At Hall, a Blank Look Is in Style

When the bronze plaques of Greg Maddux and Tony La Russa are unveiled at the annual induction ceremonies at the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday in Cooperstown, their caps will have no logos.

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  1. Not for this rubbish about HOF inductees 'going in' as this team or that team. These people go in as great ballplayers, period. Shouldn't that suffice?

  2. Why not a multi-logo cap? Blank is boring.

  3. A few selected stats of Greg Maddux and Tom Seaver while pitching for their clubs of longest service, the Braves and Mets respectively: Maddux won 194 games and posted an ERA of 2.63 in 11 seasons with Atlanta. Seaver won 198 games and posted an ERA of 2.57 in 11.5 seasons with the Mets. (Seaver pitched 11 full seasons and about half of the 1977 season with the Mets.) Differing approaches, similar results, at least on the surface. Seaver leads in strikeouts, complete games, and shutouts but Maddux has an ERA+ of 163 with Atlanta while Seaver's with NY is 136. Source:

  4. With modern technology, the plaque cap could change logo every 30 seconds, with a Nike ad in between to pay for it.

  5. It seems to me that the hall's imposition of hat logo designation brings us back to before the free agency era. Now a player can choose what team he plays on but not what hat he wears in the Hall of Fame. Huh?

  6. You can't forget the fans, who ultimately provide the fame to the players' accomplishments. Though I'm disappointed Maddox will not have an "A" on his cap, I understand Cubs fans had him, too.

  7. The HOF is correct in having the final say. if memory serves, Dave Winfield had a youth foundation charity and was going to wear the logo of the highest bidder--Padre, Yankee of Blue Jay. His intentions were good--raising money for his charity--but MLB saw the negative possibilities. Then Roger Clemens made statements about weaing the logo of a team he spent less time with/fewer wins with. That of course is moot after we learned he won less than 200 games before cheating.

    it is a shame to have a rule for everything, but the final say is more of a safety net than anything else. Almost all players will choose the obvious.

  8. LaRussa won a World Series with the A's too ,and took them there 3 times.

    "the rest" sounds like he did nothing there

  9. I think LaRussa should wear a BALCO ball cap.

  10. Excellent recommendation.

  11. Catfish Hunter chose to have his cap blank out of respect for the two teams he played for. Bravo.

  12. The no logo caps remind me of the days when players had to wear them and generic uniforms when doing commercials.
    It looked kind of stupid then and still does.

  13. They chose not to wear their logo'd uniforms because they didn't have the right to do so and would have had to pay the teams a royalty by showing the logo

  14. Maddux and La Russa “had trouble discerning who they belong to, and ultimately, they decided they belonged to everybody.” Seems to me as though by not picking they belong to no team. They are only interested in themselves. Maybe a comment on today's players.

  15. Just one more sophomoric reason the Hall of Fame is an idiotic concept.

  16. Baseball wasn't invented in Cooperstown so the whole thing is "manufactured" anyway. What about players who were traded (not free agents) like Babe Ruth? Why not just celebrate their great careers without caps? Guess it's too late for that.