C.D.C. Gives New Guidelines, New York to Close Restaurants and Schools and Italian Deaths Rise

The Federal Reserve cuts rates. The pandemic dominates the Democratic debate. And Germany imposes border restrictions.

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  1. Dropping interest rates will matter a hoot if people cannot get paid. If people cannot afford to feed their families. If people cannot afford to pay for housing. And on and on...

  2. @Angry Pitchforks will be sharpened, metaphorically speaking. Revolutions are started when people face crises of the magnitude you mention.

  3. I am so tired of all the economic moves going towards helping corporate America. What about all the regular folks who primarily have savings accounts, like seniors. Slashing interest rates slashes our income.

  4. @Bezerkly The message (from Trump and his accomplices) is clear: you don't matter.

  5. @Bezerkly House Democrats have taken steps...McConnell and the Republican Senate are MIA again. Interest rates on savings accounts have effectively been zero since 2007.

  6. That interest has nothing to do with your savings interest rate. Your bank pays you enough interest to,keep you as a customer. What do you do if a store charges you too much? I expect you move your business. It works the same way at a bank. If you don’t move your account, per se they are paying you enough to,keep you. Different banks pay different rates. Shop around. If you don’t, then don’t complain.

  7. The lowering of Fed rates will not affect people's interest rates on credit cards and mortgages. Better to announce issuance of 50, 75 and 100 year bonds and preserve faith in the dollar than have the Fed appear to respond to pressure from a serial bankrupt and mis-manager. I'd like to see a requirement phased in that for retail banks to qualify for FDIC & other benefits they and their subsidiaries need to conform to a usury limit- perhaps 5 points higher than prime- for charges and interest on all loans, including credit cards. Would be appropriate for the banks we bailed out to pass their savings on to their consumers who currently wil not see rates decline on their consumer credit costs.

  8. @JT John Tucker Not likely with the current bunch. Corporate bottom line is their god, with the wellbeing of citizenry far lower on the list of priorities.

  9. Oh, good! The Trump/Kushner indebtedness gets a break. Wonder how much this is saving them? Meanwhile, our old-fashion savings accounts are now earning practically no interest. Is it good news that next tax year we will report zero interest income? Doubt that will help next year's budget deficit but who cares. Just curious how this will get people onto planes and into stores and restaurants. Thanks Trump.

  10. @Fred they would have to renegotiate their loans to get the better rate. The rate doesnt just go down on every loan.

  11. How does this help people who lose their paychecks and won’t be able to pay mortgages, rent, credit cards or buy food and pay to keep the lights on? Will the needs of average Americans EVER matter more than protection of the wealthy? Not unless we start acting up.

  12. @SDT But wouldn't that be socialism?

  13. @ Bob Guthrie that would be humanism, something we lack in spades

  14. We just landed at LAX about an hour ago, international arrivals. While it was not empty, it wasn’t crowded, everyone moved through immigration and customs easily. We were asked where we were traveling from (Fiji and Australia), and that was it. Two people wearing CDC vests were in the customs area, but they were only chatting with each other. No questions about symptoms (both Fiji and Australia asked and had us fill out forms with airline info and seat locations), and only Fiji took our temperatures. We chose to return 2 weeks early, due to worries about border closures and airline route cuts. I thought LAX was one of the airports screening international arrivals, but we didn’t see signs of it.

  15. @Lucky Hazelip I think I might have stayed in Fiji.

  16. I wish I could have faith that the Treasury and other government agencies would utilize additional authority in the interests of the broader citizenship and not fall prey to trump's eagerness to prop up the economy for his re-election. But Mnuchin and others, as we have seen from these coronavirus press conferences, are mere sycophants and will do and say what trump wants. Once Congress gives this administration what it wants there will be no further restraints or belief in good faith government actions.

  17. If federal government can make hand sanitizers and disinfectants available that will have more calming effect that cutting interest rates. We are just a week away from Italy's situation. I wonder what's next when the death rates start to climb exponentially in coming weeks.

  18. If you have children, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the potential impact of the Coronavirus variant that is causing such concern…start modifying their activities to increase their safety. If they are very young, watch them constantly and step up methods to keep them from getting into toxic substances. If the hospitals become overwhelmed, and their staff are swamped, none of us will get the excellent emergency room service that we are accustomed to. Accidental poisoning or any serious injuries such as from car wrecks, playground injuries, etc. that would normally be taken care of in a reasonable amount of time might prove fatal.

  19. The US economy is a house of cards. It is doubtful that these drastic measures of slashing interest rates and pumping more money into the system in the form of QE will do anything positive for the US economy in the long-term, nor will it do anything for the world economy. It's a Ponzi scheme, pure and simple. We need to build the whole system again from scratch, based on sound economic principles. The sooner we can do this, the sooner we will have a healthy economy again. As I said, the US economy is a house of cards – a house of cards built on shifting sands.

  20. @Mark Alexander A little vague. Please provide specifics on rebuilding.

  21. @Spinoza Basically, we need to get back to traditional economics. In traditional economics, money has value. You don't put your money in a bank and get zero return on your savings, for example. What we have had since the 2008 financial crisis is cheap money – very cheap money, in fact. That does nobody any good. It doesn't compensate savers for saving; it also doesn't help first-time buyers of houses. Why? Because cheap money pushes up house prices. So whilst mortgages are cheap, the price of houses soars, often beyond the reach of the young people who are trying to buy them. Then you have the stock market. The stock market was never meant to be an end in itself; rather, it was meant to be a reflection of the success of the businesses and corporations trading on that exchange. Their prices reflected their success. These days, the price of shares often bears no relation to the intrinsic value of the shares being traded. The prices of shares are manipulated by hedge fund managers, who are basically nothing but speculators and gamblers. They gamble with the money of others. I could say more, but space doesn't allow for much more, so I'll stop there.

  22. male fatalities outnumber female fatalities by 2:1.

  23. @8i Hmmm, if this accurate I think as an over 70 male I find this comforting. Heaven knows the women couldn't do a worse job than the Trump crew.

  24. Shouldn't extra hospital infrastructure ( venlators, beds, supplies, etc) be pushed out of the reserves rather than being pulled? It seems like some good planning an execution could avoid many casualties if we were to use the people and assets of our government to lead rather than follow. Vision, planning and execution to save lives is lacking from the top.

  25. Trump timeline: The President of the United States in his own words: January 22: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” February 26: “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.” February 27: “One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” February 28: “We're ordering a lot of supplies. We're ordering a lot of, uh, elements that frankly we wouldn't be ordering unless it was something like this. But we're ordering a lot of different elements of medical.” March 4: “If we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work — some of them go to work, but they get better.” March 5: “I NEVER said people that are feeling sick should go to work.” March 6: “Anybody right now, and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test. They’re there. And the tests are beautiful…. the tests are all perfect like the letter was perfect.” March 6: “I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it… Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.” March 6: “I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault.” March 9: “This blindsided us." March 10: "It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away." March 13: “I take no responsibility at all”

  26. @Bunk McNulty I'd like to see a video complication of these statements. They are even more disturbing when trump says these things out loud.

  27. @Bunk McNulty Thank you! Fantastic summary!

  28. @Bunk McNalty. Your timeline should put it all in perspective for those Failure Trump followers......the “leader” is not up to it...vote a Democrat for your survival.

  29. The markets will spiral tomorrow as the bankers have awakened to the fact that Trump is unfit to lead due to his insanity. Calling the COVID-19 a hoax is one of the many irrefutable evidences of his insanity. Another is declaring himself to know a lot of this virus stuff more than pandemic experts. The questions is: When will Americans—both citizens and their elected lawmakers—accept that the president is insane?

  30. Desperation hovers over us. The virus must be removed in November.

  31. It is increasingly looking as if China will come out of this stronger and the USA will come out of this weaker. MAGA!

  32. It’s one thing to be a “problem solver”. It’s another to have credibility, and this president has done much to fritter away his credibility. In his appearances during White House press briefings on the corona virus, the president comes across as wooden and primarily interested in economic problems and his great leadership in confronting the virus. And the vice president and other cabinet chiefs always pay obeisance to the president while making their statements about the progress in confronting the virus. If anyone is solving problems it is the people at the U.S. Public Health Service and at the CDC and NIH who are on the front line of confronting the virus. Many are physicians with previous experience dealing with epidemics. They appear steady, informed, willing to share the truth and to tell us what the facts are in different parts our country. They are not delivering specious feel-good messages. They know that they don’t know all the answers and that we have a long way to go in confronting the spread of the virus. I trust their evaluations and descriptions of what it happening. I don’t trust the president.

  33. The best thing that can happen for the nation now is for Trump to declare victory, announce his work is finished and he will resign tonight at midnight.

  34. Here we go again. Just like Obama. Rescue the billionaires and leave millions of working people to suffer catastrophe. Lost wages, jobs and homes? Who cares! Wall Street cries and they'll spend Trillions. Time for a real revolution. Humanity needs nothing less.

  35. @AR TARP was passed by the lame duck Republican Congress in 2007 and signed by George W Bush. Another inconvenient piece of history Republicans hope you won't remember.

  36. Money. That's it. That is all that Trump and his cronies care about. This crisis is about people and lives. Money is a game that needs to be put to the side for the moment. EVERYBODY IS going to lose; why should it just be confined to the poor? If you think it isn't about the money and "America and My Buddies Only!!" read the news about Trump trying to gain exclusive access to a possible German-made vaccine.

  37. @Leslie There is NO way Germany would allow the company to sell out abroad for exclusive use. Besides, the company itself stated that a possible vaccine is for global use and not national use.

  38. Once again. Trillions for the banks, nightmare for the people. Pelosi did her best and got some billions for public health spending, relief from testing costs for individuals, extended coverage under Medicaid, and some millions for sick pay. Clearly a pittance as far as this administration sees it. And if they don't die, individuals will see their life savings disappear. Thanks Republicans. For nothing.

  39. @Eero "Pelosi did her best and got some billions for public health spending" The fine print seems to indicate otherwise.

  40. Almost zero! Remember when countries like Japan, Italy and Greece amongst others went to zero, sometimes even below and American Banks and the Fed considered that extremely dangerous. They were right that the countries that did were risking a monumental financial crisis and it took them decades and an absolutely fortune to re-stabilize their countries. Guess what after Trump’s tirade against the Fed, they caved in a lowered the rate with a full point. Cowardice and irresponsible behavior can now be found not only in Senate and House, Wall Street and Banks but now even at the Fed. This can only lead to a recession from which it is very unlikely that it can be reversed. Trumps dictatorial demands will end up bankrupting the country and its citizens. A freaked out President whose presidency depends on Wall Street, has decided that virus or not, a catastrophic chaotic virus response, health care or not, people being fired (free of charge for corporations) and send home with no pay or given a short band-aid pay, none of that he cares for, he just want the CEO’s that pay for his campaign to be happy. Americans have to wake up and realize that with the absurd 1-1/2 trillion dollars tax give away, creation of endless tax loopholes for the rich, stopping at all cost wage increases, destroy the EPA, the CDC, climate agreements, nothing of that will ever benefit them, it will destroy and bankrupt them. No more hiding behind prayers, this man belongs in jail.

  41. And when cutting rates to zero doesn't work anymore, what then?

  42. @Maple Surple, Other parts of the world have attempted negative interest rates but that is fraught without problems and generally has not worked out well.

  43. Probably war with Iran. That’s been the historical response from the GOP when it really hits the fan.

  44. @RS Oof...I wish that wasn’t a plausible possibility

  45. As a European, I’m baffled to see American officials and journalists cramped together in a small room at press briefing after press briefing, when a major advice is for everybody to keep a distance from others.

  46. @H Schwarz Are European press briefing rooms more roomy?

  47. @H Schwarz totally agreed ! Watched the sorry performance of The Unprecedented during the national emergency speech. How many hands did he shake :) ?

  48. @H Schwarz My thoughts exactly! Puzzling to say the least.

  49. So, all these financial plans are rushing forward, but what about healthcare for all those who get sick?

  50. @proffexpert Buy stock in urgent care centers.

  51. Dow futures are down 1000+ tonight after the Fed's actions. Does that mean that the news about the coronavirus and the economic downturn is worse than we thought? I already think it's pretty bad. How much worse?

  52. @S Butler Market is going to dive bomb at opening tomorrow

  53. Trump tweets We are doing very precise medical screenings at airports...I came back from Costa Rica on 3/12 and was asked questions in Costa Rica about recent travel to China but not one screening ? in USA on arrival...went through the Global Entry fingerprint verification where there was no evidence of hand sanitizer on the glass finger ID scanner touched by thousands. No evidence of a thermometer anywhere and a passenger from LAX to PDX was allowed to board and was coughing the whole flight. Is this evidence of "very precise medical screening"?

  54. Imagine the families who have lost a loved one and then watch the president come out and talk about the interest rates. Not a word of condolence, just a “relax” and take it easy approach (because tomorrow the stock market will soar) and everything will work out just fine. Walmart and Walgreens get a mention but not an acknowledgement of those who have lost their lives. Not even a hint of empathy, just bring him the numbers to satisfy the financial markets. Sure he has to protect the U.S. economy but he should at least pretend he cares about people first.

  55. 0% interest rates! Whew, I feel soooo much healthier now.

  56. Is it possible Trump is taking orders from Putin to make the situation more confusing and chaotic?

  57. Putin’s endgame; oil industry destroyed, America looks ridiculous and is riven with social conflict and Plague sweeps the earth, killing all of the non-rich, the evangelicals think it’s the rapture.

  58. Possible? I'd say likely.

  59. @baba Well, it is possible, however I think that Trump is mirroring Boris Johnson and UK response. They have very limited testing there, streets are full, businesses opened and social distancing not practiced. UK wants to develop "Herd Immunity" risking exposing chunk of population to Covid-19 with horrible consequences. I think, Trump is mimicking this, only now realizing that this is "Bigly" mistake.

  60. I'm not sure that borrowing money is the right response to the uncertainty and economic disruption we all are facing. Seems like pumping up economic activity more directly, like by giving people jobs, or spending money on construction would be more efficient. Or here's a radical idea: how about massive federal donations to state and local governments to help offset the costs of paying teachers and other workers affected by mandatory closures of their workplaces? How about spending money hiring people to help care for the people unfortunate enough to get infected? How about money to help pay bills for people who get laid off, or have no paid sick leave otherwise?

  61. Lordy. Life comes before profit and politics. I guess this bunch has never understood that and never well. Greetings from a hot spot where things are going to be much worse than they should have been thanks to what's his name. Re: "The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates to near-zero and said it would buy up huge amounts of government debt ..." and "Trump Administration Is Relaxing Oversight of Nursing Homes: A proposal would loosen federal rules meant to control infections, just as the coronavirus rips through nursing homes."

  62. @Robert I thought "Vema" or whatever her name is, from CMS said that they are stepping up inspections of nursing homes and tightening up infection control. I can't stand her - a leftover from George W's administration but I think this may be fake news. Sometimes we need to give someone a break. I think they are scared enough to try to get it right. Who knows.

  63. @Karen My quote was from today's NY Times. I guess that makes this real news: "Trump Administration Is Relaxing Oversight of Nursing Homes: A proposal would loosen federal rules meant to control infections, just as the coronavirus rips through nursing homes."

  64. Fed slashed rates to zero. Will my credit card rates also go down?

  65. @r Only if your balance due has first been paid in full.

  66. @r Do not hold your breath, sir.

  67. Not much is being said about the current statistics in China (especially at the original epicenter, Wuhan). Is anyone else following the daily Situation Reports from the WHO? They're showing that the number of new cases in the past 24 hours in Hubei province has plummeted to single digits; in other words a SIGNIFICANT drop (compare today's Situation Report #55 to one month ago when the new cases numbered in the thousands). And yeah, I must say that at this point I trust China's testing numbers more than I trust the numbers here in the US.

  68. @BJay Based on my reading of worldometers.info/coronavirus China is out of the woods. I encourage you to study the individual countries by clicking on them and looking at their Outcome of Cases individually. From where I stand, China is now in the clear, and US chart looks like Italy's from 3 weeks ago or China's on Feb 2nd.

  69. China went 100 percent against the virus. Lockdown 50 million people, go door to door to find people with fevers and take them off to isolation sites, further split them into those with confirmed COVID-19 and those without.

  70. @BJay in China they imposed drastic measures with a heavy hand. in North America we're trusting people to take a financial hit and self-isolate. I doubt we'll have as much success as the Chinese without addressing the issue of personal finances.

  71. States, cities and other institutions are taking action despite the lack of national leadership. If that works to bend the curve, Trump will either say “I told you it wasn’t that big of a problem” or take all the credit for solving it - or both.

  72. My life and the lives of my loved ones are to a degree dependent upon donald "we're doing a tremendous job" trump and devin "It's a great time to go out" nunes. And, no, my shift key to capitalize as appropriate is not broken. There is no god.

  73. @Bill Nope. And as the last election showed, sometimes good things happen to very bad people.

  74. Strangely, the Fed cutting interest rates doesn't make me desire to borrow or spend.

  75. @Blue in Green It’s geared for the rich not for the rest of America.

  76. @Blue in Green We were going to buy a house - Put in two full price offers last 2 weeks, and we didn't get a house. I think we dodged a bullit

  77. Are my credit card interest rates being lowered too? But of course not.

  78. The interest rate is cut to almost zero but does that apply to credit card debt? Many Americans pay 29%. Do they get the same break that the large investment banks get? How is this really helping the ordinary person? If there is a moratorium on student interest how about one on credit card debt and late fees. Why is the Government not helping all people?

  79. @Tom Of course this is to HELP the banks ONLY. It would be MUCH better if the FED PAID off the debts of the 'people'. BUT that is not the 'capitalist' way -

  80. @Tom Because we don't matter to the republicans. Only those entities that make money matter. Hope that clears it up.

  81. @Tom Banks will help-they’ll knock it down to 28.5%.

  82. Our schools are temporary-closed for now. I was shocked to see one of our neighbors are having a party for kids! Hope nothing would happen, but one, many, or all parents may feel guilty later.

  83. @drw. I've read similar complaints elsewhere. Parents seem to think that this is a great time to set up play dates!

  84. What about seniors who have to depend on their Social Security and a little bit of interest income to live? Not only is there nothing to help them, but this will hurt them.

  85. @GI How many of those seniors repeatedly voted for politicians to impose these very policies upon us?

  86. @GI This is CORPORATE SOCIALISM. Let the banks suffer. Let credit come to a halt; perhaps THEN people will realize that socialism isnt so bad after all

  87. I want to add to this article. We leave in Arkansas or the so called bible belt. Churches here are not only not cancelled but encouraging people to attend and pray. So unless the government issues a mandatory closings of churches which I know it is impossible given the churches autonomy here this virus will spread like fire throughout the South.

  88. @Iana I don't know about Arkansas, but nationally most houses of worship have stopped services.

  89. @Iana . . . at which time these people will demand and expect government assistance, paid for by the blues states, which they will get without any appreciation or gratitude.

  90. @Iana Good! It’s all a hoax if you’re a republican. Just ask Trish Regan.

  91. I'm currently in France and the Minister of Health here announced yesterday that patients who take ibuprofen are more likely to have severe complications of Covid-19. There are several cases of severe illness here among otherwise healthy young people who took ibuprofen for their fevers before deteriorating to the point of needing respirators. He recommends taking tylenol for fever if you get the virus.

  92. @BeccaA Thank you for this information. This is really useful. Stay well.

  93. @BeccaA Thanks for the useful information. Not very common these days.

  94. @BeccaA The Guardian carried this story this morning. No pay-wall for those interested.

  95. What happened to that 6% annual GDP growth Trump promised in 2017 when he gave away $10 trillion of our money?

  96. From the Ebenezer Scrooge school of government standpoint I can’t help but think that elderly people dying from the virus is less a financial burden for benefits they must provide whether it be social security or Medicare position.

  97. The Fed can dial the interest rate down to zero, but we need need health policy to address the crisis. Trump’s vision is way too limited.

  98. The best and smartest thing Trump could do to get the economy going again is to: 1- stop lying and downplaying the potential severity 2- tell people to curtail as much social interaction as possible 3- remind America of the extra cleaning procedures often 4- Get the tests out and widely available so we Americans can get accurate information about the spread 5 provide financial relief for workers and affected businesses Cutting the federal discount rate is good to stimulate investment. Doing that now is not responsive to the problem.

  99. @Catalina I am on my way out the door... to the second restaurant meal of the day. The same thing I did after nine-11 and the 2008 Crash... I use my income to boost others. Because I rather like seeing smiles on the face of the owner/managers and the employees. I do this despite having a full refrigerator/freezer.

  100. Exactly the same quantitative easing policy that the Obama administration employed to revive the moribund housing market and failing economy after the Bush financial crash in 2008. It was deplored by Trump, but it will be much harder for the Treasury Dept. and the Fed to solve this crisis.

  101. Trump & Mnuchin will make sure the health insurance industry makes out like bandits while the patients get fleeced as usual. Surprise!

  102. I find it peculiar that the Times hasn't shared any data here from the neighbour it shares the longest border in the world: Canada. We do have approximately 250 cases here so far. Not a lot, but I don't see you reporting on why the US hasn't addressed travel between our two countries.

  103. Too bad Trump (once he's voted out of office...and it looks more and more likely on count of his incomoetencec and ineptitude) can't be indicted for involuntary manslaughter.

  104. In 2008 we began a new era. Terrified and grasping, the Fed bought up a bunch of debt. It never sold it back. Now, delighted with its new toy, its buying "huge amounts" more. What could go wrong? Anything to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

  105. As of tonight the Fed and the Administration is in full panic mode. Appears donald has brought his lifetime ____show to the United States.

  106. The government sure seems to be tripping over itself, in it's efforts to address a problem, that was classified, by said government's leader, as a hoax. Hmmm.. We're at 15 and it will soon be zero.. Hmmm... I like the numbers where they're at now.. Do your country a favor, and never, ever, vote Republican again. Nobody. Not even your local dog catcher.

  107. National Socialism at work. Bail out the Banksters II -- while tax payers get fleeced. Where is the Republican Tea Party now?

  108. The media has to press hard against Trump’s myriad lies and obfuscations, particularly about having coronavirus “under control.” It is not, and if he thinks it is, he has no business being president. He is delusional and spreading misinformation. We really need someone in charge who isn’t a pathological liar. President Obama, can you step in and take control — at least until this crisis abates?

  109. All the care in the world for the bloody stock market and NOTHING for workers, freelancers, families, humans. When will you wake up from this nightmare called capitalism?

  110. Trump and company all need to step down. They have failed our nation. At every step, they have made the situation worse. We have contingency plans for pandemics. Hospitals and first responders sets train for these situations. But Jared is crowd sourcing solutions on Facebook. This is a disgrace and a national tragedy. Trump needs to hand control over to crisis and emergency experts. Now. If he does not, his cabinet should force him. If his cabinet and the gop are too feckless, we must take to the streets in whatever way we can.

  111. Our learning curve on Covid-19 will do harm but is Trump's OJT learning curve that will have lasting ill effects on the nation and the world.

  112. @Mary Elizabeth Lease There is no OJT learning curve for Trump because he is incapable of learning.

  113. I don't see any sign that Trump will even consider that he should "hunker down."

  114. Hopefully, he won’t.

  115. Look at the people flanking Dr. Fauci. Let's just say it. They're phonies, every one of them. Pence the smooth-taling Man From Glad, Munchkin the movie mogul, Dr. Carson the, ah, brain surgeon. Might as well put Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on that stage. And Jared, of course. I can picture Hillary Clinton giving some believable reassurance. That boring bureaucratic stuff like coordinating with other world leaders, letting the experts speak without contradicting them. Realizing there is more to life than the stock market and re-election. At least a feeling of some competence. Well, we'll go with what we have. As our First Lady/Supermodel would say, Be Best!

  116. @JR She might as well break out the old "I DON'T CARE" jacket.

  117. The young people, the same ones who have flocked to Bernie demanding socialistic policies, are the ones who will spread this virus around the country. They have no sense of responsibility, as evidenced by the scenes from NY, New Orleans, and LA.

  118. @Brewster’s Millions I'm sure that is true of some young people. However, I am younger (and support Sanders) and have been staying at home out of concern for more vulnerable folks. However, my father in his 70s has been traveling to large events around CA because he only listens to Trump and right-wing media and has not thought this a big deal. It will be totally gone by May when it warms up, he says! (He claims I am brainwashed by liberal media and prays that I see the Truth.) Similarly, a conservative neighbor in his 70s is going around everywhere as normal and was complaining to me on the phone yesterday that everyone is being crazy and this is no worse than the flu at all. Around me, I personally see a disproportionate number of right-wing folks--many of older age--having "no sense of responsibility." You might want to re-think your claim.

  119. @Concerned for the Future. We can’t get a test, but Donald can supposedly get one? I guess he’s special, right?

  120. As of 4:11 pm PST, the S&P 500 futures are down over 5%, and trading has been halted. https://www.investing.com/indices/us-spx-500-futures This also shows the complete lack of confidence investing professionals have in the current administration to handle this mess. The fed just showed their entire hand, and the markets didn't like it. Expect a bloodbath tomorrow when markets open.

  121. At least Republicans are consistent: Whatever happens, keeping the rich happy is the number 1 priority.

  122. @Opinioned! Come November, remember that famous Second City mantra: Don’t get mad...get even!

  123. I am from Spain and even though our health system has been declared one of the best in the world I have come to think no country is really prepared for this. We are always a few steps behind developments. Please take it seriously and demand action. I am quarantined myself.

  124. I guess this means that all savings accounts and money market funds are worthless, Trump is getting what he wants, and I’ll bet that he is already refinancing all of his real estate. We can’t even spend the now-worthless money, because the Coronavirus has caused almost everything to be shut down. So who is benefitting from the pandemic? Could it be the president himself? It’s certainly not me or you.

  125. Dear Mayor. Why is the Carousel in Central Park still open? Why are gyms still open?

  126. @CacaMera The Central Park carousel is owned by the Trump Organization.

  127. No different from price gouging. Trump and company are using an unfortunate and serious illness to gouge the public further to enrich themselves . Makes me sick to the stomach. Can someone explain how lowering rates to pump up the stock market benefit most of us who have nothing to do with the stock market ? Shouldn’t we be building hospitals like the Chinese did, developing vaccines, and do everything we can to combat this virus , instead ?!

  128. Why is the Times calling for MORE Federal regulation at a time when it is clear that Federal regulation prevented scores of Universities and major Hospitals from doing COVID 19 testing? When Federal regulation resulted in thousands of Americans coming from Europe being crowded together for hours in airport Customs and Homeland Security lines, doubtless causing infections to spread?

  129. @Frank: How about BETTER federal regulations. Ones devised by people who know how to organize a government and run it properly!

  130. @Frank You can't test without test kits. Trump turned down kits from WHO and Germany. What were left with are 'exceptional' results for our oh-so-exceptional country.

  131. Some people are capable of devising sensible and effective regulations.

  132. The trump-politicized Fed is scaring people and markets. Cluelessness rules the day and we are now rudderless. Thanks trump, you own this!

  133. Are Americans capable of acting for the greater good? We'll find out in 2-4 weeks.

  134. Zero rate means nothing if working class most of cannot earn a living and cannot go to work or are getting laid off and pay our bills.

  135. President Trump was providing a public service by taking no responsibility for closing the Pandemic Office in 2018. He is washing his hands of it a) To remind us to wash our ands 2) To remind the evangelicals that he following biblical law and the fine example of that other great leader Pontius Pilate.

  136. I worry about young families who live from paycheck to paycheck. Many will be thrown out of work. What is the relief for them?

  137. @charlotte "Many will be thrown out of work. What is the relief for them?" You have Pelosi's and the Democrats' bill which protect the workers, but... oh yeah, in the fine print, it doesn't. It exempts all the companies that don't have unemployment benefits and reimburses the ones who do. Basically another bill that helps companies and not people.

  138. We need to implement measures being tested in Italy. Italy has not run out of food and toilet paper. It has prevented hoarding. Denmark, the country some of our wannabe leaders use as example, is in the process of implementing these. So is Austria and Poland. (1) Shut down non-essential businesses. (2) Limit the number of shoppers in stores and ration the purchases. (3) To enforce (1) and (2) put NG on the streets.

  139. The only people I want to hear from in these "briefings" are people like Fauci and health care officials. Our federal cheerleaders are failing massively to deliver the one thing they're tasked to do - inform and calm a panicked population. Insanely tone-deaf and apparently incapable of a shred of empathy, Trump boasts of run on grocery stores as a great sign people are spending money, cuts fed rates to zero as though this matters to people who have nowhere to go and nothing to spend money on even if they had any left - and Pence continues to waste time tongue-bathing him for his fabulousness. This is serious. Stick with the serious people who might actually save us.

  140. @gdurt. Pence has only one goal ... to ensure that he remains on the ticket this fall. Being competent won't help him in that regard, but spending his time praising Trump will.

  141. To those who still support Trump: Why? We look to our President for guidance, for compassion in times of trouble, for leadership and for someone who will tell us that our government is working to help us get through a pandemic. Instead. we have a President who has no compassion, no empathy, and no heart.

  142. @gailweis AND no realistic plan - other than "stimulate business." In the meantime, Trump - from the other side of his mouth - wants to reduce the National Institutes of Health budget by some 12; hope to, cut health programs; has put kids at risk of malnutrition and disease through Medicaid cuts; and has his eye on Social Security, disability benefits. Medicare drug plans, etc. Trump does NOTHING for the average American, except lie to them when he opens his mouth. He cares only for his - and his friends' - fortunes.

  143. No amount of quantitative easing or reducing the interest rates to near zero, will protect the American people from the health and economic threats presented by the coronavirus pandemic. It is obvious that Trump put a gun to Powell’s head and ordered him to do this. By the way, stock market futures as a result of this, Are now down the limit for Monday.

  144. Interest rates, huh. Why hasn’t any other country thought of this...not. Really helps the mass of self-employed, hourly workers and probably a majority of Americans who aren’t business execs or corporate minions. Just another gift to big business that won’t trickle anywhere but back into the company pockets. Trump thinks this is a stock market problem. He probably is right about one thing: for ol’ Individual One this soon will be a former-no-longer-protected-indicted-in-NY kinda problem.

  145. @JP. Trump cares about the stock market because his followers love to cite market gains when talking about what a great job he is doing. Which is odd since I imagine that relatively few of them own stock.

  146. @Barry Short Most of donald's supporters think most socks are make in Mexico.

  147. So is this it? Regular folks don't matter. Wall Street and large corporations continue to be fed (pun intended) while everyone else suffers? What will it take to get our system to help the average American? Apparently, this pandemic is not doing it.

  148. Local officials alarmed by dearth of ventilators, hospital beds A health system, overwhelmed. Republican's mission accomplished.

  149. For the record, Trump proposed a 12% budget cut for NIH for 2020.

  150. @W.A. Spitzer Because, in Trump's world, ignorance IS bliss. He functions happily in his disconnected, nonsensical mode every day. WE the People suffer.

  151. Re this interest rate cut: How are we senior citizens who depend on CD interest to pay our rent, food, etc. supposed to exist with 0% interest rates. No one can honestly say social security payments can cover our basic needs. Another Trump attack on the old and/or poor. Historically, interest rates ran about 3% on average. These last few years have left so many of us in poverty and, yes, some of us even homeless too.

  152. @Alice They're just returning rates to where they were for the entire Obama presidency. Was that "an attack on the poor"?

  153. @Alice You are all too correct, but few people think in the vein you do. In our culture of soundbites, low rates are good (they stimulate business, allegedly). In the real lives of real people, though, much that governs the "economy" - at least by government - has no basis in reality. Nor does this administration concern itself with the sufferings of those of us who are not producing "wealth" -- that is to say our retired elders, the disabled, the working poor, those not investing in the markets/banking, and /or the nearly-99% who live check to check.

  154. @Alice you bought at a higher rate. just dont buy them now. wait a few months. also how are you living on 2% interest or whatever it was? are you mega rich? sounds like it.

  155. Doesn’t ANYBODY get it? As Jerome Powell said when cutting the Fed’s benchmark rate by 100 basis points to support the economy "as we weather disruptions caused by the coronavirus." And further “The actions will foster a more rigorous return to normal" There IS no normal. There is a NEW corona normal that we don’t know and cannot control by the OLD normal.

  156. Fed slashed the interest rate -- all about the Benjamins -- this still isn't fixing the real issue -- sick people, dead people, people losing their jobs and not being able to pay their bills and the recession that's happening when we finally get a handle on the health crisis. Trump is the playing the shell game -- also moving the deck chairs on the Titanic and it's still going to sink. His next distraction will be pardoning Michael Flynn -- as though that will take peoples' minds off of the fact that the schools are closed, their parents are in danger of dying from a virus for which there is no inoculation or even a test, they can't buy a lot of products at the supermarket and they are losing their jobs as businesses and states shut down to create "social distancing."

  157. @Amanda Bonner Well stated, and scarily true.

  158. The Trump organization carries a LOT of debt. He’ll benefit tremendously from any reduction in interest rates, and even more from the return of inflation. All his policies make sense when viewed from this lens.

  159. @Joe Average And there you have it.

  160. Back when Trump was ramming through his tax cuts for the rich which blew out the budget deficit, it was clear that if there were an economic emergency the Fed and the Federal Govt would have less capacity to respond. Lo and behold, we’re in an emergency and the best the Fed can do is slash rates from nearly nothing to practically nothing, and the best Trump can think up is ‘let’s have a ‘Payroll tax cut’.

  161. We will awake from this delirium in a few weeks to find that we "social isolated" ourselves into a recession -- or worse. What nation can close its schools, institutions of government and shutter countless small businesses without economic consequences? We don't need more money in the economy -- we are awash in liquidity already. We need more common sense. People die -- especially old people with underlying health issues (I am one of these myself.) Thousands of deaths, even tens of thousands, from this virus are not terribly demographically significant in a population of one-third billion people. Media-stoked over-reaction, combined with hatred of Trump, has already put millions of people out-of-work. The low-wage workers in the heavily populated service industries are headed down the drain. Where is all our pious concern for minorities as these often economically marginal people are left with no wages, no job security and no child care such as the public schools provide? How are they supposed to get to work with public transportation cut back? Go ahead --work from home. Most people -- low income, especially -- don't have that option.

  162. @Observer problem is when the hospitals collapse people with other conditions start dying as an indirect consequence of the pandemic. If I have to choose between an unclear (ten thousand, hundred thousand probably more) number of fatalities, humans of any age, race and class and the Economy/capitalism. I'll always choose to preserve human lives. I believe this is what any healthy government should do

  163. @Observer You think the threat is overblown. Only a Republican-validated scientist -- i.e. Donald Trump -- can make that assessment.

  164. @Observer Maybe you're out west and expect less of a problem than the populous urban areas that do actually generate the majority of economic growth in this country. But pathogens spread without respect to our pedestrian concerns so I imagine you too will become a part of this contagion story. You are just some # of days behind. Yes, low wage workers are at great risk but blindly pretending this isn't happening will not mitigate the health risk or the economic consequences. It is precisely because we treat low-wage folks with a reckless disdain that they are going to be so disproportionately affected. It is because we have orchestrated an entire workforce strata bereft of living wage, job security, sick leave that those people suffer now when society must respond with an aggressive contagion effort. You have most definitely gotten the cart before the horse. And your callousness toward the elderly (and those a lot less than elderly) who will die is of a part and parcel with those who dismiss the struggles of the working class. You have seen the enemy, and he is you. But go ahead and vote against your own best interests this fall. I, on the other hand, will look forward to seeing Trump and all his little ducklings paddling with futility in their lame duck pond. Vote, people, Vote.

  165. It's time to be brutally honest: the American system of government is a failure and urgently needs to be changed. The Constitution and its divided system of government may have been good in 1787. But in our modern world, with our lives completely dependent on a complex global network of interdependent technologies and institutions, we cannot leave essential functions of government to a fragmented set of competing bodies run by amateurs and incompetents. Yet this is what the Founders' system does. Federalism fragments power between multiple states and the federal government. Separation of powers splits the legislature from the executive and pits the two against each other. Bicameralism divides and weakens the legislature. And our electoral and representative systems make the government unresponsive to the people. We are stuck with divided government that is inefficient, prone to gridlock, and ultimately unaccountable for what happens. On top of this, the Constitution leaves too many of the powers of these different governmental bodies unclear, allowing the Courts to arbitrarily overturn legislation and regulation and re-set the balance of powers between the government's divisions based on the whims of just five Supreme Court justices. Maybe worst of all the fragmentation leaves a power void that is most easily filled by an authoritarian president. The nation simply cannot function with a government this bad. If we don't change it, we will certainly be destroyed by it.

  166. @617to416 The government has only been a "failure", and it is though can be fixed, since Reagan and the republicans saw their diminishing prospects demographically and then rigged the system in their favor. Quite resourceful they. I commend them on their foresight, planning and implementation. Unfortunate for the majority though.

  167. @617to416 Either evolution or revolution...pick one.

  168. 0% sounds great ... if they'll allow ordinary citizens to borrow from the Fed, too. Instead, they've helped out banks and large borrowers, not taxpayers.

  169. @Barry Short It is the GOP way, after all, to shriek about the economic damage that is occurring, while ignoring the PEOPLE who support the economic structure. They funnel aid to the rich and ignore the people/workers who produce goods and services on which the "economy" is built. We NEED change this fall.

  170. "The Fed also eliminated bank reserve requirements...." This seems of great importance and deserves more than just a passing reference. Article does not say whether this was a temporary measure and what the implications of such a change are. I hope the author will follow up on this.

  171. Today, I received a reminder from the dept of education that my student loan payment is due in 2 weeks and a few days. I am fortunate to be able to pay that bill. But what happens to those who can't? Where is the relief for general Americans outside of the rich and wealthy? The current response by the federal government is nowhere near adequate. Do better, elected officials.

  172. The drastic and desperate Fed rate cut breeds FEAR, not confidence. Time needs to play out and let the economy HURT, then consider lowering the rate. Now the ammunition has been spent.

  173. @Pomy Trump satisfied, that is important. We do not want to fight against a virus and a acting President.

  174. Fed Slashes Rates to Near-Zero and Unveils Sweeping Program to Aid Economy So Trump [and Sean and Rush] talk about how minimal the virus is, but now will claim fame for doing so much. You know, the same kinds of things President Oabam did that Rush and Sean and Trump and most of the GOP screamed about. Obama wasted money of autos. But airlines and cruise ships "deserve" hundreds of billions?

  175. @jhanzel Oh it is still a hoax in their mind and always will be. Trump only sees this as a reelection challenge.

  176. This Virus Crisis compared to the Wildfire Crisis or the Homeless Crisis that California has been in for Over a Decade with Full Democrat Control is being Handled EXCELLENT by The White House Compared to the Failed leadership on the West Coast!

  177. I don't remember nationwide panic buying of toilet paper, nor do I recall the complete collapse of the stock market, during the wildfire season.

  178. It’s Federal policy that places California is these straits. It’s best if they secede because the US is a failed state. What about the shortage of testing kits?

  179. @There for the grace of A.I. goes I Trump completely botched it. Denying it weeks and weeks when they could have ramped up testing kit manufacture now they're caught flat-footed to our loss. The Donald is still rich, however. I don't expect his fan base will admit it but the rest of America can see the incompetence quite clearly.

  180. Lets put Biden in charge, he and Obama only let these banks get 40% bigger since the last time they crashed.

  181. @gene I thought Trump was " the only one who can fix it"?

  182. @gene Stop blaming Obama. This is happening on Trump’s watch. He’s responsible for all that follows.

  183. @gene It doesn't matter what Pres Obama did. All that matters now is whether Trump's handling of the current health crisis is effective. It's not.

  184. I wonder why countries all over the world, particularly Italy and neighboring countries in Europe who are deep in fear with an overworked health system, rising cases and deaths, are not rising in a wave of fury at China for its gift to the world that keeps on giving and is taking away and destroying? WHY ???

  185. @Gerry O'Brien Exactly how would that help? And what if the next virus came from Canada? Should the world direct its fury at you? Xenophobic scapegoating is not going to save lives. For proof, just watch the trajectory of the virus in the US over the next three weeks. You'll learn just how "great" America is under the rule of Trump and Friends.

  186. @Gerry O'Brien Probably because we all knew this pandemic was coming eventually. It doesn't really matter from where.

  187. @Gerry O'Brien I think Italy and neighboring countries have more important things to do than have temper tantrums about this. Anyway, experts have been warning about a pandemic flu for years now. The only one to be furious at is the incompetence of the Trump admin, who stalled every single process available to prepare for this.

  188. How is an interest rate of 0% going to help elderly people who have to rely on interest income from savings, bonds, and dividends? How is a 0% interest rate going to help people whose hours are cut back, eliminated altogether, or who are laid off pay their mortgages? If people don't have money to spend nor the means to pay it back, how is a 0% interest rate going to help? A 0% interest rate is certainly not going to encourage people to spend more unless credit card interest rates also receive a commensurate cut. Who is going to borrow all this money that the banks will have injected into their balance sheets? Is this just going to create another consumer debt bubble for people when the health crisis abates? And then another crash? Just who is this supposed to help?

  189. @SC You are absolutely correct. At least in the near term this only helps the wealthy. Furthermore it follows on the heels of the preceding cut that drove the market down, as today's futures indicate this rate cut will also do. People with credit cards have a liquidity problem, not the banks. The definition of madness is repeating the same action and expecting a different result.

  190. Zero interest rates play into Trump's scenario, i.e. it's all in the stock market, i.e. appearances. Not a thing to do with health, welfare, test kits, people dying, etc. As long as the market looks good and the Fed follows Trump's instructions he ( Trump ) believes he's winning. He's not, but he believes.

  191. @SC Why the rich elite of course.

  192. I watched Trump's press conference with alot of pause and rewind on YouTube. Of note: The man and the woman on the right and the left of him. Watch as they dutifully stand at attention, waiting to see how his run on sentence (that starts with name dropping CEOs from "the world of stores") concludes. When the point finally lands you can see both of them subtly roll their eyes up to their right and have a sigh. These people have the most difficult job in the world right now. This is the part of the whole experience that's most like a movie to me: The fact that, during the greatest public health crisis of our generation, the most powerful country in the world has a deluded impeached president calling the shots. That's the part that makes me say, "is this really happening?"

  193. The US and other countries are going to have to figure out what to do about these viruses that are emerging from Asia as well as other parts of the world. We can't worry about hurt feelings now. This is going to be a major part of the upcoming presidential election!

  194. @Mark We've known for decades"what to do about these viruses." Be prepared. Unfortunately, the "What, Me Worry" smaller government crowd doesn't believe in logical consequences.

  195. @Mark. Well, we had a team of experts as part of the National Security Council charged with just that very purpose until Trump fired them, an action which he claims to know nothing about.

  196. We are told that stores and shelves will be stocked. The only way that happens is if distribution centers remain open. The nearby amazon building here has 2000 workers. The same is true for many of these type facilities. They will not be closed until one of them has an outbreak, then the shelves may not be depleted by hoarders but a lack of distribution.

  197. Our government officials should talk to counter parts in Chinese government. At least, their expertise to fight back Covid-19 had obvious success. We should learn and modify their experience to suit us. We don't have to follow their steps or approaches, but we do need to know why and how they did it to defeat Covid-19. For the people's sake, Trump should pick up the phone and call his friend, Xi Jinping. If their suggestion works, we might reduce the tariffs or delay the tariffs implementation to 2021 or later.

  198. You presume that the official numbers are being reported correctly from China.

  199. American leadership have failed and this will cost American's dearly in loss of life and one's who survived to long term medical care. Lower the income higher the cost and in fact the brunt of this virus onslaught will be felt by middle class. With conservative supreme court and federalist increasingly occupying the lower court, they will protect the Government and leave the public high and dry. THE PEOPLE will have no recourse even if lawsuits are brought by these people who have been harmed because of administrations in-competencies. Yet what is baffling is even the the two parties are working against their own population with exception one fellow i.e. Bernie Sanders. It appears there is something not right with the baby boomers and it is the millennial when they get into voting age and go out vote in numbers is then when America will head in right direction.

  200. The brunt will be felt by the poor, actually, not the middle class.

  201. What middle class?

  202. We are using printed paper to buy printed paper. Nothing more. Sure, it's good to have low rates to buy cars and pay credit cards, but monetary policy as become little more than a confidence game.

  203. The real economy is going to take a tremendous hit, that’s unavoidable. Government is going to spend a lot and people just are not going to buy as much in the way of commercial goods and services. When it’s over the people will want to get out and to resume normal lives but they will not be able to for some months. That’s it, reality. If Trump wants to impress the electorate, he’s going to have to win them over by changing his image and ending the catering to one angry and intolerant segment of the people.

  204. "U.S. stock futures fell after the emergency rate cut." Can somebody please explain to me why it seems like the Trump administration seems more concerned about the economic fallout of the health crisis rather than the actual health crisis itself? /s Cutting interest rates won't save the lives of people currently infected. Cutting interest rates won't prevent the virus from spreading throughout the populace. Cutting interest rates won't speed up the production of more testing kits. Cutting interest rates won't suddenly provide us with hundreds of thousands more hospital beds. Cutting interest rates won't reopen health centers in rural areas that have closed over the past few years. Cutting interest rates won't help our scientists develop a vaccine any faster. (Maybe that's why we tried to buy the knowledge from Germany?) Cutting interest rates won't provide health insurance or paid sick leave to part-time employees. Cutting interest rates won't provide daycare for parents whose kids are now home from school for many weeks; nor will it provide these kids with free breakfasts that their families rely on. (And why are we suddenly "buying up huge amounts of government debt?" Didn't Trump run on the platform of "I'm the King of Debt?" But didn't he also promise to "eliminate the debt?") Agian, how does cutting interest rates and buying up debt help us fight the health crisis (which is spreading exponentially every day)?

  205. Trump is not in charge of The Fed’s rate decisions.

  206. @Owen Andrusiak , gee, he was only threatening to ask Powell to step down which would induce additional slides.

  207. Oh yes Trump is in charge of the Fed's rates as he threatened to fire Powell if he didn't cut the interest rate.

  208. Another round of quantitative easing aimed at Wall Street? How will that help Main Street, can someone explain? It may make Mr. Trump "very happy", but how does it ease the lives of ordinary people and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus? Confused how monetary policies that basically leave the Fed's quiver near-empty address what is essentially a public health crisis.

  209. As we gauge people’s reaction to the Coronavirus, it bears repeating the at the root of all anger is fear. Let’s be kind to each other during our journey through the lower reaches of Maslow’s Hierarchy.

  210. "Lowering interest rates is supposed to help goose the economy by making it cheaper for households and businesses to borrow money, which they will hopefully use to buy houses, cars and invest in new plants and equipment." Hmmm. There's a pandemic that will only get worse before it gets better. A lot of folks can't buy the necessities during this health crisis because every store shelf is empty. Something as simple as a can of corn or peas is nowhere to be found. Even cat food is becoming difficult to find. So, until this pandemic begins to seriously wane, I think the last thing on many folks' minds will be interest or concern about purchasing a car, house or even to invest.

  211. I am amazed that mayhem and unpreparedness continues in airports like O'Hare where many travelers returning from foreign countries where the virus is present, were shuttled to a small room, which quickly became overcrowded, waiting for hours to be tested. In the meantime, people continued to breath, cough and be in extreme close proximity. This crisis has been known for weeks and yet, no real plan nor logical system for separating and testing these travelers was put into place. On the other hand, there are some "positives" to be thankful for. Primarily - internet and web access. Meetings, conferences, and a plethora of other ways of communicating RIGHT NOW is capable. Food and other important supplies can be ordered on-line. We can talk and do face time rather than face-to-face contact. Granted the life we have taken for granted will continue to be disrupted for awhile, but at least options are available to keep things moving forward. I also have seen positive sides of folks during this pandemic. My husband and I were in line for 1.5 hours, waiting to check out of a large grocery store. An incredible conversation started with us and the ladies in front and behind us. We laughed and told stories and shared cooking tips. Each saved the other's place in line when one realized they forgot to pick something up in aisle 9. Although we were in line so long, we could have started a family, we made two new & great friends in the end, each exchanging contact information.

  212. Layoffs have already begun. Business owners are trying to figure out how long they can hold on if they get sick. The next unemployment report will be April 3, and it will not be pretty...

  213. Oh, I'm SOOOO happy that the Fed has cut interest rates tn Near-Zero. Not sure, though, how this might impact me, as an Amazon merchant, with an Amazon Lending loan at 20% APR, payments deducted from my monthly sales on Amazon. Great to hear that the government is going to pay Sick Leave and boost Unemployment benefits for people WITH REAL JOBS harmed by the coronavirus. Not sure, though, as a self-employed minion, how any of these wonderful policies help me as an impoverished cyberslave. 54, with no savings, no 401K, no assets, no health insurance, nothing. If you see me walking around on the streets, looking helpless, keep your distance. 6 feet, I believe. I'm just one of hundreds of thousands of people eking out a living, with absolutely NO social safety net. Don't let me breathe on you. I'm so proud of you upstanding folks for your (self-serving) social distancing.

  214. @Simon Taylor Did you attend any protests, marches, etc. for change? Can't change things without a revolution.

  215. Trump's threats and bullying to play his goose up the market would be appreciated a bit more if he had been some business genius. Remember he's already had three bankruptcies and his daddy had to bail him out a couple of times. He's more like a six year old boy taking a watch apart than a stable genius whiz kid.

  216. MEANWHILE, OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS STRUGGLING WITH MORE PRESSING ISSUES: "Trump Says He’s ‘Strongly Considering’ Pardoning Flynn Amid increasing anxiety over the coronavirus, the president said he expected to pardon Michael T. Flynn, his former national security adviser who had pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I."

  217. @kenneth The president Trump is a Moral carcass. In his inaugural address he mentioned American Carnage , I supposed a metaphorical reference. As it turns out He is foretelling what is going to accomplish in his presidency.

  218. "“It makes me very happy,”" Let me tell him something. If you are a senior living off SS and interest, you are not happy. Indeed, Trump is hosing seniors to help who knows who borrowers. He should stand in front of a camera and explain to them why they are a low priority.

  219. @Lee As a senior I will remember this in November. And I'm in Michigan.

  220. @Lee I hate to say it, but by the time this tidal wave passed, the whole idea fo SS funding will be upended. Many of the projected beneficiaries will be dead

  221. @Lee Exactly. I was laid off after Trump was sworn into office (late 50s). Changed to lowest risk investments until Trump is out of office. Assumed at the time he would wreck the markets. And here we are.

  222. Look 2008 is man made crisis, This is Virus made, only difference is virus is not aware of your condition.

  223. The discount rate will not matter when you, or someone you love, is on a ventilator.

  224. A formerly great country now rudderless in a moment of enormous crisis due to corrupt, clueless and self-serving leadership.

  225. Finally, a top US officials is actually talking sense. Please note, dear American citizens, that Canada’s Prime Minister has been talking science-based policy from the beginning.

  226. My husband paused briefly this evening after watching the latest news and developments concerning this virus and asked me a very serious and pointed question. He wanted to know my thoughts about abstaining from intimacy, including kissing, until this pandemic is over. I stopped and just looked into his eyes. I finally said, "We are in this together. Where you go, I go. Of course we will continue practicing extremely good hygiene, but we are married and have been close to 40 years. I don't want a roommate or houseguest. We share everything. We will just be careful, diligent in keeping things clean, and self quarantine if push comes to shove." He smiled and simply said, "ditto from the husband." I sincere wish everyone good health and good luck through these trying and nerve racking days ahead. May we all be okay when it's over.

  227. It looks like Andrew Yang dropped out of the race a little early. I bet there are a lot of people out there right now who would be benefiting greatly from UBI.

  228. We need to start asking the big question: Is Trump going to use this crisis to declare martial law and permanently seize power? I do not mean to downplay the utter seriousness of the current situation. But it is exactly a crisis like this that can be used by a nefarious group in power to end democracy in the name of emergency. I have absolutely no confidence that "the center can hold" anymore. We have dangerous, egotistical maniac in the Oval Office at this time of a fundamental existential crisis in the Nation.

  229. @George S. This topic is part of our conversation EVERY DAY.

  230. A pandemic is happening and the strict criteria for being tested is preventing us from knowing just how bad this is. As of today, only 799 people in MA have been tested, yet the state is 4th in the country for coronavirus numbers. Let that sink in. At least we have decent health insurance for everyone in the state. For the states that don't, well, I guess they get to pay the ultimate price for living in a 1st world country with 3rd world health care. I wonder what elected republicans will do if most of their constituents get sick or die.

  231. @Mare Not be re-elected.

  232. @Mare Testing asymptomatic people is useless. A negative test today could be positive tomorrow. The only people who need testing are health care workers to decide whether their runny nose is something to keep them out of work. Otherwise, who cares?

  233. @Mare Republicans will blame it on LGBTQ and immigrants along with the victim card. Same playlist.

  234. Just as during the failing Roman Empire, each official who took the podium this afternoon at the government press conference began by flattering the leader who introduced them. This is a sure sign of the cultural and political decay of America; it is also the harbinger of a religious confiscation of secular power. The entire fasciae on the podium consists in 'The Future of an Illusion'. (S Freud) They have a pious need to be flattered, and the flatterers know their neck is on the line. Do not give any more power to Mnuchin. He is wrecking our economy and pandering to every fatuous 'investor' in the world. Instead we need to tighten the leash on this man's rabid greed; he needs to be removed from office as soon as possible. Get Trump and Pence and Mnuchin off of television, newspapers, and press conferences. Send them to Mar a Lago and force them to stay where their cults can satisfy their needs, and leave us alone with science and the experts on pandemics,

  235. @Dan Holton We need to be in the streets, storming the palace, all the tactics of a revolution.