Karlos Williams, Florida State’s Top Rusher, Is Accused of Domestic Abuse

Williams, a senior, is the third Seminoles starter to face an abuse claim in the past two years.

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  1. Quite the paradigm of college football. Near criminals playing for the glory of the school. Jimbo Fisher plays the innocent very well.

  2. Geez! Don't tell me there is another abuser in a football uniform! Say it ain't so!! Between the NFL and College football, we are lucky they all wear numbers and names on jerseys, so we can tell which abuser is which........

  3. These college kids need to be taught a lesson. He should be only get one or two million a year when he signs with the NFL next year.

  4. Just release him now and save us all the future frustration when the accuser drops the chargers. Can only imagine the pressure she us under right now to do just that.

  5. They seem to be doing a fine job in Tallahassee of molding boys into responsible young men. These student-athletes are outstanding role models.

  6. Yes, as Jimbo Fisher says they are all full of character. What kind of character that is, he doesn't specify.

  7. I suspect that their character was pretty well formed before they arrived in Tallahassee. FSU is simply doing its part to enable the miscreants' actions.

  8. Can't tell the abusers without a scorecard.

  9. Where's the money for college athletics come from? Mass media exposure. (How many of us could have withstood the pressure of such intense public scrutiny at the age of nineteen?)

    And who supports the media? Viewers of TV and other media. (How many of us will acknowledge that they are helping to bankroll a deeply flawed institution?)

    So let's see if I have this straight. The home viewing audience pays to witness these young men to go out onto the field and play with unbridled abandon, treating the opposing team's players with merciless aggression.

    These consumers expect the same young men, upon leaving the field, to turn the testosterone off and miraculously transform themselves into perfect gentlemen. As if your professional identity has nothing to do your personal identity.

    I bring up the matter of hypocrisy not to suggest that these modern-day gladiators bear zero responsibility for their actions, but only to point out that it would be so much easier to scapegoat a few "bad apples," so-called, then to consider young football players' aggressiveness a product of social forces to which all who pay to watch sports contributes. We all would have to change, and grow, and perhaps outgrow our fetish for winning at all costs.

    Who was it said "winning's not everything; it's the only thing"? I'd like to think that, when human beings come to matter, in body and in soul, more than dollars, such disturbing actions will become unthinkable. 'Til then, we all bear some of the blame.

  10. "...The home viewing audience pays to witness these young men to go out onto the field and play with unbridled abandon, treating the opposing team's players with merciless aggression. These consumers expect the same young men, upon leaving the field, to turn the testosterone off and miraculously transform themselves into perfect gentlemen. As if your professional identity has nothing to do your personal identity."

    Exactly! That's why we call it civilization and we are not animals; because we act as humans...

  11. On the other hand, it may be that football attracts aggressive types and gives them an outlet for their aggression so that when they go home to family and friends, they have less of a tendency to act out than those with sedentary jobs like priests and teachers.

  12. Have never been to or watched a football game - not in junior or senior high school, not in college, not even when my husband and I were invited to watch in the university president's box at a major football university in Texas. What if everyone just stopped going to and watching games? Just stop supporting this tragic exploitation that leads to a sense of entitlement and inability to deal with conflict in a sane way. You may say I'm a dreamer but I bet I'm not the only one............

  13. Another false accusation no doubt. Thank God the police will discover the truth.

  14. There are those who withhold judgement. And then there are those in football-related domestic abuse cases who immediately assume the innocence of the accused...Ray Rice fan?

  15. First, a bit of domestic abuse, and then It won't be long before Williams follows the "traditional" path and becomes an absentee dad to his children.

    This chain of dysfunction cripples many urban centers and creates dynasties of misery and crime. It must stop, but political correctness prevents it. Blame is deflected elsewhere.

  16. For all we know Williams is and will be the world's best dad.

  17. So all of the Bible thumping, GOP-donating reactionaries who boost, administer and coach these teams, protecting athletes when they are playing well and eligible and discarding them when they are not, will now be holding these morally retrograde kids accountable? I think not.

  18. "This chain of dysfunction" is found in many rural areas too, and is race neutral.

  19. FSU Seminoles seems well on its way to being remembered in the same breath with the 1988 OU Sooners.

  20. I am so glad I stopped watching/supporting football.

  21. Perhaps they should change the color of the FSU football uniforms to orange.

  22. Perhaps the "New Committee" set to deal us A WHOLE NEW WORLD of College Football Rankings this evening should take more into consideration than Losses an Divisions...perhaps CODES of Conduct should be in Play?

  23. When will someone (the FSU Board of Trustees, the NCAA, the Federal Government via Title IX) step in and do something about what has become more than an embarrassment (NY Times recent FSU expose) but a much more disturbing pattern of abuse of women that is abhorrent and is putting a stain on all of college football and University life in general. Why would anyone allow their daughter to attend FSU? At some point someone in power needs to say "enough." Just like it was done at Penn State.

  24. So I guess he's assured of playing the rest of the season. At FSU, following the lead of Dion Sanders and Bobby Bowden, crime is rewarded at FSU.

  25. Already has a daughter and is expecting another child with a women that he is not married to. How can he support these children? Our society has allowed this level of dysfunction to become normal in our society, and especially in the black community, it is destroying our nation.

  26. Um, age 21 with a long-term girlfriend who's expecting their third, that's third, child, Mr. Williams is a busy guy what with all the classes, term papers, football practice and games, media appearances and now (maybe) involvement with the storied Tallahassee law enforcement Seminole fans. Must be really tough to be a good daddy with all that on the plate.

  27. Any chance we might hear from William Rhoden on this matter?

  28. The closest thing to immunity against criminal prosecution in America today, is a position on the Florida State football team. Bernie Madoff should have tried out for wide receiver.

  29. It may be time for the NCAA to step in and suspend FSU for a few seasons, since the University and City police force are unable or should say, unwilling to step up and hold the program responsible for their actions.

  30. How do you support a mother and two children while going to college? How can you afford to hire a lawyer? Someone needs to" follow the money" here.

  31. They aren't married so maybe the government will support them.

  32. yeah, I have a better idea: let them starve in the streets! because God knows that Congress is nothing if not an upstanding collection of citizens who never make poor choices or take handouts from rich supporters. and businesspeople who run businesses never take advantage of government subsidies and tax cuts (i.e. corporate welfare). so yeah! young unmarried people are clearly the major problem here. let them eat cake.

  33. Let Mr. Williams play football and allow the justice system to get to the truth. Previously, an FSU player, other than the Heisman winning Mr. Jamesis Winston, was accused of rape within days of the NY Times article on the troubles at FSU and the charges were promptly dropped for lack of evidence.
    The facts of a case usually don't come out until the investigation is complete and charges are filed by the prosecution. So before holding any player to account let's wait for the facts before punishing these student athletes.

  34. I can't figure out why these stupid girls stay with these athletes. These are bright girls, at a fine university. Where is their sense of self; and why do they put themselves in danger? The football players are brutal at their sport. Are they taught to put that quality aside in personal matters? Don't they have parents, that taught them as little boys, not to hit girls? Why are these girls having multiple children with college boys? What's wrong with them; and don't they have parents, who taught them to respect their reputations?

  35. So let's get this straight: he's 21' already has 3 kids with another on the way, plays college football - and all this while maintaining a straight A academic average. Wow, whataguy. Seems to me there oughta be a UNC- type academic probe here. Something is definitely amiss.

  36. From the comments here, it appears that we can do away with courts and due process. Anyone accused of a crime is automatically guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  37. Actually the problem as been the opposite: guilty guilty guilty thugs get away with everything from horrific crimes to repeated annoyance-misdemeanors, and they are protected, declared innocent, evidence is destroyed or ignored, reports go missing, delays and payoffs and you would not believe what else, and nothing is ever done because they are athletes. It is an outrage. People who actually like football especially ought to stand up against it.

  38. The warden at FSU is doing a poor job. Anyone who thinks star athletes aren't coddled is holed up in a cave somewhere. While FSU isn't the only place this happens, it is certainly among the most egregious.

  39. I would like to know Fl State's procedures for steroid testing, and if not done already he should be tested immediately. Steroids and rage go hand-in-hand, and there should be zero tolerance for either in spectator sports.

  40. Who supports these girl friends with children? Why do they keep having children? It seems it would be difficult enough to get a college degree without the added burden of being pregnant through all of this drama.

    I guess I just don't get it. I liked the old days, get a degre, get married, then have your children ?????

  41. Yes Jimbo and Bubba and Skeeter and all you other Florida State coaches. Just what kind of leadership values are you guys promoting for your "student athletes".

    Are you also leading them in prayer before the games vowing to treat others as they would be treated? And do they stand with their hands over their hearts pledging allegiance to the flag while they say "justice and liberty for all"?

  42. An allegation is not an arrest. An arrest is not an indictment and an indictment is not a conviction. Yet here we are. Three allegations in 2 years and that is it. If I surmised that the women in and around the campus seem to inordinately bring false charges against football players and maybe they should be investigated I would be a accurate as this article is and as insignificant.

  43. there is some truth to what you say--but then again, the story here isn't merely that there were allegations. the problem is that they have gone uninvestigated. so perhaps the reason why there have "only" been allegations is because of the blind-eye policing that has gone on. it's not fully fleshed out in this article, but if you've been following the NYT coverage on the evolving story, there's plenty of evidence that the Tallahassee police has bungled (intentionally or otherwise) any allegations brought against FSU football players.

  44. Another professional athlete, who is not paid, falls from grace with little to show for the millions that he brought to the institution.

  45. The old story goes:
    A reporter asks the Florida football coach how his team will do on the following Saturday. "It depends on the parole board." he responds.

  46. Anyone that sends their child, let alone their daughter, to Florida State University needs their head examined. Thank you tNYT for the continued coverage of this disgusting university. Please keep applying pressure. Winston nor Williams should be playing football, but they will, as the media's attention shifts to something fresher.

  47. Agreed---and while the faculty is quite good, much better in many fields than FSU's overall rankings and reputation would indicate, I would not send my child there, because it is run by a bunch of yahoo-politicos and money-mad football supporters. Disgusting is right, and those of us who can't find other jobs (yet) are quite embarrassed to have to say we work here. Keep up the pressure, please, NYT. It has already done some good.

  48. As parents of two FSU grads; in addition to a daughter-in-law graduate, we are proud of the fine education received there. One son received his law degree from FSU; the other son received his degree in criminology, and sociology. Our daughter-in-law, received two degrees; one in sociology, the other in organic chemistry. The son who received his law degree at FSU, received his masters from American University in D.C. Don't deride the whole institution for the knuckleheads that live only for sports. No sensible person would do such a thing. The fact that the football program has lost it's way in recent times, does not negate the wonderful institution that is Florida State University.

  49. I couldn't help but notice Karlos Williams is the father of three children and is only 21. What pressure to provide for so many at such a young age. Pressure which leads to stress when the unforeseen (injury, accusations) occurs. And who gets the blame? Those closest to the (accused) abuser. This is sad all the way around. Hopefully the girlfriend will stay the course and not drop the charges...if he does it once, he will do it again.

  50. Florida State has an exceptional football team, too bad character concerns serve as a major distraction.

  51. Ball players wear numbers under their chin. Apparently, some need a few more numbers added.

  52. From most of the comments here, he has already been judged guilty. Seems this is OK for domestic abuse and rape charges, but not for the justice system as a whole?

  53. Are the attorneys defending the FSU players working pro bono? If not who is paying the attorney fees? The FSU Athletic Department is not allowed to and if the booster organization is or a single person is either would be a violation of NCAA rules.
    That should be a fairly easy fact for the NCAA to discover.
    But then they may not want to.

  54. This whole team is out of control. Where is the NCAA?

  55. Funny how nothing much came out of UF's back up quarterback's suspension for sexual assault and just a week later, the woman suddenly, and without comment, withdrew her complaint. Why isn't anyone looking into that to see why she decided to withdraw her complaint so the charges would be dropped? Who paid that young man's attorney? Where are all of the conspiracy theorists when it comes to any other team but Florida State? There have been other teams who have had videotaped film of the commission of felonies by team members (marijuana use and drug possession with over $4600 worth of drugs and paraphernalia), but those haven't been reported by the mainstream media either. Winston's parents are paying for his attorney, Mr. Blau, for your information. It is my understanding they took out a second mortgage on their home to do that. I have no idea about the attorney for this most recent allegation against Mr. Williams, but then again, it's really none of my business - or yours either for that matter.

    Just because these players sign contracts for scholarships to play football does not ameliorate their constitutional rights under the law, nor does it remove the "innocent until proven guilty" concept under the law. The Winston alleged sexual assault issue keeps coming up week in and week out and he was not charged by the State Attorney due to a lack of evidence nearly a year ago. That's over folks. Please move on.

  56. Leave It To Judge Fisher

    Judge Jimbo Fisher has found Karlos Williams guilty of being the second best runner on the Florida State "University" football team and has sentenced him to complete the season at running back.

    Judge Fisher reported that he has assigned FSU football team leader Jameis Winston to keep an eye on Williams and provide guidance as needed.

    When asked about his decision, Judge Fisher repeated that his football team's so-called problems are with the press, not the players ..."I think we need to be more responsible in our reporting, opinions and based off facts and not write articles that are half true and not all the way true.”

    It is reported that Williams, who will be the father of at least three children by at least two mothers by the end of this school year -- is a model father.

    Dr. Kacy King, FSU’s Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Academic Support and Director of Educational Services, has reported that his most popular class is one in which Karlos Williams is a guest speaker and discusses how fatherhood has made him a much more responsible student and citizen.


  57. I am going to vomit. Kacy King, who has a PhD. in volleyball, needs to be fired. The school is the laughingstock of academia, and it ain't getting' no better.

  58. Show of hands:

    Who thinks Williams will be charged, (if at all) only after the end of the bowl season?

  59. Tallahassee Police: Florida State athletes? You want charges brought against key players? That's a good one.......hardy, har, har........

  60. Again, ... both young adults have lawyers... Hmmm Maybe lawyer don't cost that much in Tallahassee :)

  61. Lawyers: Forget the retainer. Just get us seats on the fifty-yard line.

  62. In the non-pretend world of non-political correctness, everyone knows these are primitive violent people. Karlos Williams and others like him are simply creatures of instinct and passion who lack the intellectual capacity to understand the nature or consequences of their violent actions. They are driven by instinct, not governed by reason. Of course, this obvious fact can never be acknowledged because to do so exposes one to demonization and preemptive censorship. Until rational people are no longer afraid of the truth, there can be no solutions. Pretending otherwise, denial, more of the same..

  63. Let's hope this investigation does not interfere with Mr. Williams academic progress at Florida State. The game against Louisville is clearly of minimal importance to students and fans. Academics first......athletics a distant second at Florida State. That's our bible and we are standing by it.

  64. How seriously is this allegation being taken in Florida State's athletic department?

    The head football coach's name is Jimbo.

    Next question.

  65. I hear the "complainer" is not going to complain. Once again, "money talks, truth walks."