Christian Walker, Warrior for the Right, Now Battles His Father

Oct 06, 2022 · 327 comments
nickdastardly (Tampa)
Can’t see why anyone on the left would be bothered by this guy. Why would you pay attention to him?
M.A. Heinzmann (Virginia)
Out of 11 million Georgia citizens, the Republican party chose Hershel Walker for their Senate candidate. One must wonder what the prospective unqualified candidates were like.
Craig (San Francisco)
Charles Blow wrote today about Christian Walker's "credentials" to call out his father here given his prior stances, but in this case I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He clearly has reason to have first hand knowledge of at least some of this. The Senate candidate is parsing his words in Trump-like fashion, saying he didn't "pay" for an abortion, which is technically true. He appears to have REIMBURSED the woman who had the abortion [and is now said to be someone Herschel Walker fathered a child with], so the "payment" would technically have been to the woman. In short, nothing Candidate Walker has said is a denial that he is the father of the aborted child and that he had no "involvement." The Heisman Trophy is given for "Outstanding performance which best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity." Fortunately for the elder Mr. Walker, it is for activity leading up to the award, not for things that might follow. The award committee might want to consider standards for revocation. As for the younger Mr. Walker's stance here, I for one respect his speaking out.
Peter (Boulder, CO)
P.T. Barnum is supposed to have said there's no such thing as bad publicity.
Ben (Denver)
Trump, the GOP and reality-tv politics
Rose (Cape Cod)
As long as Christian Walker's tirade about the abortion his father paid for, HW as an absentee father et al.... helps Warnock win in's a good thing.
Thomas Moore (Philadelphia)
I am personally against abortion but profoundly believe this is big government overreach by the UnSupreme Court that thinks they can tell all women what they can do with “their” body. Their will be revolt at the ballot box. Also Hershel Walker is the most unfit candidate ever to run for the US Senate.
Linda (MN)
Walker’s son doesn’t like liars. So how is he a Trump supporter?
Chris (nh)
@Linda He's a reactionary, in the literal sense of the word. He reacts to the "superstar" quality that Trump clumsily portrays.
Kathleen Pritchett (O'fallon, Illinois)
As a former Republican, I can say the GOP has clearly submerged itself in the largest sewer possible with the support of the senior Walker. It was once a respected political party, but after Trump, who mesmerized all of the party's members to believe his lies and continual lies, it has become a crude, racist, bigoted and extremely narrow-minded group of bum-kissers. What a loss for our country.
Luke (social-ecological dreamer)
Christian Walker went from fighting with Kehlani in a Starbucks drive-thru to upending one of the country's most hotly contested senate races in the span of like two months. Completely unserious timeline.
Chris (nh)
@Luke On the other hand, he may have done the Dems a solid
yr buddy (malden)
Um, are there any grown ups in the room? Fascinating to see a PAC try to go against false binary logic to promote their candidate. That is bigly amazing. No only is there no bottom, there is meta no bottom.
Kailynne (Brooklyn)
This family is hella messy. It’s no surprise what side they’re on.
yogaheals (woodstock, NY)
it would be a cruel joke to believe that Herschel Walker could in any way, shape or form be somehow involved in politics - let alone run for any legitimate office- I've never understood how this country has no standard qualification or background criteria for those running for office - hence the Trump nightmare.. an entertainer, and had NO previous or ANY political experience... enter Dr. Oz- Have you heard Herschel Walker speak? He can't form a coherent sentence let alone come up with any logic or intelligent train of thought...AND like the previous guy has NO morals AND HE LIES..... if you are applying for a job, you must fill out an application, submit a resume, list your past credentials (college degree) and references. In addition, your skills, how you can "benefit" the company, etc. WHY is this not done for the most IMPORTANT job in the USA - PRESIDENT. Along with Marjorie Taylor Greene, he is (not unlike the previous guy) fit for office...Please.let's not lower the bar so that there is NO BAR at all any more...
Chris (nh)
@yogaheals Our leaders are only as dumb, and dishonest, as we allow them to be. And the fact that we allow them to be that way, is a reflection on us. I'm from NH, or, as we like to call it, Florida north. It's embarrassing, really
Blaise Bahara (California)
He's upset by the hypocrisy of Walker? What about Trump??
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
I wonder why Christian Walker is going after his Father, not that I care, but Christian himself is a far right supporter. Saying this still Warnock is ahead and I hope Mr. Warnock pulls it through. and win the Senate race.
UScentral (Chicago)
I sense there are even more bizarre plot twists coming to this series. I can’t wait for the next six episodes. And the sequels.
Ryan Gierach (San Pedro)
The young man admits to being used and welcoming that. He changed his mind. Hasn't stopped him from latching on to other ways to be used. Bless his heart
Michael Freeland (Fond du Lac, WI)
“He’s very loud, very flamboyant, he’s very attention-grabbing..." Yep. His influencer career has peaked and I suspect it will all be downhill from here. I fear he will not be prepared for that and will make news in the future for all the wrong reasons.
Kathy (SF)
When there are so many people who earn coverage by being useful members of society, we keep reading stories about members of a party who do nothing except spew toxins. It's important to keep tabs on these useless, destructive people but just as important to read about all the people who aren't.
Dave Johnson (New York)
I saw one of his video rants last night'; he's unfortunately a very bitter, theatrically loud, angry and confused young man who is, despite his denial, IS Gay, though that's just another example of his lying and acting out his personal family animus publicly. Unfortunately, he is ill-informed and rather disingenuous in his attacks and claims about Democrats but I'm sure after Hershel Walker tanks in November at the polls, Christian will be offered a job as a part time commentator on Fox News, so they can claim that his presence is "proof" that they don't hate young people or Blacks. But thanks Christian for telling the truth about another Republican candidate and helping reelect Senator Warnock, though it's one of the only rare things you've stated about Democrats which is true.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
Let's do the math: There are over 10 million people living in Georgia. Assuming half are too young to serve as politicians, and another half are Democrats, that leaves 2.5 million people who are eligible to run for the Senate. And out of those 2.5 million people, this is the best person the GOP could find to run for the job. I'm not sure what that says. Either they've completely lost their minds. Or, he truly was the most qualified. Either way, it speaks volumes about their - and particularly Newt Gingrinch's - judgment.
Lily (USA)
Agreeing with the comments that ask why a former football player thinks he has something to offer to his voters, probably nothing. There are no ethics when it comes to some people, especially the GOP. Hershel is probably in it for the fame and fortune, especially with tRUmp has his mentor and promoter. Look at all of the GOPers who are running based on their commitment to stop the steal.
AbsurdThoughts (OK)
... demands respect from others because he paid lots of money to someone else for an education, so he's basically saying that as a man he needs to pay people in order to earn their respect and even that isn't working out for him as planned ... Yeah, i could see that ... i could totally see that.
free press (boston)
In addition to lying, Walker has shown himself in countless videos to be incapable of uttering comprehensible sentences when he's not reading from a script. Whether this is due to the effects of CTE from his football career or not, he obviously does not have what it takes to be on the Senate floor. But the GOP not only doesn't care, its leadership and electorate may even prefer having a candidate whom they believe to be easily manipulable.
Raj (Somerset)
Regardless of what Christian Walker feels about his philandering father, Georgians have gotten plenty to arrive at a decision, either pro or con. One cannot take a celebrity to always have a deficient quotient in intellectual depth. Reagan and Schwarzenegger did okay but being daft is another level of deficiency. Walker doesn’t have much up there as all his strength is elsewhere and he has proudly displayed it in his inane and truly confusing public behavior. Now of Georgians do send him up to D.C. he would not make them proud.
Daisi (Sydney)
Yet another conservative who espouses conservative family values for everybody but themselves.
More articles on the children of politicians please! Start with Hunter Biden, it was reported today that prosecutors have had enough evidence to charge him for months. Ashley Biden also is reported to have written a lot about her father in her diary. Fair game, no?
Glenayr (Ontario)
It is impossible to understand American politics today. Apart from being an old football player at University of Georgia 30 years ago, what does the guy have to offer. It is clear his son is not a fan and considers his father to be a liar. Why in God's name would he be the candidate for a senate seat in Georgia for the GOP? The guy was a good football player 30 years ago (didn't have much of an NFL career) and has never been elected to any public office. Georgia and the US should feel a lot of shame just seeing his name on the ballot.
Jim Cleaves (Boston)
@Glenayr Odds are looking good that Walker will lose. Then, he will be discarded by more powerful Republicans and quickly forgotten, only to be replaced by another dupe that the Republican elite deem useful to their own cynical ends, driven as always by fear, hate, and greed. Some "party".
Walter Ingram (Western MD)
@Glenayr Republican voters don't care. The future of the country is irrelevant, as long as their side wins,
Ted Siebert (Chicagoland)
What credentials does Hershel Walker have to be elected a US Senator? All I know is that he carried a football for a while and lies through his teeth. A fine example of what is supposed to be a statesman. Can’t the State of Georgia field a more respectable candidate? I guess not.
Raj (Somerset)
@Ted Siebert The answer is that Georgia’s republicans have a serous intellectual depth problem. The party is so taken in with Maganomics that there has been an exodus of sane candidates.
Susan Wladaver-Morgan (Portland, OR)
@Ted Siebert trump endorsed him and that all the Georgia GOP needs to hear.
Amy (NC)
They have MTG. That should tell you all you need to know about their ability to pick a candidate in Georgia.
Mark A (St. Paul)
At least the kid can articulate a complete thought, unlike the father, whom cynical Republicans recruited to run against Dr. Rafael Warnock.
GCE (Denver)
As the zoomers say, the GOP is in its flop era. All they do is try to stir the pot for clout. They have no discernible policy positions and propose no solutions. I’d say it’s all a carefully constructed grab for power - but I won’t give them that much credit. What started as that, driven by Mitch McConnell (who has no ethics but is brilliant), has gotten out of their hands and devolved into a true nonsense factory. What’s sad is that there will always be intelligent opportunists who take advantage of this era to gain power for themselves and McConnell and other GOP leaders are too short sighted to get ahead of that potential. It’s a short road to fascism, folks.
CFXK (Alexandria)
Seems to me this is just another kid enamored of celebrity who is doing everything he can to become a celebrity. Whatever political views he supposedly holds are most likely just the instruments he has chosen for getting attention and gaining celebrity. And such people, frankly, are the just about the most boring people in the universe.
Marilyn (Albuquerque)
Why don't they work on their family issues before trying to govern?
RLW (Chicago)
Regardless of what Herschel Walker did on the football field, just listening to him talk in the public media makes anyone with only the simplest education realize this guy would do great harm to the image of the U.S. Congress. His son's social media posts only re-enforces his father's unsuitability to be the junior senator from Georgia.
Rick Gage (Mt. Dora)
There are less and less articles in the paper, from annexing territory you’re retreating from to an illegitimate son who is trying to convince people his father isn’t a legitimate Hero, a legitimate Candidate or a legitimate Christian, that don’t make me feel like the whole world is Wonderland and I am Alice.
BTO (Somerset, MA)
So the question is, is Herschel the next TRUMP?
Ramesh G (SF Bay Area)
Apples don’t fall far from the tree
Mary (Boston)
Christian is a YOUNG man — a person’s brain is still developing at his age, and his views and beliefs are likely to change in the next few years as he matures. I would urge people to show him grace and understanding as he finds his own political belief system.
Paul D. (NJ)
@Mary It would be nice if he could do all this privately!!
Dan Coleman (San Francisco)
I think it might be useful to pull back from the noisy contingent of Republicans: the candidates, the pundits and influencers, even the voters. Just for a moment, let's spare a thought for the REAL Republicans: the 0.01% of Americans who make up our 10,000 richest households. Yes, a few of them are Democrats, and loudly so. But the majority are Republicans, and they (mainly) quietly pay for all the noise and confusion it takes to elect a government dedicated to executing their project of hording the lion's share of OUR common wealth and power. Until a solid 60% or better majority of the rest of us, the 100 million households, recognize our own common interests and common wealth and power, and take it back from the 10,000, we will remain pawns in their game, just like the Walkers.
shelly (nyc)
@Dan Coleman ^^This!!!
Dr Michael (Bethesda, MD)
It adds more to the notion that generation Z only believe in money and power, not core beliefs. What a better way than attracting attention. In fact he is just sleek version of his father.
Paul D. (NJ)
@Dr Michael sleek or slick? or both?
Sean Berry (Braselton, GA)
Herschel was really a non-starter down here in GA. We know Herschel, all his personalities, and most of his other issues. I've found it hard to believe any poll that attempts to equate him with the incumbent Raphael Warnock, the current preacher at MLK's church in ATL. Those voting for Hersh are the hardest of hard core Trump supporters.
Judi (North Carolina)
@Sean Berry As a native Georgian not long removed as a resident of the state, I believe Herschel might still be elected. Sickening, but it could happen. Republican GA football champion = winning politician.
YouCantBeatBlue (Portland, OR)
A lot of anger and conflict from this young man, and it isn't all directly attributable to his father. I look forward to hearing from him in a few years, but he's too young and too immature to be speaking out at a national level.
Jeremy V (New York)
A family with all the bizarre, so-bad-I-can’t-look-away ingredients for their own reality TV series. Move over the Kardashians. Oh what a trashy world we find ourselves living in. More and more I’m retreating to my own alternate version of our so-called ‘reality’, a place that values integrity, truth, beauty, manners, and respect for others. I hope lots more can join me there.
Annie Weeks (Victoria, BC Canada)
It’s so unfortunate that folks will not educate themselves about the suitability of their candidates for high political office. Mr. Walker was recruited by the Republican Party because he was a popular football star. This in no way qualifies him to be a member of the US Senate. Its like hiring a plumber to do your accounting for you. Or vice-versa. However, because he has no understanding of the law or any kind of procedure he will be easily manipulated by Mr. McConnell. Its all a power-only game now. Republicans have no solutions for the American people.
Judi (North Carolina)
@Annie Weeks Republicans are not about education - unless it is an attempt to terrorize teachers and librarians into doing their will - with the approval, of course, of God, Jesus and Trump.
Barbara Kumar (Detroit,Michigan)
@Annie Weeks Specifically he was recruited because the Republican needed a black candidate to run against the esteemed Rev, Warnock, a prominent and well known Democrat. Walker is a former football player with no previous interest in politics that we know of. Mr. Walker appears to be morally compromised having fathered several out of wedlock children whom he doesn't support. Morally compromised accurately describes the Trump led Republican Party. They seek power at any cost.
Lily (USA)
Since ethics and respect do not matter for the tRumpsters, there is little doubt in my mind that Herschel Walker can lie, deny, and win.
Ralph (Queens)
It doesn't matter who the GOP candidates are or what they have done in the past. All that matters is that will vote the "right" way.
Bill White (Ithaca)
Seems to me this kid has serious emotional issues. Can't help but think that the lack of his father's presence growing up has a lot to do with it. Sad.
Sidney Ford (Baltimore)
@Bill White — After reading the very credible DV allegations, it would seem his dad’s presence may have been a big part of the problem.
NJ Reader (NJ)
I skimmed through readers' comments, and was somewhat surprised to see barely any mention of "absentee father", and the impact it might have had. It's a real curse on children, but neither the Right, nor the Left, is interested in addressing this serious issue in today's society. It does not make for an attractive political slogan or generate passion, hence of little use to our esteemed career politicians.
Bruce Johnson (Seattle)
The media needs to stop labeling politicians like Walker, Trump, and even DeSantis as conservative. They are today’s Republicans, whose attacks on personal freedoms and legal precedents are astounding. These people who also rail against health care, education, gun safety are not in the least family friendly. I can understand Christian’s anger, though much of it is misplaced.
Donn (NYC)
This will definitely not stop tens of thousand of people from voting wholeheartedly for Herschel.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Herschel Walker will be as good a senator as he is a father - of that I am sure. Father of 4 or 5 - I can’t keep track - what Christian Walker needs is a mentor and a therapist - I wish him better than he has.
Southlandish (California)
As if it isn't bad enough we are forced to ponder the notion of Herschel Walker as a prospective United States senator because he could throw a football, we are also asked to consider the opinions of one of his angry sons because he has a social media following? This is a never-ending race to the bottom.
Michael Rigaud (Brooklyn)
The GOP is lost. There's no "moral right" to the party, yet they act as if they're the national barometer on what's good for the country. The Walkers are paradoxical in the can. How any person of color and part of the LGBTQ community support the party of regressed personal freedoms is beyond me.
Curious (Baltimore)
There maybe other Republican children who are also experiencing emotional and mental issues. Politics is tough and tougher on children.
Jane James (Perkasie, PA)
After reading your article describing Christian Walker’s family, politics and social media history, he seems sadly conflicted (and rightfully so) about his father. He, however, appears opportunistic enjoying his social media “fame” and attention.
SF Reader (San Francisco)
By the way, if the GOP is alright with a presidential candidate -- and then president -- who bragged about assaulting women, Herschel Walker's story isn't going to raise an eyebrow. Their strategy is to stick behind whomever's ahead, no matter what nasty baggage they might be carrying around. And no number of articles about the seeming hypocrisy of an anti-abortion candidate who may have paid for an abortion for a woman who may have had his child is going to change it. Or to put it another way, sadly, articles such as this and the fits they might drive readers to, are a waste of energy that would be better directed towards more productive activities like sending money to Democratic candidates, sending postcards to voters ahead of the midterms, etc., etc., and etc.
Kev Dog (Sun Diego)
So much national media coverage for Herschel Walker… he is bound to see some positive numbers from it. The media fell for the Trump traps over and over and did all the advertising for him.
Bill (From NY)
What would qualify Herschel Walker to be a US Senator anyway? Clearly not his character. For once I agree with McConnell: poor quality candidates.
Robert (Out West)
I’d look up the dissociative personality disorder he says he suffered from in the past. If that’s true, and if the whole diagnosis really means anything, this is a guy who doesn’t really have anything that’s much like a stable personality. Schizophrenics and depressives—there’s somebody in there, all right, it’s just that their thoughts or emotions run away from them at times. This is different: nobody’s really home. It’s incurable, by the way.
stosh (Oregon)
@Bill - so? he's in a dead heat with the current Senator, which tells a lot about the "poor quality " of the voters. As George Carlin famously said : "garbage in; garbage out".
Ted (Atl)
@Bill His opponent Warnock is accused of abusing his wife and child abuse at a church camp. How about we vote on issues? I prefer Walker's position on issues
Buckyballs (Texas)
Yet the radical right has circled their wagons around a candidate with very little capacity to live the life he professes. Par for the course for a party that preaches one way of life and lives another.
damon walton (clarksville, tn)
With the GOP embracing Mr. Walker even though he paid for an 'alleged' abortion. Shows the GOP isn't about preserving the sanctity of life. They only care about preserving the sanctity of power.
Lily (USA)
@damon walton Agreed. But they are also the party of the laws don't apply to me.
Jnnyfng (San Francisco)
There’s something to be said about men who do and say crazy things in a desperate attempt for attention. Christian Walker has a lot in common with Donald Trump.
JM (San Francisco)
@Jnnyfng I am guessing Christian Walker's proclivities do not mesh with the right-wing, christian extremists "values".
Philip W (Boston)
At least the young guy has some integrity. The father has none. There is way too much smoke behind Walker for him to be genuine. I believe the woman who claims he paid her to have an abortion and I believe the son who claims abuse.
stosh (Oregon)
@Philip W - one act of a good deed doesn't make that person make a good person.
RC (New Jersey)
@Philip W ..This guy blows the same direction of the wind. If Herschel wins I bet he'll be right there on stage. Integrity.
Skell (Greater London)
Don't attack father or so over this. What Dems need to do is shout out loud that Republicans agree that abortion is a right everyone should be guaranteed
Citizen (NYC)
Both father and son are dysfunctional and have severe emotional issues. Only one is running for senator, a new, surreal low for American politics.
Complete (Privacy)
@Citizen Hardly a new low. Where were you between 2016 and 2020?
Jeff (USA)
For the most part he comes across as a wealthy, entitled kid (which he is) who revels in trolling people. That said, he also seems to have a somewhat sincere aversion to the popular identity politics of todays far-left.
Big Boomer (San Francisco)
Maybe to the MAGA crowd, regaining the control of the US Senate is not just the most important thing to consider, it is the ONLY thing.
JenD (NJ)
It is obvious this young man provokes and poses for the sake of getting attention. I am sorry his father treated him and his mother so badly. But it does not excuse the odious things he says. He makes me glad, once again, that I stay away from social media, other than Times comments.
Peter Rasmussen (Volmer, MT)
If it's not OK to change your mind on an issue, liberals and conservatives will simply be at war forever, never resolving anything. People want others to change, and then ridicule the simple act of changing one's mind. Ridiculous.
JM (San Francisco)
@Peter Rasmussen The question is WHO helped changed Christian's mind? Would like to thank him.
Jedidiah (Sigourney)
If he changed his mind, which is fine, then why is he lying about it. Tell everyone that after long consideration, my perspective has changed. Be honest and most won’t protest.
Steve (St. Paul)
Seems like the perfected model of what it now means to be an influential conservative ( read; Republican). Lots of grievances A bundle of contradictions Loud, "over the top" At best muddled values Opportunistic, as in - whatever I have to do to monetize my slice of fame But like many other "conservatives", totally oblivious to their own hypocrisy, totally unencumbered by anything like empathy for others whose problems in life might echo their own, totally uninterested in the opinions or feelings of anybody who does not already agree with them and incapable of shame or humility.
Morgan (Alberta, Canada)
I guess Walker won’t be on the Moonie’s list for guest lecturer. Trump and ex PM of Canada, Harper, made the list; Rudy did not. Although I could be wrong.
Kenny (Oakland)
Georgia train wreck on my mind a few miles short of Family Values station.
Daniel B (Chicago)
This explains why he sees Trump as a father figure.
JMF (Portland)
I've been observing Christian for a while. At first glance he appeared (to me) like a first class, entitled jerk who had zero idea what he was talking about. But I've come to really see him as a sad and lost young man who unfortunately has an echo chamber that does not serve him well. He's messed up and probably truly in need of quality help.
Anders (Denmark)
Republican voters in Georgia are probably so depraved that I am sure they will still vote for Herschel Walker. Facts used to matter and a candidates character and personal integrity used to matter. Now all that matters is that our side wins. Even or especially for those on the right with strong religious convictions. It is crazy that Walker was competitive anyhow even before all this broohaha. The man was already extremely unqualified.
Allen James 🏳️‍🌈 (Hudson Valley, NY)
This story is newsworthy mainly because the kids biological father is running for an important office. All those on the left who trash him should check themselves and see if they have ever watched any celebrity reality television, it’s a logical step from the Kardashian’s. Furthermore, he’s 23 years old. I made a lot of mistakes at his age, if you were perfect at 23 give yourself a pat on the back and leave the kid alone.
Joseph Stocks (Hurricane WV)
@Allen James 🏳️‍🌈 Thank you James
Rene G (New York)
Christian Walker went to SMU before going to UCLA. I went to SMU, it’s conservative, and I can’t help but wonder if he left because of how he was treated by the homophobic troglodytes I had the misfortune of being surrounded by. One has to wonder. I guess he’s okay with that, but not okay with liberals. Im also a psychotherapist, and one of the hallmark issues facing those who’ve experienced emotional neglect is this tremendous self loathing.
Julius Boda (NY)
Walker has the son he deserves.
Beyond Repair (NYC)
His voters will find nothing wrong with impregnating women then leaving them hang out to dry. That's quite common these days in certain circles, in case you haven't noticed...
BorisRoberts (Santa Barbara, CA)
So, more scandals, Preachers, abortions, affairs, multiple out-of-wedlock children, most likely left to raise themselves in poverty. Nothing changed. Having multiple kids that you don't support, help raise or provide guidance to, just makes you a creator/perpetrator of stereotypes. At least ACT like you are a responsible person.
Franke (Seattle)
“He has four kids, four different women, wasn’t in the house raising one of them.” And he thinks he should be a senator?
David H (Northern Va)
@Franke Sounds eminently qualified by today's standards.
To (Ps)
Thousands think so and will vote for him. Republicans don’t care about Morals if they stand in the way of their religious fundamentalist agenda and cutting of taxes for the wealthy. Winning at any cost is the goal.
me (us)
With a father like that, it's not surprising the son is bonkers.
Jean Cleary (Mass.)
A true child of abuse, acting out.
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
Neglect - yes. Kids from broken homes definitely have a lot more to cope with than those in a stable, caring family. I do question whether neglect constitutes the same as abuse. Yet, I’m not a therapist - or playing one like so many commenting here.
Brian (SF)
Well, after Trump's years, where does MAGA have left to go except clutching to another perpetual womanizer, this time threatening to kill his own family? No doubt this kind of football star will be an Evangelical magnet for years to come.
Stacy (Ohio)
ChristianWalker is the kind of person trump hates. It’s a shame he is too full of himself to see that.
Gus (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)
@Stacy - both Walkers are the type of men donald hates, Hershel particularly so; unlike FPOTUS, the former football star is (to date) not a Loser. (Subject to change, of course, on Election Day or shortly thereafter.)
Adam Morris (Seattle)
It is unfortunate that Mr. Walker’s personal issues are playing out on the social media stage. He’s struggling to find his own voice, his unique identity - just as we all have, at one time or another. I’m sympathetic to his plight, but not his politics or ethos. They are abhorrent.
David H (Northern Va)
Never heard of this young man, but I did see his "Tweet" about his father. My conclusion, having raised two kids into adulthood: 1. He craves attention and aims to be an "influencer," so he does not have to an honest day's work in his life. 2. Moreover, his reported denial of his sexual orientation is contrived so as to be "controversial" -- another way of attracting and retaining audience share.
CraiginKC (Kansas City, MO)
The moralism of the GOP has always been belied by a steady stream of brazenly hypocritical public figures. But since the scourge of Trumpism emerged from the dark waters of Republican politics, it appears that brazen wickedness, cruelty, and borderline insanity has gone from being a problem needed to be downplayed, to a celebrated feature of The Party! Apparently, like everything else in our clickbait crazy world, the number one qualification for higher office in the Republican world is the capacity for being so shockingly immoral, corrupt, or painfully stupid that the world can't help but talk about you constantly. Everything wrong with America has become enshrined in GOP identity. A sad state of affairs.
Chris (CbusOH)
@CraiginKC and it gets votes. what happened to the days where shame was actually a thing? ugh....
Anders (Denmark)
@CraiginKC Yes, all of this tumult will damage Walker as much as Trump was damaged by the Access Hollywood Tapes. I am afraid your analysis is sadly accurate. Hopefully Warnock will eke out a narrow margin of victory. But the Christian Coalition types who vote for Walker have become an obscene parody of the darkest sort.
dmbones (Portland Oregon)
Another fortunate one struggles to love all of humanity.
Eric (Los Angeles)
Classic case of angry kid. Of course, it's not a surprise given the very toxic environment he's grown up in. And, of course, working out your problems on social media is never a recipe for success. He'd be wise to lay low and do some growing up and surround himself with supportive, loving people.
Kelly (HereandThere)
Well this proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Walker Sr. is a liar and a hypocrite. Walker Jr. is, thus far a hypocrite .....prevarication likely to appear before long.
John (Richmond, VA)
Hershel Walker’s lies are the tip of the iceberg of lying in the Republican party. Trump lied about his own affair with a porn star and Playmate while his wife was pregnant with their son. Disgusting by any moral measure. Conservatives sure do know how to back people who represent the stark opposite of Christian values. Really what’s happening is Republican voters being duped by con-artists like Hershel Walker and Trump. Walker and Trump recognize how manipulatable those voters are.
Sweetdog (NYC)
Herschel Walker's ignorance and behavior is simply nauseating and the GOP's continuous support reeks of the smell of vomit. Poor Christian Walker, he craves the approval of a man who deserted his mother when he was only two, a man who was so vicious as to hold a gun to his mothers head who is running to be a United States Senator. I am sorry for Christian Walker as his pain is public and being splashed all over. He has every right to be in pain as his father is a liar, a dreadful human being and will never offer him or his mother a sincere apology. And the self rigorous Evangelical Christians can't wait to promote "FAMILY VALUES' and cast their votes for Christian Walker who has no values except unzipping his pants here and there.
Tom (Reston)
I would feel more sympathy for him if he kept his feelings to himself. There’s no need for him to play this all out in public, it doesn’t help anyone.
True American (USA)
Like father like son. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and rear ends at the same time while also posing as "I'm not a hypocrite you're a hypocrite" school age playground games. Both are bullies to all parties. Keyboard warriors who won't stand or comment publicly when called out.
Opus One (Austin, TX)
Another example of the right’s hypocrisy. When they’re not tap dancing in a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport, they’re womanizing and murdering their unborn children when they become an inconvenience. All those Christian beliefs are irrelevant, though. It’s all about political power as reaffirmed by their proxies.
George (San Rafael, CA)
The only thing Christian Walker seems to be good at is calling attention to himself for-profit while wearing $800 Gucci tennis shoes. Not a well-adjusted young man.
StrangerQ (CA)
I'm sorry but I believe your dad....he has knocked up more women than Trump ever did! Walker is Trumpier than Trump. Oh wait.....
Mike (Rural NY)
He is unimportant. Being an attention seeker with a following does not make one important, it just makes one visible. The political view doesn't matter. Move on.
Robert (Out West)
If his political views don’t matter, why’s he always shouting about them? How come Trump says they matter? And did you happen to notice that his dad is running for Senate?
jimerson (Seattle)
This new act is just as unconvincing as the old one. Did anything young Walker said really "upend" the race, or was it just one more piece of performative propaganda indistinguishable from his previous social media stunts when he professed to endorse his father's candidacy and the elitist MAGA powers who selected him? Walker is just another in a long line of laughably unqualified MAGA subversives put forward by the party who foisted upon us such absurd political dirty jokes as Herschel Walker, Mehmet Oz, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Ron Johnson, Doug Mastriano, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, Rand Paul, Paul Gosar... You know who they are and you know they believe in nothing but their own ambitions. They don't respect due process or the rule of law because they come right out and say that they are above it all. Hypocrisy is such old news by now that it's not even news anymore.
Independent American (USA)
Some folks on here seem to miss Christain's point. He is telling everyone his father is NOT a "conservative family man" by any sense of the word; he is basically a sperm donor who has A LOT of mental baggage. So much so, that apparently one woman decided having one child that has no active, consistent father in her child's life; that she would abort the second pregnancy to ensure it didn't experienced that same neglect from it's "father". Reality is Walker is unqualified and unfit to be a US Senator for any state.
Roxanne (🌎)
He seems to be a young man looking to parlay his social media rants into something that brings in some 💰, media coverage and more attention.. even if those rants and tirades are about his father. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner might be a bit awkward this year.
doy1 (nyc)
@Roxanne, But what brands would want his endorsement? What would be his target market - young gay men who are in denial about their gay identity and are adamantly opposed to LGBTQ rights? Black people who are opposed to the idea that Black Lives Matter and cheer on police killings of unarmed Black people?
Patrick (Dallas)
This kid is not running for anything, so i will reserve judgment on him. But what he says about his father is illuminating. I've stopped being surprised that "family values" Republicans and evangelicals embrace their hypocrisy at this level.
True American (USA)
We do have a handmaid, an addict and a wealthy liar on the court now so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone about the GOP and what they supposedly stand for in front of the public or behind our backs.
Chad (Phoenix)
The kid is clearly gay and doesn’t know what to do with it, likely due to where he’s from and who he’s associated with. I’d be angry, too. Thou doth protest too much, young Christian.
True American (USA)
Correct. It also proves you are born gay. Don't you think he would want to be the same type of lying womanizer as his dad if he was into girls?
StrangerQ (CA)
@Chad The son internalizes being gay in a homophobic society. The dad internalizes being black in a racist society. Ain't Georgia grand?
john keeley (beavercreek oregon)
@Chad If I had any sympathy for the GOP people it would be a kid like this . Absolutely nowhere to go in the republican party ,and no father to speak of.
Markem (California)
Wow. That is a lot of denial from such a young man. Dude, you are gay. It doesn’t mean you need to wave a rainbow flag. The right wing is made up of mostly phonies and some true believers that read the Bible literally and thus end up repeating the biases, prejudices and cruelty of an ancient culture. Walker is no more qualified for office than that stooge of a judge in Florida. Trump just wants empty vessels to parrot his lies to make the weak-minded believe them. How stupid do you have to be to trust the words of politicians; and “outsiders” are the biggest liars.
RC (New Jersey)
@Markem ..I'm no fan, at all, but if he wants to wave a flag, or sew a set of flags and pass them out in his neighborhood, what difference does it make to you? That statement was truly bizarre.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
Just because everyone has a right to be an idiot doesn't mean they should be rewarded for it.
DemonWarZ (Zion)
Sad, this young man sounds really confused. Too bad he struggles with who he really is. Being so angry like that is usually a screen. Sounds immature too. Like I want to have my thoughts and feelings influenced by a 25 year old? I would if that young person has good ideas about actually solving problems instead of creating them. Good luck Christian, some time on the therapist's couch or a great therapeutic massage might help a lot.
john keeley (beavercreek oregon)
@DemonWarZ Being gay in a political party that hates the other , must be tough . Join the democrats and be loved .
Me (Miami)
Who. Cares? His business. Wow.
Robert (Out West)
And if he weren’t a loud Trumpist, and Trump didn’t brag about him, and his fouled-up father weren’t running for Senate on the basis of Christian morality and trustworthiness, I would agree with you. As it is…
Ryan Ruark (Portland, OR)
He’s making public statements regarding the election of a relative, an event which is fundamentally a referendum on a person’s character. It’s relevant, even if it’s ugly.
JT (Sf)
Another story about another troll. Who is surprised by any of this?
Jay (U.S.)
Perhaps part of the problem is that we obsess over and indulge these socialmedialites who make a "name", or sometimes what you might call a "career" for themselves off of their petty and insufferable political ramblings on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.
John H (Texas)
"He is attracted to men but does not identify as “gay,” while calling L.G.B.T.Q. activists a “rainbow cult” and mocking Pride Month." So the kid's a hypocrite, just like his father. Hopefully Christian will get the therapy he clearly needs, and as for Herschel, I hope he goes down to defeat so that none of us have to hear about these loathsome people ever again.
Me (Here)
This kid is like every other "influencer". He's about "self" and what's going to make him popular and money. Stop giving headlines to scam artists like this.
A. Guy (NX)
@Me, if Christian in the headlines can keep Herschel out of congress, then go for it. Let’s accept the help where we find it; even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Gary C (Olympic Peninsula)
This dramatically elevates the issues of abortion, hypocrisy, and misogyny. Democrats need to concentrate entirely on hanging this albatross around Republican necks. All else is just noise. Women can save us, again.
Joe Paper (Limerick, Pa.)
Not long ago the media had no time for Christian. Now all of a sudden he is a rockstar. The media and most here are so predictable.
Tom (Reston)
“Not long ago” his father wasn’t running for the U.S. Senate.
Jonathan (Brooklyn)
He can say anything he wants but if he does so while wearing a "Trump" t-shirt then he is promoting his father, lies and the MO of selfish, corrupt exploitation.
David L (Brooklyn)
I'd be interested in Christians views on the Jussie Smollet fakery. They could yell at each other and call each other phoney. But Herschel Walker, who is apparently against trees, is the biggest faker of them all
Larry Feig (Newton MA)
Its time for more kids of Republicans to speak about their dishonorable parents. That means you daughters of Ted Cruz, children of Ginnie Thomas, etc
David L (Brooklyn)
@Larry Feig You left out Andrew Giuliani and Tiffany Trump
Mrboots (Pennsylvania)
This kid is a mini me of Milo Yiannopoulos.
Robert Kamerer (NY)
Hershel Walker is an example of someone who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Walker has been attempting to fit himself into a proverbial dogmatic Trumpian “Procrustean bed,” painting himself a moral man, while his history shows him be engaging in many sexual affairs, especially with a frivolous or casual attitude. Adopting Trumpism as his license to practice, "moral ignorance"-
RFM (Seattle)
Wouldn’t you love to have Hershel in that small office with you and your doctor talking about one of the most important, private decisions of your life? And Hershel gets to decide?
Barry Moyer (Washington, DC)
Do we really need this kid to be the next chapter in a really grim, disgusting story? Can we just give it a rest, for once?
alfred (canada)
you don't want to know what your politicians are like?!
Steelmen (New York)
@alfred We don't need to hear from the son to know that the father is probably suffering from CTE and needs to remove himself from the stage.
Late Boomer (Amber waves of Grain)
20 years ago candidates would have dropped out of the race over an allegation like this - especially from a family member. Unfortunately, they now double-down on their stance. The curse of social media and unfiltered access to targeted audiences.
DR (Westchester County, NY)
@Late Boomer It's also a tactic that's part of the Trump handbook. "Deny, Deny, Deny". I think Roy Cohn taught him that and it's spread like wildfire among the Republicans from this poisonous playbook. It's getting really old since every denial sounds like a prepared, taught and practiced script. Walker isn't even good at it.
Larry (Boston)
It doesn’t matter the quality of the candidate. When the Republican loses they just say the other side cheated. What difference does it make to them?
Craig (Panama)
Christian exposed his father as the Dead Beat Dad that he is. Regardless of his political beliefs Christian knows the difference between right and wrong. Hypocrisy and lying are wrong. Both the GOP and some Dems could learn a lesson or two from him.
MarieM (NYC)
@Craig I wonder how Christian feels about the behavior and morality of Donald Trump? Hmm. Something tells me he probably doesn't care.
CS (New York)
@Craig I'm not sure how you can say that Christian 'knows the difference between right and wrong' when he was all for his father as a candidate (even though he has always known that Herschel Walker was a dead beat dad, violent and dishonest) when it served Christian's own quest for fame and attention, but then changed his mind and is only now accusing his father of behaviors he has long been aware of. Also, people who know right from wrong do not verbally attack protesters for racial justice as racist KKK members in blackface.
Craig (Panama)
@MarieM Trump is another story. He was being very supportive of his Dad but it seems something woke this young man up. Time will tell if it sticks.
Blue Melon Group (CA)
Herchel Walker does not seem suited for a role in government. He is untruthful, and seems woefully uninformed about issues like the movement of air. Why would anyone want this person to have an administrative role? The son is doing the people of Georgia a favor. The kid seems to be figuring out who he is on a world stage. I for one am glad that social media was not around to capture myself at 20 years old. Good luck to Christian. May he soon find out the the democrats will value him as a person, while republicans will just use him as a way to seem legitimate.
Jim R (Omaha)
@Blue Melon Group I don't know what your sources of information are but being "untruthful, and seems woefully uninformed about issues" is literally the strategy of the vast majority of Republican candidates, and unfortunately is working quite well for them.
Tristan T (Fleeing Florida)
True. I’d estimate a significant percentage of Walker’s followers in Georgia are captivated by simpletons’ moral allegories about such matters as the global movement of air. If some GOP scriptwriter is making these things up for Walker, they’re probably snickering backstage. This is better than the movie Being There.
Blue Melon Group (CA)
@Jim R I would classify the bulk of them as being Willfully uniformed (climate deniers) but this one does not seem to be faking it. What are your 'sources of information' whatever that is supposed to mean, but it sounds snarky.
LLTK (way out west)
As a reality show, the Kardashians have nothing over the Republican party. We've all participated in setting the stage for a figure like djt to sashay into the spotlight. Time to wake up, get off the couch and participate in creating a true democracy for all.
Sjsocon (VA)
Herschel Walker is a fraud. It's obvious that Christian Walker wants the world to know that, after he's had to grow up and watch his father be unethical, as well as a liar. Now his father and his Republican party are both lying to GA and the country by pretending Hershel is Senate worthy, just because Trump says so. Trump a known Liar and someone who also cheated on his wives, tries to make this behavior acceptable in the Republican party. This solidifies the Republican party's' reputation as hypocritical and deepens their misogyny against women.
Barbara Kumar (Detroit,Michigan)
@Sjsocon It's all about cruelty for Republicans. In particular cruelty directed at people of color and same ex identification.
A. Guy (NX)
@Sjsoco, can we acknowledge that in the GOP, lies and cruelty are benefits, not bugs? When you start from that as a given, all else about the MAGAts follows - and it’s a very ugly parade.
greg anton (sebastopol)
i am a news junky, fascinated at the mystery of how someone could vote for a lying, cheating, illiterate braggart like Trump...but Walker takes it to a whole other level...trump has made low intelligence fashionable in America. Just imagining Walker with all the inherent power and decision-making responsibility of a US Senator is mind-boggling
Markem (California)
Trump just wants loyalists; so they will be mostly incompetent and completely reliant on Trump.
wryawry (the foothills of the headlands)
Lurid blabbermouths and hypocrites. To me, neither father nor son represent ANYTHING of goodness.
chickpea (California)
@wryawry As always wry, dry and on the spot. A familiar online name. Someday, in Panama….?
John powell (NYC)
Please do not give this self loathing person any of the attention they so desperately grasp for.
Daniel (Berkeley)
Poor guy is sad & confused.
Frank Beal (Göteborg/Pittsburgh)
Too young to be called loser, but he's working on it. Another example of why people should never take anything on so-called social media seriously. It's actually anti-social media.
Justwonderin (Seattle, WA)
If Walker defeats Warnock and becomes a U.S. Senator, it is a sign the world is coming to an end. (And should be!)
David (New Jersey)
Oy! I have a headache. I wish social media never existed.
Sewchic11 (SE Pennsylvania)
@David, sometimes I do too!
Religionistherootofallevil (Rockland NY)
Why is having played football well qualification to be in government?
Sullivan (Warwick,RI)
@Religionistherootofallevil Does anyone else think CTE is part of the equation here?
Gregg (NYC)
Apparently many folks vote based on fame and wealth. It's pretty sad.
Jeff (Los Angeles)
Herschel Walker is a joke of a candidate, with zero of the qualifications or personal characteristics we should demand of our leaders. His opponent, Rafael Warnock, is an upstanding member of the community and has spent his career helping people in need in Georgia. Why is this close? If Herschel Walker wins this race, then it is a sign that democracy in this country is truly broken.
Capt. Penny (Silicon Valley)
@Jeff I suggest that we as a nation have lost the clear distinction between a politician and a public servant. The politician is seeking personal aggrandizement regardless of the lies needed to promote and sustain it. The public servant is seeking to honestly benefit as many members as democracy makes possible. It is literally impossible to expect lies will result in sustainable public benefits. Each lie will depend upon yet more lies.
doy1 (nyc)
So Christian is bi-racial and attacks Black Lives Matter activists. And he's "attracted to men" and presents as gay - but doesn't identify as gay and attacks the LGBTQ community and rights activists. Yikes. So much self-hatred - it's very sad. Does he really think these contradictory views will protect him if Trump and his far-right neo-fascist racist, homophobic thugs were in power? This very troubled young man needs therapy - not surprising given his traumatic, chaotic, violent upbringing. Instead, social media has given him a platform for spewing his confused, destructive, divisive self-hatred and rage.
dl (california)
@doy1 It seems to me there's a lot of nuance (as much as can come through via social media, anyway) to this young man. I don't see any reason why someone bi -racial cannot criticize (or 'attack' in the current usage) BLM or any other movement. I also see no necessity for someone attracted to men to also 'identify as gay' or indeed identify as anything at all. And of course criticizing (oops, 'attacking') the LGBTQ community!? Gasp!
AbsurdThoughts (OK)
@dl "nuance" Guy critiques guy critiquing a guy who's business is critiquing the behavior of others by claiming others shouldn't critique the behavior of others.
Gus (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)
Not surprisingly, young Mr. Walker is following the popular trend of public family wash day via social media started by Kelly Ann Conway's daughter Claudia. His revelations are limited series soap opera compared to the shocking family drama Miss Conway shared with the world. These kids, I tell ya! How soon some elephants forget.
Ali (TX)
His rhetoric has been nothing short of divisive and disgusting, to put it extremely lightly. There has never been any sympathy or sense of trying to understand others opinions and he's become an insufferable holier-than-thou figure on the internet. I'm struggling to feel sorry for him. I can appreciate that he's calling out his father for the same issues that he calls others out on, so maybe there's an ounce of integrity underneath all the chaos. His anti-blackness now makes a lot of sense. I hope he gets the help & peace he needs.
Robert (Out West)
I wouldn’t usually say something like this, but this guy’s made a point of putting himself out there—so looks to me like his twisted relationship with his dad, his weird relationship with color, and his very bizarre politics, would all get a lot less tangled up if he’d just go ahead and be gay, already. It looks like that’s at the bottom of it all, and as has been so often pointed out: the prob isn’t being gay as such, it’s having your knickers in a twist about it, and living around whackjobs who think you’re going to hell because of it.
Dan (Lafayette)
@Robert Has Christian Walker come out? I haven’t seen anything more than just shape shifting for the media. All of this speculation about his gayness, and of course Herschel Walker dogwhistling ‘I love my son no matter what” is just part of a strategy to diminish Christian’s criticisms of his father among the head in sand conservatives.
doy1 (nyc)
@Dan, He describes himself as "attracted to men," so yes, he's out - even though he does not think that means he's gay. He certainly presents as gay - even while attacking the LGBTQ community and activism for equal rights. So he's very confused and self-loathing.
Jim Osborne (Los Angeles)
Seems like the boys and young men who were deprived of their fathers love and support are no longer able to deal with the trauma of contradictory feelings privately or in therapy. His parental wounds are not new or unique- but they are on full display for the world to see. I hope he gets the psychological counseling he needs to cope. To anyone reading this who can relate to this type trauma, i would suggest reading or listening to the work of Dr Gabor Mate.
Tzar Nicolas (Bklyn NY)
Make political office less appealing materially ie. financial compensation , benefits , pensions etc . The quality of the politicians and the government will improve exponentially . You’ll get people who want to serve instead of those , now , who want to be served .
Dan (Lafayette)
@Tzar Nicolas Well, I think you’re arguing that only the gentry should be in office. Which is sort of the way it is. Walker doesn’t need the job or the benefits, but he’s still utterly incompetent to be a senator.
Mari (Left Coast)
As a mother to four adults, this kid is deeply wounded and I hope he or someone who loves him will make sure he gets good therapy.
Rick (Dale)
It's amazing how social media stardom can make people warp their values.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Almost 11 millions people live in Georgia and the Republican party had to go to Texas to find someone who could win for them. The best they could find is a liar, womanizer, domestic abuser, absentee father, failed businessman and former sports star with a severe brain injury who doesn’t possess any of the skills to write legislation, participate on committee or even ask a relevant question in a hearing. How is this supposed to work? He’s gonna have a staff - how is he to lead them? Walker will be as good a senator as he is a father.
BT (Bronx)
I’m confused by your comment. Herschel Walker is a born and raised Georgia icon. He’s not a Texan.
Martin (NY)
Republicans don’t want anyone who can do those things you describe. They want just simply get a warm body in then senate, who won’t do anything meaningful but vote for their side.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Herschel walker had been living in Texas for at least the last 25 years
David Law (Los Angeles)
Well, let's see. This is a young man and he's swallowed up, like most young people now, by the social media swamp. So the world is seeing, analyzing and commenting on everything he does, which is a very wrong way for people to grow up. In ten or fifteen years we'll see a movement among people in their 30s realizing the damage this time has done to them. Aside from that, and not wishing to add criticism to someone young, he does typify the contemporary conservative -- very confused, uninformed, angry, no center of balance or sense of self, and lashing out in fear and anger. Making it worse for this guy is he's very good looking, which on social media is the only real currency, so his every action gets amplified more than it would if he looked less good. Also irritating is his ability to embrace a gay posture while demonizing liberals and progressives, whose efforts made his ability to be open about his orientation possible. Again, typically conservative: using the rights won by past generations against those same people now. Sad.
chickpea (California)
Another Trump era sideshow; another opportunist willing to say anything to get the spotlight. Tomorrow he’s just as likely to spout loudly the complete opposite of what he says today, just whatever works in the moment. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” as our parents and grandparents used to say. At least Walker 2.0 isn’t running for office. Yet. That anyone would actually vote for the father at this juncture says all you need to know about this country.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Christian Walker is a young man in need of a mentor. I have no idea how much of a relationship he has with his father or if his “conservative” shtick is an effort to get attention from his father. I do know that the leader of the Republican Party likes folks who look like they come from central casting and love to use black Americans in ways that are hurtful to other black Americans - like saying things against Black Lives Matter in ways white republicans could never say. My guess is the young man was abandoned, used and abandoned again. He could use a mentor, not a take down.
Hugh MacDonald (Los Angeles)
Lol. Social influencers are important; pay attention to them. What they think, consume, enjoy and believe are exactly the things you want to avoid. P.S. Mr. Walker believes the election was stolen, refers to Mr. Trump as "Uncle Don," and KNEW about what his father was up to even as he endorsed him for Senator. A narcissist and opportunistic self-aggrandizer.
Lrs (Union NJ)
Well, Christian is not like "every other student". HE spends a lot of time -not studying- but publicly and loudly pushing for an agenda that is not compatible with the institution he studies in. How do you think it would be for a liberal gay black Jewish man to study in Liberty University? Or is it that the absurdity of his argument applies only when it comes to protect the entitlement of conservatives and not the rights of liberals?
Kathy Lollock (Santa Rosa)
Christian Walker seems to be an angry and confused young man. And if all he says is true about his father Herschel, then indeed the senior Walker may just have truly failed in his most important role, being a parent. I will not analyze the dynamics between the father and son nor their psyches and moral compasses. But I will stand back and ponder the state of our politics. I do not think I have ever witnessed so much hate, vitriol, and hypocrisy in all my 77 years as I do now. And the silence that the Republican Party reveals is instead blatantly loud as to the depths it now goes to support its candidate for Senator of Georgia. Such a sordid and pathetic paradigm that news such as this re Christian and Herschel Walker is of so much interest to us Americans. What has become of us?
Mostly (Henderson, NV)
More Republicans from the crucible of anger, including a cheerleader. My mother was promiscuous like Herschel and I was mad about it when I was young. The problem is it is not illegal. And nobody cares. It makes you wonder about Herschel though. His whole operation will be in bright sunshine. And he cannot feel it.
Dan (Lafayette)
@Mostly “His whole operation will be in bright sunshine.” Nah. He will be smothered in handlers and we will hear little from him.
Mark (California)
I'll make a bet - Herschel Walkers poll numbers among Republicans will INCREASE after this revelation. Any takers? Such is the hypocrisy and moral depravity of today's GOP
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita Ks, Homosassa Fl)
@Mark I absolutely agree. It a net positive for the MAGAs. Cheers.
Bubbie (California)
The internet has been a wonderful invention. But social media has been a disgusting enabler of the worst people. I wish it were never conceived of and could be put back in Pandora's box. Not being able to spy on what your 3rd cousin is doing or share cat videos is a small price to pay in the elimination of social media.
Stephen Boyington (Derry, NH)
@Bubbie Other than maybe zip-tie handcuffs, there has never been an invention that helped creeps more than the internet.
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita Ks, Homosassa Fl)
@Stephen Boyington Also, Dating Apps. Cheers.
BorisRoberts (Santa Barbara, CA)
Phyllis, I met my wife on a dating app. It's been 19 years. I think churches have probably formented more bad marriages than the internet .
Jerry Mander (Ohio)
He comes across as a boy who never had his dad around growing up.
David Cary Hart (North Bay Village, FL)
Christian Walker is a sad, angry man with self-inflicted wounds. Firstly, Walker is gay. Whether or not he accepts that is irrelevant. I know from personal experience that the world and one's outlook changes with that acceptance. That does not mean being defined by one's sexual orientation. It means not being self-loathing. Secondly, his own political party does not accept Walker. The GOP today is defined by White, heterosexual, cisgender Christianity. A gay Black Republican is a contradiction in terms. I do not know this kid, but the social media influencers that I do know tend to be shallow and self-absorbed. Perhaps Walker is trying to stand out, craving the attention that he did not get as a child. Black men saying racist things stand out in the QMAGA sphere. So do outwardly homophobic gay men. By no means am I a fan of Christian's father. Quite the contrary. However, confronting him on Twitter resolved nothing. It is counterproductive. Christian Walker seems to be in need of a very good therapist.
Dan (Lafayette)
@David Cary Hart When has the younger Walker come out as gay? Until he does, the speculation simply gives conservatives the cover they need to dismiss the sins of his father.
D (Harlem)
Christian, like most of the new right, is living off of controversy and trolling. They have let it become their identity. The new type of post modern performance influencer.
Khalil (New Orleans)
Could these people possibly be any more confused and self-loathing? Sheesh.
Plato (The Cave)
I have seen his videos, he comes across as an immature, self-absorbed overly caffeinated child.
Richard Winkler (Miller Place, NY)
I don't know why I bothered to read this article. Some people need attention. I guess this guy qualifies.
charles almon (brooklyn NYC)
Christian is a grifter who latched on to his flawed father when Herschel might have ended up a senator. Christian made some truly campy videos alienating both straight and gays. He's simply moved on to another grift as Walker's hopes have imploded.
Jim (Olympia)
With all the contradictions, he reminds me of Milo whatshisname. Really, though, since Trump, any conservative of any generation may as well just say: I identify as… an in-person internet troll.
Margo (Atlanta)
Really, any child railing against a parent and their political aspirations on the basis of their personal upbringing should be left alone. I think we saw Conways' daughter doing her best to discredit her mother. Now we see Walkers' son. They have attention because of their family connection and that attention will affect their relationship with their parents now and probably the rest of their lives. Is that what the media should be doing?
J. (Here and There)
@Marge. If calling out their parent exposes hypocrisy, deceit, lying taken to art form, and lack of moral character, all of which should be baseline qualifications for the Senate - yes.
Amanda Bonner (New Jersey)
@Margo Kellyanne Conway and Walker didn't need their kids to discredit them as those two had already discredited themselves with their lies and stupidity and support of a goon like Trump.
Dan (Lafayette)
@Margo Herschel and Christian and Kellyanne and Claudia are not the media’s fault. The media reports on what they say and do, in the case of Kellyanne and Herschel, far more circumspectly than I would.
JOHN (San Francisco, CA)
Trump supporters won't be bothered by Herschel Walkers' past. After all, look who they voted for before.
Damian McColl (San Francisco)
In many respects, he reminds me of Donald Trump Jnr, who is constantly desiring his father’s attention, is loud and obnoxious, but probably also very insecure.
Sounds like a typical conservative drama. Promote anti-abortion policies and “family values” while paying for abortion and fathering multiple children with multiple partners and treating women like disposable garbage. Reminds me of someone… The one that Republicans worship as their god. Father and son are both of the same cloth - opportunists without principles. I have some sympathy for the son but, his choices seem to reflect an apple that didn’t fall that far from the tree. Senator Warnock doesn’t need to do anything other than be his decent self.
nome sane? (lagrange L2)
Today on NPR’s Morning Edition, a GOP spokesman who is minister from Georgia was asked about Hershel Walker’s latest abortion revelations. The minister proceeded to rote recite the usual, “this is a 13 year old unsubstantiated allegation”, how about redemption, how about inflation, how about gas prices, how about low poll numbers from Biden? NPR offered no counterpoint or equivalent spokesperson for Warnock or the Democratic Party of Georgia. Just air time from someone broadcasting/whitewashing for Walker. Shame on NPR.
Chris (Baltimore MD)
@nome sane? I heard that too. Almost could believe what I was hearing. Thought I was on the wrong station. Worst segment I've ever heard from NPR.
Dan (Lafayette)
@nome sane? NPR has recognized that their funding is in peril if they don’t toe a conservative line. I still listen during drive time, but I don’t put much stock in what they say. And… I stopped giving them money.
Janny (SE MI)
A hollow man looking for publicity.
Thomas Penn in Seattle (Seattle)
Good on Christian Walker! He has his own beliefs and opinions and they don't fit with the stereotype or expectation the left has tried to imposed on us. BTW, BLM has its flaws. No one and no organization is pure.
Robert (Out West)
Could you explain where you got this notion that a cliché and an attack in something nobody said, ever, was some kind of rational argument?
Thomas Penn in Seattle (Seattle)
@Robert you're not making any sense.
Dan (Lafayette)
@Thomas Penn in Seattle “He has his own beliefs and opinions and they don't fit with the stereotype or expectation the left has tried to imposed on us.” Well, yes they do fit. Delusion, hypocrisy, and unhinged anger are typically what I expect from conservatives, and Christian does not disappoint.
Jackie (Missouri)
I said it before, he is only 23. His brain isn't ripe yet.
Wrigley (Los Angeles)
This is a mixed up kid filled with anger who will not receive any solace from the RW Christian Nationalists with whom he identifies. His delinquent, deplorable father is a hero to these people and pointing out the truth is an inconvenience.
BB (Amsterdam)
“There’s no ‘tolerance’ for any perspective other than the one that the professor is pumping into you.”” I’m really tired of this conservative talking point. I’ve taught college for many years now, and this is simply not true. However, if your perspective is that the BLM is “KKK in blackface” you can certainly expect backlash from your fellow classmates. Incendiary language breeds an incendiary response.
Mr. Mike (Pelham, NY)
Who cares, really? Enjoy the spotlight for your now-13 minutes left of fame and quickly disappear into shouting-but-irrelevant-anymore beginning November 9th.
Yvette B (Montreal)
Trump is also morally bankrupt, the fake Christian republicans love that.
me (monroe, ar)
No surprises here. Conservatives love to cast stones and are a party filled with nothing but hypocritical, insecure, unethical fools who do nothing but cry and whine about self victimhood. WEAK!
Szohio (Ohio)
I think the coverage of this whole thing is over the top and may help HW get elected. Is this really front page national news? Is anyone surprised or better informed as a result of it? Please stop.
steve schaffer (oakland, CA)
Next stop, Fox News; then the Senate.
Dan (Lafayette)
@steve schaffer You are correct. The hypocrisy of the religious right, and trumpian conservatism in general, is unstoppable.
Ray Wulfe (Colorado)
It sounds like the young Mr. Walker is voicing objections about aspects of his.father's disturbed personality that he's known about for his entire life. They were okay last week but now aren't? It's not surprising that he seems to have an inconsistent view of reality. Look who he had for a father.
Steve Hunter (seattle,wa)
Both father and son are deeply troubled. One thing that they share in common is that they are both "very loud, very flamboyant, very attention-grabbing". Herschel Walker has no business being in the US Senate and he would be better off working on his own immaturity and his relationship with his son.
faceless nameless (Earth)
It sounds to me more like Christian is consistent in his belief in conservative principles, and has come to the realization that his father hasn't lived up to those standards and doesn't deserve a pass. I see consistency rather than contradiction.
CS (New York)
@faceless nameless Christian's public comments clearly indicate that he has known for years that his father was not a dedicated "family man" or someone committed to "family values", but (probably due to opportunistic and fame-seeking impulses) Christian has just now decided to share that information and opinion of his father. That is a glaring inconsistency and shows a lack of integrity, not to mention self-serving double-standards.
Dan (Lafayette)
@CS I see it as giving a pass when the issue was sexual promiscuity and poor parenting, but then confronted with the last straw of Herschel paying his girlfriend to murder their baby, from both of their points of view.
Soracte (London Olympics)
"He won a world championship " How many other countries in the world competed in this Cheer team event?
SanddancerUSA (PA)
@Soracte Canada? No?
MsB (Santa Cruz, CA)
@Soracte By that standard, you’d also have to condemn “The World Series.” Does the title make it any less of an accomplishment?
Blake (Oakland)
It's not easy to speak out against one's father and I applaud his decision to just that.
J. (Here and There)
The recent news that the woman whose abortion Walker paid for is also the mother of one of his recently discovered children is only farther evidence of Walker’s moral bankruptcy, deceit and hypocrisy. His son has good reason to be outraged publicly, whatever his political leanings. Too bad more Republicans won’t open their eyes and ears and refuse to vote for Walker. A vote for Walker is a vote for a man who doesn’t respect basic morality or the electorate.
SirHenry (OverThere)
@J. "..a man who doesn’t respect basic morality or the electorate.." In other words: a perfect republican!
JJ (SFBay Area)
@J. Trump gets a pass; Grab them by the pussy, Stormy Daniels, 3 marriages, infidelity, numerous accusations, etc. Why would this be any different?
Dana (Before the Mast)
Sorry, but this is how twisted the MAGA crowd is. There is Marjorie Taylor Greene and now there is Herschel Walker. I would be really confused like Christian too, being around people like that. I hope the son can come to terms with himself over the zombie-like alternative world Donald Trump has everything to do with. I did not know a weak and morally decrepit man can be so powerful. Now I do.
MynameisChuck (Atlanta)
Social media strikes again. How many new followers will he get as a result of this drama? He’s veering from guardrail to guardrail. His primary motivation seems to get attention and followers.
Bashh (USA)
@MynameisChuck The one to get upset about is the father. not the son. If the son is telling the truth about his dad his motivation is nobody’s business. Hershel Walker is just another lying Republican who takes no responsibility for anything he does.
Cupric (US)
Man, that is gonna be rough when his dad comes down hard on gay marriage and it's going to directly affect his son. Painful lesson to learn as a young conservative too. Hopefully he figures himself out more.
damon walton (clarksville, tn)
And the moment he spoke up about his dad, the Right turned on him in an instant. He is probably getting death threats right about now, from folks who claim to be pro-life.
Kathy (SF)
@damon walton "Pro-life" has nothing to do with life; it's the slogan used by people who think girls and women are sex slaves or farm animals.
Gere88 (Los Angeles)
A very confused kid. This will not go well for him.
goldlock27 (Los Angeles, CA)
You realize how morally and ideologically bankrupt the Republican Party has become when their rising stars are the worst kind of tabloid fodder imaginable.
Robert (Out West)
The Kardashians didn’t already make this clear to you?
Will. (NYCNYC)
This is a bizarre, dis functional “family” to say the least. Yes, Georgia, elect Hershel Walker as your Senator and prepare for six years of non stop circus drama. Good luck with that. Please take yourselves more seriously than that and send this group of loons back under their rock.
Susan Wladaver-Morgan (Portland, OR)
@Will. They don’t really care, so long as they get a Senate majority.
Edward Allen (Spokane Valley)
The Daily Beast has an update, I'll leave you with their headline: "She Had an Abortion With Herschel Walker. She Also Had a Child With Him."
C.W. (Minneapolis)
@Edward Allen I just read that, so thanks for sharing it here. A truly interesting turn in what is obviously a crazy story.
Edward Allen (Spokane Valley)
@Edward Allen From the story: “Sure, I was stunned, but I guess it also doesn’t shock me, that maybe there are just so many of us that he truly doesn’t remember,” [the woman accusing Walker of paternity] said. “But then again, if he really forgot about it, that says something, too."
Stephen Holland (Nevada City)
Family trauma playing out in the public arena is never pretty. And Christian loves the camera as much as it loves him back.
John (St.Paul)
I think Christian Walker needs a year or so with no phone or social media. He clearly has some issues he needs to sort out in private.
Jackie (Missouri)
@John Yes, therapy would be a big help.
Brian Wandell (Stanford)
So a 23 year old, confused young man with hot takes is influential in an election of national importance. His father, running for election, is a known liar with terrible policies on women’s health and a hypocrite. Dr. Warnock, opposing him, s a brilliant religious leader and accomplished Senator. The Republican Party fully backs the liar. The kid first backs his father, the liar who threatened his mother with a gun, and then changes his mind and opposes the father. What a world.
Ricky Beers (Sacramento)
@Brian Wandell This is another example of the demise of democracy and morality, foster by Donald Trump and his toadies in the GOP. Welcome to the new America.
Gere88 (Los Angeles)
@Ricky Beers No one does hypocrisy better than the Republicans, on every single level...
Kathy Lollock (Santa Rosa)
@Brian Wandell Well said, Brian. This whole sordid affair represents the downward spiral of the entire Republican Party. Its trifecta is Greed, Hypocrisy, and Lies.
NYCLeek (New York)
Wow! I hope there is a fund for therapy later in life. Wow!
Stephen Boyington (Derry, NH)
This is a perfect example of today, where everyone seeks to make a stir online to enjoy the fame it brings. It matters not how terrible you are, as long as you get eyeballs.
Bashh (USA)
@Stephen Boyington It is even a better example of the depraved MAGAS who nominate and support an intellectually and morally unfit candidate like Hershel Walker.
Lawrence (Washington D.C.)
Log Cabin Republicans are filled with contradictions. Embracing a party with a religious ideology that denies your humanity, your rights.
Curtis M (West Coast)
@Lawrence Is Christian out?
Caroline M. (Toronto, Canada)
@Curtis M From the article: “He is attracted to men but does not identify as ‘gay,’ while calling L.G.B.T.Q. activists a “rainbow cult” and mocking Pride Month.” Where I come from — I’m trans and also gay — that’s all-out, save for his inability to embrace himself. Working through his self-loathing will take time and work.
DMon707 (San Francisco, CA)
@Lawrence Jewish Nazi's come to mind.
Pete Shaw (Phoenix)
What a messed-up kid. Hope he gets the help he so clearly needs.
sedanchair (Tacoma WA)
“um people need to understand that I’m CHRISTIAN WALKER not Herschel walkers son.” OK. But then, you're not famous.
R4L (NY)
Growing up black or mixed race looking for acceptance is often a damaging process. You do not want to seem too black or too white. Being called a oreo is a constant plague. However, the hypocrisy of both walkers is palatable and can solicit some sympathy. Being conservative and constantly critiquing the black community calling them sheep and then separating yourself from the sheep herd to be assimilated into society will prove schizophrenic. Both court an audience that are anti-black as whole, yet on an individual level are not. See the problem.
Curtis M (West Coast)
@R4L Exactly what does this comment have to do with Herschel Walker's lies and hypocrisy. Why do you feel the need to attack the messenger? Oh, now I see. Never mind.
mitchell (new york)
Hard to have any sympathy for a right wing political provocateur even if he grew up with a miscreant of a father. Just wait till Elon Musk gets full control of Twitter and then a tidal wave of proto fascism disguised as "libertarian speech" will permeate social media.
Linda (Virginia)
@mitchell When that happens Twitter will quickly lose its national advertisers, who won’t want to have their name assorted with it. Be interesting to see how long it survives without those advertisers or whether or not other right wing billionaires step in to fund it to keep it going.
Markem (California)
Let’s start a campaign for Apple to create its own social platform with an aggressive capitalist agenda to destroy Musk’s Twitter— just for fun! They could do it in one year. Most People don’t want all of that vitriol and spam in their lives. Our speech is only free if we as individuals have the ability to shut up others. To think otherwise is to seek the Ludivico Treatment. Search YouTube for a clip from A Clockwork Orange. Demand the ability for individuals to easily filter out hate and misinformation from feeds. If people like nastiness, they can keep it. That is freedom, the ability to say “NO”!
Sarah (Arlington, VA)
@mitchell Elon Musk doesn't have to wait at all. The whole of the Republican party in Congress and their cultists had already marched in goose-steps to the abyss of fascism pure. It started the moment when a man with a funny name and dark skin was elected to the highest office of the land.
Chad (Los Angeles)
Big surprise - a conservative who’s anti-abortion paid for an abortion.
Tom (EU)
I think you meant Christian conservative.
Keith (Jones)
Sounds like Trump.
BlackSwan (Saint Louis)
This kid is a troll. He has been absolutely vicious and vile on his socials. His little stunt yesterday worked. Everybody is now talking about him and his daddy. His face is everywhere. Money is pouring in for daddy.
A GenZer (School)
I think they (father and son) need to attend therapy. It helps. Substantially.
Vance Dagger (Princeton, NJ)
The son seems like a young man with a very unsettled sense of self, coupled with a desperate need for attention. In that sense, he is very much his father's son.
Jackie (Missouri)
@Vance Dagger It is not at all unusual for a kid who has not been raised with a father, to suddenly become very supportive of him once he/she gets the father's attention. They idolize, they revel in their presence, they worship the ground that the father walks on, all to keep their father's very conditional and fickle love trained on them. The father can be a completely reprehensible human being, but their kid will still worship the ground he walks on. It takes a while for the scales to fall from their eyes, either because the kid has wised-up on his or her own, or because the father does something so egregious that not even their worshipful child can look past it, and realize the Mom was right after all. Christian seems to have reached that point. The Trump kids have not. And don't you think that all of Christian's attention-getting behavior is perhaps due to his father's neglect?
Phil DeTrux (NYC)
Or Donald Trump’s godchild.
Fifi La Fume (ATL)
I feel very bad for this young man. He has a lot of maturing to do, likely stunted by his traumatic childhood. I think some good therapy and reflective time alone, without performing on social media would do him some good. I hope he finds the peace he needs.
Kenneth (California)
Like everything else that is Republican, this is a mess. But I have no doubt they can ease inflation and gas prices with their multitude of policy ideas.
doy1 (nyc)
@Kenneth, Did you mean that sarcastically? Because since when do Republicans have any "policy ideas" other than "own the libs," cut taxes for the wealthy, and blame Democrats for problems they created or that - like inflation and gas prices - are worldwide problems that in fact are exacerbated by Trump's friends Putin and MBS.
Sunwatcher (San Diego)
I'm reminded of the one giant family, once with three mothers that never feuds with itself: the Trumps. Kind of a miracle.
Gus (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)
@Sunwatcher - I'm betting on Tiffany and/or Barron to break the spell.
Monk (North East Kingdom, VT)
There is only one way the religious right could bring themselves to vote for a senatorial candidate who funded an abortion: If his campaign platform is staunchly anti-abortion.
Katrin (Wisconsin)
Seems like a young man who is running from himself. His father seems like a hot mess, though.
El Cid (las pulgas, nm)
@Katrin spot on. It's all to often, that which we condemn in others, is written all over our faces.
Nathan Hansard (Roanoke Virginia)
B caused A no doubt
faceless nameless (Earth)
@Katrin "Seems like a young man who is running from himself." Platitude. How so? He's a conservative, his father purports to be one but is an adulterous liar and a hypocrite. Your comment sounds good but isn't supported by the facts.