Plagued by the President

Trump washes his hands of responsibility.

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  1. other than ms alcindor where is the press in the rose garden--allowing this narcissistic sociopath to lie non stop to the american people...

  2. People with delusions of godhood never take blame. Only credit. And folks, we have an all-timer in terms of delusion camping out in the White House right now.

  3. Pontius PilateTrump! When did he ever accept responsibility for anything? As a pathological narcissist, the first rule is it's always somebody else's fault and "facts" and "reality" exist only to be bent by the sociopath for advantage and exploitation. So, of course, the shortage of test kits is because of Obama, as nobody except Trump seems to know.

  4. “We’re gonna keep on winning until you get so tired of winning you’ll say, ‘Please, Mr. President! We don’t wanna win no more!’ And guess what? We’ll keep right on winning!” — Donald J. Trump, the world’s funniest comedian

  5. The 1917 flu that killed probably 100 million people worldwide was originated in the USA , in Kansas .

  6. We can always count on the First Lady and First Princess to do a vanishing act when a crisis arises lest a microphone be shoved in their plastic faces.

  7. Our actual national emergency is Donald Trump.

  8. If people question how can somebody stand with this man, just take a look at the pictures at the big birthday party at Mara-Lago last week. We have public servants who are supposed to be taking care of their constituents, whooping it up at some fancy birthday party. They are so corrupt it is disgusting.

  9. Lawrence Wright says the pandemic will end in October. Beware of October surprise! Vote Biden.

  10. Medicare for All is a must now. Vote Bernie on Election Day!

  11. I would prefer that public health clinics be called up to help coordinate the nationwide Coronavirus response instead of the U.S. armed forces. Militarization is not the solution to this pandemic. Also, this crisis makes the case for universal guaranteed healthcare.

  12. So where are the Pope and Ivanka?

  13. “I don’t know anything about it.” Hey look! Trump actually told the truth! “I don’t know anything about it.” This has to go on his head stone! I hereby decree that he will henceforth be know as President I-don't-know-anything-about-it.

  14. If, “Crooked Hillary, previous administrations, Democrat, or Benghazi”, won’t cover it, Trump’s lost. As far as his “speech of reassurance” is concerned, all I learned was, he can’t read.

  15. The astonishing reaction to this pandemic is the true definition of "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." This time, it took a lack of toilet paper to demonstrate that. That's another definition of how great America is. Seriously.

  16. All if the smart thinking people in our country see the danger we are put under by Trump and his cohorts. Trying to hijack the health of our country with lies..made up facts and criminal activity is their way of cheating the rest of us. Colluding with Fox by hypnotizing poor uneducated MAGA hat wearers is a serious threat to democracy. This time he has gone too far. He must be held accountable for his lies and cheating ways. Vote him away...send him home.

  17. A leader mobilizes the nation in time of peril A leader tells the nation what it must do to unify and defeat the virus. An then models the behavior he wants for the nation. A leader tells the truth. Trump may be President but he is not a leader.

  18. Trump called this a hoax for months enabling the virus to get out of control. He resisted more testing because he thought larger numbers of infected people would be bad for his poll numbers. He dismantled the pandemic response team Obama set up after the Ebola crisis. Now he refuses to take any responsibility for anything. Which is more dangerous - a virus in the population or a cancer in the White House?

  19. A pox on all of us who voted for this amoral and deceitful man. Trumpvirus must be defeated this Nov or we will all suffer even more.

  20. The addiction to cult-45 is astounding. As dangerous as Trump is, his blind supporters are more dangerous. They have one and only one belief - in their master Trump. Trump is an unlikely cult figure. He is dumb, obnoxious, rude, and obese. His many business ventures reflect nothing more than cheesy scamming. And yet, 35% of the population is dedicated to him to the last breath. Let's hope that the coronavirus will not be nearly as bad as the dire estimates, and also that independent voters that supported him in 2016 because they found Hillary distasteful will snap out of the madness and remember what happened here.

  21. Not to sound sexist here, but I can't for the life of me fathom how so many Republican men like Pence can prostrate themselves in such overtly humiliating public obeisance and any other man...let alone to someone as pathetic a specimen of the male gender as Trump,

  22. Cowboy They’ve been neutered.

  23. @Cowboy Marine No one would accuse me of being a horse expert, but I have heard about geldings. Seems like there is a herd of them grazing around the White House. I too, hope I’m not being sexist with this remark.

  24. Hats off to Yamiche Alcindor for bravely and gracefully speaking truth to power and asking a VERY valid question on behalf of all Americans! The only thing "nasty" was Trump's disgusting lying and deflection.

  25. The hope was always to get through the 4 years of this hapless fool without a major crisis. Now it is here and we are seeing the true trump. He has not grown or matured while in office. He is still the same adolescent he was on Jan 20, 2017. Do the right thing for once in your miserable life. Resign.

  26. Trump is patient zero. He has infected our nation with his soulless narcissism, and now his lack of action and abject denial of any responsibility threatens us all.

  27. Let us hope that in regard to the other world "pandemic," climate change, we can all agree that Trump and his band of ignorant enabler's assurance that they know all and it is all a hoax and the science is fake news and all of their usual mind numbing pathetic rhetoric is.. DANGEROUSLY WRONG. In spit of Trump's hypocritical criticism President Obama, I wish he go on a permanent golf vacation.

  28. Medical care and how to deliver it at the highest standard of care to a huge nation reasonably has been a problem for about 50 years, regardless of the administration in office. Our nation's economy, by far the strongest on earth, includes enormous movement of people and goods worldwide The crisis started in China. We are it's best customer. Nevertheless, our per capita figures for disease and fatality do not match a number of nations' higher figures. The NYT's own table two recent days showed a slowing on the increase of daily cases. Why not criticize Anthony Fauci, MD, undoubtedly the finest combination of research virologist and administrator on earth. He is the key medical source in the administration's efforts. He wasn't fired and is doing a BRILLIANT job. This is a broadside against solely a President caught in arguably the most severe, rapidly evolving and difficult acute crisis in American history. It involves arguably the most complex area in the economy. If Abe Lincoln were alive today he would be severely challenged. How about some encouragement for all that has been accomplished, particularly the early limitation of Chinese travel here.The President should not be politicizing this. I agree. And perhaps neither should this essay.

  29. No buck stops in this Oval Office unless it's one that Trump and his gang of crooks can put in their pockets. And for once he was right-he's not responsible. He's irresponsible, corrupt and ignorant. He can't help himself, he was raised this way. "The Bad Seed" is president.

  30. A snake salesman who his incompetence has put lives at risk. When will Americans will wake up and send this shameful administration to the confines of history, to never come back again? We outside the US wait impatiently for the US to be back.

  31. Once again trump proves themself as a lying, morally bankrupt conman. Unfortunately we and our family’s health are now undermined and being put at risk by this incompetent, pathetic excuse for a president. Time to rid this country of the real “virus”, the lying trump and the GOP political hacks that support him.

  32. Why waste precious breath thinking Trump will ever accept responsibility for anything, anytime, anywhere. His behavior and leadership sadly attests to how incompetent, inept and unable he is to guide and perform at a level approaching anything more than totally derelict and unfit. This tragedy has exposed him for the shameless shill he has always been and will always be.

  33. Even listening to this President has become irrevocably irritating.

  34. I suspect I'll be wasting my keystrokes here but the one thing we can and should do right now is insist that the Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment. It's one thing to pay off prostitutes, do the shimmy-shammy on the down low with Putin, hide your financial affairs and taxes etc, but it is another thing entirely when your actions and inactions might cause the suffering and deaths of what is a worst-case projection of more than 1 million American deaths due to this virus. Your mom, your dad, your grandma and grandpa. Your friends, your brothers and sisters. Suffering and dying because of the man-boy in the White House. We can't wait until the election in November. Invoke the 25th Amendment now!

  35. Steve That is not going to happen. It is too late for that. The country needs to concentrate on saving lives. Everyone needs to work around the dangerous idiots in our upper government offices.

  36. That’s what cowards do. And Trump proved his cowardice decades ago which his fake bone spurs so he could avoid the service. Worst president ever.

  37. Ah, Maureen. Don't you pine for the days in 2016 when you equated Trump to Hilliary? I remember those pieces.

  38. Best Dowd column in years!

  39. Yes, Trump is responsible, but so too is the army of . . . how to put this politely . . . low information voters that put him in office, excused his obvious mendacity and turned a blind eye to his corruption and incompetence.

  40. This president is so frighteningly pathetic! He has been more concerned about business profit than people and lives in the midst of this epidemic, more concerned about deflecting blame for his decisions, indecision and his decisions not to make decisions and, all the while, most outrageously, blaming Obama! This is extraordinary, but for Trump, his cohorts and supporters it is BAU. We are doomed.

  41. The epic narcissist has been the chief agent for bringing us where the country is: He disbands the Pandemic team, minimizes the seriousness of the situation, always blames others, like the Obama administration, never, never accepts any guilt , or responsibility...he claims to be "God's chosen person", rather than the devil's agent, as the most egotistical leader this country has seen...

  42. He is a national emergency. Thanks, Fox.

  43. The question remains. Will the Trump regime and its Republican allies pay a price for their stupidity in November?? One can only hope.

  44. Yesterday’s press briefing was one of the most cringe-worthy moments in a presidency filled with them. From the big words, “national emergency” to parading out corporate talking heads and then shaking hands with them, to refusing to accept responsibility for anything and then calling a news reporters’s question about his adminstration’s elimination of the Office of Pandemic Preparedness “nasty,” he crowed about how great a job he was doing, and his minions bobbed their sycophantic heads. Truly a performance for the history books/videos. Unbelievable.

  45. We all going to be honored when this president get out of the White House, leaving WDC for good, taking all sycophants with him.

  46. Day late, dollar short, Ms. Dowd. Where were you in 2016 when most of us knew Donald Trump was a charlatan, a con man, an empty suit with an even emptier brain? Oh, yeah, I remember, now, you were vilifying Hillary Clinton.

  47. We desperately need a vaccine for the virulent strain of anti-intellectualism that enabled this fool to be president.

  48. If that gaslighting dotard freak blowhard pig hadn't actively covered up the virus and sabotaged the response we would be having baseball to watch again by now. Disease aside, this is PERSONAL.

  49. Good News Layoffs and closures, the economy slows – Cookies will crumble – that’s just how it goes; Rich peeps (God love ‘em) have managed their wealth So their holdings are fine, show blooming good health Despite market setbacks that buckle our knees Prompt us to prayer to the Manna God, please Bring us to even, our heads above water Yet the virus, my boyos, shows us no quarter; No respite from losses, and my broker is sick - Good news a comin’ – let’s hope it comes quick.

  50. I figure from watching D. Trump's patterns of self expression that when D. Trump was being toilet trained he must have been a handful to toilet train, toilet training which did not work out in ways which stabilized his behaviors; or D. Trump was too strictly toilet trained which caused him to rebel against it/authority the rest of his life ? Seems he cannot take "No !" for an answer (?).

  51. Anytime one of Trump's associates is in trouble, he ALWAYS says he "doesn't know" the person. They are, in the parlance of Wall Street "D.K.'d." His latest press fiasco was a D.K. Extravaganza: A complete psychopath blaming everyone he could think of and literally saying "I take no responsibility." To the Trump zealots: Please quit making excuses for this lying con artist!

  52. Bloviate: "talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way" Potus blabbing in a nutshell!

  53. Our Three-card Monte President is dancing the chicken.

  54. Whoever took that photo should get some kind of medal!

  55. Arrayed behind Trump in his Orwellian covid19 media shows are his most egregious bobble-headed nodders (at 30-40 nods per minute): Pence, Alex Azar and Deborah Birx.

  56. This is a guy who disobeys all the commandments - and ‘succeeds’. No wonder the masses jump. Moses laid low, the priests turned lapdogs. Everything you were taught you can ignore. Until... and then they’ll tear him to shreds.

  57. Typical of many people I have seen testifying at Congressional hearings, variations of "I don't know nuttin' about that," is so often heard. See? My president is in great company. Jokes on us. He actually did have a master plan. The guy has been doing all that golfing so he can have "plausible deniability" for EVERYTHING. And what and how exactly is a website going to accomplish anything? Here goes- You register. Input critical information you might or might not know. Answer some qualifying questions, some might even be about your health. And then, ..........? What? Holy Cow. I've been approved for a special Coronavirus Mortgage Refinancing. I'll be waiting in the "donated" Walmart parking lot to see how all this turns out.

  58. Can you imagine the CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, if asked yesterday where the hand sanitizer and toilet paper was, shrugged and said.. "I don't know anything about it...and I'm not responsible, let's ask this gardener in the Rose Garden to speak about it".....pointing to a landscaper hard at work clipping shrubs.... Trump is DONE.

  59. Yes, Trumpy, is responsible for the dysfunctional government, the inept attempts to manipulate the stock markets, a racist ludicrous attempt to ban immigrants by building a wall, a bumbling effort to redirect global trade with tariffs, a hollowing, a dismantling of healthcare and health insurance for Americans, an exponential growth of deficit and debt unprecedented in generations, the spread of a killer virus, and an erratic infantile administration constantly taking baby-steps around a lumbering inept dancing bear.

  60. Most Americans weren't affected by the Mueller report or impeachment. They watched their 401K's rise and they just didn't care that we have a lying, racist, incompetent thug at the helm. Now, every American's life will be impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another and tRUmp's lack of leadership and empathy, and his incompetence are glaring.Let's not only get rid of COVID-19, but let's get rid of the virus in the oval and move forward as a country. Not sure we can but hopeful.

  61. Really, why this column. Ms. Dowd? As the old saying goes, you are a day late and a dollar short when it comes to Donald Trump. His malevolence and fundamental dishonesty has been apparent for decades to anyone with a working brain. But, according to so many of you in the mainstream media, Hillary Rodham Clinton was just simply unpalatable as president to you for reasons you never could quite articulate. No, wait a minute, you once said Mrs. Clinton disgusted you. Wow! You never said that about George W. Bush and his ill-advised decision to invade Iraq and the carnage it has wrought. You have never used that word in conjunction with Donald Trump, whose sordid personal life would make even Bill Clinton blush. I recall your coy praise of DJT back in 2016 while hurtling incessant invective toward HRC. Well, she will never be president while Trump, who is, continues to wreak damage to this country that is likely irreparable. But look at this way, Ms. Dowd: a lot of your MSM colleagues took the same tack that you did. And now we are where we are: a rudderless ship of state with a narcissistic sociopath at the helm. May God help and preserve us.

  62. Perhaps the real pandemic is indeed trump himself, an amorphous blob of hate, deceit, racism an xenophobia.

  63. And the lying white house claims the lying hoax of a faux president tested negative. Baloney. Why should we believe anything that comes out of this white house?

  64. Trump did not originate the virus. It came from Asia. We are about 2 1/2 months from conformation of the virus in China. So far, we have 3000 cases and 60 deaths. that's about a 2% rate. Some believed the real rate may be lower. In areas of wide spread testing, many asymptomatic people were discovered positive for the virus. During the 2018-2019 flu season,35.5 million were infected. There were 34.5 thousand deaths. We have a vaccine for that. Testing has been slow here for at least two reasons. The CDC used the wrong agent in the first test kits. Second, the red tape prevented test kits to be approved quickly. Now, companies are able to use their own validation and twenty-nine companies are in production. We have also allowed a company outside of the U.S. to supply kits. If we lived in China, we could have quarantined Seattle and even the whole state of Washington. We don't live there. We have at least four companies and they all should be testing by the end of April. But the same barriers will slow release of the vaccine and we will see others countries vaccinating before we have one approved. One part of this experiencing is the politicization of this problem. Anti Trumpites are salivating over the idea this will sink Trump. but it has just as good a chance of bringing him victory. Polls show he has a higher approval rating than Obama did at this time in his first term. And, he didn't have the corona virus to deal with.

  65. Does it make anyone feel safe to know that Jared the Stooge has been assigned a big piece of the pandemic response and that his "research" consists of going to a Facebook website looking for the suggestions of doctors on how to approach this? And that he's taking advice from his sister-in-law Karli Kloss's doctor father -- who may be a fine person -- but is hardly the first person anyone with a brain would approach having been tasked to figure out a way to fight the pandemic. This administration is still a disaster area and Trump and Pence are still two idiots who I wouldn't trust to walk a dog. When you aren't prepared to deal with things thrown at you by nature, then you will die ultimately. Just as climate change is being ignored, the day will arrive when that too will be a "pandemic" virtually eating our coastal cities due to rising ocean levels and aquifers filling with salt water. Science deniers are the dumbest people on the planet and should never be allowed to make decisions involving scientists or doctors =- throw Pence out of the room and ignore him.

  66. Trump’s both a disgrace to manhood and utterly incompetent for the office he holds. His apparent being a narcissistic sociopath may explain some of this, but not all of it. I can recall JFK saying after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that he, as principal officer of the Government, was responsible. That declaration caused me then to appreciate through this day what courage looks like and how important it is. What leadership entails. Unfortunately for this nation, Trump, her president, does not have this; and at this stage of his life, it’s likely he never will.

  67. There is no doubt Trump has bungled his big chance to act presidential. And, there is no one more equipped to get under his skin about his lost opportunity than Maureen Dowd. I can just picture him throwing a tantrum as he reads her column and feels the sting of her comments. Her mistreatment of Pence is almost as enjoyable to read as that of Trump. Keep it up, Maureen!

  68. Credit for Everything. Responsibility for Nothing. Oval Office speech co-written by Ken doll Jared and bald Ken doll S. Miller. Cream rises to the top. But so does scum. The two dolls, as we all know, are not the first kind.

  69. He’s never has, and he never will take responsibility for his actions unless he believes it makes him look good. He’s learned he can say nearly anything and do anything and he will have his wing men, family and conservative MSM provide spin and cover. He’s a bully and for the most part hasn’t been held accountable. If he survives the corona virus literally and figuratively you can be sure he’ll take full credit.

  70. Coming from an IT contractor who works for the feds, I'm not surprised by the overly optimistic timeline on the website release. The prevailing attitude of leadership in the federal government is lets throw money at technology to fix our problems. What they fail to grasp, is technology is a tool, and only as useful as the the people using that tool.

  71. Proust? I'll name-check a different literary artist: Eliot. April is going to be the cruelest month. Maureen, Maureen. A smart woman like you should know that darkness can come at midday. This is America: here, the veneer of civilization is a heck of a lot thinner than in civilized places like the EU. Ammo sales are through the roof, btw. Not good. And Old Typhoid Donnie? He'll be flailing worse than usual, once he gets his positive diagnosis. I do so hope.

  72. This is what incompetence looks like. Perfect in form, arrogance, hubris, and ignorance, in full bloom blotting out your cherry blossoms. The Lord of Fools, gutted the offices that dealt with contagions, eliminated anyone who had independent thought, who didn't tow the "Perfect President" line. He called it a hoax then placed Pence in charge. Pence's previous efforts to deal with a public health threat were a dismal failure. But don't worry because in the wing he has Jared. Feeling better? His attack on Yamiche Alcindor was his sexism and racism rearing its ugly head. The right has enabled him. This was not just because he was fulfilling their cultural wish list it was far more sadistic than that. Whenever the Democrats or left pointed out the irregular, unethical, or illegal activities they took pleasure in knowing nothing would happen. Remember redrawing the NOAA map? We said what happens when you can't use your all powerful sharpie? Time and time again we raised the flag that he was unfit for this responsibility and you shrugged it off. We gave you the opportunity to remove him from office. So now what? Vote in 2020 vote against EVERY republican, do it to make America Great Again.

  73. The Trump administration gets more Dilbertesque every hour. Think of Trump as the Pointy Haired Boss and Invisible Mitch as Dilbert. My favorite "line" from Dilbert is....Never Be in a Room When a Decision is Being Made'''' Must be Invisible Mitch"s favorite too.

  74. “Pence’s good reviews”??? The same Pence that promised to deliver 75,000 test kits last week? Please point me to these “good reviews”.

  75. Maureen, we knew of Trump’s incompetence, lack of empathy, inability to take responsibility and many other failures of character. We are where we are. How we move forward is the big question. That’s where I think Bloomberg comes to mind. Mr. Bloomberg, we need your billion dollar pledge to play every stupid utterance Trump said about coronavirus, Mitch McConnell’s refusal to sign legislation for paid sick leave, and many others. Only Bloomberg can flood the internet and airwaves with reminders of Trump’s incompetent, borderline murderous, coronavirus response. Trump said he could kill someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a vote. Can he be responsible for killing thousands and not lose a vote? I’m sure America will survive at a great cost. In the end, this administration needs to pay the price at the ballot. Trump needs to lose in all 50 states. Mitch McConnell and other republican senators need to lose their seat if they are on the ballot or their power.

  76. Trump 2016: "...only I can fix it" Trump 2020: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all" What incredible leadership! All hail Trump, master of nothing, fool on the hill. The emperor not only has no clothes, he's a simpleton without a plan.

  77. Donald Trump is sick and dangerous. He has a 73 year record that does not include ONE thing anyone would want their child or any child to study ,learn and follow in order to have a value filled content life. Do not tell me he is president or does not drink. If he has nothing to offer the future generations of the USA & the world who needs him ???

  78. INEPTITUE displayed to it's height!

  79. Every day in every way, I go to bed each night feeling better that Donald J. Trump is my president.

  80. @Bob Wait until you get the bill. The Ryan / McConnell / Trump tax cuts are increasing the deficit from $600 Billion to $1 Trillion. The projected ten year increase in the debt is $12 Trillion which is $80,000 per taxpayer. That is what I got for my $1,000 tax cut per year for seven years. All to be paid for by our children and grandchildren. And this is after eight years of Republicans relentlessly railing about the debt during Obama. Every Republican Senator voted for it. Not one Democratic senator voted for it. I wouldn’t mind if Trump voters got fleeced but the rest of the country is getting fleeced, too. JOBS: 2011 2.09 million 2012 2.14 million 2013 2.30 million 2014 3.00 million 2015 2.71 million 2016 2.24 million 2017 2.06 million 2018 2.40 million And Obama did that after getting us through the worst recession since the Great Depression (given to him by W Bush) and without “tax cuts for the job creators” and with the “jobs killing” Obama-care. And 20 Million people got healthcare.

  81. I don't care about Trump or any of the other stupid politicians including Biden. The NYT has too many articles/op-eds on the coronvirus. Boring, boring. Isn't there anything else going on the U.S. or the world? The articles/op-eds/comments are all about Trump, Trump, Trump. How about some articles on where these pandemics are originating (China/Asia and Africa). How about some op-eds on the wildlife markets in China? How about some articles about the innocent animals they kill and eat? The media by politicizing and sensationalizing coronvirus has turned Americans into nut cases. Americans today are sheep, crybabies, wimps. Where is the greatest generation? Well, that generation can't live forever and many are gone but I miss them. They fought in WWII. Their leaders were Churchill and FDR, real statesmen. I doubt if people were so panic-stricken then or so fearful.

  82. With every inaccurate, misinformed, and blatantly ignorant statement of Donald Trump makes in the midst of this national emergency even those who have been loyal to him have got to question the competence of this man to lead the country at a time of great crisis. When things are going relatively well, the stupidity, arrogance, and cluelessness of Donald Trump is only concerning . In the midst of a crisis however such as this pandemic, it is a nightmare. And along with the coronavirus Donald Trump has become side-by-side with it , our national nightmare.

  83. As was stated by a member of Parliament (borrowing from Oliver Cromwell) about Neville Chamberlain in 1940, “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing! Depart, I say, and let us have done with you! In the name of God, go!” Just seems to fit at the moment...

  84. What a disastrous presidency. Now Trump's mental illness, incompetency and malevolence is sickening and killing Americans, even Republicans are dying. A very short time ago Trump was telling America that the entire corona virus pandemic talk was a Democratic hoax. At the same time the health experts in the government were forecasting worst case scenarios that involved the death of millions from the virus, many of them Republican. The danger posed by the virus was a known fact around the world, even some Republicans knew it.

  85. “I just think it’s a nasty question,” he snapped back. “When you say me, I didn’t do it. We have a group of people. I could ask perhaps my administration” because “I don’t know anything about it.” He doesn’t know anything about it. Trump just revealed how out of touch he is. He’s too busy tweeting to care about leading.

  86. Ms. Alcindor committed two of the most major sins in Trumpworld; she’s a woman and she’s black.

  87. Eventually, you get exactly what you Vote for, or what you allow, by not Voting. Republicans are not your friend, or ally. They are blithely and gleefully unconcerned with your health, safety or welfare. Republicans are beholden only to bribes, otherwise known as Campaign Donors. Never stand between a GOP politician and a Donor, you will be crushed. Republicans are Masters at using and abusing Religion. And if all else fails, Republican Jesus forgives them. Repeatedly. Republicans can only “ win “ Elections by Lying, Cheating and Stealing. And they’ve had much practice. I’m sure some Republicans are nice, decent people, very concerned with the lives of those not in their immediate orbit. I’ve just never met any of them. Seriously.

  88. These new almost daily "press conferences" are don's mini The Apprentice show, even using the word big "celebrity" to introduce one the chieftains. He's is so impressed with himself conducting the mostly sycophants behind him. This group lauding session of trump could go into hiding if Covid 19 explodes exponentially taxing our limited hospital capacity and people start dying without proper care. As prez he's never faced a real crisis not of his own invention. He's clueless how to act. He still thinks a miracle will happen and it will all smooth out soon. That's his ignorant prayer.

  89. As with every Trumpism none hold up under scrutiny. The autopsy on how a hoax turned into pandemic certain to produce Trump's fingerprints. When he retreats to his private excuse booth Trump reappears with a story based on myths and lies retread blame shifting nonsense. The virus but another opportunity for Trump the victim. Senator Johnson should subpoena Hunter Biden find out how this foreign virus reached America.

  90. Trump is like a petulant child who is dragged kicking and screaming into admitting that the coronavirus is not a hoax or a product of "fake news" . It is nice to know that our fearless leader once he found out that he was not leading the "there is nothing to see here" parade and was becoming irrelevant in our nation's fight with the coronavirus that he finally woke up and displayed that self-centered ego that we have come to admire and appreciate.

  91. Trump tested negative for coronavirus. What a pity Hopefully he is doing what comes most naturally to him and lying about this too.

  92. I LITERALLY CANNOT BUY TOILET PAPER. Sorry for screaming, but I have tried to make the same point over and over. My wife and I have checked every single store around us which sells it and none of them have any stock. We looked on Amazon and they said it would take weeks to ship. That’s a sad state of affairs. I will figure it out, but that is the current situation.

  93. So glad the NYT is practicing the 3 C's of Fleet Street journalism' of the 60's' during a crisis. Exceptional work as usual.

  94. Oh, Ms. Dowd, how I wish you would write an opinion piece of others who have been very irresponsible. Here is an email I received from a very long-time friend and a watcher of Fox: "Coronavirus I think is a bit overdone. If we would all only be a little more hygenically responsible, there should be no problem." Where is the owner of Fox and his son? Is it always about ratings and more billiions? In the meantime, I received a message from a cousin in Italy telling me how many deaths they have had in one month! While Fox has restricted the travel of their employees, their "stars" have been beyond reprehensible in playing down the virus and protecting their puppet. I have long believed that they have dumbed down their older, loyal, much aggrieved white Americans with their constant misinformation and manipulation.

  95. "No, I don’t take responsibility at all" .... Not surprising; flip a bully you find a coward. Every time. As if today's gibberish wasn't enough tonight we're seeing the spectacle of all those people who cut short vacations, bought expensive flights and are packed check to jowl in airports waiting to be 'processed'. Sickening as Trump is, what's really scary: Not one of his 'staff' could talk him out of this, or devise a way to avoid the mess. This is the product of picking people for loyalty over ability. I'm sure they all had some doubts and ideas, but there is no procedure by which a 'policy' is discussed, adjusted, etc. None. It sounds perverse, but the 'failed' impeachment may be the worst thing for the republicans, as this administration spins further out of control. As long as we avoid a war, and I trust the generals. It can help the democrats, if they can stay focused. As the Chinese curse says: "May you live in interesting times."

  96. @mjs79: Well written,11/04/2020 should be seared into all who look forward to a modicum of sanity.POTUS must go,the dysfunction needs to end.

  97. Trump's final statement after tens of thousands are dead and he loses the election in Nov. 2020: I don't take responsibility for any of these deaths. You voted me into office, so it was your fault.

  98. One thing is for certain regarding this occupant of the Oval Office: the buck does not stop with him.

  99. What is even worse is that Trump and the Republican party has brainwashed thero members and supporters to automatically attack and news story, coulinist of person on the street that questions Trump's statement and actions. It is easy to test who is a Republican. They all claim that Coronavirus is no more than Influenza, and at that, it is less dangerous than the Flu.

  100. "No, I don't take responsibility at all." --The President of the United States

  101. "I take no responsibility for that" should have been the headline for the stories on the announcement of the national emergency.

  102. Trump: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest one of all ?" Magic Mirror: "You are Narcissus, the most tremendous one of all." Sad.

  103. Trump’s response to journalist Alcindor also continued his using the word “nasty” to address or refer to black women! Even in the mist of an international crisis, Trump’s racism is on display for all the world to see.

  104. This is a delightful piece of writing; and it's a spot-on send-up of a president who deserves more of them. So it's picky, even small-minded, of me to point out the following. But unless I'm mistaken, the "deadly pathogen pretty enough when seen under a microscope to be a spring blossom," in fact sports only shades of gray when imaged by an electron microscope. The blood-red spikes in the popular image have emerged, I fear, only in a creative artist's conception. An entire virus particle measures about 1/6 of the wavelength of red light; the spikes are much smaller. Neither has "color." Anyone who knows better is welcome to correct me.

  105. This - directly from Wikipedia - on swine flue and President Obama's leadership: "On April 26, 2009, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared Swine Flu a public health emergency. [127] On October 24, 2009, President Barack Obama declared Swine Flu a national emergency in the United States. On November 12, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 22 million Americans had been infected with 2009 A H1N1 and 4,000 Americans have died.[128] On December 10, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 50 million Americans or 1 in 6 people had been infected with the 2009 A H1N1 Virus and 10,000 Americans had died, by which time the vaccine was beginning to be widely distributed to the general public by several states.[129] On December 23, 2009 the CDC reported a reduction of the disease by 59% percent and the disease was expected to end in the United States in January 2010." In comparison to the above accounting, Tump is doing an excellent job.

  106. He just "claimed" he's been 'tested'. By whom? Dr. Borenstein? Will there be any reliable evidence? Not that anyone cares if he's got it, except that honest citizens & leaders are exposed to him. Russian disinformation is spreading all over the world regarding Corona virus. Ukraine was first hit. Trust independent medical personnel only, and brave people like Dr. Fauci. Beware of fake feeds online. The first of that kind claimed this was "only a mild flu or the cold." Hundreds of millions still believe it -- a phenomenon where you believe good news before you consider disturbing news, which is why the fake was constructed. Trump circulated that line for weeks.

  107. In my life time from Truman to trump the president’s character has been redefined from “The buck stops here” to “I take no responsibility.” And that is why 35% of the country worships and adores him.

  108. My wife and I are set; I am now looking for ways to continue volunteering as a math tutor online and working on clearing trails in the Cascades, where one can be with others but far enough apart and do some good work in beautiful country. By the way, how is your brother Kevin doing? You see, this is what a lot of us with a science background have been worrying about: gut science in the name of hunches or saving money, then see what happens when nature--who is always in charge--takes over. I hope he is chastened just a little bit. We all should be. But especially his side. What sayeth you, Maureen?

  109. What I found very amusing was watching these press conferences....every single time....and you look behind Trump and see Pence and Dr. Birx. Their heads almost continually bobbing up and down. Like they agree with every word coming out of Trump's mouth. They look like those bobblehead dolls. Maybe replicas can be manufactured and given out to the first 1000 people who attend a Trump rally.

  110. But, Maureen, his response was "Perfect." Just look at the transcript. It was a "perfect" response.

  111. His saying he takes no responsibility at all is the only ad the Democrats need.

  112. Great work, Maureen. Every voter should have a copy of this.

  113. And no one should forget that we are still under his last national emergency declaration---the invasion of our southern border by women and children. But It is a relief to see him switch out his Make America Great Hat for a USA hat. What a sensitive and empathetic 'leader'.

  114. Regardless of one’s political philosophy and journalistic bent, being political in the time of Covid-19 is entirely inappropriate and misguided. Criticism of leadership is unhelpful and divisive when support and fellowship should be the mantra of the day. Note bene Maureen.

  115. Fantastic photo!!!

  116. Not to worry. This is America. Everyone knows the 1% will get the ventilators.

  117. A wonderful column and written so well. I just have one question where is the “brother” column. Good health to all!

  118. "...his conversation with Vladimir Putin where the interpreter's notes disappeared." You know what else has disappeared? 250% of Russian GDP over the past 25 years, according to Thomas Piketty's new book, "Ideology and Capitalism." Oil and natural gas revenues have generated huge balance of payments surpluses for Russia, and thus, for Putin. Piketty looked at the books and couldn't find a boatload of money. You think maybe Mafia Don and Putin discussed how to spread the lucre around to western officials who could be bribed? It's time to start drawing the obvious conclusion about Trump's love affair with Vladdy. And Maureen, I have to say that pandemics and political pandering bring out the best in you. One of your finest columns ever, in my opinion. Well done!

  119. When Trump was elected, I soon realized that the New York Times was going to be vicious and stab him every chance they could get. But I live in New York and I do need a local newspaper. So I do need to read the NYT. How to preserve my sanity? I started reading the Wall Street Journal. It is often critical of Trump, but never vicious. They do have a conservative economic policy which I do not share. But I can ignore it. But their criticism of Trump, when it comes, is always civilized.

  120. From Trump's Inaugural Address: "This American carnage stops right here and stops right now." More accurately it now should read: "An American carnage started on January 20, 2017 and will continue until a new president is elected."

  121. Your use of Proust is telling. Marcel was also a hard realist, and a prophet, when it came to our current “news” “reporting” and would have no time for the New York version of it. Consider: “This public which judges the men and events of the war solely from the newspapers, is persuaded that it forms its own opinions.”

  122. Thanks for the word of my day “neurasthenic”. trump was at his best (worst, for most of us) with his “ I take no responsibility at all”. Exactly his motto since he entered the campaign and all thru this sham of a presidency.

  123. The fact Trump has dismantled a system that would have prepared the nation for a looming pandemic is insane. The multiple dangers facing us are magnified by the incompetence of people he has hired to head departments who lack qualifications. Case in point the quarantined cruise ship passengers who lack food, soap, towels, functioning toilets and medical care. Was this their punishment for disembarking to keep his numbers low on the number of US cases? Knowing 700 contracted the illness in Japan on a ship Trump actually said the brutal, sadistic his choice was leave them on board. There was no outrage against cruelty, selfishness, ignorance in his remark. Essentially he told the nation he does not give a rat about their health or vulnerability. In essence, until the virus hits him directly or a family member it is not his problem, you are only a statistic he despises.

  124. “No, I don’t take responsibility at all." It's called "Pump and Dump." Forty years' business acumen and counting.

  125. Summary: Baloney Detail: No empathy ? I guess Our Author chooses to ignore Trump's full support of H.R. 6201. What a surprise, that she would purposely ignore that. Trump is a real estate huckster with a big ego, little public speaking skill, and low ability to speak extemporaneously. But the government structures for dealing with disease outbreaks have been in place for years and years and don't need anything from a president other than funding. All a president can do is issue executive orders, delegate daily operations of the White House to appropriate staff, and sign bills forwarded to him by the House and Senate. Manufacturing lab tests are not in his job description, nor is disease surveillance, or a host of other items surrently whimpered about in the eopposition propaganda rags. This bug showed up in late December. It takess more than a week - believe it or not - to isolate a virus, replicate the virus so that it can be researched, identify its unique genetic signature, determone what manner of test can identofy it uniquelly with low false positive results, determine how to manufacture the test materials and ingredients at a commercial scale, the manaufacture, pack, ship, and distribute. We're lucky it has moved as fast as it has and there is nothing Trump could have done to accelerate the process.

  126. When asked if they made mistakes or could do things better, GW Bush and Trump said no. Clinton and Obama expounded on their mistakes, regrets and both gave themselves "Cs". GW gave himself an "A". This is the difference between Republicans and Democrats. The right is proud and celebrate their perceived perfection, Democrats acknowledge humility and try to figure how they can improve - ironically the Christianity the other party gives themselves an "A".

  127. This is vintage Maureen. Good to have her back. Great writing and spot on.

  128. Trump continues to outsmart everyone. Imagine the success we could all enjoy if we could cover up everything that could harm us. With the help of fake media outlets and Russian interference he became President. Given everything we know now, it would be political incompetence for him to start accepting responsibility for anything that might reveal his lack of leadership. It will be up to the voters to learn this lesson and show greater responsibility when choosing their leader. The consequences will be unimaginable if we don’t learn these lessons.

  129. Donald Trump didn't run a covert stealthy subtle campaign for President of the United States. Donald Trump hasn't governed as President of the United States in a covert stealthy subtle manner. Every American knew who Donald Trump was and was not when he ran for President and voted accordingly. Every American knows who Donald Trump has and hasn't been while governing as President and has acted and reacted accordingly. COVID-19 aka coronavirus clearly doesn't discriminate on the basis of gender, color aka race,ethnicity, national origin, faith, education, economics and politics. COVID-19 discriminates on the basis of age aka 60+ years old and chronic underlying health medical conditions aka cancer, COPD, diabetes, emphysema, heart, kidney, liver etc.conditions. The COVID-19 Trump pestilence plague can't be blamed on divine royal sanction selection nor an armed uniformed military coup.

  130. Anyone who imposes a risk on another is guilty of assault if the risk is large enough. Trumps ignorance, negligence, denial of facts, inactivity in the face of cold irrefutable science, imposes a risk on all of us. Criminal negligence?

  131. I can actually agree with Trump on one thing... he said this: ""I could ask perhaps my administration” because “I don’t know anything about it.”" He was referring to the Pandemic office he disbanded, but if the statement were taken in its own context, he would be saying that he doesn't know anything about his administration. To that, I would agree. But in the world of reality, Trump had given the mission to shrink the NSC to John Bolton, and he was the one who decided that the Pandemic office needed to go. Now, the President should have been aware of the cuts which had been made. But that is not his style. He prefers to order someone below him to do something, and to then walk away from it entirely. He told Bolton to reduce the size of the NSC, and then ignored how he did it. It is highly likely that he didn't even know what the NSC was or what it did, so of course he never understood how the need for a pandemic response could be a matter of national security. Is he responsible for this? He certainly is. Will he ever admit to that? Never. Is this the kind of leadership the country needs in a crisis such as COVID-19? It is impotence, not leadership. Will it matter to the voters in the upcoming election? Unfortunately, not to any great degree. Trump's supporters are so blinded by his all-consuming narcissism and his rampant dishonesty that they cannot see how puerile his so-called "leadership" is. He has none. And America is suffering bigly because of that.