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Apr 06, 2022 · 449 comments
Cea (CT /CA)
Another fat donut 🍩 day! I’ve found only 27 words in the Bee and 29 in the donut (area encircling and excluding the center letter, for new-bees), including 7-letter, 8-L and 10–L offerings. It’s a nice second game if you whizzed through the first!🐝
MTL (Ohio)
QB first ever! With help and reading the last clue I needed from these comments...zinnia.
Jessee J (Cincinnati)
Spoiler 😕
Gemini (St. Paul, MN)
ZOOM! Thiz puzzle went very fazt!
CC (Sonoma, California)
@Gemini Speak for yourself, Gemini! But once I found my way in, I went to QB first time, with two hints. Not sure the lingo for that. This is such a fun way to start the day. After only three weeks, I'm already seeing repeat words, so I imagine the longer you play, the more you'll recognize patterns. From a fellow Gemini.
roberto (Ohio)
Ah, Spring 🌸
Cici (PNW)
@roberto it’s spring and the goat-footed balloonMan whistles far and wee e.e. cummings
cmcmx (Elsewhere)
@roberto Nice to ‘see’ you! You’ve been missed. Happy Spring indeed 🌷
MP (New England)
@cmcmx - I don't think this is the poster known as "roberto." I do think it's one person who truly just can't help it. Won't say why or who. Don't want to give anyone any ideas.
kswl (Georgia)
Another very easy Bee today! QBABM in under 30 minutes seems to be getting more common. Today I am 👑🐝 for 262 consecutive days, nearly 72% of the way to my 365 day goal 🙂
Patti (Saskatchewan)
QBABM, just under the wire!
Rohan (NYC)
This was a great challenge!
JBro (Houston)
QB with Hints for last four words. Thanks to the hive!
Diane (Iowa)
No clever clues, just excited that this is the first time I got all the words!
Ligaya Sukke (Sunnyvale)
I’m a fairly “newbee” at this but happy that I reached QB for the very first time. Between Wordle (I got the correct word on second guess) and this, that makes a good day!
Kate In CA (California)
👑 🐝 with grid and 2LL and one spoiler. 😛 I thought it was very clever to find a bee with that many Z words. Fun.
Mauro (Switzerland)
RAZZIA can even be found in important dictionaries. a pity that is not in the list.
Kate In CA (California)
I quite liked the word list as it is. Why complain?
Cea (Ct /California)
@Kate in CA - I don't see a hint of complaints. Just a simple offering for a word someone knows well. Tolerance?
Mauro (Switzerland)
I'm not complaining. just an observation. ;-)
Rin (WI)
pamela (denver)
finally!!! QB
Eleanor (By the door)
Evil, devilish choice today. Not fun. Not funny. Not the enjoyable break from problems and illness this time. Hope for better tomorrow. Humbug
Colleen (Minneapolis)
I love these shorter puzzles. Got to QB-2 with G and 2LL. Since it was late in the day and my puzzler was almost fried, I consulted the hive. With a long sigh for not trying a wee bit harder, ZI-6 and OR-7 popped into my head. I will accept the crown today, with assistance. 👑🐝
Don (Bronx, NY)
Second time in a month of playing I got Queen Bee. I did use hints. Oddly, I got the other Queen Bee the second day I played. I might be hooked! Enjoying this community, too!
Dave (Madison, WI)
Dudes. Zori. Totally a word. I learned it when I worked retail in the five and dime store back in the 70s.
LisaLoo (Whine Country, CA)
@Dave Right?!? I live in my zoris. I haven’t called them that since the 80s but I still love them!
Sis (GA)
When it refuses to acknowledge the word Zion or Arizona??? How can I even take it ?
FK Cam (Pasadena)
@Sis SB doesn’t accept proper nouns…with a few weird exceptions.
Nicole (California)
GABM, 👑🐝 with honey from the Hive! Happy Wed, this one was fun!
Stepan (Portland, OR)
For the second time in the past few weeks, I have sorely missed the word RAZZIA in today’s Bee. I have encountered that word quite a few times in my readings, and have even used it a few times myself. Why not include it?
Jane (Florida)
Almost QB! One word short. It's almost always a word I know well. I finally checked the clues no exception; and, today's no exception. Still, I love this puzzle!
Virginia (Manhattan)
So pleased with self for remembering a five-letter name of a lovely fabric but - no dice. Sad. I suppose it's Persian to start with but it's what we'd call it.
JustMe2 (California)
@Virginia Think Italian.
Stephanie (Waco)
QBABM! Yes!!
Caroline Fung (Portland, OR)
Arizonian? 😜
FK Cam (Pasadena)
@Caroline Fung No proper nouns in the Bee.
Mary S (Michigan)
I wanted badly to trade in the I for a B to play garbanzo. Of course, it would be a very short word list without the -ING words.
Allison moore (New Paltz NY)
I got QB, with help, and ZI6 was the last word I needed. Sweet!
Jesse (Texas)
First Time QB WH! Fun puzzle today!
Liz (Roanoke)
Great fun on a Wednesday night!
Elizabeth Hancock (Fayetteville, AR)
QBABM. I was down to the last word and just couldn't get there. Then the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson spoke to me and gave me GO5.
Margaret Schneemann (Woodstock)
New York Times spelling. Bee with a z but no e razzer cat meow! Razzer is a cat. Imagine that! She meows. like razzer razzer! But Sam has not met. This razzercat! Otherwise Razzmatazz e and t Meow!! 🐝🐈‍⬛🐝🐈‍⬛🐝🐈‍⬛
JDC in Long Beach (California)
I remember my grandmother using that stitch on her Singer. Lovely to be reminded.
TM (NorCal)
Mr. Ezersky likes his Zs! Funzzz!
SS (Chicago)
@TM Instead of Sam, we can just call him the Big EZ.
New Yorker (NYC)
Taking a break does the trick. I had all but ZI6 and when I tried the first three letters, it magically came to me. QB with hints.
Bob (Washington)
I have tried multiple times with zero success to get the NYT support team to address the issue of the programming not recognizing entered words that are in the word list for a given puzzle. For example, PAPACY was in yesterdays word list. However no matter how many times I tried to enter the word PAPACY the puzzle would indicate "Not In The Word List". This does not occur with all puzzles but definitely occurs sufficiently to be an annoyance.
cmcmx (Elsewhere)
@Bob That sounds very annoying. If you haven’t already done so, maybe try a different platform? For example if you play via the app, maybe try the browser and see if that makes a difference?
Jade (USA)
Annoying indeed! If you’re using the app, perhaps rebooting it: delete and re-install? Good luck!
DJ (Virginia)
I finally got QB.🐝
Sam (Utah)
Thank goodness for the ing or we’d have no puzzle!!!!
Cea (Ct /California)
Good Afternoon, Humans. I am your new Crow Overlord, Zaginor. You all knew we would take over eventually. We corvids are famously brilliant at OR10, teaching, and colony communication. We’ve been AG9 for too long over your GO5 RA6 of everything precious in the living world, OO6 hypocrisy and lack of care, ZI7 new threats our way on a daily basis, and RA8 the precious contract between humans and all the rest of the species, ZI7 and ZA7 and ZI10 from one unsustainable practice to the next. I hereby declare the first meeting is begun. 👑
Liz Kohlenberg (Olympia, WA)
@Cea OHHO. The Time of Crows.
Cea (Ct /California)
@Liz Kohlenberg - They now wear the Crow-n 👑
cmcmx (Elsewhere)
@Cea Omg, finally! And man do we need it. Plus, I already have an extremely enchanting (and superior) crow friend, so I am delighted to hear it 😍
Charles (Desmarais)
Isn’t gazar—a fabric—a word. (And in California, zori is a word!)
River (Baltimore)
Not all words make it to The Word List 🤷
Virginia (Manhattan)
@Charles yes! I just posted about it without putting the word. I'm glad somebody else knew it, I was pretty sure it was an English word but I read a lot of descriptions of clothes from India so I wasn't sure.
Jane (Florida)
It was also common in S Florida when I was growing up. Flip-flop is such a humdrum replacement.
Preeti (New York)
QBABM after a few weeks!! Yay. Be well, hive!
CC (Sonoma, California)
Did anyone say 'zori?' When I couldn't get gazania, I confidently went to zori, something I wore my entire Southern California childhood. A flip flop. (Thong is now something else....) Nope! Pizza? No P! Zone? No E! What? As I mentioned elsewhere, I almost gave up, and so glad I didn't. This was truly a fun one, and much gratitude to Sam.
Jenny Brown (Laurel Park, NC)
Raz (PDX)
i’m very new to this and this is my first genius score ever! probably because this bee contains all the letters of my first name :)
Leah (Seattle)
Yay! GABM and QBw2LL on my birthday ❤️
pepper (philadelphia)
They say it's your birthday!! 🎶 🥳
Jacq (Detroit)
Me too!! Birthday and GABM!
Suz (Oriole Beach FL)
Happy Birthday to both of you!
Monika Eckhart (Spokane WA)
GABM and GN4L today!! First time ever. Which, ironically, upon opening the puzzle I thought it seemed harder than ever. I just needed a break.
cmcmx (Elsewhere)
Does anyone know what causes the reposting and the chronological order of comments (& posts) to get all screwy? Idk for sure but my guess is that it happens when someone flags a comment or a post. I say this because I’ve only ever flagged one comment (which was my own when I accidentally commented w/a spoiler), and my comment was never taken down but instead moved to a different spot in the comment thread. And sometimes I see posts with comments others don’t like and then the entire post reposts without the disliked comments. The price of censorship? If this is the case (or even if it’s not) I’d like to cast a vote for less flagging ☺️ js. PS This is now my 5th time posting - and my 4th repost - each time a new posting begins getting recommended or commented upon.. poof, it disappears. Apparently someone keeps flagging it which underscores the gist of my point and is also hysterical! 🤣🤣🤣 And for the flag happy individual, I have time. I can do this all day.
emgred (NYC & Long Island)
@cmcmx Same thing happened to me when I tried to get Hive feedback on adding a feature that would allow the original poster to edit their own post. Got several comments then viola the whole thread disappeared. I called & emailed the NYT office to find out why I was censored. Of course I never received an answer. So I don't know the answer your question but I do know the price of censorship.
Beverly (NY)
@cmcmx Maybe it's the recent Troll's "revenge?"
Floridio (FL)
@cmcmx I have noticed this and agree it is related to an overzealous flagger. I don’t post much but it has happened to me. My theory is that it could also be an effort to move certain posts up to the top of All comments, to be seen and recommended more, because the timestamp changes when the comments are rearranged.
Jon Bjornstad (California)
Here's another short and tasty Z puzzle for your delectation: https://logicalpoetry.com/cgi-bin/nytbee.pl/CP32
Jafawa (San Diego)
I never heard of gazania (the flower word that wasn’t accepted and commented on by many). I looked it up and they’re all over the place here. Maybe not such a common word, but certainly a common flower. I know them as African Daisies.
Alison (Uk)
Ahhhh so close.......Gorgonzola
Cea (CT /CA)
And so close for Aggrandizing, a 12-letter whopper that alas needs a ‘D’
Sara (Maine)
QB first time! Thanks hivemind, used G+H+2LL and couldn't do it without you.
J. L. Rivers (NYC)
I’ve never seen so many Spanish words in this game before.
Jafawa (San Diego)
You mean words that weren’t accepted? Today is one of those unusual days when no Spanish words made the cut.
LH (Connecticut)
QB H Had to use hints for this one, especially with the Z in the middle - I am not great at the Spelling 🐝 but I do it every day and am still learning :) I didn’t even know ZI6 was a word! I clearly don’t have a future as a botanist.
Chip Beckwith (New York, NY)
Yes indeed! I got to QB with hints and the hive mind. I never knew the word OR6 but the comments mentioned the root of the word and I just guessed combinations until it clicked. Z words are weird, but when the total number of words is small, it is easier to track down the ones I haven’t found on my own.
CooperC (CA)
I wish we could go back and do past Bees we missed. I need another one!
J.L. Rivers (NYC)
I actually play it on my phone and on the iPad. On the iPad it doesn't refresh when I open it the following day, unless I press the "back" button and enter the game again. That allows me to see yesterday's answers on my phone and play yesterday's game on the iPad, allowing me to complete the missing words. I know it's cheating but I justify it by saying that I'm learning new words. :-)
Theo J (Maryland)
@J.L.Rivers The answers to the previous day’s QB Puzzle are always there in plain sight, along with other tasty honey morsels. Read the puzzles’ accompanying articles. Each of them…
Jay Why (Upper Wild West)
I guess this was EeeZZZZ! Made QB on my own for all except one, the rice shaped pasta. Which I should have gotten as I was thinking food words (no nizza?!). Early bZZzz means extra ZZZZZS tonight. I’m sure tomorrow will be tougher. But till then Bee thee well.
Martin (Yonkers, NY)
🌸🌸🌸 Words with same letters—and some mnemonics (4/5/2022) attic, cacti, tacit, tactic (As a “tacit” “tactic” we grow “cacti” in the “attic.”) papaya, pappy, yappy (My “yappy” “pappy” bought me a “papaya.”) activity, cavity, vivacity (The “cavity” “activity” didn’t detract from her “vivacity.”) pita, pitapat (Eating “pita” and listening to the “pitapat” of the rain is one of my favorite things.) • acai, acacia
CK (Christchurch NZ)
Got to genius! I was so immersed in endings with -izing that I forgot about endings in -or.
Lainey Rudolph (Hyde Park)
QB 2LL & Grid only! I know it’s an easier one but happy to read the hints later just for fun! 🐝🐝🐝
MRW (Berkeley CA)
OMG! 👑🐝 ABM! First time without hints, grid, or 2LL in over a year! And it’s still early in the day:). WOOT!!! And I thought I wouldn’t even make genius given all those Z words. Sometimes life gives you small, sweet surprises. 🐝 happy everyone!
cmcmx (Elsewhere)
@MRW Yay!! Congratz! :) 🐝🎉🎉
Jim (Los Angeles)
So many great proper nouns that can't be played today: Arizona, Zaragoza, Zion, Rizzo, Gonzaga, Giza, Gronzy! It's a shame.
Some Wisdom (Lawrence KS)
QB! Had to resort to the hint for the last one. This was a fun one.
Pondering aloud. Frustrated at the lack of consistency in whether pasta shape names are accepted. Yesterday's legal CA9 was not accepted; however, OR4 is OK today as is PE5 on days when the letters are available. Humph.
CooperC (CA)
Thanks! You just got me to QB.
Cea (CT /CA)
Zoink💥 and zowie💫✨! Fun hilarious roller coaster 🎢 of a puzzle today 🤓
Rita Long (Oakland)
I’m staying here in Sedona. Today’s QB afforded ARIZONA, the state I’m in, and yesterday, YAVAPAI, the county. 😍🌵
Peppermint Bunions (Northern Az)
@Rita Long I live in Sedona , I thought the same thing and even tried Yavapai 🌵🏜
Stephen Rockower (Bethesda, MD)
But they should have allowed ARIZONAN
David Illig (Maryland)
@Stephen Rockower: Sigh… Capitalized.
dyskolos (San Antonio, Texas)
Back and forth in a serpentine manner - first back, then forth, then in combination, then in it’s gerund form to finish the puzzle in a flourish! Great puzzle today, might even say amazing. 😎
Cea (CT /CA)
@dyskolos - or, as @Dick Nilsson has taught us, we performed the vastly superior Swedish habit of going forth, then back, then forth-and-back! From Nilsson: “ The Swedish expression for "back and forth" is "forth and back."😊: "fram och tillbaka" (=forth/forwards and back), as in "Diskussionen gick fram och tillbaka" (lit. "The discussion went forth and back").
Bee-deviled (Richmond, CA)
Made it to genius without the grid, then used grid for 4 words and clues for last one! Practicing makes it easier!
Beverly (NY)
Queen Bee! Yay me. (An "L" would've made a nice blue cheese :)
TK (Alameda)
Someone needs to study my brain and figure out where I pulled O7 from.
Asher B. (Santa Cruz)
If on a particular day I don't get all the words, and the next day I check to see what I missed, a sort of resentful pettiness rises up within me. I'm not proud of it and until this moment hadn't really noticed that I do it, now some of the subtleties of my bitterness. I'll see a missed word and on a barely conscious level think something like "Ridiculously unattainable and obscure word, no one could get that," Or conversely: "Too simple and obvious. I would have gotten it if I were actually bothering to put the effort in, but I have more noble things to do with my time and I was expecting challenging words not this simpleton stuff." Or even the childish pouting: "How on earth is 'FINE' a real word? What does that even mean? That's not even a word. No one uses it any more." I'm curious if these personality defects are mine alone.
Cea (CT /CA)
Brilliant little study in universal human nauture— I’ll bet most of us have reacted defensively in all those ways, even if it only lasts for a moment and has no real consequences. Even in a great mood, I’ll see a word or three I missed and my brain mutters — in a low, quiet, sour-grapes tone— “glad we didn’t waste our precious time on that silly drivel…” 😅
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@Asher B. I think these "spins" we put on things are very common. My approach, when I catch myself doing it, is to give myself a raised eyebrow or a chuckle, not a elbow jab. After all, it's just part of who we are as people. I'll save my self-recrimination for bigger missteps. :)
Liz Kohlenberg (Olympia, WA)
@Asher B. oh, not unique for sure! but very self aware of you to notice the variations! thank you for pointing these out. I usually go to hints when I cannot find a word. zI have aversion of this that goes "I KNOW that word -- shoulda tried harder." and another version that goes "Huh? Why didn't I know that word?"
Michael (White Plains, NY)
Kelly Sherlock (San Diego)
Missing today: zoon
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@David Illig Sure: "Hope to zee you again zoon!"
David Illig (Maryland)
@Kelly Sherlock: I also note that the OED says “Biology. Obsolete.” Last cited use in biological literature was 117 years ago.
David Illig (Maryland)
@mdbeck Yez. Zame here.
KP (California)
Good morning, 🐝🐝🐝! What a beautiful sight: the letter Z in the donut hole! 🍩 😍 Z is such a visible and audible letter! The words just popped off the screen. And not many weird words possible with Z, so I think LOTS of puzzlers will be reaching QBABM today. Not surprisingly, my personal best so far: QB without grid, 2LL or hints. I ONLY peeked at the info above the grid (I scrolled down slowly and carefully) to see the total # of points, words and pangrams. Such FUN today! Sam, more puzzles with Z, please!
Susan Soranno (Amherst, MA)
No words I don’t know! Yay! Had to go to the grid for two, OO-6 and IO-8. That double vowel start is great camouflage!
Mary Spera (NYC)
Thank you for the hints…. Genius!
JFMACC (Lafayette)
No gazania? "a tropical herbaceous plant of the daisy family, with showy flowers that are typically orange or yellow."
Some Wisdom (Lawrence KS)
I agree. Thought the same.
LBG (Mount Laurel, NJ)
Yup. Plant them every year. Didn't think of it as proper noun, any more than ZI6.
Liz Kohlenberg (Olympia, WA)
@JFMACC I don't think it is a proper noun; just that not all dictionary words are in the bee-list for the day. Shunn's site shows 99 dictionary words for today's letter set; only 22 of them are in the bee list. The editor chooses a smaller set of words for the day from among the possible words.
Jenufa (Oakville ON)
First time QB today!!! I’ve been trying to get it for a while! I’m all a-buzz!! 🐝
Mike (Florida)
Sad to see so many spoiler posts.
K Holl (CA)
Thanks for all the great clues here. I was able to get all but one Z word before looking at your clues--queen bee daily goal!
Gemini (St. Paul, MN)
My Turkish ANGORA kitty wanna donut...I'll give her that really great one I got in ARIZONA.
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
To clue or not to clue. To grid or not to grid. That is the question. (Sorry Hamlet) I use the clues, grid, and my well-thumbed Merriam Webster every spelling 🐝. It’s not cheating. Some spellers set personal challenges to win the crown all by themselves. After my traumatic brain injury, I am elated I can remember any words at all. This bee is helping me reword, remap my brain. Language is a gift. It is humbling to stutter and have word and memory gaps. I enjoy the community conversation. Thank you to the hive. I enjoy the wit and word play. It takes me a long time to complete each spelling bee.
SS (Chicago)
@Janine Hard to believe that you had a TBI, you're doing great! I admire the bees who have shared that they have this serious condition, yet manage to do so well! Good luck with continuing progress.
Gemini (St. Paul, MN)
@Janine Well done for remembering the words - I think we all love your presence here. No, it isn't cheating.
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@Janine Good on you! Glad you've found pleasure and challenge in the puzzle--and are part of the community that has formed around it.
Carol B (CNY)
Today's flower is a lotus, probably the sacred or Indian lotus Nelumbo nucifera.
Stephanie (Hinsdale, IL)
That was enjoyable—love this game!
Qwill (Oakland, CA)
I'd like to see "gazania" included (another quite common flower). Used to have some in my yard, and always thought, "Gazillions of gazania!" when I saw them.
Betty (Amsterdam)
So many Dutch and Italian words!
Whoa Nellie (OutWest)
Gadzooks! The "z" button on my keyboard sticks!
Lisa Tassinari (northwestern CT)
QBALL - with hints ;)
Jon Bjornstad (California)
Note: The puzzles on 10/27/20 and 11/15/20 also had Z as the center letter. If only there were a way to play these puzzles in the NYT archive!!!
Michael (White Plains, NY)
Good morning all. Hope everyone is well and not zzzing from today's letter set. GN4L @15/110. Bee back later.
Alessia (Italy)
QB-1! I did it almost all on my own, I had to read the other reader's hints for the very last one 🌸
Miss Mary (Julian, CA)
Now wait just one darn minute…we can have ZI6 and acacia but not gazania (or nandina)? I love the vagaries of the word list but this one buzzes my 🐝 s
Gemini (St. Paul, MN)
Do's and Do not's of the Spelling Bee Forum - Do's > Recommend hint lists, poetry and other useful comments. > Post kind comments. > Get into donut stories. > Figure out Letter Boxed solutions with Judi. > Look at Martin's many games, including his pangram games. > Bee kind! > Bee civil! Don'ts > Please do not post spoilers. > Please do not post unfair posts to those new to the hive. > Do not flag unless necessary. > Please do not ask for a new editor in a rude way. Hope this helps!
Talkingwoman (New Mexico)
@Martini Mike But wait… there’s donuts? I like donuts.
Wondering at (Home)
@Martini Mike Bee nice! And eat donuts!
Wondering at (Home)
@Talkingwoman donuts and martinis!
Cary Fleisher (Western Massachusetts)
Maybe someday there will be a photo of a GAZANIA on the Spelling Bee Forum page.
Rick (San Antonio)
That was fun! and a bit crazy. GABM was a breeze, the pangram put me over. I wanted to know what words I missed, so I used the grid, 2LL, reader hints, and google to get to QB (never going to do QBABM - I'm in awe of those of you do!). Two of those missing words are definitely not in my brain's word list! The Bee is on a roll. Let's play again tomorrow!
SS (Chicago)
@Rick And yet you keep improving...
SS (Chicago)
Is grazi spelled with or without an e at the end? grazi or grazie for your answers-
Dan Landon (Manhattan)
SS (Chicago)
@Dan Landon Thanks!
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
@SS In the good-to-have-around department: deepl.com
SS (Chicago)
Zoan as a suffix for living things. Protozoan? Metazoan (I cheated), there's a bunch of these.
Erica (San Francisco)
No Gozinga!? 🤪
Cici (PNW)
My pappy having been elevated to the papacy, made a pact with the family to leave a cavity in his memoirs where we would have been. He celebrated his new see with cava and papaya. The paparazzi were catty, but he dictated press releases in pica from the Vatican attic, where he was not so much in captivity as in cerebral activity, his tactic being to roust the yappy gossip mongers with tact and vivacity. « My words are cacti, » he would sharply opine, and roll his latest bull into a papyrus patty. Papa, we cried, but he tapped the scroll on his thronal velvet. Pitapat. Pitapat.
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@Cici Terrific! Love the part about him leaving a 'cavity' in his memoir rather than expose the personal details of his family members' lives. What a thoughtful guy. :)
sw (princeton)
I got em all, apparently. But I object to the completely common word, "ironizing"--the process of using or regarding ironically
sw (princeton)
@sw I meant that I object to the exclusion of this word ...
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@sw Oh, I thought that word meant getting your wardrobe neat and pressed for a job interview...
Cici (PNW)
@sw I thought ironizing was when you flattened shirts with a hot metal plate of steam.
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
For literary and film buffs, there is a political novel and film titled “Z”, widely read in the Sixties. 📕🎞
Edlek (ny)
@Janine Great movie. Fortunately the colonels were gone when I went to Greece in the early 70s. Ed
Hartdoc (WDC)
@Janine Great flick!
SS (Chicago)
@Janine On the less serious side, Zorro!
kc (Canada)
Are there not three pangrams?
Cynthia (MD)
@kc 4, but two are seriously obscure involving prefixes and likely no one actually uses them. I've read that the editor tries to include only common/recognizable words for the pangram.
Martin (Yonkers, NY)
🍄🍄🍄 Each six-letter word below can be made into a seven-letter word by the following three-step process: 1) Divide the word into two parts. 2) Put the second part before the first part. 3) Insert a new letter between the two parts. For example, with the word INKING, you’d divide the word into IN and KING, put KING first, and add a P between them to create KINGPIN. It’s up to you to determine where each word should be divided and what new letter should be added. *If you’d like to play, please don’t spell out the answers. If you feel like it, you can clue whatever answers you’d like. Or, when you’re finished, simply leave a note to let me know. Many thanks! 1. ARCHED _______________ 2. CALMED _______________ 3. ENTAIL _______________ 4. GERMAN _______________ 5. ICECAP _______________ 6. LIMPER _______________ 7. NESTLE _______________ 8. OUSTED _______________ 9. POSTER _______________ 10. REPAST _______________ 11. SALMON _______________ 12. STENCH _______________ 13. THATCH _______________ 14. TINGED _______________ 15. USAGES _______________ 16. WHACKS _______________
Martin (Yonkers, NY)
@Martin Answers to Monday’s game (4/4/2022): desire, eiders, reside
Deb Pierce Roman (New York)
@Martin. Love this little puzzle. There was another one you posted in which the answers for each word were contingent on the answer to the previous word. Can you post more of those ?? Deb
Martin (Yonkers, NY)
@Deb Pierce Roman I'm glad you like the puzzle. Stay tuned for more word puzzles, to be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
Linda Schildkraut (Bayside)
Scrabble accepts: Azon Zona Zoon
Mary Spera (NYC)
This isn’t Scrabble.
Dez M (Portland OR visiting Tampa FL)
Stuck at QB-1 after grid&2LL, GA6 at the honeycomb, AG9 over whether to go to the hinters. Couldn’t land on that ZI6 flower; my brain was abuzz and I felt like an AIRNOGGIN (DonutGram! ;) Thanks to all the hinters! Every time the bee stings you folks are there, handing out crowns. 👑🐝
Graha, (Mass.)
justice for Arizona
Adina (Oregon)
@Graha, ZORRO will fight for it.
SS (Chicago)
Not surprised this was challenging! The only thing I could predict was that this would not induce zzzz's! A Few Bomboloni RIZZO was driving his OZINGA cement truck munching on a GORGONZOLA (no L, I know) sandwich. He was ZO6 out dreaming about a hot bowl of RONZONI ziti. Time for a vacation, I'm going to go to ANZO. His friend ZIGGI was British with a cockney accent, but was excited about a trip. "RIZZO, is there a vacation on your 'ORIZON? Me an' the mates need a break!" "Sure, ZIGGI, when we get to Italy I need to pick up some zucchini, zucotto, and OR4." "But I heard ARIZONA's great this season, also. We can go to a GO5 ranch, ride horses, and watch the steer GR7." "ZIGGI, you have to stop AG7 over this. I could knock you on your NOGGIN!" "RIZZO, I'm sorry. The blokes are RA7 me on this, too." "If you don't stop ZI9 and make up your mind, you can just go to the ZOO!" "OK, thanks for OR10 the trip, RIZZO. Sounds amaZing!" bee in the zone!
cmcmx (Elsewhere)
@SS 🤣 I love the adventures (& banter) of Rizzo & Ziggi! And your sign off.. 🐝 in the zone 😎
KP (California)
@SS The bomboloni are back again! 😂 Great story, thanks.
SS (Chicago)
@KP Thanks, bomboloni, zamboni, it's got the Italian flavor! (We literally spend half the time discussing food!)😋
Beth (NJ)
QBABM today! Quick and fun.
Caryl ☕️ (Connecticut)
This was a fun Spelling Bee today. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to get the second pangram, but made it to QB ABM in the end. On to Wordle.
Rashivam (Celestial Village)
Made me remember Sean Connery as Zed in wild sci-fi movie, Zardoz
Andrew Shalit (Brookline MA)
Wow, it wasn't enough to go back and forth. I had to go back and forth and backandforth twice.
cmcmx (Elsewhere)
@Andrew Shalit 😅🤣🤣
Ravi (CT)
No ‘ozonizing’ ; as a practicing chemist I am offended!
Gautam (Concord)
Half the world is offended by the omission of ZANANA 😊.
Yogamom (San Diego)
QB! GBAM with hints to finish! Gerunds! Perhaps not... GO5: The great muppet OR7: See through silk OR4: Rice looking pasta RA5: Cuts down stubble RA4: Tease, but nicely ZI6: Back and forth ZI4: Zest ZI7: Flower Buzz, Buzz... 🐝🐝🐝
Eric S (Brooklyn)
Fastest QBABM ever. This one’s a piece of cake.
PS (Gallatin, MT)
That was blast! Thank you Spelling 🐝 creators.
Sarah (Palm Springs)
Fun puzzle today, but no Arizonian? I could see skipping Arizona.
Lee L (The Rockies)
What a noisy 🍩! It’s raining and roaring and groaning!
SS (Chicago)
@Lee L and grinning at you!
Valerie Ann Short (San Antonio, TX)
No challenge today. Disappointing.
Valerie Ann Short (San Antonio, TX)
I think everyone will make Queen Bee today.
CoopieB (Chicago)
Queen Bee! First time ever! I’m excited. 😊
raminf (SF Bay Area)
Fun one. But if you're an Arizonan searching for a colony of zoaria in the sea, you may have difficulty agnizing why you can't wear your gazar dresses today.
Michelie (Chicago)
My first QB ABM .... Of course, gerunds make it easier.
jj (California)
How about gazania?
CC (Sonoma, California)
@jj My only word for about five minutes. And I had just watered mine yesterday! I put it in three times, thinking surely I had misspelled it. Surely Sam would want this! This was the first bee (I'm about three weeks new) where I couldn't see anything. I almost left it. And then caught on to the approach. Cracked the code. It became my fastest GABM.
Anjali (Portland, OR)
@jj yes indeed, my thoughts exactly. Especially if another flower, Z6 is in the list. 🙃
Janet (On A Mountain In TN)
First time QBABM! Usually call it a day at Genius, but since we may be wiped out by a tornado today, decided to give it a go.
John A Frederick (Paris, France)
First Queen Bee in a looooong time. I zay thatz zuper!
Christine Chin (Vancouver, WA)
QBABM—twice within a week, another day made great! Have a bee-utiful day, everyone! 🐝🐝🐝
Esme (San Francisco)
That was a great one! 👑🐝in 40 min. So fun! Thanks Sam!🙏🏼❤️🐝👏🏻
Chloe (Chicago)
Fun one today! All the ZIs made me smile as I kept finding the variations! 😊
Martin (Yonkers, NY)
🌏🌍🌎 Today’s bonus pangram-only game: (If you’d like to play, please don’t spell out the answers. Please reply with hints or clues. Many thanks!) C, E, I, M, N, O, Z (1 pangram) (in honor of today's Z-centric theme 😊)
Martin (Yonkers, NY)
@Martin Answers to yesterday’s pangram game A, D, I, N, O, T, V ----> avoidant, divination
Gautam (Concord)
@Martin There was a young man from Belize Who feasted on hot dogs 🌭 and fries But with prices so high He was heard to sigh “Skip the dog. I need to xxxxxxxxx.”
Martin (Yonkers, NY)
@Gautam You did it again! Love your limerick! 👍
Liz Kohlenberg (Olympia, WA)
April 5, 2022 Cinquain (liz) Right Activity Papa said the human capacity for change lies in questions asked, not answers given. In my lifetime, I have asked many questions – but perhaps not loudly or often enough! Activity, papa, capacity
KAN (Upstate NY)
Liz, love this, thank you. 🌸
Monicat (Western Catskills)
Hi @Liz Kohlenberg. Today's Haiku Pitapat Small feet on the floor a toddler's activity - tacit remembrance. pitapat, activity, tacit
Michael (White Plains, NY)
@Liz Kohlenberg Perhaps your best.
MDNY (Huntington, NY)
🐝 HINT LIST APRIL 6TH AG9 Causing great anguish (think the agxxx and the ecstasy) GA6 Staring intently, deeply into another’s eyes perhaps, or as in a GA6 ball in your garden GO5 Outlandish, often refers to journalism style popularized by Hunter S Thompson, also the “Great” muppet (rhymes with: think Ronald Reagan film Bedtime for Boxxx) GR7 Foraging in a meadow as a cow would (rhymes with GA6) IO8 Convert into charged electrons, as in an air purifying machine OO6 exuding, seeping, as from the primordial mire (rhymes with opposite of winning) OR10 Arranging systematically (root is keyboard or body part such as a kidney) OR7 Sheer silky fabric used for fancy dresses (same root as OR10) OR4 Pasta resembling rice (Italian for barley) RA6 Demolishing, as in a tenement being torn down to the ground (rhymes with GA6) RA5/RA8 Implement for shaving (Maugham novel: The RA5s Edge) RA4/RA7 Taunt, hiss, give the Bronx cheer (rhymes with All That “Jxxx") ZA7 Making a sharp swerving turn (used with ZI7) ZI7 Partner to ZA7 (root rhymes with Irish dance) ZI6/10 Move suddenly from side to side (compound, root of ZA7 plus ZI7) ZI4/ZI7 Zest, as in something stimulating or a piquant flavor (rhymes with jewelry for your finger) ZI6 Showy colorful flower (named after German botanist Johann Gottfried ZIxx) ZO6 Separating into partitions, as in town ordinances for residential or commercial use Good luck 🐝ing! xoxo, 👑🐝
Beth (Georgia)
Thank you! Your clues helped with two words I was stuck on.
s.pock (Enterprise)
@MDNY, thanks for including Hunter S Thompson so that I didn't have to. I got 21 words with just the 2-letter grid this time, and your hints got me the rest of the way. Gerunds can be fun 🐝
Joe (Annandale)
@MDNY Thanks. Your clues are the best
JudgeDredd (Florida)
I love the gerund 🐝. Words poppING up quickly today. GN4L WG+2LL (14/109). Off to work a bit early today. Hope the hive has a great Wednesday!
FK Cam (Pasadena)
“Kindly refrain from posting spoilers,” - NYT Depending on how you get to the Spelling Bee Comments, not everyone sees these NYT guidelines, “Please read the extended guidelines at the bottom of the forum before commenting. Kindly refrain from posting spoilers, and remember to be considerate in your comm.” Thanks to those who vote this up each day. If the hive makes this a top Reader Pick (by selecting “recommend,”) then most who come to the Comments should see it right away and we’ll bee on the same page.🐝
FK Cam (Pasadena)
This is a space of genuine community for many. Please, bees, don’t ask hivemates to stay away from the Comments section if they don’t want to see spoilers, let’s just follow the NYT rule and not post them. Thanks. A spoiler is any word in that day’s Spelling Bee. It is also a word containing any word in that day’s Spelling Bee. Example: If today’s Bee accepts “PAPA” and “PAPPA” typing the latter in your comment is a spoiler for both. The Bee convention is to type the first two letters in capitals followed by the total number of letters in the word. TOMTIT=TO(6) Words not accepted in that day’s Bee are not spoilers unless they contain an accepted word. Such as “COPTIC,” on a day allowing “OPTIC.” To help avoid spoilers, kindly try typing in your word a few times or with alternative spellings before commenting it wasn’t accepted. Thank you! I hope this is helpful!🐝
B Bjorn (Vancouver Island)
Personal best - GAMB (really, truly, strickly) thirteen minutes. I'm tickled - and pooped. Happy hiving.
Jenni (St. Paul)
Gazania is a flower darn it
Cm (Rochester)
I opened up the puzzle this morning and thought I way. Got to work and got my first QBABM. Who knew.
Gordon Taylor (Croydon, England)
A Zee Story (6 April 2022) I am GA6 out of the window, but there are no animals GR7 in the fields, as the planners are ZO6 the land for industrial use. I am still AG9 over the RA6 of towns and cities in the killing fields, and the GO5 reporting of these tragic events. We hope there is no harmful IO8 radiation. We need something to bring back the ZI4 into our lives. Meanwhile, Honeybun is OO6 with charm and ZI7 with energy. With her RA5-sharp mind, she is OR10 everything, while I have to ZI6 across town, to buy OR7 at the fabric shop, OR4 at the supermarket, and ZI6 at the garden centre - and my fuzzy hair needs RA8 too. I will be ZI7 here and ZA7 there, ZI10 everywhere. Please don’t RA4 me for this repetition, when I’m trying to do my best. Your Honeybee.
Dez M (Portland OR visiting Tampa FL)
Suz (Oriole Beach FL)
@Gordon Taylor Well done! Your stories are always OO6 with charm.
Liz Kohlenberg (Olympia, WA)
@Gordon Taylor Love this!
Lammylu (Washington)
Could not have done this puZZle today without such great community clueZ. Thank you all!
Ingridemma (Mammoth Lakes)
I aim each morning for GABM. I usually settle for AABM and won't look at the 2LL until I get there. I have achieved QB with only the 2LL a few times; otherwise, I need the Hints from the Hive. MayBee someday I'll get to QBABM . . .
F Robinson (DC)
I did this so quickly. The fastest one I've ever done. it's a surprise because I was really thrown off by the z initially.
Faye Bee (NC)
A fast dash to QB w/2LL for us this morning. Loved the Z, missed a B: BAZINGA!!
Pam (Watertown, MA)
Today's photo by Tang Chhin Sothy shows honeybees in a lotus flower. The original caption reads: Bees buzz around a lotus flower in a lotus field, some 35 kilomers north of Phnom Penh on April 23, 2009. Buddhist followers use the lotus flower for praying to Buddha or in Buddhist ceremonies. It symbolizes the clarity of heart as well as the mind. as well as representing strength, good luck, long life as well as honor and respect. Here is a Buddhist meditation on lovingkindness, as I have learned it: May all beings be happy. May all beings be safe. May all beings be healthy. May all beings be peaceful.
Esme (San Francisco)
@Pam Thank you so much Pam. 🐝Beautiful . Another version as i have learned it : May everyone be Happy May everyone be free from Suffering May no one ever be separated from their Happiness May All beings find Equanimity - free from Hatred & Attachment.🙏🏼
Gail (NW Ohio)
May we all say this for Ukraine!
Gail (NW Ohio)
A prayer for the Ukrainian people!
Edlek (ny)
The Great Gazoo, Ratso Rizzo, and Zorro walked into a bar on the Ginza Strip ..... Ed
Maddie (Chicago)
AG – Continuously in deep pain GA – Staring off GO – Go bonkers GR – Eating small bites IO – Removing an electron OO – How a liquid moves slowly OR – Getting your act together OR – Lightweight material OR -Type of pasta RA - The opposite of building RA - Needed to shave RA - A way to cut hair RA – Tease RA - Keep teasing ZA - Move sharply in one direction ZI - Move sharply in another direction ZI – A back and forth stitch ZI – To go back and forth ZI – A sharp sting ZI – Sending sharp stings ZI – Late season flower ZO – Sectioning an area
Donna H (MA)
QB H 2LL First time I did not have to go to the Hivemind for hints!
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
@Donna H Oh, dangerously close to making progress. Keep going!
Marion Eagen (Clarks Green, PA)
Queen Bee today! Yay!
DZip (Hingham MA)
No gazania?? But zi6 is a word!! Harrumph
inger (Portland, OR, USA)
AG9 - Excruciating GA6 - Softly staring GO5 - Muppet character, or Hunter S. Thompson's style of journalism GR7 - Eating grass in a field, or just hovering at the buffet table IO8 - Changing the electrical charge of something OO6 - Weeping, as a wound OR10 - Social, political, professional, or personal - all of these bring structure to chaos OR7 - Some wedding dresses are made from this fabric OR4 - A rice-shaped pasta RA6 - Tearing a barn to the ground RA5 - You shave with this RA8 - The act of using RA5 RA4 - Pester, heckle, poke at RA7 - The act of RA4 ZA7, ZI7, ZI6, ZI10 - "I was told that skiing was most safely done in a ZI6 fashion. So there I was ZI10, but I found myself ZI7 when I should have been ZA7, and that's how I ended up in this cast." (Sorry, coming up with hints for all of these variations was pretty AG9!) ZI4 - A flavorful kick ZI7 - Providing a flavorful kick ZI6 - A flower...my granddad's favorite, actually ZO7 - Choosing an appropriate use for a piece of land
Cici (PNW)
@inger You got me to QB. Thanks. I can’t believe I missed the OR words.
Word Nerd (USA)
@inger Great clues! I was so close to QBABM, but that pesky OR7 eluded me until I found your hint list. Thank you!
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
@inger You handled the Z's just fine.
Borderboy (Petoskey, Michigan)
I thought the Z would be troublesome, but this one went quickly and I made QB using only the grid for help. Good way to start a rainy day.
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
ZI(6) I associate this word with a stitch and my mom’s Singer sewing machine. It had a foot pedal and she sewed clothes for her seven children at night. 🧵
Buzzed (NYC)
@Janine Same! I also sewed clothing for myself as a teen and young adult. My middle-high school even had a mandatory sewing class.
CatFord (Missouri)
I was full of dread when I saw “z” listed as the center letter, but I earned Queen Bee status status so quickly because there were fewer possible words to find.
Jonni Lu (Santa Fe)
I was momentarily daunted by the center “Z,” but after GA5 at the puzzle for a moment…BOOM. 14/109 GABM N4L. Still missing a couple, but I can live with that. Happy buzzing, Hive!
LaughingAllegra (Florida)
"I ate too many doughnuts!" Remarked a groaning gorgon a-groaning in angora. 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
SS (Chicago)
@LaughingAllegra Lol, too many carbZ!
Momndoc (Santa Barbara, CA)
So the Z is bad enough, but not recognizing "gazania" in that context is worse.
Christy (OK)
First time to QB with grid help only. This is how I've started my mornings everyday for a couple of weeks now and I think I'm hooked. :D
Geoff (Barcelona)
Too many Zees for this Englishman Abroad. I keep coming up with Spanish words as well, then remember this is not The Miami Herald quiz zone.
emgred (NYC & Long Island)
Just so you know, I grocery shopping early because I'm out of onions and my boeuf bourguignon really needs onionizing.
Cici (PNW)
@emgred You have all day to keep caramelizing those translucent layers.
Minaharker (Glasgow, Scotland)
I got to QB, but I literally had to guess, even after cheating with the OED and Webster’s (sorry, I do have to here occasionally to get some of the words).
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
It is NOT cheating. You are thoughtfully using a tool. A dictionary is a tool. Phonetics aside, it is hard creating words out of letters without the context of clues and the grid. You are being intelligent using these resources. 🌻
Michelle (Maine)
yay! another solved puzzle with no hints :)
Buzzed (NYC)
I haven’t played scrabble in a long time, but I still get excited when I find so many words with high-value letters.
Sheri (Alton, IL)
@Buzzed I may total this word set later -- I'm curious as to how many points this would have been! (I haven't played in awhile either, but I know Z is 10).
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
RA(5) Occam, Somerset Maugham, and your husband use one. This word encompasses philosophy, literature, and pragmatism. As a newlywed, I watched my husband shave with his Gillette every morning. It’s amazing what one word can stimulate your brain to remember. 🪄
Monicat (Western Catskills)
GN4L at 13/107 and QBWG2LL + H so Thanks! Doug and Ann. Suffice it to say, I was feeling as if I needed to go back to bed to catch some more ZZZZZZs when I arrived -6. Missed GO5 for some crazy reason. The words did not come OO6 out, so I thought to call it macaroni, er, OR4, and then RA4 myself for missing the ZI6 and its partner ZI10 even though I had the ZI7 and the ZA7. It is just not my morning. Some of you know that we were in the process of moving my husband's brother to an assisted living, and we accomplished that yesterday without any drama or issues. Big sigh of relief. Mr. Monicat actually slept until 7:30 this morning, a rare occurrence, as he is usually up by 5:00. So there's that. I am happy to be thankful for small blessings. Today's Haiku Pitapat Small feet on the floor a toddler's activity - tacit remembrance. pitapat, activity, tacit Good Morning, @Everyone. Bee careful out there.
Hartdoc (WDC)
@Monicat Well done.
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@Monicat Glad to hear things went well with that challenging transition to assisted living. Am currently helping a friend make that move and it is very hard.
Michael (White Plains, NY)
@Monicat Glad for you.
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
Yesterday someone made a comment about having gotten word from above that there would soon be a Z in the center of the Bee. I thought they were joking. But here it is! After initially thinking "Oh, no!" I found that Z is just a letter, like any other, and it's possible to move forward with it. A lesson in being receptive to the FULL alphabet and not harboring resistance to any of its upstanding, hardworking letters...
Buzzed (NYC)
Apparently, Sam had teased it on Twitter.
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@Buzzed Ah, right. I am not on any social media (except the Bee) so not up on all the buzzz...
Buzzed (NYC)
@mdbeck I’m not really on Twitter either (I peek occasionally, but never participate). It’s just that the commenter mentioned Sam’s tweet.
Marcia Robbins (Coventry, RI)
QB with box only. Whoo hoo.
Jay Orchard (Miami Beach)
Trying to figure out A9 was A9.
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
Pangram Clue: OR(8) Unions, Marie Kondo, and Martha Stewart are experts at this!🌻
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
Whoops! Add the “ing” to create the pangram!
Jay Orchard (Miami Beach)
I enjoyed this puzzle from beginning to end and from A to Z.
BarbE (Connecticut)
So far today, not one “izzaword” in the comments 👏🏻👏🏻 👑🐝
Callie (Kuranda)
Missing zoon and razoo. 🥰
David Illig (Maryland)
@Callie: Not missing at all. I got QBABMPDQ without either of them.
Laurel Elkjer (San Francisco)
Two questions: Does anyone know why the Rankings list does not include the number of points to reach QB? Does anyone have a formula for figuring out around how many more points will be required to get from Genius to QB?
Marcia Robbins (Coventry, RI)
Pat of the fun and mystery.
Buzzed (NYC)
@Laurel Elkjer QB is double the points needed for Amazing.
Teresa (Richmond, CA)
QB is double the Amazing points
Cici (PNW)
A flower made it onto the list! I prefer perennials.
Dana Whitney (Clinton Ct)
Gazania is another flower, and a perennial, but apparently not good enough for NYT.
Dez M (Portland OR visiting Tampa FL)
@Dana Whitney - I for one am exceedingly grateful Sam chose not to include gazania! Not a gardener, never heard of it, had to go to hinters today just to dredge up ZI6 from the compost heap of discarded floral words in the back corner of my memory garden.
Easy Goer (Louisiana)
Apparently, I have to try the SSB (Spanish Spelling Bee) to use ARROZ (rice). At least there is some semblance of consistency since POLLO (chicken) is also on the disallowed list. Only Americanized food names, word fans.
Easy Goer (Louisiana)
@David Illig A fair question. I offer it as a convenience, since most Americans do not speak Spanish (including me, since I only have a cursory knowledge). However, 43 million Americans (13%) speak Spanish as their first language. I bet that is fatr more people than those who know what a NENE (Hawaiian goose) is! I have seen words accepted like ADOBO (sauce), ARROYO (dry creek) or even BURRATA (Italian cheese). The good news is I know all of these (and other) words now simply because of the Spelling Bee. I had never heard of any of them prior to playing, which (other than sheer fun) is the best payoff for me!
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
Arroz con pollo is one of my family’s favorite dishes. Having lived in Miami and in the Southwest, we have enjoyed this dish. (It also helps to have taken Spanish 101).You have inspired me to make this tonight for supper. Thank you. for including definitions. I am retraining my brain after a concussion, which is why I signed up for the bee.
Isambard Kingdom (Massachusetts)
@Easy Goer Both arroz and pollo are in MW.
Jim (Portland, Oregon)
Puzzle days like today’s underline the fact of its city slicker bias. R(4) is acceptable, grizz is not.
Lizzle (California)
@Jim Grizz isn’t in my dictionary…..
Ron S (Boston)
Yesterday your CV, aka VITA, was one word short I thought
Cici (PNW)
At Ron S It’s a vitae.
Ron S (Boston)
Correct. Vita are plural, vitae is one.
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
@Ron S FYI, "vitae" is the genitive of "vita" (life) A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is thus "the course of life". Another example would be "aqua vitae" (=water of life). See the entry for whiskey in M-W for more.
Marcia Robbins (Coventry, RI)
Pitapat? Yesterday I tried about ten weird spellings and missed this one.
Janine (Flagstaff, AZ)
I struggled with the spelling of this word too. Onomatopoeia comes to mind. Do you use a dictionary?
FK Cam (Pasadena)
@Marcia Robbins I don’t know if I’d ever seen that spelling, but there were a couple of very helpful “sounds like” hints that got me there finally.
Stephanie (Ann Arbor)
@Marcia Robbins I saw that one for the first time about a month ago. I had a horrible time getting it. Today it jumped out at me. I guess that’s the advantage of the really hard ones. They are hard to forget.
Easy Goer (Louisiana)
A couple of interesting pangram names today: Len RAGOZIN, who revolutionized horse racing handicapping (using algorithms in the pre-computer era), and former world middleweight champion, Rocky GRAZIANO. Both were born in NYC.
DSK (New York)
I wore a silk gazar dress dress to my daughter’s wedding. But it isn’t on the list. I guess it’s a zign that I had better start my day because I’m obviously not catching any z’s.
Br. Bill (Portland, OR)
@DSK At least there was a different fabric, and in this case one that most people have never heard of and would never hear of.
Lizzle (California)
@Br. Bill I’d argue that organza is commonly used in womens dresses and commonly known…
Deborah (California)
QB without any hints!!! First time!!!
Ollie (Massachusetts)
Good job! (My dad has gotten that ALL the time.)
DSK (New York)
Good job!!! Did you check the grid? I can’t seem to get to QB without the grid. I may be one or two words from the end but I can’t ever do it without the grid to guide me. That’s my personal challenge - to get to Queen Bee without even the grid’s help.
Mary Spera (NYC)
Cici (PNW)
@RAH The playlist for today should definitely feature ZZ Top.
Lali sf Bay Area (California)
@Cici I kept seeing ringo
jp (Thousand Oaks, Ca)
Apparently the bees that pollinate gazanias are not spelling bees.
Lali sf Bay Area (California)
@jp in sf Bay Area the deer eat all the gazanias
Lauryl (Newton)
I got QB without any hints!
@Lauryl Congratulations! I'm still trying! Today I came close, I was one word short (OR7), had to use the hints.
Suzanne (Chicago)
I had just been reading an article about the workers’ successful efforts at the Amazon warehouse on Staten Island and was pleasantly surprised by the coincidence - or was it an editorial comment? - when I got the first pangram.
McRumi (Richmond VA)
QBABM, no grid, no LL. BadaBing!
Donna (Connecticut)
QBABM - second time this week!
J Bagley (CT)
Finally!! QBABM!! Only the second time ever. I usually need at least one or more of the hints but today I didn't. I am happy 😊.
Allison Walsh (Montana)
This Gonzaga alum had fun with today’s puzzle!
Adi (Chevy Chase)
SW (Nc)
20 minutes to queen bee... love 'z's!! wife and I stare at the puzzle together -- the caffeine helps!- once we get to genius we do 'cheat' to see how many words we need...have made queen bee 5 of last 6 days--
Jason (Saratoga County, NY)
QB plus Hints; Genius @ 15/113
Lisa (Mobile, Alabama)
Wow! First time for me to comment, but I got Genius and 21 of the 22 words within 5 minutes. Haha. Geek :) Fun
JMT (Wisconsin)
wow! first time commenting. At first I thought.. forget this... then I saw the ing... which I at first didn't see. Queen Bee in 35 minutes and no help!!
s.pock (Enterprise)
@JMT and @Lisa, good job! Enjoy your success!
Stephen (NZ)
NZ! Finally.
RAH (New York)
🎶 🎶 🎶 Found the shorter pangram on a whim.... Today’s Playlist: #1. From the movie version of “Grease”; Stockard Channing, as RIZZO, performs ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLKneWja-ao #2. Mark Lindsey, perhaps best known as the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders, performs ‘ARIZONA’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K2aww8xKcE #3. James Horner’s soundtrack suite for the 2005 film “The Legend of ZORRO”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3sp3KD11Ng #4. William Christie leads Les Arts Florissants, chorus and soloists in ‘The Ways of ZION Do Mourn’ (also known as the Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline) by George Frideric Händel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbbfhXX-QPs
Philip (Massachusetts)
Yowza!!! That was more fun then I expected! Have a buzzy day fellow beez
Audrey (White)
QBABM at last!
Leah (Cal)
Desi ARNAZ, RIZZO and ZORRO went in search of the perfect pasta. They traveled from GIZA to GAZA, from ZION to ARIZONA to no avail. Along the way, RIZZO somehow developed a nasty a U.T.I. and bought a package of AZO. Finally arriving back in Manhattan, they reluctantly boiled a package of RONZONI they they found at ZINGON(E). Alas, the perfect pasta had been at home, right under their NARIZ, the entire time! ZORRO raised his sword in celebration. “There is no Dana, only ZOOL!” he exclaimed. Desi and RIZZO rolled their eyes. “Sorry man, there’s no L in today’s puzzle!”
Suz (Oriole Beach FL)
@Leah Very funny!
Mortlach (Watkinsville, Ga.)
New record: made genius, including getting both pangrams, in nine minutes, without even checking today’s hints. Bzzzzzz!
Karen (Maine)
Some days ya just gotta laugh!
KAN (Upstate NY)
Sweet photo! Enjoy the day, Bzzy🐝s.
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
Hints of the Day (while zupervising a test...) Zed, Mr-Soon-To-Be... (9) Star struck? Cheap hobby: all you need is a moonless night and keen eyes (snack optional) (6) A small one, but The Great (5) Clarabelle dining out (7) Managing, say, static electricity (8) Radiating, say, sex appeal (6) No mourning, - ! (Joe Hill-ing) (10) Said to be stiffer than chiffon (7) Risotto option (4) Demolishers' getting a kick (6) That sharp! (5) Ockham in the process (7) With Matazz in tow (4) "Just teasing..." (7) Executing the opposite of below (7) Executing the opposite of above (7) ...others use Rizla (or don't even smoke) (6) The textbook method for evading torpedoes (10) " - went the strings of my heart" (4) Ze German Barbershop Four, performing (7)
FK Cam (Pasadena)
@Dick Nilsson Enjoyed your “opposites” clues - clever!
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
@Dick Nilsson For some reason, the last two got cut off. Here goes... Flower under the sun (6) With out, soon gone (6)
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@Dick Nilsson You are an impressive multi-tasker!
Michele (Ohio)
Bravo, Sam! That was fun! Can anyone identify the flower—my thought was Water Lilly but not sure of the leaves. Will try and catch a few ZZZ’s 💤 before family wakes up!!!
Megan (Ohio)
Pink Lotus!
Heather Entrekin (Pittsford, NY)
SCP (Maryland)
brutus (berkeley)
SCP, Are the dawgs evah gonna win it? 🏀
SCP (Maryland)
Tholitan (DC)
Can anyone identify and provide the name of the beautiful flower in today’s photo?
rayincleve (cleveland ohio)
@Tholitan It looks like some kind of lotus.
Frank Ligtvoet (New York (NY))
Water lily
MEvans (DC)
If you’re in DC and like water lilies, you might check out the beautiful Kenilworth gardens: https://www.nps.gov/keaq/index.htm
Angela (Melbourne)
I haven't got a brass RAZOO to my name. Aussie slang for 'I'm broke.'
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
@Angela Crowdfunding?
Angela (Melbourne)
@Dick Nilsson Haha. Sure, you want to donate first?
Adair (Palisades)
A stomach bug has left me very weak and nauseas since Sunday. Not much fun, to be honest. But this Bee cheered me up with all the ZZZs - easy, fun and quick to QBABM. Be safe, my little hive :)
April (New York)
@Adair Feel better soon!
KAN (Upstate NY)
I hope you recover soon, Adair. 🌺
Judy Sibelman (Portland, OR)
@Adair My mother lives in the north valley, and she said that Norovirus was circulating in neighboring areas there. I hope it's not that!
Leah (Cal)
Ronzoni with a nice sauce, anyone?
KP (California)
@Leah Yes, please!😋
R. Weinberg (Pittsfield, MA)
My scientist friend works with electron microscopes. She spends much of her time NA10. Often she sees tiny creatures NA11. That is, when they're not darting back and forth, or NA14.
Annie Towne (Wild Oregon Coast)
QBABM Does anyone remember Todd Rundgren's band, The Nazz? The nazz became an expression meaning great; Bowie referenced it in Ziggy Stardust (He was the nazz, with god-given as*). I don't know if they will let me say that here, hence the asterisk. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone remembered, besides me. Happy buzzzzzzzzing, dear Bees.
SCP (Maryland)
Sure do!
Visseral (Washington DC)
@Annie Towne Big fan of both! The Ziggy Stardust album and all eras of Todd are still in heavy rotation for me!
Annie Towne (Wild Oregon Coast)
@Visseral @SCP Glad to hear it! I sometimes still say that something is the nazz, but no one ever knows what I'm talking about. Sad.
S (Washington, D.C.)
Greetings. Many gerunds. AG 1. A feeling of prolonged pain (embarrassment to physical pain) GA 2. To look upon for a time GO 3. Muppet daredevil GR 4. To eat in a desultory manner; ruminants are known for it IO 5. Converting something to a charged particle OO 6. The slow seeping of liquid, from a wound or crevice OR 7. Making order to accomplish something 8. A sheer fabric known for it's use in quite feminine clothing 9. Italian pasta shaped like rice RA 10. Complete building demolition 11. Used for shaving 12. Cutting something using RA2 13. To tease 14. Teasing ZA 15. Drawing a sharp diagonal in one direction ZI 16. Drawing a sharp diagonal in the opposite direction to ZA1 17. A line made by drawing ZA1 then ZI1 & repeating them 18. To walk such a line 19. A remark that hits home--though not always meanly 20. Remarks in a goodnatured battle of wits 21. An annual pink flower known for it's double-flowered face ZO 22. Urban planning tool that sets aside land for specific uses
Gordon Taylor (Croydon, England)
There doesn’t seem to be too much to talk about after today’s fairly uninspiring word list, but no doubt there will be 700+ posts on the forum by the end of the day. I have just one question: Is RA8 in common use in USA, as it is not in Merriam-Webster?
MP (New England)
Check M-W again (& Lexico), it's there as a verb. Not an everyday term, but I'd say it's widely known.
SCP (Maryland)
@Gordon Taylor I agree. I guess it’s legit, but it’s not a word I’ve ever hear or used.
KAN (Upstate NY)
Gordon Taylor, I am not familiar with RA8. As far as I know, it is not common usage in the US.
Steve (Ormond Beach, FL)
Gerund's-a-go-go AG9-super painful GA6-looking upon GO5-Hunter S. Thompson journalism GR7-them cows be doing this IO8-losing/gaining electrons OO6-goo going slowly OR10-getting yer stuff together OR7-TIL it's thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk OR4-pasta looka like rice RA6-tearing down RA5-Occam's shaver RA8-Occam's fad of early oughties RA4-tease RA7-teasing ZA7-changing direction ZI7-changing direction orthogonal to ZA7 ZI6-to ZA7 and ZI7 I guess ZI10-and of course there's a gerund for ^ ZI4-a comic's atomic communication ZI7-a comic does a lot of this ZI6-colorful flower ZO6-___ out = not paying attention
Cristina (Italy)
No razzia?
brutus (berkeley)
What’s all the buzz about the hive today? Well my dear drones, she’s mutated into the Queen ‘z’. Quoting the late Joe hummer, er Strummer, “you’re out to get the honey, then you don’t go killings all the bees.” https://youtu.be/tBPqn7MQ65g I’m hoping the bees have gotten a bunch of their work in as the Mid-Atl. region is currently being pelted with a driving rain. ‘Tis taking a toll on all the apple/cherry blossoms. Ah, spring! 🍎
Manu (California)
A: >AG(9): Mental pain, anguish (gerund) G: >GA(6): Stare and admire, ex: looking at the stars (gerund) >GO(5): Bizarre and crazy; also a muppet >GR(7): Cattle eating on grassy pastures (gerund) I: >IO(8): Process by which molecules become electrically charged (gerund) O: >OO(6): Liquid trickling out slowly (gerund) >OR(10): Coordinate arrangements for an event or party; ex: an OR(10) committee (gerund) >OR(7): Fabric made of silk, similar to chiffon >OR(4): Type of pasta shaped like rice, another name for risoni R: >RA(6): Destroy and demolish: ex: the attackers are RA(6) down the village (gerund) >RA(5): Blade used to shave >RA(8): Gerund of RA(5) >RA(4): Tease someone; also short for raspberry. Rhymes with genre of music famous in New Orleans >RA(7): Gerund of RA(4) Z: >ZA(7): Sharp changed in direction, second half of ZI(6) below (gerund) >ZI(7): Sharp change in direction, first half of ZI(6) below (gerund) >ZI(6): Sharp change in direction, crisscross fashion. Ex: Rickon Stark wouldn’t have been shot if he’d run in a ZI(6) fashion >ZI(10): Gerund of ZI(6) above >ZI(4): Spicy and full of life, ex: let’s add some ZI(4) to this dull presentation >ZI(7): Gerund of ZI(4) >ZI(6): Flowering plant of the daisy family >ZO(6): Sections of land divided into specific areas by the government/municipalities. Ex: The ZO(6) rules of this area do not allow commercial buildings here
Erica (Pennsylvania)
GN4L QBALL!! I’m excited LOL
Lynn (West Hollywood)
I decided to have a little fun with this. Hope you enjoy. AG: I was ______ about the decision, (9 gerund) GA: while I was ______ at the flowers (6 gerund) GO: next to where _______ lives on Sesame Street. (5) GR: Across the field the cows were ______ (7 gerund) IO: while the mad scientists were ______ molecules. (8 gerund) OO: They were hoping to cure a ______ wound (6 gerund) OR: and were ______ various solutions. (10 gerund) OR: Trying to decide to use a sheer piece of ______ (7) OR: or some ____ pasta to apply the solution. (4) RA: After accidentally _______ the entire farm (6 gerund) RA: they went ahead and used a _____ (5) RA: to do some ______ around the wound. (8 gerund) RA: Their colleagues gave them some ______ (4) RA: and all the ______ hurt their feelings. (7 gerund) ZA: They ran back and forth across the field first _____ (7 gerund) ZI: then ________ (7 gerund) ZI: in a ______ pattern. (6) ZI: All this _____ (10 gerund of (6)) ZI: put a little _____ in their step (4) ZI: so they went _____ (7, gerund of 4) ZI: through a flower bed full of _____ (6) ZO: before finally ______ -out. (6 gerund)
April (New York)
@Lynn Thanks! Enjoyed that.
RB (Bangalore, India)
Poor speller (Ireland)
@Lynn Well done
B Bjorn (Vancouver Island)
Personal best G ABM thirteen minutes. I am tickled. New target - onward and upward to QB. Happy hiving.
Joanne (Puerto Rico)
Missing gazoo
Kisocean (Corvallis, Oregon)
👑🐝 ABM Easy puzzle tonight. Good night, hive. I’m going to catch some zzzs. 🙃 Bee kind ❤️
Brian (Los Angeles)
AG10 - Having painful indecision GA6 - Staring outward GO6 - Hunter S. Thompson journalism GR7 - As cows do IO8 - Removing an electron OO6 - Seeping OR10 - Keeping everything in working order OR7 - Sheer fabric OR4 - Risoni pasta RA6 - Obliterating RA5 - (RA5) thin margin RA8 - Act of above RA4 - Heckle RA7 - Heckling ZA7 - Pivoting one way ZI7 - Pivoting the other way ZI6 - Pivot, then pivot ZI10 - Pivot, then pivot(ing) ZI4 - Said after a bad joke! ZI7 - Bad joking ZI6 - Bright colored daisy ZO6 - Urban planning division
SD (Chicago, IL)
A9 — causing intense pain G5 — bizarre G6 — looking intently G7 — feeding on grass I8 — freeing electrons O4 — pasta variety O6 — exuding O7 — a thin, sheer fabric O10 — arranging in a systematic fashion R4/R7 — tease / present participle R5/R8 — hair removal tool / present participle R6 — demolishing Z4/Z7 — to criticize wittily / present participle Z6 — urban planning method Z6 — popular garden flower Z6/Z9 — one of a series of sharp changes in direction / present participle Z7 — making a sharp change in direction Z7 — making a sharp (contrasting) change in direction
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
Speedy GN4L OTN and on to QBABM. Clues a little easier today. Now I'm gonna catch some Zs. Wednesday hints A •The news from Kiev G •Navel engagement •Style of fear and loathing •Ruminating I •Sometimes giving a positive spin O •Like Muddy waters •In a fugue state? •Not just stiff, but artificial maybe •Use your little noodle R •Foe of the Historical preservation society •Maugham’s edge •Haring off, I hear •Putin’s mystic beginning? •Some cheer in the Bronx Z •Thataway •Thisaway •Cartoon lightning •All over the place •Hit the bullseye •Sinatra performing with a head cold •You’ll never get the blues •Why developers are big donors
Dick Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
@michaeltide Very elegant, esp. the first z's.
Amber (Oxford)
@michaeltide 'positive spin' is excellent. I love how you think of these.
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@Amber Thank you. As it sometimes happens, I thought of a better one after I posted these. Perhaps I should have worn my Oxford T shirt. I admire your hints – they're witerate and litty.
Alice H (Maine)
30 minutes to QB 🐝- nice and all but is Sam taking it easy on us b/c Kline is away from the hive?
Liz Kohlenberg (Olympia, WA)
@Alice H so many hinters, so little time!
Ladybug (California)
QBABM-2 a personal best! Got to QB with one hint (Z6) and the grid (I8)
Lee (Maryland)
Lol exact same here! What are the odds? The floral answer to ZI6 had me stumped—had to turn to the hive. 😅
Trang (CA)
Yay, center Z and ING! Hints: AG9: worrying excessively GA6: looking intently GO5: bizarre; or a Muppet character "GO5 the Great" GR7: cattle do this on grassy slopes IO8: atom/molecule acquiring negative or positive charge OO6: slowly seeping/dripping OR10: managing, creating order, arranging OR7: sheer fabric made from silk; tissues/body part/big church keyboard instrument (OR5) + slangy way of saying a cheesy pie dish (PI5) OR4: rice-shaped pasta RA6: destroying RA5: use this to shave RA8: doing RA5 ^ RA4: tease; replace the first letter and you get a music genre originating from NOLA RA7: doing RA4 ^ ZA7: sharply changing direction ZI7: another way of sharply changing direction ZI6/ZI10: combining the short and gerund forms of ZA7 and ZI7 above ZI4: pep, gusto, vigor, energy ZI7: doing Z4 ^ ZI6: plant of the sunflower tribe within the daisy family; also apparently an unincorporated community in West Virginia ZO6: dividing an area/city into smaller areas/neighborhoods
Mona (Hannover, Germany)
The Z was intimidating but this Bee actually went smoothly! Here are a few hints: that pattern, gerund, of veering left then right (ZI9) will get you three more entries if you use the component parts as well. There's a rice- shaped pasta (OR4), a brightly-colored flower (ZI6) and the sheer fabric (OR7) in today's Bee. And the pangram (OR10) can help when confronted with disorder...or when dealing with an unfair employer.
Mona (Hannover, Germany)
Correction, it's ZI10 ( not ZI9)...Sorry!
Betsy (Northern CA)
Wow! The promised/threatened Z-in-the-middle bee has arrived! Thank you, Sam! I grew up in Arizona! I am partly done and have a pangram but need to go to sleep. Have fun, everyone! Here is something I want to share: there is a beautiful star cluster called The Beehive! It's visible through binoculars and easy to spot now. When I see it I think of all of you, so bright in the darkness, so earnest. Here's a link to how to find it: https://earthsky.org/clusters-nebulae-galaxies/praesepe-beehive-cluster/
KAN (Upstate NY)
Wonderful! Thank you, Betsy, I just looked it up. Star Bees… ✨
Julie Hayzlett (USA)
QBABM - only the second time! 🎉 Good luck everyone!
MP (New England)
The inclusion of that fabric? Sheer audacity.
mdbeck (Lake Elmo, MN)
@MP That would be a great advertising headline for a dress made of the material in question...
MP (New England)
@mdbeck - I wouldn't be surprised if it was already the name of a dress or drapery shop, or by swapping a vowel, a hair salon!
Eleanor (By the door)
@MP the sole nicety of todays grid. The fabric of weddings and Grace Kelly fashions. Else a horrid, unpleasant hive for me. Not the center letter but the mean spirited, stingy choice of uncooperative six accompanying.
AdoboMunggo (Manila)
GN4L in 15 minutes 🤓 QBWG+H+2LL in 27 minutes total 🐝 Have an awesome day! 👍
Michelle Parker (San Diego)
Z in the center! How fun :) 👑🐝 with no hints in 20! Thanks for the insomnia aid.
Amber (Oxford)
Today's only took 15 minutes, once I got past my British discomfort with the 'Z' spelling! AG > very painful (9) GA > staring admiringly (6) GO > eccentric; rhymes with a coral-carded online bank (5) GR > nibbling, esp. as in livestock, as in the entirety of Wales is ___ land for sheep (7) IO > chemical term for when electrically neutral particles acquire a charge; e.g. ___ radiation (8) OO > leisurely leak (6) OR > arranging, bestowing rhyme and reason (10) > light, sheer, gauzy material, originally silk (7) > rice-shaped pasta (4) RA > destroying, as in ___ to the ground (6) > sharp trimmer for hair removal; Occam's ___ (5) > from above (8) > tease; rhymes with bluesy improvisational music genre (4) > from above (7) ZA > from first ZI6, counterpart to first ZI7; moving in second of two directions (7) ZI > moving in first of two directions, from below ZI6 (7) > line with alternating directions; maybe a ___ stitch (6) > from above (10) > bit of spice, zest, liveliness (4) > from above (7) > colourful flowering plant (6) ZO > dividing into areas, as in city planning; e.g. American ___ laws are rooted in segregation (6) Hope everyone has a good Wednesday:)
Bob Acker (Oakland)
@Amber I know just how you feel in reverse. I got my Masters at SOAS (1996-97), and the first few months were a nightmare. I seemed to be spending all my time correcting everyone's spelling and vocabulary. Finally took the train to Paris to recover. That one little thing aside, I have to add, it was by far the best educational experience of my life. That is something you guys have down cold.
Thinker (Everywhere, Always)
@Amber: I hope you enjoyed the boat race. Nice that each university won one event.
Carolyn B (England)
@Bob Acker Pronunciation too .. my 5 year old fresh out of England into Atlanta school recounted how her classmates laughed at her because she didn’t what what a zeeebra was (She knew a zebra of course). Quick lessons followed on chips/crisps/fries /period /parentheses.. oh and drop the u ..
MP (New England)
Trypophobes are almost certainly familiar with lotus seed pods. Today, you get to see a baby one. Sweet dreams! 🪷🤢🪷
Aha Delayed (Adelaide)
AG Acting like a great worrier (9) GA Staring into the middle distance (6) GO Hunter, (journalistic) gatherer (5) GR Out standing in one's field (7) IO Do the ioning (8) OO Running very slowly (6) OR Getting ducks in a row (10) Look through some material (7) Short pas(ta) (4) RA Tearing down (or sounding like the opposite) (6) Ockham's was reductive (5) Kid, rock (4) Giving a hard time to a soft target (7) ZA Veering right (or do I just imagine that direction?) (7) ZI Veering left (again, why do I attribute this direction to it!?) (7) Move left-right (what is going on!?) Left-righting (why have I never queried this before!?) (10) Chef's kiss (4) Hitting the palate perfectly (7) 'Brightly coloured flower of tropical or subtropical America' (...never heard of this, sorry) (6) ZO Deciding the lay of the land (6)
Mimi (Vermont)
@Aha Delayed Love: Out standing in one's field.
Aha Delayed (Adelaide)
It’s an oldie but a goodie, @Mimi!
Peter (Scarsdale, NY)
@Aha Delayed I liked "look through some material" and "out standing in one's field". Your material is always outstanding!
Pamalam (AR, USA)
Zzz really are a fun one! Thx Sam and staff! QBABM 🐝 👸🏻 I felt like a ZizzorZazzingZoz!
Fender (Mississippi)
Very interesting having the Z in the middle. I jumped to GN4L fairly quickly (not as fast as some of you!) but had to look at the Grid before finding myself at QB-2 needing two O-words: O4 and O7. I released my 1000 monkeys from their sleeping/sensory deprivation capsules and soon QB was added to my long list of titles. The final words were food and clothing, of course, the two banes of my hungry, naked life.
Catherine (FL)
Fast one today. QBABM!
Bob Acker (Oakland)
QB, short and sweet, which these small-universe Bees (how many Z words are there, anyway?) tend to be.
TL (Hawaii)
Once I stopped A9 about the Z, it went well. GABM. Whew.
Ray (Jacksonville, FL)
Woo hoo! This is the first QB I've ever gotten without help from the comments! Yay Me!
Rosie (Spokane)
@Ray great job
Kim (Nashville)
@Ray me, too! Probably never happen again for me, though! ;)
JudgeDredd (Florida)
@Ray 👍👍👍👍👍👍!
Ann (Dallas)
Have a great day, Hive! AG • Mental anguish gerund GA • Look at something a long time gerund GO • Bizarre GR • What cows are doing most of the time gerund IO • Remove an electron gerund OO • Seep gerund OR • Arrange neatly gerund • fabric • type of pasta RA • destroy gerund • shave with this • shave with this gerund • tease • tease gerund ZA • change direction gerund ZI • change direction another way gerund • change direction back and forth • change direction back and forth gerund • liveliness, spicy • liveliness or spicy gerund • flower ZO • Piece of land with a specific purpose gerund
Netty (Los Angeles)
Thanks for the z great clues!
Ariel (Western Mass.)
@Ann , LOVE your clues! Thank you so much 😊
Gray American (Contiguous 50)
@Ann Nice clues today , thanks
Kate (New Mexico)
GABMN4L QBWG2LL all in 20 minutes. Predicates are useful! Sleep well, 🐝!
Andrew Ellis (Oregon)
15 minute QB, my fastest ever. Used grid and 2L, but still...
Priscilla (San Francisco)
Beginner's Luck-17 words, bit panorama, genius level record time ;) 😉
Andrew Ellis (Oregon)
Well done! 🐝
aulaitcru (Cheesing)
My favorite Muppet!
JustMe2 (California)
Got 'em all in 17 minutes! 🐝😆
CK (Christchurch NZ)
nearly at genius. stuck on zion that is not there. Beautiful photo this evening. (It's 7.15p.m. on Wednesday in New Zealand. Have a happy day or evening everyone!
Judi (WA)
Welp. Sort of stopped doing this, but <11 minutes to QB. ABM. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bibacat (Oklahoma)
@Judi You beat me by 2 minutes
MEH (Ashland, Oregon)
Note to self: do more Pangram and less whining. Just get on with it. Start with your sock drawer. Then on to the notes to self on the ice box.
Nell (Raleigh)
@MEH Hilarious!
MEH (Ashland, Oregon)
@Nell It might seem hilarious but what is ridiculous is wearing mixy-matchy socks. That’s ok for tweens, but we’re generations past that, aren’t we. And those notes all over the fridge, mingling with expired coupons and the odd birthday card that falls off when we slam the door shut b/c we’re out of eggs? Yes, I know how old we are, but we still have some growing up to do, right? And BTW, when Beepuzzling, don’t just reshuffle the letters and hope something will pop out. Adopt some Pangram principles. Please put this “note to self” on the bathroom mirror so when we shave and brush teeth we can think about it’s implications. Just saying.
Elizabeth H (Pennsylvania)
Took a minute to get going, then it was my fastest QB ever.
GrandMa (Mn)
Fun puzzle today, fun to think about Z words. Now it’s time for some ZZZs.
Rajan (San Francisco)
Super fun!!!
Lana (France)
@Rajan yes lots of z4 and just went z7 along maybe with a bit of10 along the way
Lana (France)
@Lana correction bit of z10 along the way
Antonella (Dallas)
Genius with two pangrams in eight minutes. Time to go back to sleep. I will finish tomorrow!
Amanda (Herts)
The combination of Z and this participle is hard for us Brits where we have S instead of Z, because the words just don’t jump out in the same way. And also you don’t have that fine word “rozza”
Emmy (Singapore)
@Amanda Yes! It takes a while for those of us in countries that use UK English too, e.g. Singapore.
Amber (Oxford)
@Amanda Agreed!
nadz (Jamaica)
@Emmy so true because i used UK English today's BEE is hard. eg. Jamaica.
Doug (Tokyo)
This was surprisingly fast to GN4L@107/14 given the Z in the fulcrum. I didn’t find much more after that though.
Joya (New York)
@Doug I’m at a quick GN4L 13/106 and am over it lol. Not that it wasn’t fun… I think it’s because my brain wants to put a z where an s would be lol.
Judi (WA)
L E T T E R B O X E D Wed 6 Apr @12:00amPDT/03:00amEDT https://www.nytimes.com/puzzles/letter-boxed Please post hints for the current puzzle in reply to this thread and please recommend this anchor post. **It's been noted that some letters of the alphabet, separated by a hyphen, may trigger a review of the comment. Typing B to S (8), for example, may bypass trouble getting a comment published.** **If you use an app on a mobile device or tablet, you may not be able to read all of the comments with hints. If you use a web browser for the NYT games page, the full thread will be viewable.** For technical issues: [email protected] Wordplay's Deb Amlen did a Beyond the Crossword column on Letter Boxed. I'd like to encourage everyone to go there and read it, leave a comment, recommend comments and replies. Here's the link to it. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/19/crosswords/letter-boxed-tips-and-tricks.html Thank you to all who made an effort in the campaign for our own little spot. I'll continue to post an anchor comment when the Bee and the Box reset each day, and it SHOULD remain near the top when you sort ALL comments by Oldest.
Judi (WA)
Sam's solution Apr 5: BERGAMOT -> THINK Letters for Apr 6: Q G S / R O D / E Y A / T U P Link to today's thread https://nyti.ms/3DIlb1W#permid=117718029
Gulzar (Melbourne, Australia)
@Judi (P-R) 09 (R-D) 09 1. Merrymaker 2. Asked
markm (alabama)
P-R (9) R-D (13) Wallflower socialized for a bit, but then went back to isolation