Joe Biden: No Money, Weak Polls, but Still Clinton’s Toughest Rival

If Mr. Biden ran, he would pose a greater challenge than Bernie Sanders because he could threaten Hillary Clinton’s hold on moderate voters.

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  1. As much as we revere the strength and integrity of Vice President Biden, we pray he will step aside and recognize that this is Hillary's time to shine.
    Our nation is in dire need of a woman President and one who is also a mother.
    No person is more qualified in that sense than Hillary Rodham.
    She needs the support of all Americans so that the United States can again be great.

  2. Our nation is in dire need of a leader who represents the 99%. I don't care if that person is a woman or a man. While I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee, I greatly prefer Bernie Sanders.

  3. Your comment that Hillary is a better candidate because she is a mother is very offensive and weakens your perspective. Women can excel without children. Moreover, children do not define completeness in women. Are women that don't have children, for whatever reason, worthless as human beings? Motherhood does not determine intelligence and empathy. Women also have the right to choose whether they have children or not. That is a basic freedom this country offers.

  4. There are plenty of lousy mothers out there. Being a mother in no way qualifies one to be president nor does being a woman.

    Our nation is in dire need of a qualified, intelligent and thoughtful next president. Obama set the bar pretty high. If the next one lives up to his standards I could care less if that person is a man, woman, mother, father, married, single or childless.

  5. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders would be preferable to Hilary Clinton whose use of a private email account for government business is the final straw for a Yale educated attorney who does know better but believes she is above the law. She lost me with the quickly organized press conference around her discovery of Whitewater documents that were boxed in her White House private residence where she had ample time to go through the incriminating documents with a shedder by her side. Enough of the double-talk and drama. At least Biden and Sanders appear to be honest. Not so with Hillary.

  6. Cohn notes, "Vice President Joe Biden has less support in the polls than Bernie Sanders..." And yet the title of the column is "Joe Biden: No Money, Weak Polls, but Still Clinton’s Toughest Rival". So what exactly do you mean by "toughest rival"? I would be inclined to think that Candidate A's toughest rival is the candidate most likely to defeat Candidate A. Biden is not literally her closest rival. No definition of the term is provided in the text. Please, do tell.

  7. --closest rival when considering a general election. Bernie's numbers aren't good when put up against any republican for the national vote, while Biden's numbers are better than Clinton's. Not stating a preference for any candidate, just the facts as they stand today.

  8. Blaming Hillary's dipping popularity on the email 'scandal' is wishful thinking by Hillary's campaign and her supporters. The fact is she just is not very likeable! Personally she is wooden, arrogant and wildly out of touch. Politically she is a Democrat in name only. I don't see any Democrat who voted in favour of the Iraq War winning the nomination, let alone winning in the general. Add to that her advocacy for the TPP, Keystone (only very recently flip-flopped!), Libya, and her complete and utter silence on campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, and other major reforms America needs if it is going to join the rest of the developed world and you shouldn't be left scratching your head wondering why her superficial support is rapidly evaporating.

    The only reason Clinton's numbers are even remotely viable right now are because it is still very early on in the race (it is easy to forget that most Americans simply are not engaged yet), she has stellar name-recognition, and she is a woman. As the race carries on into 2016 the first two will become increasingly irrelevant. She will effectively be left with nothing but her gender to offer most Democratic voters, and that is simply not a strong enough foundation on which to build a winning coalition.

  9. Hillary's popularity was good before she decided to run and drew the animus of the GOP and the corporate press. Are you trying to say you forgot that she was a respected member of the Senate that got on well with her colleagues. and did a good job of taking care of her constituent's needs That as Sec. of State she cleaned up the horrible mess that was left by Bush and roundly supported by her fellow State Dept. employees from day one. She was the one that had to mend fences with the "chocolate" countries in Europe and elsewhere that Bush and Cheney had alienated. And, then formed a coalition for tough sanctions on Iran that brought them crawling to the peace talks. You mat prefer Sen. Sanders but try to be like him and don't run down Sec. Clinton, please.

  10. I believe it is too late for Hillary Clinton to become a respectable choice for president. I used to support her against Obama in the primaries but I no longer think highly of her based on missed opportunities when she could have made a difference. What we need for next president is a candidate with integrity and consistency. That candidate is Joe Biden. Sanders does not have the experience and proven record Biden has. And considering that the Republicans do not have a candidate that can earn our respect, Democrats must be very careful who is chosen. Hillary no longer commands respect.

  11. I guess that's why she's still leading in all national polling?

  12. "Sanders does not have the experience ...."

    Every age is fed on illusions, lest men should renounce life early and the human race come to an end. - Joseph Conrad, novelist (1857-1924)

  13. Biden is a more affable version of Clinton. Both are neocon centrists. Neither will help the middle class. I am voting for Sanders.

  14. Joe Biden played Stephen Colbert for a complete fool. After leaking the story of his son's deathbed utterances to Maureen Dowd, Biden sat back and waited for the inevitable phone calls from those sympathetic to him. The motto for any Biden presidential run should be: Let no family tragedy go wasted.
    Biden will try to run to the left of Hillary but he can't. His own political record is too well known for his over-compromising with the GOP while in the senate and as vice-president. Biden is also tied to all of Obama's most illiberal positions (e.g., free trade, education and so forth). Finally, Hillary voted for the Iraq War but Biden was one of its chief cheerleaders.
    Look for Biden to announce any month or calendar quarter, now. My guess is that Elizabeth Warren will be out as his vice-presidential choice (she's too principled and sincere) and Maureen Dowd will be in for the number two position on the ticket.

  15. You have a job waiting for you at Fox News. Your cynical analysis of Biden using his dead son as a springboard to the Presidency fits in perfectly with the story line Fox will create if Biden decides to run.

  16. Biden's chance for victory seems to hinge on whether Clinton will be further damaged by future E-mail revelations; i.e. a complete unknowable. As an experienced pol he should also be aware that Murdoch and company will be waiting for the right moment to unload on him. As much as Biden has always craved the golden ring of the Presidency; the odds here are long. His entry could cause a bitter divide especially among Democratic women who have waited 8 years to get the opportunity to put their candidate in that office. Things could go south for him quickly. He has already had to taste the bitter ashes of his beloved son's death. To combine that with the turmoil he could create in the Democratic Party coupled with a losing outcome and perhaps the resulting blame he could get for Clinton's defeat in a general would seem like an unimaginable burden to carry for the rest of his life.

    Don't run Joe.

  17. Do not underestimate Bernie Sanders. He is consistant. He is on the correct side of the issues more than he is wrong side. He is sincere and wants what is best for this country. The insiders do not like him because he cannot be bought by the special interests. He will be interesting to watch during this election process. The anti-establishment voters are in the majority and those in both parties could ralley behind Bernir Sanders as time goes on and give him a super majority.

  18. Remember , too, that anti-establishment and
    strictly INDEPENDENTS are gaining in number
    every year. So, watch out Democrats and
    Republicans, the independents will be the
    crucial voters and Sanders may very well get them.

    carol from ct.

  19. The email "controversy" is something that really only interests the media with its motivation to create a horse race for the Democratic nomination and of course the Republicans with their phony but increasingly faltering witch hunts. Does anyone really think a Clinton supporter is going to change his vote because of this manufactured controversy? The Irish bookies still have her at 4/11 for the nomination and a dollar of their money is worth $1000 of this speculative talk.

  20. Frankly, the email controversy shows that Hillary doesn't really care about the country's security. Lots of people understand that.

  21. John
    Is breaking the law 'a manufactured controversy"?

  22. Actually, yes. Hillary keeps stuffing her mouth with shoe leather, and
    she's constantly daring her friends and supporters to see her as a
    re-conceptualized Steven Seagal of "Above the Law" -- ie, the bad guys
    are so much worse than she is, she deserves a lifetime free pass.

    I still plan on voting for her, but I wish she would show a little candid
    moxie and stop reinforcing the sense that she doesn't need to play
    by the rules, even if she does work very hard.

  23. Sanders continues to poll poorly among low information voters. That is the entire message of this piece.

    And the underlying message is that the press is failing the American people by refusing to report that Sanders is offering exactly what most people say they want.

  24. Re: "Sanders continues to poll poorly among low information voters...............the press is failing the American people by refusing to report that Sanders is offering exactly what most people say they want."

    Maybe one aspect of this is these low info voters don't read the political news, maybe they get most of their news from Faux News?

  25. Exactly right.

  26. Actually, the media has pretty much given Bernie Sanders a pass and hasn't asked him the hard questions about how he can ever expect to get some of his policy plans to become reality or where is the depth of his proposals.

    Hilliary, Trump, Bush and Fiorina all have been put under much more examination than Sanders.

    And it's that examination and scrutiny that will be the real test for Bernie.

  27. Joe Biden has found the perfect description, despite decades of contempt within political circles for the position. He is America's Vice President.

    If by chance Hilary Clinton wins the nomination and doesn't pick Joe Biden to be her running mate, she has even worse judgement than I thought.

    (If by good fortune and good sense Sanders wins, he needs to get Elizabeth Warren to run with him. And we all need to give him all the support he needs to convince her to make that happen.)

  28. She can't pick Biden as VP running mate for several reasons: he's been VP for 8 years is chief among them. He's from a northern state -- she needs more regional appeal; he's and old white man -- she needs a younger, ethic person. Julian Castro of TX would be the ideal running mate.

  29. Math major, there are a lot of women who are also waiting in the wings -- they've even written their autobiographies just in case. Castro would be an excellent choice, but Biden has sort of staked out the VP role and drug it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

    Clinton is not above cutting a backroom deal -- stay out of the race and it's yours. That said, I'm still working hard for Sanders. I think he will be better for the country than both establishment candidates combined.

  30. The message of Bernie Sanders lead in critical races and his rising popularity across the country is that traditional Democrats, abandoned for a long time by the party's mainstream, will reject that wing in 2016 whether it's represented by Mr. Biden or Ms. Clinton. Senator Sanders' positions on healthcare, taxes, student loan debt, raising the minimum wage, out-of-control surveillance and so-called "free trade" - unlike those of Ms. Clinton and Mr. Biden - connect to what voters want. Like many lifelong Democratic voters for whom President Obama's betrayals were the last straw, I simply won't go to the polls if the party runs one of its pro-Wall Street stalwarts.

  31. So you will give the Supreme Court choices over to the Republicans? Really?

  32. I support Bernie, too, and agree with much of what you say. But withholding a vote for a "pro-Wall Street stalwart" Democrat would only lead to a much worse situation regarding issues you care about. I urge anyone considering this approach to think of the nightmare that could follow.

  33. #Moviebuff: Oh, please go to the poles and vote Democratic. We still have the Supreme Coirt to worry about.

  34. It's mainly the media, and of course the Republicans, who keep harping on divisions within the Democrats. To me, it looks like Joe Biden will not get into the race. Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, will certainly coalesce behind their candidate, who almost without question will be Hillary Clinton. All of the angst among Republicans (the prospect of losing yet another presidential race) is indeed centered on Clinton being the nominee -- they fear, and very correctly so, that she can win. Let's see how she emerges as a campaigner, who she picks as her running mate, and of course who she will be running against. The Republicans will make it easier if they put up a "right-wing" ticket that scares off voters, and ensure for sure that all normally Democrat voters will show up at the polls in droves. Even nicer if the Democrats also get back their majority in the Senate.

  35. The saying used to be "I don't belong to an organized party, I'm a Democrat" but this year the party machine has it all locked up and the people's voice really doesn't matter.

  36. Biden is Hillary's strongest rival unless he actually runs. Hypothetical candidates have fewer flaws than real one.

  37. The paragraph that starts "There is no reason to believe" says it all about Biden. Absent Hillary and Bernie, he would attract voters who want anyone but a Republican, but he would attract few voters on his own.

    Biden looms large to political insiders, who spend their lives thinking inside the Beltway, but I think he is a blank, at best, to most Democratic voters.

  38. I consider myself to be conservative on many issues, most actually, but somehow Bernie appeals to me more than any candidate. Why? He seems to be the most genuine. And that matters a lot to me.

    I think there are lots of people out there that think like I do. We don't want the status quo and that's what Hillary or Joe or Jeb will give us.

  39. Right. Biden is her biggest rival. Even though she is losing to Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire. Get out of the bubble.

  40. Anthony, Clinton is ahead in Iowa. Although you are correct that she is behind in NH.

  41. Yes, she is "losing" to Sanders in IA and NH - in polls taken more than half a year before the primaries. And two States out of fifty does not a win make.

  42. Its unfortunate that the current Secretary of State isn't an option.

  43. The NYT still discounts Bernie Sanders who is actually Hilary Clinton's toughest rival. However, I will concede Biden will draw more votes from Clinton than Sanders because Biden and Clinton are so much so much alike: defenders of the oligarchy and the status quo.

  44. Sanders is not Clinton's biggest rival; she leads him by double digits nationwide. She has the support of the party; he has no major (or even minor) endorsements. Take heart, though: Bernie is succeeding at the reason he ran in the first place. He didn't enter this race to win but to shift the Dem front-runner leftward, and in that, he is succeeding.

  45. I'll vote Democratic for president no matter who the candidate is. That said, I am not wild about Hillary, am happily supporting Bernie for now but would be delighted to have Joe Biden in the race. I think he'd be a great president.

  46. Tactically, it makes no sense for Biden to enter the race now. He needs to
    make himself the "white knight" who is ready to come in and save the Democratic Party when or if Hillary fails.

    Biden is a natural inheritor of Hillary's voters if she is discredited or drops out.
    Going head-to-head with her can't work for him. I think he is wisest to "bide"
    his time.

  47. At this point, my personal order of preference: 1) Sanders, 2) Biden, 3) Clinton.

  48. Run, Joe. Run away.

  49. You all just talk among yourselves while we elect Bernie Sanders.

  50. N Rogers
    There has never been a successful socialist nation....ever. Can you name one?

  51. Well, Chaz1954, the kind of socialists Bernie is have been running the Scandinavian countries pretty well - I'd say they've been at least twice as successful as the kind of capitalists who have been running the USA for the last 35 years, especially for the 99%.

  52. Biden waits in the wings in case Clinton stumbles badly because I rather think the Democratic establishment does not want Sanders as the nominee. Sanders could be beaten by a reasonable Republican (yeah,yeah, I can hear the jokes now).

  53. The Democratic Establishment better get ready for an unpleasant surprise. There are more of us than there are of them and our votes count too. I'm voting for Sanders no matter what THEY want.

  54. Ok, I'll bite. There are no sane, I mean, reasonable, Republicans.

  55. If this were some other candidate than Biden, we all know exactly how this headline would have been written:

    Biden: No Money, Weak Polls, is he Toast?

  56. RIght - hi candidacy seems like more of a diversion to give the appearance that it is really a competitive campaign and the people's opinions matter. In reality, it is all tightly controlled by the party bosses.

  57. A real newspaper wouldn't put him in the headlines until he's actually running.

  58. As a Conservative, i would prefer Biden simply because he is an affable old guy who will continue to make silly mistakes. Ms Clinton is in deep trouble due to her seemingly having broken the law and continually showing that she is a reactionary rather than a visionary, and the scares me a bit because she and her husband are ruthless. She is backed into a corner now and I am not sure how low she will go to turn her ship around. As for Bernie, there has never been a socialist society that has survived and this great country will not elect a socialist to become POTUS.

  59. "As for Bernie, there has never been a socialist society that has survived and this great country will not elect a socialist to become POTUS."

    You are ignoring most of western Europe with that statement, as the brand of socialism that Bernie advocates for is what most of those countries have to an even greater degree. In regards to his tax policies, I would also say that our tax policies in the 50's were even more progressive than what he proposes.....'

  60. Chaz, what law did Clinton break? I haven't heard that she has been charged with a crime. Please enlighten us.

  61. Well, except the survival of socialist societies such as France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Great Britain. You don't seem to know what socialism means.

  62. I don't know about the polls, but from what I see and hear in the real world, Sanders is very popular with a diverse group of voters, Hillary is untrustworthy, and Biden is irrelevant. My vote is for Bernie.

  63. As much as the ratings wizards at Fox News and conservative media would like the GOP Congress to keep bleating, "Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi" to damage former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton that's not going to happen.

    It is far more likely and probable that Ms. Clinton's candidacy will implode by her own lack of transparency over her alleged use of a private email server to conduct official business.

    The dichotomy of Ms. Clinton's statements and actions on transparency poses too big of a risk for the Democratic Party. A Biden/Bernie ticket will be a safer bet than pinning our hopes that Ms. Clinton's ambition has not blinded her from becoming more forthcoming. The last thing America needs is a President who operates exclusively via secretive Executive Orders.

  64. Data points have their place, but what many, if not most, voters crave more than anything else in a potential president has nothing to do with numerology. It's character.

    With the likes of Vice President Biden and Sen. Sanders, what you see is what you get; their core beliefs are clear. But with Mrs. Clinton, there's so much shape shifting, skin shedding and reinvention, the persona du jour tends to be cringe-inducing.

    The most troubling aspect of the Democratic field for 2016 is that fundamental doubts about honesty, integrity and trustworthiness keep swirling around the same person. Month after month after month. It's almost as if the 1990s have returned.

  65. I prefer people who are open to persuasion to true believers.

  66. Biden followed the dictates of the financial backers who control Delaware as a bank and incorporation haven to push the bankruptcy laws weighing on many college gradautes today. Biden has never challenged the endless Wars or the banksters...
    For that reason he has no chance

  67. Our American democracy has become increasingly captured by huge amounts of donor money. And candidates are rated by the media based on the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars they've raised, much less by their positions on critical issues.
    Now the rank-and-file voters of each major party are uncomfortable with their respective leading candidates--the "intendeds". A "Bush-Clinton" rerun seemed to dismay many, who hope for more inspiring alternatives. Hence the move to the three Republican outsiders, and the nostalgia for Joe Biden and enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders by many Democrats.
    Does the election quietly involve the moneyed-political class vs. "ordinary" citizens who wish to choose their leader? That choice involves both parties.

  68. Two old white men, one of whom represents the far left of the Democratic party (and has as much chance to be elected as George McGovern), the other a faithful pol of the old school. If Bernie Sanders (the Studs Terkel of politics) were to get the nomination by some miracle, I'd stay home. I could vote for Biden, but not enthusiastically.

    It's time for something new, and that really new item is a female president who cares about the majority of our population. Yes, Clinton's connected to the establishment, but she takes firm stands (with which I agree), she's smart, and she makes wise decisions. The Republicans (all of whom offer the same old cant, more or less: trickle-down economics, no gun control, especially those aimed at foreign powers) fear her so much that they have mounted a Congressional smear campaign against her. I can give money and my vote to her. No other Democrat can win.

  69. Bernie Sanders has tens of thousands turning out to hear him speak, and it's not because they miss Woodstock. People from all walks of life respond to his message because it's responsive to their concerns. If Sanders is far left-wing so are an increasing number of Americans. Characterizing him as a latter-day McGovern shows you are out of touch with a large and growing segment of the country.

  70. You agree we should have invaded Iraq? You believe the NSA spying on US citizens is OK? You believe her using a personal email server as SOS was a good idea (how about if it had been Condoleeza Rice?). You like her PAC? You like her cozy relationships with Wall Street?

    No other Democrat can win? With the Republican candidates leading in the polls, ANY Democrat has a very good shot at winning - much like Obama after after GW Bush.

  71. I hope Joe doesn't run. The only thing he might offer over Hillary is he's well liked by both sides in Congress. Who knows if that would translate into legislative success. As long as the Tea Party has such a stranglehold over the Republican party, I doubt it. They wouldn't work with Ronald Reagan.

    The only things that matter are: a Democrat winning, and the Tea Party losing influence. A Democratic president is needed to prevent the TP from implementing their destructive agenda and at least maintain the status quo. They need to be marginalized for the country to have any hope of moving forward.

    I'm not counting on it.

  72. Months ago I embellished the qualifications of Joe Biden, until I learned he was behind the bill that turned America into a police state and put millions in jail. I still think Hillary Clinton is the most qualified for the job having vast experience, but I do not like her hawkish inclinations. The Republican candidates make for good comedy except Paul, but I could never support a Republican after many years of their anti-government actions that harmed the nation and our economy and reputation in the world.

    Once again, I am faced with another election I just can't vote in because if I did, I would undoubtedly feel dirty for years for voting for people that did our nation wrong.

  73. Whenever Nate Cohn has interpreted our pre-presidential politics, what he writes is important. And today: much hangs on Biden's decision.
    But maybe Biden can't decide because Obama will put him in the Oval Office by resigning in time to determine the outcome of the next presidential election. And maybe it's a covert pact between them.
    Moderating this far-out possibility is Obama's (unexpressed) dislike of Hillary & vice versa. Whereas Biden has pledged his fealty.
    So his long delay is a tactic. And his offered excuse of a trauma contradicts the very wishes of the son who died. It makes little sense.

  74. Nate Cohen is definitely wrong, Bernie Sanders will definitely be the nominee. After the debate a mass movement will form among the people demanding revolution, past data will not apply this time because Ameica is shifting away from the establishment as much as the NY Times will not admit.

  75. All this is making Republicans gleeful. They have worked hard to pull Hillary down and with the complicity of the press, who seems to love to mess stuff up, they have done just that. We Democrats are foolish if we give anyone but Hillary the nod. The others are just nowhere near as Presidential as she is. Pres. Obama turned out to be a decent President but only after four years and a lost House and Senate. Hillary would have not lost those four years. She is ready to go. We Democrats should not let The Republicans or the Press scare or obfuscate us into selecting a less accomplished individual.

  76. The mainstream media seems to be boycotting by the far the biggest story - which is not Biden - but the fact that Bernie does FAR better in a national general election against nearly all Republicans than does Hillary. That is the most amazing story of the political moment, yet it's not being widely reported -- especially by the NYT. Hmmm. Maybe that does not fit the narrative that party "elites" are the most important phenomenon in this or any race? And that policy does not matter much? Hillary is shaping up to be the Ralph Nader of this race -- not the Bern. Insofar as a vote for Hillary may turn out to be a vote for Jeb, or any of the MANY Republicans who now poll better than her in a national matchup.

  77. It ought to be interesting to see Nate look back after Senator Sanders wins both New Hampshire and Iowa and the momentum really begins shifting towards Bernie. I'm sure he'll have a great explanation of why he consistently, stridently got it so wrong.

  78. "A YouGov poll showed Mr. Biden leading Mr. Sanders by a 58-to-42 margin in a one-on-one contest — even though he would trail Mr. Sanders in a three-way race"

    And yet:

    "Still Clinton’s Toughest Rival."

    How exactly was this conclusion in the headline reached?

  79. The article is a desperate attempt to create a contest where theer really isn't one. But then, what does one expect from the Times, talking about the issues? Not

  80. So a 73 year old, twice failed presidential candidate is the Democrats best hope against a 67 year old once failed presidential candidate. No wonder the likes of Carly Fiorina is considered presidential material.

  81. Another day, another "anyone but Sanders" article from the NY Times. Clearly, the paper's editorial staff has adopted the policy idea that if they repeat over and over again how unelectable Bernie is, the population will start to believe them. And yet, in sheer number of donors, his support outstrips Clinton by 3:1.

    How do we explain this bias? Is the NY Times afraid that Sanders would lose the election? Or that he might win?

    Is this an example of a capitalist organ spouting the preferred line of Wall Street?

    Or does the NY Times have an issue with other unspoken aspects of Mr. Sanders? If he were a Christian politician pushing the same policies of progressive legislation and equality, would the NY Times seek to undermine his campaign so aggressively? Perhaps the Editors and writers, including the Cohens, should reflect more honestly and openly about how the fact of Sanders Jewishness might be inflecting their coverage of this election.

    Funny, when Obama gained popular momentum, this paper heralded his campaign as a statement of racial progress. Now, for the first time in history, a Jewish progressive candidate is a leading contender for the Democratic nomination, and this paper is doing it's best to bury him.


  82. If Biden gets in, you can bet he will peel off most of Clinton's support in the African-American community. The rise of Trump, along with Carson and Fiorina, have caused the side-effect of weakening Hillary: I believe Democratic voters now feel free to look at Biden or even Sanders since it's a wide open race on the GOP side; Biden or Sanders would stand as good a chance to beat those three as Clinton(or better according to recent polls), so Hillary's argument that she's the strongest November candidate no longer seems to be persuasive to voters. If Biden gets in its a whole new race

  83. I vote Democratic, every time, but I do not think Mrs. Clinton is a good candidate and another Clinton candidacy puts the country at risk for another Republican win, with disastrous consequences yet again. This could be Joe Biden's moment and I hope he takes it. I love Bernie Sander's progressivism but voters are too brainwashed to elect an avowed socialist, not matter how much they need democratic socialism. The media needs to stop repeating the right's jokes about Joe Biden and cover him honestly and fairly if he runs. His so-called "gaffes" are only human and he is a statesman of the stature we need desperately. Go Joe!

  84. Once he commits to the race, Biden will bring down Hillary. Hillary will mount a vicious mean spirited campaign, but Biden would prevail because unlike Hillary, he is a man of character and integrity, which she is not. In fact she is not even a woman of character and integrity. More important Biden is in a marriage not based on political expediency and gain; the Bidens are married because they love each other. Fidelity serves as the foundation of their relationship. Yes, Biden is the kind of man we need to lead this nation. Hillary is not (nor is she the kind of woman we need). Cheers!

  85. Why do you think she'd mount a mean-spirited campaign against Biden? She has said absolutely nothing mean-spirited about Bernie or any of her Dem opponents for the primaries. And neither has Bernie said anything mean-spirited. I wish I could say the same for his supporters.

  86. hillary clinton is the best candidate for the presidency, bar anyone. it is amusing to see people who have believed the baloney spooned out by the republican party as to how distrustful and uncharismatic she is. listen to her speeches and listen to the crowds' responses to her. she is genuine, smart, totally charismatic, and completely committed. as a professional, she stands above the trite speeches of the other candidates; her authenticity has been earned by hard work and a unrelenting focus on what jobs she has done in her commitment to government.

  87. Once again we watch the Times flail and thrash to get away from the fact of Sanders' popularity. The Times appears to really hate the whole primary process. (I can't blame them; it's long and agonizing.) We don't care that you think you must annoint someone. Please report on the whole primary field as if it were up to the voters to decide.

  88. arrgh, still still the media isn't getting it. Sanders is outdrawing everybody. Clinton can not win. Here is the news: she is not likable or trustworthy. Biden's voting record will get hammered if he gets into the election. But it would be a good thing if it further dilutes Hillary's "base" (if she in fact has one). Would ANYONE vote for her? In the end it won't matter, Sanders is only building momentum. Still not sure why the media can't recognize this. Come on NY Times, get in the game.

  89. She has so many flaws, controversy and questionable behaviors compiled with her husband yet Americans are craving for another Clinton? It almost give me a chill when I scout the potential candidates, wanting to be President of US, are full of contradiction, phony, ignorant, arrogant, borderline criminals backed by equally lunatic opinionated fanatic partisan people with big war chest. Hillary and Bill think they can fool us again but I believe in "not again"

  90. Hillary's negatives a too high, have been for years. It's not rocket science folks.

  91. Among white NY Times columnist and political reporters there seems to be an overwhelming amount of support for Hillary Clinton. Though in a general election in the secrecy of the voting both some might pull the lever for Trump

  92. If a Democrat has to be President Biden would be my choice.

  93. Joe's a good guy, has served his country well; but he's tried twice before, let Hillary and Bernie fight it out for the nomination to take on the GOP.

  94. The media does not want Bernie Sanders to be president. As a result, they deman him and his supporters on a daily basis. I'm sick of it. The voters should pick the candidates and the president not the NYT! The media created Obama and look what that has given us.

    Go Bernie!

  95. This is one case where I simply don't believe the polls. Joe Biden's candidacy seems concocted out of establishment Democrats' fears that one of Clinton's faux "scandals"---which seem to be nothing more than swiftboating---will explode and then we'll only have Sanders. If Biden runs, I bet he will do very poorly in the primaries.

  96. What I would like to see this reporter explore is the potential appeal of a Biden-Warren ticket. And is there a case for running on a ticket vs. seeking the nomination solo?

  97. This article is ridiculous. Sen. Sanders is by far Sec. Clinton's biggest rival. I don't know why the corporate press dismisses him, the actual voters certainly don't. He isn't a one-trick candidate like Trump. He has great policy ideas that he's been supporting for decades, as his long voting record in Congress will attest to. He's rising in the polls against Sec. Clinton already. And, with Biden in the race that will just take more support from her and will make Sen. Sanders the obvious choice for a more liberal party than it was when Bill Clinton was elected IMO.

  98. I am a voter without a candidate. Hillary Clinton lost me over the email server. Her decision to have a private server showed poor judgment and it demonstrates a level of secrecy and paranoia that I don't want to see in a president. That said, I don't know if Joe Biden is the best alternative. If Hillary is the nominee I'll vote third party, for Jill Stein.

  99. All this analysis establishes, if it establishes it, is who would be favored b Democratic voters if certain contingencies hold. It says nothing about who should be elected or even favored by such voters. The problem is that most people who vote are lazy thinkers. They do not inform themselves on the issues and thens to vote for people they "identify" with, whatever that means. Clinton is corrupt, Biden is a conceptual wallflower. Sanders is the only credible option.

  100. Once again, the NY Times reveals its bias against Sanders. In what other world is the contender with both the money and the poll results, not the "Toughest Rival"?

    If Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, I will be proud to write in Bernie Sanders on my ballot if no other party is smart enough to nominate him. Not only do I support him, so does my Libertarian husband, whose alternative choice is Paul Rand. In other words, stop dismissing Sanders as a viable candidate. But, who am I kidding? The tone deaf Editor's response to criticism of Sanders coverage and the continued failure to correct course tells me the Times has zero interest in being anything other than a shrill for Hillary. And, guess what? You're not changing any minds.

  101. How swell of Nate Cohn to glancingly mention Clinton's real rival for the nomination and how unswell of him to continue with a story that has no basis in facts positing Joe Biden as Clinton's greatest problem. He who shall go barely mentioned looks good in both Iowa and New Hampshire right now and shows up Clinton by every measure of polls I have seen. So when does The (alleged) Upshot start to see him as real?

  102. Unlike most of the other candidates Biden doesn't need to run at this time because everyone knows him. He can bide, (not pun intended), his time and throw his hat into the ring months from now. All he needs to do is maintain decorum, allow the others to attack one another, and not mess anything up. Once he declares he's the candidate to beat, and that is without even spending any money. His big downside is his age.

  103. He crafted the blueprint for the Homeland Security Act and helped write the law that led to our obscene industrial prison industry.
    Then, there are his close ties to the banksters.
    Hunter Biden's partnership in a fracking group with extensive extraction rights in Eastern Ukraine is but frosting on the cake.
    "A genuine peoples' man"... sure, a Reagan Democrat's.

  104. And what if logic based on "past is precedent" doesn't apply this time? At least one poll shows HRC's support among African Americans plummeting. Another shows white working class voters, now mostly Republican, looking favorably on Bernie. Polls show widespread dissatisfaction with the direction of the country. Stats show an ever-more-beleaguered middle class and economic stagnation for the vast majority.

    Polls this early can't judge candidates for whom there is no immediate precedent.

    No poll asks: "Had enough? Ready for a real change?" As ever-more voters make the connection between those questions and Bernie Sanders, the case for Inevitable Hill will become unsustainable--to the surprise of pollsters.

    It ain't over 'til it's over.

  105. As a member of one of the most overlooked groups of the country, a liberal democrat who is also pro-life, I believe that Mr. Biden is the only choice I could live with. I know he's not going to be pro-life in his political decisions, in spite of his apparently deep Catholic faith; however, he is well known to be someone will listen to other voices, not make smarmy comments while rolling the eyes and smirking like a seventh grade bully with a burn book, and won't put me in the same box with the likes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

  106. If Joseph Biden decided to run. He would not generate the enthusiasm that Bernie Sanders has generated. Senator Sanders will be our next President because half of the 80 percent of people under 30 who don't vote will vote for him in the next election. Vice President Biden will simply take more votes away from Hillary Clinton's already doomed candidacy.

  107. The column illustrates the problem with covering campaigns as horse races. It's doubtful that even three months ago, many polls would have foreseen how well Sanders would be doing today. As we are still several months away from the first primary and caucus voting, how can anybody know how much better he will be doing by then as more people learn about him and the press stops simply portraying him as a Democratic Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton's support among Democrats has peaked while Sanders' continues to rise.
    And many candidates like Biden may seem ideal while they are still on the sidelines but become less so once they run. Recall that in his previous runs for president, he never set the world on fire to say the least. I doubt many really see him as the savior of the party now.

  108. I recall when Obama couldn't get the backing of major minority organizations. They didn't think he had a chance against Clinton. Then came Iowa, and everything changed. We seem to be faced with a similar scenario in Bernie Sanders. He's surprised almost everyone, and his grassroots support is astounding. A Biden/Warren ticket might completely reset the deck. Remember, Abe Lincoln was a nonstarter until his rivals canceled each other out. Also, Truman was considered a no hoper in his time.

  109. You're big on these "party elites", Mr. Cohn, where the REAL power lies to control the outcome of the primary.

    In a recent piece on Trump, you wrote: "...the outcome of presidential nominations is shaped or even decided by party elites. That’s a broadly defined category of nearly anyone who has the power to sway public opinion with money, skills or media reach."

    You seem to include yourself in this glaring absence of a democratic process- and you seem to think it's OK!

    I hope We the People can bring integrity back to journalism, as well as to the White House. In the meantime, I will take your columns as propaganda, not objective analysis.

  110. A three-way race will be the undoing of the Democratic Party next year. Biden, Clinton, Sanders, a troika that will not finish in first place; which of these horses will survive the race? Though HRC's husband Bill did win the three-way race for the Presidency during the debate with the two Texans, Ross Perot and GHW Bush, who - oh, very human moment! - glanced at his wristwatch to check the time of the debate and thus lost his second-term for the Presidency in 1992. On such un-predicted and unforeseen human moments (vis a vis Democrat Michael Dukakis, photo-op in an Abrams tank, in a helmet that made him look like a mushroom) was the 1988 Presidential election won by GHW Bush. Let us not underestimate the groundswell for-Bernie Sanders, who may challenge both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Joe Biden, if Joe Biden throws his hat in the ring. Unlikely scenarios, not yet explored by the Fourth Estate (your Estate, good Nate Cohn) can bollux up "sure things" and elections. Tiny moments - televised for history on widgets and social media, radio and jungle-drums - can change the best-laid plans of politicians, men and women. As Robbie Burns said wryly, the best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.

  111. In a recent Q Poll the summary line reads as follows: Biden runs better than Clinton against top Republicans. The question for Democrats is who will be the strongest candidate? Is it Clinton, Sanders, O'Mally or Bidden? Certainly Clinton enjoys wide support among some Democrats, however there are many who shake their heads and wonder out loud - "Is that the best we can do?" Biden will draw his initial support from the well spring of those doubting Thomas'.

  112. "Vice President Biden has less support in the polls..."

    ....and the question is : Just exactly WHAT is the VP DOING in the polls?
    Why is his name even being offered to respondents by the pollsters?
    He has not officially declared that he is running.
    He's not in the race.
    Neither is FDR.
    Or George Wallace.
    Or, more realistically, Jerry Brown.
    I, myself, have not yet declared for the race - why am I not in there?

    I'm stunned that the pollsters throw him in. He has no place in the polls until he runs. And, given that he seems to have no problem with throwing the poll results off on the ones who ARE running, I'm not as impressed with him as I was, say, last year. last year he was a nice guy.
    This year, he's being an opportunist.

    This is dirty pool, underhanded, and I'm disgusted that no one seems to care.

  113. What kind of person exploits his own sons death to gain sympathy for a presidential run? It is being reported that it was Biden who leaked his sons supposed death bed plea to Maureen Dowd who wrote the maudlin column urging Biden to run to fulfil his dying sons wish. Talk about a calculating and cynical politician. Joe Biden please don't run.

  114. This is just gossip at this point. Way too early to be so judgemental.

  115. If merit were the sole criterion, Hillary Clinton should be nominated and also win the general election.

  116. All Hillary has to do is run a clip of Biden sitting in the committee chair during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Biden palatable contempt of Anita Hill wouldn't sit well with women or the African-American community.

  117. I'll be waiting to read Cohn's piece after the debate. In many polls, people have no idea who Sanders is or what he stands for - in part due to the DNC's efforts to delay and reduce the number of debates. In polls where people know him, he is within the margin of error or outperforms Hilary.

  118. Nice try on denigrating Bernie Sanders again, but this article completely misses the point. Bernie Sanders continues to surge because, unlike our "establishment" candidates, he is honest and his proposals are favored by the majority of the electorate. As the word continues to get out, his numbers will continue to rise, with or without Mr. Biden in the race.

  119. This article should include a disclaimer about the connections between its publication and the Clinton campaign. The headline that Biden is Clinton's most serious challenge is contradicted by the documentation it contains. That is as flagrant an example of bias as any Murdoch publication produces.

  120. This propaganda from the nytimes, particularly Nate Cohn, is exhausting. Do you want to mobilize voters or not?

  121. Another "Anybody but Bernie" column from the NYT's favorite prognosticator. I'm getting really tired of the managed news.

  122. "She proved that durability in 2008, when she ultimately fought Mr. Obama to an effective tie after his victory in Iowa and after his long string of victories following Super Tuesday."

    HRC in 2008 didn't fight to an "effective" tie in 2008, after losing most of the early primaries. The NY Times writer is moving the goal posts for the last election. Once the outcome of the 2008 primaries was a foregone conclusion, Obama was already marshaling his resources and attention to the general election.

    The writer of this article is clearly a Clinton supporter. In a desperate attempt to discourage Biden from entering the race, they try to rewrite the history of the prior campaign by moving the goal posts. And they make lots of assumptions about Biden's chances in the race with almost no evidence.

    If Biden were to enter the race and join HRC in debates, HRC may well implode -- just as she did in 2008. And Buden's poll numbers may go up (a lot) as he advertises and defines himself to young voters.

    Biden has an aexcellent chance of beating Clinton without requiring Clinton to implode. Many Democrats and independents just don't like or trust Clinton, especially after the offensive campaign tactics she used against Obama.

  123. Nate once upon a time all of you pundits thought that the white party moderate elites had control of the GOP.

  124. Joe Biden has colossal baggage that is somehow being "forgiven" in this silly pre primary discussion. Strong support for the Iraq war, support for credit card companies (he is from delaware, of course) against debtors, support for aggressive bankruptcy "reform" that hurt student loan holders to a great degree (worked with Hillary on that one in the Senate). This is all just ridiculous fluff because HRC is so unpopular. I am astonished that anyone is taking this seriously. Uncle Joe as president is about as realistic as Uncle Buck. And a ticket with Warren? Forget it - she is better suited to being a gadfly than a real leader.

  125. This year and a half early reporting on the election (since it started this past summer) is wearying and tiresome. Call me back when we are closer and this issue matters.

  126. You're missing the point. It is never too soon for the elites to start telling us what our opinions are. It takes time for the propaganda to sink in.

  127. To paraphrase an old song, "I'm Biden my time, cause that's the kinda guy I'm ... "

  128. The number of times Mr Cohn mentions support by "party elites" make this piece a great Bernie promotion. Can you imagine four years of governing according to the predilections of party elites? More than ever it's votes that count for the nomination, not the rubber-stamp convention. Guess Mr Cohn is still trying to make his July prediction come true:

    "Nate Cohn of NYTimes: Bernie will fade. - Daily Kos
    Daily Kos › story › 2015/07/08 ›
    Mobile-friendly - Jul 8, 2015 - This column from NYTimes number cruncher Nate Cohn is a must read. http://"

    Where did you get this guy?

  129. Sanders gains on his progressive views in opposing "moderate" Establishment views.

  130. Joe is a real person with lots of experience.

    He might consider joining Bernie's campaign, become VP again and depending on who dies first (if either does before their term is over) become president or get a great and deserved state funeral.

    Either way he is a winner, remains true to his beliefs and brings needed expertise to the White House in foreign affiars.

    Together they can bind a broken country.

  131. This article and some of the comments illustrate how easily people can be led to sacrifice their own best interests in the face of propagandistic drum-beating from the media, e.g., "...make her path to victory much longer." The article,ostensibly about Joe Biden's chances, is essentially yet another declaration of HRC as the "probable" nominee. Having voted Democratic for more than 50 years, I can say unequivocally that she will never get my vote, nor that of anyone else I can convince to follow suit.

  132. I don't know why the liberals doesn't like Hillary Clinton. Whether it's a manufactured media story from Whitewater to Email. But to me she has always taken a liberal position on all issues. The only one is on the Iraq vote which was understandable that being a senator from New York she has to do the political calculation after 9/11. I suspect being female and wife of Bill Clinton has something to do with this attitude, and using various excuses to hide it. I just want to point out that Ralph Nader gave the 2000 election to George Bush regardless what anyone said, and the resulting Supreme Court appointments gave the new interpretation of the Second Amendment to invalidate various gun laws. If the liberals want to throw A fit and give the presidency to the republican, then the Supreme Court will be firmly in the conservatives hand for the next 20 years plus and they can be happy in their principle stand.

  133. > But to me she has always taken a liberal position on all issues.

    Well, except for:

    1) War (which you noted)
    2) The USA-PATRIOT Acts, Parts I and II
    3) Crime
    4) Marijuana
    5) Equal Marriage
    6) Banks and financial regulation
    7) Health Care
    8) Etc.

  134. He is torn.

    Part of him wants to run but a very large part doesn't.

    His heart is not in it.

    He should listen to that and just announce that he will not run.

    I think it will finally bring a lot of peace to him and his family and that is what must come first.

    BTW, I would have voted for him and think he could win but he must do what is right for him and he has let it be known all along what that is.

    You need not be a psychologist to read his lips.

  135. Somebody please convince him to stay home.

  136. Another Teddy Kennedy in the 1980 election, who helped to undermine Jimmy Carter?

    Just retire, Joe. You've got a great empathy act, but it has never fully clothed your narcissism.

  137. It would be interesting to see Biden jump in the race, if nothing else to stimulate some more debate and competition in the Democrat race.

    However, I still feel we need a POTUS who speaks for the 99%, someone who is going to affect true change and challenge this country to be better. That is why I'm voting for Bernie. I hope more people have the guts to vote with their heart

  138. Sanders has out polled Clinton, but the NYT declares Biden,not even officially running, as Clinton's "toughest opponent." The NYT has given relatively little press to Sanders and less to his ideas. One might suspect the Times of being unduly influenced by the monied

  139. I do not care what the polls show. Biden is a better choice than either the chameleon called Clinton or the far too left Sanders. It is unfortunate that she has the big bucks and he the "restive" group. Plus "Go for Joe" has a great ring to it.

  140. If Biden decides to run, he will regret it. His favorability rating will drop, the media and the Repubs will point to his gaffs, and he'll never catch up on the money race. In addition, he will spoil his good graces with the American people and go out as a loser. Don't run Joe.

  141. HIllary's duplicity was evident when she botched health care reform at the beginning of Bill's first term.

  142. You elected Bill that time, not Hillary. In fact, I recall a lot of complaints were that she was usurping power without being elected. Ergo baking chocolate chip cookies to give her wifely place in White House. You can't have it both ways. A common wish of anti Hillary people.

  143. It is good bet that after eight hard, stressful years as a key player in the Obama administration, Joe Biden is too burned-out to endure the presidential campaign trail.

  144. Biden is charismatic, hopeful, full of empathy and not a scammer like Hillary Clinton with her foundation shenanigans, her overpaid and overpriced speeches. Hillary is not real, Biden seems to be. Biden smiles, Hillary grins and cackles. Please Biden---run.

  145. First, Biden is not running and will not run so why does the Times carry on with this nonsense? Frankly I have little respect for Nate Cohn's musings or the paper that publishes them.

    Lets face it the vast majority of voters vote the party line however it comes together next fall.

  146. Worst fear and critique of both Biden and HRC - they're both "incrementalists," meaning that neither will ever do anything to upset or challenge any existing power / profit structure - both hired hands to the oligarchs, who would not have reached current positions had they ever seriously rattled those chains.

  147. We are all facing the same enemy. The times they are a changin and instead of policy we are getting the politics of celebrity. Only Sanders is giving us policy going into the future nobody else dare give their solutions because we know same old same old ain't working.

  148. It appears to me that the NY Times is not giving Bernie Sanders the props he deserves. He is Hillary Clinton's biggest challenger and not Joe Biden's. No one fills up the arenas like Bernie does and he has raised a great deal of money from grassroots supporters. The NY Times should start giving Bernie Sanders more press attention as he is not going to be swept under the carpet and he is not dropping out of the race.

  149. Bernie will win, overwhelmingly, in Berkeley, Cambridge, Madison, Austin, and the state of Vermont.

  150. Joe Bidden has sat next to the pinnacle of power of the United States for almost 8 years. He has integrity, experience and he's just an average American who's suffered the same heart ache and tragedy that most American's are very familiar with. He understands what we face.
    I no longer trust Hillary Clinton. I believe that she not only lied about Benghazi but also about her support of NAFTA and her radical views of gun control, federal control of education and health care.
    I don't want Bill Clinton to serve a 3rd term. That's unconscionable.
    Mr. Biden belongs in the White House. I pray that he runs.

  151. My heart favors Bernie Sanders, but my memories of the Gene McCarthy and George McGovern campaigns are too strong for my head to share that feeling. Preventing a Republican Presidential victory and regaining a Senate majority are the most important things that we can do for the future of the US, and we will need billions of dollars to win - even just to counter the $900M promised by the Koch brothers. Just saying the word "President" followed by the surname of one of the Republican candidates makes me ill.

  152. With the recent revelation that it was Mr. Biden himself who gave Maureen Dowd the story about his son, Beau's dying request that his father run for the office of the President, Joe begins to look a bit more calculating in his grief. He should calculate that his third run at the Presidency will NOT be a charm for him, and that he will get beaten up quite badly by the media goons the Hillary camp would sic on him. Not only that, but the American public has had two, good, long, looks at Joe as Presidential timber, in 1988, and, in 2008, and neither time did they think he measured up. His son should not have burdened him with such a request on his deathbed. I hope Joe has the wisdom and the courage to refuse his plea. Retire, Mr. Biden, and write a memoir with some good stories about Beau in it. Put all profits from the book towards Beau's favorite cause, or charity.

  153. Maureen Dowd and Joe Biden have been close friends for 25 years. Obviously she had no qualms about betraying that friendship and releasing the story. There is no hard evidence that he "gave" her the story. From all accounts, it seems she sought the "story" instead of the friendship.

  154. What "revelation"? The story was not attributed to anyone. It came from the Clinton camp.

  155. I first met then Senator-elect Biden when I was in grade school. He does have the chops. Unfortunately, he is old and stale. Not good attributes in this 21st centruy presidential race.

  156. The Times continuing dismissal of Sanders misses two very obvious points. First, the unaligned (independent voters) make up the equivalent of a third national party with no ties to Clinton or any of the Republican candidates. The polls indicate a weariness with our political class and the continuing decline of the middle class - neither Clinton or Biden can change their votes or their behavior over the past decades. They have been wrong too many times on too many critical votes.

    The second group ignored is the younger generation of so called "Millennials" who've had it up to their teeth with with an economy that leaves them in the dust and few great prospects for the future. They are doubtful to vote for the same tired warhorses who have done nothing for them.

    As an independent, unaligned voter I will not vote for Clinton or Biden whose judgement on critical votes has been miserable. Others, I'm sure, share that position.

  157. If there truly were sufficient support for a third national party, shouldn't Bernie Sanders be out there leading it instead of using the Democratic Party as his campaign vehicle? And if you truly believe neither HRC or Joe Biden can change their votes or their behavior over the past decades, I assume you agree with Bernie's terrible voting record on guns and his only slightly less terrible record on immigration reform.

  158. MichaelC wrote, "If there truly were sufficient support for a third national party, shouldn't Bernie Sanders be out there leading it instead of using the Democratic Party as his campaign vehicle?"

    Are you not aware that the political infrastructure is set up for a two party system? Ever wonder why Tea Party candidates don't run as a separate party? Surely you know that the corporate media ignores third party candidates. Third party candidates would have to spend time and money to get on the state ballots, but the system is rigged so that they will not get on all fifty ballots. And third party candidates are excluded from the debates. Nice, huh?

  159. Just to be clear, I am not arguing for a third national party. I am offering up the obvious: the two major parties are becoming less and less relevant to an increasing number of voters. Both Sanders and Trump understand this. The Democrats in power do not.

    Neither Biden nor Clinton can change their votes on allowing Bush to invade Iraq or in support of the formation of the Homeland Security Department authorizing the most intrusive invasion of individual privacy in US history. None of the three Democratic candidates - including Sanders -has offered more than token resistance to the NRA aor fought for gun control legislation with teeth.

    Sanders is the only (of these three) who has denounced big money campaigns and maintained a healthy level of disgust with Wall Street and their leveraged buyout of congress.

  160. If it's even true, the Politico "story" yesterday -- about Biden himself leaking his plans to Maureen Dowd in early August -- makes him seem calculating when he should be grieving. More importantly, the tidbit in Politico smacks of Clinton tactics. Sounds like Politico could have gotten its information from David Brock.

  161. You think Dowd would have leaked to Clinton camp? Think again.

  162. Vice President Joe Biden is a blue collar worker wearing a white collar. A down to earth, honest guy who believes in values and who has a vision for this country. I would love to see him run for President, because their would finally be a candidate on the horizon that I would believe in. Joe Biden as President and Elizabeth Warren as Vice President and I would go to bed with a smile on my face, knowing we, as a nation, would be in good hands.

  163. Clinton will easily capture the nomination and then she will lose the general election, and it's not even going to be close. The Dems are betting on an obviously weak candidate.

  164. The 2016 presidential election is no slam dunk for the Democrats, and certainly the chances of winning back the Senate would be enhanced by a presidential candidate with coattails. I don't see how that is either VP Biden or Sen. Sanders. Beyond that, I don't see how the Democrats win without getting everyone who is anyone enthusiastically on board during the final months of the campaign. Regardless of who the candidate is, the president is going have to be out there, the VP, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, Sen. Sanders, Cong. Pelosi, Sen. Warren, and every present or former senator, governor, cabinet member, or member of Congress who is still breathing. If Mrs. Clinton thinks about it, she may conclude that Sen. Sanders' candidacy actually helps hers. How? By energizing the liberal activist wing of the party early and making clear to them how high the stakes are and how great the losses will be for their cause if not only Sen. Sanders loses, but the Dem. nominee, if it isn't him. I don't see what VP Biden adds to the Democratic side as a candidate that he doesn't add as a team member helping the Dem. nominee get elected and I doubt that either of the other candidates see what he adds to the discussion besides his avuncular image. (Sorry, Messrs. Webb, Chafee, Lessig, O'Malley, but you don't really have much significance in this election.) I hope he does not run against Clinton and Sanders but waits in the wings in case both implode, which I certainly hope doesn't happen.

  165. Joe knows politics inside out and he comes across as a caring individual, but he also has a big mouth. Hillary is a deft politician but also comes across as a cold fish. Bernie has great ideas but he would be the oldest president to ever take office in the history of the United States at 75 years old, which is worrisome considering the daily stress and rigors of the oval office. So what does that leave the Democrats with?

  166. It may take a primary win outside of New England for the media to pay attention to Senator Sanders.

  167. Joe, run for the good of the country.

  168. Nate Cohn’s analysis is always spot on. The people pushing Joe Biden to run for President again are ambitious staffers, the sentimental, Hillary haters such as Maureen Dowd, and Republicans. Many insiders have pointed out that if he announces he would immediately open himself up to rigorous scrutiny from all sides and the current wave of sympathy and nostalgia would evaporate. We would be reminded of his two previous failed attempts, of his performance during the Clarence Thomas hearings that not only resulted in Thomas being confirmed but also the despicable treatment of Anita Hill, his corporate ties that are far more involved than those of Hillary Clinton, and specific issues such as his stance on student debt, etc., etc., etc. What Joe Biden has going for him is his estimable service as Vice President, but if he engaged in a political battle with HRC, he would lose and she could be weakened sufficiently so that a Republican might win. I hope and trust that’s not the legacy he wants to leave.

  169. I have great respect for Mr. Cohn's analysis, but I believe that he is incorrect here. I think that Bernie is going to do much better than anyone is currently predicting. Of course, a lot will depend on next week's debate...

  170. Like everyone else, I do not have any inside information to know whether a Biden candidacy is the right decision for Joe Biden personally or politically. I do hope he runs, though, and I will vote for him if he does. He is experienced, capable, universally liked on a personal level, not a divisive figure (unlike some other candidates -- on both sides), and he electable in the general.

    I wish him well no matter what he decides.

  171. Stay out Joe. Don't be a spoiler. Are you really ready for all that "plagiarism" stuff coming back to haunt you.

  172. Nate Cohn's premise is a lie and it is a cruel gambit. Joe Biden lost a son and has shown little or no interest in a presidential bid. To the media he is the best excuse they can find to ignore Bernie Sander's successful campaign. Judith Miller would be proud of Mr. Cohn's misuse of fact. His premise should earn him a pink slip, yet he gets front page exposure. Bernie Sanders is a credible threat to our too big to succeed banks and Nate Cohn is writing like the New York Time is the Hollywood Reporter for bankers. Enough is enough. Go Bernie.

  173. It's quite enjoyable to see all the pro-Sanders readers jump out on every NYT article, complaining that their candidate is not treated with enough respect.

    Come on comrades, stop whining! You're supposed to be sturdier than that. You're not from gun-shy New York, you're from rugged Vermont and Colorado. Why are you even reading the NYT? You should be reading Mother Jones, or Pravda.

  174. Ha, ha, ha.

  175. So what you're saying, G.D. Wolkovic, is that it's ok for the establishment media to push a narrative that says "only establishment politicians should win and can win." You may be fine with the oligarchy running our economy and government, but Sanders supporters are not. That is why Sanders will win. We're fighting to get back our democracy and have a government that represents all the people.

  176. Joe Biden's been a fine vice president. Surely, that's enough.

  177. According to the latest Pew poll, there is no demographic group that does not support Clinton over Sanders and Biden. Not college educated, not young voters, not liberal - no group. Sanders voters do themselves and their candidate an enormous disservice by constantly belittle Clinton and her supporters. By claiming that she and her supporters are closet Republicans, or that we are uneducated or "low information", It makes me, for one, for more inclined to make Biden my second choice and not Bernie. I find the online behavior of his supporters second worst only to Trump's.

    This is even more bizarre considering the fact that Bernie HIMSELF says he won't go negative. Yet his supporters are nothing but vitriolic.

    See this poll -

  178. Sanders supporters do NOT "belittle" Hillary.
    We're all NOT engaging in a mud-fight in this campaign,
    and we are following the "clean campaign" leadership of Sanders himself.
    We are happy to point out the better candidate in the race is
    Bernie Sanders and we don't need to take down anyone else at all.
    End o' story.

  179. You know I can merely scroll the comment section of just this article and find examples to prove otherwise, right?