Pelosi Urges Caution on Impeachment as Some Democrats Push to Begin

A letter and a conference call by Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared intended to shore up support for the investigations already begun rather than impeachment proceedings.

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  1. Any Democrat that recommends impeachment is only looking to discredit the president to gain traction in the 2020 election cycle.

  2. @zoltan Trump has no credit.

  3. Is further discreditation possible?

  4. I'm tired of listening to this old wind bag! Pelosi cares about herself and herself only. Every interview she gives she always mentions "the power" she wields as House Speaker. Pelosi is out of step and touch with today's Democratic party. We need a younger, more energetic leader.. somebody who is not afraid to impeach the President and still able to craft and implement policy. Thank you for your service- but it's time for you to step aside. #AOC4Speaker

  5. What does he have to do to get impeached? Shoot someone on Fifth Avenue? Our very republic is threatened by the Trump regime. This situation isn't going to get any better. For a nation, we must remove Trump now while we still can.

  6. @Robert Triptow I agree with your assessment about Trump, but impeaching him is insufficient to remove him. His removal requires the agreement of the senate, and they have made it clear that they won't.

  7. @Beppo You are correct is removal requires the agreement of the Senate, but the REPUBLICAN Senate have made it clear that they won’t.

  8. @Robert Triptow What more does Trump/Barr have to do to get the Dems to Stand up for Americans? Oh, right, end the Affordable Care Act? Its coming next, folks. Shame on Dems for putting party over country.

  9. Speaker Pelosi...please read Charles Blow's piece on the subject.

  10. And the readers comments!!!

  11. Just get his tax returns.

  12. @pbh51 Indeed.

  13. @pbh51 Really? And what more will that do, exactly? Will it change any minds? No. Yes, we should get the returns but let's keep our eye on the ball here: he committed the crime of obstruction of justice. Impeach him for that, get his returns, prosecute everything and run a real candidate and real campaign against him for 2020.

  14. Speaker Pelosi, I, a resident of the District of Columbia and United States citizen without a meaningful vote in our democracy on matters such as this, implore you to impeach. You cannot do this by oversight because that is not the remedy that the Constitution spells out for you. Do your duty and do not let time drag on. The time is now. Impeach.

  15. If only the country could move on. We've had more than enough of DT.

  16. While Speaker Pelosi plays nice, Trump riles up his cult to believe he is an innocent being persecuted. The Democrats need to stop playing nice and level that fool. If Republicans will not hold him to account we ALL lose, but Democrats will lose their constituents and lose big in 2020 for a failure to represent the majority.

  17. @Tony Watson - Pelosi eats nails for breakfast and Trump fears her. She knows how to get to him.

  18. @Tony Watson Impeachment would be symbolic. Continued investigation will eventually put Republican candidates in a difficult position of defending the indefensible. More damaging information will emerge and Trump’s lame defenses will wear on his supporters.

  19. @Tony Watson Better to keep his feet to the fire with non-stop investigations, than to make him a martyr. Impeachment will feel good, but backfire spectacularly in 2020.

  20. The time and effort and money involved in trying for T's impeachment would be ill spent. It would also drive the wedge that separates us in further. How about promoting an effort to talk with each other - sitting down in coffee shops both in the east, west, and midwest where people can talk with each other. I think what could unite many of us would be disappointment with politics. If we tried to connect - not in marches or protests - but over coffee - in civil tones, we might be able to affect the congress. Listening to the other side goes a long way. Try it!

  21. @jane While a nice idea it won't work. How do you find common ground with people who believe Mexicans ARE rapists drug dealers and murderers, an infestation and somehow less than human? How do you find common ground with someone, who despite all the disgusting, deplorable things that trump has done and says, still thinks Hillary would have been worse? How do you find common ground with someone who thinks homosexuals should be shot, that those without access to medical care should be left to die in the streets, that destroying our environment through pollution and deregulation is acceptable? That all Muslims should be condemned for the actions of a few. That the government has the right to decide who lives or dies in a pregnancy gone horribly wrong. That locking up children in cages, separating families seeking refuge with no hopes of reuniting them due to callous indifference is acceptable. This is no longer about fiscal conservatism verses more liberal ideas, it's not about religion verses secularism. It's about right and wrong, morality verses immoral. I can't find common ground when a person's beliefs are so appalling. Especially knowing no amount of counter argument, no providing of facts, no appeal to their better angels will change their minds. I'd rather, for my sanity and peace of mind, avoid these people. Sometimes one needs to recognize futility and just remove these toxic individuals from their lives. Life is far too short to be wasted on a lost cause.

  22. Nancy Pelosi is one of the very, very few Democrats who is able to keep her eyes on the prize. Not that it helps them.

  23. "And I think the American people have had quite enough of it.” says McConnell. No, McConnell. What we've had enough of is the likes of you and your protection of the crime boss president we are stuck with. McConnell, if you think Trump is a fine person then that's YOUR problem. Tens and tens of millions of us despise that moral degenerate, Trump.

  24. @explorer08 Agree R's have no shame therefore they are unconstrained. McConnell held up Garland, consequences be da...

  25. @explorer08 Ok McConnell, sure, no collusion. But what about all the obstruction? Will you at least, finally, censure Trump when he breaks the law going forward?

  26. @explorer08 McConnell’s action or lack of action is seriously harming our country. McConnell is every bit as culpable as Trump because he has done no oversight whatsoever.

  27. Since he has disgraced the presidency by committing illegal acts--as listed in the Mueller Report--Trump should be impeached. That's the remedy that was built into the US Constitution by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay. Why all this Democratic timidity? Trump would be in a jail cell next to Michael Cohen if he weren't protected by the DOJ policy of not indicting a sitting president. Impeach him. If the GOP cowards in the Senate refuse to convict him, let the shame be upon them.

  28. The Mueller findings fall far short of describing the worst things Trump has done both before and after his election. Also, impeachment would be a colossal waste of time. The political make-up of Congress precludes any successful action. The political make-up of the nation illustrates that no comment, no action, no platform and no personal action, no matter how despicable, will turn the Trump core. Trump correctly stated that he could publicly murder someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose the support of his voters. The only way to remove Trump is at the polls. If that fails, it means that our country is so utterly racist, sexist, science denying, religiously bigoted and anti-LGBTQ that it is time for sane and intelligent Americans to pursue democratic dreams elsewhere.

  29. As a Democrat, I've never been more inspired!! Also, I've never been more sarcastic!

  30. The captain of the ship is not up to the job. But dc insiders don’t care. They are eating well and giving orders.

  31. The three rules of politics are: 1. Whoever tells the best story wins 2. A simple story beats a complicated one (even if the complicated one is true and the simple on isn't) 3. Whoever defines the question wins the debate even if they seem to be losing it, defining the battleground controls what we talk about. Impeachment is a question easily defined by POTUS and his side is simple, while the pro-impeachment side is complicated, so it is all playing on Trump's turf. Not a good idea. If, on the other hand, the story is Trump is an old man, goes by old, out-of-date morality, corrupt like way back when, etc., it's a simple story, it defines the question, and it's a good story because Americans want to identify with young and forward-looking. The best story is to say that impeachment gives a say to Congress - "we'd rather the American people have their say."

  32. @Peter Quince Republicans have proven themselves much more skilled at all three rules. The frustrating thing is how Democrats seem largely unable to figure them out.

  33. Senator Mitch McConnell's dismissal of the Mueller Report ( “’s time to move on...”) is a shopworn Republican trope, GOP code for "we don't want to and aren't about to to put the national interest ahead of our careers." The Mueller Report might not reveal the smoking gun or deliver the knockout punch many hoped for, but it is a Mother Lode of information that prosecutors and journalists can mine from now until Election Day 2020 has come and gone. To declare the Report an exoneration of Trump is absurd, but that's what we get from his Capitol Hill enablers: serial absurdity. The voting booth is where Trump will ultimately be judged and likely found guilty of everything the Mueller Report reveals about him.

  34. ultimately, impeachment is political. no sense in demanding blood on the outset and accomplish nothing -- that's all republicans do. instead, layout a case build a coalition. win elections. if trump is still in office by 2020 and the blue waves has delivered again? impeach.

  35. I agree with Pelosi, 100%. The report proves Trump's inadequacies, collusion (in code), obstruction (in code) as only he can portray it. We know now how he works....from his bankruptcies to his lies in office. Hopefully the American people will vote him dishonorably out of office in 2020. The thought of Pence in that office is almost as horrible as Trump having a 2nd term if we impeach. Trump will face the music in enough time after he leaves office. As long as the Democrats can keep a hold on him, (thank heaven for checks and balances) the time is not ripe for impeachment. The fact that he is so close to it now is a dishonor in itself!

  36. @Carol Obstruction not just in code. Obstruction is explicit, established and proven.

  37. @Carol : I disagree. It's important to have censure of the President's criminal behavior on the historical record for future generations, not just to give him a free pass via an officially untainted term. Pursue every single avenue with courage and leave no stone unturned. Everyone is so terrified by 2020. We need to stop worrying and just do the right thing, right now and every day!

  38. Nancy Pelosi has a far better reading of the situation than some of the new members of Congress who seem more interested in being before the t.v. cameras every day. A Republican controlled Senate will never allow impeachment hearings to begin. The majority of the American public believes that Trump has disgraced the office of President and that he is an embarrassment around the world. He has attacked our allies, made common cause with the worst dictators, has questioned the legitimacy of our judicial system and our intelligence agencies, and has tried to silence a free press. He has done everything he could to destroy civility and civil discourse by his vulgarity, his insults, and his debasing and belittling anyone who dares to criticize him. Is that enough for impeachment? Not enough when one Party is so beholden to him that they refuse to condemn his bigotry, racism, and lies and will do everything to protect him. The best way to rid our nation of this nightmare of having a crude, law breaking, totally unfit to be President individual is to have a record turnout in 2020 and return sanity to our nation by electing a kind, compassionate leader who has a vision of making all Americans and immigrants feel welcome, our allies appreciated, and our environment protected. We cannot achieve that result by nominating a far left person to satisfy a segment of the Party. If we want to save our nation we must choose someone who can appeal to our better angels and unite all of us.

  39. @Mark Jeffery Koch You confuse impeachment with conviction and removal from office. The House impeaches, the Senate then holds a trial. You probably mean that the Senate as currently constituted would not convict - even that is not obvious, as the publicity of a House Select Committee's weeks of hearings and an impeachment debate may make the few vulnerable Repubs, think twice about voting to acquit. There is no filibustering a trial - it takes only 51 votes to convict. Not impeaching, when the case to do so is blatantly obvious, effectively neuters the only remedy built into the constitution for the disaster of a criminal in the oval office - and that is what we face, for nearly two more years. The public spectacle of Repub senators excusing gross crimes is much more likely to yield a positive electoral change than not bringing charges at all, when they are so richly merited. It is often remembered that the Dems gained seats in 98 after the Repubs impeached Clinton for blatantly political reasons. It is for some reason often forgotten that the Repubs proceeded to win the next presidential election and complete control of Congress. 130 years earlier, Impeachment ended Andrew Johnson's political career and boosted his opponents into control, even though he was not convicted either. I suggest rethinking your argument.

  40. @WS 51 votes to impeach, 67 votes to convict

  41. “The best way to rid our nation of this nightmare . . . is to have a record turnout in 2020 and return anity to our nation by electing a kind, compassionate leader” One thing doesn’t preclude the other. We can initiate impeachment proceedings *and* turn out in record numbers in the next election. If impeachment fails in the Senate, hold those Republican Senators accountable in 2020 for condoning Trump’s lawlessness and disgraceful behavior. Their vote to acquit him can serve to help mobilize a massive repudiation at the polls. I am not convinced that impeachment is a political loser for the Democrats; and even if it is, they will have stood up for principle and the rule of law. History is watching.

  42. What are you "Impeach!" zealots thinking? You expect today's brand of degraded Trump Republican senators to act honorably, honestly, courageously and patriotically? Get a grip on the real world.

  43. @Jim Steinberg No one expects any such thing. However the spectacle of the Trumpublican senators excusing one blatant crime after another in the very public light of an impeachment trial will be the best campaign message the Dems could send.

  44. There is already overwhelming evidence of multiple and grave impeachable offenses and criminality by Donald Trump. Congress has a duty to protect us from a President who violates the Constitution, dismisses the rule of law, abuses his power, surrounds himself with criminals, our appoints unethical people to the highest offices in our land, and undermines our national security. There is no reason to wait for more evidence as it signals to the nation that Congress deems his criminality and unethical behavior as acceptable. It is not. Impeach Trump!

  45. What Speaker Pelosi does not acknowledge is the damage Trump can do in the next two years. He is arguably, more dangerous now with Barr at his side. For the good of our Constitution, the good of the nation, he must be impeached and removed from office.

  46. I ask the Speaker and all of Congress to ask Mueller one simple question: "If Trump wasn't the President, would you have further pursued and indicted?" Simple question. If yes, impeach. Regardless, Trump is without a doubt the most corrupt "man" (wanna-be mob boss/toddler) to ever hold the office (by a long shot!)

  47. It is all in his taxes. The one thing he does not want anyone to see. What will get even the Republicans to want to impeach him. It's all in there. Get that, and you'll get the impeachment.

  48. @The O I suspect he'll resign rather than have his taxes released.

  49. Well surprise, surprise - Mitch says it's time to "move on" because the Special Counsel was only investigating "collusion" and none was found. Not true. The report was about Russian interference with our democratic elections and possible collusion is only a part of that. I have read much of the report. Mitch, you are not fooling any of us with your disingenuous assessment. Sad indeed.

  50. As much as I think Trump should be impeached, Pelosi is right on this one -- a failed impeachment would only give him more cover. Instead, investigate thoroughly, and if at least a handful of Republican senators (if any have a spine left) can be convinced, then move forward.

  51. If Trump hasn't done enough to warrant impeachment, or at least an attempt at it, then nobody ever will and it is meaningless except as a political weapon to be wielded apparently only by Republicans.

  52. As much as I want to see the current occupant of the White House held accountable for his apparent disdain for the Constitution and the country he ostensibly serves, even he deserves due process. If we proceed with impeachment without ample evidence or fully justified cause, we sink to his level. We need to do it the right and appropriate way, if for no other reason than so historians can look back and say, "The president didn't respect the Constitution or the country, but Congress certainly did."

  53. In his report, Robert Mueller sent a message to Congress and the American people that, "no person is above the law", and that the next steps to holding this president accountable for his outrageous behavior are impeachment and indictment upon his leaving office. Mueller is usually quiet, but the message in his report is loud and clear.

  54. You have a larger problem Nancy , failure to hold trump accountable sets the stage for any future President to ignore the rule of law by simply stating “ just doing what trump did “

  55. Nancy Pelosi is once again the adult in the room, taking the long view instead of winning the PR battle and losing the war (aka the 2020 election). Pelosi knows that despite Trumps tweets, he wouldn't be going non-stop if he didn't view that the Muller report has damaged what little credibility he had left. It appears she has decided that the best strategy for moving him out of the White House via the 2020 elections is to let his self-inflicted wounds fester and let spinoffs from the Muller investigation be death by 1000 cuts as CNN and FOX fill time with panel shows that debate this endlessly. She has been around long enough that voters will be so sick of their own concerns being ignored while Trump does nothing but talk about his personal plight, that any decent candidate they field that doesn't overreach will win easily. In the past I may not have liked her personal stands on issues, but tactically the way she is handling this is brilliant.

  56. @Kevin All true, I wonder, however, if Trump wins in 2020, which is at this point, unfortunately, somewhat likely, then what? The Mueller report shows he tried to obstruct justice and, if there are no consequences, the precedent has been set that Trump is above the law, not to mention future presidents who break the law. Although the overriding goal should be to get rid of Trump in 2020, we need to record for history that his crimes led to impeachment. We need Congress to fulfill their Constitutionally directed oversight. It's not a choice, it's their obligation even if McConnell doesn't care. More than anything, I would love to see Trump get ousted by the voters but the Congress must follow the Constitution.

  57. @Kevin Tactically Pelosi is turning actual investigations into political theater (aka witch hunt, investigations for political points). Tactically Pelosi is saying there is not enough in the Mueller report, despite it establishing legal proof of obstruction of justice. Thanks for exonerating him. Tactically she is killing any chance of an impeachment in the future. Apparently the adults in the room like campaigning for Trump.

  58. @Kevin Wait, 2020 is the "long view" now? No. The long view is what will happen to this country in the actual long-run if we allow Trump to get away with his crimes. Impeachment is an important step to make sure that doesn't happen. Even if it doesn't result in his removal from office (since the current Senate won't convict), it serves the purpose of a historic rebuke, combined with more subpoenas and public hearings where his dirty laundry gets displayed. THAT, my friend, is the long game. Not the 2020 election.

  59. If this country does nothing, then future politicians may be given a free pass to do worse. I’m worried about our future if we do nothing.

  60. The Democrats, I'm afraid, are a timid bunch, accustomed to losing and maybe a bit too comfortable losing. Right now there are three options: 1. Don't bother with impeachment and let Trump get away with it 2. Impeach Trump and fail to convict 3. Impeach Trump and punish him Only the third option is good for our democracy. But you can't get there without impeachment. If the Democrats choose not to impeach they are resigning themselves—and our democracy—to a bad outcome. Impeachment could fail. But doing nothing fails certainly. The only chance for a good outcome is to impeach. And before we give up on the Senate convicting Trump, let's not forget that there is a Senate election in 2020 too—and that that election is just as important as the Presidential. If we impeach Trump, air out his dirty laundry in public, and then force Republican Senators to vote for or against an obviously corrupt President, we may make things very uncomfortable for Republican Senators up for re-election in states like Colorado and even North Carolina where the Democrats are getting stronger and Trump isn't quite so popular. Those Senators will need to choose between voting to convict the President or facing a stronger challenge from a Democrat. Of course, there aren't enough at-risk Republican Senators to guarantee the two-thirds needed to convict, but any at-risk Republican who protects Trump may face a backlash at the polls. So boldness may be politically advantageous as well as morally right.

  61. @617to416 You are in excellent company. Lawrence Tribe, who literally wrote the book on impeachment, agrees with you. If "leaders" in Congress are so afraid to be criticized by appropriately, very firmly dealing with a self-evident monster, then heaven helps us because no-one else will.

  62. @617to416 Only Senate has power to remove him. 'Get away with it'. You do realize it is very difficult to remove a sitting President, even if it is Trump. You need hard evidence of high crimes being committed. Impeaching and attempting to remove a President with anecdotal and circumstantial evidence will just backfire.

  63. @617to416 Read Blow yesterday. No President has ever been removed after impeachment. #3 is an appropriate way to sanction a rogue President like Trump. Otherwise he remains above the law and gets away with it.

  64. Nixon and Clinton were impeached for less. It is a dangerous gamble to open the door for any future President to be influenced by a foreign power and to openly obstruct justice.

  65. @Jeffrey K Nixon wasn't impeached. And while most would consider what Clinton did to be substantively "less," the fact is that for Clinton, on one the grounds for impeachment (perjury), there was absolutely no doubt that he violated the law; it was on tape.

  66. Nixon was not impeached. He clearly had more scruples than Trump; Nixon resigned. Clinton was impeached by the House. The Senate did not convict. It united the Democrats and got Clinton re-elected for a second term. The House of Representatives is beginning the processes of investigation to generate more evidence. As this trickles out day after day, it keeps trump and his staffers off balance and on the defensive. It gets plenty of media attention. The strategy is to get Trump defeated in an overwhelming vote of disgust at his corruption. We need to generate a tsunami of Democratic and independent voters who actually care about this country. Further, the longer this drags out, the more it destroys the Republican Party. The Republicans know this.

  67. Impeachment is both naive and impractical. It took the Watergate "episode" nearly three years to reach a point where Nixon realized he would loose. The country doesn't have 3 years. The most realistic approach is to downplay impeachment and play up the limitations of POTUS and his people from now through the election. Publicizing the shenanigans will shine light on the cancer in the White House.

  68. This country is a total disaster. I regret living in it.

  69. @workerbee - If I am still alive in 2020 (I lack health care, so could join the 40,000 Americans who die prematurely for lack of health care) AND Trump is elected in 2020, I will certainly move to Canada or Europe to live my final years.

  70. What a big hot mess this presidency is. If trump goes on his merry way our democracy suffers. If we impeach we run the risk of energizing him and his cult.

  71. Pelosi is a master politician. Decades of experience and deft political calculus have led her to her current position and her demeanor towards the asterisk-president: a sarcastic clap that echoes throughout the halls of Republican power. Americans may find Mr. Trump less palatable as all of this information has time to marinade in 2% GDP growth and tax cuts for the rich amidst stagnant wages for the middle class. Lockhart's opinion piece today is spot on: Leave him in office as an albatross around the Republican party's head.

  72. And then there remain government "leaders" like McConnell who still obfuscate Mueller results with comments of no "collusion"; as if the nonlegal term represents the end-all of legitimate investigative efforts into nefarious Trump misdeeds and crimes. Impeachment, by core constitutional concept, was designed to protect our Democracy justly; especially, from the devolved, self-serving types of "public servants" that we now have in Trump, McConnell, et al.

  73. The Mueller report might not reveal much of anything new that wasn't already suspected of Donald Trump's repugnant and anti-Constitutional behavior but it provides enough of the necessary evidence and testimonies to prove Trump is entirely unfit for the POTUS position. If ever there were an occupant of the Oval Office who deserved impeachment, it is Donald Trump. Congress has a duty to the Constitution and American democracy to impeach him. Forget the political calculus of Republican opposition and just do the right thing, Democrats, regardless of the outcome. Lawfulness is on the side of Democrats while awfulness will always be the hallmark of Donald Trump and the complicit Congressional Republicans enabling and supporting him. Do the right thing, Speaker Pelosi and seek the impeachment of Donald Trump now.

  74. @Jeff Is "the right thing" to hand a political gift to the very Republicans who've abdicated their own responsibility to uphold the principles of the party?

  75. @Jeff It would be a dog and pony show. Ultimate power to impeach rests with Senate not the House. If you start this impeachment proceeding it will go on for a long time and she can't control the narrative the entire time. It can backfire if voters start looking at impeachment proceedings as political games.

  76. @Jeff Yes by all means Please do just that. Just remember when you do and Mr. Trump is Re-Elected that Russia and Putin had Nothing to do with this decision. Another opinion piece proclaims leaving Trump in Office will 'destroy' the Republican party. What you don't seem to understand is the Democrats have Already destroyed themselves. Dems have the House because a record number of Incumbent Republicans retired and it was predictable the party holding the WH would lose control of it in the Mid-terms. Happened to Clinton and your Saint Obama, and both lost more seats than Mr. Trump. Your close is a punchline right? Do the right thing? Democrats? In what Universe?

  77. He is a pro at pointing his finger at others. He has always avoided taking responsibility for his insane actions. I can't wait for the moment he is told, "You're fired!"

  78. Trump is so willingly stupid that he doesn't even understand the concept of 'high crimes and misdemeanors'. Or he does but he's betting his cult fan base (shrinking to 37% according to Reuters) is too stupid to understand it. This charade that this unfit man holds the presidency must end soon. I just finished reading the entire report. If you haven't, please do. Synopses don't do it justice. He's a despicable man and the Republicans are despicable for supporting him. Impeach. So no other person ever thinks they can get away with anything like this again. When the president's own 'lawyer', Mr. Guiliani continues to say it's OK to take 'dirt' on a campaign opponent from a foreign adversary, then we know they don't 'get it'. They need to 'get it'. Justice needs to be served on Mr. Trump and his Henchmen.

  79. Pelosi: If you want impeach him, then just be quiet. Your tongue lashing his hypocritical and phony if you won’t back it up with action.

  80. His ethics, I mean DT was a staple figure in New York city for decades, with questionable financial behavior, potential fraud, etc. where the state, and city, didn't lay a glove on him. Why was that? It was because he supported the Democratic Party, the tribe who has ruled politics in both the city, and state forever. I mean, Mayor Bloomberg, one of the best mayors, was himself mostly an Independent thinker, and player on the stage, even though he was elected as a Republican. Speaker Pelosi, knows exactly how this is, as she had been around for decades as well, in both Washington D. C. and California. Personally, I was over DT 25 years ago, but I guess New York felt differently, as did the liberally entertainment industry who made DT a key media giant, with "The Apprentice." So much for Hollywood standing for morality, and decency in those who have shows on television. They only care about the money, all of them!

  81. You are absolutely wrong! Donald J Trump was always a Republican! Watch the documentary “Get Me Roger Stone.” Trump is a conservative and a criminal.

  82. Pelosi's right. Ongoing investigations from now till 2020 will keep Trump's negative behavior in all its forms front and center. It will also undermine the Republicans in Congress who suppport him. These invedtigations could be the gift that keeps on giving. Much better that than a failed impeachment, which will stoke his base and allies.

  83. Every US citizen should watch last weeks Kerry Initiatve panels at Yale. Google YouTube. Both Democrats and Republicans where on each panel. The knowledge of each panel was outstanding. I have watched the two available now, History and Defense. It has helped me in my hourly worries about the direction our country is taking under Trump, a pathological liar. This isn't the first crisis we have had and won't be the last. We need to speak at the polls in 2020.

  84. Thanks for the recommendation! Will look it up. I’d like to recommend Rachel Maddow’s podcast series, “Bag Man” about Spiro Agnew.

  85. Pelosi says: “we must show the American people we are proceeding free from passion or prejudice, strictly on the presentation of fact.” She is correct. First, the voters unsure about Trump cannot be left unsure of the Dems, who must be sane, sensible, sincere, and with good ideas. Second, the GOP disinformation machine has to be stripped of any opportunity to portray Trump as a martyr of a witch hunt, which will be a campaign cry for them in 2020.

  86. @John Brews. ✳️✳️✳️ Pelosi is, at this moment, the most important Democrat in the country. By far. She leads not only the caucus in the House but acts as mentor and Yoda to the teeming throng looking for the party's nomination. She understands the country, she understands the divide - she realizes that the House of Trump must be allowed to collapse on its own accord, under the weight of voters' appraisal of its misdeeds in office.

  87. Brilliant comment! And very true! Trump will play the martyr.

  88. @John Brews. ✳️✳️✳️ Lets remember this. In the 2000 election, about 22 months after Bill Clinton was impeached, the republicans won the presidency (for 2 terms) AND the congress AND the senate. Why are so many afraid to impeach this corrupt monster?? Sorry, but I just don't get it.

  89. The problem we have is that too many Americans have abandoned "Right and Wrong" and instead see the world exclusively as "Us and Them" where "Us" is always right and "Them" is always wrong, No. Matter. What. Reality does not matter. It does not matter whether or not Trump is a good guy, or a felon, or, seriously, if he stabbed people on live television. Democrats are "Them" and never ever right. We are stuck.

  90. I recommend you listen to Rachel Maddow’s podcast series, “Bag Man.” About Spiro Agnew, and how the Watergate impeachment went. Nixon unlike Trump, had a high overall approval rating, but the Democrats managed to prove that Nixon obstructed Justice.

  91. I called my rep to ask him to start impeachment.

  92. I believe that the House will indeed do this attacking of Trump - right before the November election. Doing it now will perhaps have the House impeach the President, but the Senate will not agree. So, this is not a good thing for the Democrats. I hope that the impeach him in 15 months...

  93. Interesting.

  94. Pelosi has given us no reason to doubt her abilities. Neither has she given us any cause to doubt that she can and will take into account all of the factors that bear on the decision to begin impeachment proper. Whether or not impeachment proper begins immediately, we are witnessing the de facto beginning of a de facto impeachment process. And what we are seeing looks appropriately vigorous, aggressive, far-reaching. Mr. Mueller spun off at least ten independent investigations which are all going great guns. The Democratic House has initiated a remarkable series of hearings, and has begun to subpoena tax forms, business records, the full Mueller report and all of its data, etc. The Democrats are pursuing a sober and fact-based process which puts the wellbeing of the nation and its democracy first. In other words, under Pelosi they are doing just what the immoral, bad-faith Republicans are wholly incapable of. By comparison, see for instance McConnell's reply as quoted here, which is the very definition of deplorable.

  95. Not only is Speaker Pelosi right about not succumbing to the temptation to immediately demand the impeachment of Donald Trump, even though the list of his actions in the Mueller report deserve far more than a passing glance, and a slap on the wrist -- the fact remains that this kind of reaction is EXACTLY what he, his support base, and the Republican Senate is hoping for in order to circle their wagons around him while proclaiming patriotism and victimhood. Meanwhile, there's little to no doubt that this president is neither vindicated or exonerated --And the list of his questionable deeds and the felony convictions of too many of his close associates is both far too long and testament to that. There's also no way that Trump will "go quietly" should he lose the 2020 election, as his former lawyer Micheal Cohen has warned. Which means there's only one remaining alternative. VOTE him soundly out of office in 2020. And then let the other outstanding investigations take their due course once he can no longer claim presidential immunity. Then if all else fails, and he still manages to cling onto office despite losing the popular vote (again!) -- Impeach him.

  96. @N. Smith Agree 100%

  97. Madam Speaker - you are wrong, Trump needs to be impeached now. It doesn’t matter if the Republican controlled Senate votes not to convict him. Trump has violated his trust with the American people. Let’s show Trump that he’s not above the law.

  98. Speaker Pelosi has a good point about obtaining the facts before deciding on a course of action. Right now, the focus should be on obtaining the facts, especially the facts in the Meuller Report. Presumably, as alarming as the facts revealed in the scrubbed Report are, the best is yet to come in the complete version of the Meuller Report. Therefore, it does seem to be prudent to wait for the revelations to guide future action. In the interim, the key House Committees can continue to work on the main issues which are likely to be effective in the election.

  99. Once again Nancy Pelosi is the real "adult in the room." First, get all of the "facts" through hearings and document requests. Second, Since “'Congressional Republicans have an unlimited appetite for'” the “'low standards'” set by President Trump, don't let them "exonerate" him of impeachable offenses in the Senate. Third, since impeachment is a political process, let "We, the People" decide in November, 2020 when the Democrats will have completed their own investigation and can present their "articles of impeachment" directly to the voters.

  100. @Paul Wortman Impeach now - begin with having Mueller, McGann, Don Jr, Jared, and others testify before Congress publicly and go to court to get the full unredacted Mueller report with investigative evidence and move forward from there. And stop listening to Barr who has lied and deceived the American people.

  101. @Paul Wortman VeryVery well explained !! We need to get him gone - Then "Lock him up " !

  102. @Paul Wortman I agree about Pelosi, but would follow her further in recognizing that there is a middle course between ignore until 2020 and impeach now. House hearings should continue -- just without a predetermined outcome. This fulfills congressional oversight responsibilities, keeps the narrative focused on Trump's despicable behavior, and almost certainly will reveal new information for the American people to digest before voting in 2020, when removal will happen.

  103. "Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office." - Lindsay Graham arguing for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, January 23, 1999

  104. Don’t impeach Trump, he wants good things but Congress rejects them.

  105. Wow, Barr, Trump's lead defense attorney, really set the stage for the current narrative and the lack of accountability. Trump was correct - he could get away with shooting someone on 5th (on live video!). Teflon Don comes off emboldened - the next 2 years will be 10x worse.

  106. Nancy, in her wisdom, is holding out for Trump to destroy the Republican party. Be patient. Wouldn't that be the best outcome?

  107. I think the president forgets he has not gone to trial yet. That will take place in the House provided politicians do their job.

  108. Thank god, still a few grown ups left in democratic leadership.

  109. Donald J. Trump is the Republican Party’s problem. Impeachment and removal from office would merely liberate that abysmal bunch from the Trumpian albatross and give Pence or a similar Wonder Bread version of Trump — brutal policies with a smiley face instead of Trump’s snarl and snivel — an opportunity to expand the Republican base of hypocritical, sanctimonious white suburban female “Christian family values” voters. There’s one way to put an end to the fiasco that is the Trump administration — vote the man and every one of his enablers in Congress out of office. Then begin the long, hard slog that will be required to repair the damage, restore our democratic institutions and begin implementing rational solutions to our real issues: gun violence, opioid addiction, health care, child care, infrastructure, the environment - and a measured, compassionate immigration policy.

  110. As a liberal who can't stand the sight of Trump, it's almost impossible not to try to impeach him. But that would play right into his game plan of accusing us of staging a democratic coup to reverse the will of the voters. We need to gear up for the 2020 election and not waste time, money, and energy on impeaching him this yr.

  111. Pelosi is great. I think Trump should get a lot of psychological counseling, so that he can talk about what in his childhood caused him to be so antagonistic. Then he can apologize.

  112. I honestly don't think that Speaker Pelosi and the party's leaders truly grasp what we are up against with respect to the Republican party. Republicans have declared war on our democracy through it's actions. Speaker Pelosi considers it a war of words. After listening to 20 minutes of Rush Limbaugh today, spewing hatred, accusations that the Mueller investigation was an attempted coup, that Dems don't want America first, I came away truly alarmed. Speaker Pelosi may wish to stay on the high road, but the way I'm reading it, she's starting to look like a weak general fighting a guerilla party that will stop at nothing.

  113. The Congressional committees have the luxury of looking into foreign money laundering and infractions of the emoluments clause plus tax fraud.None of these item were part of the Mueller mandate.Most importantly Congress must focus on how Russia or any other enemy can hack into our election process-this is a far greater threat than the bad actor in the White House-Congress must assure us that we will have safe and fair elections.We are Americans and value our Democracy!

  114. That Mitch wants to move on since the Investigation was about collusion shows how much truth must lie wherever he's moving. The investigation was about a crime which indicated a conspiracy under the law,not collusion in fact. He probably would prefer Pence to Trump for his understanding of the extreme right, but he wants the Democrats to open a Pandora's Box of legal sophistry to keep the brakes on social progress in favor of the tax shelters while Trump's (unconstitutional) executive orders compete with Mueller's pending indictments for the spotlight. Maybe we should learn more about Olver North's NRA before we try to unpack Mitch's judiciary in a search for high crimes and misdemeanors among the pros. Can't spin without a narrative, goes this Summary Judgement, as though Pence didn't know what Flynn was lying about before Comey was fired. The Impossible Dream.

  115. Ms. Pelosi seems to be on a better footing with this. While I would love nothing more than to see this aberration come to his end, this is politics. If Walters and AOC are worried about losing constituency by trying to impeach, they may find that they have abandoned the rest of the nation's Democrats. I have already written to my Democratic representative in the House and expressed to him that the fight is not with Trump but with Republicans as a whole. Instead of trying to play the one-up-manship of politics, as a Progressive I prefer to see my Congresspeople envision the future and the priorities of a nation that is losing its "greatness" by the day. Instead of focusing on this sad excuse of a pResident, we should be trying to work together to remove the real stain that has permeated our government. The Old Guard of Republicanism has to go. They have no vision for the future and are guided simply by greed. Democrats really need to make their platform known and engineer it towards giving hope to its citizens regardless of political leanings. We use to be one nation. Now we are so divided that nothing is getting done. Trump will never be impeached. Even trying only does one thing. Divide us even more. The Trump cult is just that. A cult. You won't change these peoples politics so cut them loose and show the rest of the American voters what Democrats will do. Make a plan!!! Sit down with those across the aisle and convince them that working together is our only hope.

  116. Pelosi is out of touch on a few things, and this is one of them. Once they get the unredacted Mueller report, there should be no question. The House can only impeach. The Senate will refuse to remove from office. But, Donald Trump will always be an impeached president then. That will drive him crazy.

  117. Pelosi is correct. He will never be convicted by the Senate so it's a waste of time that will cost the DEMs the 2020 election. Defeating Trump in 2020 is the most important thing for American.

  118. Make Mitch hold the vote in the senate and make it known which GOP Senators drank the cool aide. This is very important to take the Senate from GOP.

  119. 3 things we know: 1) At this point impeachment won't pass the Senate. 2) Democrats have a better chance of winning the election than impeachment. 3) Republicans will take full advantage of a failed impeachment to push their witch hunt strategy. Speaker Pelosi is right. It's not worth risking both on the one that currently has a lesser chance of success. But if Democrats hold off on impeachment and Trump wins a 2nd term, they can still impeach him then when more of his financial irregularities have been uncovered.

  120. I do agree with Leader Pelosi. I don’t read her words as saying that she doesn’t want to impeach. I read Leader Pelosi’s remarks as saying that we are still in the data gathering process. It seems as if all the hearings and congressional investigations need to be completed. Let’s not forget that the President obstructed Justice and there are information gaps in the record. Let the congressional investigation continue. The more information that Congress gathers, the more difficult it will be for the President and his Republican enablers to weasel their way out of their crimes.

  121. I respect Ms Pelosi's judgment, but I don't think there is any way to legitimately avoid impeachment proceedings. The Mueller report is ample evidence of what was going on and Mr. Barr is going to give Congress access to the full report except for grand jury data. That will mean that Congress will have a + or - 99% unredacted report. From my reading, there will be very little left to investigate. I realize that Congress needs some time to organize their case, but if they have not initiated impeachment proceedings within 90 days, they are either cowards, crooks or believe Mr. Trump is not guilty. I have a hard time believing they are ready to absolve Mr. Trump. Congress was hoping Mr. Mueller or Mr. Barr was going to do their dirty work. It reminds me of the Steely Dan refrain "...I don't want to do your dirty work no more..." Roll up your sleeves Congress and get your hands dirty doing what you are responsible to do, exercise oversight.

  122. @gpickard I love the Steely Dan reference that you made!

  123. @gpickard Congress should have about 98% of the report (sans the Grand Jury material). "A 12-page portion (of redactions) covers the June 4 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between members of the Trump campaign and a group of Russians who promised politically damaging material about Hillary Clinton." Between ongoing investigations mentioned in the Mueller report, the incrimination of DJT in Cohen's illegal campaign contributions, and the SDNY... Congress may better focus their efforts at presenting legislative plans that can be executed upon Republican losses in 2020 and 2022.

  124. @gpickard Hit Trump where it hurts, which is in his pocket. Let him lose the election and then prosecute him for all his crimes including tax offensive and being a traitor. Amongst many others put him in prison. (Melania can go home. )

  125. The presidency has been irretrievably debased and corrupted by Donald Trump and his cowed Republican enablers. Blaming Pelosi for potential malfeasance by future occupants of this now-degraded office is ridiculous.

  126. Only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment? Trump must have flunked civics class.

  127. Democrats who worry about historical judgment should consider this. History will scoff at them if they impeach Trump, but he is not convicted and removed from office. We can see that today in the judgment of Gingrich’s and his cronies’ attempt to impeach Clinton. That’s now looked at as a stupid mistake. If Democrats impeach Trump, they must have the evidence and bipartisan support to remove him from office. Otherwise, history will look askance at their Quixotic attempt.

  128. Impeachment is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Want to destroy the GOP ? Make them own their Creature. They can run, but they can't hide, in 2020. It will be a landslide, of historic proportions, and NOT in their favor. Use your brain, not your rage.

  129. Pelosi and Lockhart have it right in my opinion. Don is capable of a Wile E Coyote moment. Give him a chance. Impeachment would serve as a parachute to his bases' tortured thinking.

  130. If this president can't be impeached and removed from office then the impeachment power means absolutely nothing. The precedent will be set and presidents will forever know that they could do anything they want as long as they have 34 sycophants in the Senate.

  131. Trump is a blatantly obvious narcissistic sociopath. That cannot be missed by anyone, blind/deaf or not. His pathology will eventually catch up with him and every member of his family and all of his acolytes - including the entire former Republican Party. Trump's main legacy will be to have destroyed a once-legitimate conservative political movement; a decent "devil's advocate" to the loyal opposition. Now, under Trump, we have the cult of thugs and despicables destroying American Democracy v. everyone else (the vast majority of Americans). History will sign Trump to where he belongs - an evil asterisk addendum in books, There is no need to impeach him if a Senate conviction is impossible - a Senate that is his spineless protector. We need a solid trouncing - a real overwhelming mandate - in 2020 in ALL branches of government. When the Dems get their stuff together they will repair America and put the legal thumbscrews on Trump and his supporters for having so abused this nation. They deserve it and they will get it.

  132. @RealTRUTH, sounds like one of Stalin’s purges, to me. Any suggestion where the gulags should go?

  133. Pelosi should resign. Impeachment is the constitutional route to holding the con man and crook in office accountable by uncovering the facts and then enabling a process with actual teeth tantamount to an indictment and prosecution of anyone of the rest of us. Pelosi (to say nothing of McConnell, et al.) is thumbing her nose at her sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and laws of these United States. Enough of these power-hungry, good old boys and girls protecting each other's privilege. She continues to enable this liar and crook at her own political peril.

  134. The Democratic Party should just follow the lead of Mitch McConnell in 2017: Let the people decide. I have a strong feeling "the people" will weigh in at the ballot box a year from now and straighten this mess out, correcting the egregious mistake of 2016.

  135. @hdtvpete You may be an optimistic type, as I once was. Then the presidential election of 2004 returned Bush and Cheney for four more years, resulting in twice the devastation they wrought in their first four years. We lose because we don't know how to fight the guerilla warfare that the minority party of Republicans employ.

  136. @ htdvpete, I’ll take that bet, Trump can still get re-elected, that’s how little the voters think of the political system.

  137. @Independent voter, Don't discount what happened in the 2018 midterms where we saw near-record turnout and a blue wave. Also, Trump only won the three key states (PA, WI, and MI) in 2016 by about 78,000 votes out of over 136 million cast. Hardly a mandate. Another problem Dems had was participation by African-American voters. It was down 7% over the 2012 presidential election. And pay attention to Independent voters (something the Times doesn't do nearly enough). A large number of them swung to Democrat candidates in 2018. And Independents make up about 40% of the electorate now. Trump's approval rating has hardly moved since he took office and has never been above 50%. His hard-core supporters amount to about 35% of the total electorate. That's all. I'll stand by my prediction.

  138. I'm with HER. The Madam Speaker is absolutely correct, hang Trump around the GOPs collective Neck, for 2020. The GOP Senate will never, ever convict Trump, make them own Him, in the Election. VOTE them out, ALL of them. They truly deserve it.

  139. @Phyliss Dalmatian, that’s sound advice. If the Democrats were to put as much effort into working up a coherent and realistic alternative to Trump as they are on impeachment it would be saying a lot. But from all the candidates so far it’s obvious they can’t which leaves only the impeachment drum to beat as a distraction. Free drum lessons for everyone! All paid for by the .01%.

  140. @Phyliss: I hope you’ll read Charles Blow’s op in the NYT today, and as many of the comments as you can. I did an about-face today. Impeachment is the only choice for a lawful democracy with an outlaw in our White House. Make America Brave Again! Impeach 45!!!

  141. Trump still hasn’t offered his testimony under oath on his campaign’s involvement with the Russians, nor has he been questioned under oath about his payoff of women he has been accused of having affairs. A thorough Congressional investigation must happen, and then impeachment, if the evidence clearly demonstrates he lied...did we already forget the impeachment of Bill Clinton?

  142. She sounds like Susan Collins. Impeachment is what the Constitution calls for. It's not a matter of opinion. The evidence is overwhelming. Do we just allow him to keep picking judges? By the time the Democrats get around to doing anything, it's going to be too late. It may be too late already.

  143. @Stuart -- Well said. I was a moderate Republican my entire adult life until the radical right took over and made clear I was considered a RINO. I left during W's second term and re-registered as undeclared (independent). I resisted my friends' calls to register as a Democrat because the party is hopelessly inept. There are many reasons that upwards of 40% of voters self-identify as independent. And this undoubtedly is one of them.

  144. Given the diversity of opinion regarding the significance of Mueller’s findings, Ms. Pelosi is taking a leadership position sorely missing in many quarters of Congress. More power to her as the House rolls up it’s sleeves and gets to work.

  145. Trump’s incessant, pathological lying alone would be solid grounds for impeachment. He is a disgrace to his office and our nation.

  146. Unfortunately, we are dealing with two problems: Donald Trump, in all his unethical and immoral glory, and a Republican party, which has chosen craven fealty to a narcissist blowhard who holds himself, and only himself, as the center of the universe. What, exactly, do all of his supporters hope to gain? That tax gift turns out to be no great gift for most voters, and his promises regarding healthcare are proving to be the big lies they have always been. White nationalists are rightly encouraged, but surely they are not quite the majority that Stephen Miller thinks they are. Misogynists, racists, homophobes, antisemites and anti-Muslims are all on board, but are there really that many of these misanthropes? Donald Trump is an embarrassment to America! So why are so many Republicans still genuflecting to this fake god of theirs?

  147. No, George Washington and the Founders took the long view - a tool to block corruption or remove a despot, especially if foreign interference is a factor. Pelosi’s long view may we’ll ensure future dictatorships. She is the ultimate unimaginative bureaucrat, without a clue. Impeach.

  148. we all firmly agree that we should proceed down a path of finding the truth,” Sigh, that pursuit of the truth again? Nancy, just tell us what that should be that will satisfy you before we start searching to spare us the torture of having to go down every possible avenue until we finally stumble onto something slightly resembling your desired acceptable version. If ever a word has lost all meaning it’s truth.

  149. I can't shake the feeling that Hilary Clinton lost to Donald Trump because Newt Gingrich impeached Bill Clinton. That drama, which was totally unwarranted, did accomplish one thing. The die-hard Republicans became to hate anything Clinton. They raised their hate level permanently up and Democrats paid the price and still paying the price. Pelosi should impeach Trump.

  150. It’s my understanding that impeachment is laying out the facts. Is Pelosi not clear on this?

  151. Pelosi is correct in calling out Trump's reprehensible, sickening behavior (those words actually came from a Fox News legal analyst and a republican senator. Impeachment would be the wrong approach especially with the 2020 election coming over the horizon. Instead, democrats should pass good legislation in the house and let Trump "twist slowly in the wind" having to explain the 10 episodes of possible obstruction of justice included in volume ll of the Mueller report.

  152. How long to the next presidential circus? A year an a half? Get ready for a year and a half of gaslighting. By then, none of this will have ever happened. Report? What report? Russians? What Russians? Ms Pelosi needs to understand that your either on the good side or the bad side, there is no middle ground.

  153. Mitch McConnell is correct that the American public have had enough of the collusion and obstruction discussions that have gone on for two years. Nancy Pelosi knows that impeaching President Trump without further proof of definite guilt will hurt the Democrats chances for a presidential win in 2020. She wants to make haste slowly and not rush into it without more facts. She is the sane one in the party. And to some degree she wants to keep her speakership job. It is a nice gig and she knows it.

  154. The Times posted an editorial piece by former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart today: Basic premise is that Trump is destroying the GOP core principles and makes a mockery of conservatism, let him finish this term and he might finish the party as well for a generation or more. I agree. I'd rather see the D's run against a damaged Trump in 2020 than make him a martyr "impeached but not removed." No Way he gets convicted by a GOP Senate, McConnell would stall the vote until Mar-a-Lago freezes over. Translation: Phony charges, fake news, witch hunt. MAGA. If Trump is re-elected in 2020 the D's will likely hold the house, may pick up the senate, and at that point there could be votes in both houses that put each rep on record. Worst case scenario is that Devious Donald gins up a fake war to become a wartime president. Lest we forget, his moral compass points inward as he is the center of the universe. In the world of bare-knuckle politics a few body bags are the cost of doing business...

  155. Nancy Pelosi was brilliant when she said that she would pursue impeachment only if something really incriminating were to come from the Mueller report but that otherwise, Trump just isn’t worth it. Speaker Pelosi took the oxygen out of Trump’s lies that he is the victim of any conspiracy, and that Democrats operate just to get him. Ms. Pelosi is also keeping legislation for the American people at the top of the House agenda, which is what they were elected last year to do. If Nancy Pelosi’s approach is emulated by the rest of her party, Democrats can win the White House and Congressional seats in 2020.

  156. What seems to be unspoken, despite all the words from pundits and politicians alike, is that Russian interference did swing the 2016 election to Trump. Only 50,000 votes in key states gave Trump the Electoral College victory. Russia released the Podesta emails at exactly the right moment to have an impact. That coupled with Russian planted social media campaigns could have easily made that much of a difference. (I’m not removing blame from Hillary, who was a much disliked candidate from the outset, nor Comey, for the Weiner emails fiasco.) That said, Republicans in the Senate have sold their souls to the devil (as did Vice President Pence); they will not vote to sustain an impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is correct; the goal has to be to prevent any Trump legislation getting past the House and to win in 2020. By all means; call Mueller to testify and continue to push for the tax returns. It is hard to imagine the Republican Senate voting to convict, and even if they did, it would not stop them from continuing to approve radical right wingers to the bench; a President Pence would nominate from the same list. All the efforts must be to find a candidate who will beat a Trump and put an end to this national disgrace.

  157. What Pelosi ignores is that the current Congresses' life is limited to two years. Anything they do pretty much ends with the next election, when a "new" Congress takes over -- even if Democrats are fortunate enough to maintain or even enhance their majority. Trump's strategy obviously is to slow play the Democrats and drag out litigation seeking to impede their investigation until the next election. Pelosi is too cautious. Do both. Impeach and conduct further investigations. Our democracy depends on it.

  158. @RunDog Even if Trump wins a 2nd term, Democrats are still likely to maintain control of the House. And who knows, their Senate numbers could improve. Pelosi is not saying don't impeach. She's saying don't impeach now. They need to give other investigations more time to work.

  159. Donald Trump is the worst President of my lifetime. He's probably the worst President of anyone's lifetime, but I'll leave that to the historians to decide. Trump is a con man, a crook, a degenerate, and an incompetent who has stocked his administration with just slightly less awful versions of himself. However, he should not be impeached. Even if the House of Representatives impeached Trump, the Senate--the Republican side of which has demonstrated the backbone of overcooked spaghetti when it comes to Trump--would never remove him from office. The only thing House Democrats would accomplish by impeaching Trump would be to give him a foil to rail against and enable him to further portray himself as the victim of the mean ol' Democrats. Nancy Pelosi is right. (As she usual is.) The best way to get rid of Trump is to beat him thoroughly in the next election. So thoroughly that, hopefully, politicians of all parties will be afraid to emulate Trump's indecent, immoral, and probably criminal behavior. Only an electoral tsunami can wash away the Trumpian pollution that has befouled our country.

  160. @Ram Trump should be impeached for his corrupt and criminal behavior and for defrauding the American people and partnering with a foreign adversary to steal the 2016 election.

  161. @Ramsey Well said, however, my fear is that the red states will prevent people from voting and the electoral will vote the idiot in again.

  162. @Ramsey Impeachment and removal are different things. Most importantly, the House needs to make the most serious of rebukes in the face of clearly criminal behavior on the part of the President. Obstruction of justice goes to the heart of our nation's fundamental guiding principle: the rule of law. No concerns about political policy or electoral expediency should take priority over our basic and essential commitment to the idea that no person is above the law. Mueller has presented prima facie evidence that Trump obstructed justice. If not for DOJ policy, Mueller would most certainly have recommended criminal charges for obstruction. The House should take Mueller's findings at face value and impeach the President. Let it be a foil for Trump; we already know what he's going to say. Unfortunately, Trump has made normal policy issues (immigration, taxes, the environment, etc.) unimportant when compared to the country's need to restore its observance of traditional institutional norms, the rule of law, and the dignity of the presidency. Impeachment is required as a matter of constitutional principle - fidelity to the constitution must not be part of a Machiavellian calculus.

  163. "proceeding to investigate the findings of the Mueller report"? What??? Investigate the findings? Investigate the Mueller report?

  164. I am 72 years old. I am a Democrat. I have never voted for a Republican in my life. I grew up in a working class family. My mother was a waitress and my father drove a taxi. I grew up hearing that Republicans were for the rich and Democrats cared about the poor. In 72 ears I have not seen anything to change my mind. I detest what Trump is doing to the country I love. A country that I served. I have a bone spur. That did not keep me from being drafted in 1966. I believe the biggest mistake the Democratic Party could make is impeachment. It will fail in the Senate and will only reinforce the belief among his base that the Democrats and Liberals are on a witch hunt. Give him 2 more years and his growing erratic behavior will, I hope, convince the majority of this country that he is a threat to this country and toss him out of office. The egomaniac will have a nervous breakdown. Rejection will destroy him. Impeachment will accomplish nothing. Take note of the Republican fiasco with Clinton. Do not make the same mistake.

  165. Absolutely !!! Agree with you One Hundred Percent. We must use our Brains, not just our Rage.

  166. When Nancy Pelosi says "we must show the American people we are proceeding free from passion or prejudice, strictly on the presentation of fact," I am reminded of something about the Mueller report that has bothered me since the first time I read it. And that is this statement, repeated more than once in the report: "While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, neither does it exonerate him." Mr. Mueller was charged with finding evidence of illegal actions on the part of Mr. Trump and his campaign. He found none. Yet, Mr. Mueller goes beyond what Ms. Pelosi refers to as "presentation of fact" to then render what is essentially a political judgment (no "exoneration"). I think that Mr. Mueller tainted his otherwise excellent investigation with this inappropriate commentary.

  167. I’ve read three articles, one by Charles Blow, another by Joe Lockhart and now this one. There are good cases to be made for both impeachment and to not impeach. Case for impeachment is strong, early we have never had a more corrupt and amoral president in recent history! Donald Trump May have not “colluded” with Putin’s Russian operatives in the U.S. who were promoting and helping Trump’s campaign! BUT...Donald did not alert the FBI that Russia was helping him out! To me this is...collusion! The case against impeachment is made by Speaker Pelosi, and by Joe Lockhart in his op-ed in the NYT today. Not impeaching Trump means that he will continue to damage the Republican Party, it’s now hanging by a thread. Keeping Trump in Office means America will have to suffer through more disgusting behavior, evil policies and incoherent tweets! All the while Senate Republicans are running for re-election! And the Democrats have plenty of material for some amazing political ads! Don’t know what the answer is, but I do trust Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats who were ELECTED by We, the People in the Blue Wave of 2018! Expect a Blue tsunami in 2020!

  168. Why should we impeach? Our country was attacked and continues to be attacked by our greatest enemy. This is the true national crisis. The most important line in the Mueller report appears in the introduction to Volume I: “The Russian government interfered with the 2016 election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” Our president’s response has fallen woefully short. And now we know why. (Barbara McCuade in NY Mag) The primary theme of the House investigations must be protecting our country. A Russian cyber-attack could destroy the 2020 election, threaten our power grid and national defence computer infrastructure. Immediate action is vital.

  169. @Barry64 How do you know what the president's response has been? How many articles has the NYT written about steps taken by the Trump Administration to combat cyber threats? Contrast that coverage with Trump's. Priorities are messed up when it comes to Russian interference.

  170. Time after time the talking heads on Fox News have demonstrated DJT is easily baited and goaded into saying and doing incredibly stupid things. Speaker Pelosi is finally learning how to needle DJT. The Mueller report and investigation revealed there were enough guardrails in the WH to keep DJT from careening into a ditch and temporarily saving him from impeachment. The guardrails have been removed and only the likes of SHS remain. With a well-chosen poke or two over the next few months, DJT almost surely will alienate the Republican caucus and the now unconstrained DJT acting out on his impulses will put them on the side of impeachment in a move of sheer desperation and self-preservation.

  171. My own personal opinion is that the Democratic leadership should pivot to working on how to make the next election free of Russian interference instead of focusing on Trump. I am really worried about this as are many Americans. Having a free and fair election, particularly in 2020 is more important than going after Trump.

  172. @Susan Vance It's surprising how little coverage the Russian meddling pre-Trump has received. According to Mueller, Russian interference started back in 2014, well before Trump. One almost gets the impression that the media is more interested in getting Trump than they are in Russian meddling. Ask yourself this: Would we even know about Russian meddling if Trump hadn't won? Obama knew but never told Americans. Something doesn't smell right there.

  173. I really wish the media, had including the NYT would start emphasizing this issue and focus on solutions. Please!

  174. To bring impeachment proceedings should not be based on the likely outcome. It should be based on the materials available to Congress that are grounds for impeachment. Let the republicans go on record and derail the efforts. We will know they are complicit . The American public need to know who in our congress stand for principles and principles alone.

  175. She is right the House needs to finish the investigations. The need all Mueller's infomation. Trump just said the people that tole Mueller and the FBI the refused to carry out orders lied. That needs to be investigated. Requiring them and Trump to testify UNDER OATH. Remember Clinton was required to submit to a deposition. None of which is likely to stop the current Republic Congressional Leadership from getting prouder and prouder the Trump eery day.

  176. Pelosi is compromised, she not brilliant or anything else. The politicians are dirty in both parties some more than others. Trump is just the reflection of them all in the open. Which is why he still can win re-election.

  177. Pelosi is not the adult in the room talking about get all the facts; Mueller took two years to find the facts. The report is in. Read it and draw a conclusion. Mueller was clear. Now Pelosi cowers from her Constitutional duty out of political fear. I guarantee that if a Republican were in Pelosi's shoes and a democratic president was acting this grotesque, a report this distributing filed, there would be no hedging about impeachment -- the GOP wagons would be circling in agreement. Pelosi, look at the cards and play your hand aggressively, don't get cute. Impeach. He broke the law. We need to send a message to the world that at least part of our government will not stand for this. This is bigger than domestic political games; it goes to our global reputation. We need to restore our once good name.

  178. Madame Speaker, Senator McConnell partially agrees with you. He doesn’t want impeachment but further no more investigating. I hope you can provide soon to the public your rationale for not moving quickly to impeachment proceedings. Specifically, I detect that the timing is important to you; although you state Trump is ‘presently’ unfit for office. Respectfully, that’s an oxymoron needing better explanation.

  179. @Samuel Owen....The better explanation is that it requires votes, and until and unless Republicans in Congress support impeachment it is a fools errand. Better by far for the House to concentrate on passing quality legislation on healthcare, DACA and immigration reform, minimum wage, affordable college education, infrastructure repair and improvement, CO2 reduction and climate change, early childhood education, and etc. Pass quality legislation on to the Senate, and if the Senate rejects them or refuses to vote on them, they become ammunition for flipping the Senate in 2020.

  180. @W.A. Spitzer So what if a majority Senate members vote to acquit that's their lawful right and will be placed in The Public’s Record. But the Senate cannot do that unless The House indicts first—that’s the process. As far as legislation, since The Senate & President can block and veto that also. Maybe House members should just resign since their presence is of no importance except by GOP decree!

  181. @Samuel Owen And next year when the campaigns really heat-up. The GOP will have a new slogan. “NO GUT’’S DEMOCRATS” They ‘may’ have had a case but have no conviction and drive.

  182. A great economy, wall street is doing great, great jobs reports, tax cuts, record African American and Hispanic employment, and several of President Obama's intelligence heads ready to be uncovered in the coup of the century, what's a speaker to do? On top of this, she has two ignorant outspoken freshman newbies who keep acting up that she must somehow restrain. How will Nancy and the DNC take out Bernie this time? They can't let him win the nomination. Stay tuned for more dirty tricks and antics by the DNC to take out Bernie.

  183. @P McGrath During the last midterm, democrats never talked about Russia. Why? Because it's not an important issue to voters. They care about the economy and health care. It's just a particular cohort that wants Pelosi to impeach. Her problem is how to appease them so they don't peevishly sit out the next election. Meanwhile rational democratic voters are waiting for democrats to get back to their real jobs, which is deliver things like jobs and health care.

  184. As one who has been victimized by bullies more than once in my life, this Nancy Pelosi's response is classic. It is NEVER ok to sit on the sidelines and say nothing while a bully breaks the rules (or laws) and tramples good people. Alas, cowards are afraid and concerned only for themselves. Pelosi and the others might be surprised just how many other angry and frustrated silent victims there really are - regardless of the "polls". She's in a position to do something Why do we elect these people if they won't fight for us?

  185. Do not impeach!! Let him destroy the GOP. I just hope the country still stands after his departure.

  186. Why are the Democrats worry about impeaching Trump? Where is the political risk?After Clinton was impeached by the Republican house,the Democratic Senate did not convict him but still Republicans went on to win both houses of Congress and the presidency.

  187. Sometimes young inexperienced folks have a clearer idea about things. They do things older people would never dream of. Maybe just moving towards impeachment is what has to be done for our mental health as a country. It sets clear boundaries. I know everyone says it’s hopeless and will just make the republicans even more defensive but what about self respect. Don’t rock the boat? Maybe without impeachment the boat isn’t worth rocking.

  188. @Steph- but equally sometimes the older wiser mind which has been round the block a few times recognises patterns the younger one may miss. One can inform the other to everyones benefit. Best not to be agist but to treat everyone as an individual worthy of respect for their contribution. Pelosi is playing a canny and experienced hand - watch and learn.

  189. Impeachment, even if successful (which it won't be) is a fail. If you impeach and fail, Trump gets re-elected. If you impeach and win, Pence gets elected. And, contrary to other posters here, Congress doe NOT have a "duty" to impeach. They have the OPTION to impeach. If it isn't going to help them, then obviously they shouldn't do it. Pelosi is right: there are much better ways of dealing with trump. get the facts, especially to keep going after as much past financial info on Trump as they can get, and trip him up on his money-laundering and other shady and funny-money deals from his past. Trump operates like a mafia boss - that's his style - good old New York back-room power brokering. Therefore, he can be taken down the way past mafia bosses have - on tax violations, money-laundering and shady deals. Giuliani knows this quite well because he and his past right-hand man James Comey used precisely that strategy to take down NY's big mob families in the 80's. Even back in 2018, Steve Bannon (who is very familiar with how Trump operates) stated that if Trump is taken down, it'll be exposing the money-laundering that does it. And that is exactly why Trump is using every trick in the book, including suing his own accounting agency, to keep his financial past from ever being revealed.It's not hard to connect the dots if you simply take off the impeachment blinders.

  190. As much as I found the Republicans' ceaseless and baseless hounding of President Obama reprehensible, it was effective in winning over a time starved public. The public read the headlines, and the force of repetition permeated. That likely contributed to them getting both houses in 2016 and landing us with Trump. Democrats just can't punt here, they need to own the narrative and be the voice of accountability and the check on this president and this Republican party. I'm hoping that the Dems stick to the facts, keep the focus on obstruction, and point out the many witches who have been caught, and put pressure on their Republican colleagues. I hope also that they don't blow it like they did the Kavanaugh hearings by letting the Republicans play out their narrative. They need to go on Fox news and state their case to the significant proportion of the public that turns into them. I believe in measuring before cutting. But don't measure too long that you miss the best window of opportunity.

  191. Nancy Pelosi, if successful in forestalling impeachment, will be the woman standing between Trump and a second term, saving the Democratic party from itself, responsible for the biggest realignment of American politics in a very long time, setting the standard for "leaving on a high note" for a very long time. Go for it Ms. Pelosi!

  192. I stand with Nancy. We should continually wound Trump the point where even Republicans have had enough of him just as what happened with Nixon. Back then it was the Republican Senate that was willing to vote guilty on impeachment that forced Nixon’s resignation. Today we are nowhere near convincing the Senate to vote guilty so why waste time on something that is doomed to failure. What’s the point of the Democrats reaching for impeachment and then failing? An alternative is to hold hearings and investigations until the summer of 2020 and just before the election go through the motions of impeachment. Then if at that point it succeeds, Pence is only president for a few months.

  193. Shame on you, Nancy, and all Democrats for putting politics over principles. Individual one has committed impeachable offenses and he should be impeached as a matter of constitutional authority. You are holding this man to a lower standard than Bill Clinton, and in so doing sacrificing the moral high ground on the alter of political expediency. History will judge you complicit with this malfeasant administration, no less so than any of the political hacks and liars who populate it. Beware this Faustian bargain, it is doomed.

  194. @J Henry @J Henry - They and We would be just like him if we didn't start the process with hearings. Come on, everyone, hearings can lead to impeachment but due process.

  195. @J Henry To draft articles of impeachment now would obscure the necessary investigations of Trump that go beyond conspiracy or obstruction. Since it is unlikely that the Republican Senate will ever take the House's articles, let the public see as much evidence as possible to vote Mitch McConnell and his like out of office in 2020.

  196. @J Henry Why are so many people from outside the U.S. so willing to make such statements. "History will judge you complicit with this malfeasant administration, no less so than any of the political hacks and liars who populate it." Really? Nancy Pelosi is not complicit. She if fighting this clown at every step. Now please let her do it. I hear Geneva is lovely in the spring. Enjoy it!

  197. Trump is horrible but he's also done more for undocumented immigrants than any president. More have been motivated to come and try their luck than any before.