C.D.C. Gives New Guidelines, New York to Close Restaurants and Schools and Italian Deaths Rise

The Federal Reserve cuts rates. The pandemic dominates the Democratic debate. And Germany imposes border restrictions.

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  1. Austria has 860 confirmed cases already: 254 in Tyrol, 159 in Upper Austria, 122 in Vienna, 111 in Lower Austria, 111 in Styria, 48 in Vorarlberg, 39 in Salzburg, 10 in Burgenland and 6 in Carinthia.

  2. I'm considering the option of starting a 'go fund me' page with the goal of coming up with a million bucks to be paid to anyone or any group of people with the skill set to intervene for the purpose of ending a crazy maker in a powerful position the ability to use 280 characters from the English language for the sole purpose of creating chaos, anxiety and despair in the body politic as a means to satisfy his megalomania.

  3. Law of Unintended Consequences in action. The question is did anyone game out the impacts of the sudden ban on European travel and then ignore the potential consequences or was the decision made with complete ignorance? We’re in for a very rough ride. Invoke the 25th Amendment Now!

  4. It's imperative we get the truth in this situation. The lack of true governance and transparency is causing panic and despair. How could we be this unprepared for something this communicable? We've had previews of this virus with Ebola and SARS. Why are we in this current state of disarray? With many government positions still unfilled in this administration, it's becoming all too clear that they've been playing fast and loose with people's lives and remain committed to pandering to their supporters. It's time to stop this partisanship and work together for the common good. If we can't make our government work for us immediately, whatever happens next may not matter. People's lives are at stake. Stop quibbling over politics.

  5. Those who still travel by air during this period, wether essential or not, should not be surprised to encounter great difficulties. As it seems, many have still not comprehended the seriousness of the situation and continue to put their own health and the health of others at risk. The expectation that this was going to be more or less „business as usual“ is simply ludicrous. One can hardly believe that the mass of travelers we are witnessing are all on an emergency, non postponable trip. And btw, those that entered a trip abroad as of the beginning of February, when the epidemic was already in full swing in many countries, and now HAVE to return home, don‘t appear to have exercised very good judgement at the time...

  6. Is anybody modeling the virus to see the effects on the long term case curve if healthy young people get exposed to the virus early while older people are in lockdown to see if the case curve can be flattened and a heard antibody disease effect can be built to help bridge the immunity for large segments of the population until a vaccine can be developed?

  7. The fact that younger doctors who contract COVID-19 seem to get very sick from it makes me wonder if there is a dose-response relationship with this virus, or are there strains that vary in virulence and the people who get very sick and require hospitalization (thereby exposing healthcare professionals) have a more dangerous version of the virus. These questions are what makes this situation so scary—so little is known yet!

  8. I have been wondering who, in our turblent world, is paying close attention to the U.S. response toward a biological outbreak. You can bet some people who are not friendly are watching and taking notes and forming a plan. My hope is intelligent and knowing people are aware and working hard to mitigate this potential threat. This is a time to out aside our polarized differences and do the smart, safe things. The government is disorganized, yet the people can be United in solidarity. Rest assured bad actors on the world stage are paying very close attention, let's show them that we can overcome this as we have have done so many times before.

  9. I know the article doesn't strictly address this, but I just want to comment on the related remarks of Dr. Fauci. Fauci needs to totally calm done. He is making things far worse. 1. Even IF the country were to shutdown, which Fauci seems to think is just a swell idea (WRONG), that will not stop dead in its tracks all of the EXISTING cases out there, and as a doctor, he should know that. Some are active but not diagnosed, some are latent and thus not diagnosable, some presenting patients will infect others, despite diagnosis, treatment, and best practices. Etc. 2. A shutdown will slow the efforts to mitigate it. (Most important) 3. A shutdown will provoke bizarre behavior among many, further complicating the efficiency of institutions to do their jobs. 4. A shutdown will have a further horrible effect on the economy, individually and collectively, which will also interfere with solutions.

  10. @calleefornia Yes, I absolutely agree with you. This is absurd. And expecting an entire country to abide by this is absurd, cruel and unnecessary. We should isolate only the segment of the population that this is hitting, which is very obvious by now: the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.

  11. @calleefornia Of course, why would we want to listen to this "Doctor Fauci"? What does he know? Actually what he knows is that if we don't take major steps we could well find our hospitals overwhelmed. That would mean that many people couldn't get the care they need and many would die who could have been saved. Your claim that the things he's recommending would interfere with the fight against the virus is just so much nonsense. In what way would this occur? Your point 4 is the one you care about. Oh gee, is your 401k going down. Poor baby. Or rather, poor fool. People are dying. If we don't flatten the curve the numbers may soar.

  12. Imagine if you would the Dutch becoming contemptuous of their dikes dams and canals because so much time had passed since the last time there was a big flood to remind them why they had to invest so much in maintaining all that infrastructure that made it seem there was no problem. So they stopped funding it and over a couple decades the system had fallen into disrepair. Then a hurricane came by one year and flooded everything and the systems could no longer function as they had been originally designed to and some of the systems weren't even in existence any longer. Hard to imagine the Dutch could be so self centered and willfully blind isn't it? It used to be hard to imagine Americans being as we are today. All of these problems we are having now used to have in place solutions to prevent them or deal with them when they arose. The essence and much of the fake profit republicans have brought to our de-regulated economy was in removing pre planning because it consumed money they wanted to pocket. Not only did they de-regulate the necessity for pre planning they have worked extensively on propaganda and language manipulation to teach people to overlook the very concept of pre planning as something stupid or wrong. Anything that involves working together for the goal of helping everyone even those who don't know or understand they are being helped is anathema to the republican mind.

  13. Clearly decades of chanting "USA, USA, USA" inculcated in the population the mistaken belief that we are somehow immune to what befalls people in those countries to whom the chant was intended as a rebuke and challenge. The notion of American Exceptionalism may well be more virulent and deadly than any virus.

  14. PS to Doug in SD regarding your post in support of the current administration, As far back as memory serves, we called Russia the sleeping bear. Then along came China. I guess they are sleeping pandas, extinct amongst the sleeping camels and the elephants and the long gone buffalo. So let's consider the Mideast, Africa, Europe, and a new passage to the Northwest courtesy of global warming as the ice melts and the Panama Canal is turned into a profitable water park. What have we come to as a species, worldwide, including the fight over the rights of corporations as individuals and the benefits versus the drawbacks of an economy as time refuses to stand still, things change, things happen? History is dynamic, as odd as that might seem. Can you name one person running for leader of any country on this planet, someone who convinces you that they grasp the significance of this very moment in time and the implications for the future of the planet that rests not on just their shoulders but heavily upon those who put and keep them in power? The point you completely miss every time is that the government is not an entity unto itself within a democracy, it is not some evil thing hostile to the governed. Not in a democracy. In November 2020 we will return democracy to the people, count on it.

  15. Folks, check on your neighbors - not in person, but by phone, text, email, Nextdoor or Facebook contact.

  16. The two of us age 67 and 70 are going to the grocery store and that’s all folks until we are told otherwise.

  17. @Juliana James You should isolate and try to get others to do your shopping. I really hope the governments start to mandate that elderly and vulnerable isolate, while letting the rest of society carry on as normal, so the whole society does not collapse economically and psychologically.

  18. @Sara thank you Sara, we have a very small store and know everyone there it is two blocks from our house, we have no underlying health conditions and take no medications, thanks to yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, walks, biking and hiking!

  19. Good for you. I’m 68 and up here in my little corner of the PNW there isn’t a lot of panic (yet). I’m going to head out to the grocery store in a while where I will be confronted with something against which I have no immunity: Girl Scouts selling cookies! So much for flattening my curves. The irony of “thin” mints.

  20. I'm at the Atlanta airport now for a connecting flight to Baltimore. It seems organized and normal to me unlike the heading on this article. If there is chaos at "some" airports that's another story, but I see that the U.S. media likes to create and invent hysteria. The media thrives on this. Please report responsibly. I'm traveling back home from a work trip and was wondering what to expect. What I'm experiencing now at the Atlanta airport is the complete opposite of what the headline of this article describes.

  21. @Elisa: You're not in the international terminal.

  22. @Elisa Did you see the photo? Are you claiming it was phony?

  23. I am a long-time NYT subscriber and would appreciate your publishing this viewpoint alongside the unfounded criticism of the US government. I am eagerly awaiting a formal apology from China for not failing to outlaw wet markets despite SARS, failing to promptly notify the rest of the world when the virus began spiraling, and for disrupting world markets and likely causing a worldwide recession. China should be required to pay damages to those affected. Apple should cut all ties despite the cheap labor.

  24. @Conservative Democrat You ain't no Democrat so why lie?

  25. Why not follow WHO protocols???? They should have set up tent reception areas on a section of the tarmac and we should have stadium of tent type of triage centers now to manage the vivid patients. A hospital is a chaotic place on a good day .. how will you manage a heart attack or cancer patient with low platelets..?? There are plans already to address this why are we not following the WHO protocols??

  26. The photograph on the home page top bar to the right of this article link tells the real story — a veritable sea of hundreds of passengers pressed in close contact awaiting screening for Covin at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. How many other ports of entry from Europe are experiencing the same threat and chaos? One need hardly speculate. A disaster for them and for America and criminal malfeasance on a mind boggling scale. Trumps assertions of competency and success in dealing with the spread of the virus are rank fiction, extraordinarily dangerous deflection and unfathomable incompetence.

  27. The Trump government should be sued for having disbanded the Federal Agency that had been created to fight viral global risks .

  28. By tomorrow, the total number of registered cases outside of China will exceed those in China. Considering the draconian measure China applied to level out the transmission rate and a hodge-podge response elsewhere, we are just in the beginning of the pandemic. American leadership so sorely needed at this moment worldwide has been completely lacking. In fact, by all measures, our outcomes will been par with Iran and Italy. And yet, we still have people and media demanding that this be treated as regular flu and accusing the virus of being a liberal propaganda hoax. By any rational view of this, we sure look like we are as much of a victim of our own societal breakdown as that of a virus.

  29. The total absence of any semblance of organization by the government to get on top of this chaotic crisis is appalling. Americans won't forget Trump's incompetence and shocking lack of compassion for the people he's obligated to protect. A smarter, more proactive leader who wasn't obsessed with his ego and popularity would have made a huge difference.

  30. I love seeing officials telling people to social distance themselves and stay at least 6 feet away from each other while they stand together cheek by jowl.

  31. Sorry to hear that the"stable genius" tested negative. Glad to hear that the country is in the hands of Prince Jared, "Acting" DHS Secretary Chad White who "said on Twitter that he was aware of the delays and was working to add staffing.and "Acting" CBP Secretary Mark Morgan, who has said nothing.

  32. Congress needs to stop playing around and invoke the 25th Amendment. If we can’t use it with this President then it’s meaningless. Republicans are destroying America.

  33. This really make no sense at all. There's less risk in flying with a couple of hundred people then being jammed shoulder to shoulder with thousands in the airport terminal. This was not well thought out and should have been phased in. Incompetence breeds incompetence.

  34. How many people will die from the 100 question check out touchscreens at a every pharmacy in the states?

  35. Do you think the media's constant focus on Corona virus has anything to do with the "chaos"? Also, the virus started in China, why is it Trumps fault? And for those who constantly criticize, please offer your suggestions as to what you would have, or will do, to make things better or change the outcome.

  36. @G G No one said the virus is Trump's fault. The chaotic response from the administration is Trump's fault. And as for suggestions about what to do, the experts have been front and center when allowed to speak freely. Read up on the flattening the curve strategy.

  37. I looked at the photo representing the chaos at our airports. And it does not require an epidemiologist to glean that that very situation can and possibly will spread Covid-19. For heaven's sake, this administration, the FAA, the CDC or whoever, needs to triage immediately, on site, as people exit from their planes. The money is now there, and most likely the folks needed to screen this group. But where on earth is the organization? Have we ever seen such a lack of responsibility and accountability. This administration has exemplified that old, well-used adage: like a chicken with its head cut off. Trump needs to put his ego aside and appoint another Czar. In fact, he needs to totally stay out of it, keep his mouth shut, and let the experts in the field of infectious diseases run the show before the curtains go down.

  38. Democrats are out politicizing the virus again this weekend. Heavy doses of lies and alarmism. Obama's Ben Rhodes (of the great Iranian cash grab) stated the Obama administration had 1 million H1N1 tests "within weeks" of the first patient in the U.S. and Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of Obama's CDC, said they had 1 millions tests within a month on CNN this morning. CNN accurately reported yesterday that it took 5 months from the first patient. But don't expect the lies and whitewashing of Obama officials to be called out by a press anxious for any shade they can throw at Trump. What we did learn from Dr. Frieden is that the leadership and 20,000 employees at the CDC were also the same under Obama. Undermining Trump has been a popular past time of Obama holdovers. Looks like it remains so. Hopefully Trump's mobilization of the commercial sector will bypass the slow rolling of the CDC. As for blaming Trump for all of this, while popular with the press, CNN's National Security pundit, Kayyam, said that public health is a local first effort. And that is true, local networks of doctors and hospitals have been monitoring this for months. They don't need Trump to micromanage common sense and protocols for them. If our experts and professionals are that ignorant, it's a sad state of affairs.

  39. Say, shouldn’t you be soaking up some of that great FOX truth right now instead of reading the NYT and watching CNN? Aren’t you afraid you might catch something over here?

  40. @TL So, let’s pretend all the accusations of Obama administration shortcomings are true. Why did Trump learn something from them? Instead of dismantling the structures Obama did put in place to respond more efficiently. The Trump supporters whataboutism is proof that even they know, but won’t admit, what an incredible bungle Trump has made of this.

  41. @TL i guess this proves what most of us have suspected - that no amount of incompetence demonstrated by the con artist in the White House will ever persuade his cult supporters that something is indeed wrong with Trump.

  42. I have to question the NYT's graph about which workers are at certain levels of risk. Retail workers need to be put higher on the exposure list. They are in close proximity to all kinds of people/customers. Those who work in big box home improvement outlets especially. They're dealing with customers, vendors, delivery drivers, etc...in busy stores the contacts with outside people can number over 100 a day! There are cashiers standing close to customers, handling dirty money from dirty pockets, with dirty tissues in them. There are shopping carts, touched products, customers standing too close as they demand to see their special order being placed on the computer screen. Customers already sick and seeking already depleted stocks of masks,etc. Sick contractors, who must work or lose income. Dealing with sales people, OTR drivers, etc, who use their restrooms as a reliable place to releive themselves. In some places dealing with homeless, who use their restrooms to clean-up. Big Box retail workers are at high risk. More so then Home care aides, dealing with one or two patients! Then add the exposure of their families, and who they are in contact with...and its a stew pot of germs!

  43. For a moment I thought I was looking at a picture of people lining up to vote.

  44. Just received this text from my daughter who lives in San Diego. Mom, I walked the dog last night and there was a line to get in at one of the bars. I don't get it! 👩‍💼

  45. Here’s a prime example of what Trump’s incompetence has brought to America: chaos! So now 3 weeks after his presser, where he said cases would be zero in a week, the pandemic has arrived and him & Pence continue to lie about it, and protect businesses rather than people. Where are those million test kits Pence said would be available last week?

  46. close restaurants, movies, bars, clubs etc. Puerto Rico is doing it as are other states. wake up New York!!

  47. I returned from Ukraine and connected at JFK on Saturday, mid-afternoon. Ukraine Int'l Air. There was NO medical screening going on. Did I miss it? Ukraine isn't in the barred-country group, but I didn't see anyone separating us based on where we'd left.

  48. How will this pandemic affect the US Census that is to be taken this year?

  49. We all feared from Day 1 of this Presidency, what would happen if.... Now we know. A complete failure of leadership including not being honest with us, not giving us facts, giving us feelings and hunches, blaming everyone else, not taking ANY responsibility and mass confusion when we hear conflicting assessments, advice and direction from various sources in the White House. Thankfully Governors in many States have filled the void. Funny how what he did do re Ukraine will not hurt him in November, but what he did not do will end his time in office

  50. @irv wengrow trump bragged in 2016 election, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” Will trump cult still support him if the coronavirus hit them hard? Sad!

  51. @Jackson Wrong! Many, many millions of us know that Biden would provide a basic level of competence. He wouldn't have an acting Secretary of Homeland Security who is a clueless imbecile. (Google Chad Wolf Senator Kennedy (John Kennedy, Republican Senator from Louisiana)). He wouldn't have disbanded Obama's task force. He wouldn't have tried to reduce the CDC's budget. And he wouldn't have told us that he had a hunch that everything would be okay. Now think about if Hillary Clinton was our president. Many fewer Americans would die then are going to. Trump is literally killing Americans. And you're helping. That makes you guilty along with him.

  52. To call our nation's response to this crisis anything but an abject failure would be completely inappropriate. Where is the leadership? Where are the tests? If you vote for the GOP in this election, then you are affirming that making liberals cry is more important to you than lives. Its morally reprehensible and disgusting - deplorable, even.

  53. @AJ They figure since they're overturning Roe vs. Wade that it's an awesome zero-sum game and they're righteous for doing so.

  54. @AJ Anyone who still supports Trump has blood on their hands. Many fewer would have died if Mrs. Clinton was president.

  55. I have to fly into Boston from Glagow on Tuesday. I can only imagine the madhouse that the airport is going to be in light of Trump's latest ban on the UK.

  56. stay in Glasgow.

  57. Of course, Trump tested negative, He tests negative on everything.

  58. Again a very bad experience how US administration is treating European "friends". Having friends like US you don't need enemies. Now US-administration is trying to steal vaccine technology from Germany.

  59. @Edu Please provide a reliable source for your claim that "...US-administration is trying to steal vaccine technology from Germany."

  60. @Greg The Guardian, an English newspaper, and Der Welt, a German newspaper.

  61. I still can't believe that while states like Ohio and PA that have only a fraction of the number of cases that NYC has have closed their schools, deBlasio refuses to close the NYC public schools. He is basically signing death warrants for many of New York's elderly. I suspect he will be remembered for his monumentally poor judgement on this and nothing else.

  62. @Sparky I believe it is because there are so many marginal and poor children in that school system that the breakfast and lunch programs keep these poor children alive. For many it is their only escape from disastrous family life. Add in a lot of unsupervised teenagers with nothing to do. So very sad.

  63. This is just a little taste of the havoc trump will unleash upon the American people and the world between now and January 2021. God help us.

  64. @Concerned Officer and trump's KAOS presidency where the only thing out of his mouth twice in a row is he's doing a great job and lock her up. otherwise it's KAOS all day, every day when a great leader brings stability.

  65. We’re cancelling sports events and gatherings over 100 people all across the country, but Mr. Trump’s lack of planning has thousands and thousands of people crowded together at the airport. That alone sums up this inept administration.

  66. @Jackson Neither Lisa Kelly nor I are pandemic experts. However, I am sure if a viable pandemic team remained at the NSC, this would have been considered, planned, and better implemented. I don't mind being flexible when things change rapidly, but I am tired of supporting stupidity.

  67. @Jackson It's not Ms. Kelly's job to figure that out. It's Trump's job to do that. It's more difficult than it needed to be because of his ignorance and his hostility to science, scientists, an dother "elites."

  68. @Jackson Well, in this case it could save lives. Leaving people overseas is not like deserting them on the moon. We could’ve had people trickle back in to the States, but through lack of competence at the top everyone appeared at the airports at once, and probably quite a few of those people will regret not having stayed in Europe where they didn’t have to stand in line with hundreds of potentially virus-ridden people.

  69. I don’t know why prudent actions taken to flatten the curve are considered “panic.” I’m not panicked, I’m not even scared at all. I just don’t want the elderly, overexposed healthcare workers, and a few unlucky younger people to die horrible deaths unnecessarily. I’m prepared and have done what I personally can do to limit the spread. However, in a pandemic we really need early, strong, and coordinated leadership. The lies we got in the first few weeks, and the continued lack of good information, that’s what causes panic and market fluctuations. Good facts, good actions, are what we need.

  70. Norway and Sweden combined have a higher confirmed infection count than the US. But their death rate among COVID cases is only 0.2%. A 0.2% death rate would be much closer to the death rate for influenza. The infected population death rate has not yet been demonstrated for COVID. Claims that this is 2-3% are so far unproven, and may be due to selection bias. If we only measure ICU patients, we could probably conclude that talk therapy has a significant fatality rate also. If COVID has infected millions (which it potentially has), it has not generated a body count commensurate with a 2% fatality rate. Since body count is our main concern here, we need to quantify the infected population, in order to meaningfully size the danger of COVID19. Since this is undone, I find the panic to be severely premature. Show us the infected population death rate. Not the ICU infected death rate. Full population.

  71. @rjs7777 Agreed! Testing MUST be done ASAP to develop the measured response. But, without testing available, slowing is a reasonable alternative.

  72. @rjs7777 you know what? If you are that body included in the count for mortality, you won't care about the other statistics. basically this is a virus that spreads very fast and the problem is not so much the mortality, but the fact that the health system cannot cope with so many cases all at once. That means, while other things being equal one may survive, lack of necessary medical support can have fatal consequences so stop blurting numbers without thinking

  73. @rjs7777 "Since body count is our main concern here..." No, it's not. Overwhelming our health care system is our main concern. Body count will follow.

  74. "...U.K. Issues Warning on Travel to U.S." I wish someone would explain this to me. I thought that Trump had banned all travel to the U.S from the U.K.

  75. @Mark Alexander you want to pay for the wall don't you ?

  76. @Greendog No, certainly not. Viruses don't respect walls!

  77. Spare us the absurd hyperbole. There is no chaos, just a massive influx of people trying to get back through US customs which now must screen for health. These people coming off their vacations wait in line for a few hours in line - so what. These same people will be waiting outside their local Wal-Mart today for the next delivery of toilet paper.

  78. @Bayricker I was in an airport situation like this after that American Airlines terrorist plot was uncovered after 9/11. The lines at Heathrow extended the distance of several city blocks. We had to throw away our liquids for the first time. We all survived. We understood.

  79. @Bayricker Waiting in teeming crowds at Walmart is a choice. Doing so at your returning airport is not.

  80. @AACNY Do you understand that packing hundreds of returning passengers into close quarters for hours, waiting to be health screened (which is not even effective to be honest.. since it is check your temperature and ask you some questions) is wise right now with known infections in both European nations and the US? And TSA agents demanding everyone move closer together, because the waiting queues are overloaded and backed up?????

  81. What a difference a day makes. My son flew home from Denmark to Toronto to Newark. You clear US customs in Toronto. He told the US border patrol person he had been in Denmark. He expected some kind of screening or some kind of helpful information. Like a link to a website etc. with rules on if you have been to a level 3 country blah, blah, blah. The border person very nonchalantly said okay. Have a nice day. This was Friday. Each day, even hour has been so confusing. It’s like a B movie about a pandemic and all the mistakes they made. To go from letting anyone in, to the inquisition (no one expects the Spanish Flu) in less then 24 hours is absurd. If you came back Friday you could come on in, like having an American passport protected you from the virus. How many people came in on those three days that were sick and could have been told to at least watch for signs, or what self quarantine means. According to a previous Times article, US border control really weren’t given any instructions, so the ineptness of this administration, once again puts us all in danger. Then to hear today that they are basically making hot zones/incubators out of customs lines is shameful. No one is in control. Why can’t they get back the response team that was formed under the Obama administration or better yet, just bring Obama back.

  82. @Donna H We are bringing Obama back. His name is Joe Biden. He is going to bring us a third term of Obama. If Biden were president Coronavirus would never have come to the US:

  83. @Cooper Freeman The same old bilge. Don't worry about the virus. Don't worry about the utter incompetence of Trump. Uh huh. So genius, why are Italy & Spain locked down? Why has France closed all bars, restaurants & cafes? I guess they're in on the plot against your hero. Your hero is going to be responsible for hundreds if not thousands if not tens of thousands of dead Americans. And you think the only real problem is the reporting about the epidemic. You are personally responsible for killing Americans. Personally. You.

  84. How can we possibly trust a “negative” test on Trump? Do you really believe they would actually tell us if it was positive?

  85. @Craig What difference does it make if he's got it or not? The best thing he could do is get out of the way so more competent people can deal with this national emergency and not have to worry about his temper tantrums.

  86. Meanwhile over at Fox the entertainment channel Nunes is telling people to go out and take their families to restaurants and pubs. Never been a better time.

  87. @Don Turner Trump's critics spend an awful lot of time complaining about FoxNews. Maybe it's time for them turn off Fox.

  88. @AACNY Right. We should ignore the fact that a major network is spreading lethal misinformation about an ongoing epidemic. Will you ever regain the ability to think rationally?

  89. @Jack Toner A major cable news network that only a tiny percentage of the population actually watches. The hatred for Fox is way overblown.

  90. Okay NYT, to paraphase Monty Python, it's time to show to show your dead. Very soon if not now the US along with other countries may have a lot of people including the poor, isolated, no access to medical testing and/or treatment, undocumented etc. dying from the virus. It's time to figure it out fast who is going to find out, handle and bury the dead. So,I'm hoping you will be the news organization to take on the very important and very necessary reporting. Thank you.

  91. I am not sure what this added airport security upon arrival is supposed to do. Whether people have been somewhere specific or not, it's everywhere. Whether people are feeling OK or not, they're going to tell them to go home and quarantine themselves anyway. They don't have anywhere to put people who might be sick anyway. Why not just check the passports and let people go home or catch their connecting flights?!? They are creating an even worse nightmare for people already vulnerable and in panic. One thing more dangerous than the virus is utter stupidity, and there seems to be plenty of it, from the highest ranks on down. One can declare no more people coming from wherever, but not have a plan to make it happen smoothly. My next biggest fear is that the elections will be cancelled, and regardless of how badly they manage this crisis, they will still be in power. Move over Shakespeare, you've got nothing over whoever is writing this brutal absurd tragedy.

  92. @Lucien Changing the November election requires a constitutional amendment. There are options: mail-in ballots, drop-off ballots, for example. States are responsible for federal elections. Governors seem to be more organized and strategic than the guy at the helm of the federal government.

  93. @Lucien /No hysteria here......

  94. The average American citizen will no doubt be forced to make many sacrifices in the coming months. Most of us know trump will make no sacrifices, nor will his family or the other incompetent toads he surrounds himself with. Of course he disbanded the Pandemic Response Group that was part of the NSC in May of 2018. Obama formed that group in 2014 to constantly assess infectious disease threats and have a bio defense plan in place before another one hit after SARS. With the embodiment of ignorance and incompetence in charge, who knows if we'll survive. At the least many will suffer in one way or another. Remains unbelievable how inept our gov is under the one who only cares about himself.

  95. @dre Biden will solve it. He will be taking over in January. He will bring gravitas and grace to the presidency. He has assured us he knows what to do to combat Coronavirus because he fought Ebola virus as well as VP. Biden Harris 2020. Let a new generation of color take over the government.

  96. @SF : ah, yes, the two "gr" words from the source.

  97. And what personal sacrifices did Obama ever make? He’s cashed in, I would say.

  98. 1. Donald Trump has stated he has been tested for Covid 19 2. His doctors state the the results of the test are negative. Do you believe one, two, both, or neither?

  99. @Lawrence I believe the lunatic probably is on a program now to be retested every 96 hours... indefinitely. I believe any physician attending to the lunatic will be ordered to say... the test is negative, and Trump is robustly healthy and will live to be 120.

  100. @Lawrence What, exactly, do you accomplish with this kind of partisanship?

  101. Guess you want him positive and perish.

  102. Because of our love of private property and the way the British set up this country when they colonized it, there is no viable way to live here without paying rent or taking out a mortgage. There is no public land where it is okay to live without doing so. People who try are arrested for vagrancy or forced to move on. Moreover, to prop up the economy with consumer spending, most Americans have been encouraged to go into debt while salaries and wages have stagnated. If now folks aren't going to be allowed to work, but they still have to pay bills, then that will break the social contract. There will be serious, potentially long-term ramifications. This means that those so ready to shut down tens of millions of jobs for the public good also need to have a solid plan to keep that contract for the unemployed, if they want their society back when all of this is over. It means a whole heck of a lot more than paid leave, let alone for just a couple of weeks. We're talking major interim socialism - a moratorium on collecting rents and mortgages. Guaranteed utilities. Guaranteed food. Regardless of who is working. Or, I think we have to say goodbye forever to the world we had a month ago. Note that I'm very much in favor of a capitalist economy.

  103. @Joe Germany has a capitalist society. So does Sweden. And Denmark. And France. And South Korea. And Italy. People here have bought the propaganda that taking care of real (as opposed to corporate) people is somehow going to lead to government takeover of our economy. People like Steve Bannon and Trump point to Venezuela as a cautionary tale - never talking about the fact that that is a dictatorship (like the one Trump seems to long for) and NOT a democratic socialist country.

  104. My wife and I own a wedding planning & floral business in Va and opened a gift shop selling small-batch, US-made items at the beginning of the year. My wife is an empath and is exceptionally worried about everybody that’s supported by our amazing local wedding economy. So far we’ve only received one cancellation but vendor friends, in particular caterers (probably because they cater commercial events too), are receiving them left & right. Our governor just imposed a mandatory ban on any event exceeding 100 people. With that and a number of our clients being active service members we anticipate the number of cancellations to gain speed. This brings me to the point of my post. We closed our store at 4 yesterday afternoon and made a point of visiting a local winery based on the expectation they would be deserted. Nothing could have been further from the truth - there were some empty tables but that’s not too unusual for any regular occasion. To leave I twisted the door knob with my sweater sleeve and before I could close it a lady behind me grab the door and closed it by the knob with her bare hand. A local microbrewery makes fine gluten free pizzas so we drove by there to give them some support and we drove in and drove straight out; I don’t think we could have parked if we’d wanted to. What is going on out there? Why are so many people either so oblivious or nonchalant? I am totally confused. It is business as usual and I don’t get it. They are jeopardizing us all.

  105. @JK People are getting their "take" from the top: DJT! (he's only reluctantly acting bc of the "media frenzy" and fall campaign for His Re-election)

  106. Until the White House places more of an emphasis on developing a vaccine and screening more people instead of kissing President Trump’s ring, we will continue to have containment and mitigation problems. Thank goodness I live in a state with a competent governor.

  107. @Cindy Hill Trump and his king's court of Do-Nothings were tryiing to claim that blue cities caused the spread of this disease by being kind to the homeless and Mexicans. If you look at a map of the U.S., every cluster of cases is around a major medical center. Most of those are in blue cities. Those also happen to be the ONLY places in the country where people have been able to get tested. But I'm sure Trump has never heard the phrase "correlation does not equal causation". And there's no use trying to educate him. We're on our own, folks.

  108. Chicago Governor Pritzker was on cable this morning criticizing Trump's travel ban and blaming him for the crowds at his airport. Meanwhile, revelers were out in Chicago bars celebrating St. Patrick's Day. The governor is free to round up all the magical resources that would have been able to handle the airport crowd, and then he can send them to his bars.

  109. It is hardly believable that a developed country like the USA put its citizens in chaos at airports for hours!

  110. its two completely different worlds out there tho - millennials going to the gym and brunch without a care in the world - almost no one over 50 outside except hurriedly rushing to market and back

  111. I understand that there is some essential travel that people need to make but for those who are vacationing, what are you doing traveling right now? Shelter in place. People need to start taking this seriously. If you aren't you have not been paying attention that past 3 months.

  112. The pictures showing long lines and human-jams at Ports of entry is no less concerning than pictures of Shincheonji church in South Korea, perhaps worse. How many patient-31s will come out of this chaos that the president has created? Every time this president forces a travel ban - going back to the first month of his presidency - it has been a snap decision with no consultation of partnering parties, governments, or agencies. The result each time has been utter chaos, and the president is who famously does not learn from his past mistakes. During this crisis, he could have initiated a phased and ordered return of US citizens more than weeks ago and perhaps earlier. Instead, he was busy playing down the risks, gloating about his ratings, blameshifting, and most bizarrely, offering his own hunches concern epidemiological science, offering us with great assurance, his devestatingly crisp summary: "It's really complicated". I can protect myself and my family from COVID19 to some extent, but how do I protect my family and my future from a totally incompetent president whose gross mismanagement is burning down our economy and making us sick all at the same time?

  113. With millions of Americans uninsured and millions too afraid to seek treatment because they are here illegally, do we really believe we can contain this virus? Our federal government needs to step in and assure these citizens they won’t go bankrupt or be deported merely because they are trying to determine if they have the virus. I don’t agree with Senator Sander’s healthcare proposals, but it is clear we meed a dramatic overhaul of our system.

  114. As of TODAY, these are the requirements to get tested in Oregon (which, to date, has only test 367 people): "Prior to this week, Oregon healthcare providers seeking testing of their patients submitted requests through County health [which then submitted requests found justified to the Oregon Health Authority]. Now that testing is becoming more available through hospitals and private labs, medical providers will use their judgement to respond to individual patient conditions and risks. Providers submit their requests directly to the Oregon Health Authority." We've lost the war, folks, without even firing a shot. We spent so much time telling ourselves our exceptional we are that we forgot what it takes to be exceptional. Contrast how South Korea stacks up to our 'exceptional' country: "Nearly 20,000 people are being tested every day for coronavirus in South Korea, more people per capita than anywhere else in the world. Health officials have been able to screen some 250,000 people – about one in every 200 South Koreans – since January. More than 10,000 tests have been administered each day over the past few weeks since a sudden spike in infections in the southern city of Daegu in late February." “South Korea can test more people in one day than we tested over the past two months,” “said Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) said at a House Oversight and Reform Committee Hearing earlier this week.

  115. @J Anders please specify where your quoted material regarding Oregon's testing protocols is coming from.

  116. The problem of citizens returning to the U.S. from abroad does not have to be as complicated as it has become. The virus has already spread throughout the nation. With or without symptoms, these people are coming home.

  117. I am in disbelief that Mayor de Blasio is stubbornly insisting on keeping open NYC Public Schools. Why does he think NYC is any different from Boston, LA, and numerous states? Why does he refuse to face the inevitable? Health is always the main priority. He acts as if people don't understand the "complex" relationship between schools being open, kids getting free meals, healthcare workers getting to work, and keeping teenagers off the streets. We UNDERSTAND! But it's the mayors job to figure out alternatives. Keeping the schools open as if everything is normal is dangerous to the public health, and is keeping everyone involved in a state of stressful, suspended animation.

  118. @Mme Chauchat agreed! We will see the results of this very bad decision in the next two weeks when New York City becomes overwhelmed with victims of this terrible disease. This will be one for the history books.

  119. So, Americans are to "hunker down"? How, with all the colleges closing, including the dorms? Now we have tens of thousands of students who are travelling and returning home, possibly with the virus-- the last thing we want right now. I will never understand why some colleges have done this, closing student housing and forcing this extra burden. The students would have been JUST FINE remaining in their dorms.

  120. @Sara As one who works @ a University, I beg to differ with your diagnosis from across the ocean. At my University, we'd already had a student confirmed with coronavirus (he'd been to China during winter break). How do we care for students when they become ill and isolate and protect the others. Do you really think housing hundreds of students together is the best way to keep them safe? The best way --the health experts agree -- is taking action to contain the spread before it happens.

  121. @Sara You think university health centers are able to handle the cases that would arise in that scenario? If you think so, you might want to try visiting one sometime.

  122. @23FenwayFan So do you think the solution is just unloading the problem onto another community and having the students spread the virus to their fellow travelers and home communities?

  123. From the start, we should not have been talking about COVID 19 like it was a kind of flu. This gave false reassurance (Trump greatly helped in spreading that idea). We should have been, and should be, talking about it as if it is a highly contagious form of SARS. Remember how frightening the SARS outbreak was in 2003, and how relieved we were that it wasn't very contagious? Well, here we are. We have to wake up. If we talked about it like it was SARS, which it is, then maybe people would be a little less interested in continuing to travel or go to restaurants or bars.

  124. @Mme Chauchat “What I might do to calm the markets is turn the television off for 24 hours,” Mulvaney said. “This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s not MERS.” Huh. Wonder why the SCIENTISTS named this virus SARS-CoV-2?

  125. It is no surprise that the U.S. President and his administration are making a mess of this situation. The rot at the top throughout the politically-appointed positions in government almost guarantee chaos. It is particularly galling to see those sycophants close to the orange-one nod, smile, agree, and heap praise upon their manifestly incompetent "leader."

  126. Meanwhile Mitch is heck outta town. And legislation waiting on the senate to help ease the pain of all this disruption. The utter lack of urgency and the sense that the crisis is being gamed for some political or economic gain is absolutely appalling.

  127. @Suzanne Exactly. Why couldn't the Senate have voted Friday night on this measure? The House worked late every night to get it passed. Guess we know who's holding the country hostage right now.

  128. I’m sure Trump wants to sign it at 9:15 tomorrow morning to boost his beloved stock markets when they open.

  129. The first place every flu-catcher should visit is his local congressman’s office. Otherwise they wont understand and address the problem properly.

  130. More travelers returning from Europe will become infected while undergoing screening for Covid-19 than will be identified as infected and effectively quarantined.

  131. it bothers me that people post long essays here as a response, but they are just expressing their angst and upset, I know. here's the scenario in a nutshell: the current president is working to make himself look better at all costs; everyone and everything else is secondary. but go on ahead and love him, and adore him, if you insist.

  132. @Kevinizon : no way!

  133. I wonder who had the idea to bring all US citizens home in one day to 13 airports to be interviewed by non medical personnel after standing packed in a crowd for 4 to 6 hours.

  134. @BDavis The same guy who told us 2 weeks ago that "anybody who wants a test can get a test" and now refuses to post the number tested on the CDC's website.

  135. @BDavis Our Stable Genius who knows all there is to know about medicine, virology and epidemiology or someone who is loyal to him and has zero expertise in this area.

  136. @BDavis No one told them to come back in one day. But Trump will be blamed regardless.

  137. What happened to proper reporting? A reporter's job is not simply to repeat data. It is to question and verify. Why would you assume that China's reported deaths - a nation with thirty times the population of Italy - are lower? And China, last I checked, is a brutal dictatorship.

  138. Neither, of course. Who cares if Trump is tested anyway?

  139. @Doremus Jessup: or if he really tested at all, just another fake news from the master...

  140. @carmelina copme on, he's the potus, he may be tested like 3 times a day

  141. I feel like I am living through an old Twilight Zone episode, but instead of a nuclear attack or invasion from space, its a virus. Time to isolate oneself in a windowless basement room with a hermetic seal rubber gasket door to keep the bad air and virus out. And better to be armed to the teeth in case hostile neighbors come by to break their way into your shelter, or to steal part of your stash of 300 rolls of toilet paper. It reminds me of the Mercury Radio/Orson Welles War of fhe Worlds broadcast. Maybe we need to revive leper colonies, and fill them with anyone who coughs or sneezes.

  142. I will take FDR-style socialism to save capitalism from itself. Again. Bernie 2020

  143. Hey America - Get over it! We're talking about the world here, not Trumpica. So take a deep breath, relax, and thank your lucky starts you live in the U.S.A. You're alive, and most likely your brilliant scientists will come up with an inoculation for this terrible disease!

  144. “Oh, thank you great leader (not)! Now visualize the masterful painting ‘The Scream’. Okay, now I can go for a solo walk in my social isolation. The new reality. People, wake up! (snap)

  145. "We are doing very precise Medical Screenings at our airports. Pardon the interruptions and delays, we are moving as quickly as possible, but it is very important that we be vigilant and careful. We must get it right. Safety first!" They are filling out a questionnaire and getting a temperature taking!! "Precise Medical Screening" is, to me, an ACTUAL TEST! Now indeed we don't have them [all Obama's fault], but to make yet another false claim ....

  146. For Lent, I’m giving up my fear of the Coronavirus.

  147. @Rich r I tend to agree.

  148. @Rich r God gave you fear for a reason. Use it and make safe choices.

  149. Mr. Trump, The ECONOMIC CARNAGE STARTS NOW. No, you didn't cause it, directly. Yes, you are responsible for the response of our government to this crisis, the government which you presently lead. No amount of denial, or backpedaling, or dismissal, or passing the blame to rules or regulations in place for decades, or because of anything the past administration did: YOU OWN THIS. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, EVERYTHING you have owned or controlled throughout your life has, in the end, collapsed. This now includes the economy and the security of the USA. You would do everyone a HUGE favor by just exiting now. You're way, Way, WAY over your proverbial head and nothing can help us now when you're continuing to pretend to lead us. You're not leading us. You're proposing nothing other than to put a band-aid on an amputation and telling us all that's all WE need and that's all we're going to get. We all deserve better. We deserve LEADERSHIP at this crucial moment and we are not getting it from you.

  150. President Chaos is hazardous for the efficient functioning of our democratic Republic and the health of every American.

  151. End of january, China had 102 confirmed cases in Beijing. Now, six weeks later, they claim only 415 confirmed cases, in a city of over 20 million population. Either they have been fantastically effective in containing the spread, or they are fantastically dishonest.

  152. Apologies if you have seen this comment elsewhere. I am trying to catch the attention of NYTimes. I urge the NYTimes journalists to research and report on ways, in which private citizens could help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Where to donate? How to support medical workers? Patients? Quarantined individuals? People financial or in other ways impacted? Let’s help each other.

  153. @Citizen A Since the best thing we can do is stay away from each other, the most logical thing we can all do is support government programs that collectively take care of us through pooled resources.

  154. After this virus passes The US government should investigate, hold hearings, to determine the amount of damage the news media caused by spreading fear and panic. The news media should be held responsible.

  155. You mean Fox News which dismisses Covid-19 as a hoax to undermine Trump.

  156. @John Gilday retroactive news? better than fake news?

  157. @John Gilday Just like they are doing in China!

  158. Just saw footage of the Mayor of Chicago....oh, Dear Lord, if she had Trump and this Administration within reach of her hands I think she'd be hard to hold back. Zero, absolute zero notice from White House/Feds...I wonder if anybody in this White House realizes that airports are under Federal jurisdiction for a purpose other than issuing one-line edicts.

  159. Stay informed! Listen to the experts and heed their advice. Stay away from opinions from those who have no expertise. Think outside the Fox.

  160. God bless all travelers and see them home safely.

  161. Trump said “I alone can fix it”. This is how Trump and the trump administration has “fixed” it.

  162. @chamber The definition of "fix" in Trump's case is not the one that's analogous to "repair". Trump's concept of "fix" is analogous to "the fix is in", as in the Merriam-Webster definition: "...used to say that the outcome of something, such as a game or contest, is being controlled or affected in a dishonest way."

  163. @Vlado We can test thousands of people for the cost of one CT scan. Better be putting that money into test kits.

  164. Let’s make lemonade out of this disaster and unhook our economy from the Chinese. Restore our manufacturing, I don’t mind paying more for made in the USA.

  165. The German C.D.C. called Robert Koch Institut (RKI) just updated their international risk area warnings and added California, Washington and New York after adding Spain yesterday.

  166. Thank you to the Trump healthcare organization to allow these mass crowds to get together at our own airports. We even see kids playing on the dirty carpeting of the Ft Worth Dallas airport...some viligent public heathcare we have in Tx. Hey! what happened to he 6 foot stay apart from each other mandates? Also please send us some alcohol. latex gloves & toilet paper (can't find any in our city of almost 9 million) I caretake a brain damaged wife and homecare attendent's won't help her if things cannot be sanitized.

  167. Coronavirus Live Update "Donald Trump reaches for German vaccine company" The Tübingen-based company CureVac is researching a corona vaccine under high pressure. According to WELT AM SONNTAG information, the US government wants to secure the rights to it exclusively. "The US President allegedly offers the German company a large amount to secure its work. There is talk of a billion dollars in Berlin. "The problem is that Trump is doing everything to get a vaccine for the United States." But only for the USA, ”says the German federal government. That is now trying to stop Trump's actions." https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article206555143/Corona-USA-will-Zugriff-auf-deutsche-Impfstoff-Firma.html

  168. @Woof Aggressively hunting for solutions offends, I'm sure.

  169. Those American crowds lining up at airport lines to get back home is the perfect place to spread the virus.

  170. Apparently the Italians are no better at public health than they are at democracy. The wonderful thing about COVID19 is that it will perform the same function as a stock market crash, albeit on a much more important level than the trivial matter of whether you actually understand capitalist stock markets. What do the finance bro’s say? That when the tide goes out, you find out who is standing naked in the water.

  171. @Walter Bruckner the allies saddled Italy with a parliamentary form of democracy replete with proportional representation completely ignoring Italy had only become a 'national state" in 1918. British arrogance and chauvinism is responsible much of the dysfunction in the world today.

  172. The president is ridiculously not serious! He has only proposed building Trojan Horses when the US Coronavirus infection-curve follows the same exponential growth as Italy's. Amazingly, he does find time for his hobby of targeting Hillary Clinton on Twitter!

  173. It is interesting that travel restrictions tend to track trade policy, or geopolitical motivations. That policy is both restrictive, and accommodative: some countries with reported infection and purported civilian infrastructure stress and challenges, are wide open. Israel is one. The airport crowd behavior is otherwise being closely monitored by the Bureau and DHS, as crowd control is still an evolving science, but in this case, is providing fascinating data in a number of social science dimensions. The nation's air traffic control systems are also subject to several new control dimensions, and computer hardware and software systems have recently had a number of change-outs and "patches" installed. I addressed this in a Crain's Chicago Business op-ed, which readers may enjoy: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20141002/OPINION/141009977/air-traffic-shutdown-points-up-inefficiency-vulnerability-and-a-little-irony, https://archive.is/8rUjg

  174. @Matt Andersson Thank you for bringing the biased attitude of the Trump administration!

  175. CNNs Brianna Keilar grilled Dr. Fauci today and he seemed to stumble badly with his answers, in order to defend Trump it seemed. One area that she questioned him was about the recent press conference where everyone was touching the microphone including him. He fluffed this off with a “get real..” comment down playing any significant issue with this. This came just after he said that If people felt that precautions were being over exaggerated then he was doing his job. So even the great Dr. Fauci is not immune from mixed messaging. He then went on to give nonsensical answers to her questions around the nonexistent Google website Trump said had been created to inform people. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/cnns-keilar-grills-fauci-over-trumps-google-coronavirus-site-claims-where-is-the-stumbling-block-here/

  176. @Thomas I have found Dr. Fauci very disappointing. Only one week ago he was saying Trump rallies are ok.

  177. “Who is in charge here?” “Ain’t you?” Lines from a chaotic scene in the movie “Apocalypse Now” or anywhere in America, right now.

  178. I love the smell of Purell in the morning.

  179. @Susan Baughman The Republican Yanks are in denial.

  180. Another “not my responsibility” disaster played out O’Hare and DFW immigration. After this many failures one can only assume stable genius intended mass infections. The incompetence of this administration is beyond belief.

  181. @DWS Given that his demographic is top heavy with those most likely not to survive this virus, I tend to doubt your theory. However, with 45 you can't count on logical thinking, so anything is possible.

  182. Beware the Ides of March.

  183. @Doremus Jessup Brutus Pence? Really?

  184. Lovely video of Portuguese citizens cheering health workers https://twitter.com/vferreira/status/1238951038373302277 In all this horror there are always silver linings and Im trying to find them to combat the fear and despair. - The footage of China from the space station shows what was red and orange with pollution is now pristinely blue, inferring that if we restrain ourselves we can bring back some semblance of environmental health comparitively quickly. - Expertise is now sought again and respected. - We are all in this together and as the former UK PM Gordon Brown said in a recent article in the Guardian, the only way to control this as with global financial crisis is to work together. - There is a growing appreciation for the efforts of all caregivers globally, a crucial group who are often overlooked. - And all the self isolation in Europe is making us more appreciative of each other and more concious of what we had. Life affirming scenes of Italians sereanading each other from their balconies. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carlieporterfield/2020/03/13/italians-serenade-each-other-to-fight-loneliness-during-coronavirus-lockdown/ https://www.classicfm.com/composers/puccini/nessun-dorma-florence/ Im sure other readers can come up with some positive lessons/benefits from all this. Keep safe all xx

  185. @aqua MILLIONS of Italians responded all over the country to the call to come to their window or balcony on Sat at 10pm and clap and bang (with lids) to acknowledge the work and selfless dedication of all health workers! It brought tears to my eyes. They not only love music, they also show heart and solidarity. FORZA ITALIA!

  186. @Ghislaine Eyer Thats wonderful Ghislaine. I cannot tell you what grief I feel at the thought of leaving the EU, and never more than now. We need an international response to this.

  187. So the only reasonable thing to do right now... stay where you are, no matter where you are.

  188. Trump finally passes a test!

  189. Yeah, so you believe that?

  190. Pretty funny! I actually think he failed this one and got his doctor write up a note of clean health just like the one he had in 2016.

  191. Or didn’t depending on the lie.

  192. The person in the Oval Office is a reflection of who we've become. Complaining is the highest level of action we have achieved. Half the country backs him up because "it's the economy, stupid", no matter the era of ruin and mass destruction we are stepping into. It's not in the horizon - it's already here.

  193. @reminder and yet here you are, complaining.

  194. @reminder Yeah, well "it's the economy stupid" isn't really working for those folks now, is it?

  195. Not complaining...making an observation

  196. What a boost to everyone if only that fool in the White House, would resign, now!

  197. I am worried about our lives in Wisconsin, they have shut down the schools but on the local news they show people crowded into restaurants, and they ask college students if they are worried. They are not but they can carry the virus home to their parents and grandparents resulting in needless deaths that will be their fault. I went to the stores, people were not wiping their hands with hand sanitizier. They were using their bare hands on the credit card machine., They were standing close to together. People do not get it,. The only place that actively offered hand sanitizer after I used my gloved hand to use my credit card was my local pet store, Bad Dog Frida. At the other pet store, they did not offer hand sanitizer. At Walgreens they were almost out of cough syrup. The worst is yet to come and we do not have a FDR like president who could lead us to saving lives. We have an idiot who still shakes hands. We have someone who refused to take responsibility for gutting the CDC. I fear that he will use this an excuse to delay the next election. I fear that Ruth Bader Ginzburg because of her age could leave the Supreme Court before President Biden is in office. This would allow Trump to appoint another shill and liar to the Supreme Court. The court could stop the ACA which will result in millions losing coverage and dieing. I hope the Redeathligans suffer the consequences of their actions. How will you feel when your doctor says you are dieing because he has not ventilator?

  198. @Roger Let's pray for Ruth Bader!

  199. @Roger Obama was equally, if not primarily, responsible for gutting the CDC. Do you REALLY think Joe or Bernie would do better? ....and your response, amongst many here, is a reaffirmation of why I stopped subscribing to the NYTimes years ago....

  200. @Roger I think Justice Ginzburg understands the importance of hanging in there and will do everything in her power to wait for Biden.

  201. #RememberinNovember those left standing

  202. @Michael Wade I am very happy that we have someone like Trump at the helm. Yes, it's chaotic. Yes, he's terrible at hand holding. Yes, his tweets irritate his critics. But no one is better at cutting through the red tape that is impeding our ability to respond swiftly and on a massive scale. Trump is taking a buzz saw to all the rules and regulations that have impeded a swift response every step of the way.

  203. Trump's irresponsible and incompetent response to this crisis has made it much, much worse than it should have been. And, Trump is continuing to lie and mis-represent the governments preparedness to deal with this virus. This is unacceptable !

  204. @Bhaskar Not helping. This does not help you, the other readers, anyone. Please stop.

  205. @Angeleno Why not? His commentary is valid!

  206. @Ghislaine Eyer Bhaskar's comment has zero validity. That you think it does demonstrates that you don't begin to understand climate science.

  207. @Ghislaine Eyer Really, Have you read his other posts? And not that the, well reported but, relatively minor drop in CO2 is not a good thing, it is. At this point , sorry, no, there is no VALID support of Trump.

  208. The nonsensical tweets coming from President Trump, TODAY, as this crisis grows exponentially, are proof positive that he is incapable of fulfilling the duties of his office. The cabinet needs to invoke the 25th amendment and remove him before he does even more damage.

  209. @TH. The Cabinet isn’t going to invoke the 25th amendment. They are all just as incompetent and as brain-dead as Donald Trump.

  210. @TH . . . If the cabinet doesn't do it, the military must.

  211. @TH. I wish. But his cabinet is as bad and as useless as he is, if that’s even possible. So no hope there.

  212. Meanwhile DeBlasio continues to consider taking some action. Not quite sure what though.

  213. Honestly just considering taking a gamble on reincarnation being real and re-rolling for a better situation next time. This is depressing.

  214. @Kate B. We're on our way out, the best is not to come

  215. Where are the millions of test kits needed across the country?? Why are they promised and not delivered?? So much for the stable geniuses we have as “leaders”. News flash: trump IS responsible. The buck stops in the Oval Office. This government’s lack of preparedness is criminal.

  216. @DK How about the billionaires that brought us all the digital conveniences? They're all at there ultra luxury bug-out locations!

  217. Very disappointing. Given the size of U.S.'s of the U.S's biotechnology business there should be more than enough test kits for every one. The manufacturing and testing ability of these firms is huge!

  218. @Peter May not make much difference at this time as the containment phase has passed and now in delay and mitigation phase. Can you imagine everyone sick showing up at their doctor's office demanding testing.

  219. @JIM South Korea seems to be handling that scenario very well. With only 2/3rds of our GDP per person.

  220. @JIM You maybe quite correct, My complaint is really about that the U.S. has the ability to marshall vast health resources at its disposal to eaisly handle such a situation. For all their expertise(gov, CDC, private industry, etc) clearly failed get out in front and "send in the Marines"

  221. Just watched "The Old Man and the Gun" last night on Netflix. Forrest Tucker, played by Robert Redford, couldn't help himself. He obsessively robbed banks. Trump can't help himself. He has an obsession with Hillary Clinton. Of course. Of course. She won the popular vote and was robbed of the electoral college vote by Russian interference. Trump can't stand that he won by cheating. He's obsessed with his illegitimacy, and he continues to take it out on Hillary. Even during the current coronavirus crisis, he's distracted by his obsession. Every obsession is bad. The country surely has a leadership and management problem.

  222. Why are we keeping the airports open?

  223. The lack of Trump administration planning for its European travel ban will cost US lives. Keeping people in lines for hours (no social distancing there) will result in additional cases amongst the travelers and then amongst the rest of us, as they spread out across the country. This is basically homicide by failure to plan. Trump and his administration are personally liable for this.

  224. The Coronavirus, unfortunately, is the perfect example of why the world NEEDS competent government, working intelligently and proactively on behalf of citizens who elect our leaders. This administration, which has placed a premium on blame, forever deflecting attention from an absence of REAL proactive leadership, is once again exposed. The Trump administration's disdain for science, much less it's ironic blame for 'deep state' disfunction, lands squarely at the door of the White House, determined to surround itself with loyal cronies rather than dedicated, qualified workers who most certainly would have been more effective in addressing the Coronavirus. Now it's up to the general population, suffering from Mr. Trump's inept administration, to finally acknowledge that Corona is not a plot, has absolutely nothing to do with the Obama administration, is better served working ALONG with allies, and requires the President to lead, once and for all. This time, his inept hubris has most definitely caused suffering at home. It's time for creative problem-solving & solutions, meaning Mr. Trump needs to get out of the way.

  225. @David D Somewhat fair points, but lets remember Trump has been a politician for a few months over three years--some of these health workers from various federal/state agencies, procedures, policies, have held those positions for years. The countries health care establishment has been debated for many administrations. If the country has not been prepared for this outbreak (yet to be determined) , the lack of preparation didn't just start in 2017.

  226. Public policy is dictated by the Executive branch of Government and the man in charge of that branch of Government is President Trump. He cut the CDC budget. He abolished the White House taskforce set up to deal with pandemics and he has been dismissive of any concerted action to deal with the virus, only reacting when under pressure. The apparatus of the Government takes its lead from those in charge. They make the policy decisions based on what the experts advise. And Trump and his administration aren’t listening to them. So this mess didn’t start prior to 2017. It started when this ignorant science denying buffoon took Office. That’s how easy it is to screw a country up. This is just the latest example of his gross incompetence. For goodness sake he claimed that the virus was fake news until recently. A conspiracy by the Democratic Party. Just how do you expect Government agencies to mobilise when the people running them think that this would damage the economy and their polling numbers? The US is in this mess because the Trump administration is still in denial. You have the resources and the expertise but not the leadership and in a crisis that is invariably fatal.

  227. Biden can do better?? Or Bernie?? Oh please