Trump Praises Barr for Rejecting Punishment Recommended for Stone

The president dismissed criticism that the Justice Department had acted inappropriately in overruling the recommendation of its own prosecutors in the case of his longtime friend.

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  1. It’s very disturbing to watch the media as they, rather than sounding the alarm on abuse of power by a wannabe dictator and his henchmen, play the game of “just two different perspectives on governing”. The fact that the media is a for profit endeavor threatens the existence of our republic. Les Moonves famously declared that ‘while Trump may be bad for America, he is great for CBS”. Money is speech, and it shouldn’t be since it corrupts. It is destroying the country.

  2. @Grove Money is not evil. “Billionaire” shouldn’t be a slander. By the way, Benjamin Franklin was “a printer” in order to make a living.

  3. @Grove Absolutely right. This newspaper misidentifies the people that Trump wants to punish as "disloyal". Why isn't this newspaper explaining that Trump wants to punish staff who won't cover up for him? And it is beyond ridiculous to have this newspaper reporting that because Trump made his wishes clear publicly and William Barr's justice department stepped to it to do something unprecedented that rewarded a criminal who lied for Trump, that it is somehow all okay. In other words, this newspaper has set up a bar that can never be met before they will report that anything the White House does is not absolutely proper and legal. This newspaper would call it "highly unusual" if Trump shot someone on Fifth Avenue, but explain that since no one knew why Trump shot the person, it must be assumed to be for a good reason.

  4. Trump is the culmination of decades of Republican planning, patience, scheming and manipulation. Unlike the seemingly rudderless Democrats who rest on their laurels after a win, the Republicans continued along a constant, continuous path to gain total control by beginning at the local level. Remember Tom Delay and the K Street project? Control local boards, then state legislatures who draw gerrymandered congressional districts to favor Republicans, then gain control of the House, get a Republican elected president via the Republican centric electoral process, approve Republican Supreme Court nominees who approve everything the Republicans ever wanted, and for good measure, throw in a propaganda media wing of the Republican party (Fox News) to control public dialogue. And maybe just to prove the success of the plan, legitimize and condone the President blackmailing a foreign power to do his political dirty work. Now his political cronies are immune from oyr justice system and his political enemies are at his whim. And we scoffed when Trump said he could shoot someone in Times Square and no one would care, especially the craven Republican controlled Senate.

  5. @tom Thanks for your very fearful description of the present, tense. I prefer to compare the President and his party to a school of 20 foot long blue sharks who have been netted, and while on display on the dock, tied up and twisting in the wind, we are advised not to get to near them or they may bite off an arm a head or a leg because they're still alive and dangerous. Time wounds all heels. Don't forget to vote.

  6. @YogiOnefromObie Time wounds all heels. Lol, nice. I'll remember that one.

  7. @tom You are right Tom. It took great determination by evil men to undermine AMERICAN democracy. In addition to Delay, there were many other determined demons that built the Republican Party into the anti-democratic, anti-American Party it is now, including: Barry Goldwater, Paul Viguerie, Pat Robertson, William Buckley, Jerry Falwell, George H W Bush, GWB, Lindsay Graham, Noot Gingrich, Bill Barr, Donald Trump.

  8. That's right ladies and gentlemen, AG Bill Barr is on the job ensuring fairness. Fairness as the president sees it.