Late to Mets Workout, Matt Harvey Apologizes, Citing ‘No Excuse’

Why Harvey was absent is not exactly clear. Manager Terry Collins said Harvey would be fined but would still start Game 3 of the Mets’ division series against the Dodgers.

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  1. Whatever! Let's move on, shall we?

  2. We shouldn't confuse good pitching with intelligence.

    Matt Harvey has always kept the two concepts carefully separated.

  3. No matter what it was - an extended stay with a companion, Scott Boras interfering again, a bender with pals, or whatever, I am starting to get the feeling there's something amiss here. This from a Mets fan with rose colored glasses on since the 1960s. Did we have any clues about Gooden and drugs before he bailed on the post World Series parade? Whatever it might be this time - if it's anything at all - I admit I'm wondering already about Matz and Wheeler next year with deGrom and Syndegard if there's a Harvey issue we don't have clear info about.

  4. Sol: My first thought too was Gooden and the 86 parade.

  5. It’s the little things that move you along in post season. Showing up when you are supposed to is one of those things.

  6. He's a drama queen.

  7. Bear down kid, bear down

  8. I love the guy. Really. What an amazing talent.
    But enough is enough. Clearly, some signs are showing that Sol mentioned- and then some. His weight gain. His erratic messages to Met management (first, he didn't like the 6 man rotation....then he wanted to bail on the season because of the fictional inning cap). Either he has an 'issue', or his agent does.
    You don't miss mandatory meetings. You get there early for them.
    Something is amiss, and I don't look forward to hearing what it is.

  9. The total opposite of the CC Sabathia situation. CC must be hurting. When he was traded to the Brewers several years ago -- well before his big pay day with the Yankees -- he pitched on little rest to help his new team.

    Harvey is a downer. Totally about himself, notwithstanding the fact that there are no "i"s in Matt Harvey. Think about it. The Mets are in the playoffs for the first time in a decade and he creates this distraction. Creep.

    I don't care how good he is. The sooner the Mets get rid of him the better.

  10. Manager Collins needs to know that if a teacher was to spank a child, whether in the eighth grade or not, he or she would lose their job and livelihood! Managers obviously have other concerns...

  11. Bill Belichick would sit him.

  12. Bill Belichick would have had cameras and microphones hidden in his apartment.

  13. The only thing that matters is what his team-mates think about it and that's it. As Collins said the players will handle it. Other than that it's much ado about nothing.

    You would think with what they're getting paid -- and you would think if you portray yourself as a team leader -- that you would be there early. But if his team-mates like him it actually can be a tension reliever and a good laugh all round.

    These are still young guys, and -- well let's just say tardiness is not high on the list of young guy screw-ups. And we're talking about a laughing and forming lines workout to tra-la-la-la the time away.

    A non-story indeed.

  14. He's 26. Sounds like he had a bit of a bender last night. I had a few of those when I was 26. We all remember Gooden, and nobody wants to see a repeat of that. This can't happen again, and this guy needs to get his head straightened out, but for now I am going to worry about what he does next Monday night, and hopefully after that. But after the season ends, the Mets need to find out who this guy really is.

  15. lifelong mets fan here. can't argue with his talent. but this winter, they should trade him and bring in other non-diva talent. and someone please fill me in, what about him makes him the "dark night?" what/when did that happen? what's that all about?

  16. An unnecessary distraction, only the most recent, from someone who it seems either cannot or will not put his team first.

    No matter: the Mets overcame the last bit of nonsense the self-annointed "Dark Knight" caused in September, and they'll over come this as well.

    Then, when the season is over, they can try to decide if the guy is worth the trouble. I've read lots of comments here that he should be forgiven a youthful transgression, but plenty of other young guys on the team managed to get themselves to practice on time--that's what you do when your team is going to the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade. He'll have plenty of time to sleep late when the season is over--just look across town, where those guys don't have to show up on time for anything but golf for a few months.

    You can pitch, Matt, but so can plenty of other guys on the Mets. Like it or not, it's NOT all about you.

  17. Yawn!!! I'm sorry I just can't get worked up about an athletes' off the field antics. To that point - I read a shocking (OK, it's not shocking) statistic the other day about the NFL. September 2015 was the first month since 2008 that an NFL player wasn't arrested. So to read that a pro baseball player was late to a meeting for whatever reason just isn't news worthy to me. It seems to me that players always have and always will squander away their extremely fortunate situation of playing a kids game for a living.

  18. the Mets are loaded with pitchers. Really good talent in that area. Matt Harvey is a cancer in that group. Bad Karma, bad attitude. Pumped up by the media. Harvey wins game and also loses games. The sooner the Mets get rid of Harvey the better. Harvey should be traded to the Yankees. He would be another prima donna there, he would replace poor Sabathia.

  19. Harvey has shown himself to be a "me first" player. He'll be gone to the Yankees the minute he is a free agent. We don't need the drama for the next few years, I agree with those fans how want to trade him now at the height of his value.

  20. The Yankees aren't going to want him. The current team are all team players.

  21. Harvey is a spoiled brat. He's ticked off that he's not number one (deGrom is). Alderson can get a boatload of good prospects for him this winter. Good riddance.

  22. Send Harvey to the Yankees where over priced Prima Donnas play. Let Joe Giradi manage him.

  23. Matt: Just go out and pitch a 'Harvey Game' on Monday. All will be forgiven.

  24. This shows all the signs of too hungover to make it to work. Remember, a month ago he had to be treated for dehydration after a game. The weight gain. Maybe CC Sabathia should give him a call. Or maybe we'll just need to wait until he figures out he has to start making better choices.

  25. I suspect that the NY Mets want to get rid of Harvey at the end of the season and let this nugget out about him missing the mandatory workout to show how difficult he is.

    With his loudmouth agent Scott Boras suggesting to Matt's employers, the NY Mets that he's pitching too many innings and Matt's initial statement that he doesn't want to pitch in the post season, he seems to be more trouble than he's worth.

    Who misses a mandatory workout before your team's first post season appearance in years.

    The NY Met fans are being prepared for "The Dark Knight's" departure from the team!

  26. DeGrom, Syndergaard, Matz and assuming he comes back healthy, Zach Wheeler would make a nice murderer's row with Niese or someone else bringing up the rear. Trade this Clubhouse Cancer now and rebuild the minor league system with what you get for him. Last time they had a guy like this -- a phenom in his own mind -- his name was Gregg Jeffries and they traded away everyone who was the heart and soul of the team before realizing the problem was Gregg Jeffries.

  27. Is this really such a big deal? No one has ever screwed up before? I'd trade him because he'll be a free agent soon and the Mets should get some hitters for him. But for anyone but his teammates and his manager, who I thought handled his lateness perfectly, to care is just a bit too much.

  28. I always thought Harvey didn't have his head on right even before the Boras fiasco. After the fallout from that incident (Collins did admit in Cinc a week ago that other players were bothered by it) you would think Harvey would learn something.
    Mets were a bad team and needed to hype something about team and Harvey was it. Same thing happened w/Strawberry in 83 and look how that turned out. Read the New York Mag profile of Harvey from over a year ago and you'll see an ego close to out of control.
    Mets are loaded with young pitching talent. Harvey could bring some premium hitting in a trade. Do it ASAP before the next Harvey incident. Don't worry-there will be one.