Finally a Change Atop FIFA? Don’t Count on It

Sepp Blatter, who is 78 and has been the president of FIFA for 16 years, announced that he hoped this would, in fact, not be his final term in office despite his age and the considerable potholes of his tenure.

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  1. Considering that the next two FIFA World Cups (TM) are going to be in Russia and Qatar, Blatter is the perfect face of this organization.

  2. @Andy, Blatter should leave, too many complaints about him from everywhere, but let me ask you a question; would Roger Goodell be "the perfect face of this organization" should the WC move to the USA?

  3. No, Louis, he wouldn't. US Soccer is a small, relatively benign force in the American sports landscape. Sunil Gulati could walk down any street in America and not be recognized by anyone. Soccer as a sport in America is most closely associated with immigrants and suburban girls. So Goddell wouldn't be representative of a USA World Cup at all.

    He is, however, the perfect NFL commissioner -- a feckless corporate shill who only seems to care about the bottom line, running a massive business that seems to exist only to suck the lifeblood out of everything it touches.

  4. Since soccer is a very old dull sport Blatter remains the perfect president to lead FIFA.

  5. It is sad and discouraging that we the fans have no say in the way FIFA is run.

  6. Really. I am no fan of Blatter as to me he is the epitome of a white collar criminal.
    The world is full of them and yes even in Switzerland.
    Having said that, your comment is quite silly.

    Name a top professional world sport where fans have any say in how the sport is being run by a governing body.

  7. When Michel Platini-who is doing a great job running UEFA- announced he will not challenge Blatter for the job, I thought this must be another a family biz where law and order + respect to elders are the unwritten rules.

  8. What is wrong with these people who vote for him. He's a criminal and he is hurting the game.

  9. Enough already!

  10. I remember seeing Blatter when the '94 WC Draw was televised and thought, 'Gee, this guy is such a tool.' Wasn't wrong with that first impression.

  11. Its a shame that the world's sport has such a piece of filth to be in charge of its governing body FIFA, if 1/10 of the allegations are true he deserves to spend the next years behind bars. Don't anyone hold their breath waiting for the results of the tainted bidding process to become public. Blatter will see to it that information is buried deep enough until he is no longer on this planet. My father always said a snake is a snake and is always a snake!

  12. No corruption here. Nothing to see. Move on. We will see you in Russia. You guys had a nice World Cup in the USA but we would rather go somewhere where they don't have quite the infrastructure and where they don't already have stadiums to play in.

  13. Mutant yes. Butterfly? Hardly. A moth perhaps. Gross and misshapen, clinging to a fragile plant, sucking life from it.

  14. There is no leader in sports worldwide who has been
    as effective as Sepp Blatter for so long. Despite years
    of withering attacks, his leadership has thrived because
    those who know him recognize his unwavering
    commitment to the good of the game to which he
    devotes his enormous energy. FIFA will
    be fortunate to have him at the helm in the years ahead.

    Rey Olsen

  15. "And my mission is not finished." As long as there is graft to be collected, I will be there. As long as there are disparaging remarks to be made about women playing the game, I will be there...Sepp Bladder channels his inner Tom Joad.