For Hugh Grant, a Smaller Screen Brings a More Complex Role

Jun 22, 2018 · 29 comments
AdrianB (Mississippi)
The English version is the one to watch......the American version presumes that the English "gay" idiom will not be understood. My take, if you don't understand some of the dialogue, watch it with a "gay " neighbor.
Eva Klein (Washington)
I'm amazed that an in-depth account of a male actor's life can completely omit mention of his wife (Anna Eberstein) or kids (several). Pretty sure an actress' biography would start off with "When _____ is not a wife or mother, she is a globe-trotting star...".
Laura (Philadelphia, PA)
Hugh Grant is an extremely talented actor. He has amazing range, just watch him in About a Boy. Sensitive! His best performance ever was in Florence Foster Jenkins. He knows how to play nuanced! I loved all the romcoms, but his serious roles tell the whole story. Bravo!
ron (reading, pa.)
Looking forward to this movie. Another fascinating British scandal! While I have always enjoyed Mr. Grant's performances; the draw for me here is Ben Wishaw, who is openly gay, and a terrific actor. I have seen him perform on Broadway, and in movies. I am particularly fond of his TV series London Spy. I'm still hoping for another season.
Barb (NYC)
The photos of Hugh Grant by Charles Gates are amazing. Proves what a good sport Grant is, letting Gates capture him in his natural state. I love these photos.
Claudia U. (A Quiet Place)
I fell in love with Grant’s talent at the very beginning of his career when he appeared in the superb Merchant/Ivory film, MAURICE. For me, he’s always been a dramatic actor. The romantic comedies were an annoying interruption to what could have been a series of fascinating serious portrayals. Sadly for me, he wanted to be considered a comedian, so it’s been a long, albeit mostly worthwhile, wait. Good for him.
Paul (Chicago)
What exactly is a “members club in west London”?
Alex I (London)
It may have been redubbed for a US audience, but in the original BBC drama, I think the line was not: “Are you telling me that you were… a little bit musical?” Rather, it was: "Are you telling me... that you... were usable?" A bit less veiled, perhaps.
Saw A Very English Scandal in London this past stpring. Hugh Grant has put his romcom days completely behind him (much as Hugh Laurie put his light comedy days behind him in House). It's fabulous; he's fabulous - don't miss it.
Mat (Kerberos)
This was really rather good. Great portrayal of stuffy 60’s/70’s establishment politics and politicians.
NYBrit (NYC)
Can't wait. Fascinating story. Can't believe how much of Jeremy Thorpe Grant captures in that one photo!
Present Occupant (Seattle)
I think he is fabulous and have had a mad crush on him forever. People sure went bonkers for him in "A Very English Scandal". Apparently they've never seen "Impromptu" and "Sense and Sensibility" and "About a Boy".
Nelliepodge (Sonoran Desert)
Impromptu remains one of my favorite movies. As Chopin, Grant's facial expressions and his consumptive cough are enough to make me laugh until I'm crying. On a personal level, I doubt he'd be very nice to know.
abigail49 (georgia)
Grant is my rom-com idol. I own them all and re-watch as therapy when I'm feeling depressed about the state of our country. If I witness his transformation as a gay man in a serious drama, the therapeutic value of my Grant rom-com collection might be diminished. I think I'll pass. But if he chooses to do another series in a lighter role, I'lll be there for sure.
AdrianB (Mississippi)
You'll miss out on a really outstanding performance by both Grant & Whishaw.
George Tuttle (SEBASTOPOL, Cal)
Boo on you Abigail. Why don't you take a look at hg in. Maurice from the9os. Boo hop
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
Take a risk, Abigail.
Philip W (Boston)
I seriously can't watch anything with him in it. I find him obnoxious and cannot forget the days when he was constantly pushing his Bang of hair back. A horrible actor.
Claudia U. (A Quiet Place)
Watch a little of “An Awfully Big Adventure”. That’s about as far from hair-acting as you can get.
Jules (Melbourne )
A bit harsh. That fop was to die for, and he’s been able to move on and grow as an actor. Loved him with Meryl.
Ramona DePauw (Los Angeles)
I just saw Paddington 2, and in my opinion, Hugh Grant was robbed of an Academy Award. He is phenomenal in it.
Kat (Maryland)
Can't wait ! He's a heart throb (sorry) and is as handsome as ever! Love the co-stars work too (from The Hour - the greatest tv show that was left unfinished) - glad I have something to look forward to when my husband is traveling - I'll tune in on Amazon!
Kelly (Raleigh, NC)
Thanks for mentioning The Hour. I agree with you, wholeheartedly.
Laura (Boston)
Watched the first part while in London last month. Looking forward to seeing the rest.
looking forward to watching this. I have liked his work.
scientella (palo alto)
I saw it in the UK. Its fantastic as is Hugh Grant. Best TV since House of Cards with Spacey.
Philip W (Boston)
And Grant has something in common with Spacey in terms of breaking the indecency laws.
Laurence Bachmann (New York)
If you stigmatise every man who engages a hooker you're going to have millions wearing scarlet letters. There's no comparison between him and Spacey who is a creep.
Lynn Fitzgerald (Nevada)
Really Philip- he paid for sex with a grown up woman- not the same as a pedophile. Sometimes it’s hard to read stupid comments. Grow up. Great in Love Actually. He’s settled in, married his love and is interesting to listen too.