Mark Ronson, a Party Boy No More, Tries on Melancholy After a Parade of Hits

With seven Grammys, an Oscar and a host of megahits under his belt, the D.J.-turned-super-producer returns with “Late Night Feelings,” a more left-field divorce album.

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  1. Good for him... he's a talented guy, I might give this album a listen when it comes out. I don't really like too many of the artists he works with, but no doubt he's a good producer. I met him out in NYC years back (2001?) with his sister Charlotte, both nice people.

  2. Thanks NYT for a well-rounded, well-written article on a very creative artist. One of my favorite songs from a prior album is Somebody to Love. Looking forward to the new album. Refreshing to hear about the artist's personal growth, and personal exploration - will be intriguing to hear the new darker tracks. And I appreciate an established artist mentoring and bringing forth newer artists.

  3. I sense a really good, honest, talented man that I've seen perform and talk in various venues. His friends and associates seem to like and respect him. All the best Mr. Ronson.

  4. Ronson's a great recycler, and unfortunately not much else.

  5. His artistry is limited. And this showed early on in his DJ club work. Zzzzz...

  6. As Bob Mould of Husker Dü, Sugar, and "Daily Show" theme song fame once said, "Music ain't like city planning. You don't have to tear down the old to make room for the new."

  7. @Todd What's Samantha up to? Oh. I just Googled her. NM. I'll keep listening to my old ollllld Chemical Bros and Crystal Method CDs and ancient trip hop. I think I'm old now.

  8. There was quite a good CD a few years ago of female vocal, Late Night Moods. Inspirational even.

  9. Mad respect for this guy. It must be kind of difficult to make a name off of popstar hits when that doesn't feel authentic to onesself. I heard one of my favorite musicians, Angel Olsen, was working with him, and I was skeptical at first, but I'm excited to see what they'll put out.

  10. He's a fine producer and comes from one of the wealthiest families in the UK who's mother has always worked in music. The nepotism of these people is exhausting.

  11. Never heard of it,don't listen to pop.

  12. Thanks for the info?

  13. @Alan Einstoss And believe me, pops, pop doesn't listen to you, either.

  14. @Annie Louise Really? lol. Let the guy have his say.

  15. I really like and admire Mark Ronson and would love to see him take Alejandro Aranda from this year's American Idol and place him under his wing and mentor him.

  16. @Peggy I, too, am a Ronson fan. And thank you. First year ever I didn't watch a moment of "Idol," -- just can't take the endless celeb mentor junk -- so have no sense of who was on, who was good, who won. I'll have to check out Alejandro.

  17. Peaked with Amy Winehouse.

  18. Which was entirely a repurposing of old black soul music of the 60s. And Uptown Funk is entirely comprised of obvious references. All style. Little substance.

  19. @BAM. And what do you have to contribute besides criticism? Every musician on the planet extracts from other genres/artists. They are all influenced from something that came before them

  20. Mark Ronson has fascinated me for years.His talent, reserve and physical being are hard to replicate.There is a lot of mystery to this man which makes him even more appealing.I didn't even know he was married until this article and am sorry that it didn't work out.He has a highly developed feminine side, small wonder I find him so attractive and not surprised in the least he surrounds himself with women.Clearly emotional intelligence is off the charts and feeling the need to evolve by seeking pro help makes Mr. Ronson the whole package.Looking forward to his new album, it will splice into my somewhat black mood caused by the monster in the WH.Take care.

  21. Ronson always struck me as the real talent behind others basking in the limelight.

  22. Ronson, and the Dap-Kings. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings were amazing soul/funk revival band. Great musicianship. Unfortunately, Sharon Jones died relatively young of natural causes. But her backing band is the backing band on most Mark Ronson tracks, including all the best Amy Winehouse tracks. Amy Winehouse was a great singer--and a friend of Ronson's from the same Jewish enclave in London.

  23. Unfortunately, the amazing Sharon Jones died of cancer, not natural causes.

  24. LOVE Uptown Funk. I’m 66. Sue me.

  25. "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" is a great song, hopefully the album drop will get it more listens.

  26. Great producer. I look forward to hearing the new sound.

  27. What we really need is people who understand what has already been said to death, what contributes nothing new, and have the guts and the grit to move past those things. Ronson sounds like a nice, decent human being. I wouldn't look for breakthroughs from him, though. He'll no doubt have a nice career repackaging what we already have too much of. Producing more of the same is not an important contribution.

  28. @Robert Henry Eller So, what have you produced?

  29. He has a beautiful dog and great instincts musically. Thank you for Uptown Funk and Shallow. Want to give this album a listen.

  30. What is the thinline grand piano behind him in that pensive solo shot?

  31. Good for Mark Ronson. He's straight forward and honest, "Uptown Funk was 75% Bruno Mars," and already has tons of commercial success. Wishing him the best in his future endeavors.

  32. I didn't know much about Mark Ronson until relatively recently. So it surprises me that he's known for "good time party music," because the first song I heard by him, and therefore associate with him, was "Somebody to Love Me" with Boy George, and that song is pretty wistful & sad. It does have a great dance beat, though.

  33. He had me at Amy's Back to Black.

  34. I will definitely give the album a listen when it releases. Melancholy music is my home base, so it's totally surprising how much I love Uptown Funk. I am probably responsible for 1.5 billion of the YouTube views.

  35. Ronson described recently finding himself at a piano, writing with a sense of melancholy that “breeds more interesting chords and harmony and movement.” Add that to a pic with his canine companion and I truly resonate with Ronson.

  36. He has a German Shorthaired Pointer. All is forgiven.

  37. The song he presented last night on Stephen Colbert was so dreadful I turned it off before the first chorus was finished. Ugh. Writing popular song in the 2000's is sure not up to the standards going back to Tin Pan Alley, and on through the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Yeah... he's right... he's definitely not a pop star.