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Sep 26, 2021 · 113 comments
Shirley (Georgia)
What does it mean when words in my list are bolded?
spoll (CT)
Where is today’s Spelling Bee?
The Notorious LLA (Atlanta)
I feel like I should know this, but find I’m at a loss… In today’s comments, I saw a few references to “donut words”? Could someone explain this phrase? (It seems like a donut word would use the outside letters, but not the center; so it wouldn’t be accepted?) Thank you much in advance!
Michael (White Plains, NY)
@The Notorious LLA Exactly!
The Notorious LLA (Atlanta)
@Michael Thank you! I appreciate you!
Kim (Henderson, NV)
I could not see the pangram. My daughter took one look and told me. She has autism. Though obviously not a requirement to do well on the BEE, I believe her ability to see patterns so quickly makes her a pretty good player. Happy BEEing in the moment!
CAGriffin (Alamo, CA)
Being away and having tough letters is driving me crazy. No time to focus so it's frustrating to get Great ABM. And I miss my midnight letters. 😜
Newaddict (Maine)
With no help I got only as far as Amazing @ 16/58. QB-3 WG. QB-1 W2LL. PG/QB WH (thanks @ Chungclan!) spelling help from Google...after I tried a lot of spellings!
Lesley (Portland, Ore.)
Gosh, UNFUN has a number of entries and variations in the Urban Dictionary. It’s absolutely a common term. How UNFUN that it’s not included!
Eli Schwanitz (Littleton, CO)
mildly surprised to not see "tuff" here. One of the first things I landed on spinning through the four-letters.
Art of the fudge (Boston, MA)
Not as much discussion today of the omitted words. Here's one I tried: EUTECTIC.
LVPD (Western Massachusetts)
me too!
Michael (White Plains, NY)
QBABM. But bizarre with symmetry. My first to fall was what cops do to perps. My last was what cops do when they release them. On to the hints and comments.
Midd America (SE Michigan)
That was kind of a TUFFIE (not in word list :-)
QB -1. Can’t find last TU for anything. All hints remain useless.
@GG Thank you Evan for the accessible hint. Got it.
Elegantly Damaged (Hoosier State)
No spoilers, I have read here, and I must endorse this command
Leapfinger (Durham NC)
Having only begun, I ment to give this the UNFUNTICE Award.
Kathyintex (Frisco, TX)
Fun, and quick, Bee! Thank you @Michaeltide for your TU5 hint (Never heard of that word, but after doing the Bee since earlier this year, I try adding those two vowels to many words and am pleasantly surprised!) and TU6 hint! G @ 17/64 QB-2 QBWG +2LL + H Bee Well!
Cheryl (At Home, Like Everyone Else)
Maybe my worst performance since I started playing the Bee. No GN4L, no GABM, no QBABM, no QBWLAG, needed a hint for the pangram, and I'm still QB-1. Humbly going to consult the hints. Anyone who managed QBABM has my undying respect.
Paul (Ottawa, ON)
My penchant for seeing, and insistence on trying, ineligible words made me very INEFFICIENT today…
Leapfinger (Durham NC)
@Paul -- I had no qalms about trying to plg in UNEFFICIENT. Yo never know.
M. Rudd (Fairfax, VA)
He is dead and gone, lady, He is dead and gone, At his head a green-grass tuft; At his heels a HAMLET, HAMLET LOVE AND SEXUALITY, HAMLET MADNESS, HAMLET WOMEN He is dead and gone, lady, He is dead and gone, At his head a green-grass tuft; At his heels a stone.
Leapfinger (Durham NC)
@M. Rudd Ha!! Apparently one person knows what that's all about!!
Chungclan (Cincinnati)
Excellent challenging bee that was an epic fail for me. I say excellent because of the brilliant and oh-so-hard-to-spell pangram. Epic fail because even with the hints I still couldn't spell the pasta. Thanks, Google! QBWG2LLHandG.
Karen L (New Hampshire)
I didn't need a hint for the pangram but I sure needed Google for spelling after way too many misspellings!
Newaddict (Maine)
@ Chungclan. Your comment got me to QB. Thanks!
NanaPam (Washington State)
Anyone else have trouble getting the bee to accept the Italian 10 letter item? I spelled it a couple of different ways, but "not in the word list," so I even checked a dictionary. Yes, I was right, and finally after several frustrating tries it was accepted. Very strange! An odd combo today - bunch of 4 to 6 words, only one long. The Bee allowed me to achieve QB today, after reluctantly accepting that last word.
jen (Mplsmn)
@NanaPam According to my dictionary, there are 4 different ways of spelling. “Plural in form but singular or plural in construction”🇮🇹
Lea (MD)
I had the same problem with a UN 6-letter that I frustratingly entered maybe 20 times, but it only accepted it once it was the last word. glitch maybe?
Kathleen J (Alexandria VA)
QB today🌟🎶🙃 with help from the hive. Was @ G 19/86 and poof! The elusive IN6 popped in.
Hildy Johnson (USA)
As they say on The Twitter, I was today years old when I realized I didn’t know how to spell the pangram. Took several tries to nail it. I got maybe five words in 20 minutes, distracted as I was by the many, many high-point donut words. Plus it being a tough letter mix. Color me a humble bumblebee after no GN4L, no pangram ABM, 2LL for a third of the words and finally a clue for a U6 that I could’ve sworn I’d tried but apparently hadn’t. But it’s Sunday, hope y’all have a fun day! Bee safe out there.
Jen F (Chicago)
@Hildy Johnson It took me so many tries to spell it correctly!!
Elizabeth (Ohio)
How many more days of this nonsense? Sigh. Is it too much to ask for a fun puzzle? At least the crossword was pleasurable.
JMF (Anaheim, CA)
Today’s puzzle is very UNCUTE!
Judeb (Berkeley CA)
Art of the fudge (Boston, MA)
Leapfinger (Durham NC)
Carl (NC)
GABM OTN today. First time I think. 12@64. Still no pangram. 🧐
Chungclan (Cincinnati)
@Carl Great job! I am stuck at a measly 13 words and 43 points, no pangram and (the shame of it!) 6 with four letters. Ah, well. That's the way the bee buzzes. Onward to the grid and hints.
Elizabeth F. (New York, NY)
I got the same! Still looking for the pangram, though.
Sara (Portland, OR)
Oh for an O!
Thomas (Brooklyn)
I flatlined at 36 points despite knowing words like the panagram. Apparently, not knowing the correct spelling is a hindrance in this game. 😉 Rather than come back throughout the day with fresh eyes, I went right to the hints. I suppose I opted for more of a team approach than suffering alone. But the hints are a good reminder of why I'm not a crossword person. Sometimes they're more challenging than the Bee, and even after I know the word, the clue still doesn't make sense. I'm having fun and am learning, though, so thank you for them.
Evan (Singapore)
@Thomas If it's any comfort, usually in the past when I got stuck and went to the hints, I'd need to combine several people's hints and then some judicious googling to get the answer if I was solving on my own. A lot of times with clues (and crossword clues too) people can just reference stuff, and it's very much an 'either you get it or you don't' situation. Usually, if I'm giving hints I try to find a balance between something that should be useful, but isn't just a straight-up dictionary definition... though that does often happen regardless. Feel free to put in some of your own hints as well, though! Sometimes if one person's hints don't work for a solver, another person's might be just what they need, so it always helps to have more.
Evan (Singapore)
@Thomas Also if the hint doesn't make sense even after finding out the answer, absolutely feel free to leave a comment and ask! That kind of feedback can be super helpful for hinters as well to gauge whether their hints are being understood in the way they intended, and so on.
Isabel (London)
@Evan I was so pleased to read this from someone who is himself a wonderful (and very useful) hinter! I am so grateful for the plurality of hints, and even people's comments on hints. My rule is to get to GABM (I still aspire to GN4LABM--a mountain I have yet to climb!), by which time I am gagging for help, and after dutifully going through the grid and 2LL, pounce on whatever comments are available, always hugely grateful for whatever hints people have put up! Since I'm 5 hours ahead of ET, I sometimes have to wait for a bit, which makes me all the more grateful for new hints as they come in. Some hints help me to get a word immediately; some make me think; and some I value most as delightful/insightful comment. But all are a source of joy to me--so a huge thanks to all our wonderful hintmeisters!
Elegantly Damaged (Hoosier State)
Today’s Hall of Shame: It took me forever to see that C4 could produce C5. I have said.
Michael (White Plains, NY)
Good morning all. Hope everyone is well. It took me forever to see the pangram, although it (properly they) is a regular part of my diet. GN4L @12/75. Of course there aren't very many 4Ls today. Bee back later.
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@Michael Figuring out the pangram took 90% of the time. Figuring out how to spell it took the other 90% of the time. It was even on my list of words that should have been included before I actually got it right.
Leapfinger (Durham NC)
@Michael -- Angelhair. Cooks up faster than any other except Ramen, which I haven't touched since I first saw the NaCl content. If you threw some out in your back yard, the deer would think they'd found a salt lick.
Leapfinger (Durham NC)
@michaeltide Now that you've achieved 180% of time, prepare yourself to live _forever_
Phillip Marriott (Brooklyn NY)
A question I have pondered recently, as recent Bees have had a smaller number of possible outcomes: how many possible puzzles can be offered without repeating? I can do the math I think around possible puzzles without considering whether or not there are words that come from the,, but I don't know how many possible puzzles can be created if you consider the requirement that there is a pangram. I bet someone here knows....
jen (Mplsmn)
@Phillip Marriott Perhaps William Shunn’s 🐝 site might help answer that?
Ellen (Ottawa, Canada)
First Queen Bee after a week of doing Spelling Bee, with help from hints! Thank you to all who create the fun clues!
Fran (Spain)
Even when I knew what the pangram was - after checking the grid it could only start one way, right? Even then I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to spell it lol. Thanks google for giving me two spellings too! Those Italians and their crazy "ch" sounds. My name is spelled with one C and yet it is also a "ch" sound. Make up your mind, man...
Jonni Lu (Santa Fe)
@Fran I rigorously worked through every (I thought) possible spelling of the pangram, with double letters and alternative endings. Landing on the correct spelling was a happy accident!
Perfect as is! (South Carolina)
@Jonni Lu , same here except I haven’t yet found the correct spelling. I’ve even Looked at a package of the stuff! Guess Google is the last resort!
Perfect as is! (South Carolina)
@Jonni Lu, I feel the pain. Same here. I even looked at a package. And, then, I finally stumbled on the desired spelling. Sort of perplexed as to why it’s the only one that is accepted to todays Bee.
Cal Page (Vermont)
I got bored getting to QB, so I asked myself what pangram has the lowest number of words. I came up with qciuylk - which I believe has 4 I asked the opposite question: Which pangram has the most. I came up with eitnras - unknown number, probably greater than 100, with multiple pangrams
Margo (Boston)
@Cal Page Interesting. The only thing is -- we'll never be given the second one with the S. Today's bee seemed to have a huge number of donut words. That could be another category for you to work out.
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@Cal Page Came up with it quickly, didyou?
Tori (Portland)
@Margo donut words?
Margo (Boston)
I found this one rather UNFUN. Not a big fan of the prefix-focused bees. Someone posted this on their bulletin board at work: "It's okay if you don't know what a prefix is. It's not the end of the word."
Elegantly Damaged (Hoosier State)
@Margo o that is rich
Patty (Buffalo)
QB -2 and came for some hints from the hive. Finished then right away. I guess I don't have food on the mind yet.
Monicat (Western Catskills)
GN4L at 10/65 and QBABM. I actually remembered "Oh Rootie" today. Wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom. Short Bees for a whole week. But I fear that Sam has had ENUF of them and will hit us with a TUFF one tomorrow. On another note: It's just my petty concern, but why do people who don't like the Bee not only play but post their criticism of the game? Yes, game. It's a game. Play for fun and diversion. And if you don't like it, don't play. Or at least don't gripe about it. OK. I'm ducking down now so that no one can reach the back of my head to CU4 me. Just TU4 me out instead. Good Morning, @Everyone (even detractors). Bee careful out there.
Patty (Buffalo)
@Monicat I do wish they'd do longer bees on the weekends. I have less guilt that way, as usually I am working on the bee while I'm working during the week.
Margo (Boston)
@Monicat Oops. I posted my gripe before reading this!
Cathyb (Hayes VA)
Thx..I was missing one word and your hint was enuf.
BarbE (Connecticut)
After searching everywhere for my ETUI and stuck at QB-1 without a T4, I went to the hive for a waggle. Thanks y’all. 👑🐝
JMF (Anaheim, CA)
@BarbE I have emailed Sam to add ETUI, obviously to no avail.
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@JMF You should needle him a little more –just in case.
Colleen (St Lucia)
Enticed by that delicious Pangram, pressed on to GN4L ABM 11/69. Started my 4Ls. No Fuff. Another 4L was a bad word C and suitably ignored. It’s Sunday. Pause. Enjoy your pasta.
RAH (New York)
Today’s Playlist focusses on Nina Simone, born EUNICE Kathleen Waymon in 1933: #1. From an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show “Love Me or Leave Me” and “I Loves You, Porgy” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHwTt8FzsdU #2. A mono recording of “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hFQVBmRrOo #3. A concert performance of “Mississippi G-ddam” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghhaREDM3X8 #4. “I Put a Spell on You” is the title track to this full album which also includes “Feeling Good” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JJfIxS8ce0&t=159s
KBS (Saginaw Bay Region, Michigan)
I was sad that a T4 that I have heard with some frequency from my geologist daughter is not on the list... "a light, porous rock formed by consolidation of volcanic ash"... and it's a homonym (and not-infrequent spelling) of another word (ex: "So you think you're a T4/T5 guy, eh?"). Not spelling it out, as it's awfully close to being a spoiler for a couple other T-words!
Judi (WA)
@KBS That bothered me, too. Sam and his capricious accepted word list. I'm trying to not be annoyed by it, but it seems to happen on the daily.
Leapfinger (Durham NC)
@KBS -- Gneiss way to put it.
Nanhowe (Palo Alto)
Fairly new to this and usually just play to genius. Needed much noodling before I could reach genius today and the pangram.
Aimée Brodeur Johnson (New Lebanon NY)
Quickest and least engaging bee ever
Jennifer (Manhattan)
The least engaging letter set ever.
Sara (Portland, OR)
@Jennifer Part of the reason the 2LL was so minimal today.
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
It's really great to see s many new commenters in the hive. It does, however call for this periodic note on the subject of spoilers – about the only thing we try hard to avoid. Imagine being unable to find the last couple of words, and coming to consult the hints, then seeing the word you're looking for spelled out in bold. The people who write hints tend to post them early, so you need to scroll through the comments to get to them. Spoilers are hard not to see. Many of us also post on the crossword forum, where a different attitude prevails, and answers are frequently spelled out in the comments, presumably because solvers go to the comments once they've solved the puzzle. Here people often come while still solving. The protocol here is to refer to the words by their initials and letter counts, i.e. F10, or FE10 for today's pangram. Rereading your comment before posting is a big help in spoiler avoidance. The other thing is: we all do it sometimes, either by accident or because we're so pleased with our wordplay that we post it without realizing what we've done. Tinkerbell will not die because we've posted a spoiler, but nobody will clap their hands either. Thanks for your patience. Bee well and prosper.
KBS (Saginaw Bay Region, Michigan)
@michaeltide A version of this could be a good thing at the top of each day's Comments as a disclaimer - if there were a way to auto-load it so it'd be the first comment!
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@KBS That's often been suggested, but so far It hasn't happened. There's no way to auto-delete your own posts, either. This is probably too much of a niche column for the tech effort that would be involved.
Evan (Singapore)
@KBS I have been wondering if it'd be possible for them to add it to the column itself somehow, just as a 'also please try to avoid spoilers in the comments' kind of thing. That's probably the easiest way, or something of the sort.
Sandy (Bronx New York)
I was way, way off today. As much as I love the pangram, I just couldn't get it without hints and Google. I am apparently not the speller I thought I was.
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
GN4L 10/64 OTN QBWG+2LL+Google – Whew! The worst pangram for me by far I do not like it Sam you are We all have off days, I guess. This was one of mine. Nevertheless: Sunday hints C •Get linked in? •Kittenish •Pie preparation? E •Weltschmerz F •It can be hot and clammy I •Just know, it sounds like I’m seriously involved T •Location of a famous spider •Dimple on the davenport •Neaten up the flat •It was worn out by the Caesars •Singular student •All, in la famiglia •Hip peripheral at the Bolshoi U •Put out of bounds? •In the rough •4F •Shipping quantity •Provide a common cause •What you call an ascot? •Loosen your strings
Carolyn (Austin TX)
@michaeltide Thank you! Got the last missing word with your next-to-last clue (and Google). What happened to the theory that the weekend puzzles would be harder/longer? Sam must still be making up for last weekend.
Gina (WA)
@michaeltide Thank you, my world weariness is dispelled!
Perfect as is! (South Carolina)
@michaeltide, thank you! That dimple on the Davenport got me to QB!
Sam Lyons (Santa Fe)
If you ever get to thinking you’re just too. darn. good of a speller, try spelling FE10 on a honeycomb at 4 a.m. Going once… going twice… starting to swear…
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@Sam Lyons You can say that again. Oh..I just did.
Michele (Toledo ohio)
@Sam Lyons —-don’t be too harsh on yourself, the spelling of it did not improve at 745am either.
Anne (Canandaigua)
Took me several attempts too!
Evan (Singapore)
Started a little later today because my partner was asleep. Still, a rather short (and relatively straightforward) Bee today! Here's some hints, to add on. C Wouldn't do much to hold Houdini Can cause aggression, when overwhelming enough Someone as sweet as pie! E Nothing better to do, but in a bad way F Frequently prepared as alfredo, or al burro I An artic inhabitant having Tea T Miss Muffet's seat A unit for hair or grass, typically How people would like to sing in A gymslip or chiton The mentee of a tutor Musically together, in Italian A dressy skirt U Setting a criminal free Gentiles, generally (but not all of them) Rather out of shape, you'd say End ____ The opening track to Abbey Road To come undone, in a way Introducing disharmony
LaurieA (Seattle)
@Evan thank you so much. Needed grid/2LL to get to QB-1. Then stuck on the T6 until I saw your hints and remembered the nursery rhyme. Just curious if anyone uses this word outside of that context. Per the Internet, the word used to refer to a grassy knoll but now is a low stool covered in fabric. TIL.
Helena (Madison, Wi)
@Evan Like LaurieA I thank you. Only got the pangram because of your hint and then had to google the correct spelling. With your help I got to QB in my fastest time ever. Of course also the shortest QB ever.
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@Evan Again with the cryptic T placement? Good on ya, but you're going to be known as a tease.
sbmanion (Phoenix)
I googled Scripps National Spelling Bee just for fun and just so i will know if it ever comes up, I looked up GNOCCHI
michaeltide (Bothell, WA)
@sbmanion Too much requires a looser GNOCCHIn your belt.
KAN (Upstate NY)
@michaeltide 😂 - thank you.
RAH (New York)
Another ✋ for misspelling the pangram. Managed to cache all 6 of the 4LW on the way to GN4L 10/65. QBWG + 2LL + Dope Slap for overlooking the E-5 that appeared recently. Will leave hinting to those in a more conducive time zone. Playlist to follow after some more sleep
Thomas (New York)
LETTER BOXED (@4:10 AM EDT) U-D (9), D-Y (5). Built up, nerdish.
The Notorious LLA (Atlanta)
T * A place to eat curds and whey? * A titmouse may sport one of these * Name That _____ * Long blouse * I’m just here to learn * Half a scoop of Little Richard’s favorite flavor * Reduplicative dance wear (And yes, I did borrow the word ‘reduplicative’ from today’s fiendishly clever crossword!)
Alan (Tucson)
C Where an ace may be hidden Kittenlike It may be heard before pie E Lassitude F Easily misspelled (and mispronounced) pasta I Feel in the bones T Perch for eating curds and whey A little bunch Strain you might carry Grecian garment One-on-one learner All together, now Balletic bishop U Free from, as manacles Entire Out of shape Element Amalgamate Free of restraint Make discordant
Elizabeth F. (New York, NY)
Thank you for this! I6 was completely escaping me & your hint got me to QB.
Alan (Tucson)
Curses, foiled again by a 4L. Thanks a bunch for the grid!
Judi (WA)
Apparently I don't know how to spell it. I eat it anyway.
Kacey (Portland)
@Judi I think I got it on my 4th spelling try.
Judi (WA)
@Kacey Not sure how many tries, but I went to google. They love correcting my spelling. Still shy T5 and U5, but there's a book by my bed calling out to me. I'll try again after a sleep. Have fun!
Rhonnie (Fremont, CA)
Thanks! That gave me the F10. One left. I’ll leave it for the morning. G’nite!
Doug (Tokyo)
Nine words to Amazing. I stalled for a LONG time at 11 words five points shy of Genius but was finally able to dredge up a Bee standby I never see for some reason. GN4LOTN@12 NP. My grandmother would be disappointed in me missing the pangram.
Joya (New York)
@Doug SAME!!! Except 9 points shy. Ended up with GN4L @ 12/64