Pelosi and Trump Reach Deal on a Relief Package

Stocks rose as President Trump declared a national emergency and said he was making $50 billion available. The House was set to vote on the relief plan early Saturday.

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  1. Do biological weapons exist ? Is trump too moral to use them ? Why is everyone who comes in contact with the trump regime testing positive ? Are most vaccines mild cases, that boost the immune system ? Is China the focus of trump's ire ? Why does trump say he thinks we'll have a vaccine real soon? Why does trump say a drug will come along that will make everyone feel swell ? Now that America has excepted bans on large gatherings, would a resurgence of the virus in November suspend the elections ? Never underestimate the evil that has stolen our democracy.

  2. Why ? Good question !

  3. "Speaking on Fox News, Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, raised the possibility that the virus was manufactured by the Chinese government in a high-security biochemical lab in Wuhan." David Brooks is right: this virus is bringing out the worst in many of us, magnifying our personality flaws at the worst possible time. Comments like this from Tom Cotton are reprehensible, egging on other conservatives to try to assign blame instead of fixing the immediate problems such as limited test kits. I'm grateful the NYT offers a global look at the state of Covid-19 around the world, updated throughout the day. I learn far more here than I do from an administration that has its collective heads in the sand about the virus's lethal potential and their own irresonsbility.

  4. @ChristineMcM So the lab was highly secured but the virus was released in the country that produced it?

  5. @ChristineMcM Frightening, right? What I do finding increasingly scary is what continues to be said on television as well: "It’s a “fraud” by the deep state to spread panic in the populace, manipulate the economy and suppress dissent." - Sean Hannity . “Nothing like wiping out the entire U.S. economy with a biothreat from China, is there?” - Rush Limbaugh "the worry over coronavirus “is yet another attempt to impeach the president.” - Trish Regan “It’s actually hard to get,” (coronavirus) - Matt Schlapp As long as this stuff continues to flood the air waves, people will continue to believe it.

  6. Those who voted for him should be ashamed.

  7. Republicans thought they could put an unfit, corrupt buffoon sporting a cheap sloganeering ballcap in the White House, cross their fingers, strip essential government services like pandemic monitoring and reap the rewards of a stacked Judiciary and the economy Obama righted. The check has come due and unfortunately, it will be regular citizens paying the price, not the entitled Trumps or the Republican senate. It's all fun and profiteering until a real crisis manifests.

  8. @Steve The administration an Republicans may not get off so lightly. The virus didn't get the memo that these people (I use the term lightly) are not supposed to get it.

  9. @Steve I think they’ll rely on the Big Lie strategy to blunt the political damage. It’s worked really well for them so far.

  10. @Steve, exactly right.

  11. Peter Dutton got his due. That man is singlehandedly responsible for refusing thousands of eligible refugee and asylum seekers from Australian protection.

  12. @Kiwi/Aussie/Icelander Yes he is odious. A former policeman who loves to put refugees in detention.

  13. Free distribution of Coronavirus by low barr and Ivanka

  14. Unredacted virus freely available !

  15. Are President Trump, Mr. Barr and Ivanka Trump in isolation since they have been in contact with infected people?

  16. @Daisy - The Bronx Zoo said they couldn’t take them, they feared for safety of the animals.

  17. @Daisy No because the administration is the source of the infections. How could it be otherwise?

  18. @Daisy - methinks, they are the carriers.

  19. Here in Italy, the social distancing measures that have started to limit the freedom of movement of people, if not for four types of justified reasons, were adopted on Saturday evening. It had been 17 days since the first contagion, patient 1 in Codogno (Lombardy) and only 4 days since the closure of all schools and universities. The measures only became aggressive a couple of days ago: invitation to go home for those who walk, fine of 206 euros for those who drive without justified reason. Prison from 1 to 6 years for those who leave home infected/forty. The isolation of the shops was done yesterday. But the too many exceptions, together with the doubling of the cases of contagion every 3 days (exponential increase) suggest perhaps a curfew situation in the near future. However, the average latency time of Covid-19 of 5.1 days to become infected, still does not make us appreciate the goodness of these last measures of lockdown of the shops and anti-gathering in all places, open and closed spaces.

  20. I wish it wouldn’t take disaster for people to realize that authoritarianism isn’t a viable governance model. In an authoritarian state, politics first, reality second. In the Soviet Union, their desire to put the image of the Soviet state first led to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. In Saudi Arabia, they are literally trying to air condition the outside, because it’s becoming literally too hot to live there due to climate change even as they continuously pump out millions of barrels of oil per day. In China, the Xi regime was so desperate to maintain an image of control that they suppressed all information regarding the virus and it became a global pandemic and has caused a global recession. In the US too, Trump’s desire to “look” strong caused him to severely underestimate the threat of this virus and now who knows how many Americans are infected (we don’t know because testing remains inaccessible) and the stock market has fallen to almost where is was in 2016. 4 years of growth and the longest bull run in US history ended all because a strongman didn’t want to admit that this bug posed a real threat. And it’s all so predictable. Never, ever, in all of human history, has authoritarianism lasted as a viable strategy to create an equitable society that has high quality of life for the people. Authoritarian regimes have existed for a long time, and things are usually gravy for the leaders. But never, ever, does it work out so great for the populace.

  21. @Austin Ouellette China did not start a global epidemic; right about now we all should wish we were in China's shoes. Tested infection rates are way down, temporary hospitals were immediately erected and likely the virus has been largely geographically contained within China. Can't say any of that about the "good ole USA"

  22. I read this entire piece and didn't see any "panic mongering" in it but the Republicans and the Trump administration will soon be claiming, yet again, about how the media is creating hysteria. When news organizations report what is happening, they are simply reporting what is happening.

  23. I hate to say it but how pathetic is it that in the United States we have kids who need school to get a decent meal? Or that our school systems have turned into mass day care because so many parents work? I find interesting how the article doesn’t mention the fact that kids will not learn or be able to be social. No, it’s the meals and daycare - that’s what schools are about today.

  24. This is the storm that rips the roof off every flaw and weakness in American society. Privileged people like myself, who are comfortable and can afford to spend a couple of weeks, even a month, not working, must stare into the abyss that's being opened up at this moment. See the day laborers. No work, no pay, no chance to save other than the cookie jar. See stuck employees who still have a job but no child care when the schools close. See a chaotic health system to which Trump dealt a mortal blow when he killed mandated coverage. See what happens to the homeless when even the soup kitchens and food pantries close. Finally, watch what happens when faltering, shuttered companies go to collect on catastrophic business insurance and are told, Sorry. It's an act of God. Look hard. This is what we are and anyone claiming patriotism should vow to somehow help even one person and to vote for democracy when things come back to some sort of order.

  25. @Mike L It seems that you and I agree on this. A mother's place is at home with her children, not in some office somewhere sitting at her computer. Children don't raise themselves. I realise that this is difficult for many to achieve today. Why? Because we have broken the system. When I was a child, it was perfectly possible for mothers to stay at home to raise their children. But people weren't so greedy back then; and the family unit and work models hadn't been broken.

  26. @Mark Alexander Wow. Thanks for clarifying what my role as a woman should be.

  27. A US President in denial of a health crisis and he won’t get tested. He’s been in direct contact with the virus at least three to four times already! How dangerous is that?! Trump needs to get tested in front of the world to restore credibility.

  28. @GC - It seems Trump & Co have now spread the virus into Australia's government. Yesterday it was Brazil. Someone in Washington appears to be a super spreader. Everyone in the cabinet and upper echelons of American government should be isolated TODAY!

  29. @GC Finding a working test kit in the US is like finding a four leaf clover. Maybe we can't find a test for POTUS yet.

  30. @GC Trump is a child. He believes that what he does not know, does not exist.

  31. No tariffs on Coronavirus !

  32. Congressional Republicans will soon be howling about the impact of the costs of mitigation on the deficit. Misery Mitch is already complaining about unfunded mandates. In times like this, it is the responsibility of government to step up and fund what is needed ASAP!

  33. @Mike Jones in typical Republican fashion they want all the services but don’t want to pay for any of them

  34. "Italy’s health care system is overwhelmed. It’s a warning to the world." The warning came much earlier when Wuhan's healthcare system was overwhelmed despite China's draconian containment measures. I get that it doesn't count until white Europeans are affected but therein lies the problem.

  35. Italy has been much more transparent about the scope of the virus, however. We really didn’t know what was going on in those Chinese “field hospitals”.

  36. @Bergamot mama Oh please. There was plenty of reporting about people getting turned away from hospitals in Wuhan, a picture of a man dead in the street, etc. They had also been putting out numbers of infected, and dead, every day. You had to be blind not to see what was going on and you didn't have to have a video tour of their field hospitals to know.

  37. @Pigsy exactly...China would not have done what it did unless this virus was wreaking havoc. Very few in the West took this seriously. Look at us now.

  38. Trump and Ivanka have met with and been exposed to coronavirus but will they get tested? Will the public be told when they are sick with coronavirus?

  39. @Jack Ox Will they self-quarantine? Not likely.

  40. Once again we get to experience the natural processes of Creation, Evolution, adaptation and Extinction while fighting fear in the darkness of the unknown in a constant battle of human ignorance and confidence. Take for example Edward of Windsor serving as King of England during the 100 years war as well as during the Black Death of 1347 – 1348, over six hundred years ago. Imagine living on earth in a time before the age of enlightenment still 400 years in the future. This is a good exercise to remind people that there are much more horrific scenarios such as nuclear armed nations in conflict as they prepare to fight to the death of everyone on earth if necessary, leaving me wondering who would remain alive to explain the point of doing such a thing? Considering how effective a single cell can spoil the whole bunch of apples, suppose that Iran could engineer a biologic as we currently watch them from satellite as they have to dig hugh trenches to bury their own dead at what might just be the real epicenter of the virus? The rest of this story is the stuff of spy novels. Planting infected martyrs amongst the Chinese and Italians. Sounds a bit stupid to poison their own business partners other than Russia which has yet to shed a twinkle of Glasnost into the WHO's database. But then again who might actually perpetuate such a stupid self defeating crime against humanity. Putin? Trump? I put equal odds on Al Qaeda and the Religious Right, but I don't rule out Trump.

  41. There's nothing that can be said now about Trump that hasn't been said already. He's a destructive catastrophe. Yet, his Republican enablers in Congress STILL support him, and CONTINUE to repeat his lies. It's all beyond words.

  42. @fact or friction Ya know why" Because of the shiny objects that the extremists have held out there for 50 years: abortion, racism, xenophobia, socialism (communism), guns, putting women back where they belong, and, as regards universal health care, let 'em die.

  43. I just heard Anthony Fauci on CBS say testing may take a "week or so" to get out there and working the "way we'd like." The public does not have a week or so to wait. Nor does this economy. Like the child that Trump is, he believes that if he doesn't get tested, he can't have the virus. We expect nothing better from him. But Fauci's seemingly lackadaisical attitude is a puzzle, and a shock. Is this administration really going to play ostrich to keep the numbers down and Trump's re-election boasts up?

  44. @Peggy Rogers I've watched many recent interviews with Dr. Fauci, and I found him to be very straight forward and realistic, rather than, "lackadaisical." He appears to be doing the best he can within a system that Trump has spent years dismantling and defunding. So, please don't shoot the messenger.

  45. will some of the chrome domes fall to the virus? is this mother nature imposing her own term limits?

  46. @Steve Borsher The problem with this reasoning is that COVID-19 is actually striking young people too, much harder than we thought at first. Although senior citizens are no doubt more vulnerable to this coronavirus (as they are to the flu as well, even though in both cases most do still recover), the latest data is demonstrating that health risks to younger victims are indeed significant and initially underestimated. COVID-19 affects not only the lungs, but also potentially the liver, kidney, and other organs including the central nervous system with difficulty acquiring immunity, which is why even young doctors and healthcare workers have been among the hardest-hit. And while there were fingers initially crossed that children would be mildly affected, those hopes are now being dashed; more recent studies are showing that not only are children carriers, but they are also susceptible to organ and tissue damage from COVID-19 to a much greater extent than previously believed, and that the virus may pose an ongoing threat to those stricken (in part through re-infection if it is not brought under control) that we are barely beginning to grasp. All the more reason to test for it aggressively and take thorough and vigorous steps to slow and halt its spread.

  47. According to the Johns Hopkins University map, Russia has had only 34 cases. How have they managed to have so few?

  48. @Mark Rosen Russia has a low number of reported cases because I’m sure just like the US there is inadequate testing.

  49. @Tam Actually news reports say that, while inadequate for Russia's population, the number of tests daily in Russia has far exceeded America's count (Russia's population is less than half of America's). It seems to be a fact that no modern nation on earth has a lower rate of corona virus testing than the USA.

  50. Gee, I wonder if Barr and the Trumps will be tested? But wait, I forgot, there aren’t any test kits available. Plus, that’s the way to keep the numbers down and MAGA! Deny the virus is a big deal, refuse to test and claim the situation is under control, whereas in reality the infection is surging through our population (we just aren’t monitoring it). We have to infer from the death rate the actual extent of infection. The only thing left for them to do is to falsify death records (can’t be Coronavirus if patients were never confirmed to have had it). Denial, lying, bravado. Trump, in his willful ignorance, will continue to meet with his cronies and infect his inner circle.

  51. The Australian politican with the virus, Peter Dutton, is the most disliked politician in Australia. Not too many people will be unhappy with this news.

  52. One of the fears in New Orleans is that there might be a widespread infection rate because of the number of people that were here for Mardi Gras. There are four cases in three surrounding states that are linked only by their participation in the carnival season. Arkansas is specifically stating that they think that their patient contacted the virus during the parades. Also, the number of cases in Louisiana needs to be updated on the list. We have 19, four of which comes from a nursing home that was within a half a mile from a major parade four days before Fat Tuesday.

  53. Would it be possible to get a map of the NYC outbreak of COVID-19. Which boroughs are impacted and are there any clusters growing?

  54. @Jennifer Getchell There is no map to show all the people who WOULD get tested if tests were available. There is no map to show who is coughing, with that deep dry hack, and gasping for air, but doesn't go out to ride the subway to a doctor or hospital, because s/he has heard - there are No Tests. People are not being encouraged to get tested, they are being instead told that they need to fit an array of different criteria, and even then, no tests. If someone already does not feel well, if they can't get out of bed except for the biggest necessity -- then how long before households break down. But even then: still. no. tests.

  55. Read the other NYT article about projections for this virus in the United States, and the dearth of ICU hospital beds we have, let alone our practically non-existent testing infrastructure. We need a radical shutting down of everything NOW--like Italy-- to slow this down, or we will be looking at an overwhelmed hospitals and many unnecessary deaths. The lack of decisive leadership at the top is going to kill people here.

  56. @Mme Chauchat I agree, 100%! Here in the Boston area, steps are being taken to do just that. My company is instituting voluntary work from home as of today. Universities/colleges across the state are directing students who are away on Spring Break to not return to campus — all classes are going on-line. As for the hospitals around here, many are well-renowned and yet, many of the medical professionals here are alarmed — not enough ICU beds, not enough staff, not enough medical supplies, not enough mechanical ventilators. What ppl are trying to avoid is having to deal with critical cases showing up all at the same time. Otherwise, if that happens, then they’ll be dealing with scenarios currently seen in Italy, where healthcare professionals have to make decisions as to who get treated/who dies, due to lack of resources. This is scary stuff!

  57. @Mme Chauchat Yes, but seeing as that is unlikely, I would much rather see him put money into infrastructure to support more cases. In Michigan, have all road construction workers and funds diverted towards the development of facilities. Heck, I don't care if he pushes money towards his friends. At this point it doesn't matter as much as being prepared

  58. American exceptionalism: Masks may work for everyone else, but they won't work here. It is time to mask up. Spare me the tired propaganda about how they do not protect the healthy. Do a little digging and you will see that they do *if* you are in close quarters with the ill. But beyond keeping virus laden respiratory droplets from entering your mouth when the guy next to you on the train starts hacking, they serve another very important function for the healthy. It reminds you that there is a pandemic. Before you grab that pastry off the tray in the office and stuff it in your mouth, you are forced to stop. You realize that you have to take off the mask first. Then you realize you should wash your hands. Then you realize that maybe you should eat that wrapped granola bar in your bag instead. A mask is a constant reminder that it is not business as usual. That you can't just touch your face. That yes, you are in the midst of a pandemic. I believe that even homemade masks would serve this purpose. Of course the other, already acknowledged benefit, is that the sick, especially the mildly ill undiagnosed sick, will be less likely to spread the virus if they are masked.

  59. I agree with you completely. The problem is that, as we all know, there’s nothing available. Even medical professionals are running short on masks. We have had such a long time to prepare for the crisis-for example, making extra stocks of medical supplies at national level-watching the crisis in Wuhan, but federal government did absolutely nothing.

  60. @Pigsy There are instructions on how to make masks online. I have sewn four for myself and am going to sew four for my husband. That way I have ones to wear while the others are being washed/disinfected. I'll keep sewing more as needed. Also people are selling them on

  61. @Pigsy In general, masks are a poor means to prevent transmission by a droplet-transmitted disease, unless, as you say, someone is coughing right into your face. But the best rationale I’ve read is what you mention here...wearing a mask prevents you from touching most of your face, thereby reducing risk of infection. Now if only there were masks to be had....

  62. Let’s see the lies coming out of democratic countries. Trump was near that Brazilian official for extended period of time at at least 2 locations (from photo evidence) but he is fine and will not be tested. Trudeau’s wife is infected but he is fine and will not be tested. Do you actually believe the national security mechanism that protects the president of US and Canada won’t test Trump and Trudeau? Apparently in time of emergencies they both turned into Putin And for Congress, please wear a mask. You are handshaking and talking to dozens/hundreds of people a day. Without a mask, you could have infected all those around you without knowing. I remember NYTimes reported Wuhan’s mayor was hackled for holding a press conference without wearing a mask early in the outbreak. Apparently the American public don’t hold their officials to the same hygienic standards.

  63. Despite what the failing New York president says, you can bet that he is being tested daily, along with Pence and Barr, However, the average Joe, whom they say they love, is waiting and waiting and waiting for testing.

  64. @AmateurHistorian I suppose it's human nature, looking back in history the prophets all became martyrs or supernatural all powerful beings leaving no trace behind, not even a forwarding address.

  65. Bravo Democrats! Helping those that need help--those sick or unable to work--not cutting payroll taxes (helping the highest paid workers most) and setting the stage for bankrupting Social Security--the real motive behind that proposal. We need even more help for the neediest, but most of all, competent leadership in the Executive Branch and the Senate and a rebuilding of our civil service and departments of government, hollowed out and staffed by political hacks by Trump and his cronies.

  66. Let us retire the “ Biased Jurors “ in the next elections and better manage our national priorities, invalidate all the judicial appointments by trump, and invalidate all the tax cuts and legislations by trump casinos and its Republican gaming patrons, start anew all over again, by the People, for the People and of the People ! Shall we ? Let us take a pledge ? Shall we ? No more self confessed “ Biased Jurors “. Never again under our constitution ! Never again ? Let us do it ?

  67. @Sam Sampanthan : you cannot remove judges or SCOTUS Justices because you don't like the President who appointed them. Geez louise! would you want every judge and Justice that Obama appointed removed like that? because…what goes around, comes around!

  68. Does anyone recognize the parallel between Trump and his (mis)handling of the COVID-19 spread and that of Woodrow Wilson and the 1918 Influenza epidemic? History repeating itself.

  69. @Sherry Wilson did not have the same level of scientific expertise to rely on. He was a very well-educated person (PhD), so it’s hard to believe he would have ignored knowlege had it been offered. I will read up though.

  70. @Sherry it's much worse now. The U.S. lacked the level of public health expertise in 1918 that Trump has available to him now.

  71. Friday the 13th - the travel ban will be in effect at midnight. Imagine the collective chaos and rage as travelers miss flights from the airports in restricted areas, especially as other countries are also enacting their own travel ban.

  72. It will prove to be a mistake for De Blasio to have kept NYC schools open so long. The city needs to find an alternate way to feed the kids in need or to arrange child care for kids whose parents absolutely have to work (police, fire, health etc), but otherwise the whole system should be shut down. Every time some entity closes--e.g. schools in other states, Broadway, sports--on its face it immediately appears to be a wise decision.

  73. @Mme Chauchat Yes! I realize it would impose a hardship on parents who have to go to work in spite of the pandemic, but keeping schools open is a public health disaster. It isn't just the children at risk. There are teachers and staff, some of whom are in high risk groups due to age or health problems, and the extended families of the students who must be considered. We can figure out food distribution for students who depend on school lunches and breakfasts. And it might be a good time to reflect on the shame that here, in the wealthiest country on earth, there are children dependent on free school meals to keep body and soul together.

  74. @Mme Chauchat Yes! Schools are like cruise ships. Except here, we let the passengers off every night after infecting each other during the day. A perfect way to spread this thing like wildfire. You couldn't design a better system. They ban gatherings of over 500 but my son's NYC public HS has about 1000 kids per grade, not to mention the teachers, etc.

  75. @A. Cleary : every child in the USA who is poor enough to require free breakfast and lunch at school….is also getting SNAP benefits. A child of six gets the same amount of SNAP as his/her adult parent gets. And we know a child of six does not eat as much as an adult! Schools provide 10 meals a week, out of a possible 21 meals (3 meals a day X 7 days). So just about half of all meals! So the adult parent or guardian is paid to feed each child 21 meals (adult size!) but half of those meals are provided at school. OK -- then where is all the SNAP money going?

  76. I feel I’m going through the 5 stages of grief when dealing with this health emergency. It is inevitable that I, my friends, my loved ones, and my colleagues will become infected. My only hope it that the suffering that is about to visited upon this country is kept to a minimum. Sad? Yes, but given the inept response by the current Administration with respect to managing this crisis, this is the point I’ve arrived at. Right now, I’m doing my part in telecommuting and going out only to run essential errands. Also, I’m practicing good hygiene in order to protect myself and others.

  77. Increase funding to the CDC by a factor of 10. Or 100. It is not just the lack of emergency response, but ongoing study of life threatening illnesses affecting millions, if not billions. We should be spending as much on the CDC as we do on Defense, if we truly valued life.

  78. Actually, we're spending a lot of billions on a godforsaken wall in the middle of nowhere that will contain no slippery virus. That useless wall won't employ the millions suddenly out of work. It won't feed those whose cookie-jar savings will run out. It won't pay the medical bills when insurance provides paltry or no coverage for hospitals and doctors. It turns out our worst enemy is not poor immigrants out there seeking our safety and low-wage jobs. It turns out our fatal foe already lives within. And he's got no cotton-picking idea how to stop a virus that knows no walls, respects no wealth, and cares nothing about reelections, political parties, electoral vote tallies in 2016 against Hillary Clinton or conservative bases of support for an ignorant child-president who thinks he can wish this whole thing away by refusing to allow testing so the victim count remains artificially low.

  79. Increase funding for CDC would be nice but it's too late . More money does not equal faster progress at this point

  80. @Dave China built a hospital in 10 days.

  81. One thing is certain, they are spending a LOT of time promising us testing -- I hope as much time getting us the testing.

  82. Not testing is Trump's political and financial strategy. If the U.S. doesn't test, then Trump can keep our numbers deceptively low and keep the economy going. The fact that his strategy will kill people isn't even a blip on whatever radar he has, if he even has one.

  83. I am so thankful to the NYTimes for offering free access to information on the Emperor's New Clothing Virus. So many of my conservative friends are getting and spreading misinformation. Thank you NYT!

  84. The Washington Post is also allowing nonsubscriber access to their Covid-19 news articles. If you sign up for their newsletter you get updated information sent to your inbox every morning with links to the articles of the day. It has a great wealth of information. I too, am thankful to the NYT (and Washington Post) for keeping us informed since we can not rely on this administration for the truth.

  85. The leader of our country should be setting an example for Americans of how to protect oneself and others from coronavirus. This is our President: "President Trump said he had not been tested for the coronavirus despite coming into contact with a person who only days later tested positive." And, how are Attorney General Barr or Trump's daughter protecting themselves and those they come in contact with after "the Australian minister for home affairs, Peter Dutton, tested positive on Friday, days after meeting with Attorney General William P. Barr and Ivanka Trump."? Disregard for their roles as examples for the nation and self-centeredness will come home to roost.

  86. Numerous countries and several states and cities are closing schools; NYC must do the same. The idea that schools should stay open to provide lunches (and sometimes breakfasts) for students is nonsense and a threat to the non-school populace; no students are starving.

  87. @Mon Ray the city school district here is currently closed for the week past spring break. They’re providing bag meals to all the districts kids in a grab and go fashion at the middle schools. It’s one solution to the meal problem.

  88. @Mon Ray Some student might starve if the didn't get food at school. It is callous to just send them home without provisions to supplement their nutritional needs. Some places are making bag lunches for the kids so they can eat. This should be the state or city's job for these children. Would you be so complacent if it was your kids going hungry? (Or yourself for that matter if you don't have kids?)

  89. In the midst of a pandemic, please spare me your hand-wringing about stock markets and the closings of theaters and schools and the pronouncements of celebrities. In a few months we might all be saying, "Wow, that was a close call--glad it's all over!" Unlikely, but let's hope. More likely we will be saying, "What were we thinking?! While we could have been taking effective action during the critical early stages of the pandemic, we directed our attention and concern toward Wall Street and Broadway and the economy! Now we're surrounded by piles of corpses!"

  90. What ”we” are you talking about? It was Trump's job to head this off. His administration is full of acting secretaries and amateurs. Contempt for science runs rampant. Instead they rely on Trump's hunches and alternative facts.

  91. @John Czapski : blaming one person -- Trump -- for a WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC is the epitome of stupid politicization of a serious issue. Did Trump make the coronavirus hit China? overwhelm Italy and South Korea and IRAN??? Iran???? do you think the Iranians take public health "pointers" from Trump? This pandemic would have hit no matter who was the President.

  92. A million dollars for increased test production seems paltry. And where is the hotline for people who have questions about the need for testing? Moreover, what is the overall strategy to enforce social distancing, accelerate testing, implement quarantines - people should not just go home, I assume - and continue monitoring and maintenance after quarantines? How will the health care system be supported to rapidly manage hot spot outbreaks and urgent capacity needs? What are the priorities for spending the $8.3B that Congress has passed to help meet health needs? Why did Mitch McConnell send the Senate home for three days in the midst of this crisis? What is the overall strategy, and the pillars and details of the plan, with accountability and money? Who has answers?

  93. "President Trump said he had not been tested for the coronavirus despite coming into contact with a person who only days later tested positive. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is self-isolating after his wife tested positive." As commander in chief, I would think the prudent, smart and cautious decision would be to get tested after coming into contact with some who tested positive only days later. I would think the same kind of precaution would be taken by AG Barr and Ivanka. These individuals meet with people from all over the glove where the virus has and continues to be in play. I find their arrogance extremely reckless and dangerous to not get tested, especially since people are getting the virus without having ANY contact with someone who has been infected.

  94. I bet he has been tested but he is not telling the truth because of its effect on the economy. I’m not saying he has the virus - but he is trying to down play the risks. Admitting he was tested doesn’t fit that false narrative. Plus - it emphasizes his elite status - he gets a test, when the rest of us can’t. Just a few days ago he said while visiting a CDC lab that there were enough tests and anyone that wants a test can get it. Clearly a lie. If he lies about that - surely he would lie about getting tested. I don’t think he would be as cavalier about his own health as he is about ours.

  95. @Marge Keller You have to be in contact with someone who has the virus or touched something that person has touched to get the virus. It doesn't just appear out of the blue. You just may not know that person or that they were infected. It is also possible to pick up the virus from the handle of a contaminated shopping cart and putting you hands on your face. People who have been in known contact with a person with the disease should self quarantine until they receive a negative test because they are contagious before symptoms show themselves. It is irresponsible to be a contact person and not take actions to protect others.

  96. @Serina Garst You're probably right, "I bet he has been tested but he is not telling the truth because of its effect on the economy." That is, if he announced a negative result, the market would probably drop another 1,000 points!

  97. There needs to be stronger discouragement of gatherings of ALL sizes, like 10 or more. There is nothing scientifically significant (let alone magical) about "groups of 500 or more!" An infectious person is a threat to those around them whether the group is 5 or 500 or 5000. Just watch: We're probably underestimating the viral presence by at least 10 fold. In a week or two our hospitals are going to be like Italy's. Oh, and did you catch the other article pointing out that Italy has far more hospital beds per capita than the US?? LOL!! Thanks Trump and Republicans for eviscerating our Government, just in time for the largest health crisis of a generation or more. For shame! They must be held to account.

  98. @Ambient Kestrel Not trumps fault lousy democrats didnt want to cooperate with president trump and limit american borders,

  99. The math of infectious growth is such that it does matter the size of the crowd. Yes, if one in 5 is infected, the transmission to one of the other five has a certain percentage, while if it is a larger group, the percentage increases slightly but the secondary growth increases exponentially. That is why the recommendation to limit larger concentrations of people in close proximity.

  100. @Jones Correct me if I am mistaken but undocumented Mexicans and Central Americans illegally crossing the US borders: 1. Don't take cruises, or travel by cruise ship 2. Don't take international flights from Europe and Asia 3. Don't go to Temple in New Rochelle or Churches in South Korea But, I'll bet undocumented workers disinfect hospitals , clinics and senior homes, pick the produce and process the meats we eat, build the homes we live in.

  101. Bolsonaro tested positive in his first testing. he is waiting on the second test results.

  102. Pardon my skepticsm, but a hot line from labs to the White House won't help unless people at those labs are looking for examples of what not to do. It might be better not to distract them when they have actual work to do.

  103. tbf 'US Moves to Speed Testing' has been the headline for the past week if not more and not much has happened.

  104. Two years ago I wrote an article about the Trump Administration defunding the Center for Biological and Chemical Weapons Defense, with a 28% budget cut. His administration also forced significant budget cuts to Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control to pay for the tax breaks for the uber rich. Turns out they can get just as sick as the rest of us. Trump's recent actions to increase the budgets to HHS and the CDC are merely restorative now. It will take many months and maybe as long as a year to build the robust response system and create a vaccine. The current administration knew about Covid 19 for months and did not take action, because Trump does not understand basic science.

  105. @Roberta : OK, but how does that explain a WORLD WIDE pandemic? did Trump force Italy to spread disease? force Iran? South Korea? Angela Merkel says 70% of Germans will get coronavirus and many will die. Did Trump do that too?

  106. I wonder if Trump has any stocks in either of those companies awarded the month to develop tests?

  107. @Ann Replying to my own comment - the fourth word from the end should have read "money" - not months. Sorry for the typo.

  108. @Ann What do you suppose Kushner's “research” was all about?

  109. Does anyone actually believe our germaphobe President has not been taking coronavirus tests? I tend to think he sits in the Oval Office every day surrounded by thousands of tests, furiously taking one after the other. “Where’s more? I need more!!”

  110. @John S Yes! Thank you! My thoughts too!!

  111. @John S Why? What does he personally gain from knowing he tests positive? Any treatment would be supportive care, based on signs and symptoms anyway. Do you really think he would use the information in a way that benefits those around him?

  112. If this virus and his handling of it doesn't sink Trump's chances in November, then nothing will!

  113. Unfortunately it will sink is too!

  114. "The system is not really geared to what we need right now … " Seriously? Apparently, putting plans and resources in place to effectively handle these situations has not been the job of any agency/person. How is it that we are just now finding out that the current system is not "geared" to handle this? I am appalled at our lack of planning and preparation.

  115. @Rebecca J. Well, consider who's been in charge for three years now and the funding cuts that have taken place. It's sad - but not suprising.

  116. The government knew this disease posed catastrophic risk. It did not share this information. It did not urge hospitals to prepare. It did not urge communities to prepare. Instead our president minimized the risk. Yesterday the town in Connecticut where my mother lives and where I am now closed it schools. State officials estimate that 10% to 20% of the state population will be infected within weeks and many more later. Yet false claims that minimize the severity of this are still being posted on our Facebook community page. I blame our President and his media enablers. Had our government been honest we might have been better prepared. We are not. I want justice.

  117. @K.Kong I hope many of you will ask for justice. And realize that it won't happen with this government. In the context of an epidemic, denying facts kills.

  118. @K.Kong Agreed, and this is what we in the healthcare community especially fear most -- that the lack of adequate preparations in the critical first three months will lead to an exponentially growing case load that can overwhelm the whole US healthcare apparatus. Despite the fecklessness of the initial response, the physicians and officials in Hubei and the neighboring Chinese provinces bought the world crucial time by imposing such comprehensive restrictions and essentially shutting down Wuhan, pivotally slowing the novel coronavirus spread. Many nations, like South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and some countries in Europe and South America, have used that precious window effectively to prepare by ramping up testing, manufacture of protective gear, and planning and coordination, with Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and South Korea especially demonstrating (through varying approaches) that COVID-19 indeed can be nipped in the bud through vigorous testing and subsequent epidemiological management. But the United States (and Britain to an extent) have squandered that window, and still now are failing to even test adequately let alone prepare supplies or help forestall further spread. Americans can't even get free testing or sick leave to prevent symptomatic cases from spreading further! Italy's cautionary tale, already alarming, is even more unnerving when you realize they made only a few mistakes early on and are now testing aggressively. The US is still far away from even doing that.

  119. @K.Kong I also blame Fox "News" bloviators who STIILL claim this is a hoax to bring down Trump. Really? Are they THAT irresponsible? The answer is yes. Why the Fox organization allows this is beyond my comprehension. Could be the advertising revenue is remaining high until the viewers are deceased.

  120. Where are the coronavirus test kits in the US? Patients across America with clearly worrisome symptoms are still being turned away untested, many months into the pandemic, with South Korea doing more tests in a single day (20,000) than USA has done altogether! To put it with brutal honesty, the US is looking like a Third World country to the world now -- except that even many developing countries are doing more thorough COVID-19 testing than the United States. This is by far the worst public health debacle in US history and possibly in the whole Western world. It's still inexplicable why US authorities spurned the functioning test kits developed in the German labs in late January, fully validated by the WHO and used around the world. But then the CDC's response was an unmitigated disaster, not only sending out defective test kits but also using ridiculous circular logic to limit testing to only travelers to China or those with known SARS-CoV-2 contacts -- even as the novel coronavirus already had rampant community spread in Washington State. Then the FDA blocked independent labs from developing their own tests. With little capacity to track COVID-19 it continues to spread unchecked in the US, leading up to a healthcare system overload like in Italy (which at least is testing extensively for it). China tests millions a day and built new hospitals in 10 days, while in the US almost 3 months in, we still can't even test adequately? This fiasco in the US is beyond outrageous.

  121. @J. Wes Ulm, MD, PhD I have been reading up on Redfield, the head of the CDC. He has apparently been very involved with HIV since the initial outbreak in the 1980s. I read that at one point he advocated abstinence over condom distribution programs. This worries me. I hope he is not an ideological, partisan, MAGA hack, but I fear he might be. Someone prove me wrong. It just seems that the CDC is a different organization than we Americans are used to.

  122. @J. Wes Ulm, MD, PhD CDC probably tried to award contracts to favored contractors. You know, why let some German lab get contracts to test millions of American when am American lab I know personally can do? This is also why so many government things don’t work as intended.

  123. He's way too experienced to be a partisan hack but he is leading an agency whose budget was gutted by the Trump administration.

  124. While this global catastrophe is taking place, what is our feckless leader doing this morning? He’s on Twitter blaming the Obama administration for the lack of testing available, because you know, Obama is to blame for everything gone wrong. To the Republicans who had the chance to remove him from office and didn’t, I hope you lay awake every single night wracked with guilt knowing what the implications of leaving him in charge has done.

  125. The Elected Republicans are a bunch of “ Biased Jurors “ in their own words !

  126. Unfortunately , if Trump was removed as he should've been , we would've been stuck with Pence, who's not doing a very good job either

  127. @Tam I question if Republican in congress are capable of guilt. I don't say that glibly.

  128. If this virus becomes as bad as it could and the decision to prioritize who gets a ventilator, I will certainly choose to not have one in favor of a younger person. That medical choice should effect everyone eqally, by which I mean the wealthy and not just the middle class and poor. If an older wealthy person can get (buy the use of) a ventilator because they have money, it would be a morally reprehensible situation.

  129. I'm not a Trump fan, but I hope none of them get sick. Why did he meet with Ivanka? Any policy discussion? or are we just here to read about which famous/infamous people are out there spreading an illness? Which is not useful information but more like gossip.

  130. @peter I agree that it is gossip, but I suspect that it may be the only way many Americans will understand this is real. Over the past several days I have heard repeatedly the refrains that this is being overblown, this is just like the flu, who cares I'm not at risk. As sad as it is, seeing some high profile people getting sick may be the wake up call a lot of Americans need so we can start taking care of each other.

  131. Empty suits are treating the stock market and not the pandemic. The infection curve is looking early-exponential in the US. I get the impression that we are about two weeks behind Italy. If we do not take very strong actions to kick this thing off of the exponential spread curve, there will be no economy or stock market to save. All schools need to be closed. Retail should be closed and low and middle class employees sent home with government guaranteed pay. High transmission areas like supermarkets, public transportation, gas stations, hospitals, etc. need semi-continuous decontamination. Most importantly, we need much more testing. Without accurate knowledge of the spread of the contagion there will be insufficient will to adopt adequate measures before it is too late. Now is the time to enact measures that currently look extreme, but may be labelled insufficient in the future. Most people are bad at math, and do not understand how rapidly an exponential increase can go from four hundred patients to four hundred thousand; and how quickly after that we can be at four million. Anyone over sixty in a position of economic or political power should be very scared, and they should know that their wealth will not save them.

  132. @Jim K I'm 67 so stopped work 3/6. I am walking my dog, spring cleaning, gardening, reading, listening to podcast and streaming series on Hulu.

  133. Germ sources: food carts, ATMs, SBS ticket dispensers, free newspapers, information kiosks, toll gates, fast food/drink containers, barbers, nail/hair dressers, public toilets, bars, massagers, panhandlers, deliverers, home nurses, school bus drivers, census takers, pollsters, baby kissers, baptisers, circumcizers, opticians, boxers/cage fighters, EMS, police, health/building inspectors, process servers, lawyers, bailiffs, prison guards, muggers.

  134. @John Young Apparently, Australian politicians meeting with the First Family and law makers would qualify.

  135. @John Young any health practitioner or home maintenance contractor and dog walker and nanny.

  136. As our health care system becomes strained to accommodate the covid-19 cases we should also be reassured that those who rely on hospital services including surgery and out-patient care do not become collateral damage. The health insurance industry needs to be ready to relax the burdensome criteria for in-network /out of network rules that will needlessly endanger peoples lives as well as reduce or eliminate co-pay and out of pocket costs for emergency services. The bottom line is that we do not forget about those who are not infected with coronavirus but are currently ill and are careful not to let them become part of the 'who lives and who dies' equation.

  137. We have to rely on each other at some point. There are ways we can all help. Institutions are developing plans to protect which takes some time. A big help would be community organizers and local governments giving templates for how we can all help and not hoard. People will need rations of various types of products. People are one

  138. "The unit within the Department of Health and Human Services that does biomedical research will award over a million dollars to two companies, DiaSorin Molecular and Qiagen, to speed up the development of the tests, the department announced Friday morning." Qiagen, domiciled in the Netherlands, had over $750M in cash at 12/31. How inspired does SS expect them to be with that pittance of a grant. Aren't there any small US companies who would find it more motivational?

  139. @Bob S this is not the time to be worrying about those kind of things...we need people who can move fast and ramp up quickly.

  140. I remain fascinated that the president's initial reaction to news of the virus was that it was a hoax perpetrated by democrats and "the media" in order to hurt his re-election chances. Just a remarkably dull and myopic view of current events and of scientific facts.

  141. Trump has been singularity focused on his re-election since the day after his inauguration. To him, there is nothing more important.

  142. OK, yes, we will get through this epidemic. But we’re also going to have to suffer through hearing from glorious leader-daddy that he, in his divine wisdom, fixed everything. OK, fine, but the TV will be on mute during our nationwide Super-Party. My money is, and will always be, on the ingenuity, tenacity and resilience of Americans as a whole. We, as that whole, are responsible for Our Country and where we take it. I’m confident in our direction, which is up.

  143. The Covid-19 panic will subside quickly once the world learns that the number of people already infected is 30 - 100 times larger than official estimates which, of course, are based on virtually zero testing of the population at large. The huge difference in mortality rates among various nations, ranging from 0.7% in S. Korea to 4.5% in Italy and Iran, is likely an indication that some countries are simply making testing more readily available, not that their populations are more susceptible to the virus. But knowing human nature -- how many will volunteer to be tested and quarantined when they have mild or no symptoms -- the world's population is most likely much deeper into this pandemic than suggested by official stats. That also means, happily, that the actual mortality rate is much lower than is being reported, possibly no more than that of a bad flu season. That should end the panic on the Street as well as in the streets.

  144. @Cal Law don't you understand that health systems are being overwhelmed? This doesn't happen with the normal or even bad flu. This is NOT the flu...if it was, no one would have noticed this bug. Why would countries like China shut down if it was the flu? Think man!

  145. @Cal Law Even 0.7% is 7 times that of the flu. South Korea have lower mortality rates because that church targets the young for evangelicalism and Korea have been able to quarantine most before it overload their healthcare system. Assuming 25% of US’ 325,000,000 people got infected and everyone miraculously have adequate medical care so mortality rate is 0.75%, that’s still 609,376 people dead.

  146. @Cal Law Yes, and the bodies piling up in Italy and soon to pile up here can be buried or burned. Out of sight, out of mind. Do you not understand that medical services are swamped over there? Do you not understand that they were overwhelmed in China? Do you not understand that even if only 10% of infected need hospital care, any healthcare system, not just one as pathetic as the one we have here in the US, would be completely overwhelmed.

  147. I am in New York where I came for a long planned and much anticipated long weekend of great theatre. I had begun my ticket purchasing as far back as August of last year. Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was the first, in honor my deceased friend and master of playwriting, Edward Albee. Then came Company, Hangmen, and an off-Broadway show, Drift where an acquaintance, Pat Brennan was getting his chocks on the boards in fine company. And upon arrival yesterday, my miracle...Orchestra center, Row C at the miraculous price of 50.00 to finally gain access and witness To Kill A Mockingbird with Ed Harris, a man whose titanic and under-awarded gifts I felt so over the moon to see. An hour later Broadway went dark. The personal loss of joy was not just for my long awaited theatrical passions to be whetted, but for all of those hard working theatre makers now shut down. And as I wandered the half empty streets last night of my beloved Gotham I was overwhelmed with sadness for our beleaguered planet. It isn’t that monster in the Oval Office who is seated from where our comforting hero should be speaking that affords is any solace. It is the hotel clerks and housekeeping personnel, the waiters, the bus drivers, the street cops, the everyday man and women doing their work, all those who march on as New Yorkers always do in spite of any threats. They are my heroes today and every day. I couldn’t applaud Patti Lu Pone, or the fine cast of Hangmen, or Ed but I applaud you New York!

  148. @René Pedraza Del Prado I agree my friend, though what a beautiful tapestry you wove on the way there. I worked at the White Horse in the 80s and Ed Harris came in with a group of actors one night - left wobbly and a smidgen plastered [in the grand tradition of WH artists] but a true and pleasant gentleman every step of the way.

  149. @René Pedraza Del Prado Gotham is the right word. A city so corrupt and downtrodden it takes an anonymous vigilante to give people a sense of justice. Go on an unguided tour of our subway system and visit the outer boroughs. That’s the reality for most New Yorkers and not the fancy flagship stores, boutiques, and gleaming towers around Central Park.

  150. @René Pedraza Del Prado Unfortunately, most New Yorkers and New York institutions were very slow to recognize the obvious, that if something shows up in China, it will show up in NYC at lightning speed. We should have been panicking and making plans in January.

  151. The courage of all persons in the 99% is recognized through a deep Bow. An obvious solution for all families in the US and Americans living abroad is to ask Michael Bloomberg if he could redirect his resources (500 million in ads for his campaign to assume a role in the federal gov't) and give to American citizens through the Social Security system 1 million dollars per person. I think that would solve all of the financial worries of the markets and small business. Start with YES! Generosity, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, and Altruism.

  152. @Colin You are quoting bad math by news anchors. Bloomberg didn’t spend $1 million per every American, he spend $1 for every American. Tells you the state we are in when anchors that get paid millions a year cannot do basic arithmetic and don’t think the numbers she said is a bit funny/off.

  153. @Colin Bloomberg doesn't actually have anywhere near 330 trillion dollars, so I don't see him providing everyone a 1 million dollar handout anytime soon. You are most likely working from some quickly debunked horrendously incorrect math from a pair of reporters during a live broadcast, where they got their decimal place off by six places, mistaking $1 for $1,000,000. They've since apologized for that mistake.

  154. @Colin $500,000,000 divided among 330,000,000 people in the U.S. equals $1.51 per person.

  155. To combat the Coronavirus, we need a leader who emits confidence, possesses knowledge, and strives to coordinate a national, consistent response. Trump fails on all counts, and when he speaks to the nation--as he will do again today--he only makes matters worse. The imploding stock market is just one of many symptoms of his failed leadership. Trump will not change. Pence will not help. But our governors, mayors, business leaders, and health care professionals CAN. Let's support them. And we can each do our part as individuals to halt the spread.

  156. I'm a wedding photographer. The lack of testing is going to wreak havoc on this country. People are reluctant to let go of the status quo without the data to support it, and rightfully so. Trump knows this and has kept the numbers artificially low from the beginning. I have two kids and a wife entirely dependent on my small business. I also have asthma, an auto-immune disease, and in a trifecta of susceptibility to Covid-19, my body does not produce pneumonia anti-bodies. At some point, be it in two weeks or a month, everyone is going to be begging to press play on civilization again. But I won't, because my job entails getting into a room with 150-300 drunk, dancing, sweaty, close talking Americans every weekend. Americans that will likely have no idea if they are infected or have recently come in to contact with the infected. I might as well shoot in a hazmat suit. Or I can just accept bankruptcy, break my contracts with 60 couples on the horizon and foreclose on my house. Maybe I can become a Youtube sensation overnight. Or, I can put a picture of Donald Trump in my wallet and go back to work pretending the status quo is back baby and just make sure my last will and testament has been drafted. The virus requires separation, the economy requires gathering. The only way possible to handle this is free widespread testing in every county of the US, a strict quarantine plan, and free and open data to the population. Otherwise this is a pandemic and a depression in one.

  157. @JLNM I´d take shelter in Tenerife, if you can afford it. They have no infections and maybe it´ll keep (warm climate, strict testing and quarantining). I guess the minus is that the islands have few weddings, it´s a senior´s paradise. Maybe you could photograph divorces instead?

  158. Yes it is Good luck to you And I think you should wear protective gear for your work if you can.

  159. @Riddararaddir This is supposed to be funny? Not.

  160. It is a amazing that our country - the leading country in the World does not have enough testing kits for this pandemic . And this after at least 3 months since the problem started in China ! We are looking more as a third world country than ever !

  161. On NYT mobile 03/13/20 in Business And Technology there is a story about geographically mapping the social network of COVID. In it there is this quote "Her project, like many others at the institute, uses census data, which reveals the composition of nearly every American household: the number of adults and children, and their ages. From a single household, a large map can be constructed." POTUS Trump is attempting to scare great swaths of people living in the US from filling out the Census form by scaring them with questions about citizenship in their households. What happens to disease mapping that uses Census data when the Census is drastically undercounting people? The Northwestern University institute featured in the article uses its analysis to advise the CDC. I don't think I am going out on a limb by imagining that one of the pieces of advice the institute gives the CDC is where to send more testing kits based on projections about where Coronavirus may be spreading the fastest. Reliable Census data is needed to make such projections accurate.

  162. @Adreana Langston I just filled out the online Census form and it didn't ask if I was a citizen or not.

  163. Is it true that the weeks ago the W.H.O. offered tests to Trump, but he declined wanting American manufacturers to get the profits? Did he really tell the CDC that info re: the virus was a national security issue and only he could authorize any release of info? Rather than give the country clear, concise info he denies reality, lies to protect himself and blames others. His corrupt immaturity is really a danger to us all.

  164. I agree with republican this time. Many workers in the company I am working push for working from home although it is not possible for those who operate instruments to work from home. There is not anyone got infected in our area. The chance is zero at least at this moment. If this could be an excuse not to come work, the company would never operate anymore

  165. Can someone explain why John Hopkins website has lowered the number of cases in the USA. Last night it showed that 1663 Americans had the Covid-19. This morning it shows that only 1268. How did almost 400 people become uninfected with the virus?

  166. Gavin Newsom needs to step down. He messed up the response of PG&E with the power shut offs. Now he keeps schools with thousands of children and teachers open. If six states which do not have as many cases as California can shut down, it chills the mind to see such a political and ineffective move. Any cries about underpriviledged children is so short sighted and blind it is amazing that it is being touted as the reason to stay open. Serve breakfast and lunch with corona on the side? What is wrong with the leadership? Next time around, I will not be voting for Gavin Newsom. I encourage Tom Steyer to be a candidate.

  167. @Meena Los Angeles and San Diego are closing all schools until April 6. Newsom is doing his job just fine.

  168. We need a leader who is more concerned about healthcare and well being of ALL of us instead of how many layers of makeup he can have applied to his face and hair. Hopefully this will be the last hurrah for our unfit president. November can't get here soon enough.

  169. Donald Trump’s ineptness has made a total mockery of our public health and healthcare systems. As a nurse of decades, one who has had experience in just about every healthcare venue that exists, hospital ER, hospital Med Surg, hospital ICU’s, case management, skilled nursing service, public health, insurance case managing, school nursing for Native Americans, community nursing, large city and rural US experience, community and county councils and committees, - even Parish Nursing - I can say Donald Trump has insulted my profession, my colleagues, and dearly let down the American people and people worldwide. He is an embarrassment to all humanity.

  170. Interesting that the Chinese are now touting theories that the virus originated in the U.S. The U.S. had no trouble pointing the finger at China for the same reason. I even had a Canadian FB friend sharing a theory that Iran manufactured the virus in retaliation for the murder of their general ordered by Trump. Interestingly, over the years I have read many articles about biological warfare experiments at U.S. military bases gone wrong, with hazards released into various communities. Why is that not possible? I think the virus originated with the poor animals (some endangered) trafficked for no reasons except for human greed and superstitious beliefs. Nature's revenge...

  171. Knowing republicans, they will vote to give several billions to large corporations, and let them 'best determine how their employees should share in it."

  172. PLEASE, let’s fight this thing together and stop pointing fingers that only increase the stress level and results in reduced immune systems.

  173. Once again they will try to improve testing, this time with an admiral. I'm not holding my breath.

  174. An Austrian Biotech company, Procomcure, arlready has a test, PhoenixDx Covid19, which delivers results in as little as half an hour. No need to develop what is already available.

  175. Government and people are saying don’t panic. My mom 62 with chronic lung problem goes to the doctor with symptoms. She is sent home without a test because she doesn’t have the chills. Easy way to alleviate panic is information. Testing people would alleviate panic but there are no tests not even for high risk individuals.

  176. It seems that a lot of foreign dignitaries are contracting the virus after meeting with the Trumps and his crew. Perhaps this epicenter should be shut down.

  177. Trump and all his enablers have proven the most lethal pathological pathogens to have infected and felled our country. We had a chance to save it, impeachment and removal of this most murderous malady. We failed. Too late now. The metastasis has taken hold. We are all in the ICU and gasping for the slightest trace of oxygen to save our dying democracy and Republic. Sadly, our prognosis now is severe, dire, and most grim indeed.

  178. Harry Truman: The Buck Stops Here. Donald Trump: The Buck Stops There. And so we are in trouble.

  179. The driver thru testing in New Rochelle was a nice development. Remember what I said yesterday, orchard beach in the Bronx is a perfect place to do it, the parking lot is gigantic. All the test really is , is a swab of the throat. The Governor said they would have 7 lanes going at the same time. If they used Orchard Beach they could literally have 50 lanes going at the same time.

  180. Will this pandemic provide Trump the opening he needs to postpone the November election? Anything seems possible at this point.

  181. @DI Constitutionally Trump does not have the authority to postpone the election but he does have the power to do it.

  182. 75% of school children in Kentucky are eligible for free or reduced -priced meals?

  183. @brandongrant. I’m so worried about the kids who depend on meals at school.

  184. Poverty is rampant and staggering in this, the richest country in the world. It will be our undoing unless we get our act together.

  185. So New Yorkers like me are subsidizing his good deeds for his State by my federal tax contributions? How dare him take moves to threaten the goose that lays the golden egg?

  186. Folks, in Italy the Covid-19 test costs between €30-€50. And Italians have a national health system. That same test is used all over Europe and was rejected for the US because “we” wanted to develop our own test. It was all about the $$.

  187. @Linda LaClair -- you got that right. According to Congress, our tests cost $1,331.00. You get it is about the money.

  188. Trump is awarding 1M to 2 companies to develop new tests that give results in 1 hour? He is shuffling people around at the top but appears to be doing little to remove the bottle neck(s) at the top. Why don't we here anything regarding the ramping up of production for the tests we have and know work? Which would be more reassuring? One that will yield definitive results in 8hrs and is available now, or something that might be available in the future that would give results in 1 hour? Tik Tok! Tik Tok! Is this the best the Trump administration can offer? Help!

  189. @John: The Republicans always believe there are two ways to fix things. 1) Denial, and 2) Give their business friends a lot of government with no oversight. I hope that the Republican reaction is not just more of the same.

  190. I thought he said it was just the flu.

  191. @otto: He did. The way to figure out who is Republican is that they all say that the coronavirus is just the Flu.

  192. Well, it’s about time Trump declared a National Emergency! The only consolation I am getting from this pandemic is that there are no zombies involved. Yet.

  193. i do not feel reassured by any one thing that our government is proclaiming. In all of my 63 years of life, I had felt reasonably and generally safe until these past few weeks. I have a 92 year old mother with congestive heart failure residing in a local nursing home, and my first grandchild was born two months ago five states away; I'm certain that any day now, the nursing home doors will be closed to all visitors, and I dare not board a plane to anywhere. Alabama still shows no signs of reported cases (until just no, when my mother called to tell me one has finally been reported, which means testing here has FINALLY begun; we all know that "reported" is the operative word here, and the worry spins and spins until it just about teeters on the edge of reason.

  194. @Nina My situation (age, parent, first grandchild) is similar. I will keep you and yours in my prayers and ask for you to do the same for me.

  195. @Nina I wish you and your family well. It is a very tough time.

  196. @Nina I'm about your age and we've been very privileged. If you want to hear how scary things have previously gotten in this country with regard to public health, ask your mother to tell you about the polio epidemics she lived through. My parents never forgot the fear after playing with a child one day and that same child a week later being dead.

  197. Another Trumpian disservice: he has been exposed to the virus at at least one venue, and refuses to be tested. This is not leading by example. He should be tested and should ensure testing is widely available, as it is in so many other countries (with smaller budgets than ours.)

  198. The closing of theaters, concert venues, and clubs is having a devastating effect on musicians and theater workers, and that will in turn have an effect on restaurant workers and many other layers of occupations. Will banks here, as in the U.K. and Italy, declare mortgage "holidays" until the crisis is over? Unlikely.

  199. The stock market rebounding means absolutely nothing. Once wage earners begin to lose wages, the country will move towards recession and the stock market will follow. I cancelled my weekly piano lesson at a local music company. Went grocery shopping at 6 a.m. this morning, lots of people with full carts shopping. Employees told me that it would be only be a few hours and the shelves would be depleted. Reduced automobile purchases - reduced airline travel-, etc. My son a sales rep for a major beer distributor told me on- sale of his product is down 40% - customers avoiding establishments. The recession is on its way so a blip of the market rebounding from time to time is expected, but be prepared for it to completely bottom out from economic hardship.

  200. @Jim Exactly. An economy so dependent on consumer spending cannot survive an extended period of people sitting on their wallets, especially with an overabundance of gig workers. All my working musician friends are freaked out.

  201. @Jim Thanks for the news/update. It's much more than we receive anywhere else.

  202. @Jim Perhaps an economic crash over a virus from half way around the world will be a good lesson how insane it is that so much is tied in together.

  203. We have this huge military in this country, many of them are trained as doctors and nurses, many of whom probably know how to set up a field hospital in a matter of hours. In light of what's happened in Italy - the triaging of patients etc. - where is our military?(And where was Italy's?) I know they can't help out with the lack of testing, but since the lack of testing could to lead to an overwhelming need for people to be hospitalized, often for weeks, leaving everyone else who needs care for other injuries and illnesses, including traumatic ones, without doctors and nurses, why not a military field hospital response to this nightmare? I really would love to hear thoughts about this.

  204. I’ve been wondering the exact same thing. We can reply thousands of troops in a matter of days oversees but we are not hearing about domestic efforts. It’s probably happening but would be nice to hear from DOD.

  205. @Abby Different equipment to fight a virus. Different training.

  206. @Abby I believe in order to use the military inside the US we need to be under a National Emergency, or, what is occurring today at 3pm. Care must be exercised anytime US forces deploy within US borders.

  207. While I appreciate the president's belated concern and comprehension that something that needs to be done, it is rather like closing a barn door after all the horses have bolted. His action probably has less to do with concern about the impacts of the virus on people's health and our economy, more to do with corona's impact on his re-election campaign. So many rooms at Trump hotels, and so few guests to fill them.

  208. Another article stated that the 2 companies proposed to be used for the rapid testing, it will take one of them 6 weeks to be able to test and the other will take 12 weeks. How many more lives will be lost between that 6 week and 3-4 month period?

  209. @JB Six weeks is a lifetime. Twelve weeks? I cannot wrap my head around a number like that for such a critical, vital, life-or-death test. The two companies need to be told their turnaround time is completely unacceptable.

  210. Someone create an app for inputting testing data at drive through COVID19 test sites! No contact through pens or paper.

  211. “We have very strong emergency powers under the Stafford Act,” Mr. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Thursday. “I have it memorized, practically, as to the powers in that act. And if I need to do something, I’ll do it. I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about.” How these words don't instill fear in all Americans, regardless of party, is unfathomable. I fear the extent of our collective willingness to let a time of national emergency embolden an unfit and ego-driven President. He has thus far demonstrated no fidelity to the Constitution and it's doubtful he will now. I hope that even his staunchest allies are willing to use Article 25 as needed.

  212. Let's see - we need to declare a national emergency so people can not just get tested (right, as if there are any kits to test with), but people with gig jobs, etc. have no sick leave - so if they want to stay home they should enjoy it because in a month without pay they will be kicked out for no money for rent. I would proffer it's time to Bern the system down.

  213. Who will be the first person to suggest, that in light of everything that is currently happening, the US should consider postponing the upcoming presidential election?

  214. I must say that I appreciate Gov. Cuomo’s response to this crisis in lieu of any leadership from Washington, D.C. I am disgusted that our own Gov. Greg Abbott hasn’t been as proactive in leading Texas’ response to this crisis. Yet, another reason why Texas may turn purple in November. Politics aside, Texans need answers and no one is there to provide them.

  215. “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower. What this virus situtation demands is more politics, and Trump is the perfect person to deliver more unimportant urgency. Classic: Closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

  216. Does this encourage anyone to feel like a global citizen first, and a US citizen second? Nothing proves our interdependence and connection like a bio-hazard that doesn’t recognize a border.

  217. @Anglican Somehow it did recognize Taiwan's border. Benevolent dictatorship works best in crisis, while democracy is the worst.

  218. National State of Emergency —-very welcome, and I’m not saying that it should not be done, but it can be a double edged sword. All sorts of human rights and protections can be waived. It is one of the classic acts used by autocrats to control the people. Trump may be alluding to this when he says he has all sorts of powers when he declares state of emergency, “that people don’t even know about”. So. Just got news that my grandkids’ school is closing indefinitely. It is a sad and curious time.

  219. Macron leadership initiates actions intended to lead to worldwide cooperation. Meanwhile in the U.S., Pence is apparently out as FEMA takes over the federal response to this disaster, and Governor Cuomo of New York along with the other state Governors are leading the way for the U.S.

  220. @DjStJames I just spoke with a German friend who said that Strasbourg has no space in its hospital and French are now treated across the border in Germany. What kind of Macron leadership is that?

  221. Thank Goodness For Local Gov. Action. The federal response has been underwhelming.

  222. Trump: "I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about.” Does this include indefinitely postponing an election he is now almost sure to lose?

  223. It is bizarre to be living through a time that you know will make the history books, whether as an example of a massive overreaction that tanked international economic growth or as a human catastrophe that resulted in millions of deaths. We can only hope it will be the former. I feel like it's all hitting in slow motion--like a bomb that detonates over the course of a month. It's scary, it's uncertain, and I wish peace and health to my fellow humans, especially to medical workers and those most vulnerable to this disease.

  224. I'm sure that none of those billions will be spent on the border wall or any of Trump's other vanity pursuits, and that any measures Trump takes - such as closing borders and banning certain travel - will only be temporary, just to get us through this emergency, and in no way will become an albatross like the Patriot Act.

  225. With all the craziness and pointing fingers going on I turned to Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado to lift my spirits with that perfect little ditty "I've Got A Little List". Now I challenge NYT readers to come up with some appropriate verses for this time in our national history. We need to vent and I do believe opera is a classy way to let it all out. So let's get started.

  226. Now that the Administration and congress are close to agreeing on spending lots of money to prop up the stock market, I'm sure we are completely safe. How about Trump and his Administration start by just agreeing to tell the truth? Then we can know the extent of the failure in testing, and so have some idea about our risks. How many tests have been done (as of today), and what are the results. The stock market will be fine if they start doing a decent job. If they wanted to spend money wisely, pay for everyone in the nation to stay at home for 7 days (yes, everyone's average weekly income paid direct to them on our/government expense). This would allow for people to AFFORD to have social distance. And for good measure, cancel the totally stupid travel ban to Europe.

  227. @jmw The way to prop up the stock market is to make sure consumers can keep consuming by guaranteeing sick pay, test all students by keeping the schools open, etc. In other words, by using your head and not your ego or power garnering.

  228. @jmw It's too late for 45's and the Repub Senate's truth telling. I'd never believe one word coming out of those buffoons' mouths. Including "and" or "the".

  229. @jmw Yeah, I was thinking that we really need Andrew Yang working on this right now.

  230. Why is it that we still have no live map of all confirmed cases. In fact, why haven’t any news organizations taking up the task of documenting every case? The Johns Hopkins map everyone have been following since the outbreak now only updates every 12 hours and the US number haven’t moved for more than 24 hours at 1268. I have to rely on a Chinese website to track all cases in US and Canada (1793 in US and 158 in Canada). The Chinese map also have the number, county and state of every confirmed case. In Hong Kong, the government have website that track every case down to individual building. Why is it that I have to rely on a Chinese website to get the latest from the US? Here is the Chinese website: Scroll down for the entire list (50 pages) of confirmed cases. The graph above is total and daily addition. The chart in the middle is cases by state, death, mortality rate. You can click the big red orange button if you want to donate. I think they are manned by volunteers checking every state’s health department website and newspaper articles.

  231. @AmateurHistorian-I'd recommend It at least provides an up-to-date tally. I've been following it since January, and it appears to be very reliable. It doesn't have a state-by-state break down, but at least you can see the number of cases and deaths.

  232. $40 billion in relief funds for the US? Germany is using $500 million!

  233. How much of the $40B will be redirected towards border wall construction?

  234. Will Trump's news conference this afternoon cause the stock market to drop? He's been pretty good at tanking the stock market. What do you think?

  235. Why is Ivanka meeting with an Australian official with Barr? There’s no transparency at all.

  236. Trump wanted to be Andrew Jackson. Watching his performance in preparing for coronavirus, Ihave to say he's going to be much larger in terms of lost lives. Get ready to begin seeing the Trump Superhighway of Tears. He says this will go way soon. Let's hope he goes away with it.

  237. I consider that this COVID-19 issue is getting a little out of hand and to me it seems the only worrying thing is that there are not enough places to attend to so many people infected with this virus.

  238. Seven percent fatalities in Italy? That ain't good. Multiply that times 50-100 million people, nation-wide.

  239. Our British Columbia public health officials have asked all residents returning from out of our country to self isolate on return for 14 days INCLUDING FROM THE UNITED STATES. This will devastate the economy of northern Washington state which is so dependent on cross border traffic of British Columbians. Washington State is a ticking time bomb.

  240. No, we are not. There is one case on the Olympic Peninsula. We are fortunate to have a governor who has been proactive from day one. Stop fear mongering. Follow basic hygiene and distancing, listen to the health experts, not our woefully inept president.

  241. An emergency declaration should include putting Trump under immediate quarantine. Confiscate all electronic devices and lock him away in a secure room.

  242. From the article: The C.D.C. reports that it has run a total of 3,903 tests and that public health labs in 48 states, New York City and seven California counties have run 9,721. This is simply pathetic for a nation that beats it's chest everyday about what a great nation it is.

  243. Can we now declare, officially, that Trump's Presidency is a disaster?

  244. Is this administration still the dog trying to chase its own tail? How many weeks have we wasted while Mr. Trump, because of his egomania, has insisted on denying the truth about an infectious disease along with its experts, shifting the blame from the "left" media to Democrats to our allies in Europe, ad nauseam ? I am beginning to see a light at the end of a tunnel and maybe for the first time in over three years Donald Trump himself has been "enlightened," albeit at a low wattage. NOW this pandemic/ epidemic will be declared a national emergency. NOW we may, just may, receive enough test kits and emergency funds. We will come out of this as we run to catch up with ourselves. DJT'S MAGA family will conveniently forget its president's utter incompetence and failure both politically and personally. But let us not forget that we chose the worst possible so-called president to lead this nation during one of our worst epidemics in years and years.

  245. "we chose" We chose Clinton. The s'Electoral College then made the worst election interference of all, which has allowed the benefiting vile GOP to claim that Mueller and those darned impeachment managers were trying to overthrow an election THEY overthrew first!!!