Grim Economic Outlook Grips Markets as Stocks Plummet

Stocks dropped even as central banks tried to prop up economies, indicating the tactics that helped in past financial crises might not work against a global pandemic.

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  1. Let no billionaire be left behind. The new right wing capitalism! Socialism for the rich and survival of the fittest for the rest.

  2. "U.S. airlines are seeking more than $50 billion in grants, loans and tax relief from Washington." Haven't we seen this playbook before? Have they not enjoyed record profits for how many years? Where is all the money they have been warehousing? You think the aid should be tied to the layoffs that will undoubtedly happen? And by lowering interest rates in the manner they did, how did they not think this would lead to even more panic selling? And doing this while the country and world is migrating to a lockdown state, in order to gain some kind of control over the spread of the virus? Trumpworld at its very finest, only there is no bankruptcy court at the end of the rainbow...but remember, he is responsible for nothing. Just ask his supporters and enablers. I am sure they agree.

  3. Dow at 19,827. Keep that number in mind. That is the value of the DOW when donny took over. Just a little over 1200 to go to get to break even. For the bankruptcy king that's probably a win.

  4. @Jac Dow high before the 2008 crash was (round numbers) 14,000...low after crash 6,500...we'll likely see that 14,000 number soon...

  5. @Jim You may be very well correct. Currently just 350 points to get to pre-trump on the DOW. Think the current briefing isn't helping for reassurance.

  6. In Europe, where the workers have the right to long vacations the economy slows down in the Summer, but the nations do not go into panic. Don't you see what is happening ? Those who manipulate the Stock Market for a living are driving prices lower, and telling us we must allow them to sell them, so later, they can buy up the stocks they value at a bargain. Once the Virus is no longer seen as a threat they will sell those Stocks back, to us, via our IRA's, and make a fortune. As for the Airlines, well if you stopped treating us as Cattle and fining anyone who misses a flight, needs to change a travel date, you might get a little sympathy. However, Congress will give them our money and then when normalcy returns they will increase the cost of flights and treat us every worse.

  7. Please also read Tim Wu's op-ed today about the airlines, specifically American Airlines, which has gouged passengers for years, making BILLIONS in profits, and instead of saving for the inevitable rainy day is now deeply in debt. I have NO sympathy for the airlines, which have had the upper hand for a decade, and now want to sit back and be given OUR money. It's US who are bailing them out, so that the CEO's won't lose a penny, and they can continue to squeeze us, both physically with their cramped seats in filthy planes and financially, with their "change fees" and baggage fees. No bailout without new regulations that benefit the passengers!

  8. Concerning ghe airlines: I second the motion! All i favor say aye!

  9. For years, my airline penalized mechanics who mentioned mechanical problems that were outside the scope of our repair assignments. That's the equivalent of a doctor NOT reporting cancer because the patient came in for an ear exam. The airlines had one focus, profit, which was used to pay the board and CEO lavish salaries and retirement plans. Those policies manifested into a lack of cash reserves when the airlines need it most. IMO, I'd let them fail so the government takes over aviation like an earlier time when mechanical problems reported by mechanics weren't met with employment threats. When seats were larger than 17" and air filters were changed more frequently to better protect public safety. Deregulation was a disaster for the traveling public. Rather, payoff my kid's $100k college debt before some undeserving airline. Provide health care for my wife who cannot afford her insulin. For once in their miserable lives, let the 1% work for a living.

  10. @Airplane mechanic Totally can relate, although I worked in a totally different business. But, this is what Americans want and vote for, America Run Like a Business! Vote for the Businessman. As an engineer, I cringe when I hear that. I know how real world businesses operate.

  11. @gratis It's time to admit that a large percentage of Americans are blindingly stupid.

  12. Remember when the airlines suddenly wanted $50 to check your bags? American tax payers remember. Air travel is a public utility and should be treated (and regulated) as such,

  13. @Paul Sorry, dude, the is how monopolies work. And Americans have voted for monopolies for decades.

  14. @gratis It's time to change!

  15. Someone should remind GOP lawmakers that there’s no such thing as a bailout in a free market economy. It’s OK to loan the airlines $50B - at interest rates on a par with those on student loans - but it’s not OK to just give them $50B of taxpayer funds. The airlines should have to pull themselves up by their winged bootstraps just like everyone else.

  16. My friends say I am a right winger, but that doesn’t stop me criticising right wingers though. Some things have to be said. When most people think about fascism they see in their mind’s eye buffoons in political uniforms. In fact, Fascism is the Corporate State in action. In the opinion column today, ‘This Is How the Coronavirus Will Destroy the Economy,’ the author suggests the government prop up ‘zombie’ corporations, companies loaded up with debt by their private equity shareholders, to pay excessive dividends and buy back their own shares, all for their own benefit. If the government props them up that will be a step into the unknown. Corporations with imprudent or corrupt management must be allowed to fail. There will be no recovery if the zombies are given a blood transfusion.

  17. Let's re-define the game right now ... airlines want 'grants' - what is that? Money they don't have to pay back? No; the first place these companies need to go for cash is their stock holders, those people who get dividends every year. Then they can go to their bankers. If they need to borrow cash from the tax payer they can, a percentage point above the best market rate. Oh, and all senior managers can take a 50% cut in salary, cancel all bonuses, stock options and all other monetary benefits. That's a start.

  18. This house of cards built on a foundation of debt is doing what a house of cards does when a storm hits. The next house of cards built on a foundation of debt will also do what a house of cards does when a storm hits.

  19. NO sympathy for airlines. They’ve gouged customers for year - extra fees, tighter seats - and now expect handouts? No way!

  20. If only someone could make Trump keep his mouth shut the world would be a much better place. The markets are finally recognizing his blatant ignorance and the nonsense coming out of his mouth. Can't work around Trump and humor him anymore. It's bad enough that the markets are tanking but this pales in comparison to the possible human suffering and potential loss of like. I'll take the loss in the market any day to the loss of a loved one.

  21. The opinion piece in today's Times entitled "Don't Feel Sorry for the Airlines" tells you everything you need to know about today's capitalism in America. Put that together with the weekend puff piece on David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group hedge fund and you know why these oligarchs are destroying the country. The criminal Congress can't give the corporations another tax cut, so now the taxpayers (the 99% gang) will just bail them out.

  22. The same airlines charging fees if you'd like to bring a bag with you on your trip? If you'd like to "choose seats"? For snacks? For "more legroom"? To change a ticket? To board early? The same airlines that nickel and dime customers while their CEOs make millions? the same airlines that hire people who pay starvation wages to clean and service planes, our first line of defense against coronavirus? Let the CEOs pay.

  23. Ahhh... FINALLY! Corporate Welfare. NOW we will see legislation passed. And quickly, too.

  24. So unfortunate that people had to die in large numbers and ruin the S&P 500! No I’m not being ironic. Merely channeling the sentiments of the shameless and depraved Trump administration, whose energies are focused more on saving markets than on saving lives.

  25. Trump is a fool who do nothing except trying to find excuses for the lack of Federal help: In the United States, the sense of being cut off increasingly seems to apply to the states themselves, as Washington has been slow to produce either promised aid or a coherent strategy and President Trump advised governors — some of whom were shocked — that they should look to buy their own ventilators and respirators, which are in desperately short supply."

  26. Progressive policy supporter here. Bail out the workers. You can help the airlines as well but I’m sick and tired of this socialism for the rich and ignoring the rest of society. If they lay off a single person they should receive any funds.

  27. The stock-market is more or less a casino, except it allows the math geniuses at the table, that casinos won't allow. Now the stock market goes bust on the watch of the man who got broke running a casino. We were warned... Consider this: 1987 - President Reagan (last year of Presidency) 2001 - President Bush (first year of Presidency - 9/11 related) 2008 - President Bush (last year of Presidency) 2020 - President Trump (last year of Presidency) All last three Republican Presidents busted the market; all did it when their Ponzi schemes and kleptocratic policies could not hold water any longer. We must stop this cult.

  28. A "hoax" ended up being a "national emergency." The "only 15 deaths" now approaching 5,000. And he has the nerve to seek another term.

  29. Let's see.... After 9/11, the American taxpayers bailed out the airlines. In thanks, the airlines spent two decades overbooking planes, narrowing seats, decreasing the pitch between seats, increasing change fees, implementing bag-check fees and regularly increasing these, charging for food, reducing other in flight services, sending flight crews and gate agents to rude school, and exploring every other possible way to squeeze more money out of customers and make their flights even more miserable. THAT is the gratitude that they showed to the very people who gave them a life-line and bailed them out. And now the airlines want ANOTHER life-line; another bail-out. Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice...... Taxpayers to Airlines: DROP DEAD

  30. I don't care what the airlines want. Let them suffer like everyone else. You can rest assured that the top dogs there will insure they lose none of their take-home pay.

  31. The tRump administration acted too late, and they used all their tools to juice the market when things were going well.

  32. No bailouts! Money needs to be set aside to cover the ‘no insured’ and the ‘under insured’ because we _know_ healthcare companies will price gouge during this panic. Businesses have LOTS of money. When the virus passes in a short 8 weeks (or whatever), the stock market will be on a tear and businesses will quickly be back to normal. Businesses have access to lenders...not BAILOUTS! DO NOT BAILOUT ANY BUSINESSES!

  33. @PC ....I very much doubt that "the stock market will be on a tear" any time will take a LONG time to recover from the economic impact of this...

  34. Since every other part of NYC is shutting down, why not shut down Wall Street? Let the gambling house take a break like everyone else. And let the world concentrate on getting rid of the virus, rather than trying to make as much money as possible. Day traders, these days, are no better than Purel-hoarding profiteers.

  35. @Umberto "Day traders, these days, are no better than Purel-hoarding profiteers." No, no, don't shut them down! They are being taken to the cleaners by the pros. Best to let the market find its own bottom. Granted, that is hard with the US Government throwing the kitchen sink at Wall Street.

  36. I am visiting family in NJ and only now have they instituted a quarantine on restaurants, gyms, bars and schools. Let us think about this - no aid package or testing for hourly workers like Amazon drivers and GrubHub and FreshDirect who are delivering our groceries and items. The virus lives on plastic for up to nine days. Not caring for those at the bottom of the economic ladder with stipends to stay home when sick, for small businesses like restaurants, for children who have relied on school lunches to subsidize poor households is just plain immoral. Instead of seeing clearly our interconnectivity and rising to the occasion, banks are reinvesting in the stock market rather than providing 0-1 percent loans. And it is Trump who stands as the perfect emblem of greed and avarice and a disregard for the “least of us.” Where is your Bible now, Evangelicals?

  37. @Ruby T Thank you for your last sentence, Ruby. Those Evangelicals do not believe in God. Never have. Their devilish act is for us to believe they believe.

  38. Imagine - just imagine if Paul Ryan and his Republicans had succeeded in privatizing Social Security, Don't blame the Democrats if they bring this up repeatedly during the campaign.

  39. The Dow was at 21,075 on January 31, 2017. Today it is 20,960. We are in the exact same place we were at the end of the Obama administration. But the tax cut, mostly corporate, has left our country with lower tax receipts, higher debt and higher deficits and no monetary levers.

  40. @Laurel Hedges And on Jan 31 2017, it was at all time highs. And we are at the same all time high levels today, aren't we? Consistency! MAGA!!

  41. Honestly, great time to be buying blue chip sticks or passive ETFs, the markets are on sale, panic is the order of the day, there is blood on the streets. Sure, it may take awhile, i.e., months or even years, but this crisis too shall pass!

  42. @Jim Vee "Honestly, great time to be buying" LOL. I worked at a major Wall Street firm during the last crash (not a broker) and walking around the trading floor used to hear the same thing a week, two weeks, a month, then two months, then three after the crash started. Took them awhile to recoup their early betting on the bottom.

  43. Nice that airlines want $50,000,000,000, but they are no more deserving than the country's office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and all the other heavily mortgaged commercial properties that are the foundations of our economy. For them, what should be done are freezes on the mortgages, which will otherwise be left stranded by the countless tenants whose businesses are being destroyed by the governments forced shut downs. The Trump scourge, as it has been referred to, should be compensated by his own government.

  44. Whether Democrats or Republicans are in control after November, I fear our Leaders will respond to this economic catastrophe pretty much as they responded in 2008. They'll bail out the banks, airlines, auto makers, and other "essential" corporations. The Fed will give other corporations free money to buy back their stock, buy other companies, and indulge in purely financial transactions that enrich executives and Wall Street shareholders without contributing anything to the economy. And if Republicans are in control, they will certainly enact a large stimulus-- a big tax cut for corporations and the wealthy that they promise will produce needed growth and get the economy booming again, but will of course be used for even more stock buybacks and financial transactions. The rest of us will be on our own, to presumably pay expenses that include enormous medical bills with whatever trickles down from all the handouts to wealthy interests with lobbyists. To do anything for anyone else would be socialism. And nobody wants socialism!

  45. @Ted "And if Republicans are in control, they will certainly enact a large stimulus-" Well Obama and the Democrats also licked their chops over the last bailouts, and I would bet my sweet bippy that Biden is for them also.

  46. Where is the government's pronouncement that the income tax filing deadline is extended to June, 2020?

  47. As a Boeing shareholder you'd think I'd be thrilled for an airline bailout. I'm not. I'm tried of the government privatizing income while socializing losses. Let's just for a moment think about the consequences of a few badly run airlines going under. Initially, the people that actually do the work would be laid off and would need to start collecting unemployment. Not great granted but with assistance from the government (that by the way is the primary role of the government), suffering would be somewhat mitigated. Other, better run carriers would pick up some of the slack probably raising fares in the short term. However, opportunities to readily pickup idle planes, employees, etc. on the cheap would reduce the cost of entry into the business, lowering cost structures, and before very long there would be a better airline industry. That is the benefit of capitalism. Socialism (bailouts) only leads to inefficiency.

  48. When individual Americans demand Medicare for all, that's bad because it's socialism. But when the airlines and other large companies want bailouts that's good because it's capitalism?

  49. @brooklyn Pretty much, unfortunately. Same goes with welfare, which should be slashed, unless $28 billions are needed by farmers (or corporations) to buy their vote because of a self-created trade war. And this goes, on and on.. BTW Any news about the deficit?

  50. As Mr. Hassett said, the economy may shed 1 million jobs. However, the government can and should hire every last person who loses his or her present job. We need those people to build hospitals, assist health care workers, construct respirators and deliver food and medicines to the people who are in the highest risk categories. Tragically, we may also need some of them to bury the dead.

  51. Wow. The government you have is the government that touches you. Government touches you primarily at the local and state level. Being a representative democracy that is how it was suppose to work. A decentralized government with the states running as independent self governing entities with a free market economy. We are a long way from the what our Founding Fathers created. The current parties have broken our Government, Kudos to the Dems who say it was Trump. He had plenty of help from Clinton wanting houses for everyone, the Obama bailing out the banks. Well here we are in just 12 short years after kicking the can down the road. The republic is lost, the revolution is coming.

  52. @C Try reading Jefferson before you start talking about what the founders wanted and putting words in their mouths they never said. Socialism is the answer here, not the chaos of capitalism

  53. The price of any airline support should be steep and include: Decent pay and working conditions for employees A limit on or elimination of baggage fees. Limits on the downsizing of seats. No class-based seating arrangements. Serious regulation and oversight of their business. Otherwise, let them sink. No sympathy for these companies that have made flying a nightmare.

  54. @tony Sure. But maybe we can also stop the short flights - like LA-SF? Seriously? LA-Palm Springs? NYC-Philadephia? And fly less in general. Wouldn't mind if Boeing goes bust in the process.

  55. So the corporate "takers" want to be given more government welfare. How about the banks, who have historically been bailed out by government (multiple times not including the great recession), announce an immediate roll back of their credit card's usurious interest rates. How about paid sick leave? Why doesn't someone on Trump's team suggest a partnership between private business and Government to help the workers? I suppose that's too much to ask from those billionaire bankers. And in a nutshell, this is exactly why we need a competent government. Business is not your friend in times of trouble.

  56. Has anyone heard of the snowball effect? Well if you haven't this is a very good example of how it all gathers steam to the point where it leads to chaos. The same thing is happening with our climate except that's a different story (possibly related) and the reaction at some point in the future will be the same.

  57. Bailing out the airlines for 50 billion!!!!!! We bailed them out once before and they repaid us by making seats smaller and charging unprecedented fees for everything from getting on the plane sooner ( so you can store a carry on that you paid to take anyway ) to sitting in an exit aisle. I will say that I will never vote for any politician who votes to bail them our again!

  58. As soon as the economic going gets tough, the so-called corporate "tough" guys get going... asking for government bail-outs for THEM and their companies! Not a peep from them about the good of the nation as a whole and its people.

  59. If we give aid to the airlines, let's be certain of the following: 1. The line employees, e.g., pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, etc, before a dime goes to the executive level of the company. 2. Reformation of their relationships with customers, instead of treating us like members of a herd. 3. Stop the use of banked cash to buy back their own stock so that it's value rises which goes for the benefit of the upper execs.

  60. How many of those grants to airlines will be refunded to passengers who normally have to pay a $200 change fee on top of, you know, being exposed to the novel coronavirus?

  61. That is 150 dollars for every American. Do we get a free complementary ticket to be redeemed at a later date? How about 50 billion to rural hospitals Donny? The airlines have come off a number of record years they do not need this money.

  62. @GUANNA How about universal healthcare? That would be a much more timely use of money.

  63. Trump’s fifth bankruptcy is well underway, this time at the expense of the American people, you watch him in action in real time now, he’s even worse that we thought it could be possible.

  64. @C Franco Conservatives love Trump's policies.

  65. @gratis They're not conservatives. They're modern Republicans, who are only happy if somebody else is suffering. There are very few left along the lines of Dirksen, Scott, and Dole.

  66. Airline bailouts? What next? I can see bailing out banks, since individual depositors will lose their savings if that doesn’t happen. But corporations that exist to profit from treating their customers with merciless resource extraction schemes, including gouging us for change fees, baggage fees, seat fees, and tripling prices for Xmas, thanksgiving, and spring break? They played the game, and right now they’re losing. Boo hoo. Who’s going to bail me out when I’m losing my job, missing my credit card payment, losing my health care? Not the airlines! i’ll pay the same high prices. We should be bailing out individuals, not corporations.

  67. @Old Bat "Airline bailouts?" Let them fail. It will be better for Earth with one third the flights we are experiencing now.

  68. The careful saver should not be liable for those who gamble in the Wall street casino. Trump's re-election depends on an inflated stock market that he can point to while doing his rumba.. Get ready for Trump to mortgage your children's future again, even more perilously than he already has.

  69. @Getreal May patriots in his cabinet, if they still exist, save us.

  70. @CitizenTM How much are you willing to pay one of Trump's cabinet members to pretend he, or she, is a patriot?

  71. Did anyone notice the sister headline that appears on the front page of Bloomberg? "US Airlines Spent 96% of Free Cash Flow on Buybacks." The only comment I can make is "No comment".

  72. @ImagineMoments But that is how the market rallied in the first place. Corps buy back - creating demand - rates rise - stock options rise - big honcho (often street smart but rarely really smart) gets huge windfall when he sells his options to his corporation. A sick ponzi game, except legal and tax payer funded.

  73. @CitizenTM It can get real personal, too, and much more direct than my taxes: What's a big honcho to do with all that options windfall he/she receives? It has to be invested SOMEWHERE. What could be better than buying up all the suddenly cheap property that all the Regular Joes will default on?

  74. @ImagineMoments That is why they want the government bailout, so they can buy more of their own stock to prop it up.

  75. Seriously, airline bailouts! Should have thought of that before you started charging us for bags, snacks, and space! No airline bailouts!

  76. Every time Trump flaps his self-congratulatory, lying lips, the market takes a steep dive. Personally, I don't give a hoot about the market. But, we need Trump to be muzzled. Immediately and permanently.

  77. I feel that miracle right around the corner !

  78. @Joe B : Get tested soon. Self-quarantine.

  79. This is like Rod Serling's "Nightmare On Elm Street." In that playlet, aliens from space decided military action against earthlings was unnecessary as they could be depended upon to destroy themselves in panic. No -- the Fed cannot reverse popular hysteria. No Democrat or Republican president can do so. There is no monetary or fiscal solution for mass stupidity. Don't bail-put the airlines . . . there is little political gain to be had from throwing money at the most hated industry in America. Let them go through bankruptcy. But, as well, don't try and bail-out a national population bent on immolating its own wealth. After the presidential election I moved out of equities and into bullet-proof debt. Now, I sit comfortably and watch, dismayed, as the rest of you trash your own financial well-being. Enjoy what you have done.

  80. @Observer : "No Democrat or Republican president can do so." Perhaps. But I feel like I could use a little more, "You have nothing to fear but fear itself", a little more, "The Buck Stops Here", and a little less, "I'm not responsible." That's just me.

  81. Why should all these major business get this kind of money. Who is going to pay peoples rents, mortgages and other bills? What this interest rate does is give banks more money to lend to the average American so they can pay bills but what it really does is make more money for the banks. Are the banks going to loan money at 0% don't hold your breath. Once again trumps lack of experience has put this country in big risk. Had he shut the boarders to planes, ships, etc. when the China outbreak happened we would not be in this virus epidemic but remember he said ' no big deal' The guy is a fool.

  82. Give money to the airlines? Lunacy considering how they treat 98% of the flying public. Before they get a cent they should be made to lower fares, improve flying conditions with better seats and service and get rid of all those stinking fees. Otherwise they should get exactly what they give the flying public-nothing.

  83. Just to try and tick off EVERYBODY: 1. I think that a lot of people passing themselves off as “progressives,” or, “leftists,” or even, gasp, “socialists,” do not understand something very simple: if all them big evil corporations and banks and financial institutions go down, YOU go down. You don’t have a job, which is good, because then you’ll have oodles of time to go hunt for food. 2. I think that trump and Trumpists really, really don’t want to understand something every bit as simple: Trump’s been running the economy on aviation fuel, with the pedal to the metal and the tranny in low. He’s also thrown out the ECM, the headlights, the seat belt and airbags, and he’s run down the road flat out. And he’s lied so often that nobody sane believes him about ANYTHING. And he’s stripped the people trained and experienced in handling this out of a lot of government. And he’s threatened the scientists and professionals. And he’s put at least serious dents in ALL our international alliances. You were told again and again that this is great, if you love watching the Dow and don’t much care about the future. Well, the future just kicked in your door. And every single thing you were warned about is happening. You were told that if the Bad came around, Trump’d be a disaster. My guess is, you’ll want scapegoats.

  84. @Robert #1. No. Just no. Business run on demand, not the existence of institutions. If all big business disappeared, it would take about a day for someone to step in. As long as there is a demand, someone will fulfill it somehow. That is how the real world works. It may be less efficient. It may cost more. It may take longer, but the business will still be there because the demand is always there.

  85. @Robert For #1, there's lots of leftist, progressives and left moderates - I'd say most of them - who are quite aware that business is still a key part of our country and economy, not some alien evil that we should eliminate. As usual, the extreme rhetoric is spread most widely for many reasons, but expecting the basics that other countries take for granted isn't anti-business - there are tons of very successful businesses in progressive and socialist countries.

  86. Bail out the people, not businesses. Ifthere's enough, they will spend it and so forth.

  87. Airlines do not deserve a bailout. They have squeezed, exploited and abused passengers while making exorbitant profits. I totally agree with Tim Wu's column in today's NYT. Federal money should go to real people, not rapacious corporations.

  88. No, no, no to government help for airlines. For years the airlines have herded us like cattle into increasingly cramped quarters. Stop bailing out these businesses!

  89. Historically the airline business has been subject to disruptions. But in recent years they have ignored history and binged on share buybacks, literally squandering tens of billions of dollars on share repurchases instead of planning for the proverbial (and inevitable) rainy day. And now they want their cake and eat it, too with a taxpayer bailout! After just two weeks of dislocation!!!! Go through bankruptcy. Then come see us for a handout with whole new boards and more responsible CEOs.

  90. @Will. .....and every other airline in the world is going through the same thing. Its not like they have a leg up on our airlines. The nation cannot afford to bail out all industries every time there is a downturn.

  91. Why are there any casinos open in the United States ? In this time of National Emergency, when there is almost no leadership at the national level, it falls on our governors to do the right thing, to earn their taxpayer-funded salaries rather than lobbyist generated campaign contributions. If the right thing to do is to close down schools, how can one possibly justify leaving casinos open? In some areas casinos are run by First Nations (a.k.a. Indian) peoples. Some tribes, such as the Pojoaque Pueblo in New Mexico, showing more sense of collective responsibility than some businessmen and governors, have closed down their own casinos. Others, acting in the tradition of other "only the dollars matter" Americans, have failed to do so. This poses legal sovereignty impediments for some governors. However, those governors have the power to close down roads leading to the casinos and should do so, immediately after closing down all non-Indian casinos.

  92. @Steve Fankuchen Stop the biggest casino first - the stock market. The market should have been closed for the next three months. This is just a hay day for profiteers - that's why it is open. Hope all the glee-smirk-trumprists who posted here for months about their pride in their portfolio lose their shirt. Let's see what the stable genius can do for you? A future of red hats? At a discount?

  93. You really expect that festering rats-nest of an industry to close down? And industry that has as its stock and trade the exploitation of its customers, the desperation of losing everything? No chance. If ever there was an industry that could truly be described as evil, it's the casino industry.

  94. @Steve Fankuchen : Why are casinos open? Who goes to casinos? Gamblers.

  95. Where are the stockpiles of retained earnings that businesses should be using to ride out the downturn? Oh yeah, they’ve been paid out as dividends to shareholders. Meanwhile, layoffs and mounting debt for the working class. And the $B bailouts to the companies. I’m sick of this

  96. @John "Oh yeah, they’ve been paid out as dividends to shareholders. " Actually more went to re-purchase their own stocks. So, a little on the bight side, they are also taking a pretty big hit

  97. Why not just close all the markets entirely for a couple weeks? Put a moratorium on all trading -- electronic trading included.

  98. @Adam The point is not actually the stock market. The point is that there's no economic activity and thus few companies are able to make any money. The stock market is just a symptom, not the disease.

  99. @Adam This whole thing is being manipulated. Short sellers and high speed traders are having a field day. It's irreparable except for buring the whole thing down of course.

  100. Steve Mnuchin and the Dept. of the Treasury need to send every American a tax-free $4,000.00 check tomorrow, and grant interest-free loans up to $250,000.00 to all small businesses and tax filings need to be put off until June 15; that’s the only stimulus that will possibly work. All bars and restaurants are closed here in New York, as well as in New Jersey and Connecticut; my library is closed, too. And, no, I’m not a Sanders supporter.

  101. All we need is a President that inspires confidence that the government is doing all it can, and who has the ability to calm everyone down.

  102. @Jerseytime Frankly, inspiration rarely factors into my political decisions. I was not even much inspired by Obama. I am an engineer, so I focus on competence and results, stuff that works. There are zero small government, low regulation countries that work for its citizens. None in the real world.

  103. @Jerseytime ......and Trump is NOT that president. He's failed us for three and a half years.

  104. @gratis Agreed. The person we need is not who we have.

  105. Why are the grocery stores still open? You can catch covid19 in bars and restaurants but not grocery stores?

  106. @TTom People need food, not alcohol and meals out

  107. So people can eat?

  108. @TTom because people need to buy food, in china there's an app and you place your order then they bring the food to the front door to avoid interaction, but hey we're not china

  109. Well one more day like today in the market and Trump will be following the last 2 Republican Presidents. They are the only Presidents to leave office with the markets lower than the day they were sworn into office. When will people open their eyes and see what Republicans do to the economy?

  110. @Ronald Stone Conservatives love Trump's polices. All Americans agree that Republicans are better for our economy.

  111. Right Republicans screw things up. Democrats fix them and the electorate forgets who cleaned up the mess

  112. The financial markets have stated their vote of no confidence in the Trump administration. And the rest of the nation has also stated their vote of no confidence. We have no president right now. No one believe a word coming out of the Trump White House. The American people are instead listening to the scientists, and many of our state and local leaders. We have no federal government right now. We are a failed state. We are a banana republic. Please think about this, come November 3. We can fix this. "A republic, if you can keep it." - Benjamin Franklin.

  113. The airlines made billions in profits by cramming us in like sardines, with no breathing room and no leg room. With the exception of Southwest, they slapped us with hundreds of dollars of "change fees" which encouraged sick people to fly sick instead of postponing. The airlines have played a huge part in spreading this disease. New regulations are needed to make flying a healthier experience. And why do corporations make record profits, in the billions, and then cry when they have a down year? Meanwhile, Small business owners get NO HELP WHATSOEVER from the taxpayers.

  114. I paid $1.76/gallon for gas this morning in Petersburg, VA. The gas in that location is usually ten to twenty cents cheaper than in Richmond, VA. Can't remember the last time it was that low.

  115. @Mae T Bois This is a bad sign. It means selling gas at a loss is cheaper than storing it. Bad sign for the economy.

  116. Why do I suspect there's a correlation between people panic-selling stocks and hoarding toilet paper? Disgusted with them both.

  117. Once again the US government will make clear how it feels about socialism. For corporations.

  118. This rout was worsened by the fact that corporations were able to keep lifting their share prices using trillions of dollars in debt. Such practices used to be illegal for obvious reasons. Obviously, when the fraud became impossible to ignore, investors ran like scalded cats. The rampant fraud in our system is much worse than in 2008 when mortgage backed securities and collateralized debt obligations created a house of cards. Today, Real Estate Investment Trusts, inflated with Chinese funny money, are holding the mortgages, and they are going down, too.

  119. About all the fat sociopath kingpin of the trump crime family can do is mumble some garbled rhetoric about what a great job he's doing, that nobody saw this coming, it'll be over very quickly. Oh, and it's Obama's fault. Someone needs to stuff a sock in that guy's mouth and let an intelligent person take over.

  120. So American Airlines has been gouging US consumers for years, making record multi billion dollar profits which they have used on stock buybacks which I’m sure were followed by their higher up executive selling off their shares, taking out $30 billion in loans and NOW they want a bail out? Are you kidding me? Wake up republicans, this is nothing more than corporate socialism. Meanwhile, the average Joe gets hosed.

  121. @Dave "Wake up republicans, this is nothing more than corporate socialism." Well, the Democrats currently in government have to wake up also. I would imagine Pelosi and Schumer will will be backing these and other corporate bailouts in the interests of the people on the street who will see the benefits dribble down to them if the stock market recovers in 5-10 years.

  122. @Dave Dear American Airlines, pound sand. The U.S. taxpayers.

  123. Panic-sell your stock and hoard toilet paper. Oh what strategies these are! The virus is revealing what Americans are made of.

  124. Dear NYT Readers, Prior to the mid-1950s; people in the U.S. and worldd-wide suffered from both personal and economic bouts with infectious disease every three to seven years. Such bouts would cause both lasting personal physical and economic damage which took years to recover if every. Since, the eradication of Polio in the 1950's the USA has not seen this issue. One of the many reasons we have safefy net programs today is due the every 3 to 7 bouts with such issues. Now in the present age of being self responsible and the captain of your own destiny, the fact the acts of other people and nature can knock down anybody or any business helps us Americans understand what it means to have a government of the People, By the People, and for the People. However, over the last 45 years it has been increasing leaning to be by the economic top 1% of people, and for the economic top 1% of people with gutting of the social safety net. If you do not learn history it will replay in similar form until you learn.

  125. @Walter Washington Corporations are people, too. SCOTUS said so. And money is Free Speech.

  126. Trump didn't create the virus, but destroyed our advanced defenses in 2017 when his "administration" disbanded the specialists in the National Security Council. He--and his collaborators--OWN this infection, and OWN the market crash, and resultant recession/depression.

  127. My partner and I spent last evening with two friends who were still skeptical about the magnitude of the crisis. Today one went to her office and was told they would be closing down. That's when it finally penetrated for her. The other is a free lance videographer who was celebrating closures of political party conferences because the pols are all making video messages instead -- a boon for him. But today he too began to get serious. I've been serious for a month, but that doesn't make me any happier.

  128. Even I, a retired "nasty" woman, knew this would not work out well because they trump and powell have played all their cards. They have no other leverage or plans, I assume. The market knew this and went down. Trump also told the nations governors to go it alone in purchasing medical supplies. Our New Mexico governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, stood up to him today and said that poor hospitals without ventilators will hurt all people of USA. We all must work together. That is why we have a federal government. If trump were truly leading, getting the Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary hospitals, for example, the market (which is so close to his cold heart) would react positively. Other things trump could do that would impress the market: speak as a team with Democrats and Republicans; speak as a team with Europe; call off tariffs and sanctions so that PEOPLE not CASH could be saved and made healthy; ask China which manufactures face masks, ventilators and other medical supplies to send please send these supplies to us. But no, what did he do? He tried to buy sole rights to a German vaccine---just like he tried to buy Greenland. This will not end well. But we will prevail. Vote Blue

  129. During the course of watching the Press briefing regarding the most recent situation with DT at the microphone sprouting what it is he spews, there was a side image of the Dow Jones, it went down incrementally as he spoke, until it reached minus 3000. The very Dow Jones which he has claimed as being responsible for its rise. Hard times ahead for humanity . Fear being the most corrosive of all the maladies

  130. US should as for Security Council meeting to discuss a car-ordinated response from every country. These measure could include: 1. Universal travel ban on people for 14-21 days 2. Sharing knowledge about testing, drug development and vaccination 3. Ramp up manufacturing of medical supplies including ventilator. 4. Halting trading on all stocks markets for 3-4 weeks.

  131. @Hoshiar "US should as for Security Council meeting" You have got to be kidding. The UN is just as dysfunctional as the Trump Administration.

  132. @Hoshiar Nah... that's communism.

  133. We have perhaps the most complex problem outside of war to ever face the country. The best intervention against the deadly pandemic is social isolation. The business of the country is in a state of freewill collapse. The economy needs a return of vigorous consumer activity. That is unlikely given that the value of investments has just lost trillions of dollars. What is good for one problem is bad for the other. Worst of all, it may be that Trump and his administration of "yes men" lackeys and Mitch McConnell and his lackeys in the Senate are just not competent to handle either problem and never will be even if they actually try. The problems and the need for action suggest that the only solution would be for the party in charge to be removed from that position now as I am sure would happen in most other democratic countries after a vote of no confidence. But that will never happen. Captain Trump would rather see the ship go down. (But, of course, he will be on the first life boat with the other seats reserved for his ghoulish family and friends.)

  134. Watching the market plummet as Trump talks. Then he gives himself a 10 out of 10 for crisis management. He declared a national emergency and then essentially did not one thing that was emergent. And that is the difference between a reality show and actual reality.

  135. Hard Core Conservatives and Moderate Democrats Agree, the only good welfare is Corporate Welfare!

  136. @gratis More divide and conquer rhetoric?

  137. We are at the peak of the present economic cycle, a plateau which will hold for a few years not to hit the bottom until 2029.

  138. Trump put the final nail in the coffin of the economy when he took over monetary policy, a violation of centuries of separation. The remedies used for 2008-2009 will not work for a global pandemic. After the 2008-2009 Crisis, Basel III moved liquidity from the interbank liquidity system to the sovereign. This is not a banking problem, this is a liquidity problem for targeted industries in the economy, small businesses, and families and indivuals. As budget deficits are already problematic, and monetary policy has furthered panic without results directly due to Trump's intervention in things he doesn't understand, there is a solution that will steady the markets, reduce economic damage, and not grow the defict. Provide ample liquidity to targeted industry's and large companies in the form of secured convertible debt. As many companies wiould otherwise declare bankruptcy, wiping out shareholders and hurting creditors and employees, secured convertible debt allows the taxpayers to be compensated for the risk and gain of providing large amounts of liquidity either through interest, collateral or equity returns. Small businesses and indivuals should have ample liquidity made avaialable to them in the form of long-term low interest rate governnment debt, just like banks always have. $1000 a person is insufficient for most people. Banks must be disintermediated from providing liquidity as their interest is not to prevent an economic collapse, but to make profits.

  139. Notice that when the markets go down you are given a percentage but when the markets go up you are given the actual number. Today the Dow Jones industrial went down almost 3,000 points. What is the purpose?

  140. @Ralph Bucher The Times owners have a lot of stock and are trying to calm things down when Dow goes down, and increase the excitement when it goes up.

  141. @Glenn: Oh please. That's a silly observation. I would call it cynical if it weren't so simplistic. @Ralph Bucher: your comment also makes no sense. Both the percentages and the averages are reported.

  142. This is why many people who lived through the Great Depression tried to live within their means and NEVER bought what they could not pay for when they bought it. Houses and cars were probably the only exception. When people live on maxed out credit cards, their house of cards often crashes and burns. I include Trump's White House.

  143. I bought stocks today. Fire sale! Admittedly, I purchased them for a fund with a very long time horizon. Still...

  144. I actually thought this press conference was ... good. The president deferred to the experts very soon. The VP didn't really get to speak till near the end. And when pressed about the stock market tanking as he spoke, the president actually said the focus should be on the virus. I wouldn't give it a 10 out of 10. But I actually agree with the president, largely. I'm a bit puzzled why the indices kept tanking. Perhaps Wall Street worried that the president was actually hinting that people matter more than the stock market. But that's a good thing, right?

  145. The reason for the stock markets slide across the world is a total loss of confidence in political leadership across the world and particularly in the US. This is nothing to do with one particular performance. When the chips are down, as they are right now, you need a leader with integrity, vision and steadfastness. Not an insecure and delusional egomaniac. Admittedly, the problem isn't just with Trump (look at Putin, Xi Jinping, Modi, Orban, Netanyahu, Johnson and more of their ilk). There is a general crisis of leadership. That is the huge difference between 2008 and today.

  146. @William Fang Might have been about what he's been saying. States are on their own, don't wait for help from the federal gov't, it's likely not coming.

  147. For the entire time he has been in office, Donald Trump has been obsessively focused on slash-and-burn deregulation, paying lip-service to American ideals, and virtue-signalling to the base, instead of even attempting real leadership. To him, it is a punchline. Now, faced with a global crisis, we are left completely under-prepared. Where once we were able to lead in such times as these, we are adrift as a nation. This morning, Governor Cuomo made a detailed, heartfelt presentation about the state of affairs in New York, which could translate into sound policy for the nation, and which Trump sideswipes via tweet. This is the problem, and it will not change until we are clear of this reality television apprentice president.

  148. Whatever Congress does, it should absolutely not bail out the airlines. It might, though, charge them a billion dollars for bringing bags of legal documents to their meetings, and maybe another billion if they put them under their chairs. And of course their chairs should be piled on top of one another, and they should invite twice as many lawyers as they intend to seat (and then randomly exclude half -- or maybe drag them out of the building after admitting them). If they go bankrupt, perhaps new airlines will emerge that care about customers.

  149. In theoretical capitalism, businesses are a risk. Included in that risk is a chance of failure. Unless one plans properly, one can lose the business. We do not have capitalism. Or a Free Market. We have crony capitalism where business, no matter how poorly run, are rarely allowed to fail. Too big to fail. Always makes a profit. Pays no taxes. Pays nothing for the taxpayer resources they consume. Who thinks that once you start a business, success is guaranteed, you will alway make a profit, and you have no responsibility to the society that supports your business? The Party OF Business, the GOP. First, Last and Always.]

  150. Crashed even worse with Trump speaking and showing that his government had no plan, all of our disaster agencies and backup plans have been looted and eliminated to provide his tax cuts and wall funding. This is what government is for - but this is what Republicans want to drown in a bathtub. Here we are, and all those cuts now show why they were so very important.

  151. If we’re going to have to bail out all these industries any time there’s a crisis, then we may as well just fully nationalize them. The taxpayers should at least get a good deal if we’re going to be paying to keep the airlines and the military industrial complex alive. How about bailouts for all the workers that are going without paychecks for god knows who long? Where are the billions of dollars in relief for them?

  152. @Andrew Normally, I'd say nationalizing could have some merit. But consider if Trump & Co's government had any more say in airlines than it already does. We'd have Boeing Max-type problems ten times over as the competent (already a dying breed) get pushed out by the clown car over loyalty tests.

  153. @Sarah Yep...we don't need no stinkin' regulations.....

  154. Why should taxpayers have to support airline shareholders? Their investment is their risk, not ours. Everyone — individuals, business, institutions, government — will lose money in the coming year. Battle lines are starting to take shape. Corporations are quickly moving to push losses onto less powerful groups like consumers, employees and taxpayers. Different sectors will loudly claim they are essential for a functioning economy and we need to sacrifice to help them survive. Not so fast. Do Americans really need two cars in the driveway? Is McDonald’s essential to our health and well being? Don’t low airfares increase carbon emissions and impact climate change? I’m ok with a couple of airlines going out of business and higher airfares. I’d rather my tax dollars go towards direct assistance to people who need to pay rent and put food on the table. If we prioritize business over individuals the revolution is going to arrive sooner than any of us ever imagined.

  155. Hopefully their will be some money left to help the 80% of the nation after the US government stops throwing money at Wall Street and trying to bail out corporations which once again totally flounder after their stock drops 20% after having gone up 100% over the last few years. If the airlines, oil companies, and all other so-called essential companies are failing after such a short period of downturn, have literally used none of the last 12 years worth of unmatched growth to prepare some kind of cushion and strength, then maybe instead of rescuing them again, it is time for them to collapse and have new owners take over. It has never been more self evident then now of how our government is so totally operating for the primary interests of corporations.

  156. I finally retired 8 months ago. I thought I was in a good place. It hasn't taken long for Trump to disavow me of that belief. Two days ago, everything was under control. Today, the virus is not under control. This morning, there were thousands of ventilators available. Now, it's sorry, NY, buy them yourselves. To any Trump supporter I ask: Is this the person you want to lead us in a crisis? We are facing a crisis of astronomical proportions, and we have in charge a president who thinks his response to this crisis has been a "10." I ask the American people: On a scale of 1 to 10, what has Trump's response been?

  157. @gailweis That's not honestly a fair scale - it doesn't account for a President who tries to hide the numbers by not having tests, tries to make sure we make money on tests by delaying until a proprietary test is available, wants to let a cruise ship full of Americans rot at sea rather than let them dock and raise our number of infected people here. So, from 1-10 - a President who did nothing would be 0, but where do we rate one who is helping the virus by denying us tests that would help to quarantine the infected?

  158. @Susan StoHelit I submit to you the number -10 for starters. This may go to -100 in a few hours.

  159. @gailweis Please go back to see what many Trump voters wanted, to really make liberals suffer. Go back, listen to Fox. Listen to Rush. Misery loves company. When Conservatives say they like Trump's policies, this is why, it makes liberals squeal. The Conservative vision for the USA. Conservatives have nothing to build. Look at their legislation, just taking away. And giving it to the rich.

  160. Market indices are about back to where they were when Trump, The Great Helmsman, first occupied the White House. The Trump Slump is here. Excellent.

  161. So, have we heard the chorus yet of well this was all worth it for limited government and tax cuts? Freedom isn't free, you know. Just wondering how deep the delusions go.

  162. Oh, yes, President* Trump, the market will come roaring back when this is over. So will inflation with all the monopoly money floating around.

  163. The problem has been coming for years the virus did not cause this, but it will be the scapegoat to the giant crash. The market crashes every 8-10 years and no one learns anything. Sort of like everyone who put their life savings into Beanie Babies. The interest rates had started to go up to the cool the economy which they claim was overheating. Heaven for bid a little inflation was the evil. Each time it appeared the consumer was tapped out Trump bellowed and the Fed caved and cut the interest rate to keep the game going for another few months. Next time it appeared ti was cooling the King bellowed and the Fed cut once again. So, now no room to move anywhere. It is like when you are doing the floors in a house and end up stuck in the corner because you did it backwards. Trump, Kudlow, the Fed they have no idea on how to get out of the mess they created. Here is a clue the debt load of Americans is over $14 trillion, credit card debt $930 billion, farm debt 250 billion. No, it was lower the rate so people can get out there and spend and spend somemore. Instead of a little growth it was now cut out there buy that bigger house, boat, hey, anything you want the money is free - well not really now the bills come do. I love now the airlines want $50 billion bailout, the same ones that bragged about their profits and how they made passenger pay for everything, but the air that you were breathing, although I hear that is next along with pay toilets. The excuse now will be the crash.

  164. I remain optimistic. I feel the “panic” is because people are misinterpreting the ”social distancing” restrictions as an indicator of everyone’s personal risk of getting sick from the virus infection. This is not quite the case. Most people, even if they became a carrier of the virus, will not get sick at all, or only mildly so, especially if they are young and otherwise healthy. The purpose of the restrictions is to reduce these numbers of asymptomatic carriers, trying to prevent a person from becoming a carrier, and even if they do become one, then trying to reduce their likelihood of giving it to someone else, and then that other person becomes a carrier too, The more carriers there are overall, then the greater the probability that a vulnerable person, (mainly older persons, and also those with compromised immune systems), will catch the virus and get really sick from it. Even after the social distancing restrictions are eased, hopefully in the next couple of months, older and vulnerable people are still going to need to stay away from crowds and gatherings where people are bunched together, and away from people they do not know well, for the next couple of years — but that part of it will not have as much of an economic impact (except for the elderly’ s use of cruise ships and international planes). I can see a time when people will screen their families and children before going to visit grandma.

  165. Stocks did not plunge despite the Fed's move but because of it. Such a massive 'stimulus' is a bright red signal to the market that things are going to get really bad.

  166. Trump is toast, he wouldn't get elected dog catcher after all this. Good riddance!

  167. @Rene57 Dog catchers require empathy...which Trump lacks.

  168. Trump is the virus. Oh to have a parliamentary system to rid ourselves.....

  169. We all knew when Trump and the Republicans were given control of the government that they would end the economic recovery created by Obama but we didn’t know they’d be telling Americans to just go die on your own from the coronavirus because they don’t give a you know what about Americans. Evil people doing evil things.

  170. Surprise! The buffoon Trump and his band of grifters are completely overmatched by the challenges they face (actually, we --not they -- since they're going to be just fine when this is over, maybe except for DJT, who is going to jail). Seems like it's time to pull out the usual fix: a large tax cut for billionaires and corporations. UNFIT, as Hillary Clinton said.

  171. The time has finally come for S&P, Dow Jones and the entire stock market to be branded as liberal fake news.

  172. @NMS Surprised Trump hasn't tweeted out a chart of the DOW saying it's Fake News.... Can someone on Twitter please do that?

  173. Hire a con man and this is the natural result. It's been all smoke and mirrors with this guy. Not to mention clueless voters.

  174. @William Thomas Hit the nail on the head. But Americans fall for the Wall Street scam every 8-10 years, they love fraudsters, con men and hey the Ponzi is an American invention. which is what Wall Street is. Now the talk of bailouts for the big players. The ones that rigged the system took their tax cut and lived well will now get bailed out live well while in the space of 12 years the tax payer gets shafted. Yes, there is capitalism , but then when the crash happens we get to socilalize the bad debt.

  175. Socialized capitalism. That's a new one. Give me a break.

  176. Mother Nature might bat last, but she always bats 1000.

  177. The pump and dump has been completed.

  178. Cause and effect. The president holds a mid-day press conference and markets crash. Why? Because he reinforces how stunningly incompetent he and his entire administration are every time he opens his ignorant defensive mouth and babbles on. The world is astonished. This guy is the president?! Let the professionals answer questions. The best thing he can do is shut up and go back to watching TV all day which is the only area where he's shown any skills at all in over three years. Hand him the remote and lock the door. For America!

  179. hey Trump, you lose! S&P when Obama was sworn in- 825 S&P when Trump was sworn in - 2278 up 176.1% S&P today - 2386 up 4.7%

  180. @GEO2SFO Please tweet this to Barack Obama, ask him to sign it, and the RE-tweet it to FOX news and everyone. I'M SERIOUS. I'm not on Twitter or I would do it. While you're there please make a hashtag: TRUMP IS DONE.

  181. And stocks plunged even more as Trump spazz-mouthed and blamed everyone, including his own voters. Trump Cult: you and your president are officially irrelevant.

  182. @Mixilplix They are not irrelevant. They are responsible and culpable for what is happening around us. They wanted Armageddon. Well, they've got that alright! I think they'll be shocked when they learn that they will still be planted either on or in Planet Earth by the time this is all over with.

  183. Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are the biggest failures in the history of American politics. They disbanded and defunded the CDC’s INE tío us disease unit and left Americans with no national policy on the coronavirus and every man for himself chaos. While Trump is obviously mentally ill, McConnell will go down as the most malicious and evil politician we have ever seen in America.

  184. @DSD Perhaps even worse than Joe McCarthy...or Dick Cheney.

  185. Obama bailed out the auto industry. [Well, a lot of people from the GP also signed off]. TERRIBLE!!! Let them collapse, not all this socialism stuff. Let the ,market sort it out. $50 billion for the airlines TODAY? It will be be double that by Friday.

  186. The virus will not be solved today or tomorrow. The immediate problem is how to remove the incompetent Donald Trump from office. There are so many people now ...

  187. So the head of the Fed is now a Trump puppet blowing the last load for not. What on earth is a rate cut going to do right now? Why not put money back into the hands of the educational assistant that has been laid off and the restaurant server wondering how she is going to make rent?

  188. thank you donald. your financial genius is truly awesome.

  189. Why is the Market open? Should have been closed on March 10.

  190. I hope everyone takes note of the fact the stock market has gone up 361 points since the day Obama left office. Three years of winning hasn’t taken us far.

  191. "U.S. airlines ask for government help." get in line. behind me.

  192. But governors are told to find vital medical equipment themselves.......Way to go Trumpie.

  193. 10 days x 10 percent drop per day = 0