You Go, Guy!

“The polo shirt, relaxed-fit Dockers, and Rockport Prowalkers are gorge.”

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  1. Hilarious!
    I'm not going say anything more so as to not start a men vs. women war out here.

  2. So confused as to how to feel.

  3. T, --

    It seems you already FEEL -- "confused."

    Perhaps you are confused what to THINK.

  4. for the most part in my newsfeed we do talk with men in much of this way - I don't think we treat the genders too diff.. but.. i have one of the best groups on facebook :-)

  5. hilarious. if i posted this to my wall, i'm sure my female friends would disown me though!

  6. I sadly work in HR. My entire department is filled with women who talk like this all day long. It is torture.

  7. Cute, but I really don't know which women have Facebook pages like that. It doesn't sound at all like the political posts my liberal friends and I share about minimum wage and pro-choice candidates, or my conservative friends share about Jesus or immigration.

  8. Wow, this is a scathing indictment of women, their thoughts and social media. Did the male author somehow pull one over on the female co-author, using some kind of projection onto men in a humorous context in order to produce what is a very accurate and critical assessment of generation Y women?

  9. Cute. But the dark side of this is that women can be really vicious if you don't subscribe to the perky-encouragement script.

  10. I don't and why would I want to be even Facebook friends with anyone 'really vicious'?

  11. I've often felt that women who were into this kind of "cheerleading" small talk would extort it out of me with malicious insults if I wasn't forthcoming.

  12. This is hysterical.

  13. Exactly why so many are not on Facebook. And why so many have left. Life is too short for such nonsense. Ditto for Twitter and all similar social media members. Pick up a good book and retrieve your life from the inanities of social media, a modern day plague on our existence. Er, excepting the NYT's comment section, of course.....

  14. Need one more, even if it's an old one: "Those jeans do NOT make your butt look big, Brad! You rock!"

  15. That will be the day...

  16. And the world would be a better place.

  17. I don't earlier years when using eharmony I've used some form of "Gross! Pickup lines from creepy women on Tinder are THE WORST.” In turn I've have been told by all my women friends that I should feel so lucky to have such ladies interested in me. My standards I'm told I should be set aside, yet standards of women should not be set aside? I think not.

    “YOUR BEARD IS SO LUSTROUS AND THICK LIKE YOU’RE IN A JUST FOR MEN COMMERCIAL” - I'm saving this for Movember. But I'm curious, what's the women's equivalent of this?

    “Been wayyyyyy too long, mister. Beers at a sports bar while we catch up on our professional lives soon?” - "Dude, lets grab a beer." After all. what..are you just going to grab a beer..drink it with friend. Pay tab. Head home and not say a word at all during the whole meeting? Keep it short eh?

    “What’s your secret? You STILL look like you’re 35!” - I've seen some form of this question being asked on facebook to other men usually leading to the reply; "You're mom." -- followed by; "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

  18. This story was quite unsettling. I do hope that it will provide some insight.

  19. "If men validated men on Facebook like women validate women"

    Thankfully, not the women I know.
    Spending too much time with publicists?

  20. "Love love love the Tommy Bahama tank and sandals!"

    "Thanks for the party favors, and the homemade IPA was delish!"

    "Cute man-cave!"

    "Beautiful sunset. Great pulled pork. Hammock. Feeling blessed"

    "Taking the fam to Imagine Dragons. Love love love."

    "Selfie at the filter!"

  21. Yes, that would be super creepy. Most men don't want or need that sort of validation. They have egos, often massive ones. So instead men make fun of each other and try to take each other down a peg. It's what we need.

  22. What kind of women do you know? eww.

  23. I agree this seems more of comment about the caliber of company the author keeps on social media.

  24. Is this supposed to be funny?

  25. Finally. And from a woman, whatever.

  26. Not sure I get the one about SCOTUS. Can anyone illuminate?

  27. Notorious RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    She has developed quite a fan base (deservedly so).

  28. Nailed it, all the phoniness and inanity that passes for interaction on social media.

    LOVED IT, you two crazies, you !!

  29. Boy, I feel like a sour lemon, and maybe this is the heat talking, but I don't really understand the point of this short piece. Women are more nurturing than men? Women are phonier than men? Women are from Venus and men are from Mars?

    Making generalizations about the sexes is a tired trope?

    Maybe if I were better "validated" on FB, I'd have a more gung ho reaction.

  30. And if women attacked men on Twitter like men attack women, Twitter would have been shut down long ago.

  31. Nothing stopping them.

  32. I honestly can't say if it's sad that men aren't encouraged to support each other with sarcasm-free reinforcement or if women engage in an excess of silly cheerleading. Here's hoping for something better for everyone.

  33. Although I'm sure the writers would deny it to the end, they're participating and reveling in this aggressive-macho culture that punishes men for sharing their feelings or seeking help. There's nothing particularly wrong, or unusual, about a man complimenting another man on his looks or his outfit? This is dumb and bizarrely conservative. Maybe the authors would like to return to Don Draper's time, but I for one revel in my male friendships.

  34. guys use the like button on fb to say nice things about their friends. imagine a woman posts a picture with her teenager and everyone commented on the growing up and looks of the teen and never said a word about the mom

  35. Why is it hilarious to give men validation? Men have feelings, too. I bet a lot of them could use a bit more of sentiments like "I <3 you so much, bro" and "Sharon is so lucky to have landed you!"

  36. To this and several similar comments, I don't think the authors' intention is to punish men for giving complements or validation or to suppress such inclinations. Rather, it's an indictment of the distinct way women choose to express themselves online through vapid, trite, overly forthcoming, formulaic and content-poor affirmations. It is worth wondering why this has become the de facto standard.

  37. Imagine if the authors and their friends were half as interesting as they thought they were?

  38. Tone deaf much?

  39. I have often wondered why women engage in so much gender-based boosterism. It approximates cheerleading and appears to arise from insecurity. And no: men do not do it and most of us would feel embarrassed doing so. It has nothing to do with us offering each other a genuine compliment.

    As one who lived through a period when women relentlessly mocked men--(in the 1970s and 1980s, it was impossible to roll out of bed without some feminist writer discovering, yet again, that men like ample breasts)--it is welcome to see at least this amount of gentle humor going back in the other direction.

  40. Although an attempt at humor ..I think the article is extremely sexist and loops into the most negative stereotypes of women as frivolous and silly beyond belief. Yuk.

  41. I'm reserving judgment on this piece.

    Meanwhile, I've stuck it on my refrigerator with the magnet that says:

    "If women ruled the world, there would be no more wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other."

  42. Women do this in person, too, and I find it strange and uncomfortable to listen to, but join in else I seem "mean"...

  43. As a woman, the worst sexism I have experienced has been from other women, who pressure me to always seem 'nice' (I am not) and to dress as they do (the best I can offer is 'professionally').

    While I have had issues with men on the job, they have been upfront and straightforward and that I can deal with, as I am the same.

    Many women are passive aggressive and manipulative and that is insufferable. Sadly, while some women blame 'The Patriarchy' for this, they learned it on their mother's knee.