New York Today: Tips to Take Away From Fashion Week

Wednesday: Style advice from designers, the Brooklyn Book Festival and “One Film, One New York.”

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  1. I have alot of trouble with the world of "Fashion". When and where would anyone wear the clothes that are showcased at fashion weeks. Not to mention the fact that a fair amount of them are well above the average person's price range.

  2. They are more like "shows" and people buy tickets, buy stuff related to Fashion Week. A lot of money flows through this heavily planned "event". Also, Headhunting is done during Fashion Week.

  3. Thanks for the coverage on what is "out there" at this time. After reading, the tip I received was: My new fashion line that I have been designing for many years is going to be a success! I still haven't seen anything like it, yet.... and I've been combing "the field" for a long time, just to see if I have competition.

    Cathy was a model baby,
    Quick to learn, even hyper;
    Only 11 months, she babbled,
    "Do I look fat in this diaper?"

  5. Excellent one, Leon! When I can stop laughing, I'm striking a pose and sending that to my email list. Thanks for the good cheer, as usual.

  6. “Chromat, a line worn by the likes of Madonna and Beyoncé”
    There's a lovely underlying message, of style being what makes you feel comfortable, that seems to go through the advice here!

    tune of “Material Girl” (Madonna’s song)

    Some get classy, some try dressy
    Thanks to their design
    Long as they’re not dull or messy
    They know they look fine

    Some like blue, but one thing’s true
    The color’s your own call
    Any hue that is truly you
    Can take you into fall

    Still everyone is showing with this material, world
    And denim’s that material, girl!
    Designers all are going with this material, world
    And denim’s that material, girl!

    Some are spending on what’s trending
    Some just wear all white
    I say don’t show up in flip-flops
    And you’ll be all right.

    Still everyone’s designing with this material, world
    And denim’s that material, girl!
    Designers all are mining this one material, world
    And denim’s that material, girl!

    (The material, the material, girl!)

  7. Thanks Freddie. Thought I was the only "no flip-flops" person here...Great song, as usual.

  8. LOL, thanks, N Smith. But just trying to summarize the advice in the article. Trust me, I lost my own fashion sense (which I did have years ago) a while back. :)

  9. As one of those "people who don't care to follow 'fashion rules'" - I dig pleated pants and flip-flops - yet according to Ms McCharen-Tran, the latter is a "fashion faux pas."

    The "logic" seems incongruous.

  10. Fashion was easy when I was in school. You wore what others were wearing. Peer pressure is impossible to resist when you are young. Luckily in the 50's and early 60's parents had a half a dozen kids, money was tight, and we did not have air-Jordan's at astronomical prices (we wore black Keds, or Converse all-star sneakers). lower middle-class families handed down clothing, and for the most part, we all dressed alike.

    It must be tough today for kids who desperately want be like other kids when financial constraints may prevent it.

  11. Not a Fashion-maven, but must agree...Flip-flops in the city are a "no"!

  12. Long-sleeved swimsuits? Who has such a thing? And if you did, would you wear your long-sleeved swimsuit without pants around town during the warmer months?