Liberals Give Senator A Candidate’s Welcome

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s reception at the annual Netroots Nation conference — and the absence of Hillary Rodham Clinton — offers a peek into the mind-set of the Democratic Party’s left wing.

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  1. Question: Does Ms. Warren only ride a one-trick pony? For example, does she have a theory or philosophy of foreign relations?

  2. I think she is a strong advocate for the rights of Native Americans.

    The hubris of some Democrats and Republicans alike who think they are fit and/or ready to lead the United States.

  3. Quite frankly I care a lot more about getting our policies in order before we can start telling foreign nations what to do...When congress teeters between a 7 & 12% approval rating how can we possibly tell others how to better run their countries?

  4. When Lincoln became President what he knew about foreign relations would have fit in a fruit jar.

  5. It's a pretty grim choice for 2016. Hillary Clinton is a Reagan Democrat, and Elizabeth Warren has all the charisma of drying paint. Oh, and I forgot about the desperate geezer Biden wanting another run. Kill me now.

  6. You have obviously never spent a moment listening to Ms. Warren. She is a phenominal speaker and very animated. I think that is the biggest difference between she and Hillary.

  7. Just what we need, another "gifted orator." From these pages to God's ears, please let the Democrats nominate EW. The lopsided defeat would only be dwarfed by Reagan v. Mondale and Nixon v. McGovern!

  8. Is this the new normal? Dripping cynicism and droll apathy is supposed to be the new intelligent response on how we choose our political leaders? How about you take a look around and see where you can help yourself and others at the same time. I recommend that course of action - it's exhilarating!

  9. Elizabeth is terrific as an advocate. We need her in Congress.

  10. And then later on as a Supreme Court Judge.

  11. Better yet, we need her as president!

  12. Though I admire Hillary Clinton for her toughness and many accomplishments, her public demeanor seems so obsequious and insincere that I'm turning away from her as a potential presidential candidate. She plays to the camera like a girl flirting in a beauty pageant, gauging the effects of her big teeth smile, her meaningful glances, and her witty humor. This appearance undermines her true grit and credibility. By comparison, Germany's Merkel does not try to win her audience with showmanship, and as a result she dignifies the role of women in high office in ways that the traditional (American?) marketing machine cannot do.

  13. "....and many accomplishments"
    Please. name just ONE. She aint got any as senator or SoS. None.
    Her real major accomplishments is making money. Lots of money giving speaches to the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

  14. Ms. Warren spent most of her life as a teacher. Today, the USA has had 5.5 years with a president who was a part-time teacher. Do most Americans want a repeat of that?

    No. Absolutely not. Actions speak with far more impact than mere words.

  15. Hillary has too much baggage, too much history to win over disaffected R's and I's. She has shown administrative capability, but is too easily swayed when the winds of public opinion blow.

    Warren has the qualities we were seeking in Mr. Obama; a robust understanding of economic principles coupled with boldness to fight back against Repub falsehoods. I think she may even have the nards to prosecute some banksters and get the SEC, FCC, FDA, et al back in line.

    Not much foreign policy experience? That's OK, because Warren has shown herself to not be an egotist who must know everything, she has shown her ability to delegate to, and empower trustworthy people.

    The only one better than Warren, would be Bernie Sanders. A presidential ticket with the two of them... would get me to campaign to reverse the two-terms rule.

  16. Ella Washington State Just now....

    all well and good, ella. ya gotta love elizabeth.....

    but i want to win in 2016 and 2020. sixteen straight years of dem presidents will lock in obamacare for good. maybe, improve it.

    hillary can do that.

  17. I like Elizabeth Warren a lot too. But I'll go with johnpakala on this one. Anyone who watched the interview with Charlie Rose last night will begin to realize the depth of knowledge and experience Hillary Clinton has. There is no greater advocate for women's right than Hillary Clinton…in the world. Malala Yousafzai will have to grow more and mature before she can take that mantle.

    The criticism that Mrs. Clinton is in bed with Wall Street is way overblown. The sackcloth and torch crowd cannot rest until Jamie Dimon is in a orange jumpsuit and in chains, jailed for the rest of his life. That will never happen, an utter fantasy and as misdirected as anything from the tea party.

    The sackcloth crowd doesn't connect the fact that we in America need a robust and thriving financial sector. Any US president who is derelict in this aspect of our national health is no good for America. Even Senator Warren knows this. She fights for a healthy financial sector, not a hampered or emasculated one. Elizabeth Warren fights for a financial sector that will work for middle class Americans. If you don't believe me please do some reading of what Sen. Warren actually said.

  18. Hillary is currently polling ahead of all republican contenders, baggage and all. You can't say the same thing for Warren, sadly, and you likely never will. Let's all keep that in mind when we thing of the alternative of one of the crazies on the republican side winning the White House and starting to make SCOTUS nominations, probably with Ginsburg coming up first.

  19. ...and she has 0 experience in many crucial presidential areas I.e.foreign affairs among others. Sure we want to go down that road again?

  20. You mean like George W. Bush? definitely not.

    And for the commenter above, talking about no experience "running things," W had lots of experience running companies. Into the ground. Again and again. Why don't we try sticking with obvious intelligence and common sense?

  21. And the potential GOP candidates who have such sterling credentials in foreign affairs, bringing large organizations into the current technological decade and economic policies that strengthen the working and middle classes are? Let's see: Walker (ran Milwaukee into the ground before governing WI so well he faced a recall); Rand Paul, (son of Ron, eye doc in small practice, Isolationist); Christie (bridge expert, gave NJ big deficit); Romney (big time loser for nomination and then election, great flip-flopper) and just who else? Sure Bush II ran a state, a baseball team (gift from supporters) and had an MBA, how did that work out?

  22. "and she has 0 experience in many crucial presidential areas I.e.foreign affairs among others."
    Compare to whom?
    **That second rated actor named Regan who plunged the country into deep debt?
    ** The TX Decider who dragged us into war (7k Americans killed, 50k wounded, & 2 trillion$$ wasted) + 2008 meltdown of the economy?
    ** What experience Obama has in 2008?
    HRC will NEVER win. Any GOP will expose her for what she rally is: all hat no cattle.

  23. Californian here. Run, Liz, run.

  24. Republican here. Run, Liz, run. :)

  25. Elizabeth to Cali: "No, I won't run but I'll support Hillary. She will beat the GOP like a worn out drum."

    Well, maybe not a direct quote...a paraphrase?

  26. You see, Sharon, GMooG points out the problem, smugly, but with candor. He would not be commenting with happy faces if you had said "Run, Hillary, run!".

  27. "Lobbyists and Republican friends in Congress." That's "telling it ike it is", as though the lobbyists have no Democratic friends? Please.

    We've had six plus years of a chief executive who never ran anything in his life (and perhaps still hasn't!). Does anyone with an ounce of sense relly want to go there again?

  28. You want to still be doing the killing in Iraq?
    You want to re-closet your gay relatives?
    You want the number of uninsured to increase rather than decrease?
    You want to ignore climate change?
    Maybe your money is tied to the broken health care system, or burning carbon or killing. Or maybe you make poor choices by conviction. In either case you are prpbably a Republican.
    The hopey-changey thing is working better than it has since Nixon created EPA and Reagan protected the ozone layer and Bush expanded the drug benefit. A famous conservative called the current chief Executive a "mongrel." You call him a poor administrator. If you were in charge, you would no doubt administer the wrong policies brilliantly.
    Regards from Golden CO

  29. Hi Mr. Wilson! Have just recommended your post to both my people on Twitter & FB saying, "... it's the BEST DEMOCRATIC COMMENT I have EVER read ANYWHERE!"
    Your Big Fan

  30. Elected, and re-elected, with greater margins than a handful of ALL American presidents. Repaired, and is still repairing, all the GOP mess left, ended GOP wars, restored our reputation, on and on.

    When will your side already stop with the childish, mindless complaining? Sir, have you no decency?

  31. Yup, populism. Hasn't worked well so far, so we must apply more!

  32. It's a word people use to try to detract from her very FDR-like message. What she is for is sensible regulations like those that gave us a stable economy from the forties to the Bush Bust. Reagan and the supply siders began the deregulation and they chipped away it until finally, and predictably, the economy collapsed. Now we are back on the boom and bust cycles that characterized our nation before FDR.

  33. I can't remember the last time we actually had a populist president.

  34. Based on the current environment, I bet Ms. Warren will make a bigger impact on change by stayin in the Senate vs. becoming President. Congress is nothing but a bunch of Blockers and all of America ought to be sick of it.

  35. North Koreans wished they had blockers.

  36. You do realize that there are about 50 or so bills passed by the House on Harry Reids desk that he refuses to allow a vote on?
    You want to accuse people of blocking things, perhaps you should start there.

  37. If anyone's been listening and read Elizabeth Warren's positions over time -- you know she walks her talk and isn't afraid to tell the truth and stand up and confront the lies, fraudsters, and others who have been gutting government and running scams. She's got the guts, intelligence, and "deep heart" I want to support. Yes, to Elizabeth Warren!

  38. LA loves Liz! Please, please run!

  39. I feel sorry for the US. It's no longer the land of the free. It's the land of big government politicians who heads a government that continually makes the country sicker and weaker. These politicians have the skill to convince voters that more government is needed, not less. GM made bad cars and was on the way out, but was saved by big government. Deadly cars can continue to hit the streets. These politicians of course blames big business on the outcome. Big government floated Mae and Mac and the housing crash. These politicians blame the banks which were only taking orders from big government that mortgages to people who can't afford them must be pushed out at a steady rate. Solyndra, etc,etc. The country is collapsing under big government. This country was great, before big government. Funny how Americans could afford healthcare in the past, before big government.

  40. Like many -- we're all human -- you have an opinion of what's wrong (big government) and then blame it for all ills in the world. Big government is responsible for the unaffordability of health care? Right! By that logic we should blame big government for rainy days, for opinionated people. for too-spicy food, and all other non-sensical things we abhor.

  41. Corruption reigns, politicians concerned with ever increasing fund raising needs are bought and paid for by special interests. This is the sorry state of affairs in fed and state governments in the USA taken to a new high.

  42. If Warren is nominated she gets my vote. If Hillary or some other irresponsible politician is nominated I go 3rd party or possibly Rand Paul if he's the repub pick. I am sick of saber-rattling and posturing.

  43. I think it's time for an American Green Progressive party, and I'm not just saying that because I'm half Spartan.

  44. wow, if you want irresponsible Rand is your man!

  45. When scrutinizing the so-called "Big Tent" of the Democratic Party, one quickly notices that there is a considerable ideological divide between the political rhetoric of pro-"big business" Hillary Clinton and her more populist rival, Elizabeth Warren. I'm amused how many Democrats champion both Clinton and Warren without realizing that these two individuals espouse very different political agendas. It is a shame that Hillary's long-standing ambition to be U.S. President is temporarily blocking Warren from running.

  46. Well, come on, on the entirety of the political spectrum in the U.S. they exist within a fairly narrow range, and I'm certain if you lined them up on a broad list of issues they would come out pretty much the same.

  47. You are aware Elizabeth Warren sits on the far fringes of the political spectrum, will not be able to capture the moderate centrist vote, and will lead the Democrat party to its worst defeat in 30 years, aren't you ? Or has the last 22 years of competitiveness in national elections for Democrats completely obscured the 24-year period of general non-competitiveness from 1968 to 1992 that preceded ? (Jimmy Carter was a one-off running against Gerald Ford who pardoned Nixon.)

  48. I'm not sure if you are addressing my comment or Alec's, T. Walters, but as you picked up on "spectrum" I guess you are addressing my comment.

    Please now give a few examples of Warren's "far fringes" sittings. You can't because she doesn't "sit" there. Her main platform that she "sits" on is essentially reinstating Glass-Steagall, which means that she falls within the mainstream of governmental policy from the 30s to the 90s. It's also what created the most stable banking environment of the U.S.'s entire history. That is not sitting on a fringe of anything. In fact, it's probably the most conservative outlook possible, back when "conservative" meant "what's good for GM is good for the country".

  49. See, here's the thing about her running that would make liberals crazy. Obama has governed as a neoconservative and so would she.

  50. Wait a sec, republicans are always calling Obama a big-time liberal community organizer socialist and born in Kenya.

    And now you are calling him a "neoconservative"?? So which one is it? You better check in with the tea party on that and get back to us.

  51. I admire President Obama more and more, as he governs more and more like a conservative.

  52. Sadly, I agree with you regarding President Obama. However, what evidence do you have that Elizabeth Warren would follow that path?

    The fact that she has no plans to run for higher office, despite the groundswell of support for her to do so, speaks volumes about the fact that she does not want to compromise her values.

  53. Warren is champion of a very specific issue, and she is wonderful on that. She does not have much experience, or rather much to say, about other issues, foreign or domestic. She is a valuable asset in the Senate, where she can focus on banking, and spearhead the effort to make real, substantive change in banking and financial policy. Those areas are legislative areas, not executive. She has more power over them as a senator than she would as president.

    The far left has to know she is not electable nationwide....but she is re-electable in MA in perpetuity. Imagine what the Ds could do with a strong woman in the White House and another strong woman as majority leader in the Senate???

    We Ds are so anxious to shoot ourselves in the foot when we have a likely winner sometimes we outsmart even ourselves. Not all good politicians need to be president.

  54. There is no far left in the USA, and that includes Elizabeth Warren.

    American politics consists of the range from teh Democrat's slightly-left-of moderate, and from there rightwards to the Republican Party's reactionaries and anarchists.

  55. I agree with Mary.... A scenario with Hillary as president, Elizabeth Warren as Senate majority leader, and dare I say, B. Obama on the Supreme Court? That would be an administration to fix a lot that has gone awry in recent years....

  56. You can put Minnesota's Amy Klobuchar into that brainy mix, too.

  57. I had the opportunity to hear Senator Warren's positions during her recent Senate race in Massachusetts. In my opinion her populist views are over-simplified. The heart of her message holds that "bad guys" like corporations, "big pharma," "big tobacco," etc are conspiring to ruin peoples' lives.

    This message of course worked very well in Massachusetts, but hopefully most centrist Americans would prefer a more moderate and reasonable presidential candidate.

  58. Every politician's stump speeches are be default over-simplified. It's called campaigning.

    But, actually, if you haven't paying attention to the last 30+ years since the Reagan "revolution", yes, corporations have clearly earned the label of "bad guys" with the blessing of the SCOTUS.

  59. On that part of her message she is right. Corporations have more influence (especially post this reactionary supreme courts corporations are people rulings) than citizens and have reduced America to an Oligarchy. However that being said we have to have a person that will win so we can change the Supreme Court. Hillary can do this.

  60. Simplifying the message is exactly what's needed to the extent that it crystallizes what's wrong and what's in people's self-interest. The game IS rigged and we know by whom. That's a rallying cry that an awful lot of people on the left AND right can get behind. Obama's problem is, he never demonstrated forcefully enough -- in words AND action, a la Warren -- whose side he was on

  61. Other than that Hillary Clinton is more conservative than many Democrats, her main problem is, that if elected President, Hillary would be the oldest President we've had.

    Today's 16 year old will be able to vote in the 2016 elections, but probably perceives Hillary as being the 'ancient' age of their grandparents.

    I'd prefer to see Hillary Clinton appointed to the Supreme Court, where she'd be relative young, and could productively serve for another 30 years.

    I'd prefer Elizabeth Warren to be elected President.

    But the greatest priority is to prevent a Republican from being elected President, if for no other reason, to protect the Supreme Court from getting packed with additional ultra-conservative fanatics, and to replace some dangerous, ultra-conservative Supreme Court extremists with decent, progressive jurists.

    Considering the candidates and choices the Republicans are currently offering, Elizabeth Warren probably can be elected President in 2016.

  62. Your theories and analysis is all correct, except for your last one - her chances of being elected are likely slim to none given she is a liberal from Massachusetts. Large swaths of the country will not elect someone with those credentials. And, as you point out, the highly critical factor is the SCOTUS - so lets keep that uppermost in mind. Clinton is beating all likely republican contenders currently, so I'd rather we go with a strong hand into this election given that the SCOTUS stakes are so high.

  63. By the time the Democrats get done "stuffing" the Supreme Court, it will be like the other two branches of the US government, with absolutely no credibility, and no respect.

  64. If elected president, Hillary Clinton would be 68 when she takes office.
    Ronald Reagan was 69 when he took office.
    Elizabeth Warren is 1 year younger than Hillary Clinton.
    Did you have the same thoughts about age regarding Mitt Romney (1 year older than Hillary Clinton) or John McCain (11 years older than Hillary Clinton)?

    Hillary Clinton is 66. Serve on SOCTUS for 30 years? And may I remind you that although Hillary Clinton is an attorney, she has no judicial experience. Don't you think that should be a prerequisite for the job on the highest court in the country?

  65. Articulate, impassioned, media darling with very little experience. She would be Obama all over again. I won't make that mistake twice.

    And on the subject of lobbyists and tax loopholes, the Dems had two years of bulletproof majority to fix that. They didn't, because they couldn't see a way to shut off corporate lobbying while leaving unions intact. They couldn't strip tax loopholes without inching toward a flat tax rate, which is something they can't consider because it would deprive them of their ability to buy loyalty by bestowing financial favors.

  66. Bulletproof majority up against a filibuster at every turn, I'm sure you meant to say.

    I would say your mistake was probably more likely voting for McCain and Romney the last 2 cycles given your other sentiments.

  67. The Democrats never had a bullet proof majority in either house of congress. If they did, we wouldn't have the trench warfare we've had for the last six years.

  68. She wouldn't be Obama because she wouldn't staff her administration with Clinton/Citibank/Goldman Sachs retreads. There are plenty of capable people available with executive experience who are not beholden to the usual suspects.

  69. Go, Elizabeth!

  70. Ms. Warren is correct when she says the game is rigged against the average American citizen. It is. If America were other than a corrupt center-right nation politically, she might have a chance of getting elected to the office of the President. But, here, in our representative republic with power divided in 3 branches of government, and into federal, state, and local regions, politics is the art of the possible and the art of the compromise, with money ruling the national and state electoral and legislative processes. Her best hope is to become as influential a voice as she can. She may become a cabinet secretary in a future administration. She will not, however, ever be President, which is a thankless and nearly impossible job to do well anyway.

  71. Sounds like what you really want is a dictator who shares your personal political views. No thanks.

  72. With this attitude, I guess not. Thankfully your voice is not the majority.

  73. I'd certainly prefer Hillary to any candidate of the Party of No Except to Billionaires but I'm afraid that she, too, would spend more time catering to the rich and privileged than to the people who'd elect her. Ms. Warren, on the other hand, is a genuine opponent of the status quo that has progressively transformed this nation into a de jure plutocracy. I do hope that she tosses someone's hat into the ring (I've never seen her wear one) just to provide Hillary with a populist sounding board who'll prevent her from getting too far away from Democtatic principles at least during the primaries.

  74. The left loves Liz. And the left loved McGovern in 72. Netroots Nation may not be the best indicator of America's middle of the bell curve voter demographic for 2016.

  75. Great idea!! Another activist who doesn't have a clue. Excellent way to guarantee a Republican president in 2016.

  76. Ms. Clinton seems like a nice person. I have heard her speak at length and she is intelligent and inspirational, but not about what we need to do in America to become a nation again and move ahead. Ms. Warren, hands down, has her grasp on what is needed and the courage to do it. Why do we even bother to have a two party system when all we can produce is established answers to the questions of the wealthy and the corporations. Ms. Clinton is a corporatist, through and through. We don't need that, and we don't need democratic elitists. This is not about what I say or do, it is about what people believe, and she's a huckster, like her husband. They're in bed together, maybe.

  77. The difference between Hillary and Elizabeth Warren is that Hillary just wants to be president. Warren wants to change the country from the wealthy oligarchy it is now, to a more fair system for the middle class.

  78. Warren represents a return to the sensible regulating of financial institutions that characterized the New Deal. These regulations worked extremely well and eliminated the boom and bust cycles are nation had experienced before FDR, at least until Reagan and the trickle down supply siders started doing away with them. It took some time for them to chip away at the old framework but it was not long before these actions brought about the Bush Bust. Now once again the wealth gravitates to the few and the nation's economy is a boom and bust roller coaster.
    Ms. Stohlberg seems to be doing her best to try to paint Warren as something rare, someone unusual seeking change, calling her supporters "left" or her a "populist" while, in reality, Elizabeth Warren is advocating a return to what worked instead of sticking with the failed Reagan legacy.

  79. Truth be told, Clinton started the economic implosion by doing away with Glass/Steagall.

  80. Senator Warren is a model public official whose long concern for the American citizen and the American consumer is becoming legend. However, I believe the Senator errs in just attacking corporations, banks, lobbyists, trade deals etc. The entire nation is afflicted with the "Culture of Money", an affliction that Alexis De Tocqueville observed in his "Democracy In America" when he wrote "I know of no other country where love of money has such a grip on men's hearts ....."

    There isn't an institution, organization, force, individual, etc. that has not, in some way, been infected with this affliction, an affliction that has metastasized well beyond that which Mr. De Tocqueville could ever imagine. And with this "Culture of Money" arrives its not too distant cousin that goes by he name of "Corruption" and its twin, "Legalized Corruption".

    The United States is a nation I was fortunate to be born in and I am honored to pay taxes to my country. But I yearn for a nation, a culture, an institution to be loyal to, to be willing to defend with my life if necessary. I yearn for my country to be governed by honorable, worldly and capable men and women,; I yearn for honest advertisements, I yearn for every for profit business to put country first, citizen second and profits last. I yearn for our nation to drop enduring anchors that will take root and guide our young. In short, i yearn for the US to be a place where Liberty is not License, Might is Not Right and We are not #1!

  81. Um... sounds like you should move to ... Switzerland?

  82. I love Elizabeth Warren, I really do. But I also don't want the right to win the presidency in 2016, although clearly, I have zero control over that.

    There are always problems with every candidate that average citizens fall in love with. Let's face it, Warren's message is so crystal clear and so well expressed, and I agree with everything she says--wholeheartedly. But as a one-issue candidate, and a relatively new senator, I just don't think she has the breadth of experience, nor the deep ties, that any candidate will need to rely on for what would be a very very tough campaign.

    So, assuming we are left with Hillary (unless somebody else surfaces), I think Hillary can weather the stress of campaign far better than Warren, at this point in Warren's career. Let's face it, there is very little Hillary has not been through. She engenders fierce loyalty among her staff, as well as fierce opposition from the opposition. But she also relishes a good fight.

    I would love to see Hillary campaign with Warren by her side to tackle the economic issues and coach Hillary into ways to remove herself from her Wall Street ties. I would love to see Hillary pick an up and coming Hispanic candidate such as Julien Castro as her running mate.

    In fact, there are a lot of things I would love to see, but seeing a conservative sneak in to win the presidency because of a split in the Democratic party over which woman should run, isn't one of them.

    Realpolitik. It's all that matters.

  83. Coaching Hillary to cut her Wall St ties? Are you kidding? The Clintons got more contributions from Wall St than Mitt Romney did!

  84. Yes! Warren could, as leader of the Progressives, push Hillary to the left. The party would not be split, and we would end up with most of what we want.

  85. Based on the article and the comments - She would certainly dominate the environs of LA, Boston and Detroit - which means that 90% of the country would think she is a left-wing, re-distributive, do-nothing, never-ran-anything, rhetorician - long on vitriol and short on solutions.
    I guess these folks must really want a Republican president.

  86. I find it unusual that the Times's coverage of Sen. Warren's speech makes no mention of the speech's centerpiece, the "11 Commandments For Progressives".

    Could it be because nowhere to be found in Ms. Warren's "commandments" is the word "peace"? Or "freedom"? Or "privacy"? Instead the list is a compilation of tired and fuzzy central-government-as-panacea bromides that unmask the Senator as simply a fresher face selling the same old top-down authoritarianism championed by the White House's two most recent residents.

  87. I like the idea of a Clinton/Warren ticket in 2016. If they won, it would set Warren up to be president in 2020.

  88. I don't think that someone like Warren from the "Tea Party wing" of the democrat party is going to be any more electable than someone from the "Tea Party wing" of the republican party. Most Americans are tired of the ideological posturing and crass partisanship of both parties.

  89. Given how effectively the Republicans have gerrymandered and rigged elections in their favor through state governments not to mention Jim Crow like re-enactments, blocked Obama at virtually every turn, I cannot understand this continued belief that the Executive Branch matters significantly any longer.

  90. I love me some Liz Warren, but will she let me keep my Guns?

  91. By all accounts, Elizabeth Warren will smartly choose to remain in the Senate. She would not win a presidential contest in today's America. It would be quite easy for her opposition - including Hillary Clinton in a primary - to pin the most cartoonish "liberal" stereotypes on her. Stereotypes that, however flawed, carry a great deal of purchase with much of the American public (and virtually all of the mainstream media). Not only would she not win, I imagine her image would be diminished by the barrage of crap thrown her way.

    In the Senate she has been a loud, forceful, articulate and effective champion for the middle class. May she remain there, and continue to thrive.

  92. Elizabeth Warren is someone to believe in. Hillary is someone who cannot be believed.

  93. Just what the country needs -- another flaming liberal, inexperienced Senator in the White House.

    Run, Liz, Run!
    Your Republican Friends

  94. Contrary to your opinion America has done much better under Democratic administrations than under Republican administrations. Our most current experience between Republican and Democratic is about as stark and typical of the differences over the years.

    Liz ain't running because she says she will not. Doesn't matter, there will be no Republican president in 2016, 2020 and for the sake of all Americans for a long time afterwards.

  95. Warren plays the same game as other rich liberals do. Blame the banks. Money from capitalists is bad, but meanwhile, Warren's own assets are large, pretty much all thanks to capitalism and capitalists. The power of hypocrisy rises yet again!

  96. Elizabeth Warren is one of the very few elected officials who is not only a populist but also is honest- and correct- about the insane levels of corruption in our government and financial industry.

    Warren speaks out against the insanity and recklessness of Wall Street. Hillary Clinton cozies up to them.

    It's pretty obvious who to support if we want to get this country back on track.

  97. Warren's pitchfork populism clearly resonates with some. It would be great for the political process to include someone from the far left as the Republicans certainly have candidates from the far right. I can only hope that it would prompt a rejection of both extremes for either a centrist Republican or Blue Dog Dem.

  98. Wall Street, huh?

    Sorry if we "pitchfork populists" are fed up with an 'industry' that produces nothing of value, and only perverts the so-called free market, all while dragging the economy into the toilet.

  99. No.

    Elizabeth is more useful on specific issues like consumer protection and student loan re-financing.

    Contrarily, as president, she'd have to be focused a little, on a lot. We need her driving a different one-third of government. Meanwhile, Hillary was popular in NY even with the Rs, and consistently polls ahead of everyone, and has foreign policy experience. Better to vote for her and let Ginsberg retire and be replaced than to risk handing everything over to the righties.

    The comment by Mary from Maine says it best.

  100. Maybe Hillary was popular with Republicans in her home town but not with every NY Republican.

  101. While I may agree with much that Elizabeth Warren says and I respect many of her positions, she is not electable on a national level. We do not need to have a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts as a nominee for President again. The Democrats have done that twice in the last 26 years and each time it did not work out well. To nominate Warren would be gift wrapping the Presidency for the Republicans.

  102. We don't need a champion. We don't need a cheerleader.

    Our current president is not leading, our last president misled us.

    We need a leader. Someone who cares about country ahead of Party.

  103. I love Warren! She is sincere and smart. I lived in Mass when she won against playboy Brown. I wonder if the reason she's not running for prez is because she is ultimately a threat to the status quo that has hijacked this country--I am willing to bet that scares a lot of people, Rep and Dem. Her message is about the people, and it's been a very long time since someone has sent that message. She may very well find herself supported by the people, but the PTB will pull every string to block her. Isn't that why she got booted out of Washington by her own party when she took a real stand against Wall Street? Regardless, she's got my vote! BTW--this link is collecting signatures for her candidacy.

  104. Elizabeth Warren is the real deal. She can attract Republican voters -- real people living real, regular lives -- if she stays true to her beliefs and stands up to ALL interests that control Washington (unions, trial lawyers, environmentalists, Wall Street champions like Timothy Geitner) as powerfully as she stands up to Republican interests (banks, oil, insurance, NRA). The more powerful she becomes as a result of her honest, populist message, the more aggressively she will be pressured to take positions and make commitments to powerful groups on the left even as she is vilified by powerful groups on the right. Here's hoping she will be independent enough to recognize how extraordinary a bipartisan leader she can be if she listens to her instincts and says no -- right now -- to the Washington powerbrokers on the left who will try to own her in the weeks and months ahead.

  105. I would love a Warren run vs. Hillary. That would ensure a Republican electoral victory similar to 1984. Winning MA, CA, NY, and a few other states is not going to be close to enough.

  106. I love Warren, one of the best Senators ever. But She is, at present, unelectable as President. If you get Warren to run and it splits the anti Republican vote we will not change the Supreme Court and restore our constitutional rights. Remember we must overturn the Treasonous "Corporation are people" style rulings of this Oligarch owned Supreme Court before the Republic is destroyed forever. Hillary poses the best chance of that. If we don't achieve that then our votes won't count anyway.

  107. "one of the best Senators ever"

    She has been a US Senator for 18 months -- quite a track record.

  108. I'm not sure now that her accomplishment is all that great. I was just on the phone with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and they seem very isolated. My complaint seemed to involve a violation of racketeering laws but they had no liaison mechanism to deal with that. They only handle consumer protection law. So, when a legitimate business edges into intimidation and shakedowns, they are shielded from the FBI because the FBI refers issues to the CFPB but the CFPB does not have the expertise or contacts to bring a complaint back to the FBI for consideration under other portions of the law.

    Perhaps Warren has created a criminal protection bureau rather than a consumer protection bureau.

  109. $5 million house in Cambridge MA
    net worth of $14.5 million (in 2011)

    Elizabeth Warren -- women of the people

    The Left is so gullible.

  110. is a 5 mil house too much these days in Cambridge , Mass? you gotta be kiddin!
    This is Cambridge Mass, not Miss or Ala.
    Not to mention she did REAL work to own it. Not daddy money like the Decider. Nor did she get 700k for 1 hr speech @ Goldman Sachs like the Clintons.

  111. Unlike GWB, she wouldn't have sent us into Iraq, destroyed a surplus, or tanked the entire economy.

    The rightie projectionism - in this context, on gullibility - is exceedingly amusing.

  112. "The median home value in Cambridge is $563,200."

    Only a New Yorker would consider a $5 million house "modest."

  113. Warren 'has a depth of experience'? That's laughable unless you think a future President requires a professor's background and one they got by lying about their heritage. We tried voting for a professor before and that hasn't worked out too well. Let's not make the same mistake twice.

  114. yeah, C students like Bush are much better. they can't think, can't write, can't speak, make dangerous appointments and ruin the country's reputation

  115. While I will vote for Hillary (whom I consider "republican lite" I would much rather have Elizabeth Warren as President.

  116. Only a Democrat would consider Hillary to be a Republican lite. We don't claim her; she's all yours.

  117. The issues she chooses and her general tenor are a nice wakeup call. Its not clear people are connected to this Unfairness Issue strongly enough to bring her to the Presidency. But I hope she tries, if she feels suited to it.

    In the larger picture, I don't see Hillary winning the Presidency, based on the public's wariness of Family Dynasty. But I suspect she'll try as well.

    In the end I appreciate the temperament of someone like Kirsten Gillibrand—she works, she fights, she's a mom, she's not a grandstander. I'm betting the public is looking for someone strong but moderate.

  118. Elizabeth Warren is little more than Barack Obama, version 2.0.

    Another lightweight politician, like Barack Obama, having no real influence in Congress and whose only "accomplishments" is sponsoring a handful of insignificant pieces of legislation that did not get out of committee and the one bill that may have made a difference - a bill that would amend refinancing on federal student loans - failing to get pas cloture.

    Likewise, adding to this "lightweight" resume Elizabeth Warren has no track record of public service outside her brief stay in the U.S. Senate. Instead, her life experience has been mainly spent teaching in the sheltered outhouse of Harvard University.

    Frankly, the progressive movement in our country could use a much better leader than another ineffective, "Obama, Chance-like" empty vessel.

    The progressive movement needs a real leader, with real public service experience with a track record of results, which is something that will take Elizabeth Warren years to achieve, assuming that she is willing to work and act as a leader, which at this point in time does not appear very evident in Elizabeth Warren's body of work.

  119. I will reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but I will gladly do it if Elizabeth Warren is her VP choice...assuming Warren doesn't beat the pants off Hillary in the Democratic primary.

    Elizabeth Warren has just the right FDR 'welcome their hatred' perspective to fix the crony capitalists that have destroyed this country.

    From President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Madison Square Garden speech on October 31, 1936, three days before that year's presidential election, he said the corrupt rich were united against his candidacy:

    "the old enemies of peace: business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred."

    Elizabeth Warren 2016.

  120. Well, Warren might be right. In 1936. Not today -- management experience required. And she has none.

    FDR had been Gov. of NYS and Sec. of Navy, remember?

  121. I remember voting for "unelectable" Paul Wellstone in his MN senate race against the GOP incumbent. After years of voting for progressive candidates who didn't win, his victory was especially sweet. Senator Wellstone was an effective voice for policies that captured my heart; a voice silenced too soon. Presidential candidates must have certain basic credentials (as ex-Gov. Palin proves), however there aren't "training schools" for President. The world is too complex for a rigid, ideological approach to governing. Sen. Warren, like Sen Wellstone, has acted on her essential values, is used to effective problem solving and has a passion for public service. I hope her voice continues to influence the policies adopted by the Democratic Party.

  122. Hilliary is favored by Wall Street and they will control the flow of money and see to it that she is nominated and elected. Elizabeth Warren is spot-on but is a voice in the wilderness. She doesn't have a chance against the Clinton steamroller. I'm also afraid that Warren doesn't have the courage to fight. The 1% will continue to reign.

  123. I'm not so sure; she may be our last hope.

  124. We need fresh leadership in this nation and Elizabeth Warren is tough enough, smart enough, brave enough, and not beholden to William Jefferson Clinton.

  125. So is Ted Cruz who stands far better odds to be the next President before Elizabeth Warren.

  126. Canadian has no right to run president, no chance at all. Tell Ted Cruz to sit down on his seat.

  127. No lessons learned from the 2000 election? Divide the Democratic voters and find yourself with Bush redux. And we know how well that turned out.

  128. Heaven help us! What does a multimillionaire liar know about the "average citizen"? She is just a run of the mill liberal hypocrite pandering to those that want a more expansive and intrusive government. Like Obama, she is a leftist, with no political experience except for her short time in the Senate. The country does not need another inexperienced left of center politician with no foreign policy credentials. Just because she is a liberal woman in no way qualifies her to be the President of the United States. The last 8 years have been painful enough as Obama gets his 'on the job training'. We don't need another term or two as this women (or any other women) gets trained too.

  129. every president gets and needs on the job training

  130. "this woman... or any other women..."


    Well, we know the real driver of your objection to Warren, and it isn't her politics.

  131. Wrong. I would vote for Condolleeza Rice in a heartbeat. The Democrats seem to have the tendency to take an ideological approach and nominate someone who has no practical or realistic experience or ability.

  132. It definately seems fair to suspect Ms Warren is testing the waters for a presidential run, despite her denial.

    It's the same old story that goes back to the Founders like Jefferson, Adams, etc. You're putting your name out there, and staying visible. You act as if you don't really want to be President, but you actually want the job desperately. There has to be a perception that external forces are pulling you in against your will, and you reluctantly accept the call of the nation. That's the type of theater that's expected. She may well make an adroit president, assuming the campaign has a robust ground game in swing states.

  133. I may vote for this lady in California primaries. As I posted it on the Times online numerous times, I will vote for Hillary if she is the primary choice but NOT in the primaries. Basically anyone BUT Hillary in the primaries.

  134. that line of reasoning gave us 8 years of "president present".
    we can't take 4, much less 8, more years of a leadership vacuum.

  135. Elizabeth Warren is important because her popularity among liberal activists will force candidates to take a stand on the issues she is addressing. I am tired of Democrats inching constantly to the right because there is no progressive force to keep them true to our ideals.

  136. She would, forcing Hillary into publicly taking positions that would be played on loop here in middle America. Republicans should be cheer Warren on, seeing how left Hillary will go to win a primary.

  137. The country is ready and willing. It all depends on how the media spins a Warren candidacy. Just for once, do us a favor and lend your 'objectivity' to the people, not the plutocrats.

  138. I have not read all the comments so I don't know how people would feel about a Hillary, Warren ticket? I would not think twice to vote yes, yes for such a team! Win or lose the country needs to step up and show which direction they choose.
    It would be clear to congress there lack of action would be center stage, let them deal with that!!

  139. I'm not sure on what basis the article says: "Progressives like Mrs. Clinton." I'm a progressive from Massachusetts, and I don't like Mrs. Clinton.

    She's a hawk, and she's closely tied to Wall Street. She's a shape shifter, and I'm not sure she stands for anything except herself.

    It indeed may be too early for Elizabeth Warren to run for President. But if she were to run, I think her sincerity and down-to-earthness might appeal to many conservatives in the heartland. I also think she could get her points across to your average American without being either simplistic or condescending.

    Elizabeth Warren for President!

  140. If she runs, EW will have my vote, my unbridled enthusiasm, my (admittedly meager donations), my campaigning on her behalf, and my absolute best wishes! RUN!

  141. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, now there's a team that would get the support to undo the damage that both Republicans and Democrats have done during the last sixteen years.

    Obama is a weak kneed President, entirely in thrall to, and beholden to the elites, hiding in plain sight, and Bush was an absolute moron.

    Oh for the days when we could look with pride on the leaders we elected, leaders who understood they worked for “We The People” and served at our pleasure.

  142. Interesting . Bernie Sanders when the VA problem was first reported said there was no problem with the VA.

  143. Hillary's a woman. But that's about the only way she doesn't represent the complete status quo. This country is in too much peril to keep handing over the White House to one Wall Street / Military-Industrial Complex pigeon after another. America has too many Cheneys & Romneys & Christies already calling the shots. Can we PLEASE have a firebrand progressive who enunciates REAL CHANGE, and will then bust some Congress butt and FOLLOW THROUGH.

  144. I thought that is what we elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012. So I thought. The promise of Senator Obama.

  145. Although I tend to lean right, I think it would be exciting to have our first Native American president.

  146. Elizabeth Warren is a Native American descendant. She defines the inequity in this country's social value very succinctly. She is not an unbalanced left nut, but she is the kind of leader that makes the country define its course, which we really need. Just like Kennedy was, and just like Reagan was. She is much more qualified as a democratic presidential candidate today than Hillary. Obama couldn't do it because of the Inert congress. It is because white Republican could not stand the fact that a black man was on top of them. Negativism of Congress has been disgusting. But the country needs to define itself that it can elect women, as well as black man for the President, and not just for that purpose, the best candidate is here rathe than Hillary.

  147. I was born in the USA (Massachusetts). I guess that means I can call myself a Native American too?

  148. I note that Warren's candidacy is endorsed, as the headline says, by the left wing of the Democrats. Is there a right wing? Since there isn't a left wing on the Republican side, I wonder if there is symmetry between the parties now. It surely seems that way. No middle ground. Could be fatal for US unity.

  149. If Democrats choose to nominate an ultra-liberal like Warren then the Republicans will be smiling. This virtually guarantees them the White House.

  150. The way dubya poisoned the well, it will be a long time before progressives ever vote for another republican presidential candidate.

  151. These are the same people who just loved Ralph Nader, who stood no chance of appealing to a wider national audience. Same is true with Elizabeth Warren. With their smug "protest" votes cast in 2000, they put George W. in office. I think I'll pass on their collective wisdom this time around.

  152. "WARREN-CLINTON 2016"

    This is the message on bumper stickers in my neighborhood.

    I love it from all directions. A wonderful presidential candidate and Hillary getting to watch Elizabeth break the glass ceiling.

    Hill would make a good backroom advisor ( a la Biden) and Bill would cause less trouble as an adjunct to the VP's office.

    I will ring doorbells for this ticket!

  153. I have read most of the comments and agree with others.
    As far as the cost of education, is it not strange someone talking about the cost of education when see was on the Harvard faculty making $350000 and teaching of one course.

    I hear a lot of talking about the vanishing middle class with government policies helping to destroy the middle class.
    Senator Warren Will likely side with Gates - Zuckerberg group to allow more guest workers and immigrants in general to keep salaries low.
    You can't increase the labor pool through immigration and increase wages by government mandate.

  154. If Ms. Warren represents the "mind-set of the Democratic Party’s left wing," then Ms. Clinton must represent the mind set of the neocon, pro-big bank, pro-big corporate interest, pro-military industrial complex, pro-status quo extreme right wing of the Democratic Party. If the Democratic Party hopes to earn my vote, Ms. Warren would be a huge plus.

  155. Try as I might, I just cannot see what is attractive about Senator Warren. Her wholly unrealistic and cliche thinking suggests a rather transparent attempting at political positioning in a kind of "new left" slot claimed as somehow unique to this alleged Native American (not). The pleading tone of voice and 1970's naivete are hard to take. Perhaps I've just outgrown her approach.

  156. What's unattractive about consumer protections?


  157. Elizabeth Warren the Democratic nominee in 2016? An express ticket to a Republican win.

  158. Anyone who would vote for warren should move to the Donetsk region of the Ukraine and get a facefull of what socialism is really like. Warren is so far left that she is on the other side of the globe somewhere between china and Russia...good grief, have democrats become that uneducated?

  159. 1. There is nothing socialist about Elizabeth Warren - a died in the wool capitalist if there ever was one.

    2. There is nothing socialistic about the thugocracy the Russians have imposed on the Donetsk region - it is, in fact, the antithesis of socialism. (Google: Scandinavia and look at the arrangements in each country to see what socialism looks like.)

    3. Discussion is not advanced by deliberate misrepresentation of terms and people. Please stop, it is a form of dishonesty that cheapens our democracy.

  160. I'll believe you when you can cite the name of any banker who went to prison as a result of the Great Recession.

  161. I agree with you about Russia and thugocracy but to say there is nothing socialistic about Warren is ridiculous.

  162. How about this for 2016:
    Republican candidate: Romney Redux
    Democrat candidate: Hilary Clinton
    Tea Party candidate: Darrel Issa
    Progressive candidate: Elizabeth Warren.

    Love to see that, but know it will not happen. Too bad. It would be the first time we had a real open election in a long time.

  163. How about this:
    Republican candidate: George Bush
    Democratic candidate: Al Gore
    Progressive candidate: Ralph Nader

    Democratic candidate loses state and election by fewer votes than the Progressive candidate received in the state.

    Think it can't happen?

  164. Here we go!.....Elizabeth Warren's appearance offers " a peek into the mind-set of the Democratic Party’s left wing."

    Stand by folks, because if Warren even hints that she might consider running, the media assault on her as a "left wing ultra liberal" firebrand is gonna come thundering down like a Rush Limbaugh diatribe on birth control.

    Netroots Nation is NOT the Democratic party's version of CPAC. Yes it does embrace a swath of progressive political thinking, but I'd hazard that a broad majority of those who have participated in this event in the past and who are actively involved in progressive politics through such sites as DailyKos and Talking Points Memo, are in fact far more centrist than their opponents constantly try to portray them.

    The majority of the Democratic Party, for example, believe strongly that Social Security should be preserved and strengthened. Is this a left-wing view? Only in so much as the right wing of the GOP has dragged everything so far to the right that Mitt Romney's own Massachusetts-approved health care program, labeled Obamacare, has been vilified as a communist socialist plot to destroy our liberties and steal our vital bodily juices.

    Ms. Warren speaks to the heart of Democrats, independents and even some Republicans when she calls attention to the increasing injustices and imbalances in our current systems.

    I only wish we could elect a Congress of like minded political pragmatists. Meanwhile, tell me what she said that wasn't true.

  165. Methinks she is channeling Grandmaster Flash:

    “A kid gets caught with a few ounces of pot and goes to jail, but a big bank launders drug money and no one gets arrested. The game is rigged!”


    "A street kid gets arrested, gonna do some time He got out three years from now just to commit more crime A businessman is caught with 24 kilos
    He’s out on bail and out of jail And that’s the way it goes, raah!"

    -- from White Lines (Don't do it)

  166. Warren represents the real choice for the Liberal voters. Unlike Obama or Clinton, she does not pretend to be in the middle of road. After Ronald Reagan, "Liberal" has become a dirty word in American politics. It is time to reinvigorate it- especially after the collapse of the great Neocon experiment which has set this country all the way back- to the 1920s.

  167. Nominating Elizabeth Warren as the presidential nominee of the Democratic party would result in the Republicans winning the Presidency as well as both houses of Congress. I am convinced that centrist and even some left of center Democrats would abandon the party in droves if she were the nominee. Her rants about banks and the wealthy send chills (and not in a good way) up and down my spine. She reminds me of Chavez and Kirchner and other demagogues from Latin America

    Bring on Hillary!

  168. Chavez helped working people in Venezuela. Is that why you don't like him? Warren is the only US pol, outside of Sherrod Brown and some in the Progressive Caucus that knows or even wants to know how much ordinary people are hurting now, but apparently that doesn't interest you.

  169. Venezuela is a corrupt dictatorial mess and you think Chavez did a good job?!? It's views like this that will ensure that an Elizabeth Warren nomination will make George McGovern's debacle look like a victory.

  170. Here in Massachusetts we are proud of Senator Warren (and we are not a socialist nation -- not even close.) But neither are we so deluded as to think she could or should be president. All of us, left, right, and center, need to wake up and see beyond our ideological bubbles.

    I am surprised that more progressives have not grasped that the bulk of the policy types who advocated for the Iraq and Afghan wars have put out lifelines to Hillary for 2016.

    They would love a hawkish Republican, but are betting that Hillary can win and that she will be basically amenable to their kinetic, aggressive international interventionism.

    She has welcomed support from this front and shows every sign of being ready and willing to give them at least 80% of what they want on the foreign policy front.

    A vote for Hillary in 2016 is a vote for moderate democratic domestic policy and hawkish foreign policy.

    That surely suits some folks, but it will sorely disappoint American progressives

  172. @ John,
    Not only did she embraced and bought into the neocons endless wars and belligerent foreign policy. She did appoint them as her "advisers" when she was SoS. One of Obama’s unforgivable mistakes was appointing her to that post.

  173. She's new. She's not tired. She's refreshing. Best of all, she's not Hillary. She will get my vote if she runs.

  174. I love and live for and with truth; therefore I love Elizabeth Warren. I have read her book, A Fighting Chance, and her sincerity and passion ring through it.

    I would support her with my feet and my wallet. Being practical, let's get Hillary as our President, and then Warren would make one great Supreme Court Justice!

  175. Warren represents the Tea Party equivalent of the Democratic Party. She challenges Wall Street and corporatists, and opposes big government intrusions on civil liberties.

    Hillary is the Democrats' Mitch McConnell: Tea Party today, Eric Cantor tomorrow.

  176. Some say she's over-simplified her positions. Really? And that's a problem? Would highly complex positions be better? Some say she's short on experience. Perhaps so, but weren't our worst problems created and compounded by politicians with lots of experience? Do we really know what kind of candidate we're looking for?

  177. Hillary/Elizabeth 2016. Sen. Warren wisely knows she could use some more experience, and being Hillary's VP would be excellent experience, and a perfect set up for 2024. Hillary is totally vetted and Elizabeth's association with her with help Sen Warren build credibility with independents and moderates, because she has very little backing outside the progressive left. I love her but believe she will be even better with some experience, as our current guy was certainly lacking it when he got the nod, and it certainly showed with the Betrayus surge in Afghanistan, the health plan roll out, and the 2011 budget negotiations, to name three key screw ups. We need female candidates for a few decades to see if they can get some progressive policies in place again and send the "vast rightwing conspiracy" to the woodshed for a few decades, so we can clean up their messes once more. One thing is for sure: no more white guys for a while. Sorry Joe..

  178. Hillary is a terrible candidate for a plethora of reasons. Everyone said Obama would not win since he was so far to the left. Then he sold us all out to the banks after it was clear he would win. Hmmmm, well I guess we can keep our fingers crossed. I would snap support Warren if she were to run. FWIW I consider myself a far left independent.

  179. If Hillary decides to run and if and when Hillary becomes president, I hope she has as much sense and magnanimity to give Ms Warren a really key role in her administration -- just like Obama did for Hillary.

  180. Elections are won in the middle. As much as I think Sen. Warren is brilliant beyond words and as much as I would prefer her to Hillary I am not sure she will be able to win outside the Northeast. We need a moderate and I wonder why no one has given thought to a sort of fusion ticket like Jon Huntsman and Sen. Warren? He does not have a prayer of winning the R (in its current incarnation) primary and I think they would be wonderful together.

  181. Let's let Elizabeth Warren grow as a senator and a politician and learn to be more nuanced with her "anti-corporation" declarations. (Funny thing: a lot of middle-class Americans work for corporations.) The candidate with the best chance of winning the 2016 (and the hearts of most Americans) is the one who is pragmatic, compassionate and sophisticated enough to tell the American people that we're all in this together, that divisive politics are stupid (unless we want to fall behind our global competitors), that getting things done to make people's lives better is more important than being "right" ideologically, that appeals to the "better angels of our nature" (Lincoln). I just heard Sen. Rob Portman, a fiscally conservative Republican from Cincinnati, speak today in Cleveland about poverty and criminal recidivism and, boy, what a good guy he is. His message: "Everyone deserves to be respected for who he or she is."

  182. How many times are you going to let that "Compassionate Conservative" measure erode your better judgment? As soon as a Republican is elected it is nothing but, "cut taxes", eliminate food stamps, limit a woman's right to contraception and medical care and let's go to war (get tough).
    Don't ever let the camel put his nose in the tent.

  183. "How many times are you going to let that 'Compassionate Conservative' measure erode your better judgment? "

    Elizabeth Warren should tour the Model Cities neighborhoods in Detroit. I have some vacant land she can buy and build on to live in Utopia.

  184. Rob Portman is not to be trusted.He falls in line with the far right GOP with no regard for what is right for the average citizen.He is bought and paid for just like the other GOP politicians.

  185. I have to take issue with your statement that "Progressives like Ms. Clinton...".

    Actually, no. True progressives have no use at all for Hillary Clinton, whom we view as being little more than an operative for Wall Street and the war corporations. In fact a good argument can be made that the first two Clinton administrations did more to destroy the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party than anything the Republicans could ever do. Bill Clinton's Gramm-Leach-Bliley destroyed the separation between commercial banking and financial speculation, and this directly caused the financial crash that resulted in the continuing Great Recession. Their Telecommunications Monopolization Act resulted in the creation of a media market where a very few companies--all of them rightist--now dictate what the American public hear and see. Their abetting of the war corporations foretold the Eisenhower military-industrial-complex nightmare that came to full fruition during the tenure of Cheney/Bush. And their destruction of the social safety net has caused misery for millions with no apparent benefit.

    No, do not claim that Progressives like them, any more than chickens like Colonel Sanders. Hillary is not our friend, and we will definitely be looking for a true progressive in '16--or many of us will just stay home.

  186. I really hope Sherrod Brown will consider running. I think he'd be a great candidate.

  187. Hip-Hip_Hooray, indeed. Perhaps Liz could take on "big academia," which is pricing our kids out of college (or charging big bucks and creating a mountain of debt for low-value degrees). Also, she could consider taking on "big legal," which raises the cost of everything. Afterall, as a Harvard law professor, she is uniquely qualified.

  188. College costs have skyrocketed mostly due to a public largely lukewarm toward anything remotely intellectual or informed; as such, using taxes to fund public universities has long been out of vogue, and international students are wooed quite heavily so as to tap into out-of-state funding.

    Speaking of, an educated society, which is fundamental to a stable and civil society, has to be funded in order to be formed and to exist. That a rather large swath of the US has divorced itself from that reality demonstrates a lack of priority that would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.

    On a broader note, one wonders what the GOP base thinks it has to gain from making a contest out of every single empirical reality on the planet. What is there to prove? Who is there to best, and at what? What, exactly, does having the most bling prove?

    And why is "cost" defined only in dollar signs? Has the base never heard of opportunity costs, etc.?

    Yes. One wonders why the GOP base craves attention and recognition to the point of destroying everything it can't own.

  189. If being a tenured professor at Harvard isn't being part of "big academia," I don't know what is.

  190. She's my kind of person for President. But I can wait to vote for her after Hillary gets her turn.

  191. Her turn? What are we taking numbers to run for president now? The Clintons do feel entitled to the WHite Huse permanently. No to Hillary and her baggage, no to Bill grabbing the limelight all over again, no to dynastic candidates.
    At least constitutional monarchies keep their dynasties on a leash and don't allow them to actually run anything.

  192. Being President is not a child's game. I am dumbfounded why anyone thinks she is entitled to it. I honestly believe that by her advocacy of the Iraq war which she finally admits was a mistake should disqualify her from being President That's a mistake that cost 3000 American lives... she should be held accountable.

  193. Hillary voted for the Iraq war. She never took action to slow the excesses that fueled the great recession, which took thousands of American lives by stress and suicide. She never insisted that the banksters actually be prosecuted for their crimes. In other words, she has all the symptoms of being a political hack, something that only becomes obvious under the stress of the Presidency.

    Warren has brains and the guts to use it. As Obama taught us, and Shakespeare said, "there is a tide in the affairs of (wo)men that when taken on the ebb leads to fortune (for a country in this case)

    She must run in 2016. If she does not it will not show appropriate modesty, but a lack of enough conviction to make the case to the American people at the earliest moment. She must believe in herself as much as her supporters believe in her.

    The time is now, and it may never be again.

  194. Bring her on. She will be the first Native American candidate for president. Okay, she's only 1/64 Native American but look how far that got her in college. Affirmitive action rules!
    I can't describe how exciting it will be to vote against her and her ilk on the Democratic ticket in 2016. The nation is already paying a price for the current Community Organizer in Chief, do we need her to finish the job?
    Of course not. People now realize that left of center air-heads are best left to float their ideas to the public but to never let them be in a position to implement them on the public.

  195. " People now realize that left of center air-heads are best left to float their ideas to the public but to never let them be in a position to implement them on the public."
    I feel you pain bro.
    We should have got that macho war monger maverick McCain along his super smart/experienced veep.

  196. " She will be the first Native American candidate for president. "

    It'll be interesting to hear her position on illegal immigration.

  197. There will never be a full proof right way to choose a Presidential candidate - popularity, making appropriate statements, experience, foreighn policy strategy, leadership, getting along with the congress, honesty, sincerity, nationalistic feeling, aspirations to fulfill american dreams, humor, witty but quick decision on complex problems, intelligence, understanding of modern human greed and power for peacful existence, etc., etc., etc. I think leadership should top the list because through this leadership, a candidate can make best use of talents that exist in many areas highlighted here. There are three branches of American democracy but each branch has been so much polarized that a leadership is required to difuse the gridlock among these branches. The beauty of our democracy is that a President has a say to influence every other branch through leadership so that they are in sync. For example, President nominates judges (though they play their games once nomination is approved), President can influence candidates to run for the congress and the senate and finally, President employs his/her cabinet members (so called bureaucrats) to run the administration. One needs to go through this maze before one can make recommendations for a Presidential a candidate - a very in depth thinking process not just media hype

  198. It's possible Warren's strength will be greatest as a senator. As others have said, we don't need every great orator to run for president. I see her as filling Ted Kennedy's shoes very nicely, and look at how much we benefited from his service. I'm right in the camp of loving her energy and rhetoric.

    2016 may be too soon for her to run, and I don't see her running against Hillary. Then there are the years that will pile on as we go through one or two presidencies. We may be better off as a country with Senator Warren doing us proud from Massachusetts.

    Note to Warren: college should be free to everyone in this country. Flat out free. Work on that one, please.

  199. Hey K8,
    If college were free, who would pay for it. What would it be like? And who would pay E Warren's rediculously high salary from Harvard? I would go down, so she would be paid like a normal person. She would not like that.

  200. Jerry, taxes would pay for college partly. If you want to see what that is like, look at Western European countries for examples. Although their taxes are higher than ours, they also see the BENEFITS of those taxes directly through having a free/ low-cost university educations, national insurance plans, child care, and in some cases, elder care. [Many people think Medicare covers nursing home care long-term; it does not. Unless you are the 1% able to pay thousands per month, be prepare to go bankrupt before Medicaid kicks in.]

    Harvard is a private school so any plan to help students nationally would likely not affect them except that federal/ state financial aid would likely be shunted away from private colleges. Countries that provide free or near-free college educations still have private colleges, except that unlike the US, the best students in those countries go to public and not private universities. And public colleges are choosier about who they admit.

  201. ".. who would pay E Warren's rediculously high salary from Harvard?"
    She earned it. Her hard work and superior intellect got her there.
    Not a sugar daddy like the Decider.

  202. The perfect solution is President Clinton appointing Justice Warren to the Supreme Court. We should not form a circular firing squad by pitting two extraordinarily qualified women against each other.

  203. "We should not form a circular firing squad by pitting two extraordinarily qualified women against each other."
    Can you please name HRC "qualifications"?
    I know some sure the GOP will happily bring up:
    1) Turning 1k bet on cattle futures contracts into an amazing 100k in less than a month(talk about an insider job)
    2) Taking (many times) 700k for 1 hr speech from the likes of Goldman Sachs. That's 12k/minute
    3) Voting enthusiastically for the Patriot Act & Iraq war
    4) Appointing neocons as her advisers @ State

  204. I'm glad Elizabeth Warren was out campaigning. We need good candidates that are not beholding to the Democratic powers (Charles Schumer) and the like that control the campaign funding pursue strings. Win or lose, a candidate has to be free to make his own agenda.

  205. Please run. We need a republican president.

  206. I live in the South. Hillary is pilloried here out loud, every day, on bumper-stickers, in conversation, on social media, all media, as a matter of fact. Her experience is also her baggage. Her politics may be liberal but this Democrat feels like Hillary is a foregone conclusion as a candidate, and I didn't get to decide. It takes excitement and enthusiasm to convince apathetic undecideds to vote. Hillary is not a fire brand in a positive way. I will back her if she runs. If Elizabeth Warren ran, I would run from house-to-house shouting her name.

  207. "Hillary is pilloried here out loud, every day, on bumper-stickers, in conversation, on social media, all media, as a matter of fact." Which means she is dominating the conversation. In politics, that's what counts — e.g., Ronald Reagan.

  208. Remember George McGovern in 1972. Elizabeth Warren is unelectable and a lightening rod for even moderate Republicans.

  209. I adore Elizabeth Warren, and I contributed to her Senate campaign, but I'm not ready to encourage her to run for President. She's wonderful on economic matters, but I feel like it's too early in her political career, and she still needs experience in other areas. What do we know, for example, of her foreign policy positions?

  210. A lot of depth coming up and on the progressive dem bench, if only they will run: Bernie Sanders, Eliz Warren, Hillary (ok, a stretch on the progressive); I really like Wendy Davis.

  211. Just finished her book which was pretty much her campaign stump speech spread out over a couple hundred pages. I'm no fan of Big Banks either. But in the end she seems all hat and no cattle. I can't believe she beat Scott Brown, but that's liberal Massachusetts. She would never run for president. And Hillary is an unelectable geezer with more baggage than Samsonite.

  212. Those of you who may view Senator Warren’s presidential non-aspirations as a possible “McGovern” train wreck (if you’re old enough to remember) might want to check her out on YouTube . . . see her in action. She’s down to earth, speaks from the heart; and, comes across as, well . . . “sounds” like a populist. She connects. She is direct. To this die-in-the-wool moderate, she makes sense! Check it out!

  213. I worked on the McGovern campaign, so I remember. I love Warren, and I'll vote for Clinton. No more train wrecks.

  214. Kinda like Jimmy Carter? Replace She with He...

  215. Elizabeth Warren is what Democrats have needed for many years: a principled fighter who understands what ails America. The prospect of a campaign between a Bush or Christie and a Clinton is so wearying. Why bother? Sure Hillary has experience. But she has lost her fire. Instead, she offers leftovers, a tepid porridge of prudence, poll-watching and predictability.

    Senator Warren electrifies, galvanizes, challenges, opposes and inspires. She has the Republicans' number. She will not let them get away with their foul lies, their racism and misogynistic sleaze. She will call them out and cut them down.

    Perhaps even better, she can jolt Democrats out of their stupor and malaise, their post-'60's inertia and complacency. After all, it is not enough to sit on the sidelines whinging about Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. It is time to make things happen again. Elizabeth Warren may not be running in 2016, but she is also not sitting still.

  216. Substitute "McGovern" for "Warren" above and you have 1972 all over again.

  217. Run Elizabeth, run! We need a truly committed communist like yourself to run for President to take votes away from Hillary. Best wishes in your efforts to split the Dems and thereby save the country from another 8 years of "progressivism".

  218. We got no progressivism. Republican Congress blocks everything. They are clear and present danger.

  219. Dear Lord, Please make Elizabeth Warren the Democrat candidate for President in 2016 and allow the party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  220. Says the republican from Seguin, TX

  221. As a Democrat, I feel that a Clinton candidacy would be a disaster. Over the next two years the Middle East is almost certain to remain in chaos, and the Republicans will have a field day laying responsibility for this mess on Obama and his Secretary of State, Clinton. All this will be swallowed unquestioningly by the majority of the electorate, which has a short memory about the origins of the Middle East situation and does not get "nuance" well. On top of this, I think Ms. Clinton will have a hard time convincing the public that she really accomplished much in all those years in the Senate and at the State Department. And finally, I feel that she will be perceived as simply too much of a tired old has been, too wedded to ideas from the past.

    All that said, there is a ticket that I could really get excited about: Andrew Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren. Mr. Cuomo, on the head of the ticket, can point to a huge resume and accomplishments at both the federal and state level. And his having no significant record on international affairs would actually be a blessing. Ms. Warren, as the VP candidate, would boost the Cuomo campaign significantly, really energizing the women's and progressive voters. And then, she would be well positioned to become our first woman president after a successful Cuomo presidency.

  222. Frankly, I prefer Warren, O'Malley, and Biden to Hillary, who supported the 2003 attack on Iraq.

  223. Oh good lord.

    Senate vote on the Iraq Resolution:

    Party Yeas Nays
    Republican 48 1
    Democratic 29 21

    She had lots of company. Enough already.

  224. A big step...our first native America presidential candidate.

  225. I'll vote for Hillary before I vote for a Republican, but there are people I'd vote for before Hillary, and Elizabeth Warren is one of them.

    There are a lot of things to like about Hillary Clinton--but she's married to Bill, and I can see her presidency being a replay of his, especially in terms of harmful trade agreements.

    I also do not like the idea of political dynasties, and there is more than a hint that that's what the Clintons are aiming for.

  226. I suspect some commentators below are Republicans seeking to divide the Democratic Party and destroy both Hillary and Elizabeth. Hillary needs to understand a couple of things. She has to be an uncompromising progressive on domestic affairs. That means being an environmentalist; it means unwavering support for Obamacare entertaining only proposed changes toward making our health care system more comprehensive. She needs to associate herself with Elizabet in holding corporations accountable including banks and brokerages. She needs in foreign policy to get over her having to prove herself tough as a Democrat and a woman. She lost the game to Obama on foreign affairs.

  227. possibly the only bit of good news this abominable week.
    go, ms warrren, go! a woman with a moral core that puts whatever mrs clinton's got in there and whatever mr obama never did have in there to shame.

  228. Let's face it. Republican's will try to make any Democratic nominee look weak including decorated war veterans. Especially if that nominee tries to unite the country through "compromise" which we already know is a dirty word in most of the GOP and pure blasphemy in Tea Party world.

    What the democrats need is an intelligent politician who sticks to his/her convictions and plays hardball. It's time for smash mouth populist politics that focuses on the well being of American people and not sucking up to international corporations and banksters.

    While she is inexperienced I think this temperament is more in line with Warren than with Clinton. However there is still plenty of time for someone else to test the waters, somebody like Howard Dean maybe?

  229. Oh, I remember so vividly wanting so much for Obama to win, first and
    second time, and being sure he could not.
    This time the vivid hope is for Elizabeth Warren.

    Working in her campaign would be my of the others resulting
    in a job at the WH and then at State. For this one I'd ask nothing.
    But fear NOT working for Hillary would help some impossible
    Tea Party type to go to 1600.

    Wouldn't it be splendid to have primaries between two or three you
    could bear, that wouldn't wreck the country...
    and a republican who wasn't a silly impossible freak? A frist world democracy should have a back bench of possibilities brought along
    in a decent way. Not the US now..

  230. I think Warren is wonderful...but, alas, not for President. She is wonderful in the way Barack Obama was wonderful. Powerful presentations about things 'we' really care about, and encouragement that we CAN change things. But her knowledge is limited, she does not have a wide range of global experience, nor environmental, to name two. This is what hampered Pres. Obama - lack of experience. (I always wished Hillary had been elected and NOW we would be working for Barack Obama for our next Pres.) Even without the hateful Republicans that dominate that party, the President has continued to display his lack of experience in many areas. So...he delegated...hired Wall Street for econ. advice; hired 'Chicago & D.C.' and their narrow minded 'sell off the public schools' agenda. Being President isn't always the best way to be the champion of the people - and, I agree, Warren IS a champion!

  231. The American Revolution was fought to overcome aristorcay. Now we have the
    Bush and Clinton dynasties. Run Liz Run!