Yankee Hatred Is Losing Its Point

After a couple of down years for the Yankees, including Derek Jeter’s swan-song season, even some of the team’s devoted foes may have difficulty summoning the enmity required to staunchly oppose them.

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  1. Surely you jest. Happy to take great delight in the Yankees demise forever. Go Sox!

  2. The Sox made even the Yankees look good this year.

  3. How pathetic it is to root AGAINST someone else's team, instead of rooting for your own team.

    Red Sox Nation contains the largest number of jealous Yankee haters (they won the World Series last year, yet still found themselves unable to dial back their trite Yankee-hating noise), but there are plenty to be found in all corners of the country; particularly here in the Pacific Northwest, where envious Mariners fans still hate the Yankees even more than their own division rivals (they're still upset that the Yanks beat them out of their best chance at a trip to the World Series in 2001).

    Meanwhile, Yankee fans could care less about what somebody else's team is up to. We're too busy rooting for our guys. There is no jealousy in Yankees Universe. The other teams simply don't matter to us. Why would we waste our time hating them?

  4. It's exactly that smugness that makes your team disliked on any levels.

  5. It's called a rivalry. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about the Yankees, but 8/10 Yankees fans I run into are obnoxious and arrogant- and hide their hats when a season like this comes along.

  6. Walk around any city in the country and you will see more Yankees caps than those of any team, except perhaps for the home team. Even the haters appreciate the Yankees; they are perennially among the top teams in road attendance. So, love 'em or hate 'em, the Yankees are great for baseball.

  7. The Yankees caps are not an indication of team support. There are three types of cap wearers: 1) those who wear it because it says New York and have no idea about baseball, 2) those who live in NYC and wear it because just about everybody else wears one and 3) true Yankee fans. Pay attention only to the last group.

  8. You have never been to Sacramento. Way more Bosox fans than anything other than Ginats and A's.

  9. Are you kidding? There are no number of down years that will make up for the smug arrogance of a team that bought its way to it 20+ world championships (starting with the cash-for-Ruth deal). I will NEVER stop hating the Yankees (and I am not even a Red Sox fan; in fact I hate them, too).

    Go Angels!

  10. Didn't the Angels buy Albert Pujols among others?

  11. Freeway Series!

  12. Yes!!!

  13. As a lifelong Yankee fan, my advice to Peter Applebome is: get over it. I support my team whether they win or lose. That's the kind of baseball fan I am. I watch other teams and in this post-season I will pick some other teams to root for. Then I will impatiently wait til next February when spring training starts and I can root for my team again.

  14. I rooted for the Yankees in some truly horrible years that make this season look great and I suppose I'll always remain a fan since it's been over 50 years now.

  15. Last season was all about Rivera leaving. This season was all about Jeter leaving. There was little notice of the lousy baseball.
    Next season will be all about Cashman leaving. Not very interesting particularly when coupled with more lousy baseball.
    Do people still buy tickets to that mess?

  16. oh, yeah, and they pay big money. Boston fans paid big bucks to watch our last place team while cheering for Jeter.

  17. Hating the Yankees these days is like hating your boss after he finds out he has cancer. There's no fun kicking someone when he's down, not even your worst enemy.

  18. Ohhhh, it's lots of fun. If you have lived in smaller media markets and seen the likes of Musial, banks, or Bench go acknowledged but not lionized, you have been waiting for this opportunity. Alas, it's a cold dinner. The Yanks are merely irrelevant.

  19. It's like me (a Denver Broncos fan) and the Raiders. I almost wish they would get good again so I had a place to vent my spleen. But it's only "almost". Go A's!

  20. The "infuriating perfection" of Mariano Rivera? Does "perfection" really cover blowing the seventh game of a World Series? See, it's not the reality of the Yankees that annoys the rest of us. It's the power of the New York media to shape the narrative so that even when bad things happen to the Yankees, they never really happened. In 1987, Andre Dawson hit a home run in his last at-bat of the season at Wrigley Field on his way to winning the home-run title and the MVP (only player ever to do so on a last-place team). His homer was a crowd-pleaser, but it was as meaningless as Jeter's game-winning hit against the Orioles. Yet Jeter's hit is now, and ever more shall be, known (at least in New York) as the "Immaculate Farewell." The Yankees couldn't [tick] us off as much as they do without your help.

  21. As a life-long Yankee fan, I can't imagine any new players in the lineup over-shadowing the return of A-Rod and the negative impact that will have on fans, both friends and foes.

    Until he starts lighting up the scoreboard with his bat (questionable after the year-long suspension), fans won't soon forgive him for the disgrace he brought to himself, the Yankees and baseball or the fat salary he commands.

    That the organization is even contemplating making him captain after Jeter shows just how tone-deaf they are.

  22. Any one of a certain age notice how the current Yankees are very similar to the 1980's vintage? Over priced, ageing, and just not put together well. Then they were composed of old right handed DH's and washed up pitchers. Cashman is incompetent! 40 year old short stop indeed!

  23. There is something to be said about a "singular devotion", which Jeter seems to represent. It bestows onto very few. How many "mediocre" people, including me, fall into that category; none. Then why do we not resent that, let alone hate? Because it reprints the best or the worst of human spirit. Well, you take a pick. It may say something about you, too.

  24. I've been a Yankees fan since I first remembered baseball (1960) and started rooting for the Mets when they were born in '62.

    I don't expect a title - or even a berth in the post-season - especially with the Mets. Yeah, I'll gripe and groan about this and that, but from the day pitchers and catchers report in February, hopes always run high.

    And even when such hopes are dashed, I'm not so disappointed. I've spent this season marveling at the work done by - among many others - Kershaw, Cueto (look him up) and Baumgarner on the mound and Victor Martinez, Mike Trout and Jose Altuve (look him up as well) at the plate.

    I'm hoping for an Oakland/Pittsburgh World Series - despite the GM of the former boneheadedly trading Cespedes. I know the players of all who'll still be around after today.

    I've learned my father's lesson: love your team(s); be in love with the game. Because that's all it is....a game.

  25. I've always been a yankees fan and always will. but i'm fastening my seatbelts for a re-entry into another "horace clarke" era. and it ain't gonna be pretty.

  26. Mr. Applebome is dreaming.

    Hating the Yankees is a Zen thing. It's not in the results, the pleasure is in the doing.

    Hating the Red Sox may be one thing, but they suffer from a Faustian crassness that they may some day emerge from.

    But hating the Yankees is easy, effortless and sublime. It is a truly American tradition. Something to be handed down from generation to generation, to be savored for years to come.

  27. My favorite team will always be "whoever is beating the Yankees!" Money doesn't buy character or excellence.

  28. So lame to root against the Yanks because of how much money they spend. Each team (except maybe the A's) spends as much money as they possibly can, the Yankees just have more. Any team with the Yankees' money would spend as much as the Yankees spend (and though I'm no A-Rod fan, if someone offered almost any human on the planet $250M to switch teams, they'd make the switch in two seconds.)

    And by the way, the Dodgers spend more than the Yanks.

  29. I am afraid it will take more than 2 years of not being in the playoffs (poor, poor Yankees) to extinguish (or even mellow) Yankee hatred -- there has been some Faustian bargain in the Bronx forever . . . Chris Young is *released* from the Mets, goes to the Yankees and starts hitting game winning HRs; Chase Headley, traded from the Padres, shows up and does the same. Heck, Al Leiter did it a decade ago as well. Any other team with the Yankees' overpaid roster (look at their averages: McAnn? Tex? Honestly . . .) would have to reach up to touch bottom . . . how to explain it, other than playing in Wiffle Ball-sized fence dimensions and some subterranean stairwell straight to Mephistopheles, Inc?

  30. I have been a yankee hater for many years, even before that convicted felon owned the team. With, or without Jeter, my feelings will never change.

  31. Growing up in NYC in the 50's and 60's I was a Dodger fan and a confirmed Yankee hater. I loathed them and anyone who rooted for them but living in Colorado during the city's financial crisis in the 70's I heard so much anti-NYC sentiment that the old hatred faded away in time and I became a New York baseball fan, rooting for both the Mets and the Yankees, happy to see any New York team succeed. Family who have lived their entire lives in the NYC metro area or in the parts of Florida that seem like they are part of the NYC metro area do not understand how I can root for both teams. I must say that on balance my attention shifted to the Yankees at the beginning of the Jeter era, sensing early on that here was a player for the ages and also because the team succeeded and the World Series doesn't hold as much magic for me without a NY team to root for.

  32. The Yankees are irrelevant. Ask anyone in St.Louis. As for Jeter, unless he buys into Tampa Rays, he will go down as a likeable Avatar who dwelled in a big-East media market.


  33. I wouldn't count the Yankees out of the bitterness sweepstakes just yet. They'll still be disliked by people who perceive them as a successful team and envy them their success, whether their success is real or not. That's the thing about hatred and envy, it doesn't actually have to be earned.

  34. If I didn't hate the Yankees, I wouldn't care about baseball at all. Of course, it is not rational, but it is a lot easier than fantasy leagues.

  35. Rooting for a team is a highly personal choice for highly personal - and often highly idiosyncratic - reasons. I've a friend who roots for the White Sox because when he came of age the Bears ruled Football (go figure), and a friend who roots for the Rockies because their uniforms are purple (A little more understandable, but ...) I personally hate the Dodgers because they broke my 8 year old heart when they left Brooklyn. All that said, I have hated the Yankees since a was a child in Brooklyn; I have hated the Yankees as an adult in Virginia, I hated them when the lost and hated them when they won and have no interest in the Red Sox whatsoever; yep, Mets fan. Hating the Yankees is fun, it's easy, it's pleasurable and Mr. Applebome can do whatever he wants - we Yankee haters will go right on hating and loving the experience.

  36. Hatred in sports is like love of junk food. The fact it exists is the source of the problem.

  37. "Black hole of Yankee decline"? Ha ha, I died laughing at that one, or crying. Let me remind the author that some of us haven't been to the playoffs for over a decade or more and have never ever been to a World Series. This little drought is a bump in the road and the author's reference to it as a "black hole" only attests to the embarrassment of riches that all non-Yankee fans "hate" the Yankees and their fans. What arrogance to think a little two year absence from the playoffs makes it all ok. I have every confidence they will soon buy themselves to the top once again. I'll never stop "hating" the Yankees.

  38. The league is lopsided. Teams like the Yankees simply buy the best players...almost always guarantee a playoff spot. Small market teams can't compete. It is nice to see them lose despite spending so much money.!

  39. The Yankees have always reminded me of the fat frat boys who show up for an intramural softball game in expensive matching uniforms, smug jerks you love to beat. Don't flatter yourselves because people are respectful of Derek Jeter. Everyone still hates the Yankees but not as loudly.

  40. stop kidding yourself, dude. always hated 'em, always will. since before birth.
    go go white sox!

  41. Hating the Yankees isn't about their results, it's about their attitude.

  42. The absence of George Steinbrenner is an important factor in the diminished hatred. The dedication of that absurd billboard-sized plaque was last time one was reminded of what an incredible jerk he was, and how easy that made it to hate him and his team.

  43. Why do you chumps root for a bunch of guys who have absolutely zero, ZERO loyalty to you or your town. I would only root for my "home team" if the guys on my team were from my town. What is the matter with you people? A logo and some marketing poking you in your lizard brain and suddenly you hate and/or love who they tell you to. Suckers.

  44. It's the gangsters who own them, who destroyed The House That Ruth Built, who gouge their people visiting their stadium and in turn black out games on YES all the way to Canada. It's gross. They are gross.

  45. The Boston version of "hating the Yankees" dates back to when the Red Sox were perennially hopeless (at least in the post-season). We used to love to hate the Yankees, because we could revel in our misery all the more by doing so. It was pathetic, but we were like scorned lovers: pathos seemed to be all that we had.

    Now those days are long gone. I miss them. But we don't hate the Yankees anymore.

  46. It's the "exaltedness" of them exuded by . . . too many people and entities, including those in media who choose, for example, to broadcast the Yankees over any other team -- in prime time or any other time.

    I read up on Jeter this past week; he has the batting numbers and WS rings, yes. However, he does not have the defensive stats despite having been "adorned" with Gold Gloves by adoring (bewitched?) baseball writers (oh, the 'great one'). And it is written that Jeter somewhat has pooh-poohed those defensive stats because there are factors that are "not quantifiable".

    But there are other great/consistent/loyal ball players that have recently retired that were not accorded that (embarrassing) display of adoration served up to Jeter and all the nation all these long baseball months (Jeter on Thursday night "I was just doing my job"). Instead, they were given a proper send off by their home team and some acknowledgment in other ballparks --> Todd Helton of the Rockies, Paul Konerko of the White Sox, and Omar Vizquel of the Blue Jays, that last player after 24 years of exceptional play, to name just a few.

    It's the In Your Face, and the idea that '“There’s a mystique, an aura, a tradition of success, that’s different than any other organization,” Headley said.' that bothers/irritates/angers/annoys etc. The 'aura and mystique' are a myth for those of us rooting for smaller-market teams. And yes, it is something wonderful to beat the most successful team: ALDS 1997.

  47. The only thing better than "hating" the Yankees is knowing they've become mediocre and irrelevant.

  48. With the Mets young pitchers and emerging stars Juan Lagares, Daniel Murphy, Travis d'Arnaud and Lucas Duda, maybe we should prepare for a return of the 1980s when NYC was Mets-town.

  49. i am a Brooklyn Dodger fan and i don't think, Mr. Applebome, that you really understand Yankee Hatred. It is deep-seated and it dates back to before the early '60s. Our hearts were broken in 1957 and when the Yankees were your biggest rival -and i'm talking when baseball was followed with real passion - you hated everything about that rival, from their celebrations to the snot that ran down their pinstripes. We have tried to pass on this hatred to our children, so that they too will never forget..." Plus, their home is the Bronx! I have reserved some residual hatred for my Brooklyn neighbors who easily changed allegiance the moment Ebbets Field was vacated. I hope they, along with the Yankees, go bankrupt.

  50. Hating the Junkies goes back to halcyon days of George Steingrabber, Billy 'Loose Cannon' Martin, Reggie, and the other usual cast of idiots that brings us to A-Roid It's real easy to praise isolated quality acts like Mariano; the rest from the front office on down is chaff. Buying championships pretty much started w/these guys. In the short term and in the long run, watching these egos flounder is a BIG part of 'America's Pastime'. Junkie Hatred Is Losing It's Point'? Puuuullleaase.....

  51. Yes, it's hard to dislike an underachieving team with a $200+ million payroll and never-ending national press coverage. Hahahaha! Go Orioles!

  52. With all repeat - keep your opinions about Yankee hating to yourself. :) I am 60 + years old and an ardent White Sox fan. Check the AL rankings for the period 1955 - 1968 before the creation of the divisional playoffs. During the 50s and 60s the White Sox had some very good teams but - Yanks had some great teams. Sox might win 90+ games - Mantle, Tresh, Berra, Ford, Maris would win 100. I hated the Yanks and still do. The Evil Empire lives. The hostilities continue. No armistice - no peace treaties. As long as MLB refuses to have salary caps - I will hate the Yanks. NY's 'just throw $ at the problem' rankles me. A pox upon the Yankees.

  53. Maybe ask your cheapskate franchise owner what he's done to improve your middling ballclub with all those millions in 'luxuray taxes' paid by the Yankees, Dodgers and other teams who shell out the big money for free agents. Did he plow it back into your team? Or tuck it into his back pocket?

  54. The Yankees 'winning record' streak continues, for over 20 years now.

    The Yankees used 59+ players this year, also a new record.

    So, despite incredible injury stats---the Yankees kept their winning record streak going for another year!

    Not too shabby, indeed!

  55. As a fellow Canadian---I also respect what the Yankees have brought to the great game of Baseball! If you wish to be the champion, you need to get pass the Yankees!

    Here in Canada, it used to be that you needed to get past the Montreal Canadiens, to be the Champion!

    Having a gold standard to achieve and surpass is good for any/all Sport!

    "They didn’t get the Yankee Hatred concept. “When you’re always on top, people are going to dislike you, right?” Powell, decked out in a Colby Rasmus jersey, said sympathetically. “I don’t have a problem with them. Baseball’s a gentleman’s game. I respect what they’ve done.” It may be a Canada thing."

  56. Gotta love that they put an injured Tanaka in at season's end.

  57. I'm going to miss Jeter because it was comforting to look out at shortstop and see a washed up, over-priced player. Now, I have to hope Arod makes the comeback.

  58. "Yankee Hatred Is Losing Its Point".


  59. As long as we have the Giants to hate and the Jets to pity, New York is not out of the pro sports doghouse yet.

  60. No, it will never lose its point. It's fueled by generations of arrogance, bombast, and smug entitlement of divine right to the playoffs. For every gentleman like Jeter and Rivera, you get a cringeworthy bagful of A-Rods, Jacksons, and Steinbrenners. A perpetual pox on that franchise!

  61. The author plainly fails to grasp the essence of Yankee hating. More than any team in all of American pro sports, the Yankees epitomize arrogance, greed, & pretentiousness. Those values are abhorrent to many among us, who will always hate the Yankees regardless of their record or place in the standings at any given moment.

  62. Yankee-hating no longer the same? Speak for yourself Peter. And I still find myself thinking that if the Yankees are down by 10 with two out in their half of the ninth, they will nonetheless come back and tie or win the game. As the expression goes, “Old habits die hard.”

  63. Every time I think that my dislike of the Yankees has mellowed, every time a fine player like Jeter retires with grace, every time I feel that maybe, just maybe, there is some other team to actively cheer against, I run across some nit-wit Yankees fan who proceeds to reinvigorate my disgust by reminding me how "everybody knows that the playoff aren't worth watching" if the Yanks aren't involved.

  64. Asking the question, "Why hate the Yankees?" signifies that the person asking the question is simply and probably congenitally incapable of understanding the answer. And one should never blame a person for his or her birth defect.

    I learned to hate the Giants in utero and the Yankees well before that. It really is that simple.

  65. True Yankee haters never die.

    Reggie Jackson did, too, stick his hip out. DiMaggio kicking the dirt after Gionfriddo's catch, that's Yankee "class" for you. Steinbrenner, enough said. Please stay down while we kick you some more.

    Jeter was very good but also very over-hyped and will someone please wipe that smirk off his face? If he played in Pittsburgh would you care?

    Worst of luck next year, too.

  66. I haven't decoded whether, as a member of Red Sox Nation and a die-hard Yankee hater, which is worse - the Yankees or their insufferable fans. In the Mantle/Maris/Yogi/Whitey era, we hated the Yankees for the smugness of the team, for their expecting to win. In the Reggie/Billy/George era, we hated the team because they were an obnoxious bunch of boors. I can't summon the same dislike for the Joe Torre-led teams (or even now), because Torre, Rivera, Jeter and most of those guys were class acts.

    But their fans - that's another story! Yankee fans are still as smug as the Yankees of the 50s and still as obnoxious as those of the 70s. They think the World Championship belongs to them by right. Whenever another team does well, all you hear about is "27 World Championships". As long as the Yankees have fans like these, Yankee hatred will never go out of style.

  67. Yankee hatred is less about the players than it is about the big spending entitlement mentality of the owners. Money is no object and they go into every season as the future champions until they're not. Pretty arrogant. If you hate Jeter because he's a Yankee, that's understandable. But he's a good player, a good guy, and a sportsman. It was also hard to hate Paul O'Neil, Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams, Joe Torre, Hideki Matsui, and many others. You could love those players but still hate the Yankees as a rapacious corporation.

  68. Anyone who recognizes that these men are being paid millions of dollars to play a little boys game will continue to hate the hype that is the New York Yankees. I guess if they don't make the post season next year we can look forward to A-Rod saying goodbye for the whole season. What other team gets this kind of attention when their players retire? This team is also making me hate baseball!

  69. Notwithstanding Derek Jeter, a class act, it's still really easy to hate the Yankees. They are the 0.1 percenters of the 1 percenters in sports spending. While parity isn't necessarily the goal, these big spenders have led the way to exorbitant ticket prices and cable bills. Thanks a lot!

  70. How do I hate the Yankese? Let me count the ways . . . .

    But that would take too long. Let's just say that the best of all the many good reason for hating the Yankees is the deep sense of entitlement so openly displayed by their fans. Poor dears! Two whole years without making the playoffs? How, how could the universe be so cruel to its most favored children?

  71. "If you got it, flaunt it".

  72. Cheers to Derek Jeter, who was the Hank Aaron of shortstops. He payed great for years and his consistency at a high level is what made him great. In my opinion there were greater shortstops, but none with the longevity of Jeter at such a high level. Baseball is a team sport in which the greatness of one player does not lift the team to World Series victories. You need 9 hitters and a slew of good pitchers. Jeter was blessed to be on the team who purchased the contract of the best available player every year for over a decade, which is why they are hated. Some fans like success at any cost, and see no problem with buying the best players annually. Others root for their favorites and are thankful for the occasional run of success.

  73. The Yankees are easy to hate, even when they're losing. Part of this is due to the over-the-top media coverage. The orgy of accolades for their latest God, Jeter, is typical. MVPs - 0. Batting titles - 0. A hall of famer, yes, but if he had played for any other team no one would think he's a god.

  74. I have no problem find deep animosity toward the organization. Yet, I love Jeter and have really liked a litany of Yanks going back to my youth, Mantle foremost among them.

    The spark that has re-stoked the fires of my disdain is A Rod. He has made it so easy.

  75. It's not so much the amount it's what you do with the money, and the Yankees haven't done much. But they will be back, so it's ok to hate them now.

    Speaking of bloated payrolls, go Tigers.

  76. That's OK. I still hate 'em.

  77. I hate the Yankees. I hate everyone that plays for them. I hate their stadium. I hate their fans. I hate Derek Jeter. I hate Mariano Rivera. I hate Bernie Williams. Should I continue? I don't hate all these people outside the context of baseball, but don't tell me I can't take pleasure in their misery. You want to go soft, go ahead, but I will continue to hate.

  78. As a native New Yorker, I was an avid Yankee fan for many years, before moving to Maryland and becoming an O's fan in 1984. But I still kept a soft spot in my heart for the Yanks, especially after the end of the "Bronx Zoo" era. And it helps that the Yankees had a couple of very classy managers in Joe Torre and Joe Girardi. (And Buck, of course. Thank goodness they let him go and the O's picked him up)

    As for Yankee Haters, a lot of them are people who dislike New York City. So what I really LOVE is the company of a true Yankee Hater when the Bombers win and break their heart -- that is pure pleasure.

    Yankee Haters are fun to

  79. The author's final sentence sums it all up. Time to start worrying about the next season, because not hating the Yankees will never be an option. They are the ultimate evil. I have a beloved brother who claims that they are not worth bothering about, that the Dodgers are more evil. This is, to say the least, a delusion. If only CBS would buy them again.

  80. Disdain for the Yankees is understandable if you embrace losing as an acceptable alternative.