The Transition of Bruce Jenner: A Shock to Some, Visible to All

Though Jenner, a 1976 Olympic gold medalist, has not confirmed it, he is widely reported to be in the midst of making a transition from male to female.

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  1. To each his own - but that just isn't going to be one "attractive/glamorous lady".
    I hope he/she finds a wonderful man/woman to take care of him/her.

  2. Why does Jenner need someone to take care of him/her? Many people are single.

  3. Are you assuming that after he becomes a woman he'll no longer be able to take care of himself?

  4. Looks as though she can take care of herself and be attractive as well.

  5. But what about Kalypso Karashian, the forgotten sister from the K-K-K family?

    Seriously, and with all due respect to Bruce Jenner for past athletic accomplishments and good wishes whatever s/he hopes for the future, this is a trite subject. I hope for better from the NY Times.

  6. Pardon the unfortunate typo, that should be "Kalypso Kardashian."

  7. Could this land Jenner back on the Wheaties box?

  8. Imagine that crazy, wonderful, loving world.

  9. Let's keep it real if he(that'ts right I said he) was truly courageous he would had done this thirty to 40 years ago if he had the urge to become a woman. At least then he would had been ahead of the curve. Even though its his personal choice it still has ramifications on his family and his close friends. Imagine his daughters being asked on the red carpet on how it feels to have two mothers when one used to be your father. He should stick it out being a man for the rest of his natural life. If he believes in reincarnation he should ask God that he should be made a woman in his next lifetime.

  10. damon--why don't you walk a mile in his shoes--or heels--and get back to us!

  11. Is that some sort of mixed metaphor, God/reincarnation?
    For those of us who see no evidence for there being more than the life we're living, the suggestion to wait it out is preposterous to say the least.
    What I really don't get, as usual, is how people who are in no way affected by decisions other people make in their lives, feel they have a right to proscribe.

  12. Uhh... not really... thirty or forty years ago, Jenner would have almost definitely been drug through the streets until they bled to death just because they're perceived as being trans. This is still an actual thing that happens to Trans people, mind you.

    Thirty to Forty years ago, transitioning was also going to get you locked up in a sanitorium. Or a prison. Or both. Besides street safety, medically transitioning was probably one of the worst things you could do for your body.

  13. "Transitioning from a male to female" Not only is it bizarre, especially in Mr. Jenner's case because of his strange looks from the masculine man he used to look like, but biologically impossible. You can't change DNA. Just because someone artificially changes his looks with plastic surgery and Botox, grows long hair and chest with a change of clothes doesn't fool mother nature or anyone else.

  14. You appear to be assuming that sex or gender or both are genetic. That is not always the case. There are plenty of conditions where someone may be intersexed; there are a variety of situations in which this happens: mosaic genetics: having xx and xy chromosomes, or Kleinfelter syndrome (xxy) or androgen insensitivity syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, mixed gonadal dysgenesis, and a dozen others... I don't think we know if Bruce Jenner is intersexed or not. Biologically, it may be the case that he is more "female" than male... but anatomically he has appeared more "male," and now he's choosing to become more like the person he really is. My point is that what he is doing is entirely "biologially possible" because the biology is not always clear cut. In fact, that is precisely one reason why trans/intersexed, and other types of individuals exist: sex and gender are social decisions, not always one's rooted in biology.

  15. if i'm correct, Mr. Jenner has fathered several children. It would seem he is male. and i doubt whether you can win the Olympic decathlon, competing against other males, when you're intersexed.

  16. C'mon. Gender may be whatever the chattering class wants it to be. But sex is genetic (respecting a few near misses). And for a willowing young man with almost no muscles, perhaps they can disappear into womanhood. But for a man who had very developed man sized muscles, whatever Jenner may want to be, his old sex characteristics will remain to some extent.

  17. I'm still not convinced that the Kardashian Klan isn't punking all of us with this presumed transition: they've come very close to maxing out on all of the other possibilities for garnering attention. If Mr. Jenner ultimately reveals that he just can't go through with the gender change we'll have to look forward to Khloe marrying an ISIS member or Kourtney eating her own placenta.

  18. Ha, funny indeed Stu. But I figure: At least the Kardashians and Jenner come by their riches more honestly than any too-big-to-fail bank executive.

  19. What Jenner chooses to be, and when, are his business and his alone. To the person who said he should have done this 30 years ago: who are you to judge. And if Jenner chooses to monetize this via reality TV, so be it. Again, Jenner's affair alone.

  20. Saying it's Jenner's business alone is not consistent with Jenner's publicity-seekingmand filming for his next reality show, etc.

  21. Absolutely! To thine own self be true. Bravo/brava Jenner!

  22. Live your life, Bruce. Be happy.

  23. But as Esther Williams said to Jeff Chandler (according to her)
    "You're too big for polka dots."

  24. This is a weird, weird world.

  25. "This is a weird, weird world."
    Well, not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think. So don't stress trying to figure it out.

  26. As this becomes more and more common, the response from society is going to be a shrug, or else a hearty congratulations. To me, this is no big deal. But then I'm not part of Jenner's family. Perhaps for some of them it will be a difficult adjustment.

  27. Mr. Jenner is free to become Ms. Jenner if he choses. If he makes it into a TV show and people watch, then that's their problem. I still shake my head in amazement that the American public has made the likes of the Kardasians "celebrities" and that we now have a category referred to as reality show "star." How little it takes in today's world to win those labels!

  28. @Anne-Marie Hislop. "How little it takes in today's world to win those labels! I wonder how many "reality show star" fans can name even one person awarded a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize in 2014.

  29. I agree...but I wouldn't call it winning.

  30. Some folks comment that this is "private" and that "it's his life". Well, not really. When he became a satellite in the Kardashian bunch, he gave up privacy. When I read the part about the cameras rolling as he told his family of his plans, I wondered whether this was all a con game.
    Perhaps he'll make his announcement on ESPN...THAT would be fitting.
    I hope the NYT will stop doing features on this story.

  31. "Some folks comment that this is "private" and that "it's his life". "

    If it's private and his life, then he should keep it private and his life. If he'd done that I would have had some respect for his decision. As it is, there is really no other conclusion to draw than it's a publicity stunt for the Krazy Kardashians.

    And plucking your eyebrows does not send you on a journey toward womanhood it simply highlights all of the freaky plastic surgery you've had over the last few years.

  32. Since retiring from tennis, Renee Richards has been a practicing dentist. Would it not be appropriate, as well as consistent with Times style, to refer to her as "Dr. Richards"?

  33. Dr. RIchards is not a dentist, but was at one time "the surgeon director of ophthalmology and head of the eye-muscle clinic at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital."

  34. Thank you, jbee, you are correct. She is an ophthalmologist.

  35. Curious that this article makes a point of referencing other transgender celebrities by their former identities, instead of what they have chosen themselves, i.e., "Chastity (now Chaz) Bono." Shouldn't it be the other way around -- "Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono"?

    I don't think it's a small matter of punctuation. By putting these current -- and hard-won -- names in parentheses, the NYT betrays a subtle refusal to accept these individuals' choices. If Jenner elects to become known by a feminine first name, will the paper honor that decision? Should be easy enough to print, say, "Belinda (formerly Bruce) Jenner." Or will the paper put Jenner's new identity in parentheses, too?

  36. It would be a nice courtesy but that's all. You realize that no one is actually changing their sex, they are only getting surgery and taking hormones?

    As an aside, I thought all the gender academics were telling us gender is primarily a social construct. So which is it, is Jenner going to transform for a cultural and personality reasons or is their a woman's wiring inside him? And if it's just a choice, then why not therapy? If not a choice, then please define for us what is inherently male and female so that we can all understand what identities we really are.

    And I don't care what T's want to do, and grant all legal and social protections, but there still remains a possibility that this is all just mental illness.

  37. Spot-on. You think your last trip to the DMV was a pain? Imagine the bureaucratic barriers transgender people face receiving updated ID documents when 22% of transgender people surveyed were denied equal treatment by a government agency or official (A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey 2011). Now imagine updating your drivers license, social security, birth certificates and education records as a transgender person.

    "Of those who have transitioned gender, only 21% have been able to update all of their IDs and records with their new gender. 40% of those who presented ID (when it was required in the ordinary course of life) that did not match their gender identity/expression reported being harassed, 3% reported being attacked or assaulted and 15% reported being asked to leave."

    it is financially unfeasible for many transgender people to change their name legally (>$300.) Lets put this in perspective: "transgender people face double the unemployment rates compared to the general population, and 90% reported experiencing harassment, mistreatment or discrimination on the job or took actions like hiding who they are to avoid it."

    We are brave, resilient people. Oftentimes out of necessity. But I can speak for many and say that we're fed up with blatantly unstudied articles on transgender people. Do your homework NYT. It's not a lot to ask to be referred to by a name we strove so fiercely to be ours.

  38. To those of us who watched the young Bruce Jenner star in the 1976 Olympics, the fact that he is now 65 years old is what is truly shocking, not his gender change. How did all those years pass so quickly?

  39. That's what I've been thinking.

  40. Will Mr. Jenner do this without publicity and money? The answer is probably not. Money is only determining factor and shameless and pride are part of cost of doing business under capitalism.

  41. Gender reassignment is very common. More power to Jenner if that's what he's actually seeking (it's rumor now).

    As for the Kardashians, well, that's a transformation which is representative of the decline of civilization.

  42. Routine as one getting their tooth pulled out?

  43. I'm sure many people find this topic to be bizarre. I would agree. However, I find it more bizarre that a significant part of our population feels compelled to set aside time to keep apprised of every occurrence in this freak show of a "family's" life.

  44. LOL. You're right!

  45. You cannot change your gender. The appropriate classification for someone with gender identity disorder is not trans, because you cannot transition into the opposite sex. They should make up a word to express their combination of stereotypical gender behaviors.

  46. Exactly. Who cares? Why does this even matter? Let them do what they want.

  47. Having this story in the limelight is good news for all people transitioning. It is difficult enough without stigma and articles such as this will bring more and more acceptance not only by the general public, but by the families.
    Love & Light to Ms. Jenner.

  48. "Having this story in the limelight is good news for all people transitioning. It is difficult enough without stigma and articles such as this will bring more and more acceptance not only by the general public, but by the families."

    Not really. The message to those not in the Transgender community is "these people are all wackos." I don't think that is the case in actuality. But neither Jenner, nor Bono are good role models for a group looking to be understood and accepted by the general population. Dr. Richards is a much better spokesperson.

  49. Bravo Mr. Jenner, Thank-you for choosing to share your transition with us.

  50. he a lesbian now?

  51. Yes Lisa, that is how it works. Heterosexual men that transgender are still attracted to women and are lesbians.

  52. Good God. Gender and sexual orientation are two separate things. I am amazed at comments like this. It's good Jenner is such a public figure. If it takes a public figure, even him, with his ludicrous reality show clap-trap, to get Americans talking, and hopefully educated, even if by a modicum, then so be it.

  53. The sexual orientation of a transgendered person does not usually change from the process. If Bruce Jenner has been a heterosexual man, she will likely still be attracted to women after the change.

  54. Some of us may be obsessed, sadly, but it is Jenner who is not only obsessed with himself but utterly possessed by a need for attention, of any kind. We should not pay any attention. The deep-seeded psychological motivation for this "transformation" is very suspect.

  55. Explains all the marriages.

  56. so you're saying you think Elizabeth Taylor was really a man struggling in a woman's body?

  57. Probably denial.

  58. I am constantly amazed by people who get all upset about the lifestyles of other people. It is their life. You don't like it? Just get on with your life and leave them alone. Bruce, whatever makes you happy.

  59. That can't be true. He's 65. Way too old. If he was really Transgender, then this should have started decades ago and not at 65. Show me one person that started this after 30.
    Besides, he would have known about this since he was a teenager. Something like this dosen't happen overnight.

  60. You couldn't be more wrong. Most Transgenders, who has suppressed their inhibitions most of their lives, tend to confront them in their 50's and 60's. Many had raised families and finally feel it is their time to live their life. Also, until very recently, this was a very taboo subject. It is far easier for younger people of the newer generation to embrace this earlier on than those of Jenner's age group.

  61. I'm transgender and yes most of us know we are trans in our early adolescent years. However, there is no timeline of when an individual should or should not transition. Everyone transitions differently, but you're correct, it is not an overnight decision by any means. I believe it's less difficult for someone from recent generations to make their transition versus someone born generations ago. There are many factors that influence transition from upbringing, ethnicity, religion, location, etc.

  62. I have a friend whose now ex husband transgendered in his seventies. He was emotionally unstable before and now it is worse. She grieved the loss of a 40 year marriage but is now rebuilding her own life and doing well at long last. She suspects that when female hormone changes that women cope with all our lives through menstrual cycles and menopause hit the aging male brain all at once, it's too much.

    Yes he got counseling. The VA took care of the counseling and hormone injections much more quickly than they move for vets who need heart surgery, cancer treatments, or joint replacements.

  63. Psychological delusion does not change biological fact

  64. You know absolutely nothing about transgender.

  65. Bruce is getting a lot of media attention. Too bad we do not give the same attention to the homeless and the hungry.

  66. Trans people are disproportionately low-income, homeless and hungry because of rampant discrimination in employment, education and housing. Parents also still kick trans youth out of the house. The more people become comfortable with Jenner's transition, the less likely they are to fire someone else for transitioning on the job.

  67. So what you're saying is there should be limited coverage of the Olympics until everyone is more aware of those who need shelter and food?

  68. Actually, by giving attention to transgender individuals (or those rumored to be), we ARE helping the homeless and the hungry. 40% of homeless youth are LGBT-- when we give more attention to the LGBT community, we are reducing the stigma and promoting visibility for marginalized groups.

  69. I'm sorry, but this is the kind of pathos that results when celebrity worship and political correctness collide - spectacle. I'm sure there are those who think Bruce Jenner's grand epiphany to transgender his way into womanhood seems perfectly normal, to others extremely dysfunctional. Either way we're all going to be the audience in Jenner's bizarre "reality" show transition whether we like it or not. Because at the end of the day America cares more about entertainment than education. Instead of having this experience open up a dialogue about transgenderism it will be portrayed as a pseudo compassionate, "freak show" docudrama on the E network with the Kardashian "clown posse" in full attendance. Seriously, is American culture in a marathon race to the bottom?

  70. "Seriously, is American culture in a marathon race to the bottom?"

    Yes, but you have the option to not participate...says I, who has just wasted a moment of his precious life commenting on a story that has the name "Kardashian" in it.

  71. No, it's a race to the $$$$.

  72. Seriously, yes. I think the race is over and we have won.

  73. I think this says it all...

    "When he reportedly sat the family down to announce his intentions to make the gender transition, Mr. Jenner, his next reality-television project in mind, made sure that the cameras were rolling."

    It's very difficult to take people like this seriously. Remember when Joaquin Phoenix pretended to be crazy for a movie project? Fool me once...

  74. Joaquin is crazy, of that there is no doubt. There is also no doubt we enable he and Bruce. So sad.

  75. There are very few precepts more important than that which commands us to be true to ourselves and to live out the true meaning of autonomy. As I see it, gender reassignment is not the act of becoming something other than what one is innately but rather becoming what one truly is innately. Thus, in this case - if true - I congratulate Jenner and wish him well. I have only two regrets. First - for Jenner's sake - that it took him so long to figure it out. And second, only imagine the terrific blow on behalf of the rights and toward the full acceptance of transgendered people everywhere if Jenner had done this back in the late 70s, hard upon his having won the decathlon in the Olympic Games. At this late stage, this is almost a mere footnote. Still, it's an important opportunity for society to move forward in acceptance of the fact that we are not all made from cookie-cutter molds as either exclusively this or exclusively that. Congratulations to Mr. Jenner and may he be happy.

  76. When I was twelve my Dad sat me down for a talk. No it wasn't about the birds and the bees, the one thing that he said to me that is germane to the Jenner spectacle was ," son what I am going to say to you may not make sense to you now, but when you get older it will". " The older you get, the more that you'll realize that truth is stranger than fiction". Dad was a wise sage.

  77. So what did he say ?

  78. "'Tis strange -- but true; for truth is always strange;
    Stranger than fiction."
    - Lord Byron, from "Don Juan"

  79. Whether Bruce Jenner decides to change his gender or not is, for the most part, his business. Many opine that because of the name recognition he enjoys, this will help further the cause of other transgenders. But I believe that is unlikely. Most transgenders do not have the resources or access that he has. And, it seems, at least thus far, that Bruce and the Kardashians are doing it to advance their own visibility rather than advancing the conversation on transgenders. It has been very self-serving and prurient. And that is sad.

  80. chickenlover, how many people who are transgender do you know? Most Americans, not just those who identify as transgender, do not have the resources or access that Jenner has. So what is your point? I highly doubt Jenner is (may be) transitioning for 'visibility.' Advancing the conversation on transgender identity is not necessarily his job, but ours. Thank you.

  81. Everyone that goes through a gender reassignment does it for themselves. No one does it to "advance the conversation on transgenders." What lofty standards you have!

  82. This is a good thing. When it comes to gender identity people should be allowed to be themselves. Those who are struggling should be helped along the way.

  83. I disagree with the comment that this decision is his business and his alone because he's teasing it out and keeping things in the public eye. In addition, he's a member of a very attention seeking reality show family. And if he chooses to turn his transition into reality show he's putting it further into the public domain. Like it or not he's starting a very public dialogue.

    I actually think he'll look better as a woman. It will make all of the Botox seem less prominent. He can also get fuller lips which I think will make his face more proportional. **I reserve using the pronoun she until he himself actually discloses that he's transitioning.

  84. I have no understanding of this psychology, but if you have one life to live, you are free to choose.

  85. Jenner has played a part in dumbing down the America cultural landscape to the point where I don't want to see or hear about him/them, and I couldn't care less what he does to himself or why. The NYT is playing into this by providing even more publicity. I suppose the paper has to do this, if it's to reflect what's going on in this celebrity culture, but it gives it a kind of legitimacy that just makes the underlying problem worse.

  86. Ns, the coverage here in The Times is less Jenner, more transgender. In other words, he's not the conversation, gender reassignment is. And for those who are struggling with gender identity, this is a conversation worth having. As far as the dumbing down of America and Americans, that happened long ago, starting with 'news' outlets that pose as news when they're little better than the reality shows Americans feed off of; so, try re-reading the article.

  87. Any transgender decision on the part of a former celebrity and athlete like Jenner publicizing the decision should be done with full disclosure with all the health, psychological, medical and personal basis' for it. Gender is integral to our identity and nature has given very specific reasons for male and female identities. In any other species do we see gender confusion, transition or ambiguity? Why? And why wouldn't great scientists of the past, Aristotle, Pliny, da Vinci, Darwin, and the rest not anticipate this issue?

  88. You're conflating sex and gender; biology and social role. There are indeed instances of transgendered behavior in animals, including lab animals specifically dosed with hormones to see what happens.

  89. I bet Kris Jenner is mad at Bruce unless she was able to broker the deal for his exclusive interview.

  90. Leave the man alone. Let him live his life in peace. He may have been fighting this his entire life. If so, his athletic career could have been a hyper masculinized effort to suppress his true needs. Or, possibly not. Only he knows and that's his business.

    None of us can control our gender identity or sexual preference. Most of us are neither 100% one way or the other with regard to our traits and desires, but few of us can admit that.

    If he wants to turn his transition into a public spectacle, I hope it's done tastefully and does not demean those who are trapped inside their bodies. I may be hoping for too much. He's on reality TV, not PBS. Personally, I consider his desire to live his true identity as a female normal, but any desire to make a reality TV show out of it, freakish.

  91. Leave the man alone? He has no desire to be left alone, that is clear. Let's watch as this becomes a garish freak reality show, and you know it will. I don't agree with what many have posted here. along the lines of "messing with God's original design", etc. I believe that we are who we are born, and that may not be as we appear on the outside. But your comment is funny in a sad way. One Mr. Jenner decided to join the K clan he had no desire to be left alone. I have no doubt he will milk this as a cash cow for all it's worth - and then some. I just hope his actions will help those who need it and he will approach it with some grace and dignity.

  92. All of us can hide our gender identity and sexual preference.

    Try doing that with your racially colored born birth identity in the United States of America.

    Neither Michael Sam nor Jason Collins nor Janet Mock nor Wanda Sykes had to "come out" as Black African Americans.

    Bruce Jenner is a famous rich white European American male. Jenner is no Jesse Owens, Rafer Johnson, Daley Thompson, Dan O'Brien or Carl Lewis. And the new Jenner will be a white woman. Barack Obama is all Black in America no matter his biology or culture.

    I have had LGBT in my family. And they were all first born Black with an apparent identifiable physical gender with one exception. One was born intersexed hermaphrodite but raised male. They wanted to be and always felt that they were female. Which was the adult choice that they lived and died with. But they did not have the funds to fully transition.

  93. Leave the man alone? Are you kidding? Based on very accurate and considered empirical data, and that is what our conclusions should be based on, the last thing Bruce Jenner ostensibly wants is to be left alone.

  94. " Much of the publicity swirling obsession with his physical changes, had been ugly and prurient."
    But, of course gossips sells, take a look at the weekly gossip magazines which normally patronizes the Kardashians with no talent are now focused on multi-talented Bruce Jenner.

    It is a courageous act on the part of Mr. Jenner to go through the transformation openly and his work is again cut out in future to set a fine example to the tras community and to the children who are growing up feeling the shame to be open of their real feelings.

  95. Amazingl. After years of tabloid distractions and fluff reality television, we finally have a use for the Kardashian family!

  96. It would be better for all if the Kardashian's were excluded from this story. It is about Jenner, and only to the extent that he wishes to share publicly.

    When will the Kardashians all dry up and drift away? Not soon enough. Useless.

  97. Unbelievable. In the 1970's, Jenner was a swimming superstar and sex hunk. With so much going for him, why would he seek a gender change? It makes one wonder why medicine would put research and money into these bizzare fantacies of people. Such funds would be better spent researching cures for heart disease and Cancer.

  98. Such startling lack of perspective! Where to begin...
    -If you were a "a swimming superstar and sex hunk", but you felt that you were a woman trapped in a man's body, the whole sex hunk thing wouldn't be terribly enjoyable would it?
    -Funding for this type of surgery does not compete with funding for cancer, that is an absurd and frankly disgusting conflation.

  99. Because they SELL !!!

  100. A swimming superstar? Perhaps you're confusing him with Mark Spitz. Jenner won a gold medal in the decathlon. As the name suggests, it consists of ten events, none of which are swimming.

  101. All about the cash. If the Kardasians are involved it's all about the cash.

  102. His transition is fine -- I'm totally supportive. But please -- no reality show!

  103. Transitioning to a different sex surgically is a strange prerogative of those with enough money to indulge their insular ideas about themselves. When all is relative, there is no line—just grosser distortions.

  104. The point is not surgical transformation, it is the spiritual transition to an expression of identity which is more comfortable and releases the essence of a person.

  105. "You are fearfully and wonderfully made," says God. He doesn't make mistakes. Incontrovertible.

    Jenner had it all when he held to Olympic gold. In our living room, sitting around the Magnavox console tv, my friends and I, as preteens marveled at his athletic prowess cheering Jenner onto victory. Seemingly, he had it all. Now my husband and I have an almost teenage daughter and in a brief conversation that ensued following her reading a news article chronicling Jenner' s early years, she simply responded, "Sad, so sad." So much for being happy with who God made you to be and messing with His original design.

  106. I intend on using your last quote to parents who have children with autoimmune deficiencies and seek medical treatment.

  107. Perhaps God made him a transgnder person.

  108. Agree. Sad, so sad.

  109. Your need to be a woman is understood and accepted.
    Your need to broadcast this need is suspicious.
    Please spare us the sex tape.

  110. Beyond:

    Indeed. I think I see the root of all that family's narcissism.

    So it goes.

    American Net'Zen

  111. I do not have the impression that Jenner is broadcasting it. People follow her around taking photos, and 'friends' of the family have spoken about it.

  112. Bill Maher, on last night's broadcast of Real Time, highlighted a recent photo of Kim that should put her entire family, and those who care a whit what they think or do, in proper perspective. You'll have to look elsewhere for the photo...

  113. After being human, our gender defines us. " It's a boy!" Or a " girl!" is the first thing said about us. It is therefore not only our destiny but our inescapable history and imprint. Interestingly, those who have tried to become the other sex are always called "trans-" and, most unflatteringly, "trannies." The grammatical articles
    "he" or " she" are obligingly shifted, but the inalterable physical traits remain--the bone structure that is either too big or too small--or the too large shoulders and hands or the hips that are meant for childbearing. The struggle is not only immense and unending but ultimately futile because one is always "trans-" or on the way to someone or something else but never actually getting there.

  114. They identify this way and seem to insist that the public does to. If a man believes he has become a woman, even without sex reassignment, then why doesn't "she" simply refer to herself as she instead of demanding that other refer to her as "trans"? Most people honestly don't care about the individual gender choices of others. Tell us how you identify yourself "male or female", and the rest is your private business.

  115. Do you speak from experience? Or is that just your opinion on how it is?

  116. Good for her. She has most certainly known she was a female in the wrong body all her life. While I have reservations about the "reality show" aspect, at least it raises awareness. Of course, there are some people who will never understand.

  117. And obviously you don't understand either, Mike.
    Bruce Jenner is not a woman today. The transition is a very long process and until MR Jenner announces it, the process could change and he might decide to remain a man who likes to wear pink nail polish. To each HIS own. Respect that.

  118. It sells. What next?

  119. One waits until he's in his 60's/70's? Seems to me it's more about publicity, money, publicity, and the three ring circus called Hollywood. I don't see bravery just dollar signs. Spare us the details!

  120. "Seems to me it's more about publicity, "

    Apparently, what is confirmed is:
    1. Mr. Jenner has not confirmed anything.
    2. There is lots of publicity.

    To me the key sentence in the article is:
    "Though he has not confirmed it, he is widely reported to be in the midst of making a transition from male to female."

    Guess we all just have to stay tuned to find out.

  121. I've never understood why anyone would care anything about the goings on of the K family. It seems that a large segment of the American populace is content to spend large swaths of the leisure time of their lives on watching banality. Sort of like the ancient Romans and the coliseum.

    Mr. Jenner has been a willing participant in the reality TV circus that is the Ks. His currency as any kind of role model was diminished to nothing long ago by taking money in exchange for participating in the dumbing down of America.
    It seems to me that his transgender goings on are a result of too much money and time and not enough to do that is meaningful in his life; and the desire to make much more money by people watching him merely living his life doing meaningless things as a newly minted transgender person.

    If in "reality" there has always been a woman trapped inside Mr. Jenner's body yearning for freedom and he needs to engage in the transgender process, keep it off the airwaves. He diminishes the cogency and legitimacy of the lives of those who have had no choice but to undergo the transgender process to have any chance of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

  122. Anything the Kardashians are involved in is self serving and sleazy. I just hope he avoids them like the plague!

  123. He is part of the traveling freak show circus of the family. Why does anyone care?

  124. The real question I have is this: Why is this person being referred to consistently as "Mr" throughout this piece when that's not the correct title to be using? If she thinks of herself as a woman, she should be referred to as "Ms Jenner", regardless of her anatomy. Also, what's her new name going to be?

    We took this all in stride in the case of Chelsea Manning, we can do that here.

  125. It is appropriate to wait until he makes the announcement that he is a she. It is simply respecting the timing that Mr. Jenner is following.

  126. "Though he has not confirmed it, he is widely reported to be in the midst of making a transition from male to female." If Jenner has not confirmed the transition, no one should assume anything and call him "ms."

  127. The article is speculative so Mr Jenner remains Mr Jenner-

  128. Olympic gender reassignment is good for everyone as Bruce travels down this perilous path. Unfortunately many will view the process as a freak show instead of human progress. If nothing else and along with his Kardashian examples and connections reveal to the world how astonishingly talented plastic surgery can be. In his case the challenge is not only gender building techniques but also red carpet vivacious glamour. We should all send a donation to the American College of Plastic Surgeons in hopes of continuous advancements and skills.

  129. Perhaps he is changing his gender late in life because statistically women live longer.

  130. Being a woman isn't so hard when you're already rich and famous. Of course, if he had lived his life already as an ordinary woman he would have had to deal with sex discrimination and harassment, menstrual periods, fear of rape etc. Now he gets to say "I'm a woman" and yet will have had no experience of what it is really like to be a woman in this country.

  131. And your point is?

  132. Thank you Anne. Well said. Just another example of white men telling women what it means to be a woman.

  133. This is not a cosmetic decision, but rather treatment for Gender Dysphoria. You should only hope for the best.

  134. Americans have a right to say that this is fine. But people like Jenner do not have the "right", IMO, to say that health insurance (or anyone else) has a responsibility to pay a dime for this.

    This will become a battle between the supposedly tolerant and intolerant. Until we have conquered all of the pressing issues in this world, I personally think that people like Jenner should be treated as they are: distractions.

    There are still people struggling in poverty and fighting life-threatening conditions. Whether you flip your gender or your gender identity does not rise to societal importance.


  135. It's a medical condition called gender dysphoria, and therefore why shouldn't it be covered along with all other medical conditions?

  136. @Chris

    It gender is arbitrary, how can someone be one gender and identify with another?

  137. Medical research does not support Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) as a valid "treatment" for people who experience gender dysphoria.

    This is important to remember, especially given the fact that "gender" encompasses a series of socially assigned stereotypes attached to sex.

    It is bizarre to me that people are suggesting that a medical solution is appropriate to tackle a socially created problem.

  138. I can't see the significance. One man with a bad case of acquired situational narcissism, who rolls cameras while speaking intimately to his family, has made a decision that has a whole body of ideological rhetoric behind it now, but which is in many ways creepy and unhealthy. Plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes is creepy: mutilation. A lifetime hormone regimen is creepy. If someone wants to adopt a cross-gender persona, fine. But men can't actually become women. They can just become surgically, hormonally tormented bodies dressed up in makeup and nail polish. This could only represent someone's truth or liberation in an Orwellian universe.

  139. Stop watching these people everyone!

  140. I am confused.

    How can gender roles by culturally assigned AND there still be a need to change and choose your gender.

    Is anyone able to tease out that logic for me?

    Wouldn't a culturally learned feminisim or masculinity be something you can overcome without physical change? Didn't we hear for thirty years from the thought police that we were "teaching" our boys to be violent and our girls to be submissive?

    This whole process is baffling.

    God, or random cell division and DNA, did a better job with Jenner than Jenner is doing.

    I am sticking with God and random cell division and Black Hole stuff. We don't seem to be capable of upping the game vis a vis nature or "intelligent design".

  141. He looks he needs a new twist

  142. I keep think of PT Barnum - we love a good freak show.

  143. I'm not sure why we accept the fiction that a surgeon can turn a man into a woman or a woman to a man. Ones sex is embedded in the genes of every cell in the body and can't be altered by a scalpel or a hormone pill. Extreme body modification might be a better term rather than gender reassignment. The latter term seems to me more a product of medical hubris than an accurate descriptionl. Why do we treat a problem that is located between the ears by snipping between the legs?

  144. Well, first of all, when one defines it as a "problem" I suspect that the book is closed on ways to understand transitioning. There is more to any of us than the biological parts with which we were born. Most people aren't willing to look beyond simple male and female parts though. It rattles their construct too much of what it means to be a man or a woman.

  145. Your dismissal is a common one, and it betrays an utter misunderstanding of the issue. Like many, you dismiss transgender as a mental illness, one that presumably might be treated psychiatrically to yield a satisfactory result short of reassignment.

    In that you would be wrong. It has proven to be remarkably resistant to treatment as a treatable mental-health condition, and that is why compassionate doctors such as the late Harry Benjamin turned to reassignment. The alternative was just writing human lives off in order to preserve a rigid social worldview of binary gender.

    It very likely IS in the brain, but not in the way you presume. The most persuasive theories center around prenatal hormonal anomalies that "mis-wire" neural connections that are critical to human gender identity (a innate, subjective sense of being male or female), and that variations on heterosexuality involve the same kind of mis-wiring. The complexity of the brain and the nearly infinite variety of potential anomalies explain the wide variety of manifestations. Nothing else does. Not raw biology. Not family nurture or its absence. Not childhood experiences. Nothing.

    The relentlessness of evolution explains why these phenomena are rare. The evolution of modern society explains why more TGs are out and the topic is in the news more.

    What is to me inexplicable is why so many people who know nothing about this have such strong (and often cruel) opinions about it.

  146. Why is it that when a 60 year old man decides to have extreme plastic surgery in order to look like a woman, it's called courageous, but if a 30 year old decides to have extreme plastic surgery to look like Barbie or a cat or something, she would be subject to nothing but ridicule?

  147. Maybe if you think about that long enough, you'll come up with the answer. I'm rooting for you!

  148. Why is this story on the front page of the Times, displacing real news? This is a story I'd expect to find on a tabloid or CNN, not a real newspaper like the Times. Jenner was a public figure 40 years ago, but no longer. What he does with his life is his business, not mine or that of other Times readers and I couldn't care less.
    I'm extremely disappointed in the Times.

  149. Maybe it's front page news because when someone prominent transitions, it constitutes real news. Why does all front page news have to either be about Washington or war? Is that what constitutes what you consider "real news?" I don't.

  150. This is very much a current human rights issue involving many victims discrimination as well as potential violence

  151. That's the great thing about a newspaper. You can just turn (or click) to another story. No need to torment yourself with the interests of other people.

  152. Despite the tsunami of pressure to conform to politically correct relativism and condone any behavior that would have gotten a person killed in virtually every culture 100 years ago, I think it's bizarre for a man to cut off his penis.

  153. Why is the NYTimes speculating about Bruce Jenner's sexuality?

  154. Because people will read. At least it's a change of pace from the NYT's everything's wrong with America news.

  155. I believe you mean gender, not the sexuality. The confusion between the two is precisely why the NYT should be talking about it.

  156. Computers are binary. Life is not. Nothing about humans is absolutely binary. Why would people expect gender to be different from everything else about us. It's time we accept and marvel at the wonder of it all.

  157. When sexism is gone, we can pretend there is no difference between men and women. Until then, women have the right to be the only ones to identify themselves as such.

  158. I marvel at the plasticity of human nature. I do not marvel at the diversion from biology because we do not understand the consequences. Humans, unlike other species, can think and act "out of the box" and that gift brings with it benefits as wells as risks. It is premature to characterize Jenner's story as one of all benefits (to Jenner) and no adverse consequences (to society).

  159. With all the important issues that face the American electorate, this is what people consider as important in their lives. And we wonder how we end up with the type of Congress that is in constant turmoil.

  160. Olympian medalist Dwight Stones said it best, that Bruce Jenner's owning of identity may very well help others, especially young people who struggle with meeting expectations of those close, and of society as a whole. When I was a kid, Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner was my hero, because I was a runner and dreamt with the unfettered might of a child. And today, Bruce Jenner is a hero yet again, only in ways even more profound and courageous. I'm not a viewer of television so I am relatively unaware of the Kardashian show, and will remain fairly unaware of future shows involving Jenner's authentic identity; but I am cheering for the champion again, just as I did when Red White and Blue was first at the finish line, and now pushing the frontiers of positive change in a world trapped by its own limited expectations.

  161. He won a gold medal.
    So did a lot of other great athletes.
    But they don't saturate u
    s with their bimbo attention seeking nonsense.

  162. It is not nonsense, and no one would do this just for attention. No one.

  163. Oh gawd, please make all attention seekers go away.....please, please

  164. Careful, you'll be accused of not having enough empathy. I mean you never know, you might someday be in the position Jenner is in today.

  165. Wow, what a bunch of ignorant and scared responses.

    I applaud anyone who can stand up and be themselves no matter what the age, odds, or sacrifices.

    The rest of you should crawl back under your rocks.

  166. Why is this news. It's Jenner's business. Not ours.

  167. Let's be realistic here. You really cannot change your gender. You gender is determined by in-alterable biology. Your gender is determined by DNA, chromosomes, internal organs. You can mess with the organs and your appearance but you cannot change your DNA.

    You want to run around masquerading as a person of the opposite gender, be my guest but, a little bit, you're kidding yourself. Sorry to mix anyone up with the facts.

    The licenses of the medical providers who profit off these misguided "transformation" procedures should be called into question. What you really have here is a psychological issue, not a medical one.

    This reminds me of that bit that Larry David did on Fridays years ago where he plays a plastic surgeon who agrees to indulge a patient in his whim to transform himself into a look-alike of Howdy Doody.

    In the bit it was funny. In real life for profit it is almost criminal,

  168. Ignorance on your part. Gender is not biological; sex is. Gender is a social construct.

    Your dismissal of the phenomenon as a "psychological issue" tells me that you're one who has made decisions about this topic by consulting only your own life experience and prejudices, rather than educating yourself about it. The history of transgender is that psychological treatments (e.g., viewing it as a delusion or neurosis and applying a variety of techniques to "cure" the problem) were remarkably unsuccessful, and compassionate providers turned to the alternative of validating the phenomenon and treating it pragmatically. In one classic formulation, if we can't change the mind, why not change the body? That's where medicine came in, not to exploit but to heal, and none of the providers have gotten rich from it.

    I don't understand your need to ridicule it by comparing it to a comedy sketch, and I don't understand having such strong opinions when you don't know what you're writing about.

  169. DMC, the guy wants to run around masquerading as a honey, enjoy. But the reality for this "reality" TV show character, which is as far from reality as it gets, is that he's still a guy, even if he goes so far as to get himself mutilated.

  170. I think it's great that an established celebrity of decades, especially one who has kept her/his name on the tips of many pop-culture enthusiasts tongues since his/her rise to fame, is going through such a transition at a pivotal era in regards to the Civil Rights of those in society who challenge, defy, and disregard sexual and/or gender standards and socially accepted generalizations concerning the core freedom of individual sexuality and gender relation, which has been going on for quite some time now, even longer than most people, both the over-educated academic minority and under-educated majority, think.
    Even the Founding Fathers and Noble Colonists chose to adorn themselves with the High Fashion of Britain, adopting what are now considered "Feminine" traits such as dress, personal up-keep, jewelry, etc. Unfortunately, the 18th Century masculine appeal of "Feminine Machismo" slowly dissipated after the defeat of Britain, rendering the fashion a foreign British remnant. But Feminine Machismo existed socially, within the High Cultures of the times, up until approxomitly FDR's election, around the time of LaGuardias crackdown on Burlesque, Drag, Homosexual Clubs, Labor Unions and Socialists; all which he believed to be exacerbated by Jazz. After WW-1-2, the newly created Military Culture became the new masculine norm, ultimately adopting everything anti-female. I think the acceptance of this situation shows that we are returning to our core values; individual freedom

  171. This is a true "only in America" story. If none of it had ever happened, I think Kurt Vonnegut might have made it up.

  172. Or Virginia Woolf. Think Orlando.

  173. Mr. Jenner owes us nothing. I respect his courage and wish him all the best.

  174. I applaud and commend the personal choices of Bruce Jenner. With only a solitary life, short at that, we have to make the most of what is available to us to fulfil our own dreams. If this is Bruce's dream, and it harms no one else, which it does not, then Rock On Bruce. Thank you for the transparency of personal process, for pointing out the folly of personal prejudice and self-righteousness, which always stands in the way of personal freedoms, everywhere, and for sharing.

  175. Talk about revenge being the best revenge. Bruce gets to drink the milkshake of all the K-girls by being the biggest, most famous woman of all. That olympian competitiveness instinct got triggered and he gets to take home all the prizes with nary a K in his name. You go girl!

  176. The Kardashian phenomenon, along with the ISIS beheadings, has driven me to consider a trans-species makeover. Hard to find, however, any other species on earth that would welcome a human into its midst.

  177. In a bonding experience with my daughter, I watched the Kardashian show a few times. (Actually, it is a 30 minutes "show" with 20 minutes of commercials and "B Roll.")

    In any event, having sampled that show, I quickly concluded that it represents a new low point of a trend I have seen in television. One in which the men on the show are emasculated and stripped of their manhood.

    It started with sitcoms in the 80s and 90s. "Everyone Loves Raymond" comes to mind, about a guy who went around being afraid of his wife. It is really pathetic.

    On the K show, the male characters are either gay pals of the women or the family members; son-in-law Scott (Raymond on steroids), Rob (the brother who has no control over what he puts in his mouth) and Bruce. His decision to become a woman is no surprise if you watch the show.

  178. The more publicity on this complex subject the better. Celebrities who come out are to be congratulated, most hide for fear of losing their appeal. Takes great courage and is very helpful to those who have this kind of sexual orientation.

  179. Jenner is certainly a very minor "celebrity." Most people cannot afford the luxury of sex-change surgery and all that it entails. Ultimately, I am tired of hearing about it.

  180. My heart aches for Bruce Jenner. Many people suffer with the knowledge that the role they are playing in society and life isn't truly who they are; that sadly is the costume party of life. But to be playing a role literally at a flesh and bones level, must be truly exquisite pain. Bruce Jenner at the core has been and will remain a legend to me...that incredibly gifted, gorgeous person so full of joy while performing such physical feats of strength. Those images will never fade. Regardless of the unfortunate connections to a family obsessed with manufacturing self-fame, the courage is takes to bare a soul is beyond my imagining. Yes, there's lots of money on this table. None of that negates the core of this act. No amount of money can make this change less painful. I can ignore this family and its antics the live long day, and do. I can't ignore Bruce Jenner and what's happening now.

  181. The use of the pronoun "she" and referring to Jenner as "Ms" are the choice of the individual involved. He's still Bruce until he lives as and announces that she is Bonnie, Brianna, or Bethany. The Diane Sawyer interview could reveal what Jenner wants. Until then, it's not demeaning to transgendered persons to refer to Bruce as "he".

  182. I fundamentally believe this this is not a genetic issue but a psychological one. After appearing to lice as a man comfortably all these years, he now wants to be a woman. Why? Does he crave the attention, like the rest of his family, and will do anything to catch the public eye?

  183. Everyone deserves to be free to find happiness in their life. No one has the right to be judgmental of other people's choices. Hopefully Mr. Jenner's choice will start the conversation that leads to a more tolerant and accepting America.

  184. His transition is his business and he has the right to live is life in a way that make him/her happy. He and his extended family represent everything that is wrong with our society and that comment has nothing to do with him being transgender. I admire them and their ability to profit on the voyeurism of our society. It is in fact capitalism at its finest. I suppose it has more to do with the rest of us and our need to view "train wrecks" via reality TV. The fact that reality TV is so popular and that people expend so much of their own life and energy living vicariously through these people says a lot about why we are where we are. How about expending some of that energy first improving their own lives and their children's lives and then maybe improving society.

  185. When is the process of transition complete?
    Since being transgender to no longer implies sex reassigment surgery it seems that it is complete when he is satisfied with his appearance.

  186. Did he not have a clue to his "gender identity" when he decided to marry and have children? Or when he decided to allow his family life to become the center of voyeuristic media and public attention?

    Or is that it, that suddenly the Kardashian "reality" show needs to boost their ratings?

  187. I find it mildly funny to see that people can watch the Kardassins and their, ah, crowd, and still have room to believe that there's much that's purely natural and created by God in whatever makes women really women and men really men.

  188. Absent from this article's roster of accomplished transgender people is my community's very own Martine Rothblatt JD MBA PhD MPH who as Martin Rothblatt co-founded Sirius satellite radio in 1990 and several other early satellite communications companies. Martin transitioned to Martine in 1994. Bina Aspen, his wife at the time, remains his spouse. Together they have four children, one of whom suffers from life-threatening pulmonary hypertension. To fill the gap in treatments for it, Martine decided to do something about it. She earned a PhD in medical ethics and founded several inter-related biotechnology entities, including United Therapeutics, which is today a $1 billion+ pharmaceutical company producing various pulmonary hypertension drugs, several of which Martine helped discover. According to New York magazine (9/7/13), Martine is the highest paid female CEO in America. Her books on xenotransplantation ("Your Life or Mine", her doctoral dissertation) and transgenderism ("Apartheid of Sex") are informative and deeply challenging elaborations, even to the most urbane among us. Martine's other interests and activities are vast.

    Bruce Jenner and Martine Rothblatt are examples of two great (but very different) Americans who remind us how fortunate we are to live in a time when science and society offer the opportunity to expand human experience, deepen our understanding of it, and ponder what it means to the rest of us. Both are worthy of your continued coverage.

  189. Holy Mackerel,Matthew McClain! How did I NOT know about this incredible human being? All the more poignant with our local suburban city council in Plano,TX debating whether or not to permit discrimination toward the transgender community. This is fascinating life with some transgender thrown in for good measure- and definitely, a least at this point in her life, of secondary or tertiary importance. Her story in the Washington Post is here:

  190. The logical conclusion to an atheistic ideology. We make ourselves, in toto.

  191. "Though he has not confirmed it, "
    Until MR Jenner confirms it, HE is still MR Jenner by HIS choice!

    For commenters to refer to him as a woman at this point is as unacceptable as not recognizing his gender if he completes the process!

    Anyone who assumes anything other than who, what, or where HE (or anyone else) is today is a hypocrite and should be ashamed of themselves!

  192. If Bruce Jenner wants to do this, it is really nobody else's business....not even the NY Times.

  193. Mr. Jenner has done everything humanly possible to make this the public's business. If he desired privacy he wouldn't turn his "personal journey" into a realty show.

  194. Ok, I feel like this is a trick. If this makes you uncomfortable, you will be labeled a hater. But I'll go for it anyway. What I see is an extremely wealthy man who is a member of the most attention-hungry clan in America, a family that made millions off of Kim's sex tape and then some. If this is the guy that will "help" some kids, that's actually not good. There is nothing about the K-clan that is real and they are not a solid foundation from which struggling young person should launch his/her identity. If Bruce wants to change, whatever, but stop putting their pictures in front of us as the new normal. It isn't.

  195. "Though he has not confirmed it, he is widely reported to be in the midst of making a transition from male to female."

    This is not possible. He may be changing his body to appear like a traditional or stereotypical woman, but that will never make him a woman. He has been a benefit of male privilege for his entire life, and has not been subject to the stereotyping and discrimination that girls/women experience from birth (See the article on teachers pushing girls away from math and science in this paper:®ion=CColumn&module=MostEmailed&version=Full&src=me&WT.nav=MostEmailed). It is invalidating to the female experience to claim that a man is a woman. This does not mean Bruce should not do whatever he wants to his body or wear whatever clothes he wants. And it does not mean he should be mocked or discriminated for his nontraditional choices. But it does mean that he is not, and never will be, a woman.

  196. A reminder to all that during the first few weeks of fetal development, our genitals are the same, regardless of whether we will become male or female.
    This fact helps me empathize with those who believe they were born the "wrong gender." It may very well be largely biology. I Wish Bruce comfort and peace in his transition.

  197. Study behavior genetics.

    There are many sexes. Not just xx or xy.

    There's xx, xy, xxy, xxxy, xxxxxy and so on.

  198. Yes, but the other conditions you cite are so rare, it's a comical joke that you would even try to put them forth as some sort of normality.

  199. No one said that, @ TM.

  200. In fact, @TM

    Genetic scientists describe variations of the xy to be mutations.

    The fact is, that some humans are born with variations of the xy.

    Gender is still a mystery.

  201. Bruce, to my admiration, made a break from the Kardashians reality show; and once he left, he's started the most revolutionary reality show of our society, and it hasn't yet reached television. He is challenging my and society's most vehement prejudice; and if he makes money off it in his own show, I will watch with interest and hope he makes a fortune. I can really only comment on the male to female change, as the female to male change usually seems much more successful.

    The gay and lesbian community that I belong to has redefined itself as the LGBT community. The "T" stands for transgender. Despite the LGBT community's veneer of acceptance, surprisingly, I believe most gays, including me, have an insidious prejudice against the transgendered that we would never admit. Most gays are respectful and friendly to the transgendered, but would never include them in our personal lives. We have an innate aversion to the physical results of the change, which usually appear to create a third sex, not a transition from man to woman. Finally, despite our sexual preference, most gays revel in being men.

    Bruce is so bravely coming forth and challenging those prejudices, and I think he will publicly express the emotional need he feels to make such a drastic change. I don't want to be prejudiced, and I am watching this like a hawk, hoping he will help me to truly understand and empathize.

    To me, Bruce is one of the bravest persons in America.

  202. I don't think that all gays would necessarily agree with you, but thanks for sharing yet another perspective.

  203. Bruce Jenner can turn himself into a flying boar, for all I care.

  204. People like this just have a mental disorder. We need a cure, not to pretend they are the wrong sex. This is a very sick society, but then we all know that.

  205. I hope we can all be respectful of Jenner's transition. Sometimes it takes a huge amount of courage to be true to yourself.

  206. For me it's not a matter of "respect" but of understanding & I don't understand this at all. Saw two photos of the triumphant young athlete -- splendid muscular young man. How can his supposed transition an elderly woman, not at all beautiful & photographed with lipstick, be taken as an act of "courage to be true to yourself."

    I'm impressed by comments that have stressed this man's abnormal passion for acknowledgement, attention, fame. Sounds plausible & if that's the case here, if somehow the "reason" for this attention-grabbing transition...

  207. I wondered when this story would hit the NYT. At that time, I thought, the truth would be reported. Yes this is a menial subject. Not transgender issues, but the Kardashians. However, it worries me that our realities can easily be distorted on very important matters. Where are the organizations investigating with integrity. There was no truth reported here. No investigation. Maybe it does not make sense to do research for every little story in NYT. But how do we know when an issue is truly researched? Our democracy depends on weeding out truth from fiction. Where are the real news agencies of today at a time when even video can be so easily doctored? Will Americans be completely fooled and manipulated in the future? Do you realize the dangers it poses?

    Regarding the issue of Jenner's possible sex change...where are the men that take responsibilities to heart - he chose to be a father...why forsake that duty now? People make sacrifices for the greater good - such as his children, in this case - AND BEING A FATHER. Men who leave their longtime marriage and children for a younger women, hurt those children because they chose to be a father in the first place - so see it through! It is all very self involved - albeit truth or fiction. The so-called "fathers" and "reporters" of our generation are so out to lunch!

  208. What simple minds we have. There is now evidence all over - just do a Google search - that being Male or Female is for some just that but that for millions - and maybe more than we'll ever know- it's not so plain.
    BBC Radio4 had a show a decade or more ago about the decisions made in the UK since the1950's by parents and doctors regarding sex of newborns. In cases where an infant's sexual organs were ambiguous, it was believed decisions had to be made. Sometimes they were right and sometimes not. Babies who should be girls were made boys and vice versa and when they made the wrong decision, it led to lives of misery for those infants as they grew up.
    I'm not saying this happened in Bruce Jenner's case but imagine living your life as a man, looking like him and inside you know that something isn't quite right.
    Nature is way more sophisticated than we are and I wouldn't be surprised if every single human alive is just a little skewed this way or that and hide, not even knowing we're hiding behind a facade of gender normality, let's call it.
    Those who think the topic is frivolous must know exactly who you are. I suggest to those people that maybe, just maybe, you aren't being honest.
    Society runs smoother and religion supports such, if we're all 100% male and 100% female, but it just ain't so.

  209. I am happy Bruce Jenner has discovered who he really is and impressed that he has the courage to do something about it. I welcome the future HER to the gender of women and can't wait for HER to join the fight for equal pay, for equal job opportunities, equal representation in government, for preventing exploitation of women around the world and promoting education for girls. The olympic decathlon is going to look like child's play in comparison.

  210. I am saddened by all the negative and belittling comments posted here; a reflection of the general lack of education about this topic, which is exactly what Bruce Jenner's transition can help address. I wish tat everyone could read Andrew Solomon's chapter on transgender in "far From The Tree"

  211. By next week, on radio, some "Host" will be tying this to Obamacare, just wait.

  212. While I wish Bruce well, and hope that transgendered people are accepted and respected, I am SO sick of everyone in this vapid family. I have never watched their program, but they are so ubiquitous that I know their names.
    Seriously, can Bruce and Brian Williams get off the front page and get us back to the serious news I pay the NYT for?

  213. After years of watching talent-less girls make a fortune doing nothing Bruce just decided it was better to join them than fight it.

  214. Readers beware! The level of ignorance and hatefulness in these comments is astonishing and very, very disappointing.

  215. Why is this news?

  216. [[Anthony New York, NY 30 minutes ago

    Why is this news?]]

    A world famous athlete, step father to reality tv show actors, appears to be undergoing treatment to transform his appearance/gender.

    You're welcome.

  217. Not all news is bad news.

  218. Don't care, it does not affect my life. He can make money any way he wants.

  219. The Times forgot to report on the most important part: whether the ratings for the Ks TV show have improved.

  220. One could argue that gender is a feature of identity, not anatomy, in which case Jenner has always been "female." But, lopping off a penis and testicles and taking hormone pills will not make him a woman. He is choosing to live as a woman, he is not becoming a woman. His choice should be respected and he should be treated with dignity, but stating, at the piece here does, that a cosmetic operation actually "changes" a person's gender degrades us all with its spuriousness and superficiality. Everything, in our culture, seems be about appearances.

    Moreover, in the flood of articles on transgender in the media recently, I've not seen even one that dealt with what gender actually means to transgendered people and others. People have deeply embedded beliefs that being one gender or another provides strength or safety or connection or feared aggression, etc. Yet, any exploration of these belief systems appears forbidden; I suppose the fear is appearing to pathologize transgendered people, but it leads to an emptiness in the coverage.

    The reactions of others are also over-simplified in the media. Everyone is divided into camps of "supportive" and "nonsupportive." The fact that some women, men, parents, spouses actually prefer and encourage, for example, a feminized "castrated" man, just as others seek hypermasculine males and hyperfeminine females -- again, it's forbidden to mention.

  221. Yikes! "lopping off"? couldn't you have phrased it a bit more delicately? (small joke, BTW).

  222. Most would say emphatically, that this is not a "choice." Like being gay is not a "lifestyle."

    For heaven's sake, nobody "chooses" these massive life problems!

  223. We have a language problem here. I have no problem with people identifying themselves in any way they wish, in altering the their appearance in any fashion, in loving whomever they love, in marrying the person they want to make that commitment to. But there is no way that a man can become a woman, or a woman a man. We are born what we are, male, female, or in between. We can acquire some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the opposite sex through hormonal therapy, but our chromosomal make up remains forever the same.

  224. You don't get it. He was born a woman trapped in a male body.

  225. What you are saying is true, but to my understanding, people who transgender are motivated by the sense of they feel about themselves...not by the idea that surgery and hormones are going to make them 100% biologically male or female.

    For example, a transgendered female will never give birth to a child, however young she may be. That of course is impossible (so far!). It is all about self-identity and how they live out their lives.

  226. How do you know this? Bruce hasn't yet confirmed what he is doing, explained why or what his personal history is. For all we know, this could be yet another stunt designed to boost KUWTK ratings.

  227. Each of us has one's no one else's business during their chance on life to criticize or determine anyone else's personal choices....when you get old enough and look at all the new humans born and being raised you realize your turn is almost over and all of the junk, religion, racisim, etc., you tried to foist off on other people really didn't matter. People can live their little lives in misery trying to follow someone else's idea of who they should be or step out and be whomever their authentic selves say they are. The bigger travesty is people introducing third party DNA into a human embryo to stave off imperfection...whatever the hell that is.

  228. Good comment--but the procedure you're referring to is to try to prevent a deadly and awful genetic condition in which babies are born with malfunctioning mitochondria--the part of our cells which processes oxygen. These children live brief and terrible lives. It's only a "gene fix" and hardly the creation of a monster. The media has hyped it yet again, and people are misinformed. Frankly, we've probably done worse things to food!

  229. I was 11 when Bruce Jenner won the gold in Montreal - a glorious moment to watch! I remember hearing shortly after that he'd gotten plastic surgery and I found that bizarre. He was the best athlete in the world and a perfectly nice looking guy. It seemed so disconnected and it makes me think this had been brewing for a very long time. Good for him for going forward with this. He still has a lot of life to live.

  230. aside from boob attachments and pink nails, there's a lot more to being a post-menopausal woman--and few would "choose" this!

  231. However the outward appearances only proclaim the fact that for years or decades a transgendered person has been trapped in the wrong body. Internally he has been a woman for a long time. This is not a case of just cross dressing.

  232. At the beginning of conception nature seems to determine sex, but then, the uncertainty principle seems to take hold and there seems to be a dichotomy between the physical body and the still mysterious brain. This is a new finishing line for Jenner to cross. I wish her well.