Review: In ‘ ’71,’ Young, Green and Behind Enemy Lines

In Belfast, 1971 was an eventful year of demands and bloodshed, and it was not always clear who was the enemy.

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  1. Wow! This looks like quite the picture; one certainly gets that impression from Ms. Dargis's typically excellent review of "'71.". The events in this film still seem so recent and thus very raw to some people on both sides of the terrible carnage during that time. Great progress has been made, thankfully, but a lot of bitterness definitely remains. "'71" looks worthy of notice.

  2. The description of this film reminds me of "Odd Man Out", the classic 1947 film starring the young James Mason, adapted from the novel by F.L. Green.

  3. Such a shame when a reviewer gives away so much of the plot.

  4. Pardon me but most people KNOW the story

  5. Pardon ME. I don't know the story.

  6. She does it a lot, IMHO

  7. Haven't seen the movie yet but you don't need to go to Joyce. The minute I heard about this movie I flashed James Mason, Odd Many Out: one night, people who help or hinder, just from the other side.

  8. And also IRA based, no?

  9. Wow! This is really topical! Never been done before.

  10. Re: Unbroken the reviewer writes "Mr. O'Connell...never puts roots down in the character because Ms. Jolie couldn't or wouldn't let him." So either she was not a good director because she didn't have the capacity to guide her actor. Or she somehow stubbornly prevented him from doing his job. I see. How about he was doing an American accent in Unbroken and maybe that impacted his performance? In 71 he's British. Like he is in real life but no I'm sure Angie purposely held him back from giving his best performance. Cause that makes sense.
    As I get older the veil has been pulled back. The complex insidious digs taken at femae directors even by other women are so ubiquitous it's bizarre.

  11. I think that your grammar, punctuation and syntax are bizarre.

  12. If you seriously think a convincing accent makes or breaks a performance, then I guess you're either a teenage, would-be actor or a failed, would-be actor. Pull your veil back a little further and face the fact that your friend "Angie" is not a good director.

  13. So accents don't make or break performances? That's just ridiculous. A convincing accent is critical for suspension of disbelief.

  14. The French do these action films so well from La Femme Nikita to the Taken enterprise. They cut the touchie-feelly, the schmaltz and get on with the story - a 90 minute adrenaline rush of events.

  15. Powerfully done and intense. I unfortunately missed a lot of the dialog because of the very regional dialect. I would suspect that many northern Englanders and including northern Irish and Scots have a similar problem with our deep southern dialects.

  16. Just saw this movie, which just got to Palm Beach County. Really really good. Edge of your seat stuff. Bloody, yes, but also emotionally wrenching. Highly recommended!

  17. Just one small but important correction : The ones roughing up the guy in the Falls Road were the Royal Ulster Constabulary, not the British soldiers. They were the civilian police force and were overwhelmingly biased in favor of the Unionists.

  18. Edge of your seat atmospheric thriller. O'Connell and Sean Harris are stunning.. Bravo!