Deval Patrick Says the Race Is Just Getting Started

Mr. Patrick interviews for The New York Times’ endorsement.

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  1. Massachusetts isn't America, it is a small state with a pretty educated electorate. America, on the other hand, is a place where racism and the electoral college replaced one person, one vote to get Republicans elected. That hasn't, and will not, change. Barack Obama only got elected because the Republican President George W. Bush, ran the country , and especially the economy, over a cliff. That hasn't happened to Trump yet, it will probably take another two or three years. So no, Deval Patrick cannot win, and probably shouldn't be chosen as VP, though a middle of the road Democrat might help the ticket. Hugh

  2. @Hugh Massengill Deval wouldn't even win in MA

  3. Gov. Patrick noted in this piece, "Medicare for all is a slogan we’ve been using for a whole bunch of different things." That in and of itself is disqualifying. Legislation to create this has been introduced in Congress for decades thanks to John Dingell, Bernie Sanders, and others. Patrick's disingenuous take on what most Americans want: 1. Freedom from anxiety 2. Freedom to change jobs secure in their health care 3. Freedom to receive the care they deserve regardless of income. reveals a person willing to say anything in his own service. Gov. Patrick, it's not about you. It's about us.

  4. @Jeff S. " That in and of itself is disqualifying" Really? Tell us how you will get the red state republican senators to stop the complete destruction of ACA in Trump's second term. Then how you will get them to vote for "Medicare for All" under Sanders or Warren? We have had to fight to save coverage for 23 million under the ACA and you believe MCA is a realistic short term goal? Dream on. We need to save our country from Trump, first and foremost, and if Patrick or any of the others can do it --their position on healthcare is frankly irrelevant.

  5. @EPMD well a majority of Americans and a super majority of Democrats support M4A. So that should set aside any idea that passing such a law would be "Dream on" territory. True enough it will require the mobilization of a broad coalition of public interests, but luckily teachers and trade unions as well as huge numbers of retail workers and independent contractors are already organizing around this issue. As usual, status quo enforcers are kind of oblivious to this, which is why Deval Patrick seems to be confused, followed by pessimistic about M4A.

  6. @Chad Reality check --watch the republicans squash this impeachment of a guilty President after vowing "impartial justice" and they have tried to repeal the ACA --70 +times without ever having to present an alternative proposal. You think mobilization of the democratic core supporters of M4A can convince them to act in the interest of the American people --for once--dream on! People say they support M4A but the devil is in the details . Warren stopped talking about M4A after wasting her time realistically projecting $23 trillion dollar cost. You are not going to win this election with M4A platform--save it for when we take back the WH.

  7. Deval isn't a great candidate for the Democratic primary race; he isn't catnip to any particular slice of the Democratic party activist coalition. The people who vote in the Democratic primary are the activists, and they all have their paladins. It's too bad, because Deval would be a great candidate for the general election. He's experienced in government and business, he speaks inspirationally but does not frighten moderates with radical ideas, a la Obama. In short, he's someone that supporters of the niche candidates could all rally around. And he's someone who could inspire all those midwestern urban voters to return to the polls after sitting out 2016. A NYT endorsement of Deval might move the needle, though.

  8. @Sam I Am He was a do-nothing governor who has worked for scummy real estate firms, pharma companies, and Wall st. He would be another corporate Dem like Hillary, and Trump would wipe the floor with him. He would excite nobody, just as he excited nobody even in deep-blue Mass, the only place he's ever won an election.

  9. Oh, Deval. I like the guy, but he strikes me as the poor man's Mike Bloomberg. People like Deval Patrick and Mike Bloomberg have a lot of wealthy investor friends. These friends hate Trump, but they want a Democrat who is going to play nice with them, flatter them, and not make them pay too many more taxes. In New York, they've recruited Bloomberg for the role, assuring him that he's just what the country needs, and that he's destined to have a huge groundswell of support. In Boston, they've recruited Deval Patrick. What these wealthy Democratic donors don't understand is that the nation as a whole isn't clamoring for a wealthy investment banker to save the day.

  10. Deval Patrick is delusional. I have no idea what he thinks he can accomplish at this stage, but the fact that he jumped in at the 11th hour, rather than lend his support to an existing candidate, speaks of profound narcissism. We don't want him, we don't need him, he brings nothing new to the table, and he should go back to his do-nothing job helping wall st banks polish their image.

  11. Well, this guy struck a nerve with this Democrat. I need a good dose of proselytizing come to Jesus rhetoric. We get that already from Barr. I think this guy is just another spoiler clearly trying to insert religion into whatever “state” we end up with.

  12. This guy isn't serious. He's not even on every ballot. His candidacy is a joke. There are plenty of qualified candidates who actually did the foundational work so they can focus on listening to the people. The hubris is nauseating.

  13. "I think you get a creative tension in having private insurance having to figure out how to compete with a lower-cost alternative that is publicly paid for, and you get some innovation on the Medicare side, where CMS is going to have to think about how to make its offerings, its quality, comparable and as broad as the private insurance industry." Private insurance has come up with "Medicare Advantage" which is a whole lot more profitable for them than regular Medicare. It costs our government a whole lot more than regular medicare. Private insurance has a big chunk of the action and wants to hold onto it. Problem is, more and more Americans can't afford to give them that chunk. Then there is the phrase "as broad as the private insurance industry", which was written about in the NYT just a few days ago by Wendell Potter: Potter stated he came up with the completely false talking point that private insurance offers "more choice". Sounds like Mr. Patrick fell for that one!

  14. It would be nice if politicians would put themselves in the place of their constituents. Nobody without health insurance understands or cares about "creative tension". What a tone deaf elitist message.

  15. Why does the Democrat party keep coming up with these unqualified far left presidential wannabes? Sanders, Warren, Mayor Pete, Bloomberg. None of them has a chance in hell of being elected with their proposals for free stuff for everyone paid for by the evil 1% (who by the way, already pay 75% of all federal and state income taxes collected). These people are simply delusional if they think that hard working Americans are going to fall for this bunk. There is no free lunch, no matter how the Democrats keep trying to sell that concept.

  16. Go home, Deval. Just. Go. Home.

  17. The newcomer candidates greatly underestimate how long it takes to establish a brand, and become a household name. Bloomberg is an exception because he can afford an enormous advertising campaign - everyone else is very naive. Americans have too many things competing for their attention now - 24 hours a day, it is completely unrealistic to believe that anyone can attain and maintain name recognition without a huge budget and a large, experienced, dedicated staff.

  18. Apparently after all these hours there are only 14 comments which is more telling than the transcript is long.

  19. Being that I had to Google who this guy was, I would say his race is already over.

  20. Deval is a few years late and millions of dollars too short to be taken seriously.Lighting seldom strikes twice.

  21. will you do one of these pieces on Mayor Bloomberg? He seems to have a better chance than Governor Patrick or Senator Booker (who has dropped out).