Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, formally announced on Monday that he is running for president, saying he is the best candidate to lead the country into “another American century.”

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  1. Keep em coming, reps!

  2. Is he really running to be considered for a VP position? That's unlikely if Bush wins the primary. Or perhaps he's running just to get wider exposure for the future? Or maybe he's running simply to wipe the image people have of the thirsty young whippersnapper - aka Throato Lubio as Letterman named him?

  3. Yet another person with an (R) after his name running for President who does not have the tools.

    That is not a big surprise, since the (R) party and the Tea Party really do not want to govern, but rather want to shut diwn or abolish as much government as they possibly can. The 1880s were too regulated, to hear them tell it, and that was the era of the WIld West.

  4. What "tools" does he lack?

    Private server? Family foundation? Sting of checks from foreign countries and Goldman Sachs? Community organizer cred?

  5. More than half the country believes the country needs a change in direction. What you see as problematic republican behavior is actually their responsiveness to the American public.

  6. As usual a false choice is promoted by the left. Nobody wants to return to the 1880s. Why would the choice be between the 1880s and 75,000 pages of federal regulations with a tax code even accountants barely understand?

  7. An excellent candidate!

  8. How so?

  9. Rubio, like most of the Republicans running for president, is not doing it to lead the country but to fill his pockets.

  10. And candidates who charge $300,000 per speech, who were "flat broke" and now worth hundreds of millions -- are running for altruistic reasons?

    The Left is so gullible.

  11. Comical comment considering Hillary is the Democrats leading candidate.

  12. GQ Magazine to Senator Marco Rubio in 2012: "How old do you think the Earth is? "

    Marco Rubio: "I'm not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell you what the Bible says, but I think that's a dispute amongst theologians and I think it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States. I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow. I'm not a scientist. I don't think I'm qualified to answer a question like that. At the end of the day, I think there are multiple theories out there on how the universe was created and I think this is a country where people should have the opportunity to teach them all. I think parents should be able to teach their kids what their faith says, what science says. Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I'm not sure we'll ever be able to answer that. It's one of the great mysteries."

    For the record, scientists agree that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old.

    Marco Rubio is courting America's 6000-year-old Earth voters.

    Marco Rubio is running for pastor and the Restore the Cuban Blockade Vote.

    He really needs to take a water break.

    He is not a President.

  13. Back to my favorite Socrates of New Jersey.

    Yes, you are absolutely right but, in this country, there are many more people who believe in a 'young' Earth than Socrateses from Verona, NJ.

    In my opinion, Bush III, perhaps the best of all Bushes, may be our next president. I will NOT vote for him but he may be the best we can hope for. Although, according to the Times, Hillary has '100% name recognition'.

  14. Barack and Hillary are devout Christians, or at least they claim they are. I would love to hear their answers on that question but for some reason they are never grilled on their faith. Wonder why?

  15. Jerry: probably because Barack and Hillary wouldn't say dumb things like claiming that scientific facts are just one of a menu of possible beliefs about the world.

    As Socrates says, the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, and it's Rubio's inability to go with that basic and well-known fact that's drawing the attention to him. It has nothing per se to do with the fact that he's religious.

  16. Despite what the GOP presidential candidates may say, they are all variations on the same (tired old) theme.

  17. Exactly. "Ask little of the rich" is not an economic policy or a solution to anything. In fatt, we need to do the exact opposite to get this economy, and opportunity for all, back on track.

  18. Edelman and Abrams are his foreign policy advisors?! Help!

  19. Lucky for the Democrats. An extreme opportunist, but a clone otherwise of George W. Bush, though admittedly slightly smarter. I would caution the other Republican candidates, now and future, to not ever turn their backs on him. Although he has been known to put the knife in the front while staring right at you....,....

  20. It's kind of an All About Eve situation isn't it? I imagine that Jeb et al thought it would be nice to let the young, eager kid hang around and it was until......

  21. Résumé building—at the cost of the overall process.

  22. “one candidate in the race who’s from yesterday and who wants to take us back to yesterday,”

    Things were pretty good yesterday, until the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts were passed in the late 1960s, crowning the New Deal. Then the Republicans began siphoning off the worst elements of the Democratic party (the racist element enraged by those acts), and so began the destruction of all the gains our society had made since the Depression. The Republicans want to return us to the serfdom of the Gilded Age and the time before the Depression. Those are the yesterdays they've striven for. They've made pretty good strides in the past 40 years. I mean, every bank scandal and economic collapse since 1928 has been under Republican administrations. If we vote in another one, we're gluttons for punishment.

  23. Marco Rubio in 2012 said that the age of the earth was still being debated by theologians which he clarified in a later interview where he acknowledged that the earth was 4.5 billion years old.

    Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  24. I'm less interested in a candidates views on the age of the earth than I am on what they think about our $18 trillion debt, lack of quality jobs, and future problems with social security and medicare. Oh and lets throw in ISIS and Iran for good measure.

  25. Dave - Do you think you'll get any kind of sound policy from someone who can't grasp the most basic elements of life on earth?

  26. And acknowledging from where that $18 trillion debt came. (hint: it wasn't all caused by Obama - except he, rightfully, put the cost of the wars on the books).

  27. Well, at this stage, like all Republicans, at least he has got his priorities in order. The first official announcement is to the people that are "paying the freight" for his ability to run, not to those(the majority of the electorate), that might actually want to consider voting for him.

  28. Yesterday's NY Times regarding Clinton's announcement"

    "The announcement came minutes AFTER emails from John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, alerting DONORS and longtime Clinton associates to her candidacy."

    The LEFT never holds its own to the same standards they expect of Republicans.

  29. Of course there are differences between Rubio and his Republican opponents, but on the core issues they hold the same positions. Here are some of the provisions in the budgets that the Republican-controlled Senate and House recently passed:

    Rubio proposed an amendment that would have increased military funding above the caps imposed by Congress without offsetting the cuts. $38 billion was added to the war fund which is not subject to caps. The House budget added $387 billion for the years 2017-2025.

    The Senate budget repealed the estate tax for the top 0.2%, estates worth over $5.4 million for individuals and $10.9 million for couples. The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit were not extended.

    Cuts to Medicaid and CHIP, and repealing the ACA would throw 27 million people off health care.

    There are cuts to Pell Grants, nutrition programs, and other programs for the elderly, children, and working families, while refusing to crack down on offshore tax havens, raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires when their taxes are the lowest in decades, and eliminate corporate tax loopholes when many corporations pay little or no taxes.

    Republicans REJECTED amendments that would (1) invest in our crumbling infrastructure, creating millions of jobs, (2) raise the minimum wage, (3) now allow cuts to Social Security and Medicare to be privatized, (4) reduce interest rates for student loans, and (5) address pay equity for women.

    Republicans are phony deficit hawks.

  30. "Now" should be "not" in no. 3 at the end of my comment.

  31. The arrogance of ignorance.

  32. Excellent reporting, Ms. Parker. And then there were three. Perhaps they are announcing in the reverse order of the final delegate/primary totals. Nah, that can't be, as we've yet to (officially) hear from Rick Santorum. Can't wait for that. Maybe he can polish off last cycle's speech, just with more anger and transparent insecurity about the LGBTQ community. Again, can't wait for that.

    It is very fitting that Rubio announced via his top donors; he is an establishment Republican through and through. Perhaps his message was: I took the heat for our failed effort to address our nation's immigration mess; you guys owe me your support. And perhaps they were listening until they had to excuse themselves for a conference call with Jeb Bush.

    Rubio self-styles himself as a (or, even THE) candidate of tomorrow. The trouble is that his tomorrow doesn't look very friendly for the most vulnerable Americans, the ones whose services and benefits a President Rubio would gladly cut. And does he really strike anyone as someone willing to confront his own party on immigration in 2017, even to the point of endangering his own reelection? He had a chance to show genuine political courage a few years ago and passed. That would have given him something useful for his "leadership summit" in New Hampshire this week.

  33. "tomorrow doesn't look very friendly for the most vulnerable Americans, the ones whose services and benefits a President Rubio would gladly cut."

    You're short sighted. A comfortable life shouldn't be based on the government dole, it should be based on real prosperity created by an environment that encourages new business formation and good job creation. Rubio is far more likely to offer that kind of path going forward than more of the same Democrat pandering to identity groups.

  34. Dave - A comfortable life should be based on being able to grow up in a clean, safe environment, get an education and be paid a living wage in exchange for full time work. Rubio will offer none of those things.

  35. As an American voter I feel ashamed for him and dirty all over. This is a bad joke. I need a shower and a stiff drink ( I never drink!) after reading this and turning red with rage! The entire list of Republican candidates are not worthy to hold the highest office in the nation. Liars, all of them. I don't trust any of them and they are ruining my country.

  36. Is Hillary Clinton any better?

    Has she given a reasonable explanation for denying Ambassador Stevens' repeated requests for additional security for the Benghazi facility?

    Has she turned over her server to the State Department to ensure that she hasn't deleted any of the emails which were supposed to be archived?

    When it comes to personal conduct, Hillary Clinton is obviously ethically challenged!

  37. And ditto re the Democratic "list."

  38. But he's a young inexperienced first term senator who's only able to run since he's an electorially important minority. Don't Republicans know that's a disqualification for President?

  39. Why is he running? Doesn't he have to articulate why? I haven't heard it yet. Because he's an alternative to Jeb Bush?

  40. A meteoric rise
    A pretty face, to boot.
    Not so presidential:
    He's Palin, in a suit.

  41. That is patently unfair!

    Besides, he hasn't been in any drunken brawls with the neighbors and he can't see either Russia, or Cuba from his house!

  42. Brilliant.

  43. Perfect capture!

  44. "Mr. Rubio is expected to cast himself as a forward-looking, next-generation leader...." Cuban nationals-in-exile all across this great land will turn out for him, in large numbers. A one-trick pony if ever there was one. What else you got, Marco?

  45. Don't most of the "Cuban nationals-in-exile" younger than about 70 years of age favor normalizing relations with Cuba?

  46. Marco Rubio at least gives a credible appearance as being somewhat motivated for noble reasons. I don't love him. I don't like his views. I disagree with him on about 99% of his views but I do appreciate his views on South America which tend to mirror my own.

    Still can't vote for him but he makes me considerably less sick to my stomach than do Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Jeb Bush.

  47. He makes me considerably less sick to my stomach than Hillary Clinton.

  48. Two Republican candidates from Florida, one from Kentucky, and another from Texas. What could possible go wrong?

  49. I am not sure which is a greater waste of money, supporting Rubio or Cruz. Imagine if our billionaires truly cared about the country they made their fortunes in. On the other hand we don't even know where the money came from. Thanks again Anton , for making our elections so transparent.

  50. I think there was a typo in the article - the breakfast for bundlers was a breakfast for bunglers.

  51. What a contrast to stale old Bush and Clinton candidates. The last thing we need is another Bush or Clinton in the White House. Rubio brings no baggage to 2016 and is young, energetic, moderate and has an Hispanic heritage. We also need a new face on the Democratic side.

  52. He is young and energetic, but totally reactionary on the issues. Since 50 years of isolating our country has worked so well to get rid of Castro, he wants to try another 50 years of the same policy. He wants to implement huge transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich. Of course, there is much more, but it will come out.

    It's too bad Rubio speaks so well, because it will help mask what he really stands for.

  53. ^ He brings no baggage because he has never done anything.

    His ideas are the same as the rest of the Stale Old Party.

  54. You mean what a contrast to the highly-experienced, very well-accomplished Bush and Clinton? I agree. A huge contrast. This guy has zip on his resume.

    I voted for Obama twice, the first time out of naïvety and a belief that one man could actually change Washington and indeed the country; the second time because, after his speech regarding the death of Ambassador Stevens, had Mitt Romney accidentally stepped in front of my car the skid marks would have been after the body. Marco Rubio is literally less accomplished than President Obama was when he ran. I used to argue that executive experience didn't matter - that's the chief of staff's job, handling the details. No longer. Candidates for President need managerial, government and executive experience - in droves - to run this country.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Obama and I think he's a good guy, but he just didn't realize his position in the world when he got elected. He begged of congress instead of dictating to them. He could have kicked hindquarters and taken names; he just didn't grasp how much power and influence he had. The American people would have gone along with a return to Glass-Steagall, breaking up of the big banks, a new round of anti-trust, massive investments in infrastructure and higher taxes on the ultra-wealthy. He just didn't get it. Never again will I underestimate the value of accomplishment and experience in a presidential candidate.

    Marco Rubio is an empty suit.

  55. So he's a war hawk that waffles on immigration. Great. But where does Rubio stand on campaign finance reform; on reforming the tax system so that workers are no longer subsidizing giant corporations, inheritors and hedge fund operators; and on restoring our country's infrastructure and middle class. And oh yeah, what are his plans for social security, the ACA, and medicaid. And does he still believe the Earth is 6,000 years old?

  56. He's not a scientist, man.

  57. Are you implying that Hillary is good on these issues? Sir, you must be joking, except for the age of the Earth, which Hillary has not addressed, but surely will if asked, provided she has her notes with her.

  58. Maybe we should as ALL Of them that question. Are you aware of who Hillary's donors are? What about the Columbia trade agreement she completely flopped on...due to money?

    "Clinton initially opposed the deal while running for president in 2008, but changed her position in 2011 as Secretary of State after Frank Giustra, the Canadian founder of Pacific Rubiales, pledged to donate to the Clinton Foundation"

  59. As with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and now Marco Rubio---do we really need another inexperienced first-term senator in the White House? Can you imagine Rubio or the others successfully negotiating toe-to-toe with Putin or Ali Khamenei and holding prevailing?

    I'm sure there are mature, strong, visionary candidates out there who could represent our interests much better. Let's hope they emerge very soon.

  60. Well, that inexperienced senator routine scenario worked well for Obama; why is it all of a sudden wrong for a Republican candidate?

  61. "Can you imagine Rubio or the others successfully negotiating toe-to-toe with Putin or Ali Khamenei and holding prevailing?"

    You mean like first term Senator Barak Obama?

  62. At least Obama won over millions of supporters when he was televised nationally. Rubio seems to have had the opposite effect on the masses, especially with his "watergate" congressional response speech. He serves an ultra-conservative faction that has substantial representation in North Florida, parts of Miami, and of course Texas and the southeast. Who does his handlers think are going to suddenly endorse him anywhere else in the country?

  63. Despite what one may think of the declared Republican candidates, it is healthy to see a real contest for a nomination as important as the Presidency of the United States. It is distressing that the Democratic Party appears more interested in a coronation than a rigorous campaign where a full range of views can be aired and debated. In the end, it is counterproductive to the future of the Democratic Party.

  64. Marco Antonio Rubio's youthful immature naïve intemperate reckless fickle ignorance has not been cured by his stint in the Senate.

    And Rubio is just as white and familiar with Hispanic/Latino cultural traditions resting in Spanish language and culture as is Anglo-American John Ellis Bush. Which is contrary to the mestizo, mulatto, garifuna, Native and African American native and immigrant majority primarily from Mexico, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

    What do white Cuban Americans like Rubio, Rafael Cruz and Robert Menendez have in common with them?

  65. This guy cannot be serious? Aside from a nice smile and a pretty face, what qualifications let alone achievements does he have. As with the current president, this guy has no executive experience. Sorry, the on the job training we have experienced for the last six years should tell everybody that Rubio is unqualified. Best Marco go back to Florida and serve two terms as governor and then if that is successful, we could consider him for a real job. All should be honest, we tried the 'change' stuff, generational or otherwise, and it did not work out. The only thing Marco is the embodiment of is 'gall'.

  66. "Among the Republican Party’s announced and expected candidates, Mr. Rubio occupies a middle ground, which is both an asset and an obstacle"

    Not entirely accurate once you actually see and hear his policy positions. Maybe middle ground in the GOP, but certainly not a centrist by any means. Remember, he is groomed from the Tea Party and was elected by that faction.

  67. Rubio thinks the planet is 6,000 years old.
    Who else do the (R's) have?

  68. Hillary thinks you need a separate device for each email account. Is that any better?

  69. Piece of advise, Presidential politics is for the nation and not your Florida and New York suburbs. And that is the reason Chuck Schumer cannot be President of the United States of America. You do know why Al Gore lost. It is the choice of running mates

  70. Question: Will Rubio campaign against his own immigration plan or will he campaign for it?

    Answer: It depends. Is he campaigning in Iowa or in Florida?

    Anyone who so rapidly changes positions depending on political winds is not fit to be president and will never earn my vote.

  71. For the all the liberals out there who will feel the need to thrash Rubio, please stop. I assure you he is not running to be president.
    He is not only unqualified for the job, he is, in my opinion even worse, a simplistic thinker. He cannot afford to hire the types of people who could sell him as president material to us.
    Let him be.

  72. I would let him be if he wasn't running for president. All bets are off, everything he said is recorded, he has to face the music he created. You are right he lacks intellect and character.

  73. I am sure, like Hillary, everyone is expecting him to explain why HE is running.

  74. The candidate for Vice President on the GOP ticket . In the meantime running for office is a lucrative business.

  75. Ah, at least we know why Rubio is running: he's younger than Jeb and Hillary. A LOT younger. That's a fine reason, and it's good to contrast yourself against your opponents.

    Also he once was for immigration reform until he realized that's a loser in the Republican primaries.

    One question: when asked about the age of the earth, he originally said it was 6,000 years old. When asked later, he said it was billions of years old. Now which is it? Maybe it's both, depending on who he's talking to. But this definitely needs clarification. Maybe he favors a young earth since he's a young candidate. There must be a winning bumper sticker here: "The earth is young, and so am I. Vote Rubio!"

  76. stop, he never said the earth was 6,000 years old. Everyone here just keep repeating that. He didn't say that; look it up

  77. This kind of candidate is why I left the Republican party and became an Independent. Just sitting here shaking my head from side to side.

  78. So which Independent candidate has your support for President?

  79. 2 latino pre-candidates in the Republican Party, 0 latino pre-candidates in the Democrat party, Mmmmh! interesting...

  80. You think it is just a coincidence that Obama is working so hard to unilaterally change the immigration laws? He needs enrollees for Obamacare (Hispanics are worried their families will run into immigration problems), and he's thinking elections.

  81. What the headline should say is "Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Vice Presidential Bid."

    He's probably playing Jackie Sharp to Jeb Bush's Frank Underwood (House of Cards fans know what I mean). Talk about a pretty craven move.

  82. How about a detailed discussion of policy?

  83. Talk about an empty suit! For instance his so called "foreign policy" formula is "I hate Obama and now let's get back to war." Also, he's trapped in the same trickle down bubble that all Republicans are. I watched him try to defend it on Jon Stewart and he got himself so tied up in the irrationality and failed legacy of trickle down that he looked like a snake eating its tail.

  84. Come on readers, show a little bit of respect. I don't agree with the man any more than you do, but unlike you he has put himself out there, thereby subjecting himself and his family to an unbelievable amount of scrutiny. It takes guts to do this. You, on the other hand, will just sit there and only go so far as to type in comments to the New York Times. Feel free to disagree with him, but be respectful in doing so -- he has shown a willingness to sacrifice more than you!

  85. Civility. Good.

  86. "Takes guts to do this...." really? What guts? He gets to play with others' money to pump his own image up a notch. What kind of "guts" does that entail?

  87. Guts?! It takes colossal nerve for him to think he's qualified for the highest office in the land.

  88. It's great to have a young, forward looking Senator but one who actually has some experience under his belt. As Florida House Speaker and in his job in the Senate he has actually negotiated some deals. Unlike Obama who mostly avoided direct contact and had too many "present votes", Rubio has learned a bit about how Congress actually works.

    I look forward to seeing how he does in the limelight. Unlike others here who automatically dismiss him because of the "R" next to his name, I'm interested in hearing what he has to say.

  89. So? You automatically support anyone with an R after their name. This is nothing new.

  90. You automatically hate on anyone with an R after their name. This is nothing new.

  91. "Rubio has learned a bit about how Congress actually works.

    Americans' job approval rating for Congress averaged 15% in 2014, close to the record-low yearly average of 14% for the prior year.

    I think Mr. Rubio needs to offer a little more than: I was a member of the most unpopular American Congress ever. Whatever deals he may have negotiated there clearly did not catch on with the American people.

  92. 2012 republican presidential hopefuls of Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry.

    Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio of 2016!

    I think this run will be first come first off the list!

  93. Since Senator Rubio has made clear that he is not a scientist, I am interested to see what qualified person will advise him on scientific issues for his campaign. No more cop-out responses.

  94. he may eventually get nominated, but not this time around

  95. I think the headline of this article is wrong- It should have read "Marco Rubio Announces his availability as a Vice Presidential running mate during Jeb Bush's 2016 Presidential Bid."

  96. Per the Constitution, no two candidates from the same state may be on the same ticket.
    Cheney, the Texas resident, somehow convinced the election commission he was really a Wyoming resident, but there is no way these Floridians could pull that off.

  97. Law forbids the president and VP as being from the same state.
    The 12th Amendment: The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves

  98. I once read that Marco Rubio's mother had asked him not to mess with the immigrants, since his own family's story was that of immigrants, too. Let's see if he's really honest to family values as he forms immigration platforms for a national audience, or if he would sell out his own mother to toe the party line.

  99. Could it be possible that both parties are fronts for Wall Street, the Pentagon and the corporations and the presidential race is a form of entertainment for the rest of us? Not great entertainment but distracting enough to get us through the day of low wage work and not insanely great afterwork lives? Just asking?

  100. Said the big fish to the little fish:

    "I am beginning to think that you don't like water."

  101. Dead in the water along with any Republican congressional candidate: their stance on immigration has completely lost the Latino vote.

  102. Rubio is trying to get the Vice presidential nomination to try to "capture" the elusive Hispanic vote the Republicans can not get

  103. Senator Rubio is a provincial Floridian. He's like a mouse in a maze. His ideas on immigration reform were thoroughly rejected by his party's right wing. Instead of standing by his point of view, he allowed his proposal to languish. This is not the behavior of a genuine presidential candidate. This fear of crossing a line drawn by those without a plan is not worthy of presidential consideration. Senator Rubio is a follower, not a leader. The issue of climate change is now a permanent issue. Senator Rubio has not proven courageous enough to wean himself from his party's hard right on this issue or any other. He lacks the intellectual inquisitiveness of investigation. He denounces science as useless. He has no replacement for the president's ACA that he and his party seek to destroy. How does the Senator, if he's elected president, deal with his party's loathing of educational opportunity, of the infrastructure mess that a third world country would sneer at? Will he fund billions of improved and more efficient mass transit? What, exactly, are his plans for America, and how do they differ from his fellow Republicans, Senators Cruz and Paul, who've staked out the right? Where is the senator on the growing tolerance of Americans for gender equality? Senator Rubio is no moderate. That description applies to a person who is open to ideas, to serious deliberation, to persuasion. Where are you, Senator Rubio, on these and other matters?

  104. What would happen if Tom Dewey, Earl Warren, Ike, Everett Dirksen, TR, Robert Taft or EVEN Nixon declared as candidates for 2016? They would all get tossed out because they would be too liberal ! That speaks volumes about today's Greedy Old Party...

  105. "Just because we believe that life--all human life--is worthy of protection at every stage of its development does not make me a chauvinist." (Speech at 2013 Conservative Political Action Conf., Mar 14, 2013)

    "I thought the best way to topple Assad was to arm, equip, train and capacitate moderate rebel elements within Syria. I thought that was a better approach." (Face the Nation 2014 interview., Sep 7, 2014)

    Pass the buck, senseless hawkish hypocrisy. That's the moderate candidate?

  106. "I thought the best way to topple Assad was to arm, equip, train and capacitate moderate rebel elements within Syria."

    How would he tell the "moderates" from the ISIS guys? Simple – just ask them: "Hey, are you a moderate rebel, or one of those ISIS guys? Cuz we're not going to give any weapons to ISIS guys."

    I wonder how a rebel would have replied to that question.

  107. He'd reply with "all life is worthy of protection, here's a gun."

  108. The problem with these Republican hopefuls is that they lack every quality necessary to be their party's leader. They are not capable of uniting their party, but will strive only to appease the power base. If elected they will be nothing more than a puppet with a hand up the back, mouthing whatever they are told to say.

    For all her warts, Hillary has a quarter of a century of experience on the national stage. More so than any other politician today, she has the ability to unite Democrats of varying stripes.

  109. That is hilarious! Where is Hillary's money coming from? Numerous special interest PACs with agenda's. Unlike Hillary, Rubio has a set of core beliefs. He is not looking for a set of beliefs that she thinks will get her elected. Rubio has something else, as do Paul and Cruz and Bush and Walker. They all have an integrity and trustworthiness that Clinton doesn't even comprehend. A Clinton presidency would be a continuation of the arrogance and deception of the Obama administration. More selective enforcement by the Justice Dept, more appeasement of her donors in regulatory actions by EPA etc.. I am amazed the Democrats are not looking for a more viable candidate.

  110. J.E.B stole the 2000 election for his brother. He doesn't have integrity. Rubio lied about his family's immigration story. No integrity there. Paul has been caught stealing parts of his speeches from other sources (without giving credit). No integrity there either.

  111. "It's the economy... stupid."

    Many of us in this country would love a Clinton economy just about now.

  112. Hillary Clinton is looking better and better as each Republican Presidential Wannabee announces his entry into the increasingly crowded GOP race for the White House.

  113. I have read three comments about his ethics and experiences ~~ against Hillary's ~~ really ? Hillary would have done nothing in her life without Bill and that includes her work at Rose. Zero experience except being a wife and one willing to except any behavior so she could someday run. What would anyone of my co-readers be writing if a Republican had his / her own server and then destroyed all emails AFTER being asked not to do so. Some intellectual honesty please

  114. The Klown Bus is getting crowded and it's only April 2015!!

  115. With his Cuban-American heritage, and his anti-immigration stance....

    His version of American Dream: My parents got in, so I'm living it....but we're gonna shut the doors on anyone else trying to come for the same.

    With Cuban-American relations normalizing, Rubio basically has nothing to stand out. No experience, nothing unique to offer....this is more about angling for more PR than any real shot at the White House.

  116. Amazing how the heirs of recent immigrants to America-Rubio, Cruz, Jindal, Romney, Trump- want to build fences and moats and install palace guards to keep others out.

    Perhaps Rubio (and Cruz) could offer to return to their shared Cuban roots by self-deporting to Cuba and offering their deep insight or services to the ancient Castro brothers. Or they could volunteer to be our 1st Ambassador to Cuba ?

    Cruz also has a Canadian political option.

  117. Very similar to Ryan with government assistance. We got ours. Too bad for you! I can't stand these hypocrites.

  118. Sounds like the Republicans have found their very own Barack Obama in these one term Senators like Rubio, Cruz and Rand Paul, These guys already bored with the Senate are just looking for greener pastures. Barack Obama really set a dangerous precident by being a one term wonder before moving into the White House without any legislative achievements under his belt to run on.

  119. When he got caught spendig Florida Republican Party funds for personal expenses, his defense was that those credit cards confused him. You have to love Junior.

  120. Rubio and Cruz are both Herman Cain with a Senate seat. At least Cain ran a pizza company in his younger days and was entertaining and funny enough to quote a Donna Summer song from a Pokémon movie in his campaign quitting speech.

    Rubio and Cruz? Humorless and transparently bought and paid for. I'd rather see these pair form a mercenary army of 2 in an attempt to re-enact the Bay of Pigs.

  121. His waffling on the issue of illegal (yes, that is the appropriate word, stop the Orwellian euphemisms) immigration would disqualify him as far as I'm concerned. And it's a sign that, like Mitt Romney, his only real recommendation of his candidacy is that he really, really wants to be president. Unfortunately, that seems to be the platform of choice these days.

  122. No one has flip-flopped more on immigration than Obama -- specifically, with his use of Executive Action.

    For years he claimed he could not do so. During his Univision interview, when pressed why he would not use Executive Action to cease deportations, he said this:*

    "Well, I think it is important to remind everybody that, as I said I think previously, and I’m not a king. I am the head of the executive branch of government. I’m required to follow the law."

    He later said this on another forum when pressed about deportations:

    "The problem is that you know I’m the president of the United States. I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed, and Congress right now has not changed what I consider to be a broken immigration system."

    * "Obama’s royal flip-flop on using executive action on illegal immigration"

  123. Since Obama isn't running this time, but thanks for the reminder about his misdeeds, maybe something better than "Obama is worse" is required for a presidential candidate on important issues? Or is that aiming too high?

  124. You may want to lose the fixation with Obama. He’ll be gone in a little over a year.
    We would like to see a Republican proposal on immigration that contrasts with President Obama’s.
    So far, we have had a bill passed by the Senate nearly two years ago proposing comprehensive reform. The House Republicans then blocked its further progress. This may have caused President Obama to change his approach.
    We just need to see something from the Republicans be it flipped flopped or be bopped. You never know, we may even get behind it.

  125. Another GOP clown joins the political circus. They could all learn a lot from European leaders who are invariably informed, enlightened and eloquent. But then the circus would become a sad place as there wouldn't be any clowns.

  126. Well looks like the 2016 Republican President Primary Race Debates will be comical again. Even without Trump and Palin, we will get a few laughs as each try to be more right than the others. Lets limit the debates and ads to Comedy Central. Let the show begin.

  127. The 2012 Republican clown car of candidates was remarkable. Herman Cain? Rick Perry? Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? Honestly, some of the stuff they said you simply couldn't make up.

    At least so far two US Senators have entered the Republican fray.

    Will any of them have the nerve to tap into the fear and angst the lower middle class experiences and use that as a springboard to grab the centre from an unsuspecting cadre of fellow Republican candidates? To say nothing of HRC.

    Methinks not. Still, let the games begin!

  128. In 2012 Marco Rubio hired lawyers to help fend off possible investigations into his financial dealings during his tenure as the Florida House Speaker, specifically his relationship with the Geo Group, a private prison business that runs the Broward County prison and has been accused several times of abusing its prisoners. Why hasn't the NY Times reported on this issue?

  129. Every GOP candidate for President should refrain from attacking each other because that only helps your Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton. It gives Hillary ammunition to defeat you which would have been supplied by your fellow Republicans. Not the way to go. Right from the beginning focus on your real opponent should you get the GOP nomination. I know you must get the GOP nomination before you can face Hillary, but it seems to me that the best candidate from the GOP will be the one that can defeat Hillary. So, that being said, you must lay out the differences between you and Hillary and explain why your plan is better for America and why character and honesty is something good for a candidate to have.

  130. This seems exactly right:

    "With Cuban-American relations normalizing, Rubio basically has nothing to stand out."

    Obama pulled the rug out from under Rubio. A year from now, if normalizing relations with Cuba appears to have been a bad idea, maybe Rubio will once again have something to run on. But I don't foresee that. He's going to have to come up with something new, or he'll be out of the race very early.

  131. Maybe Marco Rubio sees Barack Obama as having similarly been a long-shot, upstart candidate who made it to the Presidency. I can't say I've personally worked with Barack Obama, but Senator Rubio, you're no Barack Obama.

  132. You're right. He's not black. Americans today don't want someone who's qualified to run a country, they want a token. That's what got Obama elected and it's what will get hillary elected too.

  133. I didn't know that George W Bush was a token candidate.

  134. Its amazing how unqualified, incompetent, and extremist the Republican "candidates" are. Ted Cruz? Marco Rubio? Both extremists who have never accomplished a single positive thing for Americans.

  135. And Obama did what before he was elected? What was his experience running anything bigger than his household before running for office? Maybe we need to rethink what it means to be qualified for higher office in the USA.

  136. A fresh breath to national politics. A remembrance of JFK in his youth.

  137. without JFK's intellect or convictions. He has not done anything for his state that we can comment on. Let him elaborate on his accomplishments in the few years he has been senator. NADA

  138. That is a particularly odious comparison.

  139. Perhaps in the sense that Rubio would like to re-enact the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Rubio is no JFK.

  140. Hispanic but not Ted Cruz, moderately conservative (by American standards...) but not a Bush. He ought to have more potential to do better than most in the Republican field, but the far-right positions he'll need to take to win in conservative primaries may sink him.

  141. Its a win win for Rubio or Cruz or anyone who has little hope for the nomination. Either win the nomination or fill up their campaign war chests.

  142. It's instructive that Rubio informed big donors before the voting public. Hint of priorities here?

  143. Can't imagine Rubio's got any real chance of winning the presidency, let alone the GOP nomination. If he holds true to his word and doesn't run for re-election to the Senate in 2016, that'll mean one less hypocritical GOP blowhard in the Senate after the 2016 election. Too bad Cruz's current Senate term doesn't end in 2016 as well.

  144. Worry not. There will no doubt be someone more out of touch and extreme to replace him. The Koch, ALEC, NRA run GOP always has someone in the Bull Pen.

  145. I think Senator Rubio *does* want to take us back to the past. Otherwise he would welcome the president's overture toward Cuba and support business relations with it.

    As for his being a hawk, the last Republican military adventures led to no conclusive results after a decade. When I watched Rubio on C-SPAN in committee hearings, he seemed to be a man trying but failing to develop theses in his unfocused questions. Obama and Clinton asked far more pointed questions.

    Instead of vagueness, he needs to present a solid immigration policy. That would probably cost him the nomination, but maybe it would sit better with voters than trying to weasel around the issue. If he is for immigration reform then he needs to put a happy face on it.

    Well, let the games begin!

  146. He may be the Republican Candidate of Tomorrow. But like it or not, he's not the Republican Candidate of Today.

    American Politics is 100% about money, and Jeb Bush will Hoover up all the money from Florida, leaving Rubio behind. Rubio needs that money to win. Perhaps he would have a chance if Jeb didn't exist

    My guess is that he's either angling for a VP nod, or perhaps a cabinet position if the Republicans actually win. (similar to Hillary Clinton's path... Senate to Secretary of State to Presidential Frontrunner).

    Otherwise maybe he's just interviewing for a Fox News Deal (like Huckabee, Palin, Cain, et al).

  147. I cannot imagine Rubio or any of these other immature and negative, ideological, inflexible GOP candidates as representing our country overseas as Secretary of State. I can imagine Putin's laughter right now.

  148. I can't respect a man who openly denies evolution. Global warming.and who showed tremendous disrespect for the president, just to pander to a religious base. I also profoundly disagree with giving 11 million illegal aliens citizenship who barged in illegally and broke our laws. He is not an original thinker or a problem solver.

  149. Marco! Polo! This is a child's pool game. Sir, the office of President of the United States is the most powerful in the world. This is not child's play. You are qualified only by your age. Otherwise, Sir, please run on back the wading pool.

  150. I have never heard this guy say one thing that made any sense and whatever he does say, he manages to say it very badly. In other words, he's a perfect fit with all the other Rightwing candidates.

  151. Three words: Global Warming Denier

  152. I am familiar with Sen Rubio, having living in Florida while he was in the state legislature and ran for Senate 6 years ago. What no one talks much about is the fact that he was never all that popular in Florida. What makes him so "hot" a candidate now?

    He barely was elected to the Senate in a three way race - he never received a majority of the vote in the State. He was a mediocre State Senator with a very murky past regarding those with whom he affiliated himself.

    He has shown himself to be an uber-panderer, willing to jettison his principles, such as they are, to get elected.

    So where is the "there" there?

  153. "Uber-panderer"? Isn't that the first requirement for raising the money and the main requirement for getting elected?

    Stand on principles and lose; look sincere and pander and win -- isn't that the American Way?

  154. It will all come out. He's a fraud --- and Rubio has never, ever, been subjected to the kind of critical examination he is about to encounter. Wait until sme Florida developer, lobbyist, etc., comes out and leaks that Rubio was on the receiving end of a quid pro quo legislative deal that benefited a big corporation or developer. Only a matter of time before the "dimes" start dropping on Rubio!

    Heck, he couldn't even tell the truth on his parents coming to the US. He made it sound as if they fled Cuba and Fidel in the dead of night. They left the country normally. Come on, Rubio's got a ton of more lies laying out there for the media to uncover.

    He's toast already!

  155. I live in FL also. Rubio may get the Miami Spanish vote but he will not do well out of Dade County.

    Also, I thought his speech condescending. Really......the younger have to govern? What a narcissist.

  156. The thing about young Rubio is that any criticism of him -- i.e., of his donors, his hawkish positions, his inexperience -- pales with respect to the criticism that can be leveled against politicians democrats routinely support, quite vociferously at time.

    Flip-flopper on immigration? Compared to whom? The self-proclaimed "king" and "emperor" himself, Mr. Immigration Executive Action Obama? Slave to his donors? Does anyone compare to Hillary Clinton who not only has campaign donors but foundation donors to pay back? Inexperience? There is no one more inexperienced than Obama, whose Senate time was spent not actually gaining any experience.

    Criticisms of the young Rubio ring hollow.

  157. Two wrongs (or a dozen) doesn't make a right.

    Anyone elected to the presidency needs about $1 billion in contributions. As a result, they are all corrupt -- if they weren't they would be invisible. As for their proclaimed positions, often they have little to do with the actual duties of the president. And inexperience is pretty much the norm -- even years in politics will not qualify someone as an executive responsible for $4 trillion a year in spending. Most have NO executive experience -- beyond running a small office.

  158. It's so fun reading the comments here. Most are derogatory to Rubio, like why would ANYONE want an inexperienced first term Senator (snicker snicker) yet what strikes me as hypocritical is that when Romney and McCain ran, the Libs complained that the Rs were nothing but old white people. Now that there IS new young blood, they are seen as inexperienced. So ironically, the Dems have trotted out the old white candidate but we aren't aloud to say old about Hillary because, well, you know, that's sexism. I'd say the NYT commenters just want to hear themselves complain.

  159. Like all the Republican candidates, he will have to bow to the right wing and its reactionary ideas. I'd be delighted to have a non-Bush or non-Clinton, also a Hispanic candidate -- if there were one who lived in the present, and one who actually cared about the 99%.

  160. He's doing the bidding of old white people, he'll pander to old white people.....

  161. Your complaint noted but really, google some facts.

    Obama served 3 terms as an Illinois State Senator alone before US Senator. Rubio IS inexperienced. Pleasing old white folks in the Tea P means faking ignorance about topics like evolution or global climate change and puts him firmly in eyeball roll territory. Stirring the pot about Cuba when we have traded with VietNam and Russia for decades makes him look like he is stuck in some time warp, people pleasing his donors for cash infusions.

  162. Honest to gosh, I would take a second look at a republican who refused to talk about religion (such is a private matter); presented as an intelligent individual (i.e. believes in science); offered a well reasoned set of fixes for Social Security and Medicare and infrastructure ; advanced an open discussion of immigration reform including the borders and stopping "give aways" ; recognized the importance of an excellent education and excellent nutrition and medical care for every single American child, and who refused to attack Mrs. Clinton personally. Where is this republican - pray tell? There is no such thing, is there!

  163. I like this. Rubio, in something on which he agrees with Obama, has been seeking to INCREASE debt-financed taxpayer subsidies to sole breadwinner men, particularly those who are parents (Obama actually instituted this in the way he did tax reform, the way he handled constitutional enforcement (or lack therof), the "virgin birth" ACA).

    In Rubio's case, the fact that he is doing this as a Gen-Xer is particularly anomalous.

    So, this may pressure Hillary Clinton to deal with this structural problem rather than playing to the Catholic left mularkey.

    He was also part of the all-male "Gang of Eight" bill.

    And the Tea are correct, that this tax policy (which predates Obama, but he and Rubio are making it worse) is not consistent with the US Constitution.

  164. This article mentions Rubio selecting the backdrop of Miami's Freedom Tower to highlight his background as the child of Cuban immigrants. But the NYT recently reported that the tower is also symbolic because it was a point of contention between him and Jeb Bush. And that comes down to how Senator Rubio will have to choose to portray himself - as an individual, or as the Florida Republican Who's Not Jeb Bush. Stay tuned to see if he can distinguish a positive identity or just a foil.

  165. Not being Jeb Bush may well be a bigger asset in Republican primaries than most people imagine.

  166. One more reason to vote for Mrs. Clinton. She is the only one who knows about foreign affairs.

  167. We should distinguish between holding an office and having knowledge sufficient to do a job. Keep in mind that Barack Obama noted that Mrs. Clinton had NO foreign policy experience (tours with her daughter do not count as "policy" experience) -- and then pacified her many cronies by giving her a title.

    When Vladimir Putin told Hillary and Obama (also arriving in office with no foreign policy experience) about the extremist elements in Syria in 2012 -- the folks that became ISIS -- she pooh-poohed the idea.

    Not qualified on the basis of her actual achievements, which are sorely lacking.

  168. He was one of 47 GOP senators to sign a letter to Iran designed to undermine President Obama's negotiations. He violated the separation of powers for the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of our government. He claims to be tolerant of all other Christians. America has Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, and those of other religions living and worshipping or not in her cities and towns. Does he represent us too? Will he represent the LGBT community? Will he stand up for the right of women to control their reproductive lives? Or will he, in true GOP fashion, represent the GOP rather than all Americans?

  169. My fellow readers, attacking Rubio for being conservative is like attacking a 747 for being too big. He is a conservative!! That you favor more funding for education, a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and Obamacare is why you're not conservative . . . and won't vote for him. But that's not somehow a "fault" of Rubio. And for some to be so hateful is also plain unfair--Rubio may not be your cup of tea, but he does represent a new and different strand in the GOP. His positions on LGBT rights may not be my position, but they're not Pat Robertson's either. His proposal on immigration reform was draconian IMO & probably many of yours . . . but, again, it was lightyears ahead of the mainbody GOP. He will likely try to carve out a John McCain-like spot in this contest's fold. McCain, too, may not be your cup of tea but he's not a nut. Both he and Rubio are hawks not because they have a bloodlust but because they genuinely believe that a muscular foreign policy lashed up to our values is the moral approach on foreign policy. I often tend to agree. So does Hillary.

    Diplomatic relations with Cuba are appropriate--they would have been 30 years ago when the Cold War ended. But let's not pretend that its going to bring democracy any time soon, if ever. Cubans may get cash in their pockets and some of our largest companies may profit, but its not as if the US had a "need" to do this.

  170. I have to disagree about McCain. He is as close to being nuts as anyone in politics. I have to agree about Hillary, she never met a war she didn't like or a government she didn't feel qualified to overthrow.

    I guess peace doesn't have much of a chance when the country is so enamored of war and the hawks -- chicken and otherwise.

  171. You make some very good points and you make them very well. It's encouraging to see people like you out there but Rubio is just another variation of ignorance and bigotry and he will do the same thing that all Republican candidates do, suck up to big money and demonize "the other." I really don't see any difference here.

  172. I appreciate the support for my pro-civility approach, but I understand why you won't vote for Rubio--you're not a Republican! Rubio may be kindler and gentler, but at the end of the day he is going to push trickle down economics, deregulation--especially on environmental issues, welfare cuts, tax cuts and the like. I always get frustrated with people who clearly lean one way or the other, but split their ticket and/or claim to be "independent." If you're a liberal/progressive, you and the generic Democrat are going to agree far more than you disagree. Politicians are not all the same and there IS a difference between the two parties.

  173. I'm not convinced this guy is fit for "any" elected office, much less the Office of the President.

  174. Rubio is smart to back away from that absolutely horrible senate bill. I'm a liberal Democrat, have never missed an election, and always voted Dem for pres, helped put Elizabeth Warren in the Senate, my great uncle ran the Colorado Democratic party for around half a century. But the massive numbers of immigrants have put millions of Americans out of work, and the difficulty California and the rest of the west are having dealing with drought is a sign the US is no longer environmentally sustainable.

    If we reduced legal immigration numbers to several hundred thousand annually, and mandated a national E-Verify, I could compromise on amnesty for people brought here as children, but only after E-Verify and reduced numbers had been in place for a couple of years, because the whole illegal immigration problem was brought about by the Feds refusing to enforce immigration laws. (The Senate bill would have nearly tripled legal immigration, to 2.75 million annually, while doing nothing to stop illegal immigration.)

  175. "But the massive numbers of immigrants have put millions of Americans out of work." I don't believe this stands up to scrutiny.

  176. The message the American people have given their political leaders over the decade has been clear and perfectly consistent: Stop the illegal immigration-magnet. Anyone who tells you they can stop illegal immigration by securing the borders first while creating more economic incentives for those who would cross our borders illegally, isn't being truthful.

    As you know, Dave; as long as incentives are created for those who would cross our borders illegally, we will never be able to secure our borders first, last or anywhere in between, period. The first incentive that must be removed is the birthright citizenship for those born here of illegal parents, yet I have not heard any Republican presidential candidates speak of their support for Rep. Steve King's H.R 140 bill, entitled: `Birthright Citizenship Act of 2015' and Sen. David Vitter's bill, entitled: The Birthright Citizenship Act U.S..

    As I am sure you know, Dave; the grassroot of both parties are anxiously waiting to support the 2016 presidential candidate who is committed to stopping the Reagan illegal immigration magnet from happening again ten years down the road with tens of millions more illegal aliens waiting for the next amnesty.

  177. Let me point out the Republican hypocrisy on immigration.
    They tout their support of the "Free Market." They make references to the neo classical economists, they want to overturn regulations that they say keep business from prospering.

    Now this statement about immigration will bring out the opponents to immigration reform, they wan to have it both ways, equivocation is their hallmark.

    The philosophy of the free market economists that thy so love, has one element the studiously ignore. And Rubio is one of them.

    The Free Market economists position is, "The Free Movement of labor and Capital." For the Free Market these troglodytes pursue to work, labor has to be allowed to go where the best opportunities are for them. Immigration laws are the antithesis of the Free Market.

    Many of you will argue against this, but like it or not, just read your favorite economist like Hayek, Von Mises, von Boehm Bawerk, and those from the U. of Chicago School of Economics.

    Rubio is what we used to call a throwback, he is appealing to the lowest common denominator, those who believe conspiracy theories, and get their opinions from loud mouth prognosticators, like Limbaugh, and Fox Noise yappers.

    This is the 21st century, and people are listening to a 17th century mind, that would be rejected by the leading intellectuals of that century.

  178. Make that a 13th Century mind set that somehow lingers on in the minds of the hopelessly troglodytic even as the leading intellectuals of today have opened the door to understanding the physical nature of the universe and closer to home have developed the technologies to save our planet from anthropomorphic climate change. If only the troglodytes would get out of the way and slither back under their rocks, we, the human race would have the freedom to solve our most pressing problems.

  179. ...Groan...Just what the Republican field doesn't need - another young inexperienced first-term Senator. Was Rubio also a community organizer by any chance?

  180. No, he didn't engage in anything like community organizing, you know actually helping people to help themselves.

  181. DR, isn't community organizing helping people belly up to the taxpayer-funded trough?

  182. Just what the U.S. needs - an anti-science President who believes we'll never know if the earth was created 6000 years ago or not. He's as much of a hoax as Piltdown Man and about as suitable a candidate.

  183. And now with Rubio, we have the 2016 GOP platform in full focus: more war, paid for with massive cuts to social security and medicare.

  184. It is fitting and revealing about whom Rubio chose to 'reveal' to that he's running: the people with the real power, his wealthy patrons.

  185. I fail to see the appeal or the senator's conviction that he's the answer to America's challenges. I see no difference between him and other declared candidates. Particularly on flip flopping, on party lines and agenda, and on a rather humourless approach to politics.

    He's also no different in that his first response is to attack, attack, opponents.

    What does Rubio offer? What is his unique selling proposition? I just don't get it...because I can't see any notable achievement linked to his name aside from a knee-jerk opposition to normalizing relations with Cuba.

  186. and you DO include Hillary Rodham Clinton in the other declared candidates list, correct?

  187. It will be an interesting challenge for Marco Rubio to both differentiate himself from the crowded GOP field, and at the same time position himself effectively for a Primary and General Election effort. His stated positions are at odds with the party faithful on some key issues, especially immigration. His youthful appeal is more helpful in the General; Primary voters skew older and more hyper-partisan. And his credentials are eerily similar to Barack Obama's; a first term Senator with almost no experience outside politics. He's more likely to be someone's VP nominee than the GOP nominee for the Presidency, and the cynic in me wonders if that isn't the entire point of the campaign. If so, he had better hope that Jeb Bush stumbles fatally; the rule against both Presidential and VP nominees hailing from the same state prevents a VP nod from the most likely GOP candidate in the race at the moment. You have to admire the chutzpah; he's out of a job in January 2017 if he screws this up. Good luck pretty boy; you will definitely need it!

  188. Marco, Marco, Marco! Why are you challenging your mentor and the maker of your political fortunes, Jedediah ( aka Jose) Bush? Don't you know you will be crushed? Bye! Bye!

  189. The fact that Rubio announced his run to his top donors as the way he made it public tells volumes about his priorities if he becomes president. Rich donors will have his ear- typical.
    Aside from his typical republican policies, his one claim to fame is that he wants to go backwards and shut down diplomacy with Cuba- not very thoughtful or imaginative. Other than being young, what ideas if any to actually solve problems does he bring to the table? He also looks thirsty again.

  190. He has done nothing for Florida. So, I don't understand how he is the candidate for tomorrow.

  191. Rubio needs to a-mosy up to these nation's parts to explain his veto vote
    of aid for Hurricane Sandy victims. I reckon,

  192. Wow! Nice kid. Very ambitious. Never ran anything in his life -- except for running for office. A Hispanic Barack Obama.

    Is the country entirely devoid of people actually qualified to run something? It would be nice to have someone trained for the job, rather than nice looking and smooth. We tried that. It wasn't as successful as we hoped.

    Give me a candidate with actual achievements in something other than getting elected or building a resume with nothing but titles.

    That eliminates almost everyone who would like to live at the White House and fly around in Air Force One.

    I agree with Ben Carson -- to be a brain surgeon requires a great deal of training, but there is no training required for the President of the United States. That may be why brain surgery is more successful than government.

  193. Brain surgery is more successful than government at what, brain surgery?
    That Ben Carson- it is a good thing he cant take the biological license for surgery he takes for politics, or someone's head would be some lego/silly putty construction.

  194. He is nothing like Barack Obama.

  195. As much as they don't want us to think about this, the fact is that they'd be running the federal government, so some degree of experience with the federal government would seem to qualify one for the job. Rubio has at least some experience with that, more than Dr. Carson, for sure. To think that doing brain surgery qualifies one to make the government work is magical thinking.

  196. Had Crist and Meek not split the rational Florida Senate vote, Rubio would already be in the dustbin of History.

    Where he belongs.

  197. Let's not kid ourselves. Rubio, Paul, Walker et al know they don't stand a chance. What they are really auditioning for is the next talking heads spot on Fox, lobbyist spot, book deal and speaking tours that will land them big money. In essence, they are asking the system for a raise since they can't get one legitimately in public office. This is all about "visibility" for 2020, and they know it. These guys are young.

    Rubio's name suits him well. He's the biggest rube of the bunch, though his hubris certainly matches Rand Paul's. Now we get to watch them re-hash the tired old talking points, peppered with words like "liberty" and "freedom", all while saying that they're going to "take America back". Well, they got that right at least. If any of them are elected we'll be going back - way back.

  198. The very fact that an arrogant, fast-talking, spineless, unimaginative mediocrity like Rubio considers himself a viable candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America is an embarrassing gauge of where this country is in terms of the level of political sophistication of the electorate. Personally, I regard Rubio as a bad joke.

  199. All this fellow has to say is that he'll beat HRC and here are the 52 reasons why. Then list them and let the MSM spend the next 18 months sorting it out.

  200. I am an Hispanic and have been living in Miami for 10 years, I am not a Republican or Democrat; I don't feel identified with Rubio and most of the Hispanic people I know feel the same way.

  201. Well, there goes the over-65 Cuban vote.

  202. Thanks for the warning.

  203. With Senator from Kentucky Dr. Rand Paul, Sen Ted Cruz and now Sen. Marco Rubio already announcing 2016 presidential runs, the Republican party is providing formidable choices of young Turks, while the Democrats are being undemocratic with conceding the cake walk nomination to Secretary Clinton from the start and no one else on the horizon that could make the Democratic primary interesting and lively.

  204. Not much of a choice, they're all pretty much the same and quantity doesn't mean quality.

  205. DR lets wait and see. Quality is subjective and in the eyes of the beholder. If Americans are looking for a change nd a shift from the same old same old dynasties of Bushes and Clintons then the young Turks will shake up things and draw bigger crowds and be the lightening rods that will fire up the voters.

  206. I think Rubio is looking for the VP slot on the GOP ticket.
    But it would be hard for him to run with Bush because both Rubio and Bush are from the same state, Florida.
    The 12th amendment prevents electors [of the electoral college] from Florida from voting for both Bush for president and Rubio for VP. The electors could vote for either but not both.

  207. Readers of the article obviously are of the opinion that the evil you know is preferable to the evil you don't know. And will employ the knee-jerk vote for Clinton. A sad state of affairs indeed.

  208. I live in Florida so I consider Rubio and Bush both known evils. Knowing how bad they are, I will not vote for either one of them.

  209. His timing is off particularly after when Hillary`s decision took the country to a storm a day before.

    Today Rubio`s decision is just a footnote with his lackluster personality.

  210. His timing is perfect by Republican calculations I am sure, designed to compete for air time with Hillary. Believe me, this is all planned.

  211. I'm tired of hearing about candidates' "messages".
    Why don't we call them what they really are...their masks.
    They deceive with a mask...then when elected we see who they really are.
    i.e. Scott Walker

  212. If the Republicans only knew...this country by nature is largely a slightly right of center nation that seeks balance, continuity, and sensible forward progress. And a sense of shared common prosperity rather than division.

    If the GOP were to ever put forth candidates who were rational, reasonable, intelligent, astute, capable, level headed, collegial, charitable of spirit, amenable to discourse, emotionally stable, and moderate, they would end up owning this country for the rest of my lifetime. I might even vote for one or two of them myself.

    But the caliphate that the current GOP jihad seeks to install is founded on fear and hatred rather than higher principles. They're an impossibly long way from being able to make that happen.

  213. What has this man ever done that makes him think he should be considered as a legitimate presidential candidate?

  214. More experience than Barry.

  215. Nothing for the state of Florida where I live. He stole over $50,000.00 from the state Republican party, but they refused to charge him (he had a state credit card and the charges were for himself, not legitimate party charges) for fear of losing the Cuban vote. I do not want a thief as President.

  216. Well, he has experience at doing the Republican answer to the State of the Union address.

  217. To James Anthony--There are only two prerequisites to be President according to the Constitution. A potential president has only to be born in America and must be at least 35 years old. So I guess that makes Hillary Clinton more than qualified to be president according to our founding fathers. Anyway I think it's terribly ironic that both parties have reversed roles when it comes to who's running for President so far. Republicans usually settle on a older "daddy" like figure who won't scare the voters whereas Democrats select younger hip candidates. Now its the Democrats who have the experienced candidate and the Republicans who have the one term newbies competiting for the Presidency.

  218. Rand Paul and Jeb Bush are better candidates than are those trying to appeal to the far right as is Rubio and all the other front runners. The reason is that the far right in the Republican Party are people who think that the way to assure a prosperous future is not to change but to stick to what has produced wealth and security for themselves. It works for Cruz because he is a cynical sort of win by any means available sort of person and for Huckabee because he is a sincerely anti modern person, but Rubio is too smart to believe that the country does not need transformative change but not cynical enough to assert the opposite with conviction.

  219. Paul and Bush have done their best to appeal to the far right and will continue to do so.

  220. I love this! The more such Republicans enter the race the greater the chances of Democrats getting elected. I am not a big fan of Hillary but she squarely beats this GOP lineup, and people like Rubio and Paul will virtually force people to vote for her.

  221. Ouch. Months on end of hearing him natter about his humble beginnings. This is going to be painful.

  222. Can't we just have the election in November 2015 at the very latest? More than a year of this nonsense? It could be the end of my media addiction. I don't think I can take it.

  223. Well I daresay he'll get the bottled water manufacturers' endorsement.

  224. The idea that Rubio will attract significant numbers of Hispanic voters to vote for him simply shows again how clueless he and his party are when it comes to diversity. He backtracked so hard on immigration he almost fell down. He's on the wrong side of normalizing relations with Cuba, and he's Cuban.

    Mexicans and Mexican Americans historically loathe Cuban Americans, viewing them as entitled. Combine that with his current positions and he'll nail down Cuban Americans over the age of 50 in Dade County. That's about it.

    It takes a lot more than a last name to get people to vote for you. Ted Cruz and Rubio are about to find that out as they fall all over themselves to pander to the Tea Party and evangelical Christians only to discover their Hispanic support doesn't exist. If I were Jeb Bush I'd just sit back at this point and let them beat each other up.

    He's the candidate Hispanics are interested in and would support nationally based on his record on immigration and education. But if he's forced to dramatically change his positions to get the nomination, Hispanics will vote Democratic once again and the Republicans will wonder what happened as they lose their third in a row.

  225. Excellent comment.

  226. What does he bring to the table other than a hackneyed continued support for the Cuban embargo, a refusal to support meaningful immigration reform that disproportionately affects non-Cuban hispanics, and the usual socially conservative homophobia and parroting of anti-Obamacare talking points?


    He can't even give a canned response to a State of the Union address.

    He's angling for the second spot on the GOP Presidential ticket as per the commands of his puppet masters, the Kochs, to skim off just enough of the Hispanic vote to make the guy at the top of the ticket competitive against a Democrat in a general election.

  227. Rubio may be "young, energetic, and moderate" but please acknowledge that he is an intellectual lightweight. It's amusing, and slightly baffling, to even imagine: Clinton/Rubio debate.