasty, or below the belt. What an improvement from the republicans' race to the bottom!

  117. Agreed - why not put this article on the editorial page if it's slanted so obviously to favor the view that Clinton won? Come on NYT, show some professionalism in how you approach a headline story in an important election!

  118. You must have been watching a different debate because I thought everyone was very collegial, civilized and cordial, even when disagreeing. Hillary certainly did not attack Bernie aggressively. She did a great job and was very presidential. Bernie spoke passionately and convincingly. It was an interesting debate, but they could have left out Webb and Chaffee.

  119. i only got a chance to watch the last half of tonight's debate, and when i got online to check it out, i found it literally *comical* how much more competent, civilized, intelligent, and humane the democratic candidates for president are than the the republicans candidates!...and then that made me extremely sad. and scared.

  120. Why is not the obvious ever mentioned? If Hillary had not been married to a president she would still be a lawyer in Arkansas working on questionable land deals...

  121. It doesn't take into account that every other first lady has not aspired to do a fraction of what Hillary has accomplished. Give her some credit

  122. There was no aggressive questioning, nor any "biting exchanges" between Hillary and Bernie. That's absurd. In fact, at times it was pretty cordial between them, especially when Bernie stuck up for Hillary on the e-mails. Bernie did great---passionate, honest, often very eloquent. Hillary was strong, too. But there was NO "turning up the heat" anywhere. I am just baffled to think where the reporters came up with that.

  123. Did we watch the same debate as the reporter of this article? Gun control and Iraq are not the big issues. It's 10000000% about the future of the middle class. Clinton is fake and really doesn't appear to care about anyone that doesn't spend thousands on a campaign dinner. Sanders is exactly what he says he is, and I think he is playing for my team.

  124. I'm progressive but I think gun control is not part of that agenda. Hillary thinks she's found some issue but it's pure manufacture and a side show in any event.
    Listen, I was just carjacked by armed criminals in Guatemala and in addition to many post- survival thoughts, it was clear that in a society where the criminals know we cannot be armed, we are marked for assault; guaranteed those criminals have to adjust their odds based on the mere possibility that we are armed.

  125. "Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street. Wall Street regulates Congress."

    Best quote of the night.

  126. And, that was from Bernie Sanders.

  127. Clinton is the last democrat I would support for President, molded and funded by the corporate and military lobbyists that want the same as usual politics while this country falls into a citizenry disempowered and biased toward the very rich. On principle, Jill Stein of the Green Party has the ideas and hopes for a more honest and less violent society, but Bernie Sanders is one who is trying to change things within the Democratic party.

  128. " (Before the debate started, one Clinton donor bragged of winning $25,000 at blackjack.)" This says volumes about the kind of supporter the HRC campaign seeks out. And yes - that campaign's candidate was poised, retooled and successfully pitched to TV audiences based on numerous focus groups and many rehearsals . . . and therein lies the problem. We vote for an individual based on their character and conviction, not an invented persona cast to suit a political moment. I can trust that Sanders will be the same outspoken, cantankerous and ethically driven man four years from now that he has been for the last 40 - by contrast, I really don't know who Hillary is - or what she will become.

  129. The comment on blackjack is irrelevant, and reminds one of Bernie Carson's stpru about Popeyes.

  130. The Democrats in general won this debate. They were all exciting, grown up and insightful. I love the answers of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who both proved why they deserve to be frontrunners. Martin Omalley had an excellent closing statement. The only exception to the excellent performance by all was Lincoln Chaffey admitting he voted for a bill he did not know about. This was an amateurish mistake and Anderson did well pressing him on it. This was almost equivalent to governor Rick Perry'S whoops moment.

  131. Climate change will destroy the planet? Insightful? The earth has survived meteors, volcanoes, massive floods, the ice age and the opposite and it's still here. NOTHING we do to the planet will SAVE THE PLANET...maybe a few more years on Earth for PEOPLE but PLEASE, bring some perspective to the conversation. The debate about climate change is not over.

  132. This debate left us with more of the same; a bunch of career politicians trying to convince us that they are the solution to all the career politician damage that's been done over these past 20 years...especially the last 7.

  133. So the last 7 years were more damaging than the previous eight??? I guess some people live in a parallel universe.

  134. In order to think that most damage to this nation has occurred during the last 7 years, you have to be 7 years old. We are way better off than we were when George W. Bush left office. There's no comparison.

  135. Right on

  136. Hillary did well, but the NYT take on the evening was that she was the insurgent against Bernie, rather than how it really is. I don't think either Bernie nor Hillary convinced the other's supporters to change side. On the other hand, and much to my delight and I'm sure the media's discomfort, Bernie Sanders established himself as a serious, mainstream candidate--he can no longer be marginalized after tonight without suffering consequences. This is far from over for those two, although Webb and Chaffee did nothing; O'Malley, somewhat, but no great shakes. I think Hillary's militarism is going to be hard for people to swallow, as is her unwillingness to seriously confront Wall Street and the .1%. Also, Bernie had a very good interview with CNN right off stage after the debate, that he did well in. So, while the debate didn't change anything between the two, Bernie seems now established as a serious mainstream candidate, which is new for him, and it hopefully will change the media's neglect of what he is saying.

  137. It is highly unlikely that this will change anything for the media, as this very article demonstrates. The Times is still misrepresenting reality, if the commenters are to be believed.

    Ultimately, Sanders is STILL being marginalized after the debate.

  138. Bernie Sanders won this debate hands down. He spoke of issues; Clinton spoke of her plans. He is fun to listen to. She is shrill; her voice is annoying quite apart from her focus-group selected remarks.

  139. That's not the debate I watched. Sanders was good on domestic policy and fumbled every foreign policy question. You might complain that Hillary was over-prepared or a policy wonk, but she wasn't shrill.

    Not once.

  140. I'm for Bernie too. But I thought Hillary did a good job - she was the most relaxed and personable than I've seen her in awhile. I loved when they came back from a commercial and I guess the candidates took that opportunity to take a bathroom break and I guess Hillary was rushing back and it was pointed out she almost didn't make it and she said "yes, it does take me a little longer" - she was pretty charming.
    There was nothing shrill about her. And I hear that as a sexist comment. Sorry. But watch "shrill" - it's a little like "hysterical" - one of those words that is almost never applied to men.

  141. "Shrill" is a tell for misogyny--but you probably know that.

  142. I always enjoy the contrast between the comments upvoted by the readers and the comments upvoted by the New York Times when the article is about Hillary Clinton.

    It never fails to reveal how hard the corporate-run media is pushing for her while the people are resisting and clamoring for someone who is NOT part of the quid-pro-quo, politics-for-pay establishment. In this case, Sanders.

  143. Well, I am a one of “the people”, and I support HRC even though I fine Sanders very appealing and heartfelt. I guess the Times has just brainwashed me or something.

  144. A thousand times, YES! I was just explaining this phenomenon to my husband. It is an oddity that is impossible to ignore. May it continue. The pundits cannot change the groundswell and momentum that Bernie Sanders continues to have.

  145. Reminds one of all those obituaries that are ready the minute someone famous dies.

  146. The most important issues facing us are low taxes for rich people and lack of jobs.

    Sanders wants to raise taxes on unearned income to match what most people pay on their earnings, and he wants to tax some of the obscenely large amounts that are inherited today tax free.

    Clinton wants to do none of these things.

    Profits on gambling on Wall St, which produces no jobs and benefits no one, are taxed at about half the rate that applies to money earned by normal work as salary or wages. President Jefferson outlawed extreme inheritance when he was governor of Virginia, which is why the eldest male no longer inherits 100% of an estate. Most wealthy Americans, including six of the ten wealthiest, inherited it.

    To see these and other steps that we should take, go to YouTube and watch Comedy Party Platform (2 min 9 sec). Then send a buck to Bernie and invite me to speak to your group. Thanks.

  147. 2 Issues one for each of Clinton and Sanders will determine who becomes President in 2016.

    Clinton: Credibility.

    Sanders: Indelibility

    Clinton needs to be Believed.

    Sanders needs to be Seen and Remembered.

    The candidate that succeeds best on their issue above will Win.

  148. Well, I don't care how Clinton treated Lincoln Chaffee. She of course seems to be most comfortable with the issues, even though I think her opinion is off on a few issues --- like cleaning up Wall Street, and her $12 mark for minimum wage irks me. The people are asking for $15, which everyone knows the Republicans will never support, but then she goes for $12?

    Bernie is Bernie, and he is real --- the people will love him because he speaks for them. (I'm supporting Bernie.) If I had to pick one who did the best for himself, I would pick Martin.

  149. I think Bernie ran away with it. His remarks about beaking up the big banks, restoring Glass-Steagull. And yes Wall Street runs this country, not the other way around. Clinton still seems to be owned by Wall Street and avor the big banks. I wanted to hear her say "restore Glass-Steagull.

  150. She won't. Those banks gave her so much money, they have their interests in her pocket.

  151. It seems to me they all were real...

    They care, and have acted convictions...

    Yet Bernie, he knows, and I well feel...

    He's "people first" in his prescriptions!

  152. Hillary Clinton acting as liberator of the poor would be amusing if it weren't so transparently manipulative. Time and again, Sanders takes positions such as opposition to Super PACs, that align with his refusal to take their money. In other words, both he and Clinton talk the talk, but only Bernie walks the walk. He won that debate for me with his authenticity.

  153. To Asher and his "like"ers:

    You don't have to be poor to liberate the poor -- only someone who didn't get rich breaking the backs of the poor. You don't have to be rape victim to help other rape victims -- only someone with empathy and abhors the violence.

    So, don't let your prejudice color your conclusions.

    If you want to end Super PACS you still need to get elected. You can't use your Karate skills against a shooting squad.

  154. When is someone going to point out to her that her husband dismantled welfare, thereby laying the groundwork for many of the problems we have now.

  155. Perhaps, but that isn’t the same thing as winning a general election.

  156. As a democrat registered since I was 17, I have always voted for local and national Democxrats but the one thing I do not agree with is gun control . I grew up around people who kept one, maybe two guns-they were expensive!! and might hunt if they had time and money for bullets. I learned to shoot the old NRA 50 foot 22 Cal. targets and (at age 11) I realized that murder and killing was in the person, not the gun. I continually read during the communist era of Red CHina about desperate peasants or alleged madmen who'd murdered 40 or 50 3 or 4 year old kids at public schools there-they used butcher knives like swords. Total gun control, they had, but China could not stop mass murder of children! Clearly, it is not guns as a problem-it is the idea of them as an easy solution, to some-they'd use knives if denied a gun.
    Bernie sanders may just see the same reality. IF so, he has my vote.

  157. Liked Bernie's comments on gun control. He's right that all the shouting isn't going to solve a thing, but consensus will ... he's the only candidate in either party who knows how to use that word.

  158. Really begging the issue on gun control. Not making 22s illegal or hunting rifles illegal, but rather background checks, banning automatic weapons (what? to kill a deer?), etc. Some people have arsenals. That's just crazy...and totally unnecessary. You are right, people will kill. But it's strange that people who don't have guns seem not to shoot anyone.

  159. I also grew up around guns, and learned to shoot at age 7 using the same NRA targets. That's back when the NRA really cared about gun safety, and shooting was considered a sport. It's no longer that. It's now a political issue that's pitted rational human beings against a group that considers the killing of a dozen people as "stuff"--as in "stuff happens."

    I also live a quarter mile from the shopping center where Jared Loughner killed six people and wounded 14 others, including Representative Gabrielle Giffords. I'd give every one of my guns away if I never had to read a headline like that again. Five years ago I would have bet Gabby Giffords would have been on that stage tonight.

  160. I didn't expect to watch the whole debate but I did. It was far more riveting than advertised, and--Trump's tweets notwithstanding--a far better, more substantive, and solid discussion of real issues than either of the two GOP debates.

    Clinton said it best when she summed up by saying that nobody on that stage denigrated women, attacked people of color or immigrants, disparaged anyone's religion, or launched verbal grenades at one another. The contrast couldn't have been more stark, frankly: a bunch of grammar school kids throwing spitballs while the adults discussed major policy positions and distinctions.

    I think Clinton was the clear winner. She came off as far more personable and authentic than anyone but Sanders, and her knowledge far surpassed that of the others --Web and Chaffee seemed really lost. Most important, she was passionate on issues she can really lay claim to: guns, children's healthcare, and seeking to curb the excesses of capitalism rather than abandon it all together to become another "Denmark."

    Sanders was impassioned, as expected, but what came across --and if it came off that way to me, I can only imagine to the average viewer as well--was a rather sour, one-issue candidate. I can't put my finger on it: but a man who won't smile and makes zeal sound like a rant just isn't as appealing as Clinton.

    This debate really had just 2 contenders: one with passion in abundance, the other an abundance of policy specifics backing up her passions.

  161. One issue candidate? You watched some other program I think. No, you are right, Bernie not as appealing as Hillary, but this wasn't supposed to be a beauty contest.

  162. You are certainly a blind Clinton supporter because she did not say this, O'Malley did:
    'nobody on that stage denigrated women, attacked people of color or immigrants, disparaged anyone's religion, or launched verbal grenades at one another.'

  163. Much as I like Sanders and want him to continue as a voice, he is still running for senator from Vermont more than for President of the US.

    He stumbled visibly on Putin.

  164. The article characterizes Mr. Sanders' comment about Clinton's e-mails as a way of "shielding her." In the live blog, another Times reporter seems surprised that Sanders would give away a chance to criticize Clinton. Yet, the point of Sanders' comment was a criticism of the MEDIA, and of Anderson Cooper for spending so much time on the issue. Indeed, time after time, Cooper -- unhappy when candidates did not take his bait to talk politics would re-ask the question, saying "the question is really about..." and then cut off the candidates when they tried to talk about issues. And these were fair answers -- when Mr. Sanders answered a question about electability by talking about economic issues, he was answering the question based on a statement of his positions -- yet Mr. Cooper cut him off. Mr. Cooper seems to have taken his playbook directly from the media echo chamber of the past two months. This Times article takes the same tack -- summarizing the debate in political terms instead of in terms of policy positions. In doing so, it mischaracterizes the candidate's comments, and does scant service to the electorate. Sometimes I think the media is obsessed with controversy and the political horserace because of ratings. At other times, like this one, I feel that reporters as simply too lazy to hear what they are not already talking to one another about, or too narcissistic.

  165. Thank you! I agree with your comments. I was very uncomfortable with Cooper's constant interrupting--a strategy that seems to be de rigueur in the "news" media these days. He seemed to want to turn it into the Anderson Cooper Show and to prove his credibility as an interviewer. But to me, he just seemed narcissistic. He also really did give less time to Webb and Chaffee and somewhat less time to O'Malley. That's about ratings, not public policy debates. After the debate, the CNN folks sat at a table congratulating themselves on what a great debate it was! I turned it off.

    I told my millennial son that I wished the League of Women Voters were still running the debates. He gently said, "you would, Mom. But those days are over." Yes, those days are definitely over.

  166. Cooper did an excellent job. Hillary did her homework and was well prepared as usual. But Bernie won the night based on sincerity & consistency. The other 3 candidates got their 15 minutes of fame and should now exit the stage gracefully. Now, when do we get to see Joe?

  167. We've 'seen' Joe......

  168. It would have ben nice if Joe had made up his mind in time to attend this debate. I thimk if he's serious, he needs to get off the pot and get in the game and be at the next debate!

  169. Cooper was terrible. He asked questions that deserved detailed answers but interrupted when the candidate tried to explain himself or herself.

  170. I thought O'Malley did well - well enough to rocket into mainstream attention - and barely gets a mention here.

    Sanders likewise emerges to a mainstream audience as a significant voice and a serious contender - not at all bested in the debate by Hillary as the misleading Times headline suggests.

    Chaffee had his moments, and yes, even Jim Webb had a few.

    Hilary's performance to me seemed incoherent and cornball. Much as I want a Democratic nominee who can beat the Republicans (Rubio-Kasich? Ryan?)), I fear, not the email scandal, but Hilary's troublingly unconvincing (including tonight) manner.

    Yes, I thought the story tonight was the strength of the essential party priorities. But the concern was that Hilary is an unconvincing and tedious exponent.

    It would be interesting to see that cast plus Biden for a few debates during the upcoming year.

    I can't figure out what debate Barbaro and Chozick watched.

  171. I agree. Hillary came across as opportunistic and totally unconvincing, as she has in all her back and forth maneuverings (the countless endorsements, then denunciations of positions she's held over the years, depending on her audience). I know no one who saw the same debate that the Times is writing about. Sanders came across as having incomparably more integrity and consistency than Clinton. She is perhaps more theatrical and smiles more easily, but as Shakespeare noted, "a man may smile and smile and still be a villain."

  172. What debate did you watch? Hillary really shined. Chaffe looked stricken, Webb would be a Republican if they weren't so insane and O'Malley was pretty good, but out of his league on that stage. Bernie was good, but his vision is narrow and his righteousness gets annoying. I really believe that a Clinton/O'Malley ticket could go long.

  173. I donated money to bernie Sanders early on, largely because I wanted someone to challenge HRC. But tomorrow I will give money to her - -she was absolutely the best candidate tonight. But all debaters tonight made the Republicans look so childish. Webb did well too I thought. O'Malley OK. Chaffee is done.

  174. Webb? He needs to change parties. Sounded like someone from the 1970s.

  175. Why? All those massive banks responsible for the 2008 financial crisis are pouring money into her bin. You have no need to donate anything to her.

    That's why she's against glass Steigal. She's a mouthpiece for them.

  176. You are doing exactly what the Elite wishes you to do, supporting their candidate. Well, it is a free country . . .

  177. The worst of this lot is still light years better than the best of the R's choices.

  178. Thought Anderson Cooper did a fairly poor job getting everybody involved. Too focused on Sanders and Clinton.

  179. Hillary had a great quip, too, when she talked about how Republicans are happy to have and use 'big government' when their goals are controlling women and hitting Planned Parenthood. The oceans between the two parties' understanding of leadership shows how close in quality Sanders and Clinton are.

  180. Judging from the tenor of the coverage of the campaign thus far, it`s clear that the corporate media is much more comfortable with a candidate who`s comfortable taking contributions from its advertisers than with one who isn`t.

  181. Mr. Chafee's questioning of Senator Clinton's judgment and vote for the Iraqi War was a significant reminder that Senator Clinton's judgment is a serious issue, as Senator Sanders reminded us that the Iraq invasion was in fact the greatest blunder in American foreign policy history.

    I was not nearly as refreshed by Hillary's triangulating persona as the NYT apparently was.

  182. Socrates you always write here very wise thing.

    I believe one thing in life, being perfectionist and trying to prove that no mistake was done is really not a honest or experienced person life is.

    I do not believe in professional life flawlessness, if a person is flawless in his/her profession means that never really worked in life. People learn and evolve from their mistakes.

    Deliberately doing wrong things is really worth to criticize, such as Iraq war and pretense of that action. Hillary did mistake about Iraq war, so did America, 90% America at the moment (silently)approved Iraq war. That is the truth.

  183. Mr. Chafee's state was not the one attacked. Sen Clinton's was - and how would it have looked if, given the information they were given by the Bush Administration, the junior Senator of New York, where 9/11 had taken place, had voted "no"? Everyone forget the Sander voted the continuing resolution that funded the war - that a "yes" vote in most people's book. If they are not funded, the troops come home.

  184. You obviously did not read her floor speech on the Iraq War vote where she strongly cautioned against going to war and proposed a specific alternative. She did say that the authorization could be a good bargaining chip in dealing with Saddam Hussein at a time they still thought there was at least the possibility of weapons of mass destruction. Maybe you could take a look?


  185. It wasn't anywhere near as bad or even as pointed as suggested. What did happen is that Bernie was extremely effective at articulating what frustrates Democrats most while Hillary was far more effective at providing answers or the promise of answers than Bernie was. She was actually by far the most impressive candidate on that stage.

  186. All of which will cause Dickie Boy to cast his vote for a democrat ? For Hillary ?

    The fact that last night's debate actually addressed serious matters as opposed to the Trumpster waving his hands and complaining about all of the other lames on the republican stage. Dr. Carson , a scientist who denies both evolution and global warming whilst advocating armed violence on the streets of America. And , of course , Ms. Fiorina , a failed CEO who could not tell the truth if her life depended upon it.

    It comes down to choosing between unexperienced and naive egoists spouting the philosophies of the Brothers Koch , or experienced candidates who actually care about the issues that have been totally ignored by the most ineffective House of Representatives in history. A republican House that cares about nothing other than the defeat of the ACA and the denigration of the female citizens in this country who have the absolute gall to actually want to plan their families.

    That you may have , at long last , seen the light Mr. Luettgen , is a decision that the readers of this newspaper shall roundly applaud.

    Welcome aboard !

  187. Never was a question that Mrs. Clinton has always been the Tracy Flick of national politics.

  188. Concerned:

    No question about the Tracy Flick analogy. But remember that Reese Witherspoon won a Golden Globe for HER performance. Hillary is in it for a little more than a statue. Besides, truth is that Flick was a parody of a personality that in a man would merely have been regarded as notable and praiseworthy ambition.

  189. Seems as if the authors of this article watched only one candidate during this debate. Readers deserve a more balanced and full-bodied assessment of the debate, rather than one that sheds light onto only one candidate.

  190. Looking at the Democratic field tonight, looking at the house of representatives unable to find a leader, looking at the poll numbers of Trump and Carson, how can you feel good about the state of our politics in this country today, this is incredible, our choice is gonna be Donald Trump or the Clinton's going back to the White House, to try to work with a do nothing congress, I am disgusted

  191. Seriously? Watching this debate how can you NOT feel positive.

    We saw intelligence, wisdom, passion and most of all, ideas and commitment on that stage tonight.

    These were all smart, tough, accomplished people who love our country and who believe in the American political process and in our people - unlike the wrecking crew and clown show represented by the GOP.

    The GOP remains truly terrifying. But the remedy to them and to their insanely wealthy backers was spoken to eloquently by Bernie Sanders most of all: democracy - simply, democracy.

    Let the people rise and be heard.

  192. Advances in mass media have now given us real "democracy" as the founders of our country used the term. What do I mean? Read Joseph J. Ellis's "The Quartet".

  193. You may be disgusted because you're seeking an ideal panel of do-gooders.
    But in reality, this confrontation of highly unusual candidates, Trump versus Hillary, with all their maverick profiles and records, could make this general election extremely intriguing and exciting, out of the usual norm of proper, distinguished professional politicians we have been usually treated to.
    We cannot overlook the exciting parts of the drama being acted out: showmanship and theatrical pageantry and oratory.
    The seriousness of issues and consequences is paramount, but the aesthetic effects of the personalities involved and the polished savagery of their confrontations are what provides the real human drama of the election. The Ancient Greek writers of tragedies would approve of the fighting involved, a guarantee of the authenticity of the passions in play.

  194. Huh?

    To me it seemed Hillary was scripted and rehearsed, as always (which she was -- how many mock debate sessions did she do?). She was evasive on how she'd take on Wall Street ("I told them to cut it out!" or whatever), she wasn't convincing when she explained how she could champion a middle class when she's of the 1%, she was utterly dishonest about her proposals to regulate banks, and her obfuscation on TPP was pretty transparent ("I hoped it would be the gold standard" -- no, you SAID it would be the gold standard).

    Bernie didn't shine or have a break-out performance, either, of course. To me this looked like a stalemate, and I suspect the outcome will be status quo ante bellum; perhaps the other candidates will drop out, because they didn't make any impression at all. The biggest winner was the Democratic Party, which fielded five serious adults who discussed the concerns of the American people while eschewing the schoolyard antics that the GOP "debates" showcase.

  195. This is a presidential debate - you don't think other people also "rehearsed?" Sec. Clinton is noted for her fine mind and phenomenal memory. Could it possibley be she just knows this stuff?

  196. This debate, and primary, is great thanks to Sanders shaping the discussion. We're all better off for this.

  197. Again, this is why I vote Democrat: intelligent, committed, coherent candidates. The Republican field is just a bunch of clowns, posers and con men. And, there are differences between the candidates. I would have liked to hear more from Mr. o'Mally, Mr. Chaffee and Mr. Webb but clearly the front runners were the debate.

  198. Thanks, Bernie, you fought the good fight. Your continued service in the senate will be greatly appreciated. A true patriot.

  199. Your tone is as if Sanders is out of the race. Far from it. He's clearly distinguished his positions in a clear way, unlike Hillary's muddy mush mouthed maneuvering to pander to her big dollar Corporate Democrat backers by not saying anything which would offend them.

  200. But even better as President.

  201. Don't agree with this analysis at all. This was by no means the Hillary show (and I'm a supporter) and it didn't appear to me to be about "biting exchanges" between Clinton and Sanders.

    I thought the strongest presenters - perhaps not those with the strongest policies - were O'Malley and Sanders. Each showed conviction, sincerity and a grounding in the issues - though Sanders was the strongest in this regard. Unfortunately, O'Malley lost a little luster by choosing a clean electrical grid as the one issue we wanted to attach to him.

    Hillary? She did fine. She showed command of the issues, passion and an ability to mix it up. As the front runner that's all she had to do. But she was not the best presenter. She gives clear visual clues that she's reaching out to find the talking points and she was more wooden, less genuine than any of the other candidates. One tip? Stop leading your answers with "my plan would...," "I have a plan that..." And learn how to say, "I" or even "We." Viewers want to know that you own your ideas and not that you know where they're located on your website.

    That being said, hats off to the candidates and CNN for a civil, policy driven debate. It's good to know that there are adults running for President...at least on one side of the aisle.

  202. I'd like to know how many options the control group went through before deciding that the best way for Hillary to poo-poo her Iraq vote was to point out that Obama made her Secretary of State.

    As if that wasn't a payoff for having Bill campaign for him.

    You could see on her face how satisfied she was when she had the chance to deliver the canned line, like it was spontaneous. Are these folks going to have all possible scenarios worked out in case Hillary gets a call at 2:00 a.m. or are we just going to have to rely on her judgment?

  203. In the Democratic Debate One, at least substantive issues were discussed...
    because the candidates insisted on discussing issues that concerned the voters
    rather than getting bogged down in Anderson's email and pot decoys. In summary....
    Hillary talked the talk, but Bernie walked the walk.

  204. In my view both Hillary and Bernie did well and both could be winners against the present Tea Party Church of the Once Grand Old Party.
    I would support Hillary - Bernie 2016 OR Bernie - Hillary 2016
    Both would make great Vice Presidents or Presidents!

  205. I agree, but Bernie is older, so let him win first. And maybe some of his honesty will rub off on her after 8 years of governance.

  206. Val in Brooklyn, NY

    I wanted to get this in before it's too late. I agree with a number of comments here. 1st thing: Cowboy in Wichita, I'm completely with you. I could go either way. Hillary-Bernie or Bernie-HIllary in 2016. I wish to the Goddess that instead of running against each other, they'd agree to be on the same ticket--problem solved!!

    And, as others have said, the headline or title for this article is very misleading. While I didn't see the whole debate, I certainly didn't see a cat fight or bunch of overgrown juvenile delinquents in a school yard a la the clown car. I saw mature, rational and above all mutually respectful discussion of the issues and what needs to be done to help the U.S. heal.

    As I type this, i realize, it was almost an antidote. A potentially holistic and healing experience for me as a viewer, citizen and voter. What a wonderful difference. What we must remember to do, is back up whomever wins (must a Dem), with other Dems we vote in Congress. The next President needs a supportive Congress to get things done. Also, remember SCOTUS.

    Again, what a relief! It's about time.

    Submitted: 10-14-15, 12:56 a.m. EST

  207. The Tea Party has learned the playbook and are elevating the game. Finished with the hard part inside their own party this campaign against socialists and a thug is like fishing in a cistern.

  208. Insisting on covering this as a baseball game is predictable. No one hit a home run, but no one went hitless, either. The clashes had no animus as in the GOP food fights. The Democratic party won this debate.

  209. So I hope the media, including the NY Times, is listening to Bernie Sanders. We are sick of hearing about the emails!!! It is not an issue. Report on Something Important!

  210. I agree with some other comments. Why does the title favor Hilary when Sanders killed it?

    That aside, all the contenders made such a great debate that it reminds me how sad and empty the Republican's debates were.

  211. I disagree. Hillary definitely got this debate. I guess it's all perception!

  212. While Clinton was poised and well composed tonight, it is difficult for me to believe that she can truly support the average American as the super PAC money undoubtedly comes with strings. This conflict of interest erodes the very 'values' she champions.

    Bernie on the other hand, remains the ONLY candidate in the entire race not looking to appeal to wealthy donors. I think I know who I can trust more.

  213. PAC money? How about Sanders having received most his campaign money from the Democratic National Committee - is that what socialism is about? As for trust - it's about guns - and I know who I trust - the woman who said this has to stop - not the man who hides behind the reasoning that he's from a rural state and things are different. As a Senator, is supposed to look after the common good of the whole country as well as his rural state. That's a pretty narrow focus.

  214. I watched with very few preconcieved notions namely that Clinton is well qualified for the job, however, I was left with the following impressions....

    Overall, it was a Hollywood production worthy of a junior High audience.

    Webb is a Pentagon Puppet.

    Chafee is a nice guy but not up to the task.

    O'Malley is a cop who even acts like a cop show cop.

    Clinton reminds me of Martha Stuart shows. Sorry Martha.

    Sanders was a real surprise who expresses more passion for the people than for his own promotion. Now I know why he has such a following.

    Overall, I agonized as if I was dragged to Disneyland by the family.

    Nobody is perfect but Democrats certainly are less imperfect than the Republican zoo.

  215. As I see the differences between them, there is nothing they can not come to some agreement on,or some kind of compromise. Far different than the hard core GOP troglodytes.

    We saw policy conflicts, but no personal animus, far more civilized than the GOP clowns.

  216. It is too early to write something strong for Hillary, we understand.

  217. Best response of the debate was Sen. Webb's response to Anderson Cooper's baiting about Sen. Sanders and the Viet Nam War.

    In general, the debaters were thoughtful and respectful when they disagreed. What a stark contrast to the Republicans. If Americans want entertainment, then go with the Republicans. But for the highest elected office, you don't want entertainers. You want competence.

  218. The only competent one and the only one I would vote for is Jim Webb.

    Clinton would do or say anything to get elected and Sanders is just plain weird.

    I might also consider John Kasich but I prefer Webb.

  219. Democratic debate reminds one of what a "fake reality show" the Republican
    bunch really are. Over and over again. We're FED UP WITH THEM.

  220. To truly empower this country, don't just vote for Bernie, also give Bernie a congress and State Legislature that works with Bernie. Then, you will see a truly strong country. Vote out the GOP. Vote for Bernie and give him a team to work with. Out of all that, VOTE is a really big word.

  221. I watched FOX a few minutes after the debate and was really surprised at
    the remarks of the commentators. , "How Sanders was not reliable in keeping the US allies ¨s back in times of uncertainties ( of war. ). I had thought that it was important to try to avoid wars, not encourage them, and certainly not join them. They also kept harping on the benghazi tapes.

  222. Par for the course for the mouthpiece of the Republican Party.

  223. Let's put in this way, does any body hear any ill speaking, denigrating, backstabbing, mud slinging, and deceptive rhetoric , like we watched in republican debate.

    Republicans ( lunatic group) may find the discussion out right socialist propaganda, but hey what about theirs, it wasn't American .

    we didn't hear deportation word, , we didn't hear bombing and sending Americans to quagmire wars, surely we didn't hear some posturing and nonsense talking.

    Malley's closing talk was exclusively good what all democratic candidates for, contrary to republican debate who will hijack the party.

    It was a positive experience in many ways, after a traumatic Republican debates.

  224. "Democratic Rivals Clash in First Debate"

    This caption to a picture of Clinton and Sanders shaking hands and smiling broadly was as discordant as the report relative to what actually happened; the headline was particularly misleading.

    Sanders and Clinton both had ups and downs (more ups than downs) but neither dominated the other. It was a great pleasure to see adults debating forcefully but civilly, by contrast with the GOP debates. The difference between this and the GOP debates was that all the Democrats talked about how to improve the lives of Americans, while the Republicans spent their time on how to make life miserable for as many of the non-rich as possible.

  225. Great comment, as always.

  226. Webb & Chafee are clearly not polished enough for prime time tv, but I liked the rest including O'Malley who I knew little about.

    After years of struggling with perceptions of aloofness, Hillary finally seems comfortable in her own skin. Bill will be proud, no doubt.

  227. A serious and thoroughly engaging debate. Loved the Sander's line about Hillary's emails which was a direct and forceful attack on both the media and the Republicans. Sanders talked substance and critiqued the media's obsessions.

  228. Sanders' line about Hillary's email was the one big applause line of the night. And in any fair assessment of the so-called debate, should have been the article headline. Instead the mainstream corporate media prefers to headline Hillary's attack on Sanders about gun law. The bias of the corporate media is blatant and disappointing to anyone who actually watched the "debate".

  229. Something weird just happened on the teevee: an informed, forward-looking actual debate between rational people who are capable of both disagreeing with and respecting each other. And of respecting the country — and government — that they want to lead.

    Plus the moderators held each candidate's feet to the fire with followup questions that are challenging and on point. And following up (again) when they feel the question was not answered.

    There is perhaps hope for us yet.

  230. I might add that finally the Democrats are sounding like Democrats and not like Republican-Lites. I'm seeing a Democratic Party that is confident and not defensive. I'm feeling very good about the coming election.

  231. After watching Republicans continually dodging questions, it was nice to see them pressed to answer the question.

  232. Unfortunately, our elections are about empty slogans and spewing of hate. Our next president will be a republican unless we succeed to increase the percentage of eligible voters who register and VOTE.

  233. For months now I have been watching well paid TV reporters and pundits drinking republican kool aid and wasting hours talking about the ridiculous email non issue. It was a huge release to hear two adults (Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton) speak for me.....Enough of the damn emails...let's get some journalism back into journalism and inform the public about issues already.

  234. It might interest you to know that two Inspectors General are also looking into the "email non issue."

    How would you like to explain that away?

  235. That goes for the NYT as well, feeding the frenzy and never mentioning that Clinton's predecessors did the same thing.

  236. >>> it’s time the entire country stood up against the N.R.A.”

    But remember: Democrats don't want to disarm the American public. Got it.

  237. They don't; just the bad guys through more thorough background checks for anyone who wishes to purchase a firearm from anyone, anywhere and anytime. If you pass the background check you can have your gun. Why would any reasonable person have a problem with that? I think the law should actually go further and require prospective and current owners to undergo a training course in gun safety and have to pass a test to own a gun. Just like we have to learn to drive a car and pass as test.

  238. Back in the reality based community, your statement makes no sense whatsoever. So sorry that your paranoia has gotten the better of you.

  239. So it's got to be all or none? Really? A reasonable person can't oppose the extremist positions of the NRA without wanting to take away everyone's guns? That's sad.

    Here's the deal. The NRA and members of the Republican Party have been saying that Democrats will take away our guns for as long as I can remember, which is a long time. Not only has it not happened, but no one has even tried. So why continue pedaling that same absurd little turd?

    Allow me to clarify. The Democrats don't want to confiscate everyone's guns. We want rational gun safety laws, like every other sane, developed nation in the world. That said, I know you'll go back to repeating that Democrats want to disarm the American public, not because you really believe it, but because you're convinced that it works in promoting the extreme right's agenda and your obsession with guns.

  240. Bernie Sanders? Seriously Democrats!? Bernie? What are you thinking? Did you see that debate? The angry old man yelling the whole night at Wall Street? That's who you think will win an election?

    Just keep this in mind, my fellow Dems. After Carson defeats Bernie in the general election (I think any of the Republican candidates appears more presidential than Bernie), he will be picking the replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court, changing the court balance for a decade. Ahhhh, but you'll have made your statement to Wall Street. Great.

  241. That's what we want. We WANT anger.

    We are tired of being pandered to by political actors.

  242. Eric: If what has happened in the US since 2001 hasn't made you angry, perhaps you should vote for Carson, Cruz, Rubio - or even Trump - all of whom you consider "presidential." Not one of whom has any facts to back their egregious statements about immigration, economics, foreign and defense policy, and race relations.

  243. Sanders, O'Malley, et al handed Clinton the debate on a silver platter. After Sanders agreed with Clinton that America was tired of her emails, the debate was essentially over. Governor Chafee gave a disastrous performance and had this been "The Gong Show" he would have exited very quickly, I find it amazing NONE of these gentlemen raised President Clinton's repeal of Glass-Steagall, NAFTA, and her very lucrative Goldman Sachs gigs. If you think the only substantive difference between President Obama and HRC is she is a woman, than this country is in a world of hurt. HRC has flip flopped on the TPP as well. Who on Earth can believe her?

  244. As we saw tonight, and as we'll continue seeing, the powerful corporate media will lead us away from Bernie Sanders, and Lawrence Lessig (who wasn't even allowed to attend the debate) and anyone else who directly challenges our campaign finance laws, because the corporate media makes so much money from our current broken, corrupt system. I will not allow myself to distracted by all the rhetoric on the issues because I know that nothing will get done until we have campaign finance reform.

    Hillary talked tough on gun safety legislation, but it's nothing but talk until we get campaign finance reform. The same is true for every other issue discussed tonight, especially income inequality. Hillary said nothing about campaign finance reform. Jim Webb acknowledged the problem, but Sen. Sanders is the only one on the stage tonight who spoke passionately about the need to get money out of our political system.

    There's no excuse for not allowing Lawrence Lessig to debate tonight. There were only 5 candidates on the stage. That was a serious disservice to America, but comes as no surprise. He wants serious change and those in power do not. Likewise with Bernie Sanders. We can expect to continue seeing headlines like "Hillary Clinton Turns Up Heat on Bernie Sanders." The truth is, she didn't turn up the heat on him any more than he did her.

    I will not support any candidate who doesn't plan to implement campaign finance reform. For that reason I'm supporting Bernie Sanders.

  245. Last month Hillary announced her proposal to reform the way political campaigns are financed, and it was reported in this newspaper. In addition, she has called for the overturning of Citizens United. Other than Bernie only accepting small donations from supporters I am not aware of any concrete plan that he has put forth. That's the main difference between Hillary and Bernie; Hillary can actually get the job done. And, that's the reason I'm supporting Hillary.

  246. 1) How will you get it voted through a Republican Congress?
    2) If you do, how will you get it past the inevitable challenge in the Supreme Court, which has already gotten rid of the previous campaign finance form with its Citizens United decision?

  247. I thought the debate was very cordial and civilized; Hillary was definitely not turning up heat on Bernie.

  248. You are correct; Hillary definitely pulled her punches, fortunately for Bernie. Let's see what happens next time!

  249. Anyone who thought Hilary "turned up the heat" on Sanders, did not see the same debate I did.

    Clinton came across as strident, pandering and scripted.

    Sanders came across as calm, insightful and presidential. Bernie's the man, the only possible contender on either side of the aisle.

    He called for a revolution to change things in favor of the middle class. And that's exactly what this country needs, President Sanders.

  250. I believe Hillary did a phenomenal job and was very presidential. It's likely that those who did not see her that way are perhaps not ready for a woman in the white house?

  251. I am supporting Sanders and give him month every month from my social security earnings. But in no way did Clinton come across as "strident, pandering and scripted." If "scripted" means she was prepared, she certainly was. She was the only person on the debate stage who seemed calm but energetic and with a sense of humor. Your response suggests a typical "male" view of women running for office--"strident," of course. Her debate was excellent but I still prefer Bernie. But do try to lose your "oh so male" prejudices.

  252. And what came off, too, was that it's all "a matter of opinion" and

  253. Absolutely Great Debate all around. All the Candidates were Presidential in both character and demeanor. The Democratic Party was the big winner tonight! Anderson Cooper was also on point with his questions. Very very impressive debate...WoW!

  254. Not heard tonight: fairy tales in which ISIS, Assad and Putin are annihilated under the power of a Republican President; macabre lies about Planned Parenthood; action-movie plots of heavily-armed good guys taking on a would-be-assassin; evolution-denial and vaccine-skepticism; first days in office consisting of rounding up and deporting millions of undocumented workers; pledges to undo our first-codified universal healthcare; vows to write a Constitutional Amendment regressing on marriage equality; inflammatory rhetoric about the "Criminalization of Christianity;" attacks on President Obama as if he were inherently unfit for office. Now any of those topics would be worthy of the news headline regarding the Democrats' debate.

  255. No, just the usual flip flopping of Hillary Clinton playing up to whoever she thinks will garner the most votes for her.

    She sees that moving to the left will get more votes so, surprise, surprise, she moves to the left.


  256. I'd be very interested in the viewer numbers at the various stages. Then imagine if it was not up against a baseball playoff game between 2 teams from the largest cities in the country. I would normally suspect the Republicans but the seem to be rehearsing for the Headless Horseman role in the Halloween play.

  257. @NM - so very well stated!

  258. This whatever you called "debate" was way better than the Republicans'. At least this "debate" mentioned something that the American are concerned.Let fact the reality,Mr Sander idea and thinking are NOT working with the American setting.It may work for somewhere in Europe.I think at the end of this "debate" Mr Sander should ask Mrs Clinton to accept him as her VP candidate.

  259. you have nothing to show that it wouldn't work. your opinion is based on what the media wants. "it wont work it wont work"

  260. I thought Bernie Sanders was by far the best candidate. He did a great great job articulating his message and the middle class & the poor have been waiting for decades for exactly his message! Also, kudos to him for telling the media to lay off Hillary on the emails - a much needed and gracious call for decency and fairness.

    I'm guessing people who haven't heard Sanders before are likely to want to hear more from him. The biggest problem now is Debbie Wasserman Schulz and the DNC boxing the candidates into a max of 6 debates and threatening to exclude anyone who balks, This is like the old strong-arm backroom Richard J. Daley Democratic Party, when a party machine controlled an undemocratic, unfair apparatus to hand the nomination to their chosen candidate (HRC). Wasserman Schulz chose this odious debate limit knowing Sanders is a great candidate but that people need more exposure to him before they can commit to a democratic socialist.. Listening to Wasserman Schulz try to avoid acknowledging the unfairness and corruption of this when questioned today was like listening to Nixon - just keep repeating nonsense. She came off like a car salesman and deserves to lose her DNC chair over this essentially corrupt behavior. It's a shame Wasserman Schulz is playing dirty and trying to rig this process because Bernie Sanders is playing so clean - really decent, honest, ethical. Hopefully people can see this about him no matter what the DNC does to handicap him.

    Go Bernie!

  261. I agree re emails. We are OK with a liar and a fake in the WH, as long as he/she is not a Republican, right?

  262. Six debates is more than enough.

  263. As irritating was CNN's relentless build-up to this event - and its attempt to portray it as fight night in Vegas - this was actually a very good debate. Sanders and Clinton both succeeded, thankfully, in changing the channel from the awful, self-serving, stomach churning slop from the GOP side.

    Despite Anderson Cooper's persistent attempts to create acrimony on stage, the candidates were refreshingly civil, thoughtful and convincing. He tried desperately to get traction on the GOP's email farce but couldn't get traction. The candidates pushed aside the neophyte moderator's hype and forced the debate back to issues that really count.

    Have to say a Clinton/Sanders ticket has a lot to recommend it. Hopefully American voters are beginning to recognize the depths of political depravity and sleaze the one-percent owned and controlled GOP has wreaked on their great country.

  264. As I've said, Bernie is great, but not as President, and that means VP as well. He has a place, certainly, but his passion is simply not enough. And, surely everyone knows by now that Bernie is as much a politician as the next guy. Beyond that a ticket that has two Progressives from the Northeast is going to have a tough time. I see a winning ticket as Hillary Clinton and Julián Castro, current Secretary of HUD and former mayor of San Antonio, TX.

  265. If only Clinton had the heart and policies of Sanders.

  266. Neither of the moderators did their jobs. Specifically, they let HRC make campaign speech after campaign speech, sticking to the question at most tangentially when it didn't suit her message.

  267. She had the poor judgement to be taken in by the Neo-cons, and supported the invasion of Iraq. Bernie was not taken in.

    People are fed up with the complexity of Romneycare/Obamacare/Heritage Foundation Care. Life gets complicated when you try to force private insurance companies to write policies that they really don't want to write.

    Bernie is right. Medicare for all.

  268. What debate were you watching, NYT?! Bernie Sanders was authentic, strong, and polished. I'm still feeling the Bern.

    BERNIE 2016

  269. Martin O'Malley proved tonight that he is a viable alternative to Clinton and Sanders. Those who have been pining for Joe Biden to enter the race should look instead to the former governor of Maryland. Doesn't he espouse the same progressive values while appealing to a younger generation?

  270. Slimy, smooth, and polished, with nonverbals and inflections right out of the old Reagan playbook. I don't understand O'Malley's success so far, limited as it is.

  271. He's more show than go. Take it from a lifelong Baltimorean.

  272. WATCH the Biden vs Ryan debate of 2012 again.

    Biden DESTROYED Ryan, over and over, and had FUN doing it.

    WOW. (I didn't know much about Biden before that.)

    Sanders wins on Sincerity and Smarts but has no wit or style, Hillary was terrible in all categories (memorizing talking points does not impress us adults), OMalley was pretty good, and even the other two were better than Robot Hillary.

    The next debate should be Biden vs Sanders. I'd LOVE a woman to be president, but that woman would be Elizabeth Warren.

    BOTH SIDES know Hillary is a two-face robot.

  273. Clinton....performance art.
    Sanders....from the heart.

  274. I think Bernie made an essential point, that the process of the election itself, the campaign must create a "coming together." That coming together will create the consensus, the votes, and the mandate to get things done. It's not the candidate's resume, or debate points, but the energy that creates that coming together that will change the size and the makeup of the electorate and hence the change -- his revolution -- that can come. Hillary had a good night, as did O'Malley, but we need not the best debater but the coming together, a true political process. I hope Bernie can ignite that fire and carry it through not just to election but throughout his presidency.

  275. Tonight we hear candidates with positions on issues that are of concern to the average American citizen being discussed with civility. Income inequality, infrastructure repair, higher education costs, climate change, rational immigration policies, incarceration for petty offenses, family friendly leave, sound trade deals, etc.

    Someone must have opened the window and the stench of the crowded Republican clown bus disappeared into thin air.

  276. One of the results of the next presidential election will be a reserved spot for that clown bus at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  277. How great to hear actual ideas discussed! These people clearly have done a lot of work addressing today's issues.
    No one said whatever they did would be huuuuge with no additional specifics. No one trashed immigrants. No one said war was their answer to every single world conflict with the assumption there would be an endless supply of young American lives to lose.
    So nice to listen to grown ups grounded in the real world!

  278. Yeah, except the solution to every problem, real or made up to get the votes, was to tax the rich and spend that money immediately. And on economy? Raise trade barriers, and mandate doubling the minimum wages, something no free market economist would recommend (and plenty of Democrat politicians, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama).

  279. while much more substantive than the GOP game show, it is clear that 1 minute comments on complex subjects are not adequate to illuminate issues or educate the People.
    A better format for clarity & comprehension would require longer explanations and framing historic contexts- including good intentions that produced failed policies.....but that might lose the audience.
    What a bind.

  280. Hillary Clinton "Turns up the Heat." Is that some kind of a lame pun on feeling the Bern? In my (admittedly biased) view, Bernie won this debate hands down and connected with people who will actually be voting. That includes myself, because I will now switch my registration back to Democratic from Independent in New York solely for the purpose of voting for him. Hillary showed herself to be every bit the fake, pandering, poor excuse for a principled candidate that she's always been. The line that really made me lose any chance of ever voting for her was her finale ... "I'll be different from the Obama Administration because I'm a woman" in so many words. Give me a break, and imagine a truly principled candidate like Elizabeth Warren saying that. Obama never, not ONCE said to vote for him because he was black, and as a white man I voted for him twice. Go back to your superPAC and your strategists Hillary, you're going to need them.

  281. I'm Berned, but I think Hillary had the edge. All five of them were light ages better than the Republican wannabees.

  282. If you haven't switched already, you're too late. If you're angry, which you should be, go ahead and write to Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Chaiman of the DNC and Hillary's 2008 Campaign Co-Chair why she scheduled the first debate AFTER the first election deadline in the country? Ask her why she is only limiting this to 6 debates and penalizing anyone who debates in unauthorized channels.

  283. Very well said!

  284. Sanders really showed why he'd be a better President than Clinton. He's so clear on his goals and achieving them would lift the United States to greatness it has been unable to achieve during his years in the Senate. He'd know how to use the power of the presidency immediately. Hillary showed that she'd be a better choice than any of the Republicans running. So altogether it was a winning debate for the Democratic party. I still hope Biden is in the next debate, after Chaffee, Webb, and O'Malley run out of money and support and drop out.

  285. In the debate I watched Hillary demonstrated what a President looks and sounds like. Hand down. Bernie is too focused on one major issue and leaves no room for any others. That's not a President; that's a revolutionary. And, while I agree with him to a point, he's a bit over the top. We need someone who is grounded in reality and can actually move us ahead, and clearly that's Hillary. And, if VP Biden was watching, he certainly understands what he has to do now.

  286. Our democracy is suffering from serious structural problems. The unfairness in our system is obvious and highly destructive.

    Corporate executives break the law but don't go to jail. Corporate lobbyists write the laws and regulations that govern their own industries. Legions of special interests benefit from innumerable tax breaks. Billionaires buy politicians through the billions they contribute to political campaigns. Rampant gerrymandering creates overly polarized congressional districts, guaranteeing hyperbolic divisiveness and utter dysfunction. The two parties ensure their dominance by controlling the election laws, thereby stifling true political competition and government innovation. Etc.

    Yes, Clinton was polished. But, this isn't the debate team we're picking someone for. She's a tool for the status quo. We need someone we can be confident will do everything they can possibly do to address these structural problems. Our democracy is at stake. Truly. The only person out of the five on the stage tonight that can be counted on to do this is Bernie Sanders.

  287. Bernie's great, but he is on a revolutionary mission. The President has to be focused on many issues. Hillary has proved that she can get things done. And, by the way, her plan to rein in Wall Street does send the "corporate executives" who "break the law" to jail.

  288. This NYT article is a truly pathetic act of Clinton apologism. I am embarrassed for the authors.

  289. "And, by the way, her plan to rein in Wall Street does send the "corporate executives" who "break the law" to jail."

    I would like whatever you're smoker. In her own words, she "represented the bankers" when she was the senator of NY. She will NEVER go after the banks, she is PANDERING.

  290. Well, the spin-doctor ghouls are out in force--and so soon, too (Halloween is still two weeks off). No surprise that the Times is desperate to nip the Sanders insurgency in the bud, nor that the CNN punditry should immediately raise the bogeyman of Sander's "electability" after the debate. This time 'round, I am doubtful that all this spinning on the part of establishment elites is going to do the business. Sanders rings of authenticity whenever he opens his mouth, because he is genuinely angry about the destruction of our democracy. People are brainwashed, but they aren't, fundamentally, stupid. And Sanders' populist message is going to hit home with many voters, at a visceral level. No--the real question is whether Hillary, a slick technocrat without a sincere bone in her body, is electable. She may win the Democratic nomination (though I am not as sure as the Times critics), but she is going to have a much tougher time going head to head with Trump, the Republican heir apparent, than Sanders would. She and Trump go to the same parties and take money from subtantially the same sources. But Sanders vs. Trump...now that would be a heavy-weight fight of world historical proportions--the educated Democratic Socialist vs. the barbaric Self-Made Billionaire.

  291. Bernie won the debate.

  292. Bernie and Hillary won the debate. But more importantly, the democrats won the debate. They all said that. If there is any question about if the democrats or republicans are better leaders, I have two words for you: Supreme Court.

  293. The Democrats may be tired of hearing about Hillary's e-mails, but the questions about a Government officials likely misfeasance aren't going away just because the choir has been preached to.

  294. Hillary is owned by Wall Street, Bernie wants to breakup Wall Street! What else is there to say? Give us Bernie for President or prepare for another Republican White House.

  295. Oh...another way of saying the Dems and Repubs are exactly the same?
    Nah. No they are not. And I like THE DIFFERENCE!

  296. ".....sharp debate"?! I thought was anthing but; which was to the good.
    Stark contrast with the Republican circus...