Trump and Putin Share Joke About Election Meddling, Sparking New Furor

At the leaders’ first formal meeting in a year, President Trump again made clear that he does not take Russia’s electoral interference as seriously as others do.

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  1. "Once again, Mr. Trump made clear that he did not take the issue as seriously as Democrats and many Republicans back home do. And once again, he refused to publicly cross Mr. Putin with so much as a word of disagreement, much less reproach." Diplomacy 101 dictates that a journalists' question at a highly publicized and heavily covered meeting of the G20 is NOT the appropriate venue for Mr. Trump to publicly chastise Mr. Putin. A more appropriate response might have been "The United States has discussed this issue with the Russian government at the highest levels and I have nothing more to add." But Mr. Trump is not and will never be a politician or a diplomat. Under the circumstances, I think Mr. Trump handled the situation deftly, making light of the situation publicly to avoid embarrassing Mr. Putin AND issuing a directive at the same time, even with a "slight grin" and in a "joking tone."

  2. @Frank J Haydn, the more plausible explanation for Trump's failure to handle the question is that he knows that Putin still has the goods on him. Trump is deeply compromised, as the history of Trump Tower Moscow shows, and his instinct for self-protection continues to fuel his treachery.

  3. @Frank J Haydn. No, he is not a politician or a diplomat but he is an American citizen. Since he is older than I and I was required to attend civics class in grammar school, I assume he did as well. How could any American think that meddling in our elections is cause for a “ joke”. It made me actually nauseous to read this article, but I am deriving some pleasure from fantasizing about my grammar school nuns pulling a young Donald Trump out of his seat by his ear to tell him what’s what in no uncertain terms.

  4. @Frank J Haydn You are projecting a strategy and reason onto Trump that are simply not there. Take what he says and does at face value, and there you have the man: Utterly vacuous; morally and intellectually bereft. When somebody tells you who they are, believe them.

  5. Trump's actions show how he minimizes everything that he does not agree with. He cannot learn because he is not open to anything but what he thinks. He will never be a fit politician or President.

  6. Trump simply thinks this is a joke and is on the side of Putin. Can we just admit what we are staring at and recognize the high chance he is compromised a d that the Mueller report is telling us the same? He really would be fine if the country just looks and sees the truth.

  7. Trump's supporters are probably fine with his toady grin before Putin as long as he wins in 2020. From their point of view, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Socialists, environmentalists, and educationalists Democrats are the enemy of the ruling oligarchs of both Russia and the United States. From their point of view, the new world order that gives them a way to defeat the idea that government is a tool of, by, and for the people is paramount. They see government as a force to protect them from the passions and demands of the governed. The US Constitution tells government what it may not do in order to stay in power. Oligarchs, like Putin and Trump are grinning because they aren't as naive as we are and that they will remain in power, they have no doubt.

  8. In the not-too-distant past, this would have been deemed shocking breach of diplomacy and etiquette. Imagine FDR joking in this manner with Japanese Emperor Hirohito after Pearl Harbor. Or Kennedy winking and grinning with Khrushchev during the height of the Cold War. Today, the 40% of the country that make up Trump's base will think it's no big deal and all "fake news" cooked up by the "mainstream media."

  9. @David Did you read the Mueller report? Do you have inside information or are you just citing Fox Trump talking points?

  10. @David’s “kooks” (unless you were writing of a culinary uprising). Be Best!

  11. I know it's a word that has been uttered many, many times over the last three years, but, unbelievable. This is the Republican Party in 2019. Let's savor that. Joking about treasonous activity. Mr Trump is merely a symptom of the greed, cynicism, bigotry, excess, and shortsightedness that has gripped that party. He's not the cause of any of those things.

  12. @kim Vote them into extinction. That is, if our votes will even count.

  13. @kim I've heard sooo many times that Trump is just a "symptom" of the corruption that is at the heart of the Republican party. I just don't agree. Over the last 2 1/2 years, Trump has become the causative element for the GOP's complete political, moral, and fiscal corruption that he couples with blatant, unapologetic lying designed to render truth inoperative in the US – all without apology or consequence and supported by a base that requires neither. He's no symptom; he's a disease.

  14. @Citizen hey you two, Let's just say, he is both. Either way, we agree that this is a problem for all of us.

  15. One more data point that Trump is not motivated in the least by what is good for the country, but only by his own personal fortune. By siding with Putin over his own intelligence agencies, he is tacitly agreeing with Putin's statement that the era of the liberal democracies is over. As if he even knew what that meant.

  16. Why do I get the feeling that things are swirling around in a downward spiral? Things just keep getting worse. He really, really does want to be president for life...He is calling off the census, why not call off the elections too??

  17. @Paul, he will, I will bet money on it. The scary thing is, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are itching to be Ministers of something, true new American Oligarchs. trump loves the current Hungarian model, and is busy working to upgrade America so it works like that. With him as DearLeader for Life. trump supporters, did you really believe what trump said about brown immigrants being the end of America? Did you really believe his claim that Putin is a good friend of America's? Then you'll no doubt believe his claim that only republicans can hold office. In fact, seems trumpists are super OK with internment camps, so when he suggests rounding up registered Democrats so they can't 'pollute' the 2020 election, it will just make DearLeader more precious to them. "Wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible" Nice to know you, fragile ideals of Democracy!

  18. @Paul That’s what the second amendment was written for, freedom is fleeting. Libs love to mock the right wing for their fear of our government. Scared yet?

  19. @Harry B, so you are saying that you would take up arms against Trump supporters? Somehow, I think you would take up arms in his defense. Evidently, if it's Republicans it doesn't scare you. Only Democrats can be terrible government!

  20. Unlike before, the President is now in possession of a report that makes clear the extent of Russian meddling in our 2016 election and their apparent intent to continue. His response ... A smile and a disingenuous admonition to the Russian President not to do it again, like buddies at a poker game kidding each other. Is anyone surprised? Sadly, no.

  21. @Dennis W It is Shocking. Disgusting. Treasonous. Impeachable. Criminal.

  22. I'm always astounded at what Trump chooses to treat as comedy.

  23. Of all of the appalling moments in this presidency this one, for me, is the absolute worst. I am halfway through Volume 1 of the Mueller Report. The sophistication and depth of the Russian attack (decidedly not simple meddling) is undeniable and horrifying. It would be foolish to believe the the Russians did not dig as deep into the Trump campaign as it did into the Clinton campaign. What they found there, the information they have now, may be one of the reasons that this president is so publicly and shamefully embracing an avowed enemy of the United States. And, to be perfectly paranoid, I think they may have launched a wide-reaching assault on our system. Why else would Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, refuse to investigate and make an all-out effort to protect our democracy? Was this our Pearl Harbor?

  24. @Joan1009 “And, to be perfectly paranoid, I think they may have launched a wide reaching assault on our system. Why else would Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, REFUSE to investigate and make an all out effort to protect our democracy?” It’s clear that Trump 2020 is welcoming Russian help, just as they did in 2016. “Don’t meddle..nod, nod, wink wink...” Not only openly welcoming Russian help, but also refusing to do anything to reinforce our voting security. Remember after Trump took office about 51 Republicans in Congress “quit” or “retired”. Including Paul Ryan. With their party in complete control of all three branches of government, why quit or retire? That’s like quitting the team on the plane to the Superbowl. So, Joan1009 it’s not paranoid to think the current republicans supporting Trump, no matter the cost to our democracy or constitution, are also compromised. It’s clear Trumps most fervent supporters in Congress like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham are also compromised or they have abandoned democracy for power. Remember Reality Winner? She was the first “leaker” after Trump’s election. The “classified” material she leaked to a news outlet was (theoretical) proof that Russia did indeed hack into our voting machines during the election. She received more years in prison than Chelsea Manning or Paul Manafort who actually met with Russian operatives during the election. She is barred from speaking to the new media or giving interviews. Why?

  25. @Viv That is not true that NO voting machines are connected to the internet. There should be paper ballots everywhere that can be recounted menially as opposed to electronic voting which can be hacked and then not verified.

  26. @Viv. I think the bulk of the Russian help was inplanting lies and manipulating the ignorant. How does it feel to be a Russian tool?

  27. OK. I guess it is now OK for China to aggressively meddle against Trump, for Europe to flood the internet and manipulate the electorate against the republicans, and Iran to do whatever they want to do. Open season on democracy, according to trump

  28. @john What you are suggesting requires someone of moral character to debase. By now the moral rot has been successful in 10 out 10 republicans. In Democrats it’s 0.2 out of 10. It’s a hard reality but no democratic is going to be able to be effectively vulgar.

  29. It's been two years and we are now at the point where Trump, and his supporters, are comfortable with openly inviting Putin to interfere with our elections. Putin, in turn, is comfortable in openly suggesting domestic policies for Trump. Rape is laughed off because the victim is not Trump's type. Children are in gulags, and drowning victims are blamed for their own deaths. How much more will Trump supporters be comfortable with in two years? We were warned by many, such as Madeleine Albright, at the start of this administration, and those warnings are proving to be prescient.

  30. @syfredrick Didn’t need Albright to warn was transparently obvious.

  31. @syfredrick "...Trump, and his supporters, comfortable with openly inviting Putin to interfere with our elections." We truly live in Orwellian times.

  32. @syfredrick In summary, how Trumpublicans react to your statements: "If what you're saying is true, I love it."

  33. Trump only cares about himself, and hence he is grateful for Russia's help in the 2016 election and has already signaled that he will welcome it in the 2020 election; so, his fake scolding (of Putin) is not surprising.

  34. @Koyote I'm grateful for his help. The thought of Hilary as president is far too much.

  35. @Steve This attitude, if adopted widely, will lead to the loss of our democracy. If you don't accept the result of an election, the remedy is to work harder in the next one. The solution is not to abandon free and fair elections.

  36. @Steve For most Trump supporters, at least those who don't live in Russia, any thought is far too much.

  37. Turning to Mr. Putin, he said, with a slight grin on his face and an almost joking tone in his voice, “Don’t meddle in the election, President.” Which really means: DO meddle...pretty please....wink wink nod nod with sugar on top What is even worse is that Secretary of State Pompeo sat nearby and laughed about Trump's sarcastic warning and inappropriate joke That in a moment revealed the lack of character and patriotism of the American officials in that room Every day President Trump and his entire administration debases and makes a mockery of our system of government, our Constitution, our laws and the people of this country SAD

  38. @Confused democrat Worse than sad. Disgusting. I cannot help but compare Trump's nudge nudge wink wink antics with the seething straight talking Theresa May delivered to his face (as if he takes any notice * sigh*). She may be on her way out the door as PM, but at least she called him out on it, in person, before she went. These are dangerous times.

  39. @Confused democrat: It is far more than SAD - it is treasonous and US citizens better wake up before Trump completely destroys this country and the democratic principles as stated in our Constitution.

  40. @Confused democrat The chickens are coming home to roost. Now America know how it feels to meddle in peoples elections. We have been doing this to other countries for decades.

  41. Trump acts as if Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election, but truth be told, how many Americans still don't know, or don't believe, Russia meddled in the 2016 election? I blame the Democrats for not getting out that truth. If you are not reaching people, then you are not delivering the message effectively.

  42. @Tom It's difficult to blame the Dems when tRump and his merry band of GOP thieves obstruct justice to keep the truth from coming out.

  43. @Tom - Could it be that the Dems still have not found the recipy to grow a spine? Perhaps they have lost it since they have not displayed one for decades! Nancy? Let's stop beating around the bush!

  44. @Louise There are "creative" ways to get the message out. Democrats are just way too complacent, and not bold enough, to try out new ideas. Here's a bold idea... A Press Secretary should be installed to represent the Democratic Party. Someone charismatic, smart, funny, articulate. Perhaps Stacey Abrams? Every time Trump lies or says something appalling (and this will be every day), this Press Secretary will hold a press conference and address the lies. If this Press Secretary is compelling, she will grab the attention of the media, and thus, the nation. The Democrats need to try something new. They can no longer just sit back and let Trump control the narrative, without consequences.

  45. In the Michael Moore version, the sound track will play "Don't Go Breakin' my Heart."

  46. The shock here is that Trump is getting away with it. All of it - compromise, collusion, likely treason, and a cataract of incompetent, oddball decisions. Laughing in our faces like a loutish teenager. The other world leaders in attendance must be fighting a near-constant sense of unreality. In an even weirder twist, Putin seems content to have Trump in his pocket and doesn’t appear to be leveraging his advantage to the maximum. What is he really up to? It feels positively medieval to write of my sense of relief that this occupying Russian army isn’t taking as much advantage of us as they could. Strange days indeed.

  47. It's early on in our occupation. If they brought their full force to bear at this early stage, we might be able to throw offour Russian masters. As it is, the Russians express values that align with the American right-wing "Christians": hatred of LGBTQ community (in Russia, they disappear these people); eagerness for environmental destruction (Russia never has and never will have an aptitude for conservation or environmental protections); women as servants in the halls ruled by their husbands and sons; formal allegiances between State and "Church" (as long as the "Church" operates as a spiritual enforcer of the police and the bureaucrats). Republicans are Russian now in their beliefs and sensibilities.

  48. @Bohemian Sarah The one reason he gets away with it: Mitch McConnell. Once we use the heavy duty snake on him, our pipes will be clear again.

  49. Recently, I attended a pro-impeachment demonstration, at which someone was wearing a t-shirt displaying an image of Vladimir Putin, complete with his signature. Above his picture were the words “Buy American,” followed by the phrase “It Worked for Me” below it. Trump’s toadying, fawning, traitorous behavior with Putin stunningly reiterates and reenforces its cynical message, as well as the old adage, “Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

  50. You could say these are two leaders who share a common goal, but it is putin who has the goals and it is trump who enthusiastically and willingly supports him.

  51. @steven Dem's new slogan... Trump: Putin's Puppet!

  52. This morning, I watched NHK World News coverage of the G20. There was footage of Prime Minister Abe greeting several world leaders Merle, Trudeau, Moon, etc) - but not Mr. Trump. They had limited footage of him. When shown, he wore the pout of a six year old. Later in the day, Mr. Trump’s joking about Russia’s meddling in US elections served it’s purpose - it put him back in the spotlight. Perhaps US television stations should start limiting Mr. Trump’s coverage here too. Focus on what he is NOT doing - not his sophomoric antics. Shame on Mike Pompeo, for allowing Mr. Trump to go into another meeting alone with Mr. Putin. It is clear that Mr, Trump and his family are constantly trying to undermine the State Department (see Rex Tillerson transcripts). Volunteer & donate - we’ll need all the help possible to win back the White House & Senate in 2020.

  53. @JCAZ We can hope for a Biden candidacy with Hillary drafted to be the VP. Then we can develop an effective NATO ring around Russian and economically and, if necessary, militarily strangle Putin. The US military is the most powerful on earth.

  54. It’s Vlad’s and Don’s little game....

  55. Russian GRU (military intelligence) hacked into our election systems. And aside from that in itself, their goal was to help Trump. WTH does any American citizen need to know beyond that along with seeing Trump's fealty to Putin? Trump has never fully acknowledged their interference let alone respond with outrage nor worked to shore up our election defenses. The bedrock of our Democracy is free and fair elections. Putin and Russia have sham elections, and Donnie is doing nothing to prevent it from happening in America too. If that isn't a dereliction of his duty to this country, I don't know what would be. Why is this person of traitorous behavior still in office? An impeachment inquiry is long past due.

  56. The failure of the GOP to show any backbone in the Russian/ Trump undermining of our election will be recorded in history as contributing heavily to the demise of our Democracy. They are complicit in this collusion and obstruction of justice. The political ads for this next year should show this grinning, show the clip in the 2016 election debates when Trump asked Putnin to hack his opponents emails. Trump cares more ( or is afraid of ) for Putnin and other demagogues than for our Country. He has ( not Megan Rapinoe ) “ disrespected our flag, our Country and the White House “.

  57. Wagging a finger and joking about election sabotage. Telling reporters that what he's meeting with Putin about is "none of your business." You work for us, Donald, and you're meeting with a leader hostile to this nation. It is ABSOLUTELY our business. Some fierce debaters on the other side have emerged, and will be used to crucify Trump on the campaign. Sure, his base will never leave him, but there are likely a number of people who quietly regret their 2016 vote and could still be swayed. He can't afford to lose a single vote and has done nothing to gain any in the past 2 years.

  58. "Don't Meddle in the Election," Trump tells Putin. Yes, he thinks that is a big joke, and his contempt speaks even more. At the ballot box, cleaning house of Republicans is my immediate goal.

  59. Yesterday, at the debates, Eric Swalwell said perfectly what needs to be done: cut off the relations with Russia.

  60. Another example of tacitly, if not directly, colluding with Russia. And another example of tacitly, if not directly, acting in a traitorous manner. How can Republicans that criticized President Obama for the suit he wore or fist bumping be silent now. Hipocracy to the nth degree.

  61. Trump makes a mockery of the office he holds and his behavior is downright treacherous.

  62. Putin knows well why Trump was elected because the Russian FSB researched American media and planted false stories and sent messages to encourage the Trump voters.Our Intelligence Agencies found many examples of Russian interference as did Mueller.Putin lies -Trump lies- but we know the truth.Their rapport is a sickening sight of two very compromised men who have an agenda and it is not one favorable to the United States.

  63. Trump also commiserated with Putin about the nasty press, displaying his envy of Putin's ability to control it---through murder, in some cases. Maybe that's why trump's chumminess with MBS shouldn't surprise us. But I wonder if the accumulation of lies, insults and authoritarian instincts and continued obstructions since his report was issued, coupled with Barr's behavior, will irritate Mueller enough to speak forcefully beyond the report's "four corners."

  64. @Julie Likely not, Julie. The Republican Party took its right-wing veer into BoneSawLand, about 40 years ago. Mueller is a life-long Republican - yes, even today when Trump is practically goose-stepping into Putin's adoring gaze and the Republicans steal Supreme Court seats. This is insurrection. Impeach.

  65. Trump is such a sycophant when it comes to autocrats and dictators. His admiration and, one could almost say affection for, the likes of Putin, Erdogan , Duterte, bin Salman and others is troubling indeed. Why are Republicans not as horrified or alarmed by his sycophancy as they should be?

  66. @Sharon The GOP cabal makes lots of money from corporate sponsors. Most of them seem to think money is more important than love of country.

  67. @Sharon Trump so desires to be feared like the other boys.

  68. Follow the money...

  69. President Trump was heard humming a tune as he was leaving the meeting. Remember this classic sung by Sinatra? ‘I’ve got you under my skin Don’t meddle in the election But I just kid. Look at me grin It’s me and you. Trump and Putin’ Moving up on the charts!

  70. Trump has no idea how weak he looks when he plays subservient to people like Putin. He plays Mr. Big Shot when he maligns out allies but when it comes to dictators he dances like the puppet he really is.

  71. @susan Dems should be referring to Trump from now on as: "Putin's Puppet"

  72. @susan I think Trump thinks we can hear him since he is in Japan. What an absolute loser - he's lost millions and millions of his father's wealth, lost millions from his businesses and lost millions he promised to pay back banks. Now he is raiding the American treasury and our most valued institutions and it is spiraling into the toilet bowl - all because the Republican party and all their enablers have chosen to do nothing and stay silent - their mantra "what's in it for me?" - they could care less about the American people. The American people are just the pawns of the Republicans. and Trump is just a pawn of Russian and Saudi Arabian oligarchs and leaders. Trump is a traitor, a fraud and he is committing treason.

  73. @JM ~ In one of the 2016 debates, Hillary Clinton warned that trump would be a puppet of Russia. Sec. Clinton was correct about Putin's Puppet, aka donald trump.

  74. Not funny at all. What's evident is the lack of grit and a spine of the big talker with a tiny stick.

  75. Trump yet again proves that he is a disgrace to this nation and does not uphold the oath that he took as president. I hope there comes a day that he suffers for all this and that they do a postmortem on his every move as president, and those of his cohorts.

  76. @Tim AND, Trump's PRIME ENABLER, Mitch McConnell! Trump could not continue his systematic dismantling of America without Mitch McConnell.

  77. @Tim Don't forget his family members, who deserve to get their hides nailed to the wall of justice.

  78. The Democrats need to acknowledge the reality that the President is determined to establish a tradition of having foreign dictators who wish us ill determine our future leadership. If they think that they can sit back and wait for the 2020 election they are fooling themselves. With a smirk an ignorant and selfish man is taking away the most fundamental liberty enjoyed by Americans - a president accountable only to the American people.

  79. Atticus, I am deeply concerned whether the USA is a unified state. 60 million Americans are comfortable with Putin and have a strong sense of kinship with them. The Republican Party and their supporters believed Russia over the CIA and FBI.

  80. Words alone do not come close to describing just how pathetic (and revealing) this exchange between Trump and Putin actually was. Watch and listen to the video and you will realize that "collusion" with Russia comes in many forms. Trump's incessant claim of "NO COLLUSION" may be his biggest and most egregious lie of them all. And this is the president that hugged the American flag while trashing all it stands for. Take America Back 11.03.2020

  81. Totally unacceptable behavior for a US president. Impeach.

  82. @By - The Constitution says the president can be impeached for treason, which it defines as among other things giving the enemies of the United States "aid and comfort." But while President Trump alienates our traditional allies he plays kissy-face with this murderous dictator. So among his other evils he's blurred the lines that even distinguish our allies from people like Putin that we should regard as our enemies. As much as I'd also like to see him gone it would be hard to make the case for treason. Plus this would take some time, and the next election is in only 16 months. What I'm more worried about is we repeat the mistakes of the 2016 election and we get another four years of this. If you think this is bad, consider what it will be like to have an even more evil and more mentally ill and possibly senile 78-year-old Donald Trump still running this country at the end of his second term in 2024—if by then there would even be much of a country left to run.

  83. Trump’s behavior with Putin leaves one speechless. There’s only one response that I can think of and that is to impeach and impeach him, now!

  84. I have not seen any NYT articles about the US meddling in other countries elections. Is this normal behavior for us?

  85. @Karen: After meddling in 81 elections in 47 countries. the answer to your question is YES, this is "normal behavior" for the USA.

  86. @Wilbray Thiffault I'm not sure if your count is correct. You my have UNDERestimated.

  87. @Karen, what exactly are you trying to say? That we shouldn't try to prevent interference in our elections because the US does it too? I can't imagine many foreign candidates openly welcome that interference the way Trump has.

  88. What does "with almost a joking tone in his voice" mean objectively, in terms of hard news?

  89. @Stephen Gianelli Watch the video. That’s what it means.

  90. Trump knows that without Putin’s help he’ll stand ZERO chance against Elizabeth Warren or Kamela Harris.

  91. @Alan So exactly what time is Trump's private "Collusion Meeting" with his boss, Vladimir Putin? For national security reasons, the interpreter should be required to turn over transcripts and/or testify before Congress to reveal the details of what Trump is promising Putin in exchange for Putin's silence.

  92. @Alan What difference geography makes. I just left California’s Central Valley after two years working in higher education. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest, both Coasts, and the Heartland. Kamala Harris has absolutely no chance of being elected president—none. I was pulling for Warren. I supported her senate campaign when I lived in Oklahoma, and her presidential aspirations until she came out with Castro for decriminalizing border offenses. I despise the Trump, who is a traitor; however, the Democratic Party is for an open border and I cannot accept that, nor do most states. The Democrats have lost the election because they can’t focus on American citizens. Just watch; and sad to say, I was correct Hillary would lose on this issue.

  93. @JDA, PhD So you plan on voting for the traitor? What does that say about you?

  94. This is news? Can anyone get over Trump and focus on real issues? The candidates just openly espoused open borders for God's sake

  95. So, undeniable and documented Russian interference in our elections with the express purpose of helping Trump is NOT an issue? We are lost if many Americans feel that way. Just hand over the Oval Office to Putin.

  96. @Joe O'Malley: "The candidates just openly espoused open borders for God's sake." No they did NOT.

  97. @Joe O'Malley No, NONE of them did that. And a foreign adversary interfering in our elections IS a real issue to deal with.

  98. So sick of Trump. He is wearing on my last nerve. Please may he become history after this term.

  99. "Don't meddle" Wink, wink, nod, nod.

  100. In this day and age how can there only be one woman in that photo?

  101. Because that is the way it has always been and that is the way it will always be. Study chimpanzee communities and getback to me.

  102. @ktscrivienne Uh, nothing against chimpanzees, but that's your model for behavior? On the other hand, it would explain a lot about our president.

  103. Trump isn't even trying to hide his obnoxious behavior. He does this right in our faces. What will he and Putin discuss in private? How can Republicans still support a man who has such little respect for our country? Congress, please save us before it is too late.

  104. @Christine Healey On the way to Osaka, a reporter asked Trump what he was going to discuss with Putin. "None of your business!" was Trump's answer.

  105. Well, give Trump some credit for not winking when he said it.

  106. @Mark Shyres - I know we shouldn't be laughing about this, but your comment made me laugh aloud!

  107. @Mark Shyres There is nothing funny about the president committing blatant treason on TV, while the media pretends not to notice. With no credible evidence (Carter Page was under investigation since 2014), Trump has been attacking those defending our elections from attack as traitors, "giving aid and comfort" to our attackers, while going on TV to ask for more attacks. If O.J sneezes, the whole world knows, but Trump commits High Crimes every day (like calling for violence against the press!) and the media acts like its a comedy routine. Presidents are not funny. They are deadly serious business and no one is taking Trump seriously.

  108. Handlers always meet occasionally with their assets in order to give instructions. We in America (and the free world) will soon feel the effects of these before the 2020 elections.

  109. In the picture Trump and Putin are sitting in the same posture. I do not think that is an accident but Putin offering support to Trump non-verbally.

  110. Are we really supposed to believe that there is a reasonable equivalence between what the majority of the world feels about Putin's interference and what trump feels? Of course, trump is not horrified by it or determined to stop it from occurring again. It benefited him. He knows it. We know it. And he knows that we know it. Why else his firing of Jim Comey? Why else his fear of Mueller's public testimony?

  111. Trump's nodding grin to the former leader of Russia's KGB will be really good theater as part of upcoming Democratic Party election ads. I can see it now: "And not only did Trump invite the Russians to help find Hillary's emails [replay here of DJT's impassioned plea for Russia's interference during the 1916 election] . . . he also at the G20 summit in 2019 made a mockery of those treasonous actions by joking with President Putin [replay here of the grin, the nod, and the "Don't meddle in the election, Mr. President."]. Pure gold--if we will only have the spine to use the video.

  112. This looks like a great commercial for the Democrats to show why Trump would NOT be re-elected.

  113. If Clinton won there wouldn’t be any Russia election investigations. There wouldn’t have been a Mueller report. This has always been about politics and nothing more.

  114. @Jim No, its about criminal behavior and interfering in elections.

  115. Additionally and relatedly, Rex Tillerson, former Trump Secretary of State yesterday admitted that Trump did indeed tell Putin not to violate our election process in one of their first summits. This was when the Media was accusing Trump of the opposite. The media was and is repeatedly mendacious.

  116. @Mark Andrew, But no one denies that T periodically attempts to play a normal looking presidential role.

  117. @Mark Andrew Sure - blame the media for reporting the news.

  118. At least Benedict Arnold was a capable officer during the French and Indian War. Trump is just capable of sneering admissions of un-American behavior.

  119. If, after three years, the country is seriously considering re-electing Trump, we should focus less on the Russians and more on the mirror...

  120. Prior to going to bed last night, I saw coverage of this event. Would someone explain why Ivanka and Jared were present? Along with Pompeo, Mulvaney, and Bolton. Is this a confederacy of Dunces? I long for a President that is Presidential.

  121. @Steven "Ivared" were probably scoping out real estate locations for the Family "Dacha" once they're forced to flee the country after the elections

  122. Why would Trump care about Russia meddling in our elections if it helped him get elected?

  123. @Tony C because he wants their help again in 2020?

  124. What I do not understand is why our former presidents are not speaking out against the egregious treason and horrific policies this current occupant of the WH displays/enacts. Enough with circumspect observance of past etiquette!

  125. @opinions for free While also appalled, I'm not sure anything GWB could say would make that side of the aisle see their errors, just as there's nothing Presidents Carter, Clinton or Obama could say that hasn't been said before or move the needle of 45's voting minority. Also, each in the past has referenced ongoing events in a negative way, so its not like they have (or can) completely ignore the Fool in 1600. They just act "Presidential", something we won't have to worry about with 45. As Ann Richards used to say "That dog won't hunt".

  126. @peter Here's something to choke on- trump will have taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection for years...

  127. @Patrick Yes, pathetic isn't it? He and his whole criminal clan will be living off our backs till they expire. Too bad we don't have any recourse aside from mocking them and making them regret the day Commander Bone-Spurs hatched his "I'll show them!" plan.

  128. Republicans are not afraid his behavior and lack or professionalism just like Democrats wouldn't be afraid of imposing a slavery reparations bill for something that happened 250-150 years ago and has nothing to do with any living human TODAY....thinking that will "make it better" is a farce. The reason no "party" cares about the other is simple, it is racism without the race involved. Politicalism? Maybe it's a new word. Either way, at this point both parties don't listen to anything the has to say simple because of a color, not of skin but of a party flag. Everyone is racist in my eyes (no race involved) and it's ripping the country apart. That's what needs to stop and maybe a real, intelligent leader could be elected.

  129. Aligning this closely with Russia and we all lose our freedom. Reparations? Maybe causes resentment and social stress, but not a Russian de facto takeover

  130. @Practical Thoughts My point was the bickering between 2 parties is why this country will never be united. Blue hates red and red hates blue but what if green, prink or clear has better policies that help the country as whole? We wouldn't be worried about Russia at all. If there was no party affiliation with ANY candidate and we the people had to actually listen to the policies presented to us, I would bet money the beliefs of both parties would lose. "United" should be for the ideals that benefit everyone, not just some political agenda or being able to say "my party won" As far as I know there has been no military takeover and a foreign born citizen can't become president...

  131. Is the Republican Party now a Russian asset? Why are people from Alabama, Missouri, Texas and Ohio so supportive of Russia and have fealty to their leader. What has made over 69 million Americans comfortable with Russian tyranny.

  132. @Practical Thoughts Cult think. The only possible explanation.

  133. @Practical Thoughts - Yet they call Democrats communists. It was Nixon who started doing business with China (communists) so I don't get it.

  134. @Practical Thoughts - WHY ? Practice, practice, practice !

  135. He has no idea what it means to be president and no patriotism.

  136. Kamala Harris will rip trump to shreds in a one on one debate. He's toast!

  137. One party makes a big stink about "election meddling". Also, voter suppression. Now, "Popular Vote", I suppose the Electoral college is a target of blame. And that there was NO "voter Fraud". And, "White Supremacy". All excuses.

  138. So much for “America first”.

  139. @Felix: America's place at the peak of hypocrisy remains secure.

  140. It is only a joke to Trump because he won. Had he lost there would be a constant droning of "fixed elections", Russian interference and a call for "do-overs". Trump is a 3 year old in a 300 lb body. America deserves better than Trump.

  141. @Patrick: The US founders elected Trump from their graves. That's what makes him so awesome.

  142. @Steve Bolger Ah, yes- the GOP's old 'get out the dead vote'.

  143. Could it be any more obvious what a traitor Donald Trump is? Tsar Putin is loving this, and will have his "Internet Research Agency" do everything possible to sow hate and division in the US, smear Democratic candidates, and get Trump re-elected.

  144. @Astrochimp: The whole Republican Senate looks every bit as compromised as Trump.

  145. I'm sure the fix is in. Nothing this despicable person does ever does not end in some personal benefit.

  146. I listened to that exchange over and over and he did NOT say "President" at the end of that sentence. He said "please." Don't let official WH transcript writer rewrite Trump's deference to Putin.

  147. @TS Ah, so you also heard Tim COOK Apple?

  148. @TS I popped in the earphones and I came to the same conclusion. It's already unacceptable how he reacted, so that was a pathetic attempt at putting out a fire.

  149. Trump is seen as a loose cannon amongst world leaders. Trump thinks that he has a friend in Putin but Putin sees him to be like a needy child and is using him by offering the emotional support that he craves. It’s pathetic, the intelligent agent manages the intelligent asset.

  150. Contrast Trump’s joking demeanor with Theresa May’s stony face when meeting with Putin and telling him in no uncertain terms to stop Russian cyber attacks, disinformation, and other hostile interference in the UK and its allies, and to hand over the two Russian GRU agents accused of carrying out the Novichok poisonings, which resulted in the death of a British citizen. Trump might as well be putting out the welcome mat for Putin in the run up to the 2020 election. It is outrageous.

  151. @Susan As much as I hate to say it, Theresa May is out and Trump is still grinning away with his pal.

  152. @Susan-Theresa May is in touch with reality and the great harm Russia has been able to exact on Britain through BREXIT and other social media malfeasance. She's also aware unlike Trump's enablers that a threat to elections (that can be easily manipulated as Putin proved) also means cybersecurity breeches can extend further--to a nation's electrical grid, banking systems, and nuclear power installations, etc. Hopefully, Trump's Republican enablers and handlers will wake up soon as these are serious threats to America.

  153. @Susan Its treason. Trump is "adhering" to the man who ordered Russian intelligence agencies to hack into our actual election systems at the state level, not just the DNC or "a few Facebook ads." Without presenting any credible evidence Trump spent over two years attacking U.S. intelligence agencies as "treasonous," giving aid and comfort to our attackers, instead of doing his job as Commander in Chief. Their latest story is that Trump has a right to be upset about accusations that Russia helped get him elected, so he doesn't have to do his job. Sorry, that is Unconstitutional. The President is not supposed to put his weak ego above his responsibilities as Commander in Chief. The President is not supposed to make his ego the basis of every decision.The president is supposed to faithfully carry out the law and defend the nation from attack. Trump claims he can interpret the law from the Oval office! The Commander in Chief is supposed to coordinate a defense of our elections from foreign attack. Instead, Trump yells No Collusion No collusion and obstructs the investigation. (Then the corporate media, which essentially elected Trump in the first place says, yawn isn't he bad?) Where is the step by step analysis of the Mueller Report? How can the first time be a do-over? Its not about the wall. Its about abusing emergency powers. Demanding personal loyalty and calling for political violence is what kings do, not presidents.

  154. This idiot needs to be stopped. VOTE!

  155. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Oh, creepy.

  156. The whole US is a joke to the most enabled con artist this land has ever produced.

  157. America please spare us the humiliation. Get rid of him ASAP!

  158. One gangster telling another gangster to share in the profits of their crimes.

  159. When Vladimir Putin heard what Donald Trump said Mr. Putin probably said to himself if only Donald Trump knew how big of a fool and idiot he is. Whenever Mr. Putin grins at these meetings it is because he knows he owns Donald Trump. Another example in Donald Trump's presidency that, like his Helsinki, Finland meeting with Mr. Putin, will be remembered as one of the most shameful moments in American history. Election Day 2020 cannot come fast enough.

  160. With a grin? It may as well have been a wink and a nod. Trump just needs a new middle man with Paul Manafort in prison. Wait, what am I saying? He has Jared.

  161. It's not just that Trump was grinning when he told Putin not to engage in election meddling - Trump deliberately did not specify what particular election he was referring to. For all we know, he may have been referring to the upcoming Israeli or Brexit elections.

  162. Oh, talkin' back to the boss now.... Well, I'm sure Putin will put Trump back in his place during his annual review, give him his marching orders b4 sending him back to the DC branch. What a madness.

  163. I'd like to remind the world that, even with Russian interference, Hillary Clinton still won over 3 million more votes than the clown named Trump, but because of a strategically manipulated quirk of the electoral system was not allowed to assume the office the majority of voters chose her for. The clown Trump does not represent what America wants. Unfortunately we're saddled with him and the endless embarrassment and distress he causes us and the world. Please try to forgive us one day.

  164. The Mueller report was very clear. The Russian interfered. Trumps team attempted to collude and Trump has obstructed the investigation. Trump has attacked our alliances in Europe and his tariffs and trade attacks on the EU, South Korea and Japan has hurt the collective GDP of our allies and the USA. Trump wouldn't be President without Russia's help and he knows he won't win re-election without their continuing help. Look for warming relations going into the 2020 election cycle.

  165. I wonder if he’ll be smirking like this after the Russians hand the presidency to Bernie in 2020? Now that’s a picture of Trump’s face I’d like to see!

  166. If we can just keep Donald Trump talking eventually he will say or do something irrefutably illegal, even in the eyes of Republicans. As I’ve thought from the beginning, the only person who can take down Trump is Trump.

  167. Once again Trump is colluding with Russia in plain sight. The corruption within his administration is rank. Is the US going to let him be above the law?

  168. @Jacquie No. It's just his base and the GOP are the ones who are letting him be above the law.

  169. @Louise I don't see any impeachment proceedings started yet.

  170. @Jacquie. If the House impeaches, the Senate will NEVER convict. Trump will be declared officially and legally innocent, and there will be no stopping him with whatever he wants to do, up to and including the elections themselves. But that's what you want, isn't it?

  171. Now Trump will have a valid excuse for losing in 2020.

  172. Were he not president, no one would allow Trump alone in a room with Putin. Of course conventional leaders may need to meet privately to exchange views or clarify potential misunderstandings. An appropriate personal relationship can lower the temperature of international conflicts or move important negotiations forward. But Trump is mostly an anti-internationalist. He only favors dictators of the worst sort. And his affinity for Putin seems inexplicable except for clues about past Russian money laundering, potential recorded misbehavior in a Moscow hotel room, and the potential of a $300 million payoff from a Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump has already blabbed code word secret info to Kisliak and Lavrov in the Oval Office. Trump has already bowed and scraped before Putin in Helsinki. And Trump clearly still feels he should be open to foreign interference, in the form of ‘good’ oppo, in the coming election. Standard procedure for meetings with major foreign leaders calls for senior administration officials and subject experts to accompany the president. It also calls for careful note taking and full read outs to relevant US agencies and officials. Trump goes alone, speaks for hours with only an interpreter, and gives only meaningless platitudes and says, ‘trust me.’ I don’t trust Trump any farther than I could throw him. After seeing the Mueller report, I agree with several Democratic presidential candidates, Trump is currently our top national security threat.

  173. @Michael Tyndall Agree. Add in trump's answer to reporters asking "what will you discuss with Putin?": "None of your business". We are living a dystopian nightmare with no hope in sight. In addition to your excellent comment, I strongly believe the Vlad/trump relationship goes beyond probable kompromat/blackmail. With each new revelation, I'm convinced Vlad & team assured trump they'll teach him to steal every last penny from our once great nation, as Putin has done so well in Russia. It's already happening! The trump family is making $$ hand over fist from their private entities ("I love the Saudi's. They spend millions on my condos"). Pilfering cash from every part of government for themselves & their cronies (Chao/McConnell raking it in. Ross padding his offshore accounts. Kelly making millions on jailing immigrant children. etc etc etc) Evil robber baron -- thy name is trump.

  174. Trump, translated: Thanks for the 2016 assist, Vlad! Let’s do it again in 2020 – just don’t get caught this time.

  175. @Joe Bob the III To the contrary, it doesn't seem Trump cares at all about getting caught.

  176. @Michael he’s been Teflon up to this point, what would he have to worry about as long as he’s got people around him willing to go to prison on his behalf?

  177. @Joe Bob the III And the GOP Congressmen and the GOP constituency will back anything Trump and Putin can concoct.

  178. And there was no collusion with Russia. Come on. Lock him up.

  179. Maybe Mr. Putin can elaborate on Mr. Trumps talents. That might show how he is usefull to Russia, and vice versa.

  180. The Republican Party has become a Russian fifth column under the direction of President Putin. When the United States is incorporated into Russia as a colony, no doubt Donald Trump will be offered the post of Viceroy and Mitch McConnell will assume the position of political Commissar. We are so inured to Trump’s subservience and fealty to President Putin that we are in real danger of likewise of losing our authority as American citizens, exchanging our democratic autonomy for the status of Russian dominated serfs. Under a Republican induced toxic fog of treasonous duplicity, we apparently our incapable of seeing what is happening right in front of our eyes. We will have one chance in the next election to effect a remedy, but that will require a mass turnout at the polls. If we fail to rid ourselves of the Republican/Russian threat to our democracy, it will be unlikely that we will have a second chance. Choose American citizenship over autocratic Russian serfdom: Vote.

  181. So he made a joke to his BFF and we're suppose to find that funny. Since he's trying to rewrite the Constitution with regard to the census, I have no doubt that he will also try to rewrite it with regard to our elections. The only joke in the room is Trump.

  182. For accuracy’s sake, it’s too bad your photographer couldn’t get a shot of them walking in the same direction.

  183. Just a couple of Comrades. Jolly good pals. Move on, nothing to see here.

  184. He desperately wants to be friends for life with Putin, I would much rather he be friends for life with Lula's location in Curitiba on the 5th floor.

  185. The fact that almost 40% of the country supports this traitor is shocking. tRump's enablers and supporters are so much more dangerous than he is since they are responsible for the fact that he is allowed to continue with his serial lying, racism, impulsive foreign policy, and traitorous behavior. History will judge them very harshly. tRump is a disgrace.

  186. I long for the day when being called a Benedict Arnold is replaced by being a Donald Trump. .

  187. Wink, wink, say no more.

  188. The man solely responsible for killing Democracy. Good job Congress and the Senate.

  189. Not a good look, Mr. President. Not at all.

  190. @MDB Even dumber look for the foolish reporter who thought it was a good question when speaking to two world leaders.

  191. @AACNY — Reporters shout questions like that in such situations all the time. All Trump needed to do was ignore it, or say it will be discussed, and not go out of his way to jab his critics and fuel further suspicion with an unfunny gesture.

  192. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin . . . maybe they should put that on a hat . . . I'm at a loss for words & really can't understand how anyone who is supposed to be a patriotic American could support this man, who obviously kowtows to Russia. You have to ask yourself , , , if you accept the fact that Russia meddled in the '16 election to promote Trump (& I believe that is a given), then the obvious question is why? What was in it for them? I'd love to know how this story ends . . . & can only hope it ends badly for Trump without inflicting serious permanent damage on the country or our relationships with the rest of the world.

  193. @Bill O. The motivations behind Russia's interference in our election (and potentially again in 2020) is not difficult to understand: Russia's leaders are not 'friends' of the United States, they do not value democracy or freedom of expression. Putin hated Hillary Clinton and the Democratic administration because of its actions against Russian aggression in eastern Europe and Clinton's support for democratic movements in Russia. Putin wants to be the power in eastern Europe and surrounding areas and sees the US as a competitor in his sphere of influence. Putin also enjoys any disruption he can cause in US politics,

  194. “...with a slight grin on his face...” is one of the more chilling lines in context. Gut-wrenching really.

  195. And what if we don't believe that Russia is the problem? What if we think, based on the past several years of practices by them, it's the democrats who are responsible, and the cause of the problem? As far as I'm concerned, the Democrats are responsible for Trump having become President of the United States of America. Had they not become such blithering idiots, we would've chosen another candidate. But because of their actions, words, attitudes, and inaction, they forced the issue. And imagine our surprise when Trump actually delivered! So... dem's..... keep doing stupid. As long as we can get someone who'll actually do the job they were hired for-- we're more than happy to no longer have you around. We're weary, worn out, tired, and generally disgusted with the "status quo."

  196. You need to read the Mueller Report.

  197. @Steve So Trump joking with Putin about interfering in our election is okay with you even though Trump took an oath of office to protect us from foreign interference. I have 2 suggestions for you based on your comments. READ the Mueller Report and change the channel from Fox Nuuz aka Trump TV, which chooses to ignore facts.

  198. @Steve, in addition to reading the Mueller Report, you should check the numbers in the 2016 election. "We" the people didn't choose the President by voting for him. He only won the support of a minority of voters, and of course got fewer votes than the Democratic Party candidate. Every day that Trump wakes up and gets out of bed is a new opportunity for him to start upholding his oath of office, and yet he continues to behave like this. You can't blame Trump's treachery on anyone but Trump.

  199. Media has been unfair with the Trump administration who has taken several steps to push back against Russia. Trump-Russia collusion theory fits well into the liberal media narrative as it provides a cover for the democratic party loss in 2016 where people rejected their poster candidate. It also helps delegitimizing all the positive changes that Trump is bringing to the economy and elsewhere. At the same time, it lets them divert people's attention from Immigration where Trump enjoys solid support and where Democrats have capitulated to a small group of liberal provocateurs who want to force their views on American people by advocating open borders.

  200. You need to read the Mueller Report.

  201. @Resident What "steps" exactly? McConnell is sitting on House bills to address the issue. And "all the positive changes that Trump is bringing to the economy and elsewhere" is also nonsense.

  202. Russia interfered with the 2016 elections, and the are continuing to interfere as best as they can. Trump and his campaign interacted with Russians hundred of times who have close ties to the Russian government or worked for it. Nobody in the campaign reported the meetings although that was legally required. One person involved with the campaign had persisted in interacting with Russian intelligence agents after being cautioned years before Trump ran for office. This claim that it’s all an effort to undo the election is nonsense and Trump knows it. He and his people bright it on themselves.

  203. And FOX will report Trump harshly chastised Putin, and then deny or question whether or not Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Putin really got his money's worth in Trump - plus he got a FOX propaganda bonus.

  204. In my opinion, based on the public record; Trump wants foreign interference in our election, especially when it benefits men of the Caliber of McConnel, Grahm and himself, people who serve a lower calling, pure self interest. That neither the Republicans or Trump have called on Federal Resources to defend our voting systems, voting machines, voting administrations or infrastructure should tell you that they are fully sold-out to whoever is paying the highest returns in corruption, money, etc. Are Christopher Ray and William Barr part of the same political mobster alliance with Putin? Based on what I've seen, I'd say at a minimum Barr is. If we value democracy, freedom and justice, then, in my opinion, we need to make protection of our voting systems a high profile election issue and this topic needs to be shouted out by all the candidates daily, nightly and every single day until we get to election day and beyond if the problem is not yet resolved. Freedom, the rule of law and commensurate justice and democracy hang in the balance today. There is no room for half measures, for cowards or for skirting sensitivities. We must speak plainly and strongly in the face of ever mounting corruption in DC, regardless of party, and we need a government for the people and by the people and not a corrupted government for the highest bidder, the most wealthy and by sold-out souless ghouls, who value nothing other than personal power and money. Moral values must be practiced.

  205. He is a traitor, and so are all Republicans in DC and across the nation who say and do nothing. Senator McConnell, I am talking to you.

  206. Trump, the ignorant traitor who lives in OUR WH, has been called out by not only KIM but the Iranian Iatola. Isn't it interesting that BOTH publicly proclaimed him an ignorant Child and/or Dotard - and they are so right! These words, and worse, are muttered throughout the world, and within the WH, every day, but the two despotic leaders who had the guts to say them out loud are to be commended for their accurate candor (but perhaps little else). Now, if AMERICANS would only have the courage to state the obvious our country would be much safer and solidly, predictably prosperous than the disaster in which we presently find ourselves. When children ask: "Why is the president (I use this term so loosely) so stupid and mean?", we know there is a big problem. They se black and white, mostly without preconceptions. This generation, should we survive the Trumplicans, will grow up with total disdain for what has been done to their futures by Republican irresponsibility, hubris, inhumanity and greed.

  207. What’s more disturbing than President Trump’s incompetence is the percentage of Americans who think he’s doing a great job. Every voter needs to read a George Washington biography before going back to the polls. If anyone don’t understand the term “presidential” after that they need a second run through grade school.

  208. Not only would they not see what you see, they’d see Trump as Washington returned. They are not observing with their senses but with their imaginations.

  209. Trump jokes about election meddling with the head of the hostile intelligence agency that attacks our elections. That is called "adhering" to the enemy. Trump has also been habitually "giving aid and comfort" to our attackers by accusing the U.S. intelligence agencies trying to defend our elections of treason without any real evidence. (Carter Page was under investigation before Trump appointed him!) Republican Trump appointed the Republican Asst. Attorney General who appointed the Republican Investigator who said he wanted to clear Trump of crimes but couldn't because he committed multiple counts of obstruction, and "the Constitution has a process other than the criminal justice system to accuse a sitting president." Obstruction is illegal because it obscures the evidence of the underlying crimes. Mueller also said that "every American" should be concerned about Russian attacks on our actual election systems at the sate level, plus hacks on the DNC and propaganda. Trump has no concerns except his personal interests. The Mueller Report is a clear impeachment referral. Trump has been committing treason on TV for almost 3 years now. The media is not doing their job. If this this had happened in the 1960's Walter Cronkite would have been focused like a laser on every High Crime. Our media shrugs them off. Corporate media never did a detailed public analysis of the Mueller Report and whenever someone tries to, they repeat Trump's "do-over" meme. Save Our Republic!

  210. My theory about why “leftists,” blame “corporate media,” and refuse—absolutely refuse—to look at the endless dissections of mzueller’s report is simple: either they’re bots of some sort and trying to discourage others from voting, or they didn’t vote and need a scapegoat to rationalize the fact that they probably won’t vote again. There’s plenty wrong with our news media. This isn’t any of it.

  211. @McGloin Just admit it. Trump is a traitor

  212. Look at these old pals, joking together about their conquest of the United States. Treason, plain and simple.

  213. Great comment! Right on!

  214. IMPEACH!

  215. This is absolute treason we see and hear for ourselves. Blatant. And spineless Republicans do nothing but cowtow. How pathetic.

  216. Ha, ha, Donald. Hardy-har, har. Less funny is the fact that Pelosi got an elections security Bill passed months ago, and it’s been left sitting over at the Senate. No debate, no hearings, no action, no nothin’. Ha-ha, boys. Keep laughin’.

  217. The unholy alliance with Putin will eventually be Trump’s undoing. Even the Gun toting, Trump’s base cannot approve of this relationship.The only reason the base puts up with this is Trump is the lesser of two evils. They rather have Trump the Racist than A Black controlled Democratic administration.

  218. Just a couple of co-conspirators laughing at America, knowing they have made a mockery of our democracy for 3 years running. The most successful attack on America by Russia, ever. An attack embraced by the President of the United States. And Trump is encouraging further attacks leading up to the 2020 elections. The President is a traitor to America.

  219. Trump is not doing his job as Commander in Chief. Impeach today!!!

  220. Former President Jimmy Carter said that Trump is a illegitimate President because the Russians helped elect him...finally someone of stature speaks the truth.

  221. The video and photos are telling. Vladimir the Interferer looks like the cat that ate the canary as Trump deals out the sarcasm on his election “meddling.” Vladimir just can’t believe his good luck — not only did Russia succeed in its election interference, the US President is giving Russia the green light to keep doing it. Russia’s greatest asset isn’t its oil and gas fields; it’s the clown sitting beside Putin at the G20 summit, sporting a grarishly long and pink tie, spouting one-liners that undermine US intelligence and our system of free elections.

  222. @S.D. Well said.

  223. What he really meant was for Putin to meddle again (of course in his favor) so that he has a chance to win in 2020.

  224. Stomach-turning. Did he follow it with "Just kidding, sir"?

  225. Trump and Putin can have a virtual date night and join the many millions world wide to watch Mueller's testimony. Trump doesn't read so he doesn't know what is really in that report. Putin has smug written all over his face. Looking forward to the truth being told in an accessible and easy to understand format for Trump. I am also looking forward to the GOP grandstanding. Too bad Lindsey Graham won't be there to stage his fake tantrum and outrage for Trump. THAT was hysterical - literally.

  226. How many more times do we have to watch Trump's complete failure to protect us from Russia, a foreign foe that wants to see our humiliation and collapse. Trump has already stated multiple times that he welcomes Russian interference. Trump has done nothing to protect us from the established fact of Russian manipulation of our election process. The Mueller report clearly stated that Russia had impersonated US citizens on Facebook in order to set our people against one another and that individuals within the Trump campaign had at least 150 contacts with Russians. Mr. Mueller followed up in his single public appearance by emphasizing that the Russian interference was systematic and far-reaching and needed to be taken seriously and stopped. Trump is hurting our ability to protect our elections and our place in the world. This is against his oath of office. He is not fit to be our president.

  227. @Practical Realities American has been collapsing on itself for 40+ years now, all without Russian help. Oligarchy is what ails America.

  228. And Mitch McConnell is corruptly complicit, not even allowing debate on an election security bill. Gerrymandering is OK, as is institutionalized child abuse for which taxpayers pay almost $800 per day. Enough. Enough. Enough. Begin impeachment now!