Loretta Lynch, a Nominee for Attorney General, Is Praised for Substance, Not Flash

Ms. Lynch, the federal prosecutor in Brooklyn nominated to be the nation’s attorney general, is a calm, under-the-radar lawyer who is not afraid to fight hard for her cause, associates say.

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  1. An exceedingly well-qualified US-AG candidate. In brief, a great choice by the President.

    Let's focus on her impressive legal & professional accomplishments and thus leave aside irrelevant references to her great-great-grandfather, grandfather and slavery - which had nothing to do with Barack Obama's decision in selecting her to be the next AG.

    Such presumably innocent but patronizing references in her ancestry-biography may (inadvertently) serve to take the focus away from her unquestionable qualifications.

  2. And can we begin by you leaving aside those references--which have not yet happened and therefore need not be mentioned? "It serves to take the focus away from her unquestionable qualifications."

  3. Let's suppose her great grandfather was president of Harvard College and her grandfather made a fortune on Wall Street and her father was a white shoe attorney; would that be relevant? Whether we like it or not, we're shaped by family history, and hers is impressive.

  4. @walterrhett, the original poster did not bring up anything which was not referenced in the article. Correct?

  5. What I want to know is, as much as Holder was easy on Wall Street, will we finally have, at least in the two scant years remaining, and the statute of limitations running out, she will go after the perpetrators of financial fraud and finally bring them to justice, never mind the wrist slapping fines.

    To tell you the truth, I am not holding my breath.

  6. I will call her 'tough' when we see her hauling in the banks that perpetrated the huge fraud on the American taxpayers/ citizens, and that were let off the hook by her predecessor. Numerous lives have been 'destroyed' by the banks' behavior, and the 'criminals' must pay not just in fines, but also jail time.
    If a person can be sentenced to 10+ years for 'insider trading', and would think that others who committed fraud with worse consequences should be serving longer terms. NO PLEA DEALS for the highest levels.

  7. Ain't gonna happen. Our country's politicians are simply too beholden to the banksters and their campaign donations. They've dawdled long enough that most statute of limitations on bank fraud, etc. have now expired.

  8. I think we should focus more on changing legislation that allowed what Wall St did to happen than on prosecuting individuals. The first attempt, changing legislation, focuses on objective facts, the second on subjective facts. Far more effective to focus on objectivity than subjectivity.

  9. Ms. Lynch seems well qualified to carry Eric Holder's torch as an Attorney General dedicated to civil rights. May she be confirmed soon and the transition smooth.

  10. Attorney-General, Eric Holder believed that criminal bankers shouldn't be prosecuted because of his perception that such action might have a negative effect on our financial system. It is very important that Ms. Lynch let us know what her policy would be in that regard.

  11. Sadly, Ms. Lynch dropped the AIG Financial Products investigation, so while many share your hope her track record is not promising.

    Ms. Lynch could surprise us, of course, but given the Obama-Holder pattern of ignoring the actual perpetrators of financial crime it seems unlikely she was selected to break ranks with her sponsors.

  12. Holder has been a disaster when it comes to financial crimes. Let us remember that he has only done--and not done--what the President wanted. It seems unlikely that U.S. Attorney Lynch will be any different in that regard--the last time an Attorney General refused to do the bidding of a President was Elliot Richardson, who resigned during the "Saturday Night Massacre" of 1973.

  13. It's hard to imagine someone better qualified to serve as the nation's Attorney General.

  14. Many Americans seek justice from Wall Street. Department of Justice actions have come in the form of massive, record penalties for a daunting list of big banks, but no criminal prosecutions of individuals.

    To review the department's “official” stance (its own memo!) on corporate criminals, and for a striking, on-target takedown of the department's failures by senior federal district judge Jed S. Rakoff, see: Department of Justice Memo On Prosecuting Corporate Wrongdoers; A Federal Judge Reviews Holder's Rationale: [http://wp.me/p1mBVu-3tl].

    But be forewarned: it should be remembered that corporate cases take an inordinate length of time to develop; two years might be insufficient to build cases before a new Attorney General is appointed by a new President.

    Far more effective in gaining justice would be building a grass roots movement that makes this issue important in every election for national office. It should replace Obamacare as the litmus test on the national stage.

    And congratulations, to Ms. Lynch. As a skilled litigator, let's all hope she gets the ball rolling.

  15. Seeing as how Ms. Lynch has already been through two (2) Senate hearings and was approved by voice acclamation that would seem to be enough reason for Ted Cruz to Filibuster. Black. NY Attorney. Indicted GOP Grimm. Obama nominated. Yes sounds like someone Cruz would hate.

  16. If the vote comes up in this Congress, it won't be possible for Republicans to filibuster. That is why they will try to run out the clock.

  17. William, she's got the support of several Republicans.

    Hope you're not too disappointed when it rains on your little cynical parade & she's confirmed.

  18. A great choice. I hope the GOP can expedite the confirmation just as they did in replacing Eric Cantor. I think if Mitch McConnell has his way it will be dragged on forever, however, with two prior confirmations one in 2000 and the other in 2010 that's going to be difficult to rationalize.
    I hope Mr. McConnell learns to address out President properly by the end of his term. It's President Obama, not Mr. Obama if one is truly patriotic.

  19. She has developed a reputation as a hard worker who is happy to remain outside the limelight, advising Justice Department officials and her staff on strategies. At news conferences, she often steps to the side to let others answer questions.
    Now, she will be in the hot seat, and cannot allow others to 'answer questions' if called before the committees on the Hill.

    Her claim to fame appears to that one case involving Luima, and it is difficult to judge whether she will do a better job than Holder did.

    Democracy Now featured Alayne Fleischmann, who worked as securities lawyer for J.P. Morgan Chase, and who alerted the DOJ to the shenanigans going on within the bank to sell, knowingly, junk mortgage backed securities to customers. It would seem that the Holder's department took the files from the prosecutors and made a deal with Dimon so that the bank paid its fine and the government got a few billions, and the stock price of JPM went up to compensate for the huge fine. I hope Ms. Lynch will do a better job to go after and bring to justice Corporate criminals who brought down the American and world economy in 2008.

    Going by track record, I would have thought that U.S. Attorney in Manhattan - Preet Bharara - would have been a better choice, with his experience in the center of the universe - New York City, of course. I suppose that it was more politically correct to name a black woman for the job than an Asian American.

    Let us wish her success.

  20. "Her claim to fame appears to that one case involving Luima"
    Actually, several other cases were cited.
    And why put her down with a "politically correct" slam? Or perhaps you are privy to information that us common people are not?

  21. If confirmation was about Ms. Lynch's qualifications, the process would go smoothly. But it's not and it won't. As everything else has been for much of the last 4 years, confirmation is about the president and whether his opponents are willing to allow him any success. Except soon there will be of them. On the other hand, Ms. Lynch may be tougher than them. We'll see.

  22. Her bio, even in the first sentence of this NYT article, will be forever etched as the first black female. If I were able to be in a room alone with her, I'd ask how she feels that her gender and skin color define two-thirds of the reason she was likely chosen. One third, her credentials, her actual ability to do the job. Personally, I think it's awful that we are still mired in defining people by their color and gender. I only hope she's smart, honest, able to see above black and white, able to see beyond her gender, and keep ALL Americans in mind as she forges forward.

  23. Why assume her credentials are only 1/3 of who she is or what she is capable of? I'm not sure whose mind those words will be forever etched.

  24. Do you know that she was chosen primarily because of that? Her qualifications are impressive and convincing without any reference to gender or race. I do think the President has made it a priority to make appointments that illustrate what a lot of us know - that there are plenty of blacks and women qualified for leadership positions in spite of what the entrenched white male power structure claims.I applaud him for that. But in her case, I think he lucked out - there she was, ideal and just happened to help him make his point!

  25. Two-thirds? One third? Where do you get this stuff?

  26. She sounds wonderful, smart, objective, not self-aggrandizing. So unlike the Congress that must approve her nomination. I will hold hope that they will approve her in spite of her superior intellect, experience, and approach to her profession.

  27. If they don't... Holder stays on. He said he would stay until his replacement was confirmed, and she -- wisely -- isn't quitting her job yet, either. So, if they want to be spiteful, they'll simply cut off their own, very long, noses. Which I, for one, am OK with.

  28. The resources of the Justice Department, and skill of the AG, would be so well spent prosecuting companies like GM, Takata, Trinity Industries. Formal prosecution of corporate criminal behavior is much needed. While Holder's appearance in Ferguson may have been symbolically important, it has not changed anything on the ground there, and the types of changes needed in such a case must occur locally.

    Financial regulatory agencies should be strengthened to police Wall Street, but the American people would really benefit from the Justice Department ensuring corporate America doesn't act with criminal negligence and seeing through a prosecution of those who do.

  29. with an african - American president, what is there more to consider for her fit for the job other than her professional qualifications ? when are we ever going to
    REALLY out- grow our childish, backward fixation on race/ color ?!

  30. I for one would have been far more impressed and happier if Obama had chosen Eliot Spitzer, or some other prosecutor with a history of also being a strong and active prosecutor, for the critical position of AG.

    Spitzer was a strong, aggressive prosecutor during his day in the legal spotlight and his exceptional talents would be an asset toward hoped for prosecution of well-known banking and investment persons involved in the financial exploitation through which we ALL suffered in a variety of different ways to one degree or another.

    President Obama has missed an opportunity to send a strong message to financial persons in the banking and investment industry.
    (The question to ask is: Are any of these persons now in the process of lawyering up with an eye to future legal problems. Someone do a poll on that one for us.)

    Mild manner and self-effacement does not cut it in today's cutthroat world of inequality of wealth and income.
    Does the executive branch of government understand what it is we are up against in this venue.
    It is anyone's guess, but I think not.

    It will be interesting to watch events unfold - if indeed they do at all.

  31. " .. Spitzer was a strong, aggressive prosecutor .."

    Resigned in disgrace. Failed @ CNN. End of story.

  32. If going after financial exploitation is a prime goal ( I agree it should be )
    Elizabeth Warren deserves to be championed and mentioned, but not nominated-
    not yet anyway - unless we can clone her. Mr. Spitzer has his own well known history of financial improprieties, to be rather delicate about it,
    as " The old gray lady " prefers.

  33. Spitzer? Really? Tough, aggressive, disgraced. Just what we need as the top law enforcement official in the nation.

  34. Sounds like a very good appointment. But what in the world is a "people person"? I hope this is not a clue to the president's rhetorical strategy of the next two years.

  35. She is just as supremely arrogant as Obama for thinking she can prosecute world citizens for external crimes. That will surely make many enemies and destroy Americas reputation as a beacon of freedom.

  36. "Just as supremely arrogant"? Is that the new euphemism for uppity people? Aha, America!

  37. No, it is not new. Republicans have called Obama 'arrogant' for 6 years now. And, yes, it is their euphemism for uppity. Just one of many.

  38. It meant exactly what I wrote. You invented your mid-western interpretation.

  39. Note to those those expressing a desire that the Justice Department take more aggressive action against Wall Street: Ms. Lynch was a member of the Federal Reserve Bank from 2003 to 2005.

  40. And hey, no criminals there. Clean as a whistle.

  41. That Loretta Lynch is grace personified, despite being a tough as nails prosecutor who is fair and just speaks to her being a "velvet hammer" - a term used for former Secretary of State Jim Baker.

    She honors the Constitution every day, and there is no Democratic or Republican way to honor the Constitution - you honor it and the separated powers regime.

    While President Obama gets the pride to nominate her, it was Zach Carter who saw in her what the nation will soon see in her too: Loretta Lynch is the best of America, the land and the ideal. She honors us all by her service and willingness to be America's history-making Attorney General.

    She will ennoble America and help revive the American Dream for all - as the recent election results show - Americans don't want a piece of another American's pie, they want their own American Dream to earn their own pie.

    This nomination will define President Obama's legacy more than any other, and we will all thank him for it.

    Anybody who loves the law, justice and truth-based and merit-driven society - it is time to rise and applaud - for America just got stronger, safer, fairer and just with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. A class act.

    That she made New York proud is a bonus - and God knows that Albany is a work-in-progress given the needed prosecutions by her and USA Preet Bharara - and true pride is rare for this special state.

    Dated: 11/8/14
    Ravi Batra

  42. Lovely.

  43. America just got stronger, safer, fairer and just with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
    Hey dude, she is not AG yet. She is just AG-nominee.

  44. About Ms. Lynch, you mentioned many good points, and this is why the right will work to defeat her - she's just and sane.

  45. Very surprised at this nomination - and very proud of my main man Barack.

    Interesting that only 3 days after the so-called shellacking (when less than 40% of the electorate came out to vote and everyone knows who votes in mid-terms) Obama nominates an African American woman to the highest crime fighting job in America, infamous for prosecuting sickening police brutality. 51% of the population deserves 51% of the representation.

    Very very surprised: take that Republicans. Go on, make my day.

    Post mid-term shellacking: Obama 1 Republicans 0

    Call it, Obama 2.0: let's see if it holds.

  46. Imagine, if you can, how you might react if the tables were turned, and a Republican President were to stick his finger in the eye of the American people like this just after a major rejection of his policies.

    Of course, that thought experiment is not really going to be feasible for those who think this appointment, which promises more of same, is just the greatest and boldest idea to come down the pike.

  47. Are you saying that African-Americans represent 51% of national population? I do not understand how Obama 'won' by merely nominating a black woman to the office of AG. Maybe, you know something that I do not.

  48. What is he supposed to do? Pick a conservative white male Republican that will not enforce civil right laws? One white male after the next has been selected for the AG position for hundreds of years and that was just fine. Two blacks in a row? An anathema!

  49. Not "afraid to fight for her cause?" How about not afraid to fight for the Constitution?

  50. So why put her race and sex front center in the head line? That really diminishes her as a person.

  51. What headline? I missed it. The actual headline says 'Loretta Lynch, a Nominee for Attorney General, Is Praised for Substance, Not Flash'

  52. Seriously, why do you feel its necessary to diminish this well educated, well experienced woman by grovelling in race - is being black a qualification? Does being black make her MORE qualified? Did she get better grades or more convictions or this nomination because she is black? Should the senate take that into account when considering confirmation?

    If a well respected outlet such as is the NYTimes keeps race in the foreground, is it not part of the problem instead of the solution?

  53. The first and only specific mention of Ms. Lynch's race doesn't appear until halfway into the article, and it simply states that she is the first black woman to hold the office. That is a fact and it's newsworthy. It's hard to see how it "keeps race in the foreground".

  54. Ms. Lynch is an inspired choice as Attorney General. Having been one of her professional admirers for many years, I can acknowledge she would be an exceptional leader to the Justice Department at a crucial transitional juncture.

    I remain "hopeful" the lame duck Senate will act upon Ms. Lynch's appointment by President Obama in an expeditious manner consitent with its Constitutional obligations through confirmation process respectful of her impeccable professional qualifications and record of public service.

  55. As of 2001, the Dept. of Justice had 125,000 employees. What competence does Lynch have managing, evaluating, and developing excellence? Will we now have cases brought against the largest banks for malfeasance, i.e. fraud, and put away the likes of Jami Dimon? How 'bout the torturers, those who directed and made it legal? Will they be brought to justice? Never. Let's just "celebrate" America's inclusiveness and forget about actually achieving anything or holding people accountable. That's the American way. Will Lynch buck that?

  56. 'Inclusiveness'? What an odd reaction to such a highly qualified nominee.

  57. what qualifications? That she is just another east coast bureaucrat that plays to the administration's political base? How about a really qualified nominee from middle America where real people live?

  58. 1) Do you have a suggestion for a "really qualified nominee from middle America where real people live"?

    2) Do you think a nominee's birth/later life regional location is a criterion for nomination?

    3) Do you think that those of us who do not live wherever you do are not 'real'? (Yes, this is a philosophy test.)

  59. I don't see color, because I was raised in a home where we didn't see color, we saw people, intelligence, track records, education, background and character. She is a qualified candidate. Race, gender is like a football game. I'd like to live in a country that knows how to see the difference between football and business.

  60. Amen Mitchell!

  61. There is no qualitative difference. Good luck finding never never land.

  62. My only quibble with your post is that professional major-league sports in this country are, in fact, enormous businesses with billions and billions of dollars in annual revenue.

  63. Ms lynch may very well be the BEST the Pres can muster up for AG but the internet is a buzz with stories that Rev Al had his hand and mouth into the selection process, if so, then she should be vetted by the incoming Senate and not rubber stamped by the present Senate members. Rev Al should not be called upon to make any recommendation for any post in government especially on federal level.
    If Ms Lynch is indeed found acceptable to be confirmed then the best of luck to her, I'm sure she will follow the constitution to the letter and not White House policy

  64. And of course everything we read on the Internet is true.

  65. They have already confirmed her twice bc she has a Federal job now. Gop wants to say NO to what they do. Logical for hate mongers like Gop base!

  66. The 'internet is a buzz'?? Which internet is that? Right-wing blogs? Ugh.

  67. It's amazing how everything is turned into the race card. No matter how exemplary one is, it becomes either black or white. It does'nt matter how great the achievements are the affirmative action voices just won't quit. I can not wait for the day when my generation and the earlier generations just disappear. I see my kids and their friends. They are all color-blind. Thank god. Let's learn something from them and practice what comes naturally to them. Celebrate excellence!!

  68. What are the odds that the two best qualified people for attorney general in a row are both black? Obama is hardly color blind in choosing attorneys general.

  69. What are the chances that the best qualified people for attorney general for most of this country's 200-yr-plus were white and male? And yet, how many white males did we have in this position in a row? Did you see what I did there?

  70. The GOP just can´t countenance a black man in the WH, regardless how capable, competent, healthy and wise. It´s racism straight up.

  71. I hope the Republicans fight this instinctive nomination.

  72. Instinctive? Hmmm..

  73. The Republicans would fight the nomination of Jesus Christ, if Obama put that name forward.

  74. This Republican thinks she is well qualified.

  75. U.S. Attorneys get the cases assigned to them. The Attorney General decides what cases to work on and who should work on them. The Attorney General is the CEO of the Justice Department. U.S. Attorneys are middle managers. A great middle manager may or may not be a great CEO. What remains to be seen is whether she will rise to the occasion or whether this will be an example of the peter Principle. Gushing about Ms. Lynch is premature. Only time will tell.

  76. I hope the Republicans confirm her fast so that we can finally get rid of Eric Holder, one of the worst AG's in memory.

    Holder, let's not forget, not only let every single party responsible for the financial crisis walk (every single one), but also struck deals with the offending institutions that ensured none of the culprits ever serve time, and that many of the details of the malfeasance will remain forever covered up. Holder also zealously persecuted whistle-blowers and journalists throughout his term - wish that he had shown a fraction of that zeal going after the fat cats that wrecked our economy.

    Good riddance.

  77. Wow, you have a really short memory. Alberto Gonzales? Michael Mukasey? Ed Meese (Reagan) who resigned under investigation? And of course John Mitchell of Watergate fame? Republican attorneys general have a pretty sorry track record. Ugh.

  78. Well said, but it doesn't change the impression that Holder spent his tenure as AG with an eye towards a cushy sinecure upon his return to the private sector.

  79. "I hope the Republicans confirm her fast". Perhaps that is the mistake the Senate made in confirming Holder. I would prefer the Senate do the confirmation carefully, waiting for a candidate who will put the constitution and duty to the people above the President, as A. G. Elliot Richardson did when he resigned rather than follow Nixon's order to fire the Water Gate special prosecutor.
    In an ideal world Holder would set a resignation date, and he would be gone whether or not his replacement had been confirmed. I too will be happy to see him go, but also want a a rule of law A. G. to be confirmed that will not act as a tool of the president, but rather enforce our laws without regard to ideology.

  80. Perhaps President Obama should have selected John Yoo. He'd certainly be acceptable to Republicans, and they wouldn't be able to complain if he wrote a justification for whatever action Obama might take on immigration. After all, they bought what came up excusing torture.

  81. But that's how our government works; advise and consent. If you don't like the fact that the president has to get his nominations thru Congress, then amend the Constitution, overthrow the government, or win elections. It's that simple.

    Complaining that the rules are unfair, after you've played the game and lost, is what spoiled children do.

  82. GMooG, who needs "Advise and Consent" when they have a pen and a phone? Perhaps a well penned executive order to recognize his choice would to the trick without the need for Senate confirmation.

  83. John
    executive orders can't trump the Constitution. Ask your kids.

  84. Not flash? To be tested. That will happen quickly. How? Confirmation hearing, when she will be asked what authority O has via executive orders on immigration. Timing is critical. Does O put out his order before or after the confirmation? Most likely O will hold off until she get confirmed, for if O issues the order before, there is no way she will be confirmed. War will quickly break out.

  85. I'm quite sure that she has been vetted as being soft on crime - corporate crime, that is.

  86. How do you know that?

  87. Ms. Lynch was a member of the board of the NY Federal Reserve Bank when it appointed Timothy Geithner in 2003.

    In 2012 she oversaw the softball ‘too big to prosecute’ case of HSBC Bank’s money-laundering for terror organizations and drug cartels.

  88. I hope Ms. Lynch has never uttered a bad word about guns. Otherwise she'll never be confirmed.

  89. I don't think that would hurt her unless she proposed unconstitutional actions to infringe the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. As a chief law enforcement officer, any A. G. should put the constitution ahead of personal ideology. With regard to to being touch of those who criminally own or use guns, I expect the new Senate would certainly support that.

  90. The GOP racist undertones in the confirmation hearings will be a spectacle to behold.

  91. Oh, has anybody noticed that SUBSTANCE matters?? Not flash!

  92. I know little of Ms. Lynch. That said, I hope the Senate will only confirm an Attorney general who realizes the executive branch does not make laws but executes it, and will faithfully enforce the Federal laws congress has passed without regard to their own personal ideology or that of the President. I hope the Senate will confirm an Attorney General who puts their duty to Constitution and American people above the President. One like Nixon's A. G. Elliot Richardson who, rather than following President Nixon's order to fire Water Gate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, resigned along with his deputy A. G. I hope they will confirm an Attorney general who will diligently cooperate with the Fast and Furious investigation to make it transparent, and seek to prosecute those who may have broken the law.

    If she will do all of the above, then I hope the Senate will confirm her. Otherwise I am happy to wait for one who will.


  93. If you are old enough to remember the Nixon multi-scandals, I assume you are old enough to recognize that there is nothing like said scandals at present. Certainly, Dubya's Fast & Furious initiated fiasco is a sad shadow of prior grand-yet-dumb moves.

  94. "Dubya's Fast & Furious initiated fiasco is a sad shadow of prior grand-yet-dumb moves."
    Fast and Furious was 2009-2011 during the Obama Administration. Operation Wide Receiver, one of the ones conducted during the Bush was handled differently including with the knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican government as described below.

    From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATF_gunwalking_scandal
    "Under the previous Operation Wide Receiver, ... efforts were made to involve the ATF Mexico City Office (MCO) and Mexican law enforcement. Under Operation Fast and Furious, ... Mexican police were left in the dark.[1]"

    My point with the reference to the Nixon A. G. is that I believe that when the rule of law, or constitution conflict with a Presidents direction, the Rule of Law should win. An attorney general in my view should enforce the law without regard to the Ideology of an adminstration, or his/her own ideology.

  95. The only question I would have is "why didn't Obama pick Ms. Lynch instead of Eric Holder?" The differences in impartiality, competence and tone are substantial. Maybe the answer is that Holder is an in your face politician and Lynch has buried her head to get the job done efficiently and fairly, qualities that are easy to overlook if you want flash.

  96. The AG position is both executive and administrative. Long-term, those might be more important skills than prosecutorial excellence. Ms. Lynch might do well, we don't know yet. But there are credentials required beyond being an excellent prosecutor that the AG post requires. Which is perhaps why she was not intially picked.

  97. Too bad Holder didn't have those extra qualities either.

  98. Finally an AG without the taint of brokering the release of terrorists, her law firm representing captured Guantanamo terrorists, the deadly Fast and Furious debacle, and the spying on AP, CBS, and Fox journalists. Eric Holder will not be missed. Congratulations Ms. Lynch.

  99. Grace, or the lack of it, matters not to me. Whether she has the pure gut courage to stand against all those who'll try to persuade her to "their way", that is what matters. Will she step up to the evidence which is there, take that evidence to the justice system and properly, legally, ethically prosecute even the richest most well paid CEO's and their staffs, using that evidence? That is the only question I have for her. No justice is done for our nation without that kind of courage. No right will be enhanced without that kind of courage. No American will be served without that kind of fact based, ethical decision making. Can she stick to it, while under the greatest pressure of her life to ignore all the facts? One thing will not change without full prosecution of those thieves, thugs, and liars. Justice. We need justice. Wall Street and the Bankers need to be put to the greatest test of our justice system. Time will tell. I would like to "know" that she can. I wish her and our nation, only the best.

  100. Odd to start an otherwise reasonable comment with a dismissal of grace. Grace is a good thing, my friend, part of how things get done.

  101. Yeah, I'm sure it was easy to put cops away in NYC. No nasty phone calls, threats, ugly newspaper columns, political pressure at all.

    i bet, too, that it was even easier to put away powerful Ny politicians. hey, what could possibly happen?

  102. The best Attorney General of the past 50 years was, hands down, Edward Levi. President Ford appointed the President of the University of Chicago Law School as AG to restore public confidence after John Mitchell's resignation in disgrace. What made Levi so exceptional was his integrity, his commitment to the rule of law, his non-partisanship, and his lack of a political agenda. That contrasts sharply with the usual AG, whose primary job has been to provide legal cover for the president and sometimes to advance the president's political agenda (e.g., Robert Kennedy, John Mitchell, Ed Meese, Eric Holder). Let's all hope and pray that Loretta Lynch is cut out of the Edward Levi mold and not the Eric Holder mold.

  103. I see we just skipped right on past all the clashes between the AG and this President.

  104. This piece describes a great criminal trial attorney with no experience in or taste for prosecuting complex cases of criminal wrongdoing committed by the pen rather than the knife. Although I'm very happy to see an actual prosecutor leading the Department of Justice it might have been nice to have appointed somebody with experience in ending the culture of impunity that the wealthy enjoy.

  105. Remember she is the one who will steer the pardon process. Remember Marc Rich and Eric Holder. Of course no pardons will be done until December 2016. What will happen is going to impact O's legacy more then anything else.

  106. Let's see how long it will take the Republicans to trash this eminently qualified candidate. She will be Swift-Boated to distraction. The GOP is already furious that they may be confronted with a vote under the current Senate rules rather than in the new Congress when they think they can force the President to appoint a flack for billionaires and racists.

  107. Good. All other considerations aside, this President will need a fresh, and tough as nails Attorney General during the next two years. And get her confirmed, now.

  108. It will be a nice change to have somebody who does not do their job completely based on benefiting the Democratic party politically.

  109. For those treating this as a model appointment, keep in mind that Obama doesn't think so, nor would almost any other President. Most cabinet nominees and most judicial nominees are resisted by the opposing party. because Presidents want to appoint those with an agenda consistent with theirs. Who knows what this woman's politics are? She never has revealed them. Maybe she's wishy-washy on gay marriage, maybe she's not aggressively pro-life, maybe she's a fan of Citizens United, or maybe she has problems with the ACA. When you get a nonpartisan person and put them in an office where they makie partisan decisions, you don't know what you'll get. She's an appointee for a lame duck Democrat with a Republican Senator. If this were 2008, she wouldn't even be on the list.

  110. Forget what anyone knows about her beyond the four corners of this article. But as a former federal prosecutor, when I read it there is nothing in this description that suggests she's good, talented, tough, or any other quality besides being adept at CYA.

    She's a lawyer who knew someone who knew a senator and now, fifteen years later, she's AG. And she is lucky enough to have been born into the right demographic at the right time. Pure politics.

    The reporting is as bias and jejune as the nomination itself. It reminds me of a poltical corruption case I tried that was heavily reported by another major city paper. They gave it the don't and hype that served them nd were svery flattering if me, but as an insider, I laughed at it.

    It always made me think, when they are this distorted and ignorant about goings on in their own back yard, just imagine what the reporting on places far off must be.

    In any event, the article paints a picture of a feckless and skilled keep your head down prosecutor/political aspirant.

  111. ...and what about Chris Christie's appointment as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey? It was because he worked for W's 2000 presidential campaign.

  112. Yup. Or Strom Thurmonds 30 year old son back in 2001 for being . . . Strom Thurmonds son. Just saying, the Times and most of the people posting seem to think this is something different than politics as usual. Meritorious appointments are few and far between and this aint one of them.

  113. What makes ME think, actually, is people who are so committed to their ideology that they can't even find the place in the short article where she put at least two powerful, Democratic politicians in the slammer.

  114. Hopefully she will be better than Holder. That should not be difficult.

    Justice should not be a product that one makes deals about, something that one can wheel and deal, and then sell. That is exactly what Holder did, and Obama was joined to his hip. What reason do we have to believe that Ms. Lynch will be any less of a crony?

    If you read the article here, then you get a positive view of Ms. Lynch. But let's see if she is used as a tool to make Obama look good and protect Obama's increasingly unpopular (and disingenuous) agenda. Also, let's hope she does not use her position to make disgraceful comments about the United States such as those Holder made in calling the United States "a nation of cowards." Time will tell, and one hopes that Ms. Lynch will stay on track to do what is good for the whole country.

  115. The results of the election are evidence that Mr. Holder's assertion was correct. Would Mr. Takenitez from Cleveland present evidence to the contrary?

  116. I find it disgusting that President Obama will send a decent woman and respectable prosecutor to be brutalized by the Republicans. Race hatred is central to the Republican party why else would they dominate the south and Midwest? It is absurd to assume that a political party committed to the destruction of the president would in some way treat Mrs. Lynch differently.

  117. And what other appointee of President Obama's would not face the same brutalization? Today's GOP seems to have only one agenda: block and stop Barack Obama, no matter the harm to the country.

  118. whats new?

  119. The Republicans have not come close to treating the Democrats nominees in the out of proportion high handed manner that the Democrats have treated Republicans. Your characterization bears no resemblance to the facts.

    Ms. Lynch looks like a very experienced prosecutor with a good temperament. She needs to be vetted, particularly because she is so little known and being plucked from deep in the DOJ.

  120. I think it is interesting that the media is primarily focused on the Louima case and not on her other accomplishments. She does have other accomplishments to her credit. Ms. Lynch was a member of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda that prosecuted people for genocide, and prosecuted the men accused of plotting to blow up the NY subway. Those last two accomplishments only get a couple of lines. It is as if her only claim to fame is the Louima case and it is not, interesting.

  121. Yes it is interesting however, not unexpected. As this world turns.

  122. Pure Obama/Jarrett: Hoping to arouse the racism and 'war on women' political corpse that the Republicans buried last Tuesday.

  123. One can wonder whether she has the quality of character to file charges against Eric Holder who admittedly violated the law in his gun running operation and his spying on and threatening of reporters who were brought his criminality to light.

    The Times should be taken to task for this article. It is simply a puff piece. I cannot believe there is nothing negative or contraversial about a 55 year old lawyer. Not even a speeding ticket or a late fee on a credit card? Come on, Times reporters. Even perfect people have critics.

  124. For me, its going to be interesting how the Republicans interact with Loretta Lynch assuming she passes confirmation. Like wolves circling new prey, they are already muttering about making her disavow any EO Mr. Obama might take on immigration. Talk about interfering with the workings of an administration!
    Were the tables turned, would Democrats threaten a sitting AG to wage war with the president who appointed him or her?

    I feel bad for Ms. Lynch who is likely torn between entering the toxic stew known as Washinton and her desire to make a judicial difference in an era where law has been politicized more than at any time in our history. I hope she is ready for battle. We know she is eminently qualified both academically and professionally. But is she emotionaly able to weather the storm of Mitch's stormtroopers?

    I wish her well. She sounds like a cool character. She will need every ounce of coolness she can muster.

  125. The President has reached deep to find Ms Lynch, she is well below the level of past AG nominees. That is not to demean her professional record, it is a statement if fact. The NYT writes a puff piece attaching her to major cases, even though she was in the background.

    If a Republican President reached similarly deep to promote the candidacy of ab African American woman, it would be met with deep cynicism. Do not be surprised when her vetting process is thorough and pointed.

  126. "If a Republican President reached similarly deep to promote the candidacy of ab [sic] African American woman," Huh? Did previous, white presidents get that kind of second-guessing when they picked white nominees?

  127. I suggest looking up Ed Meese's bio. You remember Ed---Reagan's AG?

    The Army officer who went to Yale and Berkeley Law, got a good degree, never did much litigating at all before he joined Reagan's staff back when he was Gov? never was a cop, never belonged to a law firm, no big cases, no record in the Justic Department r the AG's? Just a staff lawyer for a pol?

    I suggest also taking apeek at Eric Holder's record. rather adifferent story.

  128. "Edwin Meese III, achieving a lifelong ambition, was confirmed by the Senate on Saturday as attorney general of the United States, but with the largest negative vote since a nominee of President Calvin Coolidge was twice rejected in 1925."

    Opposition? Yes.

  129. Well done, Mr. President! NYT, please present a full profile of AG designate Lynch when research is complete. Her trial resume is much broader than the Louima case.

  130. Substance but not flash, that's good. Holder had neither. I don't want the AG to be flashy I want the AG to be a very good lawyer. I want the AG to be willing to go after anyone regardless of that persons connections or wealth. I want the AG to be a lawyer not a political operative.

    I don't care what the AG's race or gender is. I care whether he or she will enforce the law and insist that all government officials follow the law including the Constitution! I wish Ms. Lynch good luck.

  131. Well stated. No further comment required.

  132. Eric Holder was an outstanding U.S. Attorney General and will be remembered well in history. Attorney Lynch was selected based on his recommendation to the President. (The New York City connection is clear.) She is a fine candidate to continue the civil rights legacy of the Obama Administration. She will be confirmed by the Senate with few problems.

  133. President Obama is one of the most able politicians around when it comes to the mechanics of politics, especially getting elected. His failings are with the substance. Ms. Lynch, according to all of the canned news accounts, is similarly able with the mechanics of the law, as are hundreds of lawyers in the Department of Justice. The AG's most important job is protecting and strengthening the Rule of Law something Holder and Obama deliberately ignored to the great detriment of our country. President Obama would never have appointed Ms. Lynch if he had any inkling that she had a maverick streak in her. Look for more of the same from the DOJ.

  134. Tough, capable and skilled. And willing to work for 30% less than the men in the office including the outgoing AT. Who is really commanding the war on women?

  135. I hope that someone in Obama's coeterie has substance. That would be refreshing. I wonder if she will investigate charges against Holder? (Yeah, right!) I wonder if she will go after the criminality in the IRS? (Yeah, right!) However, if she does, then that would be SUBSTANCE. Substance is not just a word.

  136. Yeah, right. Eric Holder, Columbia Law grad, attorney for the NAACP and then in the Justice Department under Carter and Reagan, appointed to the DC Superior Court by some guy named Ronald Reagan, member of Clinton's legal staff for years, attornety for fancy NYC law firm, doesn't come up to your standards for competence.

    yeah, right.

  137. Eric Holder………. doesn't come up to your standards for competence.

    yeah, right.


    Hey, he did a great job for the Clinton's on getting the Marc Rich pardon through after they were paid for it.

  138. The attack was on Holder's education, experience, and competence, not on his actions.

    i sort of recall thinking that the Rich pardon wasn't great, but also that it's hard to be shocked about politicians acting like, well, politicians.

    No doibt, you have better info.

  139. America has 2.3 million prisoners or 25% of the world total. With only 5% of the world population America is #1 in mass incarceration. But for China, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, America would also lead the world in executions.

    What difference does or should it make that a disproportionate number of the prisoners are poor non-violent illegal drug users and those in possession who look like the President and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch?

    What difference will she make in NSA spying on Americans without any reasonable suspicion or probable cause?

    What difference will she make in prosecution of Wall Street tycoons for fraud and criminal acts?

    What difference will she make with regard to targeting and killing American citizens without process of law and procedure?

    That she has no apparent political ambitions is a positive. Along with some experience in both the private and public sector. Not being a judge also helps. As the USAG her client is the United States of America and her primary guiding light is the United States Constitution.

    But do we really need another Harvard type who has never served in a human or civil rights or civil liberties or LGBT or poor peoples or community legal service capacity?

  140. This particular "Harvard type," it would seem, is the child of Southern sharecroppers and the great-granddaughter of slaves.

    She's also worked for the International Criminal Court on Rwanda prosecutions, and--as you would kknow if you'd read the article--led the prosecution of the cops in theLouisma case.

    No civil rights work? Please. As for the "elitist," charge, laughable.

  141. Wait a minute, in second grade didn't she write an essay supporting gun control laws?

    Alert Ted Cruz!

  142. From the article, one of its best lines:

    "She remembered quizzing her mother about why she had picked cotton in high school. “And she looked at me and said, ‘So that you never have to,’ ” Ms. Lynch said."

    I think we know where Ms. Lynch got some of her non-nonsense level-headedness.

    I can't imagine she doesn't get confirmed as our next Attorney General. The Senate would look even worse than it already does, which is really saying something.

  143. I'd be very surprised if Ms. Lynch's confirmation passed the Senate. The new majority leader, Mitch McConnell, is on record, several times, saying that his main agenda for 2014-16 is to make President Obama's last two years a complete failure. He is willing to sacrifice his country's and his own constituent's needs in order to take revenge on that uppity half-breed who had the nerve to be elected twice with the biggest popular majorities since 1964. If he changes his tune now, will the Tea Party let him stay in power? I wouldn't bet on it.

  144. Excuse me. Where did you get all this information? I don't think the GOP said anything about scuttling YOUR president's last two years. If that is done, I am sure he will do it by himself, with the help of Pelosi, and Reid. Also, it was you that called him a "half breed."

  145. Just Google "Mitch McConnell's goals" and you'll find plenty of them, including taking healthcare away from thousands of his own constituents.

  146. When I first saw a news item on her nomination, my eyes betrayed me and I thought Obama had nominated Loretta Lynn.

    Now that would have been a nominee everyone could get behind. A coal miner's daughter.

  147. And this was after a nation wide search for the best person for the job? Is this Al Sharpton's pick, or just the luck of the draw. It is strange that YOUR president can't find a qualified white female, or even an old grungy white guy. I'm I sounding racist, or is it YOUR president with his qualified picks for the Administration?

  148. I don't think you're a racist, because I agree with you! I'm waiting for the elections in 2016, when the Obama's era will finally come to an end! His policies are so stupid and awkward that no one has already waiting for the positive comments on his actions...

  149. Here's a thought: whyn't you look up Ed Meese, John Ashcroft, and Alberto Gonzales, none of whom had anything remotely close to this woman's experience as a litigator, all lf whom were longterm cronies and political alliesof their Presidents, and get back to everybody on this?

  150. Yet another person who doesn't want healthcare for all Americans. It's as though you thought that if everyone got healthcare, there wouldn't be enough to go around.

  151. People don't even bother to couch their racism...it is pretty disgusting. President Obama is everyone's president. Ms Lynch will be everyone's attorney general. I wish her all the best and hope that she takes on some serious wrongdoers.

  152. If she is honest and prudent, then everything is ok, right? She honours American Constitution and respects the checks and balances system. Though the Republicans may try to block her nominations, just because she is Obama's nominee and regardless of her personal beliefs and characteristics. Crazy bipartisanship!

  153. I will be surly glad to see this presidency end along with every domestic decision that is based more on race than substance.

  154. The big question is...will she be willing to resign in time for the President to select the first black gay Attorney General too?