After Giants Display Mistakes of Past, Focus Shifts to Coach Tom Coughlin’s Future

A spectacular touchdown by Odell Beckham Jr. was not enough to help the Giants, who finished the season at 6-10, overcome a surging Philadelphia offense.

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  1. Keep Coughlin; probably keep Pierre-Paul. Reconsider the center position and as well the defensive ends and safeties. Cruz, Beckham, and Randle, if Eli's arm is still strong enough and his field vision broad enough, this team should be a strong contender.

  2. Fire the defensive coordinator. And the GM better start drafting players who know how to play D. And can we please draft a running back from the SEC?

  3. I would add to your list, sign a tackle to fill Will Beatty's position.

  4. A running back from anywhere but the Big 10 would be nice. The names of Tyrone Wheatley and Ron Dayne still echo in the Hall of Wasted Draft Picks. Once again, however, lurks a Big 10 'prospect' in Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin.

  5. Time for Coghlin to go. He's welcome here in LA, where he can't do any harm because we don't have an NFL team

  6. You can have Coughlin AND the Giants. Come to think of it, you can have the Jets, too.

  7. @Stu... or you could just leave NY... or leave the comments to people who actually have something intelligent to say.

  8. Seems odd to want Coughlin to leave. He's a future HoF coach and brought the Giants two SB championships.

  9. Beckham is startling, week on week, just startling.

  10. Exactly. Win or lose fans get to watch Odell and that is worth the price of admission. Keep Coughlin.
    Jets Fan

  11. And therein lies your problem. Football is a TEAM game. To coin a phrase, there is no I in team. How can you "celebrate" a touchdown catch when your team is LOSING?? The GIANTS need leadership from veteran players and it should start with getting these rookies under control in the preseason. The Giants might want to emulate my PATRIORS - NO STARS!!

  12. Pats have no starts? Who's your QB?

  13. It is not the fault of the Giant's runners. The offensive line can't push anybody out of the way to make a lane. Giants need to focus on defensive and offensive lines. Weak, weak, week after week.

    If they can get their run game going consistently they can be interesting next year.

  14. time to clean house........reese...foolwell.... and special teams coach....we need a defense to be proud of....and an offensive line to protect the family jewels........

  15. There's no one out there that's better than Coughlin right now. Stay the course. I hate to put the blame on Fewell, but his defense fails at the worst moments. I hope they make a change there. The O-line really improved down the stretch which gives me hope for next year.

  16. I don't hate to put the blame on a Fewell...our defense is atrocious. How he kept his job last year is stunning. We have no consistent pass rush, and the soft zone is maddening. We give up the middle of the field WAAAY too much. Does anyone EVER make a play on the ball!? Fix the O line so the RBs can run. Williams is good, just doesn't have anywhere to go. Coughlin will stay, I saw bursts of hope with the offense late in the season...mainly because of Beckham. They need to thank that kid for possibly saving Reese's, Coughlin, and Mcadoos jobs.

  17. Change the team colors...and the helmet...that oughta do it.

  18. I think Tom C has lost the team. They often seemed to play without energy and effort this season. I also wonder about those making the personnel decisions based on the fact that the offensive line has been allowed to degrade to the point where there is no running game. On the defensive side of the ball one has to wonder what the deal is since every week we see players wide open, assignments being missed, the edge not being set, and D-lineman unable to get any penetration. Is it the scheme, is it players not listening, is it simply a lack of effort, or just not having the Jimmy's and the Joe's as we use to say when I was coaching?

  19. There is a very thin line between winning and losing in today's NFL. Both of the NFC wild card teams have 11 wins. The NFC East have maybe the hottest team in the second half of the season, the Cowboys. The Eagles are clearly building a tough, winning team under Chip Kelly.

    So most definitely this coaching staff comes back. The offense was rebuilt this year and began to show clear signs of clicking. Beckham is a legend being born before our eyes. May he have the gift of longevity.

    You get Cruz back. This offense is not far at all from being dominant. On defense, you need some of that snarl back, some more of that front seven dominance that you had not too long ago. You use favorable draft position to assist in that endeavor.

    You take your 6-10 season and say that even 10 wins would not have got you in; you got some rebuilding accomplished, and you played some very entertaining games.

    It wasn't far from a good year.

  20. Coaching mediocrity to it's highest level!

    Stay the course!!!

  21. A terrible year for NY/NJ football: it's the worst season Coughlin has ever had with the Giants, 6-10, but still better than that of the deplorable junior varsity Jets 4-12. Whether or not Coughlin stays to finish his contract the Giants should deal Pierre-Paul while he still has trading value (he's mediocre) and also obtain a new QB for the next era even if it means trading Eli Manning.

  22. This was my worst case scenario: A season of mediocrity. I would have preferred a horrible season, in some regards, which would have forced decisions.

    I think Coughlin is a great coach, but can a franchise which craves long term stability really have it with a 68 yo coach? I think now is the time for change.

  23. 20 on IR might have something to do with the defense being so thin. Special teams needs a lot of work.
    Offensive line needs lots of work.

  24. Coughlin got it wrong. It wasn't too many loses and not enough wins. It will prove to be too many wins. Getting the 10th pick in the draft isn't good enough to rebuild this woeful team. The best they will get is players like JPP and Justin Pugh, hardly franchise players.

    If the Giants wanted to avoid another 7 and 10 season they needed better draft picks to replace their current crop of mid round picks. They needed more losses and fewer wins.

  25. Beckham was one of the few reasons to watch the G-men this year. If receivers are healthy next year, their record should improve. But the off. and def. lines must get better and special teams stood out the worst. Lots of injuries took out off. players hard to replace so even conditioning coaches should be on the hot seat. While the record should've been better, this team had no rally in them. Give Coughlin one more year unless they go deep in playoffs.

  26. Lifelong Patriots fan here; but old enough to remember the pre-AFL days when the NY Giants were our regional team so despite recent history I've got a soft spot for the G-Men too unless it's head-to-head.

    That said, Methinks firing Caughlin would be a mistake....the Giants have many of the essential pieces in place to compete next year. In other words, they are not the Jets!

  27. Figure they will have 7 wins next season unless the Gi-aints come up big on improving that horrid defense and special teams. They have fallen so far below the quality of typical NFC East defenses. Even the Wrecskins D are far better than the Gi-aints. JPP is no Osi, Strahan, Tuck or even Kiwanuka. He can walk together with Fewell and the special teams coordinator.

  28. I think (therefore I am writing a comment) That dad Coughlin and friend Ryan should trade places. At least to give sports writers something of interest to keep them from falling asleep.

  29. Please - stop with these stupid fade routes in the Endzone, Mr. McAdoo

  30. its time to turn the page on coughlin

  31. Kevin Gilbride: Stop laughing!

  32. I am a life long Giant football fan. It is time for a coaching change. Coach Coughlin is probably a fine football coach but it's time to move on. Thought should be given to start upgrading the QB position. Eli Manning in my humble opinion was always a bit overrated. The old time Super Bowl wins seem a bit old. Just look at the Seahawks and even Phila. Speed is the future. The N.Y. Giants look slow in todays offensive football philosophy.

  33. In recent memory, I have never ever seen a player singled out by opposing players for such abuse as Beckham has been.

    The fines leveled against him in the Rams game last week, are absurd. Similarly, clear penalties on the part of the Eagles leveled against back home, were not called yesterday.

  34. Glad to see, some stability. But while the Jets are more the knee jerk organization, the Giants while more passive in their approach are sometimes conservative to a fault. Even some of Coughlins methods... Not playing rookies till they pay their dues, or sticking with the "good soldiers " hinders the athletic trends that are needed in the fast, young NFL.
    Even the loyalty to coaches, with a bad run seem to hang on alittle too long.
    For many a year the Giants game plan was, This is what we are running try to stop us. With a playlist of 14 plays on the back of a bar napkin.

  35. As an Eagle fan I also admire Coughlin. He is a proven entity. What's often overlooked is the importance of special teams. Witness this year's special teams of the Eagles without which they would have lost some games. Maybe a higher caliber ST coach and some signings for that task alone are in order?

  36. Another arrogant egomaniac coach being flushed...?