House Delivers Impeachment Charges to Senate, Paving the Way for a Trial

Jan 15, 2020 · 671 comments
Andy Beckenbach (Silver City, NM)
The difference in approach between Democrats and Republicans is breathtaking. Remember the old law school adage, "If the facts are on your side, pound the facts; if the law is on your side, pound the law; if neither is on your side, pound the table." The Democrats are presenting facts and the law. Republicans' response: "this is entirely partisan"; "there was no crime", the latter as if extortion, bribery and obstruction of Congress aren't actual crimes. They have made absolutely no attempt to challenge either the facts or the law. It is clear that Republicans have only the option of pounding the table. And they are 100% committed to that approach. It is stunning.
James Panico (Tucson)
The senators are going to take an oath to render "impartial Justice"? We are deep, deep into the theater of the absurd
Rich (California)
I believe that the Senators running for the office of President need to recuse themselves.
Able Nommer (Bluefin Texas)
Collins, Murkowski, Alexander, and Romney worked "to ensure there would be a vote on whether to call witnesses or collect new documentary evidence, once each side had presented its case and senators had a chance to ask questions." So, the Cowardly Lion Cubs' "work" is done? McConnell told them that there will be The Questions in the Form of a Rhetorical Spear. They mewed. Then, McConnell then told them what? Witnesses OR evidence? So, the little cubs can make their stand and create their little semblance of impartiality. McConnell tried a virtual dip into that pond: “I’m confident this body can rise above the short term-ism and factional fever and serve the long-term best interests of our nation. We can do this and we must.” Nope, he can't do it because impartiality is caustic to his plan. McConnell scolds the departing Alexander and quarantines the other feverish kits. The smell of November's bacon is rising. He will deliver the prize pig its red ribbon.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump's fans clearly back him because he is capable of doing the unspeakable in the name of short-term self-interest, which is the only way to triumph in a jungle of amorality.
J (The Great Flyover)
I watched the expressions and body language of the Republican senators. These guys may be afraid and cowed, but they ain’t stupid...if the coming vote to convict were a secret ballot, Trump would be gone several times over
Mark Keefer (San Jose, CA)
What will happen after Mitch McConnell perjures himself at the swearing in?
Sherry (Washington)
Yesterday Senator Barrasso from Wyoming said he thought Trump withheld aid because he was concerned about corruption generally in Ukraine, when all the evidence, including the newest from Parnas, says otherwise. It’s not just Trump that lies every single day it’s Republicans, too. Every time they voice their false and desperate defense of Trump they do not exculpate him, they implicate themselves.
RD (Los Angeles)
Perhaps Kevin McCarthy should consider that the real national nightmare is Donald Trump himself. When this is all over and many of the other sordid details are revealed concerning Donald Trump‘s criminality it will be clear to even Kevin McCarthy that a mistake was made- by him and and by many other Republican senators and representatives. The arrogance of these Republican senators and congressmen will come back to haunt them for the rest of their lives.
Greg Hodges (Truro, N.S./ Canada)
Good; now the whole world can see what a farce McConnell and the Republicans are in acquitting Trump no matter what the evidence shows. I would call it a Kangaroo Court; but that would insult kangaroos. If on the other hand; a few G.O.P. members of the Senate should actually do take their oaths seriously (don`t. hold your breath) and examine Trump`s insane abuse of power; they could go a long way in proving to me and millions around the world that the U.S. has not been reduced to Banana Republic status. Let the show begin. Let us see if this whole sordid affair is taken seriously or not. I keep hearing Americans are better than all this. ARE YOU?!
Steve Bolger (New York City)
@Greg Hodges: We don't even matter ion the calculus of the Electoral College and Senate apportionment. Overplaying advantages usually costs the player in the end. It seems eternal here.
SR (California)
Greg, I can assure you that most US citizens are appalled by this administration. I am hoping that there are a few members of the GOP that take this seriously and vote according to the evidence presented.
libel (orlando)
Republican Senators must think about the scary scenario of Donald the lunatic has a lame duck . I am so afraid for everyone but especially the men and women of our military. Remember 67 votes and the insanity is immediately gone
Peter (Hampton,NH)
Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler's anti-Trump neurotic, histrionic, self-absorbed show that is transparently biased and divisive. Get the popcorn ready as the show goes on.
SR (California)
So far the only thing biased has been McConnel, Nunez, McCarthey, et al.
Michael Austin (CA)
"But the president is almost certain to cast his likely acquittal as a complete exoneration and turn the considerable apparatus of his campaign to stoke public outrage." Across the last 40 years the United States of America have become increasingly absorbed in progressively lavish and complex productions of its own form of kabuki theater. This is that. I'm ashamed of most of our higher level elected officials
I Gadfly (New York City)
Sen. Graham: "I am trying to give a pretty clear signal I have made up my mind. I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here." Senator Graham & his fellow Republicans aren’t pretending to be fair jurors. This is clearly a Republican cover up of Trump’s guilt!
M. Williams (Birmingham, Alabama)
Waiting to see which Republican senators display character, courage and objectivity. Voices of reason are in short supply.
Gregory (Washington DC)
Jonathan (Northwest)
Pelosi and the Democrats will lose their majority after the voters see this farce.
SR (California)
Actually it will most likely be the other way if this is conducted the way McConnel has suggested.
Louis Williams (New Zealand)
Mitch McConnell reasons for defending trump: VP 2020, president 2024
novoad (USA)
The time to protest is when in 2025 the Republican governor of Florida has the Miami International Airport named the DJT. The facilities will be in the shape of an asterisk, in a funny nod to the crimeless impeachment.
Christopher Wong (Salt Lake City)
“But the president is almost certain to cast his likely acquittal as a complete exoneration and turn the considerable apparatus of his campaign to stoke public outrage.” Man, that’s some good writing. This is why I love the NYT.
Mark (Long Beach)
I'm sure this will ensure the Democrats win the election.
Dissatisfied (St. Paul MN)
As the House transmitted the articles of impeachment by procession, writing appeared in sky above advising, “Surrender Donald”. Below in the Capitol Building, the last House Manager reached the Senate chamber carrying The Bucket of Water for liquification.
Jaden Cy (Spokane)
It would seem the Senate impeachment trial of the POTUS isn't all that's on trial. Also on trial is the 'rule of law.' If the POTUS is convicted, the 'rule of law' lives. If POTUS walks, the rule of law as we know it in the USA becomes a memory: long live the autocracy of the United States of America.
TJ (Philadelphia PA)
The solemn march of the impeachment papers looked comical. A bunch of clowns masquerading as serious adults. The optics of the Democrats theatrics is amateur hour.
The Lone Protester (Frankfurt, Germany)
Why is no one focussing on the Obstruction of Congress charge? Why is it all about "What did he know, what did he direct, what did he do?" on Ukraine? While it is clear to many of us, a plot with that many players, twists and turns can be churned into a mud pit by Mitch and his mud-wrestlers. What is so hard to grasp about "I will stonewall any Congressional request for information or any subpoena?" How much more blatant does a charge of obstruction of lawful investigative activity by a Constitutionally created "co-equal" branch of government need to be? Phrased differently, how can any Senator sacrifice so abjectly the relevance of his/her branch of government on the alter of the Swamp King?
Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma (Jaipur, India.)
What the House of Representatives has done in right earnest to uphold the rule of law may in all likelihood be undone by the Senate Republicans to acquit the main culprit in all dishonesty and shame without any remorse which will be the travesty of justice and disservice to the nation.
Just Me (California)
If there is a God, she is surely working in the favor of Democrats. Thanks be to God that the Democrats took over the House or we'd never know as much as we do about the criminal in the WH. They would've continued to cover for him while he tears at the fabric of our very democracy. Imagine what else we don't know? Pelosi was underestimated by her old white male counterparts and that worked in her favor. She proves that a woman be stand heads above an entire GOP congress and all of them together can out whit her. She is always one, two steps ahead of them. Waiting to send the articles proved to be a great move. The GOP literally doesn't care about what America thinks of them by how they so easily lie about anything. Moscow Mitch sounded defeated at the end of his statement.
novoad (USA)
Will this interfere with Trump's rally schedule, in the swing states? We do have an election next November...
Ford313 (Detroit)
Wonderful! Another four years on the Nightmare on the Potomac. The Senate will not do squat, and this just fired up his Trump's base.
Sahiphopza (Nigeria)
Senate Republicans are conducting a sham proceeding because they can get away with it. Of course they toady to Trump. This is no doubt true.
J. von Hettlingen (Switzerland)
It remains to be seen whether witnesses will be heard. Although GOP senators like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney have expressed their openness to hearing from witnesses, these positions could quickly wither under personal pressure from Trump and from other fellow Republicans. If witnesses are allowed, Republicans may insist on hearing Joe Biden and his son, and the whistleblower whose complaint about Trump sparked the whole impeachment inquiry. Will there be a tradeoff between Democrats and Republicans? John Bolton had signalled his willingness to testify if subpoenaed. But the White House has declined to rule out going to court in an attempt to block him and other witnesses from testifying.
Hank Morgan (Camelot)
The Democratic Party has done the bare minimum to impeach 45. With Lev Parnas’ admissions last night, it appears there is a whopping amount of new evidence to be considered. I hope the senate hearing shows more muscle and bombshell revelations than the house hearings.
William (Massachusetts)
The Republican president violated the US Constitution, the impeachment is necessary. That is the bottom line.
karen (Florida)
Why is everyone afraid of the truth?
David (Palmer Township, Pa.)
The Democrats don't have to convince the Trump base to come to their side. All they need to do is to bring back the voters who decided that change was necessary and that this "businessman" could foster it. But what has he done other than keep the economy going? He didn't bring jobs back to the shuttered industrial towns where he preached his doctrine four years ago. That tax break only helped the rich. His health plan never materialized. All he did was try to destroy Obamacare. His kowtowing to Putin is embarrassing not to say dangerous. His trade plan has not worked. Phase 1 of the China plan does little to remedy China's offenses. Yes, the stock market is up but it was going up throughout Obama's tenure. Will those voters wise up or will they support the man who will diminish Social Security and Medicare?
Thomas Alton (Philadelphia)
The proverbial ball is now in the Senate's 'court'. The Senate must assume its serious and solemn duties to thoroughly listen to and read all angles of the charges against Trump. Those angles include testimonies from witnesses and documents relating to the charges. Andrew Johnson and William Jefferson Clinton faced Senates that did try them; those Senates did not treat their trials as political quickies. Should this Senate treat the trial against Trump as a political quickie, that quickie will spell a quick and terrible end to the democracy in which I grew up and greatly respected.
Circus for masses run by plutocrats.
Irish convict of yore (Australia)
The US senate has the eyes of the world. It will judge like Nuremberg standards which will have global consequences for many years. Americans will be judged too. The architecture of the free world rose from a the ashes of the last time irrational debate led to subordinating reason and ethics to a amoral leader. I thought Americans as students of the enlightenment would never have acceded to a despot above the law who appoints his own judges rubber stamped by a subservient obsequious senate. Perhaps America will see the crushing of human rights under Trump not seen since Europe in 1789. Your vote your president. Any guy who is on the frontier of insanity and can never be contradicted is a global issue.
BJM (Israel)
This message uses lower case nouns on purpose. A plague on both houses of congress and both democrats and republicans. Whether to impeach the president should be a non-partisan issue taken seriously. The current president has not only abused the presidency, but also ruined the international image of the USA. Unfortunately, there are israelis who support trump, because of the populist move of the US embassy to Jerusalem and support of trump by netanyahu, who is seeking immunity from or delay of his trial for corruption charges.
Miriam Webster (Minneapolis)
The Republicans sold their collective souls a long time ago and will not vote to impeach, regardless of evidence. They don’t care. They don’t care he steals money from a charity, humiliates their family, ridicules them, breaks the Iran nuclear deal, markets his businesses, promotes violence, whether he leaks national security info to Russia, and all the rest. They’re exactly like him. They have zero interest in the truth or Constitution, just their own money and power. They’re no public servants. Mitt Romney may be the only possible exception. The worthwhile Republicans left Congress shortly after Trump arrived.
Dan O (Texas)
I realize that this letter is late in the day, but the Senate will change the Constitution forever by supporting Trump and not defend the Constitution. Trump doesn't care about the Constitution, or these Senators. Shame on them for thinking that he does. And, for the Congressmen and Congresswomen who only support Trump because they want to save their job and the prestige that goes with it, shame on you for selling out the country. I can't imagine how the men in 1776 came to terms to create this country, but your only casting your vote to protect your job is the saddest thing I can think of. Shame on you. I want you to know that I'm watching. Please don't give the country away for a person like Donald J Trump.
Marnie (Oregon)
It puzzles me that there must be a Republican caucus in order to call witnesses and present evidence. Is this not an obvious element of such a proceeding? What honest, innocent person does NOT want to tell their side?
There are two simple articles of impeachment: Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. Of course, Donald Trump is guilty. But abusing power while obstructing Congress has been the operating principle of his administration. He has misappropriated funds budgeted for the defense to build his Mexican Wall. Why should the misuse of funds designated for Ukraine for his political aims be viewed any differently? His 40% base of supporters applaud Donald Trump for what he does. The majority of Americans despise him as a threat to the republic as he is. Despite all of the misdoings of Rudy Guilliani and Mike Pompeo’s cover-up, what happened in Ukraine won’t stick to Donald Trump even if they are put on display in a Senate trial. Just like the “no collusion, no obstruction” Jedi mind trick that Trump played on the American people during the Mueller investigation, his supporters will accept his claims of innocence willingly, and Senate Republicans will look the other way.
Bala (Chennai)
Had the president been Democrat, I wonder what the positions of Ms Pelosi, Mr Schiff and those of GOP would be with respect to impeachment.
Tim S (Phoenix)
I’m a Phoenix native who never voted for John McCain. I’m sorely missing him right now. I’d like to hear from Senator Martha McSally, appointed to fill his seat, what she thinks would be his position. Or Barry Goldwater’s take, for that matter.
Tim S (Phoenix)
I’m a Phoenix native who never voted for John McCain. I’m sorely missing him right now. I’d like to hear from Senator Martha McSally, appointed to his seat, what she thinks would be his position on the Impeachment trial.
Karen Lee (Washington, DC)
Donald Trump’s “legacy” will consist of his prolific tweets, a partially constructed wall, huge budget deficits, hopefully temporary damage to the environment, and his descendants... some of whom, I suppose, may be good people.
James (Here there and everywhere)
@Karen Lee: Don't be too hopeful: as the saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree . . ."
Blanche White (South Carolina)
Having watched the Senator from Maine, over the years, pose as a moderate, I hope she will have a lot of time on her hands after November. All of these GOP senators who parade themselves as the voice of reason, I say we should remember Jeff Flake. All of his dramatics and posturing about his concerns and then, after what was obviously a fake FBI investigation, voted with the GOP to approve Kavanaugh. That's how it will be with this trial.
K.M (California)
It was quite moving to observe the procession of congressional representatives carry the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. It is a reminder of what a solemn duty both houses of congress have to to fair and honest, and do their very best to believe facts and evidence rather than political narrative. We will see whether the Senate moves our country toward a dictatorship, or if they will take their duty to impeach seriously, analyzing all the evidence and hearing from witnesses. The evidence is so conclusive that if President Trump is not removed from office, the possible cowardice of the Senate will bring unknown suffering to our country, as well as the dictatorship of President Trump. Senate, we hold you accountable. History will not be kind to you if you do not have courage to remove from office a president that has gone against our constitution many times.
Bill (Pleasantville, NY)
Democrats are just under one week away from again hearing the best and only of Republicans defense of Trump, in that the Democrats evidence "is all hearsay." But all Senate Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, this time will be initially forced to take sworn oath on the Senate floor, in : "I solemnly swear (or affirm as the case may be) that in all things pertaining to the trial of Donald John Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to The Constitution and Law. So help me God!" Let's see how many, and for how much longer those Senate Republicans are willing unlike Patriots, to still think Trump first ahead of country; and also risk perjury charges this time if still doing so.
Angela Koreth (Chennai, India)
The hallmark of a Post Truth, Anti-Science world, according to Lee McIntyre, is the audacity to lie with no accountability; and the belief system is based on which team one is with, trusting the authority figure of the team. Rejecting logical evidence is another aspect of it. Cherry-picking and refusing to see what is as plain as the nose on one's face, is the game that is to be played next week in the Senate. Both McConnell and Graham have stated that they will not be impartial jurors. False equivalences have been set up between the Clinton and Trump impeachment trials. Instead of relying on this national farce that will only teach a thing or two to those running kangaroo trials in dictatorships/tyrannies, the Democrats' interests will be better served by fanning out into the country to impart some degree of critical thinking to the as-yet uncommitted voters. Mainstream media has to provide contexts and commentaries to the lies being spewed on everyday. In a democracy they are the 4th Estate, and not just 'neutral' commercial enterprises which end up perpetuating that which they are meant to counterbalance.
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
@AK — The thing is, when one observes these events marking difficult times in our history, one cannot miss the obvious at hand: Thing One and Thing Two change sides throughout history. Now it is Thing One (Democrats) taking the supposed noble ground and Thing Two (Republicans) is in charge of the outcome and, in the past, Thing Two has also played the role of nobility as well, when Thing One decided the outcome. The future goal, it would appear, is to just have one single thing in charge of everything and everyone. The U.S. Constitution, however, is making that endeavor very difficult to achieve. Of all the “things” those founding fathers did wrong back in the day, (slavery, dueling, land grabs, etc.) this document sure wasn’t one of them! The U.S. Constitution.
Unhappy JD (Flyover Country)
One could certainly say these exact things about the house Democrats. They also lie and lied in my humble opinion.
Thinking Things Through (Ontario, Canada)
Watch the tone in the Senate Impeachment trial CHANGE once the IOWA CAUCUS votes on Feb 2. No matter who takes the state,Nancy Pelosi's Managers will seize the shift that next day. Call it the smell of the grease paint.. the roar of the crowd but Republican Senators in those tight tight state Senate races are going to think the impeachment trial of Trump better go ahead after all, they, THE PEOPLE are WATCHING.
novoad (USA)
@Thinking Things Through "THE PEOPLE are WATCHING" Are they? For the House proceedings they had given up...
Miriam Webster (Minneapolis)
Are Republican leaders being blackmailed? Something’s afoot. Who else is cashing in on this so-called Presidency?
Joseph (Ontario)
"The president himself is 'of two minds' on the matter, said Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, saying that Mr. Trump was vacillating between wanting a prolonged trial with a robust public defense of his actions and a quick dismissal. 'I think he feels that he’s been unjustly accused, and would like to present his side of it,' Mr. Paul said in an interview on Wednesday. But he added, 'I think it’s hard to sort of turn down the idea that we could have a motion to end this thing.'" -------------------------------- Ask yourself this: if you were innocent, truly innocent, would you want a trial to set the record straight, or would you want "a motion to end this thing"? That should tell you everything that you need to know.
Carmina (Bklyn)
If I had business to do, like run the country, I'd want it over, and would want to end the distraction. Too bad the democrats don't have any business other than this to accomplish.
Blank (Venice)
@Carmina Individual-1 was on one of his golf courses (wasting at least $120 million US tax dollars) 242 days of his 1090 day reign of swear words. Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats in the House passed more than 400 bills since January 23, 2019. Too bad the Senate leader refuses to do any business other than to install extremely unqualified judges to lifetime positions.
Sara (LA)
@Carmina Agreed. Trump business generally includes executive time, tweeting, tee times, campaigning about toilets and dishwashers etc.. did I miss anything else ?
novoad (USA)
Now comes the moment of truth, with the introductory statements, Democrats first. Do they have enough evidence to back up the high crimes of bribery and extortion they talked about? Or was their case so weak that they didn't even dare to put bribery and extortion in the indictment, leaving it crime free? We'll have to wait till next week and see...
Blank (Venice)
@novoad Did you watch the hearing of the House Intelligence committee? Obviously you did not read the Articles of Impeachment.
FXQ (Cincinnati)
This is still going on? I almost forgot about it. The Democrats, under Pelosi's inept leadership, have completely botched this from the start. And her passing out pens, smiling is just bizarre. I really have to wonder if she is playing with all her marbles. Let's just get it over with and move on to the election and defeating Trump at the ballot box.
Linda (OK)
While the world burns, and the Middle East flares, Russia hacks the upcoming election, and Americans are dying from lack of affordable healthcare, Trump talked about toilets and dishwashers at his last rally. This a chance for the Senate to remove Trump before his behavior gets anymore bizarre. Maybe he's doing their bidding now, but will a mentally unstable man continue to be their puppet as his condition deteriorates? This is the GOP's golden opportunity to end the debate on water flow in dishwashers. Don't protect him. Remove him.
Blank (Venice)
@Jackson The GRU hackers at “Fancy Bear” have been hacking away on behalf of Individual-1 since he asked them “Russia if you’re listening ...” and they will continue to do so until we elect a real American to the Presidency.
BobC (Northwestern Illinois)
Why can't the Democrats let the voters make this decision on November 3, 2020? Is it because they know Trump will win?
Laura (Detroit)
His abuse of power centers on our elections. Get it? Geez.
tom harrison (seattle)
@BobC - Then what was the point of impeaching Nixon or Clinton when they couldn't run for office again anyway?
obummer (reality)
It's our turn now. Imagine watching comey McCabe brenner whistle Paige Schiff ...squirm under oath...a real circus.
Dudesworth (Colorado)
I’m proud of the Democratic members of Congress. They’ve shown discipline and they’ve presented a case that makes sense - all while being devoid of the histrionics (and outright lying) that we see from Donald Trump and the Republicans. The Dems are acting like the adults in the room. But it’s important to mention that for liberals like me, resistance will apparently be a lifestyle for many decades to come. It’s still a shock to see so many things I value get torn-down, sundered and debased daily by Donald Trump and the GOP and it’s clear that nothing is beneath the Republican Party.
Dr. John (Seattle)
Having failed to make an adequate case to remove Mr. Trump, Democrats are trying to drag out impeachment to impact the 2020 election. Nancy demands the Senate now conducts what she calls a “fair trial” after she prevented a fair impeachment probe in the House. This is an abuse of the impeachment power.
Dudesworth (Colorado)
@Dr. John that an honorary doctorate from Trump University?
SR (California)
Not so, this is the will of the people’s house. Election 2018 gave the people that right. Impeachment is for the House to decide ...and it has. The Senate now has the right and the grave honor to decide whether this justifies removal from office. There is no abuse of Impeachment power.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Dr. John Suddenly Mitch has started making noises that he will follow process correctly.He I believe had a heads up that Lev Parnas was going to blow the NO QUID PRO QUO lie to kingdom come. If you only watch Fox you may not have heard that Mr Parnas has gone on TV to confirm what many of us knew all along: vis a vis that he was acting on Rudy's instructions, ordered directly by Trump that threats of a funding withheld nature were made on Zelelensky. It has blown wide open Dr John. It might be time to re-examine your support for the corrupt Donald John Trump.
Brewster’s Millions (Santa Fe)
The cult of pelosi is an embarrassing chapter in American constitutional history.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Brewster’s Millions You are a hoot! The “cult of Pelosi” is a gnat on the pages of American Constitutional history compared to the unidentifiable stains and rips left by the cult of Trump. Thank you for a really, really good laugh!
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Brewster’s Millions Just reversing back on your opponents legitimate claims made against Trump cohorts has worked for obfuscation purposes until now. I am not 100% sure but after Lev's revelations, I think that the Republicans will scurry hurriedly from the sinking Trump ship. I think you will see Trump's house of cards 9sorry for mixing metaphors) collapse within days. Pelosi is a politician and has been doing it for decades. Donald is a con man wo has hoodwinked his supporters. Commiserations. The sooner you realise what is going on the better for you.
SR (California)
Correction, the cult of trump has shown itself to be one of the most embarrassing chapters in not only American history, but world history.
CM (Toronto, Canada)
I wish the Democrats, the country and the Constitution all the luck in the world in the days ahead. They have done what they had to do. However, the use of multiple pens to sign articles of impeachment doesn't help them look any more dignified or appreciative of the gravity of the situation. What a stupid piece of political theatre.
tom harrison (seattle)
@CM - The use of multiple pens is standard procedure for all important documents in America. Its just one of our strange country quirks much like the Brits and their Bangers and Mash.
Blank (Venice)
@CM Did you see the signing ceremonies Individual-1 has to eliminate EPA protections or to deny religious populations entry into America? Talk about “stupid pieces of political theater”.
Lake trash (Lake ozarks)
What I really want to write is that I think that trump is guilty of using his power to affect the 2020 election. He is more about winning at any cost. He’s not a man that can govern or keep faith to the constitution. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t know. He is devoid of humanity. It is all transactional. Money for nothing. That ain’t working.
alan brown (manhattan)
A lot of pomp and circumstance signifying nothing. Acquittal (not guilty) verdict is certain. People indicted for crimes and found not guilty by jury have no stain. They are deemed innocent and improperly indicted. Admittedly analogy is imperfect but most prosecutors will not indict if acquittal is thought highly unlikely. But this is politics and if you hate the President you go for it. Millions of Americans fall in that category and still believe he may be removed. In my judgment impeachment was unfair and trial will be unfair as well. So when all is said and done a lot of time, money, inaction by Congress on matters critical to nation is net result.
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
@alan brown All the evidence says he is guilty. By the way, do you really think OJ Simpson was innocent?
alan brown (manhattan)
@Max Deitenbeck Yeah, the verdict will come back not guilty. Think of it: he is charged with investigating whether a former Vice-President and his son were guilty of corruption before releasing 300 million dollars to that Regime. We can't have that! Forget the election, forget Mueller, let's nail him!
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@alan brown If “people found not guilty...have no stain,” then why is Donald Trump so afraid of a trial? Why is he urging the Senate Republicans not to allow a fair and balanced hearing? Why did he prevent government employees from turning over requested documents and appearing when subpoenaed? He is the stain.
Jay (Cleveland)
Thank god for an impeachment trial. I want Bolton, Mulvaney, and anyone else for the prosecution to testify. I want Hunter Biden, Schiff, and the supposed whistleblower to testify too. Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp. Let’s get it all on record. Trump will demand executive privilege, while the others will plead the 5th. This will expose what the swamp really is, accusers not willing to risk prosecution, and the president trying to expose it.
Linda (NYC)
@Jay: Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff are irrelevant to the articles of impeachment, and the whistleblower, who has also become irrelevant after the first-hand testimony that we heard last fall, is in any case guaranteed confidentiality by the Whistleblower Protection Act. I'm not sure why you and so many others seem to struggle to comprehend these points, which have appeared in print and broadcast media repeatedly. You're not being disingenuous, are you, by any chance?
novoad (USA)
@Linda "these points, which have appeared in print and broadcast media repeatedly" That media was not made up of Senate members, was it? Some people are confused about talking points vs the actual trial. Of course, unless the case is dismissed fast, Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff and the whistleblower will have to testify. The criminality which drove Trump to make that request is the main line of defense, day in day out, thus Hunter. The distortion of Trump's call will show that the impeachment is a farce, thus Schiff. The right of any defendant to meet his accuser are paramount, thus the whistleblower. Was he concerned or a party hack? I would use sources which are legally more competent.
Just checking back to see that...yup, this is still going on.
nzierler (New Hartford NY)
This will be the acid test for Senate Republicans. Will they collapse under the weight of Trump's vengeance or put country first and remove a president whose behavior is more like a mob boss than the chief executive of our country.
RWCW (New Jersey)
All Senate members are about to take an oath to be impartial jurors. If Mitch McConnell makes a motion for an acquittal or to dismiss the articles of impeachment before the proceedings begin, any Republican who votes in favor of the motion without even hearing the evidence is obviously violating his/her oath. It should be considered as an admission of bias, resulting in the dismissal of the Senator as a juror.
Jim Todd (Austin)
Spare us all - many Dem senators have already weighed in. Do you want them excused as well?
PATRICK (In a Thoughtful state)
It is vital to understand that under the circumstances Ukraine was enduring, being threatened by Russia who had already invaded and annexed Crimea, had to be especially paranoid and under extreme pressure to comply with Trump and Giuliani to cooperate for the simple reason of getting that military aide that was held back. It wasn't just quid pro quo, it was a hostage situation of a nation by Trump who knew the desperation of Zelensky who was under literally death defying circumstances. It's as if Trump knew these facts. The 400 Million Dollars was just the tool of blackmail, but Trump played life and death with a nation his friend Putin was seeking to gain. You must see the major crime of aiding the enemy that it was.
Where are Trumps Tax Returns (California)
Why doesn't the media other than the few excellent freelance journalists focus on the latest news about Trump's tax returns? This family has gotten a free pass for over 70 years. A disgrace. Right there enough to toss Trump behind bars.
Astute Commentary (Queens NY)
@Where are Trumps Tax Returns What will we learn? You think he didn’t lie on his tax returns?
PPP (kingston ny)
Can we have the President in a cage during the proceedings?
Vicki (Queens, NY)
Trump must have watched Rachel Maddow’s show tonight. Must be going off the deep board by now after Lev Parnas’ interview. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the West Wing tonight. Do us all a favor, Mr. President. Just step down and spare us all the trial.
novoad (USA)
@Vicki "Trump must have watched Rachel Maddow’s show tonight" ???? Was she the one who was saying "Russia, Russia, Russia, ..." till the Mueller report proved that only Obama had been so careless to let Russians interfere in 2016? She seems a bit off... Why would anyone, let alone Trump, watch someone who was so wrong for so long?
MiguelM (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Waste of time.
Kelly Campbelll (Long Island, NY)
Why? Because some of the jurors have said they have no intention of being impartial?
Dr. John (Seattle)
The Senate can fully meet its Constitutional duty by hearing from House managers - and then by voting to acquit President Trump because they judge the Democratic charges as not being impeachable.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Dr. John Too late. Trump is already impeached. It is permanent. You don't seem to know many of the basics.
Blank (Venice)
@Dr. John There aren’t 51 Senators willing to deny the facts so that would not happen. Sadly there are some 40 or so Senators willing to deny the facts so it is unlikely Individual-1 will be convicted.
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@Dr. John Trump will go down in the history books as having been impeached, just like Clinton. That will never change, no matter which way the Senate votes on the two Articles of Impeachment. There are likely enough votes in the Senate to have witnesses, so there willing likely be a trial. He is facing removal from office. Madame Speaker Pelosi picked a great team of House managers to present the case against the President. The world will be watching and listening.
Elly (NC)
It seems almost kismet the day Trump Impeachment goes to our illustrious senate his buddy Putin has mass resignations of their government. Not a fan of Russia but you have to hand it to them. He was told by his party loud and clear “Nyet!” He went too far. When will republicans get the same backbone?
Peninsula Pirate (Washington)
The false equivalency presented in this piece is risible. Simply stated, the truth and a lie are not merely different points of view.
Victor (Rancho Santa Fe)
The weakest impeachment in history goes to the senate for trial where it will simply die an undignified death.
Blank (Venice)
@Victor That was 21 years ago.
I Gadfly (New York City)
McConnell: “I’m confident this body can rise above the short term-ism and factional fever.” There’s no way McConnell can rise above political factional fever after what he admitted about Trump’s impeachment: “I’m not an impartial juror! This is a political process!”
Anxious (Nyc)
Brace ourselves for another never ending circus. What’s the point of impeachment if the criminal is not removed? And runs for re-election! The joke is on us.
William McCain (Denver)
I ask that question whenever someone is accused of a crime. What is the use of indicting him if the jury and judge want to examine the evidence and then finds the person not guilty even though I think that he is?
Jay (Cleveland)
I think the Senate should take the impeachment very seriously. For that to happen, the situation at hand, when Trump asked for a favor must be explored. Shortly before the call, Joe Biden bragged nationally that he got a prosecutor for the Ukraine fired. It was in all the media. That same prosecutor stopped investigating Burisma, a company that hired his son to be on its board. That prosecutor, accused by many to be corrupt was fired on Joe Biden’s command. Trumps best defense is the truth. Did America have an interest in finding out if the Biden’s were corrupt? Running for president is not a defense. If there was a possibility that the Biden’s could have committed crimes, Trump had a duty to ask for the new Ukrainian President to look into the matter. There are accusations of doing it for political gain. Possibly true. But the mere fact an addict with a miserable rehab record was put on the board of a company accused of bribery, without experience, or any known abilities for the job he got, and his excessive compensation is not credible. Maybe Joe didn’t know, but the appearance stinks. It should have been reviewed, and still should. Michael Avanatti was investigated by the Justice Department and indicted. He said he was going to run to be president too. Was that for political gain, or because a sleazy person got caught breaking the law? Maybe Weinstein should have ran for president. Then, maybe he could not be investigated for breaking the law.
Mom of 3 (Suburban NY)
@Jay 1) The prosecutor had stopped investigating Burisma *before* Biden’s call. 2) the US and other countries wanted a prosecutor who would be more aggressive in investigating corruption than Shokin. 3) the effort to have shokin removed was an agreed upon policy goal (as opposed to something for one’s personal gain). 4) nepotism is not great but it happens. See Ivanka and Jared. Not a crime. 5) if trump was truly worried about all this, why didn’t he just go back to congress and present his reasons and ask for the money to be held up until a proper investigation could be done?
tom harrison (seattle)
@Jay - Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham knew all about Hunter Biden and Burisma along with the prosecutor that was fired. Four Republican senators signed a letter calling for the prosecutor to be fired. So, Mitch and Lindsay knew all about the Bidens in Ukraine...and they allocated taxpayer money to one of the most corrupt countries on earth without so much as a hint of an investigation. If Trump felt that there was corruption, under law, he is required to run back to Congress and tell them that he wants to hold up money that they allocated. He can't just send Lev Parnas around Ukraine tailing ambassadors and strong-arming presidents into helping him in an upcoming election. And you can't send Giuliani to do the work of the Attorney General. This is a no-brainer. The president, who keeps calling on foreign powers to help him in elections, got busted breaking the law.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
In the end, regardless of how the Impeachment vote goes, the Republicans and the Democrats will remain bitter enemies and that heated rancor will continue to spill and seep deep within the roots of this country. I find that realization equally, if not more, damaging and dangerous than everything combined. This gap between political parties is wider and deeper than the Grand Canyon. It's so bad, few people can now have a decent, civil and constructive conversation with someone from the opposing party. I think the only "winners" in this entire scenario are our foreign enemies who are probably reveling in this present extreme discord, hopeful it only continues and grows stronger.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Marge Keller You are so right about the great divide. I think it’s a chasm that’s been growing wider and wider since the Nixon impeachment investigation. Ronald Reagan brought Republicans some redemption and helped heal bruised egos. Then, in Bill Clinton, the GOP found an imperfect man who was just the target they needed for a “turnabout is fair play” scenario. A chance to level the playing field, if you will. But Clinton stayed in office and the Tea Party, led by truly malicious and only moderately intelligent people like Newt Gingrich, drove the need for retribution to a new level. George W. Bush and his inept, nefarious administration made matters even worse. The failure of both Bush Jr. and the Tea Party was a heavy blow to the Republican Party. Then, Barack Obama won the 2008 election. Another Republican low point hit. They’d overseen not only a collapse in the world economy but also a continuing and widening war started by lies. Throughout this time, the GOP and Donald Trump, himself, sewed huge seeds of fear, distrust and rancor among the membership. It’s so much easier to accuse those who are not like you for all your troubles. And a large minority of voters bought into that in 2016. Now those voters are faced with the ugly reality. It’s a hard blow — a two in one whammy: They willingly bought a lie and they elected that lie. We all have trouble admitting our mistakes, and a big one like this might take a really long time to acknowledge.
Astute Commentary (Queens NY)
@Marge Keller Watch the Frontline segment that was on PBS this week. The divide began long before Trump.
me (here)
donald, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. game over. you lost.
RickyDick (Montreal)
Three answers to Kevin McCarthy’s questions: 1. Mitch McConnell’s unrepentant bias. 2. Mitch McConnell’s blatant bias. 3. Mitch McConnell’s shameless bias.
Jules (California)
We know the Senate will not remove Trump. But the continual drip of damning information will continue unabated. The jaw-dropping Parnas interview tonight with Maddow is just the beginning.
Dr. John (Seattle)
Democrats could not remove Trump even if they had a 5 seat majority in the Senate.
AR (San Francisco)
Congress and the Senate have all the gravitas of the Roman Senate. Bought sinicures, knifings, extortion, feasts and orgies, torture for entertainment, vomitoriums to keep the party going. The same ilk for two thousand years.
After listening today to NPR I can only say that this country deserves what it gets. The discussion focused, in this case on Michigan. It was an example of what happens when eligible voters elect not to cast their vote. If I heard correctly, 450,000 eligible democratic voters stayed home and some independent voters as well as some democrats voted for a third party candidate. Also, on the whole in the US 46.9 % of eligible voters did not vote. So what do Americans expect? If Americans do not take voting seriously then they have to live with the consequences, good or bad. I always say if you do not vote you can not complain because you have "no skin in the game". Hopefully the younger generation in this country will learn from history and learn their lessons well because if they do not, the US as a democratic Republic will cease to exist. I am an immigrant and, like many immigrants, I learned a long time ago to take voting seriously for voting has consequences.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
Your comment makes me wonder why you do not seem to be concerned that many voters did not vote who would have voted Republican. I guess that you believe they are choosing unwisely.
RickyDick (Montreal)
@GECAUS “... voting has consequences.” As does not voting. Anyone who doesn’t vote for the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, whether they vote for someone else or not at all, has effectively voted for trump.
Kristin (Houston)
Why would we take voting seriously when the electoral college renders our votes essentially meaningless? America voted for Hillary in 2016. Now look where we are. I live in Texas. No matter who I and many millions of us vote for, it makes not one iota of difference if we don't live in the hallowed "swing states." Not even the candidates pay attention to us. Locked in states are ignored during campaigns. Then we are faulted for not voting. Why? The system needs to change.
LS (Los Angeles)
Dems need to start thinking and acting more like Republicans. Why not save the articles until after the election? If Trump wins and the Dems gain a Senate majority, you pass them on. If Trump loses, it’s a moot point and he’s forever impeached.
Tony (New York City)
@LS How is a president who disrespects our Constitution is a moot point? Trump is a criminal and it does matter to my children and America. We are not fools and we deserve to know the truth Lynching was real should we not study it or just forget about the people who were tortured and murdered . Should it be a moot point? What type of country have we become ?
Eric (FL)
You are not worried about a man that is willing to use the full power and might of the US government to influence the election to reassure his victory as he has already tried with Ukraine.
Michael Edward Zeidler (Milwaukee)
In elementary school we use to say "in the long run, 'right' beats 'might'". The photo of the images of the seven managers marching across the hall of statues was a stark reminder of that old saying.
Vicki (Queens, NY)
The Maddow interview with Lev Parnas is a must watch. Full stop. Jaw dropper.
To the Man (Chicago)
Even if you don't watch Rachel, this is worth watching. Lev does 80% of the talking, with his attorney by his side. I still haven't managed to pick my jaw up off the floor. Incredible.
EGD (California)
@Vicki Maddow. Like seeing Geraldo standing in Al Capone’s empty vault. Nightly.
Alan J. Shaw (Bayside, NY)
@Jackson Not apparently you. But perhaps Parnas will make it to NY Times readers via a transcript for those who read.
Dabney L (Brooklyn)
Speaker Pelosi is a wonder to behold, her every word and action meticulous and brilliant. We should all be grateful to her for honoring her pledge to defend and protect our nation from enemies foreign and domestic.
winchestereast (usa)
@Dr. John Hi Doc. No problem getting coverage for your patients with pre-existing conditions? No problem with working families unable to pick up the tab until their deductibles are met? You must be another kind of Doc.
Dr. John (Seattle)
@Dabney L She and Harry Reed forced Obamacare on the country, decimating the Democratic Party. They still have not recovered.
Blank (Venice)
@Dr. John ObamaCare has 55% approval ratings now and some may have noticed that even when Republics controlled all three Branches of Gubmint 2017-2018 they failed to repeal the legislation.
David Farrar (Georgia)
Now we know why the "hurry-up-and-delay" antics crazy Nancy has been following since the impeachment vote...the signing of the China trade deal. The Democrats wanted to use this action to deflect from Pres. Trump's signature achievement to date.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@David Farrar Ms Pelosi is not crazy at all. No psychiatry professionals are questioning her sanity. Signature achievement? Do you mean when he scrawls his angular autograph on a menu and holds it up like a preschool toddler for the camera? Or do you mean when he signed the check for Stormy? Or do you mean when he illegally and petulantly altered the weather map?
Scott Franklin (Arizona State University)
@David Farrar...when you are third in line to the presidency? You can do those things...look it up friend. There are no guidelines as to when she needed to send the Senate anything. I call that crazy good.
Blank (Venice)
@David Farrar There is no “China trade deal”, only Individual-1 backing down from his ill-conceived tariff wars.
P&L (Cap Ferrat)
The House Democrats were so excited about impeachment that they passed out commemorative pens and smiled for photos at Pelosi's celebration ceremony. Good luck
Dr. John (Seattle)
President Trump has not made any American’s life worse.
@Dr. John Tax cut cost Americans $90B. Tariffs cost Americans $40B You must own a mint.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Dr. John How about the parents of Otto Warmbier? The McCain family? Billy Bush? Michael Cohen? The Khan family? The Central Park 5? Omarosa? 700,000 people on food stamps?
winchestereast (usa)
@Dr. John American farm exports plunged $1.9 billion in fiscal 2019, compared to the previous year, largely due to President Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Reversing a positive trend, Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute found:. The number of uninsured children in the United States increased by more than 400,000 between 2016 and 2018 bringing the total to over 4 million uninsured children in the nation.
Tom Paine (Los Angeles)
Looking forward to Rachel Maddow's interview with Lev this evening. The Republicans, almost all who have agreed to follow McConnel's amoral and unethical decision to make a complete lie of the required oath to hold a fair and impartial hearing, tells us the whole story of what they stand for and whom they serve. The President lies and lies big almost every day sometimes many times. It's well documented. When McConnel says he'll be in full coordination with the President's and the White House Council during the impeachment and all the Republican Senators go along with his commitment to that, they are participating in breaking an oath to God, Country, and the Constitution. Here is the oath Senators take as jurors and judges in an impeachment trial of Donal J. Trump will take: "I solemnly swear [or affirm, as the case may be] that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God." McConnell and all who plan to take his lead in breaking this solemn oath to God and country clearly are not aligned with God or Country Constitution of the U.S.A. The definition of Evil: John 8:44 - "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it."
Ben M (NYC)
Every single American should watch this video interview with Rudy's inside man, Lev Parnas and Rachel Maddow
Debbie (Reston, Va)
It is quite possible that the Senate will vote to acquit Mr Trump, but it will mark the complete unraveling of Republican power. One month after Nixon resigned, President. Ford pardoned him, inviting the wrath of the American people, who replaced him in the next election with a relatively unknown governor from Georgia. Republicans should expect the same treatment now, especially those up for re-election this year.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
I keep vacillating between two different rhetorical questions regarding the Republican Senators who will be evidently casting their vote to either convict or exonerate the 45th President of the United States. Do the majority of these Republicans actually believe Trump is completely innocent of both counts or are the majority of these Republicans just scared sheep, allowing their fear to impede their ability to see the situation for what it truly is. It's one thing to believe a person and to vote to exonerate him of all charges. However, to merely follow the pack rather than to allow oneself to be impartial and to view the information and scenario for what it truly is, well then, this country is in even deeper trouble than I thought. I wonder if the Senators could vote their conscience rather than by peer pressure, just how different would the result be.
EGD (California)
@Marge Keller More likely they know Trump’s boorishness and galling ethics but his alleged crimes — obstruction of Congress? — and whatever else the Democrats hastily threw together pale in comparison to the endless malfeasance out of Schiff and the Democrats. Mueller was supposed to be the ticket but that flamed out so let’s coordinate and invent a whistleblower then crucify Trump for trying to get to the bottom of Biden shaking down the Ukrainians. Trump is appalling; Dems and ‘progressives’ in their desperate quest to crush him have become far worse.
Lake trash (Lake ozarks)
@Marge Keller The GOP over people is a dangerous line to walk. I don’t think for one moment that given a choice to right and wrong that most if not all of what is left of the Republican Party would vote to remove this man from office. What is left is the GOP after the “tea party movement”.
Lake trash (Lake ozarks)
@EGD I disagree. There was no hasty mix to deride the president. It was more a hold and reserve until it was in your face. The attempt by Pelosi to preserve the constitution had to be done. Now Trump is impeached forever in the annals of history. He brought it on. He was given a chance to be decent and he threw it In Pelosi’s face. He made it happen as if he scripted the whole thing. He is a malignant stain on this country. Democrats did not want to crush him but he brought it on.
OldPadre (Hendersonville NC)
I think that whichever way the Senate votes, there will be people in the street, and not just carrying signs. This is a very dangerous time in our country.
I think I saw Pelosi in three different outfits today.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@MIKEinNYC Glad your focused on what’s really important.
Lake trash (Lake ozarks)
The most important thing that comes of this process is that we decide if we want a crude immoral crook as president or do we want the rule of law to convict and remove this man from office. I gave him time to be decent. He can’t do it. He’s got to go.
Ichabod Aikem (Cape Cod)
McConnell and his cohorts appear “to me but a foul and pestilential congregation of vapours.” They insist on covering up the most foul deeds done by “a smiling damned villain.” Nancy Pelosi, our courageous and uplifting leader of the House, has sent her best representatives of the people, to deliver the Articles of Impeachment to a most treacherous leader of the Senate bowing down to a would-be-king. The House has upheld its most sacred obligation to defend the Constitution of this country. In God we trust that the Senate will live up to their vows to protect and preserve our Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. Senate members, do not fall into the latter category. Do your diligent duty.
Tom Paine (Los Angeles)
The 40 Year Insurgency of the "Cut Taxes" for Oligarchs, start wars to feed the industrial complexes, then attempt to get fake Democrats like Bill Clinton to cut the social SafetyNet by pointing to the giant deficits and debt they created to enrich the very rich needs to come to an end now. The Corporatists and the few hundred families that are hoarding most of the wealth and resources are more closely aligned with Putin and the Chinese in their motives and ethics than they are with anything vaguely resembling the aspirations, hopes, and dreams, ethics of the founders of this nation or the vast majority of American citizens. They've used the most sophisticated spin, manipulation of wedge issues, religion and every instrument used by tyrants and the so-called "elite" hoarders of history to attempt to dismantle the great institutions of Democracy, our national security apparatus, our environmental and safety regulatory systems and to create a massive kleptocracy that takes from the middle and working class, not only money but privilege, any peace and gives short term gain to the very very few. They have corrupted and manipulated the leadership of the so-called "Evangelical" church's and have mastered the art of Trumpian and Gingrinchian reverse speak, Swift Boat smear campaigns, etc, even as the 5 Men of the Federalist Society at SCOTUS want women to return to submissive state and while Roberts has labored to destroy the voting rights act. Enemies of freedom and democracy
JD (Southern California)
I had a good laugh at work when I checked my phone and saw the statements by collins. She's trying to play the "moderate" again, just like she did with the kavanaugh hearings. I like how the times lists her as a moderate.All she is doing is trying to please both sides, hoping she doesn't lose her reelection this year. I thought it was rich when she focused on Pelosi instead of the damning evidence Lev Parnas that came out. All it shows is that she already has decided what "side" she is on.
Bahn Mi (NYC)
Why can’t the Democrats realize they are playing right into Trump’s hands by initiating this impeachment? Surly something is coming from the republican side. I’m not just talking about giving Trump a pass.
Dr. John (Seattle)
The collusion of the whistleblower with Schiff’s staff started all this, and may well be illegal. Both the whistleblower and Schiff must testify under oath. After that key members of Schiff’s staff will be called. And also be put under oath. Then we will know the truth.
Martin (CA)
@DrJohn. At this point the whistleblower is irrelevant. Everything in his report has been corroborated by other witnesses and more proof and corroboration is coming out weekly. But you are still stuck on the whistleblower..... SMH.
J Darby (Woodinville, WA)
@Dr. John We're lightyears beyond the whistleblower.
Dr. John (Seattle)
@J Darby I’m sure you hope you are.
Daphne (East Coast)
If a tree drops.
The impeachment process failed to look at the end-game. With a looming election, the Senate will swiftly acquit, regardless of evidence; that is, even if they allow evidence. Trump declares “victory” and brands the Democrats as “massive losers”. Right before the election.
Jones (Columbiana)
I’m not sure if this is an accurate barometer of the public’s awareness & interest in the impeachment proceedings, but on tonight’s Jeopardy, in the category “House of Representatives” none of the three contestants could identify a picture of Rep. Adam Schiff who was described as the chairman of the House’s Intelligence Committee. Host Alex Trebek seemed surprised. I was flabbergasted!
Hank Thomas (Tampa)
Hope everyone got their commemorative signing pen to mark this solemn occasion for all eternity.
Bill Wolfe (Bordentown, NJ)
Commenters here seemed to have missed this - let's call it the "Biden Express": "Among the senators who will be sitting in judgment of the president will be four Democrats who are running for president, juggling their campaigns to defeat him with their duties as jurors in his trial."
william f bannon (jersey city nj)
@Bill Wolfe No one will say it....impeachment in a two party system after a controversial election....has no place in Congress. It should be moved to another country....Martinique...or any place not involved in usa culture wars.
Bill Wolfe (Bordentown, NJ)
Pelosi timed this perfectly to take out Sanders and Warren to clear the field for Biden in Iowa on February 3. We're not fooled.
Mel (Dallas)
Republican Senators please keep in mind that conviction and removal of Donald Trump is not a win for Democrats. The Republican slogan this Fall will be "Reelect President Pence" who will be running on the "I'm not Trump" platform.
kel (Quincy,CA)
Why should the Senate rely on the gospel according to Trump when the Source Q of the released phone call transcrit remains locked up in a top secret White House server? Was it not the partial White House version of that call that started this whole furor? Are the scales of justice in the Senate content with just a whiff of the evidence, or do they require the actual weighing of the fetid mass that continues to emit that odor.
Jules (California)
Why have I not seen anything in the Times about Robert F. Hyde of Connecticut, and the Parnas revelations about him.
JM (East Coast)
@Jules Wait until Rachel interviews him for credibility or not.
Jeremy Matthews (Plano, TX)
Was Jeffries in Skechers? Incredible, ha ha
Cjmesq0 (Bronx, NY)
If the senate were smart, they’d throw the unconstitutional articles in the waste paper basket.
Maurice Wolfthal (Houston, TX)
Wait! Wait! Can we add another charge? Incitement to violence by tweeting a vile and vicious photoshop of leaders of the Democratic Party in Muslim garb, standing in front of the Iranian flag? Oh? It's not a high crime and misdemeanor? My mistake....
Missy (Texas)
I cried a little watching them walk the impeachment papers over to the Senate. I think the weight of the situation effected a lot of people on both sides. Look at the history they are walking through, and all of the lives lost in sacrifice for our country. I hope every senator takes this very seriously and takes a moment to think about what we as a nation are and should be.
Jake (The Hinterlands)
@Missy We’re you moved to tears when Speaker Pelosi handed out pens, smiling as pictures were being taken, that were used in the signing of the articles of impeachment? I didn’t think so. That told me everything I needed to know about these impeachment proceedings.
Blank (Venice)
@Jake Have you ever seen Individual-1 sign one of his ‘Executive Odors’ ? Pens are handed out to all in attendance.
Judith (Hastings-on-Hudson, NY)
@Jake. You are aware this is a common procedure?
Neill (uk)
McConnell who has openly and repeatedly said he is not impartial and is working with the accused to acquit him, will swear an oath to administer impartial justice. And no one, not even the presiding chief Justice of the Supreme Court, appears to see any actionable issues with that. It's very odd.
NewYorker (Nyc)
For everyone noting that McConnell won’t be impartial, do you think that Booker Sanders Warren Klobechar are going to be impartial?
judith loebel (New York)
@NewYorker The Democratic Senators you decry are NOT the Majority Leader, they have NOT declared their positions in advance, and have NOT declared that they will be taking ORDERS from the very person under investigation and now bound over for trial. See the problem, here?
HKexpat (Hong Kong)
Considering the anti-trump sentiments espoused by many congressional republicans pre-election, (think lindsey graham), this impeachment trial could be a golden opportunity for scorned republican senators to get their revenge. The likelihood of such an outcome increases dramatically with the introduction of witnesses in the trial, which would allow republicans to claim that they didn't know things were quite that bad. In a world where a crude, corrupt, unlettered game show host can become president, I think we need to reassess what's possible.
william f bannon (jersey city nj)
@HKexpat They would lose millions of Trump voters to the non voting netherworld in perpetuity.
Linda (New England)
VOTE 2020... nothing good will come from the continued corruption. I am flabbergasted by those who choose party over values and morals.
Orion Clemens (CS)
This Republican Senate will not take the impeachment proceedings seriously. They will not listen to the evidence - in fact, they don't plan to introduce any evidence before they absolve the felon in the White House. Senate Republicans are conducting a sham proceeding because they can get away with it. Of course they toady to Trump. This is no doubt true. But had Trump voters' support dropped substantially, Senate Republicans would be crawling all over themselves to remove him. The fact is, they are terrified of Trump voters, and this is the only reason he will not be removed from office. Some three years on in the most disastrous presidency of my lifetime (and I remember presidents back to Eisenhower), his voters are still in lockstep with him for only one reason - he is a white nationalist. The articles of impeachment drafted by the House of Representatives create a damning record of the morals, beliefs and values of Trump voters, who are some 40% of the American people. That is, they know of Trump's criminal conduct, but they simply don't care. They simply want a "president" who tells them that as whites, they are the "real" Americans. Trump voters will put up with multiple crimes by their "president" as long as he shows them that he hates brown skinned people as much as they do. Trump voters are either treated as "bystanders", or considered hapless dupes who were "hoodwinked" by Trump. They are neither. And they have been given a pass for far too long.
Dori (WI)
@Orion Clemens Is the nine times that the Obama administration fought subpoenas or blocked officials from testifying to Congress a "damning record of the morals, beliefs, and values of the Obama voter"? The obstruction of Congress charge is really bogus.
Scottb (Bellingham WA)
@Orion Clemens - Take heart: while about 40% of citizens polled approve of Trump, only about 26% of the electorate actually put him in office by voting for him. As to the disturbingly large swathe of the electorate that didn't vote at all, well, who knows what they actually think? What would they have done if Sanders had been on the ballot? Also, no imcumbent president whose approval number has never cracked 45% has been re-elected. Incumbency is usually a huge advantage, but not so much for Trump.
matty (boston ma)
@Dori When did Obama use appropriated funds from congress to shake down a foreign government to dig up dirt on his political opponents?
KI (Asia)
So, this impeachment is supposed to be independent of if the Bidens actually did something wrong in Ukraine. It may be true theoretically but is not very reasonable, I suppose, to ordinary people including myself.
Bob (Minn.)
New evidence just released yesterday showed that Sekulow (Trump’s WH attorney), on behalf of Trump, got Dowd (Trump’s personal attorney) to represent Parnas before Parnas got arrested. This was BEFORE Trump made a public statement that he “didn’t know” Parnas. And Dowd advised Parnas to refuse to testify to the House subpoena. Why was Trump giving carte blanche for his private attorney to represent Parnas unless he knew that Dowd would keep him from testifying? After Parnas got arrested, he changed attorneys and now is cooperating. But Trump’s involvement with Dowd and Sekulow is very suspicious, especially when Trump says he “doesn’t know” Parnas.
Nycdweller (Nyc)
I am laughing at Democrats
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@NYCDweller And Democrats are laughing at you. We’re all quite jolly.
Hank Thomas (Tampa)
@Dunn Arceneaux Actually Democrats do not have a sense of humor. They are in a perpetual state of outrage.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Hank Thomas Maybe you should speak to friends of mine on both sides of the political divide...I tend to laugh quite a bit and can also be quite amusing. (You’d know if you could see me attempting to pat myself on my back, right now.)
Daniel (Albany)
It would NOT be a fiercely partisan process but for the fact that the Republican party is bought and paid for!
Betrayus (Hades)
@Jackson Wrong! Soros does not own the Dems. Emmanuel Goldstein owns the Dems.
John Doe (Johnstown)
Luckily the Democratic House mangers had those rope queues to guide them to the Senate. Now comes the hard part for them without them. Personally, after watching the Democratic presidential debates and getting over the sticker shock of Trump now for three years of actual road driving, do I really want the trouble of a new car just because some recall notice tells me that maybe the airbag might not inflate if I’m hit by a freight train? The man has his flaws but he seems to be getting me where I want to go. In 6 months I retire and I want my 401K to be there for it.
Bh (Houston)
@John Doe, Perhaps you should define success as more than short-term economic performance. Longer-term, climate change will evaporate your short-term windfalls. Bank on it. And oh, by the way, if you happen to care about the poor and working class in your communities, clean water, clean air, health "care" that doesn't bankrupt your neighbors, morals, character, international reputation, peace, truth over lies, separation of church and state (the reasons our founders arrived on this soil), constitutional "equal branches of government," environmental quality on which your food and livelihoods depend, public lands in which to sustain our spirits, a habitable planet on which your children and relatives can sustain themselves in the future, or the safety of our military heroes spread across this planet in increasingly precarious postings, you wouldn't support DJ Trump. But if all you care about is short-term profits for YOU, then this country gets exactly what it deserves: a man of no character leading a minority rule of people with razor-thin-at-best characters. Quality of life, and "life," is about so much more than my 401K. A majority of my fellow countryfolk share my values. Unfortunately, they don't live in the few swing states that control the rest of us and are blindly (greed, nationalism, racism, etc.) leading us over the cliff.
David L. (New York)
I had to laugh when I read Pelosi’s “impeached for life” comment. Imagine a prosecutor saying, “no matter what happens during trial, the defendant is indicted for life”. They would be laughed out of the room. To me, this is a naked admission that the actual facts of the case mattered little, and that Pelosi NEEDED to impeach Trump for something, anything. If there was nothing else, she would’ve impeached him for a unpaid parking ticket in Queens from 1977.
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
Let the many chips fall where they may...
Someone (Somewhere)
Nothing less than truth itself is on trial. Many things have led us here. But none more powerful than the ability of Fox news and their like to spin, contort, ignore and destroy facts beyond recognition. The two sides have a communications breakdown because they might as well be talking in different languages. If the Senate does its duty, it will show that the truth will resurface somewhere. Truth is not simply that version of events that gets the most votes in 2020. It is whole in itself and made real by the conscience of those that acknowledge it. We can rebuild from Trump era. But not from a place where there is no mechanism for the populace to know a single set of facts.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
It is especially heartening to read all the comments from Trump’s supporters. There are so many of you writing in defense of him all of a sudden! My personal analysis of your rush to the keyboards is that A) you received marching orders from the Trump team via Fox News and Twitter, and B) you’re more than a little worried. Thank you for being brave enough to share those thoughts Trump told you to have, as well as your fear. It gives me hope for the country your hero is doing his “best” to ruin.
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
@Dunn Arceneaux Bingo, Dunn! We think they dost protest too much.
PaulB67 (South Of North Carolina)
@Dunn Arceneaux: or C) the pro-Trump comments come from Russian social media bots.
EGD (California)
Theatrics for the woke mob. Only in a world of Democrats and ‘progressives’ could a sitting VP shake down a foreign government-owned gas company for a job for his ne’er-do-well son not be a problem. Nope, only in their surreal world can a president who’s been subject to an unrelenting disinformation since before he was elected for the ‘crime’ of asking that government to look into Biden’s admitted quid pro quo.
Rev. E. M. Camarena, PhD (Hell's Kitchen)
Fascinating that today we have reports that Michael Avenatti has been arrested. Remember when he was the latest "bombshell" who was definitely going to "take down Trump"? Another in a series of fizzles. This is a dog and pony show. Good luck with Pres. Pence.
ttrumbo (Fayetteville, Ark.)
Liar, bully, braggart, shyster, womanizer, sexual predator, tax evader (though he says he loves the military, he wants others to pay for their weapons, salaries, pensions, etc. a tactic his lawyer says makes him a 'genius'), thief, traitor, draft-dodger (and said McCain wasn't a hero and that he liked soldiers that 'weren't captured'; so, not a fan of POWs), reality tv star that went backstage during Miss Universe to peep at contestants, said 'grabbing' women was okay if you were a 'star', put down teenage girl climate activist, and a widow of a respected congressman, racist, etc. His dishonor is now part of Republican, conservatives, right-wing, evangelicals, and beyond. The most immoral leader I've ever seen (at 61 years old). The Russian dictator promotes him because he has no humanity; only motivated by money. Putin knows America falls with such a fraud of a man. We are all guilty of this carnage of democracy, humanity, morality.
Nellie McClung (Canada)
Please, NYT, get it straight: "Speaker Nancy Pelosi ...regardless of the outcome, she added, Mr. Trump would be “impeached for life.” It's not 'would be', it's 'is'. He is impeached. He was impeached. He will always be impeached.
Eric S (Vancouver WA)
The impeachment procedure against Donald Trump has had the look of futility since its inception in the House. As many objectionable things this President has done, or is alleged to have done, and should discredit him, likely that judgement is best left for the next election. The accusations sound just like something he would do, and then dismiss, with a shrug of his shoulders. Hardly high crimes and misdemeanors. I hope that by the time Mr Trump has made the most of this trial, using it as 'evidence' of his innocence, we can look forward to a spirited election, with the result of electing a president with enough integrity to be worthy of the office.
DTNC (North Carolina)
Let’s assume the timing for the impeachment is based on sincere conviction that president Trump will be convicted and removed from office before the election. The country will not have a leader for months, the republican party will not have time for an effective nomination process and the democrats have only compromise candidates. The country will take years to recover from a broken political system and diminished leadership both domestically and globally. The Pelosi/Schiff impeachment then can only be described as a willful political act, profoundly destructive to the democratic process and the stability of the Country. (Meddling as an act of self destruction
Richard Fuhr (Seattle)
It is absolutely essential that witnesses be called to testify, under oath, with their testimony immediately made public.
KMW (New York City)
The silver tray with all the pens was rather amusing to see. Every manager received a pen that Nancy Pelosi had used to put her signature on the articles of impeachment that went to the senate. This was quite funny. The Democrats have said that the impeachment process was a sorry day for America. It certainly did not appear that way the way the Democrats were smiling. They will not be smiling when President Trump is not removed from office. And they will be in tears when President Trump is re-elected. Which political party will be celebrating then? The answer starts with the initial R. (Republicans).
David (California)
Frankly, I would prefer if the Trump Senate's pretense of a trial makes it plain to everyone watching that they have no interest in truth, justice or the Constitution.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@David They support a president who feels aggrieved when the press reports that he has not been 100% truthful. As he said at the rally this week "You know, when I mention this, anything I say that’s even slightly false, it’s headlines." I am thunderstruck not only that he said it but that the media has not been highlighting this most Freudian of all Freudian slips. I guess when one rants in an unhinged way to a fawning audience , the truth will slip out some times.
Alex (San Francisco)
Your photo shows 9 people walking through the Statuary Hall. Aren't there 7 impeachment managers? Who are the others and what is their role? (I'm asking in a positive curious way. I want to savor this moment in our struggle for justice. Even if they are aides or companions, they deserve to be remembered if not honored.)
Ichabod Aikem (Cape Cod)
@Alex the sergeant-at-arms and the clerk
Alex (San Francisco)
@Ichabod Aikem Thank you!
batazoid (Cedartown,GA)
IF Schiff wants to bring forward new evidence, shouldn't he have to do so via a floor vote of House members first?
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
Absurdity has become normal. This is a quote from Trump's speech in Milwaukee the other night.. Trump: "You know, when I mention this, anything I say that’s even slightly false, it’s headlines." Truth is relative to Trump. As his buddy Rudy claims, the truth isn't the truth Its time truth comes first and the trial may allow it. Let this sink in for a minute. Trump actually said to his uncritical followers: "You know, when I mention this, anything I say that’s even slightly false, it’s headlines." There you are- Trump told the truth for once by admitting in that quote that he lies. How dare the fake media point out when he is seen slightly false? "You know, when I mention this, anything I say that’s even slightly false, it’s headlines."
Jeremy (Chicago)
The GOP is a group of criminals, it’s really as simple as that. The sad part is that the country is letting them get away with it. There’s not an honest person among them. That they can defend this behavior is abhorrent
H. Clark (Long Island, NY)
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Trump, the boorish, ignorant criminal, is about to have his comeuppance, and we can only pray that it’s not pretty for him. The man who came to office hellbent on ruining Democracy, appeasing Putin and enriching himself and his distasteful family is now officially a stain on the American conscience. Any lawmaker who sides with this evil coward will have to face his or her constituents and explain an indefensible rationale. Suffice it to say, Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end for the worst presidency in the history of the United States, and perhaps the most ill-equipped leader the world has ever known.
Dr. John (Seattle)
The Republicans first three witnesses: 1. The Whistleblower 2. Adam Schiff 3. Ukrainian President
Judith (Hastings-on-Hudson, NY)
@DrJohn. You are aware that Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul helped write the law protecting whistle blowers?
Neil (Texas)
I watch British parliament proceedings. Except for the "black rod" - this procession was solemn alright. I also watched Madame Speaker sign the articles in a ceremony similar to what POTUS was doing with China deal about the same time. Says much about our state of politics today. I am old enough to remember Clinton trial, but I don't remember then Speaker Newt Gingrich staging such a ceremony.  Or any speaker ever staging such ceremonies for any bills. It was especially jarring because Madame Speaker kept saying these are trying times and "sad" times. Her constant references to the Constitution and the oaths were childish at best.  And to drag George Washington in this drama was demeaning. Folks below asking Republicans to do their job - may want to first ask if Democrats in the House did their job. It appears that the House impeachment managers during the trial will introduce new evidence on a daily basis - but not before it has been leaked to the press. It is also worth remembering that the Democrats in the Senate also have to do their job. And their job is to judge whether a POTUS needs to be removed when no national security is threatened and Americans will vote in a free election in 10 months. The Majority Leader said it best today "impeachment of a POTUS is not just removing him but also preserving our institutions." By removing a POTUS in a total partisan vote - is not the way to preserve our institutions.
MorningInSeattle (Guess Where)
Your partisanship shows. I watched the same thing, but my view is 180 degrees different from yours.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Neil It is disingenuous to say it is "a total partisan vote." Amash is as right wing conservative as they come. Not only is he not a Democrat, he left the Trump Party formerly known as the Republican party so that he could vote for the Impeachment. To say it is totally partisan is misleading. But even if it were, so what? The truth is what matters no matter who is doing the voting. Besides which some Democrats voted against Impeachment in the house so the voting was not100% partisan anyway. More voted for it than against including a non Democrat. As Trump actually said the other night "You know, when I mention this, anything I say that’s even slightly false, it’s headlines."
MJG (Valley Stream)
More and more it's clear that the Dems don't trust voters. They have contempt for the rank and file Americans they claim to champion. Moreover, they have zero faith in the socialist brigade, known as their presidential candidates. Trump is headed for an Electoral College landslide and there isn't thing one they can do about it, except lose the House, which they will. Let the Dems have their moment in the sun, it won't last very long.
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
The die is cast. Justice will be served.
mjpezzi (orlando)
Let Bolton Testify... and then call Mick Mulvaney and Rudy Giuliani, along with Giuliani's associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. That should set the stage for Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry and Mike Pence to be called to testify about their involvement in Giuliani's shadow government that has profited Giuliani and his clients vs the American people. #LetThemTestify
The Management (NM)
@mjpezzi They are just going to lie, or obfuscate. Or basically do what Mueller did but with a lot less gravitas.
H Munro (Western US)
In my opinion, there are many Republican Senators— Mitch McConnell being one— who can't get re-elected without chicanery— and they need Trump for that.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Jackson In my opinion Jackson, Donald's rant in Milwaukee to the crowd of towering intellects in his cult was unhinged and any reasonable person would stop supporting him. He did admit to lying in real time when he said "You know, when I mention this, anything I say that’s even slightly false, it’s headlines." poor Donald.. the media demanding that "slightly false" is not good enough for the President of the United States.
Tom ,Retired Florida Junkman (Florida)
Just think about it for a moment, would any of you invite Nadler or Schiff to your house for dinner or go out for a drink with them?
W.A. Spitzer (Faywood, NM)
@Tom ,Retired Florida Junkman ...Is that how you judge someone's competence?
Dori (WI)
@Tom ,Retired Florida Junkman No I would not but do you know if your Representative Matt Gaetz is available for dinner?
Psst (overhere)
@Tom ,Retired Florida Junkman Why, yes, I would.
Mary (Seattle)
The line “wait and let the voters decide” should be thrown out the window. Wasn’t it just last week when Trump nearly started WW III ?
Kimbo (NJ)
Pelosi looked absolutely senile and incoherent. Completely driven by her personal hatred of Trump. The country almost seems more hateful than prior to the Civil War.
Brewster’s Millions (Santa Fe)
And twenty years ago Pelosi objected to the impeachment of Bill Clinton, saying that it was driven by Republican’s personal hatred of the President and not supported by any proven high crime or misdemeanor.
Moses Cat (Georgia)
@Kimbo Well, none of us were there before the Civil War so I should think, it's hard to compare. However, I appreciate your using "Civil War" ... believe me, you lost a lot your fellow travelers with that word.
Jagan (Portland, OR)
It is a sad day and a terrible precedent to set in the nation's political history. So far, 'impeachment' was only done with Presidents who were clearly at fault. The Democrat Party has opened the door wide open for 'impeachment' criteria and they have no idea what they have unleashed by pursuing this political game in collusion with the US deep state apparatus just because they didn't get their desired election outcomes in 2016. Democrats have no one else to blame if there is a similar response in the far future from the Republicans. A better way for them is to focus on convincing the voters with sound economic/social/foreign policies and their political elites start working for the people who elected them to office and not just for the vested interests. 2016 was a watershed moment in US politics and particularly for the Democrat politicians it was a wake up call to set their house in order. Looks like they haven't learned their lessons yet !
matty (boston ma)
@Jagan "'impeachment' was only done with Presidents who were clearly at fault. " Clearly,. Der Trumpf is at fault. Guilty to the bone.
CB (Pittsburgh)
@Jagan Not holding trump accountable will lead to even more foreign interference in our elections. Do you want Iran picking your next Republican candidate? Maybe they already have...
Ann (California)
@Jagan-The U.S. House has been working hard, on your behalf, on behalf of all Americans--yet 80% of the legislation passed has been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk. How can our elected representatives keep the nation's house in order if what we send them to Congress to do is held up or deepsixed? This is the question to be asking.
Skybird (N. California)
With all the Democrats focused on getting Trump, I'm trying to figure out who's running the government besides the Republicans. Trump's been handling trade wars, sanctions against terror sponsors, immigration control, tariffs against EU trade, NATO, and the Middle East. The Democrats have only been dealing with processing impeachment docs. They must be doing something else, but that's most of what the stories are about, from their side of the aisle. The world issues that are taking place daily are all so much larger in significance than what Trump is said to have done re Biden. Even after the Iranian general was taken out, and Iran threatened war and death to America, the best suggestion that Pelosi could suggest is "prayer." While the others in the party simply wanted to replace MAGA with MARA (Make America Run Again).
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Skybird When you list all the things you claim Trump has been “handling” what you’re really doing is providing a list of messes he’s made that he’s now struggling to “clean up.”
OldEngineer (SE Michigan)
The historical precedent of a 100% partisan impeachment vote bodes ill for every future President. It is now the case that Presidents will not serve at the pleasure of the people who elected them, but of the majority party in the house. Democrats have set on a reckless course with dire unintended consequences. I am saddened that wisdom has failed them.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@OldEngineer It’s my thinking that you’re looking at this from the rear end of the donkey. What bodes ill for the future of the Republic is the partisanship of the Republicans who continue to enable an official who has proven himself incapable of performing the duties for which he was elected. The real danger is the potential of future legislators (in a branch that’s supposed to be equivalent to that of the president’s) to serve future despotic leaders and turn their backs on the people who sent them to office.
OldEngineer (SE Michigan)
@Dunn Arceneaux Trump is doing what the voters sent him to do: improving the economy, forging better trade agreements, draining the swamp, and putting more Americans to work than ever before. I am shocked that you can ignore the abuses of power within the swamp that have been levelled at the President in attempts to undercut ans unseat him months away from an election in which it seems Democrats are having trouble fielding a winning candidate.
KMW (New York City)
The Republicans should delay delay delay just as Nancy Pelosi did to get the two impeachment articles over to the senate. It was not a rush on Mrs. Pelosi’s part, so why hurry. The longer the trial proceeds the more impatient the American people will become with this impeachment process. Their support has been dropping considerably for this fiasco and will only continue. They will no doubt blame the Democrats for proceeding in the first place for this sham display which will exonerate President Trump.
Fred (GA)
@KMW No, more evidence showing trump is guilty would come out.
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
@KMW If so, then you should welcome it. Truth will out.
NRS (Chicago)
If anyone believes that Senator Susan Collins is going to do the right thing and vote to have witnesses, I have some swamp land in the mountains I could sell you. Just watch how she takes it up to the edge, and then reneges. It’s what she does.
SMS (Wareham Ma)
Republicans have begun their massive cover up. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite so scary. They spoke as if the truth didn’t matter at all. Everyone says “history will judge“. As if we can expect justice to prevail in some distant future when it doesn’t prevail now.
Lannock (San Francisco)
Utter waste of time. I can't stand Trump but this will endure his re-election. God help us.
Dr. John (Seattle)
The Democrats refused to call their #1 witness, their whistleblower. The Republicans will call him as their first witness.
Dielli (New York)
Wasn't that Rudy?
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Dr. John And there it is — the complete and utter lack of logic Trump supporters use. Just what does the Whistleblower’s testimony add to the proceedings now? First hand evidence and testimony has moved so far past the Whistleblower’s original complaint, that it’s not necessary or productive. It’s just like asking someone who called 911 to testify at trial, when their are ten eyewitnesses with more information. But sure, go ahead and call the Whistleblower, just so he can be vilified for choosing his country over the president.
Debbie (Reston, Va)
There is a sound reason for never calling whistleblowers if you can convict with other evidence. The whole idea is that a whistleblower can alert authorities anonymously without fear of retribution, and the authorities would conduct a full investigation and gather evidence and on-record witnesses. Dragging him or her into the public light would defeat that purpose, endanger the whistleblower and send a chill to all future would-be whistleblowers. The House has presented witnesses with much more first-hand knowledge, but Trump’s public confession (the transcript) is more than adequate to prove guilt. The system worked well.
Max (Brooklyn)
McConnell seems bent on proving that the rule of law and constitutional democracy is a joke. McConnell has equated Mr. Trump with the presidency. The presidency is not on trial. Mr. Trump is. Mr. Trump, to cite Henry Hide during the Clinton impeachment, is not charged with a youthful indiscretion. He is being impeached for having abused of office of the presidency, not for having abused someone in the office of the president.
James (Wilton, CT)
Looks like a group leading themselves to Election Day gallows under the direction of Speaker Pelosi. Democrats have mistakenly put their eggs in a futile impeachment process instead of getting behind one solid candidate that can sweep through Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc. Americans will instead view pointless "waste of tax dollars" Capitol Hill impeachment grandstanding aside a Democratic civil war as the remaining candidates sling tons of mud at each other. If ever Republicans had a dream scenario for a Trump reelection, this is it. Oh, and the economy continues to roar. Under current strategies, Democrats should feel lucky that there is a Presidential term limit law.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@James The economy is overstimulated through the obscene tax cuts for the rich. Did you not notice the debt that the US will vie to carry for generations. Dem civil war? Have you forgotten the GOP primaries in 2016? Futile impeachment process? They were obliged by the Constitution to do it. Pelosi bent over backwards to avoid it. So is it futile to try and stop Russia meddling in the next election? So I presume you are happy with the Kremlin installing the president of their choice. They share the choice with you apparently.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
Trump lost the total popular vote nationwide by 3,000,000 votes. But Trump lost Democrat California, where he never campaigned, by 7,000,000 votes. Doing the math, this means that Trump beat Clinton by 4,000,000 total votes in 49 states. Democrats should be concerned. Clinton was smart, middle of the road, and like-able to most people who are not “deplorables “. The current Democrat candidates lack her attributes.
Moses Cat (Georgia)
@Mark McKay Nope, he lost the popular vote by a lot more than 3 million votes. there were other candidates besides Trump and Clinton.. re-do.
BO Krause (Victoria, Texas)
This will go down in history not only as the most abusive house of representatives in American history, but more importantly an exercise that most certainly will re-elect the best and most productive President this country has ever elected. Shame on this faux display. The American people see it for what it is, the result will keep democrats from leading the executive office for many, many years to come. Shame on you Nancy Pelosi. Your thirst for power is in naked display for world view.
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
@BO Krause Thanks for the Victoria perspective.
Bh (Houston)
@BO Krause, Oh you dear heart, "the most productive president in history" is a bit of a Texas stretch, is it not? Well, I suppose one could argue the meaning of "productive," and if you meant productive at destruction, I'm with you now. The only "faux display" I see is the man of the empty eyes and monotone voice supposedly acting as "president" while spewing more than --what is the tally now --13,000 lies, recklessly endangering our country and service wo/men, abusing the office of president to create financial windfalls for his family and cronies, bankrupting our country like his faux "businesses," destroying our environmental and health protections, inciting haters of every stripe, drowning our government in Grover Norquist's bathtub, and dismantling what is left of civility and empathy in the Republican party. But the millennials are coming. And when they do, you can count on Republicans failing to lead "the executive office for many, many years to come." And that goes for states, too. Even in y/our great state of Texas.
MJG (Boston)
McConnel will kill this baby in its crib. Recall when he said his only goal was to defeat Obama regardless of what Obama proposed. He is not a statesman or defender of American values. He is a small minded, petty, hack.
BayArea101 (Midwest)
What impresses me is that everyone I know – left, right, and center – already has their mind made up and isn't paying any particular attention to these proceedings.
Roberta (Kansas City)
@BayArea101 Speak for yourself. Plenty of people are paying attention.
KJ (Tennessee)
When Mitch McConnell joyfully announced that he would not be an impartial juror, I wondered if he was hoping to be removed from the proceedings by Chief Justice Roberts. Then he could play the victim card, but not be associated with disloyalty to Trump, or Trump's crimes against America.
Paul Klee (Lyon FRANCE)
During this time , DJTrump signs the beginning of the end of trade war with PM of China. It shows how confident he is about this fake event that happened this evening. Republicans won't make Mr Trump impeached , this is only lose of time and energy.
J Darby (Woodinville, WA)
@Paul Klee He's already impeached as of this afternoon, it's a done deal. The GOP can't change that.
Dielli (New York)
or maybe the Trade War with China is fake and the impeachment is real? Hard to tell these days, right?
Steven (Marfa, TX)
The GOP is actually what is on trial here, above all. We will be watching to see how comprehensively they continue to cooperate in the coverup and coup meant to overthrow the US Government and replace it with an authoritarian dictatorship. We expect them to continue to behave like the traitors they truly are. And we will deal with them as such.
Michael (Boston)
It is very sad that Republicans are in the end reduced to calling names and school yard taunts - just like the chief executive. “A pale imitation of a real inquiry.” “A national nightmare.” “A junior varsity attempt” “Hoax” “Sloppy” They don’t dispute or refute the charges against Trump because they can’t. It’s even worse than that - congressional Republicans are complicit in Trump’s corruption because they have done nothing to uphold the rule of law or the Constitution in the face of his complete obstruction of primary witnesses and documents. As responsible public servants they could have demanded to see the evidence that would either refute or confirm the charges. Instead they’ve made a mockery of this whole process. James Madison said that citizens had to have enough “virtue and intelligence to select men of virtue and wisdom [for public office]” otherwise “no theoretical checks, no form of government can render us secure.” I’m ashamed of the Republican response and that so many millions are content with it.
Summer Smith (Dallas, TX)
What is fiercely partisan is the Republicans abdicating their responsibilities to uphold the Constitution and protect our country from the President and his malignant Administration. Of course, Democrats are willing to put their necks out. Their constituents are hearing the brunt of Trump’s irresponsible and negligent governing. So are Republicans’ constituents who are not wealthy business owners or corporate moguls. Unfortunately, many of them don’t realize it.
VisaVixen (Florida)
A hoax is not real. This is real Donald Trump. You may not like it, but that is not the issue. And you got Val Demings on your tail and a morally complicit Republican leadership on your side. Don’t look good.
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
@VisaVixen Yes, Don, it's Real.
Susan Anderson (Staten Island)
Fox News is totally dodging the factual evidence of what Trump has done to abuse his office. The focus is instead on a partisan attack , for no reason other than sheer hatred , wrongly bestowed on a great man.
Dr. John (Seattle)
House Democrats should have taken their time and called all their witnesses, even if they had to go to court to make it happen.
Roberta (Kansas City)
@Dr. John If Trump, McConnell and Trump's other Republican lackeys can play their partisan tricks and games, then why shouldn't Democrats? I for one am glad to see Democrats fighting fire with fire for a change. Kudos to Speaker Pelosi!
Dr. John (Seattle)
@Roberta Remember that.
J Darby (Woodinville, WA)
@Dr. John Going to court would have taken months or years. And we have MORE than enough evidence.
John Gilday (Nevada)
This parade should have Pelosi singing the Stephen Sondheim song "Send In The Clowns". It would certainly be fitting. Absolutely amazing that any decent American would let this embarrassment to our country take place.
Julee (Vero Beach, FL)
John Gilday - I’d say the embarrassment is this inept corrupt president.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@John Gilday You’re absolutely right. Pelosi should sing that as McConnell, Graham, et al, arrive to receive the impeachment indictments. P.S. How do you define a “decent American?” Is that one that rolls over for anything the Trump machine says? If so, I’m delighted with the multitude of “indecent Americans.”
Roberta (Kansas City)
Lev Parnas, an associate of Guiliani, was communicating with people in Ukraine, such as trump donor, Robert Hyde, who was secretly watching Marie Yovanovitch. Hyde spent Easter Sunday playing golf with Trump, the same day that Trump had a phone call with Ukraine. The texts between Hyde and Parnas are chilling. “They are willing to help if we/you would like a price,” one message to Parnas read. Trump tried to intimidate Marie Yovanovitch via a tweet as she was testifying during the impeachment inquiry. Trump told Zelensky during his July phone call that Marie Yovanovitch was going to "go through some things". Yet Republican Senators still don't want to call witnesses or request relevant documents? Has our country lost its collective mind?!
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Jackson How do you know there are no texts from Trump? You don’t do you? Didn’t think so.
Matt Andersson (Chicago)
One of the funniest images I've seen was the little parade of House democrats, waddling over like a little cluck of penguins, solemnly delivering their "impeachment" papers like holy tablets brought down from Moses. If only they could make a case in natural law...which may be next.
AWENSHOK (Houston)
The Magnificent Seven stride into town, ready to take on the bully and his gang of thugs. (Adam Schiff bears a slight resemblance to Yul Brenner, don't you think...?)
Cjmesq0 (Bronx, NY)
@AWENSHOK . More like Barney Fife
B. T. (Oregon)
Dream on if you think two thirds of the Senate will vote to evict Trump. The Democrats couldn't even get one Republican to vote to impeach him. Assuming all of the Democrats and the two Independents in the Senate vote to convict, it would take 20 Republicans to find Trump guilty. There might be 2 or 3, but that would be the most. If Schiff and Nadler couldn't convince a single Republican in the House to impeach, I don't think they'll convince many in the Senate to convict. It will be another vote along party lines.
tom boyd (Illinois)
@B. T. It is a reflection on how unpatriotic Senate Republicans are choosing to become, if they weren’t already. Violating one’s oath of office? Not a problem. Abusing one’s power? The base loves it.
B. T. (Oregon)
@tom boyd So you've convicted Trump already even before the trial? Republicans are unpatriotic if they don't vote for conviction? Convict or you've violated your oath of office? Slow down on the Kool-Aid.
judith loebel (New York)
@B. T. It Is a betrayal of our country to NOT investigate these events. If a soldier sees another pinned down, should they not attempt to save the person because the odds are bad? No. The Democrats undertook a sacred duty. If you can't see this, my sympathy to you.
Mike (San marcos)
Why do people keep asking if the republican senators will do the right thing? You know the answer is no, not sure why that is confusing to anyone at this point. America is broken and has been for a long time.
Dr. John (Seattle)
The Democrats know there is absolutely no chance President Trump will be removed. So what are they really doing? They are meddling in our 2020 election. And using our tax dollars to do so.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
@Dr. John Oh please. Trump did not pipe up when he knew for certain that Russia meddled in our election. Then he turned around and did the same thing. Your tax bucks have paid for millions in this clown's golfing and gilding the lily at his country club. Impeachment will be the cheapest deal America gets to restore some truth and sanity to the office of the presidency.
STG (Oregon)
Whatever the outcome, I don’t think Democrats are aiming to benefit themselves in the 2020 election. Pelosi and others initially resisted; and it has long been a Republican talking point that impeachment would play well for Trump in the election. So, I suppose what they are “really doing” is fulfilling their Constitutional obligation to hold the President to account for abusing his office.
tom boyd (Illinois)
@Dr. John Oh those Democrats! They’re in love with the terrorists. Our wonderful President said they were “horrible people.”
NotKidding (KCMO)
Why does he get away with showing such disrespect to Americans, who he is the president of, by calling the concerns of their Representatives a "hoax"? Can no one tell him to stop speaking so disrespectfully about the people of this nation?
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
@NotKidding Why attempt to change his vocabulary? It's not worth it. Low return on investment.
Fred (GA)
@Jackson just curious, did you watch or read any of the transcripts from the hearings? I did and I am sure it was not a "sham investigation".
Dr. B (Berkeley, CA)
McDonnell still does not believe what has been presented in emails, voice conversations, written memos and witnesses to the offenses. This is preposterous and a violation of the oath that he and other Republicans and Democrats took to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Trump has been impeached which will go down in history. There are many other incidents and charges that could be brought against this rogue man. Some would argue that he is mentally unstable and certainly his assassination of the Iranian general is proof that he is imminently dangerous to others, a reason in most states for commitment to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.
mary (connecticut)
As I watched the House impeachment managers start their walk to the Senate chambers, I got goosebumps ,I stood up and applauded. I just witnessed Our Constituion of Our United Sates of America in action. djt is impeached. Now I, like many fellow citizens wait for the Senate to honor and execute the oath of office they took to swear or affirm that they will "support and defend the Constitution"; A fair and honest trial.
Jerry Sturdivant (Las Vegas)
Our we on our way to losing our democracy?
TH (Northwest)
I am sure McConnell has his eye on the trigger to dismiss this if Trump starts his normal Twitter storm when this gets underway. Trump is his own worst enemy and McConnell knows it.
Dr. John (Seattle)
Schiff, impeachment manager for Democrats, will not be able to make his case now that he does not write the rules.
Yvette (NYC)
Finally. Need this monster out of office.
Cjmesq0 (Bronx, NY)
@Yvette . Sorry....he has 5 more years.
J (The Great Flyover)
This “trial” will result in a hung jury...which when you think about it, isn’t a bad idea.
GMooG (LA)
@J Hung and hanged are two different things. But I know what you mean, and agree.
Lex (DC)
Trump rage-tweeting will commence in 4...3...2...
Bob (Portland)
I sure hope Rudy comes back from exile so he can tell us the truth.
Shainzona (Arizona)
"The Impeachment of Donald John Trump, President of the United States." Mitch McConnell YIPPEE!!
J Darby (Woodinville, WA)
Hallelujah. A permanent stain that no GOP actions in the future can ever remove. Now the GOP in the Senate (along with trump) goes on trial, and permanently down in history, as they swear an oath that at least 3 of them have repeatedly said they plan to violate. Finally brought this vile, lawless, traitorous man to justice. And if he's voted out of office later this year, may he finally see the inside of a criminal courtroom. If so, I hope no Dem POTUS pulls a Gerald Ford.
Bob (Smithtown)
Biggest yawn in US history.
WJG (Canada)
As Donald Trump Junior wrote: "you know what's deplorable? Being Impeached!!!" Yep.
NYChap (Chappaqua)
There really doesn't have to be a trial but I suppose they will have one anyway. There isn't any real evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offenses just lots of conjecture. The investigation that generated the two articles of impeachment was done in the House and it is over. The investigative phase will not continue at the trial. The Senators will listen to evidence as presented by the "managers" and the response by Trump's lawyers and make their decision. If the Senate decides to hear more testimony it will be done off line and not in person at the trial. The trial isn't the place for that. At the end of the day Trump will be acquitted. An acquittal signifies that a prosecutor failed to prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt, not that a defendant is innocent.
J Darby (Woodinville, WA)
@NYChap "There isn't any real evidence" You clearly haven't been following this too closely. The evidence is overwhelming, indisputable, and continues to roll in to this day. Yes, the Senate will acquit. But the stain on trump (and the Senate for acquittal) will live forever in history.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@NYChap Sometimes I can be a slow learner — I think my optimism keeps getting in the way — but one thing I’m beginning to understand as a result of this three year debacle is that you can’t expect sound judgment from the illogical. That’s why I choose not to spend my time trying to reason with you.
Upstate NY (New York State)
I have in the past contacted GOP Congressional members, but I do not believe anyone pays the slightest attention to what have been earnest messages about Republican responsibilities to represent all citizens, not just those who can vote for them. Some members actually state they only receive messages from home state inquiries. (!) So writing to Senators to ask them to uphold their oath of office seem a useless effort. Susan Collins has disappointed me so many times I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy tricks him with the football.
Bosox rule (Canada)
The GOP will have a couple of witnesses and then claim that despite actions they wouldn't have done, it 'doesn't rise to the level of impeachment'. It's then up to Americans to decide if they're okay with a predetermined result. I'm betting on my American sisters and brothers saying no chance will we let one of the major parties make a mockery of our democracy to maintain power. Voters will give the Republicans a surprise in November!
DCSharon (Arlington, VA)
My daughter turns 18 tomorrow and just registered to vote today. She was riveted to CSPAN during the House vote today. Another member of the resistance joins the ranks! Now, Senate Republicans, find your spines—I know my 18 year old daughter’s is ramrod straight.
Publius Prime (Atlantic Coast)
Mitch McConnell, sartorial messaging genius. A tailor would say the suit McConnell wore today was poorly fitted, but metaphorically it was perfect: Chalk stripe suits were a favorite of Al Capone, too.
Southern Boy (CSA)
Ready for act 2? It should be as amusing as the first act. Let's finish this nonsense and get back to making America great again, or greater since President Trump has done much so far to make great again. Thank you.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Southern Boy Someday you might learn that the South lost for good reason — and your just illustrating one of those reasons all over again.
Bernard Gifford (Palo Alto, CA)
Does CSA stand for the “Confederate States of America,” the group of States that sought to “demolish” the US Constitution, and the values this sacred document sought to communicate and protect”? Just asking.
Southern Boy (CSA)
@Dunn Arceneaux, Thank you for your ad hominem attack. I find when liberals can't come up with a better retort, despite their claims of being highly educated, they resort to such attacks. Thank you.
Charl (Manassas, Va)
No matter what, forever, Donald Trump will remain the 3rd president in US history to have been impeached. No dirtball likes his laundry out for people to see....whether they read the fine print about his will be the [in parenthesis] on any phony plaques he creates on his golf courses. I also means the kiddies will have to cut the prices for his next line of bottled water, steaks, university degrees, or whatever else he cares to sell.
P&L (Cap Ferrat)
I'm so glad to see Nadler and Schiff back on the job. I've really missed seeing them on television. Laurel & Hardy Abbott & Costello Martin & Lewis Amos & Andy Frick & Frack
Marcus Aurelius (Terra Incognita)
@P&L Don’t forget Pelosi... That make it the three stooges...
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@P&L Perhaps you forgot to add P&L to that list? If not, I’d recommend you consider it.
05. (Cleveland, OH.)
To my mind, Mr. Trump is the hoax that keeps Mr. McConnell as regent.
Edward (Honolulu)
I notice the managers are more diverse than the Democratic field of candidates. Another example of their hypocrisy.
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Edward Keep up with current events — there are still viable candidates that weren’t on the debate stage last night. One of them is Andrew Yang, the son of Asian immigrants. Moreover, the Democratic field is still more diverse than the Republican field was at this time in 2016. If you’re going to try to sling mud, make sure you’re not standing in front of a fan.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
You are a rare Democrat who likes Yang. The liberal media picked their favorites that have been approved by the Democrat National Committee. All others are a nuisance.
The Management (NM)
@Mark McKay I know many many Democrats who like Yang. Some of them are even old people with landlines who respond to DNC polls...but not enough to keep him on the debate stage.
Steve (Seattle)
Now we will await whatever disruption trump has planned for the trial to distract the media.
jaguanno (Brooklyn)
Real story is how futile this all is. A complete waste of time and money.
Mua (Transoceanic)
Republicans need to change their thinking-- that an impeachment of trump is just that, and not an indictment of republicans themselves-- even if at this point, it is. But the more they protect trump in spite of the avalanche of evidence of criminal conduct against him, the deeper they sink into the quicksand of their own veritable swamp. I don't expect them to do anything close to the right thing for the citizens of the country, because they have proven time and again to be the party that despises just about everything about democracy except reality tv and the freedom to lie their patooties off-- but I am hopeful that enough of them will see that they actually DON'T have to lick the Apprentice toddler's booties any longer, and they will actually be feted by Americans for standing up to the three year-old's three year old tyranny.
USNA73 (CV 67)
The Kangaroo Court is now in session!
Armo (San Francisco)
The house delivering impeachment articles to the senate, is..."a potential to shape his legacy". C'mon that man's legacy has been shaped, twisted, morphed, convulsed, into the monster we have in front of us. His legacy was shaped, after his first con job in the real estate business.
Bob (Minn.)
So basically what we got here is this based on new evidence: President Petro Poroshenko was expected by Trump and Giuliani to win the presidential election in Ukraine. Poroshenko was slated to keep the Ukraine prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko in office. Lutsenko was tied to Manafort’s case in the Ukraine. In fact Lutsenko was thought to be responsible for the escape of Kilimnik to Russia so that Mueller was not able to question him. (Remember it was Kilimnik who was given the Republican internal polling data by Manafort.) “Lutsenko wanted to get rid of Yovanovitch, the U.S. ambassador, in part because she had been critical of his office and supported a quasi-independent anti-corruption bureau he despised.” And Lutsenko was thinking he would still be in office....(WaPo) So Giuliani made a deal with this corrupt ”now former” prosecutor on behalf of Trump. If Lutsenko publicly stated bogus information about the Bidens to damage Joe Biden’s reputation and give Trump an edge in the election, then Giuliani, in cahoots with Trump, would smear Yovanovitch and oust her out of Ukraine as Lutsenko’s revenge for her non support of him. So then, unexpectedly, Zelenski wins the election and that meant that Lutsenko was out. But now that Lutsenko was out, they also NOW needed Zelensky to do the same thing, that is announce an investigation into the Biden’s. Thus the withholding of aid until they got what they wanted. You can’t make this stuff up.
Marcus Aurelius (Terra Incognita)
@Bob Yes you can. You just did.
Sofedup (San Francisco, CA)
And mcconnell has had his aides dig a hole out back where the charges will be buried and the republicans will continue to destroy our country.
Will (CA)
Why wouldn’t you present witnesses that would help your own case and defense? Because... they’re guilty?
GMooG (LA)
@Will Because.. the burden to convict is always on the prosecution
Bob (Philly)
What a complete Circus. Everyone knows the President will be acquitted, what's the point of wasting everyone's time and resources? Shouldn't Congress be working on improving trade, economy, health insurance and such? Pathetic waste of time!
Timothy (Brooklyn)
@Bob "Shouldn't Congress be working on improving trade, economy, health insurance and such?" You should ask Mitch about that—and the 400+ bills the House has passed in the last year that he's just sitting on. Who's wasting the time, again?
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@Bob To me, the waste of time is the defense of a man who would betray his country for self-aggrandizement.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
I agree. I remember when Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid especially, refused to call hundreds of bills passed by the Republican House. Did you protest then? If not, why not?
AW (Maryland)
President Trump has now been inducted into a very exclusive club. He must be so proud!
Marcus Aurelius (Terra Incognita)
@AW The danger here is that the next Democratic President, which will probably be a long time from now, will be subjected to the same form of partisan harassment...
Timothy (Brooklyn)
@Marcus Aurelius not if he or she doesn't break the law or violate the Constitution.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
Democrats have promised to admit him since the day he was elected.
Penguin (WA)
Pretty hard to take Republicans seriously if anyone with a brain still does. After harrumphing for a month that the Democrats haven't sent the impeachment articles over, the Democrats vote to approve them and then walk them over to the house today and the Senate Republicans tell them to come back tomorrow. The wizard is too busy to see you now.
Sandra Hunter (New Zealand)
Imagine a case whereby the accused murdered the people who could testify against him, and then the trial judge says, Well we can't have the trial because we don't have any first hand witnesses. Case dismissed. That is what the Republicans are suggesting.
GMooG (LA)
@Sandra Hunter Umm, yeah .. that's exactly how it works, and how it should work. The burden to convict is always on the prosecution. No evidence, no conviction.
ehillesum (michigan)
And the stock market ends the day over 29,000–a new record. This clearly means that investors and CEOs and others believe—and are betting their money, that the impeachment is a partisan, political farce. What a waste of the Democrat’s time.
David Weintraub (Edison NJ)
@ehillesum Maybe it means they think Trump will be removed along with his pesky and unproductive tariffs.
Chris Jones (Playa del Rey, CA)
@ehillesum You think the stock market's opinion is more important than congress'? Than the voters'?
Dunn Arceneaux (Here and There)
@ehillesum Or perhaps it means investors have little faith in Trump, but some faith in the Constitution. I’m an investor, and that’s the way I look at it. Or it could mean Trump has tried his darnedest to wreck the economy, but the Market and investors succeed in spite of him.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
I would like to see both sides call any and all the witnesses they want. If there is some additional documentary evidence I would like to see it admitted. Getting to the truth is sometimes a messy affair, but this affair is so messy already why not add all the fuel you can to the fire. After the fire is out then we can search through the ashes to see what did not burn up.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
Strangely Schiff and Pelosi did not accept that strategy in the Democrat controlled House. I wonder what they have learned from conversations with the Democrat members of the Obama administration that made them fearful. Maybe some current and past, high ranking Democrats are guilty of wrongdoing.
TravelingProfessor (Great Barrington, MA)
What a tremendous waster of time. In Great Barrington, MA our bridges are about to fall down, we have an opiod crisis, storefronts are shuttered, and just north of us we lost a hospital. And all our Congressman Richard Neal could worry about the last 2 years was impeaching the President.
Mason (New York City)
@TravelingProfessor -- I knew there had to be a few Trumpies in Western Massachusetts.
TravelingProfessor (Great Barrington, MA)
@Mason Do you know the other one?
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
@TravelingProfessor Do you?
Sean Casey junior (Greensboro, NC)
The saddest part in all this is that anyone is defending this president. And in such large numbers he will probably win by a landslide even though he has done all sorts of things that would put any other criminal out of the running. What kind of Americans are these?
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
People like you and especially Schiff, need to present their secret information that proves Trump was in collusion with the Russians. Schiff has claimed many times that he has that information. Then it is a slam dunk. What are you waiting for?
Just as we now know trump could shoot up Fifth Avenue and Republicans would let him get away with it, he can plead guilty in his Senate trial and also get away with it. This is the new normal for lawlessness by Republicans in America. When will we stop looking at this as a problem and threat by one man when the problem and threat is from an entire political cult and its members? Will Pelosi gift one of those pens she used to sign the Impeachment Articles to trump? Hmm, very elegant documents she signed.
berman (Orlando)
Just watched McConnell reading the rules, repeatedly naming the defendant Donald John Trump Donald John Trump Donald John Trump No matter what happens in the trial, the shame of this presidency became crystal clear.
Mike (Winnipeg)
Nancy Pelosi gambled and lost on the impeachment delay with McConnell. - CNN Pelosi played a smart game of poker with McConnell. Mens - Rea; she didn't want McConnell to fold by delaying, she wanted his arrogance to let him think he'd won. She wanted him to come out and nail his flag, a clean white sheet, to his mast for all to see; and he did. Pelosi led McConnell to cover up for Donald Trump and now he'll be tarred with his legacy.
Jennifer (Texas)
Baloney. She is a denture-sucking fraud.
Dr. John (Seattle)
“So far, there is no sign of a bipartisan groundswell in favor of calling witnesses to examine the charges. I think most Democrats remain opposed to the idea.” - Sen. Charles E. Schumer, 1999, Clinton Impeachment and Senate Trial
Cali’s Yogi (S. Central...)
Donald Trump is a permanent stain on the American presidency. Now it’s in the history books.
TWShe Said (Je suis la France)
I wouldn't count on Susan Collins and the fact that she is saying Democrats did an incomplete job when in reality she ask why WH is withholding so much information.
Erik (Manila)
It is intriguing to see all of the comments from populists asserting that impeachment is a boon to Trump’s reelection. It worked great for Nixon, which led to a Democratic victory in Congress and eventually the White House. Same for Clinton and how his impeachment led to Republican victory in the White House and Congress. Hmmmmmmm.
Paul-A (St. Lawrence, NY)
Rand Paul said that Trump is "of two minds" about whether there should be witness at his trial. Maybe the fact that Trump has two minds is a good explanation about why he constantly contradicts himself?
Guidomele (Minneapolis)
The whole process, because of politics, and poor judgement has become a yawner - and Trump will prevail - a future case study on poor political process management - time for some more innovative leadership in the House.
Mark Duhe (Kansas City)
McConnell said, live and on camera, he would not be a fair or impartial juror and that he would be coordinating with Trump's legal team. How is this to be a fair trial? The media, NYT included, fail daily to cite this fact. Were Barr not so corrupt he would direct McConnell to be removed from the proceedings for proven, stated bias. If the Chief Justice fails to prevent McConnell's participation, then we truly have no justice in America. But many of us already knew that.
GMooG (LA)
@Mark Duhe Bennet, Harris, Booker, Sanders, Klobuchar and Warren all said, long before he was even impeached, that Trump should be convicted and removed from office. So I assume that you are in favor of removing them as jurors as well, right?
Mark Duhe (Kansas City)
Absolutely. No room for prejudice here. These people are professionals, they should know better than to run their mouths.
IN (New York)
I am praying that the Senate will be transformed by the gravity of a Senate impeachment trial and they will take their oaths to be impartial jurors seriously. If they conduct a fair, comprehensive, and impartial trial, I am convinced that the facts, an adherence to the Constitution, and a respect for the process will lead to the testimony of many witnesses under oath and to a thorough review of subpoenaed documents expected of a real trial. If that is case, the conviction of Donald J. Trump should be unanimous since he is guilty as charged. Hopefully even his supporters will come to that realization- that he is unfit to hold the august office he abused. Then the spell he has on his voters and the Republican Party could be broken and justice could finally be served. I hope that is not a fantasy. I pray for the sake of our Constitution and the future of our democracy.
Minnie Mouse (Orlando, Fl)
@IN Yes, as you said, it is a fantasy. None of that is going to happen. And then how will the Democrats look?
Jim Sullivan (Miami)
@Minnie Mouse. They will look like they upheld their constitutional duty.
The Management (NM)
@IN It could happen. Or at least, it’s nice to hope. I listened to some fabulous statesmanlike Senatorial speeches during Clinton’s impeachment trial. (Because when it came down to it, there wasn’t much to say about not being completely forthcoming in public about a consensual extramarital affair.)
Cliff R (Port Saint Lucie)
Will Senators do what they swore an oath to, and will again for this impeachment trial, I doubt it. Election Day will give the final verdict. I look forward to the Managers presenting the House’s indictment. No one is above the law.
NYChap (Chappaqua)
@Cliff R Trump is innocent and he will accordingly be acquitted.
Jeff (California)
@Cliff R: If you have to ask you have been locked in a deep hole since the election of Trump. The Republicans, despite their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution, will turn the impeachment into a far right extremist political rally.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
@NYChap Trump innocent? He was a conniver the day he was born. He inherited it from his father.
DEBORAH (Washington)
I appreciate the dignity with which Speaker Pelosi led this sad and somber event. The American people have been well served by the professionalism of the Speaker, Committee Chairs, House Majority, and House Counsel. I sincerely hope the Senate can match the standard of excellence set by the House.
Ray Sipe (Florida)
Donald Trump used his personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani along with Guiliani's partner Lev Parnas to surveil American Ambassador Yovanovitch.These emails point to a President who will do anything to win an Election.We need a complete investigation into what Trump and Guiliani did to Yovanovitch. Ray Sipe Dist 18; Florida
Julio Wong (El Dorado, OH)
Speaking of impeachment-related offenses, the one thing Republicans aren’t getting full credit for is how they’ve streamlined the whole electoral process. You don’t really have to physically go out and vote anymore - in fact, you don’t even need a ballot. The Russians do it for you. Talk about ROI, Putin’s ROI on Trump makes the Dow’a gains look like a flat line. Looks like we may have traded the kingdom for a Mar-A-Lago membership.
Austin Ouellette (Denver, CO)
No matter what, forever, Donald Trump will remain the 3rd president in US history to have been impeached. That asterisk is going to drive him crazy. Even if he says it won’t. Even when he’s acquitted in the Senate. It’ll never change the fact that he was impeached.
PegnV (Virginia)
Gustav Aschenbach (Venice)
@Austin Ouellette He will always, in my heart, be the worst "president" in U.S. history.
@Austin Ouellette And please, let's not consider it a "trial"! Perhaps, an "expanded investigation" would be more appropriate.
Aluetian (Contemplation)
More and more, I think the holding of articles was brilliant AND that anyone announcing that "Nancy lost" is doing so because they fail to see the next moves. The truth, in the time since she has held up the articles, more and more damning information continues to leak out. Do you really think the house Democrats didn't know that the new information was coming? My bet is that Pelosi used this time very strategically to trickle the information to get GOP senators who face tight races in 2020 to start sweating. Anyone who pushes through a sham trial now knows that the defenders of our democracy in the house have A LOT more cards up their sleeves that will continue to be played. The cracks and attempts to shield members in the GOP led Senate are already starting to show. The emergence of documents this past week and the decision to move articles forward shout one thing loud and clear, Pelosi is darling GOP Senators to rush the trial and shield the president. She knows as many do that the corruption and cover up runs deep. May the GOPs House of Cards fall in 2020.
Lillies (WA)
@Aluetian Yes, skillful means & strategy is as much about timing as anything else.
Julie W. (New Jersey)
@Aluetian Correct. Had Speaker Pelosi not held onto the articles, the Senate would not even be contemplating a vote on witnesses. The delay put pressure on vulnerable Republicans. Now, with the release of the Parnas documents, the pressure is even more acute. And it’s worth noting that Republicans no longer have the votes to dismiss the articles without a trial despite Trump’s pleas to do just that. The Speaker played her hand exceedingly well. She dared Republicans to hold a sham trial and some of them are getting very nervous about it.
John Brown (Idaho)
@Aluetian I predicted this a month ago, but of course, I being from Idaho, did not get the Times Pick notification.
Anne (CA)
Imagine the threat. "Well, it’s very intimidating,” Yovanovitch replied." Now we know and she knows now, that she was being stalked and her life was being threatened. Marie Y knew the visible truth and wasn't going to compromise her adherence to it. I don't know how to lie and scheme either. I am not wired for lies, physically or mentally. Thank God she was warned to get out alive quickly. We need more of her ilk because trust is everything. It's the ground and foundation we live on. This shameful blind support of a corrupt mob family has gone on long enough. The people that support the Trump's now then despised him and his hyperbolic lies before his unique right-wing media tabloid network supported the nomination. The kind of media that likes inciting strife and hate. Thrives and capitalizes on it. Ask H&M about the poisonous Murdoch tabloids? I am conservative-social capitalist-liberal and I am very grateful for the Lincoln Project although I believe no party now has a claim to Lincoln and his integrity. We are here now. With a whole new set of issues to resolve.
novoad (USA)
@Anne "she was being stalked" Following someone is not a crime. Remember Nancy Drew? That's what PI's do.
Alex (San Francisco)
This trial is about power -- the choice of giving power to one person or one party, or giving power to the Constitution and the values and practices it represents. We are trying to return power to the Constitution -- Trump, McConnell and their enablers are trying to hold onto the power they stole. Republicans pretend to act for the nation, but it's clear that to them "some animals are more equal than others" -- by Americans, they mean "REAL Americans" meaning themselves. We need to act now, before they cement their hold on power by stealing the election.
Wendy, Proud Kid (From The Bronx)
I was shocked ( hard to do these days) when l heard Representative Collins and company insinuate on national Television that a fair House hearing was not made available to the POTUS. Can someone please remind the GOP that it was the POTUS who threatened those who were called to testify to decline. Talk about obstruction of Justice. The Democrats have been professional and open in their approach. Too nice on fact It's obvious the GOP has taken a different path. They have been consistently good at lying with a straight face, in front of millions of people. Their teacher (Trump) has taught them well. We can only hope that the truth survives.
Jeff (California)
@Wendy, Proud Kid: It as the Republicans on the investigation committee who did absolutely nothing other than try to sabotage the investigation. The will do everything they can to paint the impeachment as a Democratic Party attempt to destroy America. The Republican party and its right wing supporters claim that the American voters picked Trump irrespective of the fact that Clinton receive more votes that Trump did. How anyone would think that the Republicans will not continue with their big lie during the impeachment trial is beyond me.
Steve Crouse (CT)
@Wendy, Proud Kid Collins is the new Joe McCarthy
Tony (New York City)
@Wendy, Proud Kid Susan Collins will not win her reelection. She is a spineless woman who put a sexual predator on the Supreme Court. She is a self centered clueless frighten politician. No one believes anything she utters. Ms Collins needs to get a whiny position on Fox News and leave the normal people in this country alone . Maybe she can have tea with the sexual predator on the Supreme Court, she is good at throwing decent women under the bus.
Stephen (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Regardless of whether Trump is convicted by the Senate, he's being accused of committing multiple felonies, all of which can be pursued after he leaves office. If he doesn't want to spend his retirement in court and possibly prison, he might want to take some pointers from Nixon. His most rational move right now would be to resign and let Pence pardon him, but ain't nothing rational about Donny.
Watchful (California)
@Stephen Article II, section 2 of the Constitution gives a president the power to pardon anyone who has been convicted of offenses against the United States, with one exception: "In Cases of Impeachment." From here on out, having already been impeached, Don the Con is securely on the legal hook.
Watchful (California)
@Stephen You can't pardon someone who has been impeached. Once impeached, the miscreant is liable for and and all legal proceedings. This is where Nixon was smarter than Don the Con. But we knew that already. Nixon was a flawed man. Don the Con just doesn't come close to being a man, although deeply flawed.
@Stephen He is accused of Obstructing Congress and Abuse of Power, neither of which are felonies.
Richard Phelps (Flagstaff, AZ)
The fact that no Republicans voted to impeach and only one Democrat voted not to is indicative of the political divide facing our country. Until our two parties learn to work together again citizens' overall approval of the functioning of our government will remain abysmal. Though not a Democrat, I believe the fault of our inability to properly govern lies almost completely upon the Republicans and in the near term the resolution to this problem lies in voting all of them out of office. Hopefully that will happen in the elections later this year.
RLW (Chicago)
@Richard Phelps The way the Tea Party Republicans in Congress after 2010 treated Barack Obama's attempt to govern laid the groundwork for this impeachment process. Remember how McConnell treated Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland? Actions have consequences. Trump simply proved to be as corrupt as he was reputed to be.
Jeff G (Atlanta)
@Richard Phelps Republican philosophy has been that Democratic rule is inherently illegitimate since about the age of Newt Gingrich. Everything since then has been based on this idea, and has led to outrageous obstruction and gridlock when the GOP is not in power, and trampling of minority positions when they are in power.
Moehoward (The Final Prophet)
@Richard Phelps You deliberately used the plural. ONE PARTY in particular refuses to cooperate. And it's NOT the Democratic party.
Jane (San Francisco)
Baffling to listen to Reps McCarthy and Collins. They keep talking about “innocent until proven guilty.” Are you kidding? They won the presidency based on “lock her up” and name-calling and their own investigations have found nothing. Nothing! Unlike the growing evidence of our president’s corruption. Democrats have wasted time and money? It is quite the opposite. Decades of partisan investigations by Republicans, they are the masters. And the Democrats have been remarkably tolerant over the years. The Republicans take advantage of Democrats’ fair-mindedness. It is perfectly obvious that the president’s intent is a repeat of the 2016 success by slandering the Democratic opponent. They have no evidence of crimes by the Bidens, only wishful thinking (to put it politely), and the request for Hunter Biden to be a witness is inappropriate and cruel. We learn new facts every week about criminal activity by the president and his associates. These Republicans refuse to address these facts and be responsible to their oath of office. They talk in circles, conning their supporters. They want firsthand witnesses? The president and his immediate circle are the obvious choice. Let’s see the president’s financial records and see who is overpaid. Senator McConnell keeps referring to the Clinton impeachment hearing... OK, President Clinton testified so this president should also. Under oath.
John Brown (Idaho)
@Jane Correct me if I am wrong, but Clinton testified under oath in a Civil Trial when he was accused of sexually intimidating several women. He perjured himself and later admitted it. He did not testify in terms of his impeachment trial did he ?
HarmlessHemp (Planet Earth)
@John Brown I don't remember that either.
Bronx Jon (NYC)
It’s surreal that the Republicans have no shame in defending the president by withholding evidence and witnesses. Do they just have no concern whatsoever for their legacies and their oaths of office in aiding and abetting criminal behavior? It’s good that things are moving forward but what an embarrassment for our country. November can’t come soon enough.
Ray Sipe (Florida)
@Bronx Jon Right Wing; aka Republicans aka GOP only care about winning. Lie; cheat; steal; break laws;whatever it takes. Expect Republicans in Senate to yell; scream; bang on the table;lie;anything to protect Trump aka Mob Boss Trump.Trump came close to ordering a hit on Yovanovitch. Yes; it is that serious. Vote like Democracy depends on it. It does. Ray Sipe
johnw (pa)
@Bronx Jon .....MUCH more than an embarrassment. "....the world's most powerful country hit a record low of 16 out of a 100-point scale in "trust."...."United States is no longer trustworthy. It’s 50% less less trustworthy than it was when we first started a survey back in 2016,...."
Mua (Transoceanic)
@Bronx Jon "Do they just have no concern whatsoever for their legacies and their oaths of office in aiding and abetting criminal behavior?" The Republicans' so-called "representatives" have made the answer to that as clear as possible. No need to waffle with Moscow Mitch or litigate with litigious-religious Lindsey. Just ask Rudy Giuliani or Jared Kushner who's in charge of American taxpayer dollars. It's Putin and bin Salman, because.... CA$Hing! The trump crime family and their trickle-down dealers are just drinking the goo. When necessary, they pass some on (as a trillion dollar loan with shark-level interest) on the American taxpayer. So, no, they don't really have shame except before their masters-- which are not comprised of middle class American dupes.
Joe Miksis (San Francisco)
The die has been cast. Will the GOP Senators follow the path that Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham want them to take, obstructing justice and abetting Trump's crimes? Or will they be true to their oaths of office, & conduct a fair trial, complete with subpoenaing major witnesses (Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton) & the large body of evidence the White House is illegally withholding? We will soon find out. Our Democracy hangs in the balance.
zula Z (brooklyn)
@Joe Miksis Kiss our democracy goodbye. Why is the GOP so desperate to stay in office? It can't be much fun to lick the boots of a siily, spiteful fool who would betray any of them without a moment's regret.
Ann (California)
@Joe Miksis-The Senate also hangs in the balance. If they fail to thoroughly and impartially review the evidence, call witnesses, and conduct anything less than a professional and impartial trial--they send the message to every American that they don't believe in justice or the rule of law. They also signal that they don't believe in their oaths of office, and a President can be above the law. If the Senate fails this task they reduce the checks and balances intended by the Framers. They hand over more power to Trump and diminish their own power. What will stop him then?
John Brown (Idaho)
@Joe Miksis We are not a democracy, we are a Republic. Given Clinton perjured himself why was he not found guilty at the trial that followed his impeachment. It has been, it is, and it will always be about Politics. The Politicians in Washington, D.C. don't care what your or I or any of the 99 % think, they only care what the 1 % care and Trump gave them their tax cut.
Underdog (Virginia Beach, VA)
Since McConnell says he wants to follow the proceedings from the Clinton trial, my question is 'why did the senators take two oaths?, one collectively and another singularly when being photographed?' Why two? and what was the second about? Just maybe in this trial one of the managers will ask why the Republicans allowed our government to be bought by the corporations to form a kleptocratic oligarchy. The answer can get us to the heart of the matter because the answer has to be why the Republicans are bound by the money generated through Citizens United. This takeover by the corporations was defined in 1973 in the Powell Memorandum, orchestrated by the Big Business Roundtable and other wealthy oligarchs for the US Chamber of Commerce. It's time to repeal Citizens United and return to a true democracy where dark corporate money buys our elections.
vsr (salt lake city)
The evidence gathered since the impeachment articles were drafted points to an increasingly sinister motivation for Trump. Trump admires Putin. And you cannot consider Trump's motives without considering what Putin did today, which is to set himself up as ruler for life. Putin shapes his country's power structure like a child does with clay. He has intimidated or eliminated all opposition. With the help of Republicans, Trump is doing the same.
NB (Iowa)
So, Pelosi waits until more emails/documents are released and also the same day the China trade agreement is signed. Timing is everything; appearances matter. That's retail politics.
Efren (SoCal)
How are we even at this point? Lying about meeting/talking to Russians, nepotism, security clearances handed out to questionable citizens, never fully severing ties to family business....of which family step in and out of public/political arena (Jr.), refusing to show tax records, emolument clauses, publicly inserting himself in investigations, threatening words and WITHHOLDING MILITARY AID for his own political purposes? How have we sunk so low?
Dr. John (Seattle)
Juries hear the cases presented to them. They do not call witnesses.
Howard (Virginia)
This is not a criminal trial.
STG (Oregon)
In Clinton’s impeachment, the Chief Justice ruled that the Senate is not simply the jury. They are also the court. As such, the Senate can most certainly call witnesses.
Eatoin Shrdlu (Somewhere On Long Island)
Dear Republican Senators: I happen to be a registered Democrat - (as Will Rogers joked long ago, “not a member of an organized political party”) because most of the time one of their candidates appeals to my political sensibilities - while your party has reduced the scope of your organization from Pro-unregulated-Capitalism on the left to alt.right radicals, clearly definable as bigots and followers of clearly un-American activities on the other. (Unaffiliated voters are one step above the unregistered eligible - they refuse to even take the time to help choose the best of the bunch running). I wish you would return to your roots - I would gladly join the Party of Lincoln, the party of Federalism standing for protection of the freedom of the individual from the ‘majority’ claims of the right to impose its will on those simply wishing to act more or less publicly like everyone else. But I write to you today and ask that you recognize 2 things in the days to come: 1) Senators are obligated to forget about politics and their leaders when acting as jurors in a matter as serious as the trial of a President - I asked this of Democratic Senators when it was Bill Clinton on trial. 2) The growth, particularly in the past three years of the power of the Imperial Presidency is stripping you of your powers. This may be your last chance to decide when, for instance, we go to war. You are losing more and more power. What would you say to a Sanders Presidency claiming the same powers?
Mark (DC)
"Trump is of ‘two minds’ on trial witnesses, Rand Paul said." This remains shill talk. Rand Paul is squarely on the wrong side of both democracy and history.
Ben (Florida)
They really blew it by not appointing Justin Amash as one of the managers.
BLB (Princeton, NJ)
Once again, Republicans are blind to the facts on their side, only to mock and attack the Democrats. If Sen. McConnell hadn't announced he would not abide by the law, instead flaunting the rule of law and his oath of office, promising instead to side with the defendant, then matters could have proceeded in a timely matter. They shout, they mock, they raise their voices in protest, but Collins, et al do not present one shred of evidence that this POTUS is not guilty of abuse of his powers. This is not only an impeachment of a rogue president, against our allies, and in league with despots, but more importantly the very essence of our democracy, the rule of law, the Constitution, the separation of powers, by the people, of the people, and for the people.
Robert M. Koretsky (Portland, OR)
Trump is guilty of obstruction. What’s so hard to understand? Even if he was innocent of abuse of power, wouldn’t he want to prove that by letting witnesses testify? Even that’s not hard to understand.
Liam (Earth)
As far as I know, bribery is still a felony. A hoax is something different altogether.
bellicose (Arizona)
As one who would like to see Trump gone in the worst way, I must say the Democrats have made a mess of the whole thing. Pelosi was right about the dangers of a partisan impeachment....a censure would have gone far better in hastening his removal. Now the talk of even more evidence leaves just about everybody but CNN cold. From the start we all knew he Senate would negate the impeachment and now it looks like it is a sure thing and, worst of all, a lot of people just don't care. Vote him out but end this constant coverage of something that isn't going to happen.
PeterH (Florida)
At this point .... Americans are expecting a Republican Senate "sham trial." Moscow Mitch has promised such a travesty and the final question that needs to be asked is this: Will Chief Justice Roberts allow his reputation to be irreperably tarnished by sitting in equitableness of this Constitutional crisis? ..... or will he remove himself from the proceedings until such a time that the Republicans want to do their job.
MEM (Quincy, MA)
There is so much incriminating evidence against this charlatan who barely acts as a president that those Republicans who refuse to acknowledge this must be removed from office. They are a blight on the ideals of our Founding Fathers and on the Constitution that has framed our government for over two centuries. It is more than puzzling that some American voters continue to support a man who has demeaned our country and put its citizens in danger.
Joe Yo (Brooklyn)
Let the circus begin Weak charges Biased House This is a case is subpoenas as a political weapon used by a party rejecting democracy. Some Dems have planned to impeach from day one. “Not My President” slogan says it all, they reject democracy.
JJC (Boston)
In response, Pelosi should remark: "As to the first question, Mr. McCarthy, it is urgent. As to your second question, we are on the clock. And as to your third question, well Mr. McCarthy, as you know, we would be derelict in our duty if went sent this urgent constitutional issue to a Kangaroo Court. And so, it is because of that unfortunate reality—where your Republican colleagues in the Senate were prepared to dismiss the articles without calling a single witness—that your rhetorical questions are neither cute nor effective, but rather crumble under the weight of your ignorance."
Charl (Manassas, Va)
It would be such a teachable moment and salvo of democracy if the USA would remove our criminal leaders from office. It would spook autocrats and oligarchs in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Brazil that democracies can and do remove criminals and traitors. It would show Putin that there is a limit to the return he'll get on the business of foreign election meddling and getting his favorite money-launder appointed. If his "boy" or his "puppet" is removed it will uplift the image of American democracy and stain the legacy of Putin.
AC (Quebec)
"Trump is of two minds about..." Look, a lot of us are actually not sure he has one complete mind...
Joshua Folds (New York City)
It will be amusing to watch Republicans make mince meat of Democrats in the Senate and quickly dismiss all charges and acquit President Trump. My condolences in advance to those of you who suffer from TDS. These next few weeks will be rough for you, I'm sure.
Dan Fannon (On the Hudson River)
@Joshua Folds When it comes to defending the Constitution and the rule of law, Joshua Folds is its own complete sentence.
Woosa09 (Glendale AZ. USA)
This Article’s of Impeachment were all done legally. President Donald J. Trump has no one to blame but himself. How does it feel to receive a legal dose of your own medicine when the GOP collectively denied Barack Obama his own Supreme Court nominee which was illegal. Payback is delicious.
Odehyah Gough-Israel (Brooklyn)
I think anyone who supports an impeached president is fooling her/himself. This group of managers - including my personal representative Hakeem Jeffries - is an experienced, no-nonsense group of legislators who understand what it takes to expose this president's guilty acts. Even if the Senate does not vote to remove Trump from office, the House has succeeded in exposing this deceitful president for what he is - a liar, a con artist, a criminal. If Hillary could get 3 million more votes in 2016 with a third candidate in the election, Democrats can easily defeat this collluding, cheating president from getting a second term.
Joe Yo (Brooklyn)
Let the circus begin Weak charges Biased House. Kangaroo court This is a case is subpoenas as a political weapon used by a party rejecting democracy. Some Dems have planned to impeach from day one. “Not My President” slogan says it all, they reject democracy.
Paul Abrahams (Deerfield, Massachusetts)
The Trumpster is a knave and a buffoon, but his supporters don't care about that. And who can blame them? He is a fierce warrior for the white supremacists and the right-wing evangelicals, and that's all that matters to them. They even have a model for that in the ancient king Cyrus, who was a friend to the Christians even though he was not a Christian. The really sad part of this is that his supporters believe he's a friend of the little guy. He isn't.
Jasphil (New Jersey, USA)
The impeachment in the House and the trial in the Senate is going to animate his supporters, solidify his base, and when conviction fails to get even a majority in the Senate - let alone 2/3rds - he’s going to march out to the Rose Garden and say he’s been “vindicated” in a “total exoneration.” I wonder if the Democrats will think this whole charade over something that is worthy of censure, but not removal from office, was worth it.
Dan Fannon (On the Hudson River)
@Jasphil The question of if it was worth it shouldn't be asked of the Democrats. The question of the necessity for this impeachment should be addressed to the tens of thousands of American dead who gave their full measure of devotion in this nation's 240 years of struggle for freedom, decency, the Constitution, and the rule of Law. They paid the price, so they get to say whether or not it is worth it.
Clover Crimson (Truth or Consequences NM)
Republicans stand behind Trump because they only work for the top 1%. It's an easy job for them making the filthy rich even richer off the backs of the lower and middle class Americans. Warren or Sanders can stop the Trump CANCER. VOTE!
Ricardito Resisting (Los Angeles)
But her emails! But Hunter Biden! When will this nonsense end? Time for Trump to face justice. Republicans who block witnesses will go down in history as traitors to the Constitution.
JQGALT (Philly)
Can’t they just email over a PDF of the articles? Why all the circus?
Eugene Gorrin (Union, NJ)
As Representative Nadler correctly stated today, the Senate is on trial as much as President Trump. The Senate needs to perform its Constitutional duties and responsibilities as it conducts the trial of President Trump, and so does each and every Senator as he or she acts as a juror hearing and reviewing the evidence presented and rendering an impartial verdict. Every Senate impeachment trial in U.S. history has included witness testimony. By not calling witnesses, Senate Majority Leader McConnell and his Republican colleagues have indicated that they’d rather cover up Trump’s crimes than hold the fair, transparent impeachment trial that our democracy demands. According to recent polling, 71% of Americans want to hear witness testimony from people with first-hand knowledge of Trump’s actions. Republican senators should listen to their constituents instead of covering up Trump’s crimes. A trial without witnesses and evidence isn’t a trial—it’s a cover-up and a sham. The Senate is on trial. If the Senate cannot fulfill its constitutional responsibilities, then perhaps we should reconsider whether the Senate should exist, and we should certainly consider whether any senator who fails to perform his or her constitutional duties deserves our vote the next time he or she is up for re-election..
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
I get the impression that many commentators will believe that the Senate has not done its job unless Trump is convicted. If so, why bother with a Senate trial and any witnesses or testimony?
Eugene Gorrin (Union, NJ)
@Mark McKay Not true. The House performed its constitutional function by acting as a grand jury and deciding whether to indict - to impeach the president based on the evidence it gathered and testimony of witnesses. A grand jury is actually a one-sided legal process where the prosecution presents its case and the grand jury decides whether or not there is probable cause to indict someone for a crime. If indicted and charged with a crime, a trial thereafter determines whether or not someone should be convicted of the charged crime. The House performed it constitutional role regarding impeachment. I simply want the Senate to also perform its constitutional duty by conducting a trial and considering the evidence presented and the testimony of witnesses bearing on the particulars of the case - the 2 Articles of Impeachment on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. That's the nature of a trial. If, after a trial, less than 67 Senators (2/3 vote) find that Trump did not abuse power and did not obstruct Congress, then the Senate will have done its job. But the Senate needs to hold a trial of Trump - a real trial with evidence and witnesses.
Democrats are going to be so disappointed when Trump's polling numbers are higher at the end of the trial than before. Impeachment is a gift to his re-election.
D.E.R. (JC, NJ)
Wishful thinking!
Ray Sipe (Florida)
@KR Why is Trumpie Bear throwing a fit if he is sooooooooo innocent?
WinManCan (Vancouver Is. BC Canada)
@KR and if they’re not, you and Trump will blame the MSM or at least Obama.
AACNY (New York)
Democrats, especially Pelosi, are trying to turn this into a solemn occasion, when, in fact, it's a highly partisan made-for-TV drama. Pelosi keeps trying to get people take it seriously. Don't think she's succeeding.
MorningInSeattle (Guess Where)
She is succeeding. If you get most of your news from Fox then you probably don’t know this.
Carla (Brooklyn)
@AACNY Trump is a criminal and a traitor, colluding with a Putin and loving Kim Jong. If he is innocent then why are the republicans not letting witnesses testify,? Why will he not show his tax returns? Democrats are trying to uphold the rule of law.
@AACNY Frankly, I don't know which "people" you speak of because there are millions across our country alone, not to mention abroad, who are taking our Constitutional crisis very seriously as every American should.
Greg (Atlanta)
I really hope this the last impeachment, and that hereafter, better and smarter politicians realize that Congress’ impeachment “power” is just a dead letter in the modern world. Even if the Senate ever manages to “convict” a sitting president, how are they supposed to “remove” him, if he contests the validity of the proceedings? (If, for example, the President disagrees with Congress’ definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors”) In 1805, presumably, the Senators could just walk down the hall, grab him, and throw him out of the building. Not so simple today.
WJG (Canada)
@Greg There is no appeal from impeachment. If the president can not mount an adequate defense and the senate votes removal the next in line (usually the vice president) is sworn in and the powers of the executive are turned over to them. You might get a high-volume twitter storm from the person removed from office, but other than that life goes on with a new president in power. Easy peasy.
Stan Sutton (Westchester County, NY)
@Greg Yes, it could be just that simple today. A conviction of impeachment is determined solely by vote of the Senate. There is no process by which charges can be dismissed or the result appealed through the judicial system. What the President thinks about it doesn't matter. Upon conviction the President is removed from office, that is, ceases to be President, and the Vice President is sworn in as President. The former President loses all authority. The former President is no longer the Chief Executive, no longer the Commander in Chief, no longer the boss of anyone in the U. S. Government. And if the former President were still in the White House they would be trespassing on government property. And they'd be evicted.
Doug Lowenthal (Nevada)
@Greg Impeachment is a sanction for an unfit President like Trump.
Peter Thom (South Kent, CT)
The developing agreement to allow Republicans to call Hunter Biden in exchange for witnesses Democrats would like to call is completely unbalanced. There has been no vetting of the evidence supporting the charges against Biden; it is completely hearsay. On the other hand, evidence implicating Pres. Trump in shaking down the Ukrainian president in exchange for announcing investigations into the Bidens is well developed and credible. Yet both allegations will be given equal weight by the majority of observers. it is very important that those arguing the case against Trump be prepared to point out this glaring difference and the obvious implication that calling Hunter Biden to testify is a sham.
KaneSugar (Mdl GA)
Actually Joe & Hunter Biden are irrelevant to the case against trump. Trump is the one who attempted to extort a foriegn nation (allie against Russia's putin) in an attempt to influence the election. The Bidens were just the excuse to cover his illegal behavior. And anyone who doesn't realize that has been sniffing too much glue.
Mark Keller (Portland, Oregon)
President Trump started committing impeachable acts almost immediately on taking office. Let us not forget that in the first few months Trump obstructed justice in many ways. These are just those elements that relate to two key players: 1) Trump pressured FBI Director Comey for loyalty oath 2) Trump pressured Comey to give National Security Advisor Flynn a pass, and not investigate him 3) Trump pressured Comey to publicly say Trump was not under investigation 4) Trump pressured Sessions to not recuse himself 5) Trump pressured White House Counsel McGahn to pressure Sessions to not recuse himself Thank goodness that impeachment has finally been accomplished. Now, it is imperative that the Senate take both oaths seriously: 1) Their oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic; and, 2) Their oath to be impartial jurors in considering whether to convict and remove Donald J Trump from office. If they do, unless there is blockbuster exculpatory evidence that emerges, there can only be one result.
Joe Yo (Brooklyn)
Let the circus begin Weak charges Biased House This is a case is subpoenas as a political weapon used by a party rejecting democracy. Some Dems have planned to impeach from day one. “Not My President” slogan says it all, they reject democracy. No quid pro quo and no crimes Trump wanted something but nothing actually received. Yawn. It’s a big yawn. You may think he didn’t defend the constitution but that’s a loose opinion. Good luck.
Sage (California)
@Mark Keller Reality!!! Sanity! Thanks!!!
Mark Keller (Portland, Oregon)
@Joe Yo like it or not, your admission that "Trump wanted something"- in combination with the way that he communicated to that to the President of Ukraine - was a crime. You don't have to get away with cash to be guilty of robbing a bank.
scientella (palo alto)
What we need is a really big stock market crash before November. Trump then has NO record to stand on, and Warren gets in and the free world and a non-crony economy can be reborn. Trump knows this, so he threatens the Fed, who are compliant.
Olivia (NYC)
@scientella So your hatred of Trump includes hatred of your fellow Americans who would suffer from stock market crash.
Mark (Baltimore)
So you’d prefer millions go unemployed, lose their savings, struggle with poverty, as long as Trump is removed from office? No wonder Trump is likely to be re-elected .
BlackMamba (Brooklyn)
Perhaps you can tell us when big big government has ever ever ended with less cronies? Have you studied economic history? Warren policies are following Hugo Chavez. Very scary
Doctor B (White Plains, NY)
If McConnell thinks he can get away with having no witnesses testify, he will be forever branding the GOP as the party of cover-ups & corruption. The oath requiring objectivity demands that Senators hear all of the relevant evidence, not just the things they want to hear. Senators must assume that anyone who has refused to testify has done so because their testimony would have incriminated Trump & made voting for his acquittal indefensible.
Joe Yo (Brooklyn)
Let the circus begin Weak charges Biased House. It was a Kangaroo court. This is a case is subpoenas as a political weapon used by a party rejecting democracy. Some Dems have planned to impeach from day one. “Not My President” slogan says it all, they reject democracy.
Paul (NZ)
Dems knew from the beginning that while they would impeach Trump, he would be cleared in the Senate and it would end up being the PR nightmare during the elections. Pelosi was actively warning against it. Then AOC and the extreme left-wing ideologues threatened rebellion in the party and Pelosi had to go ahead with the plan that was doomed due to the political reality. Sadly, as usual with AOC and her 'gang', they are not there to deal with the consequences of the doom - they got their 'impeachment toy', but they are not smart enough to offer any follow-up steps that would lead to success. Their entire pseudostrength comes from stirring trouble and screaming that will eventually lead to the landslide loss of the elections - it is time for Democrats to get rid of this Fifth Column in their own party.
MarquisW. (Phoenix)
@Paul. You’re wrong. AOC and others wanted impeachment AFTER Mueller testified on 24July2019. She didn’t want to, so she DIDN’T. Pelosi didn’t decide to impeach until the WHISTLEBLOWER report broke out. Get your facts straight.
Sandra Hunter (New Zealand)
@Paul It's funny how you are from NZ, same as me, and yet you see AOC as "extreme left-wing". She would just be a normal left wing politician in most countries around the world, including NZ. What Americans view as Left Wing Socialism is simply politics as normal for the rest of the world.
Tom (Pennsylvania)
And now, forever, to quote the Speaker, impeachment will be used as a political tool. Today the Constitution suffered a HUGE loss. Sad day for America.
Sean Casey junior (Greensboro, NC)
@tom I’d like to know your logic. Our internal security people were concerned enough about this call that there was a whistle blower. Senior people - ambassadors, security, state department, testified that trumps call was an attempt at blackmail for personal political gains. The transcript clearly states this. Trumps own man admitted to it (and told us to get used to it). The congress has done their constitutional duty. Where does this undermine democracy. Especially as compared to the President using our money, our tax money, for his personal gain?
WJG (Canada)
@Tom Impeachment has always been a political tool. No loss to the constitution, same as when Bill Clinton was impeached. Not palatable to some people, but that is a poor criterion for not acting.
Sage (California)
@Tom The exact opposite, Tom. The Constitution is being adhered to due this Impeachment process. Quite sad and bizarre that you fail to get that!
Grove (California)
“Everyone who shamed themselves for him will live to regret itL. -Joe Scarborough I tend to think this will be the case. Republicans always go for short term gains.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
The lack of any Republicans as trial managers indicates that the proceedings in the Senate are intended to be a hatchet job against Trump by Democrats.
WJG (Canada)
@Mark McKay Ummm, because all the Republicans want to be on the defence? You might argue that the Republican choices are a "hatchet job" on reality.
berman (Orlando)
@Mark McKay Or proof that not one Republican had the courage and integrity to stand up for the Constitution.
MorningInSeattle (Guess Where)
The nation is in crisis, the entire world is on tenterhooks, there are over 15k documented lies told by Trump. He has committed far more crimes than he is being impeached for, and he is doing his best to finagle a way out of this so he won’t be held accountable. But, tell me again how this is a biased hatchet job against Trump. You will never open your eyes or your mind, will you? You are exactly what is wrong with America.
J Darby (Woodinville, WA)
Heard another GOP House member claim today that "it's been proven the the president did nothing wrong". What "proof"? What planet is he living on? These people have no shame. A year or two back I used to wonder what would be a "bridge too far" for the GOP with this guy. Now I'm finally beginning to realize that there is no "bridge too far" for them. Can't wait for the perp walk after 2:00 PST today, it will be satisfying.
Will (CA)
What’s the difference between presidential harassment, a hoax, and a witch hunt? Just trying to get a handle on how the Executive branch defines our system of government.
Locals4Me (Texas)
Pelosi will go down in the history as leader of the group of House committee chairs that plotted to divide Americans by proclaiming Trump's guilt from the beginning without evidence, only partisan hate and power hunger. This group has colluded and conspired to affect the 2020 elections through a disinformation campaign much better than the Russians could even imagine.
@Locals4Me "Without evidence"? It is obvious that you did not tune into any of the sworn testimony made by key government witnesses who have served our country with distinction over decades of their lives nor read a stitch of the public record. How anyone can form a sound opinion while keeping their heads in the sand or shouting lalalalala all-the-while is a mystery to me. As Americans, it is our duty to protect our Constitution, to protect our country and not a man, nor a party. It is our duty, as citizens, to listen even when we are afraid of what we may hear. Country must always come first, always.
Ray Sipe (Florida)
@Locals4Me Texas; where a schoolboy was Shot and killed yesterday. If we save one life by getting GOP out of power; that would be awesome
Adam (Harrisburg, PA)
So the "No" votes were bipartisan.
IndependentVoter (Phoenix)
@Adam Yes, bipartisan support NOT to send the impeachment to trial, and only partisan support to go to trial!!!! Haha.
Susan (NM)
@Adam - I consider the "Yes" vote bipartisan because of Justin Amash. No one reports it that way because he had to leave the Republican party because-Trump. But he's about as Republican as they come and he voted for it.
Blue in Green (Atlanta)
Has McConnell acquitted yet? Or will he go to the trouble of actually having a vote?
Gregg54 (Chicago)
Biden should have said last night: "Hunter and I will testify ... if President bone spurs and Don Jr. testify." That would have made my day and livened up a comatose Democratic debate.
Rachel Quesnel (ontario,canada)
Incredible, you would think that this would be a solemn time for the US, however, now we hear chances are the Senate will refuse to take the articles of impeachment tonight and have the managers return to-morrow, does this not shame the US after all the world is watching and to be quite honest this seems more like a new comedic mini-series with many players auditioning, has the US become this dysfunctional? with the latest Iran Crisis having happened where the world is torn between the faults, I personally think both the US and Iran are at fault regarding the downing of this plane and the many innocent deaths, maybe most of the world should wear the same jacket Melania Trump wore that said I don't care, do you? It certainly seems like the US is forgetting the Constitution and the Freedom for which it stands nor do they seem to care about this President who, after the latest developments once investigated, is appearing more lawless and corrupt than ever before. If you have ever worked in the investigation of Organized Crime the details portrayed in the Lev Parnas documents is typical of a Crime Boss, Make sure you can cause enough doubt, First even though Giuliani in the May 2019 letter states that he has the authority with consent from Trump, unless it is in writing, that can be argued Giuliani wanting to be a somebody, Hyde, this is disturbing if in fact it can definitively be proven and why is Pompeo in hiding? how many more complicit characters will come to light, Netflix!
Chris Hunter (WA State)
Fascinating to see the Trump cultists and Russian trolls come out whenever impeachment is brought up. Since there are so many that are outraged about the mistreatment of their cult leader, let me give credit where credit is due and cite Trump's accomplishments to date (partial list only): Spent the most tax-payer money funding his vacation days and golf rounds to date (where he undoubtedly was also number one at cheating) Gave a giant hand-out of money to his rich donors with a fake tax cut that did nothing for middle class tax payers other than increasing the national debt by $4.1 trillion Imprisoned children in steel cages and separated thousands from their parents Assassinated a foreign leader for no apparent reason (then went on to say he didn't need a reason) bringing us to the brink of war and ending with the deaths of 176 innocent civilians on a downed Ukrainian jet Betrayed American allies, the Kurds, in Syria and endangered the lives of American troops in a hasty, unplanned retreat Cost American consumers $77.7 billion (so far) through erratic tariffs during his ill-planned trade war with the Chinese Most criminal indictments (215 and counting) of any presidential administration EVER (you must be very proud of that one)! And of course the best for last - I'll put it all in caps so it's easier to read: IMPEACHED FOR ABUSE OF POWER (which as you know is FOREVER) I could go on, but you get the idea. You should all be very proud indeed!
Kenan Porobic (Charlotte, NC)
Our politicians could hardly sink any lower. The GOP impeached Bill Clinton over the Oval sex, I mean the oral sex. Not to be outdone, the Dems impeached Donald Trump over a phone call. Was it the case of phone sex? Not really, just a demand to investigate whether the US official broke any graft laws by demanding to place his son in very lucrative board position. There are about 330 million US citizens. Probably more than a half of them is qualified to run for the presidency. But the graft inquiry demand potentially undermined a chance of one out of 165 million people, and the House leadership construed it as the attack on the US democracy. Those people really very strongly defend their rights and freedom to be corrupted…
IndependentVoter (Phoenix)
@Kenan Porobic "The GOP impeached Bill Clinton over the Oval sex, I mean the oral sex. Not to be outdone, the Dems impeached Donald Trump over a phone call." This puts it in a NUTSHELL, with the emphasis on NUT. Funny, when the shoe was on the other foot, Pelosi, Nadler, and Schumer all rightly criticized the NUTTY Clinton impeachment and now proceed with their own NUTTINESS. Our politicians need to deal with real problems; we are actually out of time!
Mark (Baltimore)
All a waste of time and likely to hurt Democrats in the fall. Pelosi should have stuck to her guns and not impeach. She caved to the progressive, purist, woke, and ultimately, inexperienced unrealistic wing of the party. Trump is very likely to be re-elected at this point , given state of economy and low unemployment. Democrats are gonna look foolish in 2 weeks, let alone in 10 months.
Neal Kluge (DC)
Assuring Trump's R E - E L E C T I O N
Gustav Aschenbach (Venice)
For all their hyperventilating and hair on fire, the Cons--all of them, from pols to constituents--still fail to offer proof of innocence. They have plenty of outrage, lots of "Democrat hoax," even claims that this is the worst injustice since Jesus's crucifixion, but no actual defense that their dear leader did not do what he's accused of doing. Apparently, in their value system, the truth is far worse a crime than trump's actual guilt.
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
I thought that the process was that proof of guilt was needed. But yours is an interesting concept. We can accuse anyone of wrongdoing and they must face the legal penalties unless they can prove beyond any doubt that they are innocent.
BearBoy (St Paul, MN)
You have it backwards. In this country we have the presumption of innocence. The Democrats need to first produce proof of guilt.
IndependentVoter (Phoenix)
@Gustav Aschenbach In our system people do not have to prove their innocence! It has worked well for centuries.
DKP (Minneapolis)
Good! Let's get on with it and get this crook out of the White House. And the double benefit here is that Moscow Mitch will be shown for the anti-democratic curmudgeon that he is and Kentucky can put him out to pasture in November. Could be a nice double win, folks!
Corrie (Alabama)
If Val Demings is not a serious VP contender after this, then Democrats don’t know what we’re doing. A Biden-Demings ticket would be pure fire.
IndependentVoter (Phoenix)
@Corrie Who is Val Demings? Will Biden be able to remember her name?
Der Mo (DC)
To be parallel, the title should read: House Votes to Send Impeachment Charges to Senate, Approve Managers
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
Trump did the right thing telling House members to get over there to vote against the hoax, ie, Donald J. Trump. He is the disgrace.
sebastian (naitsabes)
Clinton impeachment Bad! Trump Impeachment Good! It is hard to sincerely believe one single word the media puts out there.
Paul-A (St. Lawrence, NY)
@sebastian Clinton was impeached over a consensual sexual affair between two adults. Trump was impeached for attempting to bribe a foreign government for the personal benefit of his own campaign, and for undermining Congress's lawful vote to give military aid to Ukraine. They're hardly equivalent. Thus, one is in fact more legally and ethically "better" than the other.
GMooG (LA)
@Paul-A No. Wrong. Clinton was impeached for perjury.
Paul-A (St. Lawrence, NY)
@GMooG Yes, I know. But the perjury occurred because Starr was given free reign to conduct a witch-hunt to find something to entrap him. Whitewater => Vince Foster => Travelgate => Lewinsky. False equivalences still don't excuse Trump's crimes.
STG (Oregon)
I wonder what defense Trump's counsel could have possibly cooked up. My guess is that it has less to do with the merits of the case than it does putting Republican Senators in his pocket. How could one argue that withholding Congressionally-appropriate military aid for personal gain is a reasonable thing for a President to do? How could one argue that withholding relevant evidence (some of which seems to reach daylight anyway) from the body with sole powers of impeachment is a reasonable thing for a President to do? I have no doubt Trump and his team will defy logic in making these arguments; and Republican Senators will nonetheless contort themselves marvelously to find reason in his defense. But, unlike Republican Senators, the American public is not up for re-election and will have no trouble seeing the damning evidence clearly.
Pedro G. (Arlington VA)
The Republicans, aka George Orwell's Party, have allowed a cult leader to bury or destroy truth at every opportunity. But the truth continues to come out and the world is watching the Senate. O.J. Simpson wasn't convicted by a jury either. How's he doing?
Dearson (NC)
Thomas Paine, said it best at the founding of the Republic "these are times that try men's souls". The impeachment ball will soon be in the hands of the Mitch McConnell Senate and not only will Senators souls be on the line, but so will their careers. Unless someone other McConnell is charged with leading the Senate within the next few days, it is beyond possibility that the Senate will remove Trump from office. While ending the era of the self-described "very stable genius", as POTUS might be desirable, that is not necessary the goal at this moment. Instead, the citizenry of the nation should want and in fact demand a fair trial of Trump in the Senate; and for McConnell, nothing short of his tenure as Senate Majority Leader is on the line.
STG (Oregon)
It seems we are now at the part where Senate Republicans commit themselves, on the record and despite overwhelming and damning evidence, to supporting a President who abused his office and obstructed the branch of government they supposedly represent.
Ann P (Gaiole in Chianti, Italy)
@STG There are Senate Democrats who have also declared in advance of the trial that they will vote for removing the president from office.
STG (Oregon)
Yes, on the basis of existing evidence. The position of Republicans is untenable because they both say they are unconvinced of Trump’s guilt and that they don’t want to here nee testimony.
P2 (NE)
Now GOP and their voters will decide for all of us that; either Trump is a king of GOP republic or a POTUS. They will either put a crown on Trumps head and put rest of us into hell.. or put a crown like Jesus had.. but for real crimes committed by Trump and his family.
C.L.S. (MA)
Hoax? Did anyone not listen to the impeachment hearings? He did it and he got caught. He should be convicted.
biglefty (fl)
Pelosi knows that at this point the Senate will hold a sham trial with no intention convicting Trump of anything. She is much too savvy and clever to do that without holding aces..... underestimate her at your own peril.
HMI (Brooklyn)
@biglefty A sham trial to follow a sham investigation. Sound about right to me And wake me when Ms. Nancy pulls that rabbit out her...hat.
Chris Everett (New York)
@biglefty I hope so. I personally thought it would be a good idea to wait until after the election so that maybe the Senate would be in Democratic hands and the trial could be legit.
Susan Anderson (Boston)
It is neither just nor Christian (see Jesus in the Gospels) to use this occasion to "win" and ignore the facts and the evidence. But the wealthy and powerful have given themselves more wealth and power, and they have nearly succeeded in completely replacing our democracy with their kleptocratic oligarchy. Ultimately, reality will break in (the planet), but meanwhile their short-sighted team sports demonize Democrats as more evil than torturers, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. while they loot and exploit the planet and the underclass for short-term profit. The truth matters. Reality matters. Poisoning the public sphere and encouraging violence and hate is not the way. Sad. Making American small and mean, greedy and toxic.
The Management (NM)
Dear every single senator, “Impartial justice”: please remember that.
IndependentVoter (Phoenix)
@The Management Did you make the request of the House's Intelligence and Judicial committees - apparently NOT!
Mark McKay (Fort Lauderdale)
Senate Republicans need to be just as impartial as House Democrats were.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
I admire and appreciate the tenacity and determination of Speaker Pelosi and her entire team. Thank you for looking out for the welfare of this country and especially for protecting the integrity of the US Constitution because for far too long, others have been dancing on and around it like it's American Bandstand. Thank you for taking such a serious and determined stand to right these wrongs which have been committed.
Jerry Elbaum (West Hartford CT)
We have an individual, as president, who, from his early childhood until now, never has been held accountable for his actions. He has bullied, cheated, lied and slandered to achieve his personal objectives, self-enrichment and overall self-aggrandizement. Morality, empathy and legality comprise no part of his vocabulary. Today, he stands accused by the House of Representatives of having willfully violated the tenets of our Constitution, the very foundation of our unique democracy. The Senate has the profound, moral responsibility to provide a full and complete airing of these accusations, including relevant witness testimony and documents. There can be no cover-up.
Chris Everett (New York)
@Jerry Elbaum Not guilty by virtue of affluenza!
Hal (Illinois)
Impeachment of the worst POTUS in U.S. history continues. The history books will get it right, how Moscow Mitch has zero interest in truth and honesty and is owned by corporations doing only their bidding.
Jeff G (Atlanta)
The impeachment managers seem to be a good competent bunch, but I would have liked to see Katie Porter included. There are very few to be found in Congress with sharper legal minds or steadier temperaments than Rep. Porter.
Barry Williams (NY)
@Jeff G Actually, I'm a little shocked that Katie Porter wasn't picked. I think that's a mistake. Guess we'll find out pretty soon.
NB (Iowa)
@Jeff G She is working behind the scenes, and knows that she doesn't need the limelight, only the facts to bolster their case.
Barry Williams (NY)
@NB I'm just thinking, for example: if Nadler is out front instead of Porter on cross, that's a mistake. Nadler is past his prime, and unless he's having a very good day, he gets lost in his words and has to self correct way too much. Somewhat Bidenish. He sometimes misses nuances until it is too late, if he ever sees them at all. Porter is one of the sharpest Congresspersons I've ever seen, both in prep and on examination. If Pelosi crafts a litigation team and ends up with more witnesses than expected, Porter is one who could easily handle both scenarios.
Mikhail (Mikhailistan)
Trump gets officially impeached, his sham trial in the Senate is beginning, the next round of voter manipulation is set to get underway. Meanwhile, Putin is granted sweeping authority to reshape the Russian power structure as his entire government resigns. That's one long tail for a cold war.
What impeachment? The so-called “impeachment cloud” has hung over everything in DC but has shifted and settled over the House Democrats and the mainstream media – not Trump. Startlingly, the so-called “permanent stain” of impeachment of which television pundits and House Democrats speak will not have been solemnly and prayerfully and punishingly etched forever next to Donald Trump’s name in America’s history books. No, it will not be the first sentence of his obituary. Rather, the echo chamber existing between a major American political party and the so-called “free press” – the DNC and MSM – is coming into bright exampled light and their bubble will burst. This reordering explosion will be historic and salutary. It will happen in the course of 2020 – if not before November 3 then very very loudly that evening – and this, not impeachment, will be writ into America’s history books and the first sentence of Donald Trump’s obituary. I believe most everyone either knows this or is in complicated denial.
The Management (NM)
@RLS See Russia from your living room there in Alaska, much?
Barry Williams (NY)
@RLS Wait, are you talking about Earth 37 or our Earth? Or maybe you and the White Rabbit are merrily sitting at the Mad Hatter's tea party.
kenneth (nyc)
@RLS Yes, this is a newspaper. No, you do not have to prove you can write an A+ essay. You try so hard to be "literary" with every post. But you are not expected to be a journalist or an English major. Just say what you mean and get on with it.
Sawa (Utah)
Corruption at its best! Having McConnell already expressed that the Senate will dismiss and forgive the sitting president, is a complete show of impunity to protect a criminal. Everybody knows the outcome already! Evil still reigns.
DrDoom (Sydney)
Refusal not only to confront evidence, but even to acknowledge its existence has been the GOP game plan from the outset of Trump’s term. Trump has refused to respond to subpoenas or allow material witnesses to testify. The DoJ has backed him up on this, acting as his advocate rather than the nation’s. Now, the argument is that the factual basis of the case should have been completed prior to the impeachment vote. The GOP argument is equivalent of a person demanding mercy against the charges of matricide and parricide because he is an orphan. The obstruction case is prima facie, demonstrated by the refusal to produce documents and witnesses. The foreign interference charge is a slightly harder lift, but also supported by a trove of documents and testimony. The NY Times and most other media outlets have supported this ridiculous argument by reducing black letter law and stating that it is a matter of partisan disagreement. Ditto the emoluments clause. Make no mistake, the news coverage has helped embolden the already shameless members of the authoritarian, dictatorial GOP.
Marc (New Jersey)
@DrDoom Well said, and you are correct.
Barry Williams (NY)
@DrDoom "Refusal not only to confront evidence, but even to acknowledge its existence has been the GOP game plan from the outset of Trump’s term. " That's the GOP game plan, period. Trump just blew it up because he refuses to be circumspect about it, but this stuff has been going on for decades. Moscow Mitch is who he always has been. So is 180 Graham. Donald Trump forced them to reveal themselves in the light of day, in so many ways that pretense of ethics is no longer possible.
This Impeachment is a farce, a deliberate and extended attempt to void the 2016 election. What is also disturbing is Pelosi calling this vote on the day President Trump was scheduled to sign the phase 1, China Trade Agreement at the White House. This is the 3d time in a few months that Pelosi has tried to pre-empt the president. She's a fraud who cares more about her and her party's political future than the well being of our country.
Ray Sipe (Florida)
@MCH Trump tweeted yesterday that he is protecting America's Health Care; while he is in Court working hard to destroy it. That is Fraud.
kenneth (nyc)
@MCH Gee, man, you should just let them know it's a farce. If an old pro like you thinks it's pointless, then what right have they to think otherwise? You owe it to your country to let them know.
Marc (New Jersey)
@MCH "a deliberate and extended attempt to void the 2016 election" Always know a Trump cultist when we see one, you all read from the same exact ill-informed, and nonsensical script; Trumpian hubris and ham-fisted, forceful denial of facts, truth, reality, right out of 1984. Repeat it enough times, and the uneducated believe it to be true, oldest play in the book, and here you are regurgitating it. Stop so blatantly disrespecting our country, its Constitution, the intent of the Constitution by its framers and our forefathers. You guys metaphorically tattoo your love for the Constitution in any gun control debate, but when our country looks to that same document for guidance on how to deal with an almost nihilistic, corrupt-to-the-core subversion of our democracy and norms. But your politics can only be summed up with one phrase we see all over, and you're probably thinking it right now: "ooowee, triggered the libs!"
Socrates (Downtown Verona. NJ)
Now it's off to the Senate.....where democracy, due process, transparency, representative government, the separation of powers principle, and the United States Constitution goes to DIE. Time for Americans to impeach all Republicans if they fail their Constitutional duties. November 3 2020 Register and vote.
Grove (California)
@Socrates Republicans think that if they can pull this off, the sky is the limit. They will have legitimized an authoritarian ruler who has no constraints on his power. That is the end of the constitution and the rule of law.
Susan (Napa)
@Grove It really is that serious.
Mua (Transoceanic)
@Grove Yessir. That is what is at stake in the USA. It's hard to believe that every major tv medium still pitches this issue like it's a college football game, only worthy of concern for home-town fans, and each "side" has equal and valid "truth." It's a crock of criminality and serial lies against the survival of a democratic republic. It's a short term payoff of pennies in tax breaks for the Middle-Kingdom worshipers of their american idol, in exchange for paying billions to trump's untouchable cronies. It's a trillion dollar deficit to pay those billions, which in the long term will enslave the Middle Kingdom taxpayers for generations to come, forcing them to bow down to their de-factor creditors: those who belong to the scions of the Bank of China, the House of Saud and the Kremlin. Trump is a third-rate middle man for the largest international tax fraud and money laundering scheme since Dick Cheney was president and had his errand boy George running around starting fires and breaking windows so Dick could collect the insurance. This IS the end of the Constitution and the rule of law. So sorry.
Brannon Perkison (Dallas, TX)
One of the most troubling things to emerge today is the report that Robert F. Hyde, a Republican donor and Congressional candidate, was involved in surveilling our Ambassador, Yovanovitch. It is chilling to see him write to Giuliani's goons: “They are willing to help if we/you would like a price." And this is who the GOP thinks ought to be running for Congress? In any event, this is real evidence of bribery and a criminal conspiracy against the USA. And one that goes way beyond Giuliani and Trump. The Senate better not cover this one up. We need to know the whole truth. As Pelosi says, this is about "National Security." And she might have added treason. Because that's what it is, if true.
kenneth (nyc)
@Brannon Perkison You seem so surprised .
Philip W (Boston)
Unlike our unpopular Congressman Moulton, I support Pelosi 100%
kenneth (nyc)
@Philip W How unpopular? Sure to lose the next election?
Leslie (Kokomo)
I was very impressed to see the diversity and expertise of the House Impeachment Managers selected by Chairwoman Pelosi. I have no doubt that they will stand up to the cowardly Senators like Mitch McConnell and make them look like the weak, selfish,and homogeneously hypocritical partisans they are.
Greg (Atlanta)
Does this mean we have to start hearing about this nonsense again? Jeez I really want to hear more about the disgruntled State Department workers and how they disagreed with their boss, and then he said mean things bout them. And then the President made a telephone call to some guy who’s name I can’t pronounce and made some vague comments about corruption or something. Please keep feeding me headlines about this day and night for the next month while Australia burns and gun control nuts in Virginia plunge us into civil war.
Jeff G (Atlanta)
@Greg Being a responsible citizen is challenging. Sorry you have to think so hard and frequently. Perhaps try living under a despot--it requires much less grownup thought and behavior.
resident1728 (Virginia)
It is not the job of our Congress to put out the fires in Australia, but the fires being caused at home by a pathetic party who maintains they won an overall majority of voters in the presidential race, and the majority of Americans agree with them. We did not. Today, amongst recent independent polls saying that a majority of Americans are tired of Trump and gang and want him gone, the Republicans still say they support his egocentric actions. As to gun control, some 78 percent of us say simple rules for ownership : no machine guns, 100% background investigations of purchase, and no control over guns by mentally ill people, are easy, and intelligent rules, and do not turn the 2nd amendment on its head.
Ricardito Resisting (Los Angeles)
@Greg Can we do both?
Why wasn't Maxine Waters and Al Green picked. They seem the most vocal about impeachment.
Ray Sipe (Florida)
@KR We need to pursuade the American People with logical thought ; not emotion
Ann P (Gaiole in Chianti, Italy)
Let's watch the walk from the House to the Senate while listening to Chopin's 'Marche Funèbre". The 'cause celebre' of the Democrats is not going to end very well for Nancy Pelosi and her gang.
AACNY (New York)
@Ann P LOL. As I listened to Speaker Pelosi, I thought the only thing missing was the gong of church bells.
Jeff G (Atlanta)
@Ann P Sorry, but that's wrong. Nonsense in fact.
PeterC (BearTerritory)
Trivial partisan charade.
Ricardito Resisting (Los Angeles)
@PeterC Hmmm..... the Constitution appreciates if you'd consider its "triviality" in the life of this nation.
Eye by the Sea (California)
@PeterC Defense of our Constitution is not trivial.
gmt (tampa)
Of course the votes are all along party lines. Did anyone really think it would be otherwise, given the entire impeachment process thus far has been so political. I am surprised anyone is giving Nancy Pelosi kudos for choosing a "diverse" group of Democrats as impeachment judges. Oh come on. Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler? These are the most partisan, just as the Republicans are going to be just as partisan. I wonder if Speaker Pelosi really thinks that dragging this out accomplished anything. She held the articles until Democrats started asking, why? What has been or will be accomplished? Is it her proclamation of "forever impeached," she said over and over? Is that all they can say or think of doing to curb a president they vehemently disagree with? In the history of this presidency, the impeachment will be just a footnote relative to what President Trump has done, good and bad. Did anyone know there was a debate last night? The smallest group yet? Pelosi should have stuck to her guns as in 2018, when the pay off was big. I wonder, too, did the noisy uber-left wing start squawking about getting another speaker if Pelosi didn't cave in? The only result that will matter is what happens after November 2020.
Ray Sipe (Florida)
@gmt Trump is killing Democracy in America. No Press Conferences. Any news outlet not pushing the Trump line is "Fake News". Trump re tweeted Iranian accounts attacking Pelosi and Schumer. Lev Parnas emails hit the fan; Desantis and Mast in Florida both got Money from him. Trump will take any foreign help he can get to "Win". Winning is all that matters. Jobs up;a win. Stock Market up; a win. John Bolton might testify; not a win. Putin declares himself King of Russia;Trump salivates. Trump lies; saying he is protecting Health Care; he is in Court trying to destroy "Obamacare". Obama . Trump will destroy anything with Obama's name on it. Trump can win 2020. Kiss America goodbye. We are a Russian Province now. Ray Sipe
RLW (Chicago)
Anything that will further show the Imposter Donald Trump to be the Liar and Fraud that he has proven himself to be is important for the continued existence of the American democracy. If the Senate Republicans continue to ignore what is blatantly the corrupt act of a self-absorbed, thoughtless narcissist pretending to be POTUS we are doomed.
GregP (27405)
@RLW We are doomed if one part of our democracy cannot accept an election defeat without declaring that we are doomed. Never heard of a self fulfilling prophecy huh? You are about to live one.
Ricardito Resisting (Los Angeles)
@GregP Diehard democrats like myself waited to see what Trump would do. He lied, lied, lied some more. He destroys the environment, mocks people with disabilities, uses schoolyard bullying tactics. Avoids what most responsible adults would stand up for. Violates ethics laws. Violates emoluments laws. Violates BRIBERY laws. Tax evasion. Hatch Act violations. Caging kids, So... we aren't upset about the election any more -- we're upset with the sitting president. Absorb some real facts.
Andy (Salt Lake City, Utah)
The ceremony surrounding the event seems a bit odd. I know we're respecting gravitas and everything but really? Does the Capitol building not have internal mail?
Gaston Corteau (Louisiana)
@Andy Point #1 - It may seem a bit odd if you are not paying attention because impeachment happens so infrequently in America. Point #2 - But most Americans ARE aware of the ceremony, especially those having seen President Bill Clinton impeached in 1998. So you see to Americans it's not really odd at all. But it may seem really odd if you are not American or pretending to be American. Judging by your mentioning the ceremony as being odd, which I find odd, I'm wondering if it may be the later?
Marge Keller (Midwest)
I don't think I have ever been more proud of Speaker Pelosi than I was of her this morning and today. She makes me proud to be an American, and a Democrat!
J Darby (Woodinville, WA)
@Marge Keller Agreed. I was nervous after the 2018 elections when the youngsters were rebelling against her. I knew then that her skill & experience would be needed now more than ever, and she hasn't disappointed. Being a Dem at this time is being on the right side of history. I don't think we've had such a lawless POTUS in over 100 years. He makes Nixon look like a boyscout.
GregP (27405)
@Marge Keller I am proud of her too and I voted for Trump. Why? Because she is the reason that Mr. Trump will have no fetters when he is re-elected in 2020. Republicans will have full control of Government because the House will Flip, and Bigly.
Galfrido (PA)
Cue unwise, impulsive, potentially dangerous actions from Trump in the coming weeks as he gets increasingly testy and seeks to divert attention away from the trial.
Gustav Aschenbach (Venice)
@Galfrido What, like start a war? Nahh! Couldn't happen, could it?
Dick Moran (Salem, VA)
I wonder if all the teeth gnashing would be different with the roles reversed with a Democrat in the White House and the same evidence available to a Republican controlled House. Yes, is the short answer. The hypocrisy of the Republicans in this situation cannot be over stated. They would have been screaming at the tops of their lungs, their hair would be on fire and would have delivered at least the same number of articles if not more in their partisan zeal. Given the serious nature of impeachment, the Founding Fathers assumed that there would always be a degree of bi-partisanship when bringing impeachment charges as we saw with the Nixon impeachment process though never fully implemented because of Nixon resigning. And, the same was true to an extent with the Clinton impeachment though the partisan divide was there. Because of the almost total breakdown of civility in our political process, its unlikely that whatever the outcome of the senate trial that no one will be satisfied. Only, and only if the trial is fair with the inclusion of witnesses and additional evidence now coming to light, will there be any chance of a more "objective" conclusion.
Jonathan (Brooklyn)
Americans knew the Republicans in Congress behave en bloc. when we gave control of the House to Democrats last year DESPITE the same gerrymandering and Russian interference that squeezed Mr. Trump into the White House. The current proceedings by that House - reflecting respect for the Constitution, separation of powers and our national interest - represent the people's will. And I believe, when the upcoming trial is over, the majority of Americans will think, "I would have preferred the Republicans in the Senate to treat this matter with real, not feigned, seriousness, and to honestly determine whether this president has gone rogue and trampled on those institutions and values, because I don't want any president who truly has done so to remain in office."
Leigh (Qc)
So looking forward to Adam Schiff et al, backed by the sworn testimony of some the bravest civil servants this reader can remember, presenting the House case for Trump's removal from office with all the passion for the truth and respect for the constitution their moment in history will inspire and enable them muster. Republicans are not going to know what hit them.
Tom (Hudson Valley)
With regards to the impeachment managers, this is a prime example of Democrats not choosing their best. Anyone who watched the House impeachment hearings saw how ineffective Jerry Nadler was. When the stakes are this high, you don't mess around with mediocre politicians. Fortunately, Pelosi chose Adam Schiff who is a strong and articulate leader.
Jack (Cincinnati, OH)
At least the Senate will have no problems finding Schiff in order to serve him their subpoena for testimony under oath.
Timothy (Brooklyn)
@Jack And on what grounds would they or could they do so?
Draw Man (SF)
@Jack Uh, for what exactly? Republicans....smear now, ask questions later.
Dan (NJ)
I keep hoping against hope for a flicker of decency from the guys who are doing the wrong things.
David St. Hubbins (Philly)
You have to love how Sen. McConnell cautioned that both sides could call witnesses. That's how it's supposed to work.
M.R. Sapp (San Diego)
I am heartened to see that about 70% of the nation is behind a fair trial with essential witnesses. I hope this push on government leaders strengthens. For three years of Trump I have been questioning how many U.S. citizens cared one iota about our constitution and the laws of the land, and how many had decided that whatever Trump wants he can take. Now it seems a growing number of Americans care a great deal about holding this president accountable. I welcome any result of a fair trial in the Senate, if we can see that, knowing now that we do have a core citizenry that wants the same. This approximately 70% is a good "base" to now build ourselves back up to where we were before Trump.
E. D. (TX)
Excellent choices for managers. Carefully selected. Diverse on all levels. A team to be proud of. Thank you again, Ms. Pelosi.
Marc (Germany)
Aside from the question whether there is enough evidence to impeach Trump, the way this incredibly delicate procedure – removing an elected president – is handled is appalling. From inception, it had the appearance of a partisan undertaking catering to the part of the population that wants Trump impeached no matter what. It sets a dangerous precedent for future impeachments (including of Democrat Presidents) on a similarly partisan basis. The fact that media are now highlighting “additional key evidence” seems to confirm the impression that the partisan impeachment vote in December was based on insufficient evidence. Regardless of one’s opinion of this president, this is not acceptable. Last not least – is everyone really ok with the kind of nepotism displayed by the Bidens? Isn’t this exactly the type of politician we no longer want?
Anonymously (California)
@Marc You, sir, are deflecting and spreading sophistry. The FBI concluded the Bidens did not commit a crime. Trump has. We also had sufficient evidence of Trump's wrongdoing years ago. We simply have more now. Letting Trump skate on his crimes because we cannot get a bipartisan vote would be a much more dangerous precedent than a partisan resolution to hold him unaccountable. The latter shows at least one party tried to due its duty, and needs our votes to do so. The former simply emboldens him. We began with constant lies in 2016 and have reached assassination of witnesses and potential wars in 2020.
Mark (El Paso)
@Marc -it doesn’t matter how it “appeared “. The evidence was there. It didn’t “appear “ out of thin air. Trump got himself into this mess.
Lillies (WA)
@Marc There's never been an intent to remove Mr. Trump. To punish him and to call him out on his violations of the law (of which you groundlessly claim there is no evidence) but there's never been any realistic expectation that he'd be removed. And perhaps familiarizing yourself with the way our democracy works could be helpful to you?
Novymir (Warwick NY)
Sad day in America. The democratic party should ashamed at their schadenfreude behavior. I work very hard in spite of Cuomo. What ever happened to hard work to make the American Dream a reality for everyone.
RLW (Chicago)
@Novymir If Donald Trump and today's Congressional Republicans are anyone's idea of the "American Dream" we need to wake up from the collective Nightmare of the Trump presidency.
JA (Mi)
@Novymir, "What ever happened to hard work to make the American Dream a reality for everyone." like everything else fair and good- the republicans murdered it.
Kringletown (Racine)
@Novymir -The President did OBSTRUCT CONGRESS . -That in itself is misconduct. -The Republicans should be ashamed for not acknowledging that fact to the American people.
Olivia (NYC)
After the House’s sham impeachment and waste of time the Senate will not impeach and Trump will be re-elected.
Anonymously (California)
@Olivia First, it's not a sham. Second, Trump is impeached. This is an irrevocable fact. Third, as the senate appears to be refusing to allow the admission of any witnesses or evidence, he most likely will not be convicted. But that will not be because he is innocent.
Greg (Atlanta)
@Olivia Praise be...
Welcome Canada (Canada)
Educate me, please. Why is it a sham?
Spider (Scotland)
The Democrats have been throwing punches at Trump for three years and have yet to land a telling blow. From this side of the Atlantic, Nancy Pelosi, is seen as an embarrassing sideshow. Impeachment will be a gift for Trump - victimhood, victimhood, victimhood. The Democrats heavy hitters carry too much political baggage to be serious contenders for the top job - cannon fodder for Trump. Time is running out for the Democrats to get their act together, four more tortuous years of Trump is looming large. Forget the politics.Trump has no historical political baggage, this works for him, big time. Concentrate on following the money, it got Nixon and it got Capone, it's Trump's achilles heel...go get him.
Kringletown (Racine)
@Spider -"Trump has no historical political baggage" . He doesn't need any as long as he continues to talk about saving filament light bulbs and dishwashers like at his Milwaukee rally last night. ( Total " loose cannon brain"). -Trumps finances will become a focus as soon as he leaves ofc.
Rod (Melbourne)
After the sergeant-at-arms has walked from the House, through the old House chamber and the Capitol Rotunda to the Senate, could he please start arresting all those Trump stooges who ignored congressional subpoenas? Thanks.
Jay Orchard (Miami Beach)
What's the over-under on how long it takes Trump to start pejoratively referring to the seven House managers as the Seven Dwarfs?
Robert (Out west)
He never got through that book. Too many big words.
Doctor B (White Plains, NY)
@Jay Orchard That makes Pelosi Snow White?
gmt (tampa)
@Jay Orchard Hey I rather like that myself.
Phillygirl (North Philadelphia)
Here we go again, another Democrat voting with the other side. What's that about?
@Phillygirl Sanity
Olivia (NYC)
All of a sudden the Pledge of Allegiance is important to the Democrats! The hypocrisy is laughable. I was waiting for them to burst into the singing of our national anthem and without anyone kneeling.
JD (DC metro)
@Olivia How convenient to think that only your side is patriotic.
Woosa09 (Glendale AZ. USA)
God Bless Patriotic Americans for protecting our democracy under assault from within both foreign and domestic, so that we may pass it on after we are gone to future generations who also must pledge to protect her 🙏🏼, so help them God. Onward!
TWShe Said (Je suis la France)
When a man with 6 six bankruptcies, and 3 wives in his background calls you "Shifty"-Probably the Best Endorsement you'll ever get----Good Luck Schiff!
KJ (Tennessee)
@TWShe Said I see you didn't even try to count all the lawsuits.
Tom McManus (New Jersey)
Some good news here: the Republican Senators will be on video incriminating themselves with a shameless display of cowardice and venality. This spectacle will go down in the history of infamy next to Senator Joe McCarthy's true witch hunt.
Mua (Transoceanic)
@Tom McManus Let us hope, Brother. Let us hope that reason and sanity will prevail.
Jules (California)
@Tom McManus But Tom, Republican House members didn't care about the venality they displayed. Why would senators be any different?
Christine A Roux (Northwest)
@Tom McManus Exactly -- just in the negative sense. Just like the "witch hunt" Trump claims to be a victim of is actually the reverse of what happened in Salem: an absence of evidence enforced by the judges. Here, the evidence is readily available but the so called "victim" defense refuses recognizing it. We live in "opposite" days. Start thinking in opposite thoughts.
Jay Orchard (Miami Beach)
"Both chambers were also grappling . . . with a trove of new documents related to Mr. Trump’s pressure campaign that played into Democrats’ arguments that any trial must include new witnesses and evidence." There's nothing to "grapple" with. These "new documents" are merely sprinkles on the rich chocolate cake of evidence against Donald Trump. And Republicans have conveniently placed themselves on a strict no-evidence diet.
Miriam (NYC)
I wish they had invaded Amash, the former Republican from Michigan, who was one of the first Representatives to all for Trump’s impeachment, after Mueller’s testimony in July. He is now an independent. Including him would have shown that it’s not just Democrats that approve of the impeachment; it would also, had he wanted to do it, acknowledged that it took some political courage to speak out as he did.
MIMA (heartsny)
This is not only about Donald Trump. This is the justice we owe to our forefathers, the men and women who have given of themselves to serve in our branches of military and in our government, all citizens of the United States, our relationship around the globe, and our future generations. The United States must stand for democracy, peace, justice, the right to go forward in honesty. No matter the outcome of these days of impeachment, our sense of law and order and the system our government is based on must prevail. Those who toy with this or dishonor it will be remembered, not only now, but for all time.
SPQR (Maine)
@MIMA The many noble aspirations that you describe would only be possible after Trump leaves office.
@MIMA Beautifully said.
Gracie (Australia)
@MIMA It is bigger than that. The stability and future of the world will strengthen when you vote Trump out in Nov 2020. Ditto for Mitch McConnell who, despite his opinion, has well and truly earned the title of Moscow Mitch.
MJG (Valley Stream)
I love how we have to pretend that less than 10 months before the next election that impeachment was needed because the survival of the Republic depended on it. It was so necessary that Pelosi had to hold onto the articles for a month before sending them to the Senate, and even then, she was under enormous pressure by her fellow Dems to do so. I predict a 10 day trial, followed by complete exoneration and, of course, a landslide Electoral College victory for Trump. The Dems are doing this to distract from their clown car of socialist candidates and the incredible Trump economy. It won't work. Come November they won't have the White House, Senate, and most likely, the House. Sad!
Moehoward (The Final Prophet)
@MJG "I love how we have to pretend that less than 10 months before the next election that impeachment was needed because the survival of the Republic depended on it. " Oh do you now? Where does the responsibility of the voter end and the responsibility of the elected begin? Voters elect people to make decisions FOR THEM in DC, not consult with them on every issue before them. That's how it works. It's the business and responsibility of those who are already elected to deal with this in this way. The constitution provides for this. To wipe your hands and say "let the voters decide" means that you expect the already elected to NOT do the job they were elected to do. Trump needs to be removed immediately.
Anon (NYC)
@MJG The survival of the Republic is very much at stake. I love how you and others pretend that Trump and his administration have done nothing wrong. If Trump is so innocent, he should provide all requested documents and witnesses. I see no problem with a Bidens allowed to testify. While we are dealing with accusations of corruption for children of politicians, we should look more carefully at the true corruption of Trump’s adult children. History will judge Republicans harshly.
Woosa09 (Glendale AZ. USA)
@ MJG Respectfully. Hopefully, you all will eat these words.... Onward!
dcdenver (ny)
Giuliani knew it was foul play and knew Trump would abandon him if not throw him under the bus if they got caught , so his language about being directed by Trump was unequivocal. That was the protection he spoke about.
Rick (Fairfield, CT)
makes that weird video of Trump and Giuliani (i.e. the Rudy in drag video) look positively heart breaking... how can a love like that not stand the test of time?
J Edwards (Canada)
Since many Republicans have already decided that they will not deliver impartial justice, the first Democratic motion should be to impeach Roberts if he allows this process to move forward.
Ann P (Gaiole in Chianti, Italy)
@J Edwards The Democratic Party also has senators who have already decided who will vote to remove the president from office.
Burghound (Oakland, CA)
@Ann P Who has made such a declaration?
AACNY (New York)
@J Edwards Is there anyone progressives *will not* impeach at this point? Jeez. Give it a rest.
AM Murphy (New Jersey)
I appreciate Pelosi using "cover-up" to explain the Republican's past and current behavior.
Matthew (NJ)
“Conspiracy” would also apply.
SteveRR (CA)
@AM Murphy Just the latest in a parade of focus-grouped cynically-termed words - recall when they were testing out "bribery" on all of the talk shows. Trump is awful but somehow the House Dems have fallen to his shameful level.
Matthew (NJ)
@SteveRR I agree, Steve, "trump" is awful. And he did bribe Ukraine.