Obama’s Focus in China Is on Leader, Not Public

President Obama is nurturing his one-on-one relationship with China’s president, after his past efforts to engage with the Chinese public were stymied.

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  1. Why are we always asking for the goal while small steps are required to reach that goal. Always being focused on the goal is the key to success. Just jumping towards it will never lead us there. Let's keep our instant gratification characteristics in check. I guess that it is very difficult but hey, we have to do whatever is necessary.

  2. Dear Mr. Obama;
    I know you are a busy man and may not had had time to appraise the situation in China to any depth. It seems like you think that China is continuing in it's past bad behavior. I think if you look around you will find that China is handling this foriegn inspired mini insurection with very thick kid gloves compared to the past. If any restraint is called for it's from meddling western leaders who need headinles for us dummies back home. Nice try!

  3. In Mr. Blow's selective opinion narrative today he failed to include Michael Jordan's recent assessment of Obama's preoccupation. It would have made a nice paragraph but this runs a close second, being photographed as the PPIC (presidential player in chief). Mr. Blow and president Obama could free up more time to ponder the Mother Wheel if less was spent pandering an imaginary vortex of race and politics.

  4. Seriously? It's time to put that tired old color revolution conspiracy to bed. Is there any new propaganda not copied from Russia? Are there any beijing defenders not typing comfortably from their western homes/firewall workarounds?

  5. Your synac and "buzz words" sound like "back home" to you in China.
    Nice try Dragon Lady.

  6. That's the most interesting photograph I've seen in the Times for a long while. Putin, the Sultan of Brunei and his wife, and Obama, all dressed is purple silk Nehru jackets, not "barstool" head shots of certain notorious Congressmen, whom I've had my fill of. It speaks of a grace I had once ssociated with John Kennedy's administration. Different world now, isn't it? Maybe not.

    It's also a breath of fresh air after the recent elections, and the overwhelmingly nauseating thought that the Koch Brothers own America, not 99%, but 100%.

  7. A picture worth a 1000 words.

  8. Mr. Obama is clearly following the George H.W. Bush policy on China and human rights. Mr. Obama further seems satisfied that a Republican Congress gives him a huge advantage in ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a bigger free trade agreement than NAFTA and one that will put even more pressure on American wages.

  9. Why don't you worry about human rights in this country.

  10. Open (aka properly regulated) markets are essential to providing a level playing field for both labor and business. The problem is that labor is always a pawn in these agreements and it could take time for labor to benefit (depending on the amount of time it takes to 'average out' the differences between disparate economies and political systems, and actually create a 'level' playing field.

    Human right help to insure that labor in more backward nations is not persistently 'cheaper'. Healthy labor forces make for good wages and strong consumption.

  11. We have "human rights"! We just don't always apply them consistently, and no one has yet, found a way to eliminate the 'unequal rights' that are automatically conferred on relatives, and pay-to-play friends.

  12. President Obama. Thanks for saying the two powerful words that confuse and frighten Beijing more than most..."human rights".

  13. Yes they do find it "confusing" coming from the country that is the world's leading arms exporter, war monger, civilian casualties accumulator (over one million and counting just in Iraq), leader in extrajudicial assassinations of its citizens without trial, new ideas in torture innovator (Guantanmo) and world leader in incarcerating its own people. Even the most delusional would have to recognise the current US conception of "human rights" believes these rights really only apply to US citizens. (Hence the US refusal to subject itself to international human rights jurisdiction) As the Snowden spying revelations and the current disastrous all war all the time foreign policy of the US demonstrates the US construct of human rights does not really apply to anyone who is not a US citizen and increasingly even being a US citizen is not going to protect you.

  14. America's actions prove that when calling for restraint and civil rights what they mean is you can do anything you want to your citizens as long you play ball with our economic empire.

  15. Not really. We want Chinese people to earn bigger wages so that: 1) our labor force will become more competitive and we can bring jobs back to the US; 2) Chinese workers will have more money to buy American stuff.

    The opposing Republican idea of breaking labor Unions as part of their 'master plan' to lower American wages, and benefits to compete with the Chinese and deliver bigger profits to corporations and the 1% doesn't quite hack it. We can only hope that Obama prevents our home grown wing nuts from completing the job that they've been carefully plotting for the past 35 years.

    Higher wages, both here and in China is good for all concerned...........even if CEO's have to revert to only making 100 or 200 times as much as the average American worker.

  16. Nauseating! the Chinese government plays obama like a fiddle. They know he is nothing but an empty suit./

  17. Would we only have Bush/Cheney in power...we could then invent weapons of mass destruction and declare war on China....oh, the lost opportunities.....

  18. They respect his military, his economy, his clean balance sheet, his energy resources, his position in the world, and his production prowess, but thanks to Republicans, they clearly know that his team does not have his back. It's treason of sorts, and they'll do everything that the use it to weaken him further.

    Wish fulfillment is one thing that Republicans are great out, but only if it's some wish designed to deliver somebody else's stuff to the 1%.

  19. Hong Kong is part of China.

  20. Strawman, and a tired one at that. Hong Kong wants democracy, and its people are not property. They are used to certain rights and liberties in jeopardy.

  21. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is a part of China. And always will be.

  22. David, no one is arguing for Hong Kong's secession except the imaginary foreign boogie monsters Beijing concocted for the purpose of discrediting Hong Kong citizens. But I don't blame them. Domestic pollution, corruption and food scandals seem like small fries compared to spooky foreigners out to get you.

  23. It's nauseating to watch Obama sell Hong Kong under the bus.

  24. China reportedly have a missile-launch sub by year-end. You're willing to trade NYC for our sticking our nose in on Taiwan - impossible for us to defend, some 8,000 miles away?

  25. Right, lets send troops. Another person who dosen't know it's history.

  26. "China reportedly have a missile-launch sub by year-end. "

    Well the US has at least ten missile-launch subs and previous Chinese subs seem to have had more than their share of problems.

  27. Obama has one job over in China and that's to do what is in the best interest of the American worker. Don't get on a soap box about their policies They are a communist dictatorship. Please don't have any illusions about that. Be shrewd Mr president.

  28. It is to the American worker''s benefit if Chinese labor becomes better paid.

    It's also the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats want Chinese workers to make more money so that our jobs aren't outsourced, and those better paid Chinese workers can buy more of our stuff. Republicans want Americans to accept Chinese wages and labor practices so that they can on-shore lower paid jobs, reduce the cost of getting goods to market, and deliver more profits to their corporate buddies.

  29. Unmitigated gall and bigotry by the US, and the West in general too though not mentioned here.

    Imagine what would happen if Chairman Xi visited Washington and said that the US should show restraint of its storm troopers in Ferguson MI. While that sentiment would be justified knowing what little I know, imagine the firestorm.

    The US gov thinks that it is perfect and others are mere peasants. It is disgusting.

  30. Beijing thinks it's an entitled oligarchy and HK people are mere puppets. That is disgusting. And for your information, international human rights organizations can condemn both countries. Stop playing the nationality card.

  31. True! We are about as good at being 'ugly' as we are at anything!

  32. What is the authority for your equal sign?

    I know, know There is none, other than the smug. But the smug ain't convincing. Just tired.

  33. Did Xi Jinping call for restraint in the continuing mass incarceration of the 2.3 million American prisoners (25% of the world leading total with only 5% of the world population) who are disproportionately poor black and brown and non-violent illegal drug users and those in possession of illegal drugs?

    Did Xi Jinping call for restraint in the American war on drugs that has killed and wounded and corrupted thousands in America, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America due to the American hunger for illegal drugs and greed and fascination with guns and violence?

    Did Xi Jinping call for restraint in the deportation of illegal immigrants from America based upon their ethnicity and race and national origin?

    Did Xi Jinping call for restraint during the Occupy Wall Street protests?

    What happens in Hong Kong is no more POTUS Obama's business than what happens in any American state, territory or possession is any of China's business.

    What next? Will POTUS Obama be handing out advice to China about Taiwan, Tibet or the Chinese Uighurs or any other of the 55 non -Han Chinese minority groups who make up 8% of the 1.3 billion Chinese?

    Casting stones and judging others is a a very dangerous business.

  34. I wonder when China became a destination for illegal aliens, or even legal ones!?

  35. The glass house metaphor only makes sense on an individual level, not countries populated with millions and billions, where many can travel to other countries that have greater freedoms and opportunities and vote with their feet. But on an individual level, I personally did not jail anyone with marijuana possession, protested Iraqi wars, and can simultaneously call on Xi to free his people. And while that may not make a difference to you, is a better alternative than a hands-off close our eyes-ears-mouth approach.

  36. Every country in the world has problems. If the only people who could criticize were those countries that have done nothing wrong, no one could criticize anyone.

    People in China want and deserve democracy. You can say that and you are not being a hypocrite, because the USA has different problems. And if a Chinese wants to criticize American problems, I welcome it.

    Morality is not "the USA does something wrong so China can't be judged." Morality is "China and the USA both have problems and both should be working on them." Casting stones and judging others is not "dangerous business." That's hyperbole. Pointing out other's problems is normal and expected.

  37. It wouldn't surprise me if China's First Lady, Peng Liyuan had high regard for Obama.
    Compared to some world leaders and most politicians in Washington, Obama is a man of integrity and ethics! On the international stage he still can bear himself well, despite his party's loss of seats in the Congress. Indeed, he may still be able to make gains in foreign policy.
    Some of the leaders will meet this weekend for the G20 in Brisbane, Australia. When Putin and Obama meet again, it may be less awkward.

  38. Asia's attitude is still more sexist. China's first lady's job will be to carry on pleasant conversations while looking pretty.

  39. India, South Korea, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan - all have had or has women as their leaders (current Bangladesh premier).

    All of these countries are in Asia.

    I think the attitudes of citizens of these countries who voted for them are just fine.

  40. @Terry - in most developed countries the first lady wouldn't even appear in such a photo op.

  41. Obama, and all the rest of America's leaders should mind their own business - especially when a guest in another nation. Obama's attempts to interfere simply makes a fool out of himself - and the rest of the U.S. Meanwhile, we have at least a single-spaced page full of important items to fix at home.

  42. the reminder is sad because the US seems helpless in face of PRC energy and power, as if this comment were a faint and forlorn echo of days when US ideas and policy influenced the world.

  43. Sure. Let's never talk about human rights and freedom. It is so repulsive......

  44. If you think Obama is so concerned with "freedom", why does he act in contempt of the Bill of Rights so frequently?

  45. Why do we care about Hong Kong? It belongs to China does it not? We should foucus and be more concerned about voting rights here. Hong Kong/China are not democracy and as such none of our business.

  46. Hong Kong is nominally part of China but it has a culture very different from the mainland and has up to now never been under real Communist rule. China's central government is reneging on a contract made with the region to allow a more democratic system, calling into question the entire transfer of power there from Britain and highlighting ideological differences reminiscent of the cold war.

    The US must now regard China as an economic peer. Visions of world peace, prosperity and ecological sustainability for the planet may depend on how the two nations cooperate. China is increasingly scornful of human rights within its own country, approaching a totalitarianism that is the anathema of American constitutional values.

    China and the US are likely to become even more entwined economically. To cite one example, Hollywood already approves and budgets its most costly projects with an eye to the Chinese market, subtly affecting the content of what we see in theaters here in some cases. Capitulation to mainland government censors is already beginning to impact popular culture in America. Deciding to ignore Hong Kong's plight inexorably compromises our own ideals over the long run. Confronting the situation now may be the best way to have any hope of influencing policy in China going forward.

  47. We need to pretty much care about EVERYWHERE. Our technology has brought the world closer together, and has all but eliminated the national borders, including ours. Bad guys are going to be coming, and other countries are going to be competing with us for the best way to move forward.

    Our infrastructure is 'dead on arrival' and these emerging countries are building from scratch using both 'lessons learned' from us, and our technology to build infrastructures that could leave us in their dust.

    The great Republican wall across the Mexican border leaves the other 99% of our border, and the skies above the fence wide open! Fear Republicans hiring relatives and pay-to-play friends to build useless fences, roads to nowhere, and antiquated 'killer' pipelines, not initiatives to keep a 'heads up' on what's going on in Hong Kong. It's better to know if and when they're coming because we can't stop them at the border.

  48. Because we bombed Syria to try and remove Assad, the UN now estimates there are 2 million refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. Two million people who have lost their homes and their livelihoods. What about their "human rights"?

    But I expect the Chinese leaders will be too polite to raise the matter. ...

  49. Uh, pardon me, but when did we bomb Syria to remove Assad? I'm well informed and don't think I missed it. It never occurred.

  50. The United States did not bomb Syria to try and remove Assad, and certainly the Syria refugee situation has very little to do with the United States. Please check your facts ...

  51. Work on cause effect relationships.

  52. Nuanced, careful, thoughtful remarks by our President. Certain to receive the disapproval of the GOP. Carry on, Mr. President.

  53. Obama talks a good talk. What he does is usually something entirely different...plenty of evidence of that here in the US with his disastrous policies.

  54. Not really. I think that you're mistaking him for one of those 'right wing' lying machines who have to change the definition of words in order to pretend that there is even a semblance of truth in anything that they say or do.

    But then again maybe it doesn't matter. No one will ever know that the XL pipeline only puts money in the pockets of billionaire campaign donors, doesn't generate a meaningful number of permanents jobs, and that it's existance will contribute to the destruction of the planet and increase the number of people who die from industrial pollution.

    We can do better.

  55. "Mr. Obama noted that he and other leaders would have to build domestic support for a deal, saying that “we also have to make sure all of our people back home understand the benefits for them.”"

    Thank you, Mr. Obama, for explaining how the Western "democracy" actually operates. We naively thought that our leaders are elected to represent our collective aspirations and protect our common interests. They, however, think that their main task is to use various means of propaganda to brainwash us into believing that what they are doing for the benefit of their real constituents is good for us too. In this particular example they are facing a trickier than usual task of selling to skeptical population a product of secretive negotiation without even fully revealing what it is and how it may affect our lives. But I have no doubt that they will manage. In their minds that is a done deal already, since their masters really-really want it.

  56. Just like he did with Obamacare, right?

  57. At least the ACA was a gift to the 99%, not just the 1%. AND best of all gives the country a big edge in dealing with pandemics.

    That is, if you're not one of the Congressional millionaires, you might live on a street or in a building where people don't have the luxury of land to buffer them from sick neighbors. In today's world, we're all one sick neighbor or travel companion away from annihilation. It's better that your neighbor has access to health care.

  58. Did he bring enough "reset" buttons to the summit to save the world? By the way. In case you missed it. The reset button Clinton gave was made in China. Fitting.

  59. Neither Bush or Obama have what it takes to outfox guys like Xi and Putin.

    You need to understand THEIR culture and beat them at THEIR game. You need to know, for example, that when you catch them lying they don't feel awkward. They use words only to smoke screen their intentions and actions.

    The only way to successfully deal with China and Russia is to pursue our interests while throwing a wrench in their wheels. Not one made in China, though but manufactured here in Langly, VA.

    And "when you shoot, shoot. Don't talk."

  60. "The only way to successfully deal with China and Russia is to pursue our interests while throwing a wrench in their wheels."

    ...all the while counting on the Chinese to buy several hundred billion dollars of Treasury bonds each year, and on the Russians to help out in Iran and Syria.

    That should work.

  61. I see forum costume is necessary and to be well mannered when visiting someones home. Now, you will be listened to. Don't blow the moment during the toast in the Great Hall of the People as the US knows that Air Force One can be crated up and shipped back.

  62. The could do it via Facebook, but there's still some value in face-to-face meetings between two humans. They might, for instance, find some common human ground and begin to build mutual trust.

  63. At the heavy expenses of the taxpayers of the APEC nations (including the United States), these meetings are being held but are becoming less and less important to their peoples. Rarely there is any major breakthrough in these meetings; the U.S. and Russia are not changing their positions; the Chinese and the Japanese still despise each other and will continue to fight over gas and petroleum rights in their waters. The only people who appear to benefit from these meetings are these leaders' key constituents- whoever need a big guy to smooth over some business transactions that are stuck on some foreign soil. And of course, during these discussions, the appropriate quid pro quo will also be agreed to.

  64. One more account of no policy in Obama's foreign policy,


    The usual set of xcuses to respond to critics that no one with a policy would concern themselves.

    Obama and his Handlers. Good band name, lousy executive branch of the United States of America.

  65. These visits used to include a call for increased human rights in China. This regime is probably more oppressive than any since Tienanmen. Hong Kong is the tip of the iceberg. Racial discrimination against the Uighurs and Tibetans and mistreatment of political prisoners is on the upswing. Not to mention them in the interest of keeping peace with a not very peaceful regime strikes me as a show of weakness.

  66. China is very very corrupt. The leaders have morphed from totalitarian communists to crony police state. Dont forget this America.

  67. yes it is very corrupt and run by the communist, but they got things done! They pulled hundreds of millions out of poverty and dramatically improved people's life and built world class infrastructure.
    What did the leaders in USA achieve?

  68. The American leaders did the same but with far less and far fewer people. America also built a world class infrastructure that has a lifetime of more than 20 years and did not have to be rebuilt on opening day. (RE: 52 bridges have collapsed within the first months of use China Daily News. Construction in China only designed to last 20 years, China Daily News)

  69. Exactly. So what if they run roughshod over people and rights. At least they make the trains run on time. (Just don't think about whose in those trains or where they're headed).

  70. The first Western emissary was the Irishman George McCartney sent by George III in 1794 to China to meet the Chinese Emperor. McCarney was told he must hit his head ( this is the meaning of kow tow, not bowing) 9 times on the floor to show obedience. McCartney refused, saying to do so would in effect be the same as the King of Britain doing so, which the King would never do. McCartney was sent on his way, having to wend its way in a country hostile to foreigners. Culture changes slowly. Obama will have a hard time getting close to Xi Jin Ping. Chinese look down on Westerners, and the Chinese obsession with control as well as their gift for guile will likely cause the Americans to again be "fed up", as the story says, just like they have in the past.

  71. Please, run for president, you still have a year and a half to get ready.

    Should not be hard, since you qualify much better than any in the state dpt.

  72. At least the Chinese government is open about vetting candidates for public offices in Hong Kong. Here in the US, the vetting process is hidden under dark money.

  73. I agree with blackmamba. Xi Jinping should have done the same thing to call for so many restraints on the US Side. Judging others are dangerous, sometime are really narrow-sighted.

  74. If we are to believe Secretary of State John Kerry's comment that "countries in the region to establish rules and norms through multilateral institutions where all voices can be heard,” then why is China excluded from the US-lead Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  75. Because the TPP includes rules that China refuses to follow.

  76. "In Beijing, Mr. Obama appeared determined not to antagonize his host. "

    The first thing Obama did after he arrived in Beijing was to gather the other leaders to push for TPP which deliberately excludes China. I don't think this kind of dirty tricks is a respect to the host. Chinese are not blind to this.

  77. "Dirty tricks"? Xi Jinping will have to offer something big for Obama to suddenly turn around and include China in the TPP. What has Xi offered?

    And by the way, just because China is hosting APEC doesn't mean that only China-related business can be discussed. Sorry to disappoint you.

  78. It is exactly this kind of American arrogance that will keep China at arms length and increase antipathy.

  79. Perhaps what you perceive to be arrogance is merely our nature of built-in freedom and independence.

  80. I just can't get over the fact, that here's a country, that's become an economic dynamo, yet they still oppress their people in many ways! And we play ball with them, as more Americans lose their jobs in manufacturing, and we seem to have no leverage! I guess money talks, and as much as everything now seems to be Made in China, we should not also forget, that Nixon's The One!!!

  81. China has become an economic dynamo thanks to us buying most of our consumer goods from them and them financing our government with high interest rates. Talk about grateful friends. The Chinese are just as greedy as everybody else. Also why are we so concerned about what Putin does with China. All he has to sell is natural resources because the Chinese has absolutely no interest in buying anything else from Russia.

  82. Resources.... and tremendous amounts of military-spec hardware, like engines, plus the expertise to maintain, manufacture, and create native versions. And luxury goods.

    You're asking how a nation of 100 million can sell to one of 1000 million. There's going to be imbalances there for anyone and everyone, unless you're a collective multi-nation marketplace like the EU, or a large country, blessed with resources, riding the crest of a World War kicking everyone's industrial teeth out of their skulls (US).

    Frankly, neither of us are doing all that great.

  83. It's not surprising that he'd pay more attention to the leadership than the populace since it's the leadership that's in firm control of China and all its military and economic power for the foreseeable future. So far, they've managed to avoid a late-Soviet-style collapse, and they have no intention of opening up to the point of risking one.

  84. Obama tries to get as close to China officials as possible. But I don`t think that chinese leaders are so blind to believe everything he says and proposes. Our country rapidly falls down and I`m sure that they see it...

  85. You have got to give it to Chinese. They managed to get all these high-ego guys out of their oversized shells and into Chinese inspired version of Entterprise crew,starring Xi Jimping as the new Captain of the ship. Is there a message in there?

  86. Looks more like the dress of Chairman Mao. In fact I believe it is. Not sure how i feel about that.

  87. A picture is worth a thousand words. President Xi Jinping talks animatedly to Putin while President Obama talks to Xi Jinping's wife. The bilateral relation US-China is definitely at its best moment.

    President Obama is doing his best at this APEC summit. In his inaugural speech he emphasized the 'peaceful' nature of US power as Japanese PM Shinzō Abe watched in attention. Perhaps that assurance will resonate among the Chinese leadership and break the ice.

  88. I think you have that backwards. The picture showed Obama talking to Xi, and Putin was talking to Xi's wife.

  89. Might Obama just be reciprocating what the Chinese leader did when he was here for a similar visit? I don't recall Mr. Xi meeting with a host of Americans, doing a lot of press conferences, or participating in town-hall-style meetings during his visit. Sometimes, I think our reporters tend to make too much of simple events that our government has no control over, when there are important back stories they could share with us to enlighten us all about others.

  90. The comments on the Chinese message boards are telling. Things about dissing Chinese by using a car different and larger than everyone else at the conference. Wearing a poorly fitted jacket. Bringing his own extra thick knee pads for "taking" to the Chinese leader. And so on.

  91. I would be grateful for wider, deeper coverage of the APEC summit than The Times is providing. This is a global event of historical significance in which the US, China, and Russia are skirmishing over the realities of world power. Instead, NYT's front page is filled with trivia. Why such poor prioritizing?

    Obama campaigns for TPP in Beijing, unbelievable on its face given that TPP excludes China and Russia; and for China he offers a bilateral trade pact ludicrous in the one-sided advantage it gives the US. Where is the analysis?

    The dynamics of confrontation inscribed in the international context is not discussed, and instead, the color of silk jackets. TPP is part of the larger PIVOT which has direct military implications. I'm afraid The Times is guided by White House censorship about what to exclude, what to emphasize. In all of this, it totally ignores the other major actor, Putin. Surely, as with upcoming Brisbane, there is something here to write about--or is the overall geopolitical framework not important?

    I expect better--and in fairness, the major tv news programs didn't even mention APEC, so The Times is not alone in ignoring what matters in the world.

  92. The International Space Station is the longest lasting major international effort in space involving more than 16 nations. Its origins date to the early 1980s, but it received its impetus in its present configuration in 1993 when VP Al Gore and Russian PM Victor Chernomyrdin announced plans for ISS. ISS has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize reflecting this very significant achievement in international cooperation. China is excluded from participation in the ISS as a result of the Wolf Ammendment that precludes contact between NASA and counterparts in China's space program. New plans are being developed to extend the cooperation achieved in the space station to joint operations on the Moon. But, China is excluded. Isn't it time to consider a US-China partnership in the peaceful development of outer space?

  93. Understanding who Xi Jinping is and is not is essential to dealing with him and his country. Xi lives in the long lingering shadow of Deng Xiaoping who turned China to capitalism along with a collective term limited leadership. This is not the China of Mao Zedong nor Qin Shi Huang.

    Knowing China requires an appreciation of a nation that for most of the past 2200 years has been a socioeconomic political educational technological scientific superpower. A nation about the geographic size of America with 4x as many people including 92% Han among the 1.3 billion people. The Han in China and those living outside of China are about 22% of the human race.

    China's recent history includes 30 million claimed World War II dead along with millions lost to natural and man-made disasters. In addition to Japanese depredations there were the Mongols and the Manchus.

    Although it has the 2nd largest overall economy with so many people it's per capita economic status is much lower. Moreover, China lacks many natural resources and exploits those that it has. Famine and abject poverty have ended in China but about 1 billion wish to join the middle class. There is a serious gender imbalance and the nation is aging and shrinking.

    China has neither the allies nor alliances nor neighbors nor immigrants that America has. China spends less than a third of what America does on it's military. Cold war style military socioeconomic military conflict with China is neither inevitable nor necessary.

  94. We don't know what this "brief encounter" between Obama and Putin at the "opening ceremony" may have brought!
    Putin seemed to be lost at the summit. He hasn't been able to take centre stage so far, apart from draping a garment of his over Peng Liyuan's shoulder, who as First Lady sat next to him at the opening dinner. She appreciated his chivalry long enough not to offend him but stood up soon after and handed over Putin's garment to an attendant and slipped on another jacket. This short episode went viral on social media.

  95. America should always be the voice of freedom and democracy on the world stage. Communist China broke its agreement with the UK and the people of Hong Kong. This should not be ignored nor forgiven.