No Impeachment in View, but Democrats Push On With Investigations of Trump

Democrats vowed to gain access to the full special counsel report, and seized on statements that were less than definitive in the attorney general’s summary of it.

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  1. The full report should be released, but it is time to focus on a legislative agenda about healthcare, education, jobs, the environment, protecting reproductive rights, and gun control. Start defining a positive platform for the 2020 election. Run for something, not just against something. I don’t like Trump anymore than most people that comment here, but don’t get stuck in an the echo chamber. Two years of nothing but investigations doesn’t win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

  2. @James Williams: "Two years of nothing but investigations" accurately describes the media, but does not describes Democrats in Congress. As quickly as they gained some power in the House they started work on many fronts, only one of which was investigating Trump. The media's failure to report effectively hides the fact that Democrats can (as they say) walk and chew gum at the same time.

  3. @Mitch G Many fronts? Like disbanding ICE when our borders are under pressure?

  4. @Mitch G Well said I agree. The key to Democrats wining is to focus on issues.

  5. Democratic voters will decide whether they want to continue to be misled by democrats that there is a crime in there somewhere waiting to be uncovered. Clearly democrats have a vested interest in keeping that narrative alive. Meanwhile most rational Americans understand that no collusion or obstruction was found and will move on.

  6. @AACNY Agree. And it is such an opportunity for Dems, and frankly Congress as a whole, to get things done. To be the grownup in the room. I've seen the Dem party become the babies, however, and that doesn't bode well for 2020.

  7. Granted, politics can be partisan and dirty. But Trump has taken politics into yet another terrain, one of flagrant disregard of US laws. That is causing the dilemma for Democrats. Should the Democrats focus (only) on policies and wining in 2020 and forgo of prosecuting Trump to the fullest and avoid the political squabbling with the Republicans, or fight to uphold the laws of the country and what the Constitution requires? It must be both!

  8. @Nicholas There is neither time nor energy and attention to "do both". Focus - on the long-term.

  9. @Les But that would mean to hack one of the three legs of the state, the judicial. Doesn't "the checks and balances" scream at helping the judicial be kept whole? What is the Legislative role in seeing this happening? The Congress must hold Trump accountable!

  10. @Nicholas We have various committees in Congress. They should all engage in their respective policymaking and investigations. This administration must be held accountable not only for its violation of checks and balance and pursuit of corruption, but also for its policies hurting the working class, the environment and violating human rights. Congress is a large body. They can and must do more than one thing at a time,

  11. Do we, as taxpayers, have any say as to how much is wasted on these serial investigations? Apparently millions have been spent and the tap continues to fund whatever the next scheme is to oust Trump. Time is short now until an election and the Democrats should put ALL of their energy into sourcing and supporting a viable candidate. Right now, it looks like the inmates are running the asylum and my hopes for defeating Trump with a strong, balanced, centrist candidate are nil.So what then? Another four years of investigations, accusations and money down the drain?

  12. @me Yet there is supposedly no money for infrastructure, deteriorating schools, recycling or cleaning up our drinking water.

  13. @me Did you care and protest when the GOP had investigation after investigation of the Clintons with a big nothing burger as the result....Did you tell the GOP not to waste taxpayers' money? And did you forget about all the indictments and guilty pleas or findings of guilt of all the Liar in Chief's associates including Manafort who shared election data with the Russians?

  14. @Hellen Yes. I agree. I just read the number is $30 million.

  15. Why is this so hard to comprehend? AG Barr used the same standard that James Comey used to exonerate Hillary's wrongdoing, i.e., "no intent" (even though Hillary's particular malfeasance doesn't have intent as an element of the crime and it was therefore irrelevant). It's no surprise that the political class has essentially given itself a get out of jail free card in perpetuity as the alternative would get very messy for the plethora of bad actors in both major parties. It's only a matter of time until the little people recognize that the "justice" they receive in America bears no resemblance to what the well-connected enjoy. When they do, expect yellow vest protests on this side of the Atlantic.

  16. Democrats: focus on calling attention to Republican policy changes.

  17. @Les no. The Democrats need to focus on fielding a viable candidate for the 2020 election.

  18. Impeachment will never happen. It's over. The Democrats will continue to ask for the Report - for political purposes to further their chances for a Democratic Presidential upset in 2020. Good luck. If the Democrats want to make another Benghazi out of this Report, go for it. It's going to provide fodder for the Democratic candidates - however, it's just a crutch they're going to use, as they cannot focus on the issues which are material to this Country. Reading the report is not going to help any Americans with poverty, unemployment, infrastructure replacement, record debt and unfunded liabilities. No, let's keep trying to undermine our President and see if we can get elected that way. Nancy and Chuck aren't attorneys for the Justice Dept. -- they can opine all they want that the Report can still indict our President. They can pretend all the way to the next election - but at that point, it's put up or shut up. If the Democrats can't field a qualified candidate in 2020, no matter what they say about Trump will be futile in their attempts to take the White House.

  19. @JMS The Democrats will likely nominate a socialist who supports open borders. That will be a ballot box disaster.

  20. @Conservative Democrat It will be a ballot box disaster all right. But, the question is, "A disaster for whom?" Ask Joe Crowley and the Democratic Machine about the ballot box disaster in NY-14 last November. Ask Cuomo, De Blasio and Bezo their opinions of ballot box disasters.

  21. let's move on two years of extremely thorough investigation now some want further, more more more and can't admit reality it's over let's move on where are the mea culpa from the politicians who stated publicly they had sure evidence? shame on them. perhaps their lies will come back to haunt them, in reputation or within laws regarding slander. let's not forget the whole thing started with a dossier planted by the Clinton team. that we sat obsessed for two years, letting FBI investigate the fiction...shame on us

  22. @Joe Yoh Where do you get your news from? Fox? Or straight from the GOP? The dossier wasn't planted by the Clintons. It was financed by GOP opposition to Trump and then taken up by the DNC...I am so tired of people who live their lives in alternative fact realities....That is why we have this disgrace of a human being in the WH now.

  23. @stefanie Actually, you are incorrect by omission. The GPS Fusion was initially hired by Beacon to investigate backgrounds on all the candidates, one of whom was Trump. But, after less than 2 months, their interest waned and they canceled the investigation. Then, GPS Fusion approached the DNC legal team, who hired them to investigate Trump, and only Trump.

  24. The great question wasn't conspiracy, it was whether the Russians had a part in rigging Trump's election. Anyone see that investigation and results? Anyone see the part where Trump or his family were called in to answer questions under oath? Something rotten this way. Hugh Massengill, Eugene Oregon

  25. shameful. these witch hunts 3rd world country politics going after political enemy with subpoena in America representatives should act for the good of the country Now, its all ego, pleasing left radicals and intellectual dishonesty shame on them

  26. @Joe Yoh This witch hunt was started by Rob Rosenstein someone appointed by Trump? So it is a Republican witch hunt.

  27. @Robert Pryor...The "dossier" preceded AAG Rosenstein's Appointment of Special Counsel on May 17, 2017. Who spent $6,000,000 on the "dossier"? As always, follow the $6,000,000.

  28. @Albert Edmud The "dossier" was a republican effort prior to being picked up by the Democrats.

  29. I want the Democratic Party to start acting like the Democratic Party again, after a couple of decades of identity-politics that address the civil rights of diverse groups of people: Focus on the ECONOMY, and the fact that all boats do not rise together any more! Oh wait, the Democrats, like Pelosi and Clinton, Harris, Biden etc are all obvious Wall Street CEO/global investment-backed puppets to the big-donor crowd. They could not come anywhere near Sen. Bernie Sanders in gathering the largest number of small-donations in the history of this country. Instead the last round of DNC welcomed back the direct-bribery from federal lobbyists to the party--- a door that had been closed by President Obama, who said it was the "least" the Democrats could do to stand out as the party of the people. If the Democratic leadership wants to impress me, they would move very quickly to introduce and fight for Infrastructure and Healthcare, and debate Immigration and get something passed.

  30. @mjpezzi Um, some inaccuracies here - Obama 'said' he would get lobbyists out of the white house, but then hired a number of them. He had an ideal, but didn't follow it. Could be because he felt they were more knowledgeable? I don't know; I only now he reneged on that campaign promise.

  31. This is an important moment for the Democrats. They can either accept the results of the investigation and focus on policy and proving that they can govern better than the Republicans, or they can spend they next two years wasting time with never ending investigations. The first option probably puts a democrat in the Whitehouse, the second guarantees Trump’s reelection.

  32. @Dan M...If that's the case, Trump will win by a landslide. Take away Santa Claus as well as Inspector Clouseau and Columbo, and the Democrats have nothing.

  33. We've waited two years for the results of this investigation. We've had to suffer through it being in the news every day. Mueller clearly looked in every direction and has taken down a number of people that were in Trump's circle at one point or another. He has concluded no collusion. But because of Trump's tweets and comments it appears the democrats will now extend this farce for the rest of Trump's term while we all have to listen to the nuances of what could constitute obstruction. And it will lead to nothing while we all have to suffer through political grandstanding. How about getting back to governing?

  34. @Charlie How can anyone govern when the Senate leader won't allow votes on House legislation and the President will veto any legislation where the House and Senate agree? Nothing is getting done until after the 2020 election. Get used to it. Lawmakers might as well busy themselves with investigations. We're paying their salaries anyway. And besides, the issue won't be put to bed until the public actually reads the Mueller report. We could be waiting a very long time. The Jaworski road map wasn't released until last year and sections are still redacted. Relax. We have time.

  35. @Charlie " He has concluded no collusion." Mueller concluded that he could not prove collusion. Yet what about: 1/ Manafort turning over raw polling data to the Russians. Manafort was Trump`s campaign manager. 2/ The Trump Tower meeting with the Russians and all the important Trump campaign staff. Trump lied to say the meeting was about adoptions. 3/ R. Stone`s Wikileaks contacts about HRC`s Emails that Trump bragged were about to be released. Al Capone was not convicted on murder or bribery or obstruction of justice. The Feds got him on income tax evasion but he was guilty of all of the above. Sunday was another bad day for US justice.

  36. In the American Justice system, isn’t it the role of a judge and jury to decide the guilt or innocence of a defendant in a criminal prosecution? Mr. Muller abdicated his responsibility to indict Mr. Trump thus leaving the Attorney General in a position to make a political decision to not prosecute Mr. Trump.

  37. @Robert Pryor Google “prosecutorial discretion” to determine if the evidence is sufficient to charge a crime. The answer may surprise you,

  38. Can media or someone please address these questions? Why do only some public workers like elected officials, appointees, judges, soldiers and police officers take ‘oaths’ of affirmations before assuming employment roles whereas other civil servants do not? This is obviously a double standard so there must be a reason! Maybe having public impeachment proceedings can help clarify this dichotomy? At least on a federal level by defining what ‘High’ crimes and misdemeanors are if those Constitutional terms have more of a moral ethical meaning than a prescribed legal one. Strange times indeed!

  39. As expected, the Democrats are poised to squander a chance to do something in favor of protesting Trump.

  40. Of course they do, because we would not want to do anything bipartisan or productive would we? Why do that when we can divide the country even more?

  41. I have lived in the US since I was born here. I have never been so disgusted with the media and my nations governance. This Barr report might as well have been sent out in comic book format. It is a joke. We had to endure 25 years of constant badgering by Republicans over the indiscretions of a Democratic President and his candidate wife and now we're supposed to shut up? With a criminal mafia style family actually continuing to obstruct justice by having their stooge Barr summarize a yet unseen report? Congress must act. This sham is a stain on the United States. Stop having talking heads tell me what is right and wrong. Report the news, Try just once not to pre spin it for a change. I'm sick of the hubris. This is just wrong.

  42. This is getting to the point of insanity. The Democratic party made some self inflicted strategic mistakes over the last 10 years and need to deal with that instead. First the democrats did not fully support an extremely popular President Obama due to anger over his beating Hillary and racism within the party. Then they put all their eggs again in the Hillary basket even to the point of rigging the primary and alienating a sizeable portion of the base. Hillary loses again and once again the only democratic response is anger over Hillary losing. The democrats are now the obstructionists. Now the only issues they deal with are Trump and illegal immigrants. In the meantime democratic controlled areas are experiencing extreme inequality, horrendous infrastructure, lead in the water and many voters disgusted with local leaders. Enough with the Trump obsessesion and behaving like children because Hillary lost. I said years ago she would never be president and I am increasingly ashamed I was ever a democrat. Move on and deal with real issues.

  43. @Hellen Criticizing Democrats with regard to Hillary is fair. I never understood the Democratic infatuation with Clinton. Even the association is a check in the minus box. Imagine if Republicans had run a credible candidate. However, that's the point, isn't it? This really isn't about Hillary or Democrats. We have a President credibly accused of criminally violating campaign finance laws. He is also theoretically guilty of obstruction of justice. Prosecutors are simply lacking intent. An intent that cannot be substantiated without calling the President to interview before the FBI. An act the President refuses to do because he is incapable of avoiding perjury even when innocent. Add to this attacks on democratic institutions, the environment, emoluments, nepotism, corruption and general decency, I think we should encourage Democrats at every opportunity. I would prefer a third party option or at least new leadership. However, these are the times we live in. You need to work with what you have.

  44. @Andy You don't have much to work with do you? But don't despair. Free everything courtesy of the political and economic revolution of the New Blue Wave will shore up democratic institutions, the environment and general decency while ending emoluments, nepotism and corruption. Who needs leadership when you have a winning ticket like that?

  45. We wake to a new narrative: The favored Trump was the passive beneficiary of Putin's influence campaign and hacking during the 2016 effort. As a matter of Putin's largess, based on his hate for the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and seeing in Trump a toxic divisive leader and Russophile who in a matter of months in Office would be laughing it up, denigrating and bragging about firing the "nut job" FBI Director in the Oval Office with Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak. Trump incidentally told them that the firing relieved great pressure on the Russia investigation. We can all be more comfortable knowing now there was no conspiracy with the Russians. It was all just a series of unfortunate events from which we can now move on, there being nothing to see here.

  46. @Ghost Dansing The Comey firing did not “relieve pressure” on any investigation. It amplified the pressure and caused the appointment of special counsel.

  47. Dems, please focus on policy errors and, including taxation, and follow the Southern District's trail ... that is, and always, follow the money, or in the case of this presidenyt, follow the lack of monies paid and the unethical business behaviours.

  48. Bottom line if borderline case for impeachment don't do it. Republicans will never convict. However if there are felonies eventually committed by Trump or serious abuse of power by pardoning his crooked advisors, impeach even if republicans will not convict. Democrats should be on the record as doing their job whereas republicans will forever be looked at as people who were guilty of dereliction of duty.

  49. If there was “no collusion” then the Administration has no reason to withhold any documents from Congress.

  50. @Revoltingallday The reasons are numerous for redaction, including the identity of innocent people who would be unfairly hounded and the protection of national security secret, tradecraft methods and the identity of counterintelligence agents. Sorry.

  51. I want to see that report and make up my own mind. I do not want Barr, who was obviously biased against any finding of collusion---see his 19 page memo, deciding what the report says. And didn't Barr promise to release the report? Now he is backpedaling--no surprise there. He is a Trump lackey.

  52. @stefanie You have no right to see the report. It's against all judicial norms. That's because reports like this investigate innocent people, but find things (anything) that could embarrass or lead others to false conclusions. We see it everyday, including in the NYTimes. People are guilty because of leaks and social media, only to be found NOT guilty. This is not coming from a pro-Trump reader, it's coming from one who believes in the rule of law and the justice system that is to protect the innocent; we are all innocent until proven guilty by evidence obtained legally. The ends do not justify the means. Ever.

  53. @Stefanie... You do understand that there are legal limitations on the release of certain aspects of the Mueller Report such as classified information or information subject to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e)? You do want the Attorney General of the United States to abide by the Rule of Law don't you , stefanie? And, no, AG Barr is not backpedaling. He is doing exactly what he said he would do, subject to the laws of the US as enacted by Congress.

  54. It is Ironic that Trump's enemies now pursue obstruction of justice in a collusion investigation where the supposed crime did not occur. Remember, the supposed crime behind the investigation was illegal cooperation between Trump or his people and Russia to fix the election. Once the door was opened to armed raids, collection of private documents, and surveillance unrelated things were uncovered with some individuals and they were squeezed for process and tax crimes. Was this the true purpose of the investigation and surveillance? Enough is enough. It's time to investigate a possible cue to overturn the Presidental election potentially through weaponized government powers including FISA. That would be an enormous crime. John

  55. Donald Trump is not concerned with the Democrats' investigations; he knows he does not have to be. While praising the intelligence of the American electorate, he secretly knows that they can be led around like a bulls with nose rings - only instead of bull rings, he uses their beliefs and prejudices to lead them wherever he wants. If DJT doesn't destroy our fragile democracy, he has published the blueprint and playbook for some other demagogue to do it later. If a democracy like America's is going to exist, there will have to be a paradigm shift in human thought throughout the world. In the near future, we will program the human mind in the computer based on a "survival" algorithm, which will provide irrefutable proof as to how we trick the mind with our ridiculous beliefs about what is supposed to survive - producing minds programmed de facto for destruction. These minds see the survival of a particular belief as more important than the survival of all. When we understand all this, we will begin the long trek back to reason and sanity. See

  56. @RLB "In the near future, we will program..." In the near future is called voting.

  57. @jim mcgurk, voting (2020) is near enough for me. I cannot take 2 more years of MAGA oppression.

  58. Republican sycophants have had their turn at sink hole investigations, such as Benghazi, that for all intent and purposes was to besmirch Ms. Clinton (who did by the way sit for two days of Republican grilling, Trump would fold after five minutes). Republicans are great at shameless hypocrisy. Trump is a new level of malfeasance. Oversight is the Constitutional mandate of Congress, without this oversight our form of government is doomed. If the House does not question and investigate the horror of this President, for fear of the "Publics" impression of such proceedings, we will then be ruled by a dictator.

  59. @SLF Say what? Bottom line is bottom line. Why get so upset. Perhaps the Democrats can do better at the polls where it all counts.

  60. @SLF: Four people were killed in Benghazi because HRC as sec. of state spent more time heeding e mails of Sidney Blumenthal rather than those of the late ,regretted Ambassador Stephens who tried fruitlessly to warn Madame Secretary of the impending threat. Special FORCES troops were injured and 1 was also killed by the terrorists who stormed the Consulate/Embassy in Benghazi! HRC has a lot to answer for, and her response to Congress, "What difference does it make,"demonstrated complete insensitivity!

  61. @SLF...I can't find anything in my copy of the Constitution of the Unites States that says anything about "Oversight is the Constitutional mandate of Congress". I can't even find the word "oversight" anywhere in my copy. But, Article I Section 8 does enumerate 18 specific legislative duties which " The Congress shall have the Power To...(1) through (18)...". Nothing about "Power To Endlessly Oversee while Ignoring its legislative Powers".

  62. Trump won. The end. The Dems can launch a dozen investigations. Subpoena the underlings he fired. Beg for his tax returns for another two years. Grandstand and demand. None of it will stick to Teflon Trump and will only make him stronger. The only thing that could have hurt is collusion, ie treason, but that was obviously never in the cards. Dems got played. Too bad it cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in a useless witch-hunt.

  63. @Jay Lincoln Trump won? Collusion and obstruction were the rather esoteric charges he faced. Now comes the charges for nitty-gritty crimes that put people in prison.

  64. Trump should take this victory and move on. Let Social Democrats Schiff, Nadler, Cummings, et al continue wasting our time, money and energy chasing the great white whale. The result they reap just might be negative blowback from 2020 voters fed up with their Game of Trivial Pursuit.

  65. @GWB I think the Dems should also move on to work on the many problems the US has, many exacerbated by the great white whale— you did mean Trump there, yes?

  66. It is almost astounding that the Democrats want to focus us on this misconduct instead of what affects our lives. How awful- there are so many terrible, out in the open, actions that have been taken in health care, faa, cdc, science, public lands, CFPB, banks, Internet etc., that change my life. Republicans are masters of click bait, how can I believe in the Democrats - they do the same. The party is a mess.

  67. The questions raised about the President were legitimate and the investigation was necessary. Now that the President has been cleared of the collusion charges let the Attorney General make the call on obstruction and move on. I hope the democrats will quit using their feeling of disgust for Trump as a smoke screen and cover for their inaction and lack of leadership on the major needs of the people of this country. Show the country that Democrats can supply the leadership we need!

  68. Mueller did a very thorough and professional investigation and found NO COLLUSION. It's time to move on. For those unable to accept this reality, I must say, having a full-blown case of Trump Derangement Syndrome must be a miserable existence. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. When you're ready for some treatment, I'm pretty sure TDS is covered under Obamacare. But you might want to hurry...before President Obama's last remaining "accomplishment" collapses under its own weight.

  69. Surely there are enough savvy Democrats that realize after Mueller's report any continued investigations only helps Trump. The rationales to pursue further efforts give credibility to notion of a "witch Hunt'...move on.

  70. @PD Curasi Quoting Brian Beutler - "Republicans charged ahead with a dead-end partisan impeachment of a popular Democratic president, and the country punished them by electing a Republican president two years later." If Democrats want to win in 2020, they need to impeach Trump. Impeachment worked for Republicans; it will work for Democrats. Why? Voters want officeholders that will fight for their side. Republicans do; Democrats don't.

  71. Our system of justice is not set up to “exonerate.” That is why a jury does not return a verdict of “innocent,” but rather makes a finding of not guilty as charged. The term exonerate is meaningless in this context.

  72. The Republican screaming machine has started. Time for the NYT and honest news media to report on what is being done in congress rather than the screaming machine. The Republicans know how to work the media and the media still has not learned its lesson. As Ms Pelosi said, "(u)less there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country,” Ms. Pelosi told The Washington Post two weeks ago. “And he’s just not worth it.”

  73. Rep. Doug Collins [R-GA] - “I hope he [Nadler] recognizes that what may be political fodder for Democrats may not be good for our country,” I hope Democrats are long past listening to Republicans; especially when they make statements that include the phrase "good for our country".

  74. @rls Am I missing something? What’s wrong with that phrase?

  75. @DB Republicans stopped caring about "the good of the country". Winning so that they can continue passing tax cuts for rich people is all that matters to the GOP. "Party over country, power over principles" is the GOP motto.

  76. Release the report....sure... but there's No way, DOJ should give the democrats, or republicans, the names of innocent people that Mueller may have questioned during the investigation so they can go after them, mock them with stupid questions in congressional hearings, destroy their names, all in the name of politics. We so need more people in Congress that represent their country first and party second. I can dream!

  77. "... it was less clear on Sunday how Democrats leading that panel would incorporate Mr. Mueller’s definitive conclusion that there had been no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to undermine the 2016 election." What? There has been no "definitive conclusion" on conspiracy. You are basing that statement on Barr's summary, not the Mueller report. Trump's campaign manager handed over campaign data to a man the FBI judged was a Russian intelligence asset. His campaign had a back channel to Wikileaks and appears to have coordinated the timing of the leaks. But there was NO conspiracy? Trump's crimes may not be prosecutable, there was conspiracy. That's all ready been established.

  78. The democrats hatred of Trump will destroy them.

  79. @bob...Or, being the US.

  80. Give it up, my Democratic Party. With this finding by Mueller, must of the air has been let out of further pursuit of Trump; it has now lost force. To get rid of him, we need a winnable candidate to run in 2020. None of the people who have announced have a snowflakes chance in summer. I've advocated in other comments that Joe Biden and Adam Schiff are the best we have. Let's use them.

  81. I think it’s just wordsmith that Barr quoted. Not in cahoots with the Russian government. Is really ever the government??? Isn’t it always Putin’s ffriends and associates doing the heavy lifting????

  82. This is a political disaster for the Democrats and their media lapdogs (especially the NYT). That these arrogant liars continue to take this 'impeachment' hogwash seriously after their two-year temper-tantrum hoax to overturn the results of a legal election; their two years of screaming that the President should be removed for mental incompetence; their two years of painting the people who voted for and support Trump as crazed Deplorables, steeped in uneducated idiocy; that the Noble Progressives have not had a moment of self-reflection or worry about the impact of this totally discredited fairy tale on their credibility on every issue, on the electability of every Democrat, should show that these geniuses have sunk to the depths of intellectual dishonesty and risen to the heights of political incompetence. This is a true disaster for the left demonstrating their core dishonesty and bad faith. If the Best And The Brightest continue on this track after they have made such arrant fools of themselves the damage will increase. The defeat of the left by a person they described as too mentally incompetent to hold office should cause at least some self-reflection so that the same self-inflicted damage doesnt occur again. Trump wins You lose

  83. Great! They will keep up the fruitless "investigations" and ensure a second Trump term!

  84. If the Dems continue down this rabbit hole, not accepting the report, suspecting Barr of conspiracy just because he was appointed by Trump, not only will they lose the trust of the people, they will lose votes. You ran on policies, I thought, and so we voted you into office. But now, all we see and hear is whining and the desire NOT to do your jobs, but to continue with endless investigations and spending. We've already spent/wasted over $25 million on this and it seems, to this reader at least, that nothing short of taking over the country with one party that cares only about power taking the helm. Taking it not with the people's approval, but with the DNC and Pelosi, not to mention the likes of Cortez and Omar. Identity politics really hurt the Dems, but it seems they do not recognize or care. And I'm now certain they do not intend to do their jobs, to compromise, or to even support our constitution or government institutions. I'm broken hearted to watch this country become a banana republic, or worse, because Dems don't like Trump. This is not what our country is about, or at least was about.

  85. The Mueller report should now be treated as a MacGuffin , a distraction from the main plot.With Barr as AG and the federal courts stacked with the Federalist Society's judges, forget about "the rule of law". Focus on the next election and not on Trump . Campaign on a New Deal campaign. Dems should channel FDR but use current language . Then 2020 will be Happy Times Are Here Again.

  86. This outcome was inevitable because the investigation was asking the wrong question. Trump never wanted to be president and did not plan on winning the election (not to dismiss his penchant for wanting to "win"). Why would he collude to win? The correct questions are being asked by New York's attorney general and I believe he will find Trump's Achilles heal. Trump's first priority is The Trump Org. and he IS using the presidency to its advantage in any way that he can. He's a disastrously incompetent president - eating the government and country from the inside out. In the meantime, let Congress spend some resources on Trump's relationship with Putin from a national security standpoint. That would be productive.

  87. @Hit-Girl We are supposed to get equal treatment under the law. That means you don't target someone because of conflicting political ideology. If a politician shoots someone we should go after them because that's what we do when someone commits murder. If someone goes 60 when the speed limit us 55, they should not have the book thrown at them because of their politics. Trump and his people, I believe are targeted for political reasons. Which of the Mueller indictments would have occurred were it not for Trump associations. John

  88. "The evil men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones." The type of human being that we have elected President is there for all of us, and the entire world to see. To blame him for what he is and what he isn't misses the obvious tragedy.Our government, our constitution, our court system, and our political party system has a flaw, perhaps a fatal flaw. Trump exposes a malignancy, a missing fail safe device that allows the pilots of our democracy to correct a fatal error before the ship of state comes crashing down. That device may be inside somewhere but it seems no one knows.

  89. Isn't it time to start passing laws that will benefit the population at large and let the electorate decide what to do with Mr. Trump in the upcoming election. Can America afford more years of nothing getting done?

  90. “We’re going to move forward with our investigation into obstruction of justice, abuses of power, corruption, to defend the rule of law, which is our job,” Mr. Nadler told reporters in New York afterward. “It’s a broader mandate than the special prosecutor has. His mandate is only for crimes.” In other words, the newly empowered Democrats are going to use the machinery of government to continue investigating Trump for purely political purposes. Nadler tacitly acknowledges that “crimes” are off the table; so it’s now (solely) about finding dirt that they can use against Trump in 2020. It’s party before country with these folks. Sad!

  91. More wasted time and money by Congress. They didn’t get what they wanted with the Mueller report so now they’ll try something else. Americans are tired of the bickering between parties. Our government spends its time in turmoil while drug prices soar, China is on the move, and Russia interferes in our elections. We want solutions to these problems and we want them now!!

  92. Trump came to Washington to try to clean up the mess that is the entrenched ruling class, and do what's right for the country. He's met nothing but resistance -- from both parties. I heard a political scientist on CNN a few months ago say that Trump is the most non-ideological president we've had since Eisenhower, and that he just wants to get things done. Trump has said since the beginning that he's willing to work with Democrats and Republicans on things like border security, health care, infrastructure, getting our troops out of the Middle East and Africa, etc. If the Democrats, and the never Trump Republicans could just stop trying to drive him out of office, they could all achieve goals they've wanted for decades. They're wasting an opportunity to fix some problems that have been festering in our country for decades. What a shame.

  93. @dgbu I fullly concur

  94. @dgbu Trump's behavior speaks volumes about his unfitness for President. One can frame the Mueller findings to help his cause and continue to game the gullible, as Barr did. It should now be obvious to all non ideologues, of either political party, that Trump has been and continues to be a master con man who is now useful to the Republican party but destructive to our country and to World peace.

  95. @dgbu, what about issues like gun control? After the Parkland shooting, Trump indicated that he would support some progressive gun control legislation (apart from his idea to arm teachers). Then after a meeting with the NRA, he completely back-peddled on common sense gun control. Is that an anti-ideology president who wants to "get things done?" Your broad brush is encouraging, but not accurate if you look at specific issues. I hate to bring up Kavanaugh, but if the president had been willing to look at the circumstances and had any interest in a bipartisan outcome, he would have withdrawn his nomination. He still has no idea what he's doing. He's doing far more harm than good through no one's fault but his own.

  96. It’s not over until the last aria has been sung. We’re waiting, patiently.

  97. No collusion? No conspiracy? Well, the line between Trump as conspirator and Trump as dupe of Putin, Netanyahu, Kim Jun Un, and Xi is a tenuous, moving line. But Trumps readiness to be duped, to be used, by autocrats is at least as dangerous as colluding with the Russians to subvert an election would be. He is so desperate to join their club of authoritarians that he thinks his hero worship of Putin and bromance with the North Korean leader have bought him full membership. The worst of Trumpism is yet to come if the GOP spin doctors succeed in revving up his supporters to mindless complicity with his white supremacist, plutocracy agenda.

  98. With former Democratic presidential candidate Avenatti facing more than 90 years in prison as a result of an FBI investigation what more humiliation can CNN and Pelosi withstand?

  99. "he and Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, had concluded the evidence developed by Mr. Mueller “is not sufficient to establish” that Mr. Trump obstructed justice." The Feds were not able to convict Al Capone for murder, bribery , fraud, etc. They got him on tax evasion. Follow the money. The Trump-Kushner crime family must be jailed or there is no justice in the USA.

  100. @Duncan Lennox Trump is a murderer?

  101. I would like to see Hillary Clinton investigated again, but this time very very thoroughly to determine her role in undermining Trump and Bernie along with the fake dossier. I would also like to have Obama come under oath and discuss his role in the FBI fisa warrants. As a nation we need to get to the bottom of this and make sure the presidency does not weaponize the FBI and other agencies like Obama did. This is very very dangerous for the USA with former CIA and FBI directors making false claims and impeachment innuendos just because they didn't like the results of the election. This was a hit job against President Trump! No question about it!

  102. And so the probe moves from Trump to Mueller, and now on to Barr. The party never ends.