Joe Biden Trades Barbs With Voter in Iowa: ‘You’re a Damn Liar’

Shortly after John Kerry, the former secretary of state, endorsed Mr. Biden in the 2020 Democratic primary, the former vice president had a heated confrontation with a voter.

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  1. Biden, "you're too old to vote for me?" Thats a bad sign for Biden going forward. The right to vote is non bias. 2 old men isn't what we need as a nation.

  2. This is not good for Biden.

  3. If this is how Biden respond to questions about his son in low-stakes situations, he is going to make a poor showing when Trump berates him with it during debates. "Look, fat" is not a phrase used in English. Biden's trouble articulating himself in this exchange further portends bad results should he debate Trump.

  4. @Evan he said, Look, facts.

  5. @Evan Joe Biden responded to a LIE about him and what he allegedly did. Go back and listen to the dialogue and listen to Mr. Voter's accusations.

  6. I'm not a huge supporter of Biden's but I'm glad he went right back at this guy!

  7. @mark LOL "that guy" is a Democrat. Just wait 'til Biden starts getting hammered by the other team.

  8. Good for VP Biden. Pushing back says more about his character than trying to pander. This is a little like Senator McCain admonishing a woman for casting slurs on then Senator Obama's nationality and patriotism. We certainly don't want a cut-and-run trumpy type who fled the NATO summit at the slightest hint of discomfort. Curious how trumpy's bone-spurs didn't affect the speed at which he ran away.

  9. @Cynical "Pushing back says more about his character than trying to pander." It does indeed say something about Old Joe's "character"- not just what you think it says.

  10. @Cynical I didn't like McCain, but he actually handled that very gracefully. Unlike Biden, he calmly corrected the woman but didn't raise his voice or call her names. 'A woman came up to McCain at a rally and said, “I can’t trust Obama. I have read about him, and he’s not, he’s not — he’s an Arab.” Her comment prompted McCain to immediately shake his head and take the microphone from her.' '“No ma’am,” McCain said. “He’s a decent family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what this campaign is all about.”' More info and the video are here:

  11. @Cynical Your comparison is wrong. McCain spoke in support of his opponent, in an effort to do the right thing and push back against conspiracy theories. Biden got testy and rude with a voter who challenged HIM personally about a matter which is of legitimate concern. Biden is going nowhere.

  12. Go Joe! That's the kind of talk, the kind of spirit, the kind of tell-it-like-it-is behavior that is needed to beat Trump!

  13. @GMG Um, NO! Disrespecting those that disagree with you. Denigrating someone who is "fat," or can do fewer push-ups or runs slower or even if they do have a low IQ? Basically name-calling and bullying behavior that we don't even let toddlers get away with now. Is this the Democratic Party or Trumpublicans? This is certainly not a person that will do well in a debate....

  14. "In his own presidential contest, Mr. Kerry, like Mr. Biden, was perceived as a more establishment, centrist figure, and he struggled both nationally and in the early-voting states..." ...Kerry went on to lose the general election. This sounds like something we don't want to repeat by nominating Biden.

  15. @LEM -- I disagree with the characterization in the article as to why Kerry lost. Kerry, who was fluent in French, was perceived as effete, elitist and too eager to leverage his military experience. He did not sell to middle America. Biden does not suffer from Kerry's issues and apparently does sell to those voters.

  16. Well, so much for the return of civility and taking the high road if Biden were to be elected.

  17. I disagree. It’s grueling being on the road, and we are all human. The man was clearly goading Biden. For months Trump has been attacking a private citizen—something no president has ever done. Biden pushed back. He’s human. And that man in the audience?—an uninformed blowhard.

  18. @Linda Yes dems should roll over and never raise a finger to defend themselves.They should always let their repub opponent define them.John Kerry never really fought back about the swift boat lie and we all saw how far that got him.

  19. "I know more than most people know" "Look, fat, look, here’s the deal" "He went on to encourage the man to...take an I.Q. test with him" Joe sound like Trump here, and not in a good way. He's so out of touch and should step aside to let the candidates who care about people other than themselves compete for the nomination. If the Democrats nominate Joe, I'll have to vote third party again. Hopefully the voters and the party are smart enough to realize that this guy is clearly not the answer.

  20. @mike Yeah put trump in charge for another 4 years by voting for a 3rd party.That worked out really great in 2000 and 2016 didn't it?

  21. @mike In other words, “I’ll have to vote for Trump again”. Here we go again...There is no viable third party in presidential elections with three elections now proving it: Perot in ‘92 gave conservative third party voters Clinton; Nader in ‘00 gave liberal third party voters Bush and a war they all clearly embraced given their overt votes against Gore who would never had Cheney, the architect of the Iraq War, anywhere near the White House; and Stein in ‘16. There is no constitutionally structural way a third party candidate will get anywhere near the White House and you know it. So just own it: if Biden is the candidate, you will vote to advance the evangelical theocracy already gathered and waiting in the Trump administration, destroy my rights and the rights of the women of my family to reproductive autonomy, mount a ferocious evangelically-fueled assault on the LGBTQ community, continued destruction of the environment, continued ascendancy of white supremacy, continued caging of brown children, and continued destruction of all your claim to care about as a supposed liberal. And I will never forget the privileged male name of Mike when the last ice sheet melts into the ocean.

  22. @mike: If you're eligible to vote, anything other than a vote in the general election for the person (almost certainly the Democratic nominee) most likely to defeat the horrid incumbent is a vote for what we're stuck with already. Remember 2016? I encourage you to cast your primary vote for the candidate whose views most closely reflect your own. After all, how will anyone know what matters to you otherwise? And in case you, like me, look around our safely blue state and figure that your vote won't matter anyway, consider that Michael Cohen has already warned us that the man whose messes he used to "fix" will not leave the White House peacefully. Don't give him another flimsy excuse to ignore the people's choice. He doesn't deserve one.

  23. The Hunter Biden saga makes Joe Biden damaged goods, regardless of whether there was anything illegal. The self dealing is obvious and the fact that the VP office suppressed a letter of concern from career officials makes it even more distasteful

  24. @Groovygeek Agree the Hunter board role is bad all the way around. And when I get in that voting booth next November, if my choice is Trump or Biden, it's Biden. (Mike drop...)

  25. @Groovygeek Please provide evidence, any evidence at all, of "self-dealing".

  26. Biden owes us a reasonable explanation as to how his son wound up on the board of a gas company in Ukraine. Try something like: "My son is a corporate governance expert. Burisma is trying to clean up their governance and their image. Hunter was a good candidate for that board." Why is that so difficult? His response to a reasonable question was childish at best. Joe Biden is not up to the job of candidate let alone nominee.

  27. @Billy This incident is alarming in its absurdity and a veteran politician should know better. Much better. Something is not right here.

  28. @Billy "Biden owes us a reasonable explanation as to how his son wound up on the board of a gas company in Ukraine." Why should he? Hunter Biden is 49 years old! He can make his own decisions on where to work. You may not think it looks good for Joe but there is no evidence of any wrong doing by Hunter or Joe. NONE! I have to believe Biden is sick and tired of hearing these insinuations. If you have any evidence then please lay it on us. Let's talk about Trump. How often does Trump disparge others? Everyday. What about the Trump children and his son-in-law and their ties to foreign businesses? They take in millions! Why not ask Trump for a reasonable explanation about the foreign business his children and son-in-law are involved with? I don't see your ire directed towards them or toward Trump to explain what his children are doing internationally? You have fallen into the Republican conspiracy theroy trap. And I get it. You probably don't think Biden has really done anything wrong. That he just handled the situation poorly and should be calm in presenting his case to the other guy. But Biden is a human being and if you look at it from his point of view he's had enough. He wants to talk about the issues. Not conspiracy theories. If he and his son did nothing wrong why should he continually be asked to explain why his son was working for Burisma? Why should he have to keep defending himself in this situation. He shouldn't have to and enough is truly enough!

  29. An answer would be nice, but it'd be nicer if it was accurate. Just acknowledge that the sons of the rich and powerful frequently get jobs they aren't qualified for and rarely face consequences for ineptitude. Then point out all the other fail-sons and daughters of Congressman and the President cashing in on their family's name.

  30. I am not a Biden fan and agree his son had no business in Ukraine with no experience except using his name to get on the board of an energy company. Even though he did nothing illegal it doesn't look good and he should have known better.

  31. You don’t need experience in a particular industry to sit on a board… Often board members come from diverse backgrounds that have nothing to do with a particular industry...

  32. corporate boards both foreign and domestic are sweetheart deals. look at all the former Republican office holders like Paul Ryan who are raking it in from corporate boards. what qualifications do they have for the spots they get?

  33. @notrace Name recognition. General Mattis made the mistake of sitting on the board of Theranos which turned out to be a complete scam and the CEO being charged with fraud. Sweetheart deals look bad when your Dad is Vice President period.

  34. Kerry was a moderate who emphasized electability. Clinton was a moderate who emphasized electability. They both lost. Now The Democratic establishment is pushing Biden, another moderate who is emphasizing electability. When are people going to wake up and realize that this strategy doesn’t actually work?

  35. @E Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama were moderates and were elected a total of 4 times. Advocates of a more militant Democratic party, such as yourself, should wake yourselves up to what a center-left coalition party in a national election is about. I'm not wild about Biden, either, but I am a realistic student of US politics and the position you advocate is poisonous. It will result in another 4 years of Trump.

  36. Kerry and Clinton had impressive resumes, but were not the best campaigners. Electability requires that a candidate be good who at both statecraft and politics.

  37. Biden isn't my choice because of electability. he's my choice because Trump had destroyed our international alliances and damaged our international influence. Biden is the only candidate with the network the knowledge and the experience to do that. everyone else in the field lacks those credentials. if you like Bernie and Elizabeth's policy positions help the Senate go blue they will be committed chairs and can move the domestic policy agenda to passage.

  38. This is an object lesson in how Trump will throw Biden off balance if he wins the nomination. It's also not a good look to call a voter names, especially for petty reasons.

  39. @Andrew Wrong. The man is a liar just like Trump and the only way to beat Trump and his cult of liars is to call them out on it.

  40. @Andrew I don't know, it hasn't held Trump back. He's insulted women at large, women and men about their weight, mocked the handicapped, insulted a Gold Star family, asked supporters to beat up protesters and on and on. But Biden's toast over one push-back?

  41. @Andrew Exactly correct. Trump is a master of ridicule, name-calling and mockery, and whomever the Democratic candidate is had better be ready to handle it effectively.

  42. I agree with John Kerry's endorsement of Joe Biden. I intend to vote for Mr. Biden as well. I am 71 years old. I do so as a Navy Vietnam veteran ('65-'69), retired federal prosecuting attorney (1995-2010) and a lifelong Democrat. My initial foray into politics was as a volunteer for George McGovern in 1972. I applaud Joe Biden's response to the "man- who declined to identify himself . . . " Indeed, I would have said the same thing had I been in a similar situation. Moreover, Mr. Biden did not "lose his cool." On the contrary, he merely stood up to an uninformed and ignorant individual (Democrat?) who parroted a Republican conspiracy theory. Finally I applaud Mr. Biden's conduct with a "Bravo Zulu." In Navy parlance it means , "Well Done." ,

  43. @Richard Thank you, Richard. I agree. Joe is the only candidate who might be able to defeat Trump. He is also the only candidate who can hit the ground running and restore our nation.

  44. @LJ Oh yes, John Kerry's endorsement of Biden has the same feel to it as Kerry's endorsement of the Iraq war.

  45. @Richard And Bravo Zulu to you too, sir. You are right. The farmer is easily recognizable as the old retired pain-in the-asphalt rural or small town Fox news watcher.

  46. good for Joe standing up for himself, he seemed sincere, but over time as republican's continue to link trumps shakedown to that of biden's (and E.U.'s) policy execution eventually the exhausted public will fail to see the distinction and expect Biden to explain it better.

  47. @Curtis The Russians and the self-interested Ukrainians with much help from the right in the USA have constructed a fantasy that no amount of explanation can even crack. The right did the same thing to Kerry and Clinton. If the Dems play the least bit fair for 2020 tRump and his minions will win. And that is before the Russian hackers and social media engineers get started.

  48. I could care less about testy exchanges. Where is Mr. Bidens detailed plan on healthcare, climate change, education, infrastructure, etc. Elizabeth Warren has them, and she has explained how they will be paid. Antics like this just don't have a place in our politics, this is 1980's malarkey.

  49. @cherrylog754 Yes she has them, she just has absolutely no way to get them passed into law or paid for.

  50. @cherrylog754 Most of the candidates have those plans but only Warren hangs them out as banners. Will they work? First you have to elect her--and then we'll find out.

  51. This news report clearly highlights the issues that make Biden a poor candidate. This is only the beginning for Q&A events.

  52. One salient point: foreign leaders may smile if Biden were to be elected, but they would not gather in groups and snicker. HOW can the majority of the Republican Party members NOT cringe at the damage Trump does himself and all of this nation every day, and does it willfully? Mr. Biden has a cringe worthy son--Trump has two sons and a daughter. Mr. Biden tangles his words and has a short fuse as does the creature who was NOT elected by the majority of American voters -- but he understands politics, has experience, understands the concept of PUBLIC service, duty and honor and is NOT a draft dodging coward. Mr. Biden may not be my first choice, but I would not be ashamed to have him as a candidate.

  53. @Kathleen King You think the Ukrainians didn't gather in groups to snicker than they have his drug addicted son in their pocket, and could use him for leverage to get the VP of the US to do whatever they wanted?

  54. These are questions and accusations that will be raised repeatedly and heatedly, throughout the general election campaign, if Biden is the nominee. If this is an example of the way he will handle tough or unwelcome challenges, he should step aside now. Incompetent and uncool.

  55. @Douglas, When fighting for his family and fatherland, Biden is one cool dude and remains chill. He knows far more about national and foreign policy than the average American, about our state of affairs with his seasoned experience and now I understand why my aunt in a December storm stayed up all night watching John Wayne. Trump is no match for him and can shout to the rafters, while Biden will look at him in derision. John Kerry was able to establish an understanding with Iran, and he has endorsed Biden, who shows decency and not a tinge of vice in his constitution.

  56. All this talk here in the comments section about Joe letting Hunter work for Burisma is playing right into Trump's hands. Hunter is an independent adult who makes his own choices. How many parents out there control their adult children? Why give this red herring any more oxygen?

  57. @Gustafson Biden's advisers met with Burisma lobbyists, and Biden himself lobbied for Burisma while he was VP.

  58. @MDB: Because you can't solve a problem by avoiding it. Biden's advisors knew long ago that Republicans would seize upon the optics of this and turn it into a problem. He ignored advice he should have listened to - not a good idea for anyone who wants the complex job of governing this country. Now it is a problem, and it's not going away simply by pretending that it isn't a problem. In doing so, Biden is taking a page from the Trumpian handbook: just deny that there's any problem, then accuse your opponents of creating the problem in their imaginations. Is that tactic helping to win the hearts and minds of Democrats to Trump's cause? Obviously not. Trump employs this trick in order to pander to the rage of his base, who want to see Trump "stick it to the liberals." When it comes to reasonable people, though, Trump's denials of wrongdoing continue to anger and alienate many voters. Is that what Biden wants to engender among voters, too? If so, he's just a Trump Mini-Me. This country needs radical, systemic change, and all Biden and Trump are offering is is a cage fight between two old dotards. Be honest, Biden, and answer the man's question straightforwardly.

  59. I find this deeply disturbing. The last thing we need is a Democratic candidate for president who cannot keep his cool when challenged by a voter. So what does Biden think he will be hearing from Trump? I will vote for whichever candidate the Democrats choose. After hearing about this encounter, I just hope we won’t choose Biden.

  60. @Patricia Lay-Dorsey I agree completely. The only Democratic candidates I really, really don't want are Biden, or even worse, Sanders. Still, I'll hold my nose and vote for either of them before I even consider letting some third party candidate swindle us yet again into defaulting to a vile Republican president.

  61. Good! The Democratic field has thus far been lifeless, bloodless, inert. If Joe is getting amped, it amps me up, too. We need someone who's going to stick it to the Russian asset in the White House, and stick it to him hard.

  62. Bernie beats Trump, without having to resort to acting like a senile fool.

  63. Biden’s rudeness is an abuse of power. The farmer is clearly nervous and not used to public speaking but feels compelled to question a presidential candidate on this issue. He seems to give Biden an opportunity to address his concerns. Instead Biden calls him a liar and fat. The last thing we need is a year of this sort of rude playground taunting.

  64. @MM When someone gets really defensive about behavior, you can be sure there's a 'there' there.

  65. @MM Thank you for articulating this. It was uncomfortable to watch, precisely because of the imbalance of power between the two men - Biden wasn't just rude to him, but seemed to be 'punching down.'

  66. @MM The so called "Farmer" probably prefers trump due to the massive subsidies Trump has decided to give them this year because of the weather. I have had jobs when I could not work due to the weather and no one ever paid me to sit around doing nothing just because it was raining. The very same farmers are the ones that deplete aquifers which should be treated as a national resource in order to sell government subsidised cheap grain to other countries. They make a profit from both the US taxpayer as well as foreign buyers on every pound of grain they sell. Meanwhile food stamps for almost one million people will be cut despite it being a fraction of the cost of bailing out farmers who could well have afforded to continue on farming with one year of weak crops. These farmers are not starving and if they are they own hundreds or thousands of acres of land. they could sell a few acres to keep themselves fed until next year.

  67. An endorsement from John Kerry, the Mitt Romney of Democrats. How lucky for Joe.

  68. For those individuals omitting the "look fat" part because they are alleging its unclear what he said, I implore them to watch the teenagers facial expressions. That will let you all you need to know. He called the guy fat, old and said "ya you do" when the guy said all he does is watched T.V. and also challenged him to a weird set of competitions. After again confusing his location as well as what DECADE he was VPOTUS. Needless to say, Joe Biden is heading nowhere FAST.

  69. @B I listened to the tape three times and did not hear what you claim was on it. And in my opinion, his response was not "weird" in any respect.

  70. He says “look - fact(s)” and then cuts himself off and changes what he was about to say. You hear what you want to hear to support your opinion. Perhaps I do, too. Pretty sure you’re wrong though.

  71. And people say Trump is unhinged?

  72. @Adam: The Chosen One is unhinged, and a traitor too. Whatever his negatives, Biden is neither. I am not a fan of Biden, but if he's the one most likely to beat the dreadful incumbent come next November, Biden's got my vote then, in a heartbeat. There is simply no comparison.

  73. Ugh - Biden's locker room tactics are such a turnoff for women. And as much as Biden may appeal to working class men, he does not appeal to women. We won't forget his shockingly recent support for Hyde, or his weird inappropriate touching or his oddly patronizing stump speeches. I will vote for the guy if I absolutely have to, but it will be joyless.

  74. @Cousy There is always the other option, the wonderful champion of women's rights, Donald Trump.

  75. @Cousy I'm a woman and he appeals to me as well as to all my moderate Democratic female friends

  76. @Cousy I am a woman and I watched his interaction with that guy. It did not offend me at all and I'm glad he stood up to the liar! It makes me like him even more.

  77. "Failed Presidential Candidate Endorses Soon-to-Fail Presidential Candidate. Snooze at 11." FWIW, I will not vote for Biden in the general election. Sorry, but Joe is a disaster.

  78. @AF A "disaster?" Compared to Trump? If you can say that after three years of Trump's leadership, then I think you need to carefully think about your vision for America.

  79. So you’re cool with 4 more years of Trump?

  80. @AF I'm with you all the way. As grotesque and horrifying as Trump is, I can not and will not vote for a weak, Anita-Hill-squashing, James Eastland-loving corporate weasel like Biden. The Democratic Party assumes we owe them our vote, but we do not. No Biden no way no how.

  81. Joe seems a nice guy. But he doesn't care that 3 guys have more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans. He never talks about the wealth gap. That means it's not a concern of his. Obama said (in the link below) that he spent most of his time with the ultra-rich, and adopted their perspectives. Biden is the same. Trump is kicking people off of food stamps, but I wish we could hope for more than benign neglect from the "establishment candidates" of the "party of the people".

  82. @Triffid Joe works for those guys. He comes from the state that really jumped on the de-regulation bandwagon and made itself home to the most predatory industry in the country.

  83. @Triffid That's a bunch of silly nonsense which shows a complete naivete about the effort & love both Barack & Joe have put into helping average people. Incremental change is hard enough & people like Warren & Sanders are clueles or dishonest.

  84. Hunter Biden isn't running for president. A parent can advise an adult offspring, but they can't control them or be held responsible for the decisions that they make. Hunter was 44 when he joined the board of Burisma Holdings. Joe had no authority to tell him that he couldn't do that. Anybody with adult offspring should understand that. As far as Hunter's qualifications, his name was undoubtedly a factor. But he has a lifetime of experience watching the American political process up close. He could provide valuable insights. I don't know if that's why they hired him, but it really doesn't matter since he isn't the candidate.

  85. @David It's pretty clear that his name on the board would signal to the Ukrainian prosecutor to be careful, and in turn to reassure foreign investors. Hunter was willing to allow himself to be used that way, regardless if actual political favors were ever intended, in exchange for 50k/month. One of Joe's own aides confronted him about it and was shooed away, so yes he knew and could have done something. He chose not to.

  86. @David That said, I wouldn't take Hunter Biden's advice on anything. He has a history of making bad choices. He is the family black sheep unlike his late brother Beau, who was their father's pride and joy and hope for the future. He's kind of like Prince Andrew to Prince Charles.

  87. @David : Joe couldn't have told Hunter not to take that board position with a corrupt Ukrainian company? Then Joe shouldn't be running for president. He should have known better. I'll vote for him but at this point in our history, he should have been smart enough to absolutely know that this would be a mess. Hunter is a mess. He's got a very long history with drugs and alcoholism, Burisma is not the only problem. He also worked for a company in China while Joe was VP. He had an affair with his dead brother's widow while married, then divorced, then broke up with the widow. He's been in and out of rehab and given a dishonorable discharge from the Navy. He's been in and out of rehab many times. He married a woman he met in rehab, asking her to marry him within one week of meeting her. Joe's decision to run is all about Ego. It is an unwise decision. I know he thinks he can help us in our time of need. I think he's botched that. He should have chosen his family.

  88. Hunter is the iconic prodigal son with a biography so appalling it's not hard to understand why Trump suspected he was predisposed to indulge a little corruption. The kid is a fathers nightmare and the fact that Joe excuses Hunters every abomination "he did nothing wrong" is testament to a fathers unbridled love. I'm not gonna vote for Joe but I do feel for him.

  89. My thoughts exactly. The New Yorker profile of Hunter Biden was a study in how privilege and race get you out of anything - drug abuse, infidelity, dating your dead brother’s wife. He may have gone to an Ivy, but that is not why he was given chance after chance after chance. If Biden can’t answer for his son honestly, he’s dead in the water.

  90. Bad move Mr. Biden. There are other ways of standing up to a belligerent voter than this. By lashing out, Biden truly is showing his age. He is being very defensive about his physicality and mental acuity. That means he is doubting himself. As far as his son is concerned, taking that job from the Ukrainian company for 50K/month stinks to high heaven. There is just no way this looks good. The Republicans will have a field day with it. It just cannot be supported in any way that doesn't spell corruption and self dealing. It may have been perfectly legal, but it doesn't pass the smell test. If this keeps up, Biden will self destruct. He may already have.

  91. There is much evidence that Hunter kept his business to himself, intentionally NOT discussing it with his father. There is no self dealing. Hunter simply had a job.

  92. @Bruce Rozenblit - I wish more people would confront the Republicans with the fact that the Trump spawn are helping themselves to our tax dollars.

  93. If you had ever heard him in person, as I did with a previously enthusiastic Biden supporter at the NH Democratic Convention this summer, you would know one hundred percent that he is far too senile to be running for office... any office.

  94. How do we know this man was not a plant by the Republicans to goad Mr Biden. He refused to give his name for he knew he would be found out.

  95. @Mrinal my first thought as well.

  96. @Mrinal Even if it was a plant (I don't think it was) he is going to repeatedly face this line of questioning moving forward, and in a much more blunt manner. This was simply a horrendous response. 20 years ago this would have been the end of his campaign.

  97. Even if that’s the case Biden should have known better and stayed calm. Instead he just went nuts.

  98. This was an absurdly tone-deaf response and if he gets the nomination we should just fast-forward to 2021 and Trump's 2nd term. He has no chance of beating him in an election. Any other politician would have taken this opportunity to address the issue in a sincere and thoughtful way. That he didn't either exposes a major fault in him as a politician or reveals that he simply doesn't have a good way to explain this situation. Either one is problematic. These questions are only going to get more pointed and frequent as the months go on.

  99. @DennisMcG I know! It was such an opportunity to discuss what everybody thinks, whether they actually say it on MSNBC or not. This shows Biden's true ability to debate. Many high schools students could do a lot better.

  100. While the question was “fair” can you think of any other time in our history where it would be ok to ask a question like that about a person’s child or family member? Were people asking Bill Clinton questions about Roger Clinton? Did people ask Dubya about Neil Bush (who admitted to several extramarital affairs)? A candidate has the right to be offended and have a pointed response and to stand up for their family. Decency is on the decline and it’s fueled by older folks watching Fox News, not MSNBC.

  101. @Dudesworth Actually, yes they were asking those questions about Roger Clinton, Laura Bush's alcoholism, etc. In the days of yore, peddling your office to your trainwreck relatives was considered gauche.It didn't make you likeable Uncle Joe.

  102. @Dudesworth Hunter Biden did something very unwise. Taking that job may not have been illegal, but it was stupid. Burisma was shady. Hunter’s fair game in my book, unfortunately.

  103. @Dudesworth Why is the media focusing on Bidens' son and not on trumps' kids and son in law.They've made millions off trump being president yet all the media wants to talk about is Hunter who sometimes made as much as 50 G a month.Jared and Ivanka have increased their wealth by the tens of millions yet they go ignored by the media.This is exactly why trump won in 2016 and the media is doing the same thing in 2019 -2020.

  104. The type of response Biden have to that voter is what will be needed in our simple minded Democracy that was raised on WWE. If he responded with some high minded intellectual response, he would have been slammed. We have to compete against the President we elected.

  105. @Practical Thoughts So true, we need to keep dumbing down democrats!

  106. @Practical Thoughts How about a civil, unheated response?

  107. @Steve Best laugh I've had all week!!

  108. Why don't we want moderates who emphasize electability? Not because of Trump. Because of underemployment, severe lack of affordable housing, high cost of healthcare, and the need for immediate action on climate change. It's because Trump didn't break the system; he just brought his fist down on a system that was held together with "just be patient" tape.

  109. @LLS No, Trump broke the system and made it worse. Moderates are more likely to move the needle on housing, healthcare, and climate change. Americans do not want drastic options outside small progressive bubbles

  110. Millennials, Independents and Progressives are the biggest voting block in the country. We have been told to wait patiently for decades, while the oligarchy increased control. No more. Enough waiting. FDRBERNIE 2020 now

  111. @Martin The system has been broken for many Americans for decades now. Trump is a symptom of both parties pretending it wasn't a problem. I think you'll find many Americans want drastic change to a system that has left mired in debt, while the richest in our society profit off of their misery.

  112. The comments are a nice illustration why Donald Trump will win again. The Dems are destroying themselves and the far left is too eager to dismiss anyone not adequately 'woke.' I'm a Democrat and will happily vote for Biden. Warren and Sanders are too extreme to win and do not reflect my views in the least. Democrats need to stop with the purity tests and find a candidate who can beat Trump. Despite your fantasies, recent polls show Biden is the only one who can beat Trump in key swing states - the ONLY one.

  113. @Martin Bernie’s doing fairly good. I’m fairly sure that he still had the most campaign donations, and he is definitely not the most woke person in the world.

  114. I’m an Independent, along with the Millennials, Progressives and all the other Independents, making the largest voting block in the country, and we fully intend to elect Bernie as our next president.

  115. Thank you, Martin, for coming in, and some voters have had enough already with the arrogant louts and bullies, who do not miss an opportunity to throw their weight about. A gentleman first, Biden showed the spirit of 'The Fighting Irish' with its low tolerance for being pushed around. A professional boxer, now retired and a toiler of the soil, just called, and giant as he is, in possession of a healthy industrious family, he too is a gentleman in the right sense of the word, and will be casting his vote for Biden.

  116. I am so tired of hearing about Hunter Biden's job. Can we talk about Ivanka and Jared getting a job in the White House with no political experience and getting incredible deals with other countries for their own businesses? We all know that Hunter Biden got that job because of his name. It has been reported that many businesses in Ukraine hire celebrities for their boards. Enough said. We need to move on and talk about what the real issue is. We have a president who is abusing his office for his own benefit. So New York, why didn't you stop this man while he was still swindling companies in New York and New Jersey?

  117. @Ellen Dump them all: the Trumps and the Bidens. The Oligarchs and Plutocrats never fail to stand up for their own. I would gladly sacrifice the pawn Biden if it were necessary to check Trump. (Those of us on the progressive left see this as a win-win scenario.)

  118. @Ellen Exactly. And Hunter is not unique in any way. The sons and daughters of the rich and powerful don't need to be qualified to be given a high paying job.

  119. @Ellen Or perhaps more about Uday and Kusay (Don Jr. & Eric) literally running essentially a quasi-cash business that literally has the guys name on the side of the building. Hotels and golf courses? Hmm, I would like to curry favor with the president. Perhaps I can book my next family reunion at Trump International Super Tower? Or whatever nonsense name it has. And what? It's $200 a night? Nah, make it $2000 a night. C'mon people.

  120. I'm sure Biden is under a lot of pressure, but, geez, can't we depend on anyone for civility?

  121. @Oh Gee He is running for President, should we not bother him? Are we putting Joe out? We all deserve so much better than this in spite of our general stupidity.

  122. I like and respect John Kerry, but I could care less who endorses who. I believe that's the sign of a shallow person.

  123. @Delores Porch The proper phrase is either "I couldn't less" or "I could not care less".

  124. I'm not a big fan, but I say good for you, Joe! I wish more people got angry when confronted with bald face lies and ignorance.

  125. Rein it in, Joe. You're losing moderate voters like me.

  126. I’m a moderate voter and this is the first sign of life I’ve seen from the old guy. Actually made me take him more seriously.

  127. Joe is a pseudo tough guy, who can't play the role any more. His next appearance will be before the Senate as a witness, explaining why his son got a $50K no-work job in Ukraine. It's a lousy script for a B-list political actor.

  128. @John If that is the case, then Trump is a gangster movie tough guy. "You talkin' to me?" type rhetoric and all. For my part, I would like an explanation of why Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have do-nothing titles in the Trump administration.

  129. It's hard to understand why Republicans have a problem with Biden's son. Knowing what we know about Republican's defense of Trump, none of what Joe or his father did was illegal. But, if Biden's son is a problem, then all of Trump's family is fair game. Everyone. The immigrant wife, with chain immigration parents. The son-in-law with felon father and phony national security clearances, not to mention being unqualified The son of skittles fame The daughter with her Chinese trademarks, not to mention being unqualified

  130. Joe Biden just lost many voters with this emotional outburst. Trump will hammer him endlessly over his son, Hunter's windfall in Ukraine, if this is his response he is toast. Not too old, just not electable.

  131. @Jim Don't you think Biden will hammer Mr T on his children's behavior and corruption? Look at Jared, look at Jr, look at Ivanka, what are they up to?

  132. @Jim I am seeing a lot of similar comments in various places. Are we no longer aware of how Trump's unqualified children and son-in-law are running around the world in jobs they are not qualified for and enriching their family on their father's name at the expense of the interests of the US?

  133. How can the media and the democratic establishment prop up Joe as the front-runner when he has more skeletons in his closet than most others running? The electability argument goes out of the window when you really look at his past let alone his policy positions. If he cant reasonably answer this question how will he answer for his sons continuous drug use while never being punished? Especially considering he authored the 1994 crime bill. Joe needs to sit this one out... And so does Kerry and all the other perennial democratic losers.

  134. Must feel great to be endorsed by a winner like John Kerry. Hopefully the endorsements by Mike Dukakis and Hillary Clinton are right around the corner. Yeesh!

  135. Dear lord! Does anyone else see that Biden is showing signs of dementia? The aggressive responses? Confusion about where he is? Misspeaking? Kerry’s endorsing him today was disturbing. Please, someone on the campaign, have Biden evaluated before we’re saddled with another old man not up to the challenges of the presidency.

  136. @Linda You have written what many of us have been thinking.

  137. The swiftboating has begun.

  138. I don't support Biden, but good for him in this exchange!

  139. Challenging a man to an athletic contest sounds like Mandelbaum on the Seinfeld episode. For Biden, "it's go time."

  140. Now watch the amnesiac Trump supporters blathering how someone short-tempered and calling someone names shouldn’t be president.

  141. Chill out, people. No, Joe Biden is not my first choice, but by God, I will VOTE for him with a smile if he’s our Nominee. Trump does worse than this on a daily basis, and everyone is now worn out and used to it. We must get our act together and stop with the circular firing squad, starting now. Personal message to VP Biden : Don’t take the bait, just laugh. And by the way, the absolute worst thing you can do to a Trump fan is laugh at them. It makes them crazy. Or more so. Seriously.

  142. I’M RIDIN’ WITH BIDEN! As a blue collar democrat that has watched the party play the high minded, intellectual party game for four decades, this is refreshing! It’s about time democrats start taking the gloves off, start swinging, getting cantankerous and bloodying a few noses. If you find this is off putting, wait until you see the nonsense Trump deploys heading in to 2020.

  143. @Bryan: Democrats should quit praying. It would probably only tee off a God that had to endure it anyway.

  144. As the father of 5 grown cbildren, I would do anything to help them short of breaking the law or being unethical. I believe Joe Biden feels no different than I or any other parent. The difference from Trump is that he can not envision someone not breaking the law or being unethical when given the chance. Hence, his pushing the Ukraine/Biden falsehood. The difference here is Biden's integrity and Trump's total lack of it. I ask Trump's voters and his "Republican" sycophants "is having Trump destroy our democracy worth a few judges?"

  145. If this does not demonstrate why Biden is not suited for the presidency I don't know what will. Enough of old white men with thin skins says this older white man looking for a sensible Democratic candidate of a sensible age to defeat Trump. It is abundantly clear that Biden cannot tolerate a negative word about his son Hunter but it is also true that Hunter Biden has failed at life, in life, in business and has traded on his name and his father's political career his entire adult life. Whether the man in Iowa was right or a little right or wrong or a little wrong, Biden did not conduct himself appropriately, with restraint, with common sense, with an appreciation for the situation. All he needed to say is something like: Thank you for that question. Hunter Biden is his own man. I would not be running if I did not firmly believe I am ready and able to be president. There is a language call public speak, lost in the time of Trump perhaps, but Joe Biden ought to know it after nearly 50 years in politics and high office. That he does not speak it or know when to speak it is -- is, as he would say, malarkey. We can do better, we do not need presidents in their later 70s. That is simply stupid in a nation in which 95% of the people are younger than 70. Not Biden, not Warren, not Sanders, not Bloomberg and for this and every other reason, not Trump again. No one over age 70 on Jan. 20, 2021 should be the next president.

  146. Speaking of the Kerry endorsement, why not just announce that Obama hasn't endorsed Biden. Seems awkward and unhelpful.

  147. I used to like Obama now not so much.

  148. If Obama endorsed Biden, which he will once he’s the nominee, the leftists and Bernie conspiracy mongers will cry and moan about how the DNC establishment rigged the primary.

  149. In fact, the DNC and Clinton did rig the Primaries. And if they do it again, they will lose again.

  150. No doubt Hunter Biden has no expertise in mineral extraction, but he does have experience in general business. Specific to members of any board of directors: How many on any board have "experience" in the product produced by the company they hold a seat with? Does the President of Poland, also on the board with H. Biden, have experience as a ruff-neck extracting petroleum?

  151. @Jim No, but by the same token, I am sure that the other board members have no experience in being an alcoholic; going to rehab half a dozen times; getting favorable mortgages from their father's campaign contributors; dating their dead brother's wife; getting kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use; or impregnating a woman half his age and not paying child-support.

  152. @Jim If the GOP makes sitting on a board without experience in the industry an issue, they'll have some problems (or would if consistency mattered anymore). See, e.g, Nikki Haley and Boeing board of directors, or Matt Whitaker and the patent fraud company.

  153. can he speak Ukrainian?

  154. Not a Biden fan (though I'd vote for a hat before voting for trump) but I appreciated his show of authentic outrage at the poor schlub who is at least aware enough not to admit that his sole news source is actually Fox, not MSNBC.

  155. @PtTaken Funny, he is a Warren supporter though.

  156. @PtTaken Yes! My sentiments exactly. And I actually think your characterization of Biden's response ("outrage") is more accurate than some idea of Biden being unhinged or uncontrollable. Sometimes outrage is exactly what should be expressed.

  157. @PtTaken As Biden noted the man is s liar. Says he’s a Warren supporter? Yeah right

  158. I watch the full video. Makes me want to vote for Biden. Someone lies about me and my children and I will call him out.

  159. @Marie You are not running for President and we should hold our President to a higher standard of self-control and smarts.

  160. @Marie What did Joe think was going to happen? Did he think there would be no questions about Hunter being on that board? When I read that New Yorker article in July I put my head in my hands and groaned. And this is exactly what I imagined would happen. A huge mess. What Hunter did pales to Trump and his children. But I knew it would be a problem and I've been angry at Joe ever since for allowing his ego to take charge and whisper, "You are the one that must run to save us.". No. He just made everything worse. I'll vote for him over Trump in a heartbeat. But Joe should have known and been prepared with some kind of better answer than a pushup challenge. Our country is at stake.

  161. @Marie The man was not lying. He had a fact or two wrong but the premise of his quesiton was entirely correct. Hunter Biden has no qualifications to serve on the board of a natural gas company in a country where he does not know the language except that he is trading on his name and that the company wants to trade on his relationship. Joe Biden should have forbade him from doing it, should all of Hunter Biden's failed life forbade him from trading on his father's political prominence as Hunter Biden has done time and tim again.

  162. Iowans in general aren’t this rude and confrontational. The quadrennial routine is pretty ingrained now and we get down to business when the candidates are in town. So it’s surprising to see an old farmer get in someone’s face. Must have come over the border from Minnesota.

  163. @Puny Earthling or flew in from Russia.

  164. He didnt get in anyone’s face. He quietly, slowly, and politely asked a question and Biden’s immediate response was to call him a liar

  165. Democrats, from Pelosi to Biden, are beginning to respond to conspiracy theories in a way those who believe in them understand. Planned or not , it could work.

  166. Joe Biden is part of the DEM's who are republican in all but name that got us into this mess. How is it at this point in time Mr Biden doesn't have a better come back to what he should know is only going to get more frequent? I have the feeling that was staged. It lands like a Biden gaff to me. Just based on what we know from the news I could say something spontaneously that would have been more effective at confronting the shadow story in those remarks.

  167. @magicisnotreal Well, I would not exactly call him RINO. Have you seen what constitutes the Republican Party these days? The most prominent members of the party are bunch of raging extremists and the rest are spineless cowards.

  168. Good for Joe! His feistiness will serve him well on the stage with Trump.

  169. @Cordelia If Trump gets too close, maybe old Joe will bite his fingers.

  170. @Cordelia Yeah, it’s clear Joe won’t put up with any “malarkey”. Is that a 1950s meme?

  171. Feisty is what we call being a total jerk now?

  172. Biden needs to learn how to keep his cool. And answer the question about his son. Of course trump is worse by orders of magnitude but Biden has to address the job in Ukraine thing. Dems hold their candidates to much higher standards. And that is ultimately what will put them over the top.

  173. @William Thomas They already do. All you have to do is compare Al Franken to Donald Trump and tell which party has higher standards. It's the Republicans who need to hold their entire membership to a higher standard.

  174. Well then. If Biden didn't look old before, he sure looks old now. We need to ask the question: If Trump meant to damage Biden with talk about Ukraine, did he not succeed? Arguably, impeachment is worse. However, the President's campaign against Biden appears more successful than not. It's sort of like pass interference where the receiver gets injured. Sure, the ref throws a yellow flag and tacks on some yardage. The receiver is still out of the game though and the pass was never caught. Damage done. Call Trump's campaign strategy an intentional foul.

  175. @Andy: Trumpists obviously believe that everyone is incapable of divining intent from results. Presumption of idiocy is axiomatic in the US. Oops, harm to Biden was just collateral damage in the campaign to restore Ukraine to the fold of Mother Russia. No harm done.

  176. @Andy Would that include an assist by right winged media?

  177. @Andy The "strategy" succeeded because the accusation is factually true. You don't have to believe Trump. All you have to do is notice the total ZERO retractions on the Hunter stories from mainstream media outlets.

  178. Any one who becomes president of the united states will hear harsh and unsettling remarks about himself and family every day of the year. It's actually more effective if you can handle that sort of situation with dignity and keeping your voice and gestures on an even keel. We already have a president who becomes flustered and upset by reporters difficult questions. This is not the behavior that America needs in their next president. Becoming angry doesn't make you right. only being right makes you right. Our next president should be right, speak softly and carry a small stick to remind himself to not lose his cool.

  179. @M.W. Endres: Are you kidding? Political cartooning is dead in the US. One gets fired for deviating from portrayal of Trump as as a perfectly conceived immaculate being.

  180. @M.W. Endres I don't disagree with your comments. However, should one moment out of Biden's decades-long career define him? Or should we look at his decades-long record of being one of the most dignified, cordial, well-liked American politicians, known and respected by leaders throughout the entire world?

  181. @M.W. Endres at this rate, it’s too bad the next president will be Trump.

  182. Here's a clue, Clueless Joe: No one has discovered anything illegal regarding your son's Ukrainian excellent adventure, but the least you could do is acknowledge that it was bad judgement to have your family serve on boards they never would have served on if you weren't the Vice President at the time. Getting mad about your own family's appearance of conflict of interest is not the solution...and in fact is evidence once again of bad judgement. Not a great day for Clueless Joe, but that's why he has no business being the party's nominee....and that was true long before the Ukrainian brouhaha. Let's find a better Democratic nominee.

  183. @Socrates Quid Pro Joe

  184. @Socrates ----I hope you don't mean Bernie Sanders, because that would be the height of cluelessness. Biden is the only Democrat who has a chance to win. The sooner we come to grips with that, the better off we'll all be.

  185. @Socrates As I remember, you were pretty rough on Hillary, and look how that turned out.

  186. Joe lost his temper, acted like a bully

  187. The gentleman, questioning Biden about his son, was maybe a plant?

  188. Who "debunked" claims that the Biden/Ukraine situation was corrupt? Allowing Hunter Biden to accept a position with a Ukrainian energy company when you're the vice president in charge of Ukrainian policy was wrongdoing on its face. This paper is such a farce. Pretend Biden is a Republican and do your job.

  189. Reminds me of a slightly deranged great uncle of mine.... Except that that this guy wants to be president.

  190. Nailed it Joe!!! Not just one but a whole series of savvy and eviscerating retorts to this cognitively infected boob. I've been drifting towards Mayor Pete lately, fearing the possible waning of your rhetorical assets, but you suddenly have my attention. Is this the real Joe Biden we've been hoping for? If this is the real you, you have my vote again!

  191. Good for Joe

  192. Here we have the preview of the Biden Trump face off -- issues forgotten push ups and IQ tests are the rejoinder . Biden has to come up with something better but it is hard . I doubt Jill orJoe Everyman would get a shot at being on the board of a Ukrainian power company so of course the vice president's son got the job by being his Dad's offspring. Did he do anything wrong, I doubt it but that won't stop Trump et al from making hay . So Mr Biden you have to come up with a better story, not push ups, IQ tests and fat shaming, or expect LOTS more of this and an election distracted from the real issue: we have a white supremacist fascist demagogue in office !

  193. Status Joe son Hunter was involved in a quid pro quo just like Dotard Drumpf.

  194. Fair play to this guy in the audience! The question is fair and in all honesty I don't see much a difference between Biden and Trump right down to the excessive narcissim . Same class of folks, cut from the same cloth the two of them are, far as I can see it. These white bread dems in this video clapping their heads off for Joe's proposed pushup contes makes me sick. Ain't nobody wanna see Joe do 3 pushups out here. WE DONT CARE. They think Biden gonna save them, but he is a false prophet. Biden aint nothing but same old same old rich class of folks been running this thing since the beginning and Im talking Washington and the rest.If ya care about the planet or anything else ya know Biden aint it. Welcome to the new Gilded Age 2020!!!!

  195. I'm sorry, Joe Biden is a fool and so is John Kerry. These two in particular are both losers as I recall. I like winners.

  196. Nailed it Joe!!! Not just one but a whole series of savvy and eviscerating retorts to this cognitively infected boob. I've been drifting towards Mayor Pete lately, fearing the possible waning of your rhetorical assets, but you suddenly have my attention. Is this the real Joe Biden we've been hoping for? If this is the real you, you have my vote again!

  197. You think you are so tough? Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!

  198. John Kerry endorsed Biden? Kiss of death, if you ask me. Kerry was a total loser as a candidate. Biden's volatile anger on the issue of his son and the Ukraine job is a sign that he knows there was a problem. That doesn't mean Trump doesn't deserve to be impeached and removed from office for attempting to bribe the Ukrainian president. He does. But Biden is not clean.

  199. If "no experience" is suddenly a problem for the GOP let me remind you of a family working for the government with no experience in governing whatsoever: 1. Donald J. Trump (qualification: ex tv host and con man/fraudster) 2. his daughter Ivanka (qualification: daughter) 3. her husband Jared (qualification: husband, investor) 4. Donald Trump Jr. (qualification: junior, wearing a beard) 5. Donald Trump Jr's brother (qualification: son, brother, unknown)

  200. He never chalenged any of his rich donors...right?

  201. A loser endorsing another loser. Great. Bernie in 2020. If Warren joins him so much the better.

  202. @Blunt I have it the other way: Warren in 2020; if Sanders joint her so much the better.

  203. Mr. Biden responded. “You think I thought you’d stand up and vote for me? You’re too old to vote for me.” Mr. Biden how old is to old to vote for you? 60, 50, 18? I wouldn't want to make that mistake. Are you to old to vote for yourself? Mr. Biden can you explain why you don't want the votes of older voters?

  204. @Mr Rogers My guess is because they have no sense of humor to speak of, and no sense at all for sarcasm.

  205. Well, that's disappointing. We all thought Biden was this really great guy when he was Obama's V.P. Now it turns out Biden shares the same Narcissism/egotism to promote what he procreated as T(he) Rump. Maybe in the future we need to require presidential candidates to have Animals, instead of sons & daughters. Then we won't know the Republicans want to date their daughters, in addition to paying them; and the Democrats get their sons $50,000./month "bored" gigs, internationally. How the other 1% lives, huh !?!

  206. Isn’t it hypocritical and “fake “ to criticize Hunter Biden when Ivanka and Jared trot around ringing up the Trump cash register. Ka Ching! And they flaunt it in our face because they can. This guy was probably a farmer on our dime getting pay outs because the Trump trade wars are a failure.

  207. This story barely scratches the surface of why Biden would be a terrible nominee. In addition to calling a voter fat he has In the past month forgot Kamala Harris was black, bit his wife's finger on stage, told some weird story about leg hair, said he likes kids jumping on his lap, forgot what state he was in multiple times and forgot what years he was VP.

  208. Mr Biden. Take a deep breath and reconnect to your best self. Please.

  209. Groan! Can someone please tell Biden to cut out the stupid macho language. Challenging a questioner to a push-up contest...really? It's the same impulse that makes him say he can beat Trump "like a drum". It is a 77-year old's feeble attempt to pretend he is a tough young guy. Which he never was anyway.

  210. Playing the Republicans' game (mudslinging/Name calling) is not a good idea. "Wrestle with a pig - you just get muddy and the pig likes it." Joe will fail miserably in debates with Trump if he tries to out-Trump The Donald.

  211. The unidentified man must have confused Hunter Biden with the lying, now confessed criminal Duncan Hunter.

  212. You don't have to subscribe to the nutty Trump theories about Ukraine to realize that Mr Biden's son was most definitely not appointed to that board on merit.

  213. That doesn’t matter if Biden didn’t do anything illegal or unethical, and there is no evidence that he ever did. So, raise this red herring all you want. As good old boys like to say, “That dog don’t hunt”.

  214. @Melbourne Town You honestly believe Board members anywhere are appointed on merit? Not often...

  215. My Dear VP Biden, The response is, my dear sir, you have no idea what you are talking about. I am running for president. My son is a grown man who is responsible for his actions. I'm here to discuss what I can do to heal the nation. My sons work in the UKRY is history. The current resident of the WH has NO govt experience whatsoever and you see what condition the country is in right now. Divisive, full of hate and distrust. He placed his family in positions they know nothing about. So let's talk to him first about what they are doing and I'll tell you about my plans for the future. Thank you. DUH!

  216. Biden's testy response is more important than Kerry's endorsement and shows he still has the fire you need to be President of this great nation. Yeah, his critic is "old and fat" and should not expect to be treated nicely when falsely accusing Joe and his son of misconduct.

  217. @EPMD That "old and fat" critic looks much younger and healthier than Biden himself (at 83 his hair is not even gray; could it be that he is only 59 and a half?)

  218. Trump wasted his ammunition trying to get dirt on Biden. Democrats ambush him daily. Reading the exchange, the citizen sounds like a Trump supporter sent in to cause a dust up. I cannot understand why every article ends up being a rant against Biden. If the man has policies the people want, let them vote for him. If another candidate has policies people want, let them vote for that candidate. Save the rants for Trump.

  219. The gentleman" who made baseless accusations would not identify himself because he isn't a Democrat. No doubt he left his MAGA hat in his BMW in the parking lot.

  220. Joe's just more of the same in sheeps clothing. I would vote for him if he ends up being the candidate. dt is just........fill in the blank. Jared & Ivanka are seasoned diplomats though. Throw dt and joe out with the bath water.

  221. That sounds like an impeachable offense. Or am I too early?

  222. I can't stop laughing. This is worse than HILLARY. I guess the one good thing about running a 77 yo is that he can put down an 83 yo w/o seeming to be a bully. I'm sorry only that the older guy didn't take the pushup or IQ challenge. Would've been a better visual than Dukakis in the tank. Rs fall all over themselves justifying Trump. And Ds can't do any better than Biden and a 37 yo mayor who can't tell us what he did for 1/4 of his post-college working life while serving the bosses of McKinsley. Oh, oh. Here we go again.

  223. Joe Biden must be a movie buff. This kooky exchange looked like a scene from a Humphrey Bogart/James Cagney film. Do we really need another actor in the White House?

  224. Hunter will be to you what Hillary's server was to her, Joe, and you can spend your retirement knowing that you lost your race to Donald Trump. Oh, and too bad for the rest of us, I guess. You're just another old white male that knows he can get away with having family members peddle their association with your high-level government position. Long past the time to confront the double-standard, white male bias that has propelled you so ubiquitously that you actually believe you have something special over the other amazingly qualified, intelligent and energetic candidates in the race.

  225. Sorry Joe but you're starting to look as whacked as the old guy we already got. You had an opportunity to show how to have a reasonable response to rampant misinformation but instead turned it into a chest thumping confrontation that ultimately served to belittle the other guy. Way to bring the country together, heal wounds and all that rhetoric...

  226. Sleepy Joe trying to be tough love it, lets see if he is this tough next November!!

  227. "He has made debunked claims about corruption, and there is no evidence that the Bidens engaged in wrongdoing. " Except Hunter Biden's work on the natural gas company's board is wrongdoing. Not likely the kind that leads to a criminal prosecution. And Hunter Biden most certainly contacted the Obama White House in 2014 after his appointment to the Ukrainian gas company board. That's pretty close to wrongdoing. The reporting here has inserted an invented reality regards Hunter Biden. Would have been much better if the article said "no explicit evidence of criminal wrong doing by Hunter Biden".

  228. Joe Biden got Obama to grease the skids for Hunter Biden to get a multi-million $ deal with Ukraine by squelching an investigation of Hunter's company, where he was on the board of directors. Hunter made out like a bandit due to pressure from Joe Biden and Obama. It was corruption at its most basic level. And Joe Biden is the liar by denying it ever happened. The Hunter Biden deal was widely reported by many news outlets no matter what Joe Biden says.

  229. @TK Those were the myths and accusations at the time, yes. And they were investigated and found to be baseless. But let's do this: let's survey every Congressional spouse and acquaintance. Let's record their experience, positions, income levels, and education. Let's measure "merit" and "undue influence", and lets see where Hunter comes out. Lets start with, oh, let me see, Ivanka.

  230. Sounds like the guy probably works for Trump or Buttigieg. A ringer I think.

  231. Everybody’s a pundit! Oh!..this is going to happen! No, *that* will! Loser! Winner! Haven’t we all learned over at least the past 3-years that nobody can predict the ripple effects of ANYthing? All I can do is shake my head when people in these forums predict the effects of Biden’s unusually aggressive defense of his son. We’ll see, won’t we?

  232. Good for Biden. I wish he would have engaged this inquisitor more about how Fox News doesn't ever focus on facts, just theories.

  233. Not very presidential, Joe. And keep in mind that without Obama you'd be toast right now.

  234. I doubt this guy is a Democrat but Biden’s son should put out a statement. Taking a job with nice big salary because you’re related to someone isn't a crime. The GOP and the Trump Kingdom thrive and depend on it. It seems like most of his cabinet and all the important appointments are all based on "who you know" instead of "what you know". The ones with experience don't seem to last very long.

  235. @James But this is one of those times where two wrongs don't make a right. Sure, they're hypocrites, but that isn't going to help end this nightmare.

  236. @James Hunter Biden did an interview on ABC Oct 15, 2019. He acknowledged poor judgement in taking the position.

  237. This guy set himself up and deserved every word Biden said. I thought that Biden actually kept his cool in this exchange, given the unrelenting lies being said about him. And Biden would do just fine in a debate with with Trump, who is so ignorant on so many levels, and so untested in a real debate (witness his embarrassing performance this week in Europe, the laughingstock, for just a tiny example).

  238. I approved this message. Its good to fight back against people who repeat untrue republican talking points.

  239. A push up contest ? Really? How about a I can make more mistakes in my speech contest, you’d win that in a heart beat. I’m a democratic vote a vet and I’m 63 years old not twelve. You and your son made a mistake. Get out of this race with your dignity and let someone else be the nominee.... you can give them advice and help all of us but you are too old joe

  240. That picture of the smiling 83 year-old retired farmer surrounded by iphones says it all. Time's up.

  241. Very Disappointed in John Kerry -- good ol' boy club, I guess. But BIDEN IS NOT THE CANDIDATE THE DEMOCRATS lSHOULD NOMINATE FOR PRESIDENT. He's no longer firing on all cylinders. And, yeah, he DID start to call the guy "fat-something" but caught himself. NOT anywhere near as embarrassing as Trump when he speaks, but...definitely not very Presidential.

  242. Good for Joe. These conspiracy theorists need to be shut down.

  243. There is no fool like an old fool, so they say! Biden is slowly unraveling and he will be crushed by the Senate's impeachment hearing. The Dems are in big trouble, I think. I saw Bloomberg's press conference/appearance in Aurora, CO today and while he is an articulate, thoughtful speaker, he's so mild-mannered and unenthusiastic that I'm not sure he'll gain traction. No charisma or passion at all!

  244. Another gazzilionaire endorses for the regressive candidate. Why am I not surprised? I did have higher hopes for Kerry, though. Guess he's part of the "establishment" Dems that are scared to death of changes that are good for the actual people. He's lost touch with those kind of humans.

  245. The issues raised about hunter Biden are fair questions. If his last name had not been Biden he d surely would not have been able to get these plum jobs in Ukraine.

  246. Malarkey is now the #1 google search among 35-55 year olds. Those under 35 didn't even hear about it. I tease.

  247. @Henry, who can forget nattering nabobs of negativism. We all had to look that one up once too. A little harder though back then.

  248. This disturbing incident -- with Biden improvidently losing his cool and demeaning a heckler with insulting names about his age and weight (shades of You-Know-Who!) -- exemplifies why I, and an increasing number of others (especially once they've heard him speak in an extended setting and watched him defuse opponents and win over skeptics), believe Pete Buttigieg is eclipsing Biden and moving to the head of the class. Because Buttigieg HAS class. If nothing else -- and there's plenty else! -- Mayor Pete is temperamentally best-suited among ALL the current democratic candidates to deal with Trump one-on-one in a debate and, post-Trump, unite and heal (to the extent possible) a bitterly divided nation. Pete is the Anti-Trump. Young, brilliant, respectful, and morally-grounded, he is just the kind of president the United States will need in the aftermath of Trumpism.

  249. Donald Trump has pushed the bar so low Joe Biden could throw- up on someone and I'd still vote for him before Trump.