Ted Cruz: The Mullahs and Their Missiles

America cannot stand idly by while Iran threatens our ally Israel.

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  1. Obama. What an ingrate. And after all that Congress has done for him, you think he'd be more cooperative. Israel's security is important, but if we can't find a billion or so to defend pregnant women and their unborn children from the Zika virus, it's going to be hard to justify more money to defend our allies abroad.

    To be fair, Congress has a sketchy record of protecting U.S. citizens against all sorts of calamities, so it's hard to know where its priorities lie. Affordable health care gets attacked relentlessly by Republicans. Our own infrastructure is crumbling around us, but there's no money to keep bridges from falling into the river.

    You'd think money wouldn't be an issue, and God would protect us and our allies. But I guess with all the gays and abortions in this country He's abandoned us. It sure seems that the countries that frighten us the most seem to have Him on their side.

    So we need to depend on money instead of divine intervention. Maybe if we stopped giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, we'd have more money to help our allies. And if certain ideological zealots didn't pull stunts like shutting down the government, maybe we could get more of the nation's business done.

  2. I agree with you but just out of curiosity, who in power do you think will hear you much less act to start repairing America? Congress certainly won't.

  3. These particular "allies" do not now need our help. They have nuclear weapons of their own and the means to deliver them. They are more than a match for any military threat, at the moment, from any middle eastern adversary.
    Their main threat is from within, because the birth rate of modern Jews, who will serve in the military, is well below that of the fanatical very orthodox, who refuse. The birth rate within Israel also is high amongst Muslims. No longer is the population of modern Jews being maintained via immigration. The handwriting, unfortunately, is on the wall. When their adversaries also have nuclear weapons and combat depends on a conventional force superiority, they may one day be in serious trouble.

  4. Cruz is is the problem. We need to get rid of his kind, that is how we protect this country.

  5. Tell me senator, who exactly is propping up all the Wahhabi in the middle east. How many americans have died by Sunni or Wahhabi terrorism ? (Hint: Osama Bin Laden was Saudi).
    And how many americans died by shia muslims ? The illegal capturing of the american sailors, which by the way were treated by according to international standards (no beheading) was the worst. Iran even came to an settlement when the US shot down a civil airplane by mistake in 1988, killing 290 iranians.

    Mr Senator, your reasoning is biased and dangerous. Iran is not exactly Mr Nice Guy, but they play by the rules. But you are deliberately distracting from the real culprit. Maybe you are not aware what is going on in the ME, maybe you are more interested in arms-deals. Iran is an actor we should make use of, especially since all our other allies beside israels have a much more deteriorating attitude to the west than the mullahs.

  6. Thank you, Mr Weitz. Totally correct. And let me add that the NYT should be ashamed to allow Senator Cruz to traffic in such crude bigotry, with all his references to "mullahs".

  7. "The illegal capturing of the american sailors, which by the way were treated by according to international standards (no beheading) was the worst."

    You mean that incident a few months ago? There's reason to believe the Americans strayed into Iranian territorial waters, which would mean the Iranians were completely within their rights to capture the sailors. The Iranians picked them up and held them for a while, John Kerry talked it over with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Zarif, they basically agreed to chalk it up to an honest mistake, and the sailors were returned to base safe and sound.

    In other words, nothing bad happened, because we'd bothered to engage diplomatically with them. Which I'm sure was a big disappointment to those who wanted that to become a Gulf of Tonkin moment.

  8. You do realize Sunnis and Wahabis aren't synonymous right? The majority of Muslims are Sunnis.

  9. America's middle east political and military influence has, at the very least, served to destabilize the peace and caused gratuitous death of innocents and combatants . We 've chosen "sides" in holy wars, and our politicians have sold the American public on policies that have cost us trillions and fanned the flames of violence and hate. The results are, simply put, entirely counter productive to the cause of peace. The irony is that, until now, America's foreign policy is historically based on the notion that saber rattlers in third world countries need to be dealt with as if they had the fire power to represent a military threat equal to ours. Please,let the sabre rattlers threaten and rattle away, and let the peace-makers continue to monitor the reality that represents a prideful nationalism that separates the political intentions of sovereign countries; let us be vigilant, but always remind ourselves that America has the military might to destroy Iran should it take action against Israel. And finally, let us hold Israel to a much higher standard with regard to how it deals with its neighbors. I thank our president for his leadership and we can only hope that the next administration does not slip back into the same counter productive policies that always give way to war.

  10. Beautifully said! My feelings exactly, but more eloquently put.

  11. This might be the first time I've felt even the slightest bit convinced by Ted Cruz argument on this issue (or any for that matter)

    After the recent Nytimes profile of Rhodes, in which it was made explicitly clear Obama never really intended to wage war against Iran no matter how the deal shook out, I feel genuinely concerned that I can't trust the president on the issue.

    We should, at the very least be funding these programs. While it's clear a deal is the best option, it's terrifying to me to think Obama even considered allowing a nuclear Iran to become a reality.

  12. Zack,

    do a bit of research into the ideology of the reporter who did the profile on Rhodes. As a teacher, it is my task to develop the critical thinking skills of my students so they can ask questions. There is bias in them thar hills

  13. Ted, Iran is not going to send a missile, nuclear or otherwise, into Israel for the same reason N/ Korea doesn't send one into S.Korea. Which begs the point, why not write the same article about N.Korea's threats against the USA and the S. Koreans. Both countries know that the USA could wipe them off the map if they were to launch.
    Stop scaring people and sucking up to Netanyahu and the Israeli lobby. The Israeli's have proven time and again that they are capable of taking care of themselves especially with the billions we send them for defense. Funny that you want to shut down the government for too much spending and yet you deride the President for not "finding" the money for more Israeli aid.

  14. This effort to portray Israel as a weak, vulnerable state, requiring the aid of the US to buy the latest defensive missile technology, omits a few pertinent facts. Our ally, far wealthier than Iran, receives billions in annual aid from America and possesses more than adequate resources to purchase these defensive weapons. The Israeli Defense Force, moreover, includes in its arsenal a highly potent nuclear strike capability. Any attack by Iran, which lacks nuclear weapons, would have to employ conventional explosives, an act of folly which would risk obliteration of the country in retaliation.

    The government in Tehran knows these facts, yet Senator Cruz asks us to believe that the regime's fanaticism includes a willingness to commit national suicide. Nowhere in his column does Cruz even imply that Iran has violated its pledge to forego the development of nuclear technology, and the available evidence indicates it has not done so.

    This being the case, Senator Cruz's effort to sow fear and anxiety among Americans stands exposed as part of a clumsy campaign to prove that the Democrats under President Obama lack both the will and competence to defend either ourselves or Israel. Were this indictment valid, Cruz would share the blame, since his sole contribution to governmental operations has involved an effort to obstruct them.

  15. I understand that a billion dollar deal for the Israeli military is presently in the works.

  16. The U.S. has $24 billion (in 2013 dollars) less to allocate to foreign aid due to the green eggs and ham government shutdown:


    and a continuing drain of $10 billion (in 2011 dollars) in increased annual debt costs due to the deliberately manufactured credit downgrade:


    that have to be made up from somewhere else in the budget.

    It's simple math.

  17. Y'know, Cruz -- if an Iranian naval vessel were to enter American territorial waters, it's safe to assume that U.S. military forces would react promptly, and there would doubtless be "searing images" of Iranian sailors with their hands up, under the watchful eyes of armed Americans. In fact, if the U.S. military failed to respond to an Iranian intrusion with at least as much vigor as the Iranians did when the American navel vessel entered their territorial waters, Cruz would be leading the chorus of outrage. So what, exactly, was wrong with what the Iranians did then?

  18. Why exactly should the USA pay for the defense of Israel, given that Israel is the most powerful country in the middle east, with nuclear weapons, rockets, etc? In fact, why should we particularly care about Israel, one way or another regardless of the weaponry they possess? Nothing against Israel, or their lobbyists (who are just advocating for a cause they believe in); but are Israeli's somehow better than Greeks? or Mexicans? or the Liberians? I'm sure those countries would love to get billions of dollars from us too. Israel is not my cause, nor should it be my government's cause. It is utterly corrupt and shameful when our politicians from Obama, to Cruz, to Hillary, to Trump, advocate giving our money to Israel.

  19. It is due to the disproportionate power of AIPAC in US politics. I understand that there is some logic in helping to defend a democracy that the US helped establish, and that there is some historical reasoning behind the existence of Israel despite their frequent violations of international law and human rights, but the treatment it receives is far and beyond anything the US does for any other country. Israel is a powerful sovereign state, not a weak victim, they do not need help, but who would turn down free money?

  20. Cruz looks forward to working with his congressional colleagues, he says, but all reports indicate that no member of Congress wants anything to do with Cruz. He has single handedly alienated just about everyone. To paraphrase Iran's Ayatollah comment about Israel, the Ayatollah might call Cruz the rabid dog of the American congress.

    Iran's paranoia about America goes back to the United States overthrowing their president and installing the dictator Shah in the 1950's . Iran's paranoia about Israel stems from Israel obtaining nuclear weapons with the passive neglect of the United States, France, and England. Additionally, Israel has assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists, in some cases along with the scientist's spouse.

    After 68 years of Israel and middle east instability, there is little hope for a normalization among all these same antagonistic countries. With Israel's belligerence toward Iran and the Palestinian community, there is little reason to predict peace anytime soon.

    20 20 hindsight is not necessary to see that allowing Israel to obtain nuclear weapons was the most irresponsible decision made by any of the parties since Israel's founding May 12, 1948.

    Given Cruz's history of exquisite antagonism during the presidential campaign and in the Senate, I can't imagine a less qualified candidate to exercise diplomacy in the middle east!

  21. "Iran's paranoia about America goes back to the United States overthrowing their president and installing the dictator Shah in the 1950's ." It is important to add that the Iranian president overthrown was democratically elected by the Iranian people. There have been no apologies for this action!

  22. What Israeli could ask for more? True concern for Israel. If it were only believable. If Senator Cruz were only a viable candidate. I for one take a skeptical view of all this supposedly pro-Israel rhetoric during a campaign; these things tend to get lost afterwards. But in any case, the chance that Mr. Cruz will be nominated seems minimal and if he thinks particular Jewish segments of the population will propel him to a victory over Donald Trump then he is misreading the political map.

    All of what he writes vis-a-vis the Iranians has been stated many times by Mr. Netanyahu. The Obama administration has chosen to ignore it or play it down, albeit with the occasional halfhearted saber rattling empty threat against Iran.

    One can hope that the next president, either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump (being realistic) will pay more attention to these matters. At l;east they will have a chance to do something about it.

  23. Lyin Ted Cruz. Iran has not received $100 billion. They are complaining about how the assets are being held up. Netanyahu has been wrong and extremist so many times before. (Google him with bomb cartoon and U.N.) If you think Obama and Clinton are not paying attention to these matters, you are deluding yourself. Obama was the primary supporter of financing Iron Dome. Legitimizing the extremist Cruz should end right now.

  24. In the meantime, you have generous socialized medicine, subsidized education and a whole class of people who don't work and haven't until recently had to serve in the military, but just get to study the Torah while producing lots of children. Over here, our government wants to defund education as much as possible, get rid of the ACA and send more of our taxpayers money to your country. I know you consider yourself "God's Chosen." but some of us consider ourselves God's children too and think we have the right to fund our own citizens' needs first.

  25. Totally agree with you. It is important to emphasize that all of the generous socialized medicine, subsidized education, and military have been totally at our expense. Whether we like it or not, our U.S. dollars are what is supporting Israel to the detriment of our own citizens.

    I would like to see a box in my tax form that asks if I would like to have any of my tax dollars go to Israel. My answer would be a resounding NO!

  26. After his disappointing defeat to Donald Trump, it is encouraging to see that Ted Cruz has not given up advocating for causes that need to be addressed. It is good to see the NYT giving him such a platform. As someone living in Israel, I am glad to see that there are important American voices truly concerned with Israel's security. Thank You!

  27. Friends you chose tell more about you than the enemies you have.

  28. There are also many that think Israel can look after itself.

  29. Francis, as we just demonstrated, Ted Cruz's voice is not important.

  30. This is total nonsense.
    Who has the most advanced military weapons in the Middle East?
    Who has an arsenal of nuclear warheads of approx 200?
    Who has a modern economy with a good GDP per capita?

    If Israel is to become the 51st US state, then let's just go ahead and do it, otherwise Israel is more than capable of defending itself and has the economic capability of purchasing whatever defensive military weapons systems it feels are necessary to defend itself.

    Israel, decades ago, may have needed the financial largess of the US in order to purchase modern weapons to defend itself. It is now capable of supporting itself through its own financial resources.
    Every dollar that the US gives Israel, is a dollar freed up in the Israeli government budget to subsidize the settlement projects on land that is not in the state of Israel.

    Does anyone ever wonder if we are being taken to the cleaners and why do we continue to subsidize Israeli citizens with what amounts to a $500 tax rebate for every citizen in their country?

    Let's worry about Israel demonstrating that it is a democratic state that does not countenance the military occupation of millions of people on land that is not in the state of Israel.
    That's a legitimate worry for us amid a desire to secure peace.

  31. Israel demonstrates its democracy everyday, in a thousand ways. It is an 'occupier' only because it won land in a war - several wars - that it did not begin. Israel has tried to make peace, but each time its offers have been rejected. When it returns land it won in these wars - as in Gaza - its enemies create terrorist enclaves instead of green, prosperous countries for its people.

    No one wants peace more than Israel, but the reality is, Israel has no peace partner, and never has. Thus, Israel can and must do whatever it takes to protect her citizens.

    Ted Cruz is correct in this particular analysis.

  32. Ted, you live in Houston, right? LONG before you and yours came to America, that land belonged to the Cherokee. Then we and THEN you came along and took it from them by force of weapons (fair fight, right? guns vs flint arrowheads?). Along the way, we decimated the Cherokee to make sure they couldn't take it back someday.
    Okay. Let me re-phrase the above so that you can get my drift on Israel:
    Ted, long before you decided to come to the aid of Israel, ALL that land belonged to the Palestinians. They were the only folks there because (the Bible tells me so) the Jewish population became involved in a diaspora.
    Tell me, then, why should the Palestinians be expected to allow the Jewish refugees to take their land of some thousand, more or less, years and not be expected to be REALLY REALLY angry about it? Especially when all the Christian West is beating the war drums against them?
    And why shouldn't the other long-term surrounding residents (and including the Palestinians) of the Middle East, the preponderance of whom are Muslim, be expected to behave like Christ and turn the other cheek when you, a Christian, not only don't, but beat the drums of war against them and their children?

  33. Easy. We continue to send them money because the majority of that money is loan guarantees. Far from simply cutting a check, almost 80 percent of the money given to Israel is required by treaty to he spent in the United States. Foreign aid for israel has several benefits. One, it allows the Israeli government access to US defense contractors, a relationship that has proved highly beneficial to both parties. Two, it is a way to funnel more money to US industry through considered use of a formerly noncontroversial method. Finally, and this is the important bit, every country that borders Israel with the exception of Egypt has, in the last two decades, publicly reaffirmed a wish for the genocide of the Jewish people in the Middle East if not the whole world. One might find it reasonable to ask for foreign aid when a population more fifty times the size of your own has called repeatedly for your destruction

  34. In Havana and Tehran people stole around breathing a new air of tolerance and freedom.

    This is all from the bold actions of President Obama.

    To crown their legacy, Obama & Kerry should now make a final trip, this time to Pyongyang, where, once we renounce our bellicose rhetoric toward North Korea, Kim seems ready to open his nation to the charm of our Nobel Peace laureate.

  35. Iran like North Korea and any other country that threatens to wage war or to destroy a US ally forget that once they have fired a missile in that direction then faces the immediate wrath of the United States of America.
    How many times has Nth Korea threatened the US with destruction...??
    Now do I hear overtures of' We will not fire unless fired upon' by Nth Korea.
    Iraq threatened the US before it was invaded, but in truth it had nothing to back its threats with. The threats were as empty as the weapons of mass destruction.
    I am pleased that there is a President that does not leap out of his chair and threaten to 'bomb the Middle East until the sand glows' because it is this kind of knee jerk reaction and loose lipped comment that creates fear in other countries and pushes them to greater weapons development.
    America spends far much more than most in weapons than other countries and I would presume have active satellite and other systems to keep an eye on potential threats be they empty or otherwise.
    It is very easy to get into a war but if the US has learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries it is harder to get out of them.
    In the past 8 years there has been little use for body bags whilst the US has been keeping its boots off warring grounds.
    New Zealand
    13 May, 2016.

  36. So you haven't done anything about the real and current threat of lead poisoning to US citizens in Michigan, but want to fund Israel's missile defense system, giving yet more funds to an already relatively prosperous country that should be responsible for their own defense. Nice to see where priorities lie.

  37. Carlos-"So you haven't done anything about the real and current threat of lead poisoning to US citizens in Michigan, but want to fund Israel's missile defense system, giving yet more funds to an already relatively prosperous country that should be responsible for their own defense. Nice to see where priorities lie."

    No money either for combating the Zika virus which is threatening the health of fetuses from the faux "pro-life Christian" Mr. Cruz, but always plenty of money to blow things up and make desert sand glow in the dark. I will be so glad when he slinks back to the dark hole from which he slithered. I implore Texans to do the rest of America a tremendous service; when Cruz is up for re-election in 2018, please hand him an embarrassing defeat.

  38. Absolutely. Priorities lie with giving funding (77.6% if which returns directly to the US) to a strategic partner in order to maintain a logistics and manufacturing hub in the Middle East from which future maneuvers may be launched. In fact, 3 billion a year is a remarkably cheap investment for such a staggering strategic and logistical gain. The federal government is huge, it is entirely possible for them to fix water and pay for military power projection at the same time. And if your standards for dismissing a threatened genocide is that 'my government hasn't fixed everything yet' you may want to reevaluate your decision making matrix

  39. Mr. Senator Cruz,

    As far as I am concerned, your naked power play in forcing the shut down of the government of the United States to suit your political purposes makes you uniquely unqualified to hold forth on just about anything imho. You are nothing more than a silver tongued charlatan. End of.

  40. Ted Cruz may have been beaten in this year's presidential election. But he hasn't given up hope, and still aspires to America's highest office. So he needs to prepare himself for his next campaign. Why not start with Iran-bashing? In fact his rhetoric reminds me of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's raucousness. Hassan Rouhani's predecessor left behind a toxic legacy and the current administration seeks to restore Iran's international standing. Netanyahu can't forget Ahmadinejad's incendiary remarks and never fails to capitalise on it to stoke fear.
    Ted Cruz refuses to separate the wheat from the chaff and still sees Iran through the prism of the 1980s. He shouldn't underestimate Iranians' aspiration to have a "normal" country. The Revolutionary Guard Corps resents the nuclear deal, and its militaristic ambitions aim to
    undermine Rouhani's effort to normalise relations with the West. It takes time to have hard-liners replaced - a generational issue. Perhaps the international community is glad that Trump prevails. Ted Cruz is as much a firebrand as Ahmadinejad.

  41. The facts give the lie to your assertion that Rouhani represents some sort of moderating force. In December, 2015 he hosted an Islamic Unity Conference in Teheran attended by 300 Muslim leaders from different countries. They did not at all talk about women's rights or gay rights and their main obsession was Israel. Their main conclusion was that they must improve the image of Islam by uniting to eliminate Israel. They alleged that the only party to benefit from the Syrian civil war is Israel (on the grounds that, according to Rouhani himself, the fact of the Syrian civil war stops Muslims from uniting to destroy Israel).
    All of that hatred directed against the Jewish country -- at the expense of discussing any true liberal reforms in Iran -- and you still credit Rouhani with being some sort of moderating force.

  42. Ted appears to overlook or ignore the fact that it was Israel, despite US objection, which first introduced nuclear weapons into the region - which Israel has never admitted. Israel's bombs are variously indicated to number in the scores or hundreds. Because Israel does not abide by any of the worlds''s agreements on nuclear weapons - no one - outside of Israel - knows for certain.

    Still, Iran's leaders know that any nuclear attack on Israel would invite immediate and total oblideration of their nation. There is no parity between the two and never will be. In fact - Iran has no nuclear weapons. So much of this Iranian missile development is meant to position Iran as a Middle East power to be reckoned; much in the manner of another failed state, North Korea. Unlike North Korea, Iran does not have any major nuclear weapons development ongoing. In shutting its centrifuges it has abided by the US-Iran agreement. While it may be regrettable that it does have a missile development program it is a wild stretch to constantly - as Ted, neocons, and pro-Israel appologists do, exaggerate the danger and proclaim the imminent demise of Israel over it.

  43. Exaggerating the danger is the Tea Party's stock in trade. Let's look at all the other manufactured crises. Where, exactly, are all the children being harmed by trans-gendered people in the ladies' rooms? Where are all the voter frauds that restrictive voter ID laws are combatting? When, exactly, have any "gun-grabbing" laws been proposed by the current administration? What states did Jade Helm impose martial law on? And just when did the hyperinflation happen because of the Federal Reserve's actions? Did I miss it?

    But the Tea Party's followers are evidently credulous enough that they will believe anything its self-appointed "leaders" say. After all, it's on Fox News, which is "fair and balanced". They say so themselves, so it must be true.

  44. Pity Americans that they had so less option for leaders, Trump is in for presidency (God Forbid if He is there) but Ted was not better with such childish thoughts on Foreign Policy specially in Middle East. His analysis reeks of no better than a highly misguided hawkish analyst at Right wing think Tank who is always ready to pronounce apocalypse for Israel and vilifying any thing remotely related with Muslims or others nations not endorsing US Imperialism. US has a lot of nuke and already used A-bomb on Asian Country and using other kind of horrible weapons around the globe, and its leaders are concerned with Mullahs or Iran. If it can have it and use it why not other have at least for peaceful purpose. Anyway Israel has already a good supply of this genocidal weapon and who can guarantee it will not use against its neighbors like Saudi, Jordan, Egypt etc whenever it likes to do so. I agree Israel need protection but not Mullahs but likes of Ted and Trump who always misguide them by provoking against its neighbors. Only way Israel could protect itself and others from Catastrophe, it is by more and more talks, negotiations and friendly and polite gestures; And If US could help on it, it would be one of its most important contributions to Human Civilization in a troubled part of Globe. Arrows and David Slings along with Millions of Dollars only enrich and gloat Military Complex and its consultants, not the Israelis who need more peace than Arms.

  45. Strange how we seem to be able to operate in the same battle space with the Iranians in Iraq with little problem. Iran for all its belligerence is more concerned with Salafist ISIL (daesh) then Israel for now. As global warming becomes more noticeable and their environment degrades due to their own mismanagement. Water shortages will increase until around 2090 when the gulf area will be so hot during daytime that human activity during the day will be extremely difficult. In the medium term putting pressure on the Saudi's with the present Iran deal will be helpful in containing the Wahhabi's to confronting Iran rather than spreading ideology abroad. The Syrian revolt started with a drought that the government did little to alleviate. The Arab spring was just coincidental to other factors that would soon have come about anyway. Containment to the middle east of this whole mess is the best policy.

  46. Why should the US taxpayer finance Israels defence, without any signs from Netanyahu to oblige to any demand in return? He outright refuses all UN-resolutions which clearly ban the further construction of illegal settlements. Not only that, but as a part of the moles to undermine US foreign policy, Cruz endorsed the vicious atttacts that Netanyahu ran, in our OWN capital, against our OWN President. It is not a question of not supporting our allies, but it is a big question if our allies do not care at all what the feeding hand says. Cruz wants his war, so that the "sand can glow" in the Middle East, really badly. Seems he totally forgot to mention the role of the CIA in the 50's to "regime change" the Persian government to the oil idustry's liking and not the Persian electorate, that got us this point in the first place......either way, now that he is out as a contender for POTUS, it should just be a question for him whose country he supports more, make his choice and leave... he would be a wonderful successor to Netanyahu's Balagan....

  47. All right thinking Americans, liberal, conservative or moderate owe a debt of gratitude to Sen. Cruz and like minded colleagues for exposing the deficiency of the Iranian treaty and its deep seated desire to harm the Jews of Israel. I am sure that Cngressional action will assure a balance of military might so that Israel can defend herself.

  48. How is Israel, with 150-200 nuclear weapons, threatened by Iran, which has none?

  49. Israel is a rich nation now. Can't it afford its own defense? I'm sure there plenty of legitimate reasons to bash President Obama, but this ain't one of them.

  50. It's weird reading comments like this - I trust Bruce is parodying the sort of transparent appeal to consensus mode of rhetoric so often on display with with Ted "Right Minded" Cruz. But then, it's hard to say for sure.

  51. It is both funny and sad to read this. We spent much of the last 75 years supporting the extreme right wing Islamic state of Saudi Arabia. We overthrew a democratic government in Iran, an act the led to the enmity of the Iranian people, and was behind the seizing of hostages at the US embassy. One wonders why this is missing from Ted’s narrative?

    We even went to war with Iraq with the belief that it would become a springboard to the spread of democracy in the middle east. Well we all know how that turned out.

    Iran does fear us. Our many acts of aggression against them have made it clear that they do need nuclear weapons and a delivery system (missiles) to prevent the US from ever interfering in their land. Is their government terrible? Yes. Is it rational? Yes.

    So we are where we are now, with limited options.

    If Ted got his way, even this weak option would be gone.

    If the US has any role in the middle east, it should be to serve our interests which are open shipping lanes for commerce. Especially for oil.

    Israel may be more like us than Iran, but our interests are not served by ignoring US needs and goals.

  52. Our history in the Middle East is awful. But we cannot disengage because our past engagements have been so destructive. We need to be smart and observant. We know the Saudis are dangerous as are the Iranians. Then how can we forget Pakistan or Syria or Iraq? I'd love to see us pull back entirely. And I am not sure that some sort of huge engagement between Saudi Arabia and Iran for example is not inevitable. Can we prevent this? I doubt it. The Sunni Shia conflict is centuries old and older than any hostility towards Israel or Jews. The question is how big will the next Middle East war be? And will we be foolish instigators like George W?

  53. The Revolutionary guard of Iran is not much different than the ISIS terrorists. Their demonic hate for Israel first, the US next and Saudi Arabia, third is well known throughout the world.
    Please keep in mind that their precision missiles are but child's play in comparison to the 190+ nuclear warhead armed missiles Israel has, that can pulverize every major city in Iran...
    Let's keep a proper perspective when Cruz tries to spread 'Iranian' fear in the US.

  54. It is important to acknowledge that there is no small irony in the publication of this drivel. Ted Cruz is exactly - precisely - the caliber of religious fundamentalist that the Mullah's inspire.

    He's our very own ISIS recruiter.

  55. Iran's hard liners are unintentionally supported by the Saudis, who regard Shiites as heretics and oppose and oppress them. Without the existence of the fundamentalist Sunni threat, Iran would be able to relax its religiosity and rejoin the world as a normal nation.

    A containment strategy against Iran has us choosing sides in an Islamic religious feud, which means that we are being sucked in by one of the sides. The side that has suckered us into helping them is even less a friend of our values than Iran, which at least has elections.

  56. Ted, I believe that you've made important points here, and I suggest that we immediately airdrop both you and your father into Iranian territory to do further recognizance work in this area.

    Given that a former Speaker of the House recently described you as "Lucifer in the flesh", I argue that allowing the Iranians to get to know you better could only enhance future relations between their leaders and the nation they describe as "the great Satan".

    As for the security of Israel, it has an estimated two hundred nuclear weapons and what many agree is the strongest military in the region. Moreover, having freely chosen to live in such an obviously dangerous neighborhood, they can and must take care of themselves.

  57. @MatthewCarnicelli:

    Excellent!...and spot on.

  58. " Moreover (the Zionists, having freely chosen to live in such an obviously dangerous neighborhood,"

    And what at the igneous le of Palestine. They did not choose to have Eurans invade their land and ethnically cleanse them from it . In 1918 David Ben Gurion (Israeli PM for 2 decades) wrote a history of Israel in which he agreed with professional historians that there was no exile of Jews after the revolts of the 1st & 2nd century AD and that most of the Judaists (90%+) stayed in place but that most converted to Islam in the 7th century to avoid a head tax. Ie. The actual Judeans are the Palestinians while the 20th century colonists, as Shlomo Sand points out in his int`l best seller are mostly European descendants of converts to Judaism with very little Near East DNA.

  59. Unless Israel receives massive aid to fund and further develop its( and the world's)only proven anti missile defense system, Israel will be faced with two options.

    Accept an international diktat in return for security guarantees, and hope that if or when push comes to shove the check does not bounce

    Initiate a war with Iran, possibly together with Saudi Arabia, while it still has a significant military edge. At the moment the Iranian military is, for the most part, equipped with 1990s state of the art systems. Once Iran starts spending the billions of dollars about to enter its economy on upgrading these capabilities, Israel's window of military superiority will begin to narrow. This process has already started, and will pick up speed. Within a decade at most, this window will be shut. Anyone who thinks Israel will opt for option 1 needs their head read. Either America cancels the deal, compensates Israel for the damage, or deals with the fallout of a major war in the Middle East, that could go nuclear.

    That's what happens when you scam the American public into accepting what you know is a fraudulent deal.

  60. Wow

  61. You utter such nonsense. Israel can take care of its own defenses. The US tax payer should pay nothing as long as Israel continues to kill, and occupy.

  62. Israel may be a bit more wary of initiating a war with anyone; the last time that happened (Lebanon 2006) things didn't go quite as well as they expected. Iran has active and reserve forces totaling about 900,000 men and a population of about 77 million. I wouldn't be so sanguine about the Israeli's prospects for success, unless they go nuclear.

  63. It is a little early for 2020 presidential race speeches, but based on this bit of not-ready-for-prime-time fearmongering, some advance practice is evidently needed. The biggest threat to our "ally" Israel is clearly the arrogant and fanatical prime minister it has saddled itself with.

  64. BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz is back in Washington!
    Bombs for Israel? Buy 'em!
    Taxes for rich people? Slash 'em!
    Immigrant kids? Deport 'em!
    Poor people? Sick people? Old people? Disabled?
    Yep, Ted Cruz is back in Washington and, once again, the world is safe for HYPOCRISY.

  65. Maybe, just maybe IF Israel had not had many, many nuclear weapons over the past many years, then Israel's enemies might not be so eager to arm themselves as well.
    Maybe, just maybe IF Israel were open and honest about its own nuclear arsenal, then they and we would have some moral authority to demand the same of other countries.
    Of course Israel never had to engage in subterfuge about building nuclear weapons. They just had to 'buy' theirs from us.
    What I don't think Ted Cruz can even imagine is proud and patriotic Americans like me who are no more worried about Iran than we are about Israel.

  66. Israel's nuclear program was started with 600 pounds of highly enriched uranium STOLEN from Pennsylvania , USA . FACT .

  67. Ted Cruz's use of disingenuous hyperbole and outright falsehood is well documented, this column is no exception."First against Israel then against the United States". If Iran launched a missile attack against Israel, Iran would be a pile of ashes within hours and Ted Cruz knows it. Iranian missiles are fired from sites monitored continually by U.S. Satellites.Their missile tests were not part of the nuclear deal. Obama does not trust Iran and thus far Iran has kept its word on the nuclear protocol.The Russian S-300 missile system would be neutralized within hours by the Israeli or U.S. forces. "Searing images of American sailors on their knees".Mr. Cruz conveniently forgets that the U.S. boats violated Iranian territorial waters and were released within hours, thanks to the relationship between Mr.Kerry and Mr.Zarif developed during the Iran nuclear talks."The President could not find a single dollar to put toward procurement...toward missile defense systems." Cruz's statement is an absolute falsehood. In 2007 the U.S. and Israel signed a ten year agreement giving Israel $3 billion a year in military aid. The agreement continues till 2018. Bibi Netanyahu wants to increase that agreement by $10 billion dollars. The problem is Netanyahu's increasing dollar demands, not Obama's "finding a single dollar".Cruz fails to mention the Israeli and Obama administration's cooperation on the Stuxnut computer virus which crippled the Iranian centrifuge program.

  68. Hmm. Looks like Trump had a point - "Lyin Ted". For your information no American President has give Israel more financial support than President Obama, contrary
    to your accusation that he failed to sufficiently fund Israel's missile defense
    programs. More bull from a Republican ideologue - And this despite the disrespect the President received from Israel's right wing head honcho Netanyahu.Not to mention the constant obstruction and disrespect the President gets from a dysfunctional congress led by Republican nitwits.

  69. This is an overt bid for the Presidency in 2020, by Cruz, who was just thoroughly defeated by a neophyte with poor mental health.

    We all know that Iran and Israel both sponsor death, destruction and terror on their imagined enemies.

    One day Israel is bulldozing a house with somebody's grandmother inside in the Gaza strip.

    Another day Iran is...well ...is what? Defending against terrorism by Israel? Sponsoring terrorism?

    Really, as long as guys like Cruz are going to pander to the Jewish lobby, so overtly, and, so blatantly, and, as long as we, Americans, allow our Presidents to enable Israeli terrorism, Iran will be a "problem".

    We can fix that. We can stop enabling Israeli terrorism in the Middle East with huge weapons shipments, and, ridiculous arms sales to fatten military contractor profits. In fact, perhaps Cruz just received his first deposit on 2020 from one of those contractors? Probably.

    disgusting, really.

  70. Ironically, American Jews are rapidly being sidelined in the debate over Israel. The largest group in the "Jewish lobby" (bigger than AIPAC) is called Christians United for Israel. Cruz spoke at their convention last year. His real constituency is messianic Christians who believe that support for Israel will hasten the Second Coming.

  71. "This is an overt bid for the Presidency in 2020..." Agreed. I guess the logical progression is intermittent presidential campaigns to continual campaigns to (now) overlapping campaigns!

  72. The US Congress should fund an tripartite agreement for missile shield development with itself,India & Israel.
    This is imperative in light of the dramatic leap frogging in missile technology,in terms of the distance & destructive power of the warhead & the innate desire of the Mullah's to have at all cost access to this technology to obliterate kaffirs (Unbeliever,infidels) in distant lands as part of divinely ordained blood shedding mandate.
    The west & south east Asia is an breeding ground for the future Nuclear war with an toxic neighbourhood of Nuclear and Misdile powers.
    At last an member of US senate like Senator Ted Cruz has understood the gravity of the issue which now needs speedy action by US Congress.

  73. The more that is spent on arms, the more pressure there is to use them. Just ask Madelein Allbright about the rationale for bombing Serbia in the post Yugoslavia population race for control of Kosvo.

  74. Seem to be a few fictions in this article by the unreliable Mr. Cruz. Just beating the drums of war again. May this man disappear from the political landscape.

  75. Given the sterling record of the last Texan who meddled in the region and governed from his deep religiosity, I think I can just ignore you, Senator. You are more like those Iranian Mullahs than you are able to see. Go back to Texas.

  76. Or, preferably, Canada.

  77. Ted Cruz is first, last and foremost a republican politician. That means, by definition, that he has zero military experience, zero foreign policy competence and zero demonstrated ability at governance. His profession is simply one of braying his opinion about the actions of others.

    The Texan Senator might be surprised to learn that (a) Israel is not the 51st state of the USA and (b) that the most direct threats against the US from the Middle East come from Sunni state sponsored terrorists. If Mr Cruz wants to do something useful in the sphere of foreign policy, then he can sing Green Eggs and Ham until the 28 pages on 9/11 are released. Of course that might complicate relations with the oil alliance between Texas and Saudi Arabia, but perhaps now that JEB? is out of the race, it may not matter as much.

    Seriously, can Ted Cruz please take his Texas values and park them somewhere in a lost canyon.

  78. TDurk,
    Israel is not the 51st state of America? Really?
    We spend more money on Isarel than some of our own states.
    Only way we can stop this nuclear mess is to have Isarel give up its nuclear arsenal for a start.

  79. Sure. Lack of military experience compared to whom: Obama?

  80. 68% of Americans want nothing to do with Israel . Israel is an albatross . Our association with Israel diminishes our moral standing on the world stage and needs to be shutdown .

  81. But Senator, I only scanned your screed; however, you forgot to mention that the Iranians could also target our "Saudi allies" and thus start a regional war, which is in fact the more urgent and real threat.

    But hey, look on the bright side, weapons sales will be good for years to come!

  82. A SCUD war across the Persian Gulf sure would boost the price of oil in a flash.

  83. Considering the havoc being wreaked upon our own citizenry by every form of destructive natural disasters, if our persistently long, extravagant and counterproductive payouts to Israel do not reaffirm out commitment to it, it is difficult to know what will.

    Mr. Cruz's complaints and urging amount to nothing more than war mongering--and the hyping of a requisite bogey man to justify the associated costs of conflict.

  84. What realistic threat does Iran...6,000 miles distant...possibly pose to the United States? And is Cruz seriously saying that Iran has 'the most destructive weapons on earth'? Compared to the US arsenal?? As for Israel, let it give true democracy and freedom to the Palestinians and it will no longer incur the very understandable enmity of its neighbors. Ted Cruz is a warmonger, egged on by the fundamentalist Christian fringe and the 'defence' lobby...as the Israeli tail continues to wag the American dog. Thank God he's out of the presidential race.

  85. Curious George- "Thank God he's out of the presidential race."
    And the next goal is to get this deluded, dangerous liar out of the senate, 2018 can't come fast enough. Texas, we're looking at you!

  86. Mr Cruz:
    Pls. take sit down and take a deep breath... you appear to be hyperventilating. The historic agreement w Iran will hopefully forestall nuclear weapon development in Iran for at least 10 yrs, perhaps permanently. Regarding Israel and the entire middle east... it's a hopeless mess unless they all step up to the plate and work things out amongst themselves. This president has made the rational and well supported decision that they must solve their own problems and learn to play in the same sand box together. He realized that if we want peace more than they do, we will fail. The Middle East is a has-been. So lets pivot to Asia where the future is. Groundbreakingly refreshing foreign policy isnt it?

  87. This column clearly demonstrates why its author should never be allowed anywhere near the seats of power. Always ready to start a religious war in the Middle East, for profit or for ideology, whatever works to make war.

  88. He hasn't learned one thing from our Iraq/Al Qaeda/Isis fiasco.

  89. To the Canadian Born Texas Senator Raphael Cruz d.b.a. Ted:

    Voters within your own party have rejected your policies & those of us outside the Conservative Echo Chamber reject them as well. Most of us want a far more enlightened set of policies regarding national security & international relations than your drama queen pronouncements and warmongering tendencies describe or would accommodate.

    I would remind you that the security interests of Israel are not the security interests of our country. Israel possesses Nuclear Weapons & is fully capable of defending itself against any likely enemy. Iran, despite the image projected by the majority of US media and politicians, is not hungry for war with Israel. After 9-11 one of the largest peaceful rallies of support for the US was in Tehran, but that was largely ignored in the US. This is the same country where 'Death to America' is as common a political chant as 'Make America Great Again' is within your party- it is simply political theater.

    As a veteran, I wonder of people like you who never served in our Armed Forces but with to play with defense policies like a 12 year old playing Risk. I would admonish you to stop, read and consider the wisdom of George Washington in his Farewell Address. Especially important are the parts challenging us to be on good terms with all nations as much as possible and the warning to avoid getting entangled in foreign intrigues.

    Act like the Junior Senator you are for a change.

  90. Canadian born he undoubtedly is but that's where it ends; he is US bred. There is exactly NOTHING Canadian in him; his attitudes, education, heart - (is there one?). He has not benefitted at all by having been born in Canada; you all know what we are like.....hello! Justin Trudeau! believe me - Cruz is NOT one of us - he is fully owned and operated by the US Republican party. We don't know him - and we don't want him back - you can keep him - and keep him far away from us, please.

  91. Too bad Cruz doesn't have to pay us $1 each for every time he disparaged President Obama as an upstart part term rookie senator.

  92. We need to continue to support our oil supply from US sources. A tariff on Saudi and other foreign oil would protect US producers and the national security of the US. With that secure we can exert pressure on countries like the Saudis who run Terrorism University. Iran is a problem but nothing like some others. Paying the middle east hundreds of billions of dollars for oil and then taxing Americans hundreds of billions of dollars to protect us from middle east schools of terrorism funded by the hundreds of billions of dollars for oil is self defeating. I doubt Iran is willing to commit total destruction and suicide by attacking Israel. We should let these countries know that attacking with nuclear or biological weapons will result in their total annihilation. That should act as a deterrent.

  93. The Saudis seem to think there is enough oil to burn to overwhelm the capacity of the climate to absorb CO2 in their own country.

  94. One might get alarmed about all of this, but consider the source. The funniest line...

    "As a first step, I look forward to working with my congressional colleagues this week and in coming months..."

  95. How true and I agree How funny!! This man is so wrapped up in his own baloney, he sees nothing else. So is Trump.. and one can only hope and pray he will be dispatched before he destroys his party and this country. Or God help us all...

  96. He might, but they don't!

  97. Indeed. I nearly spit out my coffee in a fit of laughter upon reading that. I'm sure Cruz' colleagues are just as eager to "work with" their most beloved coworker!

  98. In an interview yesterday, NPR reported that over half our foreign aid goes to Israel. $3.1Bn at present, and Netanyhu asked us for an increase to $5Bn.
    These are not trivial sums, and they would go a long way to fixing problems at home.

    Our middle east warmongering has led to the rise of ISIS. Thank you Bush 43.
    $87 Bn a quarter, and 4500 lives lost. But those before him fed the Al Quaeda rise with our intervention, as well.

    To be blunt, we don't need their oil, but politicians at home need the jewish vote.
    So we continue to arm and support Israel. And to balance it off, we buddy up with Saudi Arabia. And KSA has been the source of the leadership of both AQ and ISIS.

    Balancing power in the region hasn't worked in the past. Why do we think it will work now? An increase would just fuel imbalance, further motivating the Mullahs. Staged withdrawal begins to look increasingly appealing.

  99. It's not the Jewish vote they need --it's AIPAC campaign contributions. A great majority of Jews voted for Obama and will vote for Hillary or Bernie.

  100. The Jewish vote is minuscule and mostly Democratic, do I really don't think that's what's driving this.

  101. The US has no influence whatsoever over the population growth contest to gain political control of this region.

  102. How about spending a small portion of what you want to send to Israel to protect Texas and other Gulf Coast fetuses from suffering preventable birth defects due to Zika?

    Iran is not a current danger to anyone, and we already have the means to deal with it if it sends a missile into Israel. We need spending here at home, where a great many American citizens die needlessly every single day due to lack of (or too expensive) health care and gun violence/accidental shootings.

    There's a reason voters rejected you Ted. And some of us in your adopted state of Texas are already working to get you out of Congress.

  103. I agree, it's time for Ted to come home and do the job he was elected to do for the state he represents. Since he has done nothing but self promotion and grandstand, it's time to vote him out and elect someone who will represent the good people of Texas. That holds true for his stage sharing friends like Dan Patrick as well.

  104. God speed!

  105. Explain to me again just why Israel is our responsibility. We already protect Israel just by our various treaties and the countries in the Middle East are well aware of that.

  106. David, when one argues from faith, as Theocrat Ted does, reason takes flight.

  107. I'll explain it to you.
    Israel is America's eyes and ears in the Middle East Israel is the only democratic island in an ocean of tyranny and chaos.
    Israel is the ambassador is western democratic values which eventually will take hold in that region.
    Israel shares invaluable intelligence with the United States which enhances our security.

  108. Why include links in the article if they're distortions?

    The S-300 missile system is a surface-to-air system, not a ballistic missile aimed at hitting land-based targets. It might be a problem for Israeli forces if they were to launch air strikes against Iran, but it doesn't directly increase the threat of Iranian missiles on the Israeli population.

    In the interview with Khamenei, he's saying that his position with respect to Israel and the United States is that it's a rational response to military politics: there are two sides in the region, and the US and Israel are on one and Iran is on the other. Is that not a somewhat accurate picture of what's going on? Ted Cruz seems to share this worldview; would he not be a hardliner if he were a mullah?

    Anyway, why does the US need to give more military support to Israel? Israel has a strong military capable of significantly deterring Iranian aggression. The deal with Iran limits its ability to engage in a program to develop a bomb and makes it easier to detect when they would. If and when it looks like Iran is serious about making an atomic bomb, can't Israel and the US respond then?

  109. Israel is putting together defensive measures especially since it deals with unique threats. Waiting until after it is attacked will mean after it is destroyed.

  110. This is such a slanted screed. Iron Dome was "was implemented with the generous assistance of American taxpayers" because the Obama administration requested the funding. Our sailors were on their knees after Iranian capture because they had indeed violated Iranian waters - this would be protocol for foreign military impinging within our own national waters; furthermore, they were quickly released.

    Ted Cruz's predilection to prevarication and sensationalism, and this absolutist stance with regard to Iran and Israeli military support demonstrates why it is a good thing he has relented, for now, in his drive to become our Commander in Chief. It's a complex world out there, and problems present themselves as complex contingencies. Bluster combined with ignorance is especially dangerous.

  111. Starving these programs, Senator? Israel receives more foreign aid from this country than does any other nation, bar none.

    We all know you hate the Iran deal. What folks like you never address is what the world would be like without a deal. Horror of horrors that Iran COULD have a nuke in 10 YEARS. Let's back out of the deal so that they can have it in a few months, right? Or is your answer to bomb them out of existence (or pay Israel to do it)? It is no surprise that a nation which has agreed to back off from its nukes and its bluster in that area is doing other things to bare its teeth on the world stage. At some point we have to try something other than mass killing.

    I find it the height of hubris when we allow ourselves and our friend Israel nukes, but then think that we can tell other countries that they cannot have them. Ditto for missiles. If Israel was testing some great new missile, you'd think that was wonderful (and we'd pay for it). I get that we divide the world into friends (good people) and enemies (bad people), but that does not mean that we also get to say who can have weapons/army and who cannot. Obviously, other nations see things differently.

  112. in fact, over half of our foreign aid goes to Israel, or so NPR reported yesterday.

  113. Israel creates missiles to defend itself. It doesn't initiate actions. It would be thrilled to live in a peaceful world.

  114. You are being too kind to the esteemed, recent loser to Donald Trump, Senator from Texas. He prefers "Make sand into glass by carpet bombing". He knows this from first hand experience.

  115. Not a word about North Korea, far and away more irrational and reportedly much farther along in the development of both nuclear weapons and delivery capability. Nobody to pander, nothing biblical. Still running, Senator?

  116. There is no newspaper that has prominence that he knows of, that has a large Korean and Japanese readership. Else possibly he'd put the editorial about North Korean nukes there?

    It *is* amusing that he has published in that epitome of "lamestream media", the queen of "lie-beral" thought, the New York Times. Just for today his Republican constituents in Texas are to deign to pull up this website alongside Drudge Report?

  117. What about Pakistan, another failed state responsible for the killing of many American servicemen?

  118. No Israel, no rapture. That's the bottom line for Ted Cruz's brand of evangelicals.

  119. This is a clear example of why we must do all we can to keep Republican chicken Hawks out of the White House (and work to remove them from control of the Senate and House).

    Another generation of Republicans is doing their best to turn yet another generation of pro-American young Iranians into enemies.

    Cruz wants us to think that Iranian history began the day today's generation of Iranian leaders climbed over the wall of the US embassy, ignoring why this generation of Iranians dislike and distrust us.

    Those Iranians dislike and distrust us because, under Republican leadership, we overthrew a Democratically elected pro-American Iranian president in the 1950s (true story: because he would not give a British oil company a big enough share of Iranian oil) and installed the brutal regime of the Shah, which lasted over 2 decades, leading to the uprising that empowered the current regime.

    As we saw in 2009, Iranians are tired of this regime and seek a return to the Democracy we had stolen from them. They elected the most progressive leader they could under current constraints. They are moving in a constructive direction.

    But Ted Cruz and most Republicans, in effective alliance with the most anti-American forces in Iran, are working to keep us from taking the only path to a more peaceful, stable and democratic future.

  120. Think about that statement ~~~ "they elected the most progressive leader the could under current constraints" ~~~ really?

    How might John Oliver reword that?

    "The color blue is red, except when it's blue"

    They are spitting in our faces!

  121. None of that justifies the violation of our embassy in 1979. Still, it's time to move on.

  122. The US was delighted to teach nuclear physics to Iranians while the Shah ruled Iran.

  123. We certainly can stay out of that.

    The threats go both ways, and Netanyahu is as loony as any ayatollah. Netanyahu is making this fight as much as anyone, and wants us to fight it.

    We've made Israel strong enough to be perfectly safe. We turned wrold politics inside out for them, to get the nuclear agreement. For all we did, they are just ungrateful, and want more.

    We've done enough. We have our own problems.

  124. "That would send the leaders of the Islamic Republic an unmistakable signal that there are at least some in Washington who still take them at their word, and will act accordingly."

    Senator, please translate "act accordingly". If it means what I think it means, why don't say so directly? Afraid that our bellicosity might turn people off? Don't worry, you already did that.

  125. Mr. Cruz may "look forward to working with my congressional colleagues", but I am confidant given his hubris that none of them will want to work with a man who Senator Lindsey Graham said could be killed on the Senate floor with the Senate full and no one would say they saw anything.

  126. I can't be the only one bothered by the snide way Mr. Cruz keeps referring to ISIS as "the mullahs." This, plus the way he repeats "the Islamic Republic" rather than using the common name of ISIS or ISIL, seems clearly designed to associate all of Islam with the madmen of ISIS. I suppose it should not be a surprise that this man is as biased and small-minded in print as he is in his speeches.

  127. I certainly don't agree with Cruz, but he does make clear enough that he's not referring to ISIS.

  128. He is referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran, not Isis. I agree that it is confusing and snide.

  129. Much as I loathe Sen Cruz, I don't see here where he mentions ISIS or ISIL, a stateless group that is the nemesis of Shi'ite Iran-- the Islamic Republic, his topic today.

  130. Ted, take a chill pill.

    There are two ways the future of Iran can march forward. They can join the rest of the world, adapt their customs to the west, even as the west adapts to their form of Islam, and eventually there will be peace. This plan goes smoother if we are cautiously and suspiciously open to small levels of mutually suspicious cooperation.

    Or they can go on a suicidal mission to eliminate Israel, and we will break them with our military force. It is allowable internationally to bomb into dust a nation which unleashes missiles on other states.

    *Driving* them to pursue the second path is idiocy, and that is the idiocy, Ted, that you keep proposing. Can you see why you had some difficulty in the primaries?

    Just give it up, and consider that sometimes dealing with people and nations you don't trust is part of diplomacy, part of being the grown up on the international scene. We did it back in Reagan's day with Gorbachev, we can handle Iran. Good enough for St. Ronnie, good enough for Ted, right?

    Move on Ted. Perhaps now that you have some free time, you could spend it investigating why we really don't need a gold standard, either.

  131. Thank you Senator Cruz for standing with Israel.

  132. Hey, are you going to go fight his wars too? or are you just too happy to see other's kids die in a crusade for 'justice'?

  133. This guy doesn't stand with Israel. He stands with those that line his pockets with the monies for his failed campaign. Now it's payback time, and we are all subjected to it.

  134. Dear Senator Cruz,

    With all due respect, sir, kindly enlighten me why a Tea Party-affiliated US Senator from the great state of Texas feels such a burning need to send US-taxpayer dollars to Israel, please & thank you.


    Your fellow citizens of the republic which you've been elected to serve

  135. I don't know what Iarael does with the billions we give them each year but we don't need to give them more when the US can use the money for infrastructure. They can borrow as can the US. Let them borrow and deal with their debt.

  136. Frankly when has Israel ever been that concerned about American Interest. The present government goes out of its way to thumb its nose at the US and to undermine US policy objectives in the Middle East. Increasingly and sadly Israel is increasingly becoming part of the problem, not the solution, in the Middle East. A sad development since there are already too many problems and too many problem makers in the region.

  137. Storyline: Ted Cruz to drop out of Presidential race and join Israeli Lobby.

    Israel is more than capable of deterring Iran on its own. Furthermore, it is clear that the USA has reached the point of diminishing returns on monetary aid to Israel.

  138. Mr. Cruz, Did you know that Israel is so wealthy that it can afford to provide socialized medicine to every one of its citizens? Wow! The United States can’t afford to do that. And college tuition in Israel is something like three thousand dollars a year! But let’s keep sending Israel billions of dollars while our own children can’t afford to go to college and our elderly can’t afford their medicines.

  139. There are several problems with the proposals made by Senator Cruz.

    The first problem is that we cannot afford to keep giving money to Israel, because Cruz and his fellow Republicans keep cutting the taxes of the rich, so now the national debt is over $19 Trillion. If Senator Cruz were sincere, he would specify where the money would come from. Higher taxes, and on whom, or cuts to other programs?

    The second problem is that Iran has not attacked the United States, and it is not the only country which threatens us. Russia, China, and North Korea also threaten us. We should prioritize our defense spending, and focus it on the major threats to our existence, and not to third-rate nations like Iran.

    5/13 @ 6:26 am

  140. I would be less cynical if Cruz called out the Saudis. How many Iranians flew into the World Trade Center? Zero.

    Imagine if the Lord's Resistance Army or Westboro Baptist Church sat atop the global oil supply, and spread their warped version of Christianity via brainwashing schools throughout the world. And the US sent them billions in arms? This is what we are doing for Saudi Arabia. Your obsession with Iran is misguided.

  141. Believe me, our home grown fundamentalists wish they could subjugate everyone. Thank God Cruz has been ousted for the moment.

  142. I believe that Senator Cruz is being disingenuous when he accuses President Obama of "starving" the new Israeli defense systems like David's Sling and Arrow-3.
    Israel, along with being our stalwart ally in the Middle East, has been invaluable to our defense as our real world military systems proxy tester.
    However, President Obama is a self-compromiser to a fault as exemplified by the Iran nuclear agreement, ACA, Syrian chemical weapons treaty, TARP, etc. By ending the sanctions so quickly, the teeth have essentially been pulled from the treaty, since the European allies will never agree to their reinstatement and it would be too cumbersome and costly for the US to do so. So, President Obama and Kerry get a feather in their legacy world peace cap, but nothing of real substance, just a short term win.
    So, Iran develops its ICBM delivery system, buys a modern missile defense system, and calms their political system with unfrozen billions of dollars, yet gets to restart their nuclear development in at most 10 years, but more likely in 2 years without concern for real consequences.
    Iran is two-faced: the "reasonable", "you can trust me to make a deal" President Rouhani and the real power and decider, the Supreme Leader, who still wants to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.
    Israel had no choice, but to wait Obama out for the next hawk-in-chief, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

  143. Iran's target is not and never will be Israel & USA. it's target is Saudi Arabia. Anyone who knows anything knows this very well.

  144. Does it really make any difference? After Saudi Arabia, what will come next

  145. I admittedly read Sen. Cruz's comment with skepticism. I am in agreement with most of us on the left that his ideas about domestic policy are irrational, and I believe that much of the social conservatism he preaches is a cynical ploy to further those ideas.

    However, with the caveat that I believe the money should probably be drawn from other programs like the F-35, the central idea that we should aid Israel in further development of missile defense is spot-on. Unfortunately, there are many regimes in the world building offensive arsenals (hello Kim Jong Eun) which we and our allies must defend against.

    Mutually-assured destruction is one thing, but in the hands of the irrational, may not be enough. If this missile-defense technology is developed, I can think of no greater deterrent to the use of long-range nuclear weapons -- the missiles simply will not reach their targets. With that option off the table, perhaps we would find that diplomacy, too often sidelined, would take its place, and we might look forward to a more peaceful world.

    Although perhaps this vision is not yet achievable, and will of course lead to further arms race, working towards it seems a significantly better use of resources than bulking up a fleet of obsolete manned fighter jets or engaging ground troops in yet another useless war.

  146. I simply cannot digest or even read without getting sick, anything written by a science denier, especially climate change denier. These are the same people that will allow poor and especially black Americans to drink contaminated water, have their healthcare denied simply because they hate President Obama's Obamacare and many other things. Considering the importance of America's actions to the world, it is unthinkable to imagine the consequences of a Republican President in the Oval Office. Actually, we, the people from other countries of this planet Earth, are already missing President Barack Obama, deeply!

  147. So, Ted, you take absolutely no responsibility for the effects your "starve the beast" approach to governing has on the availability of cash to fund these missile programs? If the government had more revenues, say from eliminating the capital gains treatment for hedge fund and venture capital fund millionaires and billionaires of their "carried interests" in these funds, or there were revenues available to fund more IRS agents to administer the almost overwhelmingly complex (by design) US tax code, we might be able to afford this. And if executives making a million dollars annually paid the same effective tax rate on their earnings as their secretaries, rather than something like one-eighth of that rate, there wouldn't be the concern about the Social Security system going bankrupt. But it's really the need for approval by conservative arbiters like Grover Norquist and the NRA which drives the policy decisions of what used to be the Grand Old Party, but which now is effectively the Tea Party.

    If this is really that important to you, Ted, why don't you filibuster Congress until they raise enough taxes to pay for these missile defense programs? We all know you like to hear yourself speak, so why don't you do it for a good cause for once?

  148. The underlying logic of Mr. Cruz's argument is obvious. The U.S should not negotiate with any enemy, including Iran. The only way to deal with our foes is with military force. Thus, he would have us go to war once again. While he may say that that we could conduct this war antiseptically from the air, such a war would devolve into a large-scale land conflict. Many, many more Americans would die. Is he willing to see his children participate in such a disaster? If he is not, why is he willing for my children to die for his political position.

    Mr. Cruz says he is a Christian. Possibly he has forgotten that Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers". Let us give peace a chance.

  149. Russian military planes buzzing our U.S. ships at sea looking to provoke a reaction. There are more than a few countries that would love to see the U.S wiped off the face of the earth. This fallacy that we have it all covered at a moments notice is not reality and I've never known "LIfe" to work that way.
    Other reasons have been a lack of presence and strength over the last 8 years. Those were, and always have been our greatest strength's as a world leader. We have never condoned torture and genocide in the world.

  150. we have engaged in torture, to our great and everlasting shame.

  151. Native Americans might disagree with you, and what country was it a few years back that used water boarding and other treatments of prisoners that many consider torture? What country has a Presidential candidate that says he loves the use of waterboarding and worse?

  152. Senator Cruz is a member of the War Party. While Iran at the moment is far from perfect, Iran has recently elected a more moderate group of politicians and things are changing there. Iran has a HUGE young and educated population, including educated females. They will eventually overthrow (perhaps even peacefully) the old religious guys who run the show now. It would be smart for us to be on good terms with Iran when this happens. We have been siding with the primitive Saudis, some of whom funded the attack on the US in 2001 (release the redacted 28 pages of the report!). John Kerry has been a good Secretary of State and the Iran deal may bring eventual peace to the Mideast. Peace is not a moneymaker. The Republicans want to throw more money at the war machine..profits for Raytheon, Halliburton, Blackwater (or whatever they call themselves these days)! War is our major export and the people who profit from it run our government. It is a wasteful export, awful for the humans on this planet and awful for the planet. The American people are sick of war-making in the Mideast. Our money is better spent on jobs here doing constructive things - rather than on creating more people who want to kill us, we should spend the money here..

  153. Not our concern Ted. Let Israel defend itself. They have the know how and the money. American taxpayers have given enough.

  154. Now that the nuclear deal is in place and Iran has fully complied with its terms, the supposed threat to Israel vanishes. Iran cannot build a nuclear weapon to attack Israel even if it wanted to. And it doesn't want to. The mullahs may be unpleasant in many respects, but are not insane. For unlike Iran, Israel actually has nuclear weapons.

    There is really no good reason to "compensate" Israel, as Cruz wishes to do by adding to the huge amounts of aid provided to it. Now that the Iran threat has subsided thanks to the deal, why shouldn't aid to Israel actually be reduced?

    I'm always mystified why people like Cruz hate Iran and love Israel so much. Again, the mullahs can be nasty, but Israel is nasty too. The Israel propagandists love to assert that the America and Israel have 'shared values' and that Israel is the 'only democracy' in the Middle East. But unlike America, Israel values people based on religious and ethnic characteristics. It is after all the 'Jewish state'. And millions of non-Jews in Israel (in the occupied West Bank) are denied basic human rights and have no democracy. Why does this not seem to matter to Cruz?

  155. Cruz the Clown, fresh off a major slap down by his party's constituents is back at it looking for his favorite foreign scapegoat to demonize as a way of gaining attention for himself. His ideas and persona were recently rejected, as in please go away already.

    Cruz's hysterical theatrics about Iran,is "threat"is little more than his beleaguered effort to call attention to himself. Most people recognize IIsrael as the Powerhouse of the ME pretty much by themselves. With the US as a "backup" what else do they need? No matter what Iran states publicly, they are afraid of the U>S> and Israel, and they should be. If the republicans take over, Iran could very well be attacked for any reason, or no reason.

    Cruz always seems more intent on putting money in the pockets of defense contractors at the expense of citizens who actually need it. While our infrastructure deteriorates, and public educational system, among other things, Cruz focus on the non threat of Iran.

    Cruz represents that sick portion of the American psyche that looks for external "enemies" as a way of distracting itself from the real domestic issues of a crumbling middle class.

  156. Well now you've repaid part of your debt to at least two of the groups that funded your failed campaign Senator, the Israelis and whomever is making the missile system you're so certain will delay an Iranian-instigated Armageddon.

    Will we never tire of our desire to tell the world how to behave? We all know, including the Iranians, that, bluster aside, if they ever actually attacked us or anyone else with a nuclear weapon that they would be vaporized. Perhaps you think they don't care, since they're such ultra-religious basket cases.

    While I wish our sailors hadn't been briefly detained, and it must have been embarrassing for them, since it's now been said by the Pentagon to be entirely their fault, the same picture occurs daily for hundreds of undocumented aliens on our borders (hands up at gunpoint). Imagine what would happen if a boat full of heavily armed Iranian sailors had shown up in Galveston Bay Senator. Would you greet them with a bucket of boiled shrimp and some Lone Stars Mr. Cruz?

    Religious zealots do scare me Senator, precisely because they may not worry about the earthly consequences of their actions. Religious zealots just like yourself and your allies.

  157. I don't understand - if Israel wants to buy David's Sling missile system, they why don't they use theirn OWN tax dollars? They are running a welfare state with superb benefits for their own people, let them cut those and pay for the missile. Why should American taxpayers be fleeced for doling out yet another largesse (130 Billion and counting..) ? Who will protect American Taxpayers?

  158. Sen. Cruz should address the elephant in the room: the fact that his own party's primary voters just spurned him. And he is even less popular with the broader public. He should acknowledge that in recent months the majority of voters in this country had the opportunity to evaluate him, and they soundly rejected his ideas. Unless his positions have changed since his withdrawal, which I doubt, why should we listen to him now?

  159. There is another issue here to be considered: what happens to a country when it's government is taken over by militant religious fundamentalists. Although we're not yet out of the woods, at least not having Ted Cruz running for president reduces the odds of what has happened in Iran of happening here.

  160. The best reaction to this sort of Republican diatribe is to vote for whichever Democrat is nominated to be president. Let's at a minimum keep Obama's sane policies in place. With substantial voter turnout there may even be a Senate Democratic majority and a nearly balanced House. With some luck sanity might go viral.

  161. Reading this extreme self opinionated zero sum piece should give shudder to whole world the real close shave it had with this extremist political leader coming real close to getting nomination as Republican presidential candidate.

    Donald Trump is a saint in comparison.

  162. Zero sum piece. Those were the words I was looking for to describe this op-ed.
    Thank you.

  163. What a strange reality Senator Cruz inhabits. Having failed to convince his Republican faithful directly he now hopes to bypass them, and the majority of other Americans, and targets his bought and paid for colleagues in Congress in his bloodthirsty endeavours.

  164. This obsessive, deceptive screed is the perfect example of why Ted Cruz would be the more dangerous President than even Trump.

  165. Yes Iran's moderate movement is fragile and the country could come under even more hardline rule. But Saudi Arabia with its insanely reactionary treatment of political dissidents (hanging and stoning) and women is actually more dangerous because we are "allied" with them, and this causes us embarrassment all over the world.

  166. Mr. Cruze,

    Since you are so adept at using historical facts to bolster your arguments:

    Exactly how many Iranians participated in the 9/11 attacks?

    Just who invented and spread sharia law through Wahhabi Islam?

    Can you tell us which large, powerful Islamic Society wishes to wipe Iran off the face of the earth?

    That's the problem with arguments, isn't it. When you start considering all of the available information, they tend to fall apart.

  167. Take a look at the link Senator Cruz gives as evidence that "Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reiterated that the prime directive of the Islamic Republic remains, as it has been since 1979, to wage war against the United States and Israel.":


    In fact, Khamenei says nothing of the kind.

    Lyin' Ted.

  168. Well spotted, Steve Siegel. In fact one of the world's worst ever mis-translations, repeated relentlessly by the media for over a decade, was the claim that Iranian President Ahmadinejad "threatened to destroy Israel"; the truth being that Ahmadinejad, despicable as he was, repeatedly forecasted "the disappearance of the Zionist regime from the pages of time", much in the manner that the South African Apartheid Regime vanished without a shot being fired.

    No Iranian has ever threatened to attack Israel other than in retaliation, whereas Israel constantly threatens to attack Iran pre-emptively: Iran has a history of never having attacked any other nation for over 200 years. Contrary to popular perception, Iran is by nature a peaceful and secular nation, with Jewish and Christian synagogues, churches and Members of Parliament. Which other Middle Eastern boasts greater religious tolerance?

    Without British-U.S. intrigues in overthrowing the first democratically elected secular government in the region's history, the Islamic Revolution, hostage-taking, etc.,. would never have occurred.

    So, Mr. Cruz, take your snake-oil advice elsewhere and stop acting like the Christian equivalent of a Wahhabi fanatic.

  169. I thought after Trump vanquished you, you would go away Ted.

    I don't like your extremist, warmongering, bomb throwing, partisan, divisive, destructive, nasty rhetoric.

    You and your ilk have did as much as you could to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States, all while claiming to help keep the government from spending too much money.

    Now here you are, looking to spend cash on your pet project, arming a country well able to take care of itself. And it's not a small bit of cash... It's a minor mountain.

    Well Ted, sorry. We just haven't got the cash.

    We've got crumbling railways, bridges, and airports right here at home.

    We've got underfunded schools and a healthcare system that still can't cover everyone.

    We've got to continue funding Medicare and Social Security, and you don't want to raise taxes on anyone (especially the well heeled Goldman Sachs types, like your wife).

    So go back to your "friends" in the Senate Ted. You're not convincing anyone here.

    BTW, it's a lucky thing that the Times' New York values require me to have some manners here, otherwise I would tell you what I really think of you.

  170. Just because you don't like the messenger doesn't mean he's wrong.

    There are really bad people running Iran, and they need to be feared and watched very carefully.

  171. Ted Cruz, your willingness to spend money to support Israel but not the citizens of this country is the reason you will hopefully never reach the office of the Presidency. Your disregard for the lives of Americans, as you pursue and pander to the right's agenda is central to the reason you lost in the primary. Your disregard for our elderly, poor and disenfranchised citizens of our country while you display overwhelming concern and willingness to pour more money into the military of Netanyahu a man not willing to pursue a reasonable peace for his own country illustrates your lack of loyalty to America. Let's hope that you fade into the background and a woman much more qualified to understand the complexities of the whole region is elected Commander and Cheif.

  172. Ted Cruz writes an Op-Ed for the NY Times? What's the world coming to? Yes, allowing opinions of various and even extreme viewpoints are part of what makes a democracy go 'round.

    However, we should be hearing less from Senator Cruz, not more, especially when it involves his continuing campaign of mistruths, such as President Obama's weak support of Israel or Iran being a threat that needs to be dealt with now.

    Anything Cruz does is self-serving. Why, he's likely not even a true supporter of Israel. The GOP, still home to the anti-Semitic John Birch Society, is desperate for votes, and by pretending to like Israel, hope to garner Jewish votes. I know that some of my fellow Jews have fallen for that, but not me, and not many others I know.

    Begone, Ted.

  173. Defense is the one area we should not compromise.What Israel develops is for our mutual good as well and much of what Israel has developed in military defense is used by us. Cruz is right. We should sit with our head in the sand.

  174. I wonder if Cruz would propose tax increases on the wealthy to pay for it. It is Congress's job to appropriate money...not the President's.

  175. Pray tell Senator,
    How is Israel, with 150-200 nuclear weapons, threatened by Iran, which has none?

  176. The Sanders wing of the Democratic party would rejoice at the elimination of Israel. David Duke would lead the cheers from the Trump wing of the GOP. Thr alternatives would be nuclear holocaust through retaliation or leaving the region, from Algeria in the west to India in the east, to the Shiite-Sunni war for dominance of the Muslim world.

    An apocalyptic vision, indeed, but one that cannot be ignored.

  177. maybe Cruz should consider enforcing the Symington Amendment with respect to Israel....or is nuclear proliferation less important than Cruz's election campaign contributions?

  178. The rank hypocrisy of Ted Cruz and his ilk is beyond belief. Going by the title of the op-ed piece and the rest of it, the mullahs can't.have atomic bombs and the missiles to deliver them but the priests and rabbis can.

    How about being a statesman for once, Mr. Cruz, and address the need for nuclear disarmament for the entire world? As the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon against another country and that has one of largest (2nd, I believe) inventory of nuclear warheads, the US is in a better position to advocate nuclear disarmament than to selectively choose countries that can and can't have nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

  179. The mullah's will never have nuclear weapons, thanks to the nuclear deal.

  180. Senator Cruz, you seem to be young enough and have enough energy, why don't you enlist and fight in the Israeli Defense Force. i am sure they would love to have you.

  181. Or even the US armed forces.

  182. Well played, New York Times. You get Ted Cruz to make the case for increased funding for Israel in "compensation" for the Iran nuclear deal, and let him be the scaremonger. On the bright side, maybe those Israeli tech geniuses can figure out how to get the F35s to work in all weather. Our geniuses sure haven't done that. Maybe the Israelis will even tell us how to make the F35s work.

    Meanwhile, allowing a Republican to go Full Apocalyptic Vent on the Iran threat, you make even Clinton's neo-con tendencies and promises to Israel look sane by comparison, bolstering her Presidential campaign.

    In return Ted gets to audition for Sheldon Adelson for 2020, and gets in line first for Adelson's largesse. Further, Ted's little speech will get raves in Israel and among AIPAC stalwarts.

    Who cares if Iran's posture is primarily defensive, born of the U.S. toppling Iran's democratically elected government in the 1950s; installing the Shah as dictator, backed by the fearsome ZAVAK intelligence/security agency; backing Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran in the 1980s, supplying him with WMDs (how we knew he once had them), providing him with satellite battle data? Who cares if Iran cannot produce nuclear weapons for 15 years? Who cares that Iran could not launch an attack on Israel without being obliterated, and killing tens of millions of Muslims in and around Israel? Who cares if Iran needs its billions to save itself from an imminent water crisis that will displace 30 million?

  183. The logic of Cruz's piece is totally destroyed by the intention behind Robert Eller's penultimate sentence.

    "Who cares that Iran could not launch an attack on Israel without being obliterated, and killing tens of millions of Muslims in and around Israel? "

    I would imagine that within a few minutes of a missile launch from Iran, Iran would disappear in a nuclear holocaust. Iran may be a troublesome actor in general, and a supporter of Israel's enemies in particular, but it is not suicidal.

  184. The overriding issue for American foreign policy is the stability of the international order which has helped to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty and generated greater prosperity and security for all Americans. When US actions have been counter to stability of the international order, such as the invasion of Iraq, negative consequences have resulted around the globe costing the American taxpayer trillions. A key element of a stable international order is that regional powers solve regional problems among themselves. In time Israel and Iran will need to talk, to find common ground and work to their mutual advantage. Israel has much to offer Iran as it modernizes its economy and industrial base. Trade between Iran and Israel should be an ultimate policy goal not extremely short sighted actions such as you recommend.
    Senator Cruz your suggestion is counter to the interests of the United States and counter to interests of the people of Israel. The best way we can help the people of Israel is to foster a climate such that the peoples in the Middle East begin to address their mutual problems, which are extremely serious and highly urgent. President Obama's leadership has contributed significantly to the possibility of genuine dialogue among the countries in the Middle East. Mr. Trump has already made a significant contribution to the US by eliminating you as a candidate for President. Let hope that he continues in such a positive direction.

  185. He doesn't care is his silly suggestions are counter to the interests of the US and Israel. He is just a phony who, like Hillary, cares about nothing but self-promotion. We give enough money to Israel and they are right up there with the 3rd world in human rights violations. Why don't we demand a respect for human rights from Israel as we do for every tin pot dictator on this earth.

  186. "...the stability of the international order..." How are Latvian's feeling about the "stability of the international order" these days?

  187. Fortunately, Ted Cruz is out of the presidential race, at least for now. This saber rattling is unhelpful and many of the claims here are completely unsubstantiated: "The Iranian regime is continuing its determined march toward not only a nuclear weapon, but also the means to launch it, first against Israel and then against the United States." Obama recently proposed one of the biggest military aid packages of all time to Israel, and its PM refused it, so it is ridiculous to argue that this administration has not wanted to support Israel. What annoys the Israeli PM is that Obama refuses to support the continued building of illegal settlements and Israel's unwillingness to come to the peace table and consider a Palestinian state. Look where bluster and saber rattling and the abandonment of diplomacy took us during the Bush years. We need to be cautious and wary, but given the history of our relations with Iran--overthrowing democratically elected regimes and supporting dictators--and our history of dealing with countries in the Middle East, they have a reason to be cautious and wary too.

  188. Neither Cruz nor Netanyahu understand how much their ridiculous rhetoric has undermined support for Israel in the United States. And they do not seem to care.

  189. 'Green Eggs and Fear'.....a new political propaganda best-seller by America's most hated Senator and Pastor-In-Chief Ted Cruz.

    "Shut down the United States Government now until Israelcare and the Armageddon budgets are fully funded....these are the end-times, my friends...and we must do everything in our Lucifer-In-The-Flesh-ability to accelerate these end times....may Satan Bless America and all of her exceptionally violent tendencies !"

    Brought to you by Ted Cruz For President 2020™ and American Ayatollahs For Armageddon™

  190. Curious that nowhere in this piece do you mention how much the David's Sling and Arrow-3 systems cost, or will cost. You mention the "generous assistance of American taxpayers". Perhaps if you want to fully fund these programs (including any expected cost overruns) you can propose a special tax to fully fund them. But, I haven't seen any evidence that you're willing to do this. If Israel's security is so important, what are you waiting for?

  191. There is a common misconception that the U.S. hands money over to Israel. It does not. It issues purchase credits to Israel that must used for purchase orders from American companies. It thus is a form of U.S. government stimulus that helps American workers to keep their jobs. Keeping those U.S. jobs in the U.S. also increases the U.S. government's tax base.

  192. Just one additional thought to your comment, Israel has the capability and the funding to take care of their own needs.
    It is much easier for call the plays from the benches then from the reality on the field. That said this contract was a very good beginning and better then nothing which is what we had before.

  193. "Curious that nowhere in this piece do you mention how much the David's Sling and Arrow-3 systems cost, or will cost...." And you do not mention how the technology developed in creating these systems is of significant benefit to the US military as well as Israel's.

  194. Why does The Times print such drivel? It perpetuates a lie and validates the discredited Cruz? There has not been a full transfer of assets (much of which is owed to third parties) so they are not "flush with . . . $100 billion." While the "searing image" of the sailors who meandered into Iranian waters and were soon returned is political hay, it's not a substantive indictment of the regime as opposed to Iranian sailors themselves. Our sailors were promptly released. And Cruz pretends that the principal sponsor and funder of Iron Dome is some mysterious entity other than President Obama himself.

    Stop printing this stuff just to show you are open-minded or to sell papers. It's destructive. To elevate this rhetoric to a false sense of equivalence to true debate is more no-mind than open mind. Cf. Paul Krugman's column in your own paper.

  195. They say love is blind, but hatred also seems to cause blindness. Cruz suffers from double blindness due to his undying love for Israel and his irrational hatred for Iran.

    One does not know where to begin with this piece of hyperbole. It puts together all Netanyahu’s talking points about Iran’s alleged crimes, the attack on the Jewish Center in Argentina in 1994, the missile with the inscription in Hebrew that “Israel should be erased from the map” (which no one has ever seen), Iran’s “nuclear weapons” and missile program. Even the most diehard opponents of Iran have accepted that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and under JCPOA Iran has dismantled all the means of ever acquiring one. However, he seems not to have heard about Israel’s real illegal nuclear arsenal, its intercontinental missiles, its acts of terrorism, the latest being the assassination of a Hezbollah commander in Damascus who was fighting against ISIL.

    JCPOA does not require Iran to stop having missiles, its only means of defense. The Security Council has forbidden Iran from having missiles with nuclear weapons, which Iran lacks. Clearly the senator is angry with his failure at his presidential bid despite millions of dollars of donations from AIPAC and other pro-Israeli sources, but he should really give it a rest. His vendetta against Iran will harm US interests and will also make him look ridiculous.

  196. Israel's the one with nuclear weapons, Ted. Or didn't you know that?

  197. "Israel's the one with nuclear weapons..." But Israel isn't making threats to destroy Iran.

  198. This fear-mongering is pointless, Ted. Single missile tests by Iran are no more a "march towards nuclear weapons" than building a hot rod in your garage is competing with Detroit. Do you really know anything about of what you speak, or do you even care?

  199. America "owes" Israel nothing.

  200. America "owes" Iran nothing, certainly not a "deal" on nuclear weapons, and certainly not any reduction in sanctions. Not so long as its rulers are the emotionally deranged and violent children they act as.

  201. "Shockingly, even after admitting that the nuclear deal with Iran places Israel in greater danger and making assurances that support for the Jewish state would be increased, the president could not find a single dollar to put toward procurement for the David’s Sling or Arrow-3 missile defense systems, which are being jointly developed by the United States and Israel."

    Just as shockingly, Ted Cruz seems to forget that in the US Constitution, Congress, under the separation of powers just recently referenced by Speaker Ryan, has control over the spending of the US Government, not the President. It's not his job, Mr. Cruz to go on a search to find a single dollar, it's yours.

  202. Teddy, I mean Rafael, because that's your FIRST name, Iran (and Israel) knows it will NEVER use any of these missiles simply because they know it will ensure their own destruction. So, stop with the ",,,,,,,,,if it's true, then......." irrelevancies. Even you know how illogical that is, even if you're appealing to under-educated people, which you usually do.

  203. Iran may indeed use those missiles, likely with conventional warheads. Iran may also export them, or much of the technology involved, to certain nations or groups.

  204. One thing all the Presidential candidates, with the exception of Sanders, share is an extreme position on the subject of Iran. Iran is, like Iraq and Libya before it, a nation seen as a rival to Israel dominance in the ME and therefore should be demonized and rendered powerless. Israeli influence was decisive in the run-up to the disastrous Iraq intervention(s) and US policy in Libya and Syria which have proved to be disastrous.

  205. Excuse me Ted. Aren't you the principal architect of numerous budget fights that have brought us to the brink of, and actual, shut downs, of our government because of your steadfast determination to cut spending? And now you say you look forward to working with your congressional colleagues in getting the funding to support Israel's missile defense program. Which congressmen are your colleagues exactly? I am fully supportive of protecting Israel from Iran and any other country that seeks it's destruction. I don't know whether that means giving Israel more money so that it can improve it's own defense. Maybe it should be us pointing 50 of our missiles at Tehran and making it clear to the fossil, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that he would be wise to spend his new found cash in more productive ways.

  206. Perhaps the Senator doesn't understand that the treaty with Iran was over uranium enrichment, not ballistic missiles. Therefore, their missile tests, while provocative, do not violate the treaty.

  207. He more than understands the treaty. What he's saying is that the treaty freed up billions in assets to fund the ballistic missile program....

  208. "President Obama’s failure to sufficiently fund Israel’s missile defense programs in his latest budget request ..."

    Why is it the US' job to pay for Israeli defense systems? We shouldn't be paying at all.

    Our penchant for selling and leaving arms all over the world and then our mock outrage and surprise when people use them is much of the problem.

  209. Who can forget the "searing images" of the US sailors? Everyone who knew that they made a mistake, violated Iranian waters, and were released quickly and without incident because of diplomacy, not Ted Cruz's bombs.

  210. Imagine an Iranian military boat in US waters, and the way we would react. 'Nuff said.

  211. What a load of jingoistic rubbish. Cruz and the Revolutionary Guards need each other to keep the fear going, and, by extension, their power.

  212. The best that we can hope from Iran is that more access to consumer goods from the west will corrupt the middle class to want more freedoms of choice in life and politics. And then again take to the streets. We can't "contain" Iran. And we really don't want to go to war with them. Obama apparently doesn't believe the premise of the deal (as we learned in the NYT Magazine last Sunday). He's gambling that an opening to the West will expand and drive change. Mullahs could lose power in a cultural battle between Islam and McWorld. Sabre rattling of the Cruz sort will get us nowhere. Obama's treaty is a legacy grab with a dubious premise, but it could lead to something more significant--if Iranians want it to.

  213. "The Iranian regime is continuing its determined march toward not only a nuclear weapon, but also the means to launch it, first against Israel and then against the United States."

    OK, so if this existential threat became reality what would happen?
    I assure you it would not be "sanctions".
    That, in itself, insures that the probability of such an event is very low.

  214. "OK, so if this existential threat became reality what would happen?
    I assure you it would not be "sanctions"."

    Does anyone believe that Obama, who can not bring himself to say the words "Islamic terrorist" would order a nuclear strike on Islamic Iran even if there were overwhelming evidence that the Mad Mullahs were going to attack the US and/or Israel?

  215. Israel has enough thermonuclear warheads with delivery systems to make an attack upon the Jewish State by Iran an act of suicidal folly.

    Israel has become rich with gas from the discovery of trillions of cu. ft. of gas in the Israeli littoral. Shiite Iran and Iraq have massive gas reserves, particularly in the South Pars fields, and each player, the Shiites, and Israel are determined to push gas pipeline through Lebanon, and into Syria where the ambitions of all players meet in Aleppo, with the intention to deliver to Europe as final demand.

    Hence, Iran and the Jewish State are bitter rivals; a rivalry which is made more complex by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Sunni Royals who share Israel's strategic view, and are now trying to build the Caliphate in order to block the fossil fuel initiatives of Iran and her satellites.

    Iran is a military threat to no one unless one of the players should directly threaten Iran, but they are a very real threat to the ability of Big Oil to enjoy continued profits from equity reserves, since Iran has long since nationalized reserves and cut out the consolidate Seven Sisters. Neither Israel or the Sunni Royals want to see even one cu. ft. of gas pushed from the South Pars field through Syria, and of course Big Oil is a big winner if the right people win at this Great Game.

    Naturally vast amounts of money are involved, so Cruz in this op-ed fronts for the War Party to humbug Iran by war if necessary in the name of Israeli Security.

  216. Interesting. Would you consider researching what "suicide" means in Islam?
    There's ample data, all Internet available on declarations by important Iranians on the subject like: "one bomb decimates Israel while the same as a retaliation attack only destroys part of our nation, a just price for such a holly action"

  217. Ted, are you representing another nation now?

  218. He has certainly never represented the people of Texas. After conning a small minority of voters to elect him Senator, Canadien Ted was only interested in his personal agenda of shutting down the government, imposing radical Christian ( I use the term loosely) beliefs on the country, and running for President to massage his ego and hasten the End Times. He was thwarted this time by the Trump bulldozer, but he will not be going away, even if the people in this state wake up and expell him from office.

  219. Well he might as well -- it's not like he has the smallest interest in representing the majority of the actual citizens of the United States.

  220. More money for poor little nuclear armed Israel . Our 51st state has never sent one soldier into battle to help us in any of Americas wars. But lying Ted Cruz wants to give our parasitic ally more and more money. Enough, stop the gravy train for this phony friend of ours

  221. Senator
    If a gun boat of armed Iranian sailors came towards Tel Aviv, what would you want the Israelis to do?
    Personally, I would hope that cool heads prevail and, if there was no intended threat, treated as calmly and professionally as Iranian forces dealt with the American sailors. Of course the real danger would be the bellicose politicians, grandstanding without caution with calls perhaps to irradiate the Iranians, to make their decks glow.

  222. Almost everything Senator Cruz says about Iran, except, perhaps, the recent missile tests, was well known at the time of the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Unfortunately, our negotiators, principally Mr. Kerry, and his leader, Mr. Obama, chose to ignore that information and pressed forward to reach a most ill-advised and unsatisfactory nuclear agreement with Iran.

    There is a big difference between an agreement and a good agreement, and, regrettably, the objective for Messrs. Kerry and Obama became an agreement rather than a good agreement. It matters not that the agreement achieved is claimed to be the only possible agreement. That still does not make it a good agreement. In this case, no agreement would have been better for world peace and security. By the agreement reached, Iran now has access to considerable resources and, in fifteen years, will have the right to resume its pursuit of nuclear weapons. By that time, Iran will also have the means to deliver those nuclear weapons to large parts of the world.

    Fifteen years is a very short time in history. It has been 37 years since Iran ravaged our Embassy in Tehran and took over 50 Americans hostage for well over a year. For some of us, that seems as if it were only yesterday. Unless we act prudently, we will have left our children a very unpleasant legacy regarding Iran.

  223. "It matters not that the agreement achieved is claimed to be the only possible agreement. That still does not make it a good agreement. In this case, no agreement would have been better for world peace and security."

    This is part of the fiction sold by opponents of any improvement in the world's relationship with Iran. As Mr. Cruz notes, the agreement is between the "P5 + 1" which includes our wonderfully reliable partners in peace Russia and China. The fact is that even our close allies like France would not have continued the sanctions on Iran and the cash-strapped Russians certainly would not have. So, in the absence of this agreement, Iran would have gotten their Russian S-300 missile system anyway and their enrichment programs would have continued unabated. A fifteen year delay is far better than nothing.

    You'll notice that Mr. Cruz said nothing about an alternative, comprehensive plan to stop Iran from enriching uranium or producing plutonium. He mentions only anti-ballistic missile systems for Israel, which do not always hit their target. How does he propose to keep Mr. Putin from selling weapons to Iran? Like his ill-informed, simplistic plan to “carpet bomb” ISIS and find out whether “sand can glow in the dark,” his plan to address Iran is more sound bite than sound policy.

  224. jpduffy, it's been 37 years since the US/British installed Shah left Iran after a quarter century of autocratic tyranny. There are two sides to this history. Seeing it from the Iranian perspective might help reduce tensions and increase cooperation on both sides over the next 15 years.

  225. First off, it's President Obama.

    Second, no true Republican would acknowledge "that one" as his leader. Jon Huntsman did, and look where that got him.

  226. U.S. military aid to Israel was $2.775 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, $3.07 billion in 2012 (and $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018.) Yes Ted we have completely turned our backs on them. Thats a big chunk of my paycheck. I'm sorry Mr. Netanyahu doesn't think we are marching enough to his drummer. I didn't vote for him and I would never vote for you.

  227. Welll said, reader Ted. Poorly pled, politician Ted.

  228. First, the idea that you want to "work with your colleagues" to accomplish anything other than further inflating your inexplicable ego, is laughable. You aren't talking to your victim minded evangelicals with less than high school educations here, Ted. This is the "reality based" community, where facts and history matter - not buying in hook line and sinker to the now decades old rhetoric of the Mulahs. That's for your less educated consumers to enjoy.

    The facts on the ground are that Iran hasn't launched a war of its own making. Ever. And they've been around for a while.

    Incidentally, Ted, are you familiar with any of the rhetoric that comes out of the Likud in Hebrew? Didn't think so.

  229. After Rhodes' revelations of Obama's deceit in the Iran deal, those below still trust him. The top leaders of Iran have been recorded shouting "Death to Israel", " Death to the U.S." and the sheep still believe that the wolf is just a playful big dog. And people complain that Trump doesn't know foreign policy. Obama does?

  230. Everything that lives will die. But probably not soon enough for those who crave the Rapture.

  231. Deceit? Is that the line Hannity's putting out now?
    Death to America, huh? Since when did bombast become a bad thing?

  232. If you lived your entire life in an outdoor prison wouldn't you shout Death to Israel ?